Synchronicity log for 2016


Lots of activity today, but almost none of it really standout/coherent enough to note, with all of it being just one of those big, daylong, "mass-synchro"-type meta-incidents I'm coming to see as a pattern, enormously complex and surreal but just too personal/subjective to describe in any measure. It was all threaded together with random thoughts/reading/radio-type stuff plus the 'Book of the Dead' book I Just Happened to start today, even with another conspicuous duck encounter thrown in there (when I came out of a convenience store of all places, a mother duck and her chicks wadling past just as I was coming out, this in the middle of the main drag along 17, about the last place I'd expect to see a duck). Wow. Just wow wow wow, even after everything.


Again lots of activity, though different than lately. Had a lot of those smallish-yet-striking kind I've been having lately, all through the day off and on, probably over a dozen again, many of them really precise as well as with that sort of complex, "multdimensional" quality, often to the point of being surreal. For example, precisely as I was thinking (again objectively) of how I was going to have to run down the road to get to the gate to let in the guys with the van, my eyes fell on the slip of paper with Road Runner Taxi's phone number on it, which read, simply "Road Runner" -- precisely what I'd been thinking, and again my seeing it in that patternistic way where my independent, objective thought coincided perfectly with my eyes Just Happening to lock in at that same precise moment, when there's no way I could've orchestrated it so perfectly, consciously or subconsciously. And, as a footnote to this one, I'd written out that note even though I was about 100% sure I wasn't going to call the taxi (which I indeed didn't call), yet I'd felt Compelled to do it. So many like that today, in various ways and forms.

Also, another duck encounter, just as conspicuous and patternistic as these last two, this one being on the parking lot of a Starbucks in the middle of a crowded shopping center, again about the last place I'd expect to encounter any wildlife, much less a duck. And besides this being notable in itself, with my encountering these three days so close together and in almost identically patternistic and conspicuous ways, this one was doubly so because of where I encountered it: at the far end of the Starbucks' lot, where I'd been Compelled to pull into, illogically, feeling Compelled to forego the nearer turnoff and use this one, which put me square in the path of this lone duck waddling through the lot between me and the Starbucks, such that I had to stop and wait for it to pass. Made me laugh out loud, it was all just so perfectly bizarre and synchronistic. And on top of it all, I hadn't even planned on being at the Starbucks today, or anywhere for lunch, it just worked out that the van guys got there so early that I had enough time to comfortably go out instead of staying in as planned.

Plus, on top of the rest, a big barrage of 37s today, though these broke the pattern of being primarily on license plates. Still had plenty of license plates thrown in there, but the most conspicuous were in other, random ways, such as a couple clock-ticks, and one where I randomly opened a book, for no real reason, and opened it precisely to page 317, plus maybe a dozen or so other conspicuous ones of this nature (at one point, I looked up to a bottle of cleaner in the gym bathroom and my eyes fell directly on a conspicuous 730). The most standout was a receipt-type one, at Bay Naturals, where the timestamp was exactly 1:37 (when I'd had to wait conspicuously to get rung up, the cashier not noticing me somehow, thus causing maybe a 1-2 minute delay and thus causing the 1:37 timestamp) and I got $37 in change (when, once again, I'd gotten a bunch of random stuff I hadn't even planned on -- in fact, hadn't even planned on going into BN at all today, just having to go to the mattress place next door and felt Compelled to stop in). Another "wow"-type level of activity just in itself, but totally damn surreal on top of the rest.


Still having some of those random reading/thought/radio-type synchros today (a lot involving that 'Cocoon Crash' album and the rain storm that Just Happened to be going on while I was listening to the CD for the first time, lots of parallels and such, surreal). Had a cool standout number-repeat, a combination receipt/found-litter one, where I was Compelled to stop and pick up this piece of paper on the floor at Kroger, and it turned out to be a receipt with three 73s on it ("Check 20037," then "Ref No. 73," then "Trans ID 73").


Had another one of those big, complex, daylong-type too-personal/subjective-types again today, again involving the 'Awakening Osiris' book, with a bunch of reading/throught synchros mixed in at lunch, at times just downright profound surreal but without any real standouts that I can translate to text. Did have a cool classical thought/radio synchro this afternoon, when I had a big long chain of random thoughts end with how time is an illusion, in those precise terms, a split second before "time is an illusion" sounded randomly from the in-house radio at the gym. Again, damn surreal.


