Synchronicity log for 2018


Today had to be the quietest of recent memory, with a totally silent morning, lunchtime reading, and 99% of the afternoon, all of this seeming to correspond reflectively with this utterly deadened internal state/extreme headsickness of the last day or so.

The few incidents of the day:

> One single standout 37-traffic-plate-style number-repeat, and with another unique, newish little twist. It happened when I got to the coffee shop and, upon turning into one space, I found that the car next to me was off-center in their space and so I began backing out to get into a better, open space, but then had to stop because a nearby car was backing out at the same time -- and as I watched, the car turned and thus "revealed" its 7039 plate in patternistically dramatic/"animated" fashion, and again all just so perfectly timed/logistically perfect as to be very notable (in addition to the conspicuously patternistic circumstances/context of my having to back out of that space, etc).

> A grand total of two echoes today, of any kind and at any time, probably an hour or so after lunch, both radio/passing-roadside-sign-style ones. The first was when an electronic sign ticked to reading "10 SQUARE FEET" perfectly synchronistic with the radio randomly/singularly singing out "square," and this again corresponding absolutely flawlessly/intertwined with my registering the "square" on the sign as it ticked. And then, a minute or so later down the road, a similar one except of that slight-delay variety, when I passed a sign reading "SMILE AND RELAX," which I Noticed distinctly, maybe 2 seconds before the radio sang out "relax" (and as the first word of a new song).

Other than these, I noticed another conspicuously/patternistically "immediately after-lunch" cluster of low-key 37-plates, but very briefly and generally only minimally/"quietly" conspicuous.

Had a repeat of those "late" evening-magazine-reading parallels/thematics/recurrences, exactly like last night and even with the same magazine, but involving a wholly different underlying/unifying theme (but the same behavior/nature/"format" as that of the previous night). I can't now remember the actual theme of this one, other than it being there, and also being as hugely subjectively notable/profound/specific/explicit but objectively all too complex/subtle to explain. And really, this is another that's notable in itself but even moreso in its example and nature and context/circumstances, in the sense that not only did that exact same explicit, specific, "deep"/complicated/multidimensional thematic-recurrence pattern repeat itself, but that it did so with a fully different running theme through the last half of the magazine (which was even more notable than the first theme, from last night, because that one was the same as the underlying "time" theme in the magazine, but this second one, though I can't remember it, was something entirely different).

And another thing I noticed/remembered: a big, running thread of super-subtle "everday little thing"-type recurrences, these of that subtlest, most subjective, most easily individually dismissible kind, but definitely there. One semi-coherent example I can cite: it began when I heard the song "Rocket Man" on the radio again, that morning I think, and it stuck in my head more or less all day, such that I ended up singing it aloud at multiple times throughout the day, including evening, and especially the lyric about "packing my bags pre-flight," sort of Noticing-style Sticking Out in my mind/head/looping over and over again and thus causing me to sing it. And then, totally randomly and after a big series of bizarre and unlikely and equally random events, I finally brought in that super-random flight bag that I'd bought on a Compelling the other day, then packed up my traveling clothes in it, doing so out of nowhere just before bed, despite being ridiculously tired and rushing to get to bed as early as possible, etc -- ultimately super-subtly echoing that exact, specific lyric I'd been thinking of/singing/oddly obsessing over all day, and in the most unlikely and random and oblique and illogical/inconvenient of ways -- all characteristic of these type of super-subtle little-thing recurrences, and typical of those that characterized the day (and would tomorrow too, as of this writing).

Another standoutish example of such a recurrence, this one with a sort of "affirmative" overtone: it started yesterday when, at the market or somewhere, one of the exit doors had been closed due to someone cleaning up right behind it, thus causing a bottleneck in the remaining door, which was made worse by the fact that a very old woman was pushing a cart through when I arrived, very very slowly, which I found affecting me profoundly, not only slowing my walk but also, before I caught it and reacted appropriately, causing me to "slow down" internally/mentally (and energetically?), as if I'd been suddenly covered in tar, it felt like, all of which was something I'd experienced before but never quite so starkly and consciously -- and then, in the magazine tonight (part of the recurrence cluster then, but not the big theme if I remember right), it had this little, offhand, paragraph-long blurb-type "a new scientific study says such-and-such"-type article about that exact same phenomenon, and in almost the exact same terms (and, if I'm not mistaken, it even referenced the behavior and mannerisms of someone slow/old rubbing off on those around them).


Morning was totally silent for the most part, excepting maybe a few of those stray, super-subtle parallels/echoes/thematics that seem to crop up more or less at any given time these days. Then the morning drive saw a cluster of several patternistically/behaviourally identical small-but-notable one-word radio/thought-type echoes, which would eventually transition over to lunchtime reading in the form of a behaviourally identical reading/thought version of such. Standouts:

> Watching as, just up the road, a car turned onto the road and had to suddenly swerve conspicuously/exaggeratedly to avoid hitting an oncoming car, thus making the turning car's hood/front sort of make a sharp cut to its left -- perfectly synchronistic with the radio singing "Whip it!," with the "whip" both being a perfect description of the car's specific, conspicuous movement and also coinciding specifically with it, with the "whip" being intertwined with my registering the car's movement (such that it could've been an echo of either the objective event of the car's turn or simply my registering/absent/reactive thought of it, or maybe both; still remains to be seen)

> A classical "randomly thinking of a certain word perfectly synchronistic/intertwined with that same word singing singularly/randomly from the radio," this time with my having a specific thought about "driving" the car at the end of another patternistically long, random chain of thought, mentally vocalizing it as this word in particular, perfectly synchronistic with "driving" singing from the radio (might've been in a different context, can't remember)

> Then, just before lunch as I arrived into the shopping center's parking lot, a somewhat "bigger," more-coherent/"textured" version, beginning when I turned into the lot and found, due to construction or something, a series of little detour signs directing incoming traffic to different areas and away from the coned-off construction zone, thus causing a general slowdown in the chain of cars I was a part of, due to having to read the signs/navigate the awkward traffic pattern -- precisely as "drives a little slower" sang randomly/singularly from the radio, which is precisely what I'd had to do at that exact instant, ha ha

> Then, later on just after lunch when back on the road for a couple minutes, a pair of patternistically identical ones (somewhat rare, given the prolonged "carry-over" effect of this particular variant/behavior today). The first happened when a light changed unexpectedly on me, and at the worst time, too late for me to sail through yet right after I'd gotten up to speed, thus forcing me to react by downshifting/engine-braking and coming to a generally ungraceful stop, which began with my thinking "shift down" -- precisely as "shifter" sang from the radio, again as to be intertwined with that initial, somewhat "bigger"/mentally "louder" thought, damn surreal and notable for all its "smallness."

> The other just-after-lunch one of that pair: precisely as I watched a passing car hit a plastic bag that was whipping about in the wind over the road, thus causing the bag to fly up dramatically/animatedly/conspicuously into the air, the radio randomly/singularly sang "hitting," again perfectly intertwined with both the actual event and my registering it with a reactive/absent thought of something along the lines of "hit the bag/bag rushing up into the air"

> Backtracking to lunch: best example of the several I experienced then began with when, after sitting out and sunbathing for a while long enough for the sun to change its station somewhat, I randomly checked to see if I was still getting maximum exposure -- precisely as the nearby public in-house radio randomly sang out "into the sun," which corresponded intertwined/perfectly synchronistic with my discovering that, yes, I was indeed getting maximum exposure and thus had the reactive thought of something like "getting sun/in the sun/directly in the sun still"

> Another one at lunch, though I can't say 100% it was as I think. It started when a nearby stranger, at a table behind me, made some type of noise that I'm about 90% sure was him tamping out a cigarette from a pack into his hand, as best as I could tell from having heard this in the past many times (I can't say for certain what he was doing, exactly, since the man was behind me and I didn't turn to look) -- precisely as "knocking at my door" sang from the radio, again with the "knocking" coinciding intertwined/perfectly synchronistic with the man's first "knock" on the supposed cigarette pack. Still, regardless of what it was, the sound was very much a "knocking" and it would've been reasonably precise anyhow, and patternistic/timing-wise dead-on (and another possibility: was the "knocking" lyric simply echoing my *perception* of the noise, which I immediately perceived, and absently registered as, "someone knocking cigarettes from a pack"?)

> Another radio echo at lunch: this one began when I randomly got up to throw away something in the nearest trashcan, which was far enough away to require some walking and thus a disruption of my lunch/eating/reading flow, thus causing me to absently but distinctly think something like "having to walk a longish way, feels longer than it really is" -- precisely as "I'd walk a thousand miles" sang randomly/singularly from the radio, and this one another of the "deeper"/more-precise kind, with it not only echoing the general theme of "walk/walking," but also with a hyperbolic, overstated manner, with my bizarre/exaggerated perception of having to walk longer than I was being in the exact same hyperbolic/exaggerated vein of walking "a thousand miles," ha ha

Numbers were pretty present today, especially compared to yesterday. The first of the day came right at the end of the morning drive to lunch, and with a very cool standout, involving one of those times when I consciously sense myself moving into the "synchronistic state" after markedly being out of it (as I was all morning), today coming right after I took the ramp off the highway and approached the shopping center, with a succession of the first low-key 37-plates of the day, not coming perfectly synchronistic by any means but still relatively soon after having the express thought that I was now in the "state" and so would probably begin seeing such things then, with the first arriving maybe a minute or two afterward, and eventually giving way to maybe 4-5 more in traffic and the parking lot, over the span of a few minutes. Then, after lunch, went on to have a moderate amount of scattered low-key 37-plates through the day, with some standouts interspersed:

> A cool "Compelled to do something, only to be led conspicuously/patternistically to several parking-lot semi-conspicuous 37-plates"-type one, which I guess was, really, three strung together. It started when I was Compelled to return an orphan shopping cart near where I'd parked, which, first, led me directly beside a 3712-plate car parked directly beside the cart (yet invisible to me when I'd had the Compelling and thus gone for the cart, being obscured by another parked car) -- then, upon returning the car to the nearest corral, I was led to a 5703-plate truck directly beside the corral, and also, beside it, a second 37-plate car -- and then, upon returning to my car finally, I was hit with another of those "car doing something conspicuously to demand my attention, only to have a number-repeat plate," this time with a 212-plate instead of 37 (when, as it were, the last couple days have had an elevated increase in this minority repeat and its variants)

> A classical "searching out the most logically convenient parking space, and, upon finding the only one, finding it directly beside a 37-plate car," this time at the Flea Market when I went down the line trying to park close to where I needed to go, being in a hurry, only to find the one available space there beside a "quietly conspicuous"/logistically perfectly aligned 73-plate truck

> A damn cool "Compelled-litter receipt-figure"-type one at the market, beginning with being Compelled to get up yet another super-random piece of litter that proved to be a receipt, and, after being equally Compelled to look at it, I discovered it to have about half a dozen or so listings for an item that was discounted with a coupon, with listings for each deduction, all of which were either for .37 cents or .38 cents -- such that, all up through the center of the receipt, there were all these "-0.37 cents" printed horizontally, followed by another "7003" or something near the bottom, ha ha

> Then tonight, a really damn cool "quietly conspicuous offhand/random 37 mention in a magazine"-type one. It started when I opened the magazine and, on the second page, it had this picture of the back of a van with a 71337-plate conspicuously in the middle of the picture, which was mildly notable as a semi-conspicuous "everywhere/random 37"-type incident but then, maybe 3-4 pages later, there was that exact same picture, this time bigger, filling up the gist of the page, as if to reiterate the plate -- but then, after a couple more pages, there was that *exact same picture repeated for a third placement,* and this one I still can't figure out, since the first two would make sense in a way, with one picture being in the table of contents and the second being in the actual article involving the van in question, but then the third, it appeared, as best as I could tell, to be totally random and out of place, awkwardly so, and also patternistically so, and just so damn cool and notable and surreal (and damn funny too)


Overall quiet day, especially compared to yesterday, and this change again corresponding with a similar "internal deadening"/headsickness/extremely foggy thoughts/depersonalization, etc, with this blunted state of consciousness again seeming to be reflected externally by the phenomenon.

Morning at home was totally silent, then again saw some brief-but-notable activity on the drive to lunch (again, it would seem that my contact/interaction with other people at this time had something to do with the onset of activity, however minimal that interaction would've been, with other drivers and passing environmental along the road, or maybe even just listening to the radio/receiving communication/one-sided interaction?). Standouts I got down:

> Had a sudden succession of quietly conspicuous low-key 37-plates, this seeming to correspond with my getting onto the main road after driving the back way into town, etc, as seems to be a pattern with these. There were no individually standout ones, just several of those 100% patternistic "37-plate car turning at just the right angle/timing/height that its plate 'invaded' my line of sight/area of focus"-type ones, along with some more-passive plates that were made collectively notable by the sudden and patternistic appearance after seeing zero previously. Had an additional, "roadside sign ticking to a 37-variant right as I approached/registered it," this time a bank sign ticking to the 11:17 time precisely as I approached, and coming at the tail end of the cluster.

> Had exactly two radio/event-type echoes at this time, and both were of standout quality. The first was similar to several I've had, when I find myself creeping up on a car in traffic, or seeing a car creep up on me, and it's echoed by the radio precisely/intertwined with my registering it/the absent/reactive thought of it (why so many of these in particular? something about these events specifically, or is the repetition just due to the sheer, random number of times that such activity happens in everyday traffic?). This time, it was me finding myself slowly but visibly creeping up on a slow-moving car in front of me, and thus registering it with the absent thought of "getting closer/creeping up/nearing the car and need to slow" -- precisely as "it's getting closer" sang randomly/singularly from the radio

> The next came about ten minutes later, right before I reached the coffee shop, and this one, though patternistically/behaviourally identical to the first and other "typical" radio/thought echoes, the exact circumstances and nature of it made it so ridiculously surreal and subjectively striking, as to be incredibly notable for me upon experiencing it, again more than can be put into words. It happened at a four-way intersection I was waiting at, when a car turning left through it came past me and, for one infinitesimally brief but distinct moment, the driver's eyes locked with mine as he passed, and in that distinct, striking, visceral way that only true eye contact brings about -- precisely as "look into those eyes" sang randomly/singularly from the radio, and again as to be intertwined with that *exact, split-second* locking of the man's eyes with mine, such that all of it -- the "animated" nature of the passing, the mild shock of the eye contact itself, and the striking/surreal "synchroshock" of the synchronistic echoing over the radio -- came together to bring about one of those rare, beyond-living-dream effects, just utterly beyond words.

Next, lunchtime reading was absolutely silent, not even the slightest thematic or subtle echo or anything that I remember, probably the synchronistically "quietest" lunch I've had in a long long time or so it feels. And this was, interestingly, another of those "negatively notable"/contrasting-type of cases, again due to its seeming to be patternistically "reflective" of both my environment and my deadened mental state at the time. Since, first, I was the only customer at the coffee shop at the time, and additionally, I ate around back, isolated not only from the dining room but from the whole parking lot and the rest of the shopping plaza, in a quiet, quasi-secluded spot bordering woods, etc, without encountering another person the whole time I was out there and reading. And then, it also reflected my internal state at the time, when I was actively trying to silence my mind due to the raging headsickness/perceptual distortion from the liver upset and stuff once I began eating. Another of those occassions that would appear to be directly/logically/causally in line with the "reality reflection" theory.

The only activity I saw for the rest of the day was a moderate showing of after-lunch numbers, starting up sort of in "immediate" fashion but only loosely, just with low-key 37-plates as I got back on the road and started running errands, with these being more or less present until I started home and got on the back roads and such, as is usually the case. Had an accompaniment of low-key parking-lot-types too, along with the usual spattering of stray semi-conspicuous "everywhere" 37s here and there. A couple traffic standouts:

> A cool one of those "car slowing conspicuously so that I'd gain on it enough for its 37-plate to resolve into readability," and this time with a notable, "animated" twist. It started when the next car in front of me, some several hundred feet up and its plate unreadable, had to suddenly and ungracefully slow due to the sudden turning of a car in front of them, such that I suddenly and quickly gained on the car and had to about slam on my brakes, etc -- such that, ultimately, the car's 237-plate "rushed" at me, directly in my area of focus due to the height of my car and the stopping car and the other typically precise/patternistic logistics, resulting in that super-surreal "animated" effect

> A cool little low-key cluster, beginning with a 37-plate car somehow getting my attention in a conspicuous way, I can't remember what, but then, by consequence upon looking at this car, I saw beside it a big cement truck with "237" stenciled on its back, with a 73-plate just below that, as to be a sort of one-two-three triple

> Then, finally, two 100% classical/textbook "looking behind me before backing from a parking space, only to find myself looking directly into a previously invisible 37-plate," and, as it were, they happened in back-to-back parking lots, probably 20 minutes apart.


Morning was about totally silent, and this too reflective of the remaining internal deadness/bluntedness/headsick-depersonalized state of consciousness, in reflective manner. The only activity was a spattering of those semi-conspicuous, patternistic "bunch of random/offhand 37 figures and mentions in the morning's super-random magazine," only a few this time, probably 5-6 through the magazine, but a bit more prominent, with two being directly on the cover (actually seems like there might've been a third there too), and then, most prominently, there was a big, pages-long feature inside about the "R317" boat -- not a huge amount but just numerous enough and semi-conspicuous and patternistic enough to register as notable.

Lunchtime reading was another of those absolutely, totally silent sessions, and this too corresponding reflectively with my consciously/actively silencing my mind and focusing purely on reading/eating due to headsickness/distortion of thinking, etc. Again "negatively notable."

The next activity came in the form of a very cool and very notable little cluster of three conspicuous "immediately after lunch"-style parking-lot plates. First, another of those "immediately upon stepping into the parking lot"-style ones, this one not quite as immediate/"loud" as some past but still befitting the pattern exactly, this time with a 1-2 second delay between my walking through the door and taking two steps and having a 703-plate "greet" me, not only directly in my line of sight as I walked but also emerging into view from behind a neighboring car that had been obscuring it as I left the coffee shop, as to result in that super-surreal/animated "revealing" quality to it all. And then, less than a second later as I stepped into the lot toward the car, there was a second, 373-plate, also emerging/"revealing" identically from where it had been obscured, ha ha.

The next part in the cluster is another that's notable in itself but ridiculously so when put in the context of the first two. It started when I first crossed the parking lot and was Compelled to pick up two pieces of litter that I passed on the way to the car, but couldn't pick up then due to having my hands full with the bag and then additionally, after the two plate-reveals, wanting to get to the car and write those down, so I figured I'd go back for the litter -- and then, upon putting away the bag and writing notes about the two reveals and then going back for the litter and throwing it away, I started back for the car, only to have a car back out in front of me and thus "shove" its 731-plate directly into my line of sight, and again all with that perfectly precise timing and stopping point and other logistics, entirely patternistic and again made all the more surreal and subjectively notable when experienced within the context of the first two.

The rest of the day went on to show a moderately increased amount of activity over the last couple afternoons, a reasonably high amount of low-key traffic 37-plates plus a couple standoutish/more-conspicuous/"graduated" plates (which, it bears mentioning, started up immediately after I'd gotten back on the road after leaving the coffee shop, when I'd not seen a single one on the long drive there that I remember) and even a few small and subtle echoes here and there, with all this coming with a slight lifting/improvement of yesterday's nightmarish headsickness and the like, once again in distinctly "reflective" fashion. Standouts/examples I got down:

> Had maybe 4-5 total echoes today, all of that super-subtle/fleeting/stray-one-word-type that I seem to get randomly at any given time but which sometimes come in scattered successions like today, and without really corresponding to anything in particular that I can tell. Best example: when "Ford pickup truck" sang randomly from the radio precisely as I watched a Ford pickup truck appear into view and then stop at a nearby intersection at the precise moment I approached it, a very "quiet" and "soft"/"gentle" incident as opposed to the "loud"/"shouting"/more-intense-feeling kind, and subtle enough that I would've dismissed it were it not so patternistic and well-timed

> A good example of the day's categorically super-subtle/"too small to be individually notable" kind: at the laundromat when I put a dime in the machine and it didn't accept it and so I had to hit the coin return a couple times and play with it before the coin dropped back down, thus causing me to register it with another of those patternistically echoed absent/reactive thoughts (of something like "get out/drop out" this time) -- precisely as "out" sang randomly/singularly from the in-house radio, and again as to be seamlessly intertwined with the split-second "unfolding" of the thought in my mind

> Had a cool parking-lot cluster at the market, beginning with a succession of maybe 5-6 "quietly conspicuous" parked-car 37-plates over the course of entering and then coming back out, then finally "capped off"/"climactically finished" when I got back to the car and found that a 731-plate truck had parked beside me while I was inside, again patternistic of so many of these

> A small but cute 37-plate one mid-afternoon, beginning when I passed this random police cruiser with a 73-plate and, besides absently noticing it as yet another traffic plate, I also Noticed this one in particular, in that special, distinct but purely subjective way -- and then, about a half-hour or so later after I'd finished up at the laundromat and gone through a bunch of rigmarole there and finally gotten in the car and pulled to the intersection to leave, I found myself directly behind that same cruiser, ha ha. It was a combo/number-repeat version of that same "conspicously Noticing a random car, then encountering it a second time in an unlikely way later on"-type incident.


