Synchronicity log for 2013


A minor one, after a virtual drought. Yesterday, I had to look in the HAARP book in regards to a concept I'd read in there, what I thought would apply to my book. I didn't find the concept, but while flipping through it, I did see two things: first, "The Sorcerer's Apprentice," which has been a recurring theme for me lately, starting when I felt Compelled to watch Fantasia, and in maybe 3-4 different places since. Then, second, "cyclotron," which I Noticed, then it turned up in 'The Cuckoo's Egg' today, when I felt Compelled to start reading it. Mildly notable, considering how I Just Happened to look in the HAARP book and Notice "cyclotron," then felt so Compelled to start reading the other book today.

Also, a pretty notable recurrence. This afternoon, I thought very distinctly of how, in 'Operators and Things,' the author wrote about how abandonment is a woman's primary fear. This then migrated to me thinking, randomly, if [my friend] feared abandonment, just as a matter of course since she's a woman. Then, in her latest email which I read tonight, she expressly said that: that she fears abandonment. I don't believe she's ever mentioned that before. And, also cool, is that she sent the email yesterday but I haven't had time to read it until tonight, just hours after I had the thought about her fear of abandonment.

[6/9 update on the second: as it turned out, [my friend] *had* mentioned to me a fear of abandonment previously, on 1/13/13, approximately 5 months before I had this thought. So, it's quite possible that my thinking of the woman's comment in 'Operators and Things' subconsciously touched on this memory (though, at the time, I had zero conscious awareness of it if it did). But, the synchronicity would still remain, now just as a simple, but notable, recurrence.]


Very minor recurrence: Oakland, CA. This featured in the first part of 'Cuckoo's Egg' that I read yesterday, and then, today, when tracking the battery I ordered a couple days ago, I saw that it passed through Oakland, CA on its last stop. I wouldn't note this except that I can't remember the last I've seen Oakland, CA reference (if ever?), and then I see it twice in 24 hours, like so many of these.


Cool recurrence: another "sorcerer's apprentice," now at the very end of 'The Cuckoo's Egg.' Doubly notable since it was in the HAARP book I Just Happened to look through just before starting 'Cuckoo's Egg,' in which the two had cyclotron, and the HAARP book had the next-to-last "sorcerer's apprentice." Sort of a delayed recurrence.


A cool little recurrence involving Goodwill. I went there this morning for a new chair, which I got. Before leaving I Noticed a shelf of cleaning bottles for sale, which turned out to be "Adhesive Remover." Then, about 30 minutes later, upon getting home, I went to take the tape off my new chair. As it turned out, the tape left adhesive goo on the chair, that which would've been taken off with adhesive remover. It was the first I've seen adhesive remover for years, since maybe before the sign shop moved; but, it was the first I've ever *needed* adhesive remover myself.


A cool recurrence, occurring within the space of minutes. While writing an email to [my friend] this evening, I somehow mentioned the movie character Clark Griswald, with triggered a thought of the "Brief Grislys" anthology I have a story in (Griswald, Grislys, straight-up memory association). Well, a few minutes later, I noticed I had another email come in, so I checked it -- and it was the announcement that Brief Grislys has been published. Cool.


Cool thought synchros this morning. Both were while listening to music and driving. First was hearing "I got nasty habits," coinciding perfectly with my thinking, in a totally unconnected chain of thought, about nasty mental habits of certain people. Then, when I got home and parked, I parked in one place, then figured I should move up to the next space, as to make it easier for my dad to park behind me when I got home. Immediately as I was thought this, the song said "a space in my parking lot."


