Synchronicity log for 2017


Another uptick today, again seen mostly in numbers and with only minimal thought-type incidents, oddly. Numbers were back to "elevated"/living-dream-type levels today, though not quite to "storm"/onslaught levels, this again corresponding to a daytrip up north to Wilmington, and again with the noticeable increase in traffic-type incidents that these trips almost always trigger. Back to having a near constant background static of two- and three-digit 37 variants on plates in traffic, along with a marked increase in those "graduated"-type of conspicuous-type incidents, with the "intelligent"/"revealing"/"animated"/"orchestrated" qualities I've come to know so well but had been somewhat absent the last few days.

Even got to the point of having the doubles/triple/overlaps of numbers today, which always seems to signal some sort of graduation/maturation of phenomenon. One example: at that random intersection I got caught in when I couldn't turn, and I ended up being surrounded by 3 cars with 37 plates, these one in front of the other and all arriving one another the other, as to be surreally "animated"/"announced," etc. And then, on the way home, an even more notable "triple" standout: it started with a standalone conspicuous-type one, with another reckless tailgater creeping up on me and forcing me to look at them in my mirror, upon which I was greeted with their 7733 front-mounted plate. Next, maybe 2-3 seconds later, a truck passed me on the left, "creeper" style, with its 30777 plate sliding directly into my line of sight in that patternistic way. Next, about a minute later, a third car, with a 37 plate, joined the procession, and it ended up with these three random cars one behind the other, forming another "trilogy" of 37 plates all close together, just so ridiculously surreal.

Had another great big string of parking-lot types today too, running the gamut from the "quiet"-type of "parked in a totally random space only to find myself surrounded by 37 plates I couldn't see when pulling in," all the way to those ridiculously surreal "looking behind me to pull out and having a conspicuous 37 plate directly in my line of sight," including several super-surreal ones that I can't even convey.

Thought-wise, not much more activity than yesterday's low-key scattered ones, that I remember. Did have one standout "nearby-stranger echoing what I'm reading"-type one at lunch, when I randomly read "got angry" in the 'Lost Girls' book precisely as a passing child threw a tantrum, perfectly synchronistic in timing though not overly precise. Then through the course of the rest of lunch and the afternoon, had maybe a handful of those "small-yet-striking"-type of one-word echoes, such as another phone/radio one where I scrolled up on a random text message that read "Reply STOP" precisely as the in-house radio at the restaurant randomly said "stop," perfectly synchronistic.

Also, am still having the super-subtle thematic recurrences spanning experiences/various reading material/vague thoughts, etc, but this too seems to have lessened somewhat, with only a few scattered ones through the day, just enough to indicate the phenonemon's presence.


An uptick thought-wise today, but something of a downturn for numbers, though only in volume, still many background-static-level traffic-type ones and a few conspicuous turn-outs and the like (but no parking-lot type ones today if I remember right, even "small"/low-key ones, a marked contrast to yesterday).

Had the thought echoes start up late morning, then slowly ramp up/"graduate"/cohere through lunch and into mid-afternoon before again tapering off, in that arc that seems to be the predominant pattern as of late. Most were "small"/one-word/"striking" or super-subtle types, reasonably notable for the most part. Some standoutish examples I managed to get down:

> Randomly thinking about glueing the cover back on that Fast Company magazine I was reading this morning, which in turn sparked an image in my mind of tracing lines with the bottle of Elmer's glue down the inner spine -- a split second before I read "lines" in the book (characteristic of the smaller, less-developed morning echoes, again easy to write off on their own but eventually, with so many matching the exact same pattern and perfect timing, etc, the phenomenon was definitely established)

> Similarly, another of those "partial"-type ones, during the sermon at church when I randomly thought of humming, a split second before the speaker said "humble," with the "hum" in humble coinciding absolutely perfectly with my totally random and objective thought of "hum"; had several of these in a little cluster through the sermon, all of them similarly "striking" yet "small" and/or partial; ended up being damn surreal

> A cool nearby-stranger type when I passed by the bench at Kroger with two employees on it, and upon noticing the trashcan beside it, I thus randomly thought (and visualized) throwing some trash in the can, a split second before one of the employees said "trash dumps," which, as it turned out as I heard them keep talking as I passed, they were just randomly discussing a nearby county dump site (as in, not discussing anything related to the trashcan they were sitting next to, just a random comment that once again Just Happened to echo my thought precisely, and at that precise instant ...)

> Randomly thinking about putting on weight while at the gym, a split second before the song on my MP3 player randomly said "never gain weight" (again with no prelude/the first time in the song, etc)

> Several reading-type/lunchtime-echo type ones during today's reading, the kind which were so markedly absent yesterday. Best example I could get down: randomly thinking about how, after being at the Hardee's for over an hour while slowly eating lunch and reading, I was probably more visible to the staff there, since most customers there would be in and out in a matter of minutes (these thoughts being traceable/triggered 100% by my seeing one of the staff walking around the tables and cleaning and thus me thinking about how I was probably becoming "visible" to her/noticeable, etc) -- a split second before I encountered "drastically increased our visibility" in the 'Lost Girls' book

Had more vague/super-subtle/thematic/long-winded type of recurrences through morning today, along with a couple more "normal"/classical-types of recurrences. The first was a really damn cool one while reading the Fast Company magazine, when, due to my having another of those weird, soupy "thought disruptions" I've been having, I'd briefly and randomly thought about how I seem to have a crossed wire of the brain/some type of disruption of a neural pathway or something -- and then, maybe a minute later, I turned the page to an article about the brain's "white matter" and how it is essentially the "brain's wiring," not only exactly what I'd been thinking about (for the first time in a while) but even in nearly the exact same terms, etc (and, again, with zero prelude to the article on previous pages; it was just a random, small article, the kind in a particular section and not listed in the index or table of contents or anywhere else, with no way for me to be cued beforehand, even though I could again 100% trace my thoughts on the subject to the completely objective occurrence of my having that random thought disruption in the first place ...). The second, on the other hand, was much "smaller," just being a vague-thought type, when, early this morning, I'd had the totally random thought of Hilton Head, one of those obscure though substantial memories that I'd just simply not thought of for a long time despite its import -- and then, a few hours in the 'Lost Girls' book during lunchtime reading, it randomly mentioned Hilton Head, once again the first I'd seen/read of it for I don't know how long, maybe ever.


Another slight but significant uptick today, now to the point of having a pretty decent amount of activity on all fronts, and of all kinds more or less. Again had numbers start up slowly, just after leaving for the day, and then ramping up through afternoon until I ended up with a steady background static of "smaller" ones on plates along with random signs/reading, etc, along with more conspicuous-traffic-type ones, plus parking-lot types, including a couple of those ridiculously surreal variants of these, such as looking to back out and having a random 37 plate "slide"/"animate" directly into my line of sight, or stopping *just so* at a random stoplight only to have some partially obscured sign or something be right in my line of sight so that only the 37 was visible (this happened twice that I remember, once with a 337-ending plate where I stopped at a light very slowly, and ended up with the 337 "popping out"/"revealing" from behind the next-nearest car, and then, another time, a similar effect when the 3:37 on an electronic sign was *just visible* between the stopped cars where I'd Just Happened to stop at another light). Ultimately, the day ended up ridiculously surreal/active from the numbers alone, pretty much to "storm"-like levels though many of the instances were somewhat subtle and low-key. Had to be in the dozens of incidents for the day as of writing, and again predominantly 37s and variants with a minority of the 44s and 212s and the like.

Thought-wise, things were very similar, with a near-steady/less-periodic background-static level of "small"/thought-echo-type incidents beginning late morning and then peaking mid-afternoon and finally winding down to "silence" by early evening, as seems to be that patternistic arc I've been seeing so much lately. First notable ones were at lunch, with probably 5-6 distinctly echo-y ones, almost all of them reading-type ones where my realtime, in-the-moment thoughts and feelings and visualizations were again echoed near-perfectly, and perfectly synchronistically and traceably/objectively, with the text. Few examples I got down: reading "too many people" precisely as a big group of people passed close to my table at the restaurant, and then, a split second later, "cell phone" when someone's phone randomly dinged a text-message notice-noise (when there'd been no such noises beforehand); reading "could've been treated better" precisely as I was thinking about how, minutes earlier at the next-door restaurant where they didn't have coffee, the cashier had bantered with the previous customers for a long time, ignoring me even after they'd moved on and I approached.

The rest of the day, the echoes moved into the typical radio/random-objective-thought-type ones. Examples: "one" singing randomly from the radio at Dr. Lynn's precisely as I went to fill in the "1" bubble on the sign-in chart, another of those ridiculously surreal/"striking"-type ones despite its singular/"small" nature; then, a few minutes later, being told "you can come on back" to the examination room a split second before the radio randomly sang out "you can't come back," another of those perfectly precise "opposite" kinds.

A bigger, more notable standout: precisely as I approached the drawbridge and saw it was out and that there was a big line of cars waiting, and thus thought "I'll be patient and wait instead of turning around and going the other way," the radio sang out "patiently I'll wait." Another that was notable in itself, simply from perfectly synchronistic timing and 100% accurate precision, but also due to its 100% traceable/objective nature, with it all hinging on my first seeing the bridge, then consciously deciding to be patient and wait (with my thinking those words exactly), and then also the fact that I'd never heard the song on the radio before.

And another "after-the-fact" 37-receipt-type one: lunch coffee, timestamp "11:13:07 AM" (when, interestingly, I was a few minutes "late" getting here and ordering due to going next door and finding out they didn't have coffee/being ignored by the cashier, etc, haha), on "7/3/2017," order number "4004370" (reprinted elsewhere too). Not blatant exactly, but still mildly notable.


Today was markedly quieter, even after departing onto highway for trip. Did still have a reasonable showing of numbers, still of all types from "small"/background-static to graduated-type conspicuous ones and a few parking-lot types, and random ones on signs, etc. Still managed to be surreal in this regard, but still in that "low-key" fashion.

Thought-wise was even quieter today, really with only a few scattered echo-types here and there, again a reasonable showing but very low-key and all too subjective/"in-the-moment" to convey, though were again all subjectively notable, some highly actually. Had more of those vague/super-subtle recurrences spanning late-night last night and then morning and lunchtime reading, again all too subjective/complicated to convey but collectively pretty notable and surreal. Again feel to be entering that "synchronistic state," where almost everything happening in some way ties into a meta-theme of all-inclusive "synchronicity" in everything -- again just too big/obscure to put into words. Best example I can think of was today at Jiffy Lube while I was reading that random magazine article, where everything going on -- my getting the car repairs, the overhead TV discussing architecture and imagination/creation, the random conversations of the other people in the waiting room -- all were subtly echoed by the page-length article as I was reading it, again in very subtle ways that were nonetheless identifiable in pattern/"feel"/texture, as to collectively be just ridiculously surreal. This is new in certain ways, though still feeling around it.

Then tonight a sudden, single, "late" one during dinnertime reading while camping in the AF parking lot while fireworks were going on in the distance. It was another of those sudden, singular and highly notable ones that just came out of the blue, after an almost total silence (this might've been the only one for dinnertime reading if I remember right, with only very minor echoes if anything). Precisely as I randomly read "shock him" in the 'Narcissus' book, an especially loud, very "shocking" firework popped off just nearby, startling me. Another one that was pretty notable from the get-go, for the precision and timing, but even moreso considering the fact that this particular firework was the only one anywhere near that loud (and hence "shocking"), even though this happened after I'd been sitting out and hearing them for over an hour (or, really, all evening, since I was in the parking lot more or less that whole time). Also, there were none anywhere near this loud afterward. Just really damn surreal.