A downturn from yesterday but not silent by any means, and still with that same basic mix of moderate semi-conspicuous 37-primary traffic plates and the like, plus a few scattered echoes of that exact same particular super-subtle/fleeting/”in-the-moment” variant of yesterday afternoon – something of a carryover of yesterday, much like those morning/lunch carryovers I've noticed recently.

The day's first semi-coherent incident was a semi-conspicuous 37-plate, in pretty much “immediately after lunch” fashion, just a low-key 37-plate but parked conspicuously right alongside the road I left from, very much “there,” directly in my line of sight/patternistically so, etc. And then actually had a second, nearly identical one later on in the day, some hours later after driving north for a while, when, after a couple-hour-long period of zero activity, suddenly came to another car, with a 731-plate this time, parked “quietly conspicuously” right along the road I was on such that its plate was angled directly/perfectly in my line of sight, etc. This one “felt” exactly like that first one, too, it bears mentioning.

Had another of those small but noticeable little clusters of low-key 37-plates right after lunch, and then much of the ride up north was totally silent as mentioned.

Did, however, have another of those somewhat unique, maybe-synchronicities except that this one has happened several times recently in a patternistically identical fashion. Every time, it's involved the encouraging little notes and stuff I'm Compelled to leave through the day, and each of these incidents has always involved my being Compelled to leave a note in a strange, illogical, unlikely-to-be-seen place, thus causing me to think “We'll, who'd look there?” – only to find someone in that very spot just minutes later, in direct proximity to the note, and both coherent enough to seem like an 'answering” of my concern, as well as now patternistic enough to establish a new pattern, after this last one today. This one was exactly like the others in format: I was Compelled to leave a note on a random “no loitering” sign in the parking lot of the McDonald's I'd randomly stopped off at, and then, as I made to leave, I saw an employee come out of the restaurant and start over there, which at first made me think he'd seen me place the note and was going to take it down – but as I drove off and passed him, I saw the man just sitting at the edge of the lot and talking on his cellphone, directly beneath and facing the note, exactly like these other times (such as when I once left a note on a random window at the backside of a market by where I'd parked, and then, upon coming back out, there was an employee there, smoking, not only along that same distant wall but directly by that exact window pane with the note on it, and all Just Happening to be there right after I'd placed the note and had my usual automatic logical thought of “this is unlikely, there are better and more-visible spots,” etc, all as if again “intelligently orchestrated” in nature …).

This one actually had another, extremely notable twist to it, just after, but it's just too subjective to convey. Damn notable anyhow, though.

Another semi-standout plate today, at a gas station, another of those where a 37-plate-car Just Happened to park directly beside me while I was inside, and at the exact angle/distance/placement, etc, so that it would be directly in my line of sight as I returned, as is so patternistic of these.

Had one more number-type standout today, another of those damn surreal and notable “alignments,” except this one with a cool “animated” twist. It started with my twice getting behind a 2137-plate car, as to sort of Notice it since I'd “hit” it twice – but then, soon after getting behind it the second time, I watched as the 7137-plate of a truck in the next lane over suddenly emerged from behind the car that had been obscuring it, and just at the precise instant that the 2137 car passed the truck, such that not only did their plates align in that perfect and logistically flawless and patternistic way, but they did so at that precise instant that the truck's plate emerged into view for me. Once again: extremely notable when you really think about all the logistics/timing, etc … And then the clincher: seconds after this occurred, while I was still registering it and actively thinking “have to write a note about that alignment,” I passed a big roadside sign reading “WHEEL ALIGNMENT,” ha ha.

Thought-wise, today was almost totally silent, even during periods of lifting of headsickness/clarity of thought, etc. The only activity I recall occurred in one brief, hour-long window during mid-afternoon/early evening when I first noted a sudden onset of low-key plates after silence, then noted a similar subtle-but-there arrival of super-small one-word thought/radio/reading-type echoes (also bears mentioning that that alignment incident occurred in this little window, too, such that it all fit that pattern of sudden, mysterious activity coming then going as I've noted in the past).

Best examples of these echoes:

> A cool bilingual/involuntary-bodily-function-type one, beginning when, suddenly and for the first time all day, that terrible grittiness in the eyes appreciably lifted, causing me to take notice and register it with the immediate/reactive thought of  “my eyes/eyes not gritty/eyes feel better suddenly” – precisely as “tus ojos” (your eyes) sang randomly/singularly on the Spanish radio station I was listening to

> And then, also a “bilingual” example, this of the less-coherent/simpler/subtler/more-oblique variety of this cluster: precisely as I stopped the day's drive and parked in the shopping plaza where I was camping, I looked out my window at big banner hanging from the building directly outside my window, reading “10 MUSICAL YEARS” – precisely as “tu musica” (your music) came randomly/singularly over the radio, as to echo the underlying sentiment of “music,” and flawlessly intertwined with my registering of the sign (which was 100% consistent, patternistically and behaviorally, with the rest of the incidents in this cluster)


Morning was largely silent, again corresponding reflectively with a generally low-energy/sleep-deprived state this time, equating to the same blunted mental/conscious state as the typical “reflectively” silent mornings. Did, however, have this brief, scattered cluster of super-subtle echoes, I remember, just enough to be collectively notable.

Best example from these: randomly reading “jet of urine” in a magazine at the gym while on the toilet, precisely as someone entered the rest room and went directly into the urinal stall directly beside me, as to either be a perfectly synchronistic one-dimensional echo of “urine”/”urinal,” or a delayed one of the man's audible urine-noises that came seconds later. Either way about the damn funniest thing that could've happen under such circumstances.

Lunchtime reading proved to be an almost 100% carryover of morning's exact type and volume of activity, also with only a scattered few super-subtle echoes and that was it, this time barely enough to be even collectively notable (but again notable in that sense of these newish sort of non-transitional times/periods/”blocs,” when the transitions and shifts used to be so distinct for so long).

Best example here: It started when, after seeing the big mess of crumbs on the ground under the table next to me all through the first course of my lunch, I decided to get up as soon as I finished my current bite and then clean up the crumbs, thus causing me to reactively/absently visualize my getting up and cleaning up the crumbs specifically – precisely as I randomly/singularly came to “leaving crumbs” in the 'Bodega Dreams' book, and this was another of those that I'd easily write of as such some of psychological cueing/subliminal reading-ahead or whatever except that I can so explicitly and patternistically and objectively trace my thoughts to the fully objective/external/independent event of my first seeing the crumbs and then deciding to clean them up (and at that particular time, because I'd been sitting for a long time and really needed to get up and stretch my legs anyhow).

The only other thought-type activity today came during another of those sudden mid-afternoon “resussitations” in the form of a scattered but notable succession of small, subtle, “fast” one-word radio/thought/passing-sign-type echoes (which, once again, usually seems to correspond with the slight resurgence of energy I get as I begin the second stage of digestion of lunch/extra calories/supplements taking effect, etc. and their attendant boost in energy/clarity of consciousness). Standouts I got down before they subsided completely upon getting to parents':

> Randomly thinking of the little oil massage I'd given myself that morning and how it seemed to be having effect, thus causing me to absently/reactively visualize myself rubbing oil into my skin in that way that's so often echoed – precisely as “on my skin” sang randomly/singularly from the radio

> Example of the super-subtle, individually objectively dismissible one-words: randomly registering the “you” in a “JESUS LOVES YOU” sign as I came upon it along the road, precisely as “you” sang randomly from the radio, again with my registering that particular word coinciding absolutely flawlessly/intertwined with the radio lyric as these in particular do

> Suddenly realizing I hadn't strapped in the groceries on my car seat, thus causing me to spontaneously lean over and buckle them up and then test the hold, thus causing me to absently/reactively think something like “that'll hold you” – precisely as “hold you back” sang from the radio

> Having “the guns” sing from the radio precisely as I rounded a bend or topped a hill or something and encountered a big, conspicuous banner sign along the road reading “GUNS & AMMO,” again with my reading/registering that first word coinciding perfectly with that in the song

Numbers were there, but today was another strictly after-lunch affair, and this time of that “absolutely immediately afterward, in the first possible instant,” this one like others where the very first thing I saw upon opening the door of the coffee shop, before I'd even had a chance to step out over the threshold, was the 735-plate on the car parked not only directly in front of the door but uncommonly close to it, due to the narrow sidewalk and the car being backed up so that it's bumper hung over the sidewalk some, ha ha. And this proved to be only the start of a little notable parking-lot cluster, when, after taking a couple steps from the shop, the very next plate I saw was also a 37, and then, a second or two later, I came to a third in the same lot, and though this one was in a line/not exactly the third sequential plate I saw, it still had that wham-bam, 1-2-3 effect.

From there, did go on to have a reasonable number of “quietly conspicuous” highway plates on the drive, not a “storm” day by any means but a little more constant and conspicuous than some days of late, though there were some “dry” periods too. And, in the middle of it all, had another of those 100% patternistic “alignments,” this one of a somewhat quieter/more-passive nature, when a 713-plate car and a 737-one two lanes over passed one another and their plates aligned (though still in that ridiculously surreal/logistically perfectly precise way that's so patternistic of these).


Morning and lunchtime reading saw a newish blend of that “super-subtle mixed-incident background static”-type of activity that I was seeing pretty much every afternoon or so there for a while but haven't been seeing much of lately, though this was of a slightly albeit distinctly different overall variety, still the same basic blend of all sorts of super-subtle/subjectively-notable-only echoes and thematics and parallels but all of a newish, indescribable subjective “feel,” and with a collectively odd character/texture that just rendered them a new breed in themselves. I can't think of a single example coherent enough to cite, but there were a reasonable number of these peppering the morning and lunchtime reading (then ceasing in “immediately after-lunch” fashion, if I remember right). If nothing else, notable as a change-up.

Lunchtime reading did see the addition of some more-coherent, “normal” reading/thought/environmental-type echoes to the mix, but only a couple that I remember, and still generally subtle and simple in nature. Best two examples I got down:

> One of those “slight-delay/not-quite-perfectly synchronistic” one-word echoes, with that “lazy” feel, but a bit more notable than the typical variety due to its being not only a double but a triple, all coming back-to-back within seconds. The word was “down,” first echoing between the book and a nearby stranger's conversation, and then, a second or so later, between a repitition of the book and a random lyric on the in-house radio, and then a third time, between I-can't-quite-remember-what but repeating within another second or so and with the exact same patternistic/behavioral “feel” of the first two.

> Then a little later, a more-striking/precise/”perfectly synchronistically timed”-type of nearby-stranger/reading echo, when I came to “the rent” in the book precisely as one nearby stranger said to another, “my rent was due,” and once again with my reading/registering the book's “rent” corresponding in flawless, intertwined fashion with the person speaking “rent” specifically and my registering that

And once again, had another of those now-patternistic “mid-afternoon returns” of thought-type activity after another equally patternistic “immediately-after-lunch cut-off,” exactly the same as yesterday with another scattered succession of a few patternistically identical subtle echoes over an hour or so. Two good, more-coherent standouts:

> The first was a damn cool and highly notable one, actually. It happened after the appointment when I came to an intersection that was backed up with a long line of cars, and then, when the light finally changed, one car in particular didn't move, holding up the whole line and singling it out and thus causing me to take particular notice of it, once again in patternistically conspicuous fashion – and then, when the car finally did start moving, the radio randomly/singularly sang out “so put your foot on the gas,” and this corresponding absolutely flawlessly/intertwined with the car's brake lights going off and it moving, such that the lyric would've corresponded with absolute, impossibly precise accuracy with the driver's minute act of putting their foot on the gas pedle, as best as I could tell. Wow …

> A classical “involuntary bodily function” type, with a couple notable twists. It happened at the gym, beginning with a sudden and pronounced flare-up of that all-over bodily inflammation/”everything hurts”-type of pain/discomfort that had been abnormally tame all day up until that very instant, thus causing me to think “the pain's back” or something along these lines, with my mentally vocalizing “pain” in there specifically whatever the exact phrasing was – precisely as one nearby stranger said to another (again totally absorbed in their own conversation/disconnected from me in every way), “Pain. You know it when the pain comes,” with that first, pronounced “pain” coinciding absolutely flawlessly/intertwined with my thought of “the pain's back,” which of course was 100% traceably objective/independent due to its hinging fully on the random, spontaneous onset of the condition just a split-second previous …

Numbers were more or less the same as lately, today explicitly and strictly after-lunch, giving way to another scattered succession of periodic traffic- and parking-lot 37-plates of the same “quietly conspicuous” variety as of late, and then again subsiding fully by the time I started heading home. Standouts:

> Another of those really cool “animated”/conspicuous “flashers,” this time at the dump when the car in front of me slowed down and then turned sharply off the road, such that, first, its slowing brought it close enough for its plate to resolve enough for me to read the 7137, and, second, for the plate to “swing”/”whip around” as to animatedly “flash” directly/conspicuously/patternistically into my vision

> A cool sort of combo Compelled-litter/number-repeat one at the market later. It started when I arrived and saw this drink cup sitting conspicuously on the sidewalk right where I turned into the parking lot, which I was immediately Compelled to go and throw away, thus causing me to park close to it, in a space that I don't normally ever park in due to its being near the entrance and thus being hard to back out of, etc – and then, upon doing so, I once again found myself parked directly beside a 37-plate car, and again with it parked at an angle that left the plate 100% invisible to me until I'd actually pulled in/distinctly after my having my Compelling …

Also had this really cool and unique standout receipt-37-type one, at the health food store. It happened at the checkout, when I was overcharged for that weird little carton of eggs with the one missing from it, which caused it to be marked down 50 cents or so from the price of the others, which is why the cashier didn't catch it until I pointed it out. However, because she'd already rung everything up and given me change, she therefore had to go back and process it all anew, which therefore caused me to get a second receipt afterward – which, unlike the original, full receipt, which was timestamped “2:35 PM,” this second one was at precisely “2:37” due to the extra rigmarole involved, ha ha. And, as a cute little clincher, this was printed directly below the store's address, “273 xxxx Drive”

Finally had a sudden and significant cluster of varied activity tonight upon going out to eat with parents, and it was very much in nature/type/"feel" like other such outings, including even another of those "turning on mom's car and having both the odometer and trip readings 'greet' me with several big 37-variants upon my starting up the car," exactly like the last two times (at least -- or is this the 4th or 5th time in a row? ha ha). It ended up being reasonably intense, with lots of small/subtle/"fleeting" echoes and random numbers and plates and such all mashed into one, probably a couple dozen individual incidents of varying notability at least, again to that point that it just overwhelmed my memory and I lost total track. Examples I got down:

> Another of those damn cool "partially obscured"-type 37 sightings, this time when I stopped at a stop sign *just so* that I not only came directly into view of a 37-plate on a car parked directly across from the stopping place, but also with a tree obscuring the plate so that only the 374 on it showed, ha ha

> Had another succesion of "nearby strangers at a neighboring table echoing more or less exactly what was happening/being said between me and my parents/random things I read or thought or whatever," these all of a loose/lazy/delayed-type variety but definitely notable. One was when, suddenly, my mom said my name, Aaron, a second or so apart from when someone at the other table said "Aaron" as well, and once again appropriately in the conversation/free-flowing, without being cued obviously, as is the pattern with these. Same for "a month" being echoed between the two tables, and probably 4-5 others of this nature. Really wish I could remember all these, there were just so many notables squeezed into this brief period, and so sudden and almost exactly like past outings, deja-vu-like.


Can't remember specifics, writing this after the fact and with just so much activity to begin with, and health/memory/mind so bad throughout.

A pretty cool and sudden radio echo just after leaving for lunch (after a pretty much totally silent morning from what I remember). It happened when I looked in my rearview and realized that I'd left the back seat up and thus couldn't see fully out the back windows, thus causing me to register this with another reaactive thought of something to the effect of "can't see/blocked vision" -- precisely as "not seeing" sang randomly from the radio, 100% patternistic and independent/objective in every way, etc.

Next, had some scattered 37-plates on the drive to the coffee shop, once again just enough to be collectively notable and to count as "there" rather than not (why some days and not others?).

One thing that I do remember from morning: a sudden and ultimately daylong uptick of 44/14s-repeats and their variants, very conspicuously so, with them coming by way of traffic plates and random sources alike. Only sort of standout I can remember is a 1:41 clock-tick-type that I remember as being very notable at the time, but now can't remember the specifics of it. Definitely a collective little mini-theme like I've seen before though.

Lunchtime reading, from what I remember, was again mostly silent but did have a few of those typical lunchtime-style environmental/reading/thought-type small/fleeting echoes, not many from what I remember but still once again enough to be present rather than not. Two examples I got down:

> Another 100% traceablely objective physical-type one, this time when I suddenly caught myself tightening my jaw while chewing instead of letting is relax and chew with my mouth/jaw open but lips closed, thus causing me to reactively register it and think something like "open mouth for chewing" -- precisely as I came to "with your mouth open" in the book

> Then a little later, an identical one in feel/behavior: right when I was finishing up my first course I thought about going inside and out of the sun, thus causing me to reactively look up at the building and register it/think something like "go inside maybe?" -- precisely as I came to "inside the building" in the book

The only other lunchtime incident I got down was yet another of those now-very-patternistic "being Compelled to leave in an obscure, semi-hidden, illogical place, then having someone discover it very soon after in my presence, and under conspicuous circumstances," just like the one the day before at the McDonald's. This time, it was at the table I was sitting at during the first course of my meal, which I'd put the note on after leaving to go inside, but then there were no tables available when I went inside, so I was forced to go right back out on the patio, albeit at a different table, with an umbrella and in shade -- and then, not a minute after I sat down, a couple women took the table I'd been at and not only found the note, but remarked on it loud enough for me to hear, etc. Not quite as explicit/unlikely as the others, but still had that "intelligently orchestrated" feel to it.

Had a cool "immediately after lunch" 37-plate upon leaving the shop, when, after getting in the car and going to back out, I turned around to check behind me and not only found myself looking directly into a 37-plate in patternistic fashion, but the car moved up in the drive-thru line a split second after I turned and saw it, once again giving me *just enough* time to register the plate and its numbers before it moved away, in that perfectly synchronistic/patternistic/logistically flawless fashion ...

From there, thought-type stuff again ceased in that same way as lately, giving way to a daylong cluster of 37-plates during the big drive, this time starting just off the bat with a succession of many low-key plates, and then ust escalating from there, until it was at times reaching full-out "storm"/back-to-back/multiples levels, though it still never quite reached that degree of times past. Once again got to the point that my memory and attention just got overwhelmed and I missed quite a few standouts from what I remember. Ones I got down:

> A very notable three-way cluster at one point, beginning with another of those "very slowly and conspicuously/patternistically gaining on a faraway car until its 37-plate gets just close enough to resolve," this time a 7331-plate van that it seems like I trailed for miles before it resolved -- and then, precisely as I got close enough to read the plate and register it as a hit, a second 37-plate car passed from my left, and not only "flashed" its plate at me in notable fashion, but also aligned with the 7331-plate van in equally patternistic/logistically flawless fashion, and again made just all the more striking and collectively powerful due to its combination and the immediate timing/succession, etc. The third element comes into play considering that the second, passing 37-plate car was one that I'd had some semi-conspicuous encounter with earlier, though this now escapes me as to exactly what it was.

> Another classical instances of those semi-rare "suddenly and randomly feeling that special universal-joy feeling, only to be 'answered' by the perfectly synchronistic appearance of a 37-plate," this time like several others of this kind, with my suddenly experiencing that specific feeling after not having it all day pretty much due to headsickness/health, etc, and then, *precisely* as I experienced it and registered it, a 3173-plate car zoomed from my left and "flashed" its plate at me, so living-dream ...

> Another roadside-sign clock-tick-type one, a sign for a community college ticking to the 2:37 PM time in great big type in the middle of the billboard, not only at the precise instant I came upon it and the sign passively entered my immediate area of focus, but also more notable considering that this one wasn't in a town setting but along the highway, with only scattered buildings (the only such electronic sign for miles either way, if I remember right)

> Another double-37 alignment in traffic, and this time with a twist, instead of being two plates, one was a plate on a stopped car, and the other was a "3.7L" emblem on the back of a second car, which pulled up once again *just so* that it perfectly aligned for one split second, patternistically, with the plate (and just before traffic starting moving, if I remember right)

> Also had a handful of those "random specific number"-type echoes too, where I'd absently register a number on a sign or something and then have it immediately echoed thereafter. One I remember in particular was two separate incidents involving "77" on passing signs and the like, both spaced minutes apart, though I can't remember the specifics other than registering them as notable at the time.

> And, from the "random everywhere 37s" arena: yet another receipt-type one where I'll go into some random market and get a number of fully random things that I had zero plans to buy or had to get due to some conspicuous circumstance like what I wanted not being availble, only to have it result in some conspicuous 37-variant on the resulting receipt, this time my change coming back being exactly $77.03 (when I'd been forced to break a $100, not having the change, when otherwise it wouldn't have been that exact amount coming back ...)

