Synchronicity log for 2015

Another day with a whole bunch of random, subtle ones, all pretty significant but just unable to really translate them to text to any extent, as seems to be the trend as of late. One little standout that's been nagging me all day is a "READ" sticker recurrence, with me first seeing one on a car at the library today and Noticing it very distinctly, in that way where I knew I'd probably be seeing it again, and then, sure enough, when I went to get my oil changed today, I happened to notice a small, upside-down "READ" sticker pasted oddly on the checkout counter (probably by a young child, given the type of sticker and the height of its placement). Maybe nothing, but it certainly smacks of a recurrence.


A cool one today, somewhat unique, a variation on the "ask and ye shall receive." I really wanted some ginger wtih my lunch, but rather than doing the logical thing and buying some, I felt Compelled to ask if they had any at Beach Dreams while getting my coffee. This was even more illogical considering that that type of place had no real business having any sort of ginger on-hand. However, I obeyed the Compelling and asked anyway -- and sure enough, the cashier went right to a little tin and took out a packet of "honey ginger crystals." As it were, he had just happened to find them sitting around the store, just yesterday. He even gave me a packet for free, since they weren't technically for sale. (Plus, when I mixed them in with my lunch, it tasted great, in addition to noticeably providing ginger's health benefits. So perfect.) There's nothing to really refute it from just being an unlikely coincidence, except it all smacks of synchronicity, etc. Cool and funny, nonetheless.

Also, a classic radio/sign synchro while pulling into my driveway: just as "protection" sang over the radio, my eyes fell on "protected," on the beach house's security sign, the two coinciding so perfectly synchronistic (in that distinctly patternistic way that these present) that I'm inclined to reject the possibility of subconscious suggestion.


A distinct theme of slightly delayed thought/radio/event synchros ran through the day, with a few "perfectly synchronistic" ones thrown in the mix. Standouts: a perfectly synchronistic "let's go" on the CD I'd just put in, precisely as I left the driveway for the drive north (this coming after a couple long days of packing/preparation, such that I was very much feeling "let's go" when I at last pulled out; also, I'd just put in that CD second earlier, then immediately changed it to the second track, which would consequently set up the synchronicity"). A cool thing about this one is that it recurred later in the day, now as one of the slightly-delayed ones, where about ~1-1.5 seconds after I was thinking of the morning's "let's go" incident, "let's go" sounded over the radio (now on some random ad rather than "Another One Bites the Dust" like in the morning). More slight-delay ones: "wings of the butterly" on the radio, just before a butterfly flew past my car; "monkey business," just after I finished this long, weird chain of thought with an equally weird thought of my being a sort of monkey being tested on (this thought fitting perfectly with a "monkey business" archetype); "people on the streets," just as I finished another long chain of thought which ended on the homeless woman I'd just given some change to minutes earlier.


Lots and lots of incidents today, though most are too subtle/personal/subjective, etc. Standouts: my eyes falling on a card reading "Your change changes lives," precisely when I went to get some change to pay while checking out at Goodwill (I would easily reject this as subconscious suggestion, except for the glaring fact that my reading the words simply coincided with my needing to pay for my stuff and, hence, needing change -- a completely objective, unrelated event); and, a classic reading synchro: "drumming," precisely when, from somewhere nearby, a drumming erupted (I was at the park and there were some people nearby who were responsible for the noise, though I don't know what exactly it was; in any case, it was distinctly a "drumming" noise, and it coincided perfectly with my reading the word). There were some other standouts, but I honestly forgot them all, with there just being so many incidents overall and my just being so damn sick today.

A funny little recurrence, too: yesterday in the Carl Jung book, I read about his "Philemon" persona, and kind of half-Noticed the name, since it was the first I'd seen it in some years probably. Then today, I saw the name again, on my Goodwill receipt of all places, the cashier being listed as "LPHILEMON," presumably her first initial then last name.


