Synchronicity log for 2013


Another day of a bunch of small, individually unnotable recurrences. Such as, while taking around Tim, I Noticed some briar pipes for sale, and then, by chance, I listened to a Doors album later on which mentioned a briar pipe. Lots of little things like that, all easily coincidences on their own, but just enough for me to recognize it as another one of these "unnotable-onslaught" days.


A really cool one this evening. I sat down and felt Compelled to open up this random guide to rewards for my mom's credit card. I obeyed, and on the third or fourth page, I read "Charitable donation." Immediately, coinciding perfectly with this, my mom said, from the other room, "I'm going to donate this chair to Goodwill," or something along those lines -- a charitable donation, in any case. She said this totally randomly, after not saying anything at all for a while. There's no way I could have possibly coordinated this subconsciously. A genuine synchronicity.

Also, my mom told me one that happened to her recently. Last week, she started reading a book called 'Smoke Jumper,' about elite firefighters who drop into forest fires and the like. The book involved such firefighters jumping into a fire and dying. Shortly afterward (I believe she said 2-3 days), there came over the news that a group of elite firefighters, exactly like those in the book, died in a forest fire. Then, additionally, in the book it detailed a maneuver in which one wraps themselves in a fireproof material in order to live through a fire, and, shortly after she read this, she turned on the TV and saw just this technique being demonstrated. Really cool if it happened as she described. This is all secondhand so I can't really say the specifics, but I see no obvious reason why she would lie about it.


A bunch today. The first was at lunch, when at the end of the SAS Tracking book, it had a chapter on the human gait, which included a diagram of the human foot, showing how pressure is focused on the ball of the foot. Just two days ago, I'd Noticed how, in my main grass-cutting shoes, there was an area of wear right at that point on the ball (there's a big hole in the shoe is the only way I saw this), and then, just yesterday, I was thinking, distinctly, of how that must mean that that's where pressure accumulates. A mildly notable recurrence, in any case. Then, a more notable, pretty cool recurrence: while driving to the chiropractor's this morning, I Noticed, very distinctly, on the way a paving or landscaping project, I don't know which, being held up with wood, creating a retaining embankment -- which, just a couple hours later, I would learn is called a "bund," because the SAS Tracking book had several pages devoted to how to lay such an embankment when setting a plaster cast of a print. Very notable.

Then, this afternoon while driving around Tim, he bought a new dog chain for his dog -- an expensive, heavy one, the heaviest they had. Just some days ago, I'd thought, randomly but distinctly, about his dog and how it's tied up around back, with a distinct emphasis on how good a chain the dog has (because it's a biter, and I have to cut around it, making it lunge at me and be held back only by its chain). I remember wondering if the dog had ever got loose, and today after buying the chain, Tim told me how he was buying it because twice the chain had broken and the dog had gotten loose. Holy crap.

Then, while working out in the gym, had a thought synchro I can't remember precisely, but it was yet another instance of thinking something, in a totally unrelated chain of thought, then having it recur instantly in the music I was listening to, in that perfectly synchronistic way.

Also, had a ton of minor, less coherent synchro mixed in with all these, including a lot of number synchro (saw 37 and its variants a million times today). Overall, a highly synchornistic day.


I'm not sure if this was a synchronicity, or just some irony, but today I got a notice from the DMV that I owed $50.00 for my two-day insurance lapse. In the same bunch of mail, I got a $50.00 gift card that was a rebate for my new phone. Also, another bit of coincidence: the gift card was a Visa, and I got a new Visa credit card in the mail today also.

Also, one from my dad: he was meeting someone about a rental, a father and daughter in a parking lot in a certain type and color of truck. He pulled up, and there was a truck with a man and young woman in it, the same make, model, and color as described, there at the same appointed time. My dad went up and asked them if they were looking for "a place," and they answered yes. My dad then said to follow him (to the rental), but when he left they never moved. He was just turning around to go back, when he got a phone call -- from the people looking for the rental, wanting to know where he was. He went back to the parking lot, and there beside the truck with the man and young woman he'd gone to was another truck the same make, model, and color, with another man and young woman in it, these the real people looking for the rental. Now, if this happened the way he said it did, I would find it highly notable. But I didn't experience it personally so I can't verify it.

Then, tonight, a minor one which may be nothing. A couple weeks ago, I had a strange dream in which me and my brother's girlfriend were running from a giant worm that was chasing us through a desert area. My brother's girlfriend is named Jessica. Two days ago, Tim mentioned the movie 'Dune,' and I instantly felt Compelled to watch it. Tonight I did so, and in it was a scene in which a man and a woman are running from a giant worm almost identical to that in my dream, in a desert area. The woman's name was Jessica. However, despite those similarities, it could still easily be a coincidence. Still, notable because of the woman's name being Jessica and the worm and locale being so similar to those in my dream.