A generally quite day again despite some heavy travel (perhaps due to extreme headsickness/bad health/confusion/energy?). Morning did see some reasonable activity, when I had a moderate cluster of "small"/"one-word"-type thought-echoes on the highway drive to lunch, including another of those "swiped a phone map to reveal a random street name precisely as the radio echoed the name," this time singing out "belt buckle" precisely as I panned to/registered "Beltline Blvd," again with the two "belts" coinciding perfectly synchronistically, making me shake my head despite this happening so damn often.

Went on to have some more of these types through lunch and while on the road in the afternoon, but never really progressing into that coherent/conveyable stage. Best standout example was when, at a random intersection, I watched as a truck with a big bulky ATV loaded in the back of it stopped suddenly, thus causing the ATV to rock conspicuously and dangerously in the bed, precisely as "rock" sang randomly from the radio, again another super-surreal one for all its "smallness."

Numbers were again there but very low-key, despite some pretty heavy travel today on highway, the kind typically accompanied by a number-storm if nothing else. Had really only background-static two- and three-digit 37 variants on plates mostly, with the only conspicuous-like ones being such plates being "revealed"/"announced" directly into my line of sight in patternistic ways, but not to the point of the reckless tailgaters and the like. One cool thing I did note: the sudden and brief return of the 37-variant-branded transport tractor-and-trailers. It started up all at once, with there suddenly appearing a succession of 4-5 very similar trucks with the numbers on them, after another conspicuous absence of this activity yesterday and prior to travel, with it subsiding after maybe an hour or so. Also bears mentioning that, like other times, as soon as I started looking for the numbers on new trucks, it stopped -- only to start up again almost immediately after I'd stopped looking, intelligent-style and just so damn surreal.

A couple more cool, sudden, standout reading ones at dinnertime reading tonight, both singular and coming out of nowhere, much like last night's firework one. First was a classical "involuntary bodily function"-type one, when I read "his stomach awakened" in the 'Narcisuss' book precisely as my guts churned with an audible and singular "pop," coinciding absolutely perfectly with the text (and for the first time on both accounts, with my guts not making a peep before or afterward, haha). And then one of those weird and sort of "partial"/"distorted" random-thought-echo ones, when some I suddenly heard a group of people laugh from just outside, and I was able to pick out distinct male and female laughs both in it, thus making me absently but distinctly think "Both men and women laughing in that group" -- precisely as I came to "men and women" in the book, and again where the text was visible to me peripherally when I had the thought, but the thought was 100% traceable to being triggered by the totally separate and objective event of the people laughing (which, as is the pattern with these, they hadn't made a noise before or after; I never knew they were there until they laughed, and I never heard anything from them again).


Big big jump in activity today, in both numbers and thought-type incidents but most visible in numbers. Back to "storm" levels overall, with a constant background static of dozens upon dozens of 37s on plates and from random sources while driving around and running errands, beginning again on the way to lunch but really starting in force afterward. Oddly, had only a few conspicuous/"intelligent"-type ones among these, though they were certainly there. Really the most standout-ish traffic/plate-type ones were parking-lot types, beginning with a great big fat cluster of them during lunchtime eating/shopping at the Whole Foods complex. First I just encountered a whole bunch in gross, beginning with another "totally random parking space ending up amid a bunch of 37 plates," and then with a bunch of scattered ones between the parking lot and the store; but then, when I went to leave, they "graduated" to the more-intelligent/conspicuous-type ones, first with a car backing out right as I approached, forcing me to turn right and directly into the path of a 37 plate, and then, minutes later when I'd gotten in the truck and started to leave, a car let me out at an intersection, totally unexpectedly and about when I would least expect someone to let me out, but they did, and I ended up pulling directly behind another 37 plate (seems like there were more of these interspersed too, but again I just couldn't keep track, the "storm" taking hold). These were followed up with another when I immediately went back to the rental to drop off the bee pollen I'd bought so it would be refrigerated while I was out and about in the heat, only to find that a lawn-mowing truck had arrived in my absence, with a 473 plate that was once again directly in my line of sight when I parked to go inside, haha.

Then, in Target, had a little trifecta of those super-conspicuous non-traffic-types of 37 variants cropping up, all involving explicitly patternistic circumstances and Compellings. The first was when I went to buy the phone SIM I'd gone in for, after stopping there totally randomly on a Compelling, only to find that its serial number started with 173 (and when this was the only card left). Then, a minute later, I was stopped by the luggage aisle despite having zero intention of looking at luggage, and then equally illogically Compelled to check the price tag of a certain piece, only to see that it was item #1703. Then, after another minute, a couple aisles down, I saw a box of granola bars that someone had left conspicuously in the wrong place, and I felt once again Compelled to take it and put it back, only to find that the price of the bars were $3.17 exactly, haha. Went on to have many more traffic and sign/clock/receipt/random-source-type ones through the rest of the day thus far, but those three at Target were unique in their Compelling element, as well as their general "feel"/"texture."

Another standout parking-lot-type one, beginning with another of those totally random, Compelled stops for gas, sort of like that time in Chapel Hills recently. This time, I was on a random side road I'd felt Compelled to take, and then, after being Compelled to a gas station at the end of it, I found myself alone in the lot with only two other cars, each with 37 plates, close enough to one another that they were both visible to me, as to be another sort of those "double"-types (had a couple other of these in traffic today too it seems like, though not as conspicuously as other times this phenomenon's appeared).

Thought-wise, the day was characterized by more of those textbook "small"/"one-word"/"in the moment"-type thought echoes, along with a reasonable showing of standout individual "classical"-type incidents. I first noticed the phenomenon "starting up" once again at lunchtime reading, with several super-subtle/partial/subjective/"distorted"-type echoes, such as randomly reading "He said no more" precisely as I finished another long chain of thought in that patternistic way, this one ending with how the man on the WF patio had approached me and, confused, I'd just stayed neutral and not reacted at all, saying nothing -- again another perfect echo of my in-the-moment thoughts, 100% traceable and objective. Similarly, and a little more notable and surreal: when the random shopper woman had sat down with me on the bench and I'd noticed, again absently and in-the-moment but distinctly, how her eyes had a slight slant/Asian bearing despite her being patently white, and then when I went back to the book, a split second later, I read "the slant of her eyes" (though, this one was so lightning-fast, it might've been that these were the last words I read before being interrupted when she sat down, I honestly can't say -- in any case, the echo was certainly there, synchronistically timed and highly precise). A semi-standout example of the day's echoes: when I stopped at an awkward 4-way stop at the Target parking lot and, upon making sure there was a stop sign for my leg of the intersection, I absently but distinctly thought "stop," precisely as the radio randomly sang out "non-stop rock," with the two "stops" again coinciding in that patternistic and perfectly synchronistic/surreal way.

A standout radio/objective event-type echo at the Target parking lot, when a great big loud "HATE!" shouted from the radio (for the first time in the song, on Metallica's "Sad But True" just after the long instrumental solo), precisely as this visibly irate woman stepped out of an open car and started gesturing angrily and shouting to someone inside, another of those sort of non-literal but still highly precise-type ones, and perfectly synchronistically timed.

Another "random long chain of thought-ender being echoed by the radio," this time with my having the distinct, non-absent thought of the drunk and threatening man I'd encountered at the random gas station with the 37-plates, and how throughout the encounter I'd done admirably well standing my ground and not allowing myself to become the least bit afraid of him, etc -- precisely as the radio sang out "don't be a afraid," again for the first time/without prelude, as to being highly notable and surreal and "striking"/"synchroshocking," haha.

An equally notable and surreally cool one right after I went into Target. It started when, just before going through the doors, I'd somehow gotten the song "Heart-Shaped Box" in my head, which had thus caused me to absently think "Nirvana" -- a split second before I approached a random clothing rack at the front of the store with a Nirvana t-shirt hung prominently at the top, again perfectly synchronsitic and totally objective and perfectly precise (and, as it were, the shirt was definitely *not* visible when I'd first began hearing the song in my head and thinking "Nirvana"). As it were, I still have no idea why I was thinking of this song, as I'd just been in the parking lot where there was no outside music or anything, and I'd not heard the song for quite a while, etc.

Had only a few of those super-subtle/vague/thematic-type recurrences today, but they were certainly there, and again mostly in the morning. One example I can think of: randomly looking at the postcards and magnets on the fridge in the rental, and seeing "Sicily" on them, and then, maybe 30 minutes later, the first page of that random freebie Martha Steward Living I read had a little travel article about Sicily right at the top (and, it bears mentioning, I'd only read this magazine and this particular page today because I'd not gotten a chance to over the last two days due to travel, when, any other time, I would've finished it long ago, and thus not had the Sicilian recurrence, etc -- another "small but made bigger by circumstances/patternistic element"-type detail).


Big uptick on all fronts, probably the most active day I've had overall since the last day or two up in the city. Numbers were again the predominant phenomenon even though thought-type incidents were reasonably high. It was another of those "travel-triggered"-type of day-long storms, where I had some background-static-like traffic ones this morning (beginning late morning, just before leaving the rental), and then, just after lunch and once on the highway, they just exploded. Again they were mostly "small"-type background-static ones, but so many, and with such regularity and constancy, it hit that rare level of "ridiculously surreal," and today I noticed that there were slightly more of the "minority" repeats present alongside the onslaught of 37-variants, with many 77s and 44s and even a few 1111s in the mix, and all of them being included in the various types (a few clock-ticks and receipt-type ones, with lots of randoms from signs and phone numbers and in reading and from any number of sources in addition to the "constants" of license plates and the like) -- a veritable "salad" of numbers today.

Some standouts I got down:

> Another couple clusters of those odd 37-covered tractor-and-trailer/"transport"-type ones, including a damn cool one where not only did I encounter a truck with both a 1037 plate and "777333" printed prominently on its trailer (two separate identifiers, I would think, since the trailer looked to be contracted/random, etc), but also, when I wasn't sure if I'd seen the 777333 on the trailer right, trying to focus on the road, I'd had the thought of "Wish I could see that truck again so I could make sure it had those numbers like I think it did) -- and then, by some circumstances I can now only remember as being "intelligent"/patternistic/unlikely, etc, the truck somehow managed to overtake me for the briefest time, just long enough for me to confirm the trailer numbers, haha

> Several more parking-lot types today, even though I spent 90% of the day on the road and only stopped in a few totally random lots miles and miles apart; cool one at lunch when, after parking directly next to an 8137 plate at the coffee place (in the spot the attendant had directed me to ...), I also noticed the clock was exactly 11:17 immediately after, as a sort of double (777/1117 has been a very present variant the last couple days, as this one in particular seems to do every so often, coming and going for a while)

> Two more classical incidents of "a reckless tailgater demanding my attention, only to reveal a prominent 73 in some conspicuous way," the first being a cab van that was going ridiculously fast and thus got directly behind me as if about to rear-end me, thus forcing me to look into the rearview and see the backwards "773-" suffixed phone number on its hood, haha; and then, later, an equally reckless and crazed guy who first refused to slow and let me onto the highway off the ramp, then rode my ass hard even though we were in a tight two-lane workzone with a low speed limit -- and then passed me to reveal his 773 plate. Comedy gold ...

