Synchronicity log for 2012


A recap of the last few days: had no real synchronicity, other than a series of small, possibly nonexistent ones, even smaller than those obscure barrages that I've had a few days. Also, I've had a lot of deja vu the last couple days, very very distinct and vivid, yet short, and entirely indescribable. Merging/branching realities? Hmm. Strange that the synchros are seemingly stopping, and that I'm having the deja vu at the same time ...


It begins again, or it did last night (the 5th), rather. I was in bed, almost asleep, when I heard some cat noises outside, strange enough to get my attention, so I reluctantly got out of bed to investigate. As I did so, I noticed that the clock was 11:11 (didn't look at the block, but was rather Attracted to it). It bears noting that I'd heard the same sounds minutes earlier and almost gotten up, but put it off. Then, this morning, I saw it again, in another very conspicuous way. At some point in the morning, there was a very brief power outage, and my clock went out. About a half hour after it happened, I got up to see what time it was, to find my clock blinking. I then went to my phone to get the time to set it to, and it was 11:11. This coming at a time when I was very much confused and in doubt.

Word synchro: "cabalistic." This is a cool one, because it's another three-banger. First, I saw it in "The Talisman" yesterday, and Noticed it; then it was in "Intangible" this morning, when I was Compelled to begin editing it. I almost noted it then, but didn't, until it was in "The Talisman" again this afternoon.

A couple more cool ones: This morning, I was Compelled to check my story discussion on the Forbidden Fiction page, after a long time putting it off. When I did, I by chance came upon another thread about various sex-related subjects, one of which was "ponyplay." Being unfamiliar with this, I went and checked it out, and was led to various webpages showing people in leather/traces/bridles, etc., one of which had a woman with her nipples chained together, another of which showed people being ridden around piggyback-style. Well, both these things were in "The Talisman" over lunch, about an hour later.

Also, two more sparrow synchros, first one in "Intangible" this morning, then another in "The Talisman." Both were mentioned in passing, but they fit the pattern I've been seeing the last few months.

A cool one: when replying to [my friend], I did this entirely random Google image search which I was Compelled to do, and it turend up a picture of a Star Trek guy's head on the body of Princess Leia. I remember identifying it as a Star Trek character, but couldn't remember who. Well, about an hour later, I was reading "The Talisman" and it mentioned Captain Kirk -- and I at once recognized it as the guy in the picture, when I don't know the last time I saw anything about Captain Kirk.


And it continues. First, had another 11:11 this morning, my attention being jerked to my right while driving so I could see the clock by consequence (this has never really stopped happening since I started this log, I just haven't been logging it; only logging it now because everything stopped there for a while, and now seems to be starting up again -- perhaps because I'm starting to get back on my own "groove" again, after being out of it from the wedding/jury duty/stress, etc? Hmmm. Maybe it's been happening, I just didn't notice (there were a few minor synchros during that period, but none coherent enough to log even here)).

Word synchro: "starveling," in "The Surrogate" this morning, then "The Talisman" at lunch, when I hadn't seen that word in quite a while.

A cool one. This morning, while on the way to cut Sunset, I noticed this red truck with a distinctive front bumper, a big black bar. Well, after cutting Sunset and then Vilas, I saw it again, after about two hours. Not huge, but neat since I noticed it so distinctly and then just happened to see it again -- the chances aren't too high, even though we were obviously in the same area.

This one was really cool. Just as I finished cutting Hickory Lane, I had a thought of one of the property's neighbors, a man that I've encountered several times. The thought had just finished going through my head, when the guy pulled up, waving at me and telling me the grass looked great. It was so synchronously fast, the thought and then -- BAM -- the guy, as if I'd wished him into being. The very same way as the other thought synchros I've had.


Word synchro: "transitional." This was a cool one. I used this word in a chance conversation with [my friend] last night (she saw me browsing Facebook), and then it was in the Jung collected works this morning. A very rare word.


A couple cool word synchros: "unstoppably" and "individuation." "Unstoppably" was in "The Talisman" a few days ago, and I noted it in my ledger, and then it was in "The Virgin Suicides" this afternoon, which I started today only because I couldn't bear to read through the Jung book; there was, of course, a gap between these, but I find it notable nonetheless. However, "individuation" is a different story. I was just introduced to this term yesterday in the Jung book, seeing it for the first time, and then it was in "The Virgin Suicides" today. Very notable.

