Synchronicity log for 2017


Day started with some more of those vague/subtle morning reading recurrences/parallels, etc, though not too many, and so subtle that I would've dismissed them had they not fit the most recent trend/pattern of these. Only remotely coherent examples were between the part of the random Wired I read this morning and the first part of the 'Lost in Shangri-La' book that I read at lunch: the Wired had a big article about drones and how they were being used to deliver things in various international locations including New Guinea and other parts of the Pacific rim, and then, a couple hours later in the 'Lost' book, it had a lengthy part discussing how during WWII planes made various types of flights around New Guinea and the Pacific rim to deliver various things (very subtle/imprecise, but just echoed the theme of "delivery flights in New Guinea and Pacific Rim" enough to be notable, and good timing too); also, a minor yet notable/patternistic classical reading recurrence, between the 'Lost' book and the 'Patently Female' book I'd read immediately before, finished yesterday, where the 'Female' book mentioned the "Remington Rand" company randomly, and I both noticed/Noticed it in that familiar way, it being the first I'd seen it in a while or ever, and then within the first couple pages, the 'Lost' book mentioned that same company as randomly.

Also this morning, had another of those weirdish "involuntary bodily function"-type ones almost exactly like yesterday, again involving the Wired magazine and the perceptual/consciousness shift I was entering at the time. This time, I was having some weird headsickness coming on, and I was thinking of how it was altering my perception and making me sort of "see stuff that wasn't there"/have mild perceptual illusions and such, and then, again a split second after when I turned to the next page, the magazine had a big double-page article about the Microsoft Hololens goggles and how they can make you see holograms/things in argumented reality that aren't there -- again echoing just what I'd been thinking, not quite as explicitly as yesterday's "restoring senses" thing but very close, and identical in pattern/feel/effect. Damn surreal and notable.

Afternoon saw a marked decrease in overall activity, with only scattered numbers and thought-type synchros both through the majority of the afternoon and then pretty much nothing into evening. Did have some scattered little bursts of both, again seeming to correspond with some small lifts in energy/consciousness/awareness and the like, including a pronounced at the gym when, for the first few songs of that Steve Frobert album I randomly listened to, they echoed perfectly what I was thinking, to an eerily surreal and living-dream-level effect, yet mostly only in "small" one-word/single vague phrases and the like. Did have a couple of really explicit and notable standouts mixed in, including when the song sang "look for the signals" precisely as a man passed me carrying a handbag with the big yellow Bat Signal imprinted on it, and with it entering directly my line of sight, in "animated"/"revealed" fashion, precisely as the lyric sang out, again in that patternistically perfectly synchronistic way, as to make me do a double take/stop and check to see that I'd actually seen what I thought I did, etc (once again, it all just interlocked so perfectly and with such precision and objectivity that there was just no time/"room" for any sort of orchestration/subconscious trickery, etc -- really incredible even now).

Also, had a repeat of that incident with the single, lone, "ask and receive" organic onion at Lowes from a few months ago, this time with an organic avocado at that random market I'd felt Compelled to stop at after lunch today on some random NYC street. It was all just like before, except with an avocado instead of an onion: I saw the bin of avocados, thought explicitly how I wanted only an organic one, and the one directly before me, without my having to look around or anything, was organic, with its label directly up at me, when every single other one was nonorganic, and I looked all over the store and all they sold were nonorganic avocados -- except that single one that Just Happened to be there, precisely where I was and facing label-up (and on my side of the big bin, even), and with my coming within distance of it perfectly synchronistically with my having the thought of "Need an organic avocado for tomorrow" -- just incredibly unlikely when you really think about it, but to happen twice even ... just wow.


Again not too much activity today, about like yesterday, but was far from a "dead"/nothing day (do I even have these anymore?). Again had a reasonable number of repeat-numbers, today almost exclusively 37s and 44s and "the usuals," and still mostly in traffic/on random signage/minority in books and other reading material. Did have several conspicuous traffic ones, though none really standout enough to be coherent (were still surreal and significant, all the same; still feeling to be in nothing less than a living dream).

Did have a cool little echo I managed to get down this morning during the ride to church, when I had another big long chain of thought (triggered this time by what I was experiencing at the time, with what I was feeling/experiencing/about to experience at church being echoed in itself various ways such as on the random radio song the driver put on, etc), this one ending with how I felt closer to God than I'd ever been, despite the ridiculous headsickness and confusion and generally nightmarish health of the last couple days -- and then, just afterward, we passed a random electronic billboard that flashed to "Connect With God" at the top right as we passed. It bears mentioning that this one wasn't perfectly synchronistic, yet was still notably enough timed, another of those with a 2-3 second delay between my thought and the echo (maybe because of low energy levels at the time?).

Had another little "burst" of minor yet notable reading/external event-type incidents at lunch, such randomly reading "changed seats" right as I'd thought of changing seats in the coffee shop (because of the objective/external event of a large party entering the shop and my solely taking up a bigger, four-person table), and the same for reading "chin up" precisely as I'd realized that I'd let my chin drop/shoulders slump (again totally objectively/independently/separately, etc). Maybe 5-6 like this, but can't remember any others.


Day was somewhat quiet until afternoon/lunchtime when I started getting some subtle thought-type/reading activity, along with the restarting of the "walking around NYC" number-repeat semi-onslaught (again corresponding with a shift in consciousness through morning as I got some energy going/night's toxicity wore down). Even then the numbers never really got crazy as in the past, though there were definite periodic clusters of increased intensity and deeper "quality"/"texture" to them, such as "intelligent"/conspicuous "revealings" and the like (I remember several of those perfectly timed traffic-pull-up types where I'd have a plate directly enter my line of sight, at the perfect time, as is so patternistic now).

Did have several really damn cool thought-type standouts, all starting mid-afternoon during the bus ride to LGA (when I'd again seemed to enter a somewhat different state/condition/"era of the day"). The first was a "nearby stranger saying something random in perfect corresondence to my registering a specific, objective event," this time a man on the phone randomly saying "a box" at the precise instant a new passenger boarded a bus, conspicuously carrying a weird little empty wooden box outstretched in his hand, and again the spoken words corresponded pretty near the man's boarding, maybe less than a half second between the two, but the words and my *registering* of the man's box, with my thinking "a box," corresponded absolutely perfectly, as is so patternistic.

The other two, which both occurred on the plane, were very similar in format and feel, only slightly different in "content." The first was as shockingly and startlingly explicit as the box one, this one with my randomly noticing all the people on cell phones around me and wondering if the splitting headache I had was due to my brain being bombarded with all the EMF, etc (and again that's just how I thought/"saw" this in my mind's eye, with the surrounding phones explicitly doing something to my brain in particular) -- precisely as the man immediately behind me suddenly blurted out "You have serious brain damage!," which was either to another passenger or just to himself (the man appeared drunk and ended up randomly saying stuff like this all through the flight), but in any case had absolutely nothing to do with me, yet echoed perfectly, and with perfect timing, *exactly* what I'd been thinking, more or less.

Then a little bit later, right as I turned a page in the Wired magazine to a picture of a man on a motorcycle and thus thought, explicitly, "motorcycle" -- precisely then a passenger moved past me down the aisle, wearing a Harley Davidson shirt, with the emblem that read "motorcycles" at the bottom, which passed directly before my eyes in that distinct, patternistic fashion, such that my thought of "motorcycle" was almost like this thought-bubble that found expression in the man's shirt, the two corresponding with such infinitesimal precision that I still can't get over it. This one harkened very much to that "look for the signals" one in the gym just a couple days ago, almost identical in feel and "content."


Had a surprising amount of activity today despite it being my usual "day after trip recovery day," which seems to be usually noneventful synchronistically for whatever reason (low energy/recovery/"low" consciousness?).

Day started with one of those new kind of conspicuous "revealing"-type 37 license-plate-type ones that I've identified patternistically just in the last few days, where precisely as I have some thought about universal joy/beingness, etc, that I suspect more and more to be roughly symbolized by the 37-repeat phenomenon -- whenever I have a distinct thought/feeling/emotion in this regard, I'll immediately see a 37 variant after, and usually in a conspicuous way. I can remember at least three nearly identical ones beginning on the drive home last night, when each time I had a distinct thought of "universal joy," etc, a "creeper"-type car would crawl alongside me in traffic a "reveal" a 37 plate directly into my line of sight in that effortless and patternistic way. Had another of those this morning, this time a "turn in front," and seems like I had a couple more through the day too. Did have several semi-conspicuous general/random repeats too, such as checking the time on the stove precisely as it did one of those ridiculously precise clock-ticks from 7:36 to 7:37, or totally randomly checking my phone and having the time display at exactly 1:37, and probably 5-6 others to the point that I just felt a "random general 37 repeat" "feel" to the day. Probably the "cutest" of these was when I went to pay the taxes/do the title transfer/transfer the tag for the Explorer, and the total came to exactly $137 (with all the multiple, random charges, plus the $5.00 notary fee, haha).

Thought-wise, had only scattered incidents but some were reasonably coherent/precise, a new sort of "feel" to these. Started again at lunch, after near-total silence through the morning aside from some extremely subtle background-static/vague-recurrence types. Right after I'd sat down to read at Starbucks, I randomly read "clanking" in the 'Shangri-La' book precisely as someone at a nearby table scraped a metal chair over the concrete patio, making it jump around and cause what could only be described as a clank (though, not really precise beyond that, as to be forseeably coincidental). And then, a little later once inside, had an almost identical one, when the overhead radio randomly sang out "a bell rings" (or something to that end, might've been "a bell rang" or something equally trivial in difference) precisely as a nearby woman's iPhone got a new text and made that default "bell-ring" notification sound, with the two correspondingly perfectly synchronistically (but, again, not so hugely precise as to not be coincidental, at least had I not experienced such so many millions of times now).

A really cool radio-type one was when "number one" sang randomly over the radio, precisely as I checked my rearview mirror and had a car come up behind me with a "#1 fan" license plate on its front, such that the radio's lyric and my registering the #1 coinciding absolutley perfectly (especially notable considering that the car was gaining on me, since I'd slowed down after entering a lower-speed-limit zone, and the #1 only resolved and became readable at the precise instant the radio sang it, just really damn cool and eerie/surreal, etc). Also, similarly: hearing "fire" randomly on the radio, precisely as I stopped at a stop sign at the shopping center parking lot in Shallotte and found myself staring directly at a "Back to Normal Recovery Service" van with a big fire picture stenciled on its side, and this one again with my registering/thinking "fire" coinciding perfectly with the lyric.


Big downtick in activity, and once again corresponding with another of my daily shifts in consciousness/condition/"internal place." Overall almost nothing standout/coherent enough to be logged, again conspicuous in absence/quietness. Had only scattered/background-static incidents through day, and barely these. Did have a few noticeable numbers from time to time, including several classical "random parking space"-type ones, enough to make me chuckle anyway. Beyond that, nada as of writing.

Did end up having one really striking standout later this evening, another of those "from out of nowhere" types made all the more notable and "effective" for its singularity. It was another of those where a song that had been randomly looping through my head all evening suddenly overlapped with something spoken randomly by someone else, this time while I was on the phone with Dad and precisely as "brand-new" "sang out" in my head, radio-style, he randomly said "brand-new," same context and such, and for the first time. If not for this fitting the pattern of past such incidents so perfectly, I'd say there was a smallish chance that it was just coincidence, since the song had indeed been looping in my head; but, due to both the patternistic element and the sheer precision/notability/"feel" of it, I'd discount that heavily. Had a couple of lesser ones later on, but none coherent enough to be logged.


