Synchronicity log for 2018


Today was even quieter than yesterday, without a single standout incident to cite. Really, all I saw today were these brief little clusters of very very subtle activity of the usual kinds I've been seeing predominantly lately, just very scattered fast/fleeting/"in-the-moment" one-word echoes here and there, plus a couple stray, equally subtle/subtively-notable-only parallels and recurrences (and zero personal-thematics too, it bears mentioning). Saw this exact same "extremely brief, non-starter-like clusters" at church, when I saw, for maybe 2-3 seconds, a distinct onset of those church/sermin-specific little stream-of-consciousness echoes, but today just there and gone as fast, like whatever cognitive dysfunction was so active would somehow derail the process of fully entering the synchronistic state in any capacity. Numbers were equally sparse, "quiet," and scattered, these too the lowest overall amount I've seen in maybe weeks, just the slightest few low-key traffic-plate 37s after lunch, plus a handful of everywhere-type of 37s. It's another "negatively notable" day, since all of this has corresponded with yet another onset of nightmarish/mind-deadening headsickness and toxicity, today the worse in some time, mentally speaking.


Big uptick over yesterday, but otherwise the same basic pattern/"chapter" of the phenomenon from the last week or so.

Morning started off totally silent, then entered a slow progression into extremely subtle echoes + some parallels/recurrences during after-chore reading, with more of this type of activity during the drive to lunch (and some of it bordering on that "ridiculously profound, but extremely subtle and completely personal/subjective"-type of thematic stuff). Then at one point during the drive, began have slightly less subtle/incoherent smaller echoes here and there, including one almost 100% identical to that which I had the other day when I thought about stopping at the dumpster but decided I didn't have the time, precisely as "can't stop" or something sang from the radio, which is *exactly* what happened today, except it was about stopping at the actual dump rather than a dumpster, and also with the exact same "can't stop now" or something like that singing perfectly synchronistic with my absent thought of this -- all sort of an echo/recurrence of that first incident, coming back way of a separate, identical echo of another, ha ha. Just damn weird and surreal there ...

Then, as a fully patternistic "semi-climactic cluster-ender," another "greeter"-type of 37-plate in my random/objective parking space selection at the coffee shop, exactly like so many others of this kind ...

Lunchtime reading: this was where the activity really kicked off as far as volume and intensity, though not really cohering much, really that same exact mix of "inclusive/salad"-type of super-subtle activity I've come to know so well lately, the parallels/recurrences/thematics/very subtle "reading what I was just absently thinking"-type of echoes (such as randomly/singularly coming to "risen" in the 'Circle' book, precisely as I straightened in my car and visibly/conspicuously "rose up," to correct the slump that I'd realized just before, again as to coincide objectively yet perfectly/intertwined -- many of these, individually dismissible, etc), starting slowly, as to be more of a carryover of morning's activity, and by lunch's end up to moderate intensity/"background static" regularity.

One reasonably coherent little recurrence: the Millennium Tower hotel, which I'd just learned about for the first time recently, in this super-random spam email I'd gotten advertising it, and then, today in the equally super-random/patternistically random 'Circle' book, it had mentioned it offhand, just like so many of these.

Afternoon went on to see that same thought-type of inclusive, super-subtle, almost fully subjective/"can't be conveyed" type of background static, again waxing and waning to various degrees but always present for the most part, and of course corresponding with another, identical shift into different health/consciousness/state as in the past (and fully reflective of such, qualitively, exactly as I've observed so many times now, and made even more apparent now after yesterday's total silence, again as to grant some real perspective on it all).

At one point, had a couple of slightly more-coherent echoes like during the morning drive, but only very briefly. Best example: it came right as I was turning into the gas station and absently thought about/visualized the bathroom there and how I planned to go in -- precisely as "smokin' in the boys' room!" sang randomly from the radio, another of those "fuzzy" but still reasonably precise echoes, now of the "male bathroom" sentiment.

Numbers, on the other hand, were a bit more coherent and present today, if not hugely so. Still enough to be a big uptick over even the days leading up to yesterday, mostly. It was an odd mix: only a scattered few, token low-key-type of 37-plates in traffic and parking lots and the like, though a relatively high amount of more-conspicuous/"active" standouts, the most I've seen for upwards of a week or so now. Ones I got down:

> Had several of those explicitly patternistic "being driven to park in a single, specific space due to some fully objective circumstance, only to find myself directly beside a 37-plate car." The first came this morning at the coffee shop with the "greeter" there, and then at the mall later, a "7/31/18" temp tag-car when I parked in the only shady spot in the parking lot. And then, later on at the rental place, a really cool one when the man there told me I had to move my car to the other side of the parking lot from where I'd parked, and then, upon moving to the area he'd indicated, I found myself directly beside a 73-plate car there, ha ha. Had one, non-circumstantial/simply super-random one at the shopping center later, when I simply let myself be guided to one of the many available spaces and, upon pulling in, found myself directly beside another 37-plate car (and thereafter went on to encounter a big, "quietly conspicuous" string of parking-lot 37-plates while on the way in, probably 6-8 just on the initial approach alone, not counting several upon coming back out by a different route). The best one was at the market on the way home, which happened when I passed the dumpster with all the trash spilling out of it and was instantly Compelled to pull off and stop nearby and go clean it up, and then, upon pulling in the first nearby, convenient space, I found myself directly behind not only another 37-plate, but another date-based temp tag like that one at the mall, this time reading "7/30/18," ha ha.

