Synchronicity log for 2016


Had a general uptick in overall incidents over the last couple days, starting this morning when I had another of those "bunch of vague parallels between the book I randomly started reading and what I Just Happen to be experiencing"-type ones, this time involving the 'Seventh Angel' book I started yesterday and a bunch of random stuff that happened this morning. For instance, I had this terrible, new restlessness hit me this morning, starting when I got up and before I even started reading the book, and then in the part of the book I Just Happened to read this morning, the guy started experiencing all this intense restlessness, with descriptions that were almost exactly what I was experiencing (such as nerves feeling "on overdrive" and feeling the express need to constantly move about). That plus maybe 6-8 other, vaguer things, as to fit the classic pattern perfectly. And then at lunch, started having reading/thought-type ones involving the same book. For example: perfectly synchronistic with another long chain of thought that ended randomly on the mesquite powder I was eating for lunch, I read "a dreary light brown puddy color" in the book, which is exactly how the mesquite looks, and as it were, exactly what I'd been envisioning when I had that thought a split second before, noting expressly the mesquite's unique, "puddy-like" brown color -- maybe another 6-8 like this and of this magnitude, all perfectly synchronistic and more or less as precise and such. Again, surreal.

A whole lot of 37s today too, much more than last couple days. Many conspicuous license plates again, including on conspicuously passing cars and such, and another of those "car pulling out precisely as I entered the parking lot" ones, and I think two or three where I parked randomly in a certain Compelled-to space, only to find myself directly beside or behind a 37 plate of some conspicuous kind. Had another gas-pump one too, where I pumped precisely 9.317 gallons of gas, when I'd prepaid $25 worth, with it ticking to 9.317 right as the last penny turned over. Haha. Even had another of those double-whammy-type ones, where first I was strikingly led to look at a power pole I was stopped directly beside, finding it to have a "317" plate on it, and then, a split second afterward, a car passed with "3.7l" on its tailgate, passing directly in front of my vision, and in perfectly synchronistic fashion. Again, so surreal.


Had some of those reading-type incidents similar to yesterday but not quite, and just a general downturn in overall incidents (except for numbers; still seeing a lot of those, including the conspicuous-license plate types, including more people with 730 LPs and such randomly turning in front of me/cutting in front of me/ending up Just Happening to be where I was Compelled to park, etc, etc). Had a thought/radio one this morning, when "getting distance" sounded just as I stopped a good distance from the car in front of me, thinking precisely "need to give them lots of space," though this one wasn't precise enough not to be coincidence (timing was there, however). A really cool reading/radio one at lunch, and of a somewhat unique bent: precisely as "I'll never see you again" sang from the overhead radio at Second Cup, I read a passage in the 'Sevength Angel' book that said almost exactly that but in entirely different wording, something along the lines of "He said he would keep in touch after he got out of the mental institution, but we all know how it goes to be Out There" -- literally 100% different, but still with the underlying archetype of "won't see you again."


A general uptick in overall incidents today, and of a somewhat different "flavor," which started yesterday as it were, a lot of those little one-word "instant"/"striking"-type ones but almost always so vague as to be unnotable except for there just being so many and so perfectly timed that a pattern presents itself. For instance: "you want it" sounding from the radio precisely as I passed a big billboard reading "want it all?" (and then, a minute later, during the chorus's refrain, the exact same thing happened, with a second, identical sign). Again, probably over a dozen like that today. Lots of 37s still, and still primarily on license plates and conspicuous cars, etc, though did also have a cool receipt-type one, where it was time-stamped at exactly 3:17:00 and the "associate number" was 037080 something and then the date, 7/3/16, was printed right alongside those, plus my "New Points Balance" was 73.


Lots of those same striking/number incidents like yesterday, except with a little more "clarity" today, corresponding with improvements in health/energy, etc once again. Had some cool "normal" standouts to boot. First, one of those classical "see a car randomly and Notice it, then see it again randomly later on in a very unlikely way," except this one was way, way unlikely, it being an Infiniti that, first, was involved in a cool "double" 37 repeat when, stopped at an intersection, I saw it and its 37 insignia on the back precisely as I saw a truck right next to it with a 37 LP -- and then, hours later and after driving on the freeway and going all over the place and finally stopping off at a rest stop, I started back to the interstate and found myself behind that same car. Highly notable not only because of its Noticing/the initial 37 repeat, but also because I first saw it many, many miles away, still in the general area but just so randomly and drastically far away and after so many turns/randomness on my part. Also, a really cool unique one where precisely as the song I was listening to sang out "EEEEE-AAAA-YYY!" a car cut in front of me with a license plate that started with "EAY," this corresponding perfectly synchronistically with the song. So cool and surreal. Also, another highly unique one, that might not have been a synchronicity or really anything at all beyond just a cool coincidence. I stopped totally randomly off the highway to check for a health food store on my phone, and upon pulling off into the first available parking lot after turning off, I thought it looked familiar, deja-vu-like -- and then I realized that I had been there before, years ago when visiting Rebecca randomly in Burlington. I thought I recognized the Red Roof Inn I was stopped in front of, and as it turns out that was where I'd stayed in when meeting her here. Haha.

