Synchronicity log for 2018


Morning was almost 100% identical to yesterday, conspicuously so, again with only exactly two of those “spontaneous and random improvements in health/energy/clarity of thought coinciding absolutely perfectly and objectively with the sudden, first appearances of random and conspicuous 37s in reading,� this time slightly more notable in that the first incidence was not only the very first in the whole magazine (after a half-hour or so of reading), but it was a double, with it being the 37th listing in a big “100 diet tips from celebrities� article, and with the quoted celebrity for that listing being aged 37, the very first in the list to be so. And then, a minute or so later, the exact same thing happened again, another spontaneous lift in health coinciding with the second 37-appearance in the whole magazine (that I can recall, at least; I didn't bother going back and doing an exhaustive scan, with the incident being just so blatant in pattern and timing and “feel�/behavior, etc).

Next activity was a standout classical “very first plate of the day being a 37,� and this time in a semi-conspicuous/�quietly conspicuous� manner, when I sat for a somewhat inordinately long time waiting to turn into traffic, waiting for several cars going both ways until I eventually got a break – and of course the car I ended up turning directly behind had a 734-plate, and of course it was 100% invisible until I'd turned left and behind it, after only seeing its front side when it was oncoming, ha ha.

Lunchtime reading: only some mild, scattered activity, and today was back 100% to the “normal� lunchtime combo of striking one-word reading/environmental/thought-type incidents, with a marked and total and conspicuous absence of that crazy all-inclusive “salad�-type of thematic/parallels/echoes/others-type that had dominated the last couple days – and this too coinciding explictly and reflectively with the cessation of that nightmarish headsickness I was having for these two days exactly, once again demonstrating the role of subjective consciousness/state/perception/thought in the phenomenon, if only really demonstrative for me anyhow.

Really the only coherent/standout example of the ~6-8 scattered lunchtime incidents: a damn notable “fully traceable objective event being echoed as randomly in book�-type one, when someone walked over the doormat when randomly entering the coffee shop doorway feet from me, and making a very distinct, scratchy noise as the rubber mat was shifted against the gritty concrete, and this particular shifting of the mat/noise happening either for the first time in a while if not for the very first time in the whole ~45 minutes or so I'd been out there – precisely as I randomly/singularly/perfectly synchronistically came to “the scraping of footsteps� in the ghost-hunters book, another that was about as apt, descriptive, precise, and perfectly timed as you could get, and again just so much more notable given its explicit patternistic nature ...

Really damn cool echo just now when taking a break and going into the kitchen: when the cat followed me around, crying loudly and repeatedly and emphatically (after ignoring me literally all day until just then), thus causing me to absently/reactively/automatically think something like “what're you saying/what does this sudden crying and mannerisms/facial features, etc, mean� – precisely as I passed a bookshelf and, again in that patternistic “something Just Happening to enter fully passively but explicitly/markedly into my absent-but-direct area of focus� manner, I saw the spine of a random book, reading “ANIMAL SPEAK� and the author's name, and once again as to perfectly synchronistically echo those thoughts I was experiencing at that precise instant, again as to be “intertwined� with the mental vocalization as it crossed my mine, and all so objective/traceable, hinging fully and unquestionably on the cat's sudden and marked and conspicuous and super-random and unprovoked crying …

As for the rest of the day, I recall only the slightest few little scattered super-subtle-type of activity, of background-static levels of “quietude� and incoherence but not at all regular enough to be steady. And here, again only a single standout in the whole afternoon that I can remember:

It was another of those “upgraded�/deeper/more complex and multdimensional variants of the radio/passing-roadside-sign ones, this time when I came upon a big roadside sign reading “PHILLY CHEESEBURGER,� precisely as “Easy!� sang randomly/singularly/emphatically from the radio, with the echo being of the “EE� in “cheeseburger� and the “ea� in the lyric, which was notable in its distinct, perfectly- and patternistically timed nature/behavior, etc, but also made moreso by the fact that the radio lyric again had the exact same tone/texture/phoenetic quality of the mental vocalization that accompanied my registering the text, with the radio's “easy� being sung as three syllables, “E-easy!,� as to be an elongated “ee� that sounded exactly like that in “cheeseburger,� exactly like the few others I've experienced in this manner, and just again so uniquely, ridiculously surreal when experienced …

Numbers were here today indeed, and though they again conformed to the same basic pattern and format and variety of incidents over the last couple days, there were many more overall today, markedly and conspicuously so, with a background static of steady, quietly conspicuous traffic and parking-lot 37-plates beginning pretty much immediately after lunch and continuing more or less without let-up all through afternoon driving/errand-running, ultimately very very many, another of those days where the overall incidents ran into the dozens and I just lost track/got semi-overwhelmed to the point of just barely even registering many of them beyond simply thinking, “Another one.� Did have quite a few more-conspicuous, classically patternistic standouts in the mix too, with a noticeable bias of parking-lot incidents in this regard (reflective/sympomatic of something? Perhaps the mental state I'm in when parking/walking through lots? Some sort of psychological and/or energetic reaction?). Ones I got down:

> A damn cool cluster at the health-food store, beginning when I picked up some random litter and threw it into a bin as I walked past, only to see, upon ducking in order to throw the trash in, a bag inside reading “0837� in big type, and with this lying at just the right, conspicuous, patternistic angle that I would see it just long enough to register it – and then, next, a second later as I walked past the bin and came across another piece of litter and then picked it up and doubled back to pitch it in the bin as well, the exact same thing happened again, except this time with a coffee cup with a big “1937� on it that was just visible, and for just a split second as I threw these second piece of trash inside, and then, on the way into the store, I passed maybe 3-4 parking-lot 37-plates, and then, finally, later on after shopping in the store and coming back out, I encountered just as many on the way out, different plates entirely, as to be a total cluster of at least a dozen just within the space of going into and out of the store, ha ha

> A very similar cluster at the market later, beginning with a classical “getting out after parking and having a 37-plate directly and instantly in my line of sight upon turning around at the angle necessary to get out the door,� this time a 73-plate I think on a motorcycle – and then, immediately after, a whole big string of random, quietly conspicuous parking-lot 37-plates as I walked just the short distance through the lot – and then, upon coming out, an equally classical/patternistic “first encountered plate, immediately upon leaving the store, being a conspicuous 37-plate,� this time when I went through the door and paused on the curb and looked left on the street, and thus had my eyes again fall directly/perfectly/yet entirely passively/involuntarily on the 733-plate on a truck some feet away, and with this again 100% invisible to me until I'd stopped at the curb and leaned forward and thus was able to see around an illegally parked car that had previously been obscuring the truck – and then more parking-lot plates on the way back to the car …

> Another classical “parking in a super-random parking space for some fully objective/traceable reason, only to find myself directly by a 37-plate,� this time at the other market plaza when I was looking for a shady spot especially, with it being so ridiculously hot and my having cold groceries in the car, and after driving up to the only shady spot nearby, I found myself directly beside a 713-plate car, and again with the car parked at an angle that rendered its plate 100% invisible until I'd rounded the car to park, and this also resulting in a “revealing� of the plate as I turned and brought it into view, ha ha


Early morning was *exactly* like last two, silent but for another brief cluster of those exact same "suddenly seeing random-reading/mention/figure 37s at the precise instant I saw an improvement in health/lifting of headsickness and toxicity/clarity of thought"-type ones, today with actually a few more than yesterday's several, probably 5-6 random sudden 37s in various figures and stuff in that super-random trash magazine I read this morning (a different one than the two other respective ones from the last two days, ha ha), and today even with several other repeats mixed in, a few 212s and even an 1111, all corresponding in that exact same "improvement -> spontaneous appearance" manner, and once again I'm 99% sure that there were absolutely zero of even the slightest, least-notable 37s in the magazine in the whole section of it I read prior to the improvements this morning.

Next, more activity during the ride to lunch as I've been having, and in the exact same pattern that I'm now identifying, with several super-subtle-but-fully-patternistic little thought echoes/parallels/thematics and the like, a sort of "you are now entering the synchronistic state" onset of incidents and of a newish, particular kind now. Several were notable but I was too distracted to remember/write them down, though I did have one later on, at lunch, that was a good example of these: when I had a running, random chain of thought that ended on when I'd left the appointment and the last thing I said to the lady there was "you too" -- a split second before a nearby employee behind the counter said "you too" to a leaving customer, and in the same "goodbye" context, yet fully randomly and without pretext and also fully objective/independent from my running chain of thought/traceably so and in that fully patternistic manner, which was the case with every single damn one of these type of super-subtle/fleeting/"fast" instant-echoes I had on the way to lunch and the appointment and then for a while during and after lunch.

Also, just before leaving on the ride, yet another of those clock-tick 37s that I seem to be suddenly experiencing again after not having any for a while, this time at "11:01:17"/the "three 7s" variant (which I would go on to see in the rest of the days repeats/plates and such several times, again in that patternistic manner of having on-again/off-again periods of this one variant in particular), and again with the watch turned fully away beforehand/no idea of the time/my turning my wrist and registering the display at the perfectly precise/intertwined/logistically flawless tick of the second reading to 17, etc.

Next up: a pair of standout 37-plates at the appointment, one before and one immediately after. The before was a continuation of yesterday's cool "randomly parking in the only shady spot in the lot, only to find myself beside a 713-plate" one, when I pulled into the last intersection before the parking lot and, lo and behold, I ended up directly behind that exact same car, which went on to park in the same parking space as yesterday, ha ha. And then, immediately after the appointment, a "randomly parked in direct view of a 37-plate that was previously obscured"-type one, except with a twist: it was a 733-front-plate car, directly across from me where I'd parked, and 100% invisible to me when I'd first parked there due to the car directly in front of me that had left by the time I came back from the appointment, thus clearing the way for me to see the 733-plate directly across from me -- except, when I first got in, I didn't at first see it due to not having my glasses on, but then upon putting them on, the car and its plate resolved, before my eyes, and when I was once again patternistically already absently/unconsciously looking directly at the plate even though I couldn't see it beforehand -- ultimately having that "animated"/dramatic/emphasized/"shouting" effect that's so common to these, and in the coolest of ways, ha ha.

Lunchtime reading was another of those "carryover" periods, with a simple and slight upgrading of those morning-drive subtle echoes and the like, moving into several of those lunchtime-specific-style thought/reading/environmental echoes, and today seeing the addition of that crazy, "salad" inclusive-type of background static that I markedly did not have yesterday, and this too again corresponding 100% with the return of that same particular headsickness I was having at the time, reflective not only in its nature but even in proportion to intensity and depth of headsickness, such that today's milder, less oppressive level of headsickness corresponded with only a milder, less-frequent, "quieter" appearance of those type of incidents (and they were indeed that same kind, with the same super-profound personal thematics and super-subtle echoes/parallels/recurrences through the rest of the day off and on, including more of those exact same particular blend of word synchros too, with several springing directly from the crossword I did this morning, being echoed/"answered" in the super-random 'Triangle' book I started at lunch today, another bought just yesterday fully randomly and on a Compelling and despite having another book already, etc, etc, etc ...).

Almost all of the few scattered lunch incidents were again too subtle to note (beyond that "you too" one). Best coherent-ish example: another physical/thought/reading-type one, sort of an "involuntary bodily function," when I shifted positions and put my hand on my hip and felt that it was rigid and unswollen and un-inflamed as it tends to get at times, such that I could feel my hip bone sharp again my hand and I thus thought about how visibly skinny/thinner I look when that skin inflammation and the swelling go away and I "deflate" -- precisely as a nearby coffee shop employee called out, "Skinny mocha latte light ice!" from the pick-up bay, and of course the "skinny" corresponded perfectly yet fully independently/objectively from my absent thought/registering/visualization of "skinny" and my skinny/thinner body when not inflamed.

Afternoon ended up following that older pattern of "immediate cessation of thought-type activity after lunch, followed by a resuscitation later on," this time in the form of scattered "salad"-type of super-subtle echoes interspersed with several standout, singular, "normal" echoes. Ones I got down:

> Turning around in my seat to back out of a parking space and thus finding myself looking directly at a bumper sticker on a car reading "IN GOD WE TRUST," just like with so many of the parking-lot-plate incidents -- precisely as "God" came randomly/singularly over the radio, and once again coinciding absolutely perfectly/intertwined with my registering that particular portion of the text, 100% patternistic in every way

> Another of those absent/registering/automatic absent-thought-type ones, this time when I randomly went to pass a driver (for the first time in a while, on a long, empty stretch of highway -- not when I was regularly passing/being passed, etc, as to be that much more random and such) and thus had the automatic/absent thought of something like "I'm passing now," as I changed lanes and picked up speed -- precisely as "people passing" randomly/singularly sang from the radio

> A similar absent/automatic thought echo sometime later, this time involving a van that pulled into traffic and turned into the lane to my left, then kept its turn signal on for a little bit after, thus drawing my attention and causing me to wonder if the van was going to keep on turning and pull in front of me since the signal was still going, thus finally causing me to expressly think something like "is he going to keep on turning?" -- precisely as "keep turning" came randomly/singularly over the radio, a perfect, literal echo of my thought, and again intertwined, altogether just another absolutely notable and objective and "synchronistic" example, living-dream in every way.

> A few of those now-classical, 100% patternistic "random thought/radio/passing roadside-sign"-type ones today as well, such as "now" on the radio precisely as I registered that portion of a big random "NOW HIRING" sign as I passed it, or, more notably, when "Bob and Tom" came over the radio precisely as I registered the "Tom" in a passing "TOM RICE" political sign

> An exceptionally notable two-part echo, beginning at the market when I was standing in line and absently staring forward and, precisely as I noticed this bulletin board that was painted an odd, uncommon, strikingly over-bright shade of neon green, thus causing me to think "too green" -- the bagger nearby, at the end of the checkout line I was in, randomly said "too green," in regards to what, I don't know, but it wasn't the bulletin board that I had 100% objectively/traceably/randomly seen and registered and thought explicitly of in those two words exactly at that precise instant/intertwined, etc -- another just "slapped in the face"-type level of living-dream surrealness. But then it got even more incredibly notable later one, when, an hour or so later as I was almost home and then suddenly remembered this ridiculously surreal echo (another indicator of the day's overall activity, again generally overwhelmed to the point of forgetting even something so impossibly surreal), I thus had the thought of "forgot to write a note for the 'too green' echo" -- a split second before I rounded a bend and there, directly in front of me and even emerging into view in that patternistically dramatic "animated" way, was a great big rectangular construction dumpster atop a hill overlooking me as I approached, this colored that *exact same uncommon neon green* of the bulletin board involved in the "too green" echo, as to be another of those "experiencing a new thought-echo synchronicity in regards to my thought/remembering a previous thought-echo synchronicity." Wow.

Numbers were again in that exact same format/type/pattern of the last two or three days, but today another simple downturn in level of activity/intensity, etc, again just another non-immediate onset of scattered low-key 37-plates in traffic and parking-lots, plus some similarly scattered and low-key "everywhere" 37s and the like (some 212s in the mix today too I noticed, after another conspicuous absence the last few days), with some scattered, classical standouts in the mix. Couple I got down (among others that were notable but again "lost in the shuffle" of distraction/driving/overwhelmed memory):

> A fully classical and damn funny "gradually approaching a conspicuously slow-moving driver, only to get just close enough for their 37-plate to resolve," this time a 73-plate car on the bridge just before when I had to turn off for my exit, once again with my turning away *just after* I had time to register the 37-plate/have it resolve, etc

> An equally patternistic and classical "pulling up to a conspicuously random, Compelled gas pump and having some residual 37-variant being displayed from the last customer's transaction," this time a "3.705" gallons, and a bit more notable given the context, with my being almost dead empty on gas and having missed the last station and gone miles and miles without encountering another, until I came to this one, which was undesirable/my last choice/only taken out of desperation due to its being a run-down, depressed mom-and-pop-type affair -- yet it Just Happened to have that 37-displaying-pump ...


A very quiet day today overall, still with the same basic variants/types/format of last couple days more or less, and the same indescribable "feel" overall, but again another moderate downtick in intensity/volume/"loudness" of incidents, and this again corresponding with an identical downturn in health/consciousness, etc (and, interestingly: I still had a good, odd calm through the day today despite not sleeping well and the other health ugliness, and this too was fully reflected in the day's phenomenon).

Morning was just like the last couple days in that the only activity were a few very scattered, super-subtle recurrences/thematics/parallels (and not even the subtlest echoes from what I remember), and again with another of those now-patternistic and highly notable "suddenly coming to a super-random 37 in after-chore reading precisely as a health increase comes," and today it was just a single one, coming to a little article detailing a celebrity's 37th birthday, perfectly synchronistic with a slight-but-noticeable improvement in health (and, also in reflective fashion: health didn't really improve much this morning, unlike the same rest period of the last couple days, which seemed to correspond directly with less 37 activity).

Did have several of those "everyday little thing" recurrences again, all too personal or subtle to note but there were a few subjectively notable ones, mostly between random stuff/reading of the morning and then the sermon echoing/recurring these things in various ways (but still none of that "churchtime" activity, just like last week).

Lunchtime reading proved to be entirely silent today, with one exception: yet another of those exact same "suddenly coming to the first, super-random 37 in a piece of reading material precisely as I experienced a lift in health/consciousness/clarity," this time more notably. It started when I had this sudden, spontaneous, for-no-reason-I-know-of jolt of energy go up the spine and neck and thus suddenly clear away that ugly headfog and dopiness from the morning, feeling like I'd been struck my cool lightning sort of -- and then, a split second later, I turned the page in the book and there, at the very top and directly in front of my eyes, was "Memorandum 273 (NSAM 273)," as to be a combination "involuntary bodily function"/"page-turn"-type one. And, furthermore, I am this time 100% sure that there had been not a single, slightest 37 in what I'd read prior to this in the book; and, also, from this point on and into the next several pages, it repeatedly mentioned this "Memorandum 273," such that there were 273s all up and down the pages randomly, and I'll be damned if this memorandum didn't stop being discussed in the book until almost as precisely that same goodness/improvement vanished as mysteriously as it had arrived, also fully patternistic of past such incidents of this. Really damn surreal and profound, especially with it being the only single lunch incident of any kind that I remember (and which would prove to be the only this afternoon, with the rest being fully silent even of the subtlest activity).

Numbers were equally less and "shallower"/quieter today, with barely even a few after-lunch plates, just a brief cluster immediately after leaving the coffee shop and then maybe 2-3 more here and there, in parking-lots and such, before a total silence the rest of the day and as of writing. Did have two standouts that I got down (plus a couple more lesser ones that I didn't, I think):

> At church, a classical "getting out of the car and turning around and being faced conspicuously/patternistically with a 37-plate," this time 237 on the car parked directly across from me and again 100% invisible when I'd parked in that particular space (and, also, it bears mentioning that I'd initially tried to park at the lower lot but it was full). Also, this happened after a total silence on the way there, plus being immediately upon my arrival/getting out, as to be another of those "greeters."

> After lunch, another of those "first encountered plates being a 37," and also pretty much in "immediate" fashion, maybe 3-4 minutes after I left the shop and then got in the car and started out, the very first plate on the first parked car I passed being a 273 and "quietly conspicuously" in my line of sight, etc. Also, had another of those "just after lunch" semi-intense/more conspicuous clusters as I got into the traffic and had a few of those "drifter"-passers and such in quick succession, but then immediately quieting upon my stopping at the market, and never really "resuscitating" beyond a couple stray ones afterward.

And then had an odd, late, moderate cluster of reasonable notable echoes just before bed while reading the last of the day's trash magazine, and several were coherent standouts actually, but I was so sleepy and headsick at the time (definitely not one of those typical "improvement in health/carity seeming to trigger the phenomenon"-type situations -- why?) that I can really only remember one in particular, the best example of the lot:

It was a fully classical and fully notable/objective/traceable page-turn/random-thought echo. It happened when I was thumbing through the multi-page section of the magazine where it was showing profiling various people with their dogs, during which at one point I thought about the lady at the rental, Krysten, and her two dogs and how reminiscent her fondness of them was to the peoples' in the profiles -- and then, an absolute split second/less than a second later as I flipped to the new page and the basic thought of "Krysten the dog-loving lady" was crossing my mind, I revealed the next profile, of a woman named Krysten and her dogs, once again perfectly echoing the thought in intertwined fashion, and highly precise too, using that exact same uncommon spelling (which was the first I'd ever seen that spelling, when I'd first met the rental lady, as to be something of a little reading recurrence too, the second time I've ever seen that and relatively soon and in that same patternistic fashion).


Big uptick today overall, at times the most active day in some time.

Morning was fully silent from what I remember, even during after-chore reading when I had a big improvement in health/clarity of thought, etc, the kind which so often seems to result in at least a few stray little incidents but today saw nothing at all (another interesting exception to the internal/external-reality/health-reflective nature of so many others). The first activity I saw, in fact, came just at the end of the ride to lunch, just as I was pulling into the parking lot, just a few stray numbers and very subtle echoes and the like, as well as that distinct, explicit, yet wholly subjective "now entering the synchronistic state" feeling I've come to know so well lately.

Next, during lunchtime reading, this activity again "upgraded," beginning with another of those "randomly sitting out somewhere along a parking lot, only to find myself directly in line of sight of a 37-plate that was previously invisible to me, this time with a notable twist: I only saw the plate, which was absolutely dead-center across from the random seat I'd sat in as to again be "staring" at me in quietly conspicuous nature, after one car in the line in front of me pulled out and left, such that there was just this narrow little "valley" between the remaining cars in the line, the only space there, with that 37-plate "staring" at me through the gap, ha ha.

Next up: the onset of those super-subtle little one-word "background static"-type of lunchtime-specific environmental/thought/reading echoes, these again of that only-collectively-notable nature where they could be so easily dismissed if not for their subjective feel and behavior and patternistic element, probably 5-6 during the first half-hour or so leg of lunch. Best example of these: randomly/singularly/patternistically coming to "air flight" in the 'Triangle' book, perfectly synchronistic/intertwined with a conspicuously loud and fully random sonic boom from a low-flying plane, really a pretty notable one considering the timing and the precision (the "air flight" was in the same context of a plane) as well as the fact that I can say 100% surely that this sonic boom was at least the first in a long time (again with none afterward) if not the only, single one in the entire time I'd been out there eating.

Also during lunch (as well as in that little "onset" window immediately before), I had several of those distinctly "partial" variants of the super-subtle echoes, where just one word in sentence or one element of something I was thinking of, etc, was echoed in some manner externally, and often with that "fuzzy" sort of precision. Good example: when I had another long, random, absent chain of thought come to my thinking about what the reason might be for something or other that I can't even remember other than the fact that the chain of thought ended distinctly and randomly yet objectively/traceably with something like "what's the meaning of that?/why that?" -- precisely as I came to a sentence that began with "What exactly was the purpose of the board?," with the "what exactly was the purpose" part coinciding with absolute, flawless, intertwined precision with my thought. Went on to have a moderate showing of these in particular through rest of lunch and into afternoon still, and all with that same distinct-though-subjective feel and behavior.