Though incidents were nearly as plentiful today, and with the great majority of them reasonably coherent and "graduated"/"matured" in that special way, albeit still being almost all essentially of that subtle/vague/"distorted" echo-type that I've been having for quite some time now. The day went in the pattern that's been present more or less for the last couple weeks or so, beginning with more of those super-subtle thematic longwinded parallels and recurrences and the like, again all too subjective and/or complicated to convey. Again they mostly involved the day's totally random library-freebie magazine and a whole bunch of stuff that I'd thought/read/experienced/encountered since mostly last night and then, later, through early afternoon and even into evening. And then, on the way to lunch, the echoes started up again, and again beginning very subtly and individually unnotably, just sort of like short-term/in-the-moment/"instant" versions of the thematic/parallel types, and then graduating to the semi-coherent/individually notable kind through most of afternoon and then winding down to "silence" by evening (though later today, coincidentally when I had the odd, rare day that I stayed out later due to being on the road/having the drive take longer than expected, etc ...).

Some examples of the day's somewhat-more-mature/coherent-type of echoes I managed to get down:

> The radio randomly singing out "Alabama song," again totally randomly and for the first time, a split second before a car with an Alabama plate "crept" patternistically/conspicuously into my line of sight from the left lane

> A semi-conspicuous theme of "pumpkin" through the day, beginning when I ate pumpkin for lunch (after not having eaten in for months and months, then only doing so today after randomly finding that cheap organic boxed stuff in Target yesterday and feeling Compelled to get it ...), and then, just after I finished eating and went into the bathroom, there was this random sticker along the wall in there reading, simply, "pumpkin," and then, more notably, when I stopped off again totally randomly on a Compelling to get gas at that random station even though it was a mile off the highway and crowded and stuff, only to see that it had a giant pumpkin painted on its roof, with "PUMPKIN CENTER" on it

And again just so many more that could easily be dismissed their own but altogether ended up being ridiculously surreal, with no less than several dozen patternistically identical such "little" echoes and themes and parallels jumping out in so many places. Again left me with that feeling of being in a subtly "synchronistic state," where damn near everything seemed to "synergize" in one way or another, as to hit a weird new level of the sense of "living dream."

Had many of the "normal"/"textbook"-type radio/reading/event-type incidents too, but these often shared the texture and feel and behavior of the subtle/echo-type ones that the line kind of blurred. And again with just far too many to log, for all their relative notability individually. Those I managed to log:

> Ridiculously surreal radio-type one where I saw a sign for a church's VBS reading "Galactic Starveyors" and took particular notice of it, as to smile and distinctly tihnk something along the lines of "exploring space/discovery," etc -- just before the radio as randomly sang out "search the stars," again for the first time and such, and, in any case, totally separate and objective from my seeing the sign/thinking those things, etc (though, this was another that was only *nearly* perfectly timed, with about a second delay between my thought and the radio echo -- again, why not instant, especially when it was so ridiculously precise/explicit otherwise?)

> A good many of those "long, random, objective, traceable chains of thought ending with some random thing, only to have it echoed perfectly synchronistically as to be 'striking'"-type ones, such as having the random thought-chain end on that curiously good and unique espresso I'd had at lunch, with these thoughts accompanied by a visualization of the barista I'd talked to twice drawing the shot and the coffee pouring from it -- precisely as the radio randomly sang "pour out," which, though reasonably precise in a literal sense, was 100% exactly what I'd been visualizing in concert with the thought

> A similar reading-type one at lunch, when I had the distinct yet random thought of how comfortable the chair at the coffee shop was (because I'd just then realized that it was aching my back, the objective event that triggered the original thought in this case), and then, subsequently, I thought of how I needed to write a note before I forgot it -- and then, the very next line in the book was "He forgot the master, himself, and the place at which he sat," echoing not only the thoughts of the chair reasonably precisely (the "place at which I was sitting," as it were), but also echoing my thoughts of *forgetting about* the chair -- ridiculously surreal, really

> Then also at lunch, an "external event echoing perfectly what I was reading/thinking"-type one, when a weak breeze blew a nearby bag over the patio at the coffee shop in a particularly fluttery/delicate way, sort of a little "dance," thus making me distinctly think something along the lines of "weak wind brushing the bag around more than blowing it" -- precisely as I came to "gently brushed" in the 'Narcissus' book, again sort of "small" and uncomplicated but 100% precise and with perfect timing and perfect patternistic behavior/"feel," etc

And then a cute little cherry to top off the day, coming just after I'd finished the long log entry: a wrong-number text, from another number with a 773- suffix (even more notable since it came not from the area I've been driving through, which has the suffix predominantly by default it seems, but from up in NC, totally different area code, etc ...).


Bigtime downturn today, going from storm-level activity to a relatively quiet day, though still with some activity here and there.

Numbers way down, back to background-static/very minor "conspicuous"-types despite more highway travel. Did have a pretty cool one just after leaving the hotel for the morning, a "double" when I first had a 777 plate "creep" patternistically into my line of sight from the left, precisely as a highway sign for I-77, with a great big "77" prominently in the middle, "crept" similarly from behind some trees at my right, as such that the two "aligned" in that distinctive and ridiculously surreal way, again with that timing that just couldn't be orchestrated if I'd tried. Had a vaguely similar one later in the day when, precisely as I clicked my cruise control from 70 to 71 MPH and distinctly thought "71 MPH," another sign appeared at my right from behind more tree branches, with two towns listed, the first at 7 miles and the second at 71 miles, such that there was an "L" comprised of the 7 and 71 -- in any case, again "doubling" and "echoing" my thought of 71, and also with distinctive and ridiculously surreal timing/synchronicity, etc.

Thought-wise, it was another day of "scattered echoes and a few standout 'normal'-types here and there," again beginning as if on a switch at lunchtime reading. Best examples I could get down: when I'd had another long, random, and completely traceable chain of thought end with how, by staying out in the sun for exactly 20 minutes or so and then immediately going into the A/Ced dining room at the coffee shop, I'd seemed to have thwarted that terrible overheating effect that I've been having (with this thought triggered 100% objectively by my realizing this after being inside for a minute) -- precisely as I came to "he cooled off" randomly in the 'Narcissus' book. And then, a really damn cool double one, another of those where I'd not noted an incident until later, and precisely as I remembered to note it, it echoed/recurred again somehow. This time it was another "small"-type echo that had occurred while outside, when I'd read "rattling" precisely as a nearby woman's keys randomly rattled (for the first time ...) -- and then, about twenty minutes later after I'd gone inside and remembered it and decided to note it, at that precise instant another nearby woman, different than the first, rattled her keys, also for the first time and totally randomly, and with perfectly synchronistic/coincidental timing, haha.

Then, on the way home, a cool pair of "roadsign side echoing my objective/random thoughts precisely as they happened"-type ones, both very notable and explicit. The first was when the radio randomly sang out "go a-round," precisely as a big billboard reading "play a round" came into view from behind obstacles of some kind, another of those super-literal ones where the pause in the radio lyric's "a-round" echoed perfectly my registering/thinking of the sign's "a round," creating a sort of three-way echo between the radio, my thoughts, and the sign, and again ridiculously surreal (and it bears mentioning: I'd had another, very similar incident involving this exact same sign the last time I'd passed through on 76 on the way back to the beach, that time involving the "player"/tricked-out player's car one from a while ago, haha). And then, very similarly: I'd had a big long chain of thought ending with how it can be hard to get water/a well on remote properties, this thought being triggered by the 100% objective event of my passing a little shelter/RV property alongside the road and thus thinking about all that and the water issue of such a property, etc -- precisely as a water tower appeared from more roadsign obstacles, in that surreal "revealing" pattern of the other similar incidents today, with "MARCO RURAL WATER" printed on it, as to echo perfectly the basic thought I'd had of getting water on a remote/forested/rural property ...

Then a cool little "late" echo, this time involving a totally random cartoon I'd looked at just before bed. It started when my ears randomly popped, due to that weird detox reaction or whatever it is I was having last night (and again, first time, 100% randomly, when I was just sitting there on the couch, not changing altitude or something) -- and then, literally just a microsend afterward, I looked at a cartoon on the cartoon page I was holding and the first caption in the first panel was saying "My ears just popped, finally." There's more to this one, in that "can't convey it" way, though it's reasonable notable just in what can be written.


An odd day, different than any other lately, though still with the same basic variations of numbers and echo-y thought-type ones, with the thematic/parallels/"synchronistic state" longwinded-types still there (albeit less today, just the subtlest little repeats through the day).

Numbers were background-static 37-variant license plates to a moderate level, with several of those low-key/mildly conspicuous types in the mix, such as the "37-variant plate drifting directly into my line of sight" rather than the reckless-tailgater/other "shouting"-types. Did have a cool parking-lot-type one this afternoon at the market, when, after coming out, I realized that I wasn't encountering any (when I'd encountered several semi-conspicuous ones on the way in), though I still felt to be in that "synchronistic state" where I "should" be encountering them -- and then, a split second after I'd thought this, I encountered three in quick succession, wham-bam-style, and, I noticed, all on cars that were facing away from me when I'd had the thought, again ruling any any chance of subconscious suggestion, etc.

Only other number standout was another clock-tick-type one, when I turned my phone on and flipped it into view precisely as its clock ticked from 7:36 to 7:37 (and, it bears mentioning, I'd had no plans to turn it on and make the call I needed to, another Illogical Compelling, etc).

The day's thought-type incidents actually overshadowed the numbers today, reversing the most recent trend it seems. The first I noticed today was a weird sort of distorted/"half-there"-type recurrence, and one that was just really damn strange overall. It started with a sort of vague-thought-type thought I'd had early this morning with how I've been using coconut oil in some many ways, internally and massaging it and eating it and other uses, which thus made me randomly think "I've been doing everything but snorting the stuff" -- and then, about an hour later while reading that totally random days-old USA Today I'd been Compelled to fish out of the trash, there was an article in it about how there's now a "cacao snuff" being sold, where people effectively snort chocolate. I'm not sure if this one was just another weird little coincidence or not, since it's not precise beyond the theme of "snorting something healthy and not normally snorted"; but, then again, the timing and pattern were definitely there, and it very much "smelled" like an incident. I laughed about it anyhow.

From there, again had a scattered few very subtle/subjective little one-word-type echoes through the morning and on the way to lunch, before the phenomenon again "matured" during lunchtime reading, nearly instantly and as if on a switch, etc. All in all, had probably a dozen or so mild- to moderately notable thought/experience/nearby-stranger/reading-type echoes through the meal, again to the point of entering that surreal "synchronistic state"/"living-dream state." Examples I got down: finishing chewing a big bite, such that my teeth finally clicked loudly against one another, precisely as I came to "hard clicking" in the 'Narcissus' book; a somewhat "partial"/"distorted"/"antagonistic"-type of nearby-stranger echo, when a man sitting at a nearby table randomly said "I remember" at the precise instant I read "He could no longer remember"; wiping out my lap with my hand (and thinking distinctly-yet-absently about it, as is the case with so many of these), then resuming reading precisely at "hands in her lap."

Then, a cool singular "standalone" echo in Walmart, when I reached for this random phone on the clearance rack, with "ULTIMATE" printed directly in the middle in big letters, at the precise instant that "ultimate" sounded from the overhead intercom (I can't remember the rest of the sentence of the announcement's words, except that, once again, its "ultimate" overlapped perfectly synchronistically with my reading and registering the box's word, in that "striking" fashion that seems indicative of more-mature-type ones as opposed to the subtler/"quieter"-type ones that I had during lunch).