Another conspicuously quiet day, very much like yesterday, only some scattered background-static-type incidents through day. Did have another of those subtle "challenging-thought"-type of 37 repeats, this time in the parking lot of that random headshop I'd stopped at, when I pulled out from my parking space at 1:36 on the clock and thought absently, "Now, why wasn't that 1:37 that I keyed the ignition?" -- precisely as I looked to my right to see if any cars were there, and my eyes fell directly on a 637 plate, patternistic of both the "conspicuous looking-where-you're-going" traffic types and the "thought-challenge" types. Also, noted a new, emerging type of repeat: the "same number on two license plates seen immediately back-to-back/side-by-side" type, that which I've encountered several times lately, starting with two 37-type plates on two random cars being seen simultaneously and side-by-side as to "equalize" together in a distinct and conspicuous way, but then, the last couple times, its just been two random three-digit strings of numbers on the plates doing this, not 37s or any particular repeat yet distinct and patternistic enough to be notable. Today was two cars with plates ending in 975, and it followed the exact same weird pattern as previously: I'd see one number, Notice it distinctly, and then, a split second later, I'd see the second, echoing plate, and then the two cars would go side by side such that the two plates would "equalize" together in that conspicuous and seemingly "intelligent" fashion. So weird but definitely an emerging trend.

Also, a "cute" receipt-type one, seen now only later while logging it: double 37s on it both by totally random and unique variables despite my getting two totally random things I didn't plan on, as is patternistic, "Promotional Points [used]: -37," "Sales Tax 7.00% 3.71."


Had a general uptick today, with several standout thought ones along with a steady-but-subtle background static of 37s and the like through the day (and, I noticed, primarily 37s and variants today, without much of the other "usual" repeats, for whatever reason). Had some more extremely subtle recurrences/parallels through morning, then a sudden emergence of coherent thought/reading/radio-types right at lunch, this corresponding with another shift of energy/improvement in energy and concentration.

First one: randomly reading ""M"" in the 'Live Wire' book (referencing the letter M in an acronym), precisely as a nearby stranger in DD said "O-M-G," sounding it out as three words, and with the "M" of it corresponding almost perfectly with that in the book, and in the same basic context (two different acronyms, but exact same phonetic usage, and with timing that wasn't quite perfectly synchronistic but another of those that was so close as to not really make much of a difference). And then, a few minutes later: "ice cold" singing from the in-house DD radio precisely as I had a big long random chain of thought end with getting a cup of ice from them and putting my lunch leftovers on it to keep them cold, with the lyrics again corresponding absolutely perfectly with my envisioning the ice chilling the container in my mind's eye, totally surreal. And then, again a few minutes after that one: randomly reading "An alarm clock beeping" precisely as an oven timer went off in the nearby kitchen in DD, across the room, which was a "beep beep beep!" that sounded 100% identical to an alarm clock, and again so perfectly timed that it was just ridiculous.

A very similar and equally notable radio/thought-type one later in the afternoon: while pulling into AF and just sneaking through the yellow light just fast enough to safely avoid an oncoming car, I looked into my rearview and saw the car behind me coming along, dangerously since I was pushing it myself, which made me think something along the lines of "Whoa, you're freaking me out following me like that when I just barely got through safely" -- a split second before the radio sang out "You're making me nervous," echoing my thought 100% essentially and almost even literally too, and with perfect/impossible-to-orchestrate timing as is so patternistic of these, etc.

Also, had this weird and subtle yet notable little "thought echo/reflection" while reading at lunch, when the book mentioned the Yoo-Hoo drink and I thought vaguely about drinking them as a kid and how they had that same great, essential "chocolaty-ness" taste, which just happened to be exactly that which was achieved by the whey protein/cacao dish I was eating at the time. At this point it was easily just coincidence (though it did "feel" like another of the echoes, I noted at the time), but then, a few seconds later on the very next page (invisible to me while I was thinking of the Yoo-Hoo chocolatyness), the book mentioned "dairy whey," in reference to the ingredients in Yoo-Hoo (maybe why I thought the stuff tasted so much like the whey/chocolate dish I was eating, because they actually have the same ingredients? haha), which made it slightly more notable. This then led to me thinking about how I enjoy that particular taste/texture on an emotional level, as to feel oddly comforted/warmed by its velvety texture and "dark"/chocolatey/"warm" taste -- and then, a couple paragraphs down, the book mentioned this too, how the character was oddly "comforted" by the Yoo-Hoo drink and its unique taste.

Numbers-wise, closest thing to standouts were a few more cool "100% totally random/objective parking-space 37s," another string of them at all the ridiculously random places I stopped today while roaming around the little corners of Surfside and such where I never go. Example: pulling into the lot at AF and seeing the only shady spot and going for it since I had groceries in the car, only to find myself beside yet another 37 plate. Or parking in a random spot at DD, being distinctly Compelled to despite it meaning I had to drive across the lot/take more time/illogical, etc, only to find that, while I was inside, a 37 car had parked directly beside me.


Back to that oddly subdued/"silent" level of activity today, very much like a couple days ago there, with just scattered/mildly notable/conspicuous traffic ones, and even fewer thought-types again. Really, only had a few very subtles around lunchtime, with the exception of one standout classical reading/thought-type then: I had some of that really ugly head-throbbing/split headache/"openness" in the temples and the like, which made me think specifically of that, a split second before I read "His temples started pounding" in the 'Live Wire' book, which really I guess was more like an "involuntary bodily function"-type one, and again very notable considering that, even though the text was visible to me when I'd had the thoughts of "headache/throbbing temples," there remains the fact that it all again hinged on the totally random and objective event of my having the throbbing-temples flare up at that precise moment and, thus, was caused to think of that.


Had a pretty reasonable amount of activity overall today really, though it was almost entirely subtle/"smallish"/low-key-type stuff, numbers and thoughts both.

Thought-wise, had a big string of subtles throughout the day, beginning with a series of those very very subtle/too personal and subjective to put into text-type ones through morning, then slowly gaining coherence until leveling off mid-afternoon, as seems to be the pattern/arc of these kind of days recently. Some examples: the preacher randomly saying "into his hands" precisely as I had a weird jolt of warmth/energy go through my arms and into my hands (which made me think "its in my hands," with this corresponding perfectly synchronistic with the words, while the actual energy was slightly off by like .5 seconds or so, as is the case with so many of these "instant thought manifestation"/echo types); pastor saying "open" precisely as the nearby door opened, when she'd neither said that nor had the door opened the whole time; a weird, delayed reading-type one where, at lunch, a couple seconds after I'd just thrown away the two napkins I'd had to use through the first course of lunch, which made me randomly think of how I used two for just the first half when I usually barely use one through the whole meal (with my mind's eye again distinctly envisioning me throwing away the two visibly dirty napkins earlier), I read randomly in the 'Live Wire' book a random phrase about "soiled napkins" (this one was delayed enough to be nothing, but still reasonably precise, and patternistic enough, to note, especially considering how it jibed with the whole subtle/"smallish" "feel" of the day thus far); the cashier at DD randomly saying aloud "my battery's about to die" precisely as I read "And we're both dying here" in the book; same for the cashier saying "cream" loudly precisely as I read a sentance with "cream" twice in it, though neither hit it quite perfectly synchronistic with the cashier oddly. Plus had many more through the day, some more coherent than others but all according with that same basic, hard-to-describe "feel" of all the others, as is so patternistic now. Ultimately ended up being damn surreal in its own right, perhaps moreso for its subtlety.

Two more like this: hearing "shoe" on the radio randomly, precisely as my eyes were drawn to a big roadside sign reading "shoe center," and interestingly, the sign was sort of "halved," with two sections of the box sign, such that each word filled one, and due to the angle/position I was at, the "center" was blocked out when the "shoe" sounded from the radio, such that I could only see the "shoe" half at the time, haha. And then, while at TJ Maxx in line, a very similar one when the woman in front of me answered her phone with "Hello?" precisely as my eyes were falling randomly over a "Hello Kitty" something or other by the registers. Again, more that could be dismissed as possible coincidences if not for their patternistic quality and the sheer volume of strikingly similar ones throughout the day.

[An update on the Hello Kitty one: had a weird and slight-yet-notable addendum to this one this evening a couple hours after writing, while reading during dinner, a sort of recurrence of it or an "echo" or something. While reading the 'Live Wire' book, had a smattering of those one-word/"smallish" thought-echo-types start up again to varying degrees, and then, amidst them, I read the line "[...] and there [...] was Kitty." And then, on the next line: "Hello?" If it was just the "Hello Kitty" combination, I wouldn't even consider it (despite it certainly "feeling" like another incident), but there's the fact that, first, the "Kitty" was a name and hence capitalized, echoing that which I'd written earlier, and then, identically, the "Hello?" had a question mark and the same quotations, etc -- exactly how I'd written it, but thought twice distinctly of how I chose to include that question mark, Noticing/Compelling/intuitive-style. It all reminds me of the classical word synchros I used to get when reading my word ledger, Noticing a word distinctly (or having a vague but distinct thought of it just before seeing it recur), and then seeing it recur in some fashion or another, either literally or phonetically, which is just what this seems to be, rather than something related to the actual original incident/event in question.]

Numbers were there but generally "subdued"/"quiet," with only a few conspicuous ones (and no parking-lot ones today, at least none that I remembered -- why not, when I seem to have these almost all the time?). Did have a cool one on the way home, another "conspicuously reckless and speeding driver passing me and revealing a 37 plate," this time a 137-plate sedan going speeding around me on Grissom after some brief tailgating, and then, immediately after as I was thinking "another reckless-speeder-37," a second car crept up beside me, with another 73 plate, this one in the patternistic "creeping directly into my line of sight" fashion, and closely timed enough to be another "wham-bam"-type "double." Also had just a lot of random, "quiet" 37s from elsewhere, much like the thought-type incidents of the day in that they could be ignored/dismissed if not for there being so many of the same subtle-but-recognizable pattern. For instance, when I was at line in Aldi, in another totally random checkout, the folks in front of me had a total of exactly $101.37. Or, minutes later when I got out to the car, again keyed the ignition with the clock at exactly 1:37 (which was fast, of course).

Also, another cute little receipt-number-repeat one that I saw just now: day's gas receipt has four 11s in a row, from when I'd paid $11.00 and it totaled it all up, as to read "11 11 11 11" vertically (as has been the case with some "inventive" 1111 repeats in the past), and then, upgrading it to notable, the timestamp is exactly "13:37:01." And it bears mentioning that I'd intended to get $12.00 in gas, since that's usually what fills the Miata's tank, but I didn't have the extra buck, haha.


Not a whole lot of activity overall today, especially in terms of numbers. Really only standoutish number was at parking-lot one with a twist, when I parked at Walmart and instead of being directly beside a 37 plate, this time the truck directly beside me had a great big upside-down "73" sticker on its undercarriage, which ended up conspicuously directly in my line of sight when I turned to open my door and step out, again in that strikingly and totally random/objective/impossible to orchestrate fashion. Yet, not many otherwise, just a moderate number of "background static"-level plates in traffic and no conspicuous ones that I remember.

