Synchronicity log for 2015


Cool thought/radio synchro this morning. Right as I was thinking of how I had the camper money stashed in my cooler beneath the ice pack, the lyric "keep it cool, baby" sounded on the radio, in that perfectly synchronistic way. Had several of these, and the usual number synchro and general phenomena, but that was the most coherent one.


Some real cool ones today. First, lots of random but notable thought/action/reading synchros this morning, as seems to be the trend the last couple days. The most notable was one while driving on the way to the coffee shop, when I finished a train of thought with how I seem to be changing/regenerating/being reborn, precisely as "newborn" sounded on the radio," precisely as a passed a sign with a butterfly on it (the same from the "GET WILD" one the other day, though the sign didn't click to the butterly in concert with the other things, I just passed it/saw it then). Highly notable, a really surreal three-way deal. Also, a notable word/thought synchro: "capsule," reading this precisely as I remembered (again thanks to an unrelated chain of thought I could trace) to take my second enzyme pill in the middle of lunch, which was indeed in a capsule (it bears mentioning that I almost always *empty* the capsule and take the enzymes in water, rather than taking the whole capsule, but today I actually had the capsule to take, because I was eating out and didn't have an extra cup of water to put it in).

And then I had yet another encounter with some random South Carolinian who was familiar with my little NC hometown, with my encountering them in the most odd and random way -- 10th? 11th person now (after Susan at CPATB yesterday evening, revealing this after I'd known her for how many weeks now)?

Then, a similarly complex number synchro just minutes after. It started with a flurry of 221's (this specficially, not 121 or 1212, 1221, etc), seen on license plates and the clock and other avenues, all of these coming in quick succession and in that telltale, patternistic, conspicuous fashion I've come to recognize (the last was when I parked in a parking lot and Just Happened to discover I'd parked next to a car with a license plate starting in 221). Next, minutes later when I bought my coffee, the total was exactly $2.21 -- notable enough in itself, but doubly so considering that I'd decided to order a large but at the last minute changed my mind to a medium, feeling Compelled, and thus bringing about the next 221. Then, complicating it further, I was reminded by this synchro in a really cool way (I'd forgotten to write a note afterward): while reading later, I remembered the 221 succession precisely as I turned to page 221 in the 'Ghost Story' book, which simultaneously reminded me of it while adding another layer to it. Even cooler, I can trace the thought of the first 221's to my reading "coffee" right at the end of page 220, which led to my thinking of the coffee shop and remembering the 221's -- that is, I can say for sure I wasn't reminded by subconsciously tracking the pages to 221. And if this wasn't cool enough, I again forgot about this synchro (again neglecting a note) until a couple pages later, when I suddenly remembered the whole thing, especially the 221 page part and how it seemed to "echo" my thought of the 221's -- precisely as I read "doubling effect" in the book, which "doubled" the "doubling" of before (echo, echo, echo ...). Damn cool, damn cool.


So many today, impossible to list them all. Lots of reading/thought synchros, mostly one-word ones and all pretty notable. One standout was "coffee": over the course of heading to Angelino's, then reading 'Ghost Story' both before, during, and after the meal, I had approximately four or five instances of reading "coffee" every time I happened to be thinking of coffee (can't remember if they were all traceable to distinct trains of thought, but it wouldn't have surprised me ...). Then, on the way to Second Cup afterward, I was thinking of coffee again when, with that precisely synchronistic timing, a sign for coffee emerged from over the treeline, coinciding perfectly with my thought just like the others. Also, a really cool one during lunch: "giggle," precisely as the man seated across from me loosed a high, tittering laugh that could only be described as a giggle (despite the man's massive size and girth; it was like hearing an elephant squeak).

Lots of 137/53 synchro today, but a standout was, first, when the check at Angelino's was exactly $13.70, and then, immediately after at Second Cup, my coffee was $1.93 and my change was exactly $3.07 because I paid with a $5 (despite having two ones; I just felt Compelled to pay with the five and get some extra change, just like yesterday when I felt Compelled to get the medium instead of the large and thus triggered the $2.21 total).

