Synchronicity log for 2017


Another day much in the vein of last week or so, again beginning just after leaving the house and getting on the highway, with a cool standout-ish conspicuous-type traffic 37 plate. It started when I got behind an abnormally slow car just after taking the ramp up, forcing me to slow to keep safe pace/distance, etc, and then I had to do so even longer because another car was coming up alongside in the other lane, so that I couldn't pass -- and of course, when it did pass, it "revealed" its 730 plate directly into my line of sight, etc, and again in that perfectly patternistic "drifter"-type fashion, such that I had to notice, same for the circumstances involved. Had a few more conspicuous-type ones later in the day, but none so "intelligent" as this one. Had another moderate showing of general 37 plates and the like through afternoon, then again tapering off to about nothing as evening neared.

Thought-type ones were about the same as last couple days too, and again with another brief-yet-notable little cluster of lunchtime-reading "echoes," these preceeded with another subtle "ramp-up" of quieter/super-subtle/subjective/"small" ones beginning late morning. Couple examples of the lunchtime ones, several of which were noticeably delayed rather than perfectly synchronistic: reading "cold" repeatedly in the 'Murder Room' book, and thus thinking of the cold-brew coffee I'd just bought and taken the first sip of, and thus thinking "Now, keeping with the echoes, why didn't it mention cold coffee in some capacity instead of just 'cold'?" -- and then, on the very next paragraph (yet on a new page, invisible to me when I'd had these thoughts), it did indeed mention "cold coffee," and randomly so, no in relation to the several "cold" comments leading up to it, just describing the man's coffee (kept with the 4-5 second delay of several in the cluster); and then, a couple pages later, a very similar one when, while randomly reading about the fugitives/superhuman-type criminals in the book, I'd as randomly thought about my gut issues and then, subsequently, randomly thought, "Why does it seem that none of these supervillian types have gut issues like me?" or something to that effect -- and then, on the next page (again very shortly after my thoughts, but 100% invisible to me/unalluded-to, etc, when I'd had them) the book went into a part about how the next villain they were going after had "stomach problems," which was notable/reasonably precise in itself, but then it turned out that the "problems" were ulcered stomach lining, etc, which is exactly what I'd been thinking about in regards to my own gut issues, leaky gut/holes in the gut lining, etc, haha. Probably a dozen or so total, again to varying degrees of notability.

Then, about 30 minutes later and after my state/condition had "shifted" somewhat, had a more coherent/notable standout (though still of both a delayed and echo-y nature). It started when, precisely as I read "He lit a cigarette" in the book, I heard the clicking of what I thought to be a lighter from nearby, and sure enough, the man who'd just come out of SB was lighting a cigarette, such that the text and his initial lighting was perfectly synchronistic, though I didn't register these until slightly later due to having to make the connection and then look over (thus keeping with the "delayed" theme, it would seem). And then, about a minute and a page later, it happened more or less again, with the same man. He'd been talking to a couple of women at the other end of the patio from me, chatting them up in a semi-flirtatious/romantic manner, I thought, and precisely as he said something which I similarly thought to be disengaging/a thinly-veiled goodbye/a "not-interested" romantic message, I got to "He's tired of her and wants to move on" in the book, again with a slight delay and not quite as precise as the cigarette part, but close enough on both accounts to be quite notable (and, again, this one could've been an echo of my thoughts/perceptions as much as the actual event, or both, can't say).


Slight uptick and slight change today, corresponding with slight shift in state/condition/consciousness, etc.

First that I noticed of the day were some more recurrences through morning and then lunchtime reading, these of a longwinded type I've had but not so much lately, as opposed to the super-subtle/vague little "echo-y" ones I have had lately. These have been subtle but more just in that random, sort of "ominous" way where I'll suddenly begin encountering the same things and from several entirely random sources, all in the same subtly distinct way (but not at all notable in themselves, just stuff randomly popping up in my thoughts/reading/experiences after being absent prior). Some that I've noted: the Odyssey, maybe 3-4 from random sources; tuberculosis; Sherlock Holmes; forensics; ghosts; Scarface in there a couple times. Plus probably a half-dozen others I'm forgetting, amongst others that just sort of fell into the background.

Had a standout recurrence today, either a standout super-subtle/more-coherent version of these or just a "normal" one, not sure. Started this morning when, totally randomly while scanning Airbnb, I came across an "Artist's studio," in which the pictures showed, first, that the space was far too sunny for my tastes, such that the bedroom would be lit up in the morning rather than dark, and, second, in one room there was a great big painting on the wall, of nude blonde women, which I both noticed/Noticed in that special way. Then, at lunch, several pages into the 'Murder Room' book, a chapter started with this sentence: "Sunlight and traffic noise flooded the dim studio with the gallery of grinning frontal-nude blondes," with this referring to a studio that belonged to an artist, and the "frontal-nude blondes" being in his prominent paintings -- almost 100% precisely what I'd seen in the Airbnb ad, and also, when I was browsing the pictures of the studio, one showed the outside and that it was directly above several businesses, right on the street, and I'd vaguely thought about how there'd be street noise in it. Pretty damn notable, yet so odd and random and with a distinctly different "feel" than a lot of the recurrences I've had recently.

Again had a little cluster of echo-y ones at lunch, once again beginning when I sat down to read, as if on cue, damn surreal. Started with several that were much like yesterday's "several seconds delayed," subtle ones, such as randomly reading "opened glass door" in the book about a second before the glass door next to me at DD was randomly opened, and then, a little more coherent/precise/less-delayed (more of that "maturing"/"graduating" process), reading "murder" in the book almost perfectly synchronistically with the overhead TV randomly saying "murder," as to have that notable "striking" quality to it.

Actually had a couple more just afterward involving the TV, the first almost exactly like the murder one except involving my phone, when I read "transferring" on it perfectly synchronistically with the TV randomly saying "transfer." This one was a bit more notable, too, considering that I'd read the phone text right as it turned on and went to the splash screen, with it on an animated/"slide-down" alert regarding the SD card in the phone, as to have that "animated" quality of some of these, with the text "appearing"/"shouting" into my line of sight perfectly synchronistically with the TV word, as to be just a super-surreal echo.

Then, a minute later or so, an even more notable one, beginning when, for some reason, my attention was randomly drawn to an image on the TV, which was a doctor with a scalpel about to cut into a patient on an operating table (into their chest/torso, as it were), and then, a split second later when I resumed reading the book after having laid it down and taken a bite of food, the very first words I read were "Torsos had been slashed open," in that distinctly patternistic fashion of these. Really damn surreal, given the images/total randomness/"striking" timing of it all.

And then, a couple hours later in mid-afternoon, had a very similar one involving the radio. Started when I was randomly counting out the money I was about to put back in my wallet (a totally random amount, of which was included that $15 I'd gotten totally unexpectedly today when returning the key to the UPS box) and I saw it was $95 -- precisely as the radio randomly said "ninety-five," not in regards to money but still literally 100%, and perfectly synchronistic, etc.

Numbers were similarly upticked today, not a whole lot but noticeably more than lately, and with a little more clarity/conspicuousness too. Had just more "sightings" in general, both in traffic on plates and just in random sources/signs/receipts, etc, in general. Some standout ones: another of those "Compelled to stop and let a driver into traffic only to have its 37 plate 'revealed' to me," this time a truck out in Little River; had several of those "random nearby strangers speaking a repeat aloud right as I entered their presence," a couple cashiers quoting 37-containing totals again, as well as a women who, when approaching me in line at DD, randomly looked at her watch and told her child "It's 11:11," this one with that eerily surreal precision of some of these, haha; a cool one on the way home from Shallotte, a double, when, first, another recklessly speeding driver first tailgated me, drawing my attention, and then recklessly passed me, thus revealing its 137 plate, but not before the truck had forced another car to move up in traffic and, thus, "reveal" it's 37 plate to me, drifter-style (as they went past down the road, their plates were juxtaposed, in that doubling fashion of some of these).

Also, a few scattered parking-lot ones, not too many today (but then, I didn't stop in many parking lots today). Most standoutish one was at the UPS place when, after parking in the only spot reserved for UPS specifically, I ended up directly beside a car with a 37 plate, heh.


Had a pretty big uptick for numbers today, again corresponding with the flight up north, as seems to always be the case more or less. Had a noticeable amount while on the way to the airport after lunch, after only background-static-level two-digit traffic plates and the like beforehand. And then, after getting up there and taking the taxi, again and an explosion of them more or less, these coming in clusters rather than being a steady onslaught as times past, but when they were there, they were there, again in that ridiculous profusion, on plates everywhere I looked, on signs, in random sources like receipts and the like, everything, both conspicuous and subtle and everything in between, just so ridiculously surreal, especially given the establishment of this pattern now, to where it can be predicted with pretty decent reliability (albeit only subjectively).

Did have a pretty notable standout just after lunch at the MB SB, a 4-banger unbelievably, of the rare kind. Was all parking-lots, beginning with just a "normal" one just as I started from the lot, and then, a split second later, my attention was drawn to a car beginning to back out, which also had a 37-variant plate, and then, almost immediately afterward, I saw a third, and then, finally, head spinning, I encountered a fourth a split second later when I stopped to turn, this one another of those "having to look randomly at a certain place to see who's coming, only to be staring directly at the plate." In effect, had another of those ridiculously surreal "one-two-three-four"/"wham-bam"/greater than the sum of its parts-type effect, with all four coming "at me" within the space of 2-3 seconds. It's like it signaled a "beginning" to the day's travel-storm.

Thought-wise, activity was much like last few days, both in volume and "format," again beginning with another of those ramping-up clusters spanning late morning and then lunchtime reading. Began with more echo-y ones, probably 4-5 just before lunch and right after I sat down to read, such as reading "Da Vinci of the Dead" in the 'Murder Room' book precisely as a nearby stranger on the phone said "Dee? Dee?," which is exactly how I'd perceived/registered the "Da Vinci of the Dead," it's "double Ds" featuring primarily in my perception of it, in that now-patternistic fashion. Also, other "lesser" ones like randomly-but-objectively/needing-to swallowing after a long time chewing a big bite or something like that, precisely as I randomly read "swallowed" in the book -- same "small but ridiculously surreal"-type ones.

And then, again during the last part of the meal and seeming to signal a "maturing"/cohering, a really damn cool standout which was almost exactly like that one yesterday with the weird newish kind of recurrence of the "artist's studio"/"blonde nudes" one, except "faster" and with significantly less delay. It started when, as I started eating that weird-but-wonderful strawberries and potatoes dish I'd fixed up randomly, and I had a string of random-but-objective thoughts: first, of how it was like strawberry shortcake, which then signaled vaguely related thoughts of birthday cake/birthday party, and then similarly vague thoughts of "but this is just a part of my lunch"/"I'm eating the strawberry birthday cake a lunch" or something along those lines -- and then, on the very next page in the book, it first mentioned a birthday party, and then, just after, this line: "On Sunday, June 3, I called on you. Brought you pot-cheese -- strawberries. We had lunch," thus echoing the symbols of "strawberries," birthday/party, and lunch I'd just thought of less than a minute or so earlier. And it also bears mentioning that it was lunchtime on June 3rd when I'd had these thoughts, also echoed exactly there (though I hadn't thought of June 3rd; still notable anyhow). Highly notable in itself despite its slight imprecision/distortion/weirdness, but also seems to be an emerging new kind/variant.

And then that evening at dinnertime reading had another, almost identical, yet not quite as intense/notable/coherent cluster, again running the gamut of various kinds but all generally "echo-y." One example I remember (though, again, all were pretty notable in themselves): right as I'd decided I was seeing enough activity/coherence/notability to warrant writing down a note, I randomly read "scribbling notes" in the book, again for the first time in the book (and, of course, that was exactly how I'd envisioned/registered these thoughts in my mind's eye, me going to my notepad and hastily writing down some sort of catch-all note indicating the cluster ...).