> Also, had good handful of those "active"/conspicuous traffic-type ones, including at least one, maybe more, of the "conspicuously slow-moving car forcing me to notice it and get close enough for its 37-plate to resolve"-type ones, plus a damn cool "intelligently orchestrated"/"logistically flawless" one just after leaving the rental place, when I stopped at the curb before pulling into traffic, at the precise instant this van pulled to a stop in the middle turn lane and thus "flashed"/"invaded" vision with its 1137 plate, again with it pulling up and coming to a hard, dynamic stop *just when I got there,* and it coming to a stop *just so* that its plate would enter the exact space I was absently looking at at that exact instant -- so patternistic and surreal and notable.

> And just before heading home, a classical "cashier quoting a 37-containing price" one, this one of the less-notable, more one-dimensional flavor, where, maybe 3-4 seconds after I went into the gas station and got in line, the cashier there said to the customer she was waiting on, "That'll be $3.76," almost immediately after I'd arrived but not perfectly synchronistic/"striking" or otherwise circumstantially notable, just a highly patternistic incident in this case

Had some "late" dinnertime-reading activity, and it too was another exact carryover from the same variety of lunchtime incidents, right down to their precise, subtle, subjective "feel"/quality/behavior/"texture." Best standout example (of the maybe ~4-5 total incidents):

A really coherent "reading what I was just thinking" one, and this one of that bizarre "random song looping through my head"-type of sub-type I've seen before, where the head-music seems to play the exact same objective/externally-echoing role as a radio. This time it happened when the song in my head (which had been looping constantly through my head for the last 45 minutes or so as I showered and made dinner -- long before I started reading/was exposed to the text, in other words) came to "I get peace of mind from a bottle of wine" precisely as I randomly/singularly came to "a bottle of Riesling" in the text, an identical, precise echo given that Riesling is a wine, ha ha. Had a couple others in this same pattern/type, but they were of the super-subtle one-word/absent-thought variety.

Also tonight, an extremely notable "37-covered receipt picked up as trash"-type one, except with some really notable circumstances. This one, despite being exactly like other 37-receipts befitting the pattern, wasn't picked up off the street or anything, or really picked up by me at all. Instead, I found it in the middle of a newspaper that I'd fished out of the recycling bin today for the cartoons in it, taking it out whole and immediately putting it away, without opening it up -- until tonight, when I found, buried in the middle of it, a couple pieces of junk mail, presumably put there by whoever had thrown it away, along with a single receipt, this folded *just so* that the line "INSTANT SAVINGS   $3.70" was directly in the middle of it and directly in my line of sight, as to be the very first thing to automatically "strike" me upon my registering the receipt, etc (and with a couple other scattered "$3.70"s printed over the rest, too) -- another one that, though 100% patternistic and individually notable, came in such a manner that I couldn't possibly have subconsciously orchestrated it, or shown selective perception, or any element that would've resulted in some sort of bias on my part -- as objective and random as could possibly be ...


Morning was totally silent, this corresponding with more mind-deadening headsickness, and this was again “negatively notable,” in that I could see the distinct difference in my being so totally removed from the synchronistic state to where there weren't even any subtles and the like, in a totally un-surreal, un-living-dream state, as to so strongly contrast that which I'm usually in at least to some degree.

First activity came immediately after the appointment, in a 237-plate “greeter” car that had parked directly next to mine while I was inside, and was also the first plate I was exposed to after coming out. And, interestingly, this one seemed to me another of those emerging-patternistic “synchronicity repeating itself/echoing in another synchronicity” as I've seen several times lately where some identical incident seems to recur nearly identically not just in pattern/form but in the actual manifest, place, etc. Same for this one, since it's happened three times now in the same place and the same car, presumably due to it belonging to an employee at the clinic but, all the same, still a bit extra-notable to some degree.

From there, actually saw some moderate activity on the drive from the clinic to the gym and then lunch, in the form of a reasonable amount of 37-plates in traffic and in parking lots, all of them low-key/passive but steady/regular for the most part, as to eventually hit that background static plateau of there just being one every minute or less, that quiet-but-steady/very-present level that I've not been seeing very often lately but was seeing about every day there for a while.

