Synchronicity log for 2014


Cool one today, after a slight drought. I was driving down the road and I waved at my neighbor at roadside. A split second afterward, in that distinctly synchronistic way, the song I was listening to said "people see you waving." This one had another dimension to it, however, because in the split second after I waved at my neighbor, I was thinking that she might not have seen me waving, because she was turning around as I did so, and in conversation with another pedestrian. That is, I could see the synchronicity of the song lyric applying to both my actually waving, and my wondering if my neighbor "saw me waving." Heh.


Minor recurrnce/vague-thought synchro today, perhaps nothing. This morning, I had the distinct, yet vague and random, though of the movie '2001: A Space Odyssey,' the first I've thought of or seen any sort of reference to that movie in ... years? Then, about two hours later, the movie was mentioned in the 'Middlesex' book I'm reading. I would've disregarded it, except for the small time gap, and the fact that it fits the vague-thought pattern perfectly.


Another one of those onslaughts of minor synchronicity, today. Mostly they revolved around several subjects that I've encountered within the last day. Namely: the smell of chlorine in water, which I encountered hugely randomly this morning while researching ozonated water (and then recurred in the 'Middlesex' book several hours later); having long hair cut and an awkward encounter with the barber while doing so, an idea which I've been thinking about this last day (and then was, again, in the book, complete with the barber awkwardness); an Epsom salt foot bath, which my dad has been doing the last week or so and I thought distinctly of over the last day, considering doing them myself (and then was in the book); and also a word synchro, "tasseled," which was first in "A Good Work" when I edited it yesterday, and then in the 'Middlesex' book today (it bears noting that 1) this is a mildly rare word, and 2) I had it spelled wrong in my story, forcing me to notice it and remember it, which is another common pattern of so many of these word recurrences).


Funny recurrence today. Last night, I took a bowl out of my cupboard and was surprised to find a black beetle-ish bug in it, which I released outside. Upon seeing the bug, I was struck with the distinct desire to know what the bug was called. Then, today, I was in between books so I went back and reviewed my word ledger, for the first time in a month or so. Within the ~20 pages of words I went over, there was "cockchafer," which was defined as a small beetle. At once I thought of the bug I'd found in the bowl yesterday. So I went and Googled "cockchafer," and though the first few pictures showed a bug different than that I'd found in the bowl, I eventually found one that was a precise match: the *blackheaded* cockchafer, rather than the run-of-the-mill cockchafer (which is reddish). Very notable, I think, both from the timing and "randomness" of my encountering the bug and then coming across the entry in my journal, and also from the distinct cohesiveness and logic of it, my explicitly wondering what type of bug it was and then being "answered" by the ledger entry (fitting the pattern of so many of these).

Also, had another small "onslaught" of minor word recurrences between the ledger and the book I started reading this evening, including just enough rare/Noticed words to make me take note (such as "brevet").


Classic thought/action synchro. I went to blow my nose after cutting grass, and naturally looked in the mirror afterward, to make sure I didn't get snot on my face. Coinciding perfectly with my look into the mirror, the song I was listening to said "your face is a mess," once again in the perfectly synchronistic way. Mind, my face wasn't a mess, but that's what I was thinking: that my face might have been, had my nose-blow gone askew. I chuckled.


A weird recurrence today -- or, rather, a recurrence of a recurrence. About a couple weeks ago, I can't remember quite when, I had a very minor recurrence when I by chance read of John Wesley in some random way, for the first time in a long time, and then, the next day, my mom happened to mention John Wesley. I noticed it at the time, but thought nothing of it, because it wasn't otherwise notable. However, today the exact same thing happened again: yesterday, John Wesley was mentioned by a public speaker I overheard, and then today he was mentioned in the book I'm reading. Still, it could be nothing, but it does seem to harken to the same underlying archetype of John Wesley repetition from two random, otherwise unconnected sources a day apart.


Another "onslaught" of minor, individually unnotable recurrences. Almost all of them were phrases and sayings repeated from the book I've been reading on the history behind phrases and sayings and the like, recurring in stuff like the CD I randomly listened to this afternoon, and the book I chose to start reading this afternoon, etc. They were all common words and phrases ("barking up the wrong tree," "blackball," "shot in the arm,") but repeated closely enough, and also in that patternistic way, that I found it mildly notable.


A recurrence and an action/parallel-reality synchro this afternoon, both centered around Blue Oyster Cult songs I was listening to while working out. The first was a lyric mentioning the "Four Winds bar" in one song, which corresponded with the "Four Winds Rehabilitation Center" I'd just read about a couple hours earlier in the 'Witch' book. In one way, this was only very mildly notable, on the "Four Winds" front -- not a wholly common term, but far from an uncommon one. However, considering that both had to do with alcohol in some fashion, albeit on two opposing sides of it, I found somewhat substantiating, and a bit curious and unique, if it is indeed not a coincidence. Then, a more clear-cut one: within seconds after the song "Burnin' For You" started up on my MP3 player, I felt a niacin flush start up, which brings a pronounced burning effect. I'd taken the supplement over an hour beforehand, and though it didn't correspond with the song's play in that instantaneously synchronistic way (there was a few seconds lag), it was close enough, and similar enough, that I found it pretty notable, as well as funny.