And still lots and lots of random-yet-notable-but-too-subtle incidents, all day. The clearest standout was in church this morning, when the speaker said "mom and dad aren't with us," precisely as I was thinking, absently yet distinctly, that my mom and dad weren't with my brother and I that morning (which was perhaps the first time in many years, if not the first time ever, that my brother and I had been in church without my parents, owing to one of mom's cats having gotten violently sick this morning and them having to take it to an emergency vet). And, once again, I can distinctly trace the origin of my thought (to the objective circumstance of, simply, my brother and I not having our mom and dad with us), and, likewise, the speaker had said nothing prior to his statement that would have subconsciously suggested "mom and dad aren't with us" to me (and besides, even if he had, there was still *the objective circumstance of my parents not being there*). A pretty notable one, not only due to precision and timing but from the unique and rare circumstances inherent. Cool, in any case.


Once again, plenty of random, subtler incidents today, and all seeming to follow certain vague themes that I can't really articulate. The only real standouts that come to mind were some classic clock-tick number repeats, where I got in my car and checked the time precisely as the clock ticked from 3:07 to 3:08, just enough for me to see the number (or, as happened in the evening, 7:03 to 7:04, and also with the temperature readout just below the clock's reading 73 degrees outside). Always good for a laugh, those.


And still, lots and lots of subtle ones that I won't even try to convey to text. One big standout: a pretty significant word/thought/radio synchro, "volcano." It happened right after my visit with Dr. Kaplan, when I was recalling, after yet another Long Chain of Independent Thought (beginning on my walk out to the car, if I remember right), how he'd just told me a story about a prophetic, synchronistic dream in which he'd been "shown" a path to a volcano, which was actually real and there -- when the song on the CD player said "volcano," perfectly synchronized with this thought. It bears mentioning that 1) I had the CD going before I'd parked and gone into the Dr.'s office earlier, with the song stopping at halfway through (such that it would resume and, thus, say "volcano" at precisely when I was remembering Dr. Kaplan's volcano story), and 2) there's no way I could've subconsciously arranged this, nor were the chances remotely reasonable, considering that it was the first I'd ever listened to the CD, just having unwrapped it this morning, and the whole incident hinging on what was a chance, objective element (the story from Dr. Kaplan, a third party, which had all arisen randomly and without any sort of planning or foreseeable circumstances, it coming about offhand through our random conversation throughout the adjustment session). Really cool, and that's not evening considering the subtle-yet-substantial part of it, with the "volcano" archetype/concept (big, powerful "eruption" from the "earth") being one of those synchronistic themes of the day.


And still more near-onslaught level of incidents, ranging from bombardments of repeat-numbers, thought/radio synchros, etc, etc. Yet the only real coherent standout was coming upon a sign reading "beans" precisely when I was thinking of chocolate-covered espresso beans, the timing coming about in that perfectly synchronous fashion.


So many today, more than usual and these weren't all too vague, either. Many blatant thought/radio/event synchros, more than I can remember. One standout: while going down the highway, I was struck with the random thought of how I'd been offered an overpriced AC recharge at Jiffy Lube while getting my oil changed the other day, and then, minutes later, I passed an oil-changing place along the very periphery of the highway and just caught sight of its sign before I passed: "$10 off AC recharge" it read. A big, cool one was when I went to a random gas station after driving to Winston and got behind a man there in line, who had distinctive tattoos that I Noticed. Then, about two hours later, I saw the very same man at the Starbucks I stopped to eat my lunch at. On the surface this one seemed like only a minor recurrence, until taken into consideration the circumstances of my seeing him again: 1) it was hours later, 2) I'd actually needed gas quite some time before stopping at this particular station, but I felt Compelled not to, and then equally Compelled to take this exit and stop at this one in particular (which was funny in itself, because it ended up being the exit I needed to take anyway, to get to Innerlight), 3) the gas station wasn't even the one I was looking for, that had been advertised on the exit's "GAS" sign; it was just the first one I came to, and 4) the only reason I was inside and in line, and hence got to see the tattooed man, was because my pump mysteriously didn't print my receipt, as in it literally spit out a blank receipt and so I had to go inside and have the cashier print one, 5) the timing of it all, that I would Just Happen to get behind this man in line, due not just to the receipt and such but also my being there in the first place, then using the bathroom before getting line, etc, etc, and then, most notably, 6) right before I saw the man at the Starbucks (he was taking out the trash), I read a line in a book, "I ran into a man I knew," and it distinctly stood out to me, as to Notice it and feel it significant/ominous somehow, and, sure enough, my seeing the tattooed man shortly after did indeed fit the archetypal bill of "running into" a man I "knew" (as it were, he was taking out the trash to the dumpster, presumably because he worked at Starbucks or another business in the complex). The timing on my reading the passage in the book and my seeing the man from my car window had a gap between it, not being perfectly synchronistic (maybe ~30 seconds later?), but it was still short enough (and notable enough with the Noticing aspect of it) that it added a whole new dimension to the incident.