Day was characterized by a lot of those "smallish"-type of striking radio/thought/reading synchros again, no real standouts but probably over a dozen total, enough to establish another subtle theme through the day. Did have a standout q-n-a-type recurrence, starting two days ago when I was in Goodwill and saw these weird platform-type shoes and Noticed them, while simultaneously wondering what they were for -- and then, today while getting the ELT from Steve, he mentioned, totally and randomly and offhand as is patternistic of these, just those type of shoes and what they're for. Classic "question and answer"/"ask and ye shall receive." Haha.


Had a good number more of those pretty striking/precise/profound thought/reading/radio-type synchros I've been having, such as "gator" sounding over the radio precisely as I looked left into traffic, about to turn, and was met with a gator license plate on a car (again, totally objective and totally perfectly synchronistic, etc), and having a long chain of thought end on "it's too quiet back at home," precisely as "too quiet at my place" sounded from the radio.

Plus, a damn cool number meta-incident. Blog post:

"I've reported on my fun with numbers, certainly; and I've reported the newish, "combination-types" of these sort of incidents, too. Well, here's a little more of the latter.

This time, it involved bumper stickers.

First, I've been seeing numbers lately (which goes without saying, really, for the phenomenon hasn't stopped since it started, years ago). Second, the predominant repeats as of the last couple days have been 317, 144, and their variants (73, 14, 44, etcetera). Which brings us to the bumper stickers I got in the mail today.

The bumper stickers in question were for my websites, to be put on my newest vehicle, as to promote my little web-enterprise (the extent of my advertising, as it were). Upon opening up the mailer, however, I gave pause: there, staring up at me, were more my latest, most-popular numbers -- a whole cluster of them, at the bottom of the bumper stickers (their print numbers, I guess). I found this notable from the outset, due to the sheer amount of the repeats, and their total randomness, and their arrival precisely admidst a storm of these very numbers, lasting for days.

Though, what really made this incident blog-worthy was the underscore of irony, given that one of the stickers was for (drum-roll) (Another patternistic component of these incidents, as it so happens, such as when I experience book synchronicities while reading books about synchronicities ...)

But wait, there's more!

When I opened the scanned image in my photo editor, to crop it for this very blog post, I was met with yet another number-repeat, now in the scanned file's timestamp, as a Sundae-topping cherry of sorts.

Upon seeing the cluster of numbers on the bumper stickers, I'd smiled. Upon seeing the file's timestamp, I laughed (which, it felt, seemed to be the point of that little footnote, as if some force wasn't satisfied until getting that response ...)."


Not much activity today except for yet more of those "striking"-type of smallish one-word thought/reading/radio-type synchros, with a decent cluster of them around lunchtime, including a cool one where, amidst this little "storm," the radio at Second Cup started a song about leaving family on a train, a split second before reading almost exactly that randomly in the 'Operation Mincemeat' book -- not quite perfectly synchronistic in timing, being maybe 3-4 seconds apart (unlike the one-word ones happening in the "background"), but very precise, and 100% objective, since I had no control over neither the radio at Second Cup nor the occurrence of the train/family mention in the book. Really notable and really surreal.

Also, had a fun little spurt of those conspicuous-license-plate-number-type synchros just after lunch, when I crossed the street and saw on a passing car a 7733 license plate, and then, immediately afterward on the way to my car, a second car backed out in front of me, it too with a 7733 license plate (or some variant, can't remember). It was so notable because (a) it came amidst something of a "pause" of the numbers today, with my having seen only a couple so far at that point in the day, and not very conspicuously at that, and (b) they were, again, in that patternistic, striking "one-two" "wham-bam" manner, as to make a surreal impression.


Departure from yesterday, few incidents at all today, even subtles/numbers. Instead, just had two standout radio-type synchros: first, hearing "neighbor" on the radio precisely as I was reading "NABER" on the car in front of me (and, pronounced this in my mind, "neighbor" -- so perhaps that's what was being echoed here, my thought rather than any sort of "neighbor" archetype? or both maybe?), and then, second, my raising my hand to wave randomly at someone at roadside while I passed, precisely as "hands held high" sang from the radio. Both were perfectly synchronistic and again highly notable and cool.


