Synchronicity log for 2015

Today was another of those that seemed to follow a theme, today's being those subtle, individually unnotable ones that only turned notable once I identified a regular pattern. Other than those, two standout word/thought synchros: first, "holiday," with me reading this in a magazine precisely as someone nearby (who couldn't see the magazine, and was carrying on a conversation with another unconnected person) said "holiday," not only perfectly coinciding, but with my eyes being drawn directly to the word a split second before the lady spoke it (as seems to happen often with these); and, similarly, "Lynn," with me thinking "Dr. Lynn" (being in her office) precisely *before* I turned a page in a magazine and my eyes were drawn directly to a book cover with the author name "Lynn," this too coinciding in that perfectly synchronistic fashion, so simultaneously that I couldn't have had time to be cued either way.


Not many today compared to yesterday, just some stray number synchros really. There was one standout, this morning on the way to Modern Cleansing. First I Noticed a van with "7777" on the back panel, it and the number jumping out at me the way these often do, and then, immediately after, my eyes with sucked down to the car's trip readout on the dashboard, which read "777.7." -- and then, following the pattern of so many others of these, the trip readout immediately clicked to 777.8, a split second afterward, giving me just enough time to read it. Heh. I at first thought about subconscious suggestion, but, first, there were the several objective components there (such as there being the van with the 7777 for me to see in the first place, not to mention my Noticing it so distinctly and "perfectly-timingly"), but also, if I remember right, my arm was stationed on the steering wheel so that it was actually blocking the trip readout until right after I Noticed the van's 7777 (and, as it were, had to turn the wheel just so that the 777.7 was revealed). Also, right afterward, while I was thinking of how it was "four sevens," kind of a 4/37 hybrid, the radio said "all fours" (though this wasn't quite precise enough to be more than a potential adjunct hit).


Another day with a fair number of smaller, subtler ones, but few coherent standouts. Really that only that comes to mind was one of those ESP-type recurrences, while getting a massage with Brittany today. I had the spontaneous, yet explicitly distinct, thought of whether she might have some internet venue for receiving client reviews, like Yelp, etc, but I didn't say anything, thinking that she probably didn't. Then, less than a minute later, she asked me, as explicitly, if I might be interested in leaving her a review on Facebook, about as precise a hit as you can get. ESP/thought transferrance? Or just another synchronous parallel/recurrence? Quite notable, in any case (and she thought so too, when I told her what I'd just been thinking).


Another day of smaller, subtler ones, mostly repeat numbers. Did have another of those cool receipt/purchase number-repeats, this time at Walmart, when I got the camping stuff, plus some other things I hadn't even planned on, and the total was $88.63 and I paid with a hundred -- so I got change of exactly $11.37. Then, on the way home, a weird sort of "stretch" recurrence, where immediately after I saw a bungee cord on the ground and thought "stretch," I looked across the street for cars, upon which my eyes fell directly upon a pewter turtle with its neck "stretched" up very prominently. I wouldn't note this one except for the really synchronistic timing, plus the reasonably precise archetype.


A cool reading/thought synchro today. I heard "fuck" on the public radio at Second Cup, and then a couple seconds later read "inappropriate words" in the book I was reading at the time. I found this reasonably notable initially, even though the timing wasn't perfectly synchronous; however, after I thought about it, I realized that I'd thought something along the lines of "that was so inappropriate to have on at a touristy coffee shop like this," and that that thought *did* correspond more or less perfectly with my reading the "inappropriate words." Heh.


Pretty cool recurrence today, in the vein of the Baba mentions from all the random people. Right before I left Boone last week, Dr. Kaplan recommended to me, out of the clear blue, a place here in SC called Brookgreen Gardens. He really enthused about the place, showing me pictures on the computer and urging me to go, all without any prompting or context or relevancy -- really one of the most damn random, yet impassioned, recommendations I've ever received, as to make it stand out to me (and suspect that I'd probably be hearing about it again sometime soon). Then, today, Rodney at the footbath place mentioned the exact same thing to me -- not as passionately, but as randomly, literally just out of nowhere saying, "Have you ever seen the Brookgreen Gardens down there?" and then going on to praise it as a great place, etc. Again: no lead-in, no relevancy, no flow of conversation leading logically to it. Just a point-blank, "Hey, visit the Brookgreen Gardens."

Also, a lot of 53/212 repeats today, including one really cool standout. While doing the castor oil pack and fumbling with the timer once it went off, I accidentally hit the "clock" button, which, when the display changed to the time, was ticking exactly to "5:53:35," to the second.