And then two cool just-after-lunch very notable standouts, just now remembered after finding lost notes, both "faster"-type classical recurrences, both beginning during lunchtime reading session. First was when, in the 'Murder Room' book, it mentioned the murder of an IRS employee, a collector for when people don't pay after repeated billings/requests/mailings, etc, as it were the first I'd ever heard that there were such people (however logical I suppose it would be; the first I'd ever *thought*, consciously, of such folks, I suppose) -- and then, when I got into the car and keyed the ignition just after lunch, I think about 30 minutes later, the radio was playing an ad for one of those tax-payment-help services, in which either the first words or close to the first words, I can't remember, were "IRS enforcer," after which it went into a scare-story about how the IRS has "enforcers" that come to collect on people who owe back taxes, exactly the same person I'd just seen described in the book, though it didn't refer to the murdered employee as an "enforcer." Hugely notable, really; a sort of combination classical recurrence and "keying ignition to hear something I'd just been thinking/hearing about over the radio," a "faster" of the first or a "delayed"/longwinded of the second, I guess.

And then, a very similar though somewhat more-delayed one when I got to the airport, about 30 minutes later. Also in the book, about the very last page I read before finishing for the session had mentioned Elliot Ness and his GMan "Untouchables," the first I'd read of him and the GMen in some time, maybe since I'd last read his autobiography a year or so ago -- and then, in the airport parking lot, the car I ended up parking directly behind had the tag "GMAN." This one another one that was pretty damn notable in itself, but doubly so considering the circumstances and ridiculously random/complex chain of events that saw me parking in this parking space in this particular wing of the AP lot. I went to the place where I usually park, but there were no spaces there, and the lot was so crowded, I had to drive two lots over, way into the overspill section farthest away from the terminal -- and there was that GMAN car, beside the very first available spot I came to, Just Happening to echo what I'd read for the first time in a while during lunch ...


Almost identical to yesterday in terms of numbers, but very few coherent thought-type ones overall, and really only a few subtles too (and wasn't this what happened during last NYC trip, lots of numbers but few other kinds, as if the headsickness/confusion I get up here seems to stifle that portion of the phenomenon?).

Numbers again exploded right after leaving, during the Lyft ride to church, literally immediately when I got in and my eyes fell directly on the dashboard reading that said "CRUISING RANGE 73 MILES," in regards to the gas (and soon ticked down to 72 as we got going ...). Also, had another of those ridiculously surreal "one-two-three-four"-succession 4-bangers almost exactly like yesterday after lunch, when I first saw two plates immediately back-to-back (three-digit ones I think, too), a split second before seeing the 10:37 dashboard clock when I looked away, and then immediately having my eyes fall on a fourth random plate afterward -- wow.

Then, had another of those periodic/clustery-type of storms spanning the afternoon's city-walk, again in patternistic fashion, and again with yesterday's sometimes-there (but really really there when it was) "feel," and still with only super-subtle/slight/subjective/"quiet" little thought-type echoes interspersed.

And then another "after-the-fact" multiple-37 receipt I just discovered. Was mildly notable in itself due to the total being exactly $3.07 after tax, which I'd noticed at the time, but then, looking at the receipt now, it has two other 37s on it (transaction number and the 237- prefix of store's phone number), but also is a little more notable considering the totally random circumstances of my getting the receipt in the first place, since I was only at this store buying water because I'd managed to forget my water at the bnb before leaving (for the first time ever), not to mention just the ridiculously random/unplanned circumstances of my being up at that church and being near this store at all.

And another receipt-type one, this one even less notable from the numbers on it (only one in fact, the total, exactly $2.37) but again notable considering the circumstances: right after I left the Key Foods market, the woman immediately in front of me dropped her receipt (crumpled up and then-unreadable) on the ground, and I immediately picked it up and put it in my back pocket to throw away later, feeling Compelled in patternistic fashion -- and then, only upon looking at it hours later before putting it in the recycling bin, I saw its 2.37 total, haha.


Today was very much like yesterday, except with even less thought activity, almost zilch. Seems like all I had was maybe a couple of the slightest, subtlest echo-ey ones during lunchtime reading, perhaps nothing at all.

Numbers, on the other hand, were still very present, and still "stormy"/intense/ridiculously surreal, though still also periodic and clustery, again shifting from non-activity to background-static/two-digit-random activity, to periods of full-out "seeing three- and four-digit ones every damn where I look." Also, noticed an uptick in non-37s and variants today, most notably 1212s and such, though 37s/variants were still predominant. And still just so many in total, in the dozens at least, maybe upwards of a hundred or more actually. Impossible to put into words just how surreal and incredible the "storms" are when they come, truly surreal.

Did have one notable recurrence, this one a classical "random reading"-type one. It started with yet another of those super-random library-freebie magazines, a Smithsonian Institute one, in which I read about the NYC Mad Bomber serial killer and the James Brussel man who helped apprehend the bomber, which was the first I'd read of this either ever or for a long time (seems like I read of the Mad Bomber maybe a year or so ago, though I might be thinking of something else). In any case, today, maybe 2-3 days after reading the random article in the Smithsonian magazine (it was all about forensics and how they're used in crime investigation, etc, which I'm not quite sure how it was appropriate subject matter for a Smithsonian magazine), I read of the same case in the 'Murder Room' book, again fitting the classical reading-recurrence pattern perfectly. Except this one is a tad more notable considering the sheer randomness of the magazine's source (getting it for free and totally randomly/objectively, and without it having any mention of forensics/Mad Bomber, etc, on the cover or overtly in any way), and also that it just meshes in with the generally "echo-y"/all-reflective nature of everything I'm doing/thinking/experiencing these days.

Another cool receipt-type 37 repeat: went into VS and bought a couple totally random things I didn't plan on (again planned on getting one thing only, the good whey, which they had, but then I ended up getting two different wheys, because one was half off and I felt Compelled to get it despite the inferior quality/having the money to get the good one, and also that Jarrow isolate that, lo and behold, was the old formula, without the soy lecithin in it, which I saw after again being Compelled to look despite having looked at a dozen bottles and finding only the soy ones) -- and the total ended up being exactly $37.73, and also with "Sale Item Savings $12.73," from the half-off whey, printed twice ...


Day was even quieter than yesterday. Did have a few thought-type incidents, but they were almost exclusively during lunchtime reading, and all extremely subtle, as to again all be too subjective/complex/obscure to have even a basic example. They were still echo-y, but all in a distinctly delayed fashion, most of them echoing random thoughts/experiences I'd had throughout the morning, rather than during lunch and such. Another of those collective-type incidents that were notable only inclusively and subjectively.

Even the numbers were tamped down considerably today, with only clusters of more-random/subtle-type ones on plates and random signs and the like, and not even nearly so many of these as last couple days, and tapering down to about nothing as of writing. Very odd, considering that today my health/energy/coherency has improved slightly.

Then tonight had another sudden, out of the blue resuming of incidents, again corresponding with travel and a general shift in consciousness, this time that weird-but-good activity/oxygenation that seems to take place during flights, maybe from going to higher altitude/cabin pressurization or something, I don't know (though it actually started in the airport as I was waiting, prior to this effect). It started with a couple of those subtle/"small" one-word-type echoes right after I sat down to do computer work and read prior to the flight, and then graduated somewhat, eventually "maturing" into some really damn notable echoes, including a couple standout nearby stranger-types.

The first was a cool double, when, precisely as I randomly read "done" on my phone, a nearby stranger said "done," again perfectly synchronistic in timing and also for the first time on both accounts, first the word had appeared on my phone and the first the stranger said it. And then, maybe 3-4 seconds later, it happened again, this time when I tapped a "DONE" button on the phone's webpage form, precisely as the same woman said "done" again, in a later sentence (she was on the phone with someone).

Then, a few minutes later, a nearly identical one, albeit a single: precisely as I randomly opened my bag for my grounding pad, a different nearby stranger said "grounded," again perfectly synchronistic and the first the man had said it and the first that I'd reached for the pad or thought about it or anything (I'd noticed an outlet that I didn't know was there, behind my seat, and thus had the thought to use my grounding pad while waiting for the flight). Had several others in this vein on the flight home, but these almost all very subtle/subjective/not so "striking" (albeit still pretty notable).

Also, similarly, had another couple of this nature once I got back on the ground and got in the car to leave the airport lot, such as "turn around" singing (again singularly and randomly) from the radio precisely as I put the truck in reverse and turned it around, perfectly synchronistic, etc.

Had a similar, albeit more classical, one right upon getting home at the gate, a radio-type one, when the radio randomly sang out "door" precisely as I opened the glovebox for the door-key card and read on it "Door King," with my reading/registering the word corresponding perfectly synchronistically with the radio lyric (which was, of course, singular and random rather than repeating, etc). Also, this had the additionally surreal element of "animation"/"shouting," etc, due to the glovebox theatrically dropping open/"revealing" the card precisely as the reading and its echo occurred, just once again so damn ridiculously surreal/living-dream.

Then had another of those little combination/variation "clusters" during dinnertime reading and the little bit I'd done on the plane, again almost all too subtle/subjective to be conveyed effectively in text. One standout was the 'Murder Room' book randomly mentioning a pizzar parlor called Patagonia, just a couple hours after I'd seen a Patagonia pizza before leaving the city, and Noticed this distinctly (or, at least, I'm 99% sure it was Patagonia pizza -- but Patagonia something anyhow, and I'd definitely Noticed it, in patternistic fashion). Another standout, a little more notable and coherent and patternistic in "vague-thought-recurrence" fashion: earlier today, I'd had the totally random yet very distinct thought of how, years and years ago, when I'd accidentally rubbed up against the woman in the crowd of that music show repeatedly, due to the crush of bodies pushing us around, and how I'd realized that I was rubbing up against her butt and seen the sexual potential of the situation, etc, this memory coming either totally out of nowhere or from some random chain I can't remember -- but, in any case, it was the first I'd thought of it in a long time, and then tonight in the book, it randomly mentioned the sexual fetish of the "frotteur," someone who habitually rubs up against people for sexual excitement, which was exactly what I'd thought of.


Another mild-but-noticeable shift in activity today, both in volume and nature/feel. Numbers were there, but another of those days where there were very few if any conspicuous-type ones, almost exclusively just a background-static of mostly two-digit 37 variants (though with a good showing of three-digit ones too, along with a few that were doubled or tripled up, with multiple visible and "aligned") on license plates and the like -- all as to have a sort of "seen but not heard" effect, I felt, like seeing someone waving really hard but staying totally silent.

Thought-wise, even "quieter." Had another cluster of "small" echo-y ones at lunch, but only a very small one, and almost all of them too super-subtle/subjective to detail. Did have a standout-ish nearby-stranger echo, again later on during lunch when the phenomenon/energy seemed to have "matured": precisely as I typed "interesting" on the phone, someone as a nearby stranger said "interesting," again perfectly synchronistically/ridiculously surreal, and for the first time on both accounts.

And then tonight some more very-subtle/"small"/one-word-type dinnertime reading incidents, including a cool recurrence. It started over the last couple days in NYC, as I was once again confronted with the terrifying effects of city life/the "narrowing" effect on people and their energies/the distortion and reduction in awareness and consciousness, etc -- and then tonight, in the 'A Coming of Wizards' book that I started reading, it mentioned exactly that, albeit in different terms, describing this effect as cities reducing the "mind space" of individuals until they can't perceive anything but that compressed/distorted/reduced space. And, once again in classical reading/book-synchro pattern, I knew nothing about the book before I started reading it, and there was nothing on its cover or blurb/description, etc, that mentioned anything about these thoughts I'd been having so intensely in the days leading up to it and especially today (and, of course, the whole thing hinges on the 100% objective event/circumstance of my being in a city in the first place, and thus having these thoughts again, etc, etc).


Today was very similar to last two, again with a steady-but-subtle level of 37-variant numbers mostly on license plates during afternoon, etc, and a record minimum of thought-related incidents.

