Synchronicity log for 2012


Another action synchro, a burp this time. Just as I read the line, "Jesus coughed more, and burped without apology," a burp started welling up in my throat, coming out right when I read "burped without apology," in that distinctly synchronous way.

Tonight, I remembered to check my page for "woman in the Window," for comments to reply to. There weren't any, but when I went to watch a movie on Netflix, just about 30 minutes later, because I felt Compelled to do so, I went through their classic movies and there was "The woman in the Window." Notable, since I felt so Compelled to do both.


Saw some reference to LEGO three times today (Noticed it on a poster in the videogame store, then in a book interview, and then in [my friend]'s email). Also, "Haynes," on a license plate of a guy in front of me today, and I Noticed it, and then on a page [my friend] linked me today.


Word synchro: "middle of nowhere"; in "The Surrogate" this morning, and I noticed it since I had to edit it some, and then in "The Ivory Coast" this afternoon, a couple hours later. Notable since it was so close, and I noticed it.


A weird one: I went around to submit Jack Cruz for review to a few places, and of course this got me thinking of how, going on appearances, it's damn near impossible to get any attention for my book. Then, almost immediately, I felt Compelled to go to, and the first entry was a write-up about exactly what I was thinking: how hard it is to get attention/readers for a new author's first novel. Cool, yet depressing.


In reference to the story "The Puzzle," and [my friend]'s response to it (what I wrote back to her):

"Now, your getting the puzzle piece at the grocery store ... really damn remarkable. I mean, I just have to wonder: 1) what are the chances that I would write a story about a woman getting a mysterious puzzle piece in the change at the grocery store, 2) what are the chances that I would meet a woman who had something remarkably similar happen, and 3) that I would, off-hand, mention said story to her."

Word synchro: "uncomplicated," in ledger this morning, then "I Come to Teach" tonight. Not very notable.


Word synchro: "enlist," in ledger this morning and I Noticed it, and then in "Faith" a couple hours later. Came across "uncomplicated" again, too, but probably nothing. Also, "gauge" (verb), in ledger this morning and Noticed it, then in (I think) "The Ivory Coast."


A couple weird ones today, both involving going to see "Prometheus," which I've felt Compelled to do for the last month. The first was before I went into the theater, when I went looking through my truck for a rubber band to put my hair back. I didn't find a rubber band, but I did find two quarters, stashed in my glovebox, and I have no idea how they got there, but I used them in the theater (movie cost $13.50). Probably nothing, but I just had to note it, since it was so unlikely that the 50 cents would be there at all, but then that I would find it. Then, during the previews for the movie, it showed one for "Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter," when just yesterday morning, I'd come across a novel called "Abraham Lincoln vs Zombies" -- notable, since they both involved Lincoln, and shared the same absurd nature. I don't know what to make of it.


Another thought/action synchro, as transcribed in my email to [my friend]:

"I laughed because I pictures you and your mom at 20 paces.  "Answer the phone...."  "No"  "Answer the phone...."  "No"  "draw....""

Just as I read this -- the very split second I did -- the phone rang (and yes, another telemarketer). This is another kind of synchronicity, what I've classified as "thought synchro" or "action synchro." I have a whole gaggle of them in my log. (They used to be spooky; now, I just go right to logging it.)"


This morning, I read a bike ad where they guy mentioned he was "culling the herd," and I Noticed this. Then, not 30 minutes later, in an email from [my friend], there it is again, "culling the herd."

A cool one: yesterday, I started the book "Deadwood," which is set in the old west. Yesterday afternoon, I felt Compelled to watch a movie I'd Noticed on Netflix, "Dead Man," and I ended up watching it last night. The first thing that struck me was how much it resembled the book "Deadwood," but then this afternoon, when I started reading again where I'd left off, on the very next page, it described a man having a bullet ball being taken out of him with a hunting knife -- precisely what happened in "Dead Man." This is interesting, since it suggests that the synchronicity wasn't just a mechanical symptom, since I was Compelled to watch the movie, rather than doing so simply by "chance" -- though, I suppose the two could've reflected one another. Hmm. Confusing.


Cool word synchros today. "Couchant" and "disorder" (noun), both of which in the ledger this morning, and Noticed, and then in "The Kid" tonight, when I felt Compelled to edit it tonight (just pulled "The Kid" out of non-reply-submission purgatory, where it had been for over six months).

Another cool one: "Motor City." I wrote a story last night and this morning, in which I called someone, arbitrarily, the Motor City Madman, the first I've thought of "Motor City" in I don't know how long. Then, tonight, my mom wanted me to help her look for PT Cruisers to buy -- which she and my dad decided on very suddenly -- and while at the website, there was an ad mentioning "Motor City."

