Synchronicity log for 2017


Day started with a cool and unique and pretty highly notable "double"/hyrid-type incident, from out of nowhere right after I got up (and another early one, as it were, maybe the earliest I've had in a while). It started when I sang the chorus of the song I'd been randomly singing upon rising, which had "nothing but the best for you" in it -- then, right as I sang this randomly, I picked up the 'Sleepers' book to put it in my bag, and my eyes fell directly on the "bestseller" on the cover, and again as such that the "best" lyric and the "best" in the text coincided perfectly (despite my having started singing the verse before I'd picked up the book). And then, a second later when I opened the book to its last page in order to put the bookmark in, my eyes fell directly on the last page's number as I did so, which was exactly 370, haha.

Not much to note about the rest of the day as of writing, other than still having a goodly amount of "smallish"/background-static numbers throughout the day's city walk, and still predominantly 37s and variants, on license plates and random signs and such. Still dazzling and surreal for all the repetition.

Then a really cool and notable standout "late"-type reading recurrence. It began this morning when, while doing yoga on the floor of the bnb, I Noticed this book on the shelf beside me, which was about the gangs of New York, and I had the distinct thought of "I'd really like to read about the gangs of New York," but I didn't want to begin reading the book because I couldn't finish it before I'd have to leave the rental -- and then tonight, in the 'Sleepers' book I started at lunch, it entered into several pages about the history of NYC gangs, exactly what I wanted to read about just hours earlier (and, as it were, I'd had no idea that the book was about NYC at all until I started reading it, with it having nothing on the cover or even in the blurb/description about this or gangs or anything remotely related, another of those totally random yet 100% precise and closely timed/patternistic ones, very notable).

Also, a cool 37 number-plate repeat at the end of the day, this time not on an actual car but in a random little cartoon in the 'Mother Earth News' magazine I read just before bed, which showed a truck with a front license plate reading simply "773" -- a fitting end to the day of NYC-walking number craziness, haha (and just damn notable and surreal, etc, too, evidencing that distinct-yet-subtle "intelligence" in so many of these standout number-repeats).


First incident came again very soon after leaving for the day, this morning at the totally random little market I'd stopped off into on the way to lunch. It began when I gave some spare change to a woman begging with a cup outside, and then when I came out, I waved at her and she said "thank you" -- precisely as I turned to see a man coming at me with a cart I had to jump out of the way of, on whose shirt I caught a glimpse of a big "THANK YOU" on the breast, with this glimpse coming almost instantaneously with the woman's words, again with only to slightest delay as to be pretty much perfectly synchronistic. Actually this one was kind of a loose double, because at lunch, maybe an hour later, I had a nearby-stranger-type "echo" when I read "thank you" in the 'Sleepers' book perfectly synchronistic with a nearby man on the phone saying "thank you" (and, again, both randomly and for the first time in the reading session/the man's conversation, etc, rather than reptitions that just happened to correspond). A sort of "echo of an echo."

As day went on, began having more of the "small"/vague "echos," and quite a few of these today, most too small to note but a good number of them reasonably coherent/precise, etc. Some examples: on the escalator at TJ's, the stranger-man in front of me randomly saying "hard to miss" to another stranger, precisely as I came up upon a big sign reading "miss you already" (as to be "revealed" when I slowly crested the top of the escalator slope), as to echo the theme of "miss"; randomly reading "Toto" on a soap dispenser in the airport bathroom precisely as the intercom said "cars parked there will be towed," another of those phonetic/partial-types where the "tow" corresponded perfectly with my registering of the double "to" in "Toto," perfectly patternistic of these sub-types of the thought-echo.

And again a great many random, smallish, background-static-type of numbers throughout the day in NYC and to the airport, again predominantly 37s and on license plates/random signage/phone numbers and the like, with no standouts that were coherent enough to note, but still a reasonable number of conspicuous-level ones, again as to be just ridiculously surreal, etc.

Had two incidents on the plane back, and they were a little different qualitively than the rest that day. First, a vague-but-reasonably precise reading/thought-type echo, in the article about the Colombian FARC man in the random 'New Yorker' I'd gotten out of the trash that afternoon: I read "Alberto" in the book, which instantly made me think of the Lyft driver named Alberto from a couple days ago -- and then, a split second later on the very next line in the article, I read "taxi-driver," as to echo reasonably precisely the theme of "hired driver" I'd thought of. It was another of those where the echoing/corresponding text was visible to me when I'd had the original, instigating thought, but, once again, I can 100% confidently trace my having that thought to the independent, objective event of my first reading the Alberto and, thus, thinking "Lyft driver," etc.

Next, minutes later, a similar one, but involving a "nearby-stranger"-type conversation, and really damn notable and somewhat unique. It started also when I read in the Colombian-FARC-guy article several Spanish phrases that the man used, which made me think vaguely-but-distinctly of how Spanish is spoken in Colombia and other South American countries, but it's a different dialect/version of Spanish than is spoken in Central America and the US -- and then, maybe two or three minutes when I got up to use the lavatory at the front of the plane (both totally unplanned and random, as well as somewhat illogical, because I was closer to the rear of the plane and the lavatories there), right as I approached, I overheard one of the nearby flight attendants there say something along the lines of "they speak Spanish in South America and the like, but it's different" -- almost exactly what I'd just been thinking of, but again of the most random and unconnected sources (the flight attendant had been nowhere near me at the time I'd read the article, etc, and there was absolutely nothing that would've cross-triggered anything between the two of us having these remarkably similar thoughts at nearly the exact same time, just so ridiculously surreal and notable).


Had some activity today, but an overall downturn of the NYC trip, and of a somewhat different feel/groove/format, etc. First I can remember happened once again within minutes of sitting down to lunch and reading, when I had a long, random chain of thought end with how I needed to soon switch sides of the table as to be able to get sun on my back (which I can distinctly trace again, to the objective event of my remembering how I got a lot of sun on my face/front yesterday and so didn't want to get much of the overbearing/intense sun I was getting at that table) -- a split second before, on the next line of the 'Sleepers' book at the time, I read "on the right side of the table," as to echo the "side of the table" theme (though, this one might've been one of those "echoing the exact opposite of what I was thinking" ones, since I'd distinctly been thinking of/envisioning in my mind's eye the *left* side of the table, where I'd be moving to, rather than the right side, which I was already sitting at then).

Had a few more, similar reading/thought-echo-type ones during lunch, such as reading "open the iron door heading out" (as in an exit door) precisely as a couple people randomly entered the door in my vision at DD, a door which, first, I always think of as the place's "exit door," since it's where I tend to leave, and then, second, the door was big and of some type of slate-gray metal (which, if it wasn't actually iron, certainly looked "iron-y"). Had maybe 3-4 like this, not an onslaught, exactly, but not an inconsiderable amount either.

Also, a really cool and notable and surreal "nearby-stranger"-type echo at lunch, when I had yet another long, random chain of thought end with how I needed to go home and get some money for something (again, triggered 100% objectively, and stemming back before the corresponding text was visible, I think), precisely as the woman at a nearby table (who had her back to me and who I'd said nothing to, etc), said, quite loudly: "I need that money, that cash," which not only echoed the thought of "money" I'd had, but also my *need* for the money, which I planned to use that afternoon ...

Did have numbers today, but not nearly so many as last few days in NYC. Really only standouts were a series of notable parking-lot ones, primarily "smaller" ones where I again Just Happened to encounter 137 plates and the like despite my totally random parking choices, etc, but also a really cool "animated"/"revealed"-type one when, at the precise instant I emerged from Lowes, a car began backing up, thus grabbing my attention, and with my eyes falling directly on its 307 plate, patternistic of both these "perfectly orchestrated/timed"-type ones as well as the "revealed"/"animated" ones, and again just so surreal in that subtle way that doesn't translate to text.


Something of an uptick today, and another subtle qualitive change, though of a way that I again can't fully describe.

Activity started with only some subtle/two-digit/background-static-type numbers on license plates and the like while on the way to Dr. Dong's, with a couple conspicuous-ish turn-outs/drifters, though none of really standout quality. Then matured somewhat right at lunch and thereafter, beginning when my total for the tea at Starbucks was exactly $3.07, this coming after I'd first had the tea ring up incorrectly, requiring a re-do, and then, second, when the figure was different than every other time I'd been there (incorrect or just increased, I'm not sure, but it's always been two dollars and some change before). And then, also during lunch, had two nearly identical subtle-yet-notable incidents where random strangers passing by me randomly said "three-oh-seven"/"seven-oh-three," respectively, one into I think a phone and the other a walky-talky, but nearly identical in format (and, also, it was all timed such that precisely as they passed, the only words I could make out were those numbers, with the rest either being lost to background noise or distance as the people walked away -- all similar enough to be patternistic). From there just went back to the traffic-type incidents with a couple subtle parking-lots and "turn-in-fronts" and the like thrown in, again as to be surreal and notable without being "storm"/onslaught-like.

Thought-wise had an uptick in activity today, this coming despite that terrible, nightmarish headsickness/thought distortion I was having from who knows what. These too started, once again, right at lunch and sitting down to read, etc, beginning with some super-vague/subtle reading-type echoes of what I was thinking/doing/seeing around me, all of a similar format to recent echoes but with that subtle qualitive change I can't describe. Had quite a few of these, then the phenomenon again matured somewhat, gaining precision and complexity and notability.

First standout in this regard was one that might've been nothing, but did certainly "feel" like it. Precisely as I read "You gonna die here today, punk. Right here on this floor" in the book, "Another One Bites the Dust" started up over the in-house radio -- perfectly synchronistic timing, and following that same newish type of thought-echo I'd been having through lunch, though only with the most underlying/essential precision, with the theme of "die" and "floor/dirt" being echoed. Then, more coherent and notable but still with that weird distorted new quality, a few minutes later had a "nearby stranger"-type one, this one of action rather than words: precisely as I read "We went down on our elbows," the man sitting next to me at the table at Starbucks put his elbow on the table and rested his hand on his chin, in a way that, to me, I construed as "going down on elbows." Though, at this point I wrote it off, thinking that, maybe if it had been *both* elbows instead of just one, I might note it -- and then, a split second after I thought this, the man put his other elbow up like the other, and shifted his bearing as such that his upper-body's weight was very much on his elbows and shoulders, haha.

