Synchronicity log for 2016


Lots and lots of those same incidents over these last few days, still in that same basic groove of "clusters" of the striking-yet-smallish thought/radio/reading-type synchros and lots of numbers, still predominantly 37 and still predominantly on license plates. Had some standouts written down but I've actually forgotten them, between all the traveling and sickness and just sheer number of incidents, etc.


Still in that same basic "groove" of lately, though not many overall incidents. Did have another of those cute little 37-variant repeats at the gas pump, when I again was Compelled to pull into a certain pump, illogically and inconveniently (had to sneak around another car to do it, delicately), only to find that the last gas pumped was 7.113 gallons. Also, an example of the scattered "striking"-type thought/radio/reading synchros of the day: precisely as "moving on" sang from the radio, I passed a sign reading "MOVING?" at the very top, perfectly synchronistic -- however, the coolest part came from the fact that the sign was invisible until precisely as "moving" sang from the radio, emerging from behind a parked car as I passed, as to lend an "animated" dimension to it, as has become patternistic of these. I laughed.


A little different today than lately (again seeming to correspond with changes in health/energy/thinking/perceptions, etc). Fewer overall incidents, with less thought/reading/radio-types and more numbers (lots of conspicuous license plates mostly, still). A cool reading-type standout was this evening when reading the 'Report from Ground Zero' book. Precisely as I noticed that that terrible pressure in my chest subsided somewhat, I read "the pressure slowed down a little" in the book -- not hugely precise, but precise enough to be notable, and with very notable timing. I had the thought that it might be subconscious perception/reading-ahead, since this passage was visible to me before I noticed the change in my chest pressure; however, this is highly unlikely, if only because of the fact that that pressure so rarely lessens at all (this is the first it's done so in ... weeks? months?), and it Just Happened to do it then, precisely as I read a reasonably-precise passage in that book (the first it mentioned anything about pressure, as it were). Also, cool classical thought-type one this afternoon, when precisely as I thought about going to Gold's Gym, a car rounded a bend and revealed its Gold's Gym bumper sticker -- though only a split second *after* the thought, distinctly. And also, the bumper sticker (and the car itself, actually) had been totally invisible to me before it rounded that bend. And then, later on, another of those weird and cute little "seeing that same car again and again within a short space of time"-type ones, this time with a van that had a distinctive "Minster 34" bumper sticker on it, when I first saw it on the way to the post office, and then when I was *leaving* the post office (I hadn't followed it into the post office earlier, so the van had apparently gone elsewhere, then Just Happened to be stopped at the same intersection as me when I was exiting the post office) -- mildly notable at this point, but then, about two hours later, after I'd gone all the way to Shallotte and back, miles and miles away and when I hadn't even planned on it due to all kinds of totally random and unexpected developments in my day, I encountered the same van again.


Day was mostly silent but for a sudden cluster of reading synchros at lunch, in patternistic fashion, though even this didn't last long. Had several standout examples of this, all involving the 'Ground Zero' book and all pretty notable despite their sudden ceasing later on (again corresponding with a general downturn in health, etc). First two were pretty cool, and back-to-back for the most part: a few minutes after a conspicuously overweight man had appeared behind me and we exchanged hellos, I'd suddenly thought of him again, coming at the end of a long chain of thought as usual -- and then, the next line I read was "his big frame." Then, a few second later, as that same man answered his phone behind me (or it might've just been him switching to someone he'd had on hold), I read "he took a call." And then, a few minutes later, precisely as I both noticed and Noticed a golf cart turning around conspicuously nearby (on the busy-ish sidewalk at Publix, pretty arrogant and dangerous of the driver), I read "turned the vehicle around."


Another of those huge upticks in overall incidents, again corresponding with departure on travel. Had quite a few throughout the 8th, including another of those "cute" 137 license plate ones, where I was Compelled to wait for a car to pass at Walmart and to turn behind it, despite it taking me illogically the wrong way, etc, only to find it to have a 137 plate -- a bunch of those. Today, however, had an absolute explosion of numbers and thought/reading/radio-types, much like that when I went to NYC but even stronger and more intense. Had no less than a couple dozen thought-type ones, and each were incredibly explicit and notable, as to be worth of an entry if not a blog post in themselves -- a new high/order/level, as if something happened, some sort of explicit/distinct change ("border crossing"? "crossroads?"). Significant, anyway. I'd give examples, but again was just too damn many. Did have a cool standout receipt-type one that I remember, at Starbucks, when the cashier didn't give me my receipt and so I pulled it off myself, only to find that the last customer's was on there, and that it had several 73s on it conspicuously (this after that huge cluster throughout the morning, with at least a couple dozen conspicuous numbers and all more or less as notable and intelligently funny as this one, amazingly). Wow. Just wow wowo wowowowow.