Also, had another of those "Compelled to pick up a random piece of litter only to fit it covered in 37s and such," this time a weird type of inspection tag with 4 37s on it. This one was even cooler and more unlikely though, because it was outside of an Anytime Fitness that I didn't even know was there, just discovered totally randomly (wasn't even on the map) and then even more randomly went into, since I just needed the bathroom and wasn't stopping there for the night, finding the Compelled-to-pick-up paper just outside the door. So funny and cool.


Still having generally lots of incidents of various times, now back to a pretty much steady "background static" of those smallish thought/reading/event/radio synchros and the like, mixed in with others -- and numbers. Tons and tons of numbers today, another of those record days, including many standouts. Most notable was at the post office this morning, when I had a four-part one, starting with a nearby stranger saying "37" precisely as I noticed the PO Box # of the address I was simultaneously writing out was "73001," and then, a few minutes later while I was thinking about this and sending off my finished piece of mail, the clerk told me the total was $3.77, perfectly synchronous with these thoughts -- and then, minutes later, the exact same thing happened, except now me thinking about these last three just as I exited the post office and encountered a 37 license plate staring right at me. Haha, wow. Then went on to have several of those "Compelled to park in some random spot where I was directly behind/in view of a blatant 37 LP," this time with two where I took wrong turns around Winston and had to stop off in random parking lots and look at the map on my phone, only to find myself directly behind first a "1073" LP and then a "373" one, neither of which I could even see when pulling up on them, with them being revealed only as I rounded other nearby cars and actually parked. So surreal.

Also, a cool and somewhat unique "nearby strangers talking"-type one at lunch. While I was reading about general music stuff and specifically how Jerry Garcia had to be taught to play music again, two people at a nearby table were undergoing a job interview where a guy was getting a job as a musical instructor as some kind, with their conversation echoing what I was reading in the book but only in vague and subtle ways, as to only really be notable when taken into account collectively, rather than those more explicit ones like before. The most explicit/synchronous it got in this regard was when the man at the table said "Nashville" precisely as I read "country and western" in the book (and, it bears mentioning, the man was referring to Nashville in the same musical context as the book). Cool and strikingly surreal, all the same.


Still having a general "background static" of smallish incidents through the day, plus lots of 37s and the like, including some really conspicuous ones. Example: while trying to get to Mt. Airy on the phone's GPS, I tapped on it randomly while picking it up, and it pinpointed an address: "373 Buck Ford Rd." Plus just so many more of those license plates/signs/receipt totals/etc indicating 37 and its variants, just so surreal. A couple cool thought/reading-type standouts, such as "on my lips" singing from the radio precisely as I put on Chapstick and thought of how cool it was on my lips (peppermint chapstick). Plus had another of those "license plate appears to say what's singing from the radio," like that "EAY"/"EEE-AAA-YYY!" one from the other day, today with the radio singing "Oooo-h!" precisely as a car with a license plate reading only "OH!" passed me. Haha. A cool and kind of unique reading-type one at lunch, when I read "garret" in a book, precisely as a nearby stranger said "Gary" -- totally different contexts/literal meanings, but perfectly precise prononunciations/phonetics. Also, a minorish book-type recurrence, starting with the last part of the 'Captain Trips' book last night when it mentioned someone named "Joachim," which I both noticed and Noticed, with it being the first I'd ever seen that name but also it Standing Out in that special way -- and then, sure enough, there it was again within the first few pages of the 'File' book that I started immediately after, just maybe 30 minutes after finishing the other book. And just like the pattern: I'd bought both of these books totally randomly (the 'File' one literally just that afternoon, in a totally random thrift store that I went to after going to a totally random store I hadn't planned on going to, then taking a wrong turn on the way out, haha).

Then just before bed, two more cool thought/reading/radio ones. First, precisely as I picked up a piece of trash and thought of how I'm the "garbage man"/have my weird garbage pick-up job, "dirty job" sang from the in-house radio in Anytime Fitness, perfectly synchronistic and precise, etc. And then, similarly when reading during dinner later, I was thinking randomly about how I didn't have illusions about something or other, a split second before reading "no illusions," and in that same context.

Also, one from this afternoon, an example of the random "background" of thought synchros, etc: precisely as "Spanish" sang from the radio, a came upon a sign along the road covered in Spanish. Etc etc. So many like this ...


Wow, again just so, so many. Some standouts: this morning, precisely as "reckless behavior" sang from the radio, a car drove up behind me erratically and began tailgating me, perfectly synchronistic, etc. A cool one at the gym, and somewhat unique, where at the gym I found an Aerosmith album on my MP3 player and thought of how I'd like to hear the "Living on the Edge" song on it, but I never did hear the song, ending my workout before it could come up -- but then, after I finished and went out to my car and put the radio on, the "Living on the Edge" song was playing. Ask and ye shall receive, haha. A really damn cool one at Dr. Kaplan's, where I was Compelled to leave a Post-It in the men's room reading "Miracles Are Real," and then, upon going into the waiting room, I was equally Compelled to pick out a random book from the little library there, and it ended up being titled "Love, Medicine, and Miracles" (when I couldn't see the title when picking it out). This "felt" synchronistic, but obviously wasn't too notable -- but then I was Compelled to read the book at a totally random page I just opened to, and it ended up being a write-up about synchronicity, the author's words exactly, something like "I for one am a believer in the Jungian idea of synchronicity" or something to that effect. Haha. And then tonight, two from Mom, one indirectly according to her, where she described to me perfectly another of those "roadside sign/thought/radio"-type incidents that had happened to her, where she passed a sign reading exactly what was singing from the radio at that precise moment -- when I'd never described to her all the nearly identical incidents I've experienced to this effect, another of those "external corroborations" with a reasonable degree of objectivity. And, second involving her, a classical thought incident, where precisely as I was randomly thinking of how it was a "perk" of my coming to Boone to be able to drive her new CR-V, she said "perk," albeit in a different context but perfectly synchronistic and perfectly literal, when I'd not said this aloud or even remotely aluded to what I was thinking, etc. Damn surreal, all.


Still lots of "background static" and a continuing onslaught of numbers, primarily 37s and variants w/a presence of 1212s and the like, plus a minority of others. A really cool and striking standout was when I turned off randomly along the highway while on the way back to the beach and saw a strip mall and thought, "That would be a good place for an Anytime Fitness" -- a split second before I got closer and saw that there was indeed an Anytime Fitness right there in that strip mall. To be fair, the sign might've been visible in my periphal vision and so subconscious suggestion is possible; in any case, the timing had that "wham-bam," patternistic precision, and the "feel" of these type of incidents anyway. Then a really cool 3-way-type of 37 repeat, where right as I passed exit 73 on the highway, an Infiniti G37 car cut in front of me, with its "G37" insignia gliding directly into my line of sight -- and then, when the car moved, it revealed a truck in another lane, with a license plate of 7337 or something of that nature, all of this coming in that distinctively surreal "1-2-3" split-second/perfectly synchronistic timing. And if I remember right, didn't this happen before, at the exact same exit maybe, three 37 variants coming all at once?


Went from having next to none this morning and early afternoon (coinciding with my getting back to the beach trailer after being on the road, as to be "garaged"?), then had a sudden and brief little onslaught of very very striking "small" thought/reading/sign/radio-type incidents, along with a little "storm" of numbers thrown in too. One awesome standout was when I was walking through the Publix parking lot and thinking randomly of getting a trailer hitch for the van, and then, a split second after, I rounded a parked car and came face-to-face with a big jacked up truck and an insignia on its undercarriage reading "Trailer Hitches and Balls" with a web link. Actually, this one is kind of a two-way/double-type because not only did it echo my thoughts of "trailer hitch," but I'd specifically been thinking of where to get one and have it put on locally instead of in Fayetteville as Uhaul's website led me to, and as it were, I went to this one's website and it was local, literally just miles from where I was, as to be a "question and answer"/"ask and ye shall receive"-type one. Wow. And then, a little bit later after getting out of the grocery store, I went to that trailer hitch website and precisely as a little box with "search" poppped up on the otherwise empty screen, "search" sang from the radio -- so damn surreally timed, this one, such that the search box on the screen "popped up" with the "search" on the radio, as to lend that visible/perceptual/sensory/"tactile" feel to it. Left my head spinning. And really, this one had an extra "dimension" to it too, since the "search" on the radio was part of the sentence, "Your search is over," and as it were, it looks like I'll be getting my trailer hitch from the place of the website I was looking at, and so my "search would be over." Wow woowo wow.

Then, just before bed, had two vague-yet-notable book/reading-type synchros, involving a random magazine I read just before bed. The magazine mentioned two things: first, that you can bulk-cook quinoa and keep it in the fridge, which is something I'd distinctly but randomly been thinking of maybe a couple hours earlier, particularly cooking up a whole box of quinoa and then refridgerating it rather than cooking it as I ate it -- not hugely notable in itself, but gained notability in light of second one. The next thing mentioned in the magazine was "peppers in adobo sauce" -- when just a few hours earlier, while at the store on the way home, I'd encountered a can of just such adobo-sauce peppers, for the first time in my life, and besides that, they'd Jumped Out at me in that special way that told me I'd be seeing them again soon, as is patternistic. Notable in itself, but even moreso considering that I'd had this magazine for days now, having randomly picked it up while traveling through some other state last week, don't even remember where, and having tried to read it several times only to keep getting interrupted, until last night when I decided, damn it, I'm going to read that magazine, even though it was late and I was tired -- when, had I read it before, it wouldn't have been so notably timed with my encountering the adobo peppers/thinking of bulk-cooking quinoa, etc, as is so patternistic of these.