Lunchtime reading saw only the slightest activity, now in the form of those inclusive “salad mixes” of super-subtle parallels/recurrences/thematics/very small echoes, exactly like yesterday and others but today so scattered, subdued, and fuzzy/delayed, etc, it was again very nearly undetectable only to me, really only seen due to the contrast gained from being so completely un-synchronistic through the morning. Once again, I can't think of a single incident coherent enough to serve as an example.

The same would go for the entire rest of the afternoon, thought-wise, with it being either completely silent or only with more of those extremely subtle threshold-type levels of activity like lunch. Did, however, have one exception, something of a standout but not hugely notable beyond its patternistic element and timing: when I was at the market and, precisely as I passed some random ice-barrel of drinks reading “SHINE” in big letters, the overhead radio randomly sang out “shine!,” in classical intertwined/coresponding precisely with my registering the word-fashion. But other than that one, single incident, pretty much nothing, and again totally reflective of my “internally deadened” state through all of the afternoon due to this latest bought of headsickness/toxicity.

Numbers, on the other hand, stayed reasonably highly active all through afternoon, especially during highway driving, getting to that point where the background static of low-keys combined with semi-regular conspicuous/classically “active” ones to get to that point of there just being, ultimately, several dozen or more incidents, that point of just overwhelming my memory and hitting that point of “critical mass” where I just couldn't register them all – again to a degree not seen for a while now, and pretty damn surreal, as well as a stark contrast to the thought/perceptual silence at the time. Few standouts I got down:

> Had a strong cluster at one point, beginning with a classical “slowly gaining on a 703-plate car” one, 100% patternistic and notable, and then, just after, a succession of three more, not quite sequential but I think separated only by a couple other cars, as I slowly passed a whole line in the right lane that was moving just a little slower than I was

> Had several of those “animated”/”reveal”-style plates through the drive, of that distinctly “active”/”intelligent” kind, where a car would, say, pull up just so that its 37-plate would “peek” into my vision, just long enough for me to register it, before the car fell back and behind me, etc, etc – probably a dozen or so of these alone

> A cool one at that one market I stopped at for the comb, when I came out and was “greeted” with no one, but two 713-plates, side by side, not an “immediately as I walked out” one but close, after I'd taken just a few steps into the parking lot

> A similar parking-lot-type one at the other market I stopped at later, with a couple semi-conspicuous 37-plate cars side by side, along with a big, 7-8-strong cluster in the rest of the lot, again to that point where it was just one after another

Had a “late,” classical reading recurrence during dinnertime reading, this time with the 'Circle' book randomly/offhand mentioning how the word “community” is rooted in “communication,” and a paragraph or so other, related sentiment – when I'd just a couple days ago thought, more than once, about just that specifically, super-randomly and right down to that same exact terms of “community is rooted in communication,” following that classical pattern exactly


Morning was another “headsick-silent” one, with lunchtime reading being near-silent as well except for some very brief and very scattered “everyday little thing” parallels plus some equally sparse and super-low-key environmental echoes (and these only, rather than that “inclusive” mix with thematics and other, subtler sorts). One standoutish classical reading/word synchro: “baba,” beginning this morning during after-chore reading of the day's super-random freebie magazine, this time a regional-Indian-community mag in which I randomly came across a listing for a “Sri Baba” event, which I noticed specifically because I at first thought it was about Maiher Baba but then realized it wasn't, thus causing me to thinks specifically/patternistically about how “baba” is a common word in India and surrounding areas, and of course this was the first I'd encountered that word in some time – and then in the 'Circle' book at lunch, probably a little over an hour later and completely offhand/super-random, an Indian character in the book mentioned a “baba,” this too befitting both the classical word-recurrence pattern and that of the “everyday little thing” one exactly.

For afternoon, this was for the most part totally silent, without exception for the entire time except for a similarly “low-key/little-thing but 100% patternistic” recurrence, this time beginning last night in the Indian magazine when I read, again totally offhand, in an article about “Carvel cakes,” which I again absently-but-specifically noticed, if only because it was either the first time ever or the first in a long time I'd ever encountered this – and then today, in that super-random market I'd been Compelled to go to after lunch, another where I had absolutely zero plans to be there, I happened across a cold case with Carvel cakes in it, and this happening due to a similarly random/absent wandering about in the deli/bakery area of the store, despite needing absolutely nothing along those lines from there – again fully patternistic, however “small” and common.

