Synchronicity log for 2018


Morning saw activity, and it was another one of those days with no thematics but instead just those same small, super-sublte, super-”fast”/fleeting but striking kind of echoes I've been having, plus equally subtle recurrences and parallels, etc. I can't think of any coherent examples in this regard, and they were in fact there, memory is still just falling behind due to travel and brainfog and such, and besides: they were explicitly the same in behavior/subtype/”feel” as I've been having lately.

Next, had another of those periods of brief but highly intense echo-type activity at the peak of the church service, when I once again “went there,” for the first time in quite a while, and again had that sudden and ridiculously intense onset of those rapid-fire echoes between all sorts of random things I was thinking on several levels, consciously and subconsciously and in between, being echoed explicitly by the pastor's sermon and/or various environmental things or nearby strangers' actions – again exactly the same, and almost all highly coherent and notable and objective, yet I again can't recall a single individual one, just being so overwhelmed before I'd even gone in, ha ha.

Morning saw high number activity too, and another one of those deals where it went from next to nothing all morning, to many rapid-fire semi-conspicuous 37-plates once on the road – and then once there, in that “period at end of a sentence” climactic fashion, had a big cluster of low-key parking-lot plates waiting for me, I think 3-4 just there, immediately in view one after another as I entered the lot. And this was again even more notable contextually, since, first, I'd had zero plans to even attend this particular church today, until the whole morning just went wrong and one thing after another held me up and I got out too late to even get to the family's church late, thus leaving me to attend this random church closeby to home, and even then, its parking lot was full and I had to go down the street and park at this other, random lot in an apartment complex – and yet it Just Happened to have all those 100% patternistic and conspicuous 37-plates waiting for me, and “intelligently”/logistically precisely arranged.

And there still more traffic plates before lunch, and as conspicuous, beginning with another 100% patternistic and objective/notable “Compelled parking-lot”-type ones, when I went to the restaurant to meet the family for the Easter meal and, once again instead of parking logically/close/conveniently to the restaurant, I was Compelled to go farther and park in a nearby lot, and even to pull in at a specific angle and entrance and manner, all of which was just awkward and illogical yet totally precise and patternistically Compelled in my mind – and of course, once parked, it was absolutely, perfectly directly behind a 3372-plate car, and again with the plate 100% invisible to me until I'd circled around and turned around and parked in this particular space (and I can't stress enough that “quietly conspicuous/living/animated” quality to the plate despite its being on a parked car, with it just being very “there,” in that “LOOK AT THIS” fashion as I came to a stop and looked up directly into it, etc).

Then two more in the same lot, as I sat waiting for the family. First, as I sat staring aimlessly ahead of me through the windshield, in wait, a car pulled up and parked directly beside the 3372-plate car, directly where I was absolutely looking/focused at the time in patternistic “invading the space I was looking at” fashion, as to “park” its 1137-plate into my vision, ha ha (and, I guess, sort of “align” with the first, preexisting plate). Then, soon after, another of those I've had from time to time in the past, where, after watching several cars pass by and not paying attention to them, I'll suddenly Notice one, only to have it pass and thus reveal its previously invisible 37-plate, this time classical/patternistic in every way, my Noticing a random red SUV as it pulled in coming from my left, its plate invisible to me, a split second before I passed by and subsequently “revealed” its 373-plate.

And then some irony: after my whole time waiting there, it turned out the restaurant was closed, and so, after my brother came by and told me and we made arrangements to go to a different restaurant across town, I then drove over and thus encountered several more semi-conspicuous traffic plates, probably a record morning in this regard.

Lunchtime was a continuation of morning's background static of those same small, fast, striking echoes, but now somewhat more numerous and intense, especially during little “spurts” as I've observed before, and slowly getting the recurrences and parallels mixed in (though still no thematics – however, today was different, since I was eating with the family for a holiday meal and thus not reading a book, which could've certainly had bearing on the resulting varieties and subtypes and qualities of incidents). At this time, I remember a big, at times downright storm-level/headspinning level of highly notable environmental and nearby-stranger-type echoes, plus more involving the in-house radio and my random thoughts and the like, and it seems like there were even some thematics too, at least of that longwinded “radio and other ambient noises/events subtly and obliquely echoing my general experience in various ways”-type ones that I've experienced from time to time. And these continued more or less afterward for a time too, not following that “ceasing immediately after lunch”-type pattern.

From there, the activity shifted back to “travel mode” sort of, with less conspicuous plates and just a scattered, irregular stream of lower-key plates during the drive south, with one standout that I remember:

It came right after getting on the highway, again as if to signal a shift, a three-strong cluster beginning when two 100% classical “37-plate drifter-passers crawling up from my left and thus 'inserting'/'revealing' their plates directly into my line of sight.” And then, a minute or so later (not immediately in any case, but just close enough to cohere the three incidents together into what felt like a cluster/meta-incident), had a similarly classical/patternistic “car going recklessly and conspicuously slow, forcing me to both take particular notice of it/demand my attention, plus get close enough to it for its 37-plate to resolve,” this time a car slowing conspicuously/overly before turning off, thus forcing me to slow down significantly (it was on a 70mph stretch of highway if I remember right) and not only get close enough to read its 3370-plate, but to have it “arrive” into my sight in animated/”living” fashion, ha ha

Also during this time, an equally scattered handful of more-classical/”normal” thought/radio/sign/event-type echoes, these too coming sporadically and in “spurt-y” clusters. Did have several standouts in this regard, quite a few actually, such that I only got down a handful, probably half:

> Damn cool “random chain of thoughts”/radio-type echo, beginning when I suddenly remembered the toll bill I'd gotten from the parents' after arriving last night for the holiday, and thus thinking about how I could best pay it and deciding on a credit card online – precisely as the radio randomly and singularly sang out “credit cards,” dead precise and perfectly synchronistic and patternistic in every way

> Another, nearly identical radio echo soon after. It started when I unexpectedly go to my exit and so had to change lanes, thus causing me to speed up recklessly to get past the car there, then immediately slow down so I could safely go up the winding ramp and not flip over in the top-heavy car – perfectly synchronistic with “hit the brakes” singing from the radio, and from what I remember, this again correlated perfectly intertwined with my final, absent/reactive thought of “brake/going too fast/sharp turning offramp,” again in that explicitly patternistic fashion

> And yet another radio one, a few miles down the road when, precisely as I checked my rearview and saw a big truck gaining dangerously on me despite my being in the rightmost slow lane, the radio sang out “I saw a truck,” again as plainly coherent and literally precise as you could get

> Then about a half-hour later, while in that totally random market I'd been forced to stop in after making a wrong turn and getting lost (despite having been up through this road and made these exact turns/navigation/drive several times in the past …), had another little cluster of I think 3-4 similarly coherent and classical and standout echoes, though I can only remember one of them, the others escaping me before I could get them down. This one was also as coherent and striking and notable as the others of the afternoon: precisely as I came to a big, multi-shelf display of local honey for sale in the middle of the aisle, the radio sang out “honey,” and this too corresponding perfectly with my absent-but-distinct registering of the display and its contents

Then tonight, after a long period of silence once getting to the hotel, had a cluster of evening-reading “little everyday thing” parallels and recurrences (might've been a couple thematics in there, but I can't remember), and again with some of these erring toward the coherent and highly notable, echoing various specific, relatively uncommon things that had just happened earlier in the day/this morning. One in particular was a standout: matcha green tea and coffee, beginning this morning when, first, I'd again experimented uncharacteristically with having some matcha green tea in my morning shake, the first I'd done it in a while (perhaps since that last little batch of “morning matcha”-themed incidents I had similarly last month), but then, breaking habit further, I followed this up with a coffee at lunch today, instead of the hot tea I'd usually have – and then damned in that super-random freebie magazine I read tonight didn't reference exactly that, not only with an article about green tea and coffee both together, specifically (someone writing in and asking which was better, to which the column answered “neither/both/each have respective benefits”), but, at the very end in conclusion, the article mentioned how “you should probably drink both tea and coffee to get the full range of benefits” or something to that effect – in any case, echoing my first-time, specific experiment of having both tea and coffee in the same day (and green tea and black coffee no less …).

And then, another bit of context that just pushes this cluster into the “super-ridiculously random and notable” zone, for the magazine in question not only came from yet another of the most stupidly random and unforseeable sources imagineable (from that random vitamin store I'd stopped at without forethought on the drive north, a complimentary quasi-advertisement “magazine” printed by the franchise that I'd gotten only because I was totally out of any others to read at the time), but, second, it was, for some reason, a full six months out of date, from October of last year, no idea why they'd still be giving these away (and they were, that I saw, the only copies there, rather than sitting off from the current issue or something) – yet it had Just Happened to have that ridiculously precise tea-and-coffee-echo article, plus I think about 4-5 other, nearly as notable “little everyday thing”-type recurrences …


A real crazy-ass day right from the get go, though not really much of a change in types and volumes of incidents over lately, just my ability to keep them straight due to liver craziness and more headsickness, etc.

Morning drive to the appointment saw a big steady string of low-key 37-plates in traffic the whole way there, along with a good number of semi-conspicuous ones, though they never really progressed much from there, even later in the day. Again did little to dampen the effect though, especially in that state of mind, enough to be overwhelming again, remembered now as just a big, collective mush of one reasonable notable 37-plate after another, and still with some other, minority repeats mixed in, numbers numbers numbers everywhere today.

Did have another of those “conspicuous 37-plate just after lunch”-type ones, another 100% objective and random parking-lot one, when I went all the way across the lot at the health food store just down the street from the coffee shop after lunch, to get to the one little shady area there – and found myself sharing it with a 2713-plate car, the only one there, and of course with the plate invisible to me until I'd cleared the obscuring cars in the middle of the lot, etc.

Then, also right after lunch, the morning's semi-storm level of 37-plates continued during the day's travel, pretty much nonstop as soon as I got on the road, and again seeming to intensify/cohere somewhat as I hit the highway and picked up speed/distance/momentum, until there were once more just a regular stream of low-keys and semi-conspicuous ones (though no overly conspicuous/”super-intelligent”/super-notable ones, maybe as a reflection of my overwhelmed/headsick state?).

One standout I got down, not particularly notable, just remembered: when I was at an intersection and found myself directly/conspicuously/patternistically behind a 3711 plate car, just before one of those Jeep Liberties with the “3.7L” emblem on it pulled up, again with the emblem directly in my area of focus, etc.

A great many random/”everywhere” 37s again today too, along with a showing of 44s and 212s as I've been having lately and forgetting to note. I can't remember any particular ones here, either, but there were many, and also reasonably coherent/notable if I could only remember them.

Many many parking-lots today too, again literally every single place I stopped at, however random or unplanned or spontaneous (several of those wrong-turn/lost-type ones, as there were last night when getting to the hotel too). And that's all I can remember, which feels so strange, with such a hugely notable, active day reduced to a paragraph, like putting the ocean through a straw …

Thought-type activity wasn't quite as active/numerous, but was definitely there, and still mostly in the form of that semi-regular/periodic background static of small/fast/fleeting/striking echoes, a little in morning I think, and more coherently/strikingly but more periodic during afternoon. Lunchtime reading was again much like several other days lately, in that “vague/one-dimensional personal thematics mixed with a few scattered low-grade echoes and 'little every day thing'-type recurrences and parallels,' and that's really about all I can remember about it, another bloc summarized by “there was activity, and it was patternistic and collectively notable and surreal.”

One single standout from lunch: a classical radio echo right towards the end, when I unzipped my bag and bumped that delicate rose I had, thus causing me to absently/reactively think “rose,” precisely as “rose up” sang randomly/singularly from the in-house radio at the coffee shop, again non-literal, being in the context of someone standing/a verb, but the “rose” in the lyric corresponding absolutely perfectly/intertwined with my thought, as is the pattern with so many of these lately.

An example of lunch's environmental echoes, again not for any particular reason other than I can just remember it: randomly and patternistically coming to “the vibrations of the engines” in the book, precisely as a truck on the nearby road jake-braked obnoxiously loud, conspicuously so, and with a  definite vibrato to the noise, every bit echoing the “vibrations” of the engines in particular. Though, really, only had maybe 2-3 of these today I think, even counting the super-subtle ones.

The latter part of the day was characterized by a big cluster of all this type of activity all mashed together, just numbers and super-subtle thought-types of various kinds all coming left and right, and all more or less notable if not too coherent, but again I can't quote a single one, just being so overwhelmed and sick at the time. And it continued “late” today too, right up until I got to the next hotel – but then, interestingly, as soon as I got indoors and unpacked, it all cut off completely, as if on a switch, with zero activity of any kind from then on, as of writing. Another “negatively notable” bit of behavior.


Morning was totally silent from what I remember, until the drive, when I had another one of those sudden, "on a switch" traffic-plate clusters come on, exclusively of low-key and a few semi-conspicuous 37s, and overall quite a few, probably upwards of a dozen just over the space of the ~15 minute drive. And then, once there, a sudden, singular standout thought/radio/event echo (and though it came immediately at the end of the number cluster and the drive, it didn't have that "period at the end of a sentence" climactic feel, instead just seeming to be a random incident, and "feeling" that way too): it happened when I reached into my bag for my phone and, while digging around, revealed a pen that had gotten in there somehow, which, surprised, I'd noticed it especially, and thus read the word "PILOT" on the clip -- precisely as a song by 21 Pilots came on the radio and I distinctly noticed *that,* thus causing me to reactively/absently register it as "that Pilots song" in that now-classically patternistic fashion, such that my reading/registering the pen's "PILOT" coincided in perfect, intertwined fashion with my registering the song and thinking about it, ha ha.

By contrast, lunchtime reading went back to early morning's total silence; and, interestingly, it "felt" silent too, in that distinct and patternistic yet wholly subjective and indescribable fashion that I've come to sense my entering or being out of the "synchronistic state," which, I should add, I noticed even beforehand as I got my coffee and set out my meal and book and such. There was one single exception, however, a classical "opening book to a 37-variant page number, after stopping there the night before based purely on objective factors like finishing my meal at a certain time or needing to do computer work, etc," and today it was right on 37 exactly, ha ha.

Had another random, stray standout thought/radio echo, and this one coming in "immediately after lunch" fashion, more pronounced this time given how lunch was, just minutes prior, entirely silent. It started when I got in the car and, upon looking around to back up, I saw something on the ground beneath one of the neighboring cars, which, after a pause, I identified as one of those cement parking strips meant to stop someone from pulling too far into the space, thus causing me to think something like "cement block strip/that's cement and not someone's feet or something else that might walk behind me while I'm backing up" -- precisely as "cement" sang randomly/singularly from the radio, again in intertwined fashion (and this time a fully literal one, being in the same context, both as a noun instead of a verb, etc).

From there, afternoon changed up, and somewhat differently than most other days lately too, one of the first days in a while without that same super-subtle "mix-up"-type of background static. Instead, there was a similarly subtle and low-key and small/fast/fleeting string of scattered echoes plus some "little everyday thing" recurrences, but these were of a noticeably different character and behavior than that other kind, still being generally "loose" and not too objectively notable but in a different way, also difficult to describe. Ended up having a fair number of these, probably a dozen or so over a ~three-hour window, before they tapered into a typical late-afternoon silence. Couple semi-coherent examples I got down:

> Having a long, random chain of thoughts end on what sort of car I should get and how much I wanted to pay, thus causing me to think "four thousand dollars" or some thousand-dollar figure -- precisely as the radio announcer randomly said something like "You can win one hundred thousand dollars," in any case a different figure but still with the "thousand dollars" part coinciding perfectly/intertwined with my absent, vocal thought of "thousand dollars." And this was typical of this afternoon's specific breed of echo, often partial or non-literal or purely sentimental/archetypical, but about all perfectly, strikingly timed.

> Another one in this indirect/loose vein: when I stopped behind this random car at an intersection with a plate reading "SHOOTDA3," which I read, then re-read, trying to figure out what it meant, especially the "3" part -- and, precisely/intertwined with my registering the "3" and thus vocally thinking "three," an ad on the radio randomly said "it's as easy as one-two-three," with the two "threes" coinciding absolutely perfectly of course, ha ha

> And here's an interesting one. It started as another echo similar to the rest of the afternoon's, except with that "bilingual" element, where my English thought was echoed in Spanish on the radio, this time beginning when I came up on a mail truck pulled off directly alongside the curb of a busy, ~50mph multilane highway, which struck me as highly dangerous as I watched cars swerve off into other lanes as were suddenly confronted by it without time to stop, forcing those behind them to do the same in reckless fashion, and thus causing me to think distinctly and consciously "dangerous" -- precisely as "perdido" sang from the radio, which I thought to mean "dangerous." But the interesting part is that it *doesn't,* instead meaning "lost," which I just saw now when looking it up and double-checking as I do for all these bilingual ones; but then, the fact remains that I *thought* that the word meant "dangerous," and had actually thought this for some time now, long enough to read it/hear it several times and always absently translate it in my mind to "dangerous." So, given the explicitly patternistic and perfectly timed nature of the incident (especially with it coming in the midst of a cluster of incidents of identical nature and behavior), I have to wonder if it was indeed an echo, but only of one I *thought* the word translated to, rather than what it actually is, which would, if the case, substantiate that long-running theory about the extremely subjective component that seems to govern so much of the phenomenon, or at least the echo-y/"thought manifestation"/"internal reality being reflected in external/objective reality"-type of incidents.

Numbers were also present after lunch, and very much so today, this time achieving that disproportionate volume between number-type and thought-type activity that has characterized so many days lately. They resumed immediately after lunch just about, as soon as I got back on the road, and were of the exact same nature/type/behavior/quantity as that cluster preceeding lunch, such that they again just sort of picked up where they left off. And they did slowly cohere and escalate as time went on and I started the day's highway driving and such, again seeming to reflect my going faster and farther. Did have some more-conspicuous-type of incidents eventually, though not nearly so many as other high-number days, much like the last couple in this respect, just sort of plateauing in that "many low-key/semi-regular conspicuous ones" level of activity. Had everywhere/randomly sourced 37s today too, but it doesn't seem like that many (just of the "that's damn surreal" level, rather than the "WHOA THAT IS SO LIVING-DREAM SURREAL THAT I'M OVERWHELMED AND FEEL LIKE I'M GONNA THROW UP, PLEASE STOP" level, ha ha).

Few standouts I remember, among the many I don't:

> Cool and classical "reckless driver turning"-type one, when a 37-plate car first turned recklessly/suddenly/super-conspicuously in front of the driver immediately ahead of me, thus cutting that driver off, and then, in the same motion just about, the reckless car did a second, equally rash and conspicuous and visually "animated" fashion, into the turn lane going through the median -- which, after demanding my attention in that classically patternistic fashion, not only caused me to thus see its 37-plate when I might otherwise not have, but also to see it emerge conspicuously/"livingly" from behind the car immediately in front of me that got cut off, as to one again just render the whole thing that much more conspicuous and surreal and "intelligently orchestrated"/"living"/"animated"

> And another reckless-turn one, this time a driver suddenly overtaking me from my left and then turning in front of me/cutting me off just as fast, again in one single rash maneauver, and again thus "revealing" the car's 73444 plate in dramatically animated fashion after it had demanded my attention to keep from hitting it, ha ha

> And an equally patternistic/classical "randomly going into the store and getting several totally unplanned things, only to have the total hit some conspicuously precise 37-variant figure," this time $37.17 exactly, when, first, I'd not only gotten a couple things that were totally unplanned, but they hadn't had one of the things I'd planned on getting, thus forcing me to get a substitue -- yet it all came to that exact figure with tax ...

Not so many "little everyday thing" recurrences/parallels today (and no thematics that I recall, either, interestingly). Did have one standout recurrence, though, and this one another of those somewhat unique and multi-faceted/super-standout ones. It started a few days ago when I began seeing "Blue Moon" everywhere, subtly and in various forms/sources/styles yet conspicuous in number, probably 6-8 times over the course of a few days (and, of course, after not seeing it/thinking of it/encountering it in any way for some reasonable amount of time prior, per the pattern), as to notice it first as an "everday thing" recurrence, but then, after seeing it so many times instead of just two-three as is typical of these, I counted it as more coherent/notable one. Today, however, two things happened, causing it to be upgraded to something more: first, I came to yet another recurrence, this time in the 'Lost Horizon' book when it mentioned spefically that the name of the book's central mountain translated to "Blue Moon" (another super-random, Just Happened to begin reading it a couple days ago book -- a definite, far more "controlled"/coherent/less obscure source than the super-random and subtle ones I'd seen it on previously, as it were, such as passing signs, etc), and then, second, this caused me to remember how I'd read in my monthly horoscope how this latest full moon is considered a "blue moon" in the categorical sense -- and the moon just hit mathemtical fullness exactly when I started seeing these recurrences. A sort of combo synchronistic recurrence/astrological hit I guess?


A change-up today again, beginning with morning, which saw the return of some thematics after yesterday's total absence (only a few, and all of them of that super-subtle and 100% personal/subjective/complicated nature, but decidedly there when they weren't yesterday). Additionally interesting was that these occurred during after-chore reading, and the reading material today was again of that "impossible to be more random/objective/obscure," and today taking it even farther than other times, to a level that was just somewhat bizarre in addition to absolutely random. It started when I realized I had absolutely nothing to read this morning, having read the last thing last night and having forgotten to get more stuff yesterday, thus sending me all over the house looking for something, anything to read but coming up totally dry after past such situations had left me without anything even hidden away and such -- which, ultimately, led me out to the storage shed, where I found a box of old dishes wrapped up in newspaper that I took off, leaving me with not only with something I couldn't possibly have predicted in the first place, but a hodgepodge meta-newspaper made up of ten-year-old leaves from various mismatched sections of two different out-of-state papers circa early 2007 -- and yet these Just Happened to contain several things which explicitly echoed my present experience in various ways, fully patternistic and such. Wow.

Also this morning, a cute little "conspicuous super-random 37-repeat"-type number: when I got a voicemail from Mom, which began with her stating the exact hour and minute that she left the message, 11:37, ha ha. And never mind that this particular message was wholly unnecessary and unwarranted and fully patternistic in that "curiously/conspicuously oblique" fashion of so many of these ...

And another cluster of numbers during the drive to the coffee shop and lunch, though only right at the end, which actually made it all somewhat more notable, in that "negative/contrasting" manner, due to the fact that I then sensed myself entering "the synchronistic state," and immediately after/perfectly synchronistically, two "37-plate-cars passing me such that their plates 'invaded' my absent area of focus in patternistic fashion"-type of incidents occurred, back to back, one car and then the other, when there'd been zero numbers on the drive over -- all in the exact same manner of those "universal joy sentiment triggering a spontaneous 37"-type fashion, except without the joy, just a plain sense of getting "turned on," then the numbers, immediately (perhaps just a coincidence in this regard, the behavioral aspect just seeming to mimic/parallel the universal-joy-type ones despite being of a basically different kind of incident?). Damn cool and notable anyhow, especially when there followed a little cluster of passing-traffic and parking-lot low-key 37-plates immediately after, just between the intersection I was waiting at when the passers came and then the turn into the driveway and parking lot of the coffee shop.

Lunchtime reading was sort of like morning in the sense that it saw the return of the "little everyday thing" recurrences and parallels after yesterday's marked lessening of these, not a whole lot but they too were definitely present and active in a way equally absent yesterday and maybe longer. But most notably was the return of several of those upgraded/more striking and just so damn surreal "just happened this morning"-type of recurrences, again involving specific, relatively uncommon, first-time-in-a-while-or-ever thoughts/events/encounters that happened over the course of the morning and then were explicitly echoed in the section of the book at lunch. Two stand out above the rest, and are really just pretty damn incredible when you think about it:

> The first involved that voicemail message from Mom with the 11:37 ironically, when the book went into a two-page-long section where the people in it started talking about how their going missing would be noted and how there'd be worrying and upheaval back home, etc -- when that's not only exactly what the voicemail pertained to (apparently I'd been asked to call after traveling a couple days but I somehow missed this and didn't call, thus causing parents to think me missing/hurt/whatever), but it also pertained to the subsequent thoughts it caused me to have, about how they were chronic worriers and would be thinking that all these terrible things had happened, etc. Best evidenced in the verbatim line in the book: "We shall be posted missing, and people will assume the worst," thus echoing in the exact same terms my thoughts on the matter, occurring just hours after.