And another particular variant I experienced a lot of today, especially during the afternoon portion of the activity for whatever reason: more of those distinct, now-patternistic, yet super-super-subtle "all-inclusive background static"-type of incidents, where little bits and pieces of my internal reality/thoughts/feelings/behavior, etc, were somehow echoed externally, and often in the "loosest" of ways, either not-quite-perfectly-synchronistic/with that half-second or so delay I've seen several times now, or with more of that "fuzzy"/partial/half-there precision, and all of them in that fleeting, super-"quiet" manner, again all so easy to dismiss as nothing at all if it weren't just for the sheer volume and distinct patternistic behavior and feel of them all. Best example I can remember:

Another of those "randomly/absently/quietly thinking of some common, everyday thing, only to have that thing be echoed in some low-key manner," this time in the shopping plaza parking lot when I absently replayed my leaving the health-food store from just a minute or so earlier, and thought of how the cashier had said "Thank you very much" just before I'd went out the door -- precisely as I went to throw away some trash and, as I raised it automatically/as a matter of course past my eyes, I saw printed on one of the pieces of paper I'd picked up (and didn't look at even briefly upon doing so) "Thank you for your business," with this corresponding absolutely perfectly/intertwined with my equally involuntary/absent thought/visualization of the cashier thanking me for my business/in that exact same context of the text albeit not-quite-literally -- fully random and fully precise in echo yet totally objective/independent, etc, and so common as to be easily dismissed if not for the patternistic element and also the stark objectivity in this case (which often wasn't quite so fully objective in the case of these super-super-subtle echoes and the like, with most of them only being notable/highly unlikely given their subjective feel and behavior, etc).

I did have one single, standout, more-coherent "classical" echo later on, just before getting home, and coming sort of at the "peak" of a series of subtler little radio echoes in the same timeframe. It happened when a buzzard landed in road a couple hundred feet ahead of me and then didn't fly off as I gained on it, thus causing me to swerve left as a precaution -- precisely as "slide on over" sang randomly/singularly from the radio, and again this was reasonably notable from an objective standpoint, being so patternistic and perfectly timed and reasonably precise from a literal standpoint, but it was another that gained much more notability when subjectively experienced, since my maneuver and its particular motion/angle/arc/feel could be perfectly described as a "slide," with my doing so only as a precaution if the bird didn't fly away, when I was going slow and still at safe distance from the bird, all translating into my turn being of a looser, "lazier," more-controlled motion rather than a sudden, frantic evasive maneuver -- every bit a "slide," as it were, ha ha.

Numbers: big uptick compared to last few days, still within the same basic types of incidents but just a whole lot more of them, and of a generally more coherent/upgraded quality. Excepting that parking-lot standout during lunch, they arrived exclusively after lunch, and though they did so in "immediate" fashion, beginning with a few low-key parking-lot ones at the coffee shop while I picked up trash before leaving and then having a few scattered low-key 37-plates in traffic just after I got on the road, they were generally slow to start up, etc, rather than beginning "with a bang"/with one of those intense and sudden after-lunch clusters. Plates did eventually hit that "very steady stream of passively conspicuous/notable 37-plates in traffic and parking lots"-type of background static I've been seeing during more-active number-days this last week or so, and today with the addition of a moderate amount of the random/everywhere 37s too, with overall incidents probably going into the dozens by the end of the afternoon. Standouts and examples I got down:

> A damn cool "Compelled litter"-type of 37-plate incident at the post office. It happened on the way in, first, when I was Compelled to park, illogically and inconvenientally and patternistically, at the far end of the lot (despite about the entire lot being available, including the close spots), and then, upon walking across the lot, I was similarly Compelled to go out of my way and pick up a napkin that was lying by a fence running alongside the side of the building -- and then, as I picked it up and then turned back around and rounded the corner back to the front of the building, a car turned around the bend and passed me at the precise instant I emerged onto the sidewalk, thus "flashing" its 307-plate in that 100% patternistic and conspicuous and hugely notable way, again so logistically perfect and patternistic and coherent that it felt that it could only have been intelligently "orchestrated" ...

> At the mailbox place, an equally notable "nearby stranger conspicuously mentioning some random 37 while I was patternistically in earshot." It happened almost precisely after I'd approached the counter and grabbed a pen there to fill out the package slips, when, maybe two seconds after I'd approached, the customer there quoted her phone number to the cashier working there, which ended in 3737 -- and then, immediately after, she quoted an address, with a house number of 1137 in the street address, and this coming right after the "3737," such that it came off to me as her quoting the double-37s in the phone number, and then, after being asked for her address, immediately said "1137," ha ha.

> Two standouts at the gas station, beginning with another "being Compelled to a certain pump, only to find a conspicuous 37 in the readout from the previous transaction," this time with the sale at "$73.38," and with my being forced to read this when I went to look over the pump to see what number it was before I went in to pay, ha ha. And then, after I'd come back out and passed a trash bin while heading back to pump the gas, a random piece of paper in the bin read "#0673," and with this being just like that one the other day where it was all just so perfectly, conspicuously, logistically/patternistically unmistakable and notable, with that piece of paper and my arrival/angle/height, etc, all conspiring perfectly to result in *just that number and only that number* being *just visible* through the gap in the bin, again as to be "intelligently orchestrated," with that "0673" seeming to "peek" out at me as if alive, ha ha.

> Another of those cool and super-surreal/notable parking-lot clusters, at the shopping plaza, when, first, I was Compelled to park in a particular, odd, generally illogical space, which required me to slip between two cars at an odd angle and then park awkwardly/off-center in the space -- only to find myself looking directly at a previously invisible/100% obscured 370 plate directly across from me. And then, immediately after when I opened the door and turned around to get out, another of those classical "previously invisible 37-plates 'greeting' me/directly in my absent line of sight upon getting out"-type ones, a 937 on a car turned fully away from me and so its plate on visible after I'd gotten out and turned fully around, etc. Then, finally, immediatley after *that* one, a third 37-plate on another, previously invisible car, directly beside the 370-plate one, and thus "revealed" to me only as I started off across the lot towards the store.


The day started with another of those enormously complex and 100% personal/subjective new sort of heavy clusters of super-subtle thematics/parallels/recurrences/echoes/other-unclassifiables as I've had several times lately, and also corresponding 100% with another onset of that exact same new sort of headsickness/perceptual distortion and the like, as to firmly establish it as a pattern. And today was every bit as intense as most of these past spells have been, with all manner of incredibly profound and notable incidents unfolding through random thoughts/events/reading material/whatever, and most of them 100% traceable/objective too, ultimately getting to that point of being uncomfortably overwhelming at times. This dominated early morning and went into afternoon, but then tapered off as the day went on, and this too corresponding exactly in proportion to the dissipating/lightening of that same headsickness and such, this dead-on in "reflective" fashion.

Otherwise, morning saw some cool and "untimely"/earlier-than-usual 37-plates on the highway drive to the appointment:

> First, a classical case of those somewhat rare "universal love-feeling"/instant-conspicuous-37-type of incidents, first I've had recently (and the first of several today, what would prove to be a trend, this pretty notable in itself, after distinctly *not* having any of these for the last week or so). It started with a conspicuous and respectively notable "turning-car plate-flash," when I was waiting at an intersection and the last car going the other way to pull through before it was my turn had a 373-plate, and turned once again in that logistically perfect/perfectly timed/"intelligently orchestrated" fashion I've come to know so well, going at *just the right time and angle* for its previously turned-away plate to "flash" directly into my line of sight at the last possible moment before the light changed and I started moving. And all of this happened perfectly synchronistic with my, just a split second before the car turned, having another of those patternistically sudden, spontaneous rushes of the "universal joy" feeling, as to again have the plate-flash "answer" it, and in the most conspicuous and unmistakable and ridiculously surreal of ways, ha ha.

> Then, later on while on the highway, another of those "random car conspicuously and objectively demanding my attention, only to reveal its 37-plate once I'd noticed the car," this time a van that was driving somewhat erratically, slowing down and speeding up and changing lanes, as well as coming up behind me and forcing me to take notice and change lanes, then slowing down and getting back into my lane and gaining on me again, thus causing me to eventually slow down and let the van pass and get distance as a precaution in case the driver was drunk/distracted/whatever -- and thus, when I slowed and the van finally passed, it "revealed" its 703-plate, of course previously invisible to me until then.

> Also, another of those now-firmly-patternistic "greeter 37-plates" upon my arriving at the appointment, and again in the most objective fashion, with my parking in the one available shady spot since I again had cold food in the car, only to find myself directly beside a 237-plate car parked at an angle to render the plate invisible until I actually turned in, ha ha.

Lunchtime reading was actually mostly silent, with the only activity some scattered and intense clusters of that super-subtle and 100% subjective inclusive activity, and with a marked absence of any of the "normal" lunchtime environmental echoes and the like.

Other than more periods of that, had a few scattered "resuscitation"-style singular standout echoes through afternoon:

> A combination "involuntary bodily function"/"nearby stranger" echo at the health-food store, patternistic in every way: I had this sudden, spontaneous, and, this time, fully unique and unprecedented strange rush of energy come on while browsing stuff by the register, of a particular kind and character I'd never felt before and have yet to feel again, and corresponding with nothing I know, thus making me automatically/absently think something like "Feeling strangely good all the sudden/strange good rush of energy" -- precisely as one of the nearby employees said randomly to another, "I feel weird."

> One of the more-coherent super-subtle/fleeting/inclusive echoes of the day, again coming in that ultra-fast, super-subtle, barely able to be registered style of these: when I had a sudden, random, split-second thought/concern about the bag of food with the cold pak in it and whether it would last the several hours in this heat until I got home, with an attendant visualization of the bag and the food and the cold pak -- precisely as "cooler" came randomly/singularly over the radio, in the context of a noun/a plastic food cooler, as to be another of those non-literal-but-perfectly-apt descriptions of my makeshift "cooler" of the double-wrapped bag of food with the cold pak inside, and again corresponding in that asbolutely flawless intertwined fashion.

> Another less-incoherent example of the inclusive-type echoes. It started when I had a big long random and traceable/objective chain of thoughts that ended, ultimately, with how the work I'd been thinking about might not be as necessary/obligatory/inevitable as I'd been subconsciously assuming it was, thus causing me to absently think, conclusively, something like "work might not need to be done" -- perfectly synchronistic with "we won't charge you for work that doesn't need to be done" in a random radio ad for some sort of repair company, in a slightly different context but still more than precise enough to be notable. And then, as a cute little footnote, the ad ended with a phone number with a 377 in it (or something like that, don't remember exactly -- a 37-containing phone number in any case), as to be a combination echo/subtle-everywhere-37-repeat

Afternoon numbers were very present again, and in pretty much immediate fashion from what I remember, and again hitting that same plateau in the same feel/format/intensity of most days lately, with a near-steady background static of "quietly conspicuous" low-key 37-plates of all manner, in traffic and all of the super-random parking lots I was in today, with quite a few conspicuous standouts throughout, again to the point that I was unable to get them all down:

> Another "universal joy" one, and with something of a twist, a little different than other, purely-traffic ones. This one started in the parking lot of the health-food store, when I saw the guy drop the glass jar and then take the time to pick up the broken glass from the pavement and I complimented him on it, thus causing me, as I walked off and felt brightened by the fact that someone was actually acting responsibly even when he didn't know anyone was looking, to get another sudden "hit" of that universal-joy feeling -- a split second before I walked past a random car and thus revealed its 732-plate (which of course was previously invisible to me, being parked at an away-facing diagonal angle from the direction I was facing, etc), again as to "answer" my feeling and in a fully patternistic and notable way

> Next, in that same parking lot, on the way out after going inside, a classical "looking behind me to back out, only to find myself peering directly in a 37-plate," this time a 737 on a car parked once again at *exactly* the right angle/distance, etc, as to have its plate be smack dab "THERE" in the exact space I randomly "parked" my vision/attention/focus on upon twisting quickly around

> Had a pretty good amount of "everywhere"/random 37s today too, including a few standouts. First: at lunch, when I followed that great big trail of breadcrumbs beginning from the super-random cancer treatment I read about this morning in that book I picked up randomly at the appointment after forgetting my magazine out in the car, in which I looked at several websites and was ultimately led to one for a clinic in Mexico, which I kept reading about even after I'd decided it was of no interest to me -- only to come to its address, in which the street address number was 3170, which is exactly like so many of these, patternistically so, with my coming to some extremely super-random bit of information that Just Happens to have an explicit 37-variant like this in it

> Another one: at the pawn shop, when I found myself absently browsing a long line of laptops set out on a shelf and turned on, with the screens displaying the time in great big type -- and then, just after I began looking at them, the times shifted from 2:36 to 2:37, and with all of them synchronized, such that there was this whole line of I think 6 or so screens with "2:37" "staring" at me (in fact, one of the laptops *wasn't* synchronized, with this one black sheep instead at 11:37 instead of 2 -- as if to stress the point, with 1137 being the archetypical 37-variant, ha ha). Also, some notable context here: this was another beyond-random occurrence, with my having plans to stop at this pawn shop, nor even having any notion of needing anything there, only stopping there upon being distinctly Compelled upon passing it. Nor did I really even have time, with my having to be at the chiropractor's appointment less than a half-hour later, ha ha.

> Finally, another notable everywhere-37 one, now at the chiropractor's, when they took me into the one room and put me on the machine for a while, with a stack of magazines set out. Then, upon picking up a magazine and looking at the cover, I found it to display a couple of subtle, low-key 37s, which I noticed but didn't really think it too highly notable -- but then, upon opening the cover, I was met with a big full-page car ad in which the car, dead center in the page, had a 734-plate, as to be another of those "non-traffic 37-plate"-type incidents as I've seen before like with the multiple pictures of that van in a magazine that one time, as well as to be a sort of "oh, you don't think this is notable?" little "answer"-type incident after my not really noting the 37s on the cover. Then, finally, some more notable context: when the nurse had set me down at the table and hooked me to the machine, she had pointed out the magazines, and for some reason shuffled them before she left, bringing a car magazine to the top of the stack, thus causing me to choose that one over the others, once again in quietly conspicuous/notable/patternistic fashion of so many of these ...

Ended up having another brief but notable cluster of more "all-inclusive" super-subtle activity during before-bed reading tonight, exactly like the other night, and also with my unable to specifically remember any of it except for a single, very notable standout:

It started when I began randomly-but-objectively thinking about work and how I love it so much that it's practically not work, is instead a non-job, etc -- and then, as I walked to the table and randomly opened the magazine up to put the note in it, the page I opened to had in big type taking up half of it, "YOU CALL THIS WORK?," in the exact same context of a job that's so good/fulfilling/easy that it doesn't seem like a job, etc (with the caption below it, "They pay me to do this?" or something like that), as to echo the exact thought/sentiment that I'd had just a split second previously and was still crossing my mind, as to be another "intertwined" page-turn echo. And objectivity isn't even an issue here, considering I'd already finished reading the magazine and was carrying it, closed and down at my side, across the room when I had these thoughts about work (and, likewise, though I'd just been reading this magazine minutes before, it wasn't the part with the "You call this work?" article, my having read that this morning -- no chance of suggestion/cueing, etc).


Today was similar to yesterday as far as overarcing format and variety of incidents, but less-active overall, and with far fewer coherent ones.

Morning: saw more of that headsick-instigated "salad"-type super-subtle activity, but only a couple very brief and not very intense clusters, just enough to be there and noticeable but that's about it (though, oddly, I was still pretty intensely headsick through the whole morning -- why no proportionate, direct/reflective correlation this time?).

Did have a pair of somewhat notable 37-plates on the drive to lunch. They were both just low-key, quietly conspicuous plates on neighboring cars, but each one was at the respetive first and second intersections when leaving the house, each being those sort of quietly conspicuous/"staring"/"living" kind, and it hit me then that I've experienced these exact same kind of plates, in the exact same behavior/fashion many times at these two specific intersections, enough to seem subtly patternistic -- something to do with these particular places geographically, like those stretches of road I always seem to see some manner of activity on? or maybe what the intersections signify/are symptomatic of/what occurs there, with my leaving the largely empty backroads by the house and thus interacting more intimately with the other drivers at these "crossroads," our paths crossing and thus altering one another maybe?

Lunchtime reading: very much like the day before last, with a mix of those distinct environmental/thought/reading lunchtime-specific echhoes and the like, intermixed with some more brief periods of that all-inclusive super-subtle craziness (and each and every one of these corresponding with brief little spurts of that headsickness and such, so explicit and distinct, however subjective -- very notable in itself, saying so much about the phenomenon's consciousness-rooted nature). Super-subtle activity was still without any citable examples, and even the "normal" activity was pretty much too subtle/complex/subjective to convey. Did have a pair of more-coherent standouts just after starting lunch:

Both were those one-word striking-but-"small"-type of echoes, coming pretty much back to back. The first was an involuntary bodily function-type, beginning when I had one of those random nasty little headaches as I've been getting and thus caused my body/brain to react with that distinct sense of "outrage" when this happens, which is how I've come to internally refer to these, with that work specifically and repeatedly -- precisely as I randomly/singularly came to "outrage" in the book, this coinciding dead-on with my having the headache and registering it and the immediate bodily "outrage" reaction, once again as to create the illusion that the book was broadcasting my damn thoughts and feelings and internal goings-on.

Next, on the very next line: precisely as I came to "protection money," the radio randomly sang out "money," and again with the radio's lyric corresponding absolutely flawlessly with my registering the book's "money," as to make me blink and double back and reread to make sure I'd just read that word.

Thought-wise, the rest of the day saw only some more of those very brief and not-very-active/notable periods of the headsickness-type of salad activity, and today mostly composed of those distinct type of echoes that are "fuzzy" in precision and often delayed a second or two, as to once again be so easy to dismiss if not for their patternistic nature. Two best standouts I got down:

> It started when I looked at the time and thought about everything I needed to do, and decided that I'd have to triage and put off some stuff since I had to be at the appointment at 3:30, the first of which was getting a haircut, thus causing me ultimately to think something like "no haircut today" -- about 1 or 2 seconds before the radio randomly sang out, "I'll kick you out of this house if you don't cut that hair," very typical of these, with the timing imperfectly loose and the precision fuzzy and longwinded, but both of those things still close enough to be reasonably notable, especially from a patternistic angle.

> This one was more coherent and notable but still in that same vein of looseness and "fuzziness" and general obliqueness. It started with a respectively very notable radio echo at the market, when the overhead radio randomly sang out "Dream on, dreamer" at the precise instant I passed this bag of dog treats reading "DREAMBONE" in big letters across the top, and not only was in perfectly synchronistic and intertwined/striking/logistically timed so that the lyric coincided absolutely exactly with my passing those treats, etc, but I'm about 99% sure that the bag was even obscured by some stuff on the hanger directly beside it until I got close, such that it was "revealed" at precisely that instant of both my arrival and the song's lyric -- damn notable in any case though. Then, another equally notable one on its own: once I checked out and got in the car and finally went to write the note for the "dream" echo (how I thought of it/mentally vocalized it), the radio randomly sang out "The loner's free to dream," and this one *wasn't* perfectly synchronistic in the usual way, not with the "dream" coinciding with my thinking "dream echo," but still the whole stanza coinciding more or less perfectly synchronistic with it, and again fuzzily/one-dimensionally echoing the "dream" sentiment.

Numbers: more or less like the last few days, this latest trend of "not quite immediately after-lunch" scattered traffic and parking-lot plates, plus moderate amounts of generally low-key/collectively-notable-only "everywhere" 37s in reading and signs and receipts and such (closest thing to a standout here: a $10.37 total at the market, and from random stuff, but only three items total, none of them weighed or super-random, and all planned beforehand). Today, however, had almost none for the first couple hours after lunch, just the quiest, simplest, most scattered "little" random plates here and there, until after the appointment and on the way home, when they noticeably ramped up to that reasonably steady and more "there" background-static level of frequency, however briefly before silencing soon after my arrival back home. Did have a handful of standouts, a few of which I didn't get down due to forgetfulness/distraction:

> A classical "greeter"-type of parking-lot plate, when I pulled off into that wholesale store and, as I made to turn into the closest, most logical space, I found myself directly beside a previously-obscured 7334-plate truck, and again angled and distance *just so* that the plate "smacked" me as I entered, patternistically

> A slight cluster just before the appointment, beginning with when I had to stop and wait at that light at the intersection for an inordinate time, due to its mysteriously missing a cycle and thus forcing me to wait twice as long, during which I had probably 5-6 of those subtle-but-patternistic "passby" 37-plate cars, the passing cars' plates always Just Happening to "invade" wherever I happened to be absently looking at the time. Then, upon my finally turning in and heading for the clinic, a standout: when I stopped in the middle turn lane and then had a false-start when a car approached faster than I expected, thus forcing me to wait for it to pass -- a split second before a second car turned into the lane at my right, thus "revealing" its 5703-plate directly into my line of sight, and in a patternistically particular way that really had to be experienced to be appreciated but, nonetheless, was very notable. And then, immediately after, as I finally pulled into the clinic, another "greeter" there, a 3705-plate car parked in a conspicuous position such that I had to pass it upon pulling into the lot, etc.


Morning saw some interesting and somewhat different activity today, and this coming in 100% "reflective" fashion, with an equal shift/improvement in health/conscious/condition/"mental place."

Early morning at the house was actually totally silent except for, first, another scattered, super-subtle, 100% subjective/too-complex background static of those "salad/everything/inclusive" mash-ups, and the interesting thing is that it was, in essence, exactly the same as I've been having correspond with that nightmarish variant of headsickness from the last few days, except today in a generally more coherent/less oblique/fuzzy/half-precise/delayed/"loose" manner, still impossible to be conveyed for the most part but only due to complexity and subjective/personal elements rather than the extremely "distorted" nature of the other version of these. I could definitely sense the same underlying "feel" that identified this particular sort of activity, but its character was different, and again fully reflective not only in the shifting of my mental state/condition itself, but in the same positive, clearheaded, "sharper" character of that conscious state itself, seen directly in this other version of the activity. Once again demonstrates an explicit correlation between the consciousness/perception of the observer and the observed phenomenon (or is there any true division between the two, with the observer's internal reality seeming to manifest into the external, to the point that there's no distinction between the two?).