Actually I was wrong: the activity started just *before* lunch, with a stray and highly notable one, a sort of echo of the smallish-but-precise/undistorted kind, as I've been having lately, differentiated from that weird cluster at lunch. The first of these came right after Dr. Dong's when I stopped at the intersection and, looking left to see who was coming, my eyes fell directly on a sign reading "margaritas buffet," precisely as the radio randomly sang out "buffet," perfectly synchronistic and again corresponding perfectly with my registering of the "buffet" portion of the sign, 100% in keeping with the pattern of these (and again totally objective/independent/hinging on the objective event of my needing to look left and having it all "align" perfectly with the completely random, non-repeated radio lyric, etc, etc). Had several more of these through the afternoon, more of less notable/precise, such as hearing "cherry" over the in-house radio at Food Lion precisely as I turned my head and had my eyes fall directly on a jar of cherries and its label reading "monticello cherries," and once again with my registering the "cherries" perfectly synchronistic with the radio lyric, just so utterly surreal.

Had some similar incidents numbers-wise, of those "seeing a number echoed randomly, perfectly synchronsitic with seeing/hearing/reading it, etc," such as randomly hearing "twenty-four" on the radio precisely as I passed a mailbox reading "2400" with it passing directly before my line of sight in patternistic fashion, or a clock-tick-type one when I stopped reading the 'Sleepers' book at the word "seventeen" to look down at the timer on the Cyma, precisely as it clicked to 7:17, a sort of double-seventeen there. Again surreal for all their "smallness"/one-dimensional quality.


A moderate amount of activity today, somewhat like yesterday in quantity though different in format/"feel" mostly. Again started with some minor-ish numbers on the way to lunch just after leaving the house, with a couple of those conspicuous-type traffic turn-outs and the like here and there (went on to have several more as the day went on, including another of those "car with 73 plate backing out of a space precisely as I came out of a store," almost exactly like yesterday at Lowes and others, along with another of those perfectly patternistic "Compelled to go out of my way to let out a car in traffic, only to be greeted with a 37 plate," this time a 730 plate on the way home in Little River).

Had a cool little standout cluster of numbers at McDonald's as I waited for my coffee, when the order numbers of "373" and then, a minute later, "377" were called out loudly as I stood there (and, it bears mentioning, first, that this was almost exactly like what happened the last time I was in McD's, up in NYC, when a bunch of 37-variant order numbers spontaneously arrived as I waited for mine, and, second, it bears mentioning that my order number was 272, not 372, so it was sort of odd that two 300 orders would come out right then ...).

A damn cool number standout after lunch, when I keyed the car and saw the time was 1:36, and I had just enough time to think another of those "challenge"-type skeptical thoughts of "Now, why wasn't that 1:37?", right before I hit the seek button on the radio and it flashed to "103.7," the station it was presently on, before seeking to the next station -- such that I saw the 1:36 clock, had the challenge thought, and then, not even a microsecond later, I was "greeted" with the "103.7," so ridiculously surreal.

Had several more smallish/vague/subtle thought/reading-type "echo" synchros at lunch, somewhat like yesterday but with a different qualitive feel, very hard to describe this one too. A good example was when I read "blowing" in the 'Sleepers' book precisely as the nearby bathroom door opened and I was hit with a second-long snatch of the hand dryer blowing from within -- corresponding perfectly synchronistically with my reading/registering the word, really cool and surreal. Again maybe 5-6 of these through the 1.5 hours of lunch.

A cool and reasonably notable nearby-stranger-type echo in Bi-Lo, when one stranger said to another "Delta," precisely as I looked down at the rack of gift cards to a Delta airlines card, again perfectly synchronistic/patternistc, as well as totally objective, since I was actually looking specifically for the airline cards beforehand, and knew just where they were, so it's impossible that I was subconsciously suggested to see it or something (and, though the strangers were near me and the rack, they were still a reasonable distance, and facing away from the side with the Delta card; I can't say for sure, but it would seem that the "Delta" the man spoke of was just a random mention of the word, not referencing the cards at all).


A quieter, downturn day today, in fact maybe the overall "quietest" its been for weeks, and not sure why. Really, the day's only activity was all almost entirely so super-subtle as to be without standouts. Some of the ~dozen or so thought echoes came close, but none really coherent enough to convey. Same for numbers just about, other than saying that they're still in that "lots of random/background-static 37s in traffic on plates and in random parking-lot-type recurrences, etc," with the exception of a pretty blatant and cool standout, another of those "animated"-type of parking-lot ones where, precisely when I came out of Kroger, a truck started up and started backing out from nearby in front of me, thus demanding my attention -- and my eyes falling directly on its 731 plate, perfectly patternistic with others of this nature, and just damn surreal/"striking" in itself. Otherwise, only thing I noticed today was a series of similarly super-subtle/vague recurrences and the like, still involving mostly the various reading material/thoughts/experiences, etc, of the day, and also without any coherent-enough standouts to note beyond just describing the collective presence of the phenomenon in general.

Did have a minor-but-neat little receipt-type number repeat I found just now: timestamp on the Krispy Kreme receipt from this morning was exactly 11:11 AM, mildly notable in itself (especially since I've suddenly been seeing 1111s again over the last few days, after a "drought" of these lately, as seems to happen from time to time now), but doubly so considering that I've always subconsciously associated Krispy Kreme with the K2/11:11 theme (K = 11th letter of alphabet, etc), as to add a little extra thematic echo to it.


Slight uptick today, and a minor shift in format/"feel"/type, etc, though still mostly just vague/subtles scattered through the day.

Had a cool and weird little recurrence, starting on the way to lunch when I thought of the avocado dish I had prepared, which made me randomly-but-distinctly think of how expensive some organic avocados are but how I'd gotten such a good deal on the bag from Food Lion -- and then, maybe 15 minutes later while standing in the long line at Starbucks, the man directly behind me said, totally randomly as far as I could tell, "The price of avocados are so high right now," or something along these lines -- echoing perfectly that random though I'd had before, in so many words. (And isn't this almost exactly like the one I had up in NY that time a few months ago, me randomly thinking something about the avocado dish I was on the way to eat at a coffee shop for lunch, right before someone at the coffee shop echoed something identical about avocados?)

Then at lunch had another little cluster of very similar ones that again started almost immediately after I sat down to eat and read, these a series of very similar, yet very vague and "distorted," thought/reading echoes. The first was when I thought randomly of the pro-immune substances and such that are in the whey I was eating at the time -- about 2-3 seconds before the woman at the nearby table randomly mentioned colostrum, which is like a super-whey containing those exact same substances I'd thought of, as to be a weird echo of the underlying theme of "the good pro-immune stuff in certain milk-products" (would've written this off as coincidence except for the pretty close timing, as well as its following the pattern of others in the same time period). And then a few minutes later, and a little more notable/precise: 2-3 seconds after I read "I still feel hungry" (all of these came with this nearly identical, slight, seconds-long delay, rather than being perfectly synchronistic, I noticed), the man at the other adjacent table said randomly to his daughter, "You were hungry, weren't ya?," again echoing the underlying "hungry" theme in a vague-but-notable way. Had maybe 2-3 very similar ones also, just enough to be oddly surreal. But other than those, only thought-type incidents as of writing were just some more of those extremely vague/subtle/"small" echoes, again none coherent enough to really convey.

Did have a showing of numbers today but not so many as lately, though those present did almost exactly follow the same pattern/format/"feel" of the last week or so, with a decent smattering of background-static 37s and variants on license plates and the like, and a couple conspicuous traffic incidents -- and, once again, another of those "looking behind me to back out, and peering directly at a 37-variant plate," this time a 7131, haha. Had about 5-6 other, "lesser"/"smaller"-type parking-lot ones too, again just enough to bring that surreal element to the day.

And another little receipt-repeat I just caught: the timestamp on the debit WD receipt is exactly 17:13, which is a little more notable considering that I was on the bike and had to stop and cut it off and sip some water and do other little things that held me up for a while before I could get off and walk over to the machine -- yet I Just Happened to have the transaction go through at that exact time to the second ...

And, similarly: transaction # 07373 on the Walmart receipt, when I'd had to wait in a long line there and go through other little hoops and rigmarole and such ...


Another reasonably quiet day, and much the same as yesterday in terms of type of incidents/formats/"feel." Thought-wise, really only had more of those very subtle thought-echo-type ones scattered through afternoon mainly. One example of these: having a long random chain of thought end with how I'd just done something yesterday (can't even remember what it was, other than that it was indeed 100% objective/random/not cued), precisely as the radio as randomly said "yesterday" (and again, totally objective/independent in itself, not having repeated it or anything, etc). Again, maybe 5-6 of these within a 2-3 hour period this afternoon.

Plus had more of those super-subtle thematic recurrences/parallels throughout reading material/thoughts/experiences. Only remotely coherent example of these was when I read, totally randomly, in the fasting book about how the man began publically posting a cartoon in his room every day for others to enjoy, when that's exactly what I've started doing in the last couple days, putting those random cartoons I encounter out in random public spaces; and, as it were, I was just thinking of this distinctly this morning, maybe a couple before reading of it in the book -- was again more notable than it sounds, with it happening in the context of so many other patternistic ones.

And here's another coherent-ish vague-recurrence standout: all day, I've been thinking randomly-but-distinctly about how oils/fats play such a big part in my life right now it seems, from putting them on topically to eating them, etc -- and then this evening, the Dictionary word-of-the-day email was for "oleaginous," aka fatty/relating to fats, etc, haha.

Numbers also much like yesterday, but with almost no standouts to speak of beyond some "standard" conspicuous-type traffic plates (and good God, still seeing so many random 37s/73s, etc, in traffic, I'm a damn magnet for them). Only remotely standoutish one was at Goodwill when, Compelled randomly to go look at the shoes (despite not needing any shoes), there was a pair of sneakers with big "773s" on the top, regarding I don't know what.