Lots of 212's today too (unlike yesterday's 221's). Most were only mildly notable, such seeing it a bunch of times on the way to Angelino's and then getting back out to the truck at exactly 2:12 (on my truck's several-minutes-fast clock). A cool standout was another one of those obscured-sign incidents, where I stopped at a red light and there right before my eyes was a sign reading "Pepsi 12     12," because a nearby palm tree had obscured the other letters at just the precise angle to make it read, to me, 1212.

And of course the day wouldn't be complete without meeting another random South Carolinian familiar with my home town -- this time an Asian massage parlor owner, who hadn't just been there but had *lived* there for several years. Wow, just ... wow.


Still having tons of random-yet-notable synchro all through the day, as has been the trend as of late. Still lots of number synchro too, involving 35, 137, and 212 and their variants. A real standout this morning was when I was at the market and got change: two fives and a one. "Shouldn't I have gotten three fives, somehow, to go along with the trend?" I thought then, and immediately after, the nearby cashier, in response to a man who asked for change, said, "I only have three fives." Haha, so cool. And then, when I went to ship off the computer at the UPS store this afternoon, several in quick succession. First, when I parked, I was drawn to the backseat of the car next to me, which had two little packages of something in it, both of them reading "12" predominantly and side-by-side, such that I was hit with a big "12 12," manufactured in another obtuse way, like yesterday's Pepsi sign. Next, I was being waited on inside the store as a woman came in requesting a package, for which she showed some type of receipt or docket, which had a big, eye-catching "350" smack in the middle of it, which she flashed directly into my line of vision when showing it to the clerk. Last, there was my package, which was being shipped to a "3350" street address, with a "3777" zip code, and then, after the shipping label was printed up, it had a big "373" on it for some reason. Quite a whirlwind. Plus, noticed only after the fact, was that the UPS store in question was at "730 Main Street," and the timestamp on my receipt was exactly 3:11. Haha.


Still seeing tons of number synchro, with 37 etc being the headliner today, and 53 coming in second (almost no 212's that I can remember). The big standout was when I was out on the beach and, on the way back to my truck after sitting out, I felt Compelled to pick up a certain piece of litter sitting on a dune, which turned out to be page 37 of a book ('Judgment Call' by J.A. Nance). That was reasonably notable in itself, given the circumstances/past precedent/Compelling, etc, but it also bears mentioning that I'd felt Compelled to walk by that dune on the way to the truck (instead of taking the nearby stairs, despite it being that way I'd come, and being harder to walk on the sand, etc). And, also, there were several pieces of litter, but I was drawn specifically to that one, from a distance that forbade me from reading the page even if the print had been big enough (I didn't have my glasses on either, further limiting my vision, such that I couldn't even see the 37 on it until I held it close). Really cool, and quite surreal.


A couple cool ones today, amongst the usual smaller, subtler ones. First, a reading/thought synchro. Right as I read "Phil's gimpy hip" in the 'I See By My Outfit' book, I moved my leg down from the couch and, thus, piqued my problematic hip, which could indeed be described as gimpy. At first I'd thought this one might be subconscious reading-ahead, but then realized it couldn't have been, because it was only *after* I moved my leg that my hip was piqued, something I couldn't have known beforehand. Truly a "synchronicity." And then, at dinner, I Noticed an experation sticker on the bottom of an empty food package I was throwing away, and felt strongly Compelled to look closely at the sticker and see the date. I fought it for several seconds, but then gave in, discovering the expiration date to read "3 / 17." Haha.


Cool ones on the way north from the beach. First, a blatant action/radio synchro: right as I took a big, deep drink of water (for the first time in miles ...), the song lyric said drink; also, the next lyric was "bottoms up," when I'd had to upend the water bottle to drink like that, both of these coming with that perfectly synchronistic timing that couldn't be orchestrated. Same for when I passed a roadsign reading "relax," precisely when a long chain of thought culiminated in my commanding myself to relax (when I couldn't see the sign beforehand, etc). Same for "Rock Hill" coming over the radio precisely when I stopped at a sign reading "Rock Hill."

And, of course, another $73 receipt, now from Publix (total was $73.49, on two random things that I didn't even check the prices of before buying).


Some really cool ones again today, including some hard-to-classify ones. First, some subtle-but-notable book synchros involving the 'I See By My Outfit' book and two magazines that I'd had waiting for me upon arriving home from the beach. I read all three of these at lunch, and there were several vague-but-noticeable parallels between them, enough for my synchro radar to get tipped. Then there was a pretty big one: one of the magazines had a "retro flashback"-type article about the AAA Triptik trip planner, showing a picture of one from 1965 -- when, in the 'Outfit' book, the guys in it are using a Triptik planner to navigate across the country, and the book was first published in 1965. Then all three of the things I read all referenced the Grand Canyon (when I'd also run across a Grand Canyon book I have in the closet, randomly, maybe ~30 minutes earlier), plus Cherokee Indians and several other mildly notable recurrences, enough to count as one big, weird incident. Plus a classic reading/speech synchro around the same time, when my mom, in the other room, said "time" precisely when I read "time" in the book (and, it bears mentioning, I was re-reading that part at the time, having lost my place).

A damn weird one this afternoon, not even sure if it classifies as a synchronicity more than just a demonstration of classic ESP, etc. A few weeks ago during reiki with Joy, she'd mentioned how my energy was screwy because a "holistic-medicine man in the mountains was thinking about me." The only person I could think of was the man whom I'd gotten acupuncture from there recently. Well, today I called him to schedule a new appointment since I was back in town, and when he returned my call and left me a message, he mentioned how he did in fact remember me distinctly -- and, also, how he'd looked me up online and discovered that I had some books published. So it would seem that the acupuncture doctor, who very much fits the description of a "holistic medicine man in the mountains," was in fact "thinking" of me in some way or another (enough to look me up and see that I have books available).

Then a super-cool one this afternoon, though it's again more of a borderline ESP case (if not just plain weirdness). I forgot to get saran wrap in the store, and didn't feel like going back in, so while I was still in the parking lot I began to call mom to see if there was any wrap already at the house. Well, first, right as I was about to call, I see a car across the parking lot -- hers, driving toward the lot I was parked in. So I track her down, marveling at the perfectly synchronistic timing involved (not to mention the outright irony), and I was able to ask her about the wrap. It hit me then that she wouldn't have been there to answer the call I was about to place, so that if I hadn't have seen her I wouldn't have been able to find out. Additionally, and as cool, is that there was indeed wrap at the house, a great big roll of it -- but only as of yesterday, when my dad found the roll in one of his rental places, left by a previous tenant. Really, you just can't make this stuff up.

On top of these, had a few memorable number repeats, including a "17/13" receipt timestamp, and my grocery subtotal coming up $70.31 (but only because the cashier entered a $10 coupon that I didn't have ...).


Another one that I'm not sure is really a synchronicity or just something weird (or, after all, maybe just a coincidence, though I'm not sure they happen to me anymore). Yesterday, the last errand I ran was going to the bank, where I was waited on a woman who had distinct facial features that I Noticed, in that particular way that bespeaks some future recurrence or other synchronistic activity. Then this morning, less than a day later, I went to Charter, and the woman who waited on me there looked *exactly* like that woman from the bank, right down to the shape of her eyes and face and body-type, even her uniquely prominent front teeth (really, all her teeth, now that I think about it) -- all were precisely like the bank teller. Naturally I asked if the Charter woman had a sister who worked at the bank, but she said no, and that she'd had several people compare her to the bank woman. The two were twins, however, there's just no way around it, and I find it synchronistically notable that I would 1) Notice the bank woman's features so distinctly, and 2) go to the Charter office so soon after (or go there at all, really, since it was due to some weird internet problem that really didn't have any explanation).


First, another cool bit of weirdness that has synchronistic overtones. It built on when I had the ladybug land on me a couple weeks ago and I was Compelled to look up its symbolism and see that it seemed to indicate "having a wish granted." Well, first, it so happened that the mother's day card I picked out yesterday randomly had a ladybug on it, just below "a mother's day wish." But then, when I went to make out the card today, that part of the card with the ladybug on it (an embossed part, laid atop the cover on a separate piece of paper) fell off and into my lap -- very much like a ladybug again "landing" on me. Also, it all "felt" very surreal, with that "numinous" quality that evoked the Compellings and Noticings, etc. But, it wasn't precise or coherent enough to really judge a true incident.