> And then, identical in behavior but more notable due to it involving such a specifically uncommon and odd event/sentiment: when the book echoed, almost exactly, my also aforementioned desperation for reading material this morning, during which I'd had the distinct thought of "I'd just about give anything to have a newspaper right now, even an old one from some place I've never been," or something in that vein -- and then in the book at lunch, I came to a part that echoed this same basic sentiment in various ways, from the "desperation for reading material" to a desire for newspapers specifically, when one of the characters in the book, stranded in a secluded Tibetan monestary that only has some years-old papers, gets into conversation about this, and goes so far as to mention, offhand, something like "I'd give everything I have for a current copy of the 'Times,'" not exactly how I'd felt (since I just wanted *any* paper, old or new or whatever, which was what led me to check the storage shed where I thought correctly that some stuff might be packed in old newspapers), but still echoing that same basic sentiment of "really want some newspapers" in no uncertain terms. And of course I'd never before in my life had the thought/been in a situation to think of such things, until Just Happening to today. Again: wow.

Had a few of those decidedly "lunchtime environmental/thought/reading"-type of echoes at lunch today, also after yesterday's stark absence, but these were even more diminished than others, first only appearing towards the end of the meal, and even then very scattered and super-subtle. Best example I can recall: when I had another absent yet totally objective/traceable thought about how I might appear, sitting out in front of the coffee shop, to the people just inside on the other side of the plate glass window, thus causing me to absently envision myself sitting in the chair and staring out forlornly into the parking lot -- a split second before I came to "chaired strangers" in the book, in the exact same context of someone sitting in the chair, and again absolutely spot-on precise with the "stranger" as a noun, which described how I probably looked to the people inside explicitly, a lone man sitting out and eating a packed lunch on a coffee shop stoop and looking probably a bit bohemian and out of place -- a "stranger" in every way, no better description, again 100% per the pattern of these.

Also at lunch, another of those "objectively stopping reading on a 37-variant page number," today page #73 exactly, after doing so fully based on when I finished the first course of my meal and my first coffee, regardless of whether I was at a good stopping place in the book or not or whatever, yet it hit on that page number exactly, again down to my finishing my last bite and sip on the last line on page 72 ...

From there, had another little cluster of activity at the market immediately across the street from the coffee shop, beginning when I walked across the parking lot and back and again not only encountered a handful of semi-conspicuous/patternistic parking-lot-type 37-plates, but also more of those instances of "Compelled to zig left or take the long way or go pick up a particular piece of litter to throw away, and ending up being 'intelligently led' to a conspicuous parking-lot plate," again ultimately ending up as another of those Twilight Zone-like spells of living-dream surrealness.

Also, on the way out of the market, another of those odd but patternistic "random number being echoed perfectly synchronistically"-type ones, this time when, right as I was stepping out the door to leave, the cashier at my back called out "One forty-eight" -- precisely as I rounded the door and came face-to-face with a slip of paper on the floor reading "47148" in big print across its center, and turned so that the "148" portion of it was the first I saw as I rounded the counter, "animated"/"revealed" like, and as to correspond absolutely perfectly with the cashier's words. Utterly surreal.

And then had a similar little number cluster later on, at the next market I stopped at, beginning with several "everywhere"-type ones of semi-conspicuous nature that I can't now recall (other than my picking up some random bag of fruit that I didn't even intend to buy, only to find that the one visible sticker inside read "3017" in big letters, as an example), and then, at checkout soon after, a cool one when I rang up one thing and the self-checkout machine didn't register it when I put it in the bag, because it was so light I guess, thus causing it to reject the next item I tried to scan until I fiddled with the last thing so it would register on the scale, thus causing me to double-check the screen and see that the running total was then at $3.78 -- and then, when I finally was able to ring up the next thing while still looking at the screen and the total, it then updated the running total to "$7.77," ha ha.

As for the rest of the afternoon, it was sort of like yesterday in that it sort of plateaued into a mode of "background static of super-subtle/small/fast echoes plus a semi-regular background static of low-key 37-plates in traffic," though today the echoes reverted to that exact same "feel"/pattern/behavior that I was seeing almost every day there for a while, again similar to yesterday's variant but qualitively different in a key respect I can't really put into words. And again had quite a few, probably over a dozen more or less, though almost all were just too "in the moment"/subjective to really convey. Couple basic examples:

> Driving past a car and absently looking at its out-of-state license plate (or something caused me to notice it particularly, can't remember what exactly), a couple seconds before the radio announced said something like, "If Bob had a license plate, it would read ...," with this explicitly echoing the random sentiment of "license plate" (which had resulted from my patternistically registering the plate/absently thinking something like "license plate"), and with another sort of "loose" quality, and a non-perfectly-synchronistic 1-2 second delay too. Had several of this particularly loose/small-but-distinct-delay kind today.

> And then, on the perfectly synchronistic and more-precise/explicit end: when I went to back out from a parking space, precisely as the radio randomly/singularly sang out "turn around," which could've equally pertained to my exaggerated/conspicuous twisting around in my seat to look fully around me before backing from the space, as well as the backing of the car itself, since it was parked in such a way that I had to turn as I backed rather than backing straight out, due to the spacing/a single lane running between two opposing rows of parking spaces and cars, etc. Many like this today, though most were of looser/less-precise nature.

And then once again following the "subsiding to total silence by the time I returned home" pattern, today.


A sudden change-up into another of those super-quiet days today, and this again corresponding reflectively with a spell of that nightmarish liver upset/headsickness that seems to have coincided with such non-active days in the past.

Morning was totally silent, but did see a cluster of semi-conspicuous traffic 37-plates sudden on the way to lunch, probably 5-6 over the short drive. And then, upon pulling up to the shop, had a single one of those vague/loose sort of subtle echoes as I've been having (which would prove to be the only one throughout the entire day as of writing): it started when the radio sang out some random lyric about panhandling/a man begging for change outside a liquor store, with an underlying sentiment of "man loitering a premises and begging change" -- precisely as I pulled into the parking space at the coffee shop and was met head-on/"directly in my line of sight" fashion with a sign in the window reading "NO LOITERING," as to echo the sentiment quite perfectly and patternistically. But then the phenomenon just stopped there pretty much, with lunchtime reading totally silent too (with the exception of I think some very vague personal reading-type thematics that might've just been coincidence or in my head).

Did see more numbers after lunch, scattered low-key 37-plates and a few parking-lots thrown in, but markedly "quiter" today, at best just that "quietly conspicuous" variety but generally just the low-key/"passive" kind, and only probably a dozen or so over the course of an hour. Then, before mid-afternoon even, the phenomenon had silenced on both fronts.

Did end up having some more of those "little everyday thing" recurrences through the evening, which build on some scattered but patternistic ones throughout the day. Though, the most notable aspect of all this is that about all of these in particular originated with those obscenely random ten-year-old newspapers I dug out yesterday, then finished reading through today, with many of the originating themes/sentiments/things/whatever starting in them and then recurring patternistically from other reading sources and the like. Again ridiculously notable, all things considered.


Morning: totally silent, corresponding with the continued toxic/headsick/liver-sick/whatever slump of the last couple days, right on through after-chore reading and the drive to lunch, not so much as a single number-repeat/plate/echo/whatever that I remember.

Lunchtime reading was quiet but not silent, another of those days where there was some moderate and notable activity but it was exclusively of that super-subtle yet super-profound longwinded-personal-thematic variety, all centered around the 'Lost Horizon' book and various broad life circumstances/thoughts/events that I'm currently experiencing, all of this 100% patternistic of past such "extremely big/notable/complicated/meaningful/profound personal thematics being echoed collectively during a single, random reading session with a random book"-type meta-incidents. And today they might've even kicked it up a notch on the sheer profound/living-dream/"book echoing perfectly my life no different than if it were a booming voice from the sky"-type nature and precision of it all. And so frustrating still, to see such crazy-notable phenomena and be helpless to describe it even in summary.

These sort of thematics actually happened again during evening magazine-reading in the sauna, albeit on strictly different topics/themes/life events (interesting in itself, this sort of switching between "channels" of different longwinded thematics depending on the reading material and time of day, every bit "intelligently orchestrated" or so it feels/seems/appears). Though again, these too were entirely subjective and too complicated to describe but no less notable/synchroshocking for it.

Besides these, the first half of the day was otherwise about entirely silent, in terms of "active"/perfectly synchronistic/"echo-y" type of incidents, and it seems like not even the "little everyday thing" parallels either. But by midafternoon I'd begun seeing a slow start-up of those same small/loose/indirectly precise/fleeting echoes, beginning at no specific time (that is, no "immediately after-lunch" pattern nor anything similar, as seems to be a sort of pattern/quality in itself on days like this), and coming at first only in singular, scattered little blips here and there, then eventually getting more frequent and a bit more coherent and "louder," until eventually reaching that distinctive level of "background static" (which now that I think about it, seems to have something to do with that "entering the synchronistic state"/"switch being thrown" feeling, since it seems that the official onset of the "background static" level of activity is only reached when the switch is "on," with either only scattered incidents or near-total silence otherwise -- interesting). Had a few decent standoutish examples of these:

> A damn cool one at the post office, starting when I was going out the door and, as I went to push the push-bar on it to unlatch it, I noticed that it was taped forward/open with a piece of masking tape, thus causing me to absently register it with a thought of "tape on the door/bar is taped up" -- precisely as the cashier back inside said to a customer, "Tape it up," again not only echoing the theme of "tape" (and in the same context of adhesive tape, etc, the cashier's words presumably involving a package, being at the PO) but also the more-precise sentiment of the door being in "taped up" condition, rather than just a simple echo of "tape" as an objective, etc -- making it just that much more surreal and notable and living-dream, as it were.

> Another "long random chain of thought being echoed loosely but notably by the radio"-type one, beginning when I absently but distinctly and patternistically realized that over the course of the day I'd managed to emerge from that ugly haze of nightmarish depression and headsickness that I'd been under for days now -- a split second before the radio randomly sang out something like "my blues, I forgot 'em," echoing perfectly the underlying sentiment still crossing my mind (not only echoing the "blues"/"depression"/"unhappiness" element, but also how I'd somehow managed to shed those feelings, also perfectly described by "forgetting 'em" in the colloquial sense, ha ha), and in intertwined fashion. Actually had quite a few of these today, identical in pattern/behavior, and even the exact "flow" of it all too, with my entering that exact same basic framework of reasoning and thinking and mental flow of thoughts and sentiment before it was echoed in similarly identical fashion by the radio. Very cool.

> Another of these random-thought/radio-types of the same persuasion: when I came upon a woman who I found vaguely attractive walking along the road, thus causing me to register her with an absent thought of something like "pretty woman"/"I am attracted to her" -- a split second before the radio randomly sang out "she's the one for me," and in the same romantic context (and, like so many other of these, my thought came a split second *before* the lyric, yet was so closely timed as to be more or less perfectly synchronistic and intertwined, where the thought was still in that millisecond-long period of crossing my mind/being at the forefront of my attention as the lyric sang out, yet still being just delayed enough to be decidedly *before* the lyric, and thus 100% objective, and again as if "intelligently orchestrated" to achieve just that end ...).

Also in the "echoes"/instant category, another of those singular, out-of-the-blue standouts that don't really fit the rest of the day's general incidents/themes/patterns/subtypes but is nonetheless a definite synchronicity. It started with another "long random chain of objective thought, this time in the parking lot on the way into the market, when I was absently thinking about my health and buying the car and, instead of debating it endlessly/obsessively as the nightmarish headsickness had been inducing lately, I simply let it go, concluding the chain of thought with something like "Let it be"/"I'm just going to accept it all as is and live for now and today and stop obsessing so much about the future and what to do/how to solve problems, etc" -- and then, a split second later, I had came upon a little scrap of paper trash on the asphalt, and was immediately Compelled in "you absolutely MUST pick up that piece of litter" fashion, only to find that the paper was a fortune-cookie-fortune, reading: "One of the best things to do sometimes is simply to be." And once again, this not only echoed exactly the broad, general sentiment of that "still crossing my mind" thought, but it also echoed the specific parameter of my just coming to "be" in this way "for now," an exception to my usual, logical response of weighing facts, etc, which I was consciously suspending in this instance since it would do no good with the facts at hand/in these particular circumstances -- every bit reflected accurately in the "sometimes" portion of it. Hugely notable, but especially in the "living-dream"/"life as a movie" department.

Numbers were there today eventually, coming in that same delayed, spontaneous, non-timeframe fashion as the day's active/echo-y phenomena interestingly. It started with a couple very low-key 37-plates in traffic, then very slowly escalated to a semi-regular stream of them with a few semi-conspicuous ones interspersed, though never going further than that, seeming to plateau briefly here and then fall off to silence by the time I got home mid-afternoon (the exact arc of the day's other activity, more or less, excepting the evening reading thematics). Had some fun little "everywhere"-sourced random 37s in there too, including another "3:07 PM" time stamp on a market receipt that again included a bunch of conspicuously super-random little circumstances and logistics that all once again patternistically came together to result in my checking out and paying up at that time, on the minute ...

Had one neat and somewhat unique little standout traffic incident. It started with a "reckless driver demanding my attention"-type incident, this time when I pulled through a parking lot (super-randomly, again totally unplanned and spur-of-the-moment) and had a car come up alongside me and actually try to pass me in the parking lot (in a single, somewhat narrow lane nonetheless), which of course forced me to a hard stop and demanded my attention and such. And then, a minute later while I was still in the lot after stopping briefly to write a note or something, I saw that same car going through the drive-thru of the burger place we were behind, and upon seeing it, I realized I recognized the driver as the man at the car place that I'd dealt with multiple times now (again super-randomly but conspicuously/repeatedly in that obscure patternistic way), thus causing me to stop and pay even more attention to this car -- such that I was still looking at it when it finally pulled the rest of the way through the drive-thru and thus turned a circle and revealed its 537-plate, ha ha. And a cute, maybe-nothing little footnote to this: the car the car-dealer man was driving was for sale, with its information and price and such written on the side window, with a price of $2995, when, just a minute before, I'd been expressly thinking about any other cars for sale I'd seen specifically in the $3k range, since I was on the way to look at the Civic of the same price and so wanted to make sure I wasn't forgetting any options in case I bought it -- as to be sort of a little "ask and receive"-type echo, with my "asking" for any ~$3k-priced car and so encountering this one, and in the most random and obscure but patternistic of circumstances.


Morning was like a couple of those weird sort of quasi-patterns lately where it was fully silent with the exception of one single, standout, classical reading recurrence, this one with some "ask-n-receive" overtones added in. It started last night when, in the middle of the night after getting up to pee, I put some of that "love" oil sampler on that I'd gotten months ago from that random health-food store down south, and while rubbing the oil into my hands I absently read the label and saw that the oil blend had "carrot seed oil" in it, which I both noticed and Noticed, due once again to it being maybe the first time I'd ever encountered such a thing, but also with that subtle but distinct Noticing/Standing Out quality to it, with that particular ingredient Jumping Out at me, all of which caused me to eventually think something like "What's carrot seed oil and why is it in this blend/what's it do/what's its purpose," etc -- and then this morning, during after-chore reading in yet another super-random freebie magazine from the library (this one another that I'd not only just gotten yesterday afternoon, but had gotten on a patternistically uncommon/non-habitual visit there after I was just there the day before last), there was a big random article on carrots and their beneficial substances, at which the bottom it mentioned carrot seed oil and how it in particular had certain vitamins and the like that were especially beneficial for the skin -- not only recurring the "carrot seed oil" in perfect classical reading-recurrence fashion, but also "answering" the exact same absent-but-distinct/conscious "questions" I'd voiced in my mind last night, and with mere hours between them as it were (I think maybe 4-5 or so, given that my putting on the oil/reading its label occurred sometime in early morning or thereabouts).

And then just like other mornings of this particular breed, there wasn't so much as a subtle echo between then and the drive and lunchtime reading. Then, however, there returned that same basic "mixed subtle activity with some scattered standouts"-type of activity that's characterized lunchtime reading more often than not over the last few months, this time beginning right off the bat just about, within the first couple paragraphs of reading, with several of those small-but-explicitly patternistic sort of environmental/thought/reading-type echoes I've come to know so well. Would go on to have a moderate amount of these over the course of the meal, several of them pretty coherent, and, combined with some more of those same "longwinded, broad-life experience"-type of thematics involving the last few pages of the 'Lost Horizon' book, it all came together to bring that now-classical "lunchtime-reading living-dream state," and this seeming to correspond with my working around this latest headsickness and perceptual distortions and such (which is interesting, since the headsickness/illness/toxicity/whatever is still there, I've just learned to adapt to it and think around it such that I'm more functional, thus expanding on the "reflective" quality of the phenomenon somewhat, suggesting that it does indeed center around my ultimate, end-result consciousness rather than the physical sickness or any other contributing factor *of* that consciousness). Standout examples I got down:

> Another of those indirect/"loose" yet perfectly timed and patternistic reading/objective-event ones. It started when a group of young men sat down at the table two down from me at the restaurant, when there was no one else around me prior, thus causing me to reactively/automatically register this with patternistically absent thoughts of something like "people near me now/have company/social contact" -- precisely as I came randomly/singularly to "for anyone who came near" in the book, and this actually corresponded most perfectly/"intertwined" with the last man sitting at the table, who had to round it and thus come very near to me and whom I particularly registered with another absent thought of "person near me," such that the theme of "near people" was echoed both explicitly and with a sort of "animated" quality with it corresponding with the approach and movement of that last, nearest man -- again another that reads as "small" but was much "bigger" and more notable and surreal when experienced.

> A cool "one-word-striking echoes between my reading and the in-house radio"-type one, and with a twist: the word was "mind," and the first "hit" was another of those absolutely flawless and super-striking ones, not only intertwined/seamless in coincidence but also the first of this kind of the day, coming out of nowhere/spontaneously, thus just giving it that much more impact and such. But then, over the next couple pages of the book, "mind" was repeated several more times in that particular section, and at least 3 or 4 more times, the song echoed it on repetition (in fact, it might've been literally every time, I honestly lost track).

> A good example of the super-subtle variety, loose enough in precision to be individually dismissible but fitting perfectly the trend/pattern/behavior of others in the same cluster: precisely as I came to "Just then there was an interruption" in the book, the man at a nearby table had his phone ring, thus causing him to pause in his meal and answer it, every bit an "interruption," and "just then" too, with the text and ring coming perfectly synchronistically, etc

> An excellent nearby-stranger echo. Precisely as I came to "laughed harshly" in the book, a teenager at a nearby table loosed a loud, conspicuous, sarcastic laugh, with a deliberate strain to it as to indicate that it wasn't sincere laughter, perfectly synchronistic and every bit a "harsh laugh," ha ha

From there, today was another "thought-type activity ceasing abruptly as soon as I left the restaurant, then eventually resuming at a non-specific time later in the afternoon with some super-subtle/loose echoes"-type day, fitting perfectly that same pattern I've been having often lately, again so explicitly patternistic that this alone was notable and says a lot about the phenomenon in itself, I think. Once again: at some random point, started getting the small, fast, fleeting, loosely/indirectly precise echoes between random thoughts/feelings/experiences and passing signs/the radio/other typical sources, and I don't think any at all erred from this same basic subtype, unlike the singular/unique standouts that sometimes punctuates this background static. Didn't have many overall today, and they were almost all scattered rather than clustered, but definitely there and again no less surreal. Couple of the coherent-ish examples I got down:

> Having yet another patternistically long, random, absent chain of thought as I drove home, this time culminating in my thinking of applying for a credit card online, which thus caused me absently visualize first going to a website and applying, followed by getting a letter and the card in the mail -- precisely as the radio randomly and singularly, in a contest announcement (that is, not in anything regarding credit cards or debt or any remotely related subject that might've cued me/influenced me subsconsciously, even had I not been able to 100% trace my chain of thought), said "you can win a gift card by mail" or something like that, with "gift card by mail" in it in any case, which, though a "gift" card and not a "credit" card, still echoed near-perfectly the visualization that was once again still crossing my mind's eye (and, after all, a "gift card" of the kind described in the ad is just a kind of credit/debit card -- again, same basic underlying object/sentiment/theme).

> Another of those cool "non-literal/fuzzy phoenitc"-type ones, this time when I had yet another long, random, and 100% traceable/objective chain of thought end with how I'd earlier mentioned to the message lady that I was a writer -- precisely as "write her" sang from the radio, and sung in such a way/meter/tempo that the two occupied the same measure and so bled together to sound identical to "writer," such that the mental word and the lyric were perfectly intertwined and identical in my mind.

Numbers were there today, and again in that generally low-key/lower-volume/semi-conspicuous-at-best fashion that's been popular this last week especially (this prolonged downturn somehow reflective of this latest spell of especially difficult headsickness/illness, etc?). They did come pretty much immediately after lunch, more or less, right after I got on the road to run errands, but sort of with a "whimper," just random scattered low-key 37-plates showing up, conspicuous only in their total absence up until then. And also like lately, the closest things to standouts were a handful of those "passive, quietly 'living'/very 'there'"-type ones, just on passing cars and the like but having that subtle quality that made them stand out to me beyond being patternistically/collectively notable, and again many of them Just Happening to enter directly/patternistically into my line of sight in that "living"/"animated" manner.

And again like lately, had somewhat elevated "everywhere" 37s, not so much in volume today but with a handful of cool standouts:

> One really damn cool and "bigger" one when I went and got the package with the book from the mailbox, and was struck, first, with four separate 37s on the label alone: a 2337 return-street address, then a 730 street address down below, followed by a double of the #173 suite number, because I always put that number on both the street address line and the suite/apartment line in case it got cut off on the shipping label, such that the street address line read "730 xxx xxx xxx #173 #173" -- and then the clincher came when I took out the book and was met with a label on the spine reading "733" in big print, with this coming immediately after I'd registered/reacted to the quad-37 label, as to be a sort of climactic/"period at the end of a sentence" "cluster-finisher" as I've seen several times now, just heightening the effect that much more (and again suggesting that ridiculously surreal "intelligently orchestrated" component ...).

> One that could classify as either a traffic incident or just an "everywhere"-type one that happened to involve a vehicle: when my attention was drawn to a screaming, speeding fire engine, tearing through an intersection with lights blinking and siren blaring, with "FIRE ENGINE 731" printed enormously/conspicuously on the side, and again made all the more impactful/surreal/notable in effect due to the obscenely "animated" quality of its riotous passing, ha ha

And then, finally, had yet another "Blue Moon" recurrence, and this one the most keenly surreal of all, for all its apparent "smallness." It happened at the dump, when, precisely as I approached the cardboard compactor to throw in a box, the compactor went in and a single box spilled out from it and onto the ground, landing directly at my feet at the *precise, seamless* instant that I arrived -- a flattened beer six-pack for "BLUE MOON ALE," with the "blue moon" written in a big logo all its own, dominating the box, and just all kinds of "ridiculously surreal" given the timing and logistical precision of it being smushed out of the compactor and landing right in front of me like that, and flattened/turned just right so that it would be right-side-up and enter directly into my line of sight and just "strike" me/synchroshock me in a way I couldn't possibly ignore ... And, it bears mentioning, this came just an hour or so after I'd finished reading the 'Lost Horizon' book in which the onset of this mini-series of recurrences seemed to coincide with, along with the actual "blue" full moon of the 31st and such ...

Had one late one just before bed, a cute little 37-repeat. It happened when I went to do that random crossword puzzle on a page that I'd torn out of the complimentary book that was at the rental last week, and just now finally got around to doing -- after which I noticed that it was on page #73 exactly, when I'd just blindly flipped to a random page and torn it out, again patternistic of these (also now that I think about it, had another of those "random flipping to a 37-variant page in a book"-type ones this afternoon when I looked at a book somewhere and, to see how long it was and if I wanted to buy it, I flipped toward the end, landing directly on page #317).


A very quiet day, another of those same corresponding with worsening health and a general "deadening" of mental clarity and expressiveness and the like.

Morning was totally silent, as was lunchtime reading with the exception of 2-3 very subtle personal/subjective/"broad life" thematics, even these perhaps just coincidental or me reading into the text too much.