A really cool one: cat's-eye glasses. I saw this in "The Virgin Suicides" this afternoon, and didn't know what they were, so I looked them up and found out. Then, tonight, I decided to watch "The Lair of the White Worm," after having it bookmarked for months -- feeling very Compelled, getting that attractive, Yes feeling after getting a No for so long. A few minutes into the movie, there was a scene with a woman wearing cat's-eye glasses (also worth noting is that I felt Compelled to do my definitions before watching the movie, which allowed me to know what they were/enabled this whole synchro).


A barely notable one. At lunch, I read about "flood pants" in "The Virgin Suicides" and noted it in my ledger, being unfamiliar with the word. Then, later in the day, after cutting grass, I Noticed a teenager walking along the road, specifically his pants, which were neither shorts nor pants, ending at the shin. Well, tonight, I looked up "flood pants" and saw that they were pedal pushers -- very much like the boychild I saw.

This one was an 11:11 instance, not quite a synchronicity, but really cool. I was in bed, and had a few things that I felt like I should write down as notes, but figured I'd remember, so I didn't. Well, I resisted it for a while, but it was nagging, so I eventually got up to write them down -- the first part of it, since I waited like I did, thus enabling the experience. Well, then I got up on the right side of the bed instead of the left, so I not only got up at 11:11, but was forced to pass the clock since I got up on the other side of the bed. Also, about two seconds after I saw the clock, I looked back, and it had changed to 11:12. It just fit this whole, precise nature of these things so well, first my putting off the notes so I would get up at 11:11, and then my getting off the other side of the bed so I would pass the clock, etc.


A super-cool one today, blog-worthy. I've needed new grass-cutting glove since March, but have put it off because I couldn't spare the money. Well, this week I finally got the money, and I'd planned on getting the gloves today, from Farmer's, but they closed at 12:30, before I usually go out. It crossed my mind to make a special trip, but I didn't feel like it, and it wasn't urgent anyway, so I let it go. Well, when I went to Harris Teeter today, for Listerine -- unlikely in itself, because I almost got Listerine elsewhere, but could've swore it was cheaper at Harris Teeter (which it wasn't; I have no idea why I thought that, though I kind of do, since if I had bought the Listerine elsewhere I never would've gone to Harris Teeter) -- as I was leaving, I noticed a glove on the ground. I almost just passed, since it was only one glove, but I figured that maybe the other was around somewhere, so I went back, and sure enough, it was. The gloves fit perfectly, and are of very high quality, and in great condition. Also worth noting is that I got the Listerine on sale, so even though it was the same price as elsewhere normally, I got it cheap. Also, on the way in, I saw Tate for the first time in probably a year, him just leaving where I was going in, him just catching me (I didn't even see him), when just recently I was thinking about him, wondering how he was doing. The whole thing, it just fit that same precise nature of these things, had it written all over it (especially since I'd been all over the place this afternoon, and it all came together so perfectly).


Some cool word synchros. "Manhandled," "beacon," "decidedly," "Julius." I used all these in "Addict" this morning, and then they were all in "Startship Troopers," which I started reading this afternoon.


Word synchro: "the cram of," in "School" this morning, when I felt Compelled to edit it, and then in leger at lunch (I think that's the only time I've used that in anything). Then, "skirling," which was really cool. It was in the ledger at lunch, and I Noticed it, because it was such an odd verb, relating to bagpipes, and then it was in "Starship Troopers" this evening, just hours later. Heh.

(Update, 5/20/12:
If I remember right, on this day, I went to Goodwill and found a Big Head Todd and the Monsters CD, just two days after I Just Happened to see Tate outside Harris Teeter and he recommended to me, arbitrarily, Big Head Todd and the Monsters.)


A cool wordy synchro: "attrition." I'd put this in my ledger yesterday, to define, which was odd since I know what it meant, I just had a sort of brain fart and had to look it up. Well, today, I Noticed the entry in there, and then, this afternoon, I spontaneously went and got my oil change, during which I read a magazine and an article in it that mentioned attrition, using it in an unlikely way. Also, it was in "Starship Troopers" again this evening. It's notable since 1) it's not the most common of words, and 2) I Noticed it so, and then ended up seeing it when I, by chance, got my oil changed.

A weird one. Earlier today, I thought, very distinctly, of the book "I Am Legend," while reading "Starship Troopers." Then, this evening, about an hour later, I checked my email and found a spam titled I AM LEGEND, which turned out to be advertising sex pills. Possibly nothing, but the thought was so pronounced, I had to note it.