Today almost exactly like last couple days in format/types/volume, etc, except today with much fewer numbers, oddly. Only noticeable numbers were, ironically, parking-lot types, and these only randomish/"small"/background-static/two-digit ones at that (though, did have one of those "double"/"aligned" plates-type ones, where I came across two cars with 736-ending plates, side by side, seemingly randomly, similar to those traffic "alignments" of like numbers I've encountered in the past, and of which I did experience one yesterday after not seeing these for a while, when first two random 37 plates aligned in traffic in that distinct, patternistic way, and then, a minute or so later, the same two cars were joined by a third, as to bring about a "triple" of sorts). Other than that, only a handful of traffic-type ones, and all of them just smallish random plates from what I remember, with no conspicuous-type ones to speak of.

Thought/perceptual-wise, again with only a relative few vague/super-subtle/only vaguely precise-type ones through the day, also of those "echoey"-type ones that I've been having as of late, and even these leveling off to almost nothing by late afternoon. Only remotely notable example was a radio/thought-type one just after lunch, when an ad for dog food or something came on the radio, which distinctly made me think "dog," precisely as a truck came up alongside me with a biggish "my dog" bumper sticker on it that arrived *just so* that it entered my direct line of sight in that surreally patternistic way, such that the thought of "dog" and my registering the "my dog" text coincided with only the slightest delay, less than a half-second probably, as to be almost nearly perfectly synchronistic, etc.

Had a "late" reading recurrence tonight too, again nearly identical in format to those I've been having lately (also, kind of served as a standout of the day's vague recurrences/parallels, etc). Started two days ago when I was randomly thinking about the toxoplasmosis virus for the first time in a while, and then, last night when randomly looking at parasite-related articles and such, I encountered several references to toxoplasmosis, which I didn't note because it was all easily coincidence considering the parasite-related stuff I was reading about -- but then today, in the 'Dreamland' book I started yesterday (after totally randomly buying from the library without planning to, in classical book-synchro fashion), it mentioned toxoplasmosis, notable in itself but doubly so considering that, first, the book is all about opiate addiciton and drug trafficking, overtly having zip to do with a brain parasite, but then, second, I'd again had very strong, albeit totally random, thoughts about toxoplasmosis again just this afternoon, out of nowhere (as is the format of so many of these recent vague parallels and the like).

Another coherent-ish example of these recent recurrences: Tootsie Rolls. Over the last couple days, I've seen Tootsie Rolls everywhere, which wasn't notable at first, even when seeing so many and from so many different places, considering the ubiquity of Tootsie Rolls and such. But then today it evolved/matured somewhat, as to become notable, when I saw not only Tootsie Rolls or their wrappers maybe 4-5 times while out and about this afternoon, but I also read of "Tootsie houses" in that random 'Country Living' magazine I got for free from the library, and then read of Tootsie Rolls randomly in the 'Dreamland' book, and just had it coming up everywhere -- just like all these super-vague recurrences. Also bears mentioning that this and the toxoplasmosis one and most of these recurrences all have the same indescribable "feel" to them, etc.


Uptick in activity today, in thought-type incidents but not so much in numbers (only background-static ones almost exclusively today I noticed, mostly just license plates in traffic, without the conspicuous types, and a couple rogue two-digit parking-lot-type ones).

Started having the very vague/subtle/"small" echo-types again late this morning, once again coinciding with my departure for lunch as seems to be the pattern of the last several months. The first I noted was when the radio sang out "the sun appears," precisely as I passed that great big "Everything Under The Sun" fleamarket sign with the gigantic sun overlooking the highway, and again with it emerging from the passing traffic into my sight, as to have that cool "animated"/"revealed" quality to it. From there, went into the "one-word" mode, such as my reading "beeps" precisely as a beep sounded from the kitchen in McD's, and hearing "fine" on the in-house radio precisely as I read "refined," with the two "fines" overlapping perfectly synchronistically. Went on to have more of these smallish-but-notable echoes through the day, such as hearing "happy" on the radio precisely as I stopped directly in front of a roadside sign reading "happy hour," or having a long random chain of thought end with how I needed to walk back to the mechanic's tomorrow, precisely as "walk" sang as randomly from the radio. Again maybe a half a dozen or thereabouts through the afternoon, again enough to establish that same "groove"/pattern for the day.

Did have a couple more "mature"/coherent/complex standouts mixed in there. Cool one at lunch when I read "hobbled along" precisely as the elderly man in the table right beside me began standing from his seat, visibly struggling as to be "hobbly" despite not walking at the time (though, once he did stand, he did indeed hobble as he walked -- either a very vague one, as to echo the "hobble" essence rather than any actual hobbling, or perhaps a delayed echo of his finally standing and walking, or who knows -- notable in any case).

Had a damn cool and surreal one at the mall, when I stopped totally randomly to look at a rack of books (despite not needing any books, feeling again illogically Compelled to stop and look), and I picked out the book about the Camaro cars, which triggered thoughts of the Spanish "caminar" for walk -- and then, maybe two seconds later, a group of Hispanic folks stopped by me, a couple feet away, and one of them said "caminar," echoing my thoughts perfectly, albeit with another of those very slight delays. Bears mentioning that at first I wasn't sure if that's what the woman had said, and then, another couple seconds later as I stood with the book, the woman said it again, and it was definitely as I'd heard, haha (a sort of "ask and receive"-type additional one?).

Also had another equally cool one at the intersection by Bi-Lo, and this one almost exactly like those two other "bilingual" ones I've had recently involving the Spanish "baja" for "down" coinciding with hearing "down" randomly. This time I saw a Subaru Baja car, and both noticed/Noticed it -- precisely as the radio sang out "down" randomly, haha.


A general uptick in activity overall today, but with very few standouts, with the large majority of the day's incidents being of those vague/subtle/thematic-type parallels/recurrences I've been having -- but somewhat different today, more mature and complex and notable, with many of them being very significant but just too subjective/"in the moment"/personal to convey to text. And had just so many more today than even the more active days of late, probably upwards of 2-3 dozen combined between the parallels and little "echoey"-type ones here and there throughout the day, as to be surreal in yet another new way.

Best examples: randomly blowing a fly off my book at lunch, then reading on the very next line once I resumed, in patternistic format: "blown onto the market" (echoing "blown" vaguely, in that pattern that characterizes these particular incidents; and again hinging entirely on the 100% objective event of my blowing the random, and only, fly away, so that it didn't matter that the text was visible to me beforehand); a minorish "involuntary bodily function"-type one when I read "chest out" precisely as I had another of those totally random and rare liver-area evacuations, which noticeably (and audibly even) "popped" out the very middle of my chest before "flowing" down to the left, damn surreal and perfectly synchronistically timed; "easy way out" singing randomly from the radio, precisely as I was leaving the parking lot at BD and noticed that in front of me was an open parking space through which I could drive directly out onto the road instead of having to back up and turn around, etc, which in turn made me think something very much along the lines of "it's easier to go out this way" -- another perfect, albeit vague/subtle, echo; a sort of two-part super-vague-yet-precise one when I randomly thought of the Spanish word for "king," which in turn made me think of the Latin Kings gang, which in turn made me think subsequently of South America/Mexico in general, a split second before the radio sang randomly "Mexico," and then, another split second later, I stopped behind a car with that bumper sticker of the shagging couple on it and thought, "husband and wife/couple/boyfriend/girlfriend" or something along those lines -- and then the next lyric on the radio, right after "Mexico," was "two lovers," haha.

But really, the "best"/most notable and complex of the day were just too longwinded or subtle/subjective to convey, a really "big" day overall.

Numbers are still toned-down, again with only a background-static level of random 37s and variants, mostly on license plates and a couple stray-yet-patternistic parking-lot encounters, and again mostly two-digit ones rather than the more "significant-feeling" three- or four-digit repeats. (Why the sudden downturn in numbers exclusively?)


As of writing, about the quietest day so far thought-wise, but a noticeable uptick in numbers, back to that moderate level it was there more or less for weeks until that two-day "break" here. Back to having a pretty steady stream of smallish license plates and the like, especially after lunch, including a couple parking-lot ones that were only mildly notable on the outset, but doubly so considering how I ended up in the most totally, unpredictably random place this morning (after mistakingly booking Beth's appointment for next week instead of this one and only learning that upon showing up there at 10 this morning, thus completely throwing my "schedule" out of whack and leaving me to end up at that random DD I've never been to down on 17 MB). Had several while randomly picking up trash in the random parking lot I'd stopped to read in and kill some time before lunch, and then, while eating at the DD, had a cool parking-lot-type one when a bike backed up into the space directly next to me, with its plate ending in 377 (when the three bikes parked with it were all facing, the fronts to me, so that I wouldn't see their plates -- except for this one, the only that was in my field of vision from where I was sitting ...).

Activity picked up as day went on, most notably with a marked increase in numbers, including a return of conspicuous-type traffic incidents/turn-outs, etc, those absent the last couple days (and this time again coinciding with travel, and again up to Wilmington, though it didn't trigger one of those "storms" like past such trips).

Also, a return of those same super-subtle/subjective/"in the moment" variety of echoe-y thought synchros, these too coinciding with departure for the north. Once again had a reasonably large amount, and many of them quite notable despite their "smallness," but again very few able to be conveyed in writing. A couple examples: going to pick up some litter outside WF randomly, a split second before I saw a nearby sign reading "pick it up" (and again with my eyes falling directly on this just after my thought, and again, though the sign was in view when I had the thought, I can distinctly trace it back to the objective event of my seeing the litter and thus having the thought, which had happened seconds before I got near the sign); "flip that switch" singing randomly from the radio at the precise instant I hit the cruise control "on" button on my steering wheel -- not a "switch" exactly, but still a reasonably coherent echo of "hitting a button/activating a feature," etc, and also 100% in line with the many other like incidents this afternoon, patternistic, etc.