Then, at the gym about 1.5 hours later, had another of those sudden and busy clusters from out of nowhere, after a period of silence. It started with a very notable radio-type echo, beginning when I took my bag of stuff from the cubby after working out and, on the plastic bag (which was entirely random, chosen from a big bunch crumpled up behind the seat of the car), I absently-but-distinctly noticed (and Noticed) that it advertised a New York market, thus making me explicitly think "New York" -- precisely as the radio sang out something about "Welcome to New York" or something with New York, perfectly precise and timed with my thought. And, it bears mentioning that this song was playing before I grabbed the bag, but until then, I'd had my headphones in and my own music playing and hadn't heard anything from the in-house music until that first, coincidental line of "Welcome to New York" or whatever it was, again completely ruling out any chance of suggestion, etc.

Then, from there, I went on to have another great big cluster of those "smaller"/lunchtime-reading-style thought echoes while I did battle trying to get the new phone activated, with the radio and surrounding events echoing more or less about every other damn thing I was thinking or doing, albeit almost entirely in "small"/one-word/too-subtle-to-convey fashion.


Today was much like yesterday, really about the same in format and general assortment of incidents/"feel," but lower overall volume.

Still a pretty decent showing of numbers, beginning with random-sourced ones here and there in the morning, then again with a handful of license-plate 37s and such on the way to lunch, including another of those really cool "illogically Compelled to stop and let someone into traffic, only to have a 37 plate 'revealed' after they turn in, when it was previously 100% invisible to me,' this one there at the hotel resort and exactly like others of this type: stopped short despite it being somewhat dangerous to do so and the person probably even having time to get out if I'd just passed, only to have them pull out and reveal an 837 plate, etc.

From there matured, literally right at lunchtime when my order number for the coffee at McDonald's was again exactly 173, and another one that was notable in itself in the whole number-repeat-phenomenon context, but doubly so considering the circumstances of my visit (of being there at all, which was totally random and unplanned, and then the fact that I would "land" exactly at that order number at that exact time, due to all the crazy little things that happened this morning, all the little unexpected/left-field/out-of-nowhere/abnormal little time-sinks that all delayed me just a little here or there, such as having to stop at the office and get the package from Amazon since I couldn't over the weekend, and then, after discovering that something sticky in the package had opened up in transit and gotten all over my hands, I had to go into the bathroom and wash up before order, and all the other dozen or so little circumstantial things ...).

Did have at least one conspicuous-type of traffic incident that I can remember, a pretty notable and classically patternistic "reckless driver"-type one, this time a big, speeding Tahoe barrelling past me suicidally from an off-ramp, and thus "shouting"/"revealing" its 703 plate directly into my line of sight, haha.

And, another of those ridiculously surreal yet mostly subjectively notable-type of clock-tick ones, again when I turned on my phone and had the welcome-screen clock come up precisely as it ticked from 7:36 to 7:37 (again when I did so totally randomly and with more of those little circumstial details that just make these so recognizable and surreal to me).

Thought-wise, the day was again extremely echo-y, though again only periodically, with distinct periods of "radio silence" followed by sudden bursts of activity (and, always a qualitively distinct kind of activity, although almost always some type of echo-type variant as I've been having lately -- why have I seemed to make this sudden "transition" to generally echo-y/instantaneous/"synchronistic state"-type ones?).

The day followed that same pattern of late, almost to the letter again: vague/super-subtle/thematic-type parallels and recurrences spanning last night and early/late morning (a few more today than yesterday, for some reason, though again all just way too obscure/subjective to convey), followed by a cluster of lunchtime-reading echoes (these almost exclusively of those "small-but-striking" one-word types, usually between my reading the 'Narcissus' book and random thoughts/"chain-of-thought-ender"-type stuff and random words sung over the in-house radio at the restaurant, and these too without any conveyable standouts, despite their near-back-to-back succession at times, still managing to be ridiculously surreal anyhow). Then, after lunch and into late afternoon, had scattered "graduated"-type echoes, mostly involving the radio and thoughts and passing signs, etc. Some standouts:

> Another of those laughably cool "bilingual"-type ones, this time when I had to check a phone number that I thought started with two nines, which thus made me distantly think "nine, nine" as I pulled up the number on my phone, and then, perfectly synchronistic with the number appearing on my phone (which did indeed begin with two nines), the Spanish radio station I was listening to totally randomly said "nueve, nueve," Spanish for "nine, nine," echoing both my thought and the phone's displaying the two nines/my reading them, in another of those three-way-type of "blurs" (and, it bears mentioning: until that "nueve, nueve," there had been no citing of numbers on the station, just music and talk).

> Similarly, having another long, random chain of thought end with my wondering how much protein was in two scoops of that whey I've been eating, and then remembering that it was 30g (and, as it were, visualizing the big "30G OF PROTEIN" printed on the canister), precisely as the radio randomly said "THIRTY!," once again in perfect concert with the "thirty" in my thoughts/visualization being registered, as is the case with so many of these instant-thought-type echoes

There were quite a few more of these actually, and reasonably coherent/conveyable; I just honestly can't remember, with most of them just coming either so fast or when I was distracted in traffic and such (and isn't that a pattern, the more distracted/detached/"uncerebral" I am, the more incidents occur/more echoing happens?).


Big downtick today, back to another of those relatively quiet days that I've been having every now and then lately (always seeming to follow up a "bigger"/more-active day, it seems -- indicative of what?). Almost all day's activity was number-repeats, and most of these still 37-variants mostly of 2-3 digits on license plates in traffic, with some scattered randomly sourced ones thrown in the mix (have these ever really stopped in the last few years, without at least a handful of background-static mildly notable 37s coming at me in the usual ways? haha). Once again, first notice the phenomenon's "start-up" just after leaving the house for the day this morning, with a moderately present succession of license-plate numbers and such in traffic, and even a couple of those "quietly conspicuous"-type ones I've been having, where they are more than the "smaller"/background-static ones but not quiet the "loud"/"active"-type ones (for instance, later on, on the way home, a fire engine passed going the other way, forcing me and the car in front of me to the curb, and thus forcing me to get *just close enough* to the next car for its 307 plate to resolve, as well as be directly in my line of sight/where I was forced to focus due to the objective event, etc, etc).

Did have a biggish, reasonably surreal cluster start up immediately after leaving the clinic and heading to lunch, with probably a dozen or so moderately conspicuous repeats coming at me from every direction and stuff, but still even then, reasonably subtle and "quiet" in nature, without any standouts that translate well to text.

Thought-wise, only the slightest of echoes through the day, with barely even a few of those thematic/parallel-type recurrences. Failed to enter the "synchronistic state," it felt. Good for contrasting the less-quiet days ...


Another relatively quiet day, much like yesterday in terms of total volume. Numbers were again moderately present at times, but almost all low-key/subtle, still mostly 2/3-digit 37 variants on plates and several randomly in various places, with only a couple mildly conspicuous traffic-type incidents (and, I noticed, a marked absence of the parking-lot types again, except for maybe one or two at lunch that were very minor/potentially just chance).

Had one cool, sudden, "out of the blue" standout mid-afternoon at that random mechanic's place I stopped at to get the bike inspected. It was another of those "looking behind me precisely as a number-repeat plate passed directly into my line of sight," but different than most others of this kind, and more notable. It happened when I went to move my bike from the parking lot to the bay when they were readying for me, and I found a car with a flat tire behind my bike. Then, when the car's owner saw me coming, he got in and started moving it, and Just Happened to pull away precisely as I looked behind me to start walking the bike back, thus revealing a plate ending with 1111 (which were the only numbers on the plate, in the format of NC plates), and with this plate being completely invisible to me beforehand due to the angle of the car's parking, and also with it entering my line of sight when I looked back at *just that perfect, precise moment," as to be "revealed" in that surreally animated fashion that's so distinctive of these type of standouts. Really striking, and one of those 1111s that seem to have become increasingly rare over the last year or so (and especially on license plates, it seems).

Thought-wise, all I can remember is, first, a reasonable number of the super-vague/subjective/thematic parallels and recurrences through morning, again in that exact same format of very minor-yet-patternistically and collectively notable "symmetries" and the like between reading material/experiences/encounters/thoughts, etc (such as starting the tattoo book last night, which had a section about how you should seriously think about the permanence of your tattoo before you get it, and then this morning, in the totally random library-freebie copy of the Fast Company magazine, it had a little article about a new phone app that lets you preview how a tattoo might look on your body before you take the plunge -- maybe a dozen or so like that through the morning, again dismissible as coincidence out of the context of seeing so many in that same pattern).

I remember only a couple, also very subtle echo-type ones through the day (and, like the parking-lot types, a conspicuous absence of that lunchtime-reading cluster entirely; I don't remember there being a single one today). The only example I can remember is another of those single-word/"striking"-type ones, this one another where I passed a totally random sign precisely as the radio echoed what was on the sign (and precisely as I registered the one word), this time "view" on the radio precisely as a sign reading "Crest View" or something passed directly into my line of sight, with my registering/thinking the sign's "view" perfectly synchronistically with the radio word.

Then at dinnertime reading, another of those "involuntary bodily function"-type reading recurrences, again right at the start of dinner, like so many of these (seems like I never have them at lunch, always either at dinner or in the sauna). This time it was literally on the second sentence I read, when I had this odd, random, singular ache in my guts right after I took the first bite of dinner, not sure why, don't remember ever having one distinctly like this before -- with it coinciding perfectly synchronistically with my coming to "gut feelings" in the book, and again both singular and independent. I can't say it's impossible that I didn't read this subconsciously/peripherally and have it trigger the objective event of my having this weird, stray gut ache (which never repeated itself, as it were), but that would be pretty weird/"supernatural" in itself.


Another generally quiet day, though somewhat different, a different mix/ratio of incidents than yesterday or other quiet days. Had almost zero thought-type incidents again, with the exception of maybe 2 or 3 stray echo-y ones spanning the whole day, so scarce/subtle that even these could've just been chance, not reaching that point where I could clearly identify a pattern/repetition, etc. Really, the only remotely coherent activity was more of those super-subtle thematic-type ones, and again even these were few.

Did have a pretty cool triple recurrence today, more along the lines of a "classical"-type of reading/recurrence synchro. It started last night when, in that Robb Report magazine, I read the term "marque," the first I can ever remember reading of this term, such that I ended up looking it up for the definition. Then, this morning in another totally random library-freebie magazine (Dream Homes International, another first-time-reading-it mag that I was totally Compelled to get when I saw it), it mentioned the "Marquesas Islands" (also the first I'd ever heard of this place), which struck me as a sort of super-literal and "partial"-type echo of the "marque" theme, though I didn't note it at this point. Then over the course of the afternoon, I encountered the Marquesas Islands a second time, on a totally random bag of food or something on my totally random trip to Big Lots (again, zero plans of going there, not needing anything from there, just feeling Compelled), and I also want to say I saw it again, in some other random source, but I'm not sure about that.

Numbers were a little more present, but still relatively quiet, and mostly low-key/background-static-types (still predominantly 37-variants on license plates, though I did notice a higher amount of 44-variants today, mostly from random sources and such).