Had another sudden "cluster" after lunch today, some of them very striking and profound, plus lots and lots of conspicuous 37s still. The biggest standout was when I left the UPS store with the book I'd just gotten, and had the sudden thought to unwrap the book's plastic wrapping then and there since I was right in front of a trashcan rather than clutter up the one in the van -- when, precisely as I thought this, the clerk inside the UPS store said "you didn't throw away the plastic." It was so perfectly synchronistic and perfectly precise and perfectly objective (I can distinctly trace my having the thought of "throw away plastic wrapper" to my having the book and being at the trashcan and not wanting to clutter my van's bag, rather than being subconsciously cued by the clerk's question, and they hadn't said anything about plastic up until then, etc). Utterly surreal. Also, had a little recurrence theme: cars with conspicuous 37 license plates coming at me, all sold from the "Crossroads" dealer, maybe 3-4 conspicuously coming my way in the course of my morning and lunchtime in Shallotte. Also, a pretty cool and unique "unlikely car-sighting"-type one, this time with an extra, thought-synchro-type dimension to it. It started this morning when, on the way to Shallotte, precisely as I thought about driving my motorcycle this afternoon, a woman on a conspicuous yellow Harley appeared coming the other way in traffic (itself something of a thought synchro, though only vaguely notable, due to instant timing, since it was just a theme of "motorcycle" at that point). And then, on the way home from Shallotte hours later, I not only encountered that same lady on the yellow Harley -- reasonably unlikely, in the way of these repeat-sightings, since it had been hours and all kinds of randomness since I'd first seen her -- but this one also recurred precisely as I was thinking about riding my motorcycle, and neither time could I even see the woman beforehand, again establishing objectivity, etc. Haha.


Had what might've been a hugely unlikely "repeat car-sighting"-type one this morning, when on the way to Second Cup, I passed a black sedan with a Maryland 73 LP, which I am about 95% sure was one that I passed twice on the way back down here from NC, days ago and hundreds of miles away, in a repeat-sighting that was unlikely and notable in itself but, if this was the same car (it looked the same from what I remember, same make, model, and color, and the license plate was at least very similar, and from the same state), the odds would have to be just extraordinarily low, since it was so long later and I was absolutely nowhere near NC, where I originally encountered the car (twice ...). Then again, I can't say for sure it was the same one. Had another cluster of those extremely striking and explicit reading synchros at lunch, all of them objective and precise and perfectly synchronistic in timing, though they all came in one of those great big crushes where I just can't remember them all. A good standout example was a cool 3-way thought/reading/nearby-stranger one, where, first, I saw a couple people coming toward me on the sidewalk while I had my shirt off to get sun, and I had the absent thought of whether I might offend them, being shirtless in a "shirt and shoes"-type public space -- precisely as I read "stripped" in the 'Wild West' book. And then, also perfectly synchronistic with the thought and the read word, the man that was passing me pulled off his shirt, "stripping." Haha.

Then, on the way home this afternoon, a cool radio-type one where, precisely as traffic forced me to take a right turn when I needed to go left, therefore turning me around, "won't be turned around" sang from the radio. Also, a cool 37-license-plate one, when at Kroger I was Compelled to pick up a piece of broken glass and throw it away, and when I took it to the nearest trashcan, the can was right beside a car with a "73370" license plate (which, once again, only came into view when I neared the trashcan, which was far away from the piece of glass I was Compelled to pick up).


A cute little classic-type word synchro tonight: "balneotherapy." I learned this word just this morning while looking for southern hot springs to visit, totally randomly as it were, another one of those deals where I went into a Google rabbit hole and ended up searching for springs and thus learning the word -- and then, tonight, equally randomly in a spam email I got today and was Compelled to open, it mentioned balneotherapy. Haha.


Still having little "bursts" of those really profound, albeit "small," striking-type thought/reading/event/sign-type synchros. Good example was when I watched a motorcyclist on Hill St twist conspicuously into a turn, precisely as the radio sang out "do the twist!" Also, lots and lots of 37s again, many conspicuous and on license plates still, cars turning in front of me and the like. Good example here was when I took a wrong turn when trying to get to that awkward parking lot at To Your Health, and I ended up parking in a totally random place in the next door lot, only to end up right next to a truck with a 37 LP -- plus maybe 3-4 other of those "Compelled-to-park-here" types.

And just now, so damn cool: as I was typing out the last paragraph in Anytime Fitness, I heard a car park behind me conspicuously, with it blocking the sun coming in the window and darkening me and my immediate area, drawing my attention and making me turn around -- only to find myself staring directly at a great big "7373" on the truck's trailer, a phone number, directly in my line of vision when I turned around (and the only digits of it I could see, haha). Wow, so damn surreal.

Haha, and it just doesn't stop. A minute later after the truck thing, when I'd just finished writing a note to make a blog post about it, I opened my finance spreadsheet and after accidentally hitting page down or something, I ended up on some random line in the sheet -- line #37 exactly. Wow.