As for other standouts, there was another of those "conversation" incidents, where I had a conversation with a random person that turned up all kinds of recurrences of things I'd been thinking about recently (or just seconds before), always offhand and without my prompting, and to various degrees of notability. This time it was with Jennifer at Innerlight. For instance, she mentioned, offhand, how the coconut oil she used in the office kept melting (when, just minutes before, I'd placed my lunch intentionally in my car seat so that the coconut oil in it would melt in the heat before I ate it). Another example: as these multiple conversation-recurrence topics kept coming up in our conversation, I had the thought that it might have something to do with that "energy transference" effect I've noticed when receiving personal administration of treatments from folks, and then, seconds later, Jennifer mentioned "energy transference," and in the exact context I'd been thinking of it (because of my thoughts of "transference" maybe? Haha). Maybe four-five things like that? Additionally, before the session, she pointed out to me a picture in her office, a Nepalese print of a fat man with a diagram of the chakras illustrated on him -- and, as it turned out, it was almost exactly the same picture as I'd seen in the 'Color' book recently and had kept recurring in my thoughts randomly for these last couple weeks. Of course, I'd never seen a picture like that before in my life, and here I saw it again relatively soon (and in the usual, patternistic fashion of these recurrences). Very cool, and quite unique. Also during this time, right when we were discussing DNA and I had thought of the supposed "twelve-strand" theory of DNA and how it corresponds to the 12:12 number repeats, I Just Happened to notice that the clock behind Jennifer read 12:05, except that this was an analog clock, with hands, so that one was stationed at the 12 and the other the 2 (two twelves, 12:12, etc). Maybe nothing, this part, but it smacks of these type of things.

Also, a really cool thought synchro tonight. Right as I thought of the song lyric "let our hearts ignite," I checked my email and the very first one's subject in my inbox was "Testosterone IGNITE," with the page loading precisely after my thought finished, as to coincide perfectly in that distinctive way. Heh.


My God, so many today, even more than recently, and again: most of them pretty coherent, just too many to list. A thought synchro at lunch: right as I was thinking, in yet another indepedent and random chain of thought, of my lung capacity and how it expanded so much after the Cyma treatment yesterday, I realized that I was looking directly at a sign reading "pulminary" (it read "pulminary rehabilitation," actually, which would also correspond with my archetypical thoughts of "improved lung capacity"). Also, on the repeat-number side, another of those mis-texts to my number from #30137 (or something like that), this time telling me that the person's card balance was $137 and some change. Heh.

Then, a weird kind of double-sided synchro today. When I got out of my car to get my haircut, my attention was suddenly and distinctly (yet illogically and randomly) drawn to my camoflauge shorts, precisely as a man walked in front of me wearing very similar shorts (camouflage but of a paler shade, though of nearly identical pattern). I would, again, chalk it up to subconscious suggestion from seeing him in my peripheral vision or something, except that the angles we were walking, respectively, prevented me from seeing him period until only *after* I'd had my spontaneous thought of "my camouflage shorts." But then, next, I realized another parallel between this man and me: we were wearing identical, stone-washed-grey tee shirts, such that our outfits were very similar (shoes were entirely different, however). At this point, I found the thought synchro notable but not the outfits so much; however, as it turned out, this man too was going into the same haircut place as me, and when he signed up on the clipboard waiting list, I looked at it, and he'd signed his name as Aaron -- my name. A weird incident, this one -- a partially-yet-significantly "two Aarons" archetype/recurrence of some kind? Weird indeed.