Then, on top of the usual onslaught of 73's/53's, etc (always in novel ways, still), I had a standout, when I got not one, but two text messages on my phone sent to the wrong number, both of which had 73 in them prominently (one was "7304," the other was actually from "37013"). Pretty cool. They're getting inventive ...

Then, finally, a classic roadsign-side/radio recurrence, as seems to be the trend lately: hearing "rock" on the radio precisely as I passed a sign reading "the rock." Not too precise, either, but the synchronistic timing was certainly there.


Had the usual minor, subtle ones, but not really any big standouts. Did have a kind of thought/reading synchro, where when I pulled up behind this really nice-looking Jeep, I started thinking of how I might like the buy one, perhaps seeing if that one in particular was for sale -- precisely as I noticed a little sticker on its back window that said "This vehicle is not for sale." Though this fit the pattern of the usual thought/reading synchro, it could easily have been subconscious suggestion; no saying. Also, a minor recurrence/book synchro (with some q-and-a in there too): when I was driving down the road, I saw this man that I went to high school with and hadn't seen for years, who was abnormally short and had some kind of minor spinal condition that gave him an odd, slumped posture. Upon seeing him, I had the thought of, "I wonder what condition he has, specifically?" Well, a couple hours later after getting up and reading the 'Mind Hunter' book, within a few pages it mentioned a murder victim who was abnormally short and had a minor spinal condition called "kyphoscoliosis" or something like that, which, from the description it gave, could very well be that which my old high-school colleague had. Again, can't really say, and it may be nothing, but worth noting, anyway.

Then, tonight, a funny little 137 repeat. I put together this big order at Amazon, with all of this random stuff, and then, right when I was about to checkout, I was Compelled to order a certain CD they had advertised. After I added it to the card, the total became $173.31. Heh.


A minor book/thought synchro today, might be nothing (though it certainly fits the pattern, etc). Yesterday morning I edited part of a book where a man's wife undergo this sudden, miraculous improvement in behavior and their marrital problems appear to be abruptly resolved, upon which I thought of how suspect such a sea change in someone is, how it usually indicates something negative or deception, etc. Then today, in the 'Mind Hunter' book, I read of just that, where a guy's wife underwent a miraculous turnaround in behavior because she'd taken out a contract on his life. Reasonably precise, and the timing was relatively close, but still could've been coincidence.


Tons and tons of random, miscelleneous synchros today, mostly numbers (73/137/53/15 predominantly, with lots of cool examples but all too incoherent/subtle to write out). Got to the level of "surreal," but not quite "overwhelming-onslaught," as seems to be reserved for those really high-energy times. A couple standout thought/radio synchros: "stupid signs" playing precisely when I came across an intersection with missing roadsigns for the highway I was turning onto and I thought something along the lines of "stupid signs" or "there's obviously a sign missing here," etc; and then, a little later, "put the pedal down to make some time," precisely as I not only floored the accelerator on my truck (finally being able to overtake a slower driver) but when I was doing so to get to my appointment on time. Heh.

Plus, a really cool "conversation synchro," as I seem to be seeing lately. This time it was with Jennifer at Maitri. Like others of this type, she brought up, on her own and offhand and without prompting from me, several things that I'd either just been thinking about, had encountered lately, or other "coincidental" things. For one, she mentioned how she'd been to Meat Camp (despite being a random person in Asheville ...) and that it was such a beautiful place -- when, just two days ago, I'd driven out aimlessly through Meat Camp (my first time there in years) and thought, distinctly, of how beautiful it was. Also, Jennifer mentioned offhand the name of a massage therapist in Boone who specializes in deep-tissue -- when that's precisely what I was looking for (and I'd said nothing about my search). Pretty cool, almost eerily so.