Numbers were a little more active but not by much. Started up soon after lunch again, also in the form of some scattered low-key traffic plates (plus yet another "Compelled into a particular, random parking space, only to find myself directly beside a 307-plate car" in the first place I stopped and parked at after lunch), but it never really graduated much from there, with these plates fading entirely by the time I started home. Oddly, did have a couple conspicuous standouts:

> Yet another 100% patternistic "random car backing out precisely as I walked past in a parking lot, thus demanding my attention and so seeing its 730-plate," and again with that dramatically surreal "animated" quality, with it backing up so that its plate "invaded" my vision, etc

> A variation of this at the store, when, precisely as I got in the car and keyed the ignition to leave, a car rushed up from my left and parked in the space directly in front of me, with a big "C-737" bumper sticker on its back window, ha ha


Morning: once again totally silent, even of the subtlest thematics from what I remember. And this, along with the rest of the day pretty much, seems to evoke that same "transitional" period of low- to no activity that I've noted before, since today saw a good clearing of health/clarity of thought/general wellbeing yet saw very little overall activity. Suggests some sort of as yet unidentified correlation in there somewhere.

First activity came during lunchtime reading (after another conspicuous/"negatively notable" total absence of any sort of traffic-plate numbers on the drive there), and this, though all more or less of the same basic kinds and behavior/nature of the latest trend of "lunchtime subtle echoes/thematics/recurrences/parallels," was very very subtle and low-key, such that it took probably a dozen or so incidents before I found it objectively patternistic enough to be notable, for they all followed that "loose"/indirect/delayed kind of behavior that I've seen from time to time, and today with something of a unique, newish quality to it that I can't quite describe. For example: I had many of those "reading of a noise"-type of echoes, except today, instead of those coherent and super-surreal/objectively notable kind where the read-of noise is precisely that of what I heard, these were all simply of noises in general, such that the two might be vaguely similar in description but never exactly/explicitly, so that I could really only judge them as objectively patternistic enough to be notable after the fundamental echo occurred many times in the exact same fashion.

Another example of this "looseness," of the nearby-stranger-echo variety: a nearby man at the coffee shop started a phone call in which he was talking very quietly, just loud enough to be heard but not enough to be made out, precisely as I came to "people in conversation I couldn't understand" in the book, and again this only notable due to seeing a reasonably numerous succession of them throughout the meal, all in that same super-subtle, sort of collective internal/external-reality-type of "reflective" echo.

Somewhat more coherent and notable, but still loose and delayed: when I went to write down "world's problems," about 1.5 seconds before "you've got a problem" sang randomly/singularly from the shop's in-house radio, just close enough and reflective enough to be a "lesser" variant of the classical radio echo.

And then literally right at the end of lunch, as I was walking to the bathroom after finishing my meal and packing everything up, a standout radio echo, beginning when I passed a random man wearing this paritcularly conspicuous pair of stone-washed jeans, very bright and flamboyant and eye-catching, thus causing me to notice them in particular and so register them with another of those reactive absent thoughts of something like "jeans/very 'blue' jeans" -- precisely as "blue jean baby" sang randomly and singularly from the radio, and again with the "blue jean" portion of it coinciding absolutely flawlessly/intertwined with the thought as it bloomed across my mind.

And once again, another of those "immediately after lunch," abrupt cessations of all thought/perceptual activity, followed by a slow and non-time-specific onset of some very subtle background static echoes and parallels/recurrences (but no thematics today, again "negatively notable" in their distinct absence) here and there through the afternoon, including a few standouts even. Standouts and examples:

> Another of those small-but-highly-striking one-word super-random and sudden echoes, this time at the mechanic's while I was filling out the forms, when I came to the "DATE OF BIRTH" field precisely as "date" sang randomly/singularly from the nearby radio, and 100% in that patternistic fashion of the lyric coinciding with absolute, intertwined exactitude with my reading/registering the "DATE" text and sounding it vocally in my mind

> A similar one later on, just after leaving the mailbox at the park, when I was absently thinking about the woman who'd asked me where the office was and I pointed to it and said "right there," me replaying this in my mind precisely as "right there" sang from the radio, and again with it corresponding absolutely flawlessly with my mental vocalization/reciting of the "right there" I'd spoken to the woman

Had a fair number of these over the course of the afternoon in the end, though most were of that super-subtle/fleeting/"have to be experienced" variety, best exemplified when a truck in front of me randomly began slowing down, causing me to creep on it and thus register it with another absent thought of something like "getting too close to the truck/too close for a safe buffer in case the truck slows suddenly," etc -- precisely as "too close" sang patternistically randomly and singularly from the radio.

Also had a handful of those "everyday little thing" recurrences/parallels today, but these too followed that same "loose"/delayed behavior/nature/"feel." One example: early this morning, randomly thinking of that song "Wooly Bully," super-randomly and out of nowhere and for the first time in perhaps years, as to sing the "wooly bully" chorus several times out loud -- and then, probably less than an hour later during after-chore reading in yet another of those super-random, week-old newspapers I'd pulled as randomly from the recycling bin and then Just Happened to read today, it had a random little article about a diver who'd found a wooly mammoth fossil, again easily dismissible if not for it fitting into this exact same pattern. Also, a bit more coherent: also as randomly this morning, I'd noticed how I'd lost my sense of smell again, as mysteriously and spontaneously as when I've gained it off and on in the past, thus causing me to wonder if it didn't have something to do with the suspected toxicity and the mild/temporary brain damage I think it might be slowly inflicting on me, with my thinking specifically of the frontal cortex since it seems that the coming/going of my sense of smell seems to correspond with the same coming and going of other of the "higher-mind" functions that are supposedly associated with that particular area of the brain -- and then during evening reading, once again of not only a super-random freebie library-magazine but of one that I just got this afternoon after another uncharacteristically soon return to the library, I came to yet another patternistically small/random/offhand little paragraph-long article that explained how a new study suggests that loss of smell could suggest brain damage in the frontal cortex, echoing exactly what I'd randomly thought/theorized more or less, and in that exact same patternistic fashion ...

Numbers were again overall just barely present today compared to most days, even the toned-down trend of those recently. Aside from a handful of those patternistic "conspicuous number of random, offhand-mentioned/random-quoted-figures"-type "everywhere" 37s throughout morning reading, the numbers were strictly after-lunch and in traffic (though I did have a 1:37PM timestamp on a receipt, again a little more notable due to the logistics of my making the purchase just then, having had to track down a store employee to report the spilled carton I've blueberries I'd come across in the produce section). Most were low-key and scattered, with the most standoutish being of that more "passive" type of semi-conspicuous variant, best exemplified when I got in the car at the mechanic's and, precisely as I gave a split-second pause to make sure no one was coming before I keyed the ignition, a big truck passed from my left, thus "revealing" its 373-plate directly into my line of sight/where I was absently focused on after turning my head back, 100% patternistic of these particular variants. Had just a handful even of these, and then by the drive home, total silence.


Today was nearly identical to yesterday in every respect, just a less-active/voluminous version of it.

Morning/drive to lunch were again totally silent (I think there were maybe two 37-plates in traffic on the drive, few enough and low-key enough to have simply been coincidence or whatever). Then lunchtime reading saw the *exact* same arc as yesterday, beginning with the onset of those exact same newish variety of "loose"/"lazy" super-subtle reading/thought/environmental echoes, again as to be notable even subjectively only after a half-dozen or so hits. And again: a few scattered, very subtle and one-dimensional/"quiet" thematics and parallels and the like, also just barely enough to register as synchronistic. And again, the sheer precise repetition of the pattern/types/quality/"feel" of the collective activity is notable in itself, definitely saying something of the underlying nature of the phenomenon at large, whatever that something might be. Best examples I got down:

> Randomly coming to "polishing" in the book, precisely as an employee at the restaurant appeared beside me and began wiping down the table there, which of course I'd registered in that now-classically-patternistic way, with an absent, immediate, reactive thought of something like "wiping down/waxing-like motion of her hands/shininess of table afterward as if waxed" -- all once again explicitly and perfectly described as "polishing" collectively, and totally objective and such, again just very "small"/one-word/"had to be experienced to be appreciated"

> A weird sort of double-reading/"resumed my book after putting it down"-type one. It started when I took a brief break in reading/eating to look at my itemized to-do list for the day, on which the last station was "oat milk," written at the top of the paper rather than in the numbered list below, due to my having run out of space and been forced to write the reminder to get oat milk in the last available space up top, such that it was the last thing I read before putting down the list and picking up the book, with "oat milk" crossing my mind as I did so -- and then upon raising the book back up, the very first word I read was "milk," again with it just "there," directly where I was focused/"invading" the exact space where my eyes were when I raised up the book, without any chance for me to have read it ahead or so much as shifted my eyes, just like so many of these, and also as to "intertwine" the two "milk" thoughts/registerings in that super-surreal fashion. And this one was a really good example of the many many ridiculously subtle-yet-distinct ones I've been experiencing during the afternoon background static of super-subtles as well as very often during lunchtime reading, especially today and yesterday, when there were just one after another of these infinitely subtle but collectively patternistic and distinct and idenifiable little instant-echoes and other "internal reality being reflected externally"-type of synchronistic "chatter."

That same "immediately after lunch cessation of thought-type activity" came again today, but unlike other times, the phenomenon barely resumed. In fact, I remember only one single, "out of the blue standout"-type one, coming maybe an hour after lunch. It happened when I was in line at the tag office, when the woman behind me in line crowded me uncomfortably close, thus causing me to register it with yet another immediate/reactive/absent thought of something like "too close/get away/uncomfortable" -- precisely as the nearby public TV randomly/singularly said "Back off!," not only in the same context and meaning but also in the exact same snarky, snappy tone that had characterized my thought, plus of course with intertwined coincidence, as to yet again be another of those ridiculously surreal "the TV is reading my mind"-type of incidents, 100% living-dream ...

Numbers too followed the exact same explicit pattern as yesterday, with another slow, non-specifically timed onset of random low-key 37-plates in traffic sometime after lunch, and again never graduating beyond the semi-conspicuous/"passive" level, and today with even less overall than yesterday, probably the quietest number-day on record. The two lone standouts of the day:

> A classical "37-plate car turning conspicuously in front of me as to reveal its plate," this time a truck pulling in front of me from a side street when they didn't really have time, thus causing me to slow down and take particular notice of it out of necessity, such that I was looking directly at it as it completed its turn and thus "revealed" patternistically/animatedly its 737-plate.

> And then an equally classical "picking up a random receipt with some conspicuous 37-variant on its exposed part when I bent for it," this one a "7.77" on a receipt that I picked up as trash, and again with those fine details and logistical elements that made it just ridiculously surreal for all its "smallness," this one another of those where the receipt was folded up just so, and angled just so, that the "7.77" was not only just visible above the fold, but was directly in my line of sight/absent area of focus as I bent down to it, again 100% patternistic of many of these.


A change-up today over last few, this corresponding with both travela nd with headsickness reaching that nightmarish level, trouble funcitoning, etc, which is a pattern I've noted before, this weird sort of negative correlation.

Morning was mostly silent except for some of those stray, super-subtle background-static-like echoes and the like of the same ilk I've been having at different times of day lately, and it's interesting that I had no thematics and parallels or numbers during this period either, following that sort of exclusionary pattern that seems to present itself lately. Of what few there were, about all were also just so subtle that again even I could barely identify them.

Best example: a radio one, when it sang out “I got some mud on my tires, but I shine up real good” or something like that, with “mud on my tires” and “shine up” anyhow, this coming precisely as I passed an expensive, clean SUV parked at an unpaved job site where it had mud literally only on its tires/the tread, with the tire walls and everything else perfectly clean and waxed, including the rims, which were conspicuously “shiny” there, clean and in the sun – all such that I saw “mud on the tires” and the “shiny” rims corresponding absolutely perfectly, albeit super-subtly, with the radio's lyrics.

I remember one single, standoutish 37-plate on the drive to the clinic, a Jeep parked conspicuously along the road under the bridge by the marina, in a way that's hard to explain but in any case demanded my attention in that “living” way, and with its 773-plate “aimed” directly at me and where I was looking at the time, etc. Would actually, oddly, have another, nearly identical one later, hours later when I'd driven a couple hundred miles and was looking for the hotel, during which I passed another, almost identical Jeep alongside the road in a non-parking space, also with some 37-plate “aimed” at me, as a sort of loose recurrence of the first one.

Had another of those “first plates I came in contact with after leaving some seminal place be a semi-conspicuous 37-plate”-type one, this time when I came out of the clinic and, immediately after getting in the car, I was faced “quietly but livingly” with a 37-plate on a car directly across from me.

Had another, similar one soon after, this one also an “literally immediately after lunch”-type, the first in a little while if I remember right. It started when I went to leave the coffee shop and was Compelled to go out the back door, again totally illogically and inconveniently, given that I was parked out front and would have to circle the building – and upon going out the back door, the first thing I saw, directly across from me and conspicuously/patternistically right where I was looking, was a 2137-plate truck, again “quietly conspicuous” and 100% patternistic/logistically precise like these tend to me.

Lunchtime reading was in some respects exactly like the last two days, but today with even fewer incidents and of an even subtler nature, which I didn't think was possible, again just barely perceptible, and probably would have been dismissed entirely had I not gotten a distinct feel for these over the last couple days. By the time the meal was over, there did end up being a reasonable showing of these, and some “everyday little thing” parallels between the Orwell book and the super-random freebie magazine I'd read briefly during breaks at the clinic that morning, but these were also even subtler and less-individually notable than the usual, without any examples coherent enough to describe.

Did have one single quotable echo, literally right at the end of lunch after I'd packed up and started cleaning up the table and chair to head to the bathroom and then leave. It started when I went to clean off the chair I'd been sitting in, and then, seeing that it was real, quality leather as I went to brush it off and so felt the texture and such, I had the reactive/absent/registering thought of “leather/real leather” or something – precisely as a nearby woman randomly said “leather” to her companion, once again just a single word but so perfectly timed and objective/independent and intertwined with my thought that it was just so surreally striking, as these are. And I can't help but feel like this one, coming right at the last possible instant before I was to leave, was another “intelligently orchestrated” deal, as if to give me a coherent example to quote right here …

Also, had similarly singular, somewhat “graduated” example of the parallels/recurrences, and just after lunch, sort of seeming to coincide with that slight upgrade in quality/notability of the “leather” echo. It happened when I got into the car and the song playing on the radio was “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road,” which vaguely echoed the themes of “English” and “London” and “English slang/accent/vernacular” since I'd just been reading the Orwell book about the men being homeless in London, but also that particular snatch of the song, about “mongrels searching the sidewalks” and the like, seemed to echo the more-precise theme of “homelessness/down and out,” etc.

There were numbers after lunch and on the drive south, but about equally subtle and scattered and non-coherent/passive like the thought-type activity. Did have one single standout around this time, a classical “reckless tail-gater demanding my attention, then passing me to reveal its 773-plate in an animated/patternistic/living fashion”-type one, and it seems like maybe a couple less-conspicuous but not-quite-low-key ones here and there.

Then upon getting into town, the activity again picked up somewhat, just like other times when my “arrival” back into town/civilization/destination seeming to trigger a sudden resurgence and upgrade of activity. This time it was a simple uptick in volume of low-key/not-quite-inconspicuous plates, and not even a big one at first, but definitely noticeable, especially after the low overall activity of the day. And then, after I stopped for groceries and such and started to the place, into denser and more dangerous/involving/attention-demanding traffic, had a sudden surge of even higher volume and it seems like some semi-regular conspicuous incidents too, though I really can't remember, being so sick and out of it and having to invest all my attention/energy into safe driving, etc. And had a sudden onset of those subtle-but-striking background-static kind of echoes I'd been having lately during afternoons too, at the same time, and some of these reasonably coherent and quotable I think, but I was also too distracted/tired to log any of them either.


Another lateral shift, same basic pattern/format/types of incidents but with a moderate increase in volume as well as depth/quality/complexity/coherence in general, and this coinciding with another big increase in health/energy/clarity of thought/lessening of latest spell of headsickness and the like.

Morning was still mostly quiet despite being able to think half-straight for the first time in days, today seeing another of these little exclusionary mix-ups, with about all the activity being of those exact same variant of small, fleeting, subtle-but-striking one-word thought/reading/event-type echoes, I think about 4-5 total, and with maybe a couple more on the drive to lunch.

Best example: another long, 100% objective and traceable train of thought, culminating with me remembering that I needed to get out some more money before leaving for the day, thus causing me to absently/patternistically/reactively visualize myself getting out the bills and putting them in my wallet – a split second before I turned around to do so and thus saw that random copy of Money magazine on the coffee table, again with it just being “there”/face-to-face/”greeting” me, directly in my absent/automatic line of sight/area of focus upon completing my turn, again as to have that infinitesimally slight delay so that the original thought/visuzliation began decidedly before the turn, as to be 100% objective, and also to have that living/animated/revealed quality to my turning to the Money cover and being “smacked” with that word – again like so many of these subtle, “you had to have experienced it to appreciate it”-type of subtle-but-striking echoes.

Also had a few reasonably notable parallels/recurrences, due once again to the sheer ridiculous randomness/unlikliness/total objectivity of their arising, best exmplified by another of those deals where a whole bunch of little decorations and complimentary things and the like in the hotel room somehow echoed/paralleled/recurred from equally random things I'd encountered as randomly/obliquely/improbably in the last couple days, which again is pretty notable on its own (if I could remember/list/explain each and every particular recurrence) but it even moreso given the explicit pattern inherent, with this being the case with at least several other rooms and the like in the past, their super-random pictures and decorations somehow echoing/paralleling my recent experience, often that leading up directly to/just prior to my arriving there, ha ha.

Lunchtime reading, on the other hand, was totally silent even of the morning's subtle activity, I think with at best a few of those super-super-subtle echoes I've been having at this time lately, but so sparse and subtle that today I honestly can't say they weren't just coincidence and/or psychological cueing, etc. Did see some activity in this vein later in the afternoon though, and of that exact same newish variant of small-afternoon-style echo I've been seeing these last few days, again probably a half-dozen or so spread through the afternoon, at times singularly and at others in little two-strong clusters, also patternistic of lately, before again subsiding to silence by evening/return home. Standouts I got down:

> A cool, cute radio/thought/event echo just before getting back into town, beginning when I slowly passed a car, momentarily having zoned out a little bit and not realized I was creeping up on the car and potentially in its blind spot, in the exact same fashion of those “drifter”-style 37-plate cars, thus ultimately causing me to think “drifter,” that word singularly/specifically and mentally vocalized in that absent/reactive/patternistic fashion – precisely as “drifter” sang randomly/singularly from the radio, and again with that patternistic, stark, intertwined coincidence

> Same for when I suddenly realized that the cold-sensitivity/skin inflammation that had been plaguing me so much these last couple days had lifted with the headsickness and other random ailments, thus causing me to think/focus specifically on my calm/good-feeling skin and thus think something like “my skin feels good/my skin isn't inflammed/skin doesn't hurt” – precisely as “your skin” sang randomly/singularly from the radio

> Almost identical one later on when I realized that my right knee was chafing against the gear shift in the car, thus causing me to think of/visualize/shift my awareness to my knee and move it – precisely as “my knees” sang from the radio

> Good example of the environmental/external reality echo variety of this particular sort of echo, when I rounded a corner and came upon some leaves randomly blowing across the asphalt in the wind, directly in my line of sight/area of focus as I turned, as to “greet” me in that striking/living fashion and thus cause me to absently/reactively think “wind blowing leaves/breeze” or something like that – precisely as “wind blows” came over the radio, exactly the same behaviourally as the others of the afternoon

> Same for at the gym in the locker room after working out, when I went to change back into my street clothes but then remembered that I didn't need to, having decided to just wear the gym clothes home, thus causing me to reactively think of/visualize myself picking up the bag of clothes like I'd already made to but instead just grabbing it and taking it out of the locker room with me – precisely as “carry out” came over the nearby TV, again singularly/super-randomly and also in the same context of a verb/carrying something out (the words were in a pizza ad, in regards to “carryout” pizza). Seems like there was another, identical echo at the gym too, but I've forgotten it irretrievably at the moment

Numbers were the same more or less as last few days, but with a slightly higher amount of 37-plates than yesterday, both in traffic and parking lots, and also with several semi-conspicuous ones and a few straightout classical conspicuous standouts:

> Another of those “sudden and conspicuous reckless turns by a random, non-37-plate car, thus revealing the 37-plate on the previously obscured car directly in front of them,” this time revealing a 731-plate on the exposed, previously invisible car, and again directly/conspicuously/patternistically in my line of sight/immediate area of focus, again very “there”/like a “shout” as the plate was exposed and entered my awareness, etc

> Another of those cute and damn cool “Compelled to pick up a random, inconvenient, out-of-my-way piece of litter in a parking lot, only to be 'led' seemingly intelligently to a previously invisible 37-plate,” this time at that random shopping plaza with the vitamin store (another 100% unplanned, spur-of-the-moment stop, I might add) when I was Compelled to go the opposite direction from the store and backtrack to a smushed soda bottle I'd passed and Noticed on the way in – thus leading me directly to a 317-plate parked car, once again parked at just such an angle as to be obscured by another, longer car, parked directly beside it, such that its trunk blocked out the other car's tag until I got close enough to clear the trunk/get at a particular viewing angle

> Also, in the same plaza: when I'd first been Compelled to that random shoestore after going into the vitamin store, despite not needing any shoes, and then, once on the sidewalk there, I'd passed an orphan shopping cart and been equally Compelled to return it, only to discover that it went not to my destined shoestore (at which it was abandoned in front of) but instead to a clothing store at the other end of the strip mall, in the opposite direction, thus causing me to about face and doubleback the other way, again inconveniently and patternistically super-random – thus causing me to turn around and thus be again patternistically “greeted” with the 371-plate on a car that had passed me at that precise instant, and of the same totally objective, independent, super-precise-logistical way of so many of these, where the car passed precisely as I turned and so causing me to rotate just so that the now-visible back-mounted plate was sort of “waiting for me” in that exact, patternistic area of focus that my eyes arrived into as I turned – again, just so logistically precise and notable, and 100% patternistic of these in every sense

Also, another day with those somewhat conspicuously/patternistically elevated incidences of random, environmental “everywhere” 37s. Some were of the super-subtle-but-patternistic variety, such as another of those “wrong turn”-type ones, when I accidentally got took a one-way exit for the highway bypass instead of the turnaround loop to go the other way on the road I was on, thus causing me to go a couple miles down the highway and then double back from there and, after taking several more random turns in an effort to get to where I was originally heading but ultimately just getting lost, I somehow found myself on Highway 703, ha ha.

But also had a noticeable amount of those semi-conspicuous/coherent/”upgraded”-type of circumstantially patternistic ones, such as at the car dealership (another totally random, spur-of-the-moment, patternistically capricious stop) when I went to get the key copied and so had to stand waiting in the office area at the parts department there for a few minutes, thus causing me to see a picture on the wall, of a van and a dirt bike in a desert, of which I took particular notice of the dirt bike, since just at lunch I'd been absently and randomly but distinctly thinking of how fun it would be to take a dirt bike into the high desert, exactly as that print depicted, such that I immediately and objectively/independently focused on the bike – and therefore was able to read its tiny plate, a 1703-plate as it were, ha ha.

Or, similarly oblique and “has to be experienced” but circumstantially notable: also in the car dealership while waiting for the key to be made, just after I'd been “struck” with the plate on that pictured dirt bike, when I absently because rooting through the trash bin directly under the hung picture, and was specifically drawn to/Noticed a paritcular brown mailing envelope inside – which, when I pulled it out and flipped it over, had a sticker with a big string of numbers ending with a big-print “703” (and on its underside, completely invisible to me until I pulled it out, only after I'd so conspicuously/illogically/patternistically Noticed the envelope, ha ha).


Morning was back to being almost totally silent from what I remember, with only a handful of those 100% subjective, impossible-to-explain thematics during after-chore reading (though these were of that incredibly profound and surreal nature despite their equal subtly/objective incoherence, those kind that would take a whole damn book to totally explain each one, and maybe not even then really conveying the totality of them – more “wow”-worthy ones, if only to me, ha ha).