some really got recurrences today. Both involved completely random, yet distinct, thoughts I had this morning, as has happened many times with this phenomenon. The first thought was how hard it is to program a VCR (or, rather how hard people used to think it, as was popular), and how I once put black tape over a readout to cover the blinking 12:00; I can't remember what train of thought led to this, or if there even was one. Then, similarly, I thought distinctly of Andy Warhol, and the song of this title by David Bowie. I'm not sure what, but something about the latter made me think, distinctly, "I am going to see this again sometime soon, somehow." I have no logical reason why I thought this; it was just some quality about the Andy Warhol thought that reminded me of past such intuitive predictions, much like that time I predicted seeing young men with red beards. Well, approximately an hour after the Andy Warhol thought and my thinking so strongly that I would see it again, Andy Warhol was mentioned in the 'Motley Fool's Rule Breakers, Rule Makers' book I'm reading, which is highly notable in itself, considering how I identified that "recurrence" feeling and predicted this, and that the recurrenced happened so soon after, but there's also the fact that this is a *stock investing* book, and would be about the last place you'd expect to read about Andy Warhol. Yet, there it was, and not just a passing mention either, but several pages concerning how he made a brand of himself in the business sense. And, soon after that, it mentioned how difficult it is to program a VCR, also, when I don't remember the last I'd heard of that old idea, not surprising considering that VCRs have about died off (though, I didn't get that distinct "recurrence" feeling about the VCR thought). Also, there were two other somewhat notable word synchros, both in this book: "conference room," which I wrote about in the book this morning, when I needed an example for something (I came up with the stuff involving the conference room completely randomly and unplanned, and, also, I wasn't even sure if there was such a thing as a "conference room," and I remember distinctly thinking this after I'd written it); and then, "gravitational pull," which I also wrote of this morning, then read it several hours later. The "gravitational pull" one was doubly interesting because I felt Compelled to put it in the book in regards to how crowds and groups can "suck you in"; it first occurred to me yesterday but I forgot it, and then it occurred to me last night, and then finally it occurred to me again while writing the group influence part of the book this morning. Overall, some damn cool ones.


A couple thought synchros. The first was minor: thinking of a cellphone immediately prior to [my friend]'s cellphone ringing. Another was bit more notable, however: my thinking of a dyed, neon-blue beard, immediately before [my friend] mentioned exactly that, with nothing that would suggest that -- it was completely random, both on my thinking it and [my friend] saying it. And no, I didn't voice this to her (not that I had time). Pretty cool.


A couple word synchros today: "lost in the shuffle" and "masochism," both written in the book this morning and then in the 'Rule Makers, Rule Breakers' book at lunchtime, maybe three hours later. Not too notable except that 1) they aren't the most common of words, especially masochism (can't remember the last I thought or read of masochism), 2) they recurred pretty quickly, and 3) I've been seeing a higher than average number of these lately, many of them abiding by this same formula of being in the book I'm writing this morning, then the book I'm reading at lunch or evening.


Another word synchro like those I've been having lately: "back office." I thought of this, entirely randomly, last night, in the form of the Microsoft Back Office software, I can't even remember what from. I distinctly remember it because afterward I had the thought, "What exactly is a back office? Is that an actual thing, or just some arbitrary software name?" Then, today, when starting the 'Big Secret for the Small Investor' book (which I was Compelled to read, in favor of the other book I'd planned on, out of nowhere), it mentioned a business's back office in the first few pages. Notable considering the circumstances and timing, but also because it seemed to answer that question I'd had of whether a back office actually existed. Also, equally notable, was that this book mentioned Shakespeare and Hamlet, when, just last night, the end of the 'Rule Breakers, Rule Makers' book mentioned Shakespeare and Hamlet. Not only is this a word synchro/recurrence, but is additionally notable considering that it involves two stock/business books mentioning Shakespeare and Hamlet in particular -- very unlikely, I would think.


Cool thought synchro. While working out, just as I hit the 10th rep of an exercise, someone on the radio said "ten, eleven," just as I counted "ten" in my head, and then went on the 11th rep, as to coincide perfectly, in that distinctly synchronistic way. Also of note is that the only reason I heard the radio was because my MP3 player's battery died a few minutes earlier.

[6/29 update: [my friend] sent me this email, in regards to the tweet of this synchro: "[Saw] your tweet a minute ago, got up to take a glass to the kitchen, looked at the clock.  10:11  I had to laugh."]