Had a cute standout number-repeat today at the market parking lot, a classical "being Compelled, illogically and inconveniently, to stop and let someone out into traffic, only to be treated to a 37-variant plate," this time with something of a twist: the car was a red Kia soul with a 371-ending plate, which I think I've seen several times in the past in relation to similar incidents.

Again had a very small and very subtle cluster of echo-y ones during lunchtime reading, again almost all impossible to convey. Did have one standout, of the nearby-stranger-talking kind, and also in that "perfectly precise in a totally opposite fashion." Precisely as I read "a drop in the speed of time," the woman at the table across from me (but facing toward me, as to be unable to see the book I was reading even if she'd been close enough to, etc) said randomly "the time's going up," as to echo the "speed of time" essence but again with that perfectly opposing literal manner that I've seen before. More notable given the perfectly synchronistic/patternistic timing as well. Still so damn surreal/"striking" when these come.


Today kept with the recent pattern of "moderate numbers/little to no thought-type activity," though with a slight uptick in numbers. Still lots of the "background-static"-type of in-traffic 37-variant plates and the like, mostly two-digit but several threes too, but today saw a return of the conspicuous-type traffic incidents, at least 3-4 that I can think of. One example: another reckless-driver-type one, this time with someone veering around a turning car instead of stopping behind them, such that I was forced to quickly slow down and stop behind the turning car, only to see its 173 plate (and again with that subtle-but-distinct "intelligent"/"animated" feel to it, with the veering-away car causing the plate to be "revealed" in that special way, as was the case with all of the conspicuous ones today). Had a cool super-parking-lot one too, at the TJ Maxx shopping plaza, when, first, there were three cars around me with 37 plates where I totally randomly parked (went the whole parking lot just about, until I felt Compelled to get in this one space, again), and then was "hit" with another several while walking through the lot, all in that subtly "loud" fashion that I can't put into words. Ended up bringing that "living-dream" quality to the day, despite a near-absence of thought-type activity.

Did have one notable book/reading-type recurrence, this one of the longwinded variety, and of those special kind I have every now and then where I'll get some completely random book and have it echo all sorts of deep, profound personal issues and questions I've been having over the last couple weeks but the last several days most intensely. This time it was the 'A Coming of Wizards' book, which, despite being about the most damn random book I ever could've gotten (first read about it in a years-old magazine that I'd dug out of the trash years ago, and even then I was only led to get the book because the author is the man who started the Earthship thing I've taken interest in -- which is to say, I thought the book would be about architecture and such but it is totally different, a totally profound and spiritual and just outright abnormal, seemingly "channeled" text, which Just Happens to echo all the ridiculously personal/profound things I've been grappling with specifically in the last few days). The first couple "hits"/echoes/recurrences I came across, I just thought they might be, first, coincidence, but then, as they added up, I thought they were just "normal"/short-term-type echoes, but now, after reading no less than a dozen or so parallels/echos, I see it's another of these "affirmation-book"-type reading/book synchros as I've had in the past 3-4 times, as to cement this pattern as a definite new type. Really damn cool, not to mention life-changing/invaluable. Wow ...


Something of a change-up today, corresponding with similarly minor shift in state/condition/consciouness again. Numbers shifted back to just background-static levels, at first just barely there and then fizzling out to about nothing by late afternoon, this too seeming to correspond with a downshift in health/sickness/condition, etc. Did have one cluster of parking-lot ones at the grocery store just after lunch, though these too were all non-conspicuous (though quite patternistic, coming at me in that "intelligently random" fashion).

Had one incident that's either a sort of unclassifiable one, or perhaps just the rare actual coincidence, but I thought it was worth mentioning, since it certainly had that distinctive "feel" of a synchronicity. It started when I forgot my watch when leaving for lunch, which is perhaps either the first time in a long time, if not the first time in years (perhaps since I began wearing a watch), that I've done this, despite putting such great emphasis on it. And then, when I went to the pier to eat lunch today, they had to put a wrist band on me when I entered -- which, as it were, went where my watch would've been, since I had my bracelet on the other wrist. Easily nothing, especially to the outside observer, but it is certainly one of those "curiously coincidental" occurrences, which is a little more notable considering that, first, I've had at least one or two such things happen every day more or less for the past year or so or longer, but, second, since I'd Just Happened to forget my watch for the first time on the very day that I Just Happened to go to a pier and need a free wrist for the band (first time I've been to a pier since I was a small child, probably twenty-some years, and first time I've had on a wristband for probably 2-3 years now, since I last went to a concert at HOB I think).

Saw a shift thought-wise too, this time in the opposite direction, with a return of activity in general after that odd absence the last couple days. Still very slight but at least present now, with only a few scattered little echo-ey one-words and the like, all relatively "small" but still very patternistic/perfectly synchronistic. Most of them were radio-type ones, such as having a long random chain of thought end with "thank you" precisely as the radio as randomly said "thank you," etc, probably 5-6 in this vein.

Other than those, did have one really damn cool standout, another of those highly notable ones coming out of the blue and during a relative period of inactivity. It began with a subtle-yet-significant reading/nearby-stranger-type incident, when the man who'd been sitting next to me all during lunch at the end of the pier suddenly got up and sat directly across from me, such that he was in my line of sight and, thus, I thought I sensed that he was uncomfortable with this, and in any case it was distracting to me, so I thus thought that I would turn around in my seat 180 degrees, which I needed to do anyhow so I could get some sun on my back -- precisely as I read "spin the opposite direction" in the 'Wizards' book, which once again was precisely how I'd registered the thought in my mind's eye, envisioning myself spinning opposite of the man (and, again, it was all totally objective/the thoughts and events happening before this text was even visible to me I think/completely independent, etc). Pretty notable at that point, but then a second part happened, when, on the very next page in the book, maybe 10 seconds after I'd made a note of the first part of the incident and then resumed reading, the book mentioned Carl Jung and "synchronisities" (its spelling), which, again, was notable in itself, but doubly so considering the timing of it and the "spin" incident (and, moreso, due to the fact that I'd not had anything but the odd unnotable echo up until then), and then even more notable considering that this was the very first time the book had mentioned Jung or anything remotely synchronicity-related. Really damn cool and striking.

Also, a really damn cool little recurrence just after lunch. It started with a random, old 60s-era song on the radio, one I'd never heard in which the chorus repeated something about "Rosemary" over and over, which I both noticed, due to my eating the rosemary herb last night (for the first time in months), and also Noticed, in that intuitive fashion, such that it stuck in my head after I'd cut off the car. Then, when I called Lovey's about the NAD supplement maybe 30 seconds later, the person who picked up said "This is Rosemary," such that it was echoed -- not perfectly synchronistic, but pretty precise, and still pretty notable timing in any case.


Back to another of those very quiet, borderline-"silent" days like it was the day before last and the day before that, back to just a "present but quiet/non-conspicuous" level of numbers (and still almost exclusively 37-variant license plates -- why predominantly license plates for so long lately?). Had no a single standout I can think of, beyond a couple parking-lot ones that were similarly quiet/low-key.

Thought-wise, almost zilch again, not even some subtle echoes. The closest I had in this area was a couple of vague reading/thought-type ones that, had they continued, I might've found notable due to an established pattern/trend, but with only these two, could've just been a couple of honest, stray coincidences for all I know.

Does bear mentioning: encountered several more of those ridiculously precise and "affirmative"-type reading/book-type recurrences/echoes in the last chunk of the 'Coming of Wizards' book, still in that "yes, you're right" fashion of the "affirmative"-type book synchro. Also, twice between last night and lunchtime today, I had random thoughts that, in keeping with the book's echo-y theme and its general affirmation of the cosmic-sized concepts and theories I've had, it should echo several more things, such as the infinite perceptual dimensions of any observed object, and another couple specific concepts that I thought would fit in with the affirmative theme (though these were things that I had no logical, overt reason to think might be in the book) -- and, lo and behold, exactly those two things/concepts, etc, were echoed in the last part of the book, both explicitly precise and also each within an hour or so of my totally randomly and objectively thinking of them. This one was a real trip, in the end, even moreso than past such affirmation-type book synchros.


Day was a marked uptick in overall activity, again corresponding with a shift in health/state/consciousness/perception, with that terrible gut upset and headsickness fading the most since last week. Yet the general format of the incidents stayed about the same as it's been, more or less.

Morning saw the numbers start up literally right as I left for lunch again, before I even left the park today, with my encountering several conspicuous-ish 37-variant plates just between the house and the gate (two of them 307s, I think, which was interesting considering that the fourth was a 307 too). And then, just down the road, the fourth: a "classical" conspicuous-turn-out-type one, where a car at the end of a line got reckless and pushed it and sped out in front of me, thus revealing its 307 plate (and in "animated" fashion). Also, this one was a double, and highly notable for it, because when it sped out at the very ending of the line of turning cars, the radio sang "slide on in," perfectly synchronistic and, once again, this is more or less exactly how I'd thought of/registered the car's entry, not literally but just visually/"on feeling," how the car "felt"/impressed itself to me, coming to a quick not-quite-stop at the intersection before moving into traffic and thus very much "sliding" on in to the end of the line -- the whole thing was just damn surreal, especially once I registered the 307 plate, both of the incidents just coming nearly instanteously as to bring about a marked synchroshock.

Went on to have a moderate amount of background-static traffic-plate 37-varaints and the like through the afternoon, and again tapering into about nothing by the time I got home towards evening, as seems to be the trend. Did have a couple fun little receipt-type 37 repeats today. The first was at the grocery store, another classical "went in and bought several totally random things, only to have the total come out to be exactly $7.37 with tax," this time again a little more notable considering that I bought this totally random marked-down roasted ginger (only one there, and I don't think I've ever seen it before even at normal price), yet the total still came out to be precisely 7.37. And then, at the ATM, another of those "randomly getting a receipt as trash without looking at it, only to find out later it had some prominent 37 variant on it," this time the receipt hanging (turned around, with the numbers invisible to me) in the slot from the previous customer, and so I took it along with mine when it came out, without looking at the first, intending to throw it away later -- only to find that it had the line, prominently in the middle: "FROM CHECKING ACCOUNT   ******1373," written exactly like that. As it were, my receipt had a 731 on it, but only buried unnotably in a larger string of numbers ...

Thought-wise, activity returned to about "normal"/moderate levels off and on through the day, after the conspicuous absense of such several days lately. Had all manner of them return today, for the most part, including the "small"/one-word/"striking"-type of thought-echo-y ones, probably a dozen or so of various notability spanning lunchtime through mid-afternoon (these too dying off towards my "downtime" of evening). Examples: at the gym while doing a machine, I only got in 22 of the 25 reps before I had to stop, which thus made me stop counting right at "twenty-two" in my head, precisely as the song on my MP3 player totally randomly said "two-two-two" in an elaborate (and, again, singular and non-repetitive) stuttering effect, again damn surreal; again at the gym, when I went to a new machine and saw Ryan and a man he was training standing nearby, I had the thought to ask if they were using the machine I wanted, which thus made me register Ryan fully in the way you do immediately before attempting contact with someone, precisely as my MP3 player sang out "a trainer," again singularly/non-repetitively (though not quite perfectly synchronistic on this one, another of those with maybe a 1-2 second delay but still very tight and "synchronistic" -- but why?); at lunch, two "randomly reading exactly what I was thinking at the end of random and objective and traceable chain-of-thought" ones, the first "gone back home" right as I remembered that I had to get the packages today and, thus, thought/envisioned going back home and then leaving again immediately after, and then "leather-clad bikers" when I similarly thought of taking the cycle out today and, thus, envisioning myself wearing my leather riding jacket, etc, plus probably 3-4 others like this of subtler/lesser notability but still following perfectly the pattern (such as randomly reading "karate kicking" upon resuming the book after picking it up, precisely as I recrossed my legs and thus kicked out the crossing leg, which, if I remember right, I began doing just a split second before I picked up the book and saw the word, rather than after, though I can say pretty much 100% that it wasn't subconscious suggestion, due to my simply needing to cross my legs after being in the same position for a long time and the circulation being cut off, etc -- another objective, unrelated circumstance).