Then lunchtime saw a sudden onset of activity, beginning literally right as I got to the coffee shop and ordered my coffee, when the total was exactly $3.37. And this one was again much more notable contextually/in the details, first because this shop was a chain in which I'd ordered the same coffee maybe dozens of times and almost always been charged $2.98, and then, second, the fact that I was totally/patternistically/illogically Compelled to go to this particular shop, even though I'd already decided right where I was going and was particularly attracted to that place, but then literally right as I got there I just found myself spontaneously turning off and going in the other direction, with no idea where I was heading to or if there was even a coffee shop that way, and then getting that Compelled “THIS ONE NOW!” patternistically and illogically urgent feeling upon seeing this one.

Next, once I sat down to read/eat, had those same, latest variant of the “lunchtime subtle environmental/reading/thought” echo start up, and with the precise same feel/pattern/behavior of lately, small and subtle and fleeting/”fast,” not a whole lot I don't think but still enough to be immediately registered by me (which, I might add, included my distinctly yet inexplicably sensing my entering into the “synchronistic state”/”synchronistic consciousness”). These did eventually graduate/cohere/”get bigger” a little bit into the meal, but then once again cut off entirely as I finished and left the shop. Standouts/examples:

> Another of those “body awareness”-type ones that I experienced so frequently and explicitly yesterday, this time when I suddenly/randomly shifted my position after sitting still for some time, thus cocking my elbow and putting it up on the chair beside me, but then, upon finding it uncomfortable somehow, my attention/awareness was suddenly shifted to that elbow when I was forced to briefly look at it and adjust it to comfort, thus causing me to reactively/absently think “elbow/uncomfortable elbow/move elbow” – and then, upon resuming reading the book, the very first sentence where I'd left off began with, “Packed elbow to elbow,” and of course totally randomly and singularly, in the first paragraph of a new section/scene in the story, ha ha

> Good example of the less-coherent/indirect/”loose” kind of which I had several at lunch, too: Precisely as I resumed reading after taking a bite or something, the first thing I read was “let them be bullied by” – precisely as “I've been a victim of a selfish kind of love,” as to non-literally echo the underlying theme of “victimization”/”aggression,” etc, with the book's sentence describing a group of people who let themselves be bullied by others, etc

> Example of the “striking, fast, one-word” variety: when I read “away,” singularly and randomly, on my phone (in a paragraph I'd just scrolled to, patternistically), precisely as “away” sang from the radio – and then, as a sort of double/instant-recurrence, when I went back to re-read what I'd just read to see if the radio had really just echoed it as it seemed, in that eye-blinking/punchdrunk/synchroshocked fashion that these one-word “sucker punch”-style fast ones typically induce, “away” sang from the radio a second time precisely as I re-read the original word, again culminating in that super-surreal/especially notable/”mentally animated” one-two effect.

Did have the thought/echo-type of activity resume sometime later in the afternoon during driving/errands, again fully patternistic with this latest trend/daylong “format,” and again, notably, in that precise same cyclical, clustery fashion with a couple singular standouts here and there, and all with that same basic behavior and feel too (which, also, seems to correlate in a subtler, purely subjective, reflective manner with my present health/condition/consciousness/level of headsickness and deadedness, etc – very explicit and distinct to me these days, however totally subjective and impossible to put fully into words). Standouts/examples I got down:

> On the “small, striking, and fast” side, a classical radio/passing-roadside-sign-type one, beginning when the radio randomly/singularly sang out “help me,” precisely as I came upon a roadside sign (arriving directly/”invasively”/patternistically into my area of focus/line of sight, etc) reading “HELP WANTED” in big letters across the top. And this one is another that not only echoed the broad, general sentiment of “help,” but also the narrower, more precise/explicit one of “wanting” help, with the radio lyric being a request/demand just like the sign

> Another of these small/fast/striking “rapid-fire”-type ones, just after the sign: when the radio randomly sang out “down,” precisely as an SUV I was absently watching went over this weird, raised curb into a parking lot, thus causing it to rise up conspicuously, then sink way down low as it entered the lot, resulting in my absently registering the event as “down/drop/low,” perfectly synchronistic/intertwined with the radio lyric

> And another of those “a new synchronistic echo as I was writing about one synchronistic echo”-type one, just now. It began with this weird popping/gun-shot like noise from somewhere outside, what I think might be fireworks or something (it's Friday night, only excuse I can think of for such), which began slow and sporadic with singular pops, but then, literally precisely as I looked at my note for the “down” incident above and read where I'd written after it “+ many other rapid-fire ones in same period,” the outside pops went into a sudden and conspicuous barrage of pops/shots that would be perfectly described as “rapid-fire,” ha ha. HOLY SHIT LIVING DREAM.

> Of the singular-sudden-standout variety: a weird and hugely notable/striking sort of combination classical nearby-stranger/bilingual/indirect and nonliteral one, at that super-random Compelled thrift store where I bought the book and stuff. It happened as I was browsing the books and, upon noticing one and looking closer at its cover, I read the word “QUE” printed oddly and conspicuously in big gold letters on the bottom-left corner of the cover, which was sticking out from a cubby hole with the rest of the cover obscured, a word which I immediately read as the Spanish word for “that” or “what?”, such that my patternistic/absent/reactive thought upon registering it was a mental vocalization of this word, pronounced like the letter “K” – coming perfectly synchronistic/intertwined with the clerk, across the room with a customer, said “'Kay?,” pronouncing it explicitly like that, with the “O” completely omitted, in intentionally exaggerated fashion as if to be funny or sarcastic or something, and totally on its own, as a question/individual sentence, etc, such that him saying only “'Kay?” and waiting for an answer corresponded absolutely perfectly with my registering the book's word and mentally vocalizing it in that exact same phoenetic equivalent – about as HOLY SHIT LIVING DREAM as that “rapid-fire” echo from a few minutes ago, for all its overt/objective “smallness.” Wowowow.

> And then a good, reasonably coherent example of the great many super-super-subtle, “oblique”/”super-loose”-type of “general synchronistic activity”-type of incident that comprises much of the afternoon background static of most days. It happened in traffic, beginning with another patternistically long, random, absent, yet totally traceable chain of thought, this one ending with that golf cartoon that I'd gotten randomly out of the paper this morning, culminating in an absent thought of “golf/golf cartoon” with a visualization of the last panel with the irate golfer breaking his club – precisely as, down the road some feet and directly in front of me, a car suddenly and conspicuously turned into my lane, a white VW Golf, which I absently/patternistically registered as “a Golf,” specifically, being familiar enough with its unique shape/outline/body style to immediately identify it as such and in that exact mental language, as to again have that absent thought coincide perfectly synchronistically/intertwined/in overlap with my other, totally independent yet vocally identical thought of “golf” regarding the cartoon. Another one that is just so much “bigger” than it reads, and despite however many I've been experiencing lately (no less than a dozen a day, spread out variably …).

Had a sudden resurgence of activity tonight during dinnertime reading, and not only the first of this in days now (why'd the sudden total absence of these?), but some reasonably significant, standout-level ones:

> Right off the bat, a sort of page-turn/”reading exactly what I was just thinking”-type one, literally right on the very first page of the book. It started when I sat down to eat and begin reading and, upon opening the book and reading the preliminary pages with the publication date and dedication and such, I was struck by how much different this moment was today than yesterday, feeling so good after the headsickness lifted so drastically yesterday, the pure joy of doing something I love so much, etc, and then the contrasting relative emptiness and lack of response today when I'm back in headsick-space and deadened senses/perceptions/emotions, etc – and then, a second or two later when I turned to the first page of the actual text, this was the first sentence: “Yesterday I remember thinking I was the happiest person in the whole earth, in the whole galaxy, in the whole of God's creation,” and again 100% objective/traceable, etc, with the first page being on a new leaf/100% invisible to me when I'd had the original thoughts while on the previous page (and of course this is a totally new book, never read it before – and not ot mention that it was yet another super-random, totally unplanned and illogical-type of book, patternistically like so many of these, just bought this afternoon at that totally random thrift store I was Compelled to stop at, then equally Compelled to buy a book at despite already having several to choose from for tonight, ha ha).

> Had a nearly identical one on just the next page, this also beginning with a long random chain of absent thought comparing yesterday's condition/health to today's comparatively different/deadened one, at the end of which I compared to how it must be to go from the freedom and clarity of childhood to the dreariness of adulthood that's so common – a split second before I finished one page and, on the next page, came to this sentence in the fist paragraph: “Everything's dull. Maybe it's just because I'm growing up and life is becoming more blasé.” And there was even a deeper, qualitive/contextual echo here too, since my change/”growing up” was all simply the result of perception and subjective feelings/health/psychology, etc, and that's exactly the case with the narrarator of the book, a teenage girl writing in her diary, who is obviously going through a nearly identical perceptual shift as me (after a bad day/event changed her whole outlook/feelings/perceptions, etc) and thus now feels that her life is dull, etc, despite it being the same life, objectively speaking, as that of yesterday. Wow …

> Then, a couple pages later, a classical “involuntary bodily function”-type one, beginning when I was struck by another of those waves of good-feeling warmth I've been having the last couple days soon after eating, the very first of the night, and totally random/involuntary/mysterious even – precisely as I came to a new sentence that started with “Everybody feels warm,” and this one was perfectly synchronistic/intertwined with my reactive thoughts of “warmth/that feels good,” rather than with that slight-but-present delay of the first two.

Numbers were equally elevated today, but in that same odd sort of pattern I've seen a few times with a predominance of singular, standout incidents, with the low-key-traffic-type plates comparatively fewer (fewer “everywhere”/random-source 37s today too, though they were still there, albeit very subtly/subjectively/in ”you had to experience it” fashion, with the exception of that $3.37 coffee). The traffic ones started again in that “distinctly after lunch, but not immediately”-type fashion, just quietly appearing after I left the coffee shop and got on the road, just like in past instances of this kind of onset. And also like other times past, had a sudden uptick of the low-key variety towards evening on the way home, like last couple days actually, and then a total silence once I got home (and, coincidentally, shifted into “slow, home-mode” consciousness/feeling/rest-state, etc, after being out all day).


> A damn cool conspicuous-standout “drifter”-type one soon after lunch, beginning when, 100% patternistically of these, I heard a sudden, loud, chest-rattling rev of an engine just from my back left, sudden and “big” enough to startle me slightly actually, thus drawing my attention to my left and a big bright-blue sports car that was “drift-passing” me there – precisely in time to see its 373-plate “revealed” directly into my line of sight, etc, ha ha.

> One of an inordinately largish number of parking-lot “active”/conspicuous/animated ones this afternoon: at the parking lot at that second thrift store I'd stopped at after the first, when a car slowly approached the empty space I was walking through, as if the driver wanted to park there, thus patternistically drawing my attention and such – and then, as the car instead just kept going and parked in a different space, its backmounted 732-plate was thus “revealed” to me, after being 100% invisible before the car passed me and turned (and again, the turn was the logically precise, patternistic angle/speed, etc, for the plate to enter into my vision just so …)

> Another similar parking-lot one, this time at the market plaza, when my attention was once again conspicuously/patternistically drawn to a nearby car backing up into my path, thus forcing me to take notice to avoid getting hit, etc – and to have the car's 3175 plate first be “revealed” animatedly as the car completed its backward turn and stopped at an angle at which its plate was just visible to me, and also to have it be sort of “seeking me out/coming toward me” in that patternistic and super-surreal “living” way I've seen so many times in these.

> Also had two nearly identical 37-plate incidents of another kind today (among the usual couple-dozen-strong showing of other, passive parking-lot 37-plates …), a triple, “rapid-fire,” back-to-back succession of low-key 37-plates. The first happened while I was waiting to turn into the massage plaza, sitting in the road's middle turn lane and waiting for an opening in the line of traffic in the left lanes, when, first, a car passing from my right zoomed past and thus “flashed” its 37-plate directly in the area I was absently focused on, patternistically – and then, a split second later as I was still registering the first, a second 37-plate car passed right behind the first, with its place “flashing” me identically – and then, still before I could process the first two, a third did the same, as to once again culminate in that one-two-three-punch effect, as to leave head spinning/laughing, etc. The second “triple-plates in quick succession” happened in the parking lot of the market later on, when I pulled in and, first, encountered a semi-conspicuous 37-plate on a truck that was parked illegally/inconsiderately in a non-space at the edge of the lot, in half the access lane, thus forcing me to pull up behind it and wait for an oncoming car to pass in the half-lane so that I could go, thus drawing my attention, etc, and being forced to notice the truck's 37-plate – and then, immediately after proceeding to the random space I was Compelled to park in, I found myself passing two 37-plate cars parked side-by-side and directly in my line of sight as I turned into the lane, as to result in a slower version of that one-two-three effect.

> A cute and somewhat unique little pair of parking-lot incidents, also at that random, first thrift store where the "que" echo happened. The first came when I went to leave, a 100% classical "looking behind me before backing from my parking space, only to look directly/effortlessly/patternistically at a 173-plate on a car behind me"-type one. Then, after turning around and going to leave, I started to turn left from the lot but then saw a "no left turn" sign, and realized that there was a divider on the byroad I was turning onto and thus would need to turn right and go a few feet and then round the divider and double back -- and upon turning right, I again found myself looking directly/effortlessly/"right there when I turned my head" into the front-mounted 673-plate of an SUV parked in the grass alongside the road, in the area that, had I not had to make that conspicuously awkward right turn, I wouldn't have passed and thus wouldn't have encountered the plate, just like so many of these ...


A different and largely quiet day, though did see some significant albeit subtle activity.

Morning was almost totally silent, except for a couple of those stray, typically super-subtle/fast/"loose" little echoes. One example: when, while doing yoga at the peak of a stretch as I had my eyes closed, I'd randomly remembered the Spanish for "beans," which I tried to remember earlier in the morning and couldn't, this coming from remembering the "Mexican jumping bean," thus causing me to be left with the immediate/absent/patternistic thought of "jumping bean" crossing my mind as I opened my eyes and finished the stretch -- and thus found myself looking directly down, at my socks, from having stretched over 90 degrees, one of which read "JUMP" on the bottom, facing directly up at me (these were those mismatched but similar ones I'd pieced together after finding them in that parking lot, ha ha). And then later, on the drive to lunch, a similar and more-coherent/less-loose one when I went to look at my wrist watch to check the time, precisely as the radio randomly/singularly sang out "don't believe me just watch," with my turning my wrist up and seeing my watch perfectly synchronistic/intertwined/patternistic with the radio's "watch," ha ha.

Lunchtime reading saw some activity, but somewhat different than lately, and in a weird, super-subtle manner that I've experienced before but am still largely unable to really describe. Instead of environmental/reading echoes (of which there were absolutely zero), there was just this big, complicated, rapid-fire cluster of those super-subtle-but-ridiculously-profound/"immediate experience echoed eerily accurately by what I was reading"-type of thematics, and a moderate number of them too, also with a good number of "little everyday thing" recurrences/parallels from the morning, and even one from just minutes earlier when I'd gotten my coffee (when I'd mistakenly thought the woman's name was Chris, leaving me with this odd and absent but distinct impression of "Chris the woman" afterward, with my thinking of it several times afterward while eating -- and then, in the 'Alice' book, the part I read today Just Happened to introduce a woman named Chris -- again dismissible individually, but so patternistic, and coming among so many patternistically identical ones during lunch, it was quite notable subjectively). Another, similarly "collectively notable only" recurrence: this morning when I'd snipped out the totally random cartoon about the girl getting home late and being chastized by her parents, and Noticing this distinctly, in that special way that told me it would soon recur or something, and then also having this exact same situation mentioned in the book at lunch. There were several others too, involving the book and the morning's super-random freebie magazine, with each featuring an arts-and-crafts woman who runs a business selling out of her home as a gallery, and several individual words/terms/phrases that I'd not encountered for a long time and then just saw randomly in the last day (some of them patternistically Noticed, etc) and then read today in the magazine or the book or whatever -- all of this just coming together in a big, mashed-up cluster all through lunch, again just ridiculously surreal for all its looseness and vagueness and subjectivity. Must find some way to convey these kinds of incidents.

Other than these, had one single, semi-standout thought-type incident, later on on the drive home, with the rest of the afternoon and evening totally silent as of writing. It was another of those patternistic "passing a random speed-limit sign and reading/registering its number, precisely as that number was echoed by the radio"-type one, 100% classical and patternistic in every way, this time a 45 MPH sign where, perfectly synchronistic/intertwined with my passing it and reading/registering it absently with a thought of "forty-five," the radio announcer came on and randomly said "four-point-five" in regards to something or other.

Number repeats were there today, but very few and almost 100% super-subtle/low-key/passive "small" 37-plates in traffic, with a few token parking-lots thrown in, all this despite travel and such. Had a few on the way to lunch, then probably no more than a dozen total over the drive, even once on the highway and such. Had one single standout-ish/semi-conspicuous one, a somewhat unique "turning car"-type variant, when a car two up from me in traffic, hidden behind the one directly in front of me, suddenly turned off and thus revealed its 379-plate, and in that subtly "living"/"animated" fashion where it just "flashed" spontaneously right into where I was absently looking at the time, very striking and 100% patternistic for all its "smallness."

Had a brief little cluster of incidents during dinnertime reading tonight:

> The first was another parallel-type recurrence between the morning's magazine and the book, this time a very coherent standout. It started on the very last page of the magazine, which was a throwback-type article from a 1951 issue of the magazine, detailing how to decorate a room pink, with a kitschy picture of a pink-themed room from the time period -- and then, on the very first page I read tonight, the book described how the art/crafts-gallery girls had done their home-gallery/business in pink, and, with the book published in 1971 and taking place in the late sixties, it was even close to the time period of the magazine's room (which I'd actually pegged as a 60's-era decoration scheme, ha ha).

> And then another "involuntary bodily function" echo (and why is it I seem to have these predominantly during evening reading in the sauna or dinnertime reading?). It started with a sudden, spontaneous rush of good, cool, non-inflammatory energy through my right wrist, as singular and random and mysterious as so many of these (haven't been having this happen before or since) -- precisely as I came to a sentence which began "It was a nice warm feeling," in the exact same context of "something that feels good," and though my feeling was physically cool, the underlying sentiment of "a good feeling" was definitely echoed, and 100% traceably/objectively, hinging on the totally involuntary and random event of my experiencing that mysterious energy (which did feel absolutely wonderful, and "warm" mentally/emotionally if not tactily), plus the sentence was at the top of a new page, rather than down below where I was reading when I had the original thought/where it could easily be read peripherally, etc.

Then just before bed, another single standout "magazine page-turn"-type one while reading a magazine. It started when I realized randomly just how relaxed I was and how much better I felt after getting back in the infrared sauna after not doing it for a few days, along with some absent thoughts about just what specific physical benefits it might have, etc -- and then, a split second later, I turned the page to a big, full-page article about infrared saunas and their benefits, and it even specifically addressed the absent-yet-distinct little patternistic "question" I'd had about the exact benefits, talking about how the infrared heat specifically seems to energize the body on a cellular level (which, ironically, was consistent with what I was experiencing just then, at that moment, feeling so oddly energized by something so seemingly non-energizing as a sauna/sweating ...). Wow.


Today was very quiet, just like most of yesterday except it never really picked up, even periodically.

Early morning was totally silent, as was driving to church and lunch for the most part, except for about three vague/loosely precise but perfectly synchronistic radio echoes (best example: pausing at the street when leaving the park, and precisely as I looked left I saw a van coming at that exact moment, thus registering it with a vague/absent thought of "I turned my head to that van precisely as it appeared" or something like that, in regards to the precise, exaggerated motion of turning my head and its precise coincidence with the van's appearance into view, which I can't really quite convey -- precisely as "look my way" sang from the radio, which perfectly echoed the sentiment crossing my mind at the time, however hard it is to describe exactly -- but mostly notable due to the exact same patternistic feel/behavior/format with the other incidents occurring within the same little morning "bloc," as is so patternistic of the phenomenon in general). It's also somewhat notable that even after church, I had another one of these on the short drive to the coffee shop, also in that exact same pattern/format/feel (and it seems like this one was pretty notable in itself, but for the life of me I can't remember it presently).

Also had another of those distinctly patternistic and super-notable clusters of rapid-fire reflective thought-echoes between various things I was thinking either consciously or subconsciously being explicitly albeit subjectively-notably echoed by the sermon/hymns/various environmental goings-on, etc, though today very brief and with only a handful of incidents, none of them coherent enough to be conveyed. Still, another deal where the activity was highly notable for its explicit patternistic nature.

Lunchtime reading was almost altogether silent, without even super-subtle environmental-type echoes or thematics. The only activity I recall were more of those infinitely small-but-fully patternistic "everyday little thing" recurrences, again echoing probably a half-dozen slightly uncommon words or terms I'd just encountered for the first time over the last day or so, as well as just general little bits of sentiment or moods or whatever -- also completely patternistic and collectively notable, especially now that this type is so established in the latest day-to-day trend/the "epoch" of the activity. Did have one very cool albeit small standout in this way: when the book randomly mentioned Better Homes and Gardens magazine today, when that's the very magazine involved in that "pink-themed decoration" recurrence from yesterday (today's mention was otherwise totally subtle and one-dimensional/small, and not even conspicuously timed/at the very start of reading, etc, just being randomly mentioned offhand in an equally random portion of the text I came to about halfway through lunch -- but still notable in the bigger, collective sense in any case).

Afternoon also was almost totally silent. I remember maybe the slightest few super-subtle echoes (and I'm pretty sure there were a couple more radio/thought/event-type echoes that I've now forgotten other than their being exactly like those few from the morning, less-coherent but 100% patternistic/behaviorally identical), but these never really graduated/cohered as to "bloom" into a full-out proper background static/"inclusive synchronistic 'flow'/state" as when the activity really gets into full swing.

Did have another of those sudden, striking, singular standouts however. It happened when I was leaving the market and came upon a man with a "will work for food"-type sign walking the corner, and immediately upon seeing him I felt patternistically and unquestionably Compelled to give him a buck (and, somewhat notably, after 99% of the time being equally Compelled *not* to give to people asking for money) -- and, at the precise instant that I put my window down and handed off the dollar to him, "charity" randomly came over the radio on some kind of random ad I think, and not only did it perfectly albeit "smally" echo the exact act I performed then, but the timing was again just so ridiculously tight as to be "intertwined" with the event, with the word coinciding absolutly seamless with my releasing the dollar bill into the man's hand (and, thus, officially performing this act of charity). Another one that is just so many bigger than words will allow.

Numbers: another day of "there but very few and almost entirely low-key and 'passive,'" and again lasting for only a short window of afternoon errand-driving, etc, and even then only periodically today. The few standouts:

> Another "immediately after lunch"-type one, again when I left the coffee shop and the very first plate I came into contact with upon pulling into traffic was a 3729-er, and with the added notability that the car pulled past at the precise instant I pulled into traffic, with the *just* the precise timing/angle/logistics necessary to "flash"/"reveal" it into my area of focus right then, both highly patternistic and highly surreal/effective/"striking"/intelligent-seeming.

> Another double-37-plate alignment, this one relatively quiet and passive and low-key compared to some in the past, with two 37-plate cars passing in traffic with that patternistically/logistically perfect speed/height/angle/timing as to have the plates in particular "equalize" in that special way.

> Then, just after the alignment as I turned off into the market (where the "charity" one would happen soon after, which is somewhat notable collectively, since that seemed to accompany this sudden cluster of number-type activity there -- as if in that "geological synchronistic hot-spot" fashion I've noted from time to time, perhaps), I had a pretty good cluster of parking-lot-type incidents, beginning with a classical "Compelled illogical/inconvenient parking-space"-type one that "delivered" me directly behind a 773-plate car (which was of course obscured to me/100% invisible until I'd actually parked in the space), followed by a succession of probably 5-6 low-key-but-"living" random 37-plates on the surrounding cars.