Morning reading: once again saw any explicit, 100% patternistic, and fully objective/notable and instaneous/intertwined "sudden, singular, random health improvement corresponding precisely with my coming to the first random-reading/offhand mention 37," this time in the day's trash magazine, a car-enthusiast periodical, in which, at the precise instant I had some lifting of the toxicity and headsickness that had been present all morning hitherto, the article I was reading mentioned size "3.73 gears," ha ha.

Then the drive to lunch saw that same small-but-significant upgrading in frequency/"loudness"/coherency/depth of activity, where that scattered background static cohered to the point of having some standout singular echoes punctuating the subtler echoes and more-passive stuff like the thematics/parallels, etc. Two good and highly notable standout examples, both of which happened to be of that "bilingual" nature that just makes it all ridiculously notable and surreal:

> It started with a long, random, and 100% objective and traceable chain of thought, when I was considering how best to change my daily routine to add the shoulder stretches to it without overburning myself/feeling like I have to do it, as to shoehorn my subconscious into perceiving it correctly, thus causing me to think "Have to do this the right way," except my actual literal thought was "Have to do this derecho," the Spanish colloquial for "the right way," which is how I've come to internally regard such, using that term/word/mental vocalization exactly, and for some time now as to cement it in my mind in place of the actual English (just like several other of these fully subjectively-termed incidents lately, and these also very typical of the super-subtle/subjective activity in general, in which they will very often involve all sorts of subjective terminology/symbolism/semantics that would simply be too complex to convey, yet they are the exact things that are echoed or recurred or whatever in their respective incidents) -- this thought coming perfectly synchronistically with "derecho" singing randomly/singularly from the radio, absolutely positively surreal and dead-on precise and then ten times more notable considering extremely subjective nature and its adding to the unlikliness/odds, etc.

> The other actually occurred just after lunch, but it was identical except for the echoed word/thought. It happened when I was sitting in the car and looking over the to-do list to chart my course for where to go from there, during which I saw that I needed to hit the ATM because I was out of money, thus causing me to think "Have to hit the ATM first of all, since I can't do anything else without money" -- precisely as "dinero" sang randomly/singularly from the radio, again perfectly intertwined/overlapping with my mental vocalization of "money," fully patternistic of these in every sense.

Lunchtime reading: another of those days were it was totally silent except for a carryover of that same super-subtle inclusive background static from morning/the drive there, and still with that same, markedly different, generally more-coherent character and feel/behavior, etc, though still almost entirely too complex to convey. Did have one semi-standout in this regard, mildly notable objectively but very much so collectively and subjectively, if only as a good example of these super-subtle incidents:

It started a couple days ago when I saw that little series of bizarre cartoons where the man is inside President Reagan's brain trying to liberate some important memories, which I thought about early this morning, super-randomly and absently and for no obvious reason, but in any case causing me to think distinctly but absently something like "the President's brain" -- and then at lunch, in the Kennedy assassination book, I came to a section in which it discussed how apparently President Kennedy's brain went missing after the murder, and how there was apparently a second, counterfeit brain substituted at some point -- in any case, a fully, explicit, if one-dimensional echo of "the President's brain," with this just random and precise enough to be notable in itself, but typical of the large majority of the daylong parallels and thematics that I experience pretty much every day now to varying degrees, often in that "all sorts of common, randomm, everyday little things recurring notably throughout a day or days" fashion (which was the case today, as it were, a definite upgrade/graduation over the last several days in this regard, with the parallels and thematics accumulating through the day to the point there were literally at least several dozen individual parallels and longwinded echoes to varying degrees of notability and depth, including several of those ridiculously profound and beyond-surreal ones involving highly subjective/personal themes and the like, things that I'm still unable to really describe even vaguely or in negatives).

Did go on to experience many more of those individually notable small-but-striking one-word echoes through the afternoon, most too subjective and fleeting to convey but more than a few coherent enough, but I again just was too distracted to write them all down. Best example I got: it started as I came to slow stop at an intersection, slowly downshifting and engine-braking to spare the brake pads, thus causing me to absently-but-distinctly think something like "engine-braking to save pads" -- precisely as "breakin'" sang randomly from the radio, another of those 100% non-literal/different-word yet phoenetically 100% precise ones, of which it seemed like I saw a couple others today in particular if I remember right, among the afternoon's scattered handful of more-coherent echoes and background static, etc.

Numbers: a bit of an uptick from yesterday, beginning on the morning drive, when I had another "very first, random plate encountered happening to be a 37-plate," this time a little more notable considering that it was on a car parked in that distinctly patternistic, "quietly conspicuous" fashion, where it was not just in my view, but directly alongside the road and perfectly aligned/angled/logistically precise as to be directly where I was absently looking as I passed, again in that fully subjective way that just has to be experienced to be appreciated -- another "Hey there!"-type plate.

Seems like I had some low-key ones during the drive too, and then, at the coffee shop, another "greeter" one, not coming as I entered the lot like most of these, but when I got out and started across the parking lot and there, directly in front of the shop and directly where I had to walk past as a matter of course, was a 777-plate car, and this one too parked/angled such that it "shouted" at me as I approached, etc.

Also at the coffee shop: when I finished my first course and coffee and then packed up and rounded the corner of the building to go back inside for a refill, I was "greeted" there, too, by a 7378-plate car, parked directly alongside the building but far up it, invisible to me until I'd fully rounded the corner, and with its back plate again passively conspicuously angled, etc, that it "revealed" to me as I rounded the corner, again in that quietly conspicuous/"living" way, and 100% patternistic of these, a very good example as it were.

Went on to have another of those ultimately steady, relatively intense background static of low-key traffic- and parking-lot plates through the afternoon, again with something of a slow, not-immediate build-up, but plateauing at this point probably within 10-15 minutes of leaving the coffee shop, and again continuing more or less through the afternoon, and with a few semi-conspicuous standouts of the usual, classical types thrown in there every now and then.

Also had a moderate uptick in the "everywhere"/super-random 37s, such that they were pretty much a background static too, though often of the one-dimensional, context-dependent, collectively-notable-only sort, and these too probably upwards of two dozen or more. Couple typical examples:

> When I randomly checked my speed on the way home, in some conspicuous/patternistic way that I don't remember exactly beyond it being conspicuously notable and typical of general synchronistic activity, only to see my odometer tick exactly to "003317.1" or something like that, a four-long string in which the partial-mile readout completed the sequence at exactly that instant I looked at it, clock-tick style

> On the receipt from the health-food store, my fully random, sequential, cumulative rewards points listed as exactly "317"


Morning saw only more of that super-subtle all-inclusive background static of activity, even during reading (without so much as a 37-improvement one today, breaking the trend it would seem). These were notably more scattered and less intense and more vague/�fuzzy,� to that point of being barely noticeable even to me, yet were definitely there.

Then the morning drive saw a sudden onset of upgraded activity, with two standout radio echoes literally as soon as I backed out to leave:

> The first started when I began backing out and saw that the feral cat that was sitting nearby in the drivway, which had become particularly tolerant of me as of late, stayed put as I began moving, apparently had become so trusting as to hang around even in the face of a noisy and moving car, thus causing me to automatically/absently think something like “he really trusts me now/I've got that cat's trust� – precisely as “What does it take to rebuild trust?� came over the radio, perfectly synchronistic and a near-perfect echo of that exact sentiment crossing my mind at that exact moment, and of course in the most objective of ways due to it all hinging on the fully external and uncontrollable-by-me (and damn unlikely, too) event of the cat being there in the first place, then actually staying put when I drove past it.

> Next, literally just seconds later as I backed out and then stopped in the drivway to write the note for the first: wanting music, I scanned to another station as I was finished writing the note, and then, right as I shifted back into gear to start down the road, a song started on the radio and came to the stanza “I'm gonna hit the road,� in the context of travel – which exactly what I was doing just then, since I was leaving for the trip then and not coming back after having lunch, etc, as to be officially “departing,� and at that exact moment that the lyric sang from the radio (if I remember right, it was another of those slight, 1-second or so delay-type echoes, again still so closely timed and so perfectly expressive and precise and patternistic that it was no less surreal for it)

It seems like the activity abruptly ceased with those two, but there might've been some more subtler echoes between there and the market for lunch. Lunchtime reading, however, was definitely silent, another of those sudden, random, conspicuously silent periods, which, if I remember right, often seem to prelude forthcoming activity, in “calm before the storm� manner, and that would prove pretty much to be the case for the rest of the day.

Afternoon did see a “resuscitation� of both some super-subtle background static (and erring a bit more towards that fuzzier, less-coherent, “crazier� kind that seems to correspond with less mental clarity/headsickness, etc, which was indeed the case today, with some of that nasty headsickness creeping back into my condition off and on), plus some pretty notable singular standout-type incidents. Not a banner day in this regard, but definitely “active� in any case. Standouts I got down (with several that I didn't, from what I remember):

> A really notable “small-but-super-striking�-type of radio echo just after lunch, coming out of nowhere. It started when “so blue� sang randomly from the radio, as in “you're very blue,� I think in the context of a bad mood rather than color, but I can't say for sure – in any case, it corresponded absolutely perfectly with this blue Mustang passing me suddenly and quickly from my left, with this paint color I'd never seen before, probably a custom job or something, that was absolutely, stunningly “super-blue,� a bright, piercing blue that I immediately registered as something like “super-blue� in my mind, and which, in any case, could be very aptly described as “so blue,� both in the actual color and the basic sentiment I experienced upon seeing it. And also, the car's appearance was not only perfectly synchronistic, but it was going especially fast while I myself was slowing down especially so in preparation to turn, such that its appearance and passage were just that much more “active� and “animated� and “dynamic� and “living,� again in that special surreal way that has to be experienced to be fully appreciated

> An equally notable and “deep�/multidimensional random-passing-sign/chain-of-thought-type one later, with even some involuntary-bodily-function elements thrown in. It started about an hour and a half or so after lunch, when I suddenly realized that that usual onset of bodily inflammation and whole-body pain that almost always follows eating was almost totally absent today, even after my driving in the same uncomfortable position in the van for over an hour, all of this starting a chain of thought/analysis which ultimately ended with me thinking about the absence of the “hell� state, as I've come to internally/subjectively refer to that basic state of dysfunction when mentally vocalizing it/referring to it in my thoughts, etc – and then, once again precisely as the basic thoughts of “no hell state� or something like that was forming in my mind, a big billboard emerged from behind a stand of trees, advertising nuts, with two big words in the middle being “[SOMETHING] SHELL,� and the sign was behind the trees just so that the first word and the “S� in “shell� were obscured by branches, such that when it emerged into my view, all I could read was “HELL,� which again not only echoed the exact underlying sentiment/partially literally of my traceably thought at that precise instant, but its “animated� emergence equated to that “revealing�/�greeting� effect to boot, in addition to the stark patternistic element of not just one but several different sorts of classical incidents, all blended into one, thus rendering it just so ridiculously surreal there are simply no words …

> Had a couple other, “smaller� passing-sign-type echoes too, these of that patternistic “small-but-perfectly-timed-and-super-striking� kind. The first was a random exit sign ending in “PARK ROAD,� with “ROAD� on its own line as to be noticed and internally read/vocalized by me as such, a one-word sentence apart from the rest – precisely as “middle of the road� sang randomly/singularly from the radio, and again with the “road� portion coinciding absolutely flawlessly with my registering that conspicuous single word on the sign. The same for a “JAMESTOWN� sign and “town� singing randomly from the radio, less notable somewhat but still perfectly patternistic/same exact “feel� and behavior/timing/perfect correspondence, etc.

> A classical “super-random objective event being echoed perfectly synchronistically by the radio�-type one, on the highway when I came to a stretch where a lane was closed, thus causing a long line of slow-moving traffic and the inevitable cars driving up the empty soon-to-be-closed lane and then forcing themselves into the other lane. It started when a truck towing a boat managed to slip into the line without much trouble, despite its abnormal length and such – precisely as “let me in� sang randomly/singularly from the radio, perfectly timed and precise, just utterly surreal, especially with it coming out of the blue/in singular fashion like that

> Did indeed have more daylong “everyday little thing� parallels and recurrences/thematics through the day, not nearly so many as other days but not a small amount either, and still in that super-subtle, barely detectable fashion as morning and other times, very “quiet� but still collectively quite present. Best example: at lunch when I had the idea to begin steaming sweet potatoes and then blending them to make them easier to digest, which I wrote a note for even – and then, maybe two hours or so later, on a random passing billboard on the highway, was an advertisement for canned sweet potatoes, which advertised how they could be blended into smoothies, even including a picture illustrating this, and thus echoing exactly that same particular sentiment/visualization behind my idea, ha ha.

Numbers: almost exactly like yesterday though not quite as intense ultimately, again beginning “lazily� and slowly sometime after lunch, then gradually building up through the afternoon until plateauing with a background static of 37-plates in traffic (plus a few parking-lots before I got on the highway, none particularly conspicuous). Actually had quite a few standouts over the course of the day, most of them just a little more “active�/quietly conspicuous than the low-key ones, such as “drifter�-type cars passing alongside me and flashing 37-plates and such, and one of those “car conspicuously peeling away to pass the car directly in front of it, only to 'reveal' the next-up car's 37-plate directly in my line of sight�-type ones, when I began passing a pair of trucks and, at the very last second, the one truck began passing too, and thus revealed the 737-plate on the truck ahead of it to me, when a second's difference would've kept me from seeing it, ha ha.

Other standouts I managed to get down:

> A very notable cluster on the highway, beginning with another of those respectively notable/standout-quality ones, where a car was slowly drifting up in the next lane at my left, just inching up probably a mile-an-hour faster than me, and after seeing it in my mirror several times, I decided to slow and let the car pass and get distance – only to be “greeted� with a 7300-plate as it finally passed, and of course in that “some conspicuous circumstance demanding my attention so that I would take paritcular notice of the plate�-style fashion that's so common to these. But then, immediately after, probably just 2 or 3 seconds, that same 7300-plate car passed a big rig truck in the right lane, which had not just a 5307-plate but a big “5307xxx� stenciled above it on the back of its trailer, and this passage causing another of those “quiet but logistically perfect/100% patternistic� “alignements,� and all the more notable subjectively for my just having been “smacked� with that same 7300 plate as it had passed just moments ago. Also bears mentioning that the “PARK ROAD� sign/�middle of the road� echo occurred just after the alignment, also probably 2 or 3 seconds apart, such that this was one big, sudden cluster of activity as I've seen several times in the past.

> Had another, identical “noticing a slowly encroaching car and so slowing to let it pass, only to be 'greeted' by a 37-plate as it did so�-type one, and this coming probably 5 minutes after the first, exact same deal with my letting someone pass and it ending up being a 37-plate car

> An equally classically patternistic-type one at one point on the highway, this of the “slowly coming upon a slightly slower-moving car directly ahead of me, only to eventually get just close enough for its 37-plate to resolve�-type one, classical in every way with my sort of “climactically� having it resolve after slowly gaining on this truck for miles and miles down an arrow-straight corridor of road, such that it was directly in my line of sight/area of focus the whole, extended time, ha ha

One other odd few incidents I noted today, of that same “random, non-repeat number just somehow recurring and echoing in some conspicuous and unlikely way� sort that I've seen infrequently in the past. There were several super-subtle incidents of this, so fleeting and slight that I would dismiss them entirely had they occurred in isolation. However, did have a semi-standout in this regard, in the form of two separate but nearly identical incidents involving the number 76. One was a three-way, when I was trying to plan out how far I would drive today and thus thought of the last “distance to next town� sign I'd passed, which had pegged the next big city at 76 miles, thus causing me to think something like “76 miles� – precisely as I went under a bridge with a sign reading “17' and 6'' clearance� or something like that, as to vaguely echo the “7� and “6� – but then, immediately after but in some way I can't remember exactly now, 7 and 6 were echoed again, in some other form on some other random passing car or landmark or something, but in any case as to be an instant, three-way, one-two-three vague-and-fuzzy-but-striking echo of “76� in some fashion. I actually didn't consider this one objectively notable at first, instead thinking it to be at best just another super-subtle background-static-type incident if not just a total coincidence/illusion of synchronicity – except, later on down the highway, it happened again, with the exact same number but in different circumstances and forms and such, this time when I had to slow down and then speed up again, when the speed limit was 70 and so I had the distinct thought of “I'll go up to 76 exactly via cruise control,� precisely as a truck passed alongside my left with a plate ending in “76,� directly into my line of sight as to perfectly synchronistically/intertwined echo my mental vocalization of “76� in “76 miles per hour.� Overall, an odd one, and really still pretty easy to dismiss if not for the subjective feel/behavior/patternistic element of it all.


Morning activity: another of those “first, spontaneous health improvement/lifting of morning toxicity coinciding perfectly with a random-reading offhand-37 mention,� exactly like others and at the exact same time just about, always occurring right at that point when I really start to relax and enter into “relaxation mode� out of “chore/activity mode,� and also when my body hits that same recurring point of relief/easing of night's toxic backlog or whatever it is. This time it coincided perfectly with my turning to a page in the morning's magazine and revealing this random, half-page picture of a matchbook with an address on the front with the zip code “30307� in big type. And another one with notable context, for this magazinew as another of those “beyond super-random� ones, being a magazine that I'd randomly and on a Compelling started reading at the random gym I'd camped at last night, when I'd had no plan on where I would stop and only stopped here because it was the nearest when I was ready, and my reading its complimentary magazine on that Compelling even though I had just gotten four more from the library before departing the beach, ha ha.

Also, a notable one-word-striking reading/radio synchro from that same period, when I randomly read “On James Strong� right when the radio randomly/singularly sang out “when you're not strong,� and this was another ~1-second-delay-type one that was still so close and so patternistic and precise that didn't at all “feel� delayed.

Also in morning: more of those scattered inclusive newish background-static-type incidents here and there, the little everyday thing recurrences and parallels and very fleeting and super-subtle echoes, again just enough to be there albeit in the “quietest� of ways, which would eventually span the whole day, especially at lunchtime reading, when I'd again have a sort of cluster of these when I had probably 6-8 little-but-specific things that I'd encountered super-randomly through the morning recur within the span of the reading of the 'L'appart' book at lunch, just hours later, and again with enough volume and precision and patternistic behavior to be pretty notable collectively (and, as it were, the only activity at lunch, which again showed that explicit, complete absence of typical lunchtime echoes and the like, exactly like yesterday for the most part).

The drive from the camping spot to lunch seemed to have zero activity from what I remember, despite being long and involving highway driving and the like. Though I did have yet another “greeter� 37-plate waiting for me once I finally arrived at the coffee shop, in the form of a 733-plate car parked just so that it was another “getting out after parking and being patternistically 'met' with the plate directly on where my eyes 'landed' when I turned around,� every bit patternistic of these, and again with that distinct “quietly conspicuous�/�living� quality.

From there, had many many numbers ultimately through the afternoon, much like last couple days but with more ultimate volume, and quite a few of it semi-conspicuous/more-�active� today than the almost exclusively passive-type from recently, just a general uptick and again with it intensifying as I drove more and got onto the highway and such. Standouts I got down (though by midafternoon I again got overwhelmed with the sheer number of low-key passive 37-plates plus the regular conspicuous ones, with there just being one after another at one point – upwards of two or three dozen today, more than enough to overwhelm memory especiallly when driving at 75mph, ha ha):

> Afternoon numbers started pretty much immediately after lunch, as soon as I left the coffee shop and got into traffic, with two or three low-key plates just on the stretch of road between the shop and the highway exit – but then, immediately upon merging from the off-ramp, had a conspicuous cluster, literally immediately when a 237-plate car recklessly cut in front of me right after I turned from the ramp, as to “flash-reveal�/�shout� its plate directly into my line of sight – and then, a minute or less later, I had two classical “drifter�/left-lane passers “invade� their plates into my line of sight, back to back, and this made even more notable considering that I'd had to slow down for a conspicuously slow-moving car, when otherwise I'd have been going as fast as these two cars and would've have been passed/flashed, as is so patternistic of these – and then, a few seconds after that pair, a third, identical one came up, not sequential but still close enough to properly fit into the cluster

> Did have a moderate amount of random/everywhere-type 37s today too, though I can't remember much more than that they were there, just being so overwhelmed with the rest of the day's activity. One standout I do have though: a classical “randomly getting stuff from a random store and having it produce a 37-variant total,� this time $13.73 exactly, and this again more notable considering that I'd gone in planning to get several other items but all were out of stock except for two, resulting in that figure. But then, even more notable: the random rewards-points balance was exactly “713,� printed at the bottom of the receipt, and this resulting directly from today's $13/1-point-per-dollar purchase (and even more notable: that this just happened the day before last when I went to the health-food store at the beach and had the 713 points on that receipt, ha ha). And then there's more: the random, sequential “transaction number� readout was “307991,� and there were even a couple more subtler 37s scattered through the other numbers on the receipt, including a 273 street address at the top. Wow …

> Other than the many many super-subtle recurrences and parallels/fleeting echoes, etc, through the gist of the afternoon, the only coherent thought-type activity I remember was a pair of classical “random passing roadside sign�-type radio echoes, both occurring within minutes of one another (and then, as notable, not occurring at all for the rest of the hours-long drive). The first was simpler but notable, another one when I encountered a big random billboard with “RIGHT� in big type in the middle, precisely as “right� sang randomly from the radio, and overlapping/intertwined with my registering that word on the sign specifically/patternistically. Then, soon after, and more notable (and exactly like a couple other of these “obscured� variants I've seen lately especially): precisely as I encountered a random exit sign for something or other “Freeway,� with a tree branch or something obscuring all but the “way� in the bottom right corner as I passed, the radio as randomly sang out “way,� and this was another that was just so logistically perfect/infinitesimally timed, it just had to be experienced to appreciated, with that ultra-short, split-second, heat-of-the-moment/fleeting registering of that “way� as it “peeked� from behind the tree branches and leaves, precisely as it sang from the radio, totally flawlessly intertwined … just so surreal, even after seeing such so many times now.

Then had some “late� activity too, when the echoes/parallels, etc, carried over into dinnertime reading, and again in that seamless and sudden fashion in which, after being pretty much silent for a couple hours beforehand, they snapped right back as I got dinner and reading underway, this corresponding with a similar shift in consciousness/increase in energy, both of which helped me “revert� to the previous state in which I'd been experiencing them earlier, 100% in reflective fashion. And again: many, many, many-many-many super-subtle incidents of all kinds throughout just the ~30 minutes or so of reading, lots of those one-word-striking “random text echoing exactly what I was just objectively thinking but in a super-subtle, oblique, 'fuzzy' way�-type ones, and the personal thematics and everyday-little-thing parallels, etc.