At some point during the travel, once again had that typical afternoon-style super-subtle mash-up of super-subtle echoes and thematics and parallels and the like creep into the mix of activity (and of that same newish, slightly differently textured variant that I started seeing just a few days ago), as to be present more or less during the whole drive-long super-cluster of 37-plates and the like. Started off fully subjective/collectively notable only, but did eventually begin having standout/coherent ones, and eventually even enough of these to overwhelm my memory/attention, etc. Standouts I got down:

> Another of those really cool combo incidents where a notable thought echo is followed up immediately by a conspicuous number-repeat, this one beginning with a radio echo, beginning when I went to take a deep breath but found my chest/lungs too constricted to breathe much beyond a wheeze, precisely as "can't breathe" sang as randomly from the radio, precisely as a 37-plate car once again passed conspicuously/"loudly" from my left and thus "injected"/"flashed" its plate directly into my line of sight, again in that "answering" fashion

> Another explicit radio echo, beginning when I cut the A/C off for the first time in a while, feeling suddenly cold, thus causing the fan-only to blow, with the first gust of air being especially warm and feeling even warmer to me after having the A/C blow, as to be more hot than warm -- precisely as "hot like summer" sang from the radio

> A good example of the super-subtle-type echoes: when something about "heads" came over the radio (or I think it was the radio), precisely as I encountered this giant billboard for a haircut place I think, filled entirely by cropped headshots of four people, which immediately struck me/was mentally registered as "heads," and again so explicitly patternistic/same exact "feel" and behavior of many others occurring within the same timeframe, often back-to-back, one after the other, etc, just so damn surreal ...

> A similar example of the subtler kind: having a long random objective chain of thought (triggered by seeing something or other while driving, I can't remember what) which ultimately caused me to think of "love" in some form, expressly, precisely as a billboard for "LOVE'S TRUCKSTOP" appeared into view from behind a treeline

> Another of those cool phoenitic/non-literal echoes, and this time with another super-notable twist. It happened when this big building with "W-O-W" in enormous, wall-spanning text slowly appeared into view from behind a stand of trees, the letters so big that only one at a time emerged as I got closer, so that I saw them piecemeal, just W ... then O, as to register it as "WOE" or "Whoa" or whatever before the last W came into view -- however, precisely as I saw the O and thus thought "woe" or "whoa," the radio randomly sang out "Whoa! Whoa! Who-ooo-a!" as to once again echo perfectly my immediately, split-second phoentic mental vocalization of what I was seeing, just like others of these

> Same for when I absently read "RED BOWL" on a giant billboard as it appeared, precisely as "Oh!" sang loudly from the radio, with the "oh" corresponding perfectly/intertwined with my mentally vocalizing the "OW" in "bowl," as to again be phoenitically perfect as well as perfectly intertwined in timing

> Had several subtle/subjective thematics through the day, but one was actually a reasonably coherent standout, a theme of "let go," both literally and in general sentiment/archetype, etc, with this cropping up in some way or form at least 4-5 times throughout the day, and always in some patternistically conspicuous manner from what I remember (though I can't remember specifics). The last instance was actually quite notable, however: it happened on the radio, and it was another of those "randomly scanning between stations only to stop on two in a row that super-randomly echoed one another," this time with my stopping on one talk station where, a second or two after scanning to it, the man talking said something that involved "letting go" -- and then, maybe 2 seconds later when I hit scan again and came to the next station, also a talk show with someone giving a solo monologue, *that* person randomly/offhand mentioned "letting go," such that it comprised another of those "delayed but might as well be perfectly synchronistic" echoes, and in the most random-but-patternistic way, just like others of this "scanning radio" kind ...


Once again can't recall too many specifics about this day, memory weak to begin with but then again having to write after the fact. A generally quiet day in any case though.

Morning was totally silent from what I remember, but then again had a little cluster of driving-to-lunch numbers as seems to be the trend lately, beginning with another textbook case of those "day's very first encounter with a license plate being a semi-conspicuous 37-plate"-type deals. If I remember right, it went like this: I went through the whole park without seeing any plates even on parked cars, and then, right before the gate, the first one I passed was a parked 37-plate car. Then, next, seconds later once I'd cleared the gate, there was a second 37-plate car, not only so that the first two plates were back-to-back 37s, but this second car was conspicuous in that it was parked at an awkward angle, not in a space but just along the grass shoulder, with the doors open and the driver standing alongside on his cell phone, and at *just the right angle* so that it was jutting out into the road with the plate directly/passively/patternistically smack dab in my line of sight as I passed, ha ha.

Next, a couple miles down the road at the first intersection I came to, had another of those combo radio-echo/number-repeat ones like the day before, this time when, precisely as the car I was absently watching suddenly and sharply turned left from its course, the radio randomly sang out "turned away," which was also how I'd reactively/absently registered the car's turning in my mind -- and then, perfectly synchronistic with *that* incident, the car's turning away revealed its 37-plate directly/patternistically into my line of sight, and in that super-surreal "animated"/"flashing" fashion, ha ha.

Next, a minute or two later when I merged onto the highway from the offramp, the first plate I saw afterward was a 1733 on a car that passed exactly as I came alongside it, again with that conspicuous logistical precision that resulted in its plate so perfectly/dramatically/patternistically "invading" my vision. And it bears mentioning that there'd been a big truck coming as I first tried to merge from the ramp, but the truck had either not seen me or just kept on going because I had to brake hard and wait for it to pass before merging -- thus once again causing me to enter in *just such a way* that I would get "greeted"/"struck" with the other car's 1733-plate ...

From there, lunchtime reading was almost totally silent I think. I wrote down a single, only mildly notable incident, which might've been the only one period (and imprecise enough that it could've just been coincidence, given that it didn't come within a patternistic cluster): it was a nearby-stranger-type echo, beginning when I went to grab this toothpick someone had left as trash on a table at the coffee shop, precisely as someone across the room randomly said "You don't get to take your pick?," and this was another of those with that slight, half-second, not-quite-perfectly-synchronistic delay, yet was closely timed and "generally synchronistic" enough in feel/pattern, etc, that it remained at least mildly notable (and was moderatley precise, given that I was "taking the pick" as was strictly-literally echoed by the stranger).

From lunch, there were only strictly number-type incidents, and a reasonable amount I think, a scattered background static of 37-plates plus some standouts and the like, before silencing fully by the time I headed home. Ones I got down:

> A small, maybe-nothing found-litter-type one, a little notable considering it arrived in "immediately after lunch" fashion, when, right after leaving, I was Compelled patternistically to pick up this tiny little insignificant-looking/illogical/inconvenient thing sitting directly in front of my car on the ground, only to find it to be a keychain fob for a gym, with a 273-prefix phone number printed directly in the middle as to be "staring up at me" patternistically/semi-conspicuously as I grabbed it.

> Yet another "buying super-random/unplanned items at the store only to have the total come to an explicit 37-variant," this time at the market today, textbook example with complete with impulsive random purchases plus a weighted/priced-by-the-pound produce item, only to have the total come to exactly $33.70, ha ha.

> Another of those cute, conspicuous, "multiple-37-plates coming together back to back to result in a sort of meta-incident cluster"-type ones as I've been seeing more of lately it seems, all within the space of a minute or less right after leaving the coffee shop and heading down the road. The first was another of those patternistic ones where a 37-plate car will pass me *just so* that its plate "invades" my passive area of focus in that patternistic way -- then, seconds after that, a schoolbus with a big "7137" printed on its multiple times passed me going the other way -- and then, I think just a split-second/perfectly synchronistic with that passing, a truck turned past me going the other way, and once again with *just the right logistics/timing/angle/speed, etc* that its 8703-plate "flashed" me in that dramatically animated way.

> Had one of those "partially and conspicuously obscured numer showing only the 37-portion," this time on a truck that drifted up past me, and then, apparently, there was some fashion of "immediately followed-up/one-two"-type of random 37-plate appearing right after that one, according to my note (can't remember the specifics here, other than that it served as a good example of the general semi-conspicuous/"quietly conspicuous" nature of the day's plates).

> Also, another of those double-37-plate alignments, this time with a cute little twist. It started when I got up behind a 713-plate car, and then, seconds later, watched as a 4037-plate car crept up alongside me in the next lane over, semi-conspicuous "drifter"-style with its plate invading my area of focus. And then, from there, I watched as the 4037-plate car slowly crept up toward the 713, as to make me begin expecting/anticipating an alignment that appeared imminent -- but after 5-10 seconds, it just didn't happen, with the two cars coming very close to aligning but never quite doing it due to random traffic fluctuations in speed, etc, and it was again another of those deals where it seemed that the more I anticipated the unfolding of the incident, the more evasive it seemed, sort of like past incidents where I've done this, leaving me with that same sense of playful, "intelligent orchestration" that felt to be saying, "Uh, uh, uh, you're not supposed to anticipate, or I'll keep it up from happening." And then, finally, after going for a while in this manner, the two plates *did* finally align, and for just the slightest instant, this now 100% patternistic/logistically perfect, etc, with the traffic conditions/flow of cars *just permitting* this to happen, and again seemingly only after it had been brought to my attention that I was anticipating/trying to "make" it happen, etc ...


A very very quiet day overall, lacking even a more-than-token showing of afternoon traffic numbers/plates, etc.

Morning: I eventually noted the return (after another semi-conspicuous absence of such) of the "everyday little thing"-type parallels/recurrences, but this time of a particularly subtle/loose/imprecise/"fuzzy" variant, such that I really only found them notable when they continued through lunchtime reading and into the evening/sauna-time reading, being too few and too subtle until then. They once again involved the most super-random and unconnected sources and the like, patternistic in every way, and there were a couple more-coherent ones in the mix, but these were just too complex/subjective to note. In any case, notable in that "they were there, and after decidedly *not* being there in any real capacity over the last few days."

Seems also like I had an equally scarce and super-subtle/low-key/loose/too-complex-to-note echoes throughout the same time, in that "blended background static" fashion.

Did have one weird little standout this morning, and of that kind that could conceivably be just a little instance of unlikely-but-coincidental irony. It started a couple days ago when I clipped out this Garfield cartoon to put out, which had the guy in it doing some foolish stunt and then ending with Garfield saying, "Do it again!" climactically/as the punchline -- and then this morning, when I took out the super-random cartoon page that I'd dug from that random recycling bin at the market yesterday, I opened it up to find that very same Garfield cartoon (which was in a different paper entirely than the first, but perhaps might've been from the same day and so would've had that same, syndicated cartoon foreseeably). It was somewhat "recurrence-feeling" to begin with, but then had another, deeper dimension in that it ended with that "do it again" punchline, which is exactly what my seeing this cartoon a second time accomplished, me going through it and watching the man perform the foolish stunt a second time ...

The only number-plates I remember was a notable, conspicuous "immediately after lunch"-type cluster as I've been having, again as to be pretty notable in itself and in the context of the general pattern, but then just so much moreso given this extra, "explicitly just-after-lunch" quality of its arrival. It happened seconds after I'd left the coffee shop and started across the parking lot (which was empty in the part I went through, such that I encountered no plates even of parked cars on the way), when this conspicuous-pink car, of an uncommon, aftermarket-only-shade, turned directly past me, immediately demanding my attention from its coloring alone -- and then, a split second after I'd looked at it and thus registered it and its pink color as to register it specifically/focus my attention on it in that patternistic way, it completed its turn and thus "flashed"/"revealed" its 376-plate, which was not only "animated" but 100% invisible to me beforehand the turn's completion, such that, once again in 100% patternistic fashion, it had done the "objectively demand your attention, and only afterward reveal the plate" thing that is just so surreal and feels so "intelligently orchestrated"/"playful," etc. Next, a seconds later: a second 37-plate car, this time on a parked one, and, as it were, the second-plate-only I'd encountered upon leaving the shop (with the pink car being the first). Then, finally, a couple seconds later: a third random 37-plate on a parked car, this time not sequential, with my coming upon a couple in the meantime, but anyhow still close enough to the second 37-plate as to be pretty much back-to-back/made more collectively notable, etc.

And then, finally: another "Compelled to pick up a piece of litter that proves to be a 37-covered receipt," this time at the gas station when I was not only to Compelled to pick up a folded-up piece of paper, but also to stop and go out of my way to unfold it and read it -- only to find that it was yet another receipt, with the purchase's total being for $37.65 and this, being on a debit card, was printed three or four times over the middle of the receipt, close together, plus with a second 703 or something just above it.


Morning saw another scattered series of those exact same particularly "loose"/"foggy"/"fuzzy"-type little-thing recurrences/parallels from yesterday, and would go on to again carryover into lunchtime reading and early afternoon, in that exact same format/timing too, once more very notable in itself, following such rigid "textural" qualities and timing throughout the day. And also bears mentioning how "reflective" that texture is of my presently corresponding health/mental state, with my having that generally blunted headsickness/foggy thoughts these last couple days particularly, as it so happens ...

Best standout from the morning's parallels: yet another of those "reading about something I was just doing not an hour previous," and also with an element of that "first time I consciously realized something, it is soon after echoed in an explicit yet ridiculously random way." It started this morning when I realized how, over the last week or so, I've subconsciously developed a habit of alternating long active/standing/physical tasks with shorter mental/sitting/passive ones, usually of a leisurely nature, and that this works really well for circulation and alternating rest and activity, as well as having effects on consciousness/mental benefits/keeping my logical thoughts balanced with those of other "centers"/orientations -- and then, during after-chore reading of yet another super-random Compelled library-freebie magazine, I came upon some random personality-profile-type article in which the person gave little tips about how to optimize her day for productivity and the like, and one of them was more or less *exactly* what I'd just consciously realized just that morning during chores, in that 100% patternistic fashion of past such "conscious realization"-type ones (and also with an air of those "affirmative" variants too). This particular tip was even printed as a standout, in a block of big type in the middle of the article as they do in such interviews, and I think the exact phrasing of it was something like "I have a thing where I alternate 30 minutes of work with 10 minutes of play," which is just what I did this morning in particular, putting a half-hour or so into chores and ritual grooming and stuff after getting up, then sitting down and briefly reading the cartoon pages before getting back up, and doing the same thing with a crossword puzzle later, etc, ha ha.

Another sort of collective standout: a reasonable number of parallels/word recurrences stemming from that crossword puzzle I randomly did today, probably 5-6 from this source alone over the course of the day, and from the same ridiculously random sources/means, etc. Best example from this bunch: when I was able to answer a clue for "lemon candy" with "drop" in the crossword, as with "lemon drop," which stood out to me in particular because it didn't at first come to me, and only after wracking my mind over it for a while did I eventually remember it, and with a distinct sense of "lemon drop, haven't thought of those for ages, am I even thinking of the right thing?" -- and then today at the market, I not only encountered a bag of "lemon drop" candies for the first time in what feels like forever as is so patternistic, but it happened in that contextually notable/patternistically super-random way, when I was browsing the super-random collection of stuff in the big markdown section there, and there came upon that single, lone box of lemon drops, as if it were just a random oddment or something that ended up there rather than as a full shipment, whatever.

Drive to lunch: had some echoes then, and these too of the same "loose"/"underlying sentiment only"-type of "lazy"/"fuzzy" quality of parallels and like, again notable in this underlying consistency/patterning alone. Only a handful, and all pretty subtle, but very much there. One example: turning to look back out my rear window before backing from the driveway, precisely as "back" sang randomly/patternistically from the radio, very much echoing the underlying act of my both "looking back" and "making to back out," however one-dimensionally; same later on when I randomly went to hit the cruise control button on the steering wheel, precisely as "don't go hittin' that panic button" sang from the radio, as to echo that explicit sentiment/act of "hitting a button," just like others where the "panic" part of it or whatever was just irrelevant to the underlying sentiment echoed there.

Lunchtime reading was a carryover basically from morning, like yesterday, except today it proved to be much more active, one of those deals where it was obviously the same underlying pattern/behavior/"feel" of the morning bloc, just "upgraded," of a higher order/more complexity/more depth, and this corresponding with the attendant lift in energy/consciousness/clarity of thought from eating, etc, once again in explicit, well-defined "reflective" corresondance. Did still have some very subtle, super-small parallels recurrences like morning, but now with equally small/loose/half-precise echoes here and there too, ultimately the most-active lunch in what seems like a long time. Standouts:

> A sudden and decidedly "upgraded" standout classical nearby-stranger/objective-thought-type echo, at the coffee shop right before I sat down to eat. It actually started when I'd walked in, a couple minutes earlier, and was thinking, randomly but distinctly, of all the multitasking I've been doing, how good I've gotten at it, etc, a train of thought which paused when I went to get my coffee, and then resumed after I got it and went to fix it up at the coffee station, such that I had something like "I've become a multitasker/good at multitasking now," etc, unfolding in my mind then -- precisely as one of the employees, from behind the counter and across the room and in the middle of some random laughing conversation with a coworder, said, "I've been doing, like, fourteen things at once," and in that exact same context of multitasking, ha ha.

> A cool little mini-theme through the first half of lunch, all involving super-small, one-word, non-explicit echoes of my randomly reading "door" in the book or randomly thinking of doors or whatever, always corresponding perfectly synchronistically with an equally vague and one-dimensional event involving a door, mostly random doors openining or closing, from random cars in the parking lot or the coffee shop door behind me or whatever, yet always perfectly synchronistic with my patternistically reading/registering the word -- again notable in itself, but then comes the twist, which was exactly like that "intelligently orchestrated" deal where the phenomenon stops when I begin to consciously take notice of it and start subconsciously seeking out hits and stuff, like quite a few times in the past now. It happened after 5-6 explicitly patternistic and perfectly timed random "door" hits, after which I began subconsciously seeking it out without realizing it, and never once did it happen after that, after doing so semi-constantly through the first half-hour or so of the meal ... ("intelligently orchestrated," or did my realizing it/trying to subconsciously direct it somehow derail the activity itself? or, are these one in the same but just described in different terms/seen in different dimensions?)

> A cool 37-plate one during lunch, when I finally sat down after unpacking my meal and stuff and then happened to look forward, out across the parking lot before me -- only to find myself looking directly/passively/patternistically at the 37-plate on a car parked directly across from me, such that the plate was "staring" at me in that "quietly conspicuous"/"living" way of so many such passive-type parking-lot-type plates (and of course the plate was 100% invisible to me when I'd parked, facing the other way, such that I only saw it upon sitting where I did, and facing that direction specifically ...)

> Good example of the subtler "classical"-type echoes during lunch: another one of those where I took a bite of lunch and it proved to be one of the few containing some small amount of a little garnishing ingredient I'd added and thus had a specific texture/quality to it that distinguished it from previous bites, only to have that exact same quality echoed as randomly in reading, this time when I bit into some of the sprinkling of puffed rice cereal I'd thrown in (and one of the only bites that hadn't been made soggy/damp by that time), as to patternistically register it with a thought of something like "crispy/crunchy," a split second before randomly coming to "extra-crispy" in the book, for the first and only time there as usual, ha ha

> An "involuntary bodily function"-type echo, and this time also with a contextual/extra-notable twist. It started when I had this sudden, singular, totally random evacuation of gas from deep in my abdomen about halfway through the meal, and audibly so, as to visibly flatten my stomach/guts and feel greatly relieving and "emptying," which sounded and felt identical to the "growl" of an empty stomach, which is exactly what I thought upon feeling it, thinking of how it sounded like this but I knew that it was something totally different, just an internal movement of gas into the large intestine -- with all this, the gas movement/registering it and thinking reactively what I did, coming a split-second before I randomly/singularly came to "a growl" in the book, as to perfectly echo the basic sentiment of "felt and sounded like a stomach growl" crossing my mind at that exact instant/patternistically so, etc

> And then another potentially just weird/unlikely-coincidence-type incident right as I was leaving the coffee shop. It started last night when I had this particularly bizarre dream about a childhood friend and me driving around in one of those wood-panneled 70s-80s station wagons like in that National Lampoon's Vacation movie, a dream that stuck with me all day, and which I'd even written a note about to tell it to my brother since he knew the friend and would get a kick out of it, such that this was on my mind as I wrote the note while finishing lunch and went out the door -- and then, the very first car I saw in the parking lot was a station wagon that it at least almost exactly, if not *exactly the same coloring/make,* as that in my dream, and once again the very first time I've seen one of those particular old vintage "woody" station wagons in ... years? a decade or more? (and this one was original, not restored or anything, just a rough-looking old beat-around car someone was driving around)

Numbers: an odd mix today, with only little brief clusters of 37-plates of various kinds rather than any sort of constant background-static-like "stream"/plateau as seems to usually be the case, and with a good number of classical standouts today unlike lately. Ones I got down:

> Probably the most notable and "striking"/active "immediately after-lunch"-type cluster to date, of that exact same kind that I've seen several times lately but of a deeper complexity/coherence/notability. It started when I went to back out of my space at the coffee shop and was forced to stop for a car that passed by the very slightest split-second before I began backing out, such that I was still looking back out my window as it passed fully and thus revealed/"flashed" its 573-plate directly in my area of focus -- and then, seconds later after I'd gotten on the road, I passed another of those cars parked at a conspicuous, perfect angle such that its plate was "sticking out" at me as I passed, a 317 this time, and close enough to the last as to have that one-two effect -- then, just a second or two later, I changed lanes to turn and thus came into contact with a 2037-plate car, previously obscured by another car and invisible to me until I'd changed lanes, as to have that "revealing" effect, and also, this car was stopped dead, trying to turn and holding up traffic, as to be extra-conspicuous -- and then, immediately after, I encountered a fourth 37-plate of some kind, directly in front of the 2037 car, ha ha. Ended up having that collectively super-striking effect, impossible to put into words.