Morning saw the beginnings of a super-subtle background static that would last more or less most of the day (that same which has been so conspicuously absent during the last two, "quiet"-type days -- why the sudden return?). It started during after-chore reading with another of those 100% patternistic "random offhand 37 mentions/figures, etc," beginning when, on the front page of the section of the paper I started reading (which, interestingly, wasn't the first, "proper" section, just the front page of the first one I came to with the paper all shuffled up after I found it randomly on the table at that coffee shop a few days ago), it had a picture of a house with the caption, in big bold type, of how it was "built in 1730." And from there, went on to an article about cars in which it quoted three different random 37-variant figures, followed by the "car" classifieds in which nearly every damn one had either "37k miles" or "asking $7,300" or "7.3L engine," with a couple even having multiple 37s -- once again, each being individually dismissible but collectively highly notable from patternistic elements/behavior, etc. Also during this time, had a few of those very very subtle "reading about precisely what I was just thinking in an indirect/non-literal" fashion, also of the same typical "mash-up synchronistic background static" level of notability/pattern/behavior, though with these I can't remember any specific examples.

Next, the drive to lunch saw a series of very slight/super-subtle little thought/radio/event-type echoes, of the same "subtle to the point of only collective notability" level of cohesion as the morning-reading cluster, and also of that same general "internal/external realities and events mirroring one another in a fundamental way." Best example of these: when I was leaving the park and came to a teenager (who I'd never seen here before) doing tricks on a skateboard in the road, thus forcing me to slow down and crawl past and so have time to distinctly notice that he was trying to do a certain trick but not quite getting it -- maybe ~1 full second before "try and fail to do [something or other]" sang randomly/singularly from the radio, again as to 100% patternistically echo either the boy's failed skateboard maneuvers or my own absent/reactive/registering thoughts of it or both.

Would go on to have behaviorally identical ones like these here and there through all of afternoon too, though mostly of the subtler/smaller/"faster" variety, such as my passing/registering a random roadside sign reading "freedom [something or other]" precisely as the radio announcer randomly/singularly said "free," and others that were again collectively notable given their patternistic element and their occurring so tightly and explicitly within a given timeframe as to be "contained" and so sort of build off one another, as these so often do.

Lunchtime reading was pretty much a simple, seamless continuation of the morning's exact same patternistically identical super-subtle mash-up cluster, and in a way that was notable in itself, being markedly different than the usual, climactic sort of shift between one "chapter" of the day to the next (and, coincidentally, today I didn't really feel too different between morning and afternoon, having some abnormally good health/energy/vitality through morning, as to be pretty much in "afternoon-mode" already by the time I sat down to lunch -- very much consistent with the logically/directly "external reality reflecting internal consciousness" pattern that seems so often present). Standouts from lunch that I got down (though there were several pretty coherent ones that I didn't, if I remember right):

> Another "random 100% traceably objective thought being echoed perfectly synchronistically" in the book, this time when I had to keep fussing with my note paper to keep it from blowing away in the wind, thus causing me to think that maybe I should buy a little thick and heavy notepad that would stay put, this thought accompanied by a patternistically absent/reactive visualization of my buying such a notebook in a store -- precisely as I came to a sentence that began with "Someday I'm going to get a book," in slightly different context, of getting a written self-help book or something like that rather than a blank notebook, but still with that non-literal/sentimental/underlying precision, and also another of those where this text was on the same page I'd been reading when I had the original thought, as to be visible to me peripherally at the time, but it still wouldn't matter because I can so explicitly trace the originating chain of thoughts to the external, fully objective and unrelated event of the wind blowing my stuff around/reacting mentally to the need for some solution to this, etc.

> Many "everyday little thing"-type parallels/recurrences during lunchtime reading, and this time with some of them in that "yesterday evening/that very morning"-type timeframe (best example: having a lot of that weird alternating sense of "clogged" ears and the conspicuous evacuation of this clogging, accompanied with that really bizarre and ugly sense of openness and increased bloodflow to the head, which had plauged me especially last night and into this morning for the worst in a while, thus causing me to distinctly think of it/try and figure out its possible causes, etc -- and then the book randomly/offhand mentioned both "clogged ears" and "blood throbbing in my temples," and in regards to the same thing/back to back in the same paragraph -- lots of these overall, though all again only mildly notable individually). Same for my having this weird little momentary-but-distinct perception this morning of how, when living with other people instead of alone, my room becomes a sort of psychological island or my "cave" or my "planet" -- and then the book randomly echoed this exact same underlying sentiment in so many words, including the exact line of "My room is my universe." Just so many like this today, so surreal, especially after not having this background static for the last couple days. It made me realize how, with it, it's so easy to forget even notable incidents, simply because there are just so damn many, and so subtle as to bleed together with other, "normal" thoughts/events/occurrences, as to eventually just sort of slip past me and stop registering as synchronistic/"abnormal," even the most damn crazy stuff, ha ha.

> Many of those same little "slightly uncommon and just recently encountered for the first time in a while"-type of word recurrences as I've been having, with two being even reasonably coherent and standoutish today. One: "dum-dums," which I first encountered (and Noticed, as with many classical word synchros) when picking up litter outside the thrift store yesterday and having to get a number of wrappers from "DUM-DUM" lollipops on the sidewalk there (of which I distinctly/conspicuously/patternistically saw only the "DUM-DUM" on the crumpled-up wrapper when I went to pick it up, "found-litter-text synchro"-style), and then since then encountered several usages of that word in the 'Alice' book yesterday evening and then today at lunch, being a favorite noun of the author. Second: "lovely," which I'd used this morning when writing a random review online, and which had come to me in that patternistically explicit Noticing-type of fashion, randomly and illogically yet urgently/specifically, causing me to use it in the opening sentence and also to just Notice the whole thing -- and then, in the very first sentence I read in the book at lunch, it used "lovely" as an adjective, and in the exact same, casual, quasi-colloquial fashion I'd used it to describe the coffee shop in my review, not literally/properly "beautiful/attractive" as in traditional usage, but in slightly hyperbolic, "good/enjoyable" sense, which I'd not done in ... I can't remember when.

> And another succesion of those now-patternistic "conspicuous noises coinciding with my reading of noises in general"-type of reading/event-type incidents, and this time with a twist. After again seeing enough of them to establish a pattern through the reading session, I then heard another one, when I read "jangling" precisely as a woman walked randomly past carrying some cardboard boxes that clattered loudly together, once, coinciding perfectly with my reading the word (which made this one a bit more conspicuous/notable than those prior due to my being behind a building and thus totally alone for the whole meal until this lone woman appeared from one of the other businesses in the complex and took these boxes out to the recycling bin in the back parking lot and then disappeared back inside). This caused me to therefore think something like "definitely more of those general-noise-reading incidents, since that was a clattering and not a jangling but perfectly synchronistic and more contextually notable" -- and then, precisely as that thought crossed my mind, a chain rattled, or maybe it was a key ring, for I never saw it -- but something metal that would again be perfectly/aptly described as a "jangling," this coinciding now literally and explicitly rather than generally (perhaps because it involved another of those "absent/registering"-type of thoughts rather than just the text in the book, in radio/sign-reading-echo style?).

As for rest of the afternoon, had more of those same super-subtle/small/fast-type of echoes, with the exception of one standout. It started when I went to leave the market and was Compelled to take that one particular way out the back, where you have to go up that awkward little hill between the one parking lot to the next -- and, precisely as I mounted this little "hill," thus raising up my car in an explicit and "animated" way that was greatly felt due to its low clearance (which I actually registered in that absent-yet-distinct/conscious/patternistic way for the first time, this being the first time I'd taken the Honda up this little slope since I'd bought it last week and so causing me to wonder if I could actually clear it without bottoming out on the grade -- perhaps the trigger of the whole incident in this case?), the radio randomly/singularly sang out "I'm rising up," which again was another of those that had to be experienced to be fully appreciated, due to the tactile/bodily sense of "lift" coinciding perfectly/intertwined with the lyric's sounding and the "synchroshock" of my registering of it and the whole incident, just so damn surreal ...

Also, a phone/random-thought-type incident just before that one, in the same lot except when I'd arrived earlier. It started when I'd been sitting in the car there and had heard someone nearby suddenly yell profanity, thus causing me to look up and see a gigantic UPS truck pulling up by me and squeezing through the empty parking spaces to my right, which subsequently caused me to wonder both why the driver was screaming profanity loud enough to be heard in a closed car and also why he would've been driving such a big truck through a dangerously small gap of parking spaces, which thus caused me to notice some minor construction work on the parking lot access lane nearby, and ultimately causing me to think theoretically that the driver must've encountered the construction and for some reason been so outraged by it that he screamed profanity and cut dangerously through the parking lot instead of taking the slightly longer road around it all. I'd had this big long chain of thought and observation absently, in the back of my mind, as I did some work on the phone -- and then, precisely as the thought finished, on the absent/registering-type thought of something like "the UPS driver must've wanted to drive through the parking lot faster," the website I'd tapped on loaded on my phone, with the very first thing, directly in the middle of the screen, being a sentence reading something like "Great place, but I'd appreciate quicker drive thru service," a random user review on the site where I was leaving a review, as to explicitly albeit indirectly/"loosely" echo the underlying sentiment of "faster driving through," and all so weirdly coherent that it made more sense than it might've from a purely literal standpoint, ha ha.

And grouped in the thought-type ones, another of those bizarre one-off potentially weird-ass unlikely coincidences with synchronistic overtones, namely of a weird "ask-n-receive" variety. It started just yesterday when I was randomly thinking about how I like driving an older, cheap car so that it doesn't attract attention by nature but instead on decoration/soul/flourish, which led me to think that a dent or two would lend nicely to the look and, thus, a brief thought of me taking a baseball bat to my own car to stylishly dent it in this fashion, which of course I decided against and got a good laugh from. But then this morning, upon going out to the car after the big rain and wind storm last night, I found that a tree branch had fallen on the car's hood and left a baseball-sized dent and a scratch that went through the paint -- just the sort of dent that I'd imagined, just big and noticeable enough to lend some character and "battle-scarred" charm but small enough not to look ugly or neglected -- all reeking so much of a classical ask-n-receive, from the timing to the patternistic element to the precision of the "answer" in line with the request, truly as if my absent-though-momentarily-serious thought/visualization had unintentionally (or just unconsciously?) set this outcome in motion ...

And then one more just before bed, a "late" reasonably coherent standoutish "everyday little thing" recurrence. It started when I turned my computer on tonight and the random Windows lock screen had changed to a striking picture of a big brown bear and three cubs trailing behind, which I both noticed, simply due to its quality and vividness and odd beauty, but also Noticed distinctly, in that patternistically illogical-but-distinct way, thus causing me to stand there studying it for a while on both accounts for some time as I do such Noticed bric-a-brac -- and then, an hour or so later when I sat down to read the rest of that random days-old newspaper I got off the coffee shop table the other day, the very first page I looked at had this random, offhand little "human interest"-type article about a mama brown bear and her four cubs that had been bothering people and were going to be euthanized but then were miraculously spared, which vaguely echoed the whole thing in itself, but then, at the very end of the article, it mentioned that how, originally, the mama bear had had only *three* cubs, when she had first made the news and was ultimately spared (this was a follow-up article apparently).

Numbers were there, but, writing this part the day after due to running out of time last night, the specifics are largely lost to me. It seems like they were more or less back to that mode of "scattered low-key traffic/parking-lot 37-plates with a few conspicuous standouts," not hugely quiet like a few days recently but generally just a relatively low-activity day. Standouts I did get down:

> Two classical "Compelled and illogical parking spaces leading me directly behind previously invisible 37-plate cars," with the first being a little more notable since it happened when I got to the coffee shop for lunch, the ride for which I remember had zero numbers whatsoever, until that last possible moment when I parked at the shop (and again illogically in a totally different, Compelled spot at the other side of the lot than I've parked at all the dozens of past times I've gone to this particular shop), in that climactic/"period at the end of a sentence"-type fashion.

> Had a really cool and notable little standout cluster of "everywhere"-type random-but-conspicuous 37s at the market. The first started when I found this juice drink left randomly on a wrong shelf in the wrong part of the store while I was browsing there, which I felt urgently Compelled to return to its rightful spot. But I went all over the store and ultimately couldn't find where it went, going through every possible drink aisle, some twice, and always striking out, until I ultimately flagged down the first employee I could find and asked where it went, which turned out to be right by where we were ironically -- but then, upon finally putting it away and then turning to leave, I found myself facing this big conspicuous, red-and-black wine display for "337 Wine," with a big gold "337" dominating every side of the multiple stacked boxes, such that I was faced with 5-6 strikingly conspicuous big gold 337's directly in my path upon finally completing this weird Compelled little scavenger-hunt thing, ha ha. And then, as another "climactic" additional incident, when I got to the self-checkout a minute later, there was a receipt left on it, from the last customer apparently, facedown, which I immediately felt equally Compelled to take and throw away -- but, upon doing so, I turned it up and was struck, immediately and directly in my line of sight, by three prints of "$3.77" in the middle of the receipt, where the person had used a coupon for $3.77 off something, and it had quoted that and then twice more in "TOTAL SAVINGS" and "TOTAL COUPONS" listings there after, so that the three numbers were printed in a big vertical row, along with a fourth at the bottom, a big "WITH YOUR LOW PRICES, YOU SAVED $3.77," ha ha.

> And then, a cute little footnote/"climactic period" incident to the last. After getting home and logging in receipts, including the receipt I'd received for my purchase when discovering the first, other receipt, I came to that one which, with my having bought a gift card by chance then, had a second, extra little receipt for that specifically, including the card's activation number, which ended in 1376 -- and, since only the last four digits were printed on the receipt, it read "********1376," ultimately adding a semi-conspicuous/notable little clincher to the market's little scavenger-hunt cluster.

There were other numbers to the day, I'm sure, but they escape me at this point.


Today had a fully silent morning and mid-afternoon and evening as of writing, but instead was characterized by a big cluster of super-subtle recurrences/parallels/thematics at lunch, of a new degree of complexity and depth that I've not before seen and which fully beggars description.

The best I can describe it as is something in pattern/behavior/feel identical to the other, graduated-level such lunchtime-reading subtle-suble parallel/thematic clusters in the past, except today, the book ('Ready Player One,' started just today at lunch and again totally randomly in every day, Compelled to buy in the first place, then equally so to start it out of a selection of several today) echoed not only thematically echoed/recurred all sorts of stuff from my recent life and last evening/this morning too, but also recurred *all the prominent recurrences/themes/parallels* I've been having for the last week or so, a sort of recurrence/echo of my recent collective recurrences/echoes, mixed with lots and lots of reasonably coherent but subjective "little everyday things" and word recurrences and even subtler, unnamable-but-patternistic things, all starting right off the bat from the very first page, and going pretty much nonstop for the entire meal. The personal/subjective thematics were not only exclusively of that "ridiculously, explicitly, super-profound and living-dream/'book echoing my life exactly'" nature, but there were just so many of them, and all intermixed in that big salad of other recurrences and such, plus all this occurred just within the space of the ~20 pages or so I managed to read over the course of the meal. Definitely took this sort of phenomenon up a notch, when I didn't think that was possible for this particular type (and also it seemed to "exhaust" the rest of the day, with such a complete absence of even super-subtle small/fast echoes and the like for the rest of the day from what I remember). Examples and standouts I got down:

> Good example of the typical, "normal" "little thing" recurrences coming regularly with the bigger ones, albeit something of a coherent standout: it started last night at the very end of the 'Go Ask Alice' book, where the epilogue informs the reader that the anonymous person who wrote the book's diary entries died from a drug overdose shortly after the diary ends -- and then, a few pages into the 'Player' book, the author reveals that his mother died of a drug overdose. At first this just another patternistically/collectively notable "little thing," but then, after I'd noted it on my note paper with a note reading "woman dead from drugs recurrence with 'Alice' book" or something like that, specifically noting "Alice," the dead woman's name from that book -- the very next line in the 'Player' book mentioned how, with his mother dead, the narrarator had moved in with his "Aunt Alice."

> An incredibly standout albeit largely subjective meta-recurrence. It started this morning when, after having to leave my car at the front of the park last night due to the whole rigmarole then, I had to walk from my house through the park this morning after leaving for lunch, something which I've done maybe ... twice in the past, and not recently in any case, for at least the last six months or so. But upon doing so, I'd gone into this whole succession/trend of taking particular notice/Notice of the mobile homes and trailers and the like I had to pass, and even an empty concrete foundation in particular, such that I illogically/patternistically stopped and looked at it and thought distinctly "concrete foundation," and the same with other trailer/mobile home/RV-specific items like hose/sewage attachments and girdings and stabilizers and  -- and then, within the first few pages of the 'Player' book about a half-hour later after getting to restaurant, it went into this big long detailed description of the futuristic "stacked-mobile-home" park in which the narrator lives, in which, among many many other individual recurrences, it referenced, by name, just about every single damn thing I'd conspicuously Noticed through my ten-minute walk through the park and to the gate, including the ones like the "concrete foundation." And as super-notable as this all was for me, there was even more to this, of that "so complex I can't put it into words" level, with all sorts of other, more complicated but no less explicit thoughts/feelings/ideas I've had related to this whole scenario and the imagery/things evoked by the book's description. This cluster alone would've been enough to merit a "HOLY SHIT WOW LIVING-DREAM" response, but coming amidst the others, being so many and no less notable albeit less objectively coherent ... this one just really set a new precedent.

Had some more-"classical" lunchtime-typical incidents interspersing the massive thematic/recurrence cluster, but these were minimal and only barely notable in themselves, and I ultimately just forgot most of them or never registered them in the first place, just so overwhelmed and awestruck by the big cluster taking center stage. One I do remember: a classical radio/reading one-word, and of that "non-literal but phoenetically precise" kind, beginning when I was going down my shopping list after taking a break from the book, and came to "9. Whey," precisely as "redneck ways" sang randomly/singularly from the radio, once again with my registering and mentally vocalizing "whey" coinciding perfectly/intertwined with the "ways" on the radio, and the "way" portion of it particularly.

Other than the lunchtime craziness, the only other activity I remember was some scattered 37-traffic/parking-lot-plate activity, and this again much like yesterday, very low-key and ultimately just very quiet and sparse in nature. A few standouts I got down:

> A cute little cluster at the bank just after lunch, beginning when I pulled up into the turn lane in front and, while waiting to turn, saw the first two 37-plate plates of the day, one of them zipping conspicuously past and directly into my line of sight, etc, and the other just a "normal" low-key appearance, but somewhat more notable for being the first of the day as well as coming just after lunch in the typical pattern. But then, once inside to pay my credit card, I was quoted what I thought was a dollar figure and .37 cents but wasn't sure, so I asked the teller to repeat the change and she said, twice, "thirty-seven, thirty-seven" -- and then, seconds later when she gave me the change from my cash, I turned out to have gotten exactly $73.00 back, after paying with the .37 cents I had exactly plus the bills I had, and causing her to of course say "seventy-three dollars change" -- all certainly far from the super-conspicuous other "cashier 37-quote" types, but collectively notable, if only for me.

> A cool and classical "animated," "car backing out and stopping in front of me *just so* that its 307-plate invaded the random area of space I was focused on," this time a truck beginning to back out of a driveway I was passing, then seeing me and jerking to a stop, at *just the precise length and angle and timing* that I was "smacked" visually by its 307-plate.

> Another of those "car turning at *just the precise timing and angle and distance* so that its 37-plate "flashed" directly into my line of sight/area of focus," this one on the way home, when a car did a conspicuously reckless U-turn into the lane right next to me, precisely as I approached, thus revealing its 737-plate not only into my line of sight, but, due to the reckless speed and spontanaeity and sharp angle, the plate "whipped" into view, drastically and dramatically and patternistically.


Today followed almost the exact same basic format as yesterday, with almost 100% of activity centered in a lunchtime cluster, though today the cluster was significantly smaller, and just made up of different types of incidents too, back to that "normal"/most-recent little "background static" of mixed small echoes/thematics/"everyday thing" recurrences. Few standouts:

> A pretty cool and notable reading/event-type one. It started when, while I was sitting out and sunning immediately after sitting down to eat and read, a wasp flew by me randomly, literally the very first wasp of the season that I've seen this year as it were -- and then, maybe 1-2 seconds later (in "slight but still basically perfectly synchronistic delay" fashion), I read "wasp-waisted" in the 'Ready Player One' book, and the first it has ever mentioned anything wasp-related, etc.

> A classical, perfectly synchronistic/patternistic "taking a bite of a specific food and reacting to it/registering it was a specific, absent, immediate thought, precisely as it was echoed by the book," this time when I bit into one of the few olives in my somewhat bland and non-salty lunch, thus releasing a good-tasting little squirt of salty olive just and thus causing me to think "salty/salt/good" -- precisely as I randomly/singularly read "salt" in the book, and again visible to me peripherally beforehand but hinging entirely on the random/objective event of my first taking one of the few bites with olives in it, then biting into it just then, etc, etc. Had only maybe one-two others like this today, and they were looser/less-precise/non-perfectly timed from what I remember.

> Had several reasonably coherent if small recurrences between that super-random 'Reminisce' magazine I'd picked out of the trash and then read yesterday, which mentioned all sorts of old movies and celebrities and the like from the past, of which the 'Ready Player One' book echoed several to varying degrees of precision and notability since I started reading it. However, today these continued, and even covered several of the same movies featured as standouts in the magazine, namely 'Pretty in Pink' and 'Sixteen Candles' and a couple others I think too.

> A similar standoutish recurrence between the book today and the random last leaf of that newspaper I read before going to bed last night, a sports page in which the front-page central article detailed a collaboration between two childhood friends where one ended up being the coach of a football team with the other as the team's captain player, the article entitled "The Captain and the Coach," and subtitled a "collaboration between childhood friends" or something like that -- and then that exact same underlying theme explicitly recurred today in the book, not involving the sports but still two childhood friends growing up to be "collaborators," that term used exactly. Not quite explicit enough to be hugely notable, but still a more-coherent example of the many many recurrences from yesterday/in general lately if nothing else.

Numbers were also almost exactly like yesterday, but even less and lower-key, really just a scattered ~dozen low-key 37-plates in traffic/few parking-lots all after lunch, and mostly all towards mid-afternoon with only a couple earlier than that, kind of a slow start that never really progressed beyond low-key plates before subsiding to silence on the way home.

Did have a cool, standoutish "immediately after lunch"-style one, when, literally right after I walked from the coffee shop and approached the car, I Noticed this passing car from the corner of my eye, thus causing me to look up and at it specifically -- just in time for it to pass fully and thus "reveal"/"flash" its 37-plate directly in my line of sight, made more notable due to it again being literally the first car in traffic I'd seen after lunch, plus my Noticing happening decidedly before (but, patternistically, only the slightest, split second before) the car passed and thus revealed its previously 100% invisible plate.

Besides that, the only standoutish ones were a couple of those "low-key but 'living'"-type plates in traffic, such as when I had a car turn in front of me and thus flash what I thought was a 733-plate but couldn't be sure due to it being at some distance ahead of me, only to have me catch up to it soon after down the road when it slowed to turn and I got just close enough, just long enough before it turned and "stole" its plate away at an invisible angle, to see that it was indeed a 733-plate, maybe 2-3 others in this same, quietly conspicuous vein.

Had a few scattered "everywhere"/semi-conspicuous random 37s today, and it seems like a few were reasonably notable but I've again just forgotten them all with the exception of one. It happened at the chiropractor's waiting area, beginning when I went to grab a random magazine to read while waiting and, after going through the few available several times and never finding one that at all appealed to me, I just grabbed on at random and finally sat down and opened it up -- only to find, staring up at me (and, if I remember right, the very first words occupying where I was looking absently at the time in patternistic manner, but I'm not 100% on this part), a conspicuously bold-and-colored "$370 [something or other]" figure there among a paragraph of unbold, normal black type, as to highlight that figure spefically, as to be a sort of slightly more notable/"living" low-key one in the normal style -- but then, a split second afterward, just infinitesimally long enough for me to register the text and its coloring/boldness/highlight and the synchronistic feel/pattern of it all, the chiropractor appeared and called me back and then rushed off, causing me to close the magazine just as quickly as to follow him, ha ha.


Today was almost exactly like yesterday in format/nature/feel, but again of a lateral, downward shift, same basic types of incidents but even fewer of them, as to be right next to total silence (or as close as I get these days it seems).