A really, really cool word synchro today: "brevet." This one started about two days ago, while reading "Starship Troopers." Something about it caused me to think of a word I couldn't remember, but had something to do with being unofficially "promoted" (I think it had something to do with seeing the military ranks in the book). Anyway, I kept thinking of this word, over and over, for no reason, and this continued until this morning, when I came upon the word in my ledger: brevet. This was significant enough, since I would get to that in my ledger when I'd been mysteriously thinking of it repeatedly for days now, but then, the clincher: it turned up in "Starship Troopers" this afternoon, the second time I've ever seen it used. Wow.


Cool word synchro: "liberry" (colloquial "library"). [my friend] mentioned this, arbitrarily, in her last email, a couple days ago, and then it turned up in "The Sound and the Fury" today, both for the first time I've ever seen that slang written out.


Thought synchro while writing [my friend] (email excerpt):

""And I would almost swear to some of the lyrics I hear until I read the lyric sheet online. Wow.  It usually changes the meaning of the entire song."

Wow, this was cool. Just as I was re-reading the paragraph above that, now, to reply, I was thinking of the line of a song that I had recently read the lyrics to and found that it redefined the entire song ("this holy reality, this holy experience" rather than "this whole reality, this whole experience," very very significant to me for other reasons I won't even go into)."

Word synchro: "ague," in my email to [my friend] this morning (originally had something else, then substituted ague), and then in "The Sound and the Fury" this afternoon, first I'd read it in a while.


Word synchro: "effortfully," in ledger this morning, and I Noticed it, then in "The Hand of God," one of the only times I've used it, after I've been off editing/finishing it for the whole month.

And the saga of the green truck continues. This morning, I Just Happened to be looking out the window when the green truck passed by (it seems like I was thinking something related to synchronicities right before I saw it, enough to give me pause after, but I can't remember what it was). When I saw it, I thought after, I wish I could've gotten a look at its bumper, to see if it was rusted through so that I'd know if it would validate the synchronicity from months ago. Well, it passed by too quick for me to see, so I didn't. However, this afternoon, while on the way to the gym, I decided to go a different way, on Blowing Rock Road instead of on 421, because traffic on 421 was backed up. Well, by the time my light changed, the traffic on 421 was moving, and I almost-almost went that way, but I felt compelled to go on Blowing Rock Road, very distinctly. Well, once I got to the intersection where I would turn to the gym, there was none other than the green truck, sitting in the turn lane I was pulling into. Unfortunately, two cars got in ahead of me, so I couldn't see its bumper while waiting for the light to change, but luckily I caught just enough of a glimpse of it when the light changed to see that the bumper was in fact rusted through, thus validating that whole synchronicity I'd questioned about. Wow (double wow -- quadruple).

Word synchro: "he leaned forward in confidence," in ledger this morning and then "I Come To Teach" tonight, only time I've used it.


May be nothing, but while I was reading "Carriers" today, it mentioned a man's anus being ripped out and him defecating his intestinal lining. Interestingly, about a week ago I felt Compelled to clean a racoon carcass from the road, just around the bend from my house, and when I did so, I noticed how its intestines had been squashed from its anal cavity, leaving a hole. Appetizing.


This is a cool one. Recently, the neighbor of one of the lawns I cut got a motorcycle, which I've noticed every time I cut there, because it's a very nice, new-looking model. Then, today on the way home from church, I saw the neighbor going down the road on the motorcycle, and recognized it immediately. Well, about seven hours later, I was coming home from the high school and practicing on my motorcycle, when I saw the very same guy, on his motorcycle, in the exact same place I saw him earlier (same lane, in front of the same motel, same direction, etc, etc). Deja vu.


Cool word synchro: "colossal." This one started a few days ago, when I read it in a book ("Carriers" I think) and thought of how I never used that, so I noted it in my ledger. Well, since then, I've seen it at least two more times, but I want to say three, all in random places that would have been unnotable in themselves, but it's all like others in the past, where I don't note it at first but then I keep seeing it so much that I'm forced to. As if something is trying to get my attention ...

(5/29 update: [my friend] wrote this to me after seeing my tweet of this synchro: "Anyway, got in, got situated, flicked on the netbook....and laughed.  Colossal.  While at my parents, I was reading one of the stories I had written to see what had changed.  In the first few paragraphs, I noted the word "colossal."  It stood out enough for me to write it on my hand.")

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