Footnote update on that Starbucks receipt: just checked my first receipt (the one with the other customer's was the second of my lunch stop), and my check number on it was exactly 73001 ...

Also, another animal-symbolism-type one, much like the duck series from a while ago. The morning of the 8th, suddenly saw a cat and kittens at the rental house property, emerging from under the shed there it seemed (had been hearing some caterwauling the last couple nights, and I guess that was the source). Then, that evening when parked at the random Anytime Fitness to camp out a hundred or some miles away, my attention was suddenly drawn out the window (no idea what drew it) and I saw a cat running under my car just then -- and it looked exactly like that at the house, a smallish calico female of almost the exact same coloring and markings and also with heavy teets. Could've been the same cat, so notable in that regard, but also notable in timing and patternistic quality as well as just the "feel"/significance of it. So cool.


Still having the same basic types of synchros lately, the striking thought/reading/radio-types of that "flavor" I've been having since leaving for the crosscountry trip and having that newish kind of headsickness, along with the same old run of conspicuous 37s and variants, including another of those gas-pump ones where I was Compelled to a random pump, only to find it with 37.17 run up on the previous bill (except this time with a twist: precisely after I saw it, a car started backing up in front of me, its 337 license plate coming directly into my LoS). Still having just lots and lots of incidents in general, though variably at different times, and with variable intensity and such but still in the same general groove. Again: just so damn many that my head is left spinning and I just can't record them all, for all their notability. This has been one hell of a trip, in every sense.

Some standouts I wrote down:

>Classical recurrence when, after being Compelled, I listened to this Ugly Kid Joe CD for the second time or so, and Noticed a certain song on it, and then, maybe a half hour later, I tuned to a random radio station and there was that song, the first I'd ever heard it on the radio, and just after my Noticing it in that special way, etc -- classical pattern

>While at a rest stop just at the Texas panhandle when the geography changed, "grab a backpack" sang from the radio, precisely as a woman came up alongside my car, forcing me to stop backing up -- and, as she turned to enter her car, she flashed the backpack on her back, as to coincide perfectly with the song lyric. Wow, so surreal.

>Really cool one where I stopped at an intersection, saw a shirt lying in the road, and then thought to pick it up, but then decided against it, not wanting to go to the trouble -- precisely as "no shirt" sang from the radio, as to echo the thought archetype of "not picking up that shirt." Again, just so surreal, and this one coming in the midst of a "storm" of like incidents if I remember right.

>Another of those "Compelled to pick up a piece litter only to find it to have several number-repeats on it"-type incidents, now when I was in a parking lot after camping in Oklahoma City. I was Compelled to pick up a folded up piece of paper sitting by the van, which turned out to be a transcript of a high-school grad from the area, with "7713 S Youngs Blvd" and zip code 73159 prominently at the top, with the student's date of birth as "11/11/1998" (when I'd actually been seeing a lot of classical 11-11's at the time ...), 


Had a couple of those same types I've been having again today, and some more numbers, but not many overall. Did have a couple damn cool standouts, however. First, a classical radio-type one, when the radio announcer made this odd comment about "twins" (regarding the weather of two days, which was identical, but overall just an odd thing to say) precisely as I came upon and Noticed a pair of motorcyclists on the exact same bikes and in exact same gear, as to look every bit twins, such that I also thought something like "twins" precisely as the radio word came on -- just hugely surreal. And then, equally notable and surreal, and just downright odd this one: I saw two license plates reading "TARZAN," a split second apart, where one car was pulling out of a parking lot precisely as the other car was passing by us both. However, this was even more notable considering the circumstances, that both of the license plates read the same odd and uncommon word but were totally different in context, because one was on a truck reading "TARZAN something or other," some sort of business called Tarzan, while the other truck just had a license plate reading TARZAN, exactly the same way but an actual license plate (from Hawaii, oddly) instead of the other truck's business-advertising vanity plate -- just both hugely unlikely and hugely surreal, perhaps in some ways the most unlikely one I've ever had.


A bit of an uptick today over last couple, and a general change, shifting from those sublte-yet-precise/striking ones into just rather a classical spatter on standout thought/reading/number/radio-types on and off through the day. Had a cool cluster of them suddenly mid-afternoon, starting when the radio sang out "coffee spoons" precisely as I passed a sign not only advertising coffee, but showing a cup with a coffee spoon in it, and then, just minutes later, a nearly identical one, now just "church" precisely as I passed a sign reading "church." And then, a little while later, a similar pair where I heard "Pratt" (name of KS town I was in) on the radio precisely as I read it on my phone (after I'd searched for "pratt anytime fitness"), and then, a split second later, "life" as I read "life." Also, a totally bizarre recurrence today: twice I saw a small car towing a second small car, the first I'd ever seen such a thing (hadn't thought it was possible beforehand); though, this one might've just simply been two connected people doing something similar, because it occurred on the same road and in the same area (then again, who knows). And then a reading one tonight, when my tongue "popped" a bite of food I was eating, precisely as I read "tonuges clucking" in the 'Thousand Suns' book.