Morning was again fully silent even of super-subtles from what I remember, as was the drive to lunch (but memory is pretty spotty on these periods -- no really memorable incidents, anyhow). Then lunchtime reading saw some sudden, albeit strictly low-key and scatterd and minimal, activity, all of that "normal" lunchtime assortment of small/fast/fleeting-but-striking one-word reading/thought/environmental echoes, plus maybe the slightest few thematics and recurrences/everyday parallels in the mix. Few standoutish examples I got down:

> A classical striking, collectively notable one-word, identified by me instantly through its feel, etc: randomly/singularly reading "time" in the book, perfectly synchronistic/"intertwined" with the same word singing equally random from the radio, and this one again made somewhat more surreal since it was not only the first of lunch but, from what I remember, the first of the whole day, having the adjunct effect of a bell ringing to signal that the phenomenon had begun for the day (which was true, the "day" just didn't last too long in this case, ha ha).

> Exact same thing, except echoed by a classically patternistic nearby stranger (across the dining room, absorbed fully in conversation with his companion/totally ignoring me from what I could tell, my book turned fully away even if he'd been close enough to read it, etc), when I came to "keep it" precisely intertwined with him as randomly saying "keep it"

> A reasonably notable/coherent, if smaller, classical "ask and receive"/vague-thought-type one, starting this morning when I'd super-randomly come up with a cute little poem that made me laugh, maybe the first time I've ever done such a thing ... since I was a young child? ever? In any case, afterward I equally randomly thought that I'd come up with a limerick, but I couldn't remember what meter/structure constituted a proper Limerick, and I soon forgot the whole thing and went about my morning, including the original poem, remembering only that I'd forgotten what a Limerick was and would absently like to know -- and then today at lunchtime reading, the book answered this quesiton exactly, in some offhand, random way I can't even remember other than that somehow the main character quote's a Limerick, by name, and, through the verbatim print, I was able to discern the rules for a proper Limerick ...

> And also one more classical small/striking/fleeting one, when I came to "away" in the book precisely as "Away!" sang from the in-house radio at the cafe, with this one a little more notable due to the volume/vocal attack/"oomph" of the radio's lyric, which was shouted/strong/emphasized as to stand out distinctly from the song and thus, combined with the synchronistic/intertwined impact of the words' coincidence, just again culminated in that highly surreal, if almost fully subjective, notability.

This all again ceased fully in "abrupt cessation after finishing lunch" fashion, and from there, the only activity I remember for the rest of the day was a scattered-but-moderate amount of "little everyday" recurrences and parallels, these of that subtlest, fully patternistic/collective-notability breed, where even I only took notice after seeing close to a dozen or so within the space of a couple hours, and without any standouts I can remember.

Numbers: can be summed up as "a grand total of maybe 7-8 low-key 'living' 37-plates in traffic and parking lots, and a few semi-conspicuous 'random' 37s and maybe a couple stray minority repeats mainly of 212 from what I remember." And that was it. Not so much as a conspicuous-traffic-type incident. Quietest in some time.


A change-up ultimately, and all of it seeming to reflectly correspond with a gradual significant improvement in health with attendant shift in consciousness/condition/general internal "reality," all patternistically consistent with past such days when the two have seemed to so seamlessly and logically accord (but why not always? seems there's more to it, maybe just symptomatic of some deeper change in the phenomenon that is only partially observed in this reflective shifts but has more to it beneath the overt observable surface as it stands, such that the change/shift is always the same ultimately but sometimes is observed in a way that seems illogical/not directly/consistently affected?).

Morning started out just like last couple days with pretty much notable activity and/or periods of zero activity at all, which stayed that way right up through the pre-lunch drive (despite again being much longer today than usual, which would seem somewhat notable in itself, from a chance standpoint, because otherwise I should at least sometimes see a correlation between longer drives and more numbers, rather than lots of numbers during shorter drives/a few during mediums/zero during longs or whatever illogical combo). Then once again saw another sudden onset of activity at lunch, and all more of less of that exact same nature/variety/intensity/"feel" that has predominated for some time now, once again ultimately comprising a "proper" lunchtime-activity bloc, albeit still not really a hugely intense or profound one, with probably 6-8 total echoes of various kinds and notability levels throughout the meal (though, once again, just enough to be very surreal and to establish me in that distinct "synchronistic state" despite the scattered volume and general subtly). Few standoutish examples I got down:

> Yet another few "small, fleeting, but striking" one-two-word echoes of various kinds, the best example being a classical nearby-stranger's-conversation/reading-type one, when I randomly/singularly read "TV" at the very end of a sentence, corresponding absolutely perfectly/objectively with a woman across the coffee shop, in just earshot of me, saying "watching TV," with the "TV" portion of her words corresponding again absolutely perfectly with my split-second reading/registering of the word.

> And another of those really cool and collectively notable mini-thematic successions of "reading about random noises precisely as random noises sounded out singularly/semi-conspicuously but always non-specifically rather than literally precise," just like those I've had several times now (and why *this* sudden departure from those identical but specifically precise ones I used to have so often? also symptomatic of some deeper shift in the phenomenon, or maybe just something within my ability to perceive it/some parameter of my consciousness changing such that I perceive things differently in some way, thus manifesting as smaller, lateral shifts such as these and others?). Best example: randomly reading "a cacaphony of [something or other]," precisely as a cement truck or something blustered past on the nearby road and, upon hitting a pothole or something, made a big sudden loud clattering followed by the hiss of airbrakes and then its engine grinding afterward as it regained speed, all of which translated to a quick little cluster of blustering noise within the space of a couple seconds -- every bit a "cacaophony."

> And then, suddenly a coherent, graduated, singular standout objective-event/reading echo, right at the end of the meal after the phenomenon had graduated somewhat (reaching the end of that same gradual arc that so often characterizes lunchtime activity, this too often seeming to correspond reflectively with the increase in energy/consciousness/mental activity that results from my taking in the day's first significant calories and "starting up," etc, as was the case today since the health improvements of morning gelled and increased through meal). It started when, as I was sitting on the sidewalk for sun, a woman approached her nearby car and hit her fob, making it beep as it unlocked and she got inside (or I'm assuming that this is what happened, since she was at my back -- it sounded like this, anyhow) -- precisely as I randomly/singularly came to "when I pushed one of the buttons to silence the alarm" in the book, not only perfectly synchronistic/overlapping the woman's actions precisely over the few seconds in which her audible actions unfolded but much more precise and with markedly more qualitive depth than the previous, categorically one-dimensional "small/striking one-words" that had preceeded it, with her pressing the fob's "button" to disable the car's security system and the "alarm" that would sound otherwise, etc.

> Had one more of these, similarly "upgraded" and precise and damn notable. It happened when I went to throw away a little sliver of cellophane in the trash can inside the coffee shop, but couldn't because it kept clinging to my hand when I went to throw it away, as small pieces of certain plastics do, thus causing me to instantly/reactively/patternistically register this as "stuck to me" -- precisely as, again across the dining room and totally out of sight/distance to me and my little dilemma of trying to shake the plastic unsuccessfully from my hand, one of the employee's said to another "Now you're stuck with it" or something like that -- in any case, "stuck with it" or "to it" or something within the same context and describing perfectly the plastic-cling, and again coming perfectly synchronistic as to be "intertwined," etc. And this is another that only gains notability considering the patternistic and conspicuous context/circumstances: first the cellophane itself (which had blown up to me while I was sunning out on the sidewalk, and upon seeing it I'd felt absolutely classically Compelled to throw it away, however small and "insignificant" it seemed and the inordinate effort it would take to throw away one little thing when there was no nearby trashcan, as well as that of having to hold onto it all through the last half of my meal to keep it from blowing away in the same wind that had brought it to me), and then the fact that I'd gone into the coffee shop to finally throw it away, which in retrospect I see was totally illogical since there were two trashbins outside the restaurant, yet at the time, in the heat of the moment, I'd just automatically gone inside to throw the thing away when the time came, and thus had been able to hear the employee in there say "stuck" precisely as I registered the stuck plastic, when I wouldn't have outseit -- yet another case of those seemingly "intelligently arranged/led/orchestrated" incidents, patternistic in every way, right down to my sudden, myserious little brain farts resulting in illogical behavior that nonetheless ends up "leading to"/culminating in a synchronicity ...

From lunch, however, again saw that sudden and total cessation of all thought-type activity (and, interestingly, being instantly replaced by the onset of the day's number-type activity, again literally immediately after lunch in patternistic format, as to seamlessly segue from thought-type to number-type "episodes"/"chapters" of the day's phenomena, like starting the second course of meal, ha ha, and again fully patternistic with many recent days). It actually stayed in this distinctly exclusive, numbers-only-type mode all through the rest of the day, even of super-subtle echoes and the like from what I remember (though I could be wrong about this; memory is spotty today with so much driving around/distraction), with one exception:

This one was a radio/thought/objective-event-while-driving-around-type one, but with a somewhat unique twist/one of those odd and slight but distinct little spins that seem to differentiate an incident from the more-classical/"textbook" variety. It started when an Eagles song finished on the radio and the announcer came on and started into this minutes-long little discussion about the Eagles and various things about its members and how he was about to break a traditional radio faux pa by following up the Eagles song with one from a solo project of one of its members -- and then, right at the very end of this little speech and as the first notes of the follow-up song came on, I watched as a big conspicuous "EAGLES" sign on a clothing-store building maybe 1/4 mile away cleared the treeline and emerged very briefly into view, as to be another of those markedly delayed/non-perfectly-synchnrostic but stil relatively very notable timing/still qualitively "synchronistic," and also very patternistic and conspicuous and surreally-but-quietly "living" that special way. And then, immediately after the sign appeared and then receded behind the treeline as fast (again as if popping up *just then,* at the very end of the Eagles discussion, in "intelligent" fashion ...), a 5317-plate car pulled directly in front of me as to "inject" its plate into my vision, precisely as the general thoughts of "Eagles radio-discussion weird synchronicity" crossed my mind, this evoking those few little weird "thought-type incident followed up immediately by a number-repeat"-type of combos I saw there for a bit.

Numbers today were markedly increased across the board, braking that days-long lull I'd had, for the first time really reaching that "synchornistic state" plateau/background static of mixed low-key traffic plates and parking-lots and conpsicuous-driver-related ones plus scattered semi-conspicuous "random source"/"offhand mention"/"everywhere" 37-repeats and the like -- the numbers version of the thought-type background static, that so conspicuously elusive or brief or absent entirely these last few days. In fact, it eventually went slightly beyond that, coming so readily and semi-conspicuously that I again just lost track/overwhelmed my memory/capacity to log down the loggable/notable standouts. The ones I got down:

> Today's "immediately after lunch" was an outright conspicuous one, unlike most of these. Instead of the simple "having the first plate I encounter in traffic being a 37-plate"-type of incident, this one involved two plates, both quietly-but-"livingly" conspicuous, and the one being literally the first plate I encountered upon merging with traffic, or rather trying to, since these happened while I waited a conspicuously long time at the parking-lot exit due to unlucky traffic/high volume/bad timing. During this wait there, right as I saw an opening and was about to finally pull out, I was stopped upon the sudden appearence of a car directly across from me, turning the other way and with the right-of-way -- thus demanding my attention and thus having its front-mounted 5837-plate "thrust" directly into my line of sight, etc. And then, maybe 2-3 seconds later and while my focus remained on the roadway directly across from me where that first car had been, I watched as a second car turned into that driveway, thus "flashing" its 37-plate directly into the exact area of space I was again absently/patternistically looking at, and at the perfect angle logistically, and again 100% invisible to me until it had actually turned in, etc, and all just made more notable by its happening so patternistically "immediately after lunch," ha ha.

> Had several more of those "illogically Compelled actions leading me patternistically/conspicuously to 37-plates," the first two being another of those where I was Compelled to walk the "wrong"/long way back to the car, zigging and zagging several times, and ultimately being led past another semi-conspicuous pair of 37-plate cars, one behind another such that I had each plate "invade" my vision back-to-back as I walked by. And then, when going to leave the library, I was Compelled to again turn and take the long/illogical/back way to the main road and home, only to be immediately met by another "livingly" quietly conspicuous 370-plate, directly in my line of sight when I stopped at the intersection across from it and had to look left and right, ha ha.

> A damn cool one right after the dump, another of those "car slowly/quietly conspicuously drifting past from my left *just so* that its 37-plate invades my vision," but this time with a really cool contextual twist. It all happened at an intersection where, right after pulling up behind a stopped car there, I watched as its driver hopped out and hurried to the car in front of her to give a piece of paper or something to its driver, which therefore caused a slight, ~2 second delay in getting going after the light had changed, thus making me go through that much later and also having the line of cars in the next lane over, to my left, get a head start on me -- all of which culminated, ultimately, in that 637-plate drifting up just past me and then as quickly dropping back as I gained speed, all culminating not only with my seeing its plate at all but also with it performing that logistically conspicuous/perfect/"livingly/intelligently orchestrated" "peekaboo" into my vision from the left ...

> Immediately after the library 370-plate, had this big, sudden, escalated cluster of traffic numbers, as if that wrong-turn one had triggered something or somehow signaled a shift (it felt like a whistle had blown, to me). From there, hit that proper "background static" that eventually overwhelmed my memory/left me perpetually "synchroshocked," etc, with all manner of low-key and semi-conspicuous and conspicuous 37-plates over the half-hour drive from the city and then on the highway towards home, probably with a couple dozen incidents here alone, again with so many individually notable ones that I can't remember *any* of them beyond a general "there was a whole bunch of crazy activity, all at once," ha ha.

> At the dump, another weird little pair of those "37-themed dumpster"-type of semi-conspicuous-randoms, two together, side-by-side, with the respective numbers "R37/R703" printed in big white block letters right at the end and directly in my line of sight as I passed

> And then, finally, at the market just being heading home for good, a classical "nearby cashier quoting a 37-variant price to a random customer" one, when, right as I was packing up my groceries and taking my change after checking out, the cashier said "That'll be $7.77," again just seconds before I would've been out of earshot, ha ha.


Back to a record-quiet day, which felt for the first time something like the "old days" of a couple years ago when activity was generally sporadic and days-apart and almost fully singular, with none of the continuous/"flow"/"background static"/"synchronistic state"-type days. It got me reflecting on that big-but-gradual shift over the last year or so, by way of contrast -- why? symptomatic of what? hingeing on what?

Morning/lunch: both totally silent, even of super-subtles and thematics and the like, even of those infitesimally subjective/subtle "synchronistic flutters" that have permeated my days for so long now, this silence again corresponding explicitly/reflectively with a return to that blunted headsick state/"deadened" mind/unexpressive consciousness. Stayed so after lunch and all through afternoon as well, as did the exact same deadened mentality coincidentally.

In fact, the only activity at all today that I remember was purely number-related, and even then strictly after lunch, and even then in that only loosely-after fashion, with a slow trickle of low-key traffic 37-plates starting up maybe after I'd been on the road five minutes after leaving the coffee shop. These did however ramp up somewhat today, and relatively fast, such that there was a pretty moderate cluster of maybe a dozen low-key plates just in the few-minute drive down to the post office down the main drag, all of them sort of "climaxing" with a semi-standout, classical "alignment," another of those "smaller," quiet, simpler ones but no less notable really, exact same pattern of two random 37-plate cars passing one another at just the right logistical time/angle/height, etc, as to align the two plates just like times past, and this whole cluster again made a little more standoutish due to the simple fact that arrived after such a stark "drought" of thought- and number-type incidents both.

The low-key plates did actually fall off soon after that first cluster, oddly, but were still there more or less. Did have one pretty cool, sudden combo standout later on, at the gas station. It started with another of those super-surreal and classical "animated" "car pulling up and turning into a parking space at just the perfect timing/angle/logistics to 'flash' its 37-plate directly where I was looking at that moment," this time almost exactly like several other such recent incidents at gas stations specifically, strangely, when, as I started through the parking lot to go inside and pay for the gas before pumping, a car pulled up *just then* and thus demanded my attention and forced me to stop and wait momentarily as it "whipped" dramatically into the space and its 673-plate "invaded" my vision so patternistically.

But then, as a cool footnote coming minutes later after I'd pumped the gas and gotten back in the car to write the note: right after I'd written the note for the pull-up and then keyed to car and started forward to leave the lot, a truck pulled up and stopped at the intersection where I was turning toward, right beside me and the gas station -- and thus once again causing me to take particular notice of this truck and its 673-plate, so soon after my writing the "673-car pull-up at gas station" note as to be another of those sort of "synchronistic echoes of a thought about synchronistic echoes," with it echoing the "673-plate" general thought still crossing my mind at the time plus itself being a standalone number-repeat.

And then from there, the "day" ended, as of writing, back to that rare total silence upon going home early and staying there for extra chores and the like while riding out sickness.

Do have one more to note, though, a damn cool standout that I'd managed to forget in the mini-storm of one day lately (it might've actually just been yesterday, I honestly can't remember, ha ha; I only remembered it today because I drove down the same road and so saw the sign that the incident involved again). It happened when I passed one of those roadside traffic signs that show the speed of passing motorists and, if speeding, with blink conspicuously as a means of shaming people into going slower or something, when, right as I passed it and set it to blinking with my speed being just over the limit, the radio randomly/singularly sang out "slow down," this corresponding perfectly with the sign's registering me and thus blinking, which, with it signaling me to "slow down," it was like the radio was echoing the sign's underlying message/sentiment, despite it being a machine rather than a biological being (because even machines have a rudimentary consciousness/perception? or, was the "slow down" lyric simply echoing my reactive/registering/absent thought that resulted from seeing the blinking, as is the case with so many of these?).


First, two backdated "Compelled found-litter 37-covered"-type receipts that I've been forgetting to log, both from within the last two or three days. The first was eerily almost identical to that one from the market the other day where the last customer had left the face-down receipt that had the three big, vertically clustered 37s in the middle, except this one was a typical "Compelled to pick up from the sidewalk while on my way into some store"-type variety, with "$37.72" printed in that same dead-center, vertical fashion (from the repetitions from a single-purchase transaction on a credit card). In fact, if I remember right, this one came perhaps the very next day after that at the market, semi-notably. Next, the other was yesterday I think, picked up on another 100% patternistic, "DO IT HOWEVER ILLOGICAL OR SMALL IT IS"-type Compelling, this time a fast-food receipt with the total exactly at $3.07, and also printed twice vertically though not nearly as conspicuous as those other two. This one was made a little more notable/coherent by there being another, separate, random/sequential 307 on it too, plus the fact that the receipt came from a McDonald's some distance away, probably 50 miles or so in another town.

Today was another change-up, though another of those lesser, lateral "remixes" of the same basic assortment/pattern/intensity that I've been having for the past week or thereabouts (losing track of all these changes/shifts, starting to blur together in my mind ...). Today actually changed things up in a semi-significant way, with nearly 100% of the day's activity coming within the space of morning, late-morning/churchtime, and then lunchtime reading, and all pretty much of the exact same feel/behavior/subjective effects, etc.

Morning: a cluster of after-chore reading activity, but all very subtle, loose, vague, and purely thematic in nature, and subjective ones at that. Even then, though, it managed to hit that moderately intense/"synchronistic state"-level of surrealness at times, with the magazine again seeming to explictly, albeit purely in subjective/objectively vague terms, exactly what I was thinking/experiencing/undergoing generally in life both in the immediate moment and more broadly.

This cluster was totally subjective and indescribable for all its effect, with the exception of one singular, semi-coherent standout, which ironically was the very first of the day/cluster, thus again amplifying the subjective effect in that contrasting, now-patternistic way. It started just as I finished the last of the morning chores and had something trigger a long-forgotten memory from early childhood, I can't even remember what sparked this exactly other than the fact that it was some completely objective/independent event that had nothing at all to do with the magazine I was about to read (and, as it were, hadn't even started reading yet, it being a fresh one). From there, I ended up going into this big, branching corridor of memory, ultimately just "taking me back" to a sort of "lost" period of my life, plus all its associated thoughts and feelings, a "past me" in every sense -- and then, still as these thoughts were unfolding/crossing my mind/filling the back of my head, I opened the magazine and there, past a couple pages of ads, was the editor's preface, echoing *precisely* the general underlying sentiment of that whole gaggle of thoughts still bouncing around my mind, in regards to how the magazine's cover subject had been asked by the editor, after getting an idea for the magazine's theme, to go through a bunch of her stuff in storage and old pictures of herself and her family and thus provide content for the magazine's "past self" theme, which not only broadly echoed my little early-life-regression but did so again with even more-precise terms and the like, such as how, when approached with the editor's request, the cover subject had been "thrust down a wormhole of memory and forced to rediscover her past selves" (or something to that effect, not verbatim but close). Not quite a classical instant-echo/"page-turn"-type, but very close in timing and pattern/effect, a sort of thematic version of it.

Went on to have a decent cluster through just the hour of morning reading, probably 4-5 to this effect except fully subjective/too complex to convey, and then the drive to church brought on some similar thematic activity, this time in the form of a single song on the radio that more or less echoed what was going on for me at that exact, in-the-moment time during the drive. Foremost, the song was titled "Five More Minutes," and was all about just that, repeating several times throughout how people want "just five more minutes" for various things -- when that is exactly what I was thinking immediately before I got in the car and started off for church, being that I was late and borderline of being *too* late to attend without missing the gist of the service, which had caused me to distinctly and consciously think, "If I was only five minutes earlier, it would make all the difference" -- very much echoing that song's general "give me five more minutes" sentiment. Plus, there were other, subtler little echoes/thematics in there too, such as my hitting the blinker to turn right and noticing, in the heat of the moment, the blinking light on my dashboard for no particular reason (again patternistic of so many of these super-super-subtles) a split second before the song sang out something like "the yellow lights blinking on and off," and again with this same basic behavior/hyper-subtle-but-distinct echoing happening enough that, by the time the song finished, a little pattern had established itself. Ultimately ended up being a damn surreal little drive, for all the "simplicity"/vagueness/one-dimensionality of it all.

Next, just before I got to church, a very cool, 100% classicaly patternistic if "small" clock-tick-type incident, probably the most explicit of these I've had in a while. It happened once again where I just sincerely needed to know the time, this time in regards to just how late I was going to be when I'd finally arrived at church, and so I shot my watch around (because, it bears mentioning, it had been hanging almost fully off my wrist, 100% invisible to me) and looked at it at the absolutely precise, flawless, logistically "orchestrated" moment that the digital display ticked to "11:17:00," again showing the 11:16:59 *just infinitesimally* long enough for me to register it as it ticked away, exactly like others of these ...

Next, just a minute or so after the clock-tick, after I'd parked in the church lot and gotten out: another of those conspicuous parking-lot-type "37-plates directly in my line of sight upon my getting out of the car and turning around, rather than pulling behind/next to such a plate," 100% patternistically/effectively identical to past such incidents, this time with a 731-plate being absolutely smack-dab "THERE" in the precise area my eyes fell on as I stepped from the car (with all my attention/focus centered on not stumbling/bumping myself/hurting myself as I have to do most of the time due to physical ailments, etc, such that I wouldn't have had subconscious focus available to be "cued"/"influenced" even if the plate hadn't been 100% invisible to me beforehand).

Then, again just minutes later: more activity, during the service once I was at last inside. And this was a somewhat odd, unique cluster, with strong overtones of the thematic-heavy/exact same qualitive "texture"/behavior of the prior morning thematics, but with that same sort of "fast/rapid-fire and highly notable if small/subjective" format of those categorically patternistic "churchtime-activity"-type clusters, as to be a cool and weird sort of hybrid between the two. It wasn't as intense/numerous as some of these kind of clusters, but still moderately active, and spanning about the whole service. Examples I can remember (which is to say, there were several coherent-level standouts that I again just lost track of before I could commit them to memory, just lost in the experience itself):

> Another explicit, semi-coherent echo almost exactly like that of the "past-life regression"-type one that kicked off after-chore reading, this time with the pastor's sermon centering around the *exact precise,* specific and singular subject I've been thinking about off and on for the whole ride over there, and even right up until I walked in the door just about, such that it was still fresh in my mind if not still actively "crossing" it as in the instant/tighter timing of the non-thematic/echo-type of incidents. The echoed thoughts/things themselves were too complex and subjective to describe, but ultimately the core relevance lies in the fact that, first, the sermon explicitly echoed them (100% randomly/blindly from my perspective, when there was no way I could've possibly known what the subject would be prior to hearing the actual sermon), and then, second, that it did so in nearly the exact same fashion/behavior/pattern/feel of that similarly semi-unique incident from just an hour or so previous.