> Classical "being Compelled to park a super-random/illogical space, only to later on see that it was directly beside a 37-plate car that was invisible to me only until I came out/approached from a different angle"-type one at the department store today, beginning when I'd been again Compelled into a space at distance from where I was going, and even facing the other way, etc -- and then, after coming out (and being equally Compelled to *walk* a different, illogical, longwinded way, at a different angle from when I'd approached), I saw that I'd parked directly beside a 307-plate car, ha ha

> A classical "animated/37-plate invading my vision/shoved at me"-type one, when, precisely as I turned into a parking lot, a car was backing out directly in front of me, again with that ridiculously precise logistical nature/timing/angles/speeds of both me and the other car, etc, etc, and again with my before patternistically forced to take notice of the car to avoid hitting it, just so ridiculously surreal in every way ...

Did eventually have a brief and patternistic "resusitation" of thought-type activity later on, just some more of those very very subtle/complex/subjective little fast/fleeting/"in-the-moment"-type echoes I tend to have during these periods, patternistically/characteristically so. Best example: when I had another long, random, yet fully objective/traceable chain of thoughts end with my thinking of the random voicemail from Mom that I'd played earlier, thus resulting in absent/reactive thought of "Mom" crossing my mind -- precisely as a random woman entered the store I was sitting in and said "mother" into her cellphone, as to be the first word I heard from her when the automatic door slid open and, if I remember right, coming perfectly synchronistic/intertwined with my thought of "mom," etc

And now one that I decided to add despite being another super-subjective one, and another of those weird "intuitional"/"maybe-just-an-unlikely-coincidence"-tpe ones to boot. It happened at the coffee shop, beginning right after I'd ordered, when I'd absently seen the somewhat overweight cashier go take a swig of one of those super-sugary blended coffee drinks, which thus caused me to absently but consciously think something like, "Diabetes risk," very distinctly and also not in a judgmental or negative fashion, but just more as a sort of passive observation, in a way that I really can't describe but did seem to have bearing on the whole thing. Then, subsequently, I had the thought of how that same woman might benefit from using Stevia as a sweetener, since it both sweetens without calories and actually stabilizes blood sugar, etc, and I even had the brief crazy thought to go to this woman and tell her about Stevia and offer her the little bottle of it I had with me at the time, and this all happening just automatically and absently and leaving my mind as quick -- but then, maybe a half-hour later, a customer came in and ordered something and somehow ended up getting into conversation with that same cashier about artificial sweeteners, asking the cashier's opinion of them I think, and the cashier answered, in earshot of me, how she hadn't tried them but had been considering it due to her being "borderline diabetic," which not only echoed my (not wholly illogical) intuitional thought of her being so, but also sort of opened the door for me to stand up and casually mention Stevia and how it was a zero-calorie-but-not-artificial/unhealthy sweetener that was really good for diabetics due to its blood-sugar stabilization, etc. Another of these that "felt" very very synchronistic, but only for me and when experienced, in the moment. Just so so many of these lately ...


Today was something new altogether, not just a high-activity day but something where the constant activity just pushed some envelope and matured in some fundamental way. From morning and through the whole day, saw that same big mixed-up jumble of various fuzzy parallels and echoes and such, but today with this big, deep, utterly profound 100% personal/subjective thematics threading through everything, and with equally subjective-but-profound parallels/recurrences everywhere, to the tune of dozens by the time the day was through, with these lasting right up into dinnertime reading/just minutes ago. More or less about every single thing I encountered today brought about some sort of echo or thematic or parallel, and sometimes just in an unending rapid-fire/back-to-back/one-after-another-type fashion, to the point that I honestly had to wonder if I hadn't just totally entered some sort of self-suggesting/subconsciously cued trance where I was just seeming to see all these echoes and parallels as some sort of self-induced and convincing perceptual illusion -- but they were all *totally objective,* again and again, every single one I analyzed, even when I met with that new chiropractor who kept throwing out all these random, tangential comments and ideas and stuff, with just about every single one being a parallel in some manner, more often than not fully explicit and precise and regarding specific, unique, rare things/encounters from just that morning -- this going all day, with after-chore reading and lunchtime reading and dinnertime all doing it too to varying degrees, all of it just riddled with the most ridiculously surreal "reading about my present life/circumstances/thoughts from just earlier in the day or just minutes ago or as they are just now happening"-type stuff, right up to the last page I read tonight before starting writing this, that ridiculously random prison-food book I bought today echoing *exactly* what I was experiencing with the day's nightmarish illness just before I fixed dinner. Memory was overwhelmed before morning was even over. Just no words, will not waste time and energy trying.

The standouts I managed to write down:

> A classic "conspicuous car"-type 37-plate, when a slow-moving car awkwardly and slowly and dangerously turned through two lanes and in front of me, probably a lost driver or visitor to the area, only to demand my attention and thus see its 237-plate, when it had escaped even my passive attention before due to it being several lanes over and my being focused on the road ahead

> Two more-coherent one-word/fleeting/"striking" echoes at the bookstore, among the many super-subtles/parallels occurring simultaneously: opening my wallet and thumbing through bills while standing in line, then, upon seeing that I only had a twenty and thus registering it with a reactive thought of "twenty" specifically, a nearby stranger randomly said "twenty," absolutely flawless/perfectly synchronistic/intertwined; finding the prison-food book and, upon finding it to be the exact, perfect book I was looking for after combing the whole just about for the "right" book, I laughed out loud, only to then look down and see in the blurb on the back a quote from someone saying it made them "laugh out loud," visible to me when I'd laughed but once again, my laughed stemmed 100% objectively/traceably to my seeing the book's content/title, etc

> A more-coherent and classical radio/thought echo at lunch, beginning when I'd considered moving to a table in the sun and getting some sun exposure, then immediately decided against it due to it being so hot even in the shade but just uncomfortably so in direct sunlight, thus causing me to reactively think something like "sun too hot to sit in today" -- precisely as "in the hot hot sun" sang randomly/singularly from the public radio playing nearby, another intertwined one, and about as perfectly precise yet perfectly objective as possible

> A minor but very patternistic "involuntary bodily function"-type one at lunch, when I suddenly had one of those bizarre little twitches/spasms in the liver that seems to have something to do with its dysfunction, either one of the first I'd had today or the first since hours earlier, that morning, but in any case thus causing me to reactively think something like "liver upset/sick liver/liver dysfunction" -- precisely as I came to "hepatitis" in the book. It was typical of the day, having a pretty much constant stream of such inclusive reflections of my internal/personal state in external reality somehow.

Numbers were there today, and quite a few in fact, mostly those "quietly conspicuous" 37-plates in traffic and parking lots and the like, and these too were generally pretty notable and surreal and constant except for some periodic silences, but beyond that I honestly don't remember specifics, just being both totally overwhelmed with the parallels/thematic onslaught and just incapable of remembering it all anyhow due to health nightmare and such. I do remember a higher-than-average/more-coherent amount of the "everywhere"/random-source 37s, including two more "randomly stopping somewhere and getting unplanned and equally random items only to end up with a 37-variant total"-type ones, and another one where I was Compelled to grab some super-random magazine I had no interest in from the library, seeing only its front cover and barely that, and then, later on, turning it over to find its back cover containing multiple prominent 37s.


A big big difference from yesterday, not so much in the types of incidents but just in their sheer volume and intensity, just a few scattered bits of activity through late morning and early afternoon and then silence otherwise as of writing, and this once again corresponding with an equally big improvement in health as well as with just a generally "quieter" day, with my coming home early and doing a bunch of chores and computer work and stuff.

Morning was totally silent even after leaving, with the exception of another of those "very first plate encountered being a 37-plate," and this time being a van that turned in front of me on the road right as I approached. Beyond that, the only other morning activity was at church, and these being those exact same "churchtime-echo-parallels-clusters" as I've noted so distinctly in the past, albeit today just a somewhat scattered handful of very subtle and subjective/in-the-moment thought/sermon/ambience-type of echoes, none of which come to mind as being coherent enough to convey, though still very notable collectively/patternistically.

Only after church did I see the first really coherent/"developed"/"upgraded" echoes, both radio echoes just before lunch. The first came when I went to leave the church parking lot and, having parked in the lower portion of the lot and finding it to feel drastically different than the upper despite just being feet away, I had the distinct but absent thought of something like "back lot is so different" -- precisely as "in the back" sang randomly from the radio. And then, minutes later when I got to the coffee shop and made to grab my rings and necklace and bracelet from the center console, the radio randomly sang out "with all this jewelry on," again perfectly synchronistic/intertwined with my absently thinking "get rings and stuff" and my act of making for them, 100% patternistic, etc.

Next, lunchtime reading was back to "almost fully silent" mode, and if I remember right, it was really only spared silence by a little loose cluster of very vague, thematic-like nearby-stranger/book echoes, very subtle and individually dismissible but patternistically exactly like I've seen before, where some super-random people's conversation with echo the general themes/sentiments of my reading material without being directly "echo-y," this time when the two leatherclad bikers sitting beside me kept discussing people in prison/random outlaw-type people and behavior, etc, as I was reading about these very same basic things in the 'Prison Ramen' book with all the food-related stories of people while in jail/various prison goings-on, etc. Other than that, I can't recall any activity through lunch, nor the rest of the day, not even any after 37-plates in traffic and parking lots interestingly.


Today was a repeat of that new beyond-words level and type/feel/nature of activity from the 12th, but ultimately of a lesser intensity/volume for the most part. And it's highly notable that this corresponded 100% with a return of that same weird kind of nightmarish headsickness/consciousness that accompanied that on the 12th so explicitly.

Morning was totally silent but for a few scattered, individually dismissible tiny echoes and thematics and some offhand-reading-type 37s, today too few to barely even be collectively notable. The drive to the coffee shop saw some only slightly upgraded activity, just some very slight, subtle radio/thought-type echoes and the appearance of maybe 3-4 37-plates in traffic (and, if I remember right, several 22/222s and variants from random sources/plates, which would prove to be a theme through the day, another one of those deals where this particular number-repeat minority upticked appreciably for whatever reason).

Then lunchtime reading is when it all "ignited" again, with another almost identical one of those all-inclusive, mashed-up whirlwinds of thematics/echoes/parallels, and today again not only about 99.9% purely-subjective/too-complicated in nature but also in that same "upgraded"/"higher order"/"collectively gone up a notch" in their level of sheer indescribability. Best I can say is that these only differed in their showing a definite "affirmative" bent, again 100% following that pattern of my super-randomly/conspicuously/patternistically needing a new book and being Compelled to get one off Amazon this morning for the Kindle (which I almost never do), and then, upon starting reading it at lunch, found it to be explicitly, repeatedly paralleling my morning and last day in addition to all sorts of those same meaningful realizations I've had within the last couple days or sooner, again and again creating in that "yes, you are correct" effect and often in no uncertain terms, probably no less than a dozen total just within the lunch reading session (and with a couple of these even being ones that happened just minutes or even *seconds* prior, where I'd randomly realize something unrelated to the text and then, on the next page or whatever, that thing would be echoed and confirmed and affirmed, with a "speed" that I don't think I've quite seen before even in the most ridiculously surreal/profound of these "affirmative-reading" clusters ...). Once again not even going to try describing it any further (which makes me wonder if that's the very point of this extreme complexity/subjectivity, as if to conceal something in "intelligently orchestrated" fashion ...).

Beyond this lunchtime crush, had only some scattered lesser "normal" activity through the rest of the afternoon and then fading to silence by evening, unlike the daylong craziness of the 12th (and once again: the headsickness/nightmarish health subsided earlier than the 12th today too, on a curve more or less exactly mirroring the activity, again affirming the "internal/external reality reflection"/subjective consciousness" element/theory). Notes I got down:

> Once again had some scattered thought-type activity a couple hours or so after lunch, those same subtle, fleeting, "small"/"in-the-moment"-type of echoes (though there were a few very brief little resusicitations of the lunchtime-reading super-profound craziness). Best, most-coherent example was when I watched a car pull out dangerously in front of the driver in front of me, such that the turning car had to pull through a very thin gap between the oncoming car and the curb and it *just through,* which I reactively/absently registered with a thought of something like "just slipped through that gap" -- precisely as "slide on in" sang randomly/singularly from the radio, as to be intertwined, and which would once again be 100% explicitly appropriate to describing what happened at that exact moment.

> Also had some of those very very subtle/fleeting one-word echoes such as those on passing signs while driving around and the like, also of the "normal" variety that I've come to know these as. One example, cited only because it's the only I can specifically remember: amidst a little cluster of these at the waiting room for the appointment while reading a random magazine, I came to "up to 95% more" or something like that, some similar phrase ending with "more" -- perfectly synchronistic/intertwined with the radio randomly singing "More!," and again with that dramatic emphasis/emotion, etc, that lent that sort of audio equivalent of the "animated" component usually evident in traffic plates/other mobile events and the like.

> Numbers more or less followed a pattern that I've seen before recently, with a patternistically sudden single "immediately after lunch" 37-plate (this one another of those logistically perfectly timed/angled "turning car flashing its 373-plate directly in my line of sight," this time when I made to cross into the parking lot after leaving the market and having that car come along at that exact moment and causing me to take notice and back up onto the sidewalk and thus having its plate turn-flashed right into my eyes ...), followed by only scattered low-key ones and a few standouts (plus those reasonable number of various 22-related incidents today, none of which are quite coherent enough to be objectively notable).

> Only other traffic standouts I remember were two nearly identical "37-plate car merging into traffic conspicuously from an on-ramp"-type ones as I've seen before, textbook cases these, each with a car zooming down the ramp right as I approached in the next, destined lane, thus causing me to take particular notice/demanding my attention (and while the car was still parallel to me, its plate 100% invisible at this point) and then "slapping" me with the plate as the car pulled in front of me and merged onto the road, first with a 7350-plate truck and then a 337-plate car later on

> Also today had a somewhat higher-than-average number of random/everywhere 37s again, another little uptick as I've seen in the past, and again with many of them rather notable and coherent but my just being either too overwhelmed with other, simultaneous activity or distracted from conducting myself or my memory just too damn compromised from health to remember. One good one I did get down: at the waiting room for the appointment, when I went to get a magazine and was Compelled to a certain one from a big selection of over a dozen on the table, and upon picking it up, I was greeted with a big "371" dominating the bottom-left corner of the cover, though this part of the cover was obscured by a magazine sitting atop the one I chose due to the way they were arranged, such that the 371 was 100% invisible/obscured until I pulled the magazine out (*after* being Compelled, of course), and as to bring about that dramatic/super-surreal "revealing" effect as well, ha ha.


Quietest day in a while. I don't remember so much as the slightest hint of even subtle activity through morning and even into lunchtime reading, just total silence. And still even for a while after lunch.

The first I saw today were two classical, patternistic, textbook "37-plate car turning in front of me at just the precise time/angle/other logistics as to 'flash' its plate directly into my line of sight"-type ones, the first about an hour after lunch and then the other soon after that. Had a similar one later on, another equally classical "opening my car door to get out and having the very first thing my eyes fall on be a 137-plate on a car behind me, also at that patternistically perfect angle, etc." Other than these, I think the only plates of the day were a very scattered few low-key 37-plates in traffic, and that was about it. Even the "everywhere"-type 37s were barely there today, with the only semi-notable one I recall is another classical "exactly 3:37 timestamp-receipt"-type one (and also another "buying a bunch of random unplanned stuff and having the total come to $37"-type one, of which also turned out to have printed another, random "037" below the total).

Did eventually see the slightest and briefest cluster of super-subtle echoes, I think no more than 3 or 4 throughout the entire time out. Did have one single, semi-standout: when I remembered I needed cat food at the market, and then, a split second later when I rounded the endcap for the cat food aisle, as to be greeted with a wall of cat foods and thus register it patternistically with a thought of something like "cat foods/cat pictures on labels/cats collectively" -- the radio randomly/singularly sang out "playful as a pussy cat," again as to be intertwined precisely with my thought as it formed and unfolded across my mind.


Another quiet day but not so much as yesterday.

Morning: another totally silent one, and again fully corresponding with nightmarish health/extreme headsickness and the like. Did see a few scattered numbers during the highway drive to the appointment then, including another of those textbook "slowly creeping up on a car moving slightly slower than me, only to eventually have its plate resolve into a 37," this time a 377-plate van that I trailed all up the highway and then, once I had to change into their lane to turn, I got just close enough for the plate to resolve before I turned off, ha ha.

Also this morning, upon coming back, had exactly two small incidents, first a classical "partial road-side sign echo"-type one, when I passed a sign for "WATERWAY CROSSING" precisely as "way" sang from the radio, and again with it corresponding absolutely perfectly/intertwined with my registering the "way" portion of the sign explicitly. Also, another of those "conspicuously parked 37-plate" cars right as I pulled into the driveway, a little 731-plate car belonging to a worker doing something to a nearby house and parked not only right in my line of sight/path, but at an especially awkward angle as if being "advertised" in that special, patternistic way.

Afternoon saw actually a moderate number of low-key 37-plates in traffic all told, and this corresponding, interestingly, with an equally only-moderate increase in health/clarity of thought, etc, the volume and "quietude" of the plates very much reflecting the only half-improved state of health and the like. Two standouts then too:

> Another of those classical "car turning at precise timing/angle as to flash its 37-plate directly into my line of sight," and this time more conspicuous due to the fact that it was a car turning way late through an intersection, like not just after the red but when the other light had turned solid green, thus causing me to notice it/draw my attention especially -- such that I was looking right at it when it completed the turn and thus "flashed" its previously invisible 173 plate.

> A cool one when I came out of the department store, albeit nearly getting me run over. It started with another of those "encountering a semi-conspicuous 37-plate on a parked car immediately after stepping out the door and into the parking lot"-type ones, with a 73-plate truck I think -- and then, a split second after, a second truck, right next to me, began backing up and thus demanded my attention and forced me to look/see its 703-plate in that explicitly patternistic and "animated"/"shouting"-type of way.

Then, at the library, had the afternoon's single, conspicuous highly notable echo. It happened as I was browsing the shelf of for-sale books and, after scanning every shelf and finally getting to the bottom, I came to a book set out prominently, cover-out rather than just the spine, titled 'Al Qaedo and the Road to 9/11" -- precisely as, from the across the room, the library attendant at the counter said something about "the Trade Center" towers to the customer she was talking to, and with these words coinciding absolutely perfectly/intertwined not just with my seeing/reading/registering the text, but also with my going down to that bottom shelf after standing and working my way through each shelf for a couple minutes, totally objective/independent in every way.


A quiet day in most regards, and again with another reflectively headsick/synchronistically silent morning, and drive to lunch as well, with perhaps maybe only a couple low-key plates that I don't recall. Lunchtime reading saw activity, though, and in another of those "immediately upon sitting down and eating/reading"-type fashion, with a pretty cool standout reading echo:

It happened when I'd finally set the table and got everything right and secured everything against the wind since I was on the coffee shop's patio right against the parking lot, etc, etc, and then, on the very first page of the book, within the first couple paragraphs I think, I came to "the light" -- precisely as, directly in front of me and directly in my field of vision even, a car, just a couple feet away, started up and then, perfectly synchronistic with my registering the text, flipped on its headlights, this visible in my peripheral vision and not only intertwined in precision but "animated" in that ridiculously surreal way.

From there, lunchtime reading saw activity but it was all almost entirely very subtle, low-key, largely subjective stuff, just little one-word echoes and environmental thematics plus some everyday-little-thing parallels/recurrences (had a noticeable few of these yesterday too, equally subtle and entirely dismissible individually). Good example of this super-subtle scattered background static: randomly looking up and out the window after having moved inside and been absorbed in the book for a while, thus seeing that it had started raining and grown very dark since I was outside, and causing me to register it/think reactively something like "gotten dark and rainy out there" -- and then, upon resuming the book, the next sentence started with "It's dark and wet," and in the same, environmental/weather context.

These super-subtles and parallels would go on to continue through the day pretty much, and never graduating at all beyond the "too subjective/complex/in-the-moment to convey" level for the most part. Nor were there any sudden, "resussitation"-type standout ones either.

Interestingly, numbers were a different story, beginning with another of those sudden, big, highly notable "immediately after lunch" clusters. It started with another of those classical standout "leaving the coffee shop and getting struck with a 37-plate directly in my line of sight," this one a 371-plate truck parked directly across from the door (though obscured at first, such that it was "revealed" from behind the car parked beside it as I stepped into the lot), as to be the very first after-lunch plate I was exposed to. Plus, it was parked directly next to my car, and had only arrived while I was inside, after my parking there, patternistically.