A noticeable uptick in overall activity today, this again seeming to correspond with an improvement in health/energy/"mobility," etc. Had several reading/thought/radio-type synchros, but of a different flavor than those "smallish" striking-type ones I've been having for a while now, instead being a little more coherent and "complex"/rich, in a way hard to describe but definitely different. For example: while randomly browsing the phone cards at Target, had a spattering of thought/reading synchros correspond with commercials playing on the display TVs nearby, first when I read "features" on a Tracphone brochure, perfectly synchronistic with "features" sounding from the TV -- and, to make it even more notable, the TV's "features" was also in regards to Tracphone, with it playing a Tracphone TV commerical at the time (when this was not the TV's display purpose; instead, it was just playing regular TV from what I could tell, and my seeing the Tracphone brochure and the commercial playing Just Happened to overlap, and then develop a double-feature-type dimension when my reading "features" overlapped with the commercial's "features" -- damn surreal). And then, a split second afterward, as I read "benefits" on another phone brochure, the TV said "benefits," exactly the same as before, perfectly synchronistic (except this "benefits" was just on some random commercial, not for the same phone plan, etc, like the first, which kind of adds to the notability since it demonstrates the randomness of it). These two were surreal in themselves, but came back-to-back, themselves perfectly synchronistic, as to be just hugely surreal, to that rare living-dream level. Wow. Had several other of these throughout the day, though not quite as notable and striking as that little cluster in Target.

Also, more numbers today, lots of 137s and 73s/37s, etc, and many of them on conspicuous license plates (my Just Happening to park behind one, or see one in my rearview when looking to back up, etc). A standout in this regard was on the way home when I tried to turn into a lane and the car in it just wouldn't slow down and let me in, and in a highly conspicous way that made me take notice especially, with the car just drifting slowly and slowly forward as if I weren't there with my blinker on the whole time -- and then, when the car finally did pass me, it revealed a 7331-ending license plate. Haha. So notable and patternistic and funny.


Had several subtler thought/reading synchros today, along with some reasonably conspicuous 73/1137 license plates and the like. The best standout I can think of was on the way home when I had a long chain of thought end about how I was, free from Walmart, thinking more clearly and seeing more possibility in things/people -- precisely as "seeing all possibilities" sang from the radio. Many like that throughout the day, with more and less notability, etc.


Had a really cool and funny one this morning, as well as being pretty unique. Started when I woke up today in an odd, blunted funk, feeling curiously detached from everything and I don't know why, but whatever it was, I had the feeling that I could've watched something bad happen without being affected, etc, since I was just so detached and altered. Then, at lunch, I read in the 'Mincemeat' book about a WWII soldier who lay down in a trench and sipped a cup of tea and just generally relaxed as bombs fell and such, and I had the thought, "That's basically me right now," in regards to how I felt -- this also part of just a bigger/subtler/personal recurrence of the detachment plus all kinds of other parallels with the soldier's description, as to make me think again, "That's basically me right now." This all corresponded with me sipping my coffee while eating outside Starbucks, and I had the thought that it all felt so synchronistic/recurrent, etc, and only if I'd been sipping a cup of tea instead of the coffee, it would've made it notable. Then, maybe two minutes later, I realized something: the iced coffee I was sipping was in a "Teavana" cup, which I've noticed they put iced coffee in at Starbucks, not having a separate cup I guess. And then, when I noticed this, there was "cup of tea" printed directly below it, turned at just such an angle that I saw only those words -- which was the exact wording of the soldier in the book, his sipping a "cup of tea," and also my thought of how, if only I'd been sipping a "cup of tea" then it would've made the incident coherent enough to be logged, etc. And so there it was. Damn cool.


Day was characterized by another of those mostly day-long clusters that were just so repetitive, so profound, but also so personal and subjective and subtle, it all just bled together into another of those surreal, living-dream-type states. The coolest was that a lot of the incidents hinged on what I read, which was both totally random and Compelled, first the three-week-old newspaper that I was Compelled to fetch out of the recycling bin the other day (and sit on for days before reading this morning), and the 'Concertina' book that I started reading today, also Compelled, from a selection of once again over a dozen possible books. So many reading-related synchros between these, mostly numbers (again 73/1137 predominantly, and just so damn many individual repeats and all conspicuous to varying levels, probably over two dozen just through morning and lunch alone) along with a bunch of those subtle-yet-"striking" little thought/reading/radio synchros. One example: my thinking about the extra-spicy cucumber dish I was eating, and then the very next sentence when I resumed reading the 'Concertina' book was, "Why do I like extremely spicy food?" So many like that, and all so precise and perfectly synchronistically timed or close to it, just utterly surreal.