Numbers were very different than yesterday, both in types and volume, back to being only the slightest little scattering of exclusively low-key, passive, 37-plates in traffic and a few parking lots, a total 180 about from yesterday. Had a few “everywhere” 37s too, but these equally quiet and few. Closest things to standouts:

> A classical “buying several totally random, unplanned things in the market, only to have them produce a 37-containing total,” this time at that same ridiculously random market as the Carvel cakes, where I picked up four random things that, with tax, came to exactly $7.30, ha ha

> On the way home, amidst another of those sudden, conspicuous uptick in numbers (which often seems to happen on the way home, as if this triggers either an uptick or a total silence, always seeming to correspond with one of those extremes), had a series of three of those “small,” one-dimensional, patternistically-notable-only 37-plate alignments, all three of them being logistically and patternistically precise but still “passive”/quiet in nature, simply two 37-plate cars in traffic aligning just so that the plates equalized perfectly in height/spacing, etc, and again for just long enough for me to register it as such. The one exception here was their occurring so tightly together, notable in itself but even moreso given how I'd not seeing any of these alignments for days now at least, and then would suddenly have three coming all together, and of the exact same pattern/behavior/nature/”feel,” within the space of maybe 2-3 minutes


Morning: totally silent again, not even super-subtles from what I remember.

First activity came during drive to the clinic, with another of those “feeling that universal joy suddenly, then seeing a 37-plate”-type incidents, but this one different than others, with the plate appearing with one of those very slight delays that prevented it from being perfectly synchronistic, yet remained tight enough to be notable. The feeling itself was fully patternistic, coming on suddenly and spontaneously and for the first time today after not feeling it at all all through the headsick morning, and then, about one second afterward, as the light changed at the intersection and traffic moved, a truck at the front of the line pulled forward and into my view from behind the car that had been obscuring it, thus “revealing” its 379-plate in patternistic “animated” fashion. And then, also, this seemed to signal a commencement of 37-plates, with there being about 3-4 semi-conspicuous/similarly “animated”/”revealed” ones almost immediately after the truck, and then a few more plates after the clinic too.

Lunchtime reading: this was another of those that was active, but with exclusively super-subtle, fuzzy, fully subjectively notable incidents, and not very many of these either, as to be another of these patternistically “quiet” lunchtime-reading sessions that I've been seeing. Examples:

> Had several of those delayed, loose, very subtle, “fuzzy”/indirect reading/event echoes that often occur during super-subtle periods of activity, maybe 5-6 total over the course of the meal. Best example: when a woman pushing a strolller with a child in it approached the row of seats where I was in the coffee shop, pausing and looking at me before sitting down, in a way that I interpreted as her uncomfortable with leaving her child near me, and then, some seconds later, I came to a random passage in the book that mentioned, singularly/patternistically, something about “child safety,” also involving a small child approximately like that in the woman's stroller – another that was easily dismissible on its own, but, when taken collectively with the rest of the incidents and their identical “feel”/behavior/patterning, it was pretty notable

> Lunch today also saw personal thematics in the mix, and these of that extremely subtle but highly profound and surreal kind that I've seen here and there, so ridiculously complex and specific yet indirectly so, and purely in 100% subjective/personal terms that I couldn't even begin to convey. And, from a more objective standpoint, these were again somewhat notable in the fact that they were there at all, when so conspicuously absent other times (but conspicuously present at others, which, for all their subtley and fuzziness, these indeed were).

> Today also saw a bunch of those sound-echo reading/environmental echoes, and these of that non-specific kind that I've seen before, where some conspicuous, random, singular sound would coincide perfectly synchronistically with my simply reading of a sound in the book, and happening enough that it established a pattern. Best example, and one that was the closest to a coherent/specific one: when I came to a random/singular mention of a “tri-tone beeping” in the book, precisely as an equally random and singular (never heard it again before or afterward) “beep-beep-beep-beep” sounded from the kitchen in the coffee shop, four beeps instead of three, but perfectly synchronistic, plus echoing the general idea of “repeating beep,” if with a different count.

After lunch: had a neat little subtle, general echo just after leaving the coffee shop, when I went to turn left toward my next stop, but was suddenly and spontaneously and urgently Compelled to turn right instead, which I did, marveling at it afterward, how spontaneously and thoughtlessly I'd just gone this other, illogical direction, thus causing me to think something like “sudden change/another of these Compelled, random, spontaneous intuitive adventures” – precisely as I stopped at an intersection and found myself behind a Caprice car, with a “CAPRICE” emblem on its hood, “staring” back at me, as to echo my general sentiment in patternistic fashion (albeit still with a slight delay/loosely/”fuzzily”).

Thought-wise, the rest of the afternoon was more or less silent, even of super-subtle activity, though there were some scattered and brief “resuscitations” from time to time:

> Had another of those single, stray, coherent echoes, this time a radio/”writing a note”-type one. It started when I went to write “hope” on a note I was about to leave, and then, precisely as I started the “h,” the radio randomly/singularly/patternistically sang out “I hope,” with the “hope” corresponding perfