Synchronicity log for 2012

Word synchro: "chauvinist," "harlequin," "diabolical," "Perez," all of which were in "Storms" this morning, and then in "The Flanders Panel," the book I started reading today. Quite remarkable. Then, later, "Windsor knot," in a latter part of "Storms" (only time I've used it) when it too was in the "Flanders" book. "Fort Knox" also, and "courier." Wow.


Word synchro: "Venetian," which was a prominent thought I had last night, stemming from the "Venusians" I used in "School," and then Carnival, which was in Rick Steve's Europe last night, first I'd seen it in a while, and then "The Flanders Panel" today.


A cool one. This morning, I had the very distinct thought, quite randomly, of some sort of order of eastern holy men who live without harming a single thing, as a means of fending off karma. Then, at lunch today, in "The Infinite," the book mentioned just this, for maybe the first I've ever read of it (read it first years ago). Quite striking.


A cool one today, though I'm not sure if it's a synchronicity. This morning, I cleaned out my bookshelf in order to move it to the downstairs apartment, and in doing so I had to look at all my books, during which I Noticed both Infinite Jest and Light in August. Then, at lunch, in "Night of the Gun," two chapter epigraphs quoted those very books I Noticed, within a couple hours after seeing them. Then, I was compelled to go to Goodwill today, and while looking at the books, three of the ones I had to move today were for sale there ("Bag of Bones," "Assassins" (Noticed also), and "The Historian"). I'm not sure if the two are connected, but just the fact that I saw the two epigraphs today, after I'd Noticed just those two books, is quite notable.

(Note, 7/12: a continuation of this. Later in "Night of the Gun," another quoted epigraph was one of the books I moved and Noticed: "Still Life With Woodpecker.")


One from [my friend]: she saw a car, parked somewhere, and Noticed it's license plate, which featured snow on it, Compelling her to take a picture of it. Then, two days later, the very same car passed her on the highway, very far away. Then, later, she came upon the same car again, at an intersection. Pretty unlikely.


A really cool one today. It started yesterday, when I Noticed a license plate starting with AFK, and then, an hour so later, Noticed a second license place, starting with AKF or something similar, me thinking, "Hmm, that's like the acronym for AWay from Keyboard." Also yesterday, I read in "Terminal" a reference to a Scion tC car, which I noticed, though only non proper-noun, since I had just never seen that particular car referenced before. Then, today, when I went and worked out, afterward there was a car in the parking lot with a license plate reading, plainly, "AFK." The car was a Scion tC. Interestingly, I almost didn't work out today, because I needed to cut grass, but I got rained out (though it cleared up later, just after I started working out).

Also, yesterday, I had a Random Thought of a man named Jeff Jackson, who I knew vaguely in childhood. Then, today, my parents give me a picture from his wedding, after not having mentioned him for I don't know how long, perhaps years.


I've noticed an onslaught of minor, otherwise unnotable word synchro today. For instance, "thrice" was in "Man and Dolphin," the book I started today, and then in "American Life" tonight, when I'd felt Compelled to edit it all day. Also, "as said by Donald Duck" (a sound), both in "American Life" and "Man and Dolphin." Also, "sphincter," which I Noticed in the dolphin book. And, "Jeannine."


A weird, multipart one. It started yesterday morning, when I submitted to The Medulla Review (medulla as in brain part). Then, yesterday afternoon, [my friend] emailed me a video with Pink and The Brain doing a little musical number about the parts of the brain (including the medulla, of course). Then, in the book I'm reading, "The Stone Diaries," both last night and today it has mentioned parts of the brain. Also, a minor word synchro, "charlatan," in "The Emperor's New Skin Suit" this morning, then "The Stone Diaries" at lunch.


Two word synchros today: "jalepeno," first in an arbitrary conversation with my mom, and then in "The Stone Diaries," maybe twenty minutes later, notable since it was so close; and "polysyllabic," in "The Nightmare Frequency" this morning, and then at the intro to "High Fidelity" this evening, notable, again, since they were so close. Also, a neat sort of thought synchro. On the way home from Shane and Mallory's, I was talking to myself, about how I think empty, unaware people serve a purpose, and I'd spoken a sentence that ended with "be." Simultaneously, in that very synchronous way, I came around a bend and saw a big sign along the side of the road, saying nothing but "B." It wasn't otherwise notable, but the literal "synchronicity" was really cool, in that thought-synchro way.


First, a word synchro: "avocado," turned up three places today. I can't remember the first one, I want to say it was online while searching out something else? But then it was on a poster at Subway, which I Noticed, and then in "High Fidelity." Only notable since it was three together.

Then, a lot of random thought synchro today. First and most notable, I had the distinct thought, this morning, of Curtis calling dad, which, as it happened, turned out to have occurred, him calling my dad this morning for the first time in weeks. In my thought, it was about him having wrecked his car, which was not what the call was about, but it was still notable. Second, I had some thoughts about "I have to uphold my reputation," this coming randomly while cutting grass, and then synchronizing with other random thoughts and things that happened while cutting grass (for instance, after Doris telling me that I did a good job on the grass, I felt the stray motivation to do a good job, even though I would have anyway -- thus tying in with this), along with a song rising from beneath my mind, which I can't remember what it was. Third, I had the distinct thought of, "You either have it or you don't," while cutting grass, and this turned up in "High Fidelity" today, which is probably the first I've heard it. Theory: all of these things were "cemented" earlier in the day, or however time actually exists, and, for whatever reason, I was just "in tune" with these things, perhaps from the slight trance I get in while cutting grass? Interesting in any case.


Word synchro: "bailiff," in "The Terrorist's Last Words" this morning, then "High Fidelity" at lunch, a couple hours later. Notable only because it's a reasonably uncommon word, and they were so close together. Also, "changing gears" as a verb for someone's attitude/expression/energy changing; in "The Terrorist's Last Words," I used "shifting gears," but it amounts to the same thing, and so close together. And a cool one: toward late morning, I got the song "Total Eclipse of the Heart" in my head, for no reason I can name. It stayed there all through lunch, and then, while the chorus, which says "Turn around, Bright Eyes," was nearing in the song in my head, I read "Bright Eyes," that very spelling, in "High Fidelity." It wasn't quite a thought synchro, not with that remarkable, double-take "synchronicity," but it was damn close, and notable in any case.


A couple neat ones. First, I was with [my friend] at a thrift store, and she had a thought synchro: "ashtray." Right as she'd picked up a little dish, thinking it could be used as an ashtray, a woman across the room said, quite loudly, "Ashtray." I watched her give pause, and then she explained it. Cool.

Then, a weird one. I had a new email when I got home, telling me that "Travis" was following my Goodreads reviews -- that name only, just "Travis," which I noticed, just because it was so strange. Then, less than an hour later, I got a call on my cellphone, a telemarketer (I think), asking for Travis.


Saw [my friend]'s birthday was 9/25 today, and Noticed it, then, by total chance, checked on the release date for the new Warcraft expansion, and it was 9/25. Maybe nothing.

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