After that, I went on to encounter no less than a couple dozen semi-conspicuous "living"/passively conspicuous-type of 37-plates in traffic, beginning with 4-5 passing directly into my line of sight before I'd even started up the car, just me sitting there making a phone call while absently gazing out the windshield and having one after another plate "flash" directly into my vision, before carrying over seamlessly once I was in traffic. This continued off and on all afternoon pretty much, though it never really escalated beyond low-key plates, without even any of those more-active varieties of semi-standouts and such (which was again somewhat notable in itself, given that this activity stuck pretty strictly to this "quietly conspicuous-only"-type of pattern, just as I've observed other days with other patterns and the like).

The only other notable incidents I remember from the day: two more of those "number repeat/echo" combo-types I've just recently been seeing to the point of being an established pattern. The first was at the mall, when I parked randomly behind a car that proved to have another of those "3.7L" engine-size emblems on its trunk -- and, precisely as I parked/registered the 3.7, the radio randomly announced the "37th annual" festival for something or other, such that the "37th" and my registering the 3.7 emblem coincided near-perfectly (*not* intertwined/perfectly, but another of those oddballs that were delayed but so slightly that it might as well have been perfect).

The other: another of those "random-roadsign number"-type echoes, this time when I stopped at an intersection and found a sign for "27th AVENUE" directly in my line of sight, precisely as the radio said "102-seven," its call sign, with the "two" and "seven" coinciding perfectly/intertwined with my registering those on the sign, and this too fitting perfectly that odd pattern of other such "random non-repeat number echoes" I've seen (and which I experienced some subtler, "faster"/"fleeting" versions of throughout the day as part of the background static).


Another largely silent morning, with the exception of this really bizarre but notable single standout, a sort of super-sized/"upgraded" version of those little "reading the morning cartoons and having them somehow echo or parallel something"-type ones. It happened when I took a break from chores and read that super-random old Tick comic book that Dad found out at the old house and I felt Compelled to take and read, in which I started seeing some of these vague/subtle but notable and patternistic 100% subjective/"too-complex"-style personal thematics, and then, about halfway through, I started feeling randomly headsick and had some of that nightmarish perceptual distortion creep into my conscious state -- and damned if that's not more or less exactly what happened at that exact point in the comic, the character suddenly entering an ugly altered state of headsick consciousness and feeling/seeing all kinds of ugly stuff suddenly, his internal reality being reflected in his external reality in an ugly way -- exactly as I was, at that exact instant, due to that 100% objective and random and involuntary onset of headsickness, coinciding perfectly, in "involuntary bodily function"-incident fashion. And then, a few minutes later when I shifted out of it as entirely and suddenly, the exact same thing happened in the comic, that ugly portion of it ending and a new, lighthearted, slapstick comedy part beginning, changing the tone of the narrative entirely, exactly as my internal "narrative"/conscious state shifted. Hugely notable, subjective as it was, as a sort of drastic, instantly-evident demonstration of the "internal-reality reflection" phenomenon, and in incredibly living terms ...

From there, I seemed to have a very scattered few super-subtle/subjective echoes and thematics through morning and the drive to the coffee shop, and then lunchtime reading actually saw some reasonable activity, and most interestingly, it was back to that older combination of incidents/"feel"/types that I was having nearly every day there for months, back to the mix of very small, fleeting, mostly one-word reading/environmental/thought-type echoes, along with some more "everyday little thing" parallels/recurrences (but no more personal thematics that I remember). It never really got intense or graduated, but it was still regular enough to be an "active" meal. Standouts I got down:

> Another of those "taking a bite of food and analyzing it and having it cause me to objectively and distinctly think something just before reading it in the book," this time when I took the second bite of lunch or so and determined that I got the ratio of milk to hemp seed right so that the result was creamy and slightly coarse/glutinous from the seeds and oils, thus causing me to think something like "hemp-seed sauce is right/can taste the hemp seed in there" -- precisely as I came to "seedy" in the book, and in the same context as an adjective. And this is another that was only mildly notable in itself but would go on to become more so due to the dozen or so other, behaviorally/patternistically identical ones I'd go on to experience within the same timeframe.

> Another example of these: when I suddenly tasted that weird sourness of yesterday's lunch where I think I ate too much protein and it didn't digest right, thus causing me to think about what I'd read about eating a wrong combination/ratio of foods and nutrients can cause food to go undigested and ferment in the large intestine -- just as I came to "fermented" in the book, and this at the top of a new page/leaf, when I'd had the taste and begun thinking the chain of thoughts back on the previous page and leaf, such that the "fermented" was 100% invisible beforehand ...

> Had a very coherent, standout "everyday little thing" parallel/recurrence one during lunchtime reading, this one of the "a random, specific, outright obscure thing happening just this morning, then being echoed super-randomly but super-precisely just a couple hours later." This time, it started when I was on the toilet and had a couple ideas, thus causing me, first, to want my notepad with the day's to-do list in on it so I could get the stuff down before I forgot it, and, second, I realized, for the first time disctinctly/consciously as is so patternistic with these, that this happens often and that I should proably start keeping some paper and a pen in the bathroom -- and then that was all echoed 100% exactly in the book, super-randomly and singularly and without prior mention, etc, and in no uncertain terms, it mentioning offhand how some business executive regularly got ideas on the toilet, then quoting his girlfriend about how "he's always calling me to bring a pad and pen" or something to that effect. Wow.

And once again, thought-type activity silenced completely from what I remember immediately after lunch, but today did "resussitate" sometime later, very very subtly again, with just maybe 3-4 small-but-striking one-word echoes and the like. Best example: when I looked down randomly at my to-do list and read the last thing I needed, "whey," precisely as "way!" sang emphatically from the radio, and again in that absolutely flawless/intertwined fashion that's so distinctive, albeit subjective, of these. And, interestingly, this is maybe the 5th or 6th time I remember this happening with "whey" specfically -- some sort of patternistic mini-theme/subtype of incident? or just because I happen to so often need whey/think about whey due to eating it regularly?

Numbers were there, but exclusively after-lunch from what I remember, and with a period of silence in between, definitely not "immediately after" today. It ended up being much like yesterday, with a reasonable showing of low-key traffic and parking-lot 37-plates and a few randomly sourced/"offhand mention"-type of 37s, but not as many, and without any real standouts or conspicuous/"active"-type incidents, just a semi-regular background static of "quietly conspicuous" plates popping up in that special, patternistic way.


Morning was another of those with some slight, only-collectively-notable activity, more of those scattered super-personal thematics and "little everyday thing" recurrences and parallels. Also during after-chore reading, had another one of those sudden clusters of random 37s/offhand mentions/random figure quotes, with these again corresponding not only altogether after there being zero beforehand, but also with a distinct shift in health/consciousness/the night's headsickness lifting some as the morning went on, exactly like that one time recently and I think one other too. And another that was just so utterly surreal, to experience the shift in health and see it so dramatically yet undeniably manifest in the reading material. LIVING DREAM.

Did have one standout, classical reading/book-type recurrence: the chef Jose Andres, who I'd just been introduced to for the first time ever in a super-random freebie magazine some morning within the last day sor so, and then, the very next day and in the next sequential magazine (different kind, different year even, different subject matter entirely), I came to a second article on him, again 100% patternistic and notable in every day, though at the time I was either too headsick or too distracted with other, lesser parallels/recurrences to take note. But then today, a couple magazines later I think, I came to yet another super-random, unadvertised article about the man, in yet another super-random freebie magazine of a fully different kind/subject matter/year than the first two ...

The drive to lunch saw some very subtle activity, another series of those super-small-but-present echoes, much like some other days but today with only a few and all of them too small/fleeting/in-the-moment to describe.

Lunchtime reading, however, saw some reasonable activity again, and a little more coherent than recently, if sparser and less "background staticky," being comprised of maybe 5-6 scattered incidents through the whole, long meal, and ceasing even before I'd finished and left. Best examples:

> Most coherent of the lunchtime-style environmental/thought/reading echoes: It was a blatantly "involuntary bodily function"-type one, coming right around the start of the meal when my heart had one of those sudden flutters/skipping a beat as it seems to do when my digestion kicks in or I go through other metabolic changes, very random and doesn't always happen and for the first time period today in any case -- precisely as I came to a sentence in the book that began with, "Nobody asks about the soundness of Nico's heartbeat," which was, more or less, a perfect "underlying sentiment" echo of the heart flutter, which very much involved "the soundness" of my heartbeat.

> Had more "everyday little thing" parallels during lunchtime reading, including another good, coherent standout. It started this morning when, totally randomly but very distinctly as to be memorable, I thought, several times if I remember right, about what the weather was like in NYC this time of year, which, if I remembered correctly, was ridiculously hot despite being up north -- and then at lunchtime, again just a couple or less later, some random passage in the 'Nudist' book mentioned how "it was insanely hot in NYC, 107 degrees" or something to that effect, in any case 100% echoing exactly what I'd so randomly but expressly thought.

> A single, really damn cool, "upgraded" nearby-stranger/reading echo. Precisely as a woman standing some feet away, again in involved conversation with someone (and totally oblivious to me, and with my book facing away from her anyhow), said "Did that really happen?!," loudly and half-shouting and emphatically, I came to "has finally happened" as randomly/singularly in the book. And not only were the "happen" and my registering the "happened" text perfectly coincidental/intertwined as is so patternistic of these, there was also that patternistic "question and answer" quality to this one that I've encountered several times, with the woman's question seemingly answered with "Yes, it's finally happened" by the book's text, or so it would appear.

Thought-wise, the rest of the day was totally silent except for another one of those now-very-patternistic, brief "resussitations" of very subtle/small/fleeting echoes mid-afternoon, probably 6-8 total spread out over an hour, then gone as fast. Couple examples I was able to get down:

> Hearing the song "Paint It Black" on the in-house radio at the market, and precisely as it sang "I want to paint it black," I came upon this big prominent display of "Black Box" brand wine, perfectly synchronistic in timing and only echoing that basic, underlying sentiment of "black," but ultimately notable collectively, as all of the ones in this timeframe actually sported that same loose behavior/feel/nature

> Later on, while driving: It was another chain-of-thought ones, beginning when I remembered I needed to stop and get the package, which then caused me to think about how the mail place was right next to a Bi-Lo grocery store and whether I needed anything from Bi-Lo -- precisely as I ran over a random plastic bag in the road, seeing its "BI-LO" logo just for one infinitesimal split second between it appearing from the car in front of me and then going under my tires, *just long enough* for me to register it and have it coinciding perfectly with my thought of "Bi-Lo," ha ha

Numbers were a bit of a change-up, with only a very sparse few traffic- and parking-lot-style 37-plates, again low-key and "passive" but lesser than last couple days. Today, however, there were a few standouts, still not many of these either but somewhat notable in itself given the express lack of any standouts/"actives" yesterday. Ones I got down:

> A classical "car backing up precisely as I neared, thus demanding my attention and causing me to see its 37-plate," this time with me beginning to walk up a lane between the cars in the parking lot at the market at the precise instant the car stopped dead and began backing up directly toward me, once again just so explicitly, perfectly, "livingly"/"intelligently" timed, logistically precise, patternistic, etc.

> A cool little one-two cluster right before heading home. The first was the most notable, beginning when I randomly looked at the clock to see the time precisely as it ticked from 3:33 to 3:34, in logistically/patternistically perfect clock-tick fashion, and then immediately after, perfectly synchronistic, a car passed quickly from my left and thus "shoved" its 344-beginning plate directly into my line of sight, such that as the thought of "it's 3:34" unfolded and crossed my mind, I read/registered the newly appeared "344" on the plate, as to be intertwined. Then, just minutes later, a very similar one happened, when a car with a 637-plate passed me and I registered it, a half-second or so before I looked away and inadvertaintly saw the time was now 3:37, another of those with a definite delay that was still so slight as to be near-instant but was markedly *not* "intertwined," etc.

Plus, one cute standout "everywhere/random" 37 of the day's scattered handful, another of those "randomly getting a bunch of unplanned stuff and having it produce 37-figures on the receipt," this time with my getting a whole big order of things I'd totally forgotten I'd needed or hadn't even known of in the first place, and having the subtotal come to "73.75" (after my 10% card discount ...) and then, after I'd paid with a random combination of bills, I got exactly $3.17 back in change. Plus there were several other, random little 37s and variants on the receipt ...


A very very quiet day overall, despite a drastic improvement in health/energy/conscious-state shift, which is a combo/"feel" I recognize from several past days, which always seems to be, from what I remember, a sort of calm before the storm, as if "intelligently orchestrated" to give me a breather/break from the phenomenon mostly as a sort of preparation for a really active period in the near future. Will be interesting to see if this holds true.

Morning: it was sort of like yesterday in that morning saw some slight activity in the form of a moderate number of super-subtle/collectively-notable-only parallels/recurrences and a couple scattered super-personal thematics, a decidedly un-echo-y, non-number morning, which pretty much would carry over seamlessly into lunchtime-reading too, but even fewer incidents then oddly, only growing quieter as the day wound on and eventually not evening having these echoes and the like, by mid-afternoon just total silence.

Did have one cool, standout classical reading-synchro-type recurrence this morning. It started yesterday when I came across a mention of a book called 'Wonder,' in that 2016 newspaper I fished super-randomly from the recycling bin yesterday while scrounging for cartoons, once again the first I'd ever heard of this book patternistically -- and then this morning, in the super-random freebie magazine I read after chores, it too mentioned 'Wonder,' this time the movie adaptation of the book I'd seen (the magazine was from fall 2017), and 100% patternistic of these, both in terms of a tightly timed back-to-back first-and-second encounter, but also the extreme obscurity/super-randomness of it all. So cool, for something so "small" ...

Also, once more saw some of those highly patternistic "churchtime-style" echoes during the service this morning, in that same instant-echo of random thoughts/feelings/objective events and all pretty notable but of that super-subjective, indescribable nature, without a single one I can remember being coherent enough to cite.

Numbers were exclusively after-lunch today, and very sparse and few for the most part, first in their "lazy"/nonspecific/not-immediately-after-lunch timing, and also just being again in that exclusively low-key, quietly conspicuous mode, just some scattered 37-plates through the course of the afternoon and then not a thing by the time I started home.

One single standout that I remember: another of those 100% patternistic "looking randomly behind me before backing out from a parking space, only to find myself looking directly at a 37-plate," this time an 8137 on a truck that was *absolutely dead on* where I had to look behind me/in the exact space that my eyes "landed" in upon looking back -- totally effortless and unconscious and invisible to me beforehand, etc. And though this one was immediately after lunch, it was the only, without any of those clusters, etc.


Had another of those mornings that were silent mostly except for another of those sudden, random offhand mention/figure-quote number-repeat clusters during after-chore reading that again corresponded explicitly and instantaneously with an equally sudden improvement in health/lifting of headsickness/shift in consciousness, exactly the same as the other day and other times except instead of 37s, it was a whole bunch of 22s, and all of them explicitly random/unrelated, being all on these two pages across one leaf of the super-random 2016-paper sports page I was reading at the time, probably 5-6 or more all together on these two pages when I'd not seen any previously until that point (and then none thereafter), such as with several pictures showing players in jersey's reading either 22 outright or variants, plus a whole bunch of “random figures/offhand mentions” of 2s and 22s, etc – again very subtle and largely subjective/patternistic in notability, but ultimately super-surreal and notable when experienced.

Had a moderate number of vague-but-fully-patternistic “little thing” parallels/recurrences this morning too, much like yesterday in both feel and nature and number, and again all involving random-but-specific encounters/thoughts/experiences, including many words particularly today (and this again corresponding with my doing a crossword this morning, with several of the words arising particularly from that, such as “axiom,” which was one of the answers to the clues and the first I'd encountered this word in particular in maybe weeks or months or longer, but then, two more times later on in the day, I ended up coming across in again, once in the 'Nudist' book at lunch and once elsewhere that I can't remember, as was the case with several other things like “Tupac” and “Cindi Lauper” and probably a half-dozen other things or sentiments I can't now remember).

Also, some activity during the drive to lunch, including a few of those now-patternistic subtle/small/fleeting-but-”striking” one-word echoes between random thoughts and the radio, though I can't remember any in particular, really just identifying their feel and patternistic element more than anything. Plus a small-but-notable cluster of 37-plates and such in traffic, including another “very first plate I encountered today being a 37-plate,” on a parked car just as I was leaving the park.

Then, finally upon getting to the coffee shop, another of those climactic “period at the end of a sentence”-type of standout incidents, as I haven't had in a while now, and this time in the form a damn cool and notable radio/objective event-type echo. It started when I went to open the cooler and get the food out, but, finding it too far to comfortably reach, I had to turn and stretch out my arm and carefully open it and get the stuff out as to avoid overextension/pulling a muscle, etc, thus causing me to reactively/patternisticaly think something like “stretch out arm slowly” – precisely as “outstretched arms” sang randomly/singularly from the radio, and again in that 100% patternistic, perfectly synchronistic “intertwined” fashion with the unfolding of my thought.

Lunchtime reading saw, first, a carryover of the morning's parallels and recurrences, again much like some other days recently, but then later on had a few standout echoes, and these too of the fully patternistic “lunchtime-echo”-style environmental/nearby-stranger/thought/reading variety. The best example was a really damn cool and notable and somewhat unique little cluster of nearby-stranger-type echoes, all involving the same man over the course of a minute or so:

It started when I checked the time and saw that it was still early, thus causing me to think of how I had plenty of time to get to the car-rental place, which thus caused me to think about the “you click, we pick” random-car-selection deal I got, which thus caused me to think of how I like it due to the surprise-factor of it – in other words, 100% objective and traceable thoughts – with the “I like surprises” reactive thought coming about a second or so behind this man, when placing an order across the room at the coffee shop's counter, saying “Surprise me,” another of those that were more or less 100% precise in underlying sentiment but not quite perfectly synchronistic yet still so closely timed as to not really make a difference. Next, maybe 30 seconds later, I went to write a note about the 'Nudist' book and how its heavy use of colloquial language could make it difficult to someone who doesn't speak English as their first language – just as that same man said something else to the baristas, very loudly and emphatically, which demonstrated an accent and a syntax that showed how English wasn't his first language. Then, right after that when I finished the note and resumed reading in the book, the man said one more characteristically loud thing, thus causing me to reactively/absently think something like “overly dramatic voice/embellished tone of voice” – precisely as I came to “hyperbole” in the book, which once again described exactly both my thought and the man's tone of voice, as to be another echo of either/or. Very cool, and again producing that 1-2-3/wham-bam effect that just made it alll so collectively notable/bigger than the sum of its parts/super-surreal.

Went on to have another of those “immediate after-lunch cessation of thought-type incidents → mid-afternoon resuscitation” patterns today, and with a bit more of a coherent/standout quality to these later ones rather than the typical super-small ones (and, interestingly, this corresponding with an equally uncharacteristic improvement/stability in health/consciousness/clarity of thought this afternoon). If I remember right, there were only a few scattered small ones plus these three standouts:

> Another of those patternistic “small-but-extremely-striking”/explicitly objective one-words, at the library. It happened when I went to put the magazines I leaving into a tray in which the first pre-existing magazine visible there was an issue of People, which caused me to reactively/patternistically register it with the explicit, mentally vocalized thought of “People” – at the precise instant a library, across the room, said “people” to a customer, in the context of a person rather than a magazine but 100% literally accurate, and again so perfectly synchronistic as to be intertwined and synchroshocking, etc.

> Another equally objective and notable one later on. It started when I went to turn into that random gas station and, while waiting for cars to pass, I tried to see if there was some way to get from there to the intersection down the street, some back road or something, so that I wouldn't have to turn right and then U-turn back and go through multiple turns/traffic, etc – precisely as I saw, exactly where I was looking for the back road, a road sign for “PATHFINDER ST,” which echoed exactly the underlying sentiment of “finding a path/road” from the gas station lot to the intersection, and again perfectly synchronistic with the reactive thought crossing my mind.

> A classical “long random objective chain of thought/radio”-type echo a little later. This one started when I randomly remembered that random sampler packet for the anti-anxiety Anxiocalm supplement that I'd gotten, thus causing me to think about maybe taking it this evening to see if it helped with sleep and such – precisely as “I need something to chill me out” sang randomly/singularly from the radio (might've been slightly different but that phrase was almost verbatim, and regardless it was 100% sentimentally precise in regards to my thought), and again perfectly synchronistic/intertwined.

Numbers: had another of those sudden afer-lunch clusters today, not quite immediately after but close, beginning as soon as I got on the road if not as soon as I exited the coffee shop (though, if I remember right, there were a couple parking-lot 37-plates there too). Over the course of maybe 5-10 minutes of driving, saw probably a dozen or more semi-conspicuous 37-plates of varying notability, several coming back-to-back and all ultimately just creating a collectively notable cluster, and made more notable by the explicitly patternistic nature of it all. Even had two “alignments” during this cluster, first a more low-key double-37-plate-car-type one, but then, on the highway a little later, a more-notable/surreal/conspicuous and somewhat unique one when not only did two 777-plate cars align in that explicitly patternistic and logistically flawless way, but they were mirror images of one another, one being a 1777-plate, the other a 7771-plate, and the two of them coming together with the 777's “touching.”

These continued more or less through the whole drive south, once again patternistic of travel, and a notable uptick and general shift/behavioral/”feel” change of recent afternoon traffic numbers. And then, after something of a lull during that one long, empty stretch of highway just before the city, I had another of those “greeting”-type clusters I've seen enough now to be patternistic, where almost immediately, if not immediately, upon getting the city limits and “returning to civilization,” I'll be met with a sudden and conspicuous corresponding return of traffic 37-plates, and in force, which is exactly how it went today, the plates not only returning after a total silence but going back to that rapid-fire, steady-stream level like after lunch, just ridiculously surreal again. And something else interesting I noticed: there were many 22s and variants intermixed with the 37s, as to continue that theme started this morning with the sudden cluster of them during after-chore reading.

And one other standout number-type today, a 100% patternistic/classical “universal joy-feelings corresponding perfectly synchronistically with a conspicuous 37-plate in traffic.” It started when both I had a sudden lifting of headsickness/improvement in thought/health/clarity and a certain special song came on the radio together, which thus combined to instigate a sudden surge of that patternistic “universal joy/love” feeling, exactly the same as past incidents – precisely as I encountered a 703-plate car just ahead in traffic (with it being “revealed” from behind the car previously obscuring it, if I remember correctly), and this made even more notable by the fact that this, like the “greeting”-type cluster later on, occurred after a longish silence/lull in the numbers, just intesifying/making it more potent/striking all the more …

Then a classical standout word/reading recurrnce in the book before bed: “miffed,” which was in that crossword I did yesterday morning and which was the first I'd ever heard this word that I can remember, such that I only got it by filling in other words rather than going on the clue, as to notice it particularly, especially since it was so uncommon and somewhat frustrating – and then it was used in the book maybe 1.5 days later, 100% patternistic with these.


Morning was pretty much entirely silent except for this cute little “involuntary bodily function”/sort of page-turn-type echo during after-chore reading. It started when my lungs finally started detoxing/clearing as they do randomly towards late morning, thus causing me to cough up a big nasty wad of phlegm – precisely as I went to the next page in the magazine and saw it was an article on lung health and lung cancer and signs of it, with “COUGHING,” in big type in the middle of the page, the first thing my eyes fell on as I went to it, coinciding perfectly synchronistically with my sudden involuntary cough plus the equally split-second/in-the-moment reactive thought of something like “lungs clearing finally,” ha ha.

Lunchtime reading was fully silent today, with the exception of two standout incidents:

> First, a unique and cute and notable standout 37-vehicle-type one. It started when I was sitting out at the patio at the coffee shop and suddenly smelled a heavy, toxic-smelling exhaust, thus causing me to look up and see that a big delivery truck had parked nearby and was idling and sending its exhaust downwind of me – and that's when I saw the truck had two big “73s” printed on the back, and in that “quietly conspicuous” fashion, with both of them “aimed” at me/”staring” at me, and again 100% patternistic with these seemingly “intelligently orchestrated” ones where my attention is distinctly drawn to something from some entirely objective event.

> One single, standout, highly notable nearby-stranger-type reading echo. It started when the two women sitting at the table next to me, after having been there since I'd arrived and been carrying on a long, involved “between-friends”-toned conversation, were suddenly joined by a third woman, after which the tone of voice and the body language of the original two women changed markedly, as if this third woman was an outsider somehow – precisely as I came to “the conversation would shift” in the book, perfectly synchronistic/intertwined with both the woman's arrival and my registering of the change in voices, etc, of the women, and again 100% descriptive of the whole thing in fully appropriate language as is so patternistic of many of these.

Had one other, minor, maybe-nothing one a little later on, after I'd moved to the front of the patio to get out of the sun and was approached by this man with a dog who struck me as somewhat odd, showing me particular attention and being particularly chatty, and in any case causing me to stop reading and look up and around – and thus see the 73-plate van parked directly across from me. Might've been nothing or perhaps just a “normal” random 37-plate, but the whole “oddly/conspicuously friendly person causing me to look up” just smacks of those sort of conspicuously coincidental circumstances so patternistic of these.

Beyond these, afternoon went into that after-lunch silence again, and this time had only one single “resuscitation”-type incident mid-afternoon, a classical radio/objective-thought echo, when I went out of the hardware store and suddenly couldn't remember if I'd taken my keys out of my pocket when digging for change or not – precisely as “key” sang randomly/singularly from the radio, and once again in that super-striking, perfectly intertwined fashion that just had to be experienced to really be appreciated.

There was other activity today, and it was in that vein of the super-super-super-subtle little echoes and thematics and recurrences and the like that I've noted before, that steady, fleeting background static that would be entirely dismissible even to me if not for the sheer volume of incidents and their explicitly, rigidly albeit oddly/bizaarrely/obliquely patternistic nature. Just so many little maybe-nothing echoes here and there and everywhere, still pretty much impossible to put into words other than “it was there, and there was definitely a pattern, and it was definitely damn surreal.”

Best example I can think of: when I randomly looked down at the cartoon I'd just taken out of my wallet in order to get ready to put out, and saw on the first panel the character saying “So long! Goodbye! Farewell!” in a speech bubble – precisely as “if you have to leave” was singing from the radio, and with more lyrics that vaguely but notably echoed the underlying seniment of that which I'd just touched upon/registered/thought of from the cartoon. Just dozens of these again today, but all so subtle that I'd just immediately forget about them due to the distractions of just driving/walking, etc.

Numbers were indeed there today, and it was another one of those oddball days like I've had recently: strictly 37-plates of various kinds and notability, all in traffic and parking lots (rather than randomly sourced/”everywhere” ones), and pretty much zero conspicuous/”active” standouts, though just about all of them were “quietly conspicuous”/”living”/”passively conspicuous” in that distinct way that's so hard to describe. Actually ended up seeing a whole bunch, with them just slowly and randomly popping up sometime after lunch and immediately plateauing and just steadily appearing wherever I went until I came home. Very interesting, these patternistic shifts/”chapters” of the phenemonon …


Today was dominated by that exact same new day-long background static of super-subtle, distinctly half-precise/”loose” little incidents of all sorts, from echoes to parallels and recurrences of all kinds to thematics and other, even more obscure types of incidents, yet at times these would regularly approach a new level of surrealness/living-dream-reflectiveness/just outright notability despite their super-subtly and subjective nature and generally “fuzzy” precision, still in a way that's just impossible to describe as of yet. And once more just so many individual incidents, in a sort of slipstream all through the day to varying degrees of intensity yet always remaining generally “gentle” and “quiet” for all their incredible notability. Best, most-coherent examples that capture the thrust of these incidents:

> Walking through a parking lot this afternoon and suddenly becoming keenly aware of the bit of pepper stuck in my teeth from lunch, as to suddenly tongue it and think something like “get it out/dislodge that food from between my teeth” – at the precise instant I randomly came across one of those little disposible dental-flosser sticks as litter on the ground, perfectly synchronistic and patternistic of others with its appearance coinciding absolutely intertwined with my having that absent/reactive thought, and if I remember right, the flosser was previously invisible to me, until I just then passed a parked car and thus “revealed” it into view (though I'm not 100% on this part, it all just coming so fast and being of that “in-the-moment”/”fleeting” nature)

> Good example of the “fuzzy”/”loose” precision of the majority of these today: when I passed and both noticed/Noticed this sign outside a church reading “The comeback is always stronger than the setback,” just as “He'll always pick you up when you fall,” which was not only in that same context of “recovery/rebounding” as to echo that underlying sentiment, but there were several other echoes therein too, since both were in the context of God helping with this recovery, with the sign being outside a church and the song being on a religious radio station, and an additional, even deeper dimension in that today's health was extraordinarily good, perhaps the best in over a decade actually, and my general feelings/theme of the day had regularly been that of “recovering” and “rebounding” and actually a couple times, if I remember right, even bringing to mind “comeback” and “turnaround” specifically/literally – and this was just very typical of these today, too, this multdimensional nature and sort of multi-echo-type nature

> A good example of the most-subtle, wholly individually dismissible-type ones that I'm seeing within this same background-static mix: when I randomly burst into a bout of Spanish while driving down the road, from out of nowhere and after not having done so at all beforehand, just as ridiculously random and thoughtless as could be, simply vocalizing my thoughts out loud and in Spanish after doing neither beforehand – a second or two before the song on the radio, just as randomly and, I'm about 99% sure, without doing so at all beforehand, burst into a couple stanzas in full-out Spanish, then went back to English as fast, once again echoing, in that now-established “fuzzy” manner, my general actions/behavior as I pretty much identically burst into a random “stanza” of Spanish – very many like this today, some so subtle as to easily go by unnoticed if I hadn't experienced so many of this precise same “feel” over the last couple days.

Had a vast minority of other, “normal” incidents today too, though these were a strict minority, being fully absent most of the time (perhaps symptomatic of some fundamental shift in the phenomenon taking place now, behind the scenes?). Only ones I got down:

> Three very cool and pattnieristcally/behavior identical classic “clock-tick” number-repeats today, and after a pretty much total absence of these lately from what I recall. The first was this morning, when I picked up my watch from off the back of the couch (where it was 100% invisible to me, atop the cushion and facing upward and fully out of view previously) and looked at it exactly as it ticked to exactly 11:11:11, absolutely flawless in timing and precision, with my turning the watch into view and registering the numbers coinciding with the digital second-display's tick to 11 in that perfectly “intertwined” manner, absolutely surreal. And then at lunch, the exact same thing at 1:00:37, with my interrupting a long period of reading, with my watch turned fully away just like this morning, to check the itme, only to see it tick precisely then … And then, a somewhat lesser but patternistically identical one: at the doctor's office, when I checked the clock on the wall there precisely as its big, separate second-display ticked to “37”

> A damn cool one of that somewhat rare “seeing some fully random, conspicuous car several times within a close timeframe, yet miles apart and in wholly different/random/logically unrelated situations,” this time a minivan with this unique little wolf's-head bumper stick on the back hatch, which I saw first while driving just after lunch yesterday, and then, a couple hours or so later on the way home and going in the other direction, I got behind that van a second time. At that point, I noted it interally but didn't write it down, at the time just attributing it to another one of the background-static incidents that were so abundant at the time, but then I encountered it a third time, this morning on the way to lunch, and this one even more super-random and notable given that this was, first, miles away from where I'd seen it yesterday, and, second, that it wasn't even on the main road but instead an out-of-the-way back road, still in the same town and such but way at the other end of it, right on the outskirts as to be just that much more random and logically/causally unlikely, not to mention 100% patternistic of these “conspicuous random-car encounter”-type incidents. It also bears mentioning that I'd distinctly/patternistically Noticed the van upon first seeing it, as to make it all the morning subjectively notable that I would end up seeing it again in such a way.

> Traffic- and parking-lot numbers were there today, and in that exact same new trend of “exclusively low-key/passive 37-plates” of the last couple days, though less in volume, and without a single standout that I remember, just simply a scattered couple dozen or so plates beginning on the way to lunch and through driving around, pretty much in proportion to the rest of the day's “normal”/non-background-static activity

> And yet another "super-random shopping trip resulting in a precise 37-variant total," this time $37.71, and again after the most absolutely random stop (at a place that I foreseeably needed absolutely nothing from) and then subsequently going in and looking around and finding all sorts of stuff that I either didn't know existed or had forgotten I needed (including one weighed item, thus influencing the randomness even further)


Morning was totally silent from what I remember, this corresponding with another downturn in health/consciousness/clarity, etc. Drive to lunch was also silent, though I did have another of those patternistic "greeter"-type of incidents upon arriving at the coffee shop, again in the form a patternistically conspicuous 37-plate like most of these in the past, this one being a classical "getting out of the car after parking and finding myself looking directly at/being "greeted" by a quietly conspicuous 37-plate directly in my line of sight upon turning around," and this one somewhat more notable given that it was another that was 100% invisible to me when I'd parked, at such an angle that I could only see it upon getting out of the car and turning around, etc.

Lunchtime reading saw some activity, and it was a continuation of that decidedly new variant of mixed-incident/"salad" super-subtle background static I've been having the last few days. I started noticing those same "loose"/"fuzzy" one-word reading and environmental echoes immediately upon eating/reading, and these were again the extent of the phenomenon throughout the meal, never really graduating again, just another steady-but-scattered plateau of these patternistically/behaviorally identical echoes and such, and then ceasing at one point towards the end of the meal (today corresponding with some increased mental fuzziness and headsickness around the same time, as it were, again in reflective fashion). And again, every single one was either too small/individually dismissible or too complex/personal/subjective to cite.

Did have one cool, sudden, singular standout reading-echo a few minutes into the meal. It started when a delivery man pushing a hand truck came down the narrow sidewalk I was sitting partially on, on the coffee shop's patio, which thus caused me to automatically calculate whether he had enough room to comfortably get by me and whether I should move over or not, then, subsequently upon eyeballing the cart's width, judging there to be just enough room -- and then, less than a second later as I seamlessly resumed reading the book, the very next sentence I came to was, "[There were] two steel girders stretched across  a fifty-foot  chain, the space between them, fortunately, just right for the Land Cruiser's wheelbase" -- a perfect echo of the thought/calculation I'd just performed in regards to the cart's wheelbase, of which the open stretch of sidwalk was "just right" for, and though this was technically not really a perfectly synchronistic echo but one with a slight delay, my beginning the longwinded sentence that collectively echoed it was pretty much spot on perfectly timed, etc -- in any case, extremely precise in the echoed thought/sentiment and damn notable and damn surreal.

Did have a resuscitation of thought-type activity later, and today different than that recent pattern of a long silence followed by subtler activity only, instead having some immediately after lunch:

> The first incident came literally as soon as I started up the car to leave, another very notable standout radio echo, and a double at that. It started right after I started the car and backed out of the parking space, when I checked the time and thought about how I needed to start the drive back north if I wanted to get home in time, thus causing me to absently/reactive visualize this with a mental image of my getting on the highway and going through the usual route -- and then, a second or two later when I seeked to a new radio station in search of one with music, the very first thing to come out of it was a man saying how "you need to get back on the road," thus perfectly echoing that thought still crossing my mind, 100% patternistically. And then, immediately after when I seeked to another new station (the last had been a little talking-points-type program), it came to a song in progress where the first words to sing out were "don't be afraid to take the road less traveled," as to echo the "road" sentiment, and even vaguely the "getting on the road" part of it considering the "take the road" part. Also, it bears mentioning that I'd tried to change the radio station when backing up earlier, but the in-dash display had been showing the backup camera and wouldn't operate the radio, once again another patternistically conspicuous little circumstance on which the resulting synchronicity hinged ...

> Next, about 15 minutes later when parking at the clinic, another standout double, and this one of that combo number-repeat/echo-type I've been having here and there recently. It started when the only parking space I could find was a slanted one going the opposite direction, thus causing me to stop and turn and back into it -- and thus discover that the car directly next to it had a 731-plate (which of course was directed in my line of sight upon looking back to back up, in "greeting"/"hello there!" fashion), and again previously 100% invisible to me due to its being turned away from me at a sharp angle (not that it wouldn't have been fully objective anyhow, considering that this was the only, single nearby space for me to park in ...). And then, as I began backing up and turned into the awkward angle necessary for the slanted space, the radio randomly/singularly/perfectly synchronistically sang out "things get a little sideways," which not only echoed literally how I was turning sideways/at an angle into the space, but also what I expressly-but-absently felt upon doing so, with my whole perspective going from straight to angled, etc. So surreal.

From there, went pretty much silent but for some scattered subtles/background-static-type ones here and there (I think, memory iffy here), but then did see another resuscitation later on, this one similarly timed in that mid-afternoon fashion:

> A damn cool triple-part incident, spanning several minutes during the drive. It started with a single, classical standout radio/reactive/registering-though-type incident, beginning when I checked my sideview mirror before turning and thus saw this old, beat-up looking car with a black hood on a red body, and with the hood having its sealant layer (or whatever that translucent, outermost top-layer is on a paint job) blistered and peeled by the sun, as to leave a sort of milky-white film over the black paint and creating that distinctly rough-looking, "damaged" look that this effect creates -- precisely as "dirty black" sang from the radio, this one perfectly/intertwined in timing and equally perfect/precise in the appropriateness of its description, again in that patternistic way that "dirty black" would 100% describe both the car and my reactive/registering thought of its appearance. The next part came a minute or two later, as I was repeatedly reminding myself to write a note for the "dirty black" incident before I forgot it due to the distractions from driving -- and then, a split second later as I again routinely checked my mirror, I found myself looking again at a car with that exact same "dirty black" on it, as to be an intertwined echo with my thought of "dirty black incident." This time, it was a truck which also had a single, alternate-color part on it, one of the front panels, which wasn't sun-blistered like the other but was instead just an unpainted, unfinished matte black which ultimately had more or less the exact same "dirty"-looking black complexion, and again 100% descriptive. Finally, the exact same thing happened at the next stopped intersection I came to, once I'd finally gotten the chance to write a note for the car and so was again absently thinking something like "dirty black incident" -- after which, again perfectly synchronistic, that first car, with the sun-blistered hood, rolled up beside me and into view, in that "drifter" fashion that's typical of 37-plate "invasions" and similar traffic incidents.

> Another good example of the subtler, smaller one-word echoes and the like, especially of the "fuzzy" logic so characteristic of their echo's precision. It started with another "involuntary bodily function"-type of objective event, when I had a sudden jolt of that good, warm energy I've been getting super-randomly here and there (so randomly that I haven't yet been able to pin day any corresponding cause), thus causing me to reactively/automatically thinking something along the lines of "ahh, relief/feels good" -- precisely as I passed a random road-side green roadside for "Comfort Rd" (or Street, I don't remember -- comfort something, anyhow). And, another notability-increasing detail: not only did the "comfort" echo the general sentiment I was experiencing then, but it was actually fully, 100% literally precise in a deeper sense, because I'd actually begun to internally refer to this particular warmth/energy/relief as "comfort," such that over the last couple days I had internally responded to these random jolts with an absent mental vocalization of the word "comfort" specifically ...

Numbers were there today, and almost exactly like yesterday, being another afternoon-long succession of scattered, passive, low-key 37-plates in traffic and parking lots, and again beginning in non-specific, "not-immediately-after-lunch" fashion. Today, however, did have two cool standouts:

> Another double-37-plate alignment in traffic, and this one a damn cool triple-part one (and, interestingly, very similar to that triple-echo one earlier). It started as another simple-yet-fully-patternistic-and-notable, logistically perfect alignment between a 2773-plate van and a 737-plate truck, when the truck passed the stopped van at an intersection while I was directly behind the van (and made a little more notable by the fact that this particular truck had been behind me up until then, but had only changed lanes upon encountering the stop, as to get a little closer in the shorter, right-lane line, another of those patternistic little developments/circumstances on which the incident hinged). As for the next two parts, I can't quite remember exactly how it all unfolded, except that it was again like that repeated recurrence of the same basic underlying incident, twice over the next few minutes, first with a second alignment, this time between the van's plate and a passing 735-plate truck, also 100% patternistic and logistically unlikely-but-spot-on-precise, and then, soon after that if I remember right, the last one involved that same first, 737-plate truck again passing the van in the right lane and aligning a third, identical time (presumably after getting slowed up in that lane but then again having it clear out enough to pass me and the van in the slower-moving left lane).

> Finally, just before getting home, as a sort of "later," "wind-down" standout: right as I began to go through a green intersection at the end of a long line of cars, I was stopped by the distant sound of sirens, which ended up being an oncoming fire truck, which did indeed pass directly through the intersection I was at (and which I very nearly went through anyhow, since the sirens were far off and I wasn't even sure I'd heard them, and the truck wasn't in my immediate view, obscured by the stopped cars in was weaving around) -- which proved to be "ENGINE 731," as declared in multiple, big letters all over the thing, as to "shout" "731" in that "animated"/"living" fashion, especially when combined with the sirens and blinking lights and the general air of activity/rushing/emergency from its passage ...

Had one stray, late, standout "super-random reading"-type recurrence today too. It started this morning, when I read that super-random week-old regional newspaper I'd been Compelled to fish from the trash at that random gas station yesterday (even though I already had two other such newspapers I hadn't read), in which I read of how a bridge in the area was reopening to two-lane traffic after being single-lane-only due to repairs -- and then, tonight in one of those other, equally Compelled-trash-grab newspapers, this one a two-year-old regional (from another state, as it were -- how it ended up in this one, hundreds of mile south, would be interesting), it had an article about a bridge that was reopening with two-lane traffic after being previously single-lane, not only echoing the precise sentiment/theme of "two-lane bridge reopening after repairs" but the "single-lane" aspect of it too, ha ha.