Still lots and lots of random-yet-significant number/thought/reading synchros, far too many to list. A couple standouts: a cool combination reading/thought one today while reading the 'Hidden Europe' book. First, right as I thought I might go buy another of those beet kvass drinks, I read "beet," in that perfectly synchronistic fashion; though, this wasn't too precise, and couldn't just been subconscious reading-ahead anyway. However, then, as if to refute this explanation (as is an emerging pattern, it seems), I then read not only "kvass" instead of "beet" (the first the book had mentioned kvass, as it were, and, really, the first I've read of it anywhere since learning of its existence randomly, just lately), and it coincided again with my remembering to get one of those kvass drinks. This last part is more notable, because 1) I can distinctly trace the train of thought, unlike the first time, 2) more precise, etc, and 3) "kvass" was literally one of the last words I read before stopping reading, when I'd already decided to stop reading after completing that page of the book (before even getting on that page, so I couldn't have subconsciously read "kvass" ahead and had it suggested to me). Cool.

Also, on the way home, precisely as I thought about buying the Subaru, I climbed a hill and passed not only a Subaru of the same model, but of the exact same color and what might've been the exact same year. As it were, the Subaru I passed looked exactly like that I was thinking of buying, and of course I couldn't even see the one I passed until I had already begun the independent chain of thought that led to the coinciding thought of "Subaru," etc, etc.


First, a couple cool standouts (amongst the usual semi-onslaught, which has been the norm for weeks now). First, hearing "boots of leather" on the radio precisely as I noticed that a nearby female pedestrian was wearing leather cowboy boots (inapproriately with the rest of her outfit, as if she was only wearing the boots because there were no other shoes in the world -- ha!); it bears mentioning that I only saw her when I did because she'd made a false start in crossing the street, dangerously, yet it all coincided perfectly with the song lyric (since I wouldn't have noticed her boots otherwise, or at least not at that moment). Then, later, a thought/radio/action synchro: right when I heard "half a man" on the radio, I noticed another pedestrian -- this time a man dressed in a ice-cream-cone outfit, advertising a nearby ice cream parlor. As it were, the man's legs were visibly human, but his torso was entirely hidden within the suit, giving the impression of "half a man" (which is precisely what I thought upon seeing him, such that the underlying archetypes were identical). Really cool.

Then, an even cooler one, one of these remembrance synchros like yesterday's beets/kvass. I'd decided I needed to check out that "Cortana" app on my phone and learn how to use it, feeling Compelled to do so, except that I mistakenly thought it was called "Corina." I forgot to write a note, of course, until a few minutes later, when I started up the truck and there was a song on the radio called "Corina" (or its chorus repeated "Corina, Corina" over and over again, at least), which reminded me. I found it notable not just for the relatively close timing, and not even for the fact that I'd wrongly thought the app was named "Corina" and the song I Just Happened to hear reflected that; the most notable part was that I had that particular radio station on at all, for it was a random one that I'd put on just minutes earlier, after never having listened to it in my life (I can't even remember why I put it on there, is how random it was). Heh.


Really cool one today. The other day (Wednesday, I want to say, three-four days ago in any case), I was out driving around when I saw a Honda Ruckus scooter parked in a parking lot, out of the corner of my eye. I thought then, very distinctly, of whether it might be for sale; in fact, I felt so strongly about it that I very nearly drove over and tracked down the owner and offered to buy it. But I ended up just ignoring the impulse. Then, today, I found a Honda Ruckus listed on Craigslist, and when I looked at the pictures, it struck me as exactly that I'd happened to see the other day, including the parking lot and nearby landmarks. So I drove over to where I'd seen it, and sure enough, it was the one in the picture -- no for sale sign on it or anything, or any other indicator that it was for sale. Just a scooter parked there. Pretty notable, even with the days between my seeing it and the ad popping up, and then made more so by the fact that it was totally by chance that I was even over in that neighborhood to see it in the first place, having been directed there to look at a car lot by some random guy who'd seen me looking at some cars down the street.


Lots of subtle word/thought/action synchros today, again. I guess the only real coherent standout was when I got home and felt Compelled to turn my phone on. I actually resisted this, despite it being so strong, being in a hurry to get inside, but then when I grabbed my bag, my phone literally fell out into my lap and so I turned it on. Within seconds after doing so, I got a call: from Muscle Works, an important one since I'd wanted to secure an appointment with them tomorrow morning. Heh.