Then, a thought/radio synchro while going down the road: right as I noticed my dad's car parked alongside the road as I passed (with him in the car), the lyric "Daddy's alright" sounded over the radio, coinciding perfectly synchronous with my seeing the car. Next, a few minutes later, I heard "ninety-three-point-seven" on the radio, precisely as I stopped behind a car with a license plate with "973" in it. Though the numbers were arranged differently and the plate number was only partial, the timing was such that I had the thought, "Well maybe there's something to this, but then, why wouldn't the numbers had been in the same sequence?" Immediately as I thought this, my attention was drawn to a roadsign sign with a phone number reading "937," this coinciding perfectly with my question. A sort of weird q-and-a.

And then, another more-complex/unique one. Earlier today, I'd had the distinct thought, for the first time in a while, of how the mind can self-analyze/become self-aware/pull itself up from its bootstraps and analyze itself, "magnifying glass magnifying itself"-style. Plus, a little later while using my phone to send a text message and marveling at the whole apparatus, some similar thoughts repeated themselves. As it were, later this afternoon, about three hours after, I started reading the book 'Dianetics' by L. Ron Hubbard, in which, just in the first couple chapters, it outlines exactly what I'd been thinking about earlier, albeit in mildly different terms. It bears mentioning that 1) I chose that book as my next read this morning, long before I even had my thoughts of the mind, etc, and 2) it couldn't have been subconscious suggestion because, until actually reading the book, I had no idea what it was about or what Dianetics entailed. Pretty cool, for me at least.


Not quite as much activity today, but still a general air of synchronicity about my life. Really the only standouts today were an abnormal number of number-repeats, primarily of 37 today. One cool one was at Goodwill, when a man came by with a cabinet on a dolly and on the back of it was printed "703," with this rolling directly through my line of vision when he passed, without me having to look anywhere/do anything (thus ruling out any kind of subconscious/selective perception, his passing being wholly objective; also, there's the fact that I shouldn't have even been in line then anyway, but was only there because I'd had to take a book back that I decided I didn't want while waiting in line originally -- cool, patternistic circumstances, in other words). Also, a triple-banger of license-place numbers, all 37's/137's, etc, first on a truck that passed me in a parking lot, then on a car right behind that truck, then on another car that pulled out behind those two, all these coming within the space of seconds, one-two-three-like. I laughed.

Also, a weird little recurrence. At lunch I started reading a book that started off with a transcription of a criminal's "wanted" notice, and while reading it I had the thought that the man was sort of showing off with it, providing it at the start of the book as a statement of accomplishment or some such ego-stroking (the book was an autobiography). And then, just minutes later, my dad randomly gave me this little cartoon that had one man asking another for his list of accomplishments for his autobiography, then, in the second panel, the man holding up a "wanted" poster of himself. Pretty precise, and pretty notable, especially considering the timing.


Pretty cool radio/music/event synchro this morning. While I was taking the RV down the steep hill to have the oil changed, I was wondering if the brakes were working right, considering how hard it was to stop the thing, and wondering if the pads might be worn or maybe if the brake lines needed adjustment or fluid, etc. Then, right after I began thinking these things, a song came on the Adam Ant CD I was listening to, called "Car Trouble" (or that's what the chorus said over and over, at least), thus echoing my thoughts. And then again: right as I went to stop at a stop sign, and had a hard time doing it, having to push excessively hard on the brake pedal (as to fatigue my leg), the song said "push-push-push!," coinciding perfectly with my doing so. Heh.


Lots and lots of numbers today, primarily 37/137/53/55, those most popular of late. Here, a standout was buying some tape randomly and having the total be $3.73, then as randomly stopping to get gas (when I didn't really need it, feeling Compelled to do so) and having the previous purchase be $37.73 at the pump I chose randomly (yet was as Compelled to go to). Then, while working out, a kind of one-two-three recurrence, where I heard "back in black" on the radio, just as I passed a machine that read "low back," just a split second before some random person nearby said "I'm working back." Then, a minute or so later, a new song came on the radio, and its first words were "I'm back!" Heh.

Also, a thought/event synchro that might've been nothing: right as I was thinking about the Appal Cart, one rounded a corner and appeared in front of me. Precise and with good timing, but not otherwise notable.