Classic thought synchro this afternoon. Just after lunch, I was looking at a plastic bag on the counter, and had the distinct, yet totally random, thought that I could put my coffee in it and tie it up -- very distinctly was the "tying it up" part, as to be central to the thought (the bag in question was long, very tie-up-able). Immediately as I thought this, my dad said, from the other room, "You going to tie up that bag?" (in reference to a bag of garbage). It happened in that perfectly synchronistic way, and there's no way I could have subconsciously anticipated my dad saying what he did, nor when (he'd been silent until then -- no ongoing conversation, in other words).


Some damn cool ones, all at lunch today, and all involving the used Kindle I felt so Compelled to buy. I got the Kindle Monday, and as it happened, it came preloaded with several books, all of which jumped out at me and I felt Compelled to read. I started today at lunch, and the first synchro was a word: "rose-colored glasses." This one was notable, both because I had just this morning edited the chapter of my book in which I used it (meant to edit that part last night, but was too tired), and because of the way this came about: not only was it on the Kindle I just got, but in the book I had no intention of reading until I got the Kindle and saw it on there (hadn't even known existed until then). Then, the next one is a combo of thought/word/and subject synchro? As I was reading this book on the Kindle, it came to a chapter on Stockholm Syndrome and how people can enter into a skewed line of thinking from it, to the point that someone may perceive their abusive captor as "good" and defend them/stick with them/etc. The whole time I'm reading this chapter, my parents were having a conversation at the table around me. Eventually, their conversation got around to someone who was in an abusive relationship and kept going back to this person, which culminated in my dad asking, "Just why would someone *do* that?" Right as he asked this, I read in the Kindle book the end of the chapter on Stockholm Syndrome, in which it was describing how people in abusive relationships can continue them under their own will -- the exact answer to the question my dad has just asked. It was notable enough in itself, considering the subject reflected that of my parents' conversation (which occurred in that distinctly synchronistic way), but then doubly so since the book seemed to "answer" my dad's question. (I hadn't mentioned anything about was I was reading to my parents, hadn't so much as said a word to them -- they reached the subject entirely on their own.) After this happened, I *did* mention it to my parents, telling them about how my book had seemed to answer my dad and about Stockholm Syndrome and such, and upon my doing so, my mom said, "Oh, like Patty Hearst?" Then, on the very next page I read, it mentioned Patty Hearst by name. The last wasn't too notable, considering that Patty Hearst was logically related to the subject of Stockholm Syndrome, but I thought I would mention it in any case.

Also, like the word synchro, the book I was reading mentioned psychological role-playing, which had also been in the chapter of my book which I was editing this morning (in fact, the whole book thus far has, more or less, touched on the subject of the chapter I'm editing -- when I didn't even start reading the book until *after* I'd edited the chapter. Additionally, there's nothing in the book's title, which is 'How To Protect Yourself From Conmen' or something along those lines, to suggest this -- not that I could've known anyway, since I Just Happened to come to be editing this sequential chapter in my book this morning.)


Pretty cool synchro at lunch, again with the Kindle book on sociopaths and con men. This morning, I edited the "Projection" chapter of the book, and when I sat down to lunch, about two hours afterward, the second page of the conman book started into a section on projection -- very, very notable. Besides the fact that my editing and this book converged, there was no way I could have subconsciously synchronized them if I'd wanted to, since the conman book hadn't mentioned projection before that section (or gave any indication that the subject would be included in the book).


Had several random thought synchros today -- ones which would have, at one time, been highly notable, but now feel routine, just like with the number synchro and the like. For instance, I started re-reading the Ra transcriptions today, and while doing so I finally learned how to read it effectively, by suspending reaction/mind etc. Then, on the very next page after I thought that, the transcription described exactly what I was thinking, how you have to silence your mind, etc, in order to receive. Lots of those like that today, but that one was the most coherent.


Pretty cool recurrence. It started just before lunch, when I had a few minutes to kill and felt Compelled to rip the Blood, Sweat, and Tears CD I just got onto my computer. While it copied, I looked through the CD's booklet and Noticed, very distinctly, a picture of a man in one of those floppy, ornamented hats popular in the 60s. Then, not 30 minutes later, I went downstairs and my mom takes out nothing other than one of those hats. Strangely, she'd found it while cleaning out the hallway, where it was filled with old records, being used as a folder of sorts.


