Synchronicity log for 2014


A neat recurrence. This evening, I reached a point in the 'Oracle' book where it was identified just what gas the oracle had been inhaling, which turned out to be ethylene, a chemical I'd never heard of before, that I remember. Then, about two hours after I read this, I went to read an article I'd bookmarked several days before and had been putting off reading. As it turned out, this article mentioned ethylene, for the second time ever -- a classic recurrence. I found it notable not just because of the short time gap, but also because I'd had the article bookmarked for days and Just Happened to read it after reading of ethylene in the oracle book, and also because the artcile had nothing overtly to do with ethylene, gases, or hydrocarbons, etc (the article was about infrared saunas and their health benefits, and it only mentioned ethylene offhand, it being a toxin that accumulates in the body and is removed by saunas).


A damn cool one today, and rather unique. It started when I felt Compelled to once again go to Goodwill. I almost didn't do it, but then I remembered that I had an errand to do in that area, so I went. On the way inside, I noticed a crumpled up piece of paper on the ground in the parking space by my truck, which I felt Compelled to pick up and throw away. Similarly, I felt Compelled to open it up and read it, upon which I saw it was a receipt for a Targus laptop case. upon seeing it, I thought distinctly of what sort of story lay behind that receipt and the laptop case's purchase, as mundane as it was; reading it, I had gotten a distinct sense of wonder and curiosity of who had bought the case, thrown away the receipt, etc. I even took a mild pleasure in it.

The next part came about an hour later, when I went to the library. I went in as usual, without any idea of what kind of book to check out, and I eventually found two to my liking. I started to leave at that point, but then on the way out, a book jumped out at me from the shelf, and I felt Compelled to look it over despite my already having two books (and having bought three other books at Goodwill, no less). The book was called 'Found,' and though I looked it over and flipped through it and didn't really have an idea of what it was about (it was a non-traditional book), I felt Compelled to check it out, so I did. Likewise, I felt Compelled to start reading it tonight, even though I don't usually read in the evening. As it turned out, the 'Found' book was all about interesting stuff people had randomly found -- chiefly, crumpled up notes and papers on the street and the like, exactly like the receipt I'd found. The receipt itself wasn't really notable, of course, but the effect it had on me, of peering into another's life and story, was identical to the entire theme of the 'Found' book, which I'd checked out entirely randomly just an hour after the experience with the receipt, even though I didn't really grasp the book's content. The whole incident has a question-and-answer feel to it, except I didn't really ask. It's like something saw my odd enjoyment of the receipt I'd found (which was the first time I've ever felt that upon picking up a piece of trash of any kind, as it were), and said, "Oh, you like that? Well here's more." Damn cool.


Funny little repeat-number deal today. When I went to pour water for my coffee, I saw the time read 1:36 on the clock. The kettle water wasn't quite boiling, so I had the stand there for a second, and I had the thought, I'll bet that clock will change to 1:37 right after I get my coffee poured (137, variant of the 37 repeat I've been seeing heavily for so long). Sure enough, right after the water boiled, I poured my coffee, refilled the kettle, put it back on the hot burner, then turned to leave the kitchen, the stove's clock ticked to 1:37, at the last possible second before it left my vision, just as has happened so many times in the past. Then, later on, just before I left for the afternoon, the same clock read 3:06, and I had that very same thought, that it would change to 3:07 just as I was leaving the room -- and it did, identically, also after I'd done various things (that I couldn't have coordinated with the timing if I'd wanted to). It bears mentioning that there's no second-timer on the stove clock, and I hadn't been watching when it had changed to 1:36 and 3:06 (I was out of the kitchen and had come in there only briefly, so I couldn't have seen it tick to the minute before and then subconsciously begun counting down/coordinating/etc). If nothing else, it was funny.


A double-whammy thought synchro this evening. Once more, I was reading while having a second, random chain of thought going behind my reading. Just as this train of thought hit on "I'm going to have dinner at 7:30," I came to "dinner at 7:30" in what I was reading. Now, this could've foreseeably been a case of subconscious reading-ahead, since the "dinner at 7:30" was in view of what I was reading while I had the seemingly random thoughts about wanting to have dinner at 7:30, except for the kicker: I looked at the time just after this happened, and it was exactly 7:30 -- an element totally independent of my thoughts (I hadn't been looking at the clock) and what I was reading (which only "aligned" with my reaching "dinner at 7:30" at exactly 7:30). It also bears mentioning that it really wasn't 7:30, but the clock in my reading room only read 7:30 because it's a few minutes behind and I've been putting off synchronizing it for days now. Heh.