Still having many of the same type of incidents, primarily the latest flavor of those striking reading/thought/radio-type synchros, though not that many. A pretty good number of conspicuous 37s and the like, however, including some clock-ticks and receipts. Some standouts:

>Two of those "heard a noise of the precise kind I just read of, perfectly synchrnonistically," first reading "clanking" precisely as a couple nearby strangers loaded something into a truck, producing a noise perfectly described as a clank, and the same with "whistle" from a passing car, just minutes later.

>A cool standout license-plate/thought-type combo, when I was thinking, at the end of a long and random chain of thought "4 times 4," precisely as I stopped behind a truck with "4x4" on its back, and then, when my next thought led to how you need a four-wheel-drive car in New Mexico, I pulled up a little closer and thus saw a New Mexico license plate on the car just ahead of the truck. Highly notable because, first, the NM plate was 100% definitely invisible when I'd had the thought of NM, though only a split second as such; and, second, this all occurred in IL (or KY or MO, somewhere far east of NM anyway), and as it were, that NM plate was the first I'd seen it days.

>At lunch on the 21st, another of those "nearby random stranger saying precisely what I read, perfectly synchronistically," now with "face" in the 'Thousand Splended Suns' book. This was one notable in itself, but also considering the circumstances, because I'd had a bunch of stuff that delayed me from picking up my book and starting to read -- but, when I did, it still coincided 100% perfectly with the nearby stranger saying "face." Damn surreal.

>A really cool and striking radio-type one where precisely as I looked at my phone's GPS to see where I was at on the map, the radio sang out "where you at?" Haha.


Some damn cool standouts at lunch today, again amidst a steady though subtle "background static" of lesser incidents. First, another litter-pickup-number-repeat-type one, except this one was extra surreal. As I was sitting and eating outside the Kroger in Knoxville, the breeze blew a piece of litter toward me, and I at first ignored it, but then later on it, after it had blown away, it blew back toward me again, stopping directly in front of me in a conspicuous way, and I then felt Compelled to pick it up, only to find that it was a piece of paper totally blank except for a big "3176" written in marker. Haha. Then, an equally surreal reading-type one, when right as I'd sat down at the window inside Starbucks (again Compelled to, moving inside from outside despite wanting to get some more sun and such), I saw that I'd be sitting right "beside" a couple guys who'd sat at the window on the outside, on the patio, which in turn made me think "they're going to think I'm looking at them through the window" -- and then, a split second later, the very next line in the 'Thousand Suns' book was "observing her through the window." Wow.


General increase in incidents today, including a whole bunch of conspicuous 37s, back to the point where it's just an outright whirlwind at times, coming left and right, wham-bam, one-two-three, etc. A cool one at lunch, another of those "nearby stranger echoing my book" ones, today a lady at the Hot Springs coffee shop saying "old age" precisely as I read "eight-year-olds" in the 'Sunburned Country' book -- another of those precisely imprecise ones, with the same underlying archetype of "old," etc, and again fitting that same pattern of the person being engaged in conversation with another stranger and being unable to even see my book, etc, etc. Had a cool "theme"-type run of incidents today, now involving random people I saw again and again, as patternistic of past such incidents. The most notable of which was this woman I saw at the Hot Springs coffee shop, who I chatted with off and on through lunch, and then, a couple hours later, I saw her again, fifty miles away at Asheville in a random supermarket I stopped in -- highly unlikely to begin with, but doubly so considering that I'd not planned on being either at that coffee shop in the first place, nor Asheville, nor even that supermarket. And then, similarly, a passed a man riding a bike through the mountains a grand total of four times, ending up also in Asheville, miles and miles away from where I'd first seen him, about equally as unlikely as seeing the woman. Plus a couple other people too. Also, a cool thought/music/event-type one, when "I heard you" played on the MP3 player while I was working out, precisely as a man behind me banged a super-heavy weight to the floor and made a big crash that made me look up, perfectly synchronistic of course.