Did have somewhat moderate levels of thought-types today, beginning with another of those "escalating" periods right at lunch, again seeming to correspond with a shift in energy/consciousness/clarifying of thought, etc. It started with another little "cluster" of striking "small" one-word reading-type synchros, including two cool albeit very subtle ones where people in traffic stopped at the nearby intersection called out random stuff and the words would correspond perfectly, albeit singly, with what I read (one was reading "window" precisely as one of the people called out "roll down your window," and another "door" when one called out something about a door, and it seems like there were at least one or two others in the fashion as well). Had maybe 5-6 like that total (why does that always seem to be about the number in these clusters?), and then it sort of fell off some until, later on inside SB, had a really damn cool one, a sort of combo "involuntary bodily function" one. It started when I suddenly read something funny in the 'Live Wire' book, which made me laugh unexpectedly, which made my head sort of jump and then dip and nod, and that's just how I thought of it, absently but distinctly: "My head just nodded, have to pick it up" -- and then, perfectly synchronistically on the very next line of the book, it read "he lowered he head into a nod," which was both more or less what I'd just done, but also precisely what I had just thought (as seems to be the trend lately, these "echoes" reflecting what I think/visualize more precisely than the triggering event, and often with tighter timing).

Also, another that might've been nothing (but might have): while eating, I checked my watch and saw that it was getting late, which made me think vaguely of how I'd been eating lunch very slowly, and even moreso today since it was oatmeal and required a lot of chewing -- and then, once again on the very next line in the book, it read "Dad always ate fast" or something like that, as to be another of those sort of perfectly opposite yet perfectly precise ones, though kind of hard to say one way or another.

Rest of the day was quiet as of writing, except for another of those "sudden and striking"-type of incidents later on, when I was in the waiting room at Dr. Lynn's and had just put a magazine in my lap, intending to read it, when the overhead radio said "Patrick" precisely as I read "St. Patrick's" on the magazine cover, perfectly synchronistically and totally randomly, etc, as is so patternistic of these.


Uptick in activity today, still mostly subtles/"small"/striking-types predominantly but with more coherent ones today overall, and at times more of that onslaught/living-dream-type level of small ones, where external reality at times just felt to be almost seamlessly echoing my internal reality as has happened in the past.

Again had another of those "ramp-up"-type periods, and again corresponded with rise in energy/inner cohesion, beginning right about lunchtime with some smallish ones, then cohering into more "developed"/notable ones as afternoon developed. Started with a classical perfectly synchronistic radio synchro: first, "wait for them" singing on the radio randomly, precisely as I stopped to let some pedestrians and cars pass at Tanger (which reflected my thoughts on it, and again corresponded perfectly with them rather than the event itself; bears mentioning that my stopping was optional, with my having the right-of-way, but I decided to be conservative and such, and thus thought distinctly "I'll wait for them").

Next, had several of those patternistic "resuming reading a book and having the first words I come across echo what I'd just been doing/thinking/experiencing." First one: right after I'd gone through all the waiting and hold-ups and rigmarole to finally get my coffee and sit down and eat lunch, and then ended up having to sit on a bench because there were no tables available, and then having the wind blow my stuff around and the sun at a bad angle all holding me up more and causing me to have to catch myself from getting upset and frustrated, I then picked up the book immediately after and, turning to a new page since I'd laid it down exactly at the conclusion of the previous, the very first sentence was "Myron tried to remain calm," haha. Same for having to rearrange my food and coffee due to the harsh noon sun's bad angle, then resuming almost exactly at "the sun beat down on them in a fury," though this one had a slight delay (like several in this "cluster," I noticed), with there being a couple seconds between my thinking of the overbearing sun and then reading the passage, yet still closely timed and explicit/precise enough to be about all the same. Next: changing the book between my hands, to my left, and, due to being on the long bench and only having an arm rest on my left arm, I had to put my right hand on my hip -- and when I went back to reading (and, again, this one was on a fresh page, or maybe this was the only one on a fresh page and the "Myron tried to remain calm" one wasn't, not 100% sure on the memory there but close), the very first sentence on the new page I flipped to then was "Kaylie put her hands on her hips.

Also at lunch, another "nearby stranger" echoing what I read: right after I read "Why didn't you tell us?," a man in a group of passing people randomly said "told us right where it was at," and though this one both with a 1-2 second delay and also only vaguely specific/essentially precise, it wasn't overly notable, yet it certainly had the "feel" of a classical "nearby stranger" one, and certainly fit the pattern/"groove" of the rest during this lunchtime cluster.

And, similarly not-hugely-notable, was a little recurrence between the random "thrown out as trash" People magazine I forced myself to read this morning and the 'Live Wire' book. It started two days ago when the book mentioned a shop selling a ridiculously oversized/intentionally too-big sundae as a gimmick, which happened to be the first I've heard of this practice, and then this morning, in the People, it had an article about trends in 2016 and one of the items was ridiculously oversized sundaes, again the second time I've ever heard of something after seeing it the first time relatively soon before. However, what made this one a little more notable was that the same sundaes in the book was mentioned again in my reading the very end of it today, just a couple hours after seeing the people, such that it was a sort of double-recurrence/echo, this one much more tightly timed and sort of combining with the first just to upgrade it a little in "impact" (plus, I didn't note it originally, thinking it just wasn't notable enough, but then I did after seeing it between the book and the magazine today -- sort of like those "intelligently insistent" ones where I'll ignore them until they develop through repetition, etc, pretty damn cool actually).

And then, more of those super-vague/subjective/personal/"daylong parallels"-type recurrences between morning and afternoon, this time primarily everything I thought/read/experienced between last night (including all those weird and profound insights/spiritual realizations I had while unable to get back to sleep last night/early morning) and then at the very end of the 'Live Wire' book. And, another little interesting note on this one: these recurrences in particular were mostly concentrated not on the 'Live Wire' text itself, but on a little sampler chapter by the same author, at the very end of the book. And, doubly interesting, is that I ended up reading this chapter at all, which I almost always ignore, but today I did because I had all that gummy, chewy oatmeal for lunch and it took an abnormally long time to eat and so I had nothing to read after finishing the actual book -- and damned if it didn't end up echoing my day thus far, to an eerie yet largely unconveyable fashion, just really damn surreal when taken in whole. And, furthermore, this echoing was differentiated somewhat from the echoing I had during lunch, in the actual book, which almost exclusively echoed what was happening then, rather than the morning/night.

And, a similarly vague-yet-notable "ask and receive," this one also stemming from that sampler chapter: in it, it had a weird little joke/reference to a "GMC Arcadia" car, which I couldn't immediately place and so I didn't get the joke/what it referred to, thus making me think absently, "What's a GMC Arcadia exactly?" And then, maybe fifteen minutes later when I left the Tanger complex and went to the parking lot to leave, the very first car I encountered was a GMC Arcadia, and not only that but it Just Happened to be coming directly at me when I went to cross the street, coming around the bend at the precise time and the precise speed to force me to stop and wait for it to pass and, hence, see that it was an Arcadia. Possibly nothing, but it had all the hallmarks of another ask-and-receive.

Then two more smallish-yet-notable "thought echoes" mid-afternoon, first at BN when, out of nowhere, I coughed up this nasty little plug of phlegm from the back of my throat, conspicuously so, forcing me to spit into a napkin -- precisely as my eyes fell on a supplement called "Lung Expectorant," again in that patternistic/"striking" fashion where my eyes were just already there, not even having to move/shift, etc, in that distinct way I seem to be experiencing more and more. Same thing happened a little later on with the radio randomly saying "love" precisely as I Just Happened to be looking at this totally random roadside gravemarker with "LOVE" in the middle of a cross (commemorating the scene of an accident, presumably). Then another radio one while driving down 17 after BN: precisely as I saw a couple walking toward me on the sidewalk and thought absently-but-distinctly of how the girl looked sweet/pretty, the radio randomly sang out "looks so pretty," perfectly synchronistic as to be another of the same sort of "echoes" I had all through the day, a better/more coherent example of the smaller/subtler ones peppering the day.

Not as many numbers today but they were pretty present, mostly background-static ones in traffic still, and with a noticeable showing of 17s/1717s/7117s in there (including another of those conspicuous-traffic-types where a "creeper" came up alongside me, just into my line of vision, this happening after a second car, in front of me, came to a weird random stop or something, forcing me to randomly slow down and, thus, *just* have the 7117-plate car come up alongside me, as is so patternistic of these, and again just damn surreal for all its "smallness").


Some activity today, and of the same general "feel"/"groove" as yesterday with the many subtles/one-words/"smalls" as to collectively reflect inner reality in a meaningful way, but less incidents overall. Most of the thought incidents were again too subtle/subjective/"in the moment" to describe, but there were quite a few and again in that "activity window" from just before lunch to just after or thereabouts, also like yesterday. Some examples: randomly reading "she vanished into the store" in the 'Jennifer Government' book precisely as that hyper lady at the Starbucks who'd randomly talked to me slipped through the door and "into the store" (with the text again corresponding about perfectly synchronistically with my vague thought of "she's going inside," rather than the rest of the actual event); same for reading "a dark-haired schoolgirl" precisely as the little girl from the dark-skinned family that had been sitting by me finally walked past me and to her car to leave, with my reading the text corresponding perfectly with her passing (though she'd been in view of me long before, and the two weren't really that precise, such that this one might've been easily dismissed had it not fit the pattern of the others in this cluster so well). Had maybe 10-12 like this within the space of those couple hours, pretty damn surreal really.

A cool classical thought/passing-sign type just after I'd left the house for lunch, when I had a long random chain of thought end with the Browning had I planned to wear at lunch, which made me think "What is Browning?" -- precisely as I passed a truck with "Browning" stenciled on the front, and it was in the same context, in regard to that company (as differentiated by its distinctive font), and also, the truck had been out of sight to me when I'd initiated the chain of thought, both as to completely rule out psychological trickery as well as to produce that ridiculously surreal "revealing" effect when it appeared from behind a trailer precisely as I'd commenced the chain of thought with "What's Browning?" And then, a cute little footnote on this one: during the 'Jennifer Government' reading at lunch, the gist of it had been about a man out hunting and shooting with a group of NRA folk, in the bush, with a general theme of "rugged manly camoflague-clad hunting/military-esque activity" -- and then, in regards to my lingering curiosity about the Browning company whose hat I was wearing without knowing what the hell they even were, I finally look it up, and their webpage had a theme exactly like what I'd read about in the book, with men in camoflauge and guns and hunting, etc. Maybe nothing, but certainly jibed with the rest of the activity at the time.

Also along these lines of "vague recurrences"/parallels were more of those that I've been having off and on as of late, such as putting on that Nike shoes I found, last evening at the gym, and distinctly Noticing "Nike" in that special way I've come to recognize, and then, a couple hours later when starting the 'Government' book, the very first chapter had been titled "Nike." And, similarly: when doing last night's Spanish, I'd read a Spanish ad for Time-Warner cable and had Noticed how they were now named Spectrum (which I also "sighted" conspicuously several times yesterday), as to make me think distinctly/Noticingly "Time Warner changed their name," and then today at lunch in the 'Government' book also it randomly mentioned "AOL Time Warner," the company's previous name (book was written in 2003). Lots of those still, to varying degrees, etc.