Lots and lots of numbers today, at times to onslaught levels, and always with notable little twists and the like. A lot of the usual radio/event/thought/reading synchros too. The only real standout I can remember was a recurrence during a conversation with JJ at Innerlight, in which she mentioned how the pineal gland is basically unknown to modern medicine and has all of these important functions -- which is what I'd just read yesterday in the kundalini yoga book. Pretty notable, especially considering that, once again, she volunteered this information totally on her own, with zero prompting on my part.


Once again just so many I can't keep them straight, as has been the trend lately. Lots of numbers again today, and always in funny, noticeable ways (such as passing a mailbox labeled 7-something-3, with the raised flag obscuring the middle digit so I just saw "7 3"). Another of those checkout/shopping/receipt incidents where I went in the store and bought an odd assortment of things that I hadn't even planned on, only to have exactly $3.17 in tax result. Etc. Etc. A big string of distinct reading/thought synchros too, these all showing a pattern of being single-word but distinct, precise, and perfectly synchronistic enough to be pretty notable (such as my thinking of a lockbox I'd just bought, after another of those huge, random, independent chains of thought, precisely as I read "lockbox" in a book).

One standout was a kind of "ask and ye shall receive"/intuition-type incident at Walmart this morning. I went in in search of a lockbox, but had no idea where to find it or what section of the store it would fall under. As I went in, however, my eyes fell on a big "clearance" banner over an aisle, I felt Compelled to go to it. Of course, at the very end where I went in, there was a single lockbox, exactly the size and type I needed (plus marked down, to boot). I laughed, but then, at checkout, I laughed again: the box rang up at $3.00 for some reason (when it was priced at 9.00 on the sticker), and with tax the total was $3.74 -- not only a 37, but a 4, when I've been seeing a lot of 374's/437's recently. Haha.


Another day with an above-average amount of number repeats, natural given my drive back to the beach. One standout was another of those where I got into the car and looked at the clock, genuinely wanting to know what time it was, precisely as it ticked to 11:37; also, it bears mentioning that it was notable in terms of circumstances, since I'd planned on leaving an hour earlier but got held up by a bunch of little, unexpected things, so it was hilarious that, after all that, I would end up getting into the car and looking at the clock at that precise moment -- another of those "everything coming together"/"impossible amount of logistics"-type deals. I laughed.

Also, another of those car-sighting repeats, this time with a dash of number-repeat thrown in. It started when, on the way home with dad, we'd gotten behind a VW with a license plate ending in "4444," which I both noticed, due to the 44/444 being a common repeat these days, and also Noticed the car, just in that special, indescribable way that suggested I might be seeing it again or something. Sure enough, an hour or so later, on a different road and such, I got behind that very same VW with the "4444" license plate. Heh.

Plus, a pretty cool intuition-type one. On the drive down to the beach, I'd had distinct thoughts of Brittany, coming randomly but "loudly," such that I took note. Then, when I next turned on my phone, there was a text message from her, from a couple hours previous, saying she'd been "thinking of" me. Notable in itself, given its fitting that pattern of these incidents, but especially so considering that the exact same thing happened last week -- same person, another text, same vague-but-distinct feelings arising in the general time that I got the random text.

Also, a cool thought/sign synchro. Right as I finished a long chain of thought that ended expressly in "33," an "Exit 33" roadsign came into view from behind a tree, these two coinciding in that perfectly synchronistic, instantaneous fashion. And then, just a few minutes later, the exact same thing happened, except with 17: a long chain of thought ending with my thinking that, again just as an "Exit 17" sign came into view from behind a tree (previously invisible to me, and without any preceding "17" signs beforehand, thus totally eliminating subconscious suggestion as a possibility). Very cool.