A pair of vague-thought recurrences, nearly identical in nature. The first was my thinking of "Christmas," and the Beatles song "I Guess This Is Christmas," very distinctly yet for no reason I could name. The song kept looping through my head, despite my not having heard it for some time, and it was enough to make me think, "Why am I suddenly hearing that song?" Then, maybe twenty minutes later, I reached the chapter in the 'Deep Down Dark' book where the men are at last reached in the cave, and it was entitled "Christmas." (Though, I can't say that there wasn't some reference to Christmas beforehand in the text, and I didn't absorb it subconsciously.) The second one was similar, me thinking about a song where the chorus says "Let go," this too coming very distinctly and loopingly but with no obvious source (I can usually trace these things to something or other). Then, when I watched the Joe Rogan video about the dep tank this evening, its big theme was "Let go," and in the same context of the song that had been in my head, in regards to letting go emotionally and physically of blockage/tension, etc. As notable as it is that I had these two of very similar nature on the same day, is the fact that I *hadn't* had one of these for a long time, until these two, back to back. Heh.


Wow, so so much today, I can't even keep track. Was primarily numbers and those small-yet-instantaneous thought synchros, many times coming in such rapid succession that it reached that level of being simply surreal, leaving my head spinning even after experiencing this so much. For instance, I had ~4-5 thoughts manifest in one way or another, all back-to-back within the space of seconds, like they were being painted onto the world. Another time, I was stopped at an intersection, and first all the cars around me had some kind of 55/35/15 on them, and then all the cars that pulled up in the turn lane alongside me had some variation of 37/137 on the license plate, three in a row, leaving me laughing. Some one-word reading synchros while reading the 'Deep Down Dark' book too, such as reading "shirtless" immediately after I was thinking of how I was standing shirtless and conspicuous in the parking lot I was reading at (to get sun). Etc, etc. Another standout was when I read in the book "one, or two or three," and then, immediately afterward while looking up to do something, I noticed the clock read "12:03," echoing the "one-two-three" (since the zero seems to be a nonexistent "null" in these repeats).

Also, a bit of a continuation of yesterday's "let go" vague-thought incident: a few pages later in the same book, while reading today, a chapter ended with a page on the "let go" syndrome the miners were facing, using that same "let go" label exactly (and in the same context, pretty much). Heh.


Oh, so many minor ones and repeat numbers today, not quite as much as yesterday's onslaught but close. Standouts were hearing "red, white, and blue" on the radio, perfectly synchronized with my Just Happening to look at a roadside American flag. Also, part three of the "let go": now it came from Valerie at the dep tank place, who, while briefing me before going in, told me several times to "let go" of the body, ego, etc, yet again in the same context as before. Heh.


A pretty cool reading synchro this afternoon at the restaurant. Right as I read "he lifted himself from the chair," the man seated across from me stood from his chair, and not only was the timing in that perfectly synchronous fashion, but the way the man stood was very slow and calculated and precise, such that he very much appeared to "lift" himself in a specific way. Pretty notable, especially considering there was no way he could've seen my book, etc (it was turned away from him, and he was too far away anyhow).

Also, another of those conversation synchros, this time with Brittany during the massage, and a very precise one at that. Again, the other person mentioned, totally offhand and without any prompting/leading on my part, several specific subjects that I'd encountered within the last day, with two of them stemming from the magazines I found randomly in the recycling bin yesterday: first, living off-grid/homesteading (as several of the Mother Earth News magazines had on their covers); second, the iPhone's ability to scan a fingerprint instead of having a password (as I not only saw yesterday on the back cover of one of the magazines, but had learned of for the first time -- a very notable recurrence in itself); and then, third, having people get chipped (which I'd thought of for the first time, also yesterday, for the first time in a while, from getting two new, chipped credit cards reissued in the mail the same day). Again, pretty notable.

Also, a notable reading/thought synchro: reading "bile," a split-second after I'd been thinking of my gallbladder. Notable because I can confidently rule out subconscious reading-ahead, being able to trace my train of thought back to indepedent ones, etc (and, besides, it was "bile," not gallbladder). Also, the timing was pretty good.


Had a lot of the usual numbers and smaller, subtler incidents (several one-word reading/thought synchros that were variably notable). The day's standout was an "ask and ye shall receive"/"q-n-a" type. Today at the market, I saw some asparagus and thought about buying it, but didn't feel like steaming it along with the squash in a separate pot, etc, so I'd had the absent-but-distinct thought of, "I wonder if you can eat asparagus raw?" Well, this evening I did the epsom salt bath for the first time, and because I'd just finished the book I was reading, I decided to read one of those magazines I'd gotten out of the recycling bin randomly the other day. I grabbed the one on the very top of the stack, and sure enough, within the first few pages it had a little article on how to prepare aparagus in different ways, the last of which was, simply, "eat it raw." Haha. Notable in itself, due to the precision and the timing (~2 hours after I'd had the thought in the store), but also because of how I'd 1) randomly gotten those magazines out of the recycling bin the other day, and 2) had Just Happened to have the asparagus-article-containing one on top (and, also, that I would absently choose the one on top rather than sorting through one with something on the cover that caught my interest, etc).