Still generally increased overall incidents and many conspicuous numbers (including another of those "cute" ones, now when I was on the interstate and saw a motorcycle and decided I wanted to follow the guy a while and watch how he drove, and so I slowed down and let him pass, only to be met with a 7103 license plate). Cool thought-type one at the Asheville supplement place after lunch, when precisely as I found a bottle of the right magnesium glycinate and thought of how I take it before bed at night, the cashier across the store said to someone "you take it at night," echoing my thought perfectly and with perfectly synchronistic timing. A damn surreal and notable one of those "heard noise"-type reading synchros at lunch, when I read "slap and clatter" precisely as I heard a sound that could only be described as "slap and clatter," which turned out to be a woman pushing a shopping cart with a big water jug in it, the clatter being the carts wheels on the jagged sidewalk pavement, and the slap being the water "slapping" around in the jug as it was jostled about -- damn cool and precise, etc, and it also bears mentioning that the woman was totally out of my view when I first read/heard the "slap and clatter," only emerging into view moments later.

Then this evening, a pair of cool ones back to back, minutes apart. First, right as I went to look at this restored-looking V12 old Jaguar parked oddly in a Walgreens parking lot I was turning around in, the radio said something like "driving in an expensive luxury car is a great experience" -- in any case, echoing perfectly the archetype of "expensive luxury car," though the timing was another of those where it was only close, a second or two apart, not perfectly synchronistic (why?). And then, a little bit down the road, right as a bit of noninflammatory goodness went up my neck and distinctly into one of my front teeth the way it sometimes does, I passed a sign for a dentist's reading "Happy Tooth Dentistry." Haha.

And then, finally, one that might be coincidence but probably not, a sort of "ask and ye shall receive" one. In the Walmart parking lot while picking up trash, I remembered how I'd once found a dollar bill, and had the thought of "I'd like to find another dollar." Then, maybe thirty minutes later when I pulled into Anytime Fitness, I went to pick up another piece of trash and there found a dollar bill in the grass next to it -- another of those that's highly unlikely, and smacks of the classical recurrence-type pattern, but still could conceivably have just been coincidence. Still made me laugh.


Lesser overall incidents today, corresponding with another health/energy shift it seems. One neat little receipt-type one: bought Aiden's birthday stuff at exactly 1:11 according to the timestamp, and the total came to $111.60, when I'd again been Compelled to get several random things I hadn't even planned on (when, of course, I've been seeing more 1111's and the like the last couple days ...).


Had an unexpected little cluster this morning, coinciding with my alarm not going off and so having to break all routine and rush to JJ for Cyma (perhaps a sort of "trigger" for these incidents, with my consciousness leaving "routine mode" and so entering "the groove" or something as a result?). First, had another of those super-conspicuous 37 variants show up, and again involving a car pulling in front of me, this time a truck pulling in front of me unwisely at an intersection, only to reveal a big "7133" printed on its door as the last part of its business phone number. This one was conspicuous and notable enough, but was doubly so when it was considered just how blatant and dangerous the turn was, since I wasn't nearly far enough away for it to be safe, forcing me to slam on my brakes -- and, also, the truck was even pulling a big long trailer with machinery on it. Just notable and conspicuous and funny and cool all around. Had several subtles and such at the same time, and then a thought/event/radio-type standout when the radio sang out "open door" precisely as a guy alongside the road opened his car door and stepped from his car as I passed.


Another cool little cluster this morning, this time coinciding with my leaving for lunch. Started with another conspicuous "car pulled in front of me precisely as I passed and revealed a 7134 LP"-type one, though not as conspicuous as yesterday, just a truck that Just Happened to pulled out in front of me precisely as I was coming down the road. Far more notable was a thought/radio one soon after, when, at the end of a long chain of thought that ended with my thinking of the outfit I'd just randomly put on, which I think of as my "coastal clothes" due to the palms on the shirt and the general laid-back air of it, the radio said "coastal Carolina gear," echoing perfectly the underlying archetype of "coastal clothes," as well as being perfectly synchronistic. Also, a radio/reading-type one this afternoon, when precisely as I read "offer expires" on my cellphone, the radio said the exact same words, again perfectly synchronistic as to be just downright surreal.


A few cool ones at lunch today, reading/thought/"nearby stranger"-types. First, right as my eyes fell on the word "traffic" in the 'Sunburned Country' book, a horn beeped from the nearby street, echoing the "traffic" archetype. This I brushed off as coincidence, however -- but then, when I read that same instance of "traffic" again (this time just reading it sequentially rather than my eyes Just Happening to fall on it), a horn beeped again, exactly the same as before, haha. Then, a little more precise: right as I read "cries of delight," a random car passed with a child calling out the window, making a high, loud, cheerful noise that can only be described as a "cry of delight." Wow.

Plus, a cute little clock-tick-type 37 repeat this afternoon, when I went to check my phone to see if there were any messages, only to find the time on the screen to be 3:17 -- a split second before it ticked to 3:18. Just long enough for me to see it, in patternistic fashion, etc.

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