Also at lunch, a classical "reading of a noise precisely as I heard that precise noise nearby," this time reading "I can hardly squeak out" precisely as a truck-and-trailer stopped at the intersection just by the SB patio where I was sitting, with a sudden, loud, attention-getting "SQUEAK!" (not a screech or a grind or anything else, but a definite squeak, and the first of that exact, particular squeakiness that I can remember hearing for the whole hour or so I'd been out there, and, also, in patternistic fashion, the noise and the "squeak" in the sentence corresponded perfectly synchronistically, with that ridiculously surreal, dead-on accuracy that is so distinctive of these).

And then, a similar one (and "late," this one) at dinnertime reading, when I randomly read "the pipes pumping" precisely as the master toilet at the house does that thing it's been doing, where, a couple times in the day, totally randomly and after hours and hours of silence, some water will suddenly rush through the pipes and into the resevoir with a loud "whoosh," a noise that could best be described as "a pumping of pipes," haha.

Had another late one this evening too, a unique one that seems to be a sort of "involuntary bodily function"-type one. It started when I began eating the avocado-and-ginger dish and noticed distinctly that it was missing that distinctive gingery zip that I expected, which is always present the way that I fix up this dish. At first I thought it might've just been a particularly un-gingery bite, but after a couple more that were the same, I then thought that maybe it was the fact that I used that different ginger tonight, the roasted markdown stuff I got at Lowes that triggered the $7.37 receipt-total incident, instead of the unroasted and presumably stronger stuff I usually get. But then, on the fourth or so bite I took, after reading several pages of the 'Dangerous Eating' book, the gingeriness finally kicked in, distinctly and notably, as to make me think "Oh, there's the ginger" -- seconds after I'd started a new chapter in the book, that on New Mexico and, after a couple paragraphs in, hot chile. As it were, the gingery heat finally kicking in corresponded almost perfectly synchronistically with my suddenly reading about hot chile and a discourse on hot spices, etc, in general over the first page or so of that new chapter (when, previously, it hadn't been discussing anything remotely hot-food-related). This one wasn't too precise and wasn't perfectly timed (with maybe 2-3 seconds between the ginger kicking in enough to trigger my recognition/registering/thinking of it and the book going into hot foods, and it's not like the book mentioned "hot ginger" in particular), but still just precise enough and closely timed and patternistic enough to be notable, and damn surreal in any case.

Also, had some more of those vague parallels/recurrences/"longwinded"-type echoes today too, which had also been absence during this "drought" of incidents over the last few days. Couple standout-ish examples: randomly reading of Cook the explorer in that random Lonely Planet library-freebie magazine this morning (again the first I'd read of him for months or longer), and then, in the 'Dangerous Foods' book at lunch, maybe two hours later, it mentioned Cook (and, interestingly, it mentioned him only offhand and indirectly, as a simile or joke or something in the book -- not a section about him or anything, just something like "such and such was like Cook," just enough to "echo" that morning mention of the man). And, likewise, tomato juice: in the sauna tonight while reading more of the Lonely Planet magazine, it mentioned a man in Greece drinking tomato juice, which I vaguely noticed, having not read of or thought of drinking tomato juice in long time, as to kind of rediscover/re-realize the practice, thus thinking something like "Oh yeah, drinking tomato juice, I'd forgotten people do that" -- and then, less than an hour later, the third or fourth page of the 'Dangerous Eating' book mentioned drinking tomato juice, once again the second time I'd seen it mentioned after a long time of not thinking of it, etc, fitting the pattern perfectly for all its "smallness"/uncomplexity.


Pretty big uptick in activity on all fronts today, again corresponding with travel and changes in health/consciousness/state/condition, etc. In some ways, a near-record day for overall activity.

Day started with a cool, albeit somewhat imprecise, uncategorized one. When I went to put Dad's Father's Day card in the magazine to keep it unbent for safekeeping, I opened it to one of those subscription cards reading "THE PERFECT GIFT," and as it were, this was pretty much just what I was thinking at that specific moment, as I looked at the homemade card and thought of how he'll probably get a kick out of it and how it was a "particularly good gift" -- not explicitly "perfect" but still close enough, and with perfectly synchronistic timing, that I found it notable (though not precise enough to not be coincidence surely).

Again had many more of those super-vague/subtle, ableit quite present and patternistic and collectively notable, recurrences in the like, still consisting of all the many threads of the day, from random thoughts to random reading material to random experiences, etc -- like someone put my day and yesterday into a blender and everything began echoing itself. Examples: Crocodile Dundee recurring between a couple random readings after not thinking of the character for ages (the first of which I Noticed); "walking across America" in a random magazine and then in the 'Eating Dangerously' book just an hour or so later; a theme of "financial growth" running between various things, such as the random Fortune magazine I read this morning and then the book at lunch and radio ads and other stuff if I remember right; seeing a recurring and vague theme of "the heat" from maybe a half-dozen different sources, all semi-conspicuously. Just tons and tons of these, as has happened in the past, and after a marked absence of such during that recent "drought" (why suddenly coming back, seemingly along with the "echoes" in general?).

Also, had another of those "reading about more or less exactly what I was eating at the time" almost exactly like the ginger incident last night at dinner, this time at lunch with garlic. It started when, again, the first couple garlic-containing bites I took were distinctly mild and ungarlicky, as to make me note it, just like with those first few weird dud-ginger-bites last night -- and then, about halfway through lunch when I took the first good, pungent, sinus-clearing bite of garlic, the book went into a passage where the character in it ate a bite of super-spicy chile and had it clear out his sinuses/water his eyes/bring that "good fire" -- all of which was more or less exactly what I was experiencing, and almost perfectly synchronistically to when it hit me, maybe 1-2 seconds between my registering the sensations and then encountering the passage in the book, just so ridiculously surreal and damn cool. Wow ...

And then, a very similar, albeit smaller/briefer, one at dinnertime. This time I was on the second or third bite of that weird mash-up bowl of stuff I'd thrown together, and I bit into one of those weird probiotic chews I'd got from VS, which despite listing no artificial/chemical flavoring, it tasted a bit too intense/"crisp" to be flavored with nothing but natural orange oil as it said, which made me thinking something along the lines of "chemicals in here/unnatural flavor in those chews" -- precisely as I randomly read "artificial flavoring" in the 'Eating Dangerously' book (and in that same context, and for the first time). And, again, though the text was visible to me when I'd had the thought, I can distinctly, 100% trace my thinking about it just then to the objective event of my taking that bite of the chews just then and registering its artificial-tasting quality, haha.

And again still just many general echo incidents throughout the day, of all types, in that same vein I've been having, yet today with distinctly more volume, as well as more "depth" and "complexity"/"texture," etc, in that matured/graduated fashion -- back to being in a psychic echo-chamber it feels, just ridiculously surreal in itself not even counting the day's onslaught of numbers while in traffic/on the highway. Again just way too many to list/remember, but had several cool standouts:

> "Cup of coffee" singing from the radio precisely as I thought about stopping at the grocery store and getting a bottle of cold-brew (a bottle instead of a cup, but still echoing the "coffee" essence, and perfectly synchronistic/patternistic too); also, this happened not once, but three times total, with the lyric refraining in the song every damn time I thought about whether I should stop off for the market-coffee instead of going to a proper shop/if I had time, etc (though, the first time it came, it was the first in the song, etc, etc)

> An "involuntary bodily function"-sort of one where I had a sudden onset of that ugly eye-irritation/grittiness I've been having, which made me think of it suddenly and also envision my eyes being red and irritated -- a split second before the electronic sign I passed for a drugstore cut to a picture of big veiny eyes with the caption of "irritated eyes?" or something like that, about allergies, and the eyes were even red due to the sign display's grid of red bulbs, and perfectly synchronistic, etc, another damn surreal one

> A "small" but notable "nearby stranger echoing my thoughts aloud" one, at Lovey's when, precisely as I picked up a random bag of coconut chips and read/registered the "chips" on the bag, a passing child said "I'm tired of those chips" or something like that, with his "chips" corresponding perfectly with my registering the word (and, as it were, the child was just next to me but out of view of the bag of chips I'd randomly picked up from a miscellaneous bargain-type shelf with all kinds of different things on it, rather than a big display of nothing but chips, such that it was just a random comment on his part rather than him logically saying that word while in an aisle of only chips or something, etc, etc, as is so patternistic of these)

> Had a big, sudden cluster of "small" echoes mid-afternoon, after a couple hours of lull, corresponding with a similar onslaught of highway numbers and also corresponding with a sudden rise in energy/cognitive function after taking the afternoon dose of NAD supplement interestingly. Had probably two dozen or more within the space of an hour during that big slow traffic jam on 40, again just way too many to remember/list while driving safely but almost all pretty precise and notable. One cool standout: "made a stop" singing randomly from the radio precisely as I came to a stop behind the cars in the jam, which, even though we'd been crawling slowly for a while, it was the first time (and would be the only) that we came to a dead stop, and, as it were, the first time in the hours of my driving that I'd come to a dead stop personally, yet was perfectly synchronistic, right at that exact moment, again just damn surreal.

Numbers today were a big uptick, now to the point of just absolute "storm"/onslaught/living-dream levels, as has happened several times in the past. Overall, another near-record day, right up there with the "stormiest" of such travel-triggered onslaughts. Started again almost immediately after I set off north, after only scattered ones through morning, again with a steady background static of many conspicuous-ish random two-to-four-digit ones on plates and passing signs and the like, notable in itself. But then had many conspicuous ones mixed in eventually, and these starting almost immediately after lunch, with another of those "having to look behind me to back out from a parking space, precisely as a 37-plate flashed directly into my line of sight with perfectly synchronistic timing," this time a 373-ending plate at the (totally random and unplanned) coffee place in Shallotte I'd lunched at. Also, during the big sudden cluster while in the highway traffic jam later, it seemed to mature/complicate/refine even further, again to where I was suddenly seeing the tractor-and-trailers with conspicuous 37s on them, as if a switch had been thrown, just utterly surreal. Had several of those double/triple/overlaps it seems like too. Plus, several other kinds of parking-lot-types thrown in the mix, with a cool standout in this regard when I stopped at that gas station in Chapel Hill -- another of those ridiculously spontaneous, out-of-nowhere, borderline-reckless stops -- only to find myself stopped directly behind a 3373 plate directly in my line of sight, all in that clockwork/animated fashion that I just can't adequately describe and couldn't pull off even if I'd tried ...

A couple more "37-covered receipt"-types I see now, after the fact.

And then, that evening, yet another of those "looking down totally randomly at the Cyma counter, genuinely needing to know how long it had, precisely as it clock-ticked to a 37-variant," this time precisely as it ticked from 7:38 to 7:37, again just so ridiculously, explicitly timed (and, as it were, if you would've asked, I would've said there was much less time left on it, hence my looking to see before I got too involved in the reading, etc).


Today was much like yesterday in terms of feel/format/presence of different types and variations, but without as much overall volume. Again had another patternistically sudden onslaught on numbers during morning highway driving, not as many conspicuous ones as yesterday (from lower energy in morning?) but still very, very many, and many in conspicuous fashion, turn-outs and reckless drivers and "revealings," etc -- the storm continues! Still with the parking-lot-type ones too, including another of those ridiculously explicit/animated/"LOOK AT THIS!"-type ones at the WS SB parking lot, this time with a twist. I was walking through the lot this time, and had begun going to the right in the lot, when I was suddenly Compelled to pick up some litter to my left and thus change course and look around -- precisely as a car with a 6713 plate backed up and stopped, with the plate stopping *perfectly* into my line of sight as is so patternistic of these, in a way that can only be described as "orchestrated"/"intelligent," etc. Just never get tired of these.