Another day with a lot of smaller, subtle ones. Standouts were two back-to-back music/lyric/action synchros this morning on the way to Cheryl's. First, hearing "get out of my way" on the radio just as I had to pull forward for a car to pass on the street (and, likewise, I was thinking something along the lines of "get out of my way," both to the car and to some nearby workmen cutting down treelimbs and obstructing my path when trying to back from the driveway). This one wasn't precisely synchronous, but it was close (~1-2 seconds apart), and the precision was pretty spot-on. And then, a few minutes later while driving down the road, I passed a watersports-rental place and saw a good-looking woman in its parking lot in a bathing suit and I thought, "good-looking woman," right as the radio sang "woman so fine," and this one was precisely synchronistic.


Some pretty cool ones today. First, a couple of interesting number repeats, such as when, in traffic, I saw one 37 and then, immediately after and in perfectly synchronous fashion, a car pulled conspicuously into my line of sight, its license plate a blatant 1137. Also, when I went to pay for the colonic and ELT today, the total was exactly $173.53, both my most-common repeats presently (and, notably, that was after 1) a $15 tip, and 2) with the Balance oil that I bought, entirely randomly, for the first time, after mentioning it to Cagney, both of which upped the total to exactly that figure ...). And then, at the store, right when I went to flip the register's display as my stuff was being rung up (it was turned away, oddly), the person right next to me said "flip," in perfectly synchronous fashion (doubly notable since I flipped the display in the first place because I distinctly wanted to see what prices my stuff was ringing up at). Then, a few minutes later in the parking lot, I had the thought of "where's my car," because I'd just realized it wasn't where I'd thought it would be -- precisely as I passed not my car, but one identical to it, right down to the year and exact color. Not "my" car, obviously, but in a way, it *was* my car; it was another of those "underlying archetype"-sort of incidents, this time in very living terms.

And then, this evening, a classical, yet really cool, book synchro. Again: two books (the PEMF book and the 'Crack in the World' book, or whatever that one's called), read randomly and back-to-back (the second book I've actually had for nearly two months now, and then, of course, it Felt Right to begin reading it just today, in Compelling fashion), bought entirely randomly (the PEMF book I just bought a couple days ago, right before I started reading it), each posessing something I read of for the first time in the first book (the "Gaia theory" as it were; also, interestingly, each book mentioned how this "Gaia theory" has been upgraded in relevancy due to recent evidence, each mentioning this fact specifically). Not only was the precision and specificity in this one spot-on, but also the timing, for I first read of the Gaia theory in the PEMF book just yesterday, and then just today read of it in the 'Crack in the World' book. Pretty highly notable, really, but then there was a neat little footnote that adds even more notability: on the same page of the 'Crack in the World' book that mentioned the Gaia theory, it also mentioned a synchronicity -- an unrelated synchronicity, as it were, but still, just seeing the word "synchronicity" on the same page was pretty notable, I thought (and ironic).


A cool sort of three-way thought/recurrence incident this afternoon at the pawn shop. I felt Compelled to go there in the first place, despite needing nothing and actually having an appiontment to meet someone shortly, and then as Compelled to look at their movies, despite explicitly not wanting to watch any movies in my current condition. While I was doing so, I came across 'Stargate,' which in turn made me think of 'The Fifth Element' -- and then, the very next movie I saw, on the next shelf, was 'The Fifth Element.' I would write this off to subconscious suggestion by way of my peripheral vision (or just plain chance), except that 1) the shelf 'The Fifth Element' was on was the top shelf, with 'Stargate' on a lower one, such that I couldn't see the top one due to an overhanging little display shelf with signs and such on it, and 2) I can distinctly trace my thought of 'The Fifth Element' to my seeing 'Stargate' (since I'd bought these two movies together, on that last Compelling this winter). I found this mildly notable in itself, but then, immediately after I saw 'The Fifth Element' and thought "That recurrence was mildly notable," I turned around and saw a sign reading "essential elements" -- not a precise recurrence, but still something of "element" there. Maybe nothing; maybe something. Does it even matter anymore?


