Synchronicity log for 2013


Two pretty cool ones today. Yesterday, while cutting grass, I distinctly thought about killing a young plant before it could grow. The thought started when I did just that, knocking down thorn bushes before they could grow. Then, while out with Tim today, I heard the Bob Marley song (Eric Clapton version) "I Shot The Sheriff," in which one of the lyrics mentions killing things before they can grow. This in itself isn't very notable, except for two things: 1) I had actually turned off my truck, and therefore the radio, before this lyric came on. I only heard it because I had to turn it back on briefly (several seconds) in order to put up one of the (power) windows, and in that tiny little window, the lyric was playing on the radio. And, 2) because I had actually planned to be out with Tim later today, but I was able to pick him up earlier; if I hadn't have changed my plans like this, I wouldn't have heard the lyric. Besides that, it was mildly notable as a recurrence, but the background of it upgrades it a bit.

Then, almost as cool: while getting ready to go today, I thought of how I've never given Tim my cellphone number, after having it for years. I thought this distinctly. Then, not two hours later, while taking him on errands, he asked me, out of the blue, why I didn't have a cellphone, to which I answered that I did, to which he promptly asked me for my number. Besides being pretty notable in itself, it fits that sort of preconception synchro I've had in the past.


A cool one today. Last night, I read part of the Ra material, in which it mentioned "distortions" of thinking and perception. This stayed with me for some reason, even though it was nothing new to me. All last night and this morning, I kept thinking of "distortions of thought" in various ways and contexts. Then, around lunchtime, I went to the library to get a new book. I'd planned on getting one novel, but when I went to the row it was on, it was blocked by someone, forcing me to go down the adjacent row and enter from the other end. When I did this, I was Compelled to look at the B's, even though I wanted the L's. There, 'A Clockwork Orange' jumped out at me. I took it out, and was equally Compelled to look at its back cover and read the blurbs (which I never do, by principle). The first blurb: "A brilliant novel ... a savage satire on teh distortions of the single and collective mind." Notable since it mentions, specifically, a distortion of the *mind,* in the exact same context I'd been thinking of it the last day (when I don't think I've ever heard it used in that context outside of the Ra material). Doubly interesting is that in the book's introduction, it mentions 3 x 7 and 21, continuing that ongoing recurrence, whatever the hell it means.


Another one of those days with a lot of minor, otherwise unnotable recurrence and the like, just enough to make me recognize it. I guess the most coherent would be that, in [my friend]'s email this morning, she mentioned traps, and then, in 'The Orchard Keeper' this evening, the book mentioned traps.


A weird one today. While reading 'The Orchard Keeper,' I thought, randomly, of raising a barn, like Amish do. A few sentences down, I then read, "Were you raised in a barn?" At first I thought it was just subconscious reading ahead, but then I ruled it out, for two reasons: 1) I could trace the source of the barn-raising thought, to a line in the book which involved a frame house (in a barn-raising, they raise the frames), and 2) the part with "Were you raised in a barn?" was on the next page over, though it was just a couple sentences after I read about the frame house and thought of raising a barn. The weirdness is how it was a totally different archetype, but the same words, like how some of these are. I find it notable, since this happened within the space of seconds and I could trace the thought and rule out subconscious reading-ahead.


Not quite sure of this is synchronicity, but it's really cool. While shuffling the tarot cards this morning for daily one-card reading, I Noticed that Ace of Clubs I found conspicuously last year, seeing it very distinctly from in the same drawer I keep the tarot deck. I actually had the distinct thought that I'd get the Ace of Stones, thinking that the Ace of Clubs was its tarot counterpart -- and I did draw the Ace of Stones. But, here's the cool part: I went online and double-checked, and its the Ace of *Wands* which is the Ace of Clubs' tarot counterpart -- but I'd thought it was the Ace of Stones, which I drew. And no, it is impossible I knew subconsciously where the Ace of Stones was in the deck. The card isn't bent or with any other distinguishing characteristics.