> Had several smaller instant/perfectly synchronistic-type of "classical"/"normal" echoes through the service too, but they were a minority, and almost exclusively too subtle/complicated to note. One semi-coherent one: when I'd had a long, random chain of thought ending on a certain random ad I'd Noticed in that magazine this morning, with "TIME TO SHINE" in big type spanning the middle of the page, a split second before "time for her to shine" sang randomly/singularly from the song playing at the time (and, it bears mentioning, the song was popular and one I'd heard before several times and could conceivably have known of this lyric, subconsciously at least, except that, once again, I can distinctly trace back the chain of thoughts leading to the original "TIME TO SHINE"-ad one, though these are too complex/subjective to name like the rest).

> Then, literally right at the end of it all, a big, singular, highly notable standout "absent/fast/reactive-thought being echoed by a nearby stranger"-type echo. It happened literally as I was about to walk out the door, when someone behind me told me to wait and that they wanted a hug, and then, as I gave her a hug, she held it for an inordinately long 10 seconds or so, and came intimately close in a way that was almost sexual, as to transcend the normal realm of impersonal contact between acquaintances, which thus caused me to think reactively/absently/register this as something like "This contact is slightly more than impersonal/There's a deeper, energetic connection here/Some sort of energy flowing between us, almost sexual but totally different' -- precisely as, from the other room, someone conspicuously said something about "energy flowing to others," these words coinciding *absolutely flawlessly* with my absent thought/registering, again as to be both intertwined in timing and more or less exactly, literally precise. And this was another that just had to be experienced to be fully appreciated, however coherent/notable it is even as written down.

And then, for the rest of the day: almost zero activity, just like that pattern of "after-lunch sudden cessation of all activity as if on a switch," except coming just after that church service, and never resuming, even at lunch. From what I remember, there were maybe a couple of very subtle "lunchtime echo"-type of super-subtle one-word reading/thought/event-type echoes, and that was all, and with these coming right at the start of the meal and then tapering to silence before I'd finished even. It bears mentioning that I had a return of that headsickness/fuzzy thoughts/general internal "deadening" overcome me right around that exact same time, as to correspond with the return to yesterday's conspicuous silence (when I'd felt the same way, which I think might be allergies?). Even numbers were almost totally absent through the afternoon, I think at most just a few of the most basic, low-key 37-plates in traffic and parking lots and that was all.


Today was sort of like yesterday but different in several respects.

Morning was characterized by a scattered series of “everyday little thing” recurrences, just like yesterday was dominated by thematics. This trend would actually continue and develop through the day, building on the re-emergence of this aspect of the phenomenon yesterday, until eventually reaching that respectively surrreal, “recent life/day in a blender”-type level of activity where just one random, slightly uncommon little thing/sentiment/experience/whatever will recur between different totally unconnected random sources at random times and such, almost entirely so subtle and subjective as to be impossible to convey. Some semi-coherent examples:

> A classical sort of reading/thought recurrence with slight “question and answer” overtones, beginning yesterday when I'd randomly thought about whether pumpkin oil has any omega 3s in it as opposed to omega 6s and the like, and it seems like I'd read conflicting things about this and couldn't remember either way but wasn't concerned about it enough to take the time to look into it, though I did definitely want to know, as is patternistic with so many of these “transient, fleeting little random questions that didn't quite warrant the time/energy for proper research” – and then this morning while reading the latest library-freebie magazine, it had a random little article in it on pumpkin oil, giving its history in brief as well as mentioning that it was valued medicinally for its “omega-3 acid content.” And this was another of those that was reasonably notable in itself, given the pattern, but was a little moreso contextually, since, first, it was another “Compelled to get this magazine in particular out of a selection of dozens, despite it not really appealing to me in an logical sense/not my typical reading preference,” and then, second, the magazine turned out to be over ten years old, when every other magazine I get from the library is typically semi-current or at least reasonably so, published within the last year or so. How a decade-old copy of National Geographic turned up there would be interesting to know (but, regardless, it Just Happened to contain that random, obscure bit of information that I Just Happened to desire just last night, and my Just Happening to read it entirely randomly after having it lying around for days now …)

> A little theme that's unfolded over the last couple days has been my suddenly hearing songs from the 80s artists/bands mentioned randomly throughout the 'Ready Player One' book. The first several times, I didn't really pay attention, considering it at best just another of the massive amount of general “everyday little thing” recurrences if not just pure coincidence (there are several 80s-heavy radio stations in the area, plus the bands mentioned in the book were reasonably popular, and so it stands to reason that I might hear a few shortly after reading about them). However, it kept happening, to the point that I started to smell a subtle-synchronistic mini-theme, and then, this morning on the way to the appointment, a reasonably coherent standout happened, when the song “Blue Monday” came on the radio randomly, which was not only the first I'd ever heard it on the radio ever, but it was also the original version, which I'd never heard before – when, just yesterday, the book had mentioned this song by name, the original version that was played today, and upon reading it I'd had another “ask-n-receive”-style vague/reactive/absent thought of, “I'd like to hear the original version of that song.”

Lunchtime was just like yesterday in that it was primarily just more of the same, without that big shift typical of the day's progression, just serving as another carryover both in terms of the type of activity and its explicit, subjective feel. Here, it was just more and more recurrences, again about 99% exclusively, and all of them of that same hyper-subtle ilk that would be so easy to dismiss as coincidence or some type of subconscious cueing/subconscious knowledge, etc, were they not just so abundant and so adherent to the same pattern and variety and behavior (and, also, there were the token ones that couldn't have been psychological or whatever, for whatever reason/peculiarity, etc). Also included in these were even a couple more of those super-random 80s songs/artists/bands that I'd Just Happened to randomly hear on the radio (or randomly think about/encounter in some other way within the last couple days for the first time in months or years or ever, etc).

Did have the slightest few of those typically lunchtime-variety subtle/small echoes, but they were an extreme minority today, and none at all “big”/too objectively coherent. Best example: when a man came into the coffee shop at the door just in front of me and wiped the rain from his shoes on the mat, somewhat conspicuously/erratically, which I saw in my peripheral vision as I was reading and absently registered as “shoes/wiping feet/erratically swinging feet” – precisely as I came to 'foot” in the book, singularly/randomly of course, and with that distinct “intertwined” timing that always come as something of a shock.

Once again, all thought-type activity ceased immediately after lunch, though today it did resume briefly, unlike yesterday, and again in the form of a scattered handful of small-but-striking thought/radio/passing-sign-type of one-word “striking” echoes, though these too never really progressed into objective coherence. Best example: suddenly remembering that I needed to check the rental reservation and see if the owner had gotten back with me with some info I'd asked for, this thought 100% traceable to my absently going over the mental checklist of things I needed to do today in my head – precisely as “reservation” sang randomly/singularly from the radio (it might've been in a different context, like to a hang-up or condition or whatever, but I can't remember), and in that characteristically explicit/striking intertwined fashion, coinciding absolutely perfectly with the completion/unfolding of my thought of “rental reservation” and my envisioning it in my mind's eye.

Numbers were also sort of like yesterday in that there weren't that many, even as the afternoon progressed. Did have a sudden, reasonably intense cluster of low-key-but-”living” traffic plates just after lunch, with several semi-conspicuous ones mixed in even, but this suddenly cut off after less than a half-hour from what I remember, going from that to only a scattered plate here and there, followed by mid-afternoon (earlier than the “usual” cut-off time, as it were).

Closest thing to a number standout today was another of those where immediately after leaving a building (which, as it occurs to me now, often seems to involve some important, reasonably rare/uncommon transaction or something, like the doctor's appointment this morning) and the first plate I encounter is a 37-plate, today in the parking lot after the appointment upon leaving, and again made a bit more subjectively striking given its arrival after a total silence over the drive there (despite it being relatively long and involving lots of traffic and some highway travel – all those “triggers” that seemingly incite the phenomenon, yet today yielded not even a single low-key plate of any number-repeat, from what I remember, such that the 237 plate after the appointment was all the more felt).


Morning saw only the slightest of activity, a scattered few super-personal, super-subtle, indescribable thematics, just enough for there to be “activity” as to spare that total, conspicuous silence of several days lately.

Did however have one curious and cool, albeit very small, standout. It happened about halfway through after-chore reading when, at the precise instant that the morning's nightmarish headsickness suddenly lifted, I encountered a “random offhand figure/mention”-type figure on the page I was reading, “1.73 million” or “17.3 million,” whatever, but it coincided absolutely perfectly synchronistically with the sudden and brief lifting of that headsickness that had been there all night and ever since getting up a couple hours previous without once lifting to any significant degree – something of a cross between an “involuntary bodily function” and one of those “universal-joy feelings coinciding with a 37-repeat”? I'd be inclined to dismiss it as a simple if somewhat curious coincidence, except that the subjective “feel” of it was 100% “synchronistic,” however subjective and impossible to describe.

Lunchtime reading was almost fully silent today, even of thematics and the like, not even those super-subtle ones of morning. In fact, only had one single standout incident, coming about halfway through when I went inside. It started when I sat down near two people engrossed in their laptops, bringing a distinct sense that I was intruding somehow or that they were uncomfortable with my presence or something – whatever it was, it felt hesitant to make eye contact and so found myself averting my eyes and staring directly at the floor until I forced myself not to – after which, a split second later/pretty much perfectly synchronistically, I opened the book and raised it up to resume reading from where I'd stopped before coming inside, and the very first words my eyes fell on were “he kept his eyes on the floor,” ha ha, 100% patternistic of the classical “resumed reading/thought echo”-type.

Otherwise, the only thought-type incidents for the rest of the day were:

> First, mid-afternoon: an equally classical and standout and singular “roadside sign/radio” echo, when I came upon some type of big roadside sign with “GO” written in big bold letters at the top, precisely as “Go!” sang randomly/singularly from the radio, and also with a tone and volume and emphasis that mirrored the same “shouting” quality of the sign, if I remember correctly (and, it bears mentioning: this is the third or fourth such nearly identical “Go!”-related echo I've had in the last 2-3 days, with a couple of the others also involving signs I think, and the others being by other sources but all still echoing that same basic sentiment and in the same context and manner, as to be another of these odd little “mini-themes”).

> Then came a little cluster at the gym, the first being in the sauna, when a man randomly entered (after probably 10-15 minutes of no one going in or coming out) precisely as I came to “visitor” in the random magazine I was reading at the time, which was very apt in that patternistically explicit way, with the new man joining me and the other “incumbents” already established within the sauna, and with that perfectly intertwined timing with my registering this man's presence and its “visitorly” quality, etc. Even then I didn't at first note this one as more than just a potential super-subtle echo, but then, first, I absently but distinctly noticed this new man's somewhat saggy, droopy little breasts, the way some older men get when their skin starts to sag, and then, in the very next sentence in the book, it mentioned how that same “visitor” had “a sagging chest,” and in that exact same context/meaning, etc, ha ha.

> Then later on, when I was showering, there were a series of maybe 2-3 small but explicit and reasonably notable echoes between random things I did/thought/encountered then and an “involved converstaion between two nearby strangers”-type exchange going on simultaneously between two men in the outside locker room, but unfortunately I can't remember their specifics, being too dazed from the sauna and distracted with showering, etc, other than to remember that they were indeed 100% patternistic and objective/traceable/independent (and just so damn surreal, still …)

Numbers: a very very quiet day for these for whatever reason. Really, had only a scattered, strictly “low-key 'living'”-type of 37-plates in traffic, again no minority repeats that I remember, nor any actively conspicuous ones. There were a few parking-lots mixed in there, but only a token showing here too, really. Another “negatively notable” day in this vein – why the sudden and drastic downturn?


First activity of the day came at the very end of the morning drive to the appointment, when I pulled into the lot and was “greeted” patternistically by a truck with a 2777 plate, parked conspicuously both due to its being in a non-parking space as well as just being this gigantic, long-bed truck parked right in my way and forcing me to pull around it, demand my attention, etc, and also with its plate quietly conspicuously “there” directly in my line of sight, as is the case with so many of these quietly “living” such plates.

Had another “11:17 clock-check” just after the appointment too, which wasn't a clock-tick-type one like that one on Sunday morning, but is somewhat notable due to this being another of those little mini-themes over the last couple days, with my having several such “randomly checking the clock, sincerely needing to know the time, only finding it to be 11:17,” and if I remember right, been seeing this particular 37-variant more prominently over the same time period, another instance of that odd, infrequent pattern that seems to affect both this one and the “777”-type variant particularly.

The only other numbers of the day came explicitly after lunch, and again only scattered few low-key traffic 37-plates and parking-lot-types, just like last couple days more or less, both with conspicuously less volume/standouts and with the same quiet feel/timing/pattern and the like.

Only exception was a damn cool litlte standout cluster very soon after lunch. It all started notably, with my being absolutely Compelled to pull the car to the other end of the parking lot at the shopping plaza where I was, instead of just walking the short distance to the clothing store at the other end where I wanted to go, which was even more of a sensible/logical option given that it was just after a long lunch and I wanted to walk/stretch/get circulation going as much as possible – but I obeyed the Compelling the drive over, and immediately upon backing out and starting over there, I was first struck with another quietly conspicuous “living”-type 373-plate directly in my line of sight on a parked car – and then, a split second after registering that one, I was similarly “struck” by a classical “37-plate car backing out directly/conspicuously/patternistically in front of me and thus 'shoving' its plate directly in my line of sight,” this time a 317-plate truck that pulled out perfectly synchronistic/conspicuously timed with my pulling up – and then, immediately after I'd registered that one, I was similarly “struck” by a 703-plate right beside where the backing-out 317-truck had stopped, all again culminating in that back-to-back, rapid-fire, 1-2-3 effect that just left my head spinning. But, once again, from there the conspicuous number-repeats just altogether stopped, giving way to a period of total silence followed by some scattered plates and then nothing by the time I headed home.

Thought-type activity was there but similarly sparse and periodic, and today again almost exclusively centered around a loose, scattered cluster around lunch and thereafter and then going to total silence by mid-afternoon. Examples/standouts I got down:

> Lunchtime reading was again dominated by one single, exclusive variant of activity again, following the trend of several other days lately, this time with the “everyday little thing”-type of recurrences/parallels, probably about a dozen or so over the course of the reading session, and all following that super-subtle and subjective yet distinctly patternistic/collectively notable behavior/nature of these. Best example: reading of “plastic slippers” randomly in the book, when, less than an hour previous at the appointment, I'd put on the weird plastic slippers they give you there, and today distinctly but illogically/subtly Noticed them for no particular reason, as to distinctly think “weird plastic slippers,” again consistent with that bizarre/oblique little pattern of these.

> Another example of parallels/recurrences: when the book's character went out and bought these random clothes and stuff, and it listed them, and almost all of them were either the clothes that I'd super-randomly bought yesterday, or those which I equally randomly wrote down to go out and buy today (writing the note before I'd read this part), ha ha

> Had another of those subtle but notable “involuntary bodily function”-type ones while in the waiting room at the appointment. It started when I got hit with one of those weird cardiac disruptions where I'll react by overconsciously trying to control my heartbeat and such, the first of the day if I remember right, coming on entirely randomly and mysteriously as these do – a split second before the TV in the waiting room randomly said something about “using the mind to control a muscle” or “mental control of a muscle” or something along the lines – again, whatever the exact wording was, it involved using the mind to “control a muscle,” every bit echoing precisely what I reacted to the dysfunction to by responding with the bad habit of mentally controlling my heartbeat/”the muscle of the heart,” etc

> And once again, a few brief, scattered, “striking one-word/fast/fleeting”-types of radio/thought/passing sign-type echoes while driving around later on, such as while I was driving through the office plaza and trying to find which suite housed the massage place, then seeing the big “1” on the #1 suite and registering it with an absent/reactive mental vocalization of “one,” perfectly synchronistic with the radio randomly/singularly singing “one,” and again in that “small but intensely striking/intertwined” fashion

> A similar, but somewhat more coherent and notable one just before I got home, when the radio randomly said “It's your birthday,” precisely as I encountered this random electronic roadside sign with “Today” scrolling from left to right on its narrow display, with it timed exactly, flawlessly perfect with the “DAY” portion of it emerging as to correspond intertwined/perfectly synchronistically with the “DAY” portion of the radio's “birthday,” again in that “partial but intensely precise/coincidental/intertwined” fashion of so many of these, and again made all the more notable/striking due to the “animated” quality of the display's scrolling the word at that exact moment …

> Had a couple very subtle “lunchtime-reading-type of environmental/thought/reading”-type echoes today, very very few, and with one exception/semi-standout. It was a nearby-stranger one, and one of those that were fully non-literal but highly precise in sentiment/underlying archetype, with my coming to this part in the book where the character presses his palm to a scanner when buying something, to prove who he was, after which it immediately read “My identity was verified” – perfectly synchronistic with a nearby stranger at another table (again turned fully away from me/impossible for him to have seen what I was reading or known that I came to that exact part right then) saying to his companion, “Who are you?,” again in that sort of “question and answer”/vaguely-but-obliquely-perfect way of echoing it all.


Morning was again almost totally silent, then showed some number-type activity upon leaving and driving to the appointment, mostly another moderately pronounced and sudden onset of low-key/"quietly conspicuous"/"living"-type 37-plates in traffic, and still with a few of those 777 variants mixed in, with these still being present/active unlike other times (symptomatic of something?). Then, after leaving the appointment and encountering a similar succession of the same type of plates on the way to lunch, had another of those little "finisher"/"climax"/"period at the end of a sentence" ones, yet another where some objective need/desire/circumstance saw me to a specific space, today the need for a shady space since I had a cooler in the car, and after lurking through the whole, especially long parking lot at the shopping plaza, the one single shady spot ended up being directly beside a 637-plate car, ha ha.

Lunchtime reading was largely silent and noneventful, with long periods of total silent interrupted by a scattering of subtle, low-key, "small" echoes and the like (though these were of that perfectly synchronistic, striking, intertwined variant, markedly unlike the loose/delayed/"lazy" kind). Standoutish examples I got down:

> A classical collectively-notable-type of super-small one, when I came to "hand" singularly/randomly in the book precisely as "hand" sang from the overheard radio at the coffee shop. Today it was a little more notable/striking because the book's "hand" was the first or second word on a new line, such that I not only came to it precisely as the radio sang it, but its beginning a new line just made it a little more striking/with more mental "oomph."

> Another of those super-super-small ones, the word "she" this time, that repeated several times within a given a passage of the book, with each repetition coinciding perfectly with that in the song playing at the time, in this instance I think maybe 3-4 hits within the space of seconds, again culminating in a very convincing sense of "living-dream"

> Another of those subjectively super-surreal ones involving taking a bite of lunch and finding it to contain some distinct-tasting minority ingredient that was echoed perfectly by the book, this time a flax seed (which was not only in the minority ingredient of the little tablespoon or so of leftover kale chips, but was itself a minority ingredient in those, with only a few flax seeds being present in the entire bag, much less this one leftover spoonful), which not only had a distinctly nutty taste and was rare within the meal, but this one in particular had stuck to my teeth such that I had sort of single it out and maneuver it individually between my sharpest teeth and chew it like a mini-bite, all of which required conscious attention/focus and so caused me to distinctly/absently/reactively think "chew uncooperative flax seed" in that patternistic way that is so often echoed -- precisely as I came to someone's last name in the book, "Flaxman," also in a new line, and the only time in the *whole entire book* that it was mentioned, simply being an individual cited in the acknowledgements section on the very last couple pages, after the actual novel's text ...

> Had one really cool "nearby person somehow echoing the book"-type one, the only "environmental"-type one that I can remember as it were. It started when a woman wearing a conspicuously green shirt walked in front of me to go into the coffee shop, garnering my attention for several reasons: from her sudden appearance itself, to the eye-catching shirt and its contrast of the surroundings, and also just to the somewhat uncommon, especially light shade of the green itself -- precisely as I singularly/randomly came to "lime green" in the book, and again, this not only echoed the general theme of "green," but also the exact particular shade of green of the woman's shirt, which could very much be described as a "limey" green (I even looked up the "proper" tone of "lime green" online, and indeed it was a perfect match, from what I remember of the woman's shirt, ha ha). Also, again adding that super-surreal/striking "animated"/"reveal" quality, she appeared from behind the support pillar I was sitting directly beside, after being previously 100% invisible to me, as to just make it that much more dramatic and striking, etc.

> Had an interesting series of "everyday little thing" parallels/recurrences during lunchtime reading too, this a somewhat unique little mini-theme, with all of the parallels exclusively contained not only to morning reading, but to one single, express theme within morning reading, such that they all had the same patternistic feel/nature/behavior but were exclusively involved with this one single, central subject, as opposed to the hitherto "normal" kind that would typically be as various and unrelated as possible. The theme was particularly that of "Easter Eggs," with the morning-side of it being in the day's super-random Compelled library-freebie magazine, which happened to be from April and so was Easter-themed and so naturally had a bunch of stuff about Easter eggs, several pages in fact, including one that I noticed/Noticed particularly at the very end, which was about antique single-egg holders and their use at the dinner table, etc, with a big picture of them -- and then, in lunchtime reading of the very end of the 'Ready Player One' book, the character ends up winning "the prize," which is known and referenced throughout the book as the "Easter Egg," and not only did these two common-but-precise themes Just Happen to correspond on the same day's reading, barely two hours apart, but the book even mentioned one of those egg holders in particular (when I can't remember the last time I'd ever encountered such a thing specifically, perhaps not for years?). Pretty notable for several reasons, in itself but also in its very nature of being so exclusive (as of writing, I can't remember a single other, similar parallel/recurrence today, before or after the egg thing, when lately there's always been at least a few stray ones here and there), again which, if I didn't know better, I'd say was "intelligently orchestrated" as seems to be the case with so many of these and others ...

As for the rest of the day: almost fully silent, with absolutely zero thought-type incidents that I remember (not even a late re-emergence of subtle echoes and the like as sometimes happens), and with only some scattered numbers too. Like some other days recently, there was indeed some expressly "immediately after-lunch"-type activity, with another moderate succession low-key-but-noticeable plates very much like those of the two morning clusters, perhaps a bit more intense (and including other, non-plate sources of random-but-semi-conspicuous 37-variants, like mailbox numbers and address numbers on signs and such, all very subtle and individually dismissible but collectively very patternistic and notable), but then suddenly falling off to just a very scattered and somewhat less-conspicuous flow of them, even after getting on the highway and going "faster" both literally and figuratively, unlike times past when this has seemed to hasten the activity. There were only two exceptions to this slow subside, first on a miles-long stretch of highway when some less-scattered plates arrived (including a cool semi-standout, a pair of "drifter"-type cars, with the first being a 377-plate truck whose plate "invaded" my peripheral vision so patternistically, and then, immediately after and directly behind it and moving in the same slow creeping fashion, a car not with a 37-plate, but a random and odd, otherwise featureless sticker reading, simply, "0317" with a box around it, maybe some kind of a parking permit identifier, I don't know, but damn notable in a subtle way ...). And then, a parking-lot cluster at the market, when I first had another "Compelled to randomly park some place only to find myself neighboring a 37-plate," this time directly behind a 137-plate that was *just visible* to me at the angles/spacing/distance that we were respectively parked at, followed by a succesion of 4-5 low-key parking-lot-style ones both in and then out.


Morning saw the slightest bit of activity, in a way/format/feel very similar to some other "quiet but not-entirely-silent" mornings, where I'll see just the slightest, patternistically notable threshold of echoes or thematics or whatever. Today it was a very scattered, subtle, small succesion of one-word echoes and page-turn/random-thought-type ones spanning after-chore reading.

Best example, and actually rather notable all things considered: It started when my lungs spontaneously and randomly cleared, after being terribly congested all night and morning to the point that it was downright hard to breath, thus enabling me to take the first decent, lung-expanding breath for what felt like forever, which I absently/reactively/patternistic registered with the thought of something like "breathing big/expanding lungs/opening chest" -- precisely as I randomly/singularly came to "expand" in the magazine. And another interesting footnote on this one: it was, as it were, the very first incident of the morning, with a total silence prior, such that it would seem to be another "reflective" incident, with my express and sudden improvement in health/clarity of thought/able to breathe and get oxygen causing a distinct shift in consciousness that appears to have somehow triggered the phenomenon in some vital way. Is actually more notable than the incident individually, all things considered.