Also, a cool "late"-ish one, a sort of double echo (with overtones of that "nagging" when I don't note something at first, then it recurs identically soon afterward, forcing me to take not). Started when I sat down to do the weird mid-afternoon CE for the first time, when, right as the niacin began to hit and the first itching of skin came on, I opened that random Good Housekeeping magazine from the library and, precisely as I was hit with the first itching and I thought absently "here comes the niacin itch" or something along those lines, I turned to a page advertising some sort of itchy-scalp shampoo or bodywash or something -- in any case, with a sentence reading "ITCHY SKIN" right in the middle of the page. Though, at this point, I didn't note it since it wasn't too precise/was just another vague/subtle echo if anything. But then, maybe 30 seconds later as the next wave of itching hit, more intense, I again had the distinct thought of "skin's really itching now" -- precisely as I turned another page to another advertisement, this one with a gigantic "WHY IS MY SKIN SO ITCHY?" in the middle of the page, more precise in the "itchy skin" echo, but also perfectly synchronistic in timing (and, again, 100% objective, relying on the "involuntary bodily function"-type onset of the itch from the niacin I'd taken a half-hour before, as to coincide perfectly despite my having no influence over such).


Lots of overall activity today, including a big uptick in number-repeats of all kinds, now to "storm"/"onslaught" levels, again corresponding with highway travel, and again starting almost on a switch as soon as I departed for the day, this time just to start the day's drive this morning up north, rather than just going for lunch (differently than almost every other day, that is, just shunning my usual morning routine completely in favor of setting off hours earlier, and just driving on the highway, etc). Started literally as soon as I left the gym parking lot I'd camped at the night before, when I had to wait for a truck to pass and it ended up having a 71300 plate, which was "revealed" in patternistic fashion. Really not much to say about the day beyond that I ended up, all told, again seeing dozens and dozens and DOZENS of background-static level random 37s and variants and other recent repeats (such as 437 and 44 and several 212s and the like in there), and again mostly on random license plates on the highway/passing signage/on the radio and other random places, etc, just totally surreal and living-dream/"ridiculously surreal," etc. Back to having tons and tons of conspicuous-traffic-type ones, the numbers just flying at me from all directions like filament to a magnet, like "the good old days," it felt. Also, I noticed that today's were more "mature" in the sense of many (most in fact) of the repeats being 3-4 digits in size, rather than the "smaller"/"less significant-feeling" two-digit types.

Another little trend I noticed in the numbers this day: many "doubles," but not in that "alignment" fashion I was experiencing there for a while. These, instead, were just simultaneous occurrences/arrivals of the same or similar repeats, such as two 37 variants arriving at the same time or very close to it, maybe one on a random plate and then a similar one on a passing mile-marking sign or something -- very similar to the "alignments" but qualitively different, as to be a sort of "overlap" variant of the phenomenon. Had a reasonable amount of these from what I remember, at least 3-4 patternistically identical ones if not more.

Thought-wise, did have a decent bit of activity, but not nearly so much as on the number front. Again, day was characterized by a lot of vague/subtle/too-subjective-to-write-out-type of "echoey" ones. Best examples were: when radio sang out "get behind me" precisely as I came up on a truck pulling a boat on the highway, uphill, which was forcing the traffic behind it to slow and, thus, causing a veritable "back-up," with 3-4 cars and myself having to suddenly slow and cluster behind him in a tail (and, as it were, this came after hours of driving on the highway without any sort of slow-down, with the "get behind me" Just Happening to coincide perfectly within it, just seconds apart in patternistic fashion); a damn cool reading one (though one of the only) at lunch, when a random fly buzzed around me in my face, forcing me to shoo it away with my hand, a split second before I read "[The person] known as Mosca (fly)" in the 'Dreamland' book, again highly notable due to the objective/independent event of the fly randomly arriving just at that precise instant (when, again, there'd been no flies around me until that exact moment, nor had the book mentioned this Mosca character until then, nor did it afterward). Don't remember exactly how many total echoes I had that day, nor their character, but seems like it went on to be at least reasonably "active."

Had a cool "late"-ish standout, and it again occurred during my new late-afternoon CE schedule: precisely as I laid down on the leather couch at the parents' and opened that random 2006 Yoga magazine I got free from the library, I felt how comfortable/pleasing the couch was and had a distinct thought of "comfortable couch/I like this couch/good couch" or something along those lines -- a split second before I opened the magazine to an ad reading "Nice sofa" right in the middle, directly in my line of sight after I'd just had that thought (another of those where the thought wasn't 100% perfectly synchronistic but was very close, just microseconds apart, as to just make it more notable since it distinguished the thought as 100% before I could've possibly known what awaited me as I opened the magazine, yet was closely timed enough to make it nearly perfectly synchronistic, etc).


Overall downturn in activity today, but still some, not totally silent just nothing like yesterday's onslaught of numbers and echoes. Did have a few echoes, but these were much fewer than even yesterday, and none standout/coherent enough to be conveyed (that I remember, at least). Still a reasonable showing of numbers, including some conspicuous-traffic times (and a few parking-lot ones, too, including a cool one at the park I stopped at for lunch, when I once again stopped at some 100% totally random, spontaneous spot, even when I'd planned on going to Stickboy instead, only to find myself directly beside a car with a 3770 plate, which I couldn't even see until I'd parked beside it and gotten out).

Seeing a lot of receipt-type 37 incidents after logging those accumulated over last couple days of traveling up north, several with multiple, conspicuous-type ones, somewhat "upgraded" from the random two-digit-types I seem to find littering about all my receipts these days. Good example: on the receipt from the CVS receipt I got after randomly buying the stuff for the laundry bathroom with no soap/light bulb, etc, the receipt was for Store #7331, with "RETURNS WITH RECEIPT THRU 7/13/2017" in the middle (and a random "3317" just above that, some type of segmented ID number), with a timestamp of exactly 12:37 PM, haha. And as a clincher, these too seem to have corresponded with my traveling, like the rest of the number storm. So damn surreal.


Had another reasonably "stormy"-level surge of numbers on the drive back to the beach, in the same format as rest of the trip: a huge, steady stream of background-static two/three-digit numbers on license plates and passing signs/randomly elsewhere, etc, all along the way (again mostly 37s but also with a showing of others too, a lot of 44s and the like from what I remember). Again a pretty good amount of conspicuous-type traffic ones, though none I can remember off the top of my head (again just too many, all of them bluring together and combining with the health ugliness of the day to just be a big, surreal blur of numbers arriving from every point on the compass). Did have a couple of those "overlap"-type doubles, most notably when a car with a 73 plate recklessly turned in front of me, cutting me off, precisely as we went under an overpass with "17 ft 3 in" on it, and precisely such that its plate lined up with the height sign, just so ridiculously surreal it beggars description yet is completely patternistic of these. Also, another trend of the day: lots of 37s and variants on big trucks/trailers and the like, as has happened several times in the past but not the last couple highway bouts (why today and not just a couple days ago on the trip north? some sort of meta-echo-type theme of "transport" or something, reflecting my returning back to the beach or maybe something I did/experienced while up north?).

Did have some thought activity but it was again like the trend of last couple days: only sporadic activity, and again mostly of that subtle/subjective/"in the moment"-level of "echoey"-type ones, mostly reflecting my inner reality/thoughts/experiences in some way or another. A couple examples: randomly hearing "burn" on the radio, precisely as I had a long chain of thought end with thinking about maybe getting some kombucha but then remember how it burns/irritates my guts, again with the mental image of "burning" coinciding perfectly with the random "burn" on the radio; similarly, having the radio randomly sing out "wet my whistle" precisely as I decided to take a swig of water (and again for the first time on each front, with the radio singing this out in a chorus but on the very first refrain of it, and with my taking the first sip of water in an hour or longer, and again with no way I could've been cued off, etc, with my never having heard this song before and it never having mentioned anything drinking/water related up until then).


A lowish level of activity today so far, though still in the same basic trend/format/"feel"/"groove" of last several days. Had a showing of background-static traffic-type 37s on plates and such while driving around briefly today, and most notably in the "random parking-lot parking spaces" category again, with 2-3 lots I randomly stopped in having at least one or two of this type, and all pretty notable as well as 100% patternistic of these, 100% random, etc, again hitting that level of "quietly surreal."

Had even fewer thought-type incidents today. Really, only I recall is another of those "single notable, standout-level incidents arriving out of the clear blue"-type ones, this time a radio one. It started when I randomly passed a Miata that was of the same year and color as mine but with a fresh paint job/all tricked out/freshly washed, etc, which made me think briefly of how much more appealing it looked than mine despite being essentially the same car -- precisely as the radio randomly sang out "I'm jealous," another of those that echoed the underlying essence of my subtly envious thought with pretty notable precision (and, timing-wise and patternistically, was even more notable).

Other than that, the only thought-type ones I noticed as of writing were a series of super-super-vague parallels/recurrences/thematic ones spanning the morning and then what I read/thought/experienced at lunch and in early afternoon, all of which were just too subtle/subjective to be conveyed and can only be noted for their collective presence.


Downturn in overall activity today, as well as something of another "shift"/change in "feel"/format of the day, this corresponding with another shift in consciousness/condition/headspace/health, etc.

Noticeably fewer numbers today, on all fronts, most conspicuously with an almost total absence of traffic/parking-lot/license plate-type numbers, even of background-static levels, and with zero conspicuous-traffic-type incidents that I can recall (why this sudden and radical absence?). Really, the only number activity I can remember was a cool standout at Walmart, when I rang up something for $3.17, which Just Happened to bump the running total on the register up to $17.37 exactly, haha (also, bears mentioning that the $3.17 item was a fuel treatment that I'd never bought before, getting it only because the Mystery Oil I wanted was mysteriously out of stock, and which I felt Compelled to get despite having no idea if this other stuff was any good -- completely patternistic of these type of incidents, of course).

Had an "early" one this morning, another of those coming suddenly and randomly and after an almost total "silence." It was another of those "randomly thinking of a specific thing, then turning a magazine page a split second later to exactly that thing, when there's zero way I could've been cued in/subconsciously read ahead, etc." This time it was my thinking randomly of beets (which I can trace 100% back to a random chain of thought about what I'd put in the lunch I'd fixed up earlier, the last ingredient of which I remembered was two tablespoons of the beet crystals, which thus ending the chain of thought on "beet"), a split second before I turned a page in the Mother Earth News I was reading to a big full-page article on beets, with big pictures of beets and "BEET ROOT" in the middle of the page -- but all, once again, totally hidden/impossible to see for me until only *after* I'd had the thought (though, again, only microseconds after, as to be pretty much perfectly synchronistic, etc). So cool and surreal, and another "emerging pattern/type" it would seem, the "random magazine page-turn" type.