A minor recurrence, maybe nothing. 2-3 days ago, I saw in the 'Found' book a note with a picture of a cat with its eyes pulled out and the legend of "I pull out cats' eyes" or something to that effect. Then, today, in the 'Maggot' book, it mentioned the exact same thing, pulling out cats' eyes (this in reference to combat practice, to train oneself for poking men in the eyes). It wasn't precise any further than that, but I found it notable due to the fast recurrence and the sheer oddity/rarity of such an idea as pulling out cats' eyes (I don't believe I've ever before been introduced to that practice exactly).


Several minor recurrences today, all possibly nothing. The first was the word "sponge," used as a slang verb referring to one person leeching off another. I first read it in the 'Found' book 3-4 days ago, and took note of it because it was the first I've ever heard it used in that context, though I suppose this might be common. Then, today, the pastor at church used it during his sermon, in the very same context -- notable despite the days in between, since it was in the exact same context and the recurrence came just after I'd heard it for the first time ever, following that classic pattern. Then, two lesser ones. I was driving along when the song on the CD I was listening to said "soldier," at the exact same moment I noticed a man walking alongside the road, some distance away. At the time, I couldn't make out anything on the man in order to see if he in any way resembled a soldier (I was looking for something because it "felt right" that it was a synchronicity when I heard "soldier" and saw him at the same time, in that distinctly synchronistic way). When I got near to him, the man did indeed have one soldier-like characteristic: he was wearing a camouflage vest. Still, it was just notable, nothing really precise beyond that. Then an even less-notable one: the word "soft touch." I thought of this term vaguely but distinctly this morning, on some random chain of thought, and then it turned up a couple hours later in the 'Maggot' book. I wouldn't note this one at all, being not too rare a term, except for the timing, and the fact that it was the first I'd thought or heard that term used in quite a while, then would see it recur in such short a time period. And, of course, there's the vague-thought pattern. But who knows.


Maybe nothing, but I saw the "soldier" guy again. I wouldn't have noted this, except that I saw him walking along the road at an entire different location than the last time, at an entirely different time of day. He again had on his camouflage vest.


Several today, of varying notability. The most notable was the song I was listening on my truck's CD player saying "sitting by the side of the road" at the precise time I noticed a group of three vagrant-looking men standing conspicuously alongside the road nearby, this occurring in that distinctly synchronistic fashion I've come to know so well. Then, of much lesser notability, there was an odd correlation between a phone call I received today from the cable company telling me that on April 8th my service had been upgraded, when, several minutes later, I came across a journal-type entry for April 8th in the book I was interrupted from reading by the phone call. Fully possible it was just coincidence, this one, though I found the timing and precision notable. Then, an equally minor vague-thought synchro. This morning, from nowhere, I had the vague but distinct thought about how my neighbors pay me a check twice a year to use my well, the first I've thought of this since 6 months ago when I got my last check from them. Then, about 1-2 hours later, I got a call from said neighbors telling me that the next check was waiting for me in my mailbox (when it wasn't due until a month from now). Then, a little more notable, while listening to the same CD as earlier I heard it say "Southern man" right as I passed a truck with a Confederate-flag decorate license plate on its front. And, least notable of all, I edited a story this morning with a Kumar in it, and then read of a Kumar this afternoon in the 'Travel Writing' book. Only notable because I haven't encountered any Kumars lately, then encountered the name twice within hours and in rather roundabout ways, but not at all notable other than that.


A minor question-and-answer one today that might be nothing. Yesterday, I had the vague but distinct thought of what the word was for when the tide hits the beach or something. Then, today, I read that word in the 'Travel Writing' book, perhaps for the firs time ever: "shorebreak." Reasonably notable, especially given its fitting the q-and-a format, but possibly just coincidence.