Interestingly, had lots of thought-type activity again, but it was almost exclusively of those super-vague recurrences from various sources spanning the day again, with no standout individual ones I can think of. The day's themes that I can remember: Nashville (hearing it randomly in at least one but maybe more songs, then getting to the random "Nashville" chapter in the 'Dangerous Eating' book, and a couple other sources that I just simply can't keep track of); Liberty in several sources; BBQ, plus maybe 3-4 others that I just can't remember. Head spinning from these, just crazy still -- another "thought-blender."

Had something that might be nothing, but certainly "smells"/"feels" like a synchronicity: after a long computer session of getting through the backlog of the travel synchronicities and journal entries and receipts and such, about an hour and a half, precisely as I finished, that malfunctioning alarm clock in parents' bedroom went off. This was moderately notable in itself, since it vaguely echoed the thought I'd had perfectly synchronistic with it of "finished/done/completed finally," which could conceivably qualify as an echo-type. But then, moreso, if I remember right, almost the exact same thing has happened other times when I've been visiting parents, that same weirdly malfunctioning alarm going off at some totally random-yet-appropriate time, also like when I'm finishing up something or other (seems like I even happened when I had to go out or something, or right when I was suddenly allowed to do something I'd been waiting for, can't remember).


Another "big" day, with lots of numbers and lots of echoes, including a reasonable number of standouts in each category, despite not traveling and having generally ugly health/energy through the day.

"The day" started earlyish again today, within an hour or so of waking (and I'm still getting up really early too), again with those vague "small"/super-subtle echoes, along with the beginnings of those "day-long blender"-type of meta-recurrences/thematic-type incidents, which again would be comprised of a mash-up of all sorts of completely random stuff I saw/thought/experienced/read through the day, exactly in the same pattern/format of the last few days and previously. Some examples I can think of: randomly reading of manga, and Asian culture and such in general in the 'Eating Dangerously' book, and then encountering all sorts of Asian stuff through the day, such as a half-dozen or so old Asian-import kung-fu and manga VHS at the random Goodwill I stopped at; also at Goodwill, a "Louisville Slugger" baseball bat when I'd first read of it this morning in the Fortune magazine, along with a huge cluster of maybe a dozen other of these random recurrences at that Goodwill visit alone; plus a bunch of others I can't even remember, just so many of these within a short timespan and when my memory is especially crap today.

And another of those ridiculously surreal "reading about exactly what I'm experiencing in regards to eating, precisely as I'm eating it"-type ones, as seems to happen every single time I read the book during mealtime. This time it was even more precise, and precisely timed: a few seconds after I took the first bite of that weird coconut dish at lunch, and right as I was registering the taste and texture of it and thinking of how the coconut manna was just fatty and succulent enough to even out the raw/powdery spices and stuff in it and make it deliciously creamy -- precisely as I registered this final, conclusive thought of "good texture/creamy/pleasing," I came to the middle of the first page I'd been reading and this sentence: "My first bite plops neatly into my mouth. Bliss. With just enough fat to make the mouthful succulent ..." -- all of which echoed more or less perfectly my initial judgment of my lunch, right down to it being the "first bite" (and that it was good/"bliss," and that the coconut's creamy fat was just enough to make it "succulent"). It also bears mentioning that, a second or two before this, I'd paused in my reading to hold the coffee shop door open for the old man who'd stumbled out and dropped something, which therefore paused my reading a little bit, yet my registering the texture/succulence of the bite still aligned almost perfectly synchronistically with my reading that key paragraph (I'd had the bite in my mouth chewing while holding the door open for this man, haha). Wow ...

Went on to have a little cluster of those subtler-but-notable, "in-the-moment"-type of echoes and the like through lunchtime reading, as well, such as randomly thinking of how I'm a metaphorical "psychological diver" at the end of a long chain of thought, a second or two before randomly reading in the book about clams, with an offhand paranthetical comment beside them about how people have died diving for clams. At least 5 or 6 like this over the course of the meal, maybe more.

Some "bigger" standouts:

> Damn cool mildly-delayed thought echo at Goodwill, beginning when I saw the bag of a CD case reading "Poor Buck," which made me think of that random Jeff Buckley CD I'd bought a while ago, and then, seconds later on the shelf, I came across a Jeff Buckley CD, the only time I've ever seen one for sale anywhere since that one I'd bought months ago ("felt" bigger/more notable than it sounds, especially with this coming within that little whirlwind cluster of echoes at that Goodwill); also bears mentioning that the "Poor Buck" CD was a Grateful Dead CD, and then a couple minutes later, when I pulled that totally random (but Compelled) 'Tiger in a Trance' book from the shelf and decided to buy it, I found it to contain a bookmark made from a Grateful Dead ticket, characteristic of these many "small" echoes

> A super-precise and super-random and perfectly synchronistic radio echo: a split second after I'd finished a long chain of thought with thinking of going by the gym just to hang on the bar and traction out my spine some, the radio announcer came on and randomly said "Hey, this is so-and-so, hanging with you on this Thursday," with the "hanging with you" coinciding perfectly with my envisioning myself hanging from the bar in the gym (but again with my expressively having the thought objectively and before the announcer's comment, etc)

> A similar radio-type one just after lunch, when I took the receipt box randomly from my center console in the car, and then, deciding not to put my money stash in there, I put it back in the console, empty, and with the express but random thought of "empty box/nothing in there," a split second before the random radio song (which I'd never heard before) sang out "it's hollow, nothing inside," haha

> Another radio one, on the way to lunch. It started when I suddenly remembered that I'd forgotton to put on my rings and stuff before leaving, and so I reached down and grabbed one from the console -- a split second before the random (and again new-to-me/unheard-before) song on the radio sang out "give you a big diamond ring," haha

> A somewhat "smaller" radio-echo when I saw a nice car and had the random thought of maybe getting one, a split second before the radio randomly sang out "I want something new" or something along those lines, this one another good example of the several dozen of small/super-subtle echoes through the day

Numbers were everywhere again, and still 37s and variants predominantly, and with very very many "mature"/complex/three- and four-digit ones, plus many conspicuous/animated/intelligent ones, just too many to remember (plus several more of those overlaps and double/triples) -- and all just from driving aimlessly around town, not even traveling or feeling especially "with it" (why?). Had many standout parking-lot ones today too, of all the usual kinds, the back-outs shoving 373 plates directly into my line of sight (precisely as I neared them randomly), being again Compelled to a random space with a choice of the whole lot, only to find myself surrounded by several conspicuous three-digit plates that I couldn't see until I turned in (this happened at the mall, and as I went back out to leave, a fourth 37-plate car was pulling in right next to mine and the resident 37-platers, haha).


Can't remember the specifics of this day, writing after the fact and through the lens of that nightmarish headsickness and its bad memory impairment. Seems like it was quiet overall, with little to nothing through morning. Did have one cool standout incident then, a classical and very fast/sudden "ask and receive": right after I'd opened that Fortune magazine I'd been picking at for days, I looked at it and had the thought that I felt like reading something different, maybe a variety magazine with something about food or people or the like, rather than the wooden financial content of the Fortune -- and then, seconds later on the very next page, it had an article about the California Pizza company and its history and stuff, along with a subtitle about how it bombed except for its "barbeque chicken pizza," a total departure from everything else in the magazine as it were -- all exactly what I'd so vaguely and subtly yet patternisticly and distinctly "asked" for, right down to the food and the biographical profile of the California Pizza founders and their story, and a split second later (yet the page was entirely invisible/closed to me when I'd had this thought, and I'd not seen it beforehand, etc -- again 100% objective/independent, etc).

Lunch was mostly quiet, but I do remember having more of those periodic little clusters of super-subtle/subjective yet notable echoes off and on through lunchtime reading, which is definitely a pronounced pattern now, same as the last few days almost exactly. The phenomenon did die off some shortly after lunch and stayed quiet for a while, even when I started back down south on the highways and such -- but then, just like a couple other times on this trip, the echoes suddenly picked back up, still patchy and super-subtle mostly but again very much there, and some pretty notable if only I could remember and/or describe them.

Did have one really cool standout, which was a good example of the mid-afternoon/evening hard-to-describe echoes in general. It was a three-way, beginning when "players" sang randomly from the radio precisely as I passed by a great big billboard reading "play golf," with my registering the "play" again coinciding perfectly synchronistically with the radio lyric -- and then, a split second afterward (right as I was registering the synchro in this case), a big, bright-blue-and-pink, custom-painted, tricked-out SUV passed up alongside me -- every bit a "player's" car, in the modern colloquial sense, and also coming up with that perfectly synchronistic/patternistic/"orchestrated and intelligent"-type of "creeping" movement, with it arriving up alongside me precisely as the first parts of the incident occurred, just so utterly surreal. It characterizes these "super-subtle echo clusters" pretty well.

Numbers, on the other hand, were pretty much as present as last few days from what I remember, and again were "triggered" when I started on the drive south, and would do that maturing/refining/"graduating" thing as the day went on, too. About an hour into the drive, started having the conspicuous-traffic-type of "sightings" again, such as yet another reckless passing car that, after first trailing me closely as to demand my attention as is patternistic in so many of these, finally sped around me and back in front of me and revealed its 1378 plate, haha.

Another notable thing about the drive was that I again suddenly started seeing tractor-and-trailers sporting patternistically conspicuous 37s, once more with there being a marked absence of them before a pronounced point, as if a switch had been thrown, after which I saw a near-steady procession of them more or less (and I'm sure I wasn't just noticing them/becoming aware of them after not doing those previously, because I distinctly remember checking/seeking them out earlier on and *not* seeing them, yet, once again, it only started up "on its own," later on when I'd forgotten about it and stopped looking ...). This time, even had a standout incident involving this phenomenon, a sort of "challenge-thought"/"ask-and-receive"-type one: right after I noticed the first few trucks, and noted their quick and patternistic arrival, and so thought "the transport-truck 37s are starting up again" -- seconds later, I came upon one such truck with a prominent "70317" stencilled on its trailer, along with "TRANSPORT" just below it. And, it bears mentioning, everything on the back of the truck was blotted out/painted over except for the "TRANSPORT," as to make it conspicuous and "there," making it announce itself in that ridiculously surreal way.

Beyond these, I remember having a more or less steady amount of "background-static" 37 plates and the like, plus a mildly notable showing of randomly-sourced ones, such as receipts and the like (especially on survey numbers from this day, as I noticed today when doing several of the surveys, where either on the receipt or in the survey number or both there were almost always some fashion of two- or often three- or four-digit 37 variants in there).


Day was something of a departure from recently, and in a weird way. Morning was unique and somewhat bizarre, alternating between a total absence/"silence" of anything synchronistic, as to feel completely out of that "synchronistic state" I'm coming to get a feel for now, and then jumping back into it totally. This happened probably 3 or 4 times, as to demonstrate and establish the entering and exit of the "state" very distinctly, along with the "switching" phenomenon itself, and was all incredibly notable and surreal in its own right. Also, every time this happened, without exception, it all corresponded 100% with my intensely fluctuating health this morning, with my going between the totally nightmarish/hellish toxic headsick state that came on suddenly when doing the castor oil pack, and then "jumping" into the synchronistic state when I entered the 100% different head-cleared/wonderful state those several times. It makes it clear that the synchronicities are definitely somehow directly tied into consciousness/condition/perception/mental activity (psychic/energetic activity and state?). It even happened a couple times this afternoon too, again corresponding with the drastic and sudden "switching" between feeling really good and clear-headed and totally headsick and hellishly toxic. Still processing all this, trying to sort it out.

Lunchtime, had another of those sudden onsets of "clustery" activity, just like recently but distinctly more intense and somehow "graduated"/"matured," as seen in that I not only began experiencing those super-subtle/subjective/"can't describe them"-type of rapid-fire echoes, but a bunch of those vague/daylong/thematic-type recurrences too, of the "my day in blender" variety, except just encompassing the morning and last night and my present thoughts/experiences, etc, including nearby-stranger stuff from all the people in the cafe sitting around me -- truly a "blending" of just everything on my psychic/energetic "plate," it felt like (like maybe everything presently in my aura was being somehow "regurgitated"/manifested into material/external reality? a bleeding-through of some kind more than individual incidents?). Was beyond ridiculously surreal, absolutely impossible to describe.