And, of course, the day wouldn't be complete without another random person referring me to the Baba center in MB (Stuart Kaplan this time, the "random" chiropractor I chose to see when Dr. Fontain was out of town).


A pretty cool, hard-to-classify one this morning, another of those that could just be classified as A Really Weird and Cool Event rather than the traditional synchronistic phenomenon. First, I wanted some fresh-brewed coffee with lunch but didn't feel like making an extra stop after having to first stop and get salad at Earthfare, so I just decided to get some old, drip coffee there. However, when I finally went to get it, the drip was out and so a fresh brew had to get started, and I was the only one waiting for it -- so, effectively, I got my fresh-brewed coffee, piping hot and good. Haha. That part had a kind of "ask and ye shall receive" element to it, as did the second, for before going into Earthfare I'd had the vague-but-distinct thought that I might see my parents as they left for their trip while I was stopped at Earthfare, since they should've been coming down on that road right around the time I'd be there. Well, precisely as I emerged from the market with my coffee and salad, there passed my parents' car, with that perfect, impossible-to-choreograph timing. It was notable in the first place, that I would see them at all (and think about it beforehand, in that patternistic fashion), but then the notability rises when the circumstances and context are considered, namely that I faced several random, odd, unlikely little delays while in Earthfare (getting sidetracked by a bunch of discounted stuff that had just been put out, having to use the bathroom, not being able to find the forks and napkins, and then, finally, having to wait a minute or two for the new coffee to brew -- all of which combined to bring me out at the precise instant my parents passed in their car, and never mind the fact that had I parked in a different parking space, at any other side of the building, I wouldn't have been walking to where they passed at). Another case of mind-boggling logistics, as to evidence that seemingly "timelessness" nature of reality.

And, once again, another random person referring me to the Baba center: now my acupuncturist up here (and again with no prompting on my part, the center mentioned entirely randomly and offhand). Haha.


Cool thought synchro, early this morning (when synchronicities never seem to happen, now that I think about it). Right as I took up my cup of breakfast gruel and noticed that I hadn't quite mixed up part of it, leaving a white powder that I thought was Stevia, my email loaded and flashed the subject line "Your order for Stevia powder has shipped" precisely in my line of vision, a split second after my thought of "Stevia powder" (yet, definitely *after,* such that it couldn't have been subconscious suggestion, despite the nearly instantaneous coincidence).


First, tons and tons of 37's/73's/137's and 53's/55's/15's all through the morning and during a few "spurts" in the afternoon. Had several cases where it was just one-two-three, one after another. Standouts were when I stopped at a rest stop and I was passed by a car with a tag ending in 3317, and then immediately after, another car with a nearly identical tag, also ending in 3317 (another of those where I didn't really pay attention to the first, only getting "synchroshocked" after the second). And then, as notable and cool, I came up on a car with a tag beginning in 73, and then immediately afterward saw a big sign for Exit 73 along the highway, with it cresting over the car with the 73 tag just after I saw the tag (again like something was saying, "Oh, you don't think that's special? Well how about *this*!)

And then, a cool "ask and ye shall receive"-type on the way home from Asheville. The Subaru's check-engine light came on, out of nowhere while I was going down the highway, and I had the thought that I'd like to stop and get it checked out, but I didn't want to go looking for a place, plus I thought I should go to a place that dealt with Subaru's especially since not all places have the equipment to hook up to foreign cars. Well, maybe a mile down a road I passed a mechanic's called "Subaru's R Us - Subaru Is What We Do." It was visible from the highway, and lay along an access road just nearby an exit. It took me two minutes to get there, and the folks there were able to hook up the computer and check the engine code right away.


Some really cool ones today, as if to make up for yesterday's lack of standouts. First, two while working out at the gym. Precisely as "I want off this ride" played over my headphones, the TV over my head cut to a clip of a couple people riding a roller coaster, which immediately cut to a caption of "now it's a ride" -- not exact, but the underlying "ride" archetype was there, and the timing was so perfect (and totally objective, with me being unable to control either of the two mediums). Then, soon after, a classic thought synchro: precisely as I was thinking about "writing the book" of my life, the song I was listening to said "writing books" -- different context between the two, but they were literally identical.