A couple minor word synchros today. The first was "Inuit," which I read about 3 days ago in the 'Travel Writing' book, for either the first time ever or the first time in a while. Then, today, my mom was asking for my help with a crossword puzzle, and "Inuit" ended up being one of the words. Not sure how notable this is -- how common a word is "Inuit"? If rare, I would say it's reasonably notable, even though the 3-day time gap isn't hugely short. Then, second: "Sai Baba." Yesterday, I had the random but vague though of this person, and I couldn't remember his name. Then, today, I read it in the 'Travel Writing' book.

Mom relayed an interesting, albeit secondhand, one to me, also involving a crossword. The clue for a word was Mohammad Ali's daughter's name, and my mom had no idea what it was, never having heard of the man's daughter. Then, the very next day, she saw a random commercial on TV which not only featured Mohammad Ali's daughter but had her name spelled out, exactly how Mom needed it for the crossword. I found this notable for the obvious reasons, but also because it fits that question-and-answer pattern I've experienced so many times. Also, the way she told it, she Just Happened to look up at the commercial in question, from out of nowhere, when she'd been reading a book and not paying attention to the TV (and had the volume turned down).


First, a classic reading/thought synchro. While reading the 'Zero History' book, I read that word "tattoo," which made me think of a tattooed woman I saw at a restaurant today while I was walking around the dining room looking for someone I was meeting there. Then, the very next line down, I read "He was meeting someone there." I would chaulk this up to subconscious reading-ahead, except that I can, once again, trace the exact source of the thought I'd had of meeting someone in the restaurant, to the "tattoo" and it making me think of the tattooed woman, etc. Very notable.

Second, there was another of those minor-synchro onslaughts today, all of them weaving between the 'Travel Writing' book I finished reading this morning, the 'Divide' book that I started editing this morning, the 'Zero History' book I started reading this afternoon, along with just the day's general themes -- maybe a couple dozen or so in all. The more coherent ones were "Savile Row" being in first the Divide book, then the 'Zero History,' when I haven't read of Savile Row in forever, etc; same for "self-fulfilling prophecy"; and Bohemia/bohemian being central to the last of the 'Travel Writing' book, then it being central to a scene in 'Zero History'; Icelandic women being mentioned in 'Zero History,' when the last story I read in 'Travel Writing' was set in Iceland and specifically mentioned Icelandic-looking women; same for eating food served inside the stomach of an animal, when I have read of this practice only once or twice in my life. Etc, etc. Pretty cool.


A couple classic reading/thought-type synchros this afternoon. First, I had the random but distinct thought of wanting to wipe down my face with a towel, as has become a daily practice for me since doing the saunas and constantly having an oily face. This thought was triggered by my rubbing my nose and finding it oily. Then, when I went back to the book I was reading (I was interrupted to rub my nose), the very next line was "He wiped his face using a towel." Once again, I would be quick to peg this one as subconscious reading-ahead, since the line was on the page I was reading just before I was interrupted (not out of sight, in other words), except that I can so distinctly trace my thought of wanting to wipe my face with a towel, back to the separate, real-world occurrence of my rubbing my nose and finding it oily. Rather notable, I think.

Then, a similar one with the line "a large vehicle groaned past in the street," me reading this line precisely when a big diesel truck very much "groaned" past in the street outside, these two events corresponding in that perfectly synchronistic way.


First, a thought/action synchro of sorts. While I was at Roxanne's, cleaning her bedroom, I Noticed a picture on her dresser, of a teenage boy, and I had the absent but distinct thought of whether that was Roxanne's son. Immediately after, Roxanne spoke up from the other room to tell me that today was her son's birthday -- totally out of the blue, when we hadn't even been conversing, much less about her son. As it turns out, the picture wasn't even of her son, but that of someone who is staying with Roxanne, which might lend a clue to this incident, if indeed an incident it is: perhaps it was my thought of "Roxanne's son" recurring in her randomly mentioning her son's birthday? or maybe a classical ESP-type incident, our minds/thoughts cross-linking?