Pretty notable recurrence. Last night while starting editing on the second Learn Yourself book, I hinted how mental "armor" could be thought of as energy armor. Then, in the Ra material at lunch today, it mentioned how chakra energy can create energetic "armor," using this term exactly.


Cool one after I worked out today. When I was about to back from my parking space, I looked right, down the parking lot, toward the Auto Nut, where I noticed my parents' blue Hyundai Santa Fe (I want to say I Noticed it, but this might just have been because I recognized it as my parents' car). That was when I looked right; when I looked left, a split-second after, a blue Hyundai Santa Fe whipped past on the highway nearby. This is notable for three reasons: first, the timing was absolutely impeccable, coinciding in that perfectly synchronistic way I've come to recognize; second, where I was parked, there was only a small portion of the highway visible (the gap between the two buildings I was parked between), so it wasn't like I could look down the road and see the other Santa Fe -- the window for it to be visible was very, very small, and I Just Happened to look then; and three, because the Santa Fe was the exact same color and the same approximate year as that of my parents', so that the two appeared identical. Really cool, even for me.


A notable word synchro: "votive," first in the Ra material at lunch, and then in the proof for "Comforting Mrs. Madigan" this evening. Pretty notable, since 1) it's a pretty uncommon word and I hadn't heard it for months (perhaps years), and 2) I'd been putting off doing this proof for the last two days.


Had some of that "precognition"-type synchro I've noted in the past, where I'll think of something a split second before it happens. It started yesterday, actually, when I walked out of Food Lion and past a parked car. I felt strongly that it was about to back up, but its reverse lights were off and I could see no reason why it should back up, so I didn't think much of it -- but then it did back up, right after I thought that. The same happened this morning, when I went down to the first stop sign down the road and thought distinctly of a guy who runs in that area and how I should check for him coming up my blindside -- and, right after I turned, there he was, just as I'd "envisioned" him (I couldn't have seen him because of the curve). Then, as I was passing him, I thought of how I needed to get back in my lane to avoid getting hit by a car coming around the curve, and just after I thought that, a card did just that (though this could've easily been coincidence, other than the timing). Then, when cutting the motel today, I noticed a motorcycle and thought of how its owner, who owns a red truck, wasn't there -- a split second before he pulled up. All these could be nothing; I only find them notable because they fit past experiences.


A mild one this afternoon. When I started up my truck, I looked at the radio readout to see the time. First, however, it showed the track time of the CD in the radio, which was "0:21" at startup. As it so happened, the song was called "Twenty-One."


A couple mild but notable recurrences. This morning, while editing the companion book, I finished the chapter on body awareness, in which I mentioned the means of mentally ignoring pain; also, I read an email from [my friend] in which she mentioned another of her EM-flux incidents in which she screwed with a computer. Then, at lunch, maybe an hour after, I read in the Ra material about both of these things, albeit indirectly. The ignoring-pain stuff was only hinted at, but I'm pretty sure it was exactly what I was referring to. Also, it mentioned how the woman who channeled Ra was prone to anomalous EM conditions which screwed with a tape recorder.


A really cool one this morning. The day started off with a cluster of minor thought synchros, such as my thinking about how I felt to be in an "expansive" stage just as the Steely Dan song I was listening to mentioned "the expanding man," and then the pastor's sermon at church had one after another thought synchro, where there were things mentioned in passing that were almost exactly what I was thinking of in an entirely unrelated chain of thought. However, the cool one came after lunch, on the way home.

It started on the route I chose. Normally, I always go a certain route home from church, but today I felt very strongly and distinctly Compelled to go a different way. Then, soon after, I was behind someone who blatantly blew a red light, never slowing down, so much that I nearly followed them (the light was behind a tree branch and I didn't see it was red until I was on top of it). Upon seeing this happen, it triggered a chain of thought which led to me thinking of the Archetypical Mind and the Logos as described in the Ra material -- immediately before I looked up and saw a sign reading "Logos," in that perfectly synchronistic way. Really cool.


A whole day of random, minor synchros (or, minor now at least). But, one stood out: two days ago, I had that feeling that I was part of an "organization" again -- very strong. Then, yesterday, I felt Compelled to look up Wanderers in the Cassiopaen transcripts. When I did this, totally by chance (in the middle of the day, when I'm not even usually on my computer), I went through a great big search, branching off in all kinds of directions, until I randomly came to the book 'Bringers of the Dawn.' Today, halfway through this book, it stated, literally, that certain people (of which I seem to fit the criteria) are part of an "organization" of sorts. Maybe nothing, but the highly unlikely way that it came about yesterday (fitting that same MO of "arranged" things) and my just distinctly feeling like part of an "organization" just two days ago, makes it notable.

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