Numbers still noticeably "quieter" than they've been lately, but still certainly present, and almost exactly like yesterday's traffic-wise, with a steady stream of "little" ones amidst some more-conspicuous ones, with the exception of having several parking-lot ones today, after none yesterday (also, had a couple of those "double"-type weird "equalizations" in traffic today, where two or, once, three cars with random 37s and variants would first come into sight, then "align" in that way that seems to be an emerging pattern).

Another example of the "little" recurrences of the day: the cashier at Starbucks when I went to get my refill at lunch was that man I used to see all the time at the NMB store all the time, but haven't seen in months and months, but he was there today, and upon seeing him I was struck by how he reminded me of someone but I couldn't quite put my finger on who -- and then, minutes later when I got my refill and then sat back down to resume reading and eating, the book randomly mentioned someone named "Finch," and that's when it hit me: the cashier reminded me of a TV character with that name, the two looking almost identical. A sort of "ask and ye shall receive" but also typical of the day's subtle-but-there parallels/echoes/reflections, etc.

[Interesting note: looked this one up later, and it turns out that the character's name isn't Finch, but was named something else and just played by a man named French -- but, all the same, I was still thinking of the same person, which is to say that the "Finch" character still worked to remind me of the correct person/"answer" my random thought of "Who does that guy remind me of so much?" Really, this only sort of adds to the notability, given the illogical/indirect nature of the answering, if indeed it wasn't just coincidence.]


A bit of an uptick today but still in the same general overall feel/groove/"format" of last couple days, with a reasonable amount of background static numbers and thought-types both, several standout numbers and many standout thought echoes and the like (of these, there were a lot of "smalls" but also a lot of "bigger," more complex/coherent ones, eventually just too many too list, probably 20-30 total over the course of the day -- coinciding with my being out all morning and all day, it seems, putting in a "longer" day = more overall "activity"?).

Cool one of those rare-seeming "double-repeats on random radio stations while scanning them"-types, this time with me seeking to one random station and hearing "wait a minute" or something like that, and then, after immediately seeking to another station, the very next one said "minute later," such that there was that same patternistic sort of near-instantaneous "echoing" of "minute."

Had a cluster of more of those very subtle/impossible to convey types through morning again, and again seeming to cohere/"mature" as the morning progressed and my energy/awareness grew. One example: hearing "close up" on the radio precisely as, in front of me, the gate at the park began to close and I thought "closing," again another of those only-phonetically correct ones and again coinciding perfectly with my thought of "close" rather than the actual closing. Makes like that in morning, and then several scattered amongst the more-notable ones through afternoon, such as when at the Goodyear place, a split second after I was told that my rotors were bad and the truck "has the shakes" or something like that, the overhead TV said something with "shakes," in the same context, as to bring about an instant "shakes" echo sort of like the "minute" radio one this morning. And then, minutes later while also at the Goodyear place, had a similar echo when the same TV said "75 degrees" precisely as my eyes fell over "Temperature: 75 degrees" in the random newspaper I was scanning absently at the time (both in that same weather context, and also very much like the one with that billboard alongside the road/the radio announcement while driving the other day).

Good example of morning's vague recurrences, and a pretty cool one in itself really. Started when, at Dr. Dong's and listening to the ambient music they had playing there, a song came on that, from the first few chords, I thought was the theme to the Evita movie, which made me distinctly think "Evita movie," though the song ended up not being the theme. But then, just after I left Dr. Dong's less than an hour later, I passed a big electronic billboard advertising Evita (which, as it were, flicked to that one just as I passed, not quite perfectly synchronistic but close).

Had even more vague recurrences through late morning and early afternoon too. Two good examples: started when getting the beet juice at BN just before lunch, when, while waiting, I both noticed/Noticed this big weird, generic container of honey amidst the free condiments on the deli counter, of the likes I'd never seen for whatever reason -- and then, maybe 30 minutes later while reading the 'Jennifer Government' book, it randomly mentioned a container of "strange, unbranded honey," which is not only exactly like that which I'd Noticed but exactly as I would've described it, with just a general, distinct, can't-put-finger-on-it "strangeness," haha. And, similarly but not quite as tight/precise/notable, in the same reading session, the book mentioned unscrewing and removing a computer hard drive, which last night I'd Just Happened to begin unscrewing and removing the laptop hard drive to swap it out. Maybe nothing, this one, except that it did fit perfectly the couple dozen or so vague thematic echoes and parallels and such of the day.

Had another lunchtime/reading cluster too, and also almost identical in "feel"/"format"/general level of surrealness as last two days. Examples: reading "walked down staircase" in the book randomly precisely as a girl at Second Cup walked down the little flight of stairs there, just beside me, and then, a minute later after I'd set the book down to take a bite and then resumed it, thus forcing me to reread the phrase to regain my place, the same girl came back, walking up the stairs this time, and corresponding perfectly synchronistically with my reading/registering the words, as to be a double of sorts; randomly reading "bright sunshine" precisely as the sun broke through the clouds and distinctly intensified, graduating distinctly from dull to "bright," and this one, I noticed, corresponded perfectly synchronistically again with my thinking "bright sun," though it all happened so closely together it's hard to separate it all, just so surreal; very similarly: randomly reading "He heard footsteps behind him" precisely as exactly that happened, someone walking behind me while I was outside on the Second Cup patio, someone walking behind the little fenced partition I was on the other side of, all coinciding again perfectly synchronistically as to be just utterly surreal even in itself, not to mention amidst all the others in the cluster. Had many more during this time too, albeit more subtle/subjective. Truly an experience.

Also during lunch, a vague and subtle yet overall pretty notable "nearby stranger"/reading-type one, this time not touching on any one precise thing but just with the nearby group of people at Second Cup echoing what I was doing/thinking/looking up online on my phone. Namely, they were discussing "visiting foreign countries" and "South America" specifically, when I was looking up flight times to Puerto Rico, and of course doing so totally randomly and independently, etc (in fact, I'd written a note to do so that morning, hours before even arriving at Second Cup/encountering this random group of folks, haha).

Had a couple cool number standouts this morning on the way to Dr. Dong's. First one was another conspicuous 371 turn-in-front, this time with the notable circumstance that I was in the wrong lane at the time, the fast lane, and was going slowly because the car in front of me was going conspicuously slower, so I shouldn't have even been in that lane -- which thus forced the car immediately behind me to speed up and pass me, thus revealing its 371 plate. Sounds less notable in text than when it actually happened, due to those subtle "in the moment"/"feel" qualities of it. And then, once at Dr. Dong's, a cool parking-lot one with a twist, another of those where the 37 plate wasn't there when I first arrived but manifested only later. This time, it started when, precisely as I left the truck and started up the stairs to the office, a motorcycle pulled up and began backing in, with our "meeting"/seeing one another in such a way that inspired a wave even. And then, only upon coming out later, did I see the now-parked bike, which now had its back to me and thus revealed its 73 plate, this one also only really notable once the subjective "feel" of it was factored in, but cool nonetheless.

Plus another cool "small"/one-word/striking-type one this evening, and also with a double-synchronistic twist: while reading out the day's tweet about the "He heard footsteps behind him" one, my neighbor, standing just outside my window and talking loudly on the phone, randomly said "heard from the girls" at the precise instant I read/registered "heard" while proofreading the tweet, again with the two "heards" overlapping with perfect precision, etc.

"Small" echoes and such picked up again this evening, late-ish, after a mid-afternoon die-down (again corresponding with some health ugliness/energy downturn ...). Best example: while counting out twenty-dollar bills for the trip, in hundred-dollar increments (going "1-2-3-4-5" in my head), I randomly counted out one that had "450" written on it in pen, as to correspond perfectly synchronistically with my thought of "4-5," my registering the 4 and 5 in the 450 corresponding with it. Also bears mentioning that this one bill was the only one I counted out with any such markings on it ...


About the same amount of activity as yesterday and largely in the same groove/feel yet somewhat different today, corresponding with traveling up north and corresponding change in energy slightly.

"The day" started again almost exactly when I left the house after a reasonably quiet morning, with some of those subtle-yet-notables here and there. Best examples: another of those "phonetically precise"-type ones when the radio sang out "Boulder" precisely as I was randomly reading "Bowl" on the license plate border of the car I'd just stopped behind, again with the "bowl" and "boul-" corresponding perfectly synchronistically; same while at the dump when I randomly read "tailgate" at the precise instant a nearby car's hood popped, thus drawing my attention to it and its tailgate.

Then similarly had many more like this through the day, albeit a bit more notable and coherent as the day went on, eventually maturing into another one of those "synchronistic state"-type periods where there was just an onslaught of random and subtle yet very distinct and notable "echos"/reflections of my inner state, a whole lot of them overall again, much like last few days in this latest groove, probably upwards of at least two dozen in all. Good example: having "bounce, bounce, bounce!" sing out from the radio precisely as I hit this weird bumpy patch of I40 and the truck distinctly started bouncing periodically, perfectly synchronistic and again the first time both that the radio song had sung this and also that I'd hit such a bumpy patch (before or after, it would turn out).

A more "classical" thought/reading/event-type standout at lunch: as I was sitting outside on the DD patio eating and reading, precisely as I came to "turned to leave," the car right next to me backed up in a pronounced turn, then pulled away and left the lot (after it had been idling there for ten minutes or so, Just Happening to decide to take off precisely as I read that turned to leave). Pretty notable really, and had many in this vein while eating again, though again most of them just too subtle and/or volumous to convey, for all their notability. Still ridiculously surreal at times.

Had a couple more vague recurrences in reading material, too, though I guess these would really fall into the "classical book/reading synchro"-type category. First was a blatant and pretty closely timed one, starting this morning when I read in that random Inc magazine I'd gotten from the library yesterday about "Fast Company," which I Noticed but didn't know what it was at the time -- and then, a couple hours later while reading the 'Jennifer Government' at lunch, it randomly mentioned 'Fast Company' magazine, once again the first I'd ever heard of something and then again the second time soon after (and this one with a dash of "ask and receive," as it were). Also, with looser timing but similar in pattern and notability: yesterday morning I'd read in that random newspaper I'd pulled from the trash about a robotic child's toy that is meant to teach computer programming, and in the article I also read about the STEM acronym, both of these for the first time ever -- and then, in that random Inc magazine this morning, it too randomly mentioned "STEM" and robotic child's toys, in the same article (which, interestingly, wasn't about either of these things but was instead an interview with some company executive, who randomly mentioned them).

Had some numbers randomly (and some conspicuously so) through morning, but then picked up noticeably once again when I began traveling up north (and, interestingly, seemed to again be "triggered" right as I made definite course for Wilmington). Ended up having a mini-storm of them through the drive, with several conspicuous turn-outs and the like but mostly just background-static-types though in exceeding amounts, just a steady stream of them for the hours on end I was driving, ending up pretty surreal again. One conspicuous example I found cute: a car going slowly in the fast lane, forcing me up behind it, with a temp tag that had expired on "03/10/17," haha. Had many like this of equal notability, most involving 37s and variants, but just no way to note them all, just so insanely many overall.