Morning saw that exact same “super-subtle-only�-type of activity that's been the latest morning trend recently, with a biggish block of all sorts of super-subtle/personal/notable-but-can't be conveyed activity during after-chore reading, and again with parallels/recurrences spanning all sorts of the most super-random and unconnected sources, yet very closely echoing one another. Best semi-coherent example: it started last night during dinnertime reading, when the 'L'appart' book randomly went into this whole passage about the difference between French and American refrigerators and appliances in general, in which the author referred to the refrigerators as sort of national pronouns, such as “the American refrigerator,� and “the French refrigerator,� and maybe even those of other nationalities too, all in a unique, uncommon, somewhat memorable manner overall – and then today in the morning's super-random-library-freebie magazine, I came to this section with write-ups about mothers (the magazine was a May edition, so it was for Mothers Day) and one of them described how the woman's Korean mother had a “Korean refrigerator� and an “American refrigerator� with different things in them, or something like that – in any case echoing perfectly the underlying and somewhat odd/unique sentiment of “national-identify refrigerator,� ha ha, and again in the most random and unconnected yet relatively tightly/patternistically timed recurrence.

Next up: several little echoes + some low-key plates on the drive to church, followed by a conspicuous and fully patternistic “greeter� plate in the super-random-Compelled space I'd ended up parking in, very notable in that I was distinctly Compelled to park not at the church itself, but at the apartment complex next door that I'd parked at that one time when the church lot was overfilled, but this time I felt Compelled distinctly to just go straight to the complex lot – and there, in the first available, logical space right by the road, I found myself pulling in directly beside a 1736-plate truck, this again angled just so that it distinctly/�livingly� greeted me/�smacked� me as I pulled in.

And then, immediately after church, the exact same thing: another “greeter� plate, and this one in that “waiting to 'hit' me literally immediately as I walked out the door of the church,� with it being the very first thing I saw upon crossing the threshold of the door, before I'd even set foot in the parking lot, a 373-plate just very “there,� again on a car angled perfectly/conspicuously, etc.

An excellent and upgraded/coherent parallel/recurrence at church, and this one in that distinct “affirmative� sense. It started this morning when, after camping in the parking lot the night before last and so having to employ a very different morning routine than my usual routine, I found myself examining my routine anew as I performed it at the parents', with the change in environment/house/setting making it somewhat different but essentially the same, all of which culminated in my gaining some perspective on the whole thing and, ultimately, seeing just how much I've come to use the time going through routine/ritual/repetitive things to sort of meditate and ponder and put the time to good use, and often in a spiritual sense, rather than just zoning out and regarding the repetitive tasks as empty and ordinary as I've done in the past, such that the routine itself has become something wholly different, something of a deeply spiritual practice that only appears the same but accomplishes something much deeper and more meaningful in actuality – and damned in that's not exactly what the sermon at church was about today, and in no uncertain or relative terms, with the speaker discussing it all exactly as I'd realized it just an hour or so earlier, in the same terms/context/everything, right down to the nuanced details of “transforming� the overt routine acts into something deeper and spiritual, and this all the more notable considering it not only explicitly echoed this specific theme/sentiment within a very notable timeframe, but that it fit perfectly that classical “affirmative� pattern I've had quite a few times now (and also, another highly notable contextual detail, in that I'd been Compelled to go to this church in particular, after fully intending to go to the other one, and even having time to do so, etc). Really just an incredible standout.

Lunchtime reading: another seamless carryover from morning-reading's highly active-but-super-subtle block of incidents, and these even upgrading/cohering somewhat. One standout, literally immediately as I started reading: this morning, after an enormously and notably super-random chain of events that is just too long and personal to convey, I found myself encountering the deed and paperwork for a real-estate transaction, in which I subsequently encountered things/sentiments like “notary� and the six-figure sale price and other related terms, etc – and then, immediately in the new chapter I started reading in the book at lunch about two hours later, it started into how the author had at last finalized the real-estate transaction on his new apartment, thus “regurgitating� all those same terms and things I'd encountered so randomly that morning, the notary and even directly citing a “six-figure sum� in the transaction.

The reading session again excluded fully the “normal�/�typical� lunchtime activity, instead just featuring several more as-notable super-subtle/complex/personal thematic/parallels like the real-estate one (as well as several of those ultra-profound-but-100%-personal/subjective-type ones that characterize such 'upgraded' periods of the super-subtle activity). Even had a standount/coherent “book echoing exactly what I was just objectively thinking�-type incident, among the subtler/smaller/one-word types here and there:

It started when I randomly remembered something I needed to get for lunch tomorrow, thus causing me to whip out my list then and there and write it down quick despite it interrupting the book at an awkward place, etc, which subsequently caused me to think about the new habit I've developed, in light of my extremely bad short-term memory as of late, of developing an instant, neurotic urgency about writing things down before I forget them, specifically shopping/to-do lists and specifically for food, which thus caused me finally to think about how, just last night, I'd gotten up out of bed to begin a shopping list of food for the next day before I forgot it – and then, perfectly synchronistic with my completing this long, objective chain of thought, I came to this sentence: “Bakers are obsessive about details and are the masters of the prep list. We make lists in our sleep� – not only perfectly echoing the underlying specific sentiment of “obsessing over shopping lists for food,� but even more specfically, the “obsessing over them in sleep/in bed,� exactly as I'd thought of – another that, could I not so specifically and confidently trace the chain of thoughts directly back to the objective/random event (which had occurred on the previous page even, if I remember right, before the passage was visible to me), I would be inclined to write it off as subconscious cueing/selective perception/reading-ahead, etc. But no, and especially “no� given how explicitly patternistic these are, with the same behavior and precision and timing and rank objectivity. And the book didn't even stop there really, with the next paragraph or so detailing more and more that explicitly/specifically echoed just what I'd been thinking/doing/experiencing in this regard. Just utterly profound, even now.

Afternoon: on the whole, another big, inclusive, high-activity but almost fully super-subtle/background-static-level cluster of activity, more or less in that exact same fashion as I've been having lately, just literally dozens of low-key 37s of all kinds, plus as many super-subtle “small-but-striking� echoes and parallels/recurrences/thematics, and even those ultra-subtle, can't-even-describe-them-in-negatives-type of incidents I've been having from time to time, again ultimately just overwhelming me not even an hour after lunch, with it all existing in memory as a big confusing living-dream blend of more incidents than I can possible remember beyond summing them up with “LIVNG-DREAM SURREAL.�

Did have a couple traffic-plate standouts I managed to get down amidst the barrage of subtler, steady, low-key plates in traffic and the like:

> First, immediately as I left the coffee shop parking lot, another classical “turn-in-front�/�flash� plate, when a car some feet ahead turned into the same road in front of me a split second after I did, and again at that ridiculously surreal, logistically perfect angle and timing that culminated in its 7036-plate “flashing� directly into my line of sight. And then, a couple minutes down the road when I parked at the mall (this one another of those notably and patternistically inconvenient/illogical/far-away-spot Compelled-type parkings), I found myself directly alongside a 7733-plate car.

> Another alignment, a simpler/less “animatd�/active one at an intersection this time, a 5731-plate car pulling up and stopping directly beside/perfectly aligned with a 375-plate car, 100% patternistic of these (and somewhat odd in timing/appearance and such, with it happening amidst the swirl of subtler activity and the like)


Morning continued that same new trend of only mixed super-subtle activity here and there, and still of the same kind. Today, however, did have another of those "first sudden health improvement of the morning triggering spontaneous random-reading 37s," another small one today but again 100% patternistic, and this one again going the whole time previously without a single 37 that I can recall, however vague or small or inconspicuous, and then three all together on the two pages of the leaf of the newspaper (random weeks-old trash paper again) I was reading at the time, with a banking ad for "3.07% APR," and an article about a child winning a spelling bee whose number in the bee was 337 exactly, and another random-celebrity-birthday being at age 73, ha ha.

Specifics are hazy to me now, having to write this after the fact due to travel getting me home so late, but from what I remember, lunchtime reading also was exactly like the last few days, with strictly super-subtle inclusive-type of incidents and either very few or none of the normal/typical lunchtime activity, and this too corresponding with a lot of headsickness and a generally internally "dead"/"silent" state in reflective fashion (though why this time and not others?).

One semi-standout, of the everyday-little-thing recurrence/daylong parallel variety, and a bit more notable considering it was exactly like the various real-estate-related morning/lunchtime-reading echoes from yesterday. These too arrived right at the start of the reading session, I want to say immediately, on the very first page, like yesterday, but it might've been a couple pages in -- in any case, was definitely in the very first section/new chapter I started then, and this time beginning just before lunch when I had to make that odd, random, abnormal stop at the bank to cash the check, and which I went inside an encountered all sorts of check/banking-related things and sentiment and the like, such as "writing a check" and routing numbers and all sorts of related bric-a-brac, much of it common but again for the first time in a while/distinctly thinking of it for the first time in a while, as to have it stick out in my mind and be kind of there in my immediate subconscious as I went to lunch -- and then, in that very first section of the book, it went into an equally random and singular description of how the author had to write a check and all the peculiarities of doing it in France, also for the first time in the book, and all ultimately referencing probably a dozen or so of those various sentiments and practices and the like I'd encountered by way of that bank visit, as to be mildly notable in itself but actually rather highly so considering the context/patternistic element/sheer randomness of it all (not only do I very rarely go to a bank for anything, but 99% of the time I just deposit the check rather than actually cashing it and encountering that particular sentiment, etc, but today I needed the cash and so cashed instead of deposited ...).

Afternoon travel/highway driving is where the activity really took off, but this too was almost exclusively super-subtle inclusive-type stuff and impossible to fully convey, etc. Numbers started soon after lunch, but I don't remember details for I've somehow lost the gist of my notes for the afternoon. From what I remember, there was another gradual build-up of low-key plates and the like, until, at the peak of highway driving, there were again just a steady back-to-back stream of them interspersed with regular semi-conspicuous/fully conspicuous/"active"-type ones, and of the usual "classical" kind like drifter-passers and reckless-tailgaters and other "car conspicuously getting attention only to reveal its 37-plate in an 'intelligently orchestrated' fashion," these too probably totally a couple dozen in themselves over the course of the 7-hour drive. It was another one of those days where I was already overwhelmed/unable to keep track of it all even just a couple hours into the drive, to the point that they just stopped registering with me however profound and surreal, etc.

Thought-type activity was about the same, but almost exclusively of that equally unconveyable one-word-fleeting-echo-type stuff, along with periodic parallels and thematics and others (a few of those unspeakably profound ones too if I remember right). Did have a few standouts of these mixed in, in my surviving notes:

> A really damn cool one-word-striking one, when I passed this random pile of stuff set out as trash on a curb, in which were this pair of two weird little child-size lounger chairs, which I immediately noticed both due to their being set out on the curb as well as these just being the first I'd ever seen of such chairs in particular, being child-size chairs modeled fully on their adult versions, as if shrunk, unlike those that are typically styled for kids, etc -- precisely as "set" came randomly over the radio, thus echoing the absent/registering thought I'd had of something like "pair of chairs/matching little chairs/two weird little chairs," again in that one-dimensional capacity yet still so precise in that regard, and so perfectly/intertwined/striking/patternistic in timing, it was another that was just far more surreal than can be described.

> Had some equally super-surreal/notable yet largely subjective ones later on, both occuring during the incredibly violent thunder/rain storm I hit just before coming home, and these coming in that fully non-specific/non-instant/"longwinded-thematic"-type of timing that I've observed before, where they are either delayed a few seconds or even longer yet are just precise enough and just closely timed enough to somehow reflect something happening or my thoughts/feelings, etc. One was when the radio randomly sang out "you light up the world," about two seconds after a sudden, incredibly bright bolt of lightning struck from nearby, thus lighting up the whole horizon in a brief daylight, every bit "lighting up the world." And then a little later, a bit vaguer in precision but still enough to be notable: right when I went into a particularly rainy area, and also when my windshield was starting to fog up, the two combining to suddenly reduce visiblity to almost nothing, such that I might not have been able to drive on the road unless I knew it so well -- the radio randomly went into a little "scientific minute"-type talking segment in which its opening statement was, "In the rainforest, you can't see three feet in front of you," or something like that -- in any case, perfectly echoing the "much-reduced visiblity" theme, and, indirectly/non-literally, that of the cascading "rain," too, in the "rainforest" inclusion -- but again, however imprecise and loosely timed, it was made so ridiculously surreal due to the subjective experience of it all, in a way words just don't describe. Were even a couple other, similar thematic-type echoes during this same period regarding the rain/storm/visibility/lightning storm.

Then a lull upon getting home and unpacking and all that, only to resume immediately and in carryover fashion during dinnertime reading, with more all-inclusive super-subtles of a reading bent, the thematics and everyday-little-thing parallels, and even a couple standouts in there:

> A very notable one: it started right as I was sitting down after fixing up dinner and getting ready to finally start eating and stuff, after the long exhausting drive and all the rigmarole of unpacking/doing stretches, etc, such that I was thinking of it all as I sat down and put the book and plate in my lap, with my last thoughts being specifically of how the abnormally long and troubling drive, especially the last part through the storm and then getting soaked afterward while unloading the car, had left me particularly exhausted to the point of that ugly "traumatized"/interally shocked state, which is the exact mental vocalization/terminology I used to internally describe it, the word "traumatized" in particular -- and then, maybe two seconds later upon opening the book, right at the top of the first, new page was a sentence beginning with "That would've traumatized me," and these being the very first words my eyes fell on upon opening it, patternistically so, and again 100%, unmistakably fully objective, with my distinctly having this chain of thought long before opening the book and that "traumatized" thought distinctly *before,* but only *just* before, opening the book at all, etc, etc.

> A very similar and about as notable one later, this one a page-turn-style "involuntary bodily function" one, starting when, at the very end of one page, I took a deep breath and suddenly found my lungs to have cleared/expanded after being congested and having difficulty breathing all day, such that I was able to suddenly/spontaneously get a good, nourshing breath, thus causing me to absently/automatically think, right as I finished the one page and began turning to the new one, something like "feel that oxygenation deep in the lungs/finally oxygen" -- and then, right at the top of the new page, was "While I wondered if Ikea sold oxygen machines," as to echo the general sentiment of "oxygen" crossing my mind at that very moment, again fully patternistic in behavior/feel as well as one-dimensionally very precise.


Today was another conspicuously quiet day, yet another of those that, of what activity there was, was more or less exactly like that of the last couple days, just far less of it and very very subtle, to that point of almost non-existence/only threshold levels.

Morning saw only very scattered, extremely subtle little echoes and parallels/thematics (though, today, I noticed that almost all of the morning parallels and such were just the beginnings/originators/first-halves of stuff that only recurred during lunchtime reading or even later in the day, rather than any of the more closely timed, "complete"/"closed" recurrences that often occur within the same timeframe, etc). In this sense, morning and lunchtime-reading were pretty much just one in the same period/era/"chapter," another carryover, but really barely even that, since there was just so little of the activity even at lunch.

Best example: another of those now-patternistic "having the first, initial section/topic of the book echo/recur some random, specific, first-time-in-a-while common sentiment/thing/event from the morning," this time that of "McDonalds" and "burgers," beginning when I'd been Compelled to go and get coffee at McDonalds just before leaving for the coffee shop I'd had planned, despite their having inferior coffee/a more hectic environment not too conducive to reading, etc, which therefore, just like the real estate stuff and the check-writing/banking-type stuff from the last two days respectively, this Compelling brought up all sorts of McDonalds/burger-related thoughts/sentiment/memories/whatever -- and of course that's exactly what the chapter of the book involved today, where the author discussed how he'd been living on burgers and fast-food, and how, in France, McDonalds and burgers were viewed far differently than in America, and it even referenced McDonalds and their burgers specifically several times, as to be general thematic echoes both of my morning sentiment as well as all the people eating/carrying around burgers and the like in the dining room surrounding me, ha ha.

Also: several more of those word-echoes/recurrences/thematic parallels involving the random crossword I'd done this morning, exactly in that same fashion of past times, as to render it patternistically notable as well.

Numbers were similarly nearly-nonexistent today, a huge contrast from yesterday's highway-driving storm. Really, I noticed exactly two semi-standouts, and that was it besides maybe 5-6 very low-key traffic and parking-lot 37-plates:

> First, in "immediately after getting on the road after lunch" fashion: the first car I got behind, immediately after I left the McDonalds parking lot, was a van with two phone numbers printed on its back panel, each containing 37s, and with my having them "stare" at me since I had to sit behind the van for a relatively long time while at a red light.

> An actually pretty notable and damn surreal cluster at the market later, beginning when I was Compelled to pick up some trash and throw it away, patternistically, and, precisely as I rounded a support pillar to reach around and pitch the stuff in the trashcan there, a van pulled up and stopped right in front of me, and *just so* that its 37-plate "landed" directly in my line of sight/the exact space I was already looking at upon rounding the support pillar, again so logistically perfect and animated and striking as to be surreal beyond words/"intelligently orchestrated" -- then, later, upon coming out, another of those 100% patternistic and ridiculously surreal "first thing I see immediately upon stepping into the exit doorway is a 37-plate," and this one not only immediately "there" before I'd even stepped through the door and onto the sidewalk, but in "animated" fashion, on a car that was backing up to leave, and even stopped with its 713-plate absolutely dead center in my line of sight, not only fully patternistic but so precise and logistically perfect and animated/conspicuous it just defies description -- and then, seconds after that when I went to check the time, another cute little footnote when I found it to be 3:17 exactly, ha ha.

Did have one little standout during evening reading in the sauna, and it was exactly like others I've had before where at the precise instant I hit that tipping point of going from just hot to actually actively sweating, the magazine I was reading echoed it with a fully objective/invisible page-turn-type echo, again with my having that first drop of sweat run down my face a split second before I turned to a new, previously invisible page and the very first thing my eyes fell on was a little paragraph in the middle of the page about how the person being interviewed finds a lot of value in "getting a good sweat" at the gym, or something to that effect -- and then, the same thing about happened on the very next page, when I graduated to the full-out, running, crying sweat precisely as I turned to the next page and *its* random little paragraph involving sweating.


Today was just like yesterday but even quieter, the quietest in some time actually, and it seems to be following that same emerging pattern I've been seeing over the last few months or so, of several days or so of heightened/deeper activity followed by a period of markedly less and of a thinner, less-coherent/defined/notable nature interestingly.

Morning: another "periodic super-subtles-only"-type of deal like last couple days, as well as another "single spontaneous 37 appearance coinciding with morning's on-schedule slight improvement in health/clarity of thought," this time as notable and with the exact same nature and behavior of others, without a single one before or after that watershed moment of improvement, with this single one coming perfectly randomly and singularly yet perfectly coinciding with the involuntary health improvement, etc, again in the after-chore-reading trash-magazine, with it mentioning how Amazon is presently valued at "$13.7 billion," ha ha.

Then the morning drive to lunch was like several others of late, with a slight increase/upgrading of the super-subtle echoes and the like, and more frequently and now involving the radio and random stuff, but still very subtle/subjective/can't be described.

Lunchtime reading: yet another "seamless carryover of morning's super-subtle activity," and today really not even morning beyond those same extremely subtle and sparse echoes and parallels/thematics, etc, from the drive over, with long periods of total silence (and all of this again corresponding with a totally wrecked state of health/consciousness and the like, where any brief improvement was often met with one of those marked and patternistically reflective sudden onset of activity, only to cease as quickly when sickness returned).

Had one cool-though-small nearby-stranger-echo standout at lunch: it was another when I was reading on the phone and scrolled down to a word that was previously invisible until just that instant, etc, this time "toxins" in that article about the Gerson therapy and such, precisely as, from across the coffee shop and again in an involved, running conversation between the two employees there, one of them said something like "I have all these toxins and stuff," while discussing excess sugar in ice cream and that sort of thing, and again with the woman's totally singular and random and fluid sounding of the word coinciding absolutely flawlessly with my own fully independent registering of that equally random and singular word on the phone as it was "revealed" in my scrolling to it, again notable in itself but infinitely moreso when actually experienced/all logistics and such seen/felt/heard "in the moment."

And other than that, the only other activity for the day was some stray after-lunch strictly low-key 37-plates, again coming at some "lazy" indeterminate time and never progressing beyond even the slightest token few here and there today, and even these absent by the time I started home (despite going home early even).

Only standout I remember from the whole afternoon: another of those "cashier at a store randomly quoting some patternistically 37-containing number right when I was in earshot," this time, right after I'd walked up to the front of the store, the phone rang and the cashier picked it up and then recited a phone number to the person on the other end, which began with a "3-3-7" suffix, ha ha.


Morning followed that same pattern of late but with somewhat more activity. First noticeable activity was once again the after-chore health-improvement first-37 appearance, but today more of them and somewhat more coherent/little more notable, such as the first, a big 37 on the very first page of the magazine as I opened it, as to be "greeted" (and, interestingly: I laid down for a few minutes and just rested without opening the magazine, 100% unlike how I almost always have typically tore directly into the magazine immediately upon lying down, eager to read, but today I didn't, and thus the improvement and that 37 on the first page, which was of course 100% invisible to me beforehand, were able to coincide in patternistic fashion, ha ha). Went on to encounter probably 5-6 more semi-conspicuous, patternistic offhand-mention/random-figure-type 37s over the reading session, but most of these, I noticed, came just sort of randomly and on their own, rather than corresponding strictly with improvements in health/the ebb-and-flow of clarity, etc (though several definitely *did,* including that first).

Also this morning: a few low-key but noticeable 37-plates on the drive to the appointment, followed by yet another semi-conspicuous "greeter"-type 237-plate as I came out and began walking through the parking lot (though not an "immediately upon stepping out" one, just conspicuously soon/seconds after leaving as some of these seem to be).

Next one, a somewhat less-than-super-subtle one just before lunch: precisely as I began poking through the pile of change in my center console to get change for the meter, thus causing me to think something like "get change/do I have enough change," etc, the radio randomly/singularly sang out "I've got change for the jukebox," perfectly synchronistic and very precise in the dimension of echoing the "having change to put in a machine" sentiment despite mine being for a meter.

Lunchtime reading was something of a biggish change-up from recently, still with some of that super-subtle/"fuzzy"-type of background static I've been seeing but with some more-traditional, "normal"-type stuff too, for the first time in days, and very interestingly: this again coinciding 100% with a drastic and fundamental increase in health/inner coherence/clarity of thought. Standouts and examples I got down:

> First incident was a purely classical reading-recurrence, beginning I think 3-4 days ago when I saw this super-random picture on a tweet on the Twitter homepage when I went to post a tweet (from someone I wasn't even following, just one of the random "you might like this" ones that show up whenever I log in), a picture of a comic book entitled either "Narak" or "Narok" (can't remember but it doesn't really matter because they are interchangeable spellings of the same thing apparently) that I instantly Noticed and was Compelled to look up and learn about, as to again make it patternistically stick out in my mind, as well as being the typical "first time I've ever seen this in my life" deal -- and then today, in that equally patternistic and super-random 'Crow' book I'd been patternistically Compelled to buy a couple weeks ago and then only felt Compelled to begin reading last night, it mentioned "Narok," not the most closely timed one but still relatively close, and 100% patternistic and notable subjectively from the Noticing and such.