Did have a really damn cool sort of hybrid number-repeat/Compelling/intuitive-type one, another of those starkly notable ones that arrived singularly and out of the blue during a period of relative quiet. It started when I was trying to get into the left lane on the way to lunch, and I saw an opening, but immediately I felt that I shouldn't turn, because there was a car in the turn lane parallel to where I'd turn, and I'd hit the car if it happened to pull out as I was pulling in, with this thought accompanied by a distinct and urgent Compelling not to turn (despite my having zero reason to think that the car might randomly ditch the turn lane and pull into the through lane where I'd be turning, since it didn't have its blinker on or anything, and it would've been a reckless and spur-of-the-moment decision anyhow). Then, a split second after I thought this and decided not to turn, there goes the car from the turn lane, recklessly darting into the space I would've inhabited had I turned, 100% exactly as I'd been illogically Compelled to think would happen -- and then, to spice it up and make a double, the reckless-turning car had a 1073 plate, and also it was "revealed" to me in that surreally animated way, directly into my line of sight/perfectly timed, etc. Really damn cool and notable and somewhat unique.

Had another, more minor 37-plate standout later on, when, first, I came up upon a car with a 731 plate in that semi-conspicuous way where it was going relatively slowly, below the speed limit, and thus forced me to slow and get *just close enough* to see its plate. But then, about ten minutes later after I'd turned off into Goodwill and donated the load of stuff and then left, I came up directly behind the same car, in the turn lane turning where I was, which was mildly unlikely and notable considering that it had been continuing on the last I saw it as I turned off. But then, after we'd turned back onto the road and I'd overtaken it, a few minutes later, there it is again, barreling past me and others semi-recklessly, such that I encountered its plate 3 times total, in a somewhat "intelligent" manner of persistence.

Then tonight had another spat of "late"/dinnertime-reading thematic recurrences, again all too subjective to convey but really damn striking despite this, with there being probably a dozen or more within the space of the ~2 hour reading/web session. So damn freaky and surreal.


Bit of an uptick today but still generally quiet. First incidents in the day that I remember were another spattering of very subtle echoes beginning late morning/towards lunchtime, with a slight maturation during lunchtime reading, eventually culminating in some late-lunchtime standouts:

> Having a long and random chain of thought end with "transition game," in regards to how my health had been going back and forth so fast through the morning, forcing me to do the "transition game" shifting of thoughts, etc -- and then, when I resumed reading the 'Ink' book (I'd turned it to a fresh page and set it down just before I'd had the transition-game thought), the heading of the new section was "TRANSITION," directly at the top of the new page. And, I'm about 99.9% certain that I didn't see the page for even the briefest time after turning to that page and setting it down, thus ruling out any chance that I saw it peripherally and was subconsciously suggested (and, besides that, I can again 100% trace my thought to the objective event of my health condition improving a few moments before that, thus making me "change up" my thoughts/consciousness, etc, and thus making me think of this "transition game" approach)

> Another "resuming reading and having the first, random word my eyes fell on be echoed by a nearby stranger," but this one was especially surreal and notable and striking. This time, the word my eyes fell on in the book was "NOs," in the context of the plural of "no," and meant to be exclamatory/"loud," hence the capitalization -- precisely as the barista behind the counter, across the room, randomly shouted out "NO!," this for the first time ever in all the time I'd been there, and coinciding absolutely perfectly synchronistic with my reading/registering the text, and completely, 100% precise in context even, as to be just utterly blatant and "ridiculously surreal," etc

> A coherent standout-ish example of the morning/early-afternoon cluster of subtle/subjective/"distorted"-type echoes: at the beginning of lunch, randomly thinking of how I'm somewhat addicted to the sauna and its liver/blood cleansing despite its side effects that come with doing it every day, with my distinctly thinking of how it's such a weird addiction to have -- then, maybe 20-30 minutes later in the 'Ink' book, while explaining why you shouldn't do certain things after getting a tattoo and then how you eventually could, it had this sentence: "You can go back to your other vices -- swimming, sauna," thus echoing reasonably precisely the general theme of "sauna addiction/habit"; had a lot in this general vein today

Then early evening, another sudden, singular, standout echo (though of a non-instant variety). It was very much like that one involving the cartoon and the "ears popping" the other day, though not quite instant: upon getting home, I felt that terrible overheated sensation and the accompanying urgent desire to distinctly retreat into somewhere dark, cool, and quiet to collect myself and shrug off the inflammatory nastiness or whatever brings that about, as to have the distinct thoughts of "get into the dark cool and drop out/disconnect" -- then, maybe 30 seconds or a minute later, I sat down the choose tomorrow's cartoon and clip it from the paper, and the very first one I looked at involved a woman finding her husband in a closed closet eating her candy bar, and he tries to explain that he just likes to go into the dark closet every now and then, "You know, to spend some alone time in a quiet, dark space to meditate," thus almost perfectly echoing what I'd just been thinking before (when I was across the room and completely out of sight/proximity to the cartoon on the entryway table, and, again, I can 100% trace my thoughts to the objective event of having that terrible feverish state from being outside, etc).

Numbers were pretty much like the last couple days, though somewhat less conspicuous-heavy than yesterday. Again had them "arrive" almost immediately after I left for lunch, and again mainly 37-variants on license plates, some of them "arriving" into my line of sight in semi-conspicuous/"animated" fashion, etc. Had a cool triple parking-lot one at the coffee shop, when, first, the totally random parking space I was Compelled into again was directly beside a car with a 37 plate, and then, when I came out over an hour later, that car was gone but the two that had parked beside me in the meantime both had 37 plates, haha.

Only other number-standout I can remember is another of those "arriving into earshot of a cashier at the store at the precise instant they quote a 37-variant-containing price to the next customer in line," this time at the grocery store when, after momentarily "browsing" the lanes for the shortest one, I'd chosen it and walked up precisely as the cashier said "$13.37," 100% patternistic of others like this, haha. (Cute little after-the-fact footnote on this one: when I logged the receipt from it, I saw that the timestamp was exactly "13:07:40," haha.)


Today stayed like lately in format/feel/types of incidents, but with less overal activity.

First number "event" of the day was again soon after leaving for lunch, when I made a totally, 100% Compelled random turn-around to head somewhere totally unplanned for lunch, only to find myself pulling directly past a parked truck with a 730 plate (the only vehicle in the lot, and again with the plate gliding directly into my line of sight in that patternistic way). Other than that, rest of the day's moderate amount of numbers were again almost all just background-static 2- and 3-digit 37-variants on license plates coming in the established semi-conspicuous/low-key fashion as of late, again enough to be present but not "shouting."

Thought-wise, had literally a couple of small-but-surreal instant-thought/feeling echoes. The first was when I was on the toilet and, precisely as I had a big release and I was picking up a magazine to read, the first word that my eyes fell on in the magazine article was "crap," again in that perfectly patternistic/random/explicit/perfectly synchronistic fashion of these "randomly resumed reading on a word that echoed perfectly an objective event." And then, similarly except of the radio/thought-type, when I was on the way out the park, I had to round a coned-off little patch of the road where some potholes had just been patched, as to turn the wheel somewhat abruptly and "swing-y," with my absently-but-distinctly thinking "have to swing around" -- precisely as "around" sang randomly from the radio, again with it and my thought coinciding perfectly synchronistically.

Lunchtime reading saw a little cluster of echoes today, distinctly unlike yesterday. Most were too subtle/in-the-moment to convey, but did have a reasonable number of standouts/more-coherent ones, this seeming to coincide with a mild lifting of that terrible headsickness/confusion I've had the last couple days. Examples:

> A nearby-stranger-type echo when, precisely as I spooned up the first bite of my quasi-dessert and thus thought of the Stevia in it and had the absent-but-distinct thought of "sweet," some random person across the restaurant said loudly, "It was so sweet," again totally random and singular and perfectly synchronistic on both accounts, as to achieve that ridiculously surreal quality that so many of these possess

> A damn cool "pictorial" one, also involving a nearby stranger. This time, precisely as I came to that weird illustration of the hunch-backed old man with a cane in the fasting book, the lady at the table next to me (but at an angle from which she couldn't see what I was reading) randomly said "Granny is so feeble" -- which not only echoed the thrust of the picture with high precision (of "old" and "degenerated," etc), but also echoed my in-the-moment thought/perception/reaction to the picture too. Also, it bears mentioning that she might've said "Grandad" instead of "Granny" (I didn't hear much more than the "Gran-," but then, in the next sentence, she mentioned "Grandad," so it might've been this), which, if so, would've upped the notability/precision even more, since the picture was male/"grandfatherly."

Had a weird and cool and somewhat unique little standout-ish echo at the market, though I'm not sure how notable it was or what it's exact nature was. It started when I went to punch in the item code on the self-checkout screen for the pepper I was buying, 94688, precisely as I heard behind me "94688," again with my reading/registering/voicing aloud in my mind the numbers, with absolute perfect synchronistic "echoing" as if the person was reading my thoughts and chorusing me in a song. At first this one seems hugely notable, because I thought the echo involved someone at the checkout behind me entering the exact same number that I was, but then afterward, I turned around to see the self-checkout attendant standing there and she repeated to me the number, having seen me looking at the produce to get the number off the sticker and thinking she'd help me out with it. Still, even then the absolutely perfect precision of the echoing of my thoughts/registering of the numbers and her reciting them just then, it was so explicit and perfectly timed that I would think it's still notable (though I suppose not out of the realm of coincidence, given the logical nature of the incident).

Also, had a cool continuation of that obscure little "Marqau-" reading recurrence from yesterday. It actually started last night when, in the 'Ink' book, it had a quote from someone named "Carl Marquadt," which, considering the rarity of the name (or for me at least; I'd never seen that name before) and the relatively recent recurrence of the multiple other "Marqua"-s, I found mildly notable but not enough to write down -- but then today, at the very end of the book, it randomly mentioned the Marquesas Islands, just as I'd seen in those two totally random and unconnected places before, and even more notable considering the completely offhand nature of its mention, and the fact that I'd already begun reading the book before experiencing the other recurrences, etc.

Had a minor thought-echo upon getting home, sort of in the vein of those two cartoon-type echoes I had recently (of a more "visual" variety it seems). It started when, right as I keyed the door to come inside the house, I was struck by the random thought of that waterfall/koi climbing the waterfall metaphor from the book last night, which thus made me distinctly think "waterfall," and then, about five minutes later when I opened up that totally random and generic birthday card I got to day from the doctor's office in the mail, I opened it up to find its front to be a big picture of a waterfall (on a birthday card, oddly). The timing was relatively there but far from perfectly synchronistic, same for the precision and patternistic element, but another that could've just been coincidence.


Another oddly quiet day, despite both travel and a distinct improvement in health/shift in consciousness, etc. Day started with more of those super-subtle morning recurrences/thematic-type incidents, all of these too subjective to convey, etc. Then towards lunch had some equally subtle/low-key echoes start up, until once again the phenomenon matured during lunchtime reading, graduating into the "striking"-type of "small"/one-word echoes and the like, until I eventually had a really damn cool standout come out of nowhere. It centered on another of those "reading precisely what a nearby stranger is doing, precisely as the stranger does it," and it was even nearly identical to another of these types I had recently at Publix a few weeks ago or so, involving the old folks getting up from the table and walking conspicuously feeble/troubled just as I read about it. This time it was my reading in the fasting book the passage: "[...] watch the average person hobble along. Their feet, knees, legs, spine and head seem to be cemented" -- precisely as a man who'd been sitting behind me at the restaurant (invisible to me until then, as it were) got up from his table and walked past, and it was another older man, and not only was he walking feebly/generally as echoed in the book, but almost *perfectly precisely so,* with a conspicuously stiff/"cemented" gait where he moved his legs and left arm and everything almost entirely without bending his joints, exactly as described in every way (and, one more notable point: his only bend was in his wildly swinging right arm, yet the book mentioned everything *but* the arms -- again, about as super-precise as could be). Then, upping the notability even higher, this one had a vague-thought-type element too, when, just maybe fifteen minutes before this, I'd walked to the curb to dump out my cup of ice into the grass, and both noticed/Noticed how lithely/fluently/"swingingly" I walked in doing so -- which is, as it were, exactly what the book was describing at the time more or less, that a "young" person walks fluently/"uncemented," etc. A damn surreal and cool and ridiculously notable one.