Still having those little "outbursts" of those extremely profound/striking-type incidents, which seem to be developing in a certain way, as to gain extra dimensions/more complexity and such, as demonstrated by their more often involving 3 or more elements instead of just two. Good example: precisely as I looked at the darkening sky and thought "it's going to rain," I passed a sign reading "rain," and then the song on the CD player (which I'd never heard before, and had just started) sang out "rain," another of those 1-2-3 types, so damn cool. Had several like this today, albeit most of them being subtler and hard to convey. One standout: precisely as I looked at my GPS and saw that my destination was in "Tranquil Acres," the radio sang out "tranquil," both of these totally objective and random, etc, so surreal. Also, still having lots and lots of those "vague parallels" between everything in my life again, from the 'Man Who Quit Money' book to other things I've read and thought and all the random places I've been traveling, with all those little, subtle recurrences and parallels just meshing into not only a pronounced theme/string of incidents, but just another living-dream-type state. A couple examples: seeing "wild horses" everywhere, seeing melons everywhere (literally seeing them along the road and in fields and for sale, exactly as I'd read about them in the 'Man Who Quit Money' book), reading of a "bad trip" in the 'Money Book,' maybe twelve hours after overhearing a couple in the Charleston coffee shop randomly talking about "bad trips," etc etc. Wow. Head spinning again.

And throughout, still 37s everywhere, on cars and receipts and all manner of conspicuous stuff, etc, etc. Just don't stop.

And, just before bed: more of those vague parallels between what I'm doing/thinking and reading, this time in the 'Man Who Quit Money' book again. While I was reading it and eating a dinner with a whole bunch of blueberries in it (had to finish up the carton before they went bad, after buying them for relatives who never came, so that I shouldn't really have even been eating these), the book mentioned, just a couple pages in, where the man went through the woods and ate a bunch of blueberries -- again not really too significant in itself, but fits perfectly with the vague-parallel theme of the last few days.


A cool and very notable thought/radio one just after church: I got in the car and thought of how I wanted a drink of water, precisely before I keyed the ignition and the first words that came over the radio were "I need a drink," perfectly synchronistic and precise, etc. And then, just after lunch, a really cool, notable, unique, and newish little string of a specific type of thought synchro, all of them of a kind of "broken," "half-there" flavor. First, precisely as I both noticed and Noticed a license plate reading, simply, "1" (just the number, nothing else), "want" sang from the radio, except that the singer pronounced it with a drawn-out "wan," so that it not only sounded like "one-t," but the "one" part of it coincided perfectly synchronistically with my seeing the "1" license plate and thinking "1." And then, a few minutes later, an almost identical one: precisely as I noticed the conspicuously attractive butt of a woman crossing the road, and thought "butt," "butterfly" sang from the radio, again with the "butt" part coinciding with my thinking "butt." I found these notable personally, but didn't write it down, until just another few minutes later, when it happened a third time, establishing a pattern: precisely as I saw a license plate reading "ERGH!" next to a picture of a pirate, which made me think "Shouldn't that be 'ARGH!' instead of 'ERGH!'?" I passed a big billboard reading "fastER," with the ER in a much bigger font from the rest of the word, as to stand out, and to once again coincide perfectly with my thinking of the "ER" in the "ERGH." Wow, so damn cool.


Fewer overall incidents today, but a couple really cool and precise standouts at lunch. First, another of those reading synchros involving an involuntary bodily function corresponding perfectly synchronistically with what I read, this time "felt a strange twinge" corresponding with a "strange twinge" from my guts, I can't describe as anything else, so surreal. Also, equally notable: precisely as it started to rain while I was eating outside Starbucks, and I stayed in my place, entirely calm and unmoved while others around me picked up and went inside, I thought "I'm like the eye of a storm" -- and then, a split second later, I re-opened my book and the first words I saw, directly in my line of vision, were "the quiet eye of the family storm." Haha. With both of these, was really no question of objectivity and such, since they both hinged on entirely objective/external events beyond my control.


General downturn in overall incidents today, really only a few subtles and numbers here and there except for one standout just after lunch, a radio/thought-type one where just after I was thinking, again at the end of a long and random chain of thought about staying in the moment and being entirely present, not dwelling in past/future, etc, the radio sang out "never thinking of the future." It bears mentioning that this was another of those that was very precise, and closely timed, but not perfectly synchronistically timed, for whatever reason.

Then tonight, had a couple cool ones, and at an odd time, during dinner while reading, when I've usually "stopped" for the day. First, a cool multidimensional one, both a classical book-synchro/recurrence and a classical "q-n-a"-type, starting this afternoon when at the last part of the 'Serpent's Tooth' book, it mentioned the lawyer Alan Derschowitz, and I had the thought of "I recognize that name, but don't know exactly who he is." Then, in the 'Hope' book that I started tonight (once again: both these books purchased and read entirely randomly, and both totally different books on different subjects, one being a nonfiction account of a murder and the other a kind of dark comedy novel), within the first few pages it both mentioned Alan Derschowitz (once again following the pattern of "haven't seen that word/name/thing for months or years, then see it twice within a conspicuously short timeframe"), as well as told briefly who he is and what he's known for, thus answering my absently thought question about such, haha. Also, lots more vague parallels between everything going on, including the books I'm reading and such. Plus, a cool thought/reading synchro, also tonight at dinner: at the end of yet another long and random chain of thought, I thought about eating dinner out on the back deck, then decided not to, because it's too open and I always feel I'm being watched by the neighbors -- just before reading "he felt like he was being watched" in the book, this one again visible to me as I was having the thought earlier, but couldn't have been subconscious perception because I can so clearly and distinctly trace back the roots of my thought to something entirely different (which had started distinctly *before* that passage was visible in the book).