Also had some more of those super-super-vague/subtle/subjective parallels and recurrences through morning. For example: Brussels, Belgium, which it seems like I first read about somewhere yesterday afternoon, I can't even remember where other than that it was incredibly random but distinct, and then Brussels was mentioned at the start of the 'Twentieth Train' book I started reading at dinner last night, and then it was mentioned in the Mother Earth News I read randomly this morning (after pulling it out thoughtlessly from the top of the stack in the drawer this morning), and it seems like there were even a couple other Brussels pop-ups from various places too.

Had this morning-long parallel/recurrence-cluster seem to "culminate"/"climax" at lunch, as has seemed to happen in the past, when, about halfway through while I was reading randomly about those rental storage pods I was Compelled to look up on my phone. Right as I got to the part of the website where it gave me a quote on the monthly price, at that precise instant the people at the nearby table said something about monthly prices of some random thing -- the prices were different (my pod quote was $199.99 a month, while theirs was $120 or something), but the thematic echo of "monthly price" was certainly there, and the timing was perfectly synchronistic too (and, of course, it was all totally objective/independent, with my being Compelled on the way into Starbucks in the parking lot, where I'd seen one of the pods, to look them up, long before I'd even sat down or the nearby strangers who'd been talking about the monthly prices were even there, etc, etc -- all completely patternistic of these, of course).


An uptick in activity today, though still a somewhat "quiet" day relatively.

Foremost, numbers returned, albeit only slightly, just present instead of yesterday's odd absence. Still same basic shenanigans as of late: some subtle, back-ground-static-level numbers in traffic on license plates almost exclusively today, and almost all just two-digit 37 variants rather than three-digit, etc, plus a few scattered parking-lot-type ones in the mix, with these being only subtle, "non-animated"-type ones too. Had no real standouts to note, again another of those "the numbers were just there"-level of activity.

Had a brief yet somewhat active period of thought-type activity, almost all at lunch while reading, etc. Started with several of those super-subtle, one-word-type thought-echo types for a while, then slowly matured into a few notables. The first was when an employee came out at Krispy Kreme to clean around the tables, when it was only the two of us in the place just about, and so I couldn't help but notice her and eye her in my peripheral vision over my book -- and then, maybe two seconds after, I read randomly in the 'Twentieth Train' book "had his eye on a waitress," and though the woman was just a general employee and not a proper waitress tending to orders and the like, the general echo of "watching/noticing a female food worker" was definitely present, and the timing/pattern was dead-on too (though not impossible this one was a coincidence, had I not been experiencing so many of these kinds of reading-echos as of late).

A cool "nearby stranger saying what I'm thinking" soon after, when I took a particularly creamy bite of the coconut dish I was eating, thus making me distinctly think "creamy," precisely as the cashier at the donut counter said "cream-filled," again perfectly synchronistic and highly precise (and, as far as I can recall, she hadn't mentioned cream-filled or anything like that until just that exact instant).

And then this evening in the sauna, another of those "turning magazine page"-type thought echos, almost identical to the others I've had recently except with a twist, a second part. It began when I opened that random issue of Coastal Living I got free from the library, and something in an ad on the second page triggered thoughts of our wasteful/throw-away culture, which conjured in my mind's eye visions of landfills specifically, and a general sense of "trash" -- and then, on the very next page, there was a full-page ad for Subaru about how it has zero landfill waste now, with the entire page filled with a picture of a trash-clogged landfill. Though, this one was a little different in that there was a delay of 2-3 seconds before I registered the landfill ad and made the connection to the vague thought I'd just had when looking at the previous leaf with the other ad, unlike the other recent page-turn-types where my I had the thought, then turned the page a split second after and had saw the echoing material, as to be perfectly synchronistic, etc; but then, the more I thought about it, it seemed that there wasn't so much of a delay in the echo, but instead just a delay in my seeing the landfill ad/registering it/making the connection (because, if I remember correctly, I had the thought about landfills, then turned the page immediately after, but first looked at the left page of the new leaf, rather than skipping it to the right page, where the landfill picture was).

And then comes the second part, which ups the notability even fuller: as I realized that there wasn't a delay in the page-turn but instead just in my registering the echo, I had the thought of something along the lines of "the landfill picture was there perfectly synchronistically, I just didn't at first see it" -- and then, a split second later, I looked at the ad on the next sequential page I'd turned to, after the landfill one, and it was an ad for a car or something reading "Just because you don't see it, doesn't mean it isn't there," thus echoing my thoughts about the echo, and this one coming in that perfectly synchronistic page-turn fashion (or at least I think it did, I can't say 100%, with all this happening so fast, within the space of seconds, and me in the sauna and sweating/heart pounding/consciousness shifting, etc). Highly notable, in any case.


Another relatively quiet day. First incident I remember was just after leaving Beth's, with a cool parking-lot-style 37 repeat, somewhat unique and standout and conspicuous. I'd parked facing the building and then put up the sun visor in the car, and then when I got in to leave and pulled the visor down and thus revealed the car directly across from me (which had parked there while I was inside at some point), I found myself staring directly at a 40773 plate, as to have that super-surreal "animated"/"revealing" effect when I pulled down the visor and thus "unveiled" the plate, and directly where I was looking of course, as is so patternistic of these.

Had only some background-static-level 37 plates in traffic and the like, not many but they were definitely there (though, again I note that they were distinctly present at some times and distinctly absent others, seeming to again correspond with changes in health/consciousness/digestion/energy, etc; definitely some sort of correlation there, but why not always?).

Thought-wise, another of those days with only some scattered minor incidents through the afternoon, tapering into nothing as of writing, this evening. Most were at lunchtime reading, with more of those single-word-type echoes cropping up here and there, just enough to notice (and, just patternistic enough not to be written off). Couple examples: having a big long chain of thought end with my wondering if that 'Coming of Wizards' book was in today's mail or not, thus making me distinctly think "book," precisely as the radio randomly sang out "the book of love," with my thought of "book" corresponding again perfectly with the lyric's "book"; a cool one when I checked my voicemail and played Adam's message while I took arranged my wallet for the day, where he randomly said "a hundred dollars" precisely as I took my money out and turned over the stack and revealed a hundred-dollar bill, once again with my seeing/registering the money and thinking absently "hundred dollars" coinciding perfectly synchronistically with the words on the phone, and again with no way by which it could've been subconsciously orchestrated/all objective/impossible to orchestrate, etc. A cool footnote about this one is that I'd tried to listen to the mention at DD during lunch but it was too noisy to make out, hence I didn't get around to replaying it until I got home, and hence enabling the synchronicity, as seems to happen with so many of these.


An uptick today on both fronts, though most noticeably in numbers. Back to the same moderately high level of activity as of late, and still in that same fashion of almost exclusively being 37s and variants (with minor showings of other usual repeats) on license plates and signage and other random encounters through the day, and back to having a lot of those conspicuous-type traffic incidents and the like, and parking-lot-type ones too.

Some standouts:

> Damn cool one of those where a nearby stranger randomly speaks a 37 variant in that patternistically notable way that's hard to describe. This time it was precisely as I went into the gas station after lunch, when before the door had even closed, the cashier at the register quoted the total to the customer there: "$17.73." Mildly notable in itself, given its patternistic element and the super-precise and patternistic timing, but a little moreso considering how random my stop at this particular station was, having zero real reason to do so/zero plans but feeling patternistically and urgently Compelled to do so (and, again, there were all sorts of those same little variables/circumstances that made it so I entered *just precisely* as the numbers were spoken, such as having to wait for several cars and motorcycles to pass by while walking through the parking lot, and being Compelled to pick up two pieces of litter that took me across the lot and back, all conspiring such that I entered just then, as seems to so often be the case with these).

> And then equally standout-ish and unique and notable: when I went to the Lowes in Shallotte, I had started to pull into a parking space but then saw that I would be parking right by a car with a 37 plate, so I deliberately pulled down a couple lanes and parked in an empty area of the lot (where there were zero cars because the Lowes had apparently closed up since I'd last visited) -- yet, when I stopped, directly ahead of me, two rows up but still just visible, was a van with a plate beginning with 3773, haha. Another of those with an "intelligent" element, like those "challenging-thought" ones kind of.

Thought-types were still mostly of the vague/subtle/"small" thought-echo type, beginning at lunchtime read again, and again pretty much exclusively just one-word (though perfectly synchronistic/"striking") ones that I didn't log, probably 5-6 again. Then it seemed to mature some as the afternoon went on, such that the radio and the like began becoming part of the echoes (it seems like I only get them on the radio once these maturation/intensifications take place, as if they signify some sort of graduation in complexity?). Couple examples: hearing a random "open" on the radio at the precise instant I saw a roadside sign reading "Open Gifts," with my registering/absently thinking "open" corresponding perfectly synchronistically/"strikingly" with the radio lyric (and again, the lyric was said only then, not repeatedly, etc); same for "change" on the radio corresponding perfectly with my having a long chain of thought end with "change," can't remember pertaining to what exactly but was definitely 100% objective/independent/non-repetitive, etc; hearing "see" on the radio precisely as, while at the flea market booth with all the supplements, I saw a bottle of vitamin C and registered the "C," another phoenetic one.

A notable standout in this regard: right as I had a long chain of thought end with how I was walking a lot these days, particularly then while roaming the flea market, a song started on a nearby stereo and the very first words were "I walk for miles," coming not quite perfectly synchronistically but again just microseconds after my thinking of "lots of walking" (perfectly echoing the same thematic/semantic of walking for miles, as used in the context of the song), again as to be all the same in the "echo" effect.