Bit of a downturn today, and with a slight shift in feel, again corresponding with finishing the drive up north/general "travel alteration of consciousness," etc. Had another of those distinct and patternistic "number-repeats starting up as if on a switch" today, also corresponding with the drive up north after lunch. Had some scattered "background static"-level numbers in traffic and the like upon first leaving the AF, but then distinctly shifted into "high gear" once I got on 421 after lunch, beginning in earnest, with a bunch of conspicuous ones and increased generals. Then the numbers sort of "peaked" mid-afternoon at that intersection just after leaving A&S, when, in the space of a few minutes while I sat waiting for the light to change, one after another 731/37, etc, plate appeared, there had to be at least 4-5, several of them coming in subsequent succession, as to be both utterly surreal and the best example of the day's many conspicuous-type incidents.

Not too many thought-types today, though still a few, and all in that same basic mode/format/feel as of late, more or less. Began with another cluster of those super-subtle yet noticeable (and quite notable in their own way)-type incidents, again beginning right after I began eating and reading and began getting some calories/energy in me. Ended up being another one of those deals where I'd just have after another reading/thought/event-type "instant thought manifestation" incident, mostly of the one-word "striking" types. Had yet another of those "nearby strangers' conversation reflecting vaguely but notably what I'm reading/thinking at the time," almost exactly like that involving the family at Second Cup a couple days ago, this time with the guys on the table next to me at Starbucks discussing the same-themed sort of stuff I was reading in the 'Government' book, along with just a good number of those one-word types where I'd read a word at the perfectly precise instant that one of the nearby men would say that exact word or one somehow reflective/echoing of it, again as to just be utterly surreal despite its "smallness"/subtlty. Spilled over when I went indoors later on, too, with more little one-words reflecting my reading or thoughts, from various sources. Best example was when I bumped my water bottle and thus thought "water," at the precise instant one of the Starbucks staff randomly called out "water."

The day quieted thought-wise a little bit on the drive up north (while increasing numbers-wise, oddly), but still had some cool standouts along with more of those subtles/"echoes" and the like. Best examples: precisely as I both noticed and Noticed a random bottle of pomegranate seed extract at the health food store, the nearby clerk said "seed" to the random customer he was talking to (not in reference to the pomegranate I was looking at); another of those weird but notable "oppositely precise" ones, where the Spanish radio station I was listening to said "minima," which I took special notice of for some reason and said it aloud, "minima," the only word I'd done so for at that point -- a split second before a Nissan Maxima car came up beside me and the "Maxima" emblem "drifted"/"revealed" directly into my line of sight, not quite perfectly synchronistic but only a split-second apart, almost as if to "answer" my saying "minima" aloud.

Had a weird and maybe only coincidental/nothing late one this evening while reading and eating dinner (certainly fit that pattern, time-wise). Precisely as I randomly read "the glowing instruments" in the 'Government' book, the lights in the Explorer clicked out, as they apparently do after about 20 minutes of being left on. Not hugely precise, though the light would certainly qualify as a "glowing instrument"; though, considering the absolutely perfectly synchronistic/precise/"animated" timing (totally patternistic too, of course), I find it notable. Damn surreal in any case.


Downturn again, yet still in that same basic groove of "many subtle incidents of all kinds, spread out in clusters/periods through the day," also still feeling to enter that "synchronistic state" upon leaving in the morning/"starting my day," more and more seeming to be triggered by something I'm doing then/some sort of energetic or consciouness shift.

Morning and early afternoon/lunchtime were again dominated by a reasonable amount of subtle "reflective"/"inner-reality echoes," though not as many as lately, and with only a few text-worthy standouts. Super-subtle example: another of those phonetic-radio-type ones, this time when "Woo-hoo!" sang from the radio precisely as I saw a road sign reading "Wood," with the two "woo"s coinciding perfectly (again the radio corresponded perfectly with my registering of the "woo," as to be another of those sort of one-dimensional, albeit "striking"/notable, kind, seeming as if just a little bit or piece of my mind/thoughts/experience is being somehow reflected, or projected maybe?). Only coherent one I can think of was a classic "end of a long and random chain of thought coinciding with a random radio lyric"-type, this time with me randomly thinking of how maybe I'd go get a kombucha drink, then subsequently thinking that I shouldn't because I'd drank so much tea at lunch and I didn't want to have too much liquid at once -- precisely as the radio randomly sang out "we'll drink too much."

Had another showing of numbers, still predominantly 37s and variants (though still with 44s and 17s and the like in the mix), but not nearly so many as when traveling. Had another of those "clock-tick" types with my passing an electronic sign again, when it clicked to 3:07 precisely as I approached (when, by my clock, it was still 3:06).


Uptick again, and again corresponding with travel and energy/consciousness shift (for the better today, for what it's worth). "The day" started again right when I left the house just before lunch, and this time with a highly notable and equally surreal classical "random thought/radio lyric"-type. It started when I felt not to be sitting right in the Explorer's seat and so I slid it backward in adjustment, which made me think of the mattress in the back and how it was right up against the seat from what I remember, which made me in turn think "the mattress is too close" or something of that nature as I bumped up against it with just enough room -- precisely as the radio randomly sang out "my mattress," not only 100% dead-on instantaneous in timing (zero delay) but also on some random song I'd never heard before on the local college radio. And of course it was 100% objective, with the thought easily and distinctly traced back to the objective/totally separate chain of events beginning with my seat needing adjustment, etc. And then, minutes later, similar in format though not quite as precise or notable: I had a random chain of thought end with the checks from dad in my backpack, precisely as "the check" sang randomly from the radio, again perfectly synchronistic and dead-on in timing.

Lunchtime broke from the recent pattern of a wash of subtles/one-words and the like. Did have a few, but never really developed into that same kind of "synchronistic state" of late. Did have a cool "involuntary bodily function" reading-type synchro, when I found that sitting in a certain position (legs uncrossed) caused my gut to relax and circulation to increase, which made me wonder if maybe I wasn't pinching a nerve or something sitting with my legs crossed, which in turn made me think something along the lines of "nerves" (and also making me visualize this in some fashion) -- a split second before I read "Her nerves" in the book. This is another I would chalk up to subconscious reading-ahead/suggestion, etc, since the words were visible to me when I had the thought, at the bottom of the page; but, of course, I could once again easily trace the original thought back to the objective event of changing position, etc.

Also had a super-weird one at lunch, very hard to classify, kind of a mix between deja vu and an big, meta-echo of sorts. It started when I ended up sitting on that same bench outside the Bald Guy cafe in downtown Boone as I did once before, and also with it being a very similar day weather-wise, as to be a sort of throwback in itself. But then, when I opened up the 'Jennifer Government' book for the day and began reading, within the first couple pages it went into this part involving Burger King and McDonald's and some philosophy about fast food in general -- which, as it were, is also exactly what I read about that same last time I was there at that same bench eating, in the 'Fast Food Nation' book I think it was, last fall or whenever that was. In the end, I ended up thinking pretty much the exact same things in reaction to what I reading in the 'Jennifer' part, as to complete this whole weird deja-vu like flashback/repetition of that lunch I'd had there back then (was drinking coffee instead of tea, is one difference I can think of, but about the only overall). Also bears mention that this part of the 'Government' book was the first in a long time, and maybe one of the biggest/most specific in the book, that mentioned BK/McDonald's/fast food, etc (yet it Just Happened to correspond to my reading at that exact, weirdly echo-y time).

Had another one of those "period shifts" towards mid-afternoon and evening, this one again corresponding with travel, the long ride back south. Thought-wise, "quieted" somewhat during this period, though did have quite a few of those very subtle/subjective/"in the moment" small/one-word "reflective echoes" and the like, probably a dozen or so all told. One example: randomly thinking of Adam's vehemently recommending the Tank's Tacos place to me yesterday, a split second before a truck crept up beside me with mudflaps reading "Southern Tank," which also happened to be in that distinctive "creeper" traffic-incident fashion, with the "Southern Tank" directly entering my line of sight with only the slightest delay after I'd had the distinct thought of "Tank's Tacos" -- another "reflecting" of what I was thinking, with more or less precision/notability, etc.

Was very similar numbers-wise, with only a couple in morning/early afternoon, then going into that same manner of "many subtles/background-static 37s and variants mostly on license plates/clocks, etc, plus a moderate number of conspicuous turn-outs/clock-ticks, etc," as has been the case during my last couple highway-travel days.


Reasonably big uptick in activity across the board today, and corresponding oddly with a downtick in energy and such from some health nastiness.

Day started with more of those vague/subtle/thematic "parallels" and the like between morning thoughts/reading material/experiences and then mainly that 'Garbagology' book I started reading at lunch. Began with some that were just too vague/subjective/"in the moment" to convey, and then eventually matured a little when, totally randomly, the cashier at Starbucks told me out of the blue how she'd seen me on the security cameras picking up trash after lunch the last time I was at that Starbucks, last week or so -- Just Happening to do so maybe thirty minutes after I'd started a book about garbage and the like, as to best exemplify the subtle echoes/theme of "trash" through the morning.

Numbers were very present today, still mostly 37s and variants on license plates (many of these through late morning and course of afternoon out, and many reasonably conspicuous incidents of the usual turn-out/"creeping into my line of sight" variety that seems to be the predominant trend as of late). Did have a noticeable showing of 212s and variants too, mostly subtles on clock-ticks and the like but also another of those "illogically Compelled to let a man turn into traffic only to reveal a 212 plate."

Had a weird little mini-theme of several newish and distinct number incidents through afternoon, all these sort of little "numbers echoing aloud" kind. The first was right after lunch in traffic when I Noticed a license plate beside me reading "NY343FD," and precisely as I read/registered the two threes, thus thinking "three," the radio randomly sang out "three," in patternistic echo fashion. Then, in Food Lion later on, it happened with 7, when I was in line and one cashier said "seven," a split second before another one said "seven seventy-one," again with such "wham-bam"/back-to-back precision it was pretty notable in the moment for all its "smallness." And then, cementing this weird pattern, on the way home it happened again when I randomly went to change the radio to a new station after an advertisement went on, and saw the clock reading "3:33" precisely as the station said "three" right before it changed, again with my registering the "three threes" and thinking about it coinciding perfectly with the radio "three." Don't know what to make of these.

The 212-turn-out one was actually part of a ridiculously surreal and notable sort of "three-way meta-incident," first when I had the Compelling to stop (way short of the light, somewhat dangerously so) and let this man out into traffic, which not only revealed the 212 after seeing many conspicuously through morning but also coincided precisely with the radio randomly singing "let it all out." Then, right when this barely had the chance to register and when the chorus of "let it all out" refrained just seconds later, the next part came when, absolutely spontaneously, that full can of Pepsi I'd picked up from the SB parking lot after lunch erupted loudly in the trash bag beside me on the floor (it had been sitting in the sun a while before I'd picked it up, then warmed more on the floorboard presumably) -- very much "letting it all out," and again just so perfectly, surreally "synchronistic" I just can't put it into words, and made even moreso by the lesser parts of it preceeding.