Not quite sure if this is a synchronicity or not, but for the last week or so I've felt compelled to buy a supplement called Seriphos, which came to me in an unlikely way. Anyway, today I finally got that "yes" feeling to go ahead and order it. I had it bookmarked on Amazon, but felt I should look around elsewhere and shop prices. Well, I went to, because they ship so fast, and they had it, and then I remembered I had a sort of coupon sheet they sent with my last order, with a 10% off code. Well, when I went and looked at it, I noticed there was a back to the sheet, and sure enough, there's a coupon for 15% off Seriphos. This sight has a gazillion supplements, and I don't think Seriphos is new or anything. And consider I felt so Compelled to try and look at their sheet, I find this notable enough to note.


Another blatant word synchro: "booger-sugar," in ledger this morning, then in "The Briefcase" just after, which I'd felt Compelled to edit this morning since last night. Only time I've used that eloquent term.


While at the gym today, was listening to a Siouxsie and the Banshees song that said "twist," right as I saw my dad doing bar twists, in that eerily synchronistic way that I've come to identify.


Today when I went to the club, a scooter was parked out front, which I'd never seen before. The moment I saw it, I thought of Bob, who used to workout there but hasn't been there for at least a year or more. I think I thought of him because he once drove a motorcycle there, and the scooter for some reason reminded me of it. Still, the thought was very clear: that's Bob's scooter. I went inside, and sure enough, there's Bob, and sure enough, it was his scooter. Hmm. Ruling out pure coincidence, I'd say this was more of an intuition than a synchronicity, but whatever.


Some cool ones today, after a week of pretty much nothing. First, while cutting grass this morning, I saw a doughnut box on the ground and though, arbitrarily, of how a character in the book I'm reading right now, "The Church of Dead Girls," wouldn't eat doughnuts, or give them out at the meetings he conducted. I have no idea why I thought this, but it was very distinct. Then, about an hour later, while eating lunch and reading the book, I came to a part where the guy, because of an abnormality, served doughnuts at his meeting. Wow.

Also, I recently wrote a short story, "Chesterfield Drive," which I'd named quite randomly. Then, today while reading the "Church" book, I saw, stamped on its pages, "Chesterfield Library" (it had been a library discard). Now, the obvious answer is that this was a case of subconscious absorption, where I saw that stamp and the name popped up subconsciously when it came time for me to name the story. However, there is one more thing to consider: yesterday, I noticed the stamp for the first time, when I'd written the story days ago. Again, I can't say that I didn't absorb this subconsciously, even without really noticing the stamp; all the same, I find it notable.

Also, a good word synchro: "hog-tie," first in "The Lunar Cycle" this morning, and then in the "Church" book this afternoon, when I hadn't seen that in quite a while.


Cool word synchro: "Julius Ceasar," in "Tricked" this morning, then in "The Church of Dead Girls" this evening. The cool thing is, this happened when I wrote the story, on 5/13 (when it was called "Addict").


Word synchro: "superintendant," and "affect" (verb), both of these in ledger this morning, and Noticed, and then "Asylum," a new novel I started reading today. The funny thing is, 1) I had planned on starting a different novel today, but was Compelled to read "Asylum," and 2) both of the words were in the first couple chapters several times. Neat.


A cool one, starting a few days ago when I had an arbitrary thought about Bill Clinton. The thought was totally random, and inspecific, though distinct enough to make me take note of it. Then, the next day or so, I went to a random webpage and saw a picture of Bill Clinton on it (though, it wasn't of him per say, but a handshake photo of someone endorsing something). Then, a couple days later, I had a random thought of the Clintons' marriage, also inspecific but distinct. Then, today, while at the market, I just happened to see a tabloid mentioning that the Clintons are getting divorced. Hmm.


Cool word synchro: "concierge." This was in "The Storms of Pemberton" the day before last, and I Noticed it (was sort of misplaced where I used it), and then today, my dad told me, randomly, this story about a house in Georgia, and in it he mentioned it involved a concierge (made a big thing of it because he couldn't remember the word at first). Also notable is that I'd been putting off editing Storms for the past month, and then reluctantly started it the day before last.

Damn cool ones: [my friend] emailed me today, and first, she found, randomly, a bag of fortune cookies, and one of the ones (though I got the idea it was the only one; I'll have to get her to clarify) had the precise same fortune that I found, entirely randomly and in a very unlikely way, in my truck when I went to go see "Prometheus" a couple weeks ago, which I was of course Compelled to do. Incredibly unlikely she would get one, even if it was one in a series, especially since my finding it went along with that model of it so much. Second, she mentioned back patting in her email, when I'd just seconds ago sent an email to my Montag media person where I said I patted her back (felt Compelled to do this).

[Update, 7/3/12: [my friend] did, in fact, draw that precise same fortune on one draw.]


Bigtime word synchro: "acronymic," in ledger this morning, and I Noticed it very distinctly, and then in "Storms," about 1.5 hours later. Funny thing is, I should've edited this part yesterday, but was too sick to.

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