Had the usual rash of subtle incidents throughout the day, as seems to be the norm now. A standout was a pair of really cool incidents this morning, first on the way to church, then immediately after. Both times, I was smacked by a whirlwind of 17's within the space of several seconds. The first time, I looked at the clock and saw 11:07, which made me think "117," after which the radio said "this is 107.1," and then I saw several other 17/117's in quick succession from various sources that I can't remember, all of them perfectly synchronous, smacking me too fast. Then, after church it happened all over again, also involving a radio announcement (also of the 107.1 station, though I was tuned to 103.1 then), and a thought, along with a "Z71" truck passing, and others I can't remember. Both were notable on their own, but then even moreso when considered together, and with the same number (and in nearly identical fashion, and within ~1 hour of one another).

Then, a classic radio/event synchro after lunch: right as the song "Love Shack" came on the radio and sang out, "a faded sign on the side of the road," I realized I was looking at just that, a rusty and quite faded old sign for a motel I was passing. I can safely rule out subconscious suggestion because of 1) the timing being perfectly synchronous, without the "gap" necessary for such, even infinitesimally small, and 2) I was already looking at the sign just before the radio sang out because it was where I was turning (not to mention the fact that there being a "faded sign" nearby, an objective factor, would've ruled out suggestion anyway). It also bears mentioning that a few feet down the road, I passed a pink-and-purple little cabin that very much appeared like a "love shack," though this could foreseeably have been a coincidence, without much more precision and with the timing not perfectly synchronous.


Several pretty cool standouts today, interspersed with the usual rash of subtler ones of course. First, a cool vague-thought/book one, starting this morning when, while replying to Rebecca's email, I had the vague-but-distinct thought of her old Honda Civic that she put over 300,000 miles on while traveling. Then, about three hours later while eating lunch and beginning the 'Mariposa Road' book, it introduced, within the first few pages, the author's car: an old Honda Civic with over 300,000 miles from his travels. Haha. Pretty notable, first because of the precision, second because of the timing, third because of it fitting the pattern perfectly (and, of course, there was nothing on the book's cover or something that indicated the car or any mention of it). It also bears mentioning that the email from Rebecca I was replying to was the first she'd sent in a while (and, also, the first I'd thought of her old car in a while). Another cool on during lunch: I spilled some seaweed chips while upturning the bag into my mouth, making me think, "Eating these things is messy" or something to that end. Then, a split-second later, my eyes were drawn to something written on the back of the bag I was holding: a little paragraph saying how the makers of the seaweed chips were four guys who liked seaweed but thought that eating it was messy, so that put it in a chip to devise an easier way of eating it. Really, too funny.

Also during lunch, a classic book-type recurrence but with a twist. Just last night, I'd gotten around to bookmarking the Esalen Institute so that I could finally get rid of the note I'd had written to do so. Then, this afternoon in the 'Mariposa Book,' it mentioned the Esalen Institute. Notable for two reasons: first, it was the second time I've ever heard of this place, when the first was a couple weeks ago when I first read of it and then wrote the note, such that the timing was reasonably notable (and patternistic). And then, second, I'd had that note written for weeks but couldn't get online on my laptop to bookmark and, hence, throw away the note until yesterday -- the day before reading of it in the 'Mariposa' book, as it were. So, kind of a two-fold recurrence there.

And then, on the way home on the highway, a really cool and unique thought/event/radio synchro. There was some sort of plane in the sky trailing an advertisment banner (which I suspect to be a remote-control one), and suddenly, as I watched, it fell down in a drastic drop, looking as if it were crashing. Then, precisely as I saw this and thought "did that plane just fall?," the song on the CD player sang "watching it fall." Quite notable, considering the objectivity of it all, and the multi-layered nature of it (the song echoing not just my watching the plane fall, but also my thought of the falling, etc).


A really cool event/radio incident today, albeit somewhat traumatic and upsetting. After locking my keys in the car with it running and the CD player going, right when I really realized I had no way to get them out and would be late for my appointment, etc -- right then the song "Car Trouble" came on the stereo, echoing the situation completely. Just like it did before when I was hitting the brakes on the RV. Pretty cool, though not quite perfectly-synchronous timing-wise (and though only moderately precise).


A pretty notable event/thought/radio incident today. While stopped at a red light, I took the time to unpack a new bottle of a turmeric supplement, going through the little ritual of getting it out of its box, then undoing the wrapper, then taking off the bottle's safety seal -- and then, right as I finished with the seal and screwed the top back on and put it away, the radio sang out "bottle is ready," perfectly synchronous. I laughed my ass off.