Morning was pretty much silent again, even of the new super-subtle background static (though this did eventually come on during lunch, but even subtler than yesterday, this time to a lower order/even less cohesion, as to just be the barest threshhold of little one-word echoes and the like here and there through the day, identifiable only by their subjective "feel"/behavior, etc). Did ultimately have a few scattered, singular incidents:

> A cool radio echo on the way to the clinic. It started when I seeked to this random station that was coming in weak and quiet but had good music on it, thus causing me to think about turning up the volume to hear it better -- precisely as it randomly/singularly sang out "turn it up," and in the same context, as to fully, explicitly, literally echo the mental vocalization/thought crossing my mind, about as clear-cut an "echo" as you can get

> Another of those sudden little clusters of offhand-mention/random-quoted-figures 37-repeats during morning reading today, this time very brief but 100% patternistic and notable, with it again corresponding with a sudden lift in health/consciousness/clearing of headsickness from night and early morning, just like the others and with the same immediate, "reflective" little "answer" in what I was reading, where it definitely went from no 37-mentions in previous pages/articles to a handful on the very page I was reading when the improvement occurred (and I verified it this time, going back and looking at the previous few pages and sure enough, no 37s there, thus again ruling out any sort of subconscious cueing/selective perception/other psychological or perceptual explanations -- utterly damn surreal).

Rest of the day did see some slight, scattered, but ultimately notable activity, in the form of just some random, "normal" standouts here and there, markedly different than last couple days (and this too corresponding with a distinct change in health/status/condition, etc). Ones I got down:

> A classical "immediately after lunch" 37-plate, again right as I exited the coffee shop and stepped into the parking lot and was "greeted" by a 373-plate directly in my path, both in "immediate" fashion and as to be the first plate I encountered period after lunch. And then, as a little follow-up: when I got in the car just after and checked the clock on the dash, it was exactly 1:37 (which turned out to be fast, actually, haha).

> A cool little one-two-three thought-echo/number cluster at the gas station, after a total silence beforehand from what I remember. It started when I had another long random chain of thought about everything I had to do before going home and whether I'd have time to ride the Ruckus some -- precisely as my attention was drawn to a man getting on a scooter just feet away, which proved to be a Ruckus. My first reaction was that I was subconsciously cued, but once again I could 100% objectively trace the culminating thought of "Ruckus" back to the chain that had started from before I'd even come onto the sidewalk, and besides that, I was busy picking up litter on the ground when I'd had the final thought anyhow, with my attention/vision trained fully on the ground such that the man and his scooter were entirely out of even my peripheral vision until after the thought when I'd looked up and had my attention drawn to it all -- again as to be just be an instant-echo of the "Ruckus" theme. And then, immediately after this, as I actually said to this man "I was just thinking of riding my own Ruckus a split second before I saw yours," a 37-plate "flash" happened, when a car yet again pulled into the parking lot at the precise instant/timing/angle as to "flash" its 3775-plate directly into my line of sight as I turned from the man on the scooter, once again in that super-surreal and notable "animated"/"living" way that had to be experienced to be appreciated. And then, finally in the chain, seconds later as I at last got in the car and started off, I found myself looking directly at a parked police car, directly across from me, car #173 according to several decals, ha ha.

> Later on, yet another double-37-plate alignment, another simple one, just a 317-plate car I was behind passing a second 37-plate car that was stopped in the next lane over at an intersection waiting to turn, but 100% patternistic and logistically precise as these are, etc. Did have a moderate showing of other, low-key plates through the afternoon, and these were nearly identical to yesterday's in all manner, again beginning lazily/loosely/non-specifically timed (with the exception of that one immediately after lunch in the coffee shop parking lot, as it were), then just gradually plateauing before falling off completely before even the drive home.

> One last singular, standout, coherent echo at the market, when I distinctly and randomly thought of how I really needed to get outside and drink some water since it had been so long since I'd had some, a split second before I heard, somewhere randomly nearby, someone say "have a drink of water" or something like that, 100% echoing the "drink of water" thought I'd had in any case, and once again just a split second after the thought, but definitely *after,* patternistically *just enough* to be after but barely so, as to still be perfectly synchronistic ...


Morning was totally silent with the exception of a handful of relatively coherent "everyday little thing" recurrences/parallels/longwinded echoes. Two reasonably objective examples:

> This morning while fixing up lunch, I absently-but-distinctly thought of the basic concepts of cooking and preparing food and how a chef is necessary to transform an assortment of individual ingredients into a single, cohesive unit of food/a collective meal/something greater than the sum of its parts, and specifically I thought of how individually unedible or undesirable or common things can be upgraded/"transmuted" into something of a wholly greater order -- and then during after-chore reading, maybe an hour or less later, I came to an article that described exactly those things, much of it in the exact same terms (even literally describing how a prepared meal is "greater than the sum of its parts" as I'd thought exactly in those words), and all of it echoing precisely the same underlying sentiment/concepts I'd been so randomly and patternistically thinking of. And again, the context of the source adds more notability still, with it being not only a non-cooking magazine (it was an AARP magazine of all things), but it was another that I fished wholly randomly out of a recycling bin just yesterday afternoon, and this in itself even a super-random, unplanned bin, just one that I walked past while going into that random market ...

> Also, as a sort of continuation/double of the first: just before fixing lunch this morning, when I put the random little heart stickers on my meal containers and thought distinctly-but-absently again, "I'm putting heart stickers on here because I truly love my food," which thus caused me to absently think of how sincerely preparing food with love and reverance and mindfulness seems to indeed exert some sort of positive energetic effect on it -- and then in the same AARP magazine, another random article I read, which was an accompaniment for a recipe, mentioned specifically, several times as to be a theme, how "love is the primary ingredient in good, healthy food," or something to that effect, and also in the same, serious context in which I'd been thinking exactly that ...

Next activity came in the form of another of those 100% now-patternistic "37-plate greeting me quietly conspicuously upon arriving at lunch," this time a 5337-plate truck parked directly outside the entrance to the coffee shop, directly in my path as I walked in just like the others of these more or less.

Lunchtime reading saw an onset of those new super-subtle mix-up/"salad" background statics of echoes and such, but only a few here and there, again very quiet both in volume and overall character (and this too 100% reflective of the identically calm/quiet/relaxed state of mind I was in today, with that nightmarish restlessness having abated significantly through the morning). Two good examples characteristic of the ~half-dozen or so:

> During a break from reading, the last thing I did before resuming the book was to shift positions and then look down at my foot and see that it was getting sunlight, which it was, thus causing me to absently register it, patternistically, with a thought of something like "in the sun/not in the shade/umbrella's shadow not reaching there" -- and then the very first words I read upon resuming the book were "On the shadowless plaza," with the "shadowless" perfectly echoing the thought still crossing my mind, very "small" and simple/one-dimensional/"fleeting" but very distinct and 100% patternistic, both of the "absent/registering thought"-type echo fashion and also in the behavioral "feel"/nature of the others in the same timeframe

> Another very similar one, also a resumed-reading-type incident: when a sudden, stray gust of wind blew the book's pages up and interrupted me and forced me to find the right page and where I was at on it, only to find that the next sentence started with "the missionaries had gotten wind of it," once again a simple echo of "wind" but very notable and precise.

Unlike other days recently, these echoes stopped pretty much in "immediately after lunch" fashion, or even sometime before I think, again going with that largely quiet/relaxed theme of the day. In fact, I remember only one more thought-type incident today period, a similarly vague/indirect/non-literal one at the market, when some pedestrians came out in front of me walking slowly and ignoring me, in a trance-like manner, looking straight ahead even though I had to come to a conspicuous stop right next to them, thus causing me to absently register it all with a thought of something like "ignoring me/acting like they don't see me" -- precisely as "I can't see" sang randomly/singularly from the radio, which was only "fuzzily" precise but was still perfectly/patternistically timed, as well as consistent with the feel/behavior of the other echoes today, etc.

Numbers were there but similarly quiet and subdued, beginning again in that non-specific "just sometime soon after lunch" fashion, and again immediately just plateauing in a full-out "scattered low-key 37-plates here and there in traffic and parking lots" mode. Did have a few standouts, but even these were quieter and not "shouted"/"loud." Best example of the few:

> It was another involving my going out of my way to stop and let someone into traffic when it was backed up in a long time, when I stopped short to leave a gap and, upon doing so, immediately had the car in the next lane over, previously invisible to me, momentarily pass me *just far enough* for its 735-plate to "peek" into view from my left as it stopped, and all just so perfectly timed, logistically unlikely, wholly patternistically that it once again had to be experienced to really be appreciated, just so "intelligently orchestrated" and surreal, even if this sort of thing hadn't happened a zillion times prior ...

Also noticed a conspicuous uptick in "random"/everywhere 37s today too, again with them just quietly "bombarding" me in random, unexpected, conspicuous ways, and always *just such* that it would prove to be objective and decidedly impossible to be just psychological/selective perception or whatever. Couple standout examples:

> Another one involving one of those flashing roadside speed-limit signs, when, during my whole, relatively long approach, it read "37," despite my speedometer reading differently

> A clock-tick-type one in the sauna, when I was in there for the last few seconds and steadily watching the minute display, just beside that of the temperature, as I waited for the final minute to tick off so I could get out -- and then, precisely as the minute ticked off and I reached to cut off the power, the temperature ticked from 136 to 137, and doing so in that absolutely split-second, flawless, patternistic fashion, where it ticked to "137" *just infinitesimally long enough* for me to register it as such before my finger reached the power button and killed the display, ha ha


Morning was totally silent with the exception of a few scattered super-subtle echoes and thematics and the like, all so small and fleeting that again none can be conveyed. One interesting thing about this morning at church: a conspicuous, total absence of those specific church-service echoes and the like today, a total silence through the whole service of anything in fact (why? can't think of a single difference today compared to others).

Lunchtime did see some activity, and it was that same new variant of generally mashed-up background static-type activity, though not a whole lot overall, really just a few standout/coherent ones amidst some periodic little clusters of one-word echoes and scattered "everyday little thing" parallels and recurrences (one sort of theme today: a sort of "twenty or so years ago" theme, where I encountered all of these little, not really uncommon things that were nonetheless all somehow evocative of me and my life as a teenager or thereabouts, such as probably a dozen or so songs on the radio and such that I'd discovered specifically during this time in my life, and other little cultural and sentimental bric-a-brac throughout the day). Standouts I got down:

> A really coherent and notable "resumed-reading"-type echo just like those two from yesterday (why the sudden return of these?). It happened while I was taking a brief break from reading to do something or other, and a man in the parking lot, feet away, randomly said "I thought it was real gold," after he'd gone to pick up something from the pavement -- and then, maybe a half-second later as I resumed the book, the very first word I saw was "gold," and once again in that wholly objective and patternistic fashion where the word was just "there," immediately in the space I was randomly looking at as I opened the book back up, not giving me the slightest chance to adjust my focus or do anything that might've indicated selective perception or something, and with that same "intertwined"/striking timing.

> Good example of the small one-words of this timeframe and lately in general: taking the first bite of my second course and finding it to require a lot of chewing due to the fenugreek seed in it, thus causing me to think about how long I was taking the chew it, with an absent/reactive thought of something like "lots of chewing/having to really bite into this stuff" -- precisely as I randomly came to "have been gnawing away" in the book, which was again an oddly-but-perfectly befitting description of the general sentiment/mental visualization in my mind at that precise instant, an exaggerated image with something like me chewing endlessly like a cow with cud, ha ha.

> Had a brief little cluster of classical "nearby strangers' conversation"/random-reading echoes at one point, and interestingly these were all between the same two employees and all within the space of minutes, when I'd been around conversing people for more or less the whole meal (something to do with this woman in particular? something about her conscious state or maybe something on my end, something that caused me to "tune in" to her specifically for some reason?). Best example: when I randomly/singularly came to "could be done" in the book, at the precise instant the woman said "to be done," and again with my split-second, instantaneous reading/registering of the "be done" coinciding absolutely flawlessly with her speaking it, again in that intertwined, "dovetailed" manner that just could not have been any more fully "coincidental."

Had a couple really cool "Compelled to pick up a piece of 37-containing litter" at lunch too, beginning immediately when I went into the coffee shop and saw this label facedown in the floor, which, after I picked it up and turned it over, proved to be a drink label for an order #237 -- not so notable in itself, but still reasonably so given the explicit patternistic element, and the fact that it was facedown upon my being so distinctly Compelled to pick it up. Then, immediately afterward in the parking lot, a more-notable one: a receipt that I grabbed randomly while picking up litter in general, but which, upon my picking it up and raising it to put with the rest of the trash, its $3.73 total "flashed" at me, again in that patternistic and ridiculously surreal way where the receipt was all bent up and faded and unreadable in most parts anyway, yet it was folded up and doubled over *just so* that that one single line with the 37 was *just right there* where I happened to be focused on when raising it up to put it with the other trash, just like so many of those past.

Numbers were almost exactly like last couple days today, again quietly arriving at some undetermined random time maybe 15-20 minutes after lunch, and never really progressing beyond some scattered low-key-but-patternistically/collectively-notable 37-plates and the like, along with a handful of parking-lots (and today with only a few of the semi-conspicuous "everywhere"/random-sourced 37s, a downtick from yesterday). Did have maybe 3-4 semi-conspicuous "classical" traffic/driving ones, such as after the gas station, when I was again Compelled to explicitly take the long way to the gym down the street, over the residential backroads, despite it taking longer and requiring more turns and such and just being generally illogical -- only to find myself, upon stopping at the first stop sign soon after, looking directly at an 873-plate on a parked car, with the car's angle and location and other logistics such that the plate was again directly "there" in my immediate random area of focus upon my stopping at the intersection and looking around, like so many others of this kind.

Then, just after leaving the gym, had a sudden, elevated cluster of conspicuous numbers as has happened here and there before, coinciding with nothing glaringly obvious (heading home then maybe? something to do with feeling a little better after getting some exercise and the like?). It started as just a sudden increase in volume and density of low-key plates, and then soon after gave way to another of those super-notable, conspicuous-plate, "one after another" clusters:

It started with a classical "drifter"/"invading my field of vision"-type of 37-plate appearances, when a car crept up from my left *just far enough* that its 7377 plate "popped" into view and then fell away as fast, absolutely surreal and "cute"/"intelligently orchestrated-feeling" in itself -- and then, immediately after that, an equally "animated" and "intelligent" and logistically perfect one when a car arrived at the curb and then stopped abruptly waiting to pull into traffic, directly in front of me, and *just so* that its 7703 front-mounted plate *just entered* my vision, again in that "invading my immediate, passive, split-second area of focus" fashion, and also with that "shouted"/"dynamic"/"dramatic" quality that just lent it so much impact and surreal notability -- and then, immediately after that, a motorcycle passed me by from the left, thus revealing its 73-plate, and then, as I gained speed a split second later and passed the motorcycle, I was confronted with a 9773-plate car directly in front of the cycle, such that all four of these came over the space of 2-3 seconds, in rapid-fire fashion, and again just so notable and surreal that it all had to be experienced to be truly appreciated.


Morning was totally silent except for some scattered thematics/recurrences/parallels/very super-small/fleeting echoes as I've been having more or less all the time lately. Did see a little activity on the drive to lunch, first with a little handful of those same super-small echoes but slightly more coherent than when at the house, all perfectly/strikingly/intertwined in timing but just very small and one-dimensional, etc. Best example: when I pulled into the road and saw there was a lot of standing water from the rain storm, thus causing me to register it patternistically with the thought of "standing water," precisely as "standing" sang as randomly from the radio, not in the same context but once again with that explicitly, flawless timing and objectivity/independence, etc. Had maybe 2-3 of these just within the course of the same minutes-long song, after which they seemed to taper to nothing.

Did see 37-plates in traffic on the way to lunch, not a whole lot but definitely enough to be "there." And again had another of those 100% patternistic and notable "greeter" plates upon arriving at the coffee shop, a 333-370 plate on the car directly next to where I parked not just randomly, but again on a Compelled, illogical, 100% patternistic urge, again foregoing the available spots right in front of the shop and instead parking way off to the side, where I Just Happened to be "greeted" in "intelligent"/"animated" fashion by the car's plate (and also, I'd had the Compelling when I was still on the road, technically in view of the car but so far at distance that it was impossible to read its plate).

As for the rest of the day, almost totally silent, including at lunchtime reading, with the exception of a moderate number of very subtle/100% subjective/personal/too-complicated-to-convey parallels and recurrences of various things, much like those from yesterday except less of them and a little subtler, again so small and subtle as to easily be missed/ignored even by me. And again, this marked downturn coincided with another resurgence of nasty headsickness/mental "deadening"/internal "silence," in reflective fashion.

Afternoon numbers too followed that same format as last couple days for the most part, just another lazy, random onset of low-key 37-plates sometime after lunch, and these today just in traffic and about all purely only passively conspicuous, without any of the "active" incidents, and few to no parking-lot-type and random/"everywhere" 37s either, nor about any other individual, minority repeats -- just a very quiet day for numbers in general.

One standout, a classical "illogically Compelled parking" one. It started after I went in the market and then started walking to the health-food store nearby, but was suddenly Compelled to drive, even though it was a short distance and the place was right there in the same complex and it just seemed totally inane -- yet still I did it, only to find myself similarly Compelled to park a specific space, which again proved to be directly beside a 1372-plate car (that I also couldn't see the plate of until I'd pulled around and parked, *after* being Compelled, etc).

Had a "late," stray, notable and classically patternistic one-word reading recurrence tonight: "espy." This one was another that started with the super-random crossword puzzle I did this morning, also another that, besides the fact that it was again the first I've encountered this word in a very long time, I also took particular notice of it as is patternistic of this repeating words, mainly because it was one that I didn't solve from the clue but rather just filled in incidentally and thus learned the very definition of "espy" in this manner, causing me to think distinctly something like "okay, so that's what 'espy' means" -- and then, sure enough, probably twelve hours or so later, during dinnertime reading, it turned up at the end of the 'Streets with No Names' book, and for the very first time (that I remember, at least; I can't 100% rule out that it might've been used earlier as a pet word or something by the author, but I'm about 99% sure it wasn't -- and again, even if it was, the incident would still be objective and notable due to the fact that the word turned up in the crossword, totally unconnected to the book/impossible for me to have subconsciously orchestrated/been cued from/selective perception, etc).


Today so a lot of activity, but the large majority was of that super-subtle variety that just can't be conveyed yet is highly notable subjectively.

Morning actually saw a moderate amount of activity, higher than normal for morning even for subtles and the like, but almost 100% of the super-subtle, can't-be-conveyed variety (though there were some scattered, more-coherent-but-still-only-collectively-notable little one-word radio echoes on the way to lunch, as has happened several other times in a similar progression/graduation through the day, and moving with an obvious "reflective"-style correlation with my energy levels/daily rhythm/ebb-and-flow of my conscious state and awareness and the like -- very profound and notable in itself, this arc, if only subjectively so).

Did have one semi-standout/coherent one that is just coherent enough to be conveyed, at least partially. It was behaviorally/patternistically exactly like so many of these: it started with my having this long, random, flowing chain of thought that somehow ended with my remembering a woman I'd known years ago and how our borderline-romantic relationship was very passionate for all its distance and informality and despite us being very different individuals in most respects, thus causing me to think of how it was her firey, "red"-type of personal energy that attracted me to her so, and how she would distinctly seem to energize my lower-most red chakra/energy center during our encounters -- and then, at that precise instant I had the automatic/random/absent thought of "red/lower chakra near base of spine," I adjusted my sweat pants in order to massage some oil into my abdomen, and thus revealed my red boxer shorts, which not only perfectly if subtly echoed both the sentiment of "red" and "base of spine," etc, but it was just the *slightest, tiniest* sliver of the red boxers visible, for just the *slightest, tiniet* sliver of a second, yet it corresponded absolutely perfectly/intertwined with my thought and visualization of "red at base of spine," and again in a way that was just entirely objective and independent and virutally impossible to have been cued/subconsciously orchestrated, etc. And it's these that come anywhere from scattered-but-enough-to-be-notable volume to that regular, rapid-fire, often back-to-back/1-2-3 level of intensity, and usually with that same super-subjective level of context necessary to be coherently understood and appreciate (and, more often than not with these personal/thematic kinds, requiring even *more* context and explanation, just to the point that it would be either far too time-consuming if not impossible ...).

Also, a cute little footnote/loosely connected second part to that one in particular: another "everyday little thing" reading recurrence of it during lunchtime reading, in the form of my conveying such a personal story in something that would be made available publically online, which I expressly considered and thought about before writing a note about the "red" super-subtle echo, specifically thinking something like "I'm not sure how I feel about sharing my odd attraction to that woman" -- and then at lunch, in prologue of the 'Seeking Spirits' book that I began reading today (which I'd once again been Compelled to buy just two days ago, and again despite already having another book lined up, like so many of these), the author mentioned, after starting the book with an account of a paranormal experience that he'd had personally, that it was the first he'd shared such publically and that he wasn't sure he was comfortable with it -- echoing exactly how I'd felt about writing about the "red" incident, echoing both the "publically sharing something very personal for the first time" theme as well as his being uncomfortable about it as I was, and it even echoed the "paranormal" theme, since the synchronistic nature of the "red" incident could certainly be classified as such, ha ha.