Would go on to have a nearly identical one in the sauna later, and a bit more notably, when I randomly came to "Sweating profusely," at the very start of a random little paragraph-sized block of text in a page-spanning collection of such, precisely as the very first drop of sweat came out of me, when I hit that distinct point of critical mass where the body goes from being just very hot to actually "releasing" into the sweat (which, it bears mentioning, is highly random from session to session and has for me come anytime from 30 minutes in to almost immediately after stepping inside, yet today Just Happened to correspond absolutely perfectly with my reading that text ...).

Also this morning, started what would prove to be this odd, very subtle little series of semi-notable "excellence" recurrences, these stemming from super-random mentions of "excellence" from three separate, different, super-random sources. Two were the super-random morning-reading magazine (a 41-year-old bicentennial copy of Time), the lunchtime book (an Indian business-practices book), and, most notably, the boxes from my new pajamas, which I'd been Compelled to hold onto and read at length when unpacking the PJs last night. And, also subjectively notable in this vein, I distinctly Noticed the first two "excellence" mentions, in that special way that told me I'd be seeing it again soon, and not only did I encounter it a second time after the first, but then the third at lunch too ...

Lunchtime reading saw another of those basic "continuances" from morning, with the same basic variety/feel of incidents, except with more of them and with more coherence/of "upgraded" depth, etc. And, interestingly, this too seemed to coincide with my health/condition/consciousness staying abnormally consistent through morning and into lunch, where I didn't really see a marked improvement in health after eating/getting calories, etc, and that seemed to be reflected in the same basic activity as prior (and, once again, suggests that the subjective element of consciouness/perception/thought/mind, etc, plays a central role in the phenomenon's manifest expressions). Did actually have some reasonable activity during lunch, more than lately, though it was very slow to start up as I've noted at times past, and still far from being any sort of onslaught/"storm." Standouts I got down:

> Another of those damn surreal and subjectively highly notable "affirmative"-type of echoes, where I'll have some distinct and meaningful realization of something that I'd never before fully understood consciously, and then, soon after, have that exact same finding somehow echoed, again as if some intelligence was expressly saying "Yes, you were right." The actual realization is too complex/subjective/vague to truly convey, involving that bizarre concept I'd realized recently (I can't remember when exactly, sometime when the last few days I want to say though) about how staying in a constant state of stress/panic/fear/upheaval can allow someone to get used to it and thus stay perversely calm in it whereas someone not used to such a condition would be unable to function within such a mindset, which was echoed in the book nearly exactly today, therein called "adrenaline training."

> A classical "random, 100% traceably objective thought being echoed in the book," this time when I'd gone inside the coffee shop and set my bag down on the table to unload it, and then soon after, while looking at it absently, I'd thought that maybe it looked awkward sitting there in the middle of the table like that and that maybe I should set it down -- precisely as I came to "on the table" in the book, once again where the text was visible to me peripherally beforehand, but I can so distinctly trace my thought back to the long chain regarding the objective circumstance of my bag being on the table, etc, that it pretty much rules out any sort of subliminal cueing, etc. Seems like there were several like this, but the others were all pretty much too subtle/in-the-moment to convey.

> Had a vague and subtle but ultimately notable odd, singular sort of unique incident, I guess what would be considered either a very longwinded echo or just a very short, closely recurring thematic. It started during the first half of lunch when I was outside and I came to this page-long part of the book that recalled in detail a little story about a cricket player who was afraid and found himself responding to it with uncontrollable laughter in an attempt to keep the other team from sensing his fear, which comprised the general underlying thrust of the little story, this thematic sentiment of "nervous laughter to conceal fear/uneasiness/anxiety" -- and then, maybe ... 20 minutes later? when I picked up and went inside for the second course of my meal/to cool off, etc, right after I sat down and started eating/reading again, the group of women at the table directly beside me started conversing, and, first, they were talking about how they all had "anxiety" and how this oil the coffee shop sold helped with it, but then, second, all of them were laughing unnecessarily and at inane things and with very tense, contrasting body language -- such that it was clear that they were all anxious/uneasy (they were all three strangers who'd just been forced to sit together due to lack of seating and had entered into inane, forced small-talk, etc) and that, furthermore, they were attempting to conceal that fact with inappropriate nervous laughter, etc. This one was "loose" and vague enough that I could see it being just a mildly unlikely and ironic coincidence, but all things considered, could as easily have been some sort of weird, loose one-off thematic.

> A cool little "nearby stranger" echo, and with a twist. It started as another one of those small, one-word, but super-striking, "so perfectly timed as to be intertwined with my thought"-type of echoes, when a woman at the table next to me randomly said "leave" precisely as I randomly/singularly came to that word in the book. But then, upping the notability: when I stopped and doubled back to see if I'd really just read "leave" as she had said it, which I always do after the synchroshock of these particularly striking one-words, the same woman said "leave" a second time, and this one too coinciding with the exact same intertwined precision as the first, ha ha.

And once again: another "immediately after-lunch cessation" of thought-type activity today, followed by an equally patternistic "gradual, random return of scattered super-subtle echoes later on." Today there were only the slightest few of these, but definitely there, however briefly and quietly.

Best example I got down: It started on my way into the market, when I suddenly realized that I'd forgotten my hand soap in the car and so would have to wash my hands using the questionable antibacterial soap in the men's room after using it, which I didn't want to do because of what I'd read about the harmfulness/toxicity of common antibiotics and other soap additives -- precisely as I came upon a signboard outside the market reading "ANTIBIOTIC" in big print in the very middle, as to be the first word I saw/registered upon encountering the sign, and coinciding absolutely perfectly/intertwined with my final absent thought in the chain of "don't want antibiotics" or something like that, yet again 100% objectively traceable to the objective event of my first remembering the soap, etc, all of which started when I was 100% out of view of the signboard, down the sidewalk and around a corner.

Numbers were very quiet today, with overall less activity than thought-type stuff for the first time in a while, despite there not being an overabundance of either really. I remember one single, "living semi-conspicuous 37-traffic plate"-type one on the way to lunch, when I passed through that intersection at the swing bridge and, with the bridge being out, passed by the big line of cars waiting to cross, and the very last one, idling at the precise spot/angle/space where it was necessary for me to look directly at its plate when I passed, was a 377-plate car. And then, immediately after getting on the road after lunch (though not immediately after lunch technically, since I went to the store in the same plaza as the coffee shop after eating, without getting back in traffic), a little cluster of semi-conspicuous "living" small 37-plates, there long enough and numerous enough just enough to qualify as a little "after-lunch"-type cluster (and, also: one of them was another of those 777-variants, thus continuing this little mini-thematic). Other than those, though, I remember only maybe 2-3 very scattered low-key plates throughout the rest of the afternoon, and this too seeming to "reflectively" correspond with my similarly quiet/subdued/"internally deadened" state of health and the like.

Did see a reasonable amount of "everywhere"/randomly sourced 37s throughout the day, though almost all of the super-subtle, in-the-moment, subjectively-notable-only kind. Did have a mildly notable "cashier randomly quoting a 37-containing price"-type one, this time at the market, with it coming patternistically right as I was walking out the door, such that, a second later, I would've been out of earshot, etc, as is the case with so many of these.

One cool little standoutish one at the gym, beginning when I finished up and looked at the clock, genuinely wanting to know the time since I didn't have my watch on and hadn't checked the time since arriving, only to find it to be exactly 3:37 -- and then, as I lowered my eyes from the clock, I saw the digital thermostat just below it, set to 73 degrees, ha ha.


Very quiet day, and oddly so, being another of those with a drastic and sudden improvement in health/condition/clarity of thought, but a distinctly *lessened* amount of activity even over the generally subdued/quiet theme of the last few days.

Morning was absolutely silent, as was lunchtime reading with one exception: more of those subtle, 100% subjective "affirmative"-type of echoes in the Indian business book, and in the exact same vein/nature/format/behavior of yesterday's, and now echoing even "closer"/more tightly timed realizations/insights I've had recently, these just within the last couple days, notably so, just like past incidences of this type of echo. Had only probably 3-4 total today, but certainly enough to establish a theme/patternistic/collective notability and the like. And something else interesting about these today: it was another time where the activity was absolutely limited to these thematics, and this one particular kind even, to the total exclusion of any "normal"/instant/environmental lunchtime echoes or anything else, even vague parallels. Once again: if I didn't know better, I'd say that this "isolation" of the affirmatives was intelligently arranged, perhaps to emphasize them, without any sort of other activity distracting me from them during my reading time today ...

And once again, these ceased immediately after I finished reading, and today had only one single, standout incident later on, in typical "mid-afternoon resussitation of activity" but just one incident. It was a classic environmental/objective-event/reading echo, when a conspicuously loud fire-truck alarm screamed out, as to immediately demand my attention and thus make me register it with an absent thought of "fire/fire truck/firemen," etc -- precisely as I came to "a fireman" in the random magazine I was reading at the oil change place, and this too another one that was on a new line, with my "jumping" to the new line and shifting my focus perfectly synchronistic/"intertwined" with the first peal of the alarm from outside. Very notable and surreal.

Numbers were as sparse today, proportionately so for the most part in this case, and with a similarly "quiet" nature/feel/behavior. In fact, I can recall only maybe 5-6 total, all exclusively after-lunch and, if I remember right, almost exclusively in a little markedly "immediately after-lunch"-type of cluster, with several quietly conspicuous/"living" low-key 37-plates coming in loose succession right after I left the coffee shop and got on the road, such as with a 373-plate car being stopped at an intersection in the lane directly beside me and directly in my line sight, as to force me to take notice and get "hit" with its plate as I passed, followed by a couple similar ones just after. Also, I remember a classical "car turning at the precise angle/time/height as to 'flash' its plate directly into my line of sight," this one another 373-car in the market parking lot a split second before I was about to pull off and leave.

Did end up having a slight resurgence of thought-type activity through evening for a time, beginning with a scattered, subtle-but-striking series of one-word reading echoes, maybe 3-4 spaced over an hour or so, and these seeming to correspond with a slight increase in clarity/lessening of headsickness, etc. Best example: randomly reading "labrador" precisely as a dog randomly barked from somewhere outside (for the first time, after total silence/no barking prior to this), both of these singular and totally random and in the same context and with that perfect, intertwined coincidence.

Also, during dinnertime reading, a few more "affirmative" echoes, just within the few pages I read over the 20 minutes or so.


A noticeable change-up today in several regards, and this too seeming to correspond with an almost identical change in health/condition/consciousness, in reflective fashion, and most seen in the express underlying "feel"/nature/behavior of both the day's activity and my internal state/behavior and nature of my thinking and feelings and general sentimental function, as to be very "correlated" in their reflecting one another in various capacities -- very notable, albeit only subjectively, still can't really convey these things.

Morning saw some relatively moderate activity, in the form of a loose/scattered but patternistic/behaviourally identical little series of radio/thought/event-type echoes, all beginning on the drive to church. There were a scarce few little very low-key 37-plates then, too, just enough to "be there" instead of "not being there." Standouts I got down:

> Three of those super-subtle, "loose," literally imprecise "absent/reactive thought"-type of radio echoes, all close together and of identical "feel"/behavior, beginning when I finally pulled out of the driveway after struggling to get out of the house all morning, etc, thus causing me to think something like "driving/moving/riding finally," precisely as "take me on a ride" sang from the radio, and immediately after I'd keyed the ignition too, in the very first stanza of song to come out (since I'd immediately shifted into to gear and gotten moving, being so late, not even pausing to back up or wait for the car to warm up at all, pulling right through the grass and turning around, when otherwise the thought/objective event of my driving wouldn't have corresponded perfectly synchronistically/intertwined, ha ha)

> The next two arrived just before the highway, first when I hit an intersection and so looked up to check the light right as it changed, thus causing me to absently/reactively think "light changed" or something -- precisely as "stoplight" sang randomly/singularly from the radio. And then, a minute or so later when I went up the on-ramp and began merging with traffic on the highway and so did a head-check in my blind spot rather than trusting my mirror, thus causing me to turn bodily and look over my shoulder -- precisely as "looking back" sang from the radio, singularly/randomly of course

> Then, once at church, a very brief and very subtle little cluster of those patternistically "church"-style echoes, the subtle, subjective, "small"/one-word "rapid-fire"/fast/fleeting kind, and again with the sermon/songs/etc paralleling my running stream of absent/vague/subconscious thoughts, perfectly synchronistic in timing but often with loose/non-literal precision. Once again, I can't cite any specifically despite them being notable. And, as it occurs to me now: this too would present a "reflective" element, since I enter more or less the exact same state of consciousness/attention/focus/thinking while attending church, which might explain why I tend to get these explicitly patternistically/behaviourally identical type/feel of incidents at that time.

> Also at church today, more of those "affirmative" echoes, with these being identical in nature than those I've been seeing the last couple days in the business book, but different as far as *content and subject matter,* interestingly

> Then, finally in this morning-long cluster, another radio/event-type echo like those on the way to church, except a bit more coherent/objectively notable. It happened when I stopped at an intersection and watched as a gigantic coach-style RV came directly/conspicuously into my view and stopped opposite me, on the other side of the road, which was where I was focused due to it being where I was trying to turn, thus causing me to distinctly notice the RV and its size and thus reactively think something along the lines of "big coach-style RV" (this kind specifically, being the defining characteristic of this particular style/body-type of RV) -- precisely as "the bus" sang randomly/singularly from the radio, which is exactly what a coach-style RV is, just a bus fitted with a living area instead of rows of seats, etc, this one with the exact same distinctive boxy "bus-shape," etc

Lunchtime reading saw activity today, and it was right back to that explicit pattern of "several super-subtle, subjective reading/thought/environmental incidents," and today only this, with no thematics/parallels or those affirmatives that had defined the last couple days (that I remember, anyhow), conspicuously so, as to again be notable just in this aspect alone, due to the distinct contrast/exclusionary element in the type/nature/behavior of this period's incidents (both in respect to other lunchtime-reading sessions and to just those of the morning "bloc" as well). These were again all of that "flowing"/"stream of consciousness" type, subtly but distinctly echoing the random, instant, fleeting/reactive/absent thoughts shooting through the back of my mind while eating and reading and passively observing the coffee shop and people around me. Best examples I can cite:

> Coming to "full back" in the book, in the context of the football position, precisely as I went to stretch my back, with my initiating the stretch due to the objective/100% traceable need to do so, arising from my being halfway through lunch and thus having sat for a while and thus having my back begin to ache just then, yet such that my absent/automatic thought of "stretch back" corresonded absolutely perfectly with this singular/random mention of "full back" in the book (and again with the two "backs" corresponding as to be intertwined, etc)

> Randomly thinking of the almond milk I'd just poured into the second course of my lunch, because I'd taken a couple bites and judged that I put in too much to get a good consistency/texture and had thus drowned it/made it too moist, as to again have my thought of "almond milk" be 100% traceable to the objective event of my having poured it in a couple minutes prior and then having eaten enough to realize that it was too moist -- precisely as I came to "cannot get milk" in the book, and once again with that explicitly patternistic intertwining of the thought of "milk" with the individual word in the sentence, and still in that way that, were the whole thing not so keenly traceable and objective and patternistic of the dozens upon dozens of previous incidents, I'd dismiss as being the result of some illusionary psychological process or perceptual bias or subliminal cueing, etc ...

> Also, right at the very end of lunch, another of those "reading of a sound precisely as I heard that sound"-type of environmental echoes, and this time of that precise, explicit nature, rather than the lesser "general-sound" kind, when I "paper" precisely as a distinct, unmistakable rustling of paper sounded from nearby (and, of course, when there'd been no such rustling before or after, entirely singular/random yet perfectly coincidental ...)

And of course these ceased right after lunch, again in "as if on a switch" fashion, but today did see a slight return of activity during a couple brief periods through the rest of the afternoon. Few standouts:

> A damn cool "absent/reactive thought"-type one, this one of a distinctly "upgraded" precision and depth. It happened when I came upon the intersection right by where the Air Force airshow happened to be going on today, and thus discovered the road I'd been intending to follow to be entirely closed off and blocked, thus causing me to think the natural thought of "which alternate route will take me to where I need to go" -- precisely as "find new roads" came randomly/singularly at the end of a radio ad, perfectly echoing both the thought and the absent visualization in my mind's eye of which road/route/path I could take to get from where I was at to where I was going, etc -- so damn striking and surreal

> Next, later on while starting to head home (another juncture where I had a slight change in consciousness, it bears mentioning in regards to the "reflective" nature of this slight shift/triggering of activity), had a brief little cluster of those super-subtle, fast, fleeting one-word thought/radio/random event-type echoes, such as seeing a car approaching me fast in my rearview mirror, visibly gaining on me as to eventually tail-gate me, precisely as "come closer to me" sang singularly/randomly from the radio (with the car's visible nearing lending that super-surreal "animated"/dramatic element). And then, a minute or so after that one, an identical one when I set my cruise control at 45 mph but then saw the car's speedometer dip down a mile to 44 instead as it tends to do, thus causing me to think something like "it stopped at 44 instead of 45," precisely as I came up on a sign for "44th Avenue" and thus read/registered it, and again with the "44" portion of my thought corresponding in perfect intertwined fashion with my registering the 44 on the sign.

Then this evening, had a "late"-style singular reading recurrence during dinnertime reading, and it was a damn cool and notable standout. It started this evening when I took the cold shower for the second night in a row and found myself tolerating it very easily now, after feeling hesitant/averse to it when attempting it previously -- and then, less than an hour later when I sat down to eat and read, the book had this sentence (and on the second page that I read, as it were, as to arrive more or less right when I started this "bloc" of time): "Like bathing under a cold shower, [...] we get used to it," not only echoing the general event by name, but my "getting used to it"/acclimating so surprisingly well, which I'd distinctly thought of, etc -- doesn't get much more explicit or tightly timed than that, for recurrence-type ones anyhow.

Numbers were there today, but once again relatively slight and few and almost all "low-key quietly conspicuous"-style at most. Yet again had another of those "conspicuously/patternistically immediately after-lunch"-style clusters, albeit only a few altogether. Then, later on just after leaving the gym, an equally slight and scattered cluster spanning that detour/alternate "new road" route I had to take, with a series of low-key "quietly conspicuous"-style plates on the parked cars I passed and in traffic alike, including the day's single more-conspicuous incident, a classical "reckless tail-gator/passer"-type one, when a car came up on me dangerously close and fast, then passed me (without signaling), despite there being heavy traffic from the influx of detoured cars and thus being pointless to try to pass at all since you would just get behind another equally slow-moving car, but of course the reckless car had a 733-plate, and, more notably, it passed me *just far enough* for the plate to "peek" into my view in that patternistic and super-surreal way before the moving gridlock caused the car to have to slow back down and move back behind me even, ha ha.


Morning saw another one of those newish sort of incidents where I had a sudden, spontaneous improvement in health/clarity of thought/lifting of headsickness and internal deadness coinciding perfectly synchronistically with the very first incident of the day, exactly like that one a couple days ago where my lungs cleared and I got breath and took a deep chest-expanding breath precisely as I read "expand," except today it was just a sudden, general spontaneous lift into some clarity after being very headsick and dead all morning ever since waking up, coinciding identically instantaneously with my suddenly coming to a series of those "random figure/offhand mention"-type 37-variants in the morning's super-random freebie magazine, after seeing not a one through the entire previous 3/4 of the magazine, but then immediately coming to a page with 3-4 semi-prominent ones, plus a few thereafter.

Next, another "randomly and genuinely checking my watch for the time only to have it clock-tick conspicuously to a repeat," this time of the 11:11 variety, and with a twist: not only did I check my watch for the time right then, but when I did so, it was displaying something other than the time, a button having been pushed and turned it to the date or something, such that I had to push a button a couple times to get it back to the time -- only to have it arrive at the time display precisely as the time ticked to "11:11:01," again absolutely flawlessly timed and patternistic, etc.

Next up was another brief, low-key series of plates during the morning drive to lunch, with no standouts but numerous and patternistic and "quietly/livingly conspicuous" enough to be notable. And then, upon arriving at the coffee shop, another of those semi-conspicuous "greeter"-type of plates, where a parked 374-plate car was parked directly in my line of sight/angle/height/distance such that its plate "greeted" me upon pulling into the parking lot, again patternistic of others of this kind (and, if I remember right, once even in this very same parking lot).

Lunchtime reading: absolutely silent, without even the slightest subtle echoes or thematics or anything (why?).

Did have some more numbers, and in that distinct after-lunch fashion, today of the "immediate" variety, when I got in the car and went to back from the parking space and again had another of those "having to look behind me before backing out, only to turn directly to a previously invisible 37-plate," this time a 77133-plate on a truck, once again dead center/"greeting" me in the exact space I looked at upon turning back and turning my head, etc. Then, immediately after, another "very first place upon getting back on the road being a 37-plate" incident, a 373-plate truck that passed me as I stopped at a stop sign just down the road, this in itself of a semi-conspicuous, logistically conspicuous kind (and, contextually/circumstantially notable too, considering that I'd been Compelled to leave the coffee shop the way that I did, from the back and onto a back street rather than just pulling right out into the road the way I'd come in, again totally illogically/inconveniently, etc).

As for numbers, did go on to see a similarly scattered and very low-key succession of 37-plates in traffic and parking lots through afternoon, not a whole lot but not a really small amount either like some days recently; a general uptick, if a small one. Did have one standout/conspicuous one that I remember, another of those "car in front of me turning off in a conspicuous or illogical manner, only to dramatically 'reveal' the 37-plate on the previously invisible car ahead of the first," this time also with a notable twist. It started when I came to a truck stopped to turn left, with two cars backed up behind it, and as I sat waiting for a minute or so, first one car passed dangerously on the truck's right, and then the next followed suit soon after -- thus revealing the truck's 7311 plate, ha ha.

Plus, yet another cute little time-stamp-receipt-type one, this time from the coffee shop, with the stamp at 11:37 AM exactly (though I don't remember any particularly conspicuous circumstances/slowdowns, etc, that culminated in this, other than the usual great many logistics that go into any drive/journey/transit).

Otherwise, I recall only two thought-type incidents exactly today (and, this near-silence corresponding again seemingly 100% "reflective" with some sudden and extreme headsickness/internal deadening/generally depersonalized internal state today):

> A weird sort of recurrence, involving that super-random "Growing Food" October 2007 copy of National Geographic I read recently (and which was involved in at least a couple notable synchronicities if I remember right). It happened at the library when I went in to drop off my read magazines and get some new ones -- and there on the freebie desk was a stack of National Geographics, with that exact same issue directly on top (as if placed there for me to see ..). It's another of those that isn't otherwise complicated or notable, but it's still just so unlikely and so "synchronistic"/following the general pattern of the phenomenon, as to appear very much like a simple recurrence of "10/2007 issue of National Geographic." Either that, or just a damn unlikely coincidence, all things considered.

> Another of those sudden, singular, very notable standout echoes, this time a nearby-stranger variety at the market. It started with another 100% traceable/objective/independent thought, while I was at the self-checkout and thinking of anything else I needed to do before going home, which thus caused me to think "Okay, finally going home now" -- a split second before an employee walked past the self-checkout attendant as asked her "Goin' home now?" And this one was notable in all sorts of ways: first, it was another of those where I had the thought with only the slightest, maybe half-second delay before the employee spoke the words, but distinctly *before* and so tight that it might as well have been perfectly synchronistic, as to be intertwined with the thought as it crossed my mind though not quite as it immediately unfolded (and so highly patternistic of these), but then the echo was in the exact literal terms of my thought, which I'd mentally vocalized as "going home now" in particular. And then, also, explicitly objective for several reasons, not only with my being able to reliably trace the thought to an objective event, etc, but also, even if I couldn't, I'd had the thought that split-second *before* the woman said anything to the attendant (and also, it was the first thing she'd said, period, without anything prior that might've cued me subliminally or whatever).

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