A cool book-synchro recurrence today. The first was the origin of the word "serendipity" and the story behind it. I had just read this in the 'Why You Say It' book 3-4 days ago, for the first time in my life, and then today, the same story was mentioned in the 'Professor and the Madman' book. Like so many other of these book synchros, I not only read this same thing a short time after learning of it for the first time, but the two books were checked out from the library on the same day, totally randomly. I literally went in there, having no idea what I wanted, and walked out with three very different books, two of which Just Happened to contain the story behind the word "serendipity." Then, similarly, there was mention of the Potomac river in the 'Professor and the Madman' book today, which is the fourth book in a row I've read that mentioned it, all of these read randomly, etc. Also, "brevet" was in the 'Professor' book today, which is the third time recently I've read of this one within the last week (reminds me of the first "brevet" synchro ...). The last isn't too notable, but the first is very much so, with the second just about as notable.


Funny, classic synchronicity today. I was reading the 'Professor and the Madman' book, when my prostate suddenly became inflamed, as has been happening lately. I thought very distinctly, "prostate, wonder what's wrong with it," and then, seconds later, on the next page of the book, the next paragraph I read was headed with a line about how a guy had developed prostate cancer. I would've found this mildly notable in any case, since I could distinctly trace my thought of "prostate" to my prostate inflaming (ie, not reading ahead, etc), but the timing of it was pretty notable as well, not quite instantaneous, but just seconds apart.

Also, there's a weird-ass recurrence I keep seeing: whenever I buy yellow squash, its cost includes some variant of 37/1137/etc. Today, for instance, the total of my squash purchase was 3.07, and the last couple times it was 1.37 or 1.73 or something along those lines, going back maybe ... the last 4-5 times I've bought yellow squash? And it's never the butternut squash I buy as often; only the yellow. At first I ignored it, even though 37 is my most prominent repeat number at the moment, but after thinking about all the random variables involved, it seems rather unlikely that 37 would turn up in the totals so much, because of the randomness of the weights, how many squashes I'm buying, the regularly fluctating prices, etc. Also, I'm not buying squashes at the same place, or even the same kind (sometimes organic, sometimes non), or the same sizes (yellow squashes seem to vary wildly in size from week to week, from tiny little things to big thick hearty ones). Also, there was even one time when I got a prepackaged thing of squashes without looking at the price and it had some variant of 37 in it. Really weird, though potentially just a coincidence I suppose.


Funny thought synchro today. While eating lunch, I had some trouble eating some sunflower seeds that I'd fixed up in an overly watery sort of sauce, which suspended the seeds and made them hard to spoon up. So I drank off some of the sauce, which solved the problem. Immediately after taking a good, easy spoonful, I went back to reading a book, thinking absently about how lowering the water's level worked -- when I read "shallow water." The words and my thought about lowering the water's level in the bowl of sunflower seeds (which was very much "shallow water") coincided in that instaneous, perfectly synchronistic way. And, once again, I can retrace the exact train of thought which culminated in my thinking about the "shallow water" in my bowl of seeds, ruling out subconscious reading ahead, etc. Notable.


A funny sort of recurrence this morning, though it might just be some cute irony. When I went to submit "Feeding the Beast" after editing it, the first page I went to was for '69 Flavors of Paranoia,' both because it was near the top of my list and was, from my recollection, befitting the story, but also because it Just Felt Right. To get to their submissions page, you had to click a link entitled "Feed the Beast," which led to their submissions form (which also had a graphic reading "Feed the Beast"). I found it funny naturally, but after considering how it was the first and only publisher I visited to submit it to, and how I'd felt that vague but distinct "yes" upon thinking of doing so, I find it notable enough to be at least a potential synchronicity.


A quick recurrence that might have been nothing, this afternoon at lunch. I paused the book I was reading to do a bentonite clay footbath, which required me to take a half cup of the bentonite powder and put it into the tray of water. When doing so, I noted, absently but distinctly, how gray and powdery the clay was, like ash (though I didn't draw this parallel at the time). Then, when I went back to reading the book, two pages later it mentioned "a half a cup of fine gray ash." Though the timing wasn't instantaneous -- there was maybe 1 minute between my pouring the clay powder and reading that passage -- it was still reasonably fast, and the recurrence was pretty precise and distinct, not just a gray and powdery powder (which I had just noticed so distinctly), but a half cup of it. Still, I could see this one being a coincidence, albeit a mildly unlikely one.


This afternoon while on the way to my parents', I got behind a blue Toyota Celica, and I Noticed it distinctly, for no reason I knew. It just stood out to me in that special way, so that I made special note of "blue Toyota Celica." Then, on the way home, I got behind the exact same car. I found it notable since 1) I came home hours later, 2) I followed a completely different route than I'd come before, and 3) I'd distinctly Noticed the Celica. Also, there's the fact that this follows that pattern established so many times in the past, where I'll Notice some random thing and then see it again soon after in an unlikely way (a couple times even the exact same scenario, getting behind the same car twice, though I think it was once a motorcycle).

Also, dad gave me a secondhand one I found notable today. He says he was thinking about needing some flashing for one of his trailers, and just afterward he went to a dumpster, which contained the exact flashing he was just thinking that he needed (when you aren't even supposed to throw away that kind of thing in dumpsters). If it happened the way he told it, I find it pretty notable, since 1) his finding it occurred seconds after he was thinking of needing it, in question-and-answer format, and 2) it follows that logical, coherent pattern I've experienced so many times.

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