Synchronicity log for 2011


Was compelled to buy the movie "The Lawnmower Man" today, though I really didn't want to. Was some interesting synchronicity in it: it was about a lawnmower man who ends up with endocrine/adrenal problems and goes insane, while learning to manipulate objective reality using his thoughts. He was also a virgin, and could read people's thoughts and didn't like them. Also interesting was a theme of cyclones and entering its middle, which jibes with my reading "The Center of the Cyclone" and the other cyclone synchronicities as of late (the mobius coil research I did, and the man who claimed to have produced a free-energy device using this information). Also, this morning, I was drawn to the center of the bowl I put my breakfast in, which was a spiral going into its middle.

I was also compelled to get the movie "Cigarette Burns". I wanted the movie "Event Horizon," if I was going to watch a movie at all, but at the flea market I bought the two movies from, I couldn't find "Even Horizon". Interestingly, at the end of "Cigarette Burns" there is a man with his eyes gouged out and cuts all over his body, just like in "Event Horizon".

7/24/11 and 7/25

Was thinking, earlier today, about morphogenetic fields, and how they could possibly be responsible for the creation and function of organisms, rather than strictly DNA. Ended up watching a documentary at random tonight, The Living Matrix, not knowing what it was about. Ended up having a big sequence on morphogenetic fields, and other related phenmemon. Also, a guy featured in the movie was James L. Oscherman, a scientist who contributed to a book I had just started reading.

The biggie came after the movie and today, though. The movie had mentioned Thought Field Therapy, and after it was over, I went on YouTube and looked it up, and watched a video on it. While watching the video, I noticed, in the sidebar of related videos, a video from the technique's creator, and watched it. Likewise, in *that* video's sidebar, it had a video from the same guy, on HRV, a heart phenomenon, and it for some reason caught my eye. I watched that one after, then went to bed. Today, the 25th, I read more fo the forementioned book with James L. Oscherman in it, and it had section on none other than HRV.


A couple months ago, the exhaust shaft on my lawnmower cracked, the metal arm breaking clear. It wasn't serious, and didn't affect the mower's function, but I still had the urge to get it welded, simply out of principle. However, I felt a resistance to doing so, even though another part of me insisted I get it welded, multiple times. I resolved several times to do it, and always failed the deadline. At the time, I assumed it just fear or laziness, or not wanting to put out the money, or some innanity. Still, it never got welded.

Yesterday, I was out cutting grass and when I unloaded the mower, I noticed that a part of the broken arm of metal had at last come off, thereby widening the exhaust shaft. I didn't think anything of this, at first, because this didn't really change anything; however, when I used the mower, I found that it no longer clogged, since the exhaust shaft was slightly bigger.

It was significant because, for as long as I'd had the mower, it has clogged, notoriously and unreasonably. I've always wished it wouldn't clogged so easily, but not so much as in the last couple months, when I've been mowing a lot more. Now, with its newly widened exhaust, it very rarely clogs, even in high grass. It bears mention, I never thought that expanding the exhaust would ease the problem, thus ruling out any subconscious motivation (actually, I had always assume that the clog occurred not at the exhaust, but in the undercarriage; if there was any influence on my part, it was entirely unconscious).

It's an example of intuition, and its forcefulness, shaping what you need even when it makes no sense, or when you should, from a logical and moral standpoint, do otherwise. Interesting.


Was in town, driving, thinking of the best way to transport a motorcycle in a pickup truck. Seconds later, while I was stopped at a light, a pickup truck pulled next to me, two bikes in the back, strapped just so. I studied them long enough to see how they were secured, then laughed.

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