> More of those delayed, fuzzy, yet decidedly synchronistic/notable/patternistic background-static super-subtle echoes and parallels and the like here and there through lunch, mainly through the first, quieter part I noticed. Typical example of these: when a couple random people on the sidewalk walked past as I was out there, with one of them saying something like "they have liquor there, and beer and stuff" at the precise moment they passed, such that, with all the traffic noise and such, it was the only snatch of their conversation that I could make out -- this coming about a second or so before I came to "Black Label" in the book, in the same context of liquor/alcohol as to echo the theme in that "delayed-but-pretty-much-perfectly synchronistic" fashion.

> A slightly more coherent and notable example, of the somewhat upgraded/graduated varieties that began to appear towards the end of lunch: a classical "resumed the book and having the very first, random word my eyes fell on echo the exact thought I'd had immediately before," this time when I cracked open the second course of the meal, the pureed almonds, thus causing me to automatically/absently think "it's like a soup" or something along those lines -- and then, a split second later when I resumed reading the book from its facedown position, the very first words my eyes fell on were "rice soup," once again echoing the "soup" sentiment perfectly, albeit just a different kind.

> Good example of the typical "random, super-subtle, obscure, fuzzy, but subjectively very notable and patternistic"-type of "everyday little thing" echoes I've been having, I guess what would qualify as a slightly graduated variety over the extremely subtle ones I've been seeing predominantly. It started last evening while reading that day's super-random freebie magazine, when I came upon that random picture of the Asian ramen-noodle bowl from a street vendor in some Asian locale and was instantly and oddly taken with it, distinctly Noticing it and dwelling on it and the basic idea of "Asian noodles" for a full couple minutes, once again as to subtly but distinctly cement it in my memory in that patternistic "you'll soon be seeing this again" fashion -- and then today in the 'Crow' book, there was a big long section that took place in a Thailand market district where there were a bunch of street vendors selling the typical noodle bowls and the like, exactly the kind that I'd not only encountered for the first time in a while last night, but then so distinctly Noticed, which is just so typical of these, relatively common little things that somehow catch my attention and then turn back up in various patternistic and conspicuous ways.

> Had a single, cool little "nearby stranger"/reading-type echo. It was another with a slight, second-or-two-long delay, when I randomly/singularly came to "How old is she?" in the book, right before the woman being interviewed by the two men, at the other end of the long table I was sitting at, as randomly said "I'm getting older now," as to precisely echo the basic "woman's age" sentiment, but also as to be another of those seeming "question and answer"-type ones I've seen several times before, as to relatively coherently answer the book's "question" with "the woman is getting older" -- notable in its basic sense anyhow

Today was another "thought-type activity ceasing as if on a switch immediately after lunch" day, with it seems like even the super-subtle background static going with it this time, such that the whole rest of the afternoon was more or less silent, even during periods of clarity/improvement. Did, however, have one single, bigtime standout radio/100% objective-event-type echo on the way home:

It started during the flash rain/lightning store that hit right as I started home, when I saw a guy walking alongside the road with no umbrella or anything, soaked and dripping, and thus automatically pulled off and opened my umbrella and ran it over to him and then jumped back in the car. When I did so, I saw the man's face for the first time (since he was walking away from me before), which proved to be somehow extremely deformed and heavily scarred as if from fire or something, but which I didn't react to in the slightest, with that equality-training/universal-respect-type skill automatically just allowing me to regard the man as equal and human and relevant/valid without skipping a beat as I'd trained myself, resulting in my just automatically seeing in the deformed man the innate beauty that's in any created thing -- all of which ultimately caused me to think, immediately after I'd handed off the umbrella and started back to the open car some feet away, something like "Wow, I saw him as beautiful right from the get-go" -- precisely as, from the radio playing over the speaker in the car door where I'd left it open, the song sang out, "I've never seen such a beautiful sight," perfectly synchronistic and again 100% echoing the specific sentiment of "seeing/regarding something as beautiful," and again vastly more notable given its all hinging on the most ridiculously random and fully objective/out-of-my-control events.

Numbers weren't too present today, oddly so given how the thought-type activity seemed to show a reasonable increase in volume and coherence. In fact, I remember only the slightest scattering of after-lunch low-key 37-plates (as well as some semi-conspicuous 212s and variants here and there too, which I've noticed over the last few days or so, another of those "itinerant"/"periodic" upticks of this variant in particular, perhaps symptomatic of something I've not yet aware of), plus two standouts:

> The first was a "Compelled-litter"-style one at the market, except with a shopping cart I was Compelled to return from its being strewn randomly in the lot despite it being out of my way (since I wasn't going into the actual market), and then, upon taking it to the nearst little cart-corral/cage thing, it brought me directly/patternistically "quietly conspicuously" past a car with a 777-plate.

> Then at the gas station a little later, much more notable and coherent: It happened right after I'd pull up at the pump, when I was instantly and urgently yet fully illogically Compelled to go to the pump immediately in front of mine, despite mine being perfectly fine and even being out of the sun whereas the one up front wasn't. I didn't at first obey the Compelling, because there was a car already parked there, but then, by the time I'd gotten my stuff together and was ready to get out, the car had pulled off, so I pulled up to the next pump -- and thus brought into view the 3071-plate on a truck parked in front of the store, previously invisible to me where I was but *just visible* once I'd pulled up, and again at *just the right logistical angle/height, etc* that it was directly in my line of sight as I stopped in position, as to be "revealed"/"greet" me as it emerged into view, just so ridiculously surreal when experienced. And also, a cute little footnote: when I got back in the car to leave after paying and pumping, there was another car in that exact same place where the truck had been, this one with a 734-plate that was equally directly in my line of sight as I got in and made to leave, ha ha.


Morning: another of those health-improvement random-reading 37-appearances, only one today but 100% patternistic and notable, another that came precisely as that first, distinct, daily lifting of the toxicity occurred, precisely as I came to the first 37s in the day's freebie magazine, this time some ad with a big 337-suffix phone number, followed by an address with a 55337 zip code just below it, and these the only ones up to then, I'm 100% sure of it, no selective perception/cueing, etc.

Drive to lunch: dead silent, this corresponding with a marked return of headsickness and toxicity/corruption of thought, etc.

Lunchtime reading: actually quite a bit of activity, and very much like yesterday, with a blend of the super-subtle background static and few "normal," coherent-type echoes and the like, though today with much more of the super-subtle stuff than the latter, especially in terms of those highly notable yet 100% subjective/personal morning-to-lunch thematics. Standouts and examples and such:

> There were no less than three standout-quality big, complicated, "just thought/experienced/encountered that a couple hours ago during morning thoughts/chores/ruminations, etc"-type ones, and all so steeped in personal symbolism and context and just sheer complexity/multidimensionality, there's just no way to convey them beyond saying that the book echoed the exact damn specific, explict themes and situations and such I was distinctly thinking about off and on all morning in relation to the worsened health and seeming direness of it all, and once again in the most ridiculously random and astronomically unlikely yet 100% traceable/objective of ways.

> Also: a couple of those longwinded thematics within the space of lunch alone, of that patternistic thought/reading/radio kind that I've seen infrequently in the past, with those three random sources distinctly yet vaguely echoing one another and in that bizarre cyclical/delayed fashion. Best example: when I was reading in the 'Crow' book a random section about a prostitute being miraculously rescued by a journalist who was buying out her contract, and thus thinking of all sorts of "savior/rescue/herosim"-related sentiment and themes and the like stirred up by my reading this section -- the whole time, the radio was singing that old song that goes "I need a hero" in the chorus, and all sorts of other, related stuff that was more or less a perfect thematic echo of the "rescue/heroism/savior" sentiment in the book and in my mind alike, not really in that "instant-echo" fashion but in that exact same flowing, looping, longwinded manner/behavior of other ones of this kind.

> Also, another of those "random morning-crossword" specific-word recurrences, this time "pert," in the book at lunch, which was not only another of those "first encountered in the crossword for the first time in a long time, then patternistically soon after"-type recurrences, but was also another that stuck out in my mind distinctly because I'd been unable to come up with the answer just from the clue, only getting it by luck/matter of course when filling out the other, surrounding clues, as to make me distinctly think "pert, I'd totally forgotten that one," etc, just like others of this kind

> The only actual lunchtime echoes were some very very subtle and indirect ones, in fact so subtle and vague that, were in not for their precise/intertwined/patternistic timing and nature, I'd write them off entirely. Best example: when a nearby stranger at a table of people nearby randomly cried out "That's so good!," presumably about the food they were eating, precisely as I came to "This was great stuff" in the book, which was *not* in the context of food, such that it was just a perfectly timed echo of that basic, one-dimensional "exclaiming about something good" sentiment

> Did have a couple more-coherent echoes towards the end of the meal, in that "heightened energy from calories/food intensifying/energizing phenomenon" fashion. Best example: It happened when I finished my meal and then poured the last of my coffee into the bowl and shook it to mix it with the dregs that I couldn't get to pour out, then drank the mix and noticed how the cold ice and the coffee changed the whole character of the food it was mixed with, thus causing me to think something like "the ice and coffee" as their tastes registered with me -- precisely as "a bottle of cold brew" sang from the radio, which was actually pretty precise from a literal context despite being in the context of a "cold bottle of beer," since the coffee I was thinking of at that precise instant was cold-brew coffee, such that it was a super-literal, one-dimensional echo of "cold-brew coffee" (which I internally refer to as simply "cold-brew," such that this one seemed to be another of those subjective-term/inner-terminology echoes that I've been seeing lately)

> Another more-coherent, super-literal/phoenetic radio/reading echo: precisely as I came to "wai" in the book, pronounced "why-ee," the radio randomly/singularly sang out a big emphatic, drawn-out "Why!," like "why-ee-y-ee-y-ee-y!," as to perfectly echo the phoenetic of the "wai" I registered at that exact instant

> Had one that was either a standout super-subtle or a vague more-coherent echo, hard to say. It happened when I was sitting inside the coffee shop for the second course of my meal, when a woman in this striking bright-red dress came in and began having a big, loud, animated conversation with some of the employees there, after which she gave an even louder and more passionate "Goodbye!" as she went for the door and passed me by, directly in my line of sight, thus making me register her and her emphatic "goodbye" and her "passionate" super-red dress with an inclusive, reactive thought of "so passionate/emphatic/red-energy pouring from her" -- precisely as I came to "primal passion" in the book, which was another of those 100% perfectly apt descriptions of the woman and her bearing and dress and total overall "energy," both very passionate and of a raw, base, "primal" nature.

From there, the rest of the afternoon was relatively very quiet. In fact, the rest of the day's total activity arrived in one brief after-lunch cluster, beginning with another of those "immediately after-lunch 37s," and this time before I'd even left the coffee shop and not on a license plate but instead on the thermostat reading hanging beside the men's-room door when I went there immediately after finishing eating, with the readout with a big "73 degrees" in the middle of it, and directly/patternistically in my line of sight as I passed. Then, minutes later when I emerged into the parking lot, there was another, "traditional" "immediately after-lunch" repeat, this time in the form of a 7305-plate on a car directly across from me when I stepped through the doors, as to be not only "smack-dab there"/"greeting" me, but also the first plate of the afternoon in any form, also patternistic of so many of these.

Then, just a minute or so after *that* one, had the afternoon's single only thought-type activity that I recall: a "first words over the radio upon keying the car echoing something"-type incident, when the radio cut on to a song where the first stanza I heard was something like "at night in the city of Bangkok," when that's exactly what I'd just been reading about in the 'Crow' book all through lunch, which is set in Bangkok -- certainly not an instant echo by any means, something more along the lines of those "delayed longwinded thematic"-type echoes like the "hero"-song one, but the synchronistic-echo element was certainly there, especially considering that the song not only echoed the general theme of "Bangkok," but also it went on to sing about the dangers and peril there, all of which echoed the same general overtones of the book and its particular view of the city. And then, a cute little second part to this one: I listened to this song for maybe a minute as I drove from the coffee shop parking lot and then stopped at the farmer's market that was literally just feet away, right down the road -- but then, as I got out and went to the area where the market was being held, I was met with a PA playing music, and it turned out to be playing that exact same Bangkok song that I'd had on in the car (which turned out to be just the same radio station playing over it, rather than them just randomly playing that same song, but notable all the same, or at least very surreal).

From there, went on to experience another one of those sudden, reasonably intense, but very brief and strictly low-key/passive/"quietly conspicuous" cluster of 37-plates in traffic, with a sudden, back-to-back sequence of probably a couple dozen or so in just the space of the few errands I ran, and in parking-lots and the like too -- only to cease as if on a switch as I started home, and never starting back up afterward, along with thought-type activity too (and, coincidentally: these ceasing as the headsickness and toxicity again surged up in force, deadening thought and the like).


Morning was dead silent even of super-subtle stuff, and this corresponding in that "negatively reflective" fashion I've seen before, with a stark improvement in health seeming to trigger a complete cessation of activity, another of those "wind-down"/"rest" periods if the pattern holds.

Lunchtime reading, too, was dead silent, even of the pronounced thematic activity of the last couple days, conspicuously so, also in that "negatively notable" fashion since I would see such stark and blatant activity for such a relatively long time and then so see it so conspicuously cease as if on a switch.

Did see some minimal activity after lunch, beginning with a few scattered low-key 37-plates in traffic here and there, which did eventually mature/graduate somewhat, but only in coherence rather than volume, the scattered low-key plates simply becoming scattered semi-conspicuous/active plates -- a break in the pattern, in any case. Had quite a few "everywhere"/random 37s too, including a few standouts:

> Cute one just after getting in the car at the gym, where I looked up from writing a note (about a 37-repeat in the gym, as it were) and found myself staring directly a 375-plate in a car directly across from me, in line at an ATM, and in that perfectly aligned/logistically flawless/patternistic fashion such that the plate was perfectly "there" as I've seen so many times before. And, similarly: when waiting for cars to pass before crossing the street in the market parking lot, the last one to pass before I was able to cross was a 777-plate one, and with its plate being "revealed" to me right as I began crossing the street in its passing, again very notable and surreal/"animated" when experienced

> Couple notable "everywhere" 37s inside the market, first when I got a sweet potato that ended up weighing in at exactly $1.73, when I'd gotten this one particularly out of the tray because it was the smallest one, fully patternistic of past such "random weighed-produce producing a 37-variant price" fashion. And then, seconds later after scanning that and seeing the 1.73 price at the self-checkout, I paid and when I got change back, the bill shot out *just so* that the "30007" that began its serial number was "revealed" to me as it shot from the slot, and again *just so* that only those numbers showed, with the rest of the number back in the machine, and also with its arriving directly where I was looking as I waited for the change to come out, exactly like that one other time, ha ha

> At the gym when I went to start up the MP3 player, the very first song (and the only I would see the length of, since I'd be working out during all the others) was exactly 3:37 long, and with this one even being the "wrong" song, with the MP3 player formatting the playlist awkwardly such that this particular song, from the middle of the album, was listed first when I went to play it, ha ha

Also, one single, standout, double echo this afternoon, with the rest of it totally silent or at least close to it from what I remember. It happened in the market, when I randomly went to try out some of the little tester bottles of essential oils and, precisely as I reached to the nearest one, which turned out to be for "ginger" according to the cap, a random passing stranger said something like "We need ginger," and once again with my registering his word corresponding absolutely flawlessly/intertwined with my registering the text on the bottle cap, utterly surreal. And then, in "a synchronicity stemming from a synchronicity" fashion: later on, when I finally got to writing a note about this one, thus causing me to think "note about ginger essential-oil incident," a nearby TV randomly said "oil change," and this too with the "oil" corresponding absolutely flawlessly/intertwined with my 100% objective/independent thought of "essential *oil*," once again just so incredibly notable and living-dream ...


Had activity this morning, not a whole lot but a marked return compared to yesterday's marked silence. Started with some very subtle echoes and the like, then once again had another of those fully patternistic and incredibly, living-dream notable “spontaneous health-improvement/random-reading first-37 appearance�-types as seems to be an emerging trend as of late, this time just a random little quote of “$3.7 billion� in morning's freebie magazine, with my coming to it either perfectly synchronistically or with a ~1 second delay with the usual lifting of toxicity and the like. Actually had several other random-mention/�everywhere� 37s throughout morning in various ways and sources and times (best example: when I went to put in an Amazon order with guaranteed two-day shipping, and it had a little counter that said “Order within 17 hours and 13 minutes to get this in [two days],� ha ha), but that first one was the only that corresponded so explicitly/patternistically with an improvement in health.

Also: a return of the super-subtle/personal morning thematics and the like too (though no recurrences/parallels, conspicuously so, which would be the case for the whole day – another markedly “negatively notable�-type development – why sometimes all manner of super-subtles, but then others just the thematics or the parallels or neither?). Again all too complex/subjective to convey, but definitely there.

Then, a slight but noticeable graduation immediately upon leaving the house for the morning drive, with a classical random-objective-thought/radio echo. It started when I began backing from the driveway and absently/passively began to plot out the best route to where I was going, thus causing me to think of/visualize the highway I would take – perfectly synchronistic with the radio randomly/singularly singing out “the highway,� again in absolutely flawless intertwined fashion, so damn surreal and striking especially given its being the first one of the day.

Next: another “first plate of the day Just Happening to be a 37-plate,� and this time in that quietly conspicuous fashion of my pulling up behind a car as it sat waiting for the gate at the front of the park to open, such that I was able to get close enough to read its plate when I otherwise would've been to far away (actually went on to stay behind this car all the way into town, due to its going conspicuously/patternistically slow, such that I had “273� “staring� at me for the miles-long drive, ha ha).

Then went on to see a scattered 5-6 “quietly conspicuous�/passive 37-plates in traffic during the drive to church, with one cool standout: another of those classical “random car demanding my attention in some conspicuous fashion by way of an objective circumstance, only to reveal its 37-plate in a conspicuous way once it had my attention,� this time another of those tailgaters on the highway, coming up behind me and staying uncomfortably close rather than passing, such that I eventually changed lanes and slowed when it was safe, thus causing the van to drift-pass up along my left side – only to reveal its 3371 plate, of course 100% invisible beforehand, ha ha.

Next, only the drive from church to the coffee shop, had another little cluster of scattered low-key 37-plates, same as earlier, and then with a more-coherent/standout “period at the end of the sentence�-type one upon getting to the shop, which I can't remember the specifics of other than that it involved a 137-plate car that pulled up and parked directly next to me precisely as I parked in a random Compelled space, another of those that I remember was conspicuous and had notable/patternistic details in any case.

Lunchtime reading: active today, again not overly so but relatively very active compared to yesterday's silence, and today seeing that blend of multiple kinds of activity, namely the same personal/super-subtle/subjective reading thematics as morning (in book instead of magazine now – pretty notable in itself, considering these same themes spanned two ridiculously random and unconnected pieces of reading material, a Sports Illustrated magazine and a dark-fantasy novel, ha ha), plus those same super-subtle echoes and the like, though these did eventually graduate to include some standout, singular, more-coherent “normal� lunchtime-reading-type of thought/reading/event echoes. Few standouts/examples from lunch:

> Another of those “resumed-reading�-type ones, this time when someone came out of the nearby door of the coffee shop while I was sitting in their path on the patio, thus causing me to lower my eyes from where it was as to not make the passerby uncomfortable, thus causing me to absently/reactively/patternistically think something like “lower eyes/look away� as I resumed reading the book from where I'd stopped, at a lower angle/position – and the very first words to fall directly/passively/patternistically into my line of sight upon doing so were “Look down,� ha ha. Had a few others of this nature too, though not quite so coherent/perfectly timed.

> A classical reading recurrence, as I've been having more often lately. It started two days ago when I read of “qat� in that random years-old copy of National Geographic I'd had for a couple weeks now and just got around to reading, which was the first I'd encountered the practice of qat-chewing for some time, thus causing me to patternistically notice it and distinctly think of it as to cement it in my mind – and then today the 'Crow' book randomly mentioned, for the first and only time, “betelnut,� another name for qat, classical reading-recurrence in every way.

> Towards the end of lunch, had one standout, graduated, “random-noise�-type of reading echo, this one also in classical “environmental-lunchtime-echo� fashion (those so markedly absent most days lately, for whatever reason). Precisely as I read “a fax machine beeped� in the book, a customer paying with Apple Pay (or whatever makes this noise) scanned their phone and caused a 100% textbook “BEEP!� to chirp, not only perfectly synchronistic and perfectly apt/precise in description but the only time this had occurred for some time, perhaps for the first time since I'd gone inside the shop after being on the patio earlier.

Saw activity after lunch too, with maybe a brief ~30 minute period of that patternistic “cessation of all activity immediately after finishing lunch� lull, with a cool little reactive/registering thought-type echo in the parking lot of the thrift store. It happened when I went to back out and a car parked in the neighboring space directly beside me, thus causing me to pause and look over at the driver to make sure she didn't open her door when I was backing out, thus causing me to absently think something like “are you going to open your door?� – precisely as the radio randomly/singularly sang out something about “your door,� again with the words corresponding flawlessly intertwined with my thought of “door,� etc. Would go on to have several more in this “fast, fleeting, small-but-striking� vein through the rest of the afternoon, maybe 3-4 total, such as when the radio randomly sang out “move on over� precisely as I made to change lanes/�move over� to pass someone, also perfectly intertwined, etc.

Also at one point in the afternoon, had another single, semi-standout, classical “passing sign partial-echo�-type one (which is a pattern I seem to have seen several times, just a single of these 100% patternistic/behaviorally identical echoes in an entire day). It happened when I encountered this random roadside sign fronting a church, reading “FIND THE GOOD IN EVERYONE,� with “GOOD� directly in the middle and the first word I registered upon seeing the sign and thus causing me to distinctly/reactively think “good� before reading/registering the rest of it a split second later – precisely as “good� came randomly/singularly over the radio, again corresponding perfectly/intertwined with my thought of “good.�

At the market later, another of those classical “cashier quoting a 37-price in a conspicuous/patternistic way,� this time with a cashier saying “That'll be $44.73� or something like that, not only in the same pattern/format of these but also in that highly notable way where she said it not only precisely as I passed, but at the only tiny window of time in which I was in earshot to hear it, with there being too much ambient noise in the busy multi-lane checkout for me to have heard it at any time otherwise, again just so logistically perfect/striking/surreal (also considering that I shouldn't have even been in there then, with my having been in there just minutes previously but forgotten to get a couple necessities, thus causing me to immediately go all the way back in and back through the line, etc, only to emerge at that exact moment …).