Then, this evening, a classic "ask and ye shall receive," or something along those lines. Earlier today, I had the distinct thought that though I've been seeing lots of dragonfly symbolism, it had all been inanimate rather than actual dragonflies. Well, maybe 2-3 hours later, I had just finished the 'Shambahla' book, laid it down, and looked up, and there at the window was a dragonfly, repeatedly bumping up against the glass, directly in my line of sight. It evokes the classic case of Jung's scarab. One thing I noticed: the dragonfly was small, perhaps a newborn or adolescent (maybe it wasn't yet the season for them, and that's why I wasn't seeing them yet?). It bears mentioning that, just yesterday, I had that meaningful conversation with Phoenix where she Just Happened to bring up, offhand, dragonfly symbolism and what it means, etc.


First, a minor reading/thought synchro that might be nothing. While I was out eating lunch on Stickboy's outside deck, a very fat man walked past me and I thought "fat," precisely as I read "Fatmir" in the Eastern Europe book. Fatmir was a man's name, and it wasn't even very precise, but the timing was close enough that I had to take note. Next, a more-significant one, in the Walmart parking lot this afternoon. As I was walking to my car with my stuff, I passed a couple of college-age kids horsing around, a girl riding the guy piggyback and both of them laughing conspicuously. I playfully called out to them, "Hey now, you're having too much fun, that's not allowed!" and the guy called back, "Hey, I'm just trying to stay young!" Well, when I sat in my car and started it up, not a minute later, the song playing on the radio was "Forever Young." Again, not a precise match, and the timing wasn't perfectly synchronous, etc, but the underlying archetype was close enough to take note.


Some pretty damn cool ones today. First, a blatant radio/action synchro: while I was at Dr. Kaplan's, right as he told me, "Sit on the table," the song on the radio said "on the table," in that perfectly synchronistic fashion. Then, while driving on the way down the beach, a similar one, albeit with an extra dimension: right as the radio sang "number one," a truck came into view, pulling a trailer with an enormous "one" painted on it. Plus, there was a football player on the trailer too, with his arm raised and what I thought to be his index finger extended in the "number one" gesture, though I didn't get a good enough look to confirm that part. Still, pretty notable anyway, from the "one" archetype and also the precise, perfectly synchronistic timing. Last, while reading before bed, I read "airing out my head," precisely as a long chain of thought concluded with my thinking about how I was actively silencing my mind. Here, my literal thought was entirely different than the words in the book (being something along the lines of "silencing my mind"), yet the underlying archetype was perfectly precise, with my mind-silencing being so that I could "air out" the bad programming/loops in my head. Heh.


Pretty cool one today, another of those that ring more as a classic ESP-type than a synchronistic event. I called Cheryl for an appointment today, my first since returning to the beach, and when she called me back, she mentioned how, just yesterday, she'd been thinking of me, strongly and from out of nowhere, as if "I'd just left to come back down here" (her words). It's notable because 1) I did indeed leave to come back to the beach yesterday (and, as it were, right around the time she'd had these distinct thoughts, as I would learn from her later), and 2) she mentioned this to me totally offhand, with no prompting on my part (and in a voicemail message, no less, where I couldn't have prompted her anyway; it also bears mentioning that in the original voicemeail I'd left her, to which she was responding to, I'd not told her how long I'd been in town, saying only that I wanted to schedule an appointment with her).

Also, a minor reading synchro at lunch: right when I read "channel" in the Hidden Europe book, I was thinking "channel." Not such a biggie (and also, my thought of "channel" was in a different context to that used in the book), but the timing was close enough that I had to take note.


My God, so much today, where to begin. First: numbers like crazy, from everywhere again, even moreso than past number onslaughts, mainly 137/37/73 and 53/357, etc. Had to be several dozen, and almost always in ways that couldn't easily be attributed to change. Standouts: having to look over my shoulder in a weird, unlikely way to back up the car, which forced me to see a "7771" and a "730" side by side on a truck and a sign, respectively; pulling up to a gas pump (and being Compelled to go to one in particular, instead of the closest, logical one) and having it read "$13.07" from the last sale; passing a church's sign which advertised a weird "8:37 AM" service, the only time I've ever seen either a service that early nor one that took place at anything other than on the hour or half-hour. Haha, I was just so tickled by it all. And of course there were tons of other synchros mixed in, most notably hearing "shine" on the radio precisely as I passed a billboard showing immaculate white teeth with a heavenly, star-like shine beaming from them.