One reasonably coherent example I can think of: reading randomly in the 'Eating Dangerously' book about how at an open-air market in Laos there were "black flies" on everything and no one seemed to notice, with my sort of Noticing this in a particular way, as to envision it all in my mind's eye -- and then, maybe less than thirty minutes later when I went outside to the bench by the parking lot, these little black flies suddenly started buzzing around me and alighting on me and my food and stuff, in exactly the same manner as described in the book (and, more precisely, how I'd envisioned it in my mind's eye -- perhaps the source of this "manifestation," rather than the book?). But like the rest of these incidents, description just doesn't do it justice, not capturing the absolutely surreal "synchronistic state"-type "feel" of it all. For example: the book had described the author being oddly at ease with the flies/resigned to them, and that's exactly how I found myself regarding them during the meal, just not being bothered by them (and without even trying, it just "happening" this way). So many others like this though, all in that little lunchtime window, at times several simultaneously.

Another standout example of these super-intense/surreal echoes, from another of these little "windows" later in afternoon: hearing "back" on the radio precisely as I randomly turned my head to a big roadside sign reading "back" -- but again, the circumstances rendered this way bigger than it reads, because the sign had a bunch of other text on it but some of it was obscured by surrounding tree branches, and then the rest was blocked out by the two cars sitting between me and the sign in traffic -- such that only the sign's "back" was visible to me from where I was, and with my Just Happening to glance over at it precisely as the "back" sang randomly from the radio. Another where it could easily be written off by the outside observer as nothing or coincidence or subconscious bias/selective perception, etc, yet to me was absolutely unmistakable as one of these ridiculously surreal echoes.


Still in the same basic format of incidents, though not as much overall activity today, and with several "normalish"/isolated-type of incidents too.

Did have those echo-y thought-type incidents at times, still somewhat periodic/cluster-y and mostly super-subtle/impossible-to-describe, though without that periods of ridiculously surreal intensity like yesterday (corresponding with a slight improvement in health/not feeling so nightmarish and ugly today).


> A cool "instant thought manifestation"/coherent-echo one this morning. It started when I had a long chain of random thoughts ending with Aiden's birthday, which thus made me think of his gift and how I had the savings to be able to get him whatever Legos and such he wanted, which thus made me think something along the lines of "Just tell me what you want and it's yours" -- perfectly synchronistic with my opening the trashbag in the truck and seeing "MAKE A WISH" on a random wrapper in there I'd picked up as litter at some point on the trip and had yet to throw away. Highly notable, first because it was reasonably precise and perfectly synchronistic in timing and perfectly patternistic, etc, and second because I can again trace the originating thought distinctly, 100% before opening the bag and to the independent/objective event of my needing to decide what to get him for his birthday, etc, etc -- just damn surreal and damn cool and damn notable, for all the repetition.

> A really cool recurrence spanning morning reading material and lunchtime book-reading, either a standalone/"normal"-type reading recurrence or maybe a more-coherent example of the subtle/vague/thematic "parallels" I'm still having (not so many today, but they were there, I did notice). It started this morning when I read, in that totally random Food Network magazine that I pulled from the trash the other day, of the Mexican Day of the Dead, in which the article's author mentioned how her mother was so fond of empanadas, which I Noticed distinctly, both in that special, indescribable way but also just a plain noticing, because the author mentioned it several times in the article, kind of drilling it into my head in a weird way, "Mother loved empanadas, really really loved empanadas did Mother," etc -- and then, at lunch in the 'Dangerous Eating' book, I started its chapter on Spain today, and in it, several pages in, it had this sentence: "We bump into Calli's mother [...] A famed empanada cook, she is fiercly proud of Galician cuisine" -- a perfect echo of "empanada-loving mother," albeit an obscure one. Still pretty notable, given the timing and the precision and the perfect patternistic element of it all.

> Also, as an example of the day's vague/super-subtles/thematics: Spain was a big theme today, beginning with the Food Network magazine (which instigated several of these vague echoes between it and the 'Eating' book and other random thoughts/experiences/encounters through the day, all too "small"/complicated/subjective to describe), and then with more echoes of Spain in at least two or three other random sources I can't remember (and, like all of these, when I'd not encountered any significant Spanish references for at least a few weeks or months or so, all these just coming at once the way these do), and then, as mentioned in the empanada thing, I Just Happened to begin the book's chapter on Spain at lunch today. Was established as a reasonably coherent thematic-type of synchro then, but soon after lunch it really developed into a standout, when I stopped to pick up a random newspaper as trash at the Biglots parking lot (when I'd once again totally randomly been Compelled to go to Biglots, after having zero plans to go there and really no reason to go there/nothing to buy, etc, as is so patternistic of these Compelling-type instances). When I picked up the paper, it proved to be the sports page of a local paper, on its front page a big headline about a Spanish soccer team doing something or other, as to echo the Spain theme again.

The newspaper thing was actually a double/combo-type incident, because it was also an "ask and receive," beginning this morning when I'd expressly thought, "I need to get a newspaper or something for some cartoons to put out," really feeling urgent to do so since I've gotten out of the habit lately. Then, when I picked up the paper as trash, it reminded me that I needed them, but I was disappointed to see it was just the sports page rather than a whole paper -- but then, on the very back page of the section, there was a printing of cartoons, and not just any cartoons, but several of precisely the kind I need, the single-pane kind that I can put out in random places and have passers-by instantly look at it and maybe get a laugh, etc (and, as it so happened, the several on there were good, funny ones -- exactly what I'd "asked" for/needed so expressly).

Numbers were there today, but I can't think of any real standouts. Seems like they were almost exclusively "small"/quiet-type two- and three-digit traffic 37-variant plates, along with several semi-conspicuous parking-lot types. No overly conspicuous traffic-type ones that I can think of, however (again: why a sudden downturn?).


Much more quiet today. Really, only things to note were a brief, almost nonexistent little cluster of lunchtime reading/thought/super-subtle-type echoes, of the same kind I've been having lately but even more toned-down, and then with only several more "small" ones here and there through the afternoon, until it leveled off into "silence" by early evening (did seem to correspond with a similarly subdued/"quiet" state of health/condition/consciousness, with that weird bluntedness I've been having the last couple days really taking hold for some reason -- the synchronistic "silence" a reflection of this "silent" mental/energetic condition maybe?). Numbers today were a little more active, but still only in the "background static" level, with some scattered 37s here and there on the usual license plates and the like. Still certainly had "activity" during the same, some of it borderline notable, but a far cry from the recent "storms" of late.

Tonight at dinnertime reading, had the beginnings of what seemed like another cluster imminent, but never really went anywhere, just a few "small" echoes (such as having a long chain of thought end with how my liver seemed to be detoxing significantly, going back and forth between feeling really good and really lousy -- precisely as I came to "big purge" in the 'Eating Dangerously' book).

Only other thing I noticed today: several "small" receipt 37s, but somewhat more than "normal," with nearly every receipt I got today (6-8 after running around all over the place) having at least one if not two or three, as to be collectively notable.


Very much like yesterday, almost exactly in fact, with only some little spatterings of thought echoes and such here and there. A couple were mildly notable, such as having a long chain of thought end on the beets I'd just bought, which thus made me think "How much sugar are in beets?" -- precisely as "sugar is sweet" sang randomly from the radio, again for the first time in the song, and again in a random song I'd never heard before, and again when I can 100% trace the chain of thought to the independent circumstances (before I'd even keyed the car ignition and started up the radio, in fact). Other than that, still pretty "quiet."

Again had a moderate showing of similarly subdued/low-key numbers, still mostly just "random license place 37-variant"-types, and a handful of those mildly notable parking-lot ones. And again: an above-average number of random, smallish 37s haunting my receips. Publix receipt had a random "8733" on it, and then the Bi-Lo one had a 73 in the middle, then a "300730" survey code, and then a random "507300000073003000000" in the middle, haha. Same for a TJ Maxx receipt too just about, with a couple random ones followed by a code in the middle ending with a great big "173373."

Also, had something of a receipt-type standout too, one of those "random piece of litter"-type ones except with a twist. When I was finishing up lunch at the bench by Boulineau's, a receipt lying in the parking lot caught my eye in a conspicuous way, in Compelling/Noticing fashion, but I didn't act on it, with the receipt being far enough away to require a short walk, etc -- but then, a few minutes later, a breeze blew it over to me, and I swear, it came *right to me,* less swept than "carried," in a straight line directly to me. I knew right away I was supposed to pick it up and that it would have some manner of number repeat on it, and sure enough, it had a random "237" on it, followed by "Change $3.73" -- not hugely notable in itself, but given the circumstances and my distinct Noticing/Compelling/knowing there'd be some kind of 37 on it, I found it pretty notable, especially for me, having the wind "carry" it to me in that super-surreal manner, all the while knowing what would be printed on there ...

Did end up having another brief little cluster of "small"-type echoes and the like during dinnertime reading, almost exactly the same at lunch except for two quasi-standout little eating/"involuntary bodily function"-type incidents. The first was randomly reading "phlegm" in the Eleanor Druse book precisely as I hocked up a terrible mouthful of phlegm from eating the bee pollen (the word was visible to me beforehand, but, once again, it all hinged on the totally objective event of my finishing my bite, swallowing, and then having the phlegm urgently and involuntary come up, Just Happening to coincide perfectly synchronistically with that word, also the first it had appeared). And then, soon after: reading "burn the lungs" precisely as the first rash of sore-throatedness came up, after the first few bites of bee pollen started doing their thing -- not my lungs burning exactly, but still a burning of the throat/neck/esophagus, close enough that, combined with the perfectly synchronistic and patternistic timing (and with it being in the then-established little cluster of similar incidents), I found it pretty notable.


Still a generally quiet day, with some more thought-type activity but less numbers, strangely. Had a few scattered numbers and "small" echoes through the morning and after leaving for Dr. Dong's, such as randomly having the radio sing out "junk" precisely as I passed this totally random yard filled with a neat-looking spread of these bizarre sculptures constructed of scrap metal and such (every bit "junk," and actually, that's exactly what I registered it as as I saw it, as a "junkyard," and once again, the radio lyric corresponded perfectly synchronistically with my registering it, etc).

A pretty cool 37-variant standout arrived at lunchtime, again the first really prominent/coherent/"matured" of the day. Halfway through lunch, while I was sitting at that ridiculously random bench that was nowhere near where I'd planned to lunch, I realized that the van parked directly in front of me had a great big "37" on the front, aligned directly in my line of sight as is so patternistic of these (and, if I remember right, there was originally a car parked between in and me so that I couldn't possibly have had any subconscious cue-ing/suggestion, etc, and besides that, I'd come at it from the opposite direction and wouldn't have been able to see it anyway). It's another of those that doesn't translate well to text, with it having that subtley "there"/"animated"/"announcing" surreal quality of so many of these.

Had a few lunchtime echoes, and slightly less subtle than the last couple days, but still largely subdued, and just not that many in number either, probably less than a dozen throughout lunch and early afternoon. One good example: randomly reading "open car window" in the 'Tiger in a Trance' book precisely as a car passed on the street with its music blaring through open windows, and again I think that I'd registered the open windows themselves more than the car, with my thinking of how the music was too loud and crisp to have been played through closed windows, and again with this vague thought of "music through open windows rather than closed" corresponding perfectly synchronistically with my reading the words (and, once again, even though the sentence was visible to me when I had the thought, I can 100% trace it to the 100% objective event of that open-windowed car passing at that precise instant, etc).