From lunchtime reading onward, the rest of the day was dominated by that same basic "inclusive-mix"-type of background static of thought/perceptual incidents, more or less graduated from the morning's fully too-subtle/subjective ones, and ultimately with quiet a few by the day's end, with several pretty coherent and "upgraded" standouts (yet all of them still behaviorally/patternistically subtle/subdued/"fuzzy" in nature, in line with that same most-recent "feel" characteristic of this new variant). And once again, I ended up hitting that mental saturation point of there being too many incidents to remember and write down, such that I missed a decent amount of conveyables -- a pretty big, if subtle, uptick over this little "dry spell" I seemed to have been in the last few days. Standouts I got down:

> A good if subjective/personal page-turn-type instant-echo while reading a magazine in the sauna. It started with my having another of those long, convoluted chains of thought that ended with a particular thing, super-randomly yet fully traceable/objective as is patternistic of these, only to have it instantly echoed by a page-turn in the magazine, this time with my coming to the idea for the road trip west, which in my mind I'd categorized as an expansive-type of activity, of the kind that I've recently come to mentally categorize as a "pursuit," this word explicitly -- precisely as I turned the page in the magazine and revealed, in the middle of the new, previously invisible page and directly in my automatic/preexisting area of focus, the text "NEW PURSUITS," and once again in that explicitly pattenristic behavioral fashion, where the thought occurred only the slightest split second before I revealed the text, in the fraction of a second it took to separate the page and flip it over, yet with just enough delay to be 100% *before,* again resulting in that "still 100% perfectly synchronistic/intertwined in effect" sort of timing that's so typical of these (and which still strikes me as be "intelligently orchestrated" ...).

> A radio version of these one-word striking thought-echoes, just after lunch. It started when I checked the hotel listings on the phone and, while scrolling through the available dates, I absently/automatically/reactively thought of how I didn't want to check out on a Sunday due to the added time/effort of attending church on Sunday morning -- perfectly synchronistic with the radio announcer super-randomly saying "church," which was even more notable considering that the announcer had suddenly begun talking about attending church, except that it wasn't a religious station, was just a classic-rock station yet the announcer had spontaneously gone into this pro-religious-toned joke about attending church, with a distinct subtext of "you really should attend church" that would generally be considered awkward or inappropriate for a secular, neutral station and which I don't think I've ever once heard before ...

> Another good example of the "super-subjective/fuzzy/loose" subtles I saw in abundance today and recently, while sitting out on the coffee shop's patio during lunch: it started when I absently but distinctly decided that I'd gotten enough sun on my front side and that I would take a break and turn around in the seat when I reached a good stopping point in the book, thus causing me to look down at the chair's legs and see if they were spaced so that I could thread my legs through them when I changed positions in the seat, thus ultimately causing me to have the absent, fleeting, split-second visualization of my legs and the chair legs with an attendant thought of "legs" -- precisely as I randomly/singularly came to a mention of "legs" in the book, and this another one of those that could just so easily be either dismissed as some sort of subconscious reading-ahead/peripheral-vision reading since the "legs" text was peripherally visible to me when I'd had the thoughts (or just ignored as a simple stray coincidence, given how common the word is and the echo's "small," one-dimensional nature), except that I could once again 100% objectively trace the chain of thought, and trace them all the way back to their originating in a fully objective, independent, external-reality event (my having gotten enough sun on my front side at that exact, particular time). And once again: so, so many of these today, all 100% patternistic of one another behaviorally and in "feel"/nature, etc ...

> A classical, standout, more "normal" echo, an "involuntary bodily function" one, and even of one that I've experienced particularly several times now: it was another "abnormally and conspicuously congested breath" one, just like others, where I took a deep breath after swallowing a bite, then found my breathing suddenly congested and my throat constricted, as to be markedly different than all the previous deep-breath-breaks I'd taken throughout the first half-hour or so of the meal -- at the precise instant I came to the sentence "It was even difficult to breathe," which was once again visible to me beforehand but irrelevantly so considering the distinct, objective, external, and wholly involuntary/"couldn't do it if I consciously tried" nature of my sudden, super-random congested breathing ...

> And the best of the day, the most-coherent and "upgraded"/multidimensional of these particular fleeting/instant echoes. It happened once again when I went to back out of a parking space and turned around to look behind me, 37-plate-style, this time with my seeing a Tacoma truck in my patternistically immediate, involuntary, automatic, random area of focus upon swiftly turning around, so instantaneously "there" that I'd not had even the slightest time to focus on what I was seeing/register it/process it in anyway -- preciously as the radio ad randomly/singularly said "Tacoma double-cab," and in that same context of a Toyota Tacoma truck, and furthermore: the Tacoma I was looking at was indeed a double-cab model, ha ha. It all culminated it not only an explicit, unmistakable, multidimensional objective echo, but with that super-surreal and dramatic "animated" quality to it, with my having whirled around and been "greeted" by the sight of the truck -- just a ridiculously surreal incident in itself, but even moreso considering the context of the day's high activity prior to this incident.

Numbers showed a slight uptick today too, beginning with I think a few scattered low-key 37-plates on the way to lunch, then having another "not immediately after" onset soon after lunch, and ultimately plateauing at that scattered-but-regular level throughout afternoon, and today also showing more "everywhere"/random-source 37s too. Couple standouts:

> Another of those now-classical dramatic "car turning as to dramatically and conspicuously 'flash' its 37-plate directly into my line of sight, and in a logistically flawless and 'intelligently orchestrated'-feeling way," this time when I was walking through the parking lot at the market and had my attention drawn, again by necessity to avoid getting hit, to a van as it turned sharply and quickly/dramatically into the lane I was walking across and so immediately began bearing down on me and thus forced me to take explicit notice of it/shift my full attention to it briefly -- and thus see its front-mounted 7032-plate "whip"/"flash"/"reveal" directly into my line of sight, all in the course of a split second as is so typical of these.

> Another classical "super-random gas-pump readout/amount" one, when I ended up pumping exactly 3.733 gallons of gas, on the $10.00 prepaid amount, such that I just set the pump to go automatically until it filled $10' worth, rather than just doing it on my own in any capacity, thus completely ruling out any subconcsious bias/influence and the like. And, interestingly, I'd originally planned on getting $13' worth but then felt patternistically and distinctly Compelled to instead get $10, despite knowing it probably wouldn't top of the the tank, etc ...


Today was almost exactly like yesterday, being characterized by another day-long all-inclusive super-subtle background static, but more intense today, and of an almost fully “upgraded� nature/complexity/depth, yet still about 99% of them just too personal/complex/subjective/fleeting/context-heavy to be conveyed.

Morning: activity jumped up immediately upon starting after-chore reading, with a sort of resumed-reading/page-turn/�magazine instantly echoing exactly what I was just distinctly thinking�-type one. It started when I laid down after doing a big long extended bout of extra chores and such, all while feeling extra sick/tired/toxic, such that finally lying down and relaxing a little was a big climax, thus causing me to distinctly think about this conscious shift into “relaxation mode� and whatever deeper, fundamental, perhaps energetic changes it seems to be symptomatic of in my experience – and then, when I opened the magazine and resumed where I'd stopped reading before bed last night, the very first sentence mentioned an artist's performance piece entitled “Rest Energy,� which ended up being in that same context more or less of how I was thinking of it, and again a 100% apt, nearly literal echo of the general underlying sentiment of the “rest state/rest mode� thoughts that were still crossing my mind at the time.

With that, it kicked off what would be an enormous cluster of activity spanning the entire hour or so of reading the magazine, probably the most overall active morning I've ever had, and it was pretty much 100% impossible to convey, with most of the incidents being comprised of those enormously profound and notable and explicit “magazine echoing exactly what I'm experiencing in my life in general and at times what I'm experiencing at this very instant�-type of personal thematics, back-to-back pretty much, with every single sequential write-up somehow comprising one of these thematics, and with regular pepperings of those perfectly patternistic small, striking, one-word instant echoes of random things I was thinking/experiencing being echoed literally or sentimentally in the text, as to just end up being one of those massive clusters of incidents that go far beyond the sum of their parts, culminating in an experience that just defies all words – a living-dream-type level of activity and more, once again touching on a new level of surreality/notability, etc.

Lunchtime reading saw another, now-patternistic carryover of these exact same incidents, with the period between after-chore reading and arriving at lunch just being another one of those pauses rather than a transition. Lunch began with another standout incident, too, and this one even more notable and complex than the “rest energy� one – in fact, this one perhaps was one of the most profound and surreal and unbelievable incidents period, though only subjectively/for me who experienced it:

It started right when I was about to eat and read, when a random man came up and asked if he could share the bench I was sitting at. From there, the book immediately echoed exactly what had just happened involving the man, from the very first sentence I read, and spanning several pages – all of it 100% too complex and subjective and context-heavy to convey in specifics, but it doesn't really matter. What matters is that the book more or less echoed exactly and explicitly and instantly the exact, uncommon, particular experience I'd just had involving this random man and our exchange, sort of the instant-echo equivalent of those ridiculously profound/surreal personal thematics. Just no words for it, not a one.

And that was just the start of another, equally intense and profound and unrelenting cluster of that same “all-inclusive salad of incidents� background static, except more than just a background static at this point, rather just an unending stream of unspeakably profound but super-subtle/subjective incidents coming in every form, mostly involving reading/thoughts/feelings of mine but also extending into just about everything around me, again with environmental happenings and the behavior and actions of random people around me, weather/sunshine appearing and disappearing, all that sort of thing. I can't even try and put this into words, either, other than to say it was simply another living-dream-type experience, and a damn long one at that, which would again only pause after lunch and then start up again almost immediately after I got on the road and such.

The drive saw these exact same incidents but with the addition of the “traffic/driving�-related variants thrown in the mix, such as those “partial� and often phoenetic-type of instant-striking-echoes involving my thoughts and passing signs and such (such as hearing “home� on there radio precisely as I read/registered the “ho� in a sign for “Hobcaw something-or-other,� again with the two “ho�s corresponding absolutely perfectly), or little random events being echoed in various ways (like watching some random driver recklessly pass me on the right and around some traffic-divider barrels set up, requiring the driver to turn recklessly/conspicuously and thus causing me to think “turned,� precisely as the radio randomly said “turn�), as well as some more coherent/deeper/objectively notable echoes (such as my spontaneously deciding to gun my engine and pass a slightly-slower-moving truck in front of me rather than slow down slightly and equalize to its speed, precisely as “never gonna slow down� sang randomly from the radio, again as to be intertwined) – many many of these, again way past the point of being mentally overwhelmed, and ultimately, when combined with the super-subtles/personals/thematics and the like, amassing to another gigantic hours-long cluster of dozens upon dozens of incidents, again to record levels probably, to that point that I consciously began willing it to stop, feeling unable to function/drive safely with this constant swirl of activity (which, from what I remember, it did actually seem to tone down after my doing so, like those couple times in the past, again in “intelligent� fashion …).

Numbers saw almost an equal uptick today, in the form of a near-steady stream of low-key 37-plates in traffic and every parking lot I stopped at, from leaving for lunch right through around-town driving and highway driving and all the way to the hotel, plus almost as many “everywhere� 37s too, with a whole bunch of standouts in the mix as well – also surprassing simply surreal to that living-dream level of activity, especially when combined with the respectively intense/overwhelming onslaught of thought-type activity. What a damn day. Head is still spinning.

Partial list of the enormous number of standouts of the day:

> Another two “immediately after lunch� plates, this time right after I left the market where I'd eaten and then put my bag in the car and turned around to head back to that other store in the plaza I needed to go to, only to find myself “greeted� by a 973-plate directly in my line of vision upon turning around, and then, immediately after that one, right next door on its neighboring car was a second 37-plate, as to be a striking 1-2.

> Next, after I'd gone in the store and come out and got in the car to leave, a similarly “immediate� cluster, in the “immediately upon getting back on the road/getting 'mobile'� style. First was another 37-plate directly in my line of sight upon getting in the car to leave, as to be the first plate I encountered upon beginning the drive too – and then, immediately upon pulling from the parking space, I was similarly “greeted� by a 777-plate – and then, immediately after that one, a car passed by and thus “flashed�/�revealed� its 37-plate directly into my line of sight as well, as to not only be a 1-2-3 cluster within the space of seconds, but the first three plates I'd encountered after getting going.

> On the highway, fifteen minutes or so later: another “car in front of me suddenly turning away and overtaking a slow-moving vehicle that was previously invisible to me, thus 'revealing' the other car's 37-plate directly into my line of sight in dramatic/animated fashion,� and this time being another of those “conspicuous activity demanding my attention� element, due to the passed car going under 50mph on a 65-limit road, thus causing me to slow way down and take notice of the car directly in front of me and then, as that car passed the slow-mover in front of them, that's when I got the reveal, again not only hugely notable in itself but completely patternistic of past such “peel-away pass�-type incidents

> A super-notable pair outside the other market I stopped at later, beginning with another of those “37-plates waiting to 'greet' me immediately upon my leaving the place�-type ones, an 83711-plate car again being the very first, immediate thing I saw, parked and angled and otherwise logistically perfect to be directly in my line of sight before I'd even stepped through the exit door. And then, some seconds later as I approached my car, my attention was drawn to my right, by the blinking lights of a car as its owner got out and hit the lock button and caused its lights to blink in answer – and thus drawing my attention, 100% patternistically, to its 137-plate, ha ha.

> Another very notable pair, beginning with another perfectly patternistic clock-tick-37, when I randomly checked my watch (when it was again previously turned away) at the flawless, perfect instant it clicked to “3:01:37� – and then, seconds later as I began to write the note for this incident on my notebook, a school bus pulled up to the intersection I was stopped at, with “503.3137� printed in big type on its front, and again with this number arriving absolutely perfectly into the space I was absently focused on, as to “invade� it in that patternistic and ridiculously surreal/animated/'intelligent� fashion, with the bus coming to a stop just so that the number “parked� right there where I was looking (and again: was this second part an echo of my thoughts of “write note for 3:01:37 clock-tick,� or just a second, standalone incident?).

And so on and so on. Writing out half of the day's incidents would fill a book.

Then some “late� activity even too, including many more thematics/instant-reading echoes and the like during dinnertime reading, and these still very notable and even semi-coherent but just too personal to convey, and still damn overwhelming too, to the point that I just started blocking it out even.

Did have another of those “randomly/objectively finishing reading based fully on the objective factor of finishing my dinner/computer work, only to end up on a 37-variant page number,� this time #136 but on a new leaf with 137, such that it “flashed� visibly to me before I closed the book, patternistically ...


Today was more or less a repeat of yesterday in terms of types of incidents and their feel/behavior/daylong “format,� but with generally less overall activity, especially thought/perceptual stuff – exactly like other times past, when one “big� day is followed by a “small�/lower-activity day of the same stuff just less of it.

Morning reading was totally silent today (with the exception of another of those “coming to several sudden random 37-variants mentioned offhand, corresponding perfectly synchronistically with involuntary health improvement/clarity of thought, only very briefly today but fitting the pattern 100% and fully objective), without yesterday's massive thematic cluster. But then after leaving and heading to the appointment, it all started up again, with those same all-inclusive “salad� clusters of all kinds of incidents arriving around then, though only scattered and mild/�quieter� at this point. Best example of these from this period:

It happened while I was sitting and waiting at a long light, absently looking at a parked van directly across the street as music played from the radio – but then, as I listened to the radio singing “Let me, let me, let me,� I came to finally register/realize what I'd been looking directly at on the van: a big stencil of “Let Lyler's Cleaners Come to You,� and this again in that manner that could be explained as subconscious cueing/selective perception/suggestion from the radio lyrics, except for the subjective feel/behavior of it, where I simultaneously and “synchronistically� registered the text precisely as I registered the radio, as to “marry�/�intertwine� the thought and lyric and text in that specific fashion shared by so many others of this nature (including those that are traceably/verifiably 100% objective/impossible to be purely psychological, etc).

These again simply carried over into lunchtime reading, when they arrived in force/�louder� and more “there,� though never really reaching that insane intensity of yesterday thankfully. Lunchtime reading standouts and examples:

> In addition to the mix of unconveyable super-subtles/personals/thematics and the like, had some of those “normal� lunchtime-reading environmental/thought/reading-type echoes too. Best example: coming to “sat there� in the book, at the precise instant when, just visible peripherally to me from behind my book, a random woman walked up and sat at the table across from me after it had been empty the whole time I'd been there, and again coinciding so perfectly and naturally and flawlessly/intertwined/patternistic in timing and behavior, it was unmistakably “synchronistic,� however subjective.

> Another cluster of those “two nearby strangers in involved conversation�-type reading echoes, and this, though small and brief, was incredibly notable, if only for the back-to-back nature of it and the general precision. There were a couple scattered small dismissibly one-word/fleeting echoes at first as I heard these people talking through the first leg of lunch, but then one of them said “We called April back� at the precise instant I came to “back� in the book, with the two overlapping in that impossibly flawless way, after which I could tell they weren't just coincidence – and then, seconds later, the same happened when one of them said “I had been working� precisely as I came to “work� in the book, again with the two “works� overlapping – and then, just another second or two later, on the next line down, as my head was still spinning from the first two, one of them said “looked like� precisely as I came to “that looked like a cigar� in the book, and also with perfect overlap, etc, and again collectively achieving that level of living-dream surreality. Even had a couple more later on too, though never in that 1-2-3 fashion.

From there, afternoon did see activity, and some of it was of that all-inclusive super-crazy kind from yesterday, but it never reached the intensity, and by evening had actually gone to silence. Also had several standout “normal� incidents in the mix:

> At the market, as I went to put my groceries on a little table by the checkout and thus absently saw a napkin dispenser beside where I'd put them reading “5% CASH BACK,� a nearby cashier randomly said “back,� and this again in that 100% overlapping/intertwining fashion with my registering the “back� text coinciding absolutely perfectly with the cashier speaking the word, a perfect example of the “small-but-striking/perfectly timed� kind.

> An “immediately after lunch�-timed one, when I pulled from the coffee shop parking lot and got behind a car with a bumper sticker reading “GO MILLER GO,� precisely as the radio randomly/singularly sang out “GO!,� and again with the lyric sounding as a perfectly intertwined overlap with my registering the first “GO� on the sticker.

> Most notable and coherent standout of the day, a radio echo. It happened as I was about to head back to the market and thus started thinking of what I needed to take in/do beforehand to prepare, thus causing me to remember that I needed to refill my water jug, thus causing me to look around and find it so I could put it in my lap as not to forget it – precisely as the radio randomly said “the bottle,� with this coinciding in absolutely flawless overlap with my locating the water jug/�bottle� in the front seat and thus registering it with an absent, split-second thought of “there's the jug,� another that just had to be experienced to be appreciated, with it creating the wholly convincing sense of the radio instantaneously echoing my thought in that explicitly “synchroshocked� manner.

> Had another somewhat unclassifiable, maybe-just-an-unlikely-coincidence-type one at the market, too. It started when I put out a cartoon there, and I randomly took out one that proved to be a Dilbert, by Scott Adams – and then tonight, while doing the receipts, I noticed on the receipt from that market that the manager's name was Scott Adams. Mildly notable then, but moreso given the context of that particular cartoon: I'd actually put it out months ago, when I was last at the coffee shop I'd had lunch at today, and then, upon seeing it still out in the men's room there, I decided to swap it out for a new one to refresh it, taking the other one with me to put out elsewhere – and so I'd Just Happened to have that Scott Adams Dilbert cartoon, and, equally, I'd Just Happened to pick it from the several in my wallet when I went to leave it at that random market …

Numbers too were nearly identical to yesterday and several days recently, not as many overall but conforming exactly to the same feel/pattern/behavior, another moderate showing over low-key 37-plates in traffic and parking lots (and only a few “everywhere�/random 37s today I noticed), with some standouts in the mix, today not so many that I couldn't keep track. Ones I got down:

> Another “walking out of a place and being immediately/conspicuous 'greeted' by a plate,� this time a 317 “staring� at me immediately upon my stepping from the door of the market where I'd left the Dilbert, and again with the car angled at that logistically perfect angle such that the plate would be immediately “there� upon my exiting the building. And, also, a couple cars over, a 1371-plate, also angled just right to be conspicuously “staring� at me

> Classical “3:07 timestamp� receipt, patternistically notable but then moreso given the context/circumstances, which are too drawn-out to explain but basically: another place that I had zero plans/intention to visit yet I did, and ended up getting there and completing the transaction at exactly that time (lots and lots of super-randomness involved that resulted in that outcome, patternistically)

> In another parking lot, a cool double: it started as I was walking to the car and again had my attention drawn to a car with its backup lights on, thus causing me to divert my path and of course see its 370-plate when I wouldn't otherwise have noticed. And then, seconds later as I was thinking to write a note about it, that same car passed me from my right and thus “flashed� its plate/�invaded� my vision with it, in traffic-�drifter�-style, ha ha

> Another of those classical “looking behind before backing out of a space, only to have my eyes/focus 'land' directly on a 37-plate,� and this time with a super-notable twist. Precisely as I looked around, a car turned around a bend and stopped directly at the stop sign behind me and thus directly in my line of sight upon turning around – and with its 373-plate “revealed� into that exact spot, at that exact instant, such that the car's arrival and its plate's revealing correlated/overlapped absolutely perfectly with my turning around, again just ridiculously “animated� and “intelligently orchestrated�

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