More of those eerily cool reading synchros at lunch at Second Cup today, most notably when I laughed out loud to something in the 'Hope' book I was reading, which made me think that I might appear sinister or crazy to the people sitting nearby -- and then, the very next line after I had that thought, was "Why was Smiling Man smiling?" Not only precise, but written in the same basic context of the narrator worrying that a random smiling/laughing person must be crazy. And, just like last night's "he felt like he was being watched," I could again trace my thoughts/feelings back to an objective event, now my reading the funny thing and laughing aloud by the other people ...

Lots and lots and lots of numbers today, from out of nowhere starting this morning or thereabouts when I went out, and still primarily 37s and on license plates, many of them conspicuous (once again: cars pulling out it front of me/passing me/recklessly doing illogical stuff that ends up revealing the plate, etc, etc). Had a couple multidimensional/2- or 3-way ones too, such as when I stopped my car and saw that the CD readout said "CD 3 Track 7," a split second before I checked my phone and saw that it was exactly 3:17, a split second before I checked my texts and saw that I'd gotten one from a number with a 773 prefix (yet again another wrong-number text, haha). Also, similarly, when I sat down at the computer at exactly 4:44, I accidentally dropped a piece of paper and picked it up, only to have my eyes fall directly on "24.44."

Also, a minor-yet-notable recurrence/q-n-a one, starting last week or so when, from out of the clear blue, I had the vague-yet-distinct thought of, "I wonder how Robin Williams got his career started," or something along those lines -- and then, a couple days later, read of the 'Mork and Mindy' show in some random book, for the first time ever, which mentioned how it launched the career of Robin Williams. And then, today, I heard on the radio of the 'Mork and Mindy' show again, for the second time ever (once again fitting the pattern of "seeing something twice in a relatively short timeframe, after never seeing it before"), which also mentioned how it launched the career of Robin Williams, etc.


Having another number storm, primarily 37s but also lots of 17/77 and the like too, along with a good number of 1212s and its variants. Really just profound, the sheer number of the repeats and their profusion, every bit an onslaught, maybe biggest yet. All seemed to correspond with my leaving for NC yesterday, again as if a "juncture" or "gate" had been reached, triggering such "symptological" incidents as in the past. Not as many thought/event/radio/reading-types, but still definitely there. One example: hearing a string of several words that ended with "-ight" on a song on the radio (something like "right," "might," etc) and they corresponded perfectly synchronistically with a car with a "TXFIGHT" license plate cutting conspicuously in front of me, and so I thought, "Well, shouldn't the song had said 'fight,' since the timing was so spot-on?" and then of course a split second later the song said "fight." Some really damn cool reading-type ones at lunch today, such as when a woman in the parking lot nearly stepped in front of a parking car upon leaving the Starbucks I was eating outside of, making her friend put a hand on her chest and stop her and say something like "watch out" -- precisely as I read "Stay back!" in the 'Dubai' book, which was precisely what the one woman did, staying back on the curb instead of stepping forward and into the parking car, just so perfectly synchronistic and surreal. And then, equally so, just a minute or two later, I heard a bang that corresponded perfectly synchronistically with my reading "a hatch banged shut" or something to that end, and I had the thought, "Well, it was the front door of a car, not a hatch" -- but then I read the rest of the sentence, which went something like "A hatch banged shut and he climbed through the front door," thus echoing my thought precisely, as well as echoing the fact that the banging had come from a person (don't know if it was a "he" or not) climbing into a truck's front door. Haha.

Another cool number standout: in the 'Layover in Dubai' book that I randomly bought and started reading today, it first mentioned a man looking at his alarm clock at exactly "3:37 AM," which was funny as another rep-eat amidst the storm but not really standoutish in itself, However, then when I sat down to read this evening at dinner, at the top of the first page I opened it mentioned that the men were going to floor number "137." Haha.


Not many incidents overall today, a downturn again. Did have a cool standout thought/reading-type one towards bedtime, however: a split second after I heard some plastic bags rustling from the kitchen, from the waterbugs climbing through them looking for food, I turned a page in the 'Layover in Dubai' book and the first words on the new page were "a rustling sound." Highly notable here, not just due to perfectly synchronistic timing and precision and patternistic format, but also due to the fact that it was 100% impossible that I subconsciously read ahead or something, due to the words being on the next page when I first heard the sound (once again, albeit a fraction of a second before, but distinctly before, and the page was good thick stock from a hardback book and so totally opaque, so I couldn't have seen through it or something).


An uptick in overall incidents today, first signalled by a fresh influx of 37-numbered license plates and the like (several of them coming in that 1-2-3-type succession, one after the though in that magically conspicuous way). Then had another of those "clusters" at lunch, primarily reading/thought-type ones. Started with a "nearby stranger saying what I'm thinking"-type one, when I snapped the buttons on my wallet shut precisely as some random person said "snap" within earshot, and then a few minutes later me having my wallet chain snag on the chair outside, making me think of how it would hold me down if I tried to stand like that, a split second before reading "hold you down" randomly in the 'Layover' book. And then, similar but more complex and striking: right as I noticed the group of women sitting across from me outside Second Cup and thought I recognized them as some sort of book club or something that I'd seen there previously (if it wasn't the same one, it was one of similar size and composition and with a foreign-sounding woman that I believe was the same), the next line in the book was "Then he remembered from an earlier meeting" -- precisely what I'd been thinking, as far as the archetype, that "earlier meeting" when I'd first seen the women gathered and "meeting" there some months ago. It bears mentioning that I'd just picked up and moved to that seat not a minute before reading that part in the book, when I otherwise wouldn't have recognized the meeting women from where I'd been sitting before, away from them. Haha.