A pretty cool "normal" standout, of the "passing a roadside sign precisely as the radio echoed what the sign said," but with a twist. This time it was my stopping by a billboard at an intersection, with a great big "ANGRY?!?" taking up nearly the whole thing, just before the radio randomly sang out "I get angry," another of those with a slight delay of 1-2 seconds but close enough timing and precise and patternistic enough to be just as notable. However, this one had an additional quality, of that "question/answer" kind that I've experienced rarely before, in the sense of the billboard's implied question of "Are you angry?" being answered by the radio's statement of "I get angry/Yes, I'm angry" (and, interestingly, that's just how I'd immediately registered the sign as, as a question of anger -- again, the component of perception/consciousness shaping the incident?).

Had another very brief cluster of "small" echo-ey dinnertime-reading incidents again, with one cool standout, another "involuntary bodily function" type (why do these always seem to come in the evening, during the sauna or at dinnertime?). It started when I had one of those rare and totally bizarre and totally jarring "twitches" from in my guts just behind my right ribs, precisely as I came to "attaching itself to my ribcage" in the 'Tiger in a Trance' book. I at first just took notice of this as another "small" echo, of the underlying "ribcage" theme since I'd felt a twitch, not an "attaching," and also, I had the thought that it was inside my guts anyhow, just in the ribcage area -- but then I finished the sentence, which went down a line at "ribcage" and finished with "on the inside," thus echoing either what had actually happened or my thought about the twitch being on the inside, but either way upped the precision and thus notability pretty high.


Today was much like yesterday so far, still in a "quiet" period it feels, with a pretty minimal showing of both thought/perceptual incidents and number repeats. For numbers, had not the slightest bit of standout, and barely even some "background-static"-type two-digits and license plates and the like, probably the quietest overall numbers day in a row (though, I might just be forgetting some, my memory gone to hell again today, everything sort of blurring together in that ugly way).

Had slightly more activity thought-wise, but still pretty subdued. The first thing I noticed today was more of those super-subtle/subjective/thematic-type parallels and recurrences spanning the morning and then early afternoon, again primarily between ridiculously random stuff I've been experiencing/reading/thinking about the last couple days, again almost all of it too obscure to convey in writing but still very present and notable. The most coherent-ish example I can think of is this theme of "80s/90s flashback" that I first really noticed yesterday when I started reading the 'Tiger in a Trance' book, which is set in the 80s and has a young, white, blonde, acid-taking protagonist, which happens to parallel so many other of these vague little miscellany (such as my character from the Pemberton book, which is strikingly like both the Tiger character and also has a very similar feel to the plot and events, both being in the 80s and involving LSD and even written in a similar narrative). And then, further paralleling it, and a bit more profoundly: that random box of 80s-and-90s newspaper clippings I was Compelled to pull from the recycling dumpster at the dump the other day, despite having no idea what was in the unmarked cardboard box when I was Compelled to grab it, and the same for the Forbes magazine I was similarly Compelled to get from the freebie rack at the library, which also echoed a number of these 80s and 90s things. But none of this is really conveying still, all just way too surreal for words. I feel to be entering that "synchronistic state" semi-constantly now, with standout incidents just interspersing this steady background static of obscure echoes and themes and the like.

Had another little echo-y period during lunchtime reading once again, and just like the last couple, was almost exclusively super-subtle/"small"/"one-word striking"-types, with more of the vague parallels and the like mixed in -- again notable collectively, but individually could be easily dismissed when put into text.

A couple standoutish examples: the 'Tiger' book echoing the men sitting next to me at the cafe at lunch in various ways, such as my reading about "three men" in the book precisely as I was thinking vaguely that there were three men at the table, and other various super-small echoes like that (but, enough to establish a definite pattern, in this super-subtle-echo fashion); eventually had a couple minor standouts involving the three men at the table, such as when one of them said randomly "heaters" precisely as I randomly read "heating" in the book, with that surreally "striking" precision that just doesn't translate to words, and then, when they got up and started hobbling conspicuously awkwardly from the table (they were all older folks, and overweight and had just eaten and so were probably even more sluggish), I randomly read "adults walking dazedly" in the book, which described perfectly their gaits and also occurred perfectly synchronistic, etc; also, a very similar "small" nearby-stranger-speaking one just as I entered Walmart later on, when someone near me randomly said "local" precisely as I registered a sign reading "locally."

Ended up having some minor activity during dinnertime reading again, but this time it was only some more of those super-vague/obscure recurrences and the like, with little to no echoes interestingly (again: why not tonight?). The first was a continuation of that theme of "the Tiger book echoing that Pemberton book I wrote," this time with a seemingly unnotable one in which, in tonight's reading, it mentioned the word "diphthong," which, as it were, was a word that I have only used one time in all my writing, in the Pemberton book and in that very section which is being echoed by the Tiger character and events (actually, I even learned the word while writing that part of the book). Seemingly nothing, but, really, is just huge, from my subjective viewpoint. Similarly, the book tonight mentioned a Mazda sportscar and that it was "fun to drive but too small, a bad touring car" -- when, just earlier today while driving my Mazda sportscar, I'd had that exact same thought, that it was fun and easy to drive but would make a bad car for the upcoming cross-country trip (which, notably, I had thought of at the time as my "tour," haha).


A bit of a shift in feel and format of today's incidents, just a generally different "groove" than lately, without so many echo-y-type of incidents (though they were there, and still only a few and almost all too subjective/subtle to be conveyed). Numbers were there, but also different than lately, with several periods of moderately present traffic plates w/37 variants mostly, and still no conspicuous-type ones like I was having almost constantly there for a while.

The day's standouts were all "normal"/traditional ones:

> Cool vague-thought-type recurrence, a classic example: yesterday I randomly thought about the Zen "beginner's mind" concept and my personal take on it, etc, for the first time in at least a few months -- and then today at lunchtime reading, the 'Tiger in a Trance' book randomly mentioned exactly this, and in the exact same context, and after not mentioning anything Zen-related beforehand in the ~150 previous pages of the book. Very patternistic and precise and closely timed for a reading recurrence; very notable.

> Also, a cool sort of combo number-repeat and recurrence, involving that Mancill Heating and Cooling van with the big 37 on the front that had been parked conspicuously at the random park bench I lunched at the other day: when I pulled into the park this evening, there was the van, the exact same one (unless Mancill H&C has multiple #37 vans), and parked conspicuously out right where I'd see it, and also, this was miles and miles from where I'd lunched at and originally saw it, in NMB instead of downtown MB, and also, the other day was the first I can ever recall seeing a Mancill company van ever, never having heard of them before, and then I see it again within days, as to be notable in itself but much moreso considering the number-repeat element in it, haha

> A similarly notable, patternistic, "classical" "nearby stranger conspicuously quoting a 37 variant precisely as I passed." This time it was at Bi-Lo, immediately after lunch, as I passed a cashier and a customer and she quoted the price "thirty-seven-oh-one," and again with that perfect, conspicuous, patternistic, impossible-to-consciously-orchestrate timing where, precisely as I came into earshot, she said it, when seconds earlier or later I might not have caught it, etc


Day started off almost totally silent, even of super-subtles, seeming to be the quietest in a long time. But then, starting at lunch, had some subtles/echoes/parallels/themes come on, then some numbers starting up again on the drive to the AP, and then, after another semi-silence during the flight, ended up having a full-out "explosion"/storm starting just after the taxi ride.

The lunch subtles were almost all just those super-subtle-types that can't be described, though did have a couple coherent-ish examples:

> I had a long chain of thought end with how, during the morning's headsickness and confusion, I'd successfully bested the toxicity and brain chemistry and whatever else had been distorting my thoughts, as to see reality in the face of ugly perceptual illusions influenced by physical illness and whatever caused it -- and then, on the very next page in the 'Tiger in a Trance' book, it said "All perception is chemical," in this exact same context of brain chemistry and perceptual illusions, and without precedent or anything in this vein leading up to it on the previous page (and, this time, the corresponding text was on the next page, unturned and in a new leaf, as to be 100% invisible to me when I'd first had the original thought). Very notable, really, but also just indicative of the lunchtime subtles/echoes

> A similarly notable eating-synchro-type one a little later, when I bit into a particularly soft, mushy bite of papaya and thought something along the lines of "that's so soft/mushy in my teeth" -- and then, a split second later on the next line of the book, it said "soft and giving," and though it was visible to me when I had the original thought, it again all hinged on the completely objective event of my biting into that particularly soft/ripe/mushy bite (when, throughout the whole lunch, I'd not thought that)

> A cool short-term, though not perfectly synchronistic, reading recurrence this morning, when I'd had the thought, just after fixing up my lunch and putting it in the fridge, of how much fructose might be in the papaya and if it might spike my blood sugar/how it might be digested, etc -- and then, maybe an hour later while reading that random fitness magazine from VS, it had a little article about how fructose (specifically fructose, not just general sugar) is digested and how the body uses it, etc, pretty much exactly what I'd just randomly thought of (for the first time in a while if ever) -- and, the graphic for the article even had several papayas on it, prominently in with pictures of several other fruits, haha (and, it bears mentioning: this lunchtime papaya was the first I've eaten a papaya since ... this winter maybe? perhaps longer)

> Also beginning with the magazine, a less-notable and "smaller" recurrence/echo: "military brat," which read in an article in there and then again in the 'Tiger' book at lunch, maybe an hour or so later; not too notable, though not easily dismissed either, given that it was the first I'd read it in a while this morning (and, also that I distinctly Noticed it, as to give pause in that particular way) but also due to the precision and somewhat notable timing

Once in NY, the thought-type incidents in the "explosion"/storm there were in a somewhat different vein, still echoey but a bit less subtle, and coming at times in rapid-fire sequence, so many that I just couldn't keep up. The first that I remember, towards the end of the taxi ride, was a radio/thought/involuntary-bodily-function-type echo, when my chest/lungs did that ugly itchiness/detox-like thing they randomly do every so often (though this was the first time today, and for several days as it were), which made me think something along the lines of "chest ugliness/itchiness" -- perfectly synchronistic with the radio in a passing car singing "the chest." This one, however, was a combo-type one, or potentially so, because I can't say 100% for sure that the lyric was "chest" or just something sounded like it, perhaps subconsciously influenced by my thought of "chest" at the time -- but, in any case, it made me look over at the car, which, a split second later, pulled up just enough for me to see its 7311 plate, haha, this again "sliding" into my vision/line of sight *just so,* in that patternistic fashion; so, even if the lyric wasn't "chest," it still worked to grab my attention to that car and its plate, etc, haha.

From there, had both numbers and those newish thought echos start in force, with conspicuous plates and all manner of other random two-, three-, and four-digit repeats coming in a whirlwind, though again mostly 37 variants, as always seems to be the trend on these "taxi explosions." Had lots of standouts but I just lost track. Did kind of "crescendo" after I got to the rental, which, in the bedroom, was a big picture of a heart on the wall, with "FIG. 37" stenciled in the middle, haha.

Also, something that I noticed about the post-taxi explosion: had a standout thought echo just before I paid up and left the taxi, when I held out my money and, when the driver didn't immediately take it, I asked "Ready for it?," precisely as my eyes fell over a "READY" light on the dashboard (which, again, was visible to me when I formulated the question, but, again, my question was another objective/independent event, etc). This one was notable in itself, but with a possible extra dimension/element to it that would up the notability considerably: with this "ready" echo coming literally just seconds before the explosion after I left the cab and started walking the street, I got the sense, in retrospect, that it was almost like "it"/the synchronistic "force" or whatever, was saying "Ready for the big damn storm of synchronicity to start up?" Maybe not, maybe entirely just me reading that into it; but then, it certainly didn't feel that way ...


Day was overall a little quieter than yesterday, but still a goodly amount of activity, though back to being sort of spotty and periodic, seeming to correspond with periods of improvement and worsening of health/condition, etc. Had another "activity beginning almost immediately after leaving the house for lunch" start-ups again, this time beginning with a moderate albeit "tame"/license-plate-only 37-variant number cluster over the ride to church, with a few little echoes here and there. Ended up having some more echoes and periodic numbers through afternoon, but not really many standouts, and again winding down by mid-afternoon. Only real standout I remember is a "small but striking" radio-type one, when the radio on the ride home said "Bary" precisely as I looked at a random street sign reading "Berry St," another of those phonetically precise/literally imprecise ones, and perfectly synchronistic in timing.