Oh, so many today. First, I had tons of minor, random synchros all through the day, more than I can list -- another one of "these days." But there were also several pretty notable and coherent ones. First, a thought synchro: I thought distinctly of pulling into a driveway and parking, immediately before the song I was listening to said "pulling into your driveway." I'd listened to this CD before, so I could foreseeably have subconsciously predicted this lyric; however, I can distinctly retrace the chain of thought which led to my thinking of pulling in the driveway (it was about feeding the pig at the Vilas house), ruling this out. Also of note, the song I was listening to was called "Read Your Mind." I laughed my ass off. Then, later on, I thought of the numbers 9 and 11 a split second before I came up upon a sign reading "9" below "11." And, just like the last one, I can distinctly retrace my thought of 9 and 11 to a completely unrelated chain of though (the spiritual experience thing I read a long time ago). Then, just when I was about to cut the sign shop, a man came out from it and started toward a car parked in the lawn I needed to cut. This was excellent timing to start with, since I would prefer that the car had been moved, but also, the man, from out of nowhere, engaged me in conversation on my Honda mower (I'd never met this man before in my life). This was notable from the get-go, because he is the third stranger in the last couple months to out of nowhere engage me on Honda mowers and praise how great they are (the first was the day manager at the dump, who usually ignores me completely, and the other was the real-estate guy about a week ago). However, it gained notability when the guy mentioned, as randomly, how Hondas can run on no oil and not suffer damage -- when, just 3 days ago I'd put oil in this mower, concerned that it might be getting low (after adding it, the mower seems to run quieter, suggesting that it did in fact need oil; though, I can't really be sure if this is just in my head or not). Regardless of whether my mower actually needed oil or not, there still remains the archetype of "Honda mower and oil" (and, if you count my being concerned over whether it needed oil or not, "Honda's running on little to no oil"). Overall, a really cool day, with so many synchros it had that magical, living-dream feel to it.


A bit of recurrence between yesterday and today: a Daihatsu Rocky car, sighted three times within the last day. It started yesterday when, randomly and in a very unlikely way, I drove over by the old jail (in search of a flea market and a new mower which, when I found it, was closed). Then I saw another one (or perhaps it was the same one) on the way to cut grass this morning, then saw another (or the same) parked on the way home. In any case, reasonably unlikely on all three accounts, and also somewhat notable because a Daihatsu Rocky of that approximate year and its exact color was my first car (for all I know, it *was* my first car, since it was sold locally). Reminds me of the horoscope I saw upon turning 18 and getting the car (which may just have coincided with Jupiter arriving in Cancer).

Also, a damn cool recurrence. Today in the 'Alive' book, it mentioned how there was a flight manual in which chapter 34 was titled "Communications." I noticed this because I'm just today finishing up the "Communication" chapter in the book. This set me to wondering what chapter number mine was, because the numbering's gotten screwed up since having decided to split the book into three. So I went and manually counted the chapter numbers, and damned if my "Communication" chapter is the 34th, as the book is currently structured. Wow ... just, wow.


A couple more thought synchros this morning, just like those I've been experiencing lately where I'm driving around and some song lyric corresponds with a distinct thought I'm having at just that same moment, this originating from an entirely unrelated chain of thought, etc. Today it was "standing alone on the steps" or something to that effect, perfectly coinciding with a stray thought of me standing alone on the steps of that house I'm thinking of buying. The other was "did the best I could," which wasn't as exact but did apply very much to what I was thinking at the time.


Some cool thought synchros today. First, this morning I was thinking, randomly but distinctly, of the veil phenomenon. I can't remember what led to it, but the important fact is that I thought of it before church. Then, during church, I all the sudden thought of it again -- just seconds before the pastor went into a discourse on the veil (different concepts, but still). It was one of those perfectly synchronous coincidings, but it was close enough to be highly notable. Also, the pastor's mention came out of nowhere; beforehand, he wasn't saying anything related to a veil -- nothing that would make me think of it again, in any case.

Then, when going to Aidan's birthday party at the park, a classic thought synchro, just like those I've been having lately where I'll hearing a song lyric coinciding with either a thought or an actual event. This time it was "never parked in anyone's space" coinciding perfectly with my parking in the park's parking lot.

Then, while replying to [my friend]'s email tonight, I mentioned how I've learned to very carefully toe around when I'm walking in the dark, as not to step on cats. Then, maybe an hour later, I read in the SAS tracking book about the "ghost walk," which is a means of walking very quietly, which requires you to toe around with your feet when taking each step -- precisely how I'd described it to [my friend].

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