Synchronicity log for 2011


I'd been putting off re-writing Other for the last year, finally did it. When I got to the point where Hildy wills her dream-reality to the column, it was on a day that I had at last been doing something eerily similar, visualizing and willing a reality to the Succor Punch, a quartz-crystal column.


Started reading The Great Gatsby on 6/22, the longest day. At the start of the book, Daisy mentions how she always misses the longest day, which I had been doing myself until I read that.


Had been trying to get some rechargable batteries for my zapper; ordered some, but mistakenly got the wrong kind, though the charger that came with them was what I needed. So I set out to buy some rechargables; went online, that felt wrong, so I went to Radioshack, then Walgreens, striking out at each, and then went back online, again feeling like I should get them locally. I felt drawn, for some reason, to Energizer brand, though it was of a lower capacity than others. As I was online, I by chance found that K-Mart stocked such batteries, and so I considered going there sometime soon. However, just afterward, I made a call I'd been putting off, to cut a certain lawn. I decided to cut it that day, and it would send me right past K-Mart, so I decided to stop on the way. There, there was one single rechargable 9v battery in the whole store, and reduced, from 12.49 to 1.24, over 90% off (I didn't want to spend much, since I'd already bought the wrong batteries). It happened to be an Energizer.

Also, I got around to ripping a CD I'd bought a few days ago, Eponymous by R.E.M. While going over my word definitions, I happened to come across eponymous (I had started the book that day, and had a choice between several, any of which would've thwarted the synchronicity).


Saw the word "attenuate" in Center of the Cyclone, and it took particular interest in it, for no particular reason. Later, while in Hotmail, saw that it was the word of the day.

Also, felt compelled to edit "The Briefcase" tonight. Like "Other", it very vividly mirrors my experience with the Succor Punch.


Was compelled to edit "Intangible" this morning, and to do it up to a certain point approximately half-way through. At the very end of the segment I edited, the main character battles an internal skeptic while entering a contest to win money, and the skeptic shuts up when she wins. This is exactly what I've been battling lately, and have been wanting to happen (was battling it just this morning, before I started editing).


Went to watch the "Manifesting the Mind" YouTube video I'd been planning on for the last week. I had been planning on it in a day or so, after I had cleared out my resubmission queue, but I was too tired to write, so I tried to watch it early. Unfortunately, the video had been removed from YouTube, so I went and searched for "Manifesting the mind part 1," as the video was called. I didn't find it, but I did find another, of the exact same name, and this one in turn led to me finding a video on a quasi-invisibility technique, where you use self-hypnosis/visualization to make yourself inconspicuous to others. I had been thinking of just such a technique for the past week, off and on, and distantly wondering if anyone had conceived of anything similar. Now I know.

Question: Was it me consciously restructuring reality, or unconciously, via my higher self? I considered the purely psychological approach, that I had asked myself this and thus sprouted a subconscious seed that blossomed into my finding this, but that doesn't work, as the video original video had been removed, and I had to search for it to find the one on invisibility.

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