Also, another example of the lunchtime echoes, though far more minor than the old-man one: a recurrence of systemic enzyme supplements, beginning this morning when, totally randomly upon opening the crypt cabinet in the kitchen where I throw all my spare supplements, I was greeted to the sight of the old bottle of systemic enzymes I'd put in there years ago, and again both noticed/Noticed it in that special patternistic way -- and then, a couple hours later in the fasting book, it randomly mentioned systemic enzymes supplements, and again for the first time I'd read about such supplements in at least several months if not far longer, except for my Just Happening to flash myself with the sight of mine and Notice them that morning ... Had probably a dozen or so of this vague-but-patternistic nature throughout the day again.

Afternoon saw more echoes, and these of the radio/thought instant-thought-manifestation-type that seem to arise during afternoon driving, but not that many, eventually petering out into "silence" by early afternoon again. Did however have one of those sudden and "out of the blue" standouts, a cool double/hybrid type. It started with another "striking" one-word, when the radio sang out "in!" prominently/conspicuously, precisely as I came upon a random roadside sign for something-or-other "Inn," with my reading/registering the "Inn" perfectly synchronistic with the word, like most of the dozen or so random echoes this afternoon. But then, when this caused me to think of how with that one there'd been enough to write it down, some kind of vague note about "several random echoes in afternoon," the radio sang out "echoes" in the next verse, echoing my thought perfectly synchronistically, and bringing about that ridiculously surreal/"synchroshock" effect, it was just so striking, the classic "one-two."

All I remember about numbers this day was that there weren't many, especially not for a heavy-travel day, and they were almost exclusively the 2- or 3-digit 37-variants on license plates and in random spots, with few if any "conspicuous"-types.


Another somewhat unique day, different than yesterday but not quite so low-key, though not exceptionally "active," and this again despite a reasonable improvement in health and a reasonable amount of travel. It was another day where number-type activity predominated, and in a fashion that was reasonable notable in itself. During the abnormal morning highway-drive north, I noticed a near-absolute lack of numbers, even the "smallest" two-digit 37-variant on passing plates (and I passed quite a few over the driving session, the road being busy with commuters). But then, again almost immediately after lunch, they not only appeared but exploded somewhat, going from nothing to a near-storm-level of background-static 37s on plates and other sources, with a good number of conspicuous ones thrown in the mix.

Had more of those cool double/overlap types too, the first one really damn surreal but in a way that doesn't really translate to text. It started with another of those "car arriving at off-ramp and forcing me to slow down, only to reveal a 37 plate with it 'sliding'/'drifting' directly into my line of sight," this time a 7035 plate that was again notable in itself, with that subtle/subjective "animated"/"intelligent" quality -- but then, as I watched it appear, it filed directly beside another car with such a plate, a 7173, and again they "equalized" in that perfectly surreal/precise way where the two numbered plates were directly side-by-side and parallel (and, it bears mentioning, even the car to the left was another "drifter"/"appeared directly into line of sight in patternistic fashion"-type one, and like yesterday's one-two with the "inn" and "echoes," it all combined to just bring about a ridiculously surreal experience I just can't put into words, absolute living-dream.

Then, another double later on, a parking-lot type one, not nearly as notable or surreal but still moderately so. It was at the Lowes parking lot as I was going out and simply encountered (in that totally random, patternistic fashion of these) another two conspicuous 37-variant plates side by side.

Then later on, at the market, another of those "cashier quoting a 37-variant price precisely as I entered a line/came into earshot in a patternistically random/Compelled fashion," this time with the cashier quoting "three-seventy-seven" to the next customer precisely as I got in line, 100% exactly like others except for the different variant. Plus there was more to this one too, a whole extra incident that's just too complicated and subjective to convey but still hugely notable anyhow.

And again did have the minor recurrences/thematic-types through the day to varying degrees, though fewer of these than lately, just enough to again note that "they were there, for what it's worth."

Then, a couple very cute and notable little "late" number repeats this evening: first, a double clock-tick when, precisely as I took my watch out of the truck and put it on and looked at it, after having it off all afternoon, the digital second timer clicked to 37, and the time Just Happened to be 7:30 exactly. Also, after getting the weird two birthday cards from the parents along with the month's payroll check, I put the two checks together and noticed their two numbers: 3701 and 5173, haha.


Day was generally quiet as of writing, with another very light smattering of morning/early-afternoon recurrences and the like, again all too vague/subtle, etc, in the most recent pattern. At lunchtime, did have another little and sudden cluster of those distinctly echo-type ones, and this one was unique, somewhat unlike others, with it all centering almost exclusively on a nearby-stranger-type conversation between two people at the table behind me throughout the meal (maybe because they were the only people/"active"/"living" things in earshot?). Though almost all the echoes were super-subtle/can't be conveyed and/or one-word "small" types that could be individually dismissed, collectively it was hugely notable and just downright ridiculously surreal, with no less than two dozen small one-word perfectly synchronistic echoes between my reading and their conversation, but also with about five or six somewhat vague but ultimately still precise and striking thematic-type, longwinded, not-quite-perfectly-synchronistic echoes, which were also somewhat unique to this particular incident. Some examples of these: the woman randomly saying "I was shivering" precisely as I came to section in the book about coldwater bathing/the Ice Bear Club/people on the shore being cold in the book; coming to "We are a nation of sitters" in the book precisely as the man randomly mentioned "sitting around" or something of that nature; coming to a random section about "slimming movie stars in Hollywood" about two or three seconds before the people randomly talked about "weighing only 130 pounds" and doing "acting work" or something of that nature; coming to "Just sleep and rest -- nothing else!" in the book, just before the woman said "We just laid in bed all day"; and then, this one perfectly synchronistic in timing instead of looser like the others, the woman saying "eat healthy" precisely as I came to "eat to increase thy strength, health" in the book. Ultimately, with all these combined along with just the sheer length/volume/"clustery-ness" of it all, ended up being ridiculously surreal again in a way that simply defies words.

Also of note: another post-lunch 37-plate driving-session number-explosion, exactly like the pattern of so many of these past, though again without any real standouts/overly conspicuous types. Also in this vein, had another of those parking-lot clusters just after lunch too, when, at the BE plaza, I encountered no less than six or seven while walking the parking lot, again in that low-key but very present way, where they were just coming from "everywhere."

Then had a little cluster of "later"-type ones, on the highway just before I stopped driving for the day (this corresponding with another of those sudden improvements in health/energy/clarity of mind and consciousness, etc). I first noticed a sudden resurgence of license-plate numbers after a conspicuous absence for the last couple hours prior (which, as it were, felt very much to signal my "entry" into that "synchronistic state," as I'm more and more beginning to identify in a patternistic fashion). Then, soon after, had a corresponding cluster of striking one-word/"small"-type "instant thought echoes," probably around a dozen or so, reasonably intense at times. A couple standouts: when I pulled into a rest area (totally randomly, another of those where I turned in semi-recklessly on the spur of the moment, feeling Compelled), precisely as "take a rest" sang from the radio, haha; then, the most striking and coherent/notable of this cluster, when I came up behind a Miata on the highway that was going reasonably slow, such that I had to slow quite a bit and thus take distinct notice of the car, and then, right as I got close to it and saw that its plastic back window was vibrating in a conspicuous and distinct way (which I distinctly registered in my mind as "vibrating window"), the radio sang out "the vibration," perfectly synchronistic and precise.


Day was like lately overall, still with the same format/mix of low-key semi-conspicuous numbers, thematic recurrences, and thought-echo-type incidents to varying degrees through the day. And again held to that pattern of a slow, gradual start-up right around lunchtime, followed by a slow graduation/build-up in fits and starts through lunchtime and afternoon, until mid-afternoon saw a sort of peak of coherence/conspicuousness before tapering into "silence" by early evening again.

Numbers were very low-key today, with only the barest scattering of license-plate and random-sourced 37s through morning and even on way to lunch (just a few license plates that I remember, along with some very low-key random ones, such as my Just Happening to encounter two electronic thermostats in random places, with each Just Happening to read 73 degrees when I passed). After lunch, even after I got on the highway, they didn't immediately "explode" as happens so regularly, instead taking longer than "usual" to start up, but once they did, they hit that sort of "plateau" of the low-key/semi-conspicuous level.

Did have a really cool standout, another of those "double"/overlapping types, much like the two animatedly equalized plates on the 17th. It started with my encountering a tractor and trailer with a 7305 plate, which, besides being of that "persistent" type where I kept overtaking the truck only to somehow end up getting passed by it again and again such that its plate was repeatedly "flashed" at me, this one in particular also had several other semi-notable markings/letterings/numbers on it (two 171s on the trailer, in particular, when I've noticed an increase in 17 variants the last few days, the 117/171/1717-type in particular) though these were again of that thematic/subjective/too-subtle-to-convey variety. In any case, at one point, after repeatedly being flashed with this truck's plate, a car suddenly turned from in front of the truck, thus first revealing its 377 plate (directly in my line of sight again ...), but then, as it slowed somewhat and eased back, its plate and that of the truck equalized/lined up in that ridiculously surreal and precise and patternistic "animated"/"orchestrated"/"intelligent" fashion. Definitely a new kind of incident here/pattern now established. (Also bears mentioning that until the car suddenly pulled right from in front of the truck, it had been 100% invisible to me, as to make it just that much more surprising/striking/impressive, etc.)

Had an equally minor cluster of small/one-word echoes right at the same time as the similarly subtle/less-notable number cluster on the way to lunch, these echoes of that vague/"half-there"/not perfectly precise-yet notable-type. Best example was two that came back-to-back right before lunch when I was checking the menu of that random coffee shop on my phone, when I read "desserts" or "sweet things" or something of that nature on the menu, whatever their header was for the dessert section, precisely as the radio randomly said "sweets," and then, a split second later, as I scrolled down to the coffee menu and saw that they served Americanos, the radio randomly said "American," both characteristic of these vague/distorted/half-theres that are, nonetheless, perfectly synchronsitic in timing, as to still be notable and striking for all their distortion/lack of precision (which, coincidentally, reflected my pre-lunch/calories soupy state of mind/consciousness -- but why is this only reflected sometimes but not others?).

Had another of those periodic silences/ebbs mid-afternoon, only to have another sudden, late-ish cluster of more-coherent/striking/very precise one-word echoes, probably around a dozen again and all coming within a 30-minute or so window, and almost all of them spanning random radio lyrics and random passing billboards as I got into town, along with my thoughts/reactions/perceptual registerings of these as is patternistic. Few standout-ish examples: the radio singing out "second" precisely as I read/registered "seconds" on a billboard (seems like this one did the "emerging" thing, but I can't say 100%); similarly, "boots" on the radio precisely as I saw/registered this giant billboard dominated with a giant pair of cowboy boots, which I registered distinctly in my mind as "boots"; and then "banking" on the radio precisely as I registered a sign about banking.