Interestingly, afternoon numbers were less than morning, in an odd reversal of the predominant pattern of late, with only a scattered dozen or so low-key 37-plates even once I got on the highway for the ~two hour drive, both fully unlike the usual afternoon uptick and the typically elevated amount triggered by travel/long highway driving, etc. Did have maybe 3-4 standoutish ones in the mix, most notably I think 2-3 of more of those exact same “slowing down for someone only to be passed and thus 'flashed' with the car's 37-plate� like the van this morning, except a little less conspicuous, with my just simply seeing someone gaining on me and changing lanes and letting them passively pass rather than being tailgated, etc, but patternistically identical nonetheless.


A very quiet day today, largely silent through most of it, and this corresponding with another sudden spell of nightmarish health/internal “deadening� of thought/feeling, etc.

Morning was mostly silent but did see some of those super-personal/subjective reading thematics and teeny tiny little echoes here and there (no “spontaneous health-improvement 37-appearances� today, perhaps because I experienced very little improvement over the course of the morning?). Did have one really cool and somewhat unique standout recurrence or delayed echo, hard to say which:

It started this morning when I was making up lunch and came up short of one last ingredient to round it off, thus causing me to think about maybe picking up something from the market on the way to lunch, of which one thing I specifically thought of was a package of those coconut macaroons I've seen there a million times but never bought, but I dismissed it because I only needed maybe one or two at most and I didn't want to buy a whole bag – in any case, ultimately causing me to think distinctly but absently of “just one or two coconut macaroons.� Then, maybe 30 minutes or so later when I sat down for after-chore reading of the last half of that copy of Sports Illustrated I started yesterday, in the very first article I read, right at the start of it (but on the second page from where I'd left off last night – that is, on a page I hadn't seen at all, not even briefly before closing it up), it super-randomly mentioned how Tom Brady, the subject of the article, was celebrating his 40th birthday with all these spartan things, one of which listed was that he would “perhaps treat himself to a single coconut macaroon� – a near-perfect echo of what I'd so randomly but distinctly thought of just prior, and in such a ridiculously random fashion/source, and a totally oblique and offhand-mentioned manner to boot, just really damn notable when you think about it.

Lunchtime reading: dead silent of everything with the exception of some brief yet fully patternistic personal thematics in reading, and these of that ridiculously profound/upgraded/�book is echoing exactly what I'm experiencing recently and even at this very moment� kind that I see so rarely, and made all the more vivid by their being so isolated from any other activity period, even the slightest of echoes and recurrences/parallels, etc. I once again couldn't help but get the feeling that, as with other of these “isolated-activity� days, that it was “intelligently orchestrated� to be just so, as if to emphasize the thematics and whatever meaning/relevance they had, so they wouldn't get lost in the shuffle of everything else.

Afternoon also was totally silent of thought activity, and nearly silent of numbers too, excepting just a very scattered ~8-10 low-key traffic- and parking-lot 37-plates and the like, plus an equally scattered and few “everywhere� 37s, and by the drive home not even these. Few semi-standouts:

> Had a couple of those “randomly passing cars 'flashing' their 37-plates at me in a conspicuous and logistically exact way�-type ones, such as at the library when I looked back to back out and, after waiting for a car to pass, it “flashed� its 317 plate directly in my line of sight in that passively surreal way, and the same for when I was walking through the parking lot at the vitamin store and a car passed and turned just at the right time and speed and angle such that its 337-plate was flashed identically/patternistically directly into my line of sight.

> Good example of the subtle passive “everywhere� 37s of the day: when I spied an empty drink bottle while picking up litter outside the hardware store, and when I went to pick it up, found it to be directly beside a sign for something for sale nearby reading “$137,� ha ha

> Had a somewhat notable pair of “looking behind me to back out only to find myself staring directly at a 37-plate�-types at the market when I went to leave, first when I looked back to my left and was met with a plate, and then, upon looking to my right, a second plate, just down the row, as to be a one-two/wham-bam, ha ha


Morning and lunchtime reading and early afternoon were all pretty one of those big carryover-type of periods, with a distinct continuity/conspicuous lack of “shift� and “change� between them, all seeing pretty much the same activity: that same “all-inclusive� mix of super-subtle parallels/recurrences/small-and-fuzzy echoes/a few slight-and-not-overly-profound personal thematics, with morning seeing the barest amount of this, then another of those now-patternistic slow graduations from the morning drive to the clinic → drive to lunch → lunchtime reading → after-lunch errands and such, with the same basic activity occurring throughout but only slightly more-coherent/�deeper� as the day went on, never really reaching that properly coherent flashpoint and instead just plateauing at a just-slightly-more-than-threshold level of “thereness�/notability. Few standouts/examples to illustrate it:

> A few more of those now-patternistic morning-crossword-originating single-word recurrences, though I can't remember any in particular

> Good example of the fuzzy/vague but patternistic and notable echoes: when I was putting out the random cartoon in the bathroom at the thrift store, someone came out of the ladies' room directly beside it and said “Oh!� in regards to something I couldn't see – perfectly synchronistic with my adjusting the cartoon in its spot and thus bringing a speech bubble beginning with “Oh� directly/passively/patternistically into my line of sight, and with that same logistic precision and infallible intertwined timing that just rendered it all so “synchronistic� and “intelligent�-seeming

> Another, thought-type example of this same subtle variant: when I randomly checked the rearview in the car while driving, thus causing me to see the smiley face I'd painted on the rear window, thus causing me to absently/automatically register it with a thought of something like “smiling/good/happy/friendly� – precisely as the radio randomly and singularly said “happy,� fully patternistic of the type of behavior and other qualities of these today, always involving some super-random and super-absent and generally common or maybe non-specific thought or feeling or event, always being echoed somehow, in some equally subtle and otherwise dismissible way

> Randomly noticing the car's odometer reading on the dash as I was driving, at 199, thus causing me to absently register the numbers and vocalize them mentally – precisely as “ninety-nine� came over the radio, again corresponding/intertwined 100% perfectly with my mental vocalization of the odometer's “99� in particular

> At the gym, another of those “random lyrics on my MP3 player corresponding with a fully random event/workout maneuver, etc,� this time with my doing an upward-raising hammer curl with my right arm (and watching myself in the mirror as I did so) precisely as the song sang out “raise your hand,� reasonably specific as to be mildly notable in that regard but again much moreso collectively/subjectively, given the precise timing/behavior/patternistic element/distinct subjective “feel� of the echo (especially as the day wound on and I ended up experiencing probably a couple dozen of the exact same type, total)

> A good example of the many extremely subtle parallels/recurrences, this one somewhat more coherent and notable due to the sheer number of recurrences: “Tahoe,� this spanning the last 2-3 days no less than ~a dozen times in itself, and spanning multiple reading sources and events and places and just any ridiculously random source/avenue/channel you can imagine, and in several forms: “Lake Tahoe� (this one I think maybe 4-5 times in itself, between two books and several magazines and I think maybe even a passing roadside sign or something at one point?), and my encountering a conspicuous number of Tahoe SUVs on the road, and other ways I can't even remember – in any case, “Tahoe� everywhere and in the most random and unrelated ways imaginable, and this among many other, less-frequent but still every bit as pervasive and patternistic other ones

Numbers were more or less like last couple of days, generally low-key and scattered and few in number and coming and going at seemingly non-specific intervals, though far from being absent or “quiet.� After a very slow and gradual buildup through morning and early-afternoon driving, did ultimately have something of a slight background static of the low-key 37-plates in traffic and parking lots and the like, interspersed with a few odd more-conspicuous-but-still-quieter ones, of which I can't recall any in particular but which were still reasonably coherent enough to describe, if memory would only serve. Few standouts/examples:

> Some more of the typical “everywhere� 37s here and there throughout late morning and most of the afternoon, not too many but more than some other days of late. One good example: when I keyed the car and the very first words over the radio were “737,� in the context of the Boeing airplane model. Plus, one damn notable, classical “randomly checking the time� one, upgraded by its super-precise “clock-tick� element: when I again sincerely checked my watch for the time (after I'd had my arm at my side and the watch fully out of view and turned away, etc, 100% invisible), only to bring up my arm and turn my wrist and bring the display into view absolutely precisely as it clicked to 3:07:37 exactly, ha ha


Early morning saw only some very slight super-subtle inclusive-background-static-type activity, like yesterday but lesser and subtler, as to again be just as the threshold of "there."

Two standouts, and they were both recurrences:

> First, another of those high-volume, multi-super-random-source/mixed-media simple recurrences like the "Tahoe" one from yesterday's entry, this time "Polo shirts," once again just a simple, scattered, 100% patternistic deluge of "Polo shirt" references/sightings in various forms over the last few days, and then, this morning, sort of climaxing when I went to pull out some clothes to wear and found that I had only one clean shirt, and upon putting it on and looking at myself in the mirror to see if the outfit worked, I noticed the little polo-horse logo on its breast, ha ha

> A classical and highly notable "affirmative"/"realizing/learning some meaningful and specific and super-random and rare thing, only to have it recur soon after in a patternistic way"-type reading recurrence. It started just last evening (or maybe morning, I can't remember exactly) when I was thinking about what to have for dinner and found myself rejecting various things based on my perception of their texture and appearance or even their weight, rather than their nutrition or other more-important qualities, which I immediately identified as a neurotic tendency and so rejected mentally -- and then this morning, during after-chore reading in yet another of most super-random magazines possible (a copy of Men's Journal that the lady at the clinic gave me last night when I'd asked if they had any magazines to give away), it had this random, offhand little supplementary article within a bigger one, listing several odd eating disorders and neuroses, one of which was ... placing undue significance on secondary qualities of food like texture and appearance and such -- exactly what I'd just realized consciously the night before, and exactly like the many others befitting this pattern.

It did, however, upgrade and intensify slightly on the drive to the clinic, beginning with a few of those fuzzy/half-precise/delayed sort of echoes. Best standout: a passing roadside-sign-type one, and with that "partially obscured" quality I've seen featured several times. It started with another big long random and 100% objective/independent train of thought involving trading for the Subaru for its automatic transmission and the fact that it would save my leg from getting irritated from working the clutch, thus ultimately causing me to think something like "need an automatic" -- about one second before I passed a random sign for a car wash reading "AUTOMATIC SELF-SERVE," with a tree branch or something obscuring the "SELF-SERVE" during my initial approach, such that the "AUTOMATIC" specifically/patternistically corresponded in that "lazy-but-as-good-as-perfectly-synchronistic" fashion, really only making it that much more notable for the explicit patternistic element.

Also had a pretty cool, loose little cluster of standoutish numbers then (among some scattered low-key 37-plates and "everywhere" 37s during the drive, if I remember right). The first was another perfect, classical "time-check clock-tick" exactly like yesterday's, except this time at "11:17:11," as to repeat that somewhat rarer "1117/three sevens" variant that seems to come and go conspicuously. Next, at the parking lot of the clinic, I noticed a car on the way in, and this time it was a 100% logical, causal notice rather than an illogical/intuitional Notice, simply because of the car's conspicuous and beautiful custom purple color, and also that it was a somewhat rare older, tiny Geo, all of which made it stick out to me and thus cause me to walk past it and check it out specifically on my way into the clinic -- only to be "greeted" with a 2373 plate on the back, ha ha. Then, about ~15 minutes later upon leaving the clinic, another equally patternistic and notable "greeted with a 37-plate immediately upon opening and door and before even stepping through"-type one, when I opened the door and the very first thing I saw, directly in my line of sight where I automatically turned to/looked, was a car with a 137-plate, again in that logistically perfect/"quietly conspicuous" way.

From there, had another slight upgrade though only for numbers, with a marked increase in low-key 37-plates on the drive from the clinic to the coffee shop, with a few semi-conspicuous "active"/classical subtypes thrown in the mix.

Lunchtime reading: this saw the morning's "inclusive background static"-type of incidents return, still very subtle and quiet as they are but taken up a notch from morning's nearly-invisible variety, back to having that same subtly surreal mix of personal thematics and "everyday little thing" parallels/recurrences and "reading precisely what I was just thinking"-type reading echoes. And another thing I noticed: the return of those "even more subtle than subtle" incidents of various kinds, those that are so indirect and personal and complex and "had to be experienced by myself personally to be appreciated" kind which I'm still completely unable to describe beyond that, and today with a few of those that, for all their extreme subtly and not at all literal/direct precision, were ridiculously notable and profound, almost shockingly so. This background static would continue off and on through rest of the afternoon and highway driving, only subsiding by evening/return home/usual "downtime" cessation. Had a couple standouts/good examples during lunch:

> A reading-what-I-was-objectively-thinking more-coherent standout, beginning when I had a long, random, and fully objective train of thought involving the morning spent clearing out of the hotel, and whether I'd remembered to get everything out or not, and then, eventually, my decision to leave the A/C off upon leaving as to conserve energy, and whether the place would get too hot before the maid or someone came in, due to the incredibly hot day, thus causing me to absently/reactively think something like "will it get too hot?" accompanied by a visualization of the hot and humid outdoor air slowly invading the interior -- this final thought coming at the precise moment I came to a new sentence (near the top of the new page I'd just turned to, such that the originating thoughts of the chain occurred when this passage was 100% invisible, etc) that began with, "As the smothering outside air continued to commingle with the cool inside air." Wow.

> Had an extremely notable, albeit "you had to experience it," standout "external event/nearby-stranger" reading echo (the single only one of this kind throughout all of lunch, if I remember right). It happened when I came to the phrase in the book, "I placed my feet about shoulder width apart," and then, at the exact same time I read/registered these words, I was alerted to movement visible to me peripherally over the top of the book, where, feet away and directly in front of me, a woman sitting on a stool stretched out her feet and held them in the air parallel to one another and spaced slightly apart -- more or less exactly at "shoulder width," such that the event was a perfect echo of the underlying sentiment of "feet at shoulder width apart," and perfectly synchronistic and random and 100% objective/external/impossible to have been influenced by me, etc. Another "wow."

Next, the highway drive was reasonably active, especially in terms of numbers, with that steadier, upgraded-earlier-and-the-last-few-days background static of 37-plates being constant throughout (with a decent uptick of semi-conspicuous/active ones such as a 703-plate car merging from an offramp in a logistically perfect/conspicuous/perfectly timed/patternistic manner, or a "car illogically and suddenly and dangerously changing lanes, only to do a 'peel-away reveal' of the 37-plate on the car directly in front of me, previously invisible to me"-type, etc), right up until I hit the backroads before home (with the thought-type background static being more periodic and cyclical but still as present, and with the exact same arc pretty much, it too ceasing as soon as I hit "home territory" it would seem). Standouts:

> A classical "reckless driver demanding attention and then passing to reveal its 37-plate" one, this time when a BMW that not only passed in typical "drifter on the left and then directly into my line of sight" style, but it did so, first, going dangerously fast, and then, second, it veered drunkenly into my lane as it did so, such that were if I driving a bigger/wider car, it would've hit me, so that it too demanded my full attention and then "flashed"/"zapped"/"greeted" me with a 370-plate as it passed. Had several other "drifters" like this today too, but of the "passive" kind, none with that extra, dynamic quality

> Several more of those slightly upgraded/more-coherent radio/driving-type echoes amidst the subtler background-static ones. Best example: randomly adjusting my head and neck on the car seat's headrest as to open up the circulation after I'd gotten into a bad position and cut it off, thus causing me to register this with another patternistic absent thought of "circulation/blood flow/opened up" -- precisely as "let it flow" sang randomly/singularly from the radio. Had another standout (which occurred just after this one, coincidentally -- why sometimes more-coherent clusters like this?), but memory failed before I could get it down.

> Had many of those random, everywhere 37s of various kinds and sources today, most noticeably around lunchtime and late morning, then less so during the drive, but in any case, more pronounced and numerous than yesterday. Best example: when I went into the place for the B12 and there, directly in front of me on a table, was a shipping box placed awkwardly/conspicuously/out of place, as if it had just been delivered and then put anywhere, with a big "UN3373" on the front, in that same "quietly conspicuous" fashion like so many of the 37-plates and the like (which included the parking-lot types today too, here and there, now that I think about it). And again had a few standouts here that I failed to get down before forgetting specifics.

> Had a classical "car backing up precisely as I had to look that directly, in a logistically perfect manner that 'shoved' its 37-plate directly into my line of sight"-type one, this time a truck backing a trailer to the pump at a gas station, with my randomly looking in that directly to see if anyone was coming as I got out and walked to pick up trash, such that the rear end of the trailer emerged from behind the pump *just so* that the plate "invaded" where I was looking at that precise moment, in that ridiculously surreal and conspicuous "animated" fashion. However, this one was far more notable in the context and circumstances, beginning with the fact that the only reason I was there at this super-random roadside gas station to begin with was that a fire engine had come up behind me and, faced with no curb to pull up to, I'd instead just pulled into this gas station and parked in its lot, as ridiculously random as could be -- but then, even moreso, I'd not only parked here, but then felt Compelled to get out and pick up some litter that was scattered around where I'd parked, thus causing me to look and see if any cars were coming before crossing the lot to get some trash, and thus causing me to see the trailer's plate at the precise instant it emerged from behind the pump ...

> Another one of those cool number/echo back-to-back comboes that I've seen here and there lately. It started with a classical and individually notable "reckless tailgater passing 37-plate car"-type one, this time a truck that was positively making love to my bumper, thus forcing me to change lanes to let it pass and thus demanding my attention before the inevitable 307-plate reveal. And then, just seconds later, my attention was drawn to this strange roadside business sign reading "WISH" and then something about bees, which was so strange because it didn't really indicate what the business dealt in (honey? actual bees?), thus causing me to doubly notice it and thus reread the sign and mentally vocalize the "wish" part in an attempt to make sense of it -- precisely as "wishin'" randomly/singularly sang from the radio.

Dinnertime reading: had another "resuscitation"/carryover of the same exact morning/lunchtime-type super-subtle reading echoes and the like, with a couple standoutish ones even but I again couldn't get them down before memory failed. Were there, and more than just a few, in any case.


Overall downturn in all regards today, another corresponding with a marked return of mental "deadness"/headsickness/toxicity, etc.

Morning was totally silent from what I remember, not even of the super-subtle-type stuff.

The drive to lunch was as well, with the exception of another of those "very first plate I encountered upon leaving was a 37-plate," nothing really special about it really, just a truck parked with its plate facing me as I passed and it being the very first I'd come into contact with today, really only notable due to its patternistic quality.

Lunchtime did see some activity, but it was exclusively of an extremely subtle/subjectively notable nature, without a single upgraded/standout/objectively coherent example. Most of the activity were these new-feeling sort of subtle environmental/atmospheric little longwinded/non-instant/delayed echoes of various things and occurrences and sentiments and feelings regarding the coffee shop and everything going on around me at various times, really hard to convey beyond a general description. Examples: reading in the book of "a black Surburban [SUV]" right at the approximate time that two big black SUVs (Tahoes, not Suburbans) parked directly at the curb alongside the sidewalk I was sitting on, just a couple feet from me; reading in the book of "drinking at Starbucks," which was where I was; about 4-5 general references to "hot sun" and "sweating" and "heat" while I was sitting out in the sun and the heat and thinking/feeling absently this general sentiment, with these things running through my mind regularly as I timed how much exposure I got. Best example was a ~1-second-delayed one where, precisely as a couple people walked past me on the narrow sidewalk, coming very close/drawing my attention, etc, I came to "share the sidewalk" in the book. Once again: all sorts of easily dismissible stuff, if not for the dozen or so patternistic/behaviorally identical hits within that short timeframe.

From lunch, thought-type activity ceased and did not resume, a dead-silent afternoon just like morning if I remember right. Only activity were some slight, scattered, passive/low-key 37-plates, with another of those patternistic reasonably-intense/present clusters in traffic just after lunch, then only lessening from there, going to just very scattered traffic/parking-lot ones around town and then tapering to silence as well by drive home. Two standoutish ones:

> A classical "randomly looking behind me to back out and thus directly into a 37-plate" one, this time at the library and patternistic in every sense, just a 378-plate van in the exact, precise area of space my eyes fell on upon my twisting around in my seat

> An equally classical "random grocery purchases producing a 37-variant total," this time $7.77 exactly, and again with one of the two items being a weighted-type thing (coffee from the bulk dispensers) where, despite my total random and absent dispensing of the amount, it Just Happened to be *exactly* what was needed to produce that specific total, ha ha


Today was another of those days in that same pattern/format that I've seen a couple times lately: a slow, gradual emergence/development of super-subtle background activity, extremely subtle and nearly undetectable in morning -> then a slight graduation/more-detectable but still largely incoherent/only subjectively notable over late morning/drive to lunch -> then slightly more pronounced still at lunch, mainly with many of the "everyday little thing" parallels/recurrences that began during either morning or night before then "closing" when they recurred during lunchtime reading or whatever -> same for afternoon, with more "closed"/fully recurred parallels and the like plus a similar slow emergence of the vague, daylong, non-instant "longwinded" type of thematics, with the patterns that began in morning then repeating enough to pronounce themselves as patterns, etc -> then a return to total silence by early evening/return home/"downtime."

Ultimately, by day's end, had another of those where there were literally dozens of individual recurrences and thematics of various kinds by day's end (plus a minority of those super-subtle "fleeting"/"in-the-moment"/easily individually dismissible echoes; best example of these: when I noticed this odd bumper sticker on a nearby car, and specifically its earthy-green color, thus causing me to absently think/register it as "green," precisely as "green" sang from the radio -- individually easily dismissible, but then, seconds later down the road, the exact same thing happened, except with a green van that I registered as "green" as the word came over the radio again, and then becoming more notable when this same basic behavior established itself in more incidents). Had one really incredible standout, and though more coherent than others, still exemplifies the general air of recurrence and "daylong thematic echoes" of the day:

It started during after-chore reading this morning of the day's super-random library-freebie magazine, a 'Hot Rod' car-enthusiast magazine, in which it mentioned, offhand in some random little sidebar article, about how having a car for a while allows you to get to know it and its particular problems and peculiarities and the like, specifically mentioning how, as an example, you might've lazily used a bent paperclip in place of a fuse -- the first I'd ever heard of such a practice, being so ignorant of cars and the like. And then this afternoon, when I totally randomly and totally on a Compelling went to see the man I'd bought the car from about maybe trading me an automatic for it, there was someone else there when I went in, seeing the same man ahead of me, and I waited while they had this big long conversation about cars, which, first off, echoed the exact same general sentiment of "car specifics/car-enthusiast terms/car mechanics particulars" that I'd been immersed in when reading the magazine this morning, again reasonably notable in itself considering much of it was either completely new/"first time ever" for me or was first time in a long time, since the last time I'd randomly read some car enthusiast magazine, probably six months ago at least. But then, more notable: right before the customer ahead of me left, he mentioned how he'd "used a paperclip for a fuse and it worked okay," *exactly* the same practice I'd read about for the first time that morning, and exactly in the classical recurrence pattern. And that's just so typical of the literally dozen+ recurrences alone I experienced today, most of them not so coherent or simple/straightforward but still befitting that same basic pattern, just one after another by mid-afternoon, all mixed with their longwinded-thematic brethren and the echoes and such.