Then tonight had another of those sudden and "late" ones, this one a classical reading/event-type one. Precisely as I read "shot down" in the 'Twentieth Train' book, a loud noise erupted from somewhere outside nearby, which I immediately took to be a gunshot, which it might well have been, either that or fireworks or whatever -- in any case, the echo of "shot" was certainly there, whether echoing the actual gunshot or just my registering it as/thinking "gunshot," and the timing was perfectly synchronistic (there went on to be several of these maybe-shots fired off over the next 20 seconds or so, but in any case, the very first one coincided with my reading the "shot" in the book, simply uncanny/ridiculously surreal, etc).

Also, another cute little clock-tick-type 37 repeat, this one again when I totally randomly looked down at the Cyma counter while eating dinner, honestly and genuinely wanting to see what it was at, precisely as it clicked from 3:07 to 3:06, again with the 3:07 there only a microsecond before it switched, just long enough for me to see it/register it (and, of course, the counter, on the floor, was completely invisible to me until I bent forward double and looked down from the couch; the only way this could've been subconscious-type of "orchestration" was if I only very deeply subconsciously knew that the time would be that, but only at that level, with the invisibility completely ruling out any "normal"/simple explanation).


Less activity overall today, though not entirely "silent." Again had some scattered "smallish"/super-subtle incidents through morning, then having them graduate into one-word type echoes by noontime, with another of those sort of "climaxes" coming during the sermon at church, when I had a little pronounced cluster of them, such as another of those "perfectly corresponding one-words" when I randomly thought of the whey in my lunch, as "whey" in my mind, precisely as the preacher said "way," etc, etc. Probably upwards of 8-10 of those within the space of a half-hour, including a cool standout when I took a deep but difficult breath, tensing my shoulders and upper back, a split second before the pastor randomly said "pulling in and holding on," echoing both the "pulling in" of my muscles and the "holding on" of the deep breath I'd taken and held in as I do, very surreal.

Then at lunch, the echoes stopped for the most part, oddly, sort of breaking the pattern of late. Did have a damn cool combo "ask-and-receive"/recurrence though. Started either one or two days ago, I can't remember, when I filled out a Fresh Market survey and it asked me what other grocery stores I went to, providing a list, on which I saw one called "Wegman's" and distinctly Noticed it, as to absently think "I wonder what Wegman's is, exactly?" in that patternistic way -- and then today at lunch in Publix, a random woman came over by where I was sitting, and in some weird, random way we got into brief small talk, and she mentioned how Publix is a lot like "Wegman's up north," after which she'd asked if I'd ever been there and I said no and she proceeded to tell me about how it's a market with a lot of hot bars and the like -- thus answering my vague question in patternistic fashion. Also bears mentioning, again, the totally random yet patternistic circumstances of this all, such as my being there in Publix eating lunch in the first place, totally unplanned (I hadn't even known there was a seating area in there until I found it randomly today, while looking for something else entirely), and then the fact that this woman and I somehow got into conversation at all -- all just a totally random as could possibly be, yet it served to provide my "answer."

Number-wise, day was equally quiet. Did see a noticeable few, and still in that same exact pattern of in-traffic plates and with a couple minor "appearances," etc, and again with a really cool parking-lot-type one when I parked in a certain space because it was the only one with shade, only to find myself again directly behind a 1377 plate, and again directly in my line of sight when I stopped, etc.


Slight uptick over yesterday, but still a relatively quiter day.

Had another stray, sudden, "abnormal" "early" one this morning, a standout among the usual super-subtle thematic-type parallels I've been having. It was another of those where I had a random song looping in my head and the lyric from it coincided perfectly synchronistically with something, radio-style. This time it was the lyric "superhuman," coinciding with the "super" on the cover of the phone book when I randomly pulled out the drawer for the scissors. Was more notable than it sounds, since, first, the "super" on the phone book arrived both perfectly synchronistically with the random looped lyric in my head, absolutely "striking" timing, but then, second, it had that "animated" quality to it, with the drawer coming out and "revealing" the phone book's "super" in that ridiculously surreal fashion.

Again had a string of those super-subtle/vague/subjective ones through morning and early afternoon, about all of them too obscure to convey. Did mature slightly by mid-lunch, developing into a little cluster of slightly more-coherent reading-type echoes, most of which had a weird, "not quite perfectly synchronistic" delay of several seconds, a sort of pattern in itself. One example: having a wash of that ugly fever suddenly rise up, making me think "here comes the fever again" or something to that effect, about 2-3 seconds before I read "raging fever" in the 'Twentieth Train' book (again made a little more notable considering that I'd not had any of the feverish symptoms for hours, and that it was the first time in the reading session that the book had mentioned anything about fever, etc).

Slightly more coherent/notable was a nearby-stranger-type reading echo towards the tail-end of lunch, as another of those sort of patternistic "climaxes." It started when I noticed how the women at the nearby table were having a contained-yet-animated conversation, for the first time in the fifteen minutes or so since I'd been sitting beside them, just before I read "quiet, intense conversation" randomly in the book, and this one again came with a slight delay but less so than those previous, now just microseconds rather than whole seconds.

Did have a somewhat more pronounced showing of numbers today, both in terms of random traffic/license plate type ones, with a slight yet noticeable increase in conspicuous-type incidents (mainly 731 plates "drifting" up alongside me today, probably 5-6 times total, when that definitely had not been happening the last several days, pretty damn surreal and notable), and another string of parking-lot-type ones today, and these also with a subtle theme, this time of the "having to look a certain place/direction when backing up and finding my eyes directly on a 37 variant plate of some fashion," this too happening no less than 4-5 times and also after a marked absence of these types for days now. Really interesting, these absence/re-emergence of certain subtle types.


Reasonable uptick today, again corresponding with both travel and a general shift in health/condition/consciousness.

Numbers were definitely there today, beginning with a super-cool clock-tick one just after I was picked up by Enterprise, again another of those "the day has begun"-type ones right after I left the house for lunch. It started when I closed my eyes during the drive, for ten minutes or so, and then the driver asked me a question suddenly, and I opened my eyes directly to the clock on the in-dash display, again with it directly in my line of sight without my having to shift my gaze/move/etc -- precisely as the clock ticked from 10:36 to 10:37, another of those perfectly and patternistically timed ones, there just microseconds, long enough for me to register it, and then ticking to the repeat, haha. And of course, doubly notable considering that, not only was it so perfectly timed and so patternistic, but also hinged on the totally objective event of the driver Just Happening to ask me a question right at that exact moment, after a long silence. Just "ridiculously surreal."

And from there the numbers just took off, with scattered 37s and variants in traffic and the like the rest of the way to lunch and just after picking up the rental. And then, just after lunch, a super-conspicuous traffic-type one when a truck recklessly pulled out in front of me, cutting me off from a turn lane to go straight and totally without warning, only to reveal its 3733 plate, haha. And then, once on the highway, went into that near-onslaught level of "smallish" random ones intermixed with a steady stream of more-conspicuous ones. And again had a half-dozen or so of those "tractor and trailer"/"transport"-type 37s, though not quite as many as the trip down south recently, just enough to establish its presence. And also had more of those "overlap"-type doubles, and even a couple triples, more or less notable.

Had an uptick of thought incidents but once again these were mostly of the "small" one-word/super-subtle-type of echoes through the day, mostly afternoon. And also had many of those super-vague/subtle/subjective little reading synchros and recurrences/thematic-type echoes, etc, and really, these are getting so damn surreal and notable, for all their obscurity. Again feeling to enter that "synchronistic state" at times, and it still seems that the nausea/gut upset/general health issues are reflected in that, bringing alternately terrible and beautiful "colorings"/projections onto the incidents. A living-dream state of a new kind, these days it seems.

Cool after-the-fact receipt 37 repeat: at Garner's, "Transaction #: 177318," just above "Time: 5:07:37 PM"

Had several cool radio/reading-type standouts, such as having a long chain of thought end with how I needed to work on telling "friendly lies" to people when they ask mindlessly ask for sensitive information they have no business knowing -- a split second before "I'm a real bad liar" sang randomly from the radio. Another similar one: while punching in my PIN at the ATM, was suddenly overwhelmed with a feeling that the world was filled with criminals seeking out the number, etc -- again a split second before the radio randomly said "there are people who do bad things," and in that same criminal context (though, again, it all hinged on the totally objective and independent event of my Just Happening to pull up to the ATM and having those thoughts at that exact moment, etc). Had a lot of those super-striking "small" one-words regarding passing signage/the radio, etc, too, such as thinking hearing/registering "move" on the radio precisely as I registered a sign for "MOVE IN" along the radio, or, more notably, hearing/registering "honey" randomly on the radio precisely as I as randomly passed a sign for "local honey," when I'd heard neither the word on the radio, nor passed any signs for honey during my hours on the interstate at that point, until that exact moment.

Also, a big cluster of those super-subtle/vague/subjective echos during dinnertime reading, again at that level that was just ridiculously surreal in a new way/dimension/level yet still largely impossible to convey.


Less activity than yesterday, but I wasn't traveling today either, and health went way downhill too.

Another damn cool clock-tick, though only of a more singular dimension than that one from yesterday. Just another "totally randomly turned on cell phone and had the clock/welcome screen come up precisely as the clock ticked from 11:36 to 11:37," but no less striking/surreal/notable for it. Went on to have a good number of "small" two-digit random-type ones while riding around in traffic, though not many conspicuous-type ones from what I remember. More parking-lot ones too, and these still pretty much not deviating at all from the same essential "totally randomly but distinctly coming into contact with 37-plates in random-yet-patternistic ways."

Had another of those "Just Happened to walk in the door of place precisely as a nearby cashier called out a 37 variant to a customer," this time when I totally randomly returned a cart to the Dollar Tree, and just microseconds after I walked in, the cashier said "the total is $17.30," haha.

Thought-wise, again had a pretty good amount of overall activity but it was almost completely of that super-subtle/can't convey in text fashion, and almost all still with that distinct "echo-ey" quality I've been experiencing so much lately. One especially "striking" standout was at DD, when the in-house radio randomly said "2017" precisely as I as randomly read/registered some random pamphlet sitting on the table where I'd set my coffee, reading "2017" in big letters, this one and others again with that especially surreal yet impossible to describe quality that's so patternistic of these, as to again be more notable than is conveyed in writing. Had maybe 2-3 more of these especially-striking-types, along with at least a dozen or so "lesser"/subtler/"quieter" ones.