The quietest day in a while, for everything. All I noticed was some very minor/background-static/subtle numbers and though echoes just before lunch, and then equally scattered ones through the rest of the afternoon followed by another dead-silent evening. During lunchtime reading, I definitely saw what felt to be that "start-up" of thought echoes, but it never really went anywhere. Very odd. Again notable only in a negative sense -- why the sudden lull after so much activity (no travel today maybe?).


Today was like yesterday more or less, still generally quiet, with mostly just low-key numbers and echoes, again just enough to be "there" without being especially conspicuous nor clustery, just some scattered mild to moderate incidents in both fields through the day. Numbers were the quietest in a while really, with the most-conspicuous of them being just a couple license-plate turn-outs and the like.

Thought-wise, had the scattered one-word non-striking-types through the day, much like yesterday, with the exception of a handful of slightly more graduated/complex/coherent/"striking" types. Two standouts in this line: the first was this morning, another exceptionally notable and striking/"animated" one that came out of the blue after an almost total silence both before and after. It was another "scrolled to something randomly on the phone precisely as the radio echoed it as randomly," this time even more dramatic and "animated" because the phone part came in a random text that I got unexpectedly from the doctor while turning on the phone just to get directions to that very doctor, with it telling me that they were running a few minutes behind and that I should just "have a seat" -- precisely as the radio randomly sang out "sit down," again with my receiving the text/scrolling to and reading/registering the "have a seat" with perfectly synchronistic coincidence with the radio lyric, both 100% patternistic of others of these "animated" phone/radio sorts and also just damn surreal. Then, later in the afternoon at the market, another of those "nearby stranger echoing what I read randomly on a supplement bottle," this time a woman down the aisle randomly saying "strip" precisely as I randomly read "stripped" on a supplement bottle (made a little more notable by the fact that the additional randomness of my even looking at that bottle in the first place, etc). Had several others along these lines, but they were of the "smaller"/too-subjective sort.


Day was still generally subdued and quiet like last few, but did have some activity here and there. Most prominent was a ton of a newish sort of vague/super-sublte/thematic-type of incident coming repeatedly throughout the day, these all collectively ridiculously surreal and notable but every single one just about way too subjective/contextual/complicated to convey. Just no words for this. So incredible though somewhat terrifying.

Had almost nothing through morning, and even at lunchtime reading and into early afternoon, though did have a sudden and noticeable "turn on"/"start-up" of numbers once I started traveling after lunch, especially once I got on the highway and really got "moving," both mentally and physically (as seems to have happened other times in the past). Numbers went from just low-key/two-and-three-digit license-plate types, to a moderate to high amount of these, at times approaching "onslaught" levels, though with only a couple mildly conspicuous ones in terms of standouts, none that I can specifically remember/convey. Then had the sudden appearance of those tractor-and-trailer/"transport"-type ones, which were again conspicuously absent the last couple days, and even on the first leg of the day's highway travels, before suddenly "coming on" in that patternistic fashion, again with a near-steady succession of 73-variant-covered trucks, no less than 5 or 6 and all in a cluster, as to be moderately notable just from a patternistic standpoint.

But then, right at the very end of this sudden succession of trucks, had a damn cool standout, when I came up on one where, on the trailer's dirty back panel, someone had "written" in the dirt several messages about Jesus and the like, including a "John 3:16," followed by three more verse numbers below it -- the last of which was a big "17:3," haha. This was again notable in itself, but then much moreso in the context of it being the 6th or 7th truck in a row to have a 37 variant on it, but then got even more notable when I had a radio echo. This one wasn't perfectly synchronistic, being about a 5-6 second delay, but still pretty notable: right after I read the "John 3:16" and thought of it distinctly in my mind, the song on the radio randomly quoted it, haha.

Plus a classical recurrence, reading/book-type: today I passed through a Murfressboro, TN, the first I'd ever seen/heard of this place -- and then, a couple hours later while reading the basketball book, it randomly mentioned that very same town (and for the first time there too, as is patternistic of these). Again: notable in itself, but then even moreso considering the context of my being in this part of the state today, as to pass through this Murfreesboro, when I'd first planned on going south to New Orleans, then had all sorts of crazy changes of plans until I eventually was semi-forced to randomly get on I-24E for want of a better road east, which thus sent me through Murfreesboro ...


Day was generally quiet/low-key like lately, but I did have another of those sudden and moderately intense clusters that arrived almost immediately after I left for the morning, beginning with a pretty good amount of smallish/two- and three-digit/low-key traffic numbers (mostly 37 variants but also several 1111s I noticed, interestingly after I had several suddenly last evening too), plus some moderately notable one-word "striking"-type of thought-echoes. One standoutish example of these: precisely as I had to randomly turn off the road and check the GPS since I'd been going the wrong way, and then turn around again in a little sidestreet, the radio randomly sang out "every time I turn around," perfectly synchronistic with my initiating the turnaround in the driveway, and totally patternistic of these as well.

From there, had only a few similarly low-key (yet striking) thought echoes and numbers through the afternoon, though none really of standout levels. Did have a cute little 37-repeat mid-afternoon, when I came home and randomly turned on the phone only to have it show exactly 3:37 on the welcome-screen clock, when in reality it was 4:37 (because I'd changed timezones since last turning the phone on).


Can't remember specifics of the day, too much driving and spinning and headsick. Noted some parking-lot numbers early on, which seemed to be significant but I can't remember exactly how. Do remember a pretty cool license-plate-type standout just after lunch, another of those "stopping randomly at an intersection directly behind a four-digit 1173 plate," but this one had a twist, in the context, because I'd just decided on my course for the day's travel (totally randomly again, just aimlessly choosing a route east-ish) and hence taken this road, which thus led to me Just Happening to be at this intersection with the 1173 car (it felt like an "answer" to my choice of route somehow, like "okay, you're going the 1173, then," though I might just be reading this into it).

Numbers again "cut out" through much of mid-afternoon, only to again suddenly and "loudly" resume late-evening, with a large amount of low-key/semi-conspicuous license-plate and other random 37s and the like, approaching near-storm levels but not quite (much like in TN the other day, almost exactly the same both in content and pattern/time of day/"feel" of it). This time, though, noticed a distinct lack of accompanying thought-type activity (perhaps reflective of my odd mental state at the time, fatigued from day of driving and also in that terrible headsick state that came out of nowhere?).

Had another slow start-up of the recent trend of lunchtime reading thought-echos, with another gradual ramp-up from striking one-words early on, then graduating into slightly more-coherent ones for a brief period before tapering off after I got driving. One cool standout was when I noticed/Noticed, for the first time ever, an app on the phone called "Reminders," a split second before the radio at the coffee shop randomly sang out "reminder!" and this was another of those contextually more-notable ones, because I can distinctly remember that striking-yet-totally illogical and baseless Noticing of the Reminders icon, with it "jumping out" in that distinctive and attention-grabbing way of these, and I also distinctly remember this Noticing occurring once again just *before* the lyric, yet so slightly before that it might well have been perfectly synchronistic, etc.

Rest of the afternoon, had only vague echoes if that, with the only standout-ish one when I was in that random gas-station bathroom I'd stopped at, and I noticed suddenly how remarkably clean it was, sparkling even, a split second before I looked at the door and saw, on the little "cleaned by" sheet and pen, that in the "comments" section someone had written "muy limpios," Spanish for very clean (which was also kind of a mild q-and-a-type, because just in the last couple days sometime I'd been trying to remember what "clean" was in Spanish, and this reminded me). This one wasn't wholly illogical/random, given that the bathroom was so clean and so it's not unlikely that someone would write it there, but the timing/"feel"/"animated shout" quality of it felt like an echo. Hard to judge this one.

Have had less thematic-type ones the last couple days, I've noticed, with only the slightest of them, with the exception of one that was either a standout in this vein or maybe just an unclassifiable one, not sure. It's been a stark theme of "slow down," beginning when the truck's breakdown and then the discovery that it would still go in the low gear and maintain 50MPH okay, with thus made me think originally "okay, so the trip's slowing down/I'm slowing down," something like that. Then, in several super-vague/subtle-type sources over the next day or so, had a bunch of "slow down" thematics/subtles in various fashions and levels of notability/randomness come up, though only enough to take note subjectively without writing it down. Next, though, it hit "coherency" when, as I was leaving the TN hotel and checking out, the clerk woman totally randomly told me to be careful driving, and to "slow down!," repeating this two or three times, which was mildly notable in itself given the context/prior repeats, but moreso given that I'd said/done nothing to provoke her randomly telling me this so distinctly. Then, as if to stress the point, the first song on the radio when I got in the truck a minute later had the chorus of "I'm gonna take it slow just as fast as I can," with the theme of slow, relaxed driving underlying the song, haha.

And then tonight, another of those late-and-classical reading recurrences I've been having here and there recently, and this one almost exactly like the last one, with my randomly learning of a town only to have it echoed soon after. This time it was French Lick, IN, home of Larry Bird as I read in the basketball book, first time I'd ever heard of this place ever -- and then, tonight in another of those super-random Google searches that led me somewhere totally unexpected, I saw an ad for a fasting resort in French Lick, haha.


Another mostly-quiet/periodic day like last few, and still in the same format of low-key/semi-conspicuous traffic and random numbers (and still mostly 37-variants). Only real number standout I can recall was a minor-yet-notable one, another of those "randomly having a reading session end on a 37-variant page number of some kind," but this time with a twist, when, first, it was the very final page I read in the basketball book, #307 exactly, but also, contextually, it was somewhat more notable because I'd read it at all. As it were, the book's format was odd, such that the notes/references section preceded the acknowledgements, and since I never read the notes (and usually don't the acknowledgements either, but I only did today because I had some more time/lunch to eat and hence just wanted something to read) I almost just closed up the book then and there, but I went ahead because I had time and flipped through, only to find and read the acknowledgements, and have it Just Happened to "send" me to a 307 at the end.

Other than that, it was another of those largely silent thought-type days. Had only the slightest of echoes at lunch, with the only one I can remember being a half-there/distorted, albeit perfectly synchronistically timed reading-type one, when a passing waitress randomly bumped into a chair at my table, sending it rocking back and forth on its legs but not quite tipping over, precisely as I randomly came to "tipsy" in the basketball book, which perfectly described the chair's motion albeit in a non-literal/more visceral way (again first, singular time for both of these events, reading the word or having the waitress even pass by, much less knock the chair about).

Then mid-afternoon, another of those striking, reasonably notable sudden echoes from out of the blue, this time a thought/registering/radio one. It started when, while driving through miles of backroad highway, I randomly passed this little neon-pink house at roadside, precisely as the radio randomly sang "pretty pink." And again, the context ups the notability significantly, with this being the first weird little pink house I'd seen not just that day, but in ... months? years? ever? And, same for the song, with the "pretty pink" being a refrain but it was the first time it had been spoken in the song. Also, totally patternistic in that the song's lyric coinciding perfectly synchronistically with my seeing the house and registering "pink" in my mind, thus fitting into that distinct thought-echo pattern of these.


Can't remember too many specifics, writing this long after the fact due to trip driving, etc. Seems like day was mostly low-key numbers and some standouts of various kinds, conspicuous-traffic and otherwise, along with more scattered echo-y thought-type incidents of the kind I've been having so much lately.