Day was marked by more of those smallish-"striking" thought/reading synchros, though not as many as yesterday, nor as complex and coherent -- though still quite present. Seeing the emergence of a newish kind over the last few days, even smaller and more striking but often easily written off as coincidence if it weren't for there being so many and seeing them so patternistically. A lot of them are instant or near-instant basic recurrences, such as my randomly thinking of Virginia yesterday in a parking lot, a split-second before I walked past a Virginia license plate and then passed a second car with a "Virginia is for Lovers" bumper sticker (when its tag wasn't from Virginia); or, today, my thinking of "K" a split second before I turned into traffic on Grissom and directly behind a car with a Kiwanis symbol on their license plate, a circled K -- a bunch like those scattered through the day, over a dozen or so. Plus had a reasonable amount of conspicuous numbers, including a cool receipt-type one at Starbucks at lunch, when I felt Compelled to get my receipt for the second coffee even though I didn't need it, and equally Compelled to look at it, only to find that my check number was 713171 and the timestamp exactly 1:11 (when the most prominent repeats of the last few days have been 1137 and 17/117 and their variants, along with a conspicuous rash of 11:11s and 1:11s).


General uptick today, corresponding with increased health/energy, and a generally different "flavor." Still having lots of those subtles/"striking"-types, but of a variation today: more of those "fuzzy" highly indirect-yet-direct types, of which I've experienced some in the past, most of them perfectly synchronistic and highly precise-yet-imprecise, etc. Examples: passing a sign reading "cottages," and Noticing this very distinctly, perfectly synchronistic with "rhymes with wattages" on the radio; and, similarly, when I was in the bathroom at the gas station and someone tried to open the door and I thought "wait your turn," my eyes fell over "zurn" on the toilet's flush head, except that the light obscured the "z" and my initial impression was "turn" instead of "zurn" -- both of these and others again potentially coincidental/nothing at all, except for the perfectly synchronistic timing and their distinct pattern, with the sheer number of them establishing the pattern (as well as those in the past). Really cool, and funny. Another one in this vein, yet a little more coherent and precise: precisely as I Noticed a sign alongside the road reading "A A," a truck turned in front of me, with "A A" on its mudflaps.

Also, a little cluster of reading-type incidents at lunch, as has been patternistic before. Examples: having more of those long, indepedently, 100% objective chains of thought end on the iPhone I was on my way to pick up from the PO, and then of the lady in the coffee shop and how she might sit on a computer playing online RPGs in the back when no one's around (totally random and bizarre, that one), a split second before I read "mobile phone" and "computer games," respectively. Maybe five or six like that within the space of an hour, in that patternistic fashion. So cool.

And then, to top it all off, had a lot of conspicuous license plate 37s today, plus another of those wrong-number-call-type ones, this time a random text from a wrong number which arrived at exactly 1:37 PM. Haha.

And then ... just before bed, got another totally random text, after setting up phone -- and it was from #317-68. Haha.

And then ... when I got up later on to do late-night chores, etc, and sat down at the computer, it ended up at exactly 1:37 (when I'd delayed it a couple times with a little nap after I first woke up). More hahas.


Today was like yesterday in "flavor" but overall a downturn in total events. Still with some conspicuous 37 license plates, etc, and some of those "striking" littleish incidents, but other than that, noticeably quieter (again corresponding with nightmarish headsickness/low energy, etc). Did have one coherent standout in the form of a classical book-synchro series of recurrences between the 'Concertina' book and the 'Hillsides of India' book (again Compelled to start reading it immediately after, after having it for months and months and having a dozen other books to choose from), along with more of those vague parallels between these two and just stuff in general, in that subtle/personal way that's just too hard to convey in text. Example: the very end of the Concertina book mentioned rhododendron and stinging nettles, the first I'd seen these mentioned anywhere in a while (and I Noticed them somewhat), and then, within the first few pages of the 'Hillsides' book, it mentioned those two things specifically, plus probably a dozen or so other smallish ones that would've gone entirely unnoticed if not for their volume and their past precedent of pattern, etc.

Also, had another of those litter-receipt synchros, where I was Compelled to return a cart to Walmart (despite rain and traffic and such), and then equally Compelled to take a couple receipts out of it and throw them away and of course look at them -- only to find yet more 37s scribbled over the one I looked at. Haha.


Day started out with a couple cool standout radio/thought synchros on the way to lunch, back to back. First, right after I'd had a long chain of thought that ended with needing to brush off the tree limbs that feel on the roof of the shed last night, the song on the radio sang out "brush," perfectly synchronistic. And then, a couple seconds later when I'd just finished thinking of how I did in fact spin this morning, the same song said "spinning around." It bears mentioning that I'd just turned the radio to this song seconds before, feeling Compelled (and, despite the radio station I was on before announcing an upcoming song I wanted to hear, as it patternistic of these Compellings, acting illogically etc). Also, had a spattering/cluster of those minor, individually unnoteworthy reading synchros at lunch (example: reading "I want to stop" in the book, precisely before the overhead radio sang out "stop," as to echo what I was thinking/reading in that perfectly synchronistic fashion), including a vague kind of recurrence when, all through the part of the 'Road' book that I read today, it mentioned several times "falling dead tree limbs" and/or dead trees, etc -- when, just last night the dead, rotted tree limb had fallen on the shed. Not hugely precise, but timing was reasonably there, and patternistic, etc.