Tons of reasonably notable incidents today, another where most were pretty coherent but I just honestly forgot, there were so many. For instance, a predominance of notable one-word thought/external-event synchros, such as my seeing "star" on a tractor-trailer's trailer precisely as the radio sang out "you're a star" or something along those lines, or reading "69 cents" on a sign precisely as "summer of 69" sang on the radio, this happening maybe 5-6 times today in various ways, all notable and reasonably precise. Then, had a damn cool one at Starbucks. When I sat down with my coffee outside, I both noticed and Noticed this blue, steel Thermos sitting on one of the tables, with no one around it, like it had been left. It was still there a few minutes later when I started reading, and it was clear the Thermos had been left behind by someone. Then, two pages into the 'Mariposa' book where I was reading it, the author mentioned how he lost his steel Thermos; it wasn't precise beyond that, but the archetype of "lost thermos" was definitely there. (About ten minutes later, a man actually showed up and reclaimed the Thermos, and I mentioned reading about a lost thermos in my book and we both had a laugh about the "synchronistic thermos".) Also, a weird but cool one where, within the space of a few seconds, I encountered "blue" several times and in several different ways, kind of like that pair of "17" mini-onslaughts Sunday. I was sitting at an intersection and first I Noticed a police truck colored a certain light blue color, then, a split second later, a car passed of that exact same shade, it reading "True Blue," and then, another split second later, two pedestrian women walked past wearing shirts of that exact same shade. It bears mentioning that just last night when getting a massage from Brittany, she'd made a point of her new sheets on the massage table, which were indeed that same, light shade of blue (it was "her color," she explained at length, kind of offhand I should say).

Also, a pretty cool event/reading standout: precisely as I read "squeaking and clanking" in a book at lunch, a nearby car started up, an older car that started hesitantly, making a loud clatter that could be perfectly described as "squeaking and clanking." Timing was perfectly synchronistic, and precision was pretty good too. Enough to make me laugh.


Once again: too many to list, and these following a theme today, mostly one-word thought/event/radio-type synchros. Only real standout was when I finally got back to the mechanic's and pulled in to see my RV sitting there. Precisely as I read the "with love" bumper sticker on the front and thought "love," the radio sang out "love," the thought/reading/radio lyric coinciding perfectly synchronistically.


Not quite as many smaller, subtle ones today, with a trend toward fewer-but-more-coherent standouts and the like. For instance, hearing "Nissan Altima" on the radio precisely as a Nissan Altima pulled conspicuously in front of me at a gas pump (I wasn't sure if they would stop in time). A sort of funny number-repeat: when I finally settled on a parking spot at Walmart for the night in my RV, after shuttling about the nearly empty lot, the random spot I finally decided upon had a sign with a phone number on it: 337-7177. Haha. Had one that smacked of "ask and ye shall receive" but might have been nothing. All evening I felt a craving for some ginger candy, to see if it had any benefit, but I didn't know where to get any on the road, nor if it would be at all medicinal or just junky and sugary. I had earlier felt Compelled to stop at the new Vitamin Shoppe I'd passed a couple times recently, and when I finally did, they first had crystallized ginger but it was indeed to sugary, and then they even had a ginger candy, but it had other ingredients in it and I didn't want to buy the whole bag, after which I had the vague-but-distinct thought of, "I'd really like to just try one of these and not commit to a whole bag." Well, as I was checking out of the store, I noticed, behind the counter, they were giving away free samples of the ginger candy. Maybe coincidence; maybe not. Then, before bed, a blatant thought/reading synchro: "a wimpy fence," right after a big long chain of indepedent thought that ended with the fence "protecting" the RV compound, which is indeed "wimpy" because it's so superficial and easy to bypass, providing only an appearance of safety/protection, etc.


Back to a whole bunch of smaller-but-significant ones, to near-onslaught levels, leaving my head spinning. No real trend today, just of every kind pretty much. A cool standout was a sort of double-whammy/multidimensional one this morning on the way to church. I hit a butterfly and thought, "I just collided with that butterfly, dammit," precisely as I passed a sign reading "collision"; and then, a couple minutes down the road, precisely as I was thinking of this "collision" synchronicity, I passed a fresh wreck in the middle of the road, involving two totalled cars -- very much a collision. Heh.