Then, a couple hours later, something that I'm not sure is a proper synchronicity or what. Yesterday or the day before, I can't remember which, I'd had the thought that I needed to read a book or something on the lymphatic system, to get a better idea of its workings since mine seems to integral to my health condition presently. However, I'd forgotten this idea immediately after, failing to write a note. Today at the library, however, while I was looking for a new book (totally randomly, as usual, with zero idea of what I was looking for), I came across a book on the lymphatic system -- sitting conspicuously in the "just read" trolley, directly in front, where I couldn't miss it. I wouldn't note this except that 1) I'd just had the distinct thought of needing to read a detailed book on the lymphatic system, within the last 1-2 days (I want to say it was just yesterday), and 2) the book's placement was so conspicuous, as if it were on a pedestal with a spotlight on it.


Yet another reading/thought synchro (why so many of these lately?). At lunch today, I took a bite full of garlic and coconut oil, and I had the thought, "These are supposedly good against parasites." Then, a split second later, I read the next line in the book I was reading, which mentioned parasitology -- not the most precise of hits, but the underlying concept was definitely there, and the timing was once again that distinct, synchronistic way.

Then, a mildly less notable one. In the last book I read, about two days ago, it mentioned Venn diagrams, and though I was 99% sure of what they were, I noted it to look up, just to be sure. Then, today, in the 'Internet Searchers' book, it showed a Venn diagram for something, and mentioned it specifically as this by name. Though this could easily be a coincidence, it did have that question-and-answer feel to it, and there's also the fact that it's been years (perhaps over a decade) since I've seen Venn diagrams mentioned, and then I saw it twice within two days (and in back-to-back books, nonetheless).


Minor word synchro/recurrence today: "roll-aboard." This one was interesting because it was again a word that I'd learned recently, then logged in my word ledger to look up, and then had recur the very next day after I'd at last looked it up. I first read it in the 'Zero History' book about 4-5 days ago, but then finally got around to looking it up just last night -- and then it was in the 'A Road Within' book today, the second time I've ever read it. It fits the pattern of other such ledger-lookups.


Really cool recurrence today. This morning, I went and edited an essay I'd written and then forgotten some months ago, entitled "Help." It made me think of the Beatles song, and I had it in my head all day and into the night. It was the first I'd thought of that song for months or years, and it was rather by chance, since I hadn't even known I had that essay until a big long chain of "chance" events led to me remembering it and, thus, editing it and remembering the song. Then, tonight, the 'Road Within' book mentioned the song and its chorus (that which I'd had in my head all day). This recurrence was mildly notable in itself; however, the real notability came in the circumstances, first in how I'd Just Happened to randomly edit the essay/get the song in my head, but also because the relevant line in the book was the very last I read of the night. In fact, I'd been telling myself as I read, "Just this last story in the book, then I'm going to bed," and it was the very last line in the story where the song and its chorus were mentioned. It added a really neat spin to the whole thing.


Minor word synchro today: "archetypal." It first occurred last night, while I was writing the "New Science" essay, the first I'd used or read that word in months or years. Then, this afternoon, it was in the 'Road Within' book. The recurrence itself is mildly notable, considering the relative rarity of the word and the brief time between the recurrence, however it gains some notability when considered that it fits perfectly the pattern of many past such word-synchro recurrences involving my reading and writing, where I'll have to work with one word in particular, as to make it stand out in some way, and that will end up being the one that recurs (which was, of course, the case with "archetypal," in this case me going back and forth a couple times on whether to use it or "archetypical," which is, as it were, what I've always preferred in the past, but, For Some Reason, opted to use "archetypal" last night, for the first time, I believe ...).

Also, a minor thought/reading synchro. I was in my email, checking the status of a package that's overdue, and just after seeing that it was still mysteriously stalled in shipment, I saw a news headline on the ad bar beside the email, subtitled 'Inexcusable delays.' It could've been just subconscious/peripheral-vision trickery, or just a true coincidence, but it did fit the classic model of that distinctly synchronistic recurrence I've experienced so much.