Plus a couple little "classical" thought/radio/reading-type ones. First, precisely as I pulled into the parking space at AF (which, as it were, was directly between two 37 plates, but which I was drawn directly to because it was the only shady spot there) and saw that the space had a big, prominent oil stain (or something that looked like an oil stain) in the middle of it and so thought "oil stain," the radio randomly sang out "the oil." And, similarly but less notable: right after the song "Photograph" started on the radio, a car pulled up beside me (in that patternistic "drifting directly/conspicuously into my line of sight" fashion) with a plate reading, simply, "PHTO," which I registered as "photo," and which might've been intended this way even, though in any case it doesn't matter because it fit perfectly that pattern of "phonetically correct thoughts/registering" that I've been experiencing as of late. Though it bears mentioning that this one was another those "not quite perfectly synchronistic" ones, with a delay -- only maybe two seconds between the song coming on and my registering the plate and having the "photo" thought, but still noteworthy -- why are so many distinctly and perfectly synchronistic in timing while some have these equally patternistic delays?


A downturn from yesterday but still generally "active," and still in the same general groove/feel/"phase" as last few days. Started up again almost immediately after leaving the house this morning for lunch, with a couple of reasonably notable "classical" radio/thought-type incidents. The first was when I stopped behind a truck with a big "BBB"/Better Business Bureau sticker on it, and precisely as I thought "Better Business," the radio randomly sang out "better," again with the two "betters" coinciding absolutely perfectly in patternistic fashion. And then, another of those weird "oppositely precise" ones, this time when the radio randomly sang out "drinking fast" precisely as I finished a long chain of thought with thinking about how I was going to get a single cold-brew coffee at DD and then drink it very slowly through lunch, haha.

Went on to again have many subtle/one-word/"small-yet-notable" ones through the afternoon, again approaching a couple dozen as to be living-dream surreal, albeit a little more "tame" that recently (corresponding with health nastiness/fuzziness of thought it would seem). One example: Noticing a cup of McCafe drink set randomly out by the bathroom at Kroger, a split second before looking over and seeing a display of McCafe boxed coffee set out for sale, when the two were totally unconnected/random despite both being close to one another, the first just being the store-bought drink from an employee presumably, and the display being simply the market's outlay of separate-but-same-named products -- typical of the many subtles of this afternoon, with my thoughts/experiences/read words being "reflected" and "echoed" in that distinctive way.

Had another of those "almost immediately after-lunch 37 license-plate storms" today too, though these were mostly just background-static-type plates (albeit quite a few, and all again coming at me after seeing almost none through the morning, as if on a switch). Best standout was a two-part parking-lot one at the Walmart I (randomly) stopped at, when, first, there was a 37-plate-car directly beside the only shady spot, which I went out of my way to park in. And then, second, when I came back out, right as I was getting in, a car backed up into the space just in front of me -- an Infiniti G37, with its "G37" emblem gliding *directly* into my line of sight, absolutely 100% perfectly timed, in that distinctively patternistic "animated"/"revealing" fashion I've come to know so well.


Bigtime downturn today, corresponding with only a slight shift in energy/consciousness/health, as to be conspicuous in this aspect alone (why such a "quieting?" maybe because I've been silencing my conscious mind over the last day or so due to headsickness/distortion/illness?). Had not even any subtles/one-words, etc, and only a couple very random and subtle numbers, just those on license plates and the like (and *without* any conspicuous-type incidents to speak of, zero that I remember anyhow, for the first time in ... weeks maybe?).

The only incident I remember at all was one that cropped up out of nowhere when getting gas, when I passed a trashcan with a cup reading "GOOD" sticking conspicuously out of the top, which I both noticed/Noticed, as to think "good" -- precisely as "good girl" sang as randomly from the radio (and for the first time, I think), and once again with the two "goods" coinciding perfectly synchronistically and patternistically. Another of those that seemed all the more striking/surreal/notable for its arising "out of the blue."


Still a downturn, much like yesterday both for numbers and thought/perceptual-type incidents, except today did have a return of the parking-lot 37s and such, and in force actually, again with nearly every single of the many lots I randomly stopped at today all possessing at least a few conspicuous 37 plates, and all of them "presenting" themselves to me in that surreally distinct and patternistic way (had a little "storm" of them at the Walmart lot, where I not only encountered 6 or 7 total, and all despite my ridiculously random meanderings through the lot to pick up trash and take back stray carts and the like, but also had several come in "clusters," including a surreal three-banger of plates coming in near-instantaneous procession). Also, had a really cool receipt-type number repeat, this one with 1111 (first coherent/conspicuous one for this number in a while, as it were). It was yet another of those where I went in and ended up getting things I'd had zero plan on getting (this time a bottle of rubbing alcohol that I was reminded to get only because I saw some randomly while getting the glutamine, and in a notable/patternistic fashion that's hard to convey/too subjective and "in the moment," etc), and the total came to exactly $11.11 with tax. This one was reasonably notable in itself, despite its "smallness" and singular nature, simply due to its patternistic randomness and reasonable precision; but then, had a little repeat almost immediately after, just minutes later when I went next door to BN for the beet crystals and the customer who came up immediately after me had a total of "$1.11," which I heard just a split second before I left. Not hugely notable in itself, but bears mentioning considering the Walmart-receipt 11.11 right on its heels.

Traffic-wise, still in a weird general absence of those once-ubiquitous "background-static"-type phenomenon, with only a couple scattered "sightings" in this regard, and only a couple conspicuous-type ones I can think of. Again notable in absence/distinct downturn -- why?

The only two remotely coherent (or even notable at all) thought-type incidents were both at lunch, first a "nearby stranger speaking what I was reading"-type one when I randomly read "assuming" in the 'Garbology' book precisely as a man at the table next door said "assuming," and again in that perfectly synchronistic/impossible-to-orchestrate way that is so patternistic of these. And then, a few minutes later, a weird one where right after I thought to look up flights to NYC, a random car from the SB drive-thru passed by and someone inside called out "road trip from Brooklyn" -- not hugely precise, and the timing was another of those with a slight, 1-2 second delay, but it was close enough to my thought, both in underlying theme of "NYC" and in the relatively tight timing, to be pretty notable.


Big upsurge in activity today on all fronts, and again corresponding with another "quantum leap" in condition/consciousness/total state.

Back to having a regular background static of small/one-word/"echo/reflective"-type of thought-type incidents throughout day, sometimes spotty and periodic but at other times near-constant as has been in the past (all this despite a generally cloudy and confused mental state, disputing the theory of thought clarity increasing incidents strangely). Again had far too many to list/remember, even a lot of pretty notable ones; probably several dozen incidents over the course of the day and the crazy marathon trip down to Charleston and back.

Standouts/ones I managed to write down:

> Cool classical reading one at lunch when I read "perishable" precisely as a long chain of thought ended with how I needed to get my cold groceries home before driving down south; bears mentioning that the text was visible when I first had the thought (despite that thought being distinctly objective/indepdendent/arising from my genuine need to figure out what to do with the perishables before driving off in a hot car, etc), but the book's actual text was split between the end of one line and the beginning of the next, as to read "perish-able," which would somewhat discount any notion of subconscious reading-ahead, since past such "false positives" have corresponded only in explicitly literal situations

> Another of those damn cool and notable "song on MP3 player breaking precisely as a lyric on the public/overhead radio echoed a thought I had," this time at the Litchfield gym when my MP3 player's song faded off just so that I heard the lyric "hold on tight" on the in-house radio precisely as I corrected my grip on the hip pulls, thus straightening my arm and tightening my grip on the handle, 100% perfectly precise and perfectly timed (on both accounts, the break in the MP3 player music and the act of tightening my grip both)

> A similar radio one, when I had a long chain of thought end with how I planned to rub the CBD oil into my skin, and how, since it was the stuff already in a base of coconut oil, it would soak into the skin better, again with my visualizing this "soaking in" in my mind's eye -- precisely as the radio sang "soak it in" (and if I'm not mistaken this one was exactly like one from a month or two ago, same lyric from same song, and similar thoughts of soaking oil into my skin)

> A cool and classical recurrence, beginning this morning when I read in that random Southern Living magazine I got from the recycling bin at the dump of an article by the author of the 'Fried Green Tomatoes' book about the origins of her ideas for the book, etc, which was the first I'd seen that book/movie referenced in years probably -- and then, when on the way down to my totally random and spur-of-the-moment Charleston trip, I passed a random business sign advertising fried green tomatoes, reasonably notable timing (hours apart) and perfectly patternistic

Numbers had an even bigger uptick, not just resuming the steady background static of random/"small" ones (still predominately 37s and variants on license plates/random signage/clocks, etc, but also with other typical ones like 44/77/17s, etc, and still with a noticeable showing of 212s also) but going right up to "travel storm" levels, rising through morning and day until peaking throughout the marathon trip down to Charleston (again as is patternistic of past such travel), at times hitting that rarely surreal/onslaught-type level, just one after another, left and right, far too many to list/remember beyond saying just "dozens and dozens." I do remember that the storm "started up" with a conspicuous turn-out of a truck with a plate reading VVS-1371 (and again another VV/37 combo, seems to be an emerging theme, intensifying a bit as of late); don't remember the specics of this one other than that it was another of those "intelligent"/"choreographed"/"ridiculously surreal" ones, same as probably a dozen or so others over the course of the drive south and back (in addition to the ridiculous amount of "small" ones). And, another I just remembered: had one first thing when I left the house for the day, when I had to look behind me when backing out and my eyes fell directly on a real estate sign that appeared on the trailer across the street since I'd last looked, with my eyes falling directly on the phone number when I looked back: 373-3777, haha, another sort of double/triple (multiple 37s pared with the "three sevens" variant, which has again been pretty present lately).


A downturn from yesterday, but still with a general, steady background static of both random/"small" and conspicuous 37s, though not as many overall thought-type incidents as yesterday (corresponding with no travel/having a "quiet"/"still" day at home to do computer work and the like?). Still quite a reasonable amount of 37s, though only of that moderate/middle-level of notability, such as the check at DD being #703 exactly, and getting $7.03 back in change at Lowes, and maybe a half dozen other similar ones (and a few conspicuous-type traffic ones from what I remember). Coolest one was when I put on the computer after lunch to catch up (which I almost never do, only once in a blue moon as when I "lose" a day like yesterday due to extenuating circumstances), and the clock on the start-up screen read exactly 7:31, despite it being 3:31, because of that totally weird and random bug that crops up whenever I boot into Linux, which causes the time to go back 4 hours whenever I boot Windows up again, haha.

Only a few thought-type incidents so far today, and almost all subtles (though quite a few were of that "small but notable" variety, from what I remember). One standout was another of those eerily cool phone/radio-type ones, when I read "Coffee/tea" in that random hotel listing I was looking at, precisely as a radio advertisement randomly said "coffee and tea," this one another of those that wasn't quite perfectly synchronistic but was very close, with only the slightest, maybe .5 second gap inbetween my reading the words and hearing it on the radio, but still close enough to be highly notable in any case.


An uptick from yesterday but not a highly active day. Did resume having a background static of those "echo-y"/"thought reflective"-type of scattered little thought-type incidents off and on through the day, such as when I picked up that dirty wet rag as trash and thought of how it would wash up well, precisely as I threw it into my catchall bag that said "machine washable" on it, or when that song from Publix was looping in my head and came to "love" precisely as I saw the random sign reading "love" -- maybe a couple dozen "small-yet-striking"-type ones like that, mostly in mid-afternoon.