First I wrote down was a pretty cool "randomly looking at clock in a patternistically/contextually notable way, only to be struck with a 37," this time when I was at the hotel and I had to switch around the plugs for the refrigerator when I mysteriously wouldn't run, thus unplugging the phone charger and then plugging it back in, which therefore lit up the phone's screen, thus flashing the "9:37" on its clock. Another one of those that could easily be coincidence were it not for the heavily patternistic context of it all, and the subjective "feel" of it.

After that, I remember having a reasonably noticeable and extremely patternistic mini-storm of 37-variants in traffic just after lunch, again corresponding with both travel and an improvement in health/consciousness/shift in state, etc, after another conspicuous lull. One standoutish one I remember is another conspicuous-traffic ones, this time a truck coming up behind me semi-recklessly before slowing down, thus forcing me to take notice of it and look in my rearview, and thus see its backwards 1307 on its bumper (would go on to have a nearly identical one like that the next day, today, when I was patternistically drawn to look in my mirror and saw another backwards 307 on some conspicuous car or truck or something).

One really cool number standout a little later in the afternoon, a sort of weirdly surreal double, another of those "synchronicity being echoed by a second synchronicity"-type ones. It started when I stopped off to write down the note about the 1307 backwards-mirror truck incident and general cluster of numbers as cited above, and then, immediately after I put my notebook down and then got back on the road, I encountered two signs with blatant 37-variants, the first a phone number of "730-1730," and then, some feet away from it, a highway sign reading "JCT 37," both of these seeming to "answer" my noting/thinking of the prior number incidents I'd just written the note for -- a thought-echo of these, perhaps? And of course, both of these signs, though just nearby while I was writing a note, were 100% invisible to me while I was doing so, being just around a bend with an angle that forbade me from seeing them beforehand, haha.

Had two of those "doubles" again today too, very close to each other at some point in the afternoon driving. First one: seeing a truck with a prominent 307 on its trailer, and then having 37-plate car drift up and pass the truck on the left, such that the plate and the truck's 307 again "equalized"/aligned in that patternistic and surreally animated way. Second: seeing a car with a 1173 plate precisely as it went under a bridge with a big "17ft 3in" sign on it, again aligning/equalizing with perfect symmetry, haha.

Seemed to have an above-average number of standoutish randomly-sourced 37 repeats through the day, such as when at the health food store, passed by a display of joint formulas with big "7s" on the boxes, with three boxes lined up as to form a "777." Seems like there were more than usual, and forming a loose type of pattern this day, with that one standing out in my mind in particular.

Thought-wise, I remember having again only some scattered echoes at the tail-end of lunch (no lunchtime-reading cluster that I remember, as seems to be the trend now -- why the sudden ceasing of these?), almost all of them the striking-yet-"small"/one-word types. One example: seeing/registering a sign reading "Life Church" along the road, at the precise instant the radio randomly sang out "life," again with my registering the sign's "life" corresponding with absolute precision on the radio lyric in that patternistic way. Seems like I had only a handful of these.

Damn cool standout later on, another sudden/singular/non-cluster one from out of the blue. It started when I hit a railroad crossing with a freight train going by, thus having to stop after driving miles and miles -- and then, almost exactly as I stopped for the train, the radio randomly sang out "gonna hop a freight train," which was reasonably notable in itself, again due just to precision and the relatively tight (albeit not-perfectly-synchronistic) timing, but a little moreso considering that those were the very first lyrics of the song (and, if I remember right, the song's longish instrumental intro *did* occur perfectly synchronistically with my arrival to the stop/seeing the train, etc).


I remember having a biggish cluster of numbers and some minor thought-echoes during the morning drive up north, with no real standouts (though many mildly notable it seems like). And then from there, nothing or close to it, this corresponding with the onset of that nightmarishly bad headsickness suddenly, somehwat notable in itself.


Today was almost exactly like yesterday, a moderate showing of low-key numbers (mostly 37-variants in traffic on plates and semi-conspicuous turn-outs/reckless drivers, etc), and an almost total absence of thought/perceptual activity again. Strange.

Did unearth a note from one I'd forgotten, from the 23rd when I was still reading the 'When March Went Mad' book. It was another one of those deals where I kept encountering random 37s in the text, and though they were all "small"/one-dimensional/not overly notable and easy to dismiss, collectively they were pretty present, and eventually even began doubling up, etc. For instance, one on page it quoted a "73-21" game score, and then, a couple paragraphs down in a totally unrelated mention, it quoted a "74-73" score in a game when there was "1:37 left to play." Had lots and lots of these throughout the book, I remember.

And then tonight the thought-type phenomenon suddenly resumed, with a "late"-type cluster of very minor, yet present, dinnertime reading phenomenon, both more of the super-subtle/vague/thematic-type recurrences (which I still can't convey; probably 3-4 of these total), plus some equally vague and subtle thought echoes involving the 'Rape of Nanking' book and random chains of thought I was having at the time, etc. One standout: a minor-sounding but actually reasonably notable classical word-type recurrence, of "Na," used as a weird spelling of "no." I first saw this in the totally random Nashville magazine (which I've, once again, had sitting around for over a week, after picking it up as trash and feeling Compelled to hold onto it and read it), in which, while in the sauna, I read some random sentence in it where someone said "no" as "na," which I both noticed/Noticed, finding it an odd and unlikely spelling of it, maybe the first I've ever seen it, since colloquials/slangs of "no" are usually written "naw" or "nah" or something -- and then tonight, in the 'Nanking' book, it quoted someone the exact same way, saying "no" as "na," and even more notable, the Nashville usage was in the sense of a country/twangy American accent, but this one was in 1937 China and spoken by a German, as different as could be ... Very close timing here too, within an hour or so.


Another shift somewhat, now with less numbers (really only had some very "small"/subtle/two- and three-digit license-plate/non-conspicuous-traffic-types through the day, with a similar background static of low-key randomly sourced ones thrown in the mix; no real standouts that I can recall) but with a slight uptick of thought-type incidents, though still pretty low-key even on this end too, just an overall different ratio today. Had some more of those super-subtle/thematic/subjective thematic recurrences through the day, but still a minority, just enough (and just patternistic enough) to "be there" as opposed to that marked absence of a couple days there.

Did have another little lunchtime-reading cluster of echo-y ones again, but still only subtly, a far cry from those little mini-storms I was getting almost every day there for a while. Most were super-subtle/subjective/"in the moment," etc, though did have a damn cool standout at one point. Precisely as someone at the coffee shop opened the door, then stopped halfway and ducked back inside after seeing that it was raining, I came to "were too scared to leave their buildings" in the 'Nanking' book, perfectly synchronistically and patternistically and pretty precise (and just damn funny too).

Then, after another general "silence" for the next couple hours, had another little cluster of those distinctive "music on MP3 player echoing random stuff at the gym perfectly synchronistically"-type ones, all exactly the same in format, the "striking"-type of one-word perfectly synchronistically timed ones that echo some totally random and objective event. Examples: precisely as I jumped up on the bar and began swinging in and out on it to stretch the hips like I do, "swing" came over the song, both of these singular and random yet coinciding absolutely perfectly as is typical of these; the same for "sink" precisely as I dropped to my knees to change the pin in the leg machine (when, interestingly, I only had to do so because the pin was being difficult and wouldn't at first move when I did it standing straight, although every other time I can remember using this particular machine, the pin never gave me trouble ...); "safe" sounding at the end of a long random chain of thought that ended with my thinking distinctly of being protected/safe/"insured" holistically.


Another weird change-up in overall "mix" of the day, now with noticeably heavier/more notable number-type activity and only minimal thought-type stuff (though it's still there, unlike the almost total absence of those couple days recently).

The numbers started literally as soon as I left the house this morning, when I picked up a crumpled receipt as trash that was literally on my doorstep, blown there by the wind I guess -- only to find that at the very top, the transaction number was "070137." A sort of twist on the classical found-receipt-type of these, with this one completely coming to me rather than my even just picking up random litter and such, absolutely surreal (it was directly in my path when I came down the front step, even, as if intelligently "planted").

From there, many many mild-to-moderately notable traffic-type license-plate 37s, especially once I got on the highway headed for church, when they went from just numerous and low-key to numerous and "louder"/more-conspicuous, with a good number of those "drifters" where cars with pass conspicuously such that their 37 plates crept directly into my line of sight, etc (and, far more than could reasonably be attributed to chance). Had many just coming from random sources too, as to be a mini-storm.

Then, at lunch, the phenomenon "graduated" strikingly, with a double when I got to the counter at that random McD's and ordered the coffee. First, precisely as I approached the counter, it was another of those "cashier quoting a 37-variant price precisely as I got in earshot"-type ones, this time the cashier at the next register over saying "$3.37," perfectly patternistic and conspicuous/notable, etc -- but then, a split second later, in almost-perfectly-synchronistic fashion, another employee came over with an order and called out "Order 307!" Damn surreal, a sort of vocal version of that "doubling"/"aligning" of the number-plates in traffic.

Went on to have even more numbers through the afternoon, still in traffic but many from random sources too, such as a 3:16-to-17 clock-tick as soon as I randomly got in the car after going to the book place, and another of those "randomly opening a book to see how many pages are in it, only to open it precisely at page #173," haha. Eventually hit storm levels, albeit briefly, with them just coming "from all directions" in that distinctive way, for the first time in a while actually. Can't remember anymore standouts, though almost all of the incidents were individually notable to varying degrees.

Had fewer thought-type activity overall, just some scattered super-subtle-type thematic recurrences spanning the day, along with some scattered one-word-type thought-echoes too (of the non-striking-type mostly, as to be "quieter" and more low-key). Only real standout I can think of is a nearby-stranger one at the bookstore, when I randomly looked at a book for "Star Trek: The Next Generation," precisely as a child across the room said to someone, "It's a first-generation one!" in regards to what, I don't know, but it definitely wasn't for Star Trek or anything in my immediate area -- all in classical, perfectly synchronistic, "striking"-type fashion.


A general downturn and change-up again today, again corresponding with a shift in consciousness/health/condition (though this was a positive shift, while the activity lowered, going against the positive-positive correlation theory). Numbers were there, and at times reasonably "loudly," but not like yesterday's stormy levels, and with a generally different "feel" too, too subjective/obscure to describe. Oddly, had a preponderance of parking-lot license-plate 37 variants today, and somewhat intensely, such as a three-banger at the plate office (ironically) when, first, I had two directly beside the totally random space I'd chosen (because it was, simply, the first one I came to in the crowded lot, after driving nearly the whole length of it), and then, after I'd parked and turned around, there was a third, directly in my line of sight in patternistic fashion, all culminating in that highly surreal wham-bam/one-two-three-type effect. Didn't have anymore quite as conspicuous as that, but did have at least one or two semi-conspicuous and classical parking-lot-type incidents nearly everywhere I stopped today, enough to demonstrate a marked uptick in this today (with an equally distinct downturn in the randomly sourced-type ones, with only scattered ones of this type through the day).

Thought-wise, it was another of those big drop-offs. From what I remember, the only thought-type activity were a handful of those super-subtle/thematic recurrences spanning the day, and even these only the barest few and all very low-key. Not even any of those vague one-word echoes. Definitlely some sort of "shift" at play here (which I actually noted last night, when at dinnertime reading I noted a conspicuous absence of even the slightest echo, unlike the rest of the day's background static).

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