Today was much like yesterday more or less, the same basic groove/format/types of incidents and pretty much the same amount of activity.

Numbers were again there but more subtly so, again with a moderate number of 37-variant plates in traffic but very few conspicuous standouts and the like, and again totally random parking-lot-type ones (maybe a little more notable in this regard today, with these showing up at literally every single lot I parked in, despite going all over the place super-randomly/unplanned/crazily today, maybe 6-7 different stops in a row and all of them having at least one or two, and all pretty pronounced/patternistic, etc). Probably the most standoutish of the day's numbers were when, after crazily driving around, lost, in search of a Starbucks I never did find after a million random wrong turns, etc, I found myself a coffee bar that was just what I wanted, despite having no idea it existed nor any idea how I even got there -- and, when I pulled in, there were not one but two 37 plates (three-digit ones at that), haha.

Thought-wise, again had a reasonable number of echo-ey one-words/subtles through the day, with a couple more standout-ish/"striking" but not really any truly coherent ones in this vein. One example: randomly reading "order" in the 'Caryatids' book precisely as I saw/registered (again in that distinct, patternistic way) a waitress at the coffee bar approach a nearby table with an armful of food, which made me think absently "order arriving," again with this random and objective/independent thought coinciding perfectly with my simultaneous reading of the "order," again in that distinctly patternistic and surreal way.

Also during lunch: a weird long-winded/super-subtle and obscure-type recurrence presented itself, involving the "duchess/count/countess/princess" theme, this beginning a few days ago when I encountered these symbols/thematic elements in that patternistic-but-subtle way where I started seeing them in all sorts of random places, and then over the last couple days, saw them even more, such as randomly Noticing the definition for "countess" in the Spanish dictionary, and seeing it in a couple magazines I think, and then, a little more notably, reading of it in the 'Caryatids' book over the last couple days -- but then it all climaxed when, just after reading of these elements in the 'Caryatids' book a second time, the table of nearby strangers at the coffee shop began discussing these very things, not too precisely or notable in itself, just mentioning "count" and "countess" and "princess" expressly in the conversation soon after I read about it, but more notably considering all the times I've seen it in the last couple days. Goes along with this trend towards such subtles/long-winded/obscure ones I've been having, again as to bring about that living-dream "synchronistic state" feeling. Just so utterly surreal ...

Cool and classical nearby-stranger/random-thought-type standout late afternoon, when I was walking up to the case of berries at Walmart and thought distinctly, "Are they organic?" precisely as a nearby stranger said "organic" (though, the stranger was, ironically, at distance from me and the berry case, in the aisle of nonorganic produce).


Still in the same basic groove I've been in for the past few days since leaving on the trip, still with moderate numbers and still in traffic/parking-lots, etc, and still with little clusters of those echo-ey thought-type synchros spread through the day, these also still in that mostly subtle/subjective/distorted/"partial" groove.

The "day" started with some scattered two-digit "smallish" license-plate-type 37s and the like, again when leaving for lunch, and then the first standout-ish one came just after lunch, when I went behind that parking lot at SB and was drawn, distinctly/patternistically in Compelling fashion, to a random piece of litter lying beyond a fence -- and then, when I went and rounded the fence and picked it up, I turned around to find myself staring directly at a bright yellow Corvette with a 773 plate parked beyond the fence, invisible to me until I rounded the fence for the Compelled-to piece of litter -- again, 100% in that "ridiculously random" pattern that so many of these parking-lot-type standouts follow, with that "intelligent"/"cute"/"humorous" feel to it.

Some of the thought-type standouts:

> Had probably a dozen of those "small" one-word-type "striking" ones, which were super-subtle through lunch and in early afternoon (again with that very distorted, "half-there"-type of quality, such as when the radio at the gym said "aftershave" precisely as I randomly glanced at an overhead TV and saw a man with a beard on it and registered his beared, thinking something like "unshaved," such that the basic echo of "shave"/"facial hair" was there, but just barely), then matured/graduated somewhat, such as when I was trying to find the rental and was looking for Highway 1 and saw the sign for it, which made me think/register "one," precisely as the radio randomly sang "one," and these again had that subtle-but-distinct, in-the-moment "striking" quality that rendered them more significant/notable than they sound when written out

> Cool radio/thought-type standout later on, example of the "graduated" ones: precisely as I had stopped to turn on my phone for directions to the rental and thought to text the owner that I was "on my way," thinking/registering that specifically, the radio randomly sang out "you're on your way," and again without prelude/not as a refraining chorus, etc, but just for the first time, totally out of nowhere, so precise and striking and surreally cool

> An equally notable/"matured" one a little later on, when I was at the second Publix store of the day and passed the drink case and saw that this store had the exact same cold-brew drinks that I'd seen at the first earlier, making me think something along the lines of "standardized stock/the same product lines at these stores," a split second before a nearby stranger said "these stores are all the same," again with that very slight delay between my thought and the words, in that patternistic way that just makes it totally objective in that ridiculously surreal way, my thought coming before, but only *just* before, the stranger's words, haha


Still in same basic groove as I've been in since leaving on this latest trip, coincidentally when I'm still in this basic funk of quietly nasty health stuff.

Numbers were more or less identical to yesterday, some spatters of in-traffic 37-variant plates, with a couple textbook conspicuous-types thrown in the mix (reckless driver in a truck tailgating me, forcing me to notice it, and then passing me to reveal two-digit 37 plate, and then a couple more of those "drifter"-type passers, I remember, creeping up in that distinctly patternistic way and finally revealing a 37 plate right in my line-of-sight, etc). Couple cool number standouts today:

> A neat little parking-lot combo just after lunch, when, first, at Starbucks, had another of those deals where there weren't any surrounding me when I went in, which I noticed absently and thought "Hmm, no 37s surrounding me, why?" -- and then, upon coming out, a car with a 73 plate had parked directly beside me. And then, in similar "challenge" fashion, when I parked at the health food store just after that, down the road a bit, I had the absent thought "I'll bet I'll park right beside a 37-plate this time, if the current trend holds out," but I didn't -- but then, after I'd parked and forgotten about it and began getting out, I looked up and directly across from me and in my line of sight, patternistically, was a three-digit 37 plate of some kind, haha

> An equally notable and similar parking-lot one later on, at the random Earth Fare I stopped at, when I parked awkwardly in a space turning in the wrong way, and I thought again absently that I'll probably see a 37 plate this time, but there were none, even when I went looking for them -- and then, again when I forgot about it all and stopped looking/thinking about them and got out of the car, I found myself looking directly at a 37 plate, on the car directly beside me, except that, beside I'd pulled in from the wrong direction, the plate was out of my vision until I got out, not only invisible to me when I'd first parked but also again being "revealed" in that intelligent fashion ...

Thought-wise, not only had about the same overall amount of activity, but it again had that slow, graduating curve through morning and into afternoon, peaking just after lunch and then winding down to near-silence by evening-ish. Began with more of those super-subtle little thematic recurrences through morning thoughts/reading/encounters, with most of the recurrences happening during lunchtime reading in some fashion, along with a few odd, equally "small" little echoes in that same period. Then, towards the tail-end of lunch, it again distinctly matured/cohered into a few reasonably notable standouts:

> Precisely as the door to the SB bathroom randomly slammed shut, for the first time since I'd been there, I randomly read "slammed it" in the 'Caryatids' book, this too for the first time and also in the same context as a slamming door (and, upping the notability even more, was that my registering the slam and absently thinking "slamming door" again coincided perfectly synchronistically, yet 100% objectively/indepedently, with my reading the words, again just ridiculously surreal)

> Another textbook "nearby stranger" one at that random health food store, when someone said "protein powder" precisely as I randomly read/registered "hemp protein powder" on a big bottle, again in that ridiculously surreal/patternistic/"striking" way of these (and, it bears mentioning, the woman who said this was nearby but in another aisle and approaching the one I was in, with all the protein powders in it -- rather than being in the actual aisle at the time and thus being logically likely to say something regarding protein powder; she was telling the clerk what she wanted, and he then led her to me and my aisle)

> Then, at Earth Fare a little later, a textbook "overhead/public radio randomly saying something precisely as I read it," "nearby stranger"-style and with the same "striking" feel to it, this time "heart" coming randomly on the radio precisely as I as randomly read the cover of a magazine reading "Heart"-something, again with my registering/absently thinking "heart" coinciding perfectly synchronistically/ridiculously surreally with the radio word, etc

Then this evening during dinnertime reading, had a sudden and highly notable cluster of more super-vague ones, including some echoes and a couple standouts of various kinds, all again from out of nowhere. And, most of the vague ones were, really, just too subjective and personal and "in the moment" to describe, rather than being incoherent or unnotable or whatever, as to again just echo my general experience at the time and just preceeding dinner, again to a ridiculously surreal and impossible-to-describe degree.


> First of the echoes/vague in-the-moment recurrences was the biggest and most notable. It started when I sat down on the weird little seat in the rental and put my feet on the Cyma and thus had to sort of spread out in this weird, uncomfortable bowlegged position, which I was thinking of right as I started eating, something along the lines of "weird spread-legged/bowlegged/stretch-legged posture" -- and then, when I opened the 'Caryatids' book maybe two seconds later, the very first words on the first page where I'd bookmarked were "He was bowlegged." This was super-notable in itself, being so ridiculously precise and precisely timed (and even more notable consider that there's zero chance that I'd been subconsciously suggested in even the most remote way by reading this sentence ahead of time, because this was a new chapter in the book, and when I'd finished at lunch reading, I distinctly, 100% remember flipping past the chapter's cover page and then placing the bookmark without even glancing at the text of the new chapter -- no idea why I'd noticed this so distinctly, but I did). However, it didn't stop with the "bowlegged" thing but instead continued into more echoes and recurrences from various times in the day, almost every sentence on the entire rest of the page, just one after another, all of them coming so fast and surreal that I can't even remember any except that they were all just ridiculously surreal/notable/"echo-ey," etc. And that was just the start of the night, not counting the almost-continuous ones to follow over the next hour or so. Just wow, wow, wow ...