Not too many at all today, really. Though, the one standout was pretty cool. Right as I flipped to a full-page ad for Colorado in a magazine, a lady talking nearby said "go west," perfectly synchronistic. Not hugely precise, but Colorado definitely fits the "go west" archetype (for me, at least; I definitely perceive Colorado as "west," and this would fit the pattern of the recurrences mirroring my thoughts/perceptions/associations rather than always being strictly literal). It also bears mentioning that, for some odd reason, I chose to thumb through this magazine backward -- moving "west" through it, rather than the "eastern" method of going left to right. Haha.


A couple really cool ones today (amidst, still, a marked decrease in those general, subtle ones). First, a kind of book recurrence, but with multiple hits. While reading the 'Mariposa Road' book this morning, first it mentioned reflexology, seconds after I was thinking about reflexology (because I had an appointment for it in an hour and I was thinking about it so I could be on time, again traceable as an independent, objective train of thought), and then the same for cranberries, because I'd just drank some cranberry juice and was wondering of its effect on me (once more, totally objective). And then, a couple pages later, it mentioned two thinks I'd dreamt of the night before: menudo and tuna salad. The menudo was pretty notable, being a relatively uncommon mention, etc (and, of course, the first I'd heard of it outside that dream in months? years?). The tuna salad, on the other hand, isn't too notable in itself, but is in the context of the other three hits. [Note: the next morning, of 7/30, went into the grocery store and encountered both menudo and tuna salad -- perhaps by chance, perhaps not ...]

Then, this afternoon, in a parking lot while walking to the RV, a blatant thought/event synchro. I'd had this long train of thought triggered by seeing my RV as I approached it, thinking of how big it was and that I could throw that weight around on the road as a "fuck-you" factor. It wasn't maybe two seconds later I heard a voice from some random passing car yell out "fuck you!," to who, I don't know. Pretty surreal, and highly notable.


Back to having a lot of subtle ones throughout the day, today with a trend of one-word thought/event/reading synchros and the like. Some standouts: hearing "ocean" on the public radio at the coffee shop precisely as I read "open sea" in a book; having a long chain of thought end with me calling my mom on the phone, precisely as "talking on the phone" played on my MP3 player; hearing "Grand Strand" on the radio, when I was already looking at a water tower reading "Grand Strand." All were pretty notable and cool.

And then, the coolest of all: another playing card. I found it where I "Just Happened" to park for lunch today, outside Second Cup (when I'd felt absolutely Compelled to go there, despite it being miles away and a pain in the butt to get to). It was in the parking lot, from a "Magic"-type deck again, and once again displaying a "Knight of Swords"-type knight riding a horse, sword held high, just like that last one, at the motel a couple years ago. Haha.


Another day of many subtle-yet-significant ones, again too many to list. A really cool standout was an "ask and ye shall receive," involving Beth during out conversation today. I needed a single-load's worth of good, organic laundry detergent and had had the thought to ask Beth, but thought it too odd a question. Well, during the course of our conversation, she brought up, totally offhand and with zero prompting on my part, how she used this great, organic detergent for the facility's wash; and, of course, she was glad to give me a little bottle of it. It bears mentioning that I'd tried to get some at Bay Naturals yesterday but couldn't find it in the store until I had already checked out and was walking out, after which I didn't feel like going back and getting some (hence enabling the incident, as seems to be so patternistic in these things). And then, a cool recurrence in the afternoon. Right after I finished listening to a random voicemail from mom about the trip to Colorado Springs, I went to get directions to Camping World on my phone (in Myrtle Beach ...), and when I was typing in "camping world" and it brought up a suggestion, it was "camping world colorado springs." Haha.

Also, a really cool one this evening. Yesterday I started the (randomly bought) book 'Thunderstruck,' and then today there was a massive, nearby, literally earthshaking lightning strike that I felt deep in the chest (and all over), leaving me feeling every bit thunderstruck. Haha.

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