Today was a little different, with just a bunch of those little "striking" one-word/thought/reading/sign synchros throughout the day, along with a bunch of those vague/subtle/personal parallels and recurrences that are impossible to convey. Only real standout example was while at Office Depot my eyes fell on "stronger" on a Velcro package precisely as "strong" came over the radio. Maybe a couple dozen like that throughout the morning and afternoon, again oddly surreal.


An odd day, with almost zero incidents, even subtles/personals, etc. Then, this afternoon, had one really cool and conspicuous 37 repeat: on the way home, a motorcycle passed and I thought it had a 37 ?license plate, but when I got a good look at it, I saw that it didn't -- then, just afterward, a second bike passed into view, directly into my line of sight such that I was staring right at its license plate, which was 37173. So notable, both in the perfectly synchronistic timing of my thinking "that's not a 37" in regards to the first plate, then having it immediately "answered" with the second, and directly in my line of sight, as is patternistic of some of these, and also in that the second bike was totally out of view before this, such that I couldn't possibly have seen its license plate even subconsciously in my peripheral vision. Really neat and notable.


A noticeable uptick in incidents today, mostly numbers (tons of 37 license plates suddenly, many of them conspicuous, such as my getting behind one car with a 7135 plate and Noticing it, and then, minutes later, getting behind a second with a 7135 plate, along with the usual conspicuous cut-ins and the like). Not many thought/reading synchros, oddly. Did have one standout, involving the Mustang car. Started at Walmart this afternoon when a Mustang pulled up next to me after parking and I Noticed it distinctly, in that special way that suggested it would somehow be involved in a synchro soon. Next, a little bit later, I had to turn around in a car lot and the lone car there was an old Mustang and I felt Compelled to go ask about the price. Then, finally, on the way home, I was listening to some random radio station and it mentioned how a man with terminal cancer wanted a brand new Mustang before he died, and apparently a dealer obliged and he got a "brand new Mustang convertible" for free -- this came on precisely as I passed a brand new Mustang convertible on a lot, perfectly synchronistic (also coinciding with my thinking about the day's Mustang theme from earlier, right as the radio announcement came on). Pretty notable in itself, just from the timing and precision and pattern, but doubly so in light of the day's earlier little Mustang Noticings and Compellings.


A general downturn yesterday and today, though did have a regular procession of numbers, almost exclusively 37s (including a bunch while pushing the empathic revolution book, as is patternistic of when I go to publish, almost without exception). Did have a cool and classical book-synchro recurrence: the Cappaducia caves, mentioned first in the 'Off the Map' book that I read a couple days ago, and then today in the 'Burglar's Guide to the City' book, started sequentially after -- and, once again as is the pattern, with me learning of these caves for the first time ever in the first book, then the second time ever in the second, in a highly notable timeframe (less than two days), and both books bought and read totally randomly and based on Compellings, as well as being of totally different subject matter/outward appearance/etc (in this case, a travel book about weird and interesting places around the world, of which the Cappaducia caves were one, and the other book being about how architecture can inspire burglary in certain ways).


Pretty big uptick in activity across the board today. Numbers: many many many conspicuous license plates and the like, again to the point that they were seeking me out, including an exactly $1.73 gas bill when I filled up my scooter, again just setting the pump to auto and having it Just Happen to hit that exact figure, after all those others today .... And then: tons and tons of those smallish-but-"striking" one-word thought/reading/sign/radio-type synchros, probably the most ever, with a near-steady stream of them all day, beyond the point of waking-dream/surreal, etc, so many of my thoughts and feelings being echoed externally to various degrees. Biggest standout was in Walmart when, precisely as I at last found the "BEWARE OF DOG" signs and found them all to be gone, making me think "all gone," the radio sang out "all out," in that ridiculously perfectly synchronistic way. Also along these lines: when I walked out into the Walmart parking lot, there was a group of people standing around a motorcycle and looking at it conspicuously, which made me look at the motorcycle too of course, and then, a split second later when I'd passed the group and rounded a parked car, revealing the back and bumper stickers of a second parked car, my eyes fell directly on a "WATCH FOR MOTORCYCLES" sticker, all of this occuring within the space of a second or two, again in that eerily perfectly synchronistic fashion, just left my head spinning -- and there were just so damn many of these today, not all so vivid and coherent and notable, but again reaching that point where the pattern/"feel"/"flavor" of them all just got so pronounced that it was impossible to ignore them. Wow ...