Most prominent in the day, really, was another big batch of those morning-to-early-afternoon super-subtle/vague recurrence/thematic parallels, again involving all sorts of little things from last night and this morning all blended together and echoing one another by the time early afternoon/lunchtime/church rolled around, and again with no real conveyable examples but all of which were reasonably notable in themselves, albeit only subjectively. Ended up being damn surreal, no less than during a "storm" of coherent-type ones, perhaps even moreso for it.

Ended up having another small cluster of dinnertime reading echoes and recurrences again, though again just brief and none of them very standoutish. Example of the echoes was another of those "random thoughts echoing a line of text that was visible to me before, but stemmed from a completely objective/independent/unique event," this time when I bit into a particularly hard and chew bite of those weird "nosh" concoctions I'd bought, precisely as I encountered "hardened food" in the 'Tiger in a Trance' book. And as for the recurrences, the best/most coherent example was that the book mentioned a theme of "puking" several times tonight, when I don't believe it had previously, when just this afternoon I'd encountered the woman puking on the street over in Manhattan and offered her a napkin afterward (and that was actually one of the events in the book, someone puking and then the narrator offering them a napkin) -- again easily dismissible in itself, but good God, there have just been so many like this today, far more than enough to establish a pattern.


Reasonable amount of activity today but never really to "storm" levels. Numbers were there and still more or less the same "37 variants everywhere" kind that come from walking the city, but without very many conspicuous-type ones, and never really graduating to that "intelligent"/living-dream level (though still surreal enough, just being there).

Still having a reasonable number of those "day/morning/afternoon in a blender"-type of super-subtle recurrences, without any coherent examples to quote.

Had a cool, albeit subtle, series of "ask and receive"/"vague wanting"-type ones yesterday and today, the most notable being when, after looking all over the place for some magnesium yesterday but never buying any, when I got back to the rental I was Compelled to look in a bag of garbage by the building door (one bag in particular amid literally a whole mound of them, probably ten in all), and in it I found a cannister of magnesium powder, with some in it (though I chickened out about taking it ultimately, being unable to be sure what it was exactly -- but the "ask and receive" effect was certainly there, and even more notable considering my being Compelled to that one bag). And, a minute later, I was Compelled to a second bag, which had a bottle of maple syrup in it, real maple syrup, grade B, the expensive kind -- which is exactly what I've been thinking about getting, off and on for the last couple days, to do the baking soda thing with it (though I again didn't use this find, it being opened and smelling oddly sour). And then this morning, just before leaving, I'd noticed my sunflowers and thought about how I didn't get a plant food when I bought them, triggering another vague thought/desire to get some -- and then, maybe 20 minutes later while walking to lunch, there was a little packet of plant food on the street (and, as it were, of the exact kind that I've been getting when getting flowers from supermarkets).

Had another onset of the "synchronistic state"/background-static type of echoes upon leaving this morning, as happens so many times. Today, however, noticed a slight variation of them, waxing back toward that "instant-thought-manifestation"-type I was having so prominently last month or so, which is qualitively different in a way that I can't really describe. First I noticed today was, precisely as I decided to head to Whole Foods and eat there, I passed a garbage can with a big Whole Foods bag sticking prominently from the top (when I'm pretty sure it wasn't in view when I'd had the thought, though it wouldn't really matter, since I'd decided before even emerging onto the street that I'd be going there). And then, later in the afternoon, a better example: right before I left that random health food shop I came across by accident, I'd finished another long random chain of thought about the artichoke hearts I'd gotten serrendipitously from Whole Foods (this triggered by the fact that I couldn't find anything I wanted from the store, thus making me think "Well I have the artichoke hearts anyhow") -- and then, just a milisecond later after I'd opened the door and went back out onto the street, the first thing I saw was a pizza box, laid out prominently on the sidewalk and directly in my line of sight as is so patternistic (where I didn't even have to shift my eyes or anything to see it, etc), with it reading "ARTICHOKE'S PIZZA" in big letters in the middle, as to echo my thought of "artichoke" near-instantaneously as to be surreally "striking" in that special way.

Had a similarly notable classic radio-type echo this morning when I went to the hardware store and the guy there asked for my keys, and precisely as he said it and I reached for them, the random song on the radio sang out "keys" (or, at least, I'm 99% sure it did; I was a bit soupy at the time and can't say 100%, but if it wasn't "keys," it was something that sounded very much like it, and was timed perfectly synchronistic/patternistically with it in any case).

Had one standout incident that could be classified in various ways, I guess just a random recurrence/Compelling-type would be best. It started at that random "local goods" shop I went into and found that simple backpack and stood there looking at it for a while, oddly drawn by it, in the "both noticed/Noticing" it fashion, in the subtle illogical way but also just because I'd never seen a pack quite like it before, for all its simplicity. Then, about 30 minutes later while in that random park that I was similarly Compelled to enter, I was subsequently Compelled to look in one of the trashcans for some reading material for when I sat down to rest, and it proved to be an incident in itself, since that particular trashcan not only had a magazine in it, right on top, but it was a Men's Health, which I haven't read in a long time and was just the sort of random-easy-reading stuff I'd like while lazing on a park bench -- but then it doubled up, when I looked on the back and there was an ad displaying a man wearing a backpack exactly like that I'd been so illogically attracted to in that random store. Haha.


Day was characterized by a reasonable abundance of those "smallish"/subtle/two- and three-digit semi-conspicuous-types I've had on this trip to the city, with them being "everywhere," coming at me from all directions but only in that subtle, "quiet" manner. Can't quote any real standout examples but were quite a few in total, easily dozens, really surreal in its non-animated way.

At lunchtime reading, had two pretty notable "realtime event"-type echoes right off the bat, literally on the first page in the first paragraph, but then they abruptly tapered off, until I only had numbers through most of the rest of the day.

Three standouts I got down:

> Randomly reading "safe space" just as I had another of those long, objective, traceable, independent chain-of-thoughts end with how the Whole Foods I was eating in was about as safe as space as I was going to get in the circumstances

> Really damn surreal one when I read "shut cut loose on the floor" precisely as a small young girl child darted across the floor in front of me. Highly notable since it was perfectly synchronistic in timing, along with perfectly precise (the book's sentence was in that exact same context, a young female child running across the floor), and perfectly patternistic, and also notable in circumstance since the girl had been standing at a dead stop beforehand, and there were no other children running around

> Another "long objective traceable chain of thought" one a little later, when I randomly thought (and also envisioned this in my mind's eye, as it so patternistic of these) of how I would later be setting up my phone/portable keyboard at the airport food court table later, setting up my "office" there to write as I am now -- precisely as I came to "by setting up her little desk" in the book, not only precise in context and theme, but also in it being a "little" desk, in the cute/weird/abnormal sense, just as my food-court "desk" would be

Then tonight had a little cluster of those collectively surreal parallels/thematic recurrences at dinnertime reading, now echoing almost perfectly this latest trip to the city and many of the random things I'd thought/experience/encountered/ruminated on there, this time in the part of the 'Lost Girls' book I read tonight (immediately after getting back to the beach, as it were). Again all too subjective to convey, but just so utterly damn surreal, seeing basically these last several days mirrored so perfectly in this completely random book (another one picked up on a Compelling from a street vendor, just a couple days ago while in the city, and again with the part that echoed the experiences Just Happening to come up immediately after my return back, when the echo wouldn't otherwise have occurred ...)


Another mild/"quiet" day, but certainly some activity here and there. Numbers were pretty minimal, but still present, just a showing of two- and three-digit 37 variants on license plates and the like (did have one of those "doubles" in there, when a car with a 73 plate pulled up and, precisely after I saw it, a second car pulled directly beside it and stopped, with a 777 plate (common variant as of late, for some reason), with the two plates perfectly aligned side by side as is the pattern with these "double"-types). Also, a cool standoutish one on the way home when I came up on a car that was going *just slow enough* that I came *just* into range to see its 7771 plate, this happening in that patternistic and hugely surreal, albeit very subjective/"in the moment"/"can't be conveyed," way. Otherwise, no real standouts to note.

Had some more of those vague/super-subtle parallels and the like between the morning reading material (another freebie library magazine, from the Smithsonian this time) and my forthcoming experiences in the day.

Had some lunchtime-reading activity again, but only very scattered and low-key, such as a nearby stranger at the table beside me randomly saying "a guy" perfectly synchronistic with my randomly reading "a guy" in the 'Lost Girls' book. Slightly more notable: randomly reading "Go with me -- we're just gonna go," precisely as the overhead radio sang out "Baby don't go," another of those sort of "antagonistic"/"opposite"-type ones. Had a couple more of those "MP3 player music at the gym echoing what I was doing"-type ones too, though also pretty low-key and "small," such as the song randomly singing "turn my back" precisely as I twisted on the bar, turning my back (the lyric was in different context, in the sense of shunning someone rather than physical movement, but the literal echo was certainly there).

Had a cool, albeit obscure and sort of "half-there"/"distorted"-type one towards the tail-end of lunch. It started when I randomly read "I hardly have to do nothing, and I get thousands of dollars," which thus made me think (because it was in regards to prostitution) "But you are doing something, you're letting yourself being exploited and exploiting others indirectly" -- precisely as "Give yourself away" sang randomly from the radio, echoing the underlying thought almost perfectly.


Overall another quiet day, even moreso than yesterday, without even the smattering of echoes at lunch and such. Probably the quietest day thought-wise in a while (this corresponding with that really bizarre, crippling headsickness I had come on through the morning and afternoon, coincidentally). There were numbers, at times quite a few, but still limited to mostly 37 variants on license plates, and these still of the low-key, non-conspicuous variety. Did have a higher-than-average number of parking-lot-type ones, all of that classical pattern that is so well-established now, but no real standouts.

Only standout on either front today was a cool, classical reading/book-type recurrence, of Robert Moses, the famous NYC architect. It started a few days ago when I randomly read an article about him and his work, in that same library-freebie copy of the Smithsonian magazine, and this was the first I'd ever heard of the man in my life, etc -- and then today, in the 'Lost Girls' book, it went into a brief history of Moses and his NYC work, pretty much exactly what I'd read in the magazine just days ago (it was maybe ... 3 or 4 days?), once again the old pattern of being introduced to something for the first time in my life, then randomly encountering it again soon after, etc, etc.


An uptick in overall activity today, though not a huge one. Seen mostly in numbers, which "graduated" somewhat from the moderate amount of license-plate 37s to some more-conspicuous types of traffic incidents, along with a greater showing of the random-type of repeats in my environment and the like (including the receipt at the completely random and unplanned McDonald's I went to for coffee, coming out with order # 373 exactly, with a big printed "373" at the very top, and even with a couple other random 37s on it in other places, haha). Other random, semi-conscpicuous/patternistic 37s: noticed that a "7/13" printed mysteriously on the spine of the 'Lost Girls' book, along with several big "3/17s" in that copy of Men's Health (it's the March 2017 issue), both of which were mildly notable considering that these were two super-random/conspicuous/Compelled-type of acquisitions from the city.

Thought-type incidents were again there and slightly more present, but still reasonably low-key and subtle (albeit still managing to be surreal). Back to having scattered, periodic thought/experience echoes off and on through late morning and afternoon, though all mostly "small"/subjective and impossible to fully convey. One example: another of those phone-reading/radio-type ones, when precisely as I scrolled up randomly on my phone and read "don't know" right as it appeared (again lending that "animated" quality), the radio randomly sang out "don't know." Maybe 5-6 like that throughout driving around today, mostly involving one-words on the radio and roadsign signs, etc.

Then tonight, a cute little footnote to the 373 McDonald's coffee receipt: when I filled out the online survey this evening, the validation code it gave me at the end was 0570303, haha.

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