> One cool classical "hearing a noise precisely as I read about such a noise" ones at one point during this reading session: precisely as I read "clicking," a loud "click" sounded from the wall right behind my head -- only once, rather than a repeating noise as suggested by the literal reading-word, but the "click" essence was certainly there, and the timing and patternistic elements were spot-on (and, it bears mentioning, this mysterious click was the *only* sound I heard at the time, since I was wearing my noise-isolation headphones and everything else was muffled or inaudible).

> A cool standout classical reading-type recurrence too, beginning with the random library-freebie Popular Mechanics magazine I was reading right before dinner, in which it mentioned suicide bombers and, specifically, how being close to a bomb detonation can cause hearing loss, both of which I'd not read about recently (don't know how many years or decades its been since I specifically read about explosions causing hearing loss, maybe 6 or 7?) -- and then, the 'Caryatids' book mentioned both of these things specifically tonight in the reading session, once again for the first time in the book, along with just a bunch of those other super-subtle/vague-yet-patternistic echoes and recurrences too, these getting lost in this little dinnertime "storm."


Day started much like others recently, with a few super-subtle echo-type ones in late morning and then a slow-and-steady graduation/maturing up through lunch and into afternoon, on all fronts. First standout-ish one that I remember was again almost instantaneously after I left for the day. It started when I first turned the rental car into the road and, feeling how responsive and smooth/easy the drive was, I distinctly-but-absently thought/registered "smooth" -- precisely as "smooth" came randomly over the radio, reasonably notable given that, again, it was the first that I'd both thought that and that the song said that, and also the perfectly synchronistic timing, and the literal precision, along with the distinct-yet-impossible-to-describe patternistic quality of it, making it more notable than it reads and despite its single-word nature. Went on to have a little cluster of these on the drive to church, more or less notable.

Then I do remember having several more during the sermon, again in that same subtle-but-notable, echo-ey way (and didn't these kind seem to originate at church sermons, primarily?). And then, after the service, I had the first notable numbers of the day (seems like there were some scattered, subtle, "normal" two-digit 37 plates and the like on the way). It was a parking-lot-type one, and again with a twist: after getting to the church early and waiting for a few minutes in the parking lot, a woman had been parked directly across from me and I'd distinctly Noticed her and her car, which had the trunk open as she rooted through it. Then, when I came out afterward, the woman was gone but her trunk was closed, thus revealing its 37 plate, which was directly in my line of sight when I got in the car and made to leave, in the patternistic fashion of these "intelligent"-type of parking-lot ones. Seems like I had more parking-lot ones through the day and the trip back to MB, but no standoutish ones (or, if there were, I just forgot them due to the mini-storm on the drive back).

Again had another noticeable uptick in numbers when I started back on the interstate, and I see a definite pattern in this now, at least of recent such upticks, when the steady/quiet "background static" of plate-37s seems to graduate from two-digits to three- or more, and the conspicuous-type of incidents start up in force (and, likewise, the highway-specific ones will come into play, such as the truck-and-trailer-type/"transport" ones). Again had too many conspicuous ones to log individually, beyond that there were moderately many and that they were all in more or less the exact same patternistic fashion that's now established itself (the "drifters"/"reckless turners"/"tailgaters" etc). One example I wrote down: as I was driving down the highway, a car pulled into a turnaround lane-divider in the middle, but not quite fully, the bumper sticking out a little, forcing me to slow down and shift my attention to the car, the back specifically -- and, thus, to its 537 plate, again adding that "animated"/"shouting"/"loud" quality to it, haha.

One little q-n-a-type standout that might've just been coincidence, but probably not, considering its patternistic element. Randomly while on the highway, I was passed by a big macho truck with the license plate "GAINZ," which I both noticed and Noticed, and thus distinctly thought, "I wonder if that's a body-building in there," if the word was in reference to muscle/weight gains -- and then, a long time later, maybe an hour or more down the road, I stopped at a rest stop and right as I was leaving I saw the GAINZ truck, sitting parked with its door open -- and, right as I passed, a big beefy, muscular-and-tattooed arm reached out and pulled the door shut, an arm that certainly could've belong to a body-builder. Somewhat notable in itself, but a little moreso considering that distinct patternistic quality of it, with my passing *right at that precise instant* when the guy's arm flashed out for just a split second, Just Happening to occur right as I passed, the circumstances/timing lining up ridiculously perfectly, all as to answer that pointless-and-absent-but-distinct thought I'd had, like so many of these ...


Today was another of those with a noticeable amount of activity but almost 100% too subtle or vague or personal/subjective or "in the moment" to describe or convey. I again had a sudden and reasonably notable/volumous "cluster" of lunchtime-reading ones, mostly echoes but some of those subtle recurrences too, but all of them just too complex or subjective to convey in text. Actually, for a couple periods they even reached that "steady onslaught of surreal, echoing-my-current-experience" level of activity, like that which arrived during the "He was bowlegged" cluster the night before last. And, also bears mentioning: those in the morning were all almost exclusively of the "quieter," more drawn-out/longwinded kind, spanning various reading material/random thoughts/experiences between then and the rest of the day.

Numbers were there too, but these were definitely downturned from yesterday and lately, "just" a low-level background static of traffic/sign-type repeats of the usual ones while running around town. Notable and quietly surreal, but not ridiculously so like other days of late (coinciding with a generally blunted mental state, as it were -- but then, why did I have a reasonable amount of perceptual/thought-type ones during the same period?).


Same basic groove/format/types of incidents/level of activity as last couple days for the most part, despite a slight shift in health/condition. Again had it all "start up" almost immediately upon leaving the house for the day, when, maybe 2 minutes down the road, a conspicuously slow driver turned out in front of me, driving oddly and such as to demand my attention even further -- and thus to see the two 37s on its rear, haha. Went on to have a reasonable number of "smallish" traffic-types on the drive to the rental place, along with some more conspicuous turn-outs/pull-in-fronts and the like. And then, this afternoon, a few more though not as many as morning, plus several "minor"/two-digit/"non-animated"-type of parking-lot 37-plates and such.

And another of those sudden, "striking" echo/recurrence clusters during lunchtime reading, again starting literally from the first page in a big surreal string, then tapering off into near-silence, much like several times lately. Definitely a pattern establishing itself here. Two cool coherent standouts from this cluster: sitting up in the somewhat awkward chair on the pier and, sensing myself lapsing back into that damaging slump in the upper back, I willed myself to sit up straight and hold my head high -- a split second before I read "The priest sat erect" in the 'Murder Room' book, notable in itself but much moreso considering it came smack in the middle of a 4-5-strong cluster of similar ones within the span of ... minutes? And then, on the next page: as I read the heading of the title of the next chaper ("The Voice of Blood") it made me think, for some reason, of that 'Coming of Wizards' book that I chose not to read in favor of this one -- and then, again a split second later on the next line, it randomly read "wizard," though this one wasn't quite as notable as some of the others.

Tapered off somewhat through the rest of the afternoon as of writing, seeming to correspond with the onset of that really ugly head pressure I've been getting on and off lately. Did have a couple more of those super-subtle/vague/"half-there"-type of echoes though, such as hearing "Privacy!" randomly on the radio precisely as I passed a "Private Dumpster" sign and registered it/thought absently "private," again perfectly synchronistically and patternistically.


The quietest day in a while, overall. Numbers were there, but almost exclusively just "background static"-type two-digit ones in traffic and some other random sources that fell short of being individually notable, plus a couple parking-lot ones of similar quality, few if any conspicuous-type traffic ones today (think there was one reckless-turn-in-front, a truck with a two-digit 37 variant, but beyond that, nada that I remember).

Thought-wise, even quieter, with only the subtlest of echo-type ones here and there. Did have two standouts, however. First, a reading-echo-type one at lunch, much like those I've been having but about the only half-way coherent one during lunchtime reading today: I'd just had a long chain of random thought end with asking myself why I kept on dragging myself back into the city and going through the wringer there, etc, thinking specifically of the psychological/spiritual "heat" in such places -- and then, in the next paragraph in the 'Murder Room' book, seconds later, it read: "[The man] wondered obsessively what brought him into the bowels of the city, why he left the cool, ordered hallways ..." This one was uncannily precise, so much that, considering it was in view briefly while I'd had the city thoughts, I'd write it off as subconscious suggestion/reading-ahead, except that I can again 100% objectively trace back my initial thoughts to before I'd even turned to that page, which I'd been thinking about more or less through the entire lunch session and even a little before. Damn surreal.

And then, hours later while I was in line at the market, another "involuntary bodily function"-type one. It began when, out of nowhere, my liver/guts contracted somewhat as they do super-randomly/rarely, thus allowing me to correct my posture and flatten my stomach visibly/considerably -- and then, a split second later when I looked to the checkout line, my eyes fell directly on a tabloid cover reading "TUMMY TUCK" in big letters in the middle, again with this coming perfectly synchronistically (yet, despite the fact that I couldn't have performed my "tummy tuck" if I'd tried, it occurred *just a split-second before,* but definitely before I saw the text, etc, just enough to establish with certainty that it didn't happen afterward/couldn't possibly have been suggestion of even a supernatural-level-type, etc).

Then had a little more activity tonight during dinnertime reading, after an almost total silence through late afternoon and early evening. Started with a few scattered reading/thought/echo-type synchros through the reading session, almost all either very subtle or one-word or other "doesn't translate to text" ones. Did have another of those cool clock-tick-type ones regarding the Cyma's timer/counter display, almost just like when I randomly checked the time at exactly 3:17 left except this time with a twist: I just randomly leaned over, adjusting my position on the couch, and I saw, just out of the corner of my eye, the display precisely as it ticked down to 1:37, haha. (I'd actually had another one literally exactly like the 3:17 clock-tick, either last night or the one before, but it was just so completely like the last one, and consciously random, that I wrote it off to subconscious timing, though there wasn't really evidence for that ...)

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