Also, a classical recurrence/book synchro: this morning, I'd for the first time encountered an address that didn't have Google Street View accessibility, as to learn that some places actually don't have it -- and then, just a couple hours later in the 'Burglar's Guide' book, it mentioned how some places don't have Google Street Views. And, likewise, when I'd seen the address that didn't have the street view, I'd thought, "I wonder why that would be" -- and, as it were, the book explained just why it could've been, as to lend an "ask and ye shall receive"/"question and answer" aspect to it. Cool.


Much like yesterday overall, still with that same general onslaught of newish striking-type thought/reading/radio-type incidents, along with a good number of number-repeats too (still predominantly 37, and included another of those Compelled-litter-pick-up types, where I was distinctly Compelled to pick up a piece of paper that ended up having two phone numbers with the prefix 773 -- which was cool, because I was familiar with this prefix, but only because it's common up in Boone, not here in SC, where I don't know if I've ever seen it at all). Still having a dizzying amount of sheer incidents, and all are pretty notable in themselves really, I just can't remember them all. One example I can remember: seeing a stop sign and Noticing it distinctly, a split second before the radio sang "stop," etc. Again had to be no less than a couple dozen of these spread out within a few hours this afternoon, along with a distinct "cluster" just after leaving the house for lunch, as seems to be a pattern I've noticed regularly.

Also, a classical recurrence, again in the 'Burglar' book. Just yesterday I'd read a part about a lockpicking club and a general introduction to people who break into safes and the like just to figure them out, which was the first I'd learned that there were organized groups of such normal everyday folks rather than outright crooks -- and then, today, at the extremely long and complicated and "chance"-ridden adventure to get the mini fridge, I was browsing the man's shop while the fridge cooled down, and there in the back, I Just Happened to come across a fire safe and when the man saw me open it and close it, he told me how he'd found the safe without a key and busted it open "just to figure out how it works" -- precisely what I'd been reading about yesterday, in almost the exact terminology, etc. Again patternistic: first time I'd heard of it, then encountered it for the second time in a notable timeframe, and then with the added notability from the sheer chanceness/ridiculously complex course of events that saw me to this man's shop (first five thrift stores, when I wasn't even planning on going out looking for a fridge today, and then, at the last, when I asked the lady at the counter if they had any fridges and she said no, this man, who'd just finished checking out, overhears me and says he has some for sale, just next door, in a store that wasn't even open until he took me inside, a store that he hadn't even organized into a proper storefront -- a newspaper publishing place of all places, not even a thrift store or appliance dealer, etc, and the guy even gave it to me for $50. Wow).

And then, just before bedtime when I sat down to read, a really cool little near-instantaneous thought/reading synchro, made more notable not just because of its unlikeliness/patternistic quality but because it's just so true and heartfelt. When I started reading the 'Proof of Heaven' book, the title page had a handwritten commentorative note on it, saying "Dear so and so, thought you might like this book," but it was written messily and I had a hard time reading it, such that it kind of skewed my perception in a weird way and forced me to decipher the text backward, starting with "might like this" or whatever the last few words were (which was the first part I successfully read) and then go backwards, inferring what the rest of it probably said and thus deciphering it from there -- all in all, culminating in this cool and interesting little perceptual lesson where I was given an exercise is seeing what was actually written, rather than what I just inferred was there from what I could read, with my "seeing" what I thought should be there, rather than what actually was, etc. Then, after I successfully deciphered the note and then flipped to the first page of the book, the first thing I read was an epigraph, a quote from Einstein as it were: "A man should look for what is, and not for what he thinks should be" -- exactly what I'd just taken away from the lesson, and was still thinking in so many words, just maybe five seconds earlier. Damn cool.


Again still in that same groove from the last couple days, with a daylong stream of those small-yet-striking thought/reading/radio-types, and still with lots of conspicuous number-repeats (still 37s, still primarily from conspicuous license plates coming from every direction and in ways that almost 100% of the time couldn't have possibly been selective perception/subconscious bias, etc). One thing I'm noticing is a lot of just "general activity"-type incidents, where I'll think of something and it was just happen, perfectly synchronistic in timing, where my inner thoughts/reality seem to "intersect" or merge with outer/external reality. Example: that "stop" sign/radio one from yesterday, and today my thinking "Shouldn't my refrigerator be popping on right about now?" a split second before it did -- again things that aren't too precise or otherwise notable but are just precise enough, and perfectly timed, and so numerous and consistent in behavior that a pattern emerges. A lot of these over the last few days, though I can't remember any other specific examples.