Also, another of those weird hybrid number-repeat/thought/event-type ones, like with the 45-MPH speed limit signs that time. This time it started at Bay Naturals when I pulled out a quarter to pay with and said "25 cents," precisely as the clerk random flipped over a little sign that had blown back on a basket of candies for sale, revealing "25 cents" written on it. Didn't really take note of that one too much at the time, despite its precision and super-perfect timing, but then the same thing happened down the road, when I saw a "25 MPH" speed limit sign precisely as I saw some nearby license plate with 25 on it (though it seems like there was more to this, like maybe I was thinking of the first "25 cent" thing right when I saw this -- I can't remember what, but whatever it was made me take notice of this second repeat of it and thereby consider it noteworthy). And then, in the Harley Davidson store, a couple really precise and striking albeit small thought/reading-type incidents, when I read "deflector" on a random box precisely as a nearby salesman said "deflector" to a customer (when they were around the corner, totally away from me and the rack of deflectors, in an entirely different section, so it's not like they could've just seen what I too was looking at), and then the same with when I read "horn," except this coincided with a random announcement on the overhead PA system, which was preceded by a very weird and horn-like "booop." Haha.


General downturn in overall incidents today, corresponding with worsened health, etc. Did have some cool 37 license plates and such, including a 1-2-3-type one where not only did I see two (might've been three) conspicuous plates back to back, but they were once again on cars that Just Happened to be pulling out right as I walked up, grabbing my attention, etc. Also, a weird little one that might be nothing but does "smell" of a synchro: after months of not getting acupuncture from Dr. Lynn, I finally got it today, feeling distinctly Compelled to do so -- and then, when I checked my mail, I had just received a card from them, a "We miss you"-type reminder that I hadn't been in a while. Not astronomically unlikely, but still pretty unlikely, and does indeed have that cosmically funny "feel" to it as is so patternistic.

A couple other standouts: precisely as the radio sang out "walk," a couple pedestrians on Ocean Boulevard walked out onto the crosswalk (when they'd been hesitating before, such that the "walk" coincided perfectly synchronistically with their first steps into the road); precisely as I read "asking $10,000" in a real estate ad on my phone, the radio said "10,000," again perfectly synchronistic in timing.


Cool one of those "precise/imprecise" ones on the way to lunch today, when right as I finished another long and random chain of thought about how I didn't want anything bigger than my 250cc bike, feeling it to be totally adequate, the radio sang out "don't want no more." And then at lunch, another of those "random stranger saying exactly what I'm reading" ones, this time a nearby woman stepping into the shade after being in the sun and saying "That is nice," a split second before I read "Nice" in the '17 Carnations' book (though it bears mentioning that, first, the "Nice" in the book was in regards to the French city rather than the adjective, which I think is pronounced differently, though it also bears mentioning that in my mind, I also read the city name as "nice" in terms of pronunciation, thus suggesting it was an echo of my thought rather than the actual words and/or city; and, two, this was another of those where the timing was very very close but not quite perfectly synchronistic).

Also, a cute little minor recurrence that might be nothing. Been seeing "royal" a lot recently, in that vague-parallel/recurrence-type fashion, a lot of it centered on the '17 Carnations' book and its stuff about the English royalty, etc, though not really notable until this afternoon. First, when picking up some random litter I was Compelled to do, amongst it I found a Canadian penny, on which was a bust of Queen Elizabeth, which I'd read several mentions of in the book at lunch today. And then tonight, when going through my receipts, I saw that the tea I got at Starbucks today was wrung up as "Royal English Tea" -- ironic in the first place, but then notably so considering that I've been thinking about switching from coffee to tea for ... weeks? months now? and Just Happened to decide to do it now, while all this "royal" stuff is coming my way, and when I had no idea the tea would ring up as such (I thought it was called just "English Breakfast Tea," which is what I asked for when ordering).


General downturn in overall incidents today, once again coinciding with downturn in health/energy/clear-thinking, etc. Did have two standout thought/reading-type ones at lunch, reasonably notable. First, while I was in Beach Dreams and browsing their books in the little lending library there, I picked one up and read "Divinely funny" on the cover, precisely as a nearby stranger said "That's funny," with both "funnies" coinciding in that perfectly synchronistic fashion. Made me blink, haha. Then, a little more complex and notable: a couple minutes later as I walked out of the coffee shop and was thinking of how both people I'd interacted with there had been visibly gloomy but had been smiling seemingly sincerely when I left them, I sat down at the table outside, which read "Let's make the world smile," this occuring pretty much perfectly synchronistically with the thought, maybe a fraction of a second between. Damn surreal.