Had a classical radio/thought-type one just before lunch, almost identical to that "Bounce, bounce, bounce!" one from a little while ago. This time, I again hit a bouncy patch of highway, and precisely as I hit the first bounce and thought absently "bouncing," the radio sang out "bounce back," and again with the lyric coinciding perfectly with my thought/registering of the bounce, rather than the bouncing itself.

Then, about fifteen minutes after that one once I got to Starbucks, a very similar one when I opened my coffee to put the Stevia in and saw how absolutely black it was and thought something along the lines of "wow, that's especially black today," the barista nearby randomly said "so black" to a customer -- highly notable due to both the perfectly synchronistic timing and the exact same context of the thought and the words, with the "so" referring to "especially/very/a lot," etc.

Had only one remotely standout reading-type incident that I can remember today, another of those phonetically-correct ones, when I read "believe" precisely as the in-house radio at Tanger said "leave," with the "lieve" and the lyric coinciding perfectly in that patternistic way. Surreal and cool for all its "smallness."

Still having a moderate amount of background-static type numbers through the day, and still mostly on license plates and the like (though, again, no parking-lot-type ones -- why are these coming and going suddenly?). Had some cool standout/conspicuous traffic ones too, such as when at Kroger while I was walking through the parking lot, a car started backing up and then stopped suddenly for a pedestrian or something, making it jerk visibly, which drew my attention to it and its 273 plate, again with it being directly in my line of sight when I looked, and also with the motion creating that patternistic "animated"/"LOOK AT THIS!" effect, haha. And then, maybe a minute later, had a similarly "revealed" 1703 plate on a truck as it passed (and in another of those subtley patternistic/"synchronistic" ways that doesn't translate to text, as to make it more notable than it sounds, and create another of those "meta-incidents" between it and the 273 car).

Another cool example of the day's background static of reflective/thought-echo-type "small" ones: when I went to edit a blog post, I absently read the word "highlighting," right beside where I clicked to position the cursor and edit that particular paragraph, precisely as the browser's text editor highlighted some mis-spelled words in the same text box, putting several red squigly lines beneath them -- such that, perfectly synchronistic with my registering the "highlighting," the squiglies appeared (when they should've when I first opened the box, but had a few seconds' delay for some reason), which was not only perfectly synchronistic and patternistic of the echo-types, but also had that "animated" quality that just makes these so surreal and "striking"/"shocking."

Then more "late" ones tonight, after not having many for a while, all beginning with and hinging on the 'California' book I started reading. Started just with some of those "vague parallels" as seems to be the trend with the late or early-morning ones, most of these involving that thing that happened this afternoon. Then, after a couple pages, the parallels got more defined and precise, until I then had a pretty notable and classical/patternistic reading/book-type recurrence, between this book and the 'Garbology' book I finished this afternoon. 'Garbology' had been all about trash, but its biggest talking point, harped on through the book, was how destructive and reckless plastic is, and how it clogs landfills and does all other kinds of ugly stuff and could eventually disrupt life in various significant ways collectively-- then, on maybe the third or fourth page of 'California,' it randomly mentioned the "plastic doodads" that come on clothes, and then this sentence: "Those doodads were probably the whole reason America had gone to hell, the plastics seeping poison, filling up landfills." Had many others, some of them typically "vague"/super-subtle, but others highly notable but just too personal/subjective/complicated to convey.

Had some cool reading/thought/echo-type ones too, maybe 3-4. Best example was a really cool double, when I bit into a particular sour bite of the cucumber/cumin dish I was eating for dinner, making me think "sour" in some capacity, a split second before "sour" came up in the book (again with the word visible to me when I'd had the thought, except it all hinged on the totally objective/random event of my biting into that particularly sour-tasting bite, when those previous had not been). And then, immediately after as I was still kind of synchroshocked, I thought vaguely of how my mouth tasted doubly sour due to the lingering taste of garlic from lunch -- and then, on the very next line, the book mentioned garlic, and again almost certainly objective/independent due to my being able to trace the thought as a reaction to that sour bite, haha.

A few minutes later, a similar one, albeit only a "single": having a long random (and 100% objectively traceable) chain of thought ending with the fast/not eating, and then reading on the very next line in the book: "Or its people starving." Never had such "late" activity as it were, neither in volume or clarity/cohesion it seems.

And still it kept going, with a super-late one tonight, when at the end of the night's computer session I finally got around to looking up that cauliflower pizza recipe for Dad, which led me to a random website with a good recipe, and as I was reading the recipe, a video was playing the site's background, which ended up being for an easy way to peel garlic, by shaking it hard in two bowls -- and, as it were, I've been thinking off and on for months or maybe the last year, every time I peeled garlic, that there had to be some super-easy, clever shortcut to doing so, and that's exactly what that was -- another "ask and receive," and coming in that patternistic "absolutely totally random and indirect" way as so many of them (though I suppose not precise/coherent enough to completely rule out coincidence).


Different general feel and activity level today. Had more of those vague reading/thematic/parallel-type ones, most involving random stuff thought or experienced or read through the morning, then being echoed/recurring in some way or another in the 'California' book at lunch, though all the standout-ish ones were again too personal/complicated to convey (but there nonetheless, and pretty damn surreal eventually). After lunch, the activity shifted somewhat, as to be characterized by a moderate succession of those echo/"reflecting inner reality"-type ones. The standouts I managed to write down:

> Really cool and "striking"/notable one in Walmart, when I stopped to read a sign reading "Attention Associates" for the Spanish on it, precisely as the in-house intercom said "Attention associates!" -- reasonably notable at least, just due to the perfectly synchronistic timing and the patternistic element (especially today, with this fitting into the steady stream of similar incidents), but would depend somewhat on how often such "attention associates" messages came over the intercom, I suppose

> Another of those partial-type half-word echos, this time when the radio said "way" precisely as I parked in front of a car with a front license plate reading "Conway," with the radio's "way" corresponding perfectly with my registering the second half of the "Conway," as is so patternistic and surreal for all its "smallness"

> Same for one at the thrift store, when I pulled out a book reading "CULTURAL" on the cover, and precisely as I pulled it out and registered the "cult-" half of it, a nearby stranger said something about someone named "Coultan" or something like that -- in any case, the name was pronounced just like the "cult" in "cultural," such that the two again echoed themselves in patternistic fashion (and perfectly synchronistic of course)

> A similar one at the gym, but with a twist, another of those "multilingual" ones that I've experienced a couple times in the past: right after the radio said "below," I looked to my left to get out of the car and directly at the tire of the Jeep beside me (which was jacked-up and high while I was sitting in the low-to-the-ground Miata, such that the tire's sidewall was directly in my line of sight), which read "BAJA," Spanish for below/under, and this was another of those with a slight delay, as not to be perfectly synchronistic even with my registering the two words, yet was still close and accurate and patternistic enough to be pretty notable

> And then once in the gym: my MP3 player randomly singing out "looks at himself in the mirror" precisely as I as randomly stepped up to the bar to hang on it, and thus into the mirror directly across from it (and if I remember right, this one again was perfectly synchronistic with my registering my reflection in the mirror, and also it was the first and only time in the song that this lyric came up, again not a chorus/refrain, etc)

Had numbers today but a downturn in this area, with only some scattered "smallish" ones amidst the odd conspicuous turn-out/traffic-type one here and there (though, still managing to be surreal, especially during the day's echo-y/reflective incidents).


Relatively quiet day, though still some sporadic activity.

Day started with a reasonably notable morning/"early" recurrence, with some "ask and receive" overtones. Started when I had a big long chain of thought this morning that ended with how I felt I needed to come to terms with past drug use, LSD in particular, and then, maybe five minutes later when I began reading that random copy of Rolling Stone I got out of the trash last week, within the first couple pages, on the TOC, it mentioned an article on LSD (but only there -- ie, not on the cover or anything I could've seen beforehand to "cue" me subconsciously to be thinking of this subject). Otherwise, day was almost totally "silent" as far as thought-type incidents went, aside from only vaguest/subtlest of "echo"-types here and there, and barely even any of these, not sure why (did have a reasonably big shift in health/consciousness/state today).

Did still have a moderate amount of numbers throughout the day, again predominately 37s and variants on random license plates and the like, including the same sort of conspicuous-type traffic incidents that have been the predominant trend as of late, such as several of the "drifter" plates coming right up alongside my car in traffic, *just* into my line of sight. Also, more than one of those "car with 37 plate backing into my line of sight in parking lots, etc," such as right when I entered the lot at VS, I had to stop and wait for a car to back out of a space, which proved to have a 737 plate (when I couldn't see the plate until it had backed out), and again with that animated/dramatic/"revealing"-type effect when the backing-out was complete -- maybe 4-5 of these today, all pretty notable and striking and just damn surreal for all their repetition. Similarly, on the way home, passed one of those blinking traffic signs that nag drivers if they're speeding, and when I passed, the number locked at 37 (blinking, since the limit was 35), even though I was going 41 according to my spedometer (and, when ever other car that had gone before me was at other numbers, and these jumping wildy about ...).


Another quiet day, much like yesterday, still with only minimal incidents overall, almost none of them thought-related/perceptual again, and not nearly as many numbers as yesterday. Though, did have a pretty cool standout one this morning right as I got on the highway, when I felt to enter that "synchronistic state" and that the first car that passed me should have a 37 plate of some kind, but when it didn't, I thought, "Now, why didn't that car have a 37 plate when I feel this way?" -- and then, a split second later, a second car passed, this one with a 317 plate, haha. Another of those "challenge"/"skeptical-thought"-type ones, with the twist of the "state" indication. From there though, numbers abruptly fell off through the day despite my energy being reasonably improved (did have another conspicuous-traffic incident a little later while still on the highway, when a car was drifting up beside me, too slowly to be safe, and so I had to slow down to let it pass and hence notice it particularly, only to have it reveal its 3072 plate once it passed, haha).

At lunch, had a pair of reasonably notable reading/random-thought-type incidents, but like morning's numbers, phenomenon abruptly stopped. First one was when I read "diversion" when I'd had another long, random, objective chain of thought end with how the book had just entered this awkward and "distracting" retrospect/flashback part -- every bit a "diversion," and with the "distracting" part of the thought corresponding perfectly with my reading "diversion." And then, a couple paragraphs down, a similar one when I read "lower belly" precisely as I crossed my legs and felt myself clenching my abdomen in that unhealthy habitual way and had to consciously release it -- which, thus, focused me on my "lower belly," as well as made me visual unclenching it in my head, and again with this "mind's-eye" visualization corresponding perfectly synchronistically with reading the "lower belly."

And then this evening another cluster of "late" reading recurrences at dinnertime, almost exactly like those of the last couple weeks, again echoing all sorts of extremely vague/random/"small" things that I'd encountered throughout the course of the day, often for the first time in a long time, months or years (but not ever, none of them were "unique first-time-learning-of-something"-types), and then echoed in some form or another in the book, with enough patternistic repetitions to make it reasonably notable collectively. Few examples: reading of "bean soup" in the totally random magazine at the waiting room before my totally random acupuncture appointment, for the first time in a very long time (again, probably years since I've thought of bean soup in any capacity), and then it was mentioned as randomly in the book tonight; saw a picture of a woman with conspicuously unshaved armpits in the random copy of Rolling Stone this morning, again first time in a while, and then the book echoed it tonight; saw a bunch of pictures of shuttered/boarded-up houses randomly at lunch while looking on that website, along with a theme of "refurbing homes," and then these same basic themes were echoed more or less exactly in book. Maybe a dozen like that within just the course of my 45 minutes or so of reading, damn surreal despite the smallness/subtlty.