Another day with a lot of smaller, subtler though no less notable incidents. I drove up to NC, and it was typical of past roadtrips, lots of radio/thought synchro between passing signs, events, etc. Standouts: hearing "rain" on the radio, perfectly synchronous with the first few drops of raining splattering my windshield (and, as it were, the *only* few drops of rain; it hadn't rained before or since that lyric came over the radio, and stopped almost immediately, like I'd just passed beneath a lone, weeping cloud; surreal); and hearing "getting up to splash my face" on the radio, coinciding perfectly with another of those long, indepndent, random chains of thought which ended with my thinking of my getting up that morning and washing my face (with a washrag, not "splashing" necessarily, but still a precise underlying archetype of "bathing the face"). Some really damn neat ones in there too, though these were just too subtle to describe.


Had a bunch more vague, subtle ones today, now in the vein of thoughts echoing surrounding actions/events in an eerily surreal way (or is it the other way around, outside world echoing my thoughts, or the two simply "synchronzing" ...?). A standout amidst these was a classic recurrence: last week, when getting the cupping at Dr. Dong's, I by chance picked up a copy of 'Reminisce' magazine and looked through it while waiting, learning of this magazine's existence for the first time as it were. Then, today, when I went through my accumulated mail at my parents', I had received a mailing offering me Reminisce magazine. The timing between my seeing it and getting the mail was reasonably long, yet relatively short, considering I'd never heard of this magazine before in my life; but the funny thing is that my receipt of the mail was delayed, so I have to wonder when it actually arrived at my parents' (perhaps a week or so ago, right around when I was at Dr. Dong's ...?).


And again, another day filled with those subtle-yet-notable incidents that just don't translate to text. The standouts were a weird little recurrence of "happy hour," starting at the acupuncturist's where I noticed this odd little handwritten sign taped to the wall, reading "happy hour" (which was so conspicuous because the rest of the room was very quaint and clean and upscale-decorated), and then recurred about an hour later at Earthfare, with their "happy hour" juice sign, and then again a couple hours later, when a commercial came over the radio advertising "happier hour" at Taco Bell. This one wasn't too notable, except for the timing and succession, as well as that oddness (and my Noticing) of the first one on the acupuncturist's wall. Then, a blatant and highly precise thought/radio synchro: I was looking at the cafeteria dining section at Earthfare, when I was struck by its strange, mundane beauty, and I had the distinct thought of "maybe I should take a picture of it with my phone" -- a split second before the radio sang out "take a picture," the two recurring in that perfectly synchronistic way (though, again, with my thoughts just preceeding the radio enough to rule out subconscious suggestion, etc). Pretty cool one; made me smile.


First, the usual wash of subtle-but-significant-yet-ineffable ones I've been having lately, of several types. Had a really good standout this morning, an "arrangement"-type, when I went to Dr. Kaplan's early. It worked out much better for me to go there earlier, on my way into town, rather than at my 11:00 appointment, and so I decided to stop by early and see if he couldn't take care of me. As it were, I ended up getting there at 10, and as soon as I walked in, a smile lit up his face and he said, "I can't believe how the universe works. I accidentally double-booked your 11:00 appointment, and I was hoping I could get ahold of you to reschedule it to 10." We both laughed out asses off, especially since it just worked so well for me to get my adjustment at 10, etc.

Then, at lunch, a very blatant word/thought/reading synchro: precisely as I said that my hotel room's checkout was 11 am, my eyes were directed to a nearby scrap of paper reading "checkout." And, as always, I might've ruled this one as subconscious suggestion, etc, except that 1) I was already having the conversation in which I was asked when my hotel checkout was (by a third part, in another room, totally away from the piece of paper), which prompted me to say checkout, and 2) I was already speaking "checkout" a split second before I turned my head and saw the paper, and 3) I was just entering the room when I was speaking the word, such that I couldn't physically have seen the paper until right that moment, the two events coinciding so perfectly (and my eyes "zooming" right to the paper, as I've had in other cases like this).

Plus, a real standout number-repeat. I'd been seeing 1137/37/53/375 like crazy all day, in many notable instances in itself, but then when I finally got the RV and went to the tag office to get my tag, the total of my fees came to exactly $337.50. Notable in itself, considering all the logistics behind that figure, but especially so in light of the fact that I didn't have insurance yet and, thus, couldn't yet get my tag, only the title, etc -- which, had I been able to get the tag and the like, it would've upset the figure, etc. Haha.