Also, a really weird and highly unlikely one. On the way to Wilmington, while searching for a coffee shop, I'd pulled off on a byroad and looked up "nearby coffee shops" on my phone. The only nearby one was a place called "Worms & Coffee," and according to the reviews, the place didn't even have coffee, so I drove on (after which, interestingly, when I pulled off to check my phone for a coffee shop again, a few miles down the road, I Just Happened to end up in a shopping plaza with a perfect, boutique coffee shop, which I'd somehow missed while passing by ...). "I guess I'll never see Worms & Coffee, then," I thought upon getting back on the highway. Well, then I ended up going on my crazy, day-long driving adventure that resulted from taking the wrong road while leaving Wilmington, resulting in my having to cancel acupuncture, taking the ferry, and then taking *another* wrong turn and going in a giant circle, and then finally getting caught in a miles-long traffic deadlock, only to leave me arriving back on Highway 17 nearly four hours late -- which, just before arriving there, I passed the Worms & Coffee non-coffee shop. Hahaha.


Pretty cool one this afternoon. When I went to have lunch on the patio at Second Cup, I noticed a group of men sitting nearby at a table. After I'd sat down and started reading the 'Hidden Europe' book, it started at the first page on the chapter on Russia. Well, maybe a minute later, the men at the table started talking, and though I can't be sure, they were speaking in Russian (if not, it was something that sounded highly Russian to me -- in any case, close enough that I could see a "Russian" archetype underlying, even if it was just because the men sounded Russian to my ears). I found this notable enough, since this was perhaps the first I've ever encountered someone speaking Russian in public (and, as it were, one of the few times I've ever read anything about Russia). But then, during the course of my lunch, a couple walked by, also speaking what sounded to be Russian or some like language. I expected them to walk over and sit with the men at the table, but the couple just walked on by, apparently unconnected to the men. And then, as if those two incidents weren't enough, I encountered yet another Russian speaker, some ~30 minutes later, outside of a nearby store, a man on his own, also unconnected to the group of men or the couple I'd seen. Perhaps there was a Russian-themed conference or something going on nearby? Even then, there's the fact that I Just Happened to be starting the chapter on Russia in my book today (after ~650 pages and ~two weeks of reading leading up to it). Even in the most conservative case, pretty notable, I think.


First, tons and tons of smaller, subtle synchros today as I was out and about, at times to the point of "surreal" and "onslaught," the most intense they've been since that magical period in February/March. As far as single, coherent standouts, there were two, almost identical: right as I was thinking about the Toyota motorhome I'm about to buy, I passed one on the road (not quite "perfectly synchronistic" in timing, but maybe 2-3 seconds after I had the thought; also, the one I saw was just pulling up to a stop to turn onto the highway, as if cued by my thought, heh); and then, a couple hours later, right as I was thinking about the Zuma scooter I'm about to buy, again at the end of a very long chain of random thoughts that extended back a few minutes -- the rear of a moped popped into my vision from around the corner, and it indeed turned out to be a Zuma (no question of subconscious suggestion here, since a) I couldn't see the scooter at all when I first had the "Yamaha Zuma" thought, which was indeed perfectly synchronistic, unlike the RV thought from earlier, and 2) even after seeing the scooter, I had to round the corner fully to see that it was a Zuma, it having no identifying characteristics until seen up close). Pretty cool, all of these today.


Not too many today, at least compared to yesterday. Mostly just repeat numbers and minor, one-word thought synchros and the like. One standout: while I was driving down the road, I randomly, spontaneously, and distinctly thought of how a close relationship with someone can nourish you on a deep, energetic level, etc. It wasn't two seconds later that a man came on the radio and said, "A positive relationship can lead to better health." Not an exact literal match, but the underlying archetype was spot-on precise, as was the timing. Highly notable.

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