A cool, though lewd, one today. While fixing lunch today, I had the completely random thought of how Zakk Wylde, at a Black Label Society concert I attended, once talked about how he planned on putting his tongue up his woman's asshole. I think it stemmed from my hearing in my head an Ozzy Osbourne song I listened to last night, on which Zakk Wylde played. Anyway, at lunch, less than an hour later, I read in 'The Fugitive Game' book about Kevin Mitnick how someone used the term "ass tonguer" as code for something or other.


Cool recurrence today. Last night, in [my friend]'s email, she mentioned the French Foreign Legion, and it was either the first I've seen it in a while or the first I've heard of it period. In any case, today, in 'The Fugitive Game' book, it mentioned the French Foreign Legion.


Some cool recurrence at lunch. While at the Mellow Mushroom with [my friend], I Noticed a heading on the menu titled "Avocados." I don't know what it referred to, but it stood out to me very distinctly, in that way I've come to identify. Then, minutes after, I remembered I had to get something out of my truck, so I walked to it outside, which forced me to pass the next car up. There, in the car's back seat, right up against the window, were two large avocados, which I had to pass to get to my truck. It wouldn't be so notable if 1) the menu heading hadn't stood out to me so distinctly, and in that way I've come to recognize, and 2) if it hadn't have happened so close together and in just that specific way.

Also, on the way in to Goodwill, [my friend] and I were talking, offhand, about breathing exercises. Then, just as I finished talking on the subject, we went to the DVD/CD rack, and the first thing on the first rack I looked at was a movie called "The Air I Breathe" -- easily nothing, but it was very "synchronistic." Then, while looking at the books, a song came on the radio, "Second Hand News" by Fleetwood Mac. Immediately, in that perfectly synchronistic way, my book-browsing came to a book titled 'Rumors' just as the song came on, coinciding as if cued. "Second Hand News" is the first track on the album 'Rumours.'


Really cool one today. Very similar to the one on 5:11, when I turned on my truck, saw the time was 5:11 just before it flipped to 5:12, and then had it repeat a few minutes later, when I turned on my truck again after getting gas and saw my stereo's display flip from 5:11 to 5:12, now from the CD I had in. Today, I turned on my truck and wanted to know what time it was, saw 4:04 from the CD's track timer, and then, a couple seconds later when it changed to the time, the time was 4:04. It's especially cool considering that 44 or 404 is one of the repeat numbers I've been seeing like crazy lately. It also bears mentioning that I haven't been listening to CDs in my truck for weeks now, but then just felt Compelled to listen to one today.


First, had some minor recurrence this afternoon, when reading the book 'The Body Electric.' In it, the first chunk of the book was about regeneration and salamanders and research into this general subject, along with the regeneration of plants. The first thing that struck me was that I've been having these random thoughts of regeneration for the last couple days, and also, in this morning's email from [my friend], she mentioned weeds regenerating. This could be absolutely nothing, but the timing of it all just makes it somewhat notable in my mind.

Then, two pretty cool ones tonight, both centering around the movie 'The Neverending Story' (lately, I thought distinctly but randomly of this movie, for the first time in maybe a decade, and then it turned up at Ram's Rack when I went there with [my friend] the other day, maybe a couple days after I had the thought; felt Compelled to buy it). The first was that, just before I decided to finally get around to watching this movie tonight (I've been planning to watch it for days, but kept having other things come up), I went and researched celery juice and inflammation. The first and only website I read about it on featured an ad (which I've never seen before) for some vitamin company, featuring a mock-up picture of a woman eating a rock, with the caption "Are your vitamins rocks?" or something to that effect. Then, maybe 5 minutes later in 'The Neverending Story' movie, it showed a creature which ate rocks, the "rockbiter." Not only was the archetype there, but the way in which the creature actually ate the rock, and the shape of the rock in question, was almost identical to the woman in the ad. Very notable. Then, late on while watching the movie, I had some random chain of thought which ended with me doubting myself on something or other -- and then, immediately after I'd doubted myself, the boy in the movie was yelled at, "Don't doubt yourself!" This was so perfectly synchronous, occurring right after I distinctly doubted myself, that I find it highly, highly notable. It was one of those "living-dream" moments.