Also, what might be nothing but doesn't "feel" that way, was some more scarab/beetle "encounters," first this morning when, inexplicably, I found several scarab-type little beetles in my hotel room (never saw them there before, and I had the room and windows closed up). I actually "felt" like this was significant at the time, even though I had no logical reason to feel so, as I've felt before; from this, I had the sense I would soon be "encountering" another scarab-type insect or symbol soon -- which I did, later today when I went into the Beech Mountain city hall to have the RV title transfer notarized. As I went in, I saw another little scarab-looking beetle on my shirt. Considering my first "encounter," that morning, felt in such a way that I predicted I'd be seeing another one soon after, I find these notable.


Tons and tons of these subtle synchros/number-repeats, way too many too list, though not quite in that "onslaught" fashion of the past, rather just a bunch of individuals. The day's big standout was when I was listening to the radio and it mentioned Janet Jackson, which made me think of Michael Jackson, which made me think that I'd like to get another Michael Jackson CD and explore some more of his music -- after which I changed the radio channel and the very next one had a Michael Jackson song playing (and one that I hadn't heard before, as it were). Very notable, for several reasons. Heh.


First, a though/event/radio synchro that might've been coincidence (but didn't "feel" that way). Precisely as I pulled up into a traffic jam, the song "I Can't Drive 55" came on the radio, echoing my sentiment of "I'm in a traffic jam/feeling pent-up" quite well, though this wasn't quite precise enough to say for sure either way. In fact, this was the theme of the day: many such incidents which had a sort of "imprecise yet precise" underlying archetype at the center of it, which made it feel/seem very valid to me, but only to me and my personal perceptions at the time. Another example: right when I was thinking of emailing the guy I met outside Second Cup today, I read "answer me" in a book -- very much like "answering" the man's email, and the sentiment attached to it, but in a vague form. An exception was one in the post office, a standout recurrence: I dropped a penny while paying, and when I bent to pick it up, there were two others on the floor, right next to mine, so I dropped one and got two. Then, seconds later when I went to the nearby table to do up my letter, there were three pennies sitting right where I'd gone (sitting on top of a receipt for one stamp, which was also what I'd just bought with the penny I'd dropped). Heh.

Also, I notice an escalating trend of encountering "Z" somehow, as has been going on for months now but has just now become conspicuous and coherent enough to really be notable. For instance, I felt absolutely Compelled to eat out in front of Second Cup today, despite it being well over 100 degrees and there being a loud sign-hanging bucket truck just feet away -- and, while out there, sure enough, a random man walking by stopped, said hello, and preceded to enter into conversation with me. As it turned out, his name was "Z," short for a longer, harder to pronounce name.


Had a blatant radio synchro right off the bat when leaving this morning, when the CD I had on said "311" precisely as I saw a license plate ending in 311 when looking around my car to back out of the driveway. Then, throughout the day, more of those imprecise-yet-precise, subtle ones like yesterday, such as thinking of the color-therapy book I'd checked out at the library this morning, after a long chain of thought, precisely as a man outside the coffee shop opened a colorful umbrella -- and precisely as the woman at the counter said "colorful." Heh.


A few more of those "imprecise-yet-precise"/"fuzzy-archetype"-type of incidents today, most of them subtle. A standout was when, just after leaving church, I was thinking absently of virtual reality/22/simulation -- precisely as I passed a sign reading "Maya," which had been at such an angle as to be invisible to me before just that moment. Also, right when "world tumbling down" sounded on the 'Muse' CD, I passed a roadside billboard showing a house dramatically sinking/lopsided into the ground, which was itself notable in that "fuzzy"/precisely imprecise way, but the billboard also had the caption of "a whole new world," emphasis on the "world," which added a bit more precision in that same fuzzy manner. And, of course, tons and tons of repeat numbers, etc.


A few more of those vague-yet-precise/"fuzzy" ones today, plus the usual parade of other subtle incidents. A standout was a classic though/radio synchro, where "ever-changing world" sang out precisely as I was thinking something directly along these lines (though not in those words exactly), at the end of another long chain of unrelated thought, etc. Had a minor one where, right after I thought absently about the online-auction book I got yesterday, Brittany mentioned "online sales," maybe ten seconds later. Perhaps nothing, this one, given the lax timing and the only mildly precise recurrence.


Still having the onslaught-like random thought/event/radio-type synchros like yesterday, though no longer of that "fuzzy-logic" variety. A classic recurrence: while at Bay Naturals this morning, I saw this container of orange-yellow lentils lying there, and besides it being the first I'd ever seen such things (I'd only ever seen brown lentils, somehow), I Noticed the container very distinctly, as to think "orange lentils, whaddya know"; then, a couple hours later in the 'Color' book, it had a picture of orange-yellow lentils, so that, once again, I saw the thing for the second time ever, now within the space of hours.

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