Numbers: these too fit a newish pattern I've seen as of late, another of those days where there are a few odd low-key 37-plates on the way to lunch, then a slightly higher-volume/frequency of more low-key plates just after lunch, followed by a slow buildup that plateaus in a steady background static of "quietly conspicuous"/passively conspicuous low-key plates, never quite graduating into that "active"/"loud"/standout-heavy phase but still very notable nonetheless. Also today: many many of those random/everywhere/offhand-mention-type of 37s and variants (plus a good few 22s also, which is something I've noticed the last couple days, another of those "minority variants markedly showing an increased presence" period). These started even later than the plates, but followed that same gradual buildup, as well as remaining very passive and "quiet" but no less present and notable for it, and these too reaching that "dozens of them"/"lost track"/"overwhelmed memory" level. Few standouts and examples:

> A classical "37-plate car illogically/dangerously turning in front of me," this time an SUV that turned in front of me from a sideroad, when I was moving too fast and way to close, thus causing me to quickly slow down and thus causing me to take particular notice of it, only to be "greeted" patternistically with the previously invisible 73-plate as it completed its turn

> One example of the many many near-back-to-back "quietly conspicuous"/"passively conspicuous"-type of plates I encountered throughout most of the afternoon: when I was Compelled to take the odd, indirect back way from the market, patternistically so, only to find, after I'd made the turn to head back there, a 377-plate truck waiting for me there, again with the angle/logistics such that the plate was just "THERE" as I rounded the corner and came into sight of the truck, with the plate "staring" at me/directly in my line of sight, etc, etc

> Another, somewhat more notable/coherent one, a double at the thrift store, first when I was Compelled to go check the dumpster there for stuff they'd thrown away, despite my not having time with the chiropractor's appointment just minutes away, only to find, just like the one behind the market, a 537-plate truck parked there, out of view/invisible until I rounded a building by the dumpster, and again with it just "THERE" directly in front of me when I rounded the building -- and then, less than a minute later after I'd checked the dumpster and then started back to the car to leave, I rounded the other side of the building the dumpster was up alongside, and there was a 371-plate car waiting for me there, again invisible until I'd rounded the corner and in the logistically perfect position and such for it to "smack" me/"greet" me, ha ha

One other incident bears mentioning, another of those "negatively notable"/"non-incident"-type deals, this time at lunch when I sat beside the two women having a long, involved, passionate conversation, of the exact same kind that patternistically seems to result in "nearby stranger"-type reading echoes of various kinds, which is exactly what occurred to me as I was sitting there, such that I began subconsciously/involuntarily expecting there to be echoes/subconsciously "looking" for them in a way that could result in selective perception and psychological projection and other kinds of psychological "assembling" of false-positives and such -- and ended up being not a single echo. And I have to wonder: did my expectation derail the phenomenon, as has seemed to happen in the past (assuming that there just simply weren't any echoes due to the phenomenon not activating from some other reason, considering today's lunchtime reading was totally silent of "normal"/non-super-subtle echoes and the like)? But if nothing else, it begs the question: if this is all in my head and I'm just subconsciously "manufacturing"/imagining the whole phenomenon, then why didn't I experience a single echo today, when I would theoretically be so predisposed to doing so upon identifying the situation as apt for it?


Today was another of those where the overarcing pattern/format/behavior/variety of incidents was exactly the same as yesterday, and in similar order/format/arc, just less overall incidents.

Morning was again totally silent for the most part, though did have a semi-coherent "little thing" parallel, beginning during after-chore reading when I saw this picture in the magazine of a Chevy Traverse SUV hauling a trailer, and an explanation of how the car has a "tow" mode in the drivetrain options and such, which for some reason had never occurred to me as a possibility, an SUV towing a trailer, even though its entirely logical -- in any case, causing me to distinctly and patternistically notice the whole thing as to stand out in my mind. And then, probably an hour later on the way out of the park just after starting the drive to lunch, I not only came upon a Chevy Traverse hauling a trailer (and it was red, just like the one in the picture), but it was stopped in the middle of the road and thus caused me to stop and slowly maneuver around it and thus particularly/patternistically have it draw my attention and make the connection between it and the magazine article -- another 100% patternistic parallel/recurrence of these kinds. Also, I went on to see a whole bunch of red SUVs today, several of them actual Traverses exactly like that in the picture and the one I encountered with the trailer, but also a whole bunch that looked identical/were clones of that same basic type of SUV, and so many that the sheer number/pattern of it all smacks of those "suddenly seeing some random, little, common thing everywhere," like those Tahoes recently.

Another semi-standout one this morning: another of those "quietly conspicuous" 37-plates on a car at that exact same, first intersection just before the main road coming from the house, and with it in the same lane/angled the same way/waiting to turn in the exact same, conspicuous, logistically perfect/"there" way that I've noted several times before and speculated as to why -- so there's three at least, probably more like 5 or 6 total.

And also another semi-coherent "everyday little thing" recurrence that I remembered from yesterday, beginning with yesterday's after-chore reading magazine in which it had this page-long writeup about a solar car, with pictures showing this bizarre, spacecraft-looking thing covered in solar panels and with a bubble hatch over the driver's seat, all of which I again took that passive, patternistic, "stands out in my memory" notice of -- and then at lunch, in the 'Martian' book, I read a part about where the character sets up a Mars rover for a long drive and so covers it with solar panels and such, as to reasonably precisely echo the underlying sentiment of "space-craft-like solar car," and again with notable randomness and timing.

Lunchtime reading: also exactly like yesterday, not a single "normal" lunchtime environmental/reading/thought-type echo or whatever, instead just a scattered series of subtle/non-profound personal thematics plus several "closings"/recurrences of "everyday little thing" parallels begun either last night or this morning, noticeably less than yesterday but still obviously present. Had one pretty coherent standout:

It started this morning with that same ad for the Chevy Traverse with the trailer I read in the magazine (a quasi-magazine from Chevy, with ad-articles and the like in it), this time involving a picture of the interior with all the seats folded down, which caused me to think of how my old minivan looked when I had it set up for the mattress when I went camping in it and slept there, which thus caused me to also think about how cramped it felt compared to the conversion van and how I'd never use a minivan for camping again -- and then, also in the 'Martian' book at lunch today, the character went off about how much he dislikes sleeping in the cramped rover and all sorts of other, related stuff that echoed more or less exactly those precise thoughts I'd had this morning, best exemplified with the sentence: "I'm getting sick of this rover. The inside's the size of a van. That may seem like plenty of room but try being trapped in a van for eight days," ha ha.

Another semi-standout recurrence from lunch: this one began this morning as another of those "random-yet-objective vague thought about something"-type ones, when I suddenly remembered how, last year, Uncle Raymon and his wife had come across some big, odd-looking bug in the house and then sent me a picture of it, thus causing me to think of how I don't think I've ever seen a bug like that previously nor had I seen one since -- and then today at the coffee shop, probably 2-3 hours later, I not only encountered exactly such a bug, but it was under another of those patternistically conspicuous/super-random circumstances, when I bagged up some trash from the parking lot but couldn't find a bin to put it in, thus causing me to walk all the way down the strip mall and back to the coffee shop before I found a bin -- and that was where I encountered the bug, when I otherwise wouldn't have gone back that way if not for the bizarre, marked absence of a trash bin outside any other of the 5 or so business prior to the coffee shop in the strip ...

Two cool number-repeats at lunch too:

> The first, another of those where I found that a 37-plate was "staring" at me directly across from where I'd randomly sat, from a car that was invisible to me when I'd sat there, obscured by another car parked directly in front of me. And also, this too was exactly like that one at the intersection this morning, in that there have been two other times recently where a "staring" 37-plate car had been parked at this exact same coffee shop, in that exact same space, in that exact same manner. Definitely seems to be some type of patternistic subtype, perhaps geology/physical-space-related somehow?

> A new record for "immediately after-lunch 37-repeat," this time a "my randomly overhearing a cashier randomly quoting a 37-figure to a customer" one, now from an employee in the kitchen saying "that'll be [something] thirty-seven" to a drive-thru customer, and this coming literally *exactly* as I finished, as in perfectly synchronsitic with my swallowing the last bite of the meal, while I was still seated, etc, ha ha.

As for the rest of the day, did have some after-lunch numbers, but these were, from what I remember, exclusively on scattered traffic plates, all 37s and maybe a handful of minority-repeats, and all of that same exact "quietly conspicuous low-key" kind of yesterday, with only a couple more-conspicuous ones, such as cars turning precisely into my line of sight and "flashing" their plates in that patternistic and logistically perfect way, etc, but barely even any of these, nor do I remember seeing many "everywhere"/random-source 37s either. Not a single really coherent, note-writing-worthy standout either.

Even the super-subtle thought-type activity/recurrences/parallels/thematics were largely absent this afternoon. In fact, the only single incident I recall was a really cool, singular, "normal" sort of standout echo:

It started with another fully objective, traceable, random thought about how I needed to stop at the recycling bins on the way home, as to cause me to automatically/absently think something like "dump recycleables/do recycling on the way home" -- precisely as a truck passed me from the left, and thus "flashed" its bumper sticker with two big, conspicuous "recycling" triangle-signs on it, this coming perfectly synchronistically/patternistically/intertwined with my thought, and just so perfectly precise and timed and patternistic as to be another "utterly surreal"/living-dream moment.


Today was more or less exactly like yesterday in terms of feel/format/behavior/variety, such that I can see another "chapter"/trend of the phenomenon unfolding, as is a recurring thing now (seeming to correspond with similar lateral/qualitative shifts in my life/state/consciousness/condition, in "reflective" fashion).

Morning: totally silent until the drive to church, which saw two fully patternistic and reasonably coherent thought/radio/event-type echoes. The first: when I passed the cardboard dumpster and thought to get out and grab some cardboard from it to cover my food bag and stuff from the sun beating in through the car's windows, but then thought "Can't stop, no time" since I was late for church -- precisely as "I can't stop" sang randomly/singularly from the radio, a classical one in every sense. And then, a few minutes later down the road, a smaller, "one-word-striking"-type one but still pretty notable: when I randomly looked at my watch to check the time, and thus absently thought something like "time-check/what time is it/how much time," the radio randomly/singularly sang out "Time to time!"

Also on the way to church, another of those "37-plate at that one specific intersection just near the house" ones just like yesterday and others, except today the car was in a different lane than most of the others here but still the same intersection, in any case.

Lunchtime reading was again largely silent, and today was someone different than last few, with a marked near-total-absence of that super-subtle thematic/parallels/recurrences-type of activity, and instead with only a sparse few scattered "normal lunchtime"-type of environmental/reading echoes and the like, even these just a few but still fully patternistic/of the exact same feel and nature of the "proper" lunchtime incidents, mostly of those "randomly reading of exactly what I was just objectively thinking of in the book"-type small-but-striking echoes. Few standouts of the probably ~half-dozen incidents:

> Having that restlessness and obsessive thinking randomly start up after it had been dormant for a while, thus causing me to start thinking of what I had to do this afternoon and all the anxiety and absentmindedness/lack of focus on the present coming with it, thus causing me to automatically think, as fast, "Stop projecting forward/stay in present/stop thinking of future" -- precisely as I came to a new sentence that began with "Focus on the task at hand," in the same context and such, ha ha.

> Randomly coming to "scrape" in the book, precisely as a chair scraped loudly/conspicuously from across the room (this one, however, might've just been coincidence, since it was the only sound-specific type of incident through all of lunch that I recall, and that there were several such chair-scrapings in the dining room of the coffee shop during my time there -- then again, maybe not a coincidence)

> A singular and equally small/"dismissible if not for the pattern/timing/feel of it"-type nearby-stranger echo, when I randomly came to "about" in the book precisely as a nearby stranger said it, again very small and a common word and such but so perfectly timed/intertwined/patternistic that I found it notable

Afternoon was almost exactly like yesterday, very quiet but not silent. Numbers were there, but once again very scattered, low-key, passive-types of 37-plates in traffic and in parking lots (plus some "everywhere"/randoms too, markedly *unlike* yesterday's marked absence of these, for whatever reason -- lots of those "offhand mentions of 37-containing figures" in the day's accumulated reading I noticed, primarily). Also noticed a reasonable spike in 44s/14s/414s and such today, quite a few actually now that I think about it, and several of them bordering on "active"/conspicuous/"intelligently orchestrated" in various ways, though I can't remember any examples specifically just now.

The most standoutish of numbers were several of those very "THERE"-type "quietly conspicuous" ones, the best example being when, on the way home, I passed this car-transport trailer alongside the road, loaded up with two cars, one of which was at the very top, prominently so, and angled *just so* that its 737-plate was once again directly in my line of sight/"staring" at me as I passed, and all the more conspicuous/"THERE" for its high standing, looking down on me, ha ha. Probably 3-4 like that through the afternoon, of the same behavior/feel as those from yesterday.

Had a cool little "everywhere"-type of 37 cluster at the gas station, starting when I went in and saw, right above the cashier's head, a big cigarette-price sign reading "$3.71," and then, a second later, my eyes fell on "375ml" on a drink display on the counter, and then, just after *that,* the cashier quoted a price to the customer in front of me of "$3.78." Then, five minutes later or so when I finished pumping gas, the "gallons pumped" came to exactly 3.107, and this was doubly notable considering that I'd realized after paying that I might've gotten too much and so, rather than risking having to go back inside and get reimbursed for the difference and all that rigmarole, I decided to just pump premium gas, so that it would've otherwise been more gas pumped, different figures, etc, ha ha.

Otherwise, the only other activity I noticed through the whole afternoon was a handful of those kind I often experience at the gym, the "song on my MP3 player somehow echoing a workout maneuver or thought or something going on around me" kind. Best example was actually an "involuntary bodily function"-type one, when I had one of those sudden rushes of ugly fever-like coldness/flushing as I've been having irregularly, this one the first since hours earlier, precisely as the song sang out "I feel cold" or something like that (99% sure it was that phrase exactly but might've been some variation -- in any case, it echoed perfectly my suddenly and involuntarily feeling cold).

A small but notable "little thing" recurrence during dinnertime reading. It started this evening when, while filling out a random receipt-survey questionnaire, I'd thanked the business for their store because I only buy food there, "rather than luxury items," the first and only time I've ever added such a note or referred to non-food stuff as "luxury items" -- and then in the book tonight, it mentioned how, when they'd launched a supply probe filled with food to the man on Mars, they'd filled it 100% with food except for "100 grams devoted to luxury items," as to precisely echo the underlying sentiment of "food and luxury items/differentiation between food and essentials and other, non-essientials as 'luxuries,'" etc.


Today was just like the last couple, more or less, again with a reasonable amount of super-subtle activity and very little coherent/"normal" stuff.

Morning: totally silent from what I remember, with the exception of a single conspicuous 37-plate during the morning drive (with maybe a threshhold handful of other, lower-key ones spread over the rest of the longish drive to the appointment). It was another of those "illogical/reckless drivers doing something patternistically illogical and thus revealing their 37-plate to me," this time a car that was semi-tailgating me and sort of swerving about and just generally indicating that they were impatient/rash/distracted or something, and then, after a mile or so of being behind me like this, the car suddenly swerved over and passed me in a dangerous way, even though we were by then approaching a red light and the car had to stop and so got even further behind me in line if I remember right -- and of course this all demanded my attention in that particular way, and the car got *just enough* ahead of me upon passing to "reveal" its 973-plate to me, ha ha.

From lunchtime on, the day entered that "super-subtle background static of thematics and little parallels/recurrences and some scattered incoherent/subjectively notable echoes, plus scattered low-key numbers of various kinds," both with the same low-to-moderate volume/frequency of last couple days but, more importantly, with the exact same basic "feel"/texture/behavior and the like, of which I can directly correlate as being reflective of the same basic headspace/condition/health/consciousness-state I've been in lately, once again following the logical, straightforward "reflective" pattern. Lunchtime reading saw more of those "closing the loop" little recurrences between morning's magazine-reading and lunch's book-reading, and today another of those with absolutely zero "normal" echoes and the like otherwise, as to be just conspicuously quiet both overly/coherently and covertly/subtly. Few standouts/examples of the day:

> Another of those highly notable, highly precise/coherent standout echoes early afternoon. It started when I turned on my phone and, after waiting the few seconds for it to start up and then entering the PIN, I went to tap the icon for the "Chrome" browser -- at the absolute, precise moment the radio randomly/singularly sang out "chrome," in the context of the actual metal rather than the browswer software but still 100% precise literally, and again so ridiculously perfect/intertwined in correlation with my moving to tap the icon and absently/reactively/automatically thinking "tap Chrome now."

> A similarly striking thought echo in the library. It started with another 100% objective/traceable thought, when I'd begun browsing a rack of the discarded books for sale and, upon not seeing anything that appealed to me, thus thought about how I still had a good bit of the 'Martian' book to read through so there was no rush in getting a new one lined up -- precisely as I lowered my gaze to the next sequential row of books and thus saw a copy of the 'Martian' book there, and again as to coinciding with the absent thought/visualization of my copy of the book at the precise, infinitesimal moment that it was crossing my mind, again as to be fully intertwined. And this was another where the copy on the shelf was visible to me peripherally while I'd had the original thought, but the thought is 100% traceable/independent, etc, so it doesn't matter, like nearly every single damn one of these.

> Most all numbers today consisted of those same scattered after-lunch low-key/"quietly conspicuous" 37-plates that have characterized this latest trend/"chapter" of the phenomenon, and again with a higher-than-lately incident of 44s/414s and the like too (this corresponding with certain events/thoughts, as I've noticed for years now, yet all of these being so subjective/complicated/multidimensional that they can't be conveyed). Today saw generally less than last couple days though, and of slightly less "thereness" as well, as to be "quieter" and of a generally less-notable order on the most part.

> Did still have a reasonable amount of "everywhere" 37s today, and again with these being subjectively pretty notable on the whole but objectively not so much. One standout was another, classical "multiple 37-receipt"-type ones, from the health-food store today, first when I again bought two totally random, unplanned items, one of which I didn't even look at the price of before taking it to the register, only to have the total with tax come to $33.75. And then, upon getting the receipt, it first showed the "store number" of 0376, and then, right next to it, the "transaction number" 1377xxx, and then, at the bottom in a long string of numbers, a couple more 37s mixed in there, ha ha.


Morning saw another of those clusters of ridiculously profound and 100% subjective personal reading thematics in the day's magazine, where every single article I read in some way directly echoed things/sentiments/experiences from my life in general right now, these somewhat fuzzier and less-explicit/precise than some past but still definitely of that deeper/profound/upgraded variety. Really incredible. Just no words for it.

The morning drive saw that same slow, gradual "shoehorning" into the synchronistic state/general "on" time that I've seen before, where some very subtle echoes and traffic-plate numbers will pop up here and there, very subtly at first and then eventually cohering, usually with a climactic "period at end of the sentence" one at the end of the drive or close to it, which is exactly how it went today, probably 3 or 4 subtle-but-there one-word radio/thought/event-type echoes plus probably an equal number of scattered 37-plates, followed by a pretty damn cool, if still small/subtle, cluster-climax combo right as I pulled into the coffee shop:

It started with a classical one-word, small-but-striking radio/sign-reading echo (as opposed to the subtler, non-striking ones preceeding it), when I read a sign for "Savannah Bee" precisely as "be!" sang randomly/singularly from the radio, once again with the word being perfectly intertwined with my registering the "bee" on the sign -- and then, immediately after and now-classicaly patternistically, a truck blew past my right, thus "flashing" its 3731-plate directly into my line of sight, in that newish "thought/number-repeat" combo fashion -- and then, immediately after *that,* as I was registering the first two and thus concluded that, at this point, the phenomenon had definitely started up and I was in the synchronistic state proper and that the preceeding incidents weren't just coincidences, thus causing me to absently think something like "Okay, I see that the pattern's established and that these aren't just coincidences or in my head," the radio sang out "I just can't help noticing something that happens again and again," and even in the same context of "identifying a pattern," ha ha. Ended up being another of those 1-2-3/back-to-back/wham-bam clusters that were just beyond surreal/beyond words, etc.

Lunchtime reading was another of those "perfect carryover" type of continuances of morning reading, with zero "normal" echoes, instead just more of those personal, profound, "book echoing my life exactly" type of thematics, still fuzzy and not as coherent as some but no less present.

Next: yet another of those incredibly notable and patternistic "conspicuous 37 arriving immediately after lunch," this time not quite as soon as that one where the cashier quoted a 37-price right as I finished my last bite of food from the other day, but very close, this time when I finished packing up my lunch and then stood from the patio table I'd been at and, after taking maybe three or four steps toward the nearby curb, before I'd even reached the parking lot, my attention was drawn to another of those "stopping right in my path and thus demanding my attention lest I get run over, only to reveal a 37-plate"-type of cars, one that came along and began to round the nearby bend in the road, but for some reason ended up having to stop, back up, then correct the turn -- precisely as I neared it, and again with that absolutely perfect angle/height/other logistics as to be directly in my line of sight, etc.

Next, minutes later when I reached the car and went to back out of the space, not one but two classical "37-plates directly/passively where I had to look when turning around to back up" incidents, first to my right and then to my left, half a second apart, another one-two effect.

Afternoon: another almost perfect repeat of the last couple days more or less, same "slow buildup to a scattered background static of semi-conspicuous/low-key 37-plates" in traffic, another moderate showing of "everywhere" 37s and the like, and a stark minority of thought-type/perceptual activity, with this comprised again almost exclusively of only the subtlest, "quietest" one-word echoes here and there plus a reasonably high amount of equally small/super-subtle parallels and recurrences. Few standouts and examples I got down:

> Another number/thought-type combo soon after lunch, beginning with a classical "gaining on a conspicuously slow-moving car on the highway as to get *just close enough* that its 37-plate resolves," this time a car on the highway that had to slow down for a dump truck going well below the speed limit -- and then, again immediately afterward, a radio/objective-thought echo, when I thought of that supplement I took a couple days ago and how it seemed to show some real benefit, thus causing me to think something like "Perhaps it will heal my liver as its effects suggest" -- precisely as the radio randomly/singularly sang out "There is healing" (or something like that, though that might be verbatim, memory just isn't 100% -- in any case, a direct and literal echo of "healing," as well as a secondary, more-precise echo of its context of there being hope that there is healing/healing being possible as my thought had been in the context of, etc).