Some standouts of the day:

*A cool one at the gym, where I found a watch on the seat of the machine I was to use, and its readout was 3:36. Naturally, I had the thought "I wonder how many seconds until it strikes 3:37?" -- when, precisely as this crossed my mind, the song I was listening to said "seconds." Once again, that old thought/radio synchro pattern: two totally independent and objective events/thoughts coinciding in perfectly synchronistic fashion, impossible to orchestrate, etc

*Having a long chain of thought end on iced coffee, precisely as "my coffee is cold" sang from the radio, haha

*Thinking "I've been waiting a long time" while waiting for traffic to pass while trying to turn, precisely as "waiting such a long time" sang from the radio

*Just as I was pulling from the car wash and thinking of how I had run out of time like two seconds too soon to get one last squirt of the rinser water, "out of time" sang from the radio

*Another of those cute little funny, "intelligent" ones, with a "q-n-a"-type overtone. This time I was stopped behind a car with a license plate that started with "3F7" prominently, and I thought, "Well, shouldn't that have been a 37?" and then, a split second after, I noticed that the expiration sticker in the corner was 3-17, again in patternistic "eyes falling on it immediately after thinking it" fashion.


A bit of a downturn in overall incidents today, but still a few, and still in that exact same "flavor" of the last couple days. The best standout was when I was the leather shop for the bag, and right as I came to the case with all the leather lingerie and fetish gear and such, and realized what it was after a second, bringing up vague thoughts of "sex" and the like -- right then, perfectly synchronistic, "time to have sex" came over the in-house radio. Haha. And, similarly, a split second after I noticed a sheriff's SUV alongside my car and thought "police," "the cops" sounded from the radio (at first I thought this might've just been subconscious suggestion/awareness, except that I distinctly remember thinking this *before* "the cops" came down the radio -- just a split second before, literally less than a second, as to strike it perfectly synchronistic, but I definitely noticed it before, thereby ruling out anything beyond just dumb, highly unlikely change, despite it fitting the pattern, "flavor" of the dozen or so others of the day, etc ...). Also, a more minor one: hearing "closed" on the radio precisely as I came upon a "right lane closed ahead" sign.

Also, another cool little reading/book synchro, with some q-n-a overtones. Two days ago in the last part of the 'Burglar's Guide' book, it used the word "Heisenburgian," and I wondered what it referred to, it being the first I'd seen the adjective (I could tell it referred to a person but beyond that I had no idea who Heisenburg was). Then, today in the 'Proof of Heaven' book I'd started immediately afterward -- again totally randomly, from a choice of a dozen books, etc, etc -- it mentioned a physicist named Heisenburg, who apparently worked on quantum physics, which not only was a classical recurrence/book synchro, but would explain the context/usage of the "Heisenburgian" I'd read and wondered absently about, in classical q-n-a fashion.


Still in that same general groove of the last few days, but even lesser overall incidents today, not corresponding with anything that I've noticed. Day started with a cute little thought/reading synchro: when I saw the sun shining in the window and went to move some foods out of the way on the counter, the bag of camu powder at the forefront read "" in big letters, directly facing me and in my line-of-sight -- possibly coincidence, but it had that perfectly synchronistic/"thoughts echoed in external reality"-type of a feel/pattern to it. Another cool thought/reading standout at lunch: hearing a deep thudding bass line from a passing car on the nearby road, about two seconds before I read "thumping bass" in the 'Long Way Down' book (this one was, oddly, *not* perfectly synchronous, with a slight delay between my first hearing the bass and then reading the passage, though it still had that same basic feel to it). Probably only six or seven others throughout the rest fo the day, some very minor and again easily dismissed if not for their patternistic element. Less numbers today too, though I did have a super-cute one while in the Bi-Lo parking lot, when I thought of how few numbers I'd seen today -- precisely as a car came into view with a 3773 license plate (or some four-digit 37 variant). Haha.

And now, another super-cute little addendum to the "thumping bass" incident: when I went to tweet about it, there was a picture of a bass player on the homepage -- maybe nothing, but it certainly had that "feel" of it echoing the "bass" archetype, with the picture loading precisely as I thought "I'm going to tweet about the bass synchro."