While at Earthfare, I was thinking of juicing my celery when I got home -- when, immediately as I thought that, in that distinctly synchronistic way, I noticed that I was standing beside a display of juicing machines. My immediate thought was subconscious triggering, but I rejected that as fast, because I could trace back my thoughts of juicing celery to before I'd even walked into the store (I was in the store to buy celery for juicing, and it was the first stop I made). Notable, considering that I could discount subconscious triggering and that the thought of the act of juicing coincided perfectly with seeing the juicers.


Some recurrence. Recently, maybe 3-4 days ago, I went through a chain of Wikipedia articles which led me to that on semantics and how they seem to have a certain brain-wave signature in some people (I can't even remember what the initial subject of research was). Then, today, in 'The Body Electric,' it mentioned that exact same thing, when I'd never before known this. The interesting thing is that the book had absolutely nothing to do with psychology, but was instead about the body's electromagnetic properties.


A repeat of the other day when I was thinking distinctly of the Ace of Clubs and drew the Ace of Stones from the deck, when I was (mistakenly) believing that the Ace of Clubs was the tarot's Stones equivalent. Today while shuffling the cards, I was looking at that Spanish Knight of Stones equivalent tarot card I'd found mysteriously at one of my lawns, and I drew the Knight of Stones, for the first time since January. Also, I drew it upside down, which was the way the Spanish tarot card was sitting in the drawer.

A somewhat incredible one happened at lunch. It started with a very intense, very complicated, and very emotionally "sickening" dream that I had last night. When I awoke from it and analyzed it, I had the distinct thought of, "If there were otherworldly creatures who wanted to try and get a negative emotional response from me for fun, that dream would've been it" (the dream involved personal elements from childhood experiences seemingly "woven" together in order to rouse me emotionally, in just the right way). Then, at lunch today, in the book 'Operators and Things,' it depicted *exactly that*: a woman who, while psychotic, claims to have had otherworldly beings play a game with her mind, in which the objective was to rouse her emotionally and get a reaction. The kicker: the book is non-fiction.


A couple minor recurrences today. This morning, I wrote some notes on the Personality chapter of the book, including how the subconscious mind is compartmentalized, and also I compared the mind to a car/motor in these notes. Then, less than an hour later, I read in 'Operators and Things' both mention of how the subconscious is compartmentalized and a passage comparing the mind to a car/motor. There were several other, less notable recurrences between these notes and the book as well. Not a huge hit, but still pretty cool, considering I had no idea what the book was about to go into (and how my starting this chapter and the book would coincide).


Some pretty cool recurrences today. It started at lunch with my parents, when two topics came up completely randomly and out of the blue: how veins can become inflamed, and marble countertops. The veins was kind of vague, but significant, because I'd just within the last couple days realized that I've had a "cool" feeling in my veins for some reason (after taking a certain supplement, I think), which would suggest that my veins were previously inflamed (I didn't know that veins could become inflamed). Then, the marble countertops factored into my starting to read 'The Bourne Identity' today, in which marble countertops were mentioned, along with mental projection (when I'd just this morning realized that I needed to write a chapter about projection in the book, and noted it), and, most notably, "Caesar's taxes." Maybe fifteen minutes before I'd read of the taxes, I'd had the most random thought of "Render to Caesar what is Caesar's," the New Testament verse which referred to taxes. This thought was so specific that I even said it aloud, I can't even remember exactly why (it was a vague offshoot from some equally vague thought).


A damn cool thought synchro today. Just as I was sitting down for lunch, I saw my book sitting beside my food and I thought of how I always read while I eat lunch. Then, immediately after, I noticed the cover of a newspaper on the table, which read "eat Reads." I found that notable enough, but the cool part was that the newspaper really read "Great Reads," but the "Gr" was covered up by a piece of paper on top of it, so that it read "eat Reads" perfectly.


Thought synchro. While cutting grass today, I got the song "Papa Was A Rolling Stone" in my head. It was still looping through my head when I finished one part of the lawn and went to the next, and just as the "papa was a rolling stone" part came up, I came across a Rolling Rock beercan, these coinciding in that perfectly synchronistic way. Notable, I think, since I can definitely say the thought wasn't triggered by the can.

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