> Another "striking one-word" radio/reading echo at the market, when I pulled up the packet of star anise and thus revealed the big "STAR ANISE" on the label, which I registered particularly because I was looking for the packets of normal anise mixed in, and so had to pay particular attention to whether it was labeled with the "star anise" or just plain "anise," as to take particular notice of the "star" as to make it stand out from the "anise" portion -- precisely as the radio sang out "stars," and this too another of those striking, flawlessly intertwined kind as opposed to the looser, "lazier," "quieter" subtles

> An especially surreal radio echo at the gym, right as I was leaving, when I passed a woman standing nearby and she suddenly looked up from her phone at me as I passed, markedly so and without warning, thus causing me be slightly startled and so register it particularly, with another patternistically absent thought of "she looked up at me for some reason" -- precisely as "She looked at me" sang randomly/singularly from the in-house radio, which had the contextual notability in that, until just seconds earlier when I'd finished my last exercise and had taken off my earphones, the radio had been fully unheard by me ...

> Another classical "cashier randomly quoting a 37-containing price"-type one, and this one of those with that upgraded/more-notable quality, in that, first, it happened once again where I was leaving the store and the cashier said it just at the last possible moment while I was still in earshot, like so many of these. And then, second, this was almost exactly like another of this kind I'd recently had at the very same store, and also of that same "coming at the last possible moment before I went out the sliding doors and thus would've been sealed off from hearing it" fashion.

> Then, finally, on the way home, another "car slowing down conspicuously and thus getting me close enough for its 37-plate to resolve," this time a car that had to stop suddenly for someone turning, both forcing me to get close enough to read the plate as well as to take particular notice of it, since I too had to stop suddenly


Early morning was totally silent for the most part today, with a marked absence of yesterday's profound-thematic cluster, or any thematics at all for that matter. The only single incident was a classical "resumed-reading/involuntarily bodily function"-type one, beginning when I had the first, random, spontaneous pang of that stabbing pain in the guts of the day, in the middle of after-chore reading and while taking a brief break from it, thus causing me to automatically/absently think something like "pain in guts/gut upset/feels bad" -- and then, upon resuming the magazine a split second later, the very first words to come directly and passively/automatically into my line of sight were "My gut feeling," once again 100% patternistically echoing the sentiment crossing my mind at that exact moment.

The next activity came during the drive to lunch, this one a plate-number/passing-sign "alignment"-style echo, though somewhat unique, both in terms of its behavior/manifest as well as the number, which was 22 instead of 37, the first non-37 I can recall being in one of these alignments. It happened when I passed a car on the highway with a 222-plate, which I found sort of notable as a minority repeat, especially since the 22s have been more prominent for the last 3-4 days -- then, a split second after I registered the 222-plate, the car passed directly beside a roadside exit-listing sign, at the top of which was "ROUTE 22 2 1/2 MILES," and at just such a height and grade in the road and timing in my angle of vision/perspective, etc, that the 222 on the plate and the gaggle of 2s on the sign aligned in that perfect, patternistic way, really mainly subjectively notable but damn surreal and striking in any case, another "you'd have to be there, and be me, to fully appreciate it" deal.

From there, there unfolded another of those same patternistic "gradual onset of subtles until the synchronistic state is reached"-type of buildups, just like yesterday's except it seemed to take a little longer and didn't have one of those climactic standouts at the end, but still very much the same in terms of feel/behavior and the like, beginning with a marked-but-subtle appearance of low-key 37-plates just before reaching the coffee shop, then probably 3-4 in the short drive through the parking lot there alone.

Lunchtime reading saw activity, and it was of the same mix I've seen before a few times, another of those "exclusively vague/fuzzy/super-subtle"-type of clusters beginning as soon as I sat down and began reading, seen most prominently in probably a dozen or so small, non-striking, often mildly delayed, indirect/non-literal, "only collectively notable" kind of reading/environmental/radio echoes, which would continue more or less through the entire meal, and never graduated or cohered the slightest bit (and, of course, this corresponded with a blunted/"deadened" mental/health state). Best example of these: precisely as "Nobody can hold me down" sang randomly from the nearby radio, I finished reading this sentence in the book: "It's nice to know that my launch to orbit won't have any pesky backup systems weighing me down," as to be a fuzzy/indirect/not-perfectly timed, yet notable/coherent-enough echo of the "can't be kept down/held back/restricted" sentiment, which was characteristic of many of these.

Also during lunch: more of those longwinded, super-super-subtle thematic echoes, with my thoughts/readings/environmental observations/radio songs and such all echoing one another in the subtlest but fully patternistic and collectively notable of ways, all so subtle and subjective to be indescribable but again very much present and noticeable by me at least.

Next up: another of those "immediately after-lunch 37s" as I seem to be having more and more frequently, this time another "immediately after I left the coffee shop and approached the curb"-type ones, just like yesterday pretty much, where not only was there another "quietly conspicuous"/perfectly angled/logistically perfect 370-plate "staring" at me as I approached the curb, but this was again both the first plate I saw and the first thing in the parking lot I saw at all, another that was just "THERE" directly/passively in my line of sight as I made to step into the parking lot. And then, seconds later as I crossed into the rows of cars, the very first plate I came to *there* was a 3700, therafter followed by a loose succession of other, lower-key 37-plates on parked cars on my way to the car.

After that, the day quieted significantly, and stayed so for much of the afternoon. Numbers did eventually return, and they followed that exact same arc/pattern/"feel"/variety that I've been seeing for days now, the slow build-up to a plateau of scattered low-key/"quietly conspicuous"-only 37-plates, almost fully without exception (few to no "everywhere" 37s today I noticed, too, this also in that "negatively notable" fashion, especially after yesterday's reasonable amount of them). Only standoutish one I can recall is another "greeter"-style 737-plate on the very first car I encountered after leaving the spa, this too in that now-patternistic "logistically perfect as to be 'staring' at me/'THERE,' 'smacking' me as the very first thing I saw period upon leaving the place."

There was some thought-type activity here and there through the afternoon, but it was as super-subtle and subjective as about all the other stuff today, more of those "fleeting"/super-fast/incredibly subtle one-word/thought/radio/sign-type echoes that I seem to have been having during most afternoons lately. Did have one standout, just before heading home: it started when I suddenly remembered to check the mailbox for that letter Mom had sent, thus causing me to absently/automatically think something like "Mom's mail," followed by general thoughts of her -- just before the radio randomly/singularly sang out "Your mother," this coming with that very slight delay, the less-than-a-second kind that is distinctly not perfectly synchronistic/intertwined but still so close as to be no different, and patternistically/behaviorally exactly in line with that "automatic/registering/absent thought"-type of echo I'm seeing so much of lately.


Today continued the same basic trend more or less, with about the same total amount of activity as yesterday, almost all of it super-subtle/personal/subjective.

Morning was totally silent, with the first incident of the day coming during the morning drive, a classical "slowly gaining on a car until I got just close enough, just long enough, for its 37-plate to resolve," this time a truck that I followed distantly all through the backroads by the house, for some miles, until it got behind some slower cars and I gained just enough to see its 307-plate, all of it in that 100% patternistic way/feel/behavior.

Next up, during lunchtime reading, came the highlight of the day, and probably the "biggest" and most singularly notable incident to date, perhaps one of the biggest ever despite its highly subjective nature. It was another of those enormous, multithreaded, multilayered/multidimensional "affirmative personal-thematic"-type of clusters that I've seen before, spanning the whole of lunchtime reading more or less, but this one excelled previous ones somewhat, due as much to its sheer complexity and precision and notability, and also in its equally notable context/circumstances and its explicit patternistic element. This one not only fit the "affirmative/randomly reading about the exact same meaningful realization I'd just had"-type of pattern, to a T, but it involved realizations that I had *this very morning,* and in no uncertain terms/nothing vague or fuzzy or indirect about it -- a direct, explicit echoing, and of multiple elements/dimensions, in the same context and terms and everything. It all started this morning when I had a big, morning-long battle with trying to silence my mind, particularly that nearly involuntary/automatic/ridiculously strong "background static" mental commentary that will jump up and vocalize/categorize/"logicalize" my thoughts and feelings and general experience, and just pretty much distort my inner reality and perceptions and wreak all manner of mental mischief if I don't keep it in check -- a constant battle always, but especially so during the intense headsickness and mental fuzziness/headfog/general inner-deadened state of this last week or so, with it all pretty much intensifying and climaxing somewhat last night and especially this morning. Then, late morning, it all sort of climaxed when I first got some good perspective/feel for the patterns of it all, then had a lucky, strong lifting of the headsickness, thus enabling me to fully silence that "inner voice/commentary" strongly enough and long enough to really contain it and thus enter into the present/the moment/return to myself somewhat -- all of this bringing about what I internally referred to as "release," specifically, and bringing with it a big rush of the general sentiment involving all the benefits of doing so and how radically it shifts perception/whole being/wellness, etc, etc, etc. In a nut: an enormously powerful experience, not a new one by any means but to a new order/level, etc, such that I carried all my observations and such about it into lunch -- and then, through the entire 1.5 hours of reading then, the book echoed *the whole of that exact experience exactly,* and right from the start of the book, the author describing how he bought an RV and went out into the desert to "silence his inner voice" and the mental/perceptual distortions it brought and so "get back into the present moment" -- and that was just the start, with the man going on to echo all sorts of specifics not only of that general subject but of the exact same observations and practices involved in some way or another in my morning-long experience, and in the exact same terms and such, such as how I'd reflected specifically this morning on how silencing the mind and getting fully into one's stillness and such is, in my personal terminology/lexicon/subjective reference, "going to Heaven" -- which the author echoed *exactly,* in the exact same context and terms both, describing the exact same practice and its disciplines as being the "gateway to Heaven," and explaining it as that exact same thing such that there was no mistaking it. And the same for the "moment of Release," his wording verbatim, which is exactly how I'd internally described my returning to the present moment upon successfully/climactically silencing my inner commentary this morning, as "release" specifically, and in that same pronoun-like sense. And such it went on for probably upwards of a *dozen* such explicit, same-term echoes regarding this general subject plus others entirely, including some vague parallels and recurrences in the mix if I remember right (and another patternistic element I've seen before with these: an absolute silence of other type of activity/incidents during the reading session, again as if intelligently orchestrated so that I could focus purely on the affirmative elements of the thematic cluster ...). And then there's the fact that I was reading this book at all, which was a random ebook I'd discovered and then bookmarked months ago, maybe upwards of a year if I remember right, and only just a few days ago dug out and decided to buy and read as my next book (this once again despite my already having bought another book to read, 100% patternistic with many of these, ha ha). And, equally: the fact that I finished the 'Martian' book last night and then Just Happened to buy, download, and beginning reading this new one today exactly, just hours after I'd had the exact experience that the book would echo in multiple ways exactly (and, of course, the book's overt blurb/description made zero mention of any of this, only describing how it was about a man's experiencing while living in the Slab City colony in the desert, making zero mention of the "stillness" or silencing the mind or any of that -- 100% objective, without the slightest question). Even now, after everything, even past such affirmative echo-clusters ... this one just stands out, nothing less than a living-dream in every way ...

One other standoutish one at lunch, this one a sort of bizarre and unique but oddly typical "super-subtle echo" standout, following the same basic "fuzzily exact" kind of precise that these latest super-subtle echoes and parallels seem to adhere to. It started yesterday, a reading echo that I initially dimissed, when I read something in the end of the 'Martian' book about a "passing freight train" or something about a passing train, precisely as, from the corner of my eye, I saw what I immediately registered as a locomotive pulling a train car but was, in reality, a big rig truck pulling a full-size, train-car-like trailer, all of which was perfectly timed/intertwined as well as patternistic in behavior and feel of a typical reading/radio-type echo, but which I initially dismissed as either just another random super-subtle fuzzy echo of my initial, distorted "that's a train" perception of the truck, or just pure coincidence -- but then the *exact same thing* happened today while reading the 'Slab City' ebook, when it too mention something about "a passing freight train" or whatever, *exactly* as, from outside and visible to me peripherally through the coffee shop window, an identical big-rig-and-full-size-trailer combo appeared and I immediately/automatically registered it in the exact same way, as a locomotive and train car passing on a horizontal track, and with the same perfectly synchronistic/intertwined timing. And furthermore, this one would've been notable in any case, both individually but then moreso given the two-strong pattern begun yesterday, but then there's the timing of this repetition, with the other happening *just yesterday,* in a relatively close timeframe, after never previously happening in my life, etc.

As for the rest of the afternoon, it went right along with that exact same pattern/format as yesterday and most recently, with the slow, gradual appearance of scattered low-key 37-plates in traffic (no parking-lots today, I noticed), plus some "everywhere" 37s here and there (after yesterday's marked absence of these), plus the sparsest little threshold-level super-subtle echoes and such here and there, same for parallels and recurrences (but no more thematics, as if the lunchtime cluster exhausted the supply, ha ha) but almost none of these, and everything going completely silent of even the subtlest of incidents by the time I got home. Standouts/examples:

> Classical "random, sequential order-number receipt"-type 37-repeat, this time at the coffee shop, when my order came up #137 exactly (when I'd once again had all kinds of random little hold-ups and things keep me from getting there until then, when it Just Happened to culminate in my getting that exact order number ...)

> Another 37-receipt later on, this time a "Compelled litter pick-up," at the market when I'd come across this lone receipt lying conspicuously on an otherwise clean sidewalk and then was Compelled to pick it up and then look at it before throwing it away, only to be met with its total being "$7.37" exactly, and with this quoted twice so that there were two "$7.37"s in the middle of the receipt. And also, the only reason I was there at all was conspicuous/patternistic, though too longwinded/complicated to convey beyond that.

> Among the extremely scattered and few little one-word super-subtle thought echoes, had one good standout, beginning with yet another 100% objective/random thought, when I'd thought of how I didn't need anything else and so could go straight home, only to remind myself "better check your to-do list to make sure," this coming in that patternistic automatic/involuntary/absent fashion -- precisely as "last on your list" sang randomly/singularly from the radio, and once again with the "your list" coinciding absolutely perfectly/intertwined with my mental vocalization of "to-do list," that perfect, surreal overlap that's so patternistic of these, and notable and striking, etc.


And the same latest pattern continues, more or less.

Morning: another totally silent one today, excepting more of those "beginnings/first, uncompleted halves of little daylong parallels and recurrences" during after-chore reading and the like.

Morning drive was silent too, but then had a cool and somewhat unique "greeter"-type one at the coffee shop, this time a unique receipt-type one instead of a license plate. It happened when I went to order and saw there, on the counter, the printed-out receipt from the last customer, with a big "Order # 037" printed at the top, and with this spooled out and facing directly at me such that it was "quietly conspicuous"/patternistically "staring" at me where I stood, ha ha.

Lunchtime reading: another reasonably steady cluster of mixed super-subtle activity, of the kind I've seen before quiet a few times now, today predominantly "little thing" parallels/recurrences with minorities of those "small, fuzzy, indirect, delayed echoes of what I was just objecitvely thinking coming up exactly as I came upon something that echoed it in the book"-type echoes plus some of those "words I just read in the morning's super-random crossword"-types of recurrences too. And, also a conspicuous absence/"negatively notable" lack of yesterday's many personal thematics, not a one that I can recall today in fact. Few standouts/examples:

> Another classical cartoon-type of "little thing" echo, today beginning when I read a random cartoon during the mornings clippings where a plumber makes an emergency house-call and charges triple the money (the first I'd encountered this not-exactly-uncommon situation/sentiment in some time, patternistically), and then, in the 'Paris' book at lunch, it mentioned this same damn exact thing to the letter, in a part about this general thing, with the exact words of "nobody ever rings these 24/7 plumbers" because they were so ridiculously expensive/known to charge exhorbitant sums, etc (this coming by way of the author describing how he'd had to call a locksmith in an emergency and ended up being charged $2,000). And this was another that fit that now-established pattern of little-thing recurrences that I've seen before and was so prevelant today (again upward in the couple-dozen range at least), just common, specific things or sentiments or situations or whatever that, for whatever reason, I hadn't encountered for some time and then, conspicuously and in a relatively and patternistically tight timeframe, encountered again in some form, albeit this one of the more-coherent few, with most others being subtler/more complicated/subjective, etc.

> Another good, coherent example of these, occurring during dinnertime reading later on but of the exact same behavior and notability/pattern, etc. It started in yesterday's super-random freebie magazine in which it randomly mentioned about how a chef on a TV show accidentally started a minor fire with the butane cooking torch in his kitchen, and then, in the 'Paris' book tonight, the author described, equally random and offhand and in passing, the exact same thing, how he'd accidentally started a minor fire with the butane torch in his kitchen (and of course this was the first I'd ever encountered such a specific, relatively unique/uncommon situation in my life, and then saw it again soon after, and in the most random and patternistic and fully objective of ways)

> Had a cluster of "random stuff on public TV echoing what I'm objectively thinking/reading/experiencing"-type of small, fast, striking-type of one-word echoes towards the end of lunch after I'd gone inside in the dining room at the coffee shop for the A/C, of the exact same nature and notability and pattern of past such incidents. Best example: my randomly remembering how I needed to order something over the internet but then being unsure if it would get there fast enough for me to get it before leaving on the trip in case I went, thus causing me to absently/automatically think and visualize something like "shipping package/shipping time" -- precisely as "free shipping" came randomly/singularly from the TV, another that was notable in itself but moreso given that there were probably upwards of five or six other, identical ones in this timeframe.

And then after lunch, thought-type activity again went patternistically totally silent for the most part, save for some more of those very scattered, very subtle, "barely detectable even to myself"-type of echoes, and eventually not even these. Did have two standout incidents later on though:

> The first happened at the farmer's market where the man was playing music for tips, and precisely as I took out the $20 to pay for the pollen, the man randomly/singularly sang out "The devil loaned me twenty bills," in the context of "twenty dollars," again perfectly synchronistic/intertwined with my finding the two ten-dollar bills in my wallet and absently registering them with the thought of "that's $20" or something to that end, perfectly patternistic. Plus, notable context: I'd meant to buy only the $10 bag of pollen, but the lady was out, thus causing me to get the $20 bag and thus pull out $20 instead of $10, ha ha.

> Then tonight at dinnertime reading, a more "normal"/classical word recurrence, and a very tight one too, beginning just maybe an hour earlier when I'd read, in the day's freebie magazine, of a "marque," the first I'd seen that word in some time, and which I distinctly noticed as a result, thinking of how I hadn't seen it in so long and thus causing me to recall the definition and just have it all stand out in my memory, patternistically so, and then, on the second page of reading in the 'Paris' book, it used that same word, for the first time in the book, and in a different context it seemed, not referring to a car as it had in the magazine, but still the exact same word, pattern, etc.


And still the same basic trend continues, albeit today into a very quiet/minimally active, as well as less-deep/"shallower"/more one-dimensional nature to the activity today, all of this reflective of my blunted conscious/headfogged state again, as well as seeming to follow that same cycle/wax-and-wane of activity that I've noted before, with higher-activity days eventually subsiding into a few markedly lower-activity ones here and there, perhaps symptomatic of some overarcing pattern?

Morning: totally silent with the exception of a small standout cartoon-type echo, again when I was browsing the cartoons to clip out this morning and came upon one where a guy gets a tomato smoothie, doesn't like it, and in the final panel says something like, "I'll never get another tomato smoothie again" -- which perfectly echoed the exact same, specific, reasonably uncommon sentiment I'd had last night when opening that jar of cherry tomatoes I'd bought randomly, and I had the thought of "I don't want to blend these," and so ate them whole despite their requiring a lot of chewing and sticking in my teeth, etc, all of which both reasonably precisely echoed the basic sentiment of "no blending tomatoes/no tomato smoothie," but also followed the "everyday little thing" parallel/recurrence pattern exactly, same timing too, and also with last night being the first in my life I'd ever had the oblique thought of "I don't want to blend tomatoes," ha ha.

Also this morning: a little cluster of "sudden 37s popping up during after-chore reading in correspondence with improvement in health/clarity of thought/lifting of toxicity," though today it was just a loose, somewhat delayed, not-perfectly-synchronistic arrival of these, unlike that "instant/spontaneous" variety of these that I was seeing almost every day there for a while. Today, it was instead just that I came across a conspicuous number of sudden, offhand-mention-type of 37s within ~30 seconds-1 minute in the material when there'd been zero before, when I had yet to get that "morning-rest" improvement.

Next activity came during lunchtime reading, and today it was again all limited to super-subtle little reading/thought-type echoes, plus some scattered "little thing" parallels and recurrences, but today only a minimum of either, and even these silencing about halfway through the meal and then never resuming through the rest of the afternoon, such that from then on, totally silent for thought-type incidents. Two standout reading-type echoes I got down:

> The first started when I had the sudden, vague, random, but distinct thought of how, when I'd sat down on the coffee shop patio a minute or so before, I'd done so in a different spot and position than I had in the past at this shop, same table but I was sitting with my back to the shop and its big plate-glass window, this occurring to me with odd prominence/at the forefront of my mind -- and then, maybe 2-3 seconds later, I turned the page in the 'Paris' book and read, at the start of a new paragraph, the sentence: "Andrew positioned himself with his back to the cafe," once again echoing near-perfectly the exact thought/basic sentiment still crossing my mind, albeit in that "delayed enough to be not-intertwined/perfectly synchronistic, but still close enough not to really matter" fashion, and fully objective/traceable, if random and "sourceless."

> Same later on, though a bit less notable/exact: when I suddenly caught myself slumping in my chair and lowering my arms and the book and thus looking down/dropping my head at that bad angle that's bad for the neck as I've been trying not to do, thus causing me to straighten up with the absent/automatic thought of "look up" -- precisely as I came to "When I walk in NY, I look up," and this one was another where the text was visible to me peripherally when I'd had the "look up" thought, but I can fully trace that thought to originating from the external/fully objective event of my slumping then and catching it, etc, when I'd not been doing so previously through the whole meal.

Numbers: also the quietest day of recent memory, with only the slightest, lowest-key scattering of some 37-plates after lunch, and barely even these, just maybe a half-dozen during my brief couple hours of running errands and the like, just at that "threshold" level of volume and "feel"/behavior as to not be dismissible as chance, etc.

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