Even fewer incidents today, at times none, lowest activity in a while overall. Did have some more of those "cute" conspicuous-LP-type 37s, such as when I got to the Anytime in Matthews and, first, passed a 37 license plate upon going in, and then, when I had to go right out and back in because I'd forgotten something in the van, in the few minutes meantime another car had pulled up at this entrance, this one with a 3711 LP, and then, this morning when leaving, I waited on a car to pass before I pulled out, even though it was over-conservative and the guy was going visibly slowly -- and, of course, he ended up having a 37 LP when I pulled up behind him.


Had an uptick in overall incidents over yesterday's dearth, including more of those "striking"-type highly "recurrent"-type of thought/reading/sign/radio incidents I've been having. Example: a split second before my mom randomly said "lion," my eyes had fallen on a little statue of a lion. Many like that, probably a dozen or so so far today. And then, a cool, albeit not hugely precise, one throughout lunch, a reading/book-type in which the 'Long Way Down' book suddenly mentioned Starbucks several times in the part I was reading, when I'd Just Happened to have been at Starbucks eating at the time, for the first time in a week, since I tried going off all the fluoridated water and stuff from coffee shops experimentally. It wasn't really notable then, though the first mention was within the first couple pages of the book I'd been reading then (when it hadn't mentioned Starbucks in it previously), but then as I read more and more, there were more of those "vague parallels" and such, including a precise-ish hit where a guy randomly nearby said "I'm standing at Starbucks" about two seconds before I read "at Starbucks," and a couple similar, minor little ones -- but all culminating eventually in something reasonably notable, when taken together.

Coolest happened this evening, a hugely significant one that I don't think I've ever quite experienced before, combining several times into one big meta-incident. It started in Earthfare, when my eyes randomly fell on a bottle of baby oil -- a split second before some random stranger nearby sang out "baby," just this person singing a random snatch of song with the word in it, and Just Happening to coincide perfectly with my seeing the bottle of oil. And then, a split second later, "baby" sounded equally randomly over the radio. And then, a minute or so later as I was on my way to check out and then began analyzing what had just happened, the way I do -- just as I thought "baby synchronicity," "baby" sounded again randomly on the radio, this time from a totally different song. And then, a few minutes later still, now out in the car, when I thought of it all again and I decided to tweet about it -- "babies" sounded from the CD player, equally randomly and perfectly synchronistically. Wow.

Also, pretty cool classical thought/music one at the gym, when right after I Noticed how I was swinging my hips while doing the abs raise, the song on the in-house radio sang out "swinging her hips."


General uptick again, along with just some standout cool/interesting/unique ones. First was early this morning, another of those alarm-type ones, this one extremely explicit and precise though, in that I woke up randomly early this morning, for no real reason, after lying there and dozing for I don't know how long -- and precisely as I got up, my watch's alarm went off, after my having apparently mistakenly set it somehow, my waking up and the alarm coinciding perfectly (though, I can distinctly and 100% say that I woke up just *before* the alarm went off, once again as to completely rule out subconscious suggestion/some split-second distortion where I just thought it was before but was subconsciously triggered by it happening then, etc, etc -- and, I can equally say 100% that I did not just mistakenly set the alarm, etc). Was nothing less than a living dream/utterly surreal moment, coming in the twilight of early morning no less.

Then the day was equally active and surreal, still with that same "flavor" of perfectly synchronous/precise and/or close to it incidents, at times coming in those living-dream-type clusters. Some standouts: had another of those color-type instant recurrences, like with Zaxby sign and the car rims that time, this time again with the color blue (a very similar and striking shade of it even), now when I saw a dog's collar with this distinctive, unique shade of blue and Noticed it, a split second before a car of the exact same shade pulled up randomly into the parking lot, completely unconnected to the dog and its collar/owner, etc, yet perfectly synchronistic with my Noticing the dog's collar's color. Plus a bunch of those little smallish random-yet-profound "instantaneous"-type thought ones, such as ... I can't even describe them, just too complicated, but had tons of them, including a big, surreal cluster of them after lunch as seems to happen, my thoughts and feelings and reactions all just echoing perfectly and explicitly within external reality, one after another at times. So many numbers today too, and almost all of them conspicuous and "cute," such as at Goodwill, when I said to round my $6.13 total up to $7.00, and as I watched the register's screen it briefly flashed "$7.13" before going back down to the rounded-up $7.00. Or, equally crazy, I felt Compelled to mess around with the van's in-dash display while waiting for the bill of sale for the car, and the trip's odometer was exactly 173.1 miles when I checked it, along with the phone's time being 3:07 and then 3:17 when I randomly checked them for the bill of sale, etc -- no less than a dozen like that today, including many many license plates. It's all just spinning my head. Definitely moving up a notch even over the most living-dream of days previously. Just can't keep track anymore.

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