Cool recurrence today: Arthur Koestler and his "holons." I saw this one coming, actually. I read of Koestler's "holons" in the 'Road Within' book (quoted randomly in there), for the first time ever, and as soon as I saw it, I knew that it would be in the 'Roots of Coincidence' book, which I had just ordered a day or so before. I got the book a couple days ago, and then, while finishing it today, sure enough it mentioned the holons quoted in the 'Road Within' book. This is notable, in the first place, as a book/word synchro, because of the simple recurrence between them within the few days' time, when I'd never heard of the holons before in my life. But also, there is the fact that I'd been meaning to get the 'Roots of Coincidence' book for nearly a year now, but couldn't find it reasonably priced until just last week (a day or two before reading of the quote in the 'Road Within' book, as it were). So, not only was there the recurrence of "Koestler" and "holon," and not only did I Just Happen to order the book just before reading the 'Road Within' quote, but I placed the order after putting it off for nearly a year. When the added dimension of that added in, the timing here is just so highly notable, it's off the scale. Pretty cool.


Cool thought synchro today. I was thinking, distinctly and not at all vaguely, about how I'd reacted to some news I'd unexpectedly received earlier in the afternoon, wondering if I'd stayed cool and maintained a poker face or not, when, a split second later, this thought was echoed, in not so many words, by the song I was listening to ("Play it safe, play it cool, if you ever emote -- you're playing the fool"). The "staying cool" part was a direct, literal hit, while the "emote" part was, though using different words, expressing the same thought in the same context. It bears mentioning that this was the first time I'd ever heard this song (I had, in fact, just received the CD in the mail that day).

Then, a notable secondhand one from my mom. A couple days ago, she had the absent but distinct thought of how to spell "capybara." Then, the next day, she went to get my brother's mail, in which was a "Discovery Kids" magazine, which she thought she would look through while she had it. Inside was an article on the capybara. Despite its secondhand nature, I found this notable because 1) the time between the original thought and the recurrence was short, 2) it fits perfectly the vague-thought pattern I've experienced so much, and 3) it fits, also, the question-and-answer patterns I've seen so much. Notable, in my opinion.


Minor recurrence today. Last week, I learned of a place called Seacaucus, NJ, because a package was shipped from there and it showed up as such when I tracked it (and I took particular notice of Seacaucus, because this package was mysteriously late and delayed, so I saw "Seacaucus" again and again when I tracked it through the days). Then, in the book 'The Petting Zoo' today, it mentioned Seacaucus. Perhaps Seacaucus is famous or well-known, I don't know, but I find it somewhat notable that it would recur within a week's time and from such wholly random sources, plus it fits the usual patterns, etc. Though, possible it's just a coincidence, especially with the relatively long time gap (or is it a relatively short gap, given that I'd gone 30 years without knowing of Seacaucus, then have it "seek me out" twice within a week's time?).


A number of interesting recurrences today, all centered on the book 'The Petting Zoo.' The first was the phrase "things just seem to happen," which I'd used yesterday when writing the "Blurring the Line" essay. The notability wasn't so much in the phrase, but in the fact that it was used in the precise same context in which I'd used it (in regards to how, in myth and fiction, details aren't explained, and so things just seem to happen, illogically and miraculously). In this same passage of the book, it even mentioned "blurring the lines," also in the same context of the title to my essay -- reasonably notable, given the exact same context and the short time between recurrence.

Then, a more complicated recurrence. For the last week or so, I've had enough conspicuous encounters with crows to where I felt they might be symbolic of something occurring in my life, etc, as has happened in the past, and so I kept thinking I needed to look up crow symbolism again, but I kept forgetting -- until this morning, when I finally remembered and looked up crow symbolism, after days of forgetting it. Well, in the 'The Petting Zoo' book this afternoon, pretty much everything I read in the symbolism research recurred, when the book introduced a talking raven character, which went into a brief history of raven symbolism, which is, of course, largely shared by that of the crow. In fact, I had at first confused crows and ravens, such that I ended up researching both crow and raven symbolism this morning, and the 'Petting Zoo' book even made direct note of this, as well as a direct note of how the crow/raven is a "trickster," the same term I'd encountered in the symbolism research. I find these recurrences reasonably notable to begin with, being so precise, but I find it even more notable considering the timing, just a couple hours apart -- and, of course, that it fits with the classic pattern of me putting something off/being prevented from doing something for a long period of time, and then, when I finally do it or whatever, it will recur soon after, when the recurrence would've been much less notable (and noticeable) had I done the thing when originally planned. It evokes the perfection-in-imperfection concept.

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