Uptick in activity today, and a change overall, in both types of incidents, a slightly different "format"/"groove"/"feel" to it, corresponding with that really ugly sickness I've had the last day/the attendent change in consciousness/state, etc.

Day "started" with a reasonably notable reading recurrence this morning, this one fitting the "early"/"late"/"thematic"/"vague-parallel" type I've been having off and on lately. It started with the 'California' book mentioning throughout, since I started reading it a few days ago, these post-apocalyptic "for the rich"-type of communes/bunkers/exclusive communities, which is the first I've thought about such a thing in years probably -- and then this morning, in that totally random copy of the 'New Yorker' I pulled out of the dump recycling bin a week or so ago (might've actually been right around the time I randomly bought the 'California' book itself, as has happened before with these from time to time, though I can't say for sure), I read a big long article around how just such communes are coming to be, perfectly echoing the underlying essence of this concept. Notable albeit with the loose/awkward timing, if only for its relative precision and patternistic "format."

Lunchtime saw another of those sudden crushes of vague/subtle/"echo-y"-type of reading/thought/event incidents, but this is where the day seemed to deviate appreciably, with these being similar but palpably different than those I've been experiencing in this vein, in a manner I can't quite describe. Likewise most of them were too subtle and "in the moment" (though highly precise and notable in their own way), such that really the only text-friendly example was another of those "resumed reading the book after a bite and the random words my eyes fell on echoed perfectly something that had just happened," in this case it was someone passing by with a particularly fragrant cigarette, which made me think distinctly of how foul/offensive the odor was -- a split second before I resumed the book and my eyes fell on "It stinks!" (and, it bears mentioning, there was just enough of a delay for me to independently have the thought before being able to see the text, yet the delay was slight/tiny enough to render it all nearly-perfectly-synchronistic, again in that exact pattern of several past incidents of this manner). All in all though, most of these lunchtime ones were a departure from the "stinks" one, and there were really a whole bunch of them, maybe upwards of two dozen within the course of just the hour or so I spent at SB Broadway, as to ultimately be damn surreal, especially when mixed with that terrible headsickness/gut upset I was having at the time.

Incidents again shifted a little towards mid-afternoon, but still with that new and indescribable "texture"/"feel" to them. The first was a classical and highly notable thought/radio-type one, when, while unloading the recycleables by the bins, I thought of how there were those horrible biting bugs around there and how I needed to unload the trash and get going -- a split second before "gotta get away from here" sang from the radio, from the Miata where I'd parked it right beside the bins (idling and with the top down so I could still hear the radio), once again with the slightest delay between them which only rendered it more objective/independent while still being near-perfectly-synchronistic.

Then, a few minutes later on the way back, a similar one when I passed the lady who was sort of hidden behind the truck, startling me somewhat and making me look back in the rearview mirror right as she stepped from behind the truck and finally crossed the road after I'd passed -- perfectly synchronistic with the radio singing "step out," this one with that 100% perfect "coincidence" that is just so surreal and impossible-to-orchestrate yet involved two external events completely beyond my control (and, as it were, with that "echo-y" element to it, where the lyric also corresponded perfectly with my vague thought/registering of "she stepped out," as to be a sort of instantaneous three-way that I couldn't differentiate). Hugely notable really, despite the abundance of these as of late.

Now that I think of it, had relatively few numbers today, only some "small"/"background static"-type ones through traffic off and on, and barely these, again with a marked absence of the conspicuous/parking-lot ones. Though, I do remember seeing some in other random places, enough to be noticeable and surreal but not of "onslaught"/"storm" levels.

And then more "late" reading recurrences, exactly the same in pattern/format as those of other evenings (though interestingly, these were all while reading in the sauna *before* dinner rather than at, in the 'New Yorker' magazine, and with zero new ones while reading the 'California' book at dinner proper). Had maybe 3-4 more, not a whole bunch like other times but still noticeable. Most notable and coherent one began last night, when I read in that Spanish newspaper I've had for weeks now, slowly working through, the article I translated mentioned how North Korea had recently tested a nuclear missile, the first I'd heard of this as it were, despite it probably being on the news like crazy when it first happened -- and then, in the 'New Yorker,' in that same article about the up-scale survival condos, it randomly mentioned the North Korean nuclear-missle test, another classical reading-type recurrence, fitting that old pattern of "learned of something then saw it totally randomly repeated soon after" (this time with the twist of being in a relatively ancient Spanish newspaper and the almost equally random trash magazine). Then, as an example of the vaguer ones, another parallel between the 'California' book and that same article, this time in lunch's book reading when it mentioned how a group in the book had a labor rotation in its ranks, and then the same thing was mentioned as randomly in the article, about how, in the event of social downfall, there would be a labor rotation in the condo groups.


From what I remember, another of those days with a minimum of thought-like activity (with most of what was there being those echo-y subtles and the like, with some of them notable but just too obscure/complicated, etc). Number-wise, did have quite a few, and again much like other days of late, with a steady amount of background-static-level "small" ones mostly on license plates/signs, etc, intermixed with some conspicuous ones and the like, again as to be reasonably surreal/notable when taken in total.

A very cool and notable standout was at DD at lunch, when I needed some notepaper after mysteriously losing my pad again, and so went into the nearby trashbin for something, in which the first thing to catch my eye was a folded-up receipt, sitting right on top -- which, besides being the perfect piece of paper for my notes, turned out to be for order #377, haha.

Unfortunately I lost this receipt somehow, on which was written at least a couple thought-related incidents at lunch, I think more of those very subtle-yet-surreal/notable echo-y types like I've been having.

Also had more of those daylong, early/late-type of vague-but-notable recurrences, and again in the recent pattern of mostly involving the day's various reading material and my thoughts/events/experiences, and still in the most random and almost-impossible-to-be-chance ways and sources. Also, noticed a sudden, albeit slight, return of the classical type of word-type recurrences like I used to have in abundance when reviewing the word journal, but now has been largely absent -- just until the last day or so, when I had several classical ones, words that I'd not seen in a long time, or were very rare (or both), recurring within the space of the day. One example: "bifurcate," which was in that totally random copy of the New Yorker I'd pulled from the trash, and then, in the 'California' book this evening, used there within the first few pages. Maybe 3-4 like this (and, if I remember right, with my Noticing at least one or two, in patternistic fashion).

The recurrences got even more notable once I got to the rental in the city this evening, when the whole afternoon, along with all sorts of unique decorations and such (like the apartment's owl theme), were echoed/recurred more or less in the dinnertime reading of the 'California' book, again too personal/complicated to give any coherent examples but still highly notable and surreal despite it.

[Update after finding lost notes:

Had a series of reasonably notable radio/thought-type incidents on the drive towards lunch/airport this morning, and still of that "echo-y" bent I've been having so much of lately.

First standout was a weird one, and vague/imprecise enough that I wouldn't note it except that it fits the pattern so well (and had perfect timing, and had that synchronistic "feel"). It started when I came upon this funky golf cart in the park, styled to look like an old car, conspicuously so, which made me think something along the lines of "don't think I've ever seen one of those before" -- precisely as the radio sang out "never seen another one like it," perfectly synchronistic in timing and, now that I think about it, pretty precise in that essential manner, echoing the "only one I've ever seen" theme. It bears mentioning that this golf cart was parked on the other side of the park, in the area I never go through since it's longer, but today I'd felt totally and illogically Compelled to go this way, when otherwise I'd never have encountered the golf cart, etc.

Then, from there, had several "smaller," albeit more literal/defined, ones on the drive, such as feeling my shoulders bunch up and thinking something like "my shoulders are bunching again" before I consciously relaxed them, precisely as the radio sang out "his shoulders." Maybe 5-6 like that, all reasonably notable though I can't remember them.

At DD at lunch out on Grissom, had a sudden return of the parking-lot-type numbers after their absence yesterday, when I parked around the back of the building, again in a roundabout, long way that came about due to some weird circumstance I can't remember (seems like I got confused about where the turnoff was or something), only to find myself parked in the middle of not one, or two, but three 37 plates (all of them three-digit ones if I remember right, such as 703 and 377 and 373 instead of the "lesser" two-digit "straight-up" one, these always feeling more significant for some reason).

Then during lunch, the subtle echos started again almost immediately after I sat down and started to eat and read, again as if on a weird switch. And the first was pretty notable: right after I'd had a random and traceable thought of the garlic I was chewing (stemming from how I'd unintentionally gotten a clove in the very first bite of lunch, as to put it on a totally empty stomach which I wanted to avoid), and then, on the very next line of the 'California' book after I'd thought this, it mentioned garlic. But, there's a potentially extra dimension to this one too, because the garlic mentioned in the book was specified as being new and fresh, "with a year before its expiration date" it said, something like that -- when the garlic I was eating was that very *old* stuff I'd had sitting around for months, and I think I'd actually thought this during my original thoughts while biting into it, about something like "yes, I'm having it on the very first bite, but it's that weak, old stuff so it shouldn't bother my guts" -- another of those "oppositely precise"-type ones that I've seen several times before (if I did indeed think this, at least).

Then went on to have several very similar ones, albeit not quite as notable nor "multidimensional" as the garlic one. One example: having another random thought about the green coffee pill I'd taken with my lunchtime supplements (which, if I remember right, was again totally traceable and objective, since it seems like I'd noticed that distinct lift/improvement I've been getting at lunchtime lately and thus thinking about whether it was the green coffee taking effect, which made me envision a pill in my mind's eye) -- a split second before I randomly read "a pill" in the book, again with it visible to me beforehand but still hinging on the objective/independent thoughts spurred by my feeling that improvement and thus thinking about the green coffee, etc (sort of another "involuntary bodily function"-type one). Had again maybe 5-6 of these through lunch (and why is it there's often just about the same set number in a "cluster," give or take a few?).]


Much like yesterday in "format," with more numbers than anything, and the thought-related/perceptual incidents being almost exclusively too vague/subtle etc, and again very echo-y in nature -- why the sudden trend? Did, however, have more overall thought incidents this afternoon while walking the city, again with the only real example I can quote being when I passed a homeless person's little "camp" in a doorway along the street, in the center of which was a foam mattress laid out as a makeshift bed, which made me think distinctly "bed" -- precisely as I looked up and saw a sign on a bus shelter reading "flat-bed." Probably a couple dozen like this in total, all told, again as to be just damn surreal in the end.

And again another sudden cluster of "late"-type daylong vague recurrences, these occurring mainly in regards to the night's reading session of the last of the 'California' book. Was reasonably notable, following the same pattern as late, but especially tonight if only because the echoes included about a half-dozen things I'd randomly seen and distinctly Noticed on the way back to the apt, most notably several from that totally random pile of roadside garbage in which I found the coat that fit me perfectly and looked so good (and ask-and-receive in itself, considering I'd just hours earlier thought distinctly of how I needed a good coat, not having brought one with me and the weather in the city being so drastically colder than I expected -- and there it was, and on that random street I'd been so distinctly Compelled to turn onto, haha). Seem to be seeing a distinct "maturing" of notability/coherence of this emerging variant of the phenomenon. Damn surreal too.

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