Had a funny one in the vein of that "royal"/"king" vague-parallel theme I've been having over the last few days. While I was outside Starbucks reading the '17 Carnations' book about the prince, etc, a man literally in a renaissance-era king's regalia, complete with cape and crown and steel epaulets, walked by and into the building (coming out of a car plastered with Medieval Times ads, so apparently an actor on lunch break or something). Not really too notable, easily coincidence, but does fit the whole "royal" thing far too well. An amusing 37-license-plate repeat at lunch, when I felt Compelled, totally illogically and out of nowhere, to park in a side parking lot, further away from the building despite it meaning crossing a street and a farther walk -- and then ended up finding myself parked between not one but two cars with 37 LPs. Haha. Another minor, "maybe nothing" one today too: earlier today I'd had the vague-but-distinct thought that I'd like to pay just a little less for my tea at Starbucks, given that I could get a bag and fix the tea myself for a fraction of the cost if I didn't want to sit out and eat/read there -- and then when I went to get my second tea today, it turned out that I got it, first, as a refill, which would've made it only .50 cents for the second, but then, because I'm a "gold" member, I ended up getting even that for free, such that my lunch teas were only half price. I'd actually had the thought of, "It seems like about two bucks is a good price for my getting two teabags and cups and some water and then being able to dine out on the patio," and that's almost exactly what I ended up paying $2.46.


Only a handful of incidents today ("only" ...). Really only standout wasn't too notable, even: precisely as I read "shutting the door" at lunch, a door shut from the corner of my eye, at the coffee shop in Calabash. Timing was pretty good, though not quite perfectly synchronistic, and not really that precise. Did have a little "cluster" of 37s pop up on license plates suddenly towards late afternoon, really only notable in the marked absence of such in the morning (again corresponding with a health slump ...).


A reasonably notable book synchro today, following the old pattern of "seeing some rare/obscure/specific thing in one random book of one subject, then seeing the exact same thing in the next sequential random book of another subject, etc," today with the '17 Carnations' book and then the 'Ubik' book. Both couldn't have been more different, the first being a nonfiction expose of WWII-era royal/Nazi associations, and the second a 1969 sci-fi novel, but both mentioned 'Liberty' magazine amidst some WWII stuff. Wouldn't be so notable if it was just the WWII mentions, but that magazine specifically, when the books' subject matters were so drastically different ... I find it notable. And then, also from the 'Ubik' book, a really weird and notable albeit vague recurrence. It started yesterday when in the Shallotte GNC, which couldn't have been more random since I'd had no plans to go to either GNC nor Shallotte, and while browsing the store I Noticed this mock-old bottle of "Cavalier" testosterone/sexual booster, in an old-timey metal bottle with an old-fashioned cap, labeled a "Gentlemen's Product," "For Gentlemen of High Distinction." And then in the book today, just a few pages in, it randomly mentioned something that very much fit that same description, both in terms of the old-timey bottle and the snake-oil-like contents and the ambiguous label, which was for "manliness" -- all still kind of vague, but taken together, especially with the pattern, it just really stood out to me as notable. Also, an equally vague-yet-notable "ask and ye shall receive"-type one, starting this morning when I had the absent-yet-distinct thought of wanting another sampler packet of those "Nature's Source" multivitamins that seem to have such a strong effect on me for some reason, to experiment again without buying them -- and then today, at Bay Naturals, which also I'd had zero plans to visit today, they had free samplers of those very vitamins, the exact little packets I'd wanted. This was mildly notable and unlikely in itself, especially with the timing and patternistic elements factored in, but then it gains notability given the fact that I'd never before seen these samplers at Bay Naturals in all the times I've been and in all the free samples I've gotten there.

Also, another cute, maybe-nothing continuance of the "prince"/"royal" theme: when I was at the market, I was confronted with another "princely" tea, now "Prince of Wales" tea (are these kind of teas just that common?). It bears mentioning that, once again, my being at this particular grocery store (and being at its clearance section where the tea was) was just so totally random and unplanned and unforeseeable, like so many of these.

Then this evening while reading at dinner, had another one of those odd, abnormally timed cluster of thought/reading incidents, maybe 5-6 over the course of 1.5 hours, all pretty notable and perfectly synchronistic classical thought synchros and all pretty much 100% objective and "traceable." For example: when I read in the 'Ubik' book where a guy was told he should've given a hand signal when turning, that made me think of how just the other day I'd had to give a hand signal for the first time ever, when turning my Honda motorcycle when it didn't have the blinkers -- and then, on the next line, it read "motorcycle cop," this coinciding perfectly with my separate, objectively traceable thought of "motorcycle" in regards to the hand signals. Etc. Enough of those to be surreal. Then, also, mixed amongst these (and sometimes one in the same even) were more and more of those vague parallels/"themes"/overarching recurrences I've been having over the last couple days, such as when the book had someone say "further" and be corrected as "farther," when I'd just had to do the same for myself, distinctly in my memory, within the last day. A lot of those, too many to remember, maybe another 5-6 just within that space of time. Never quite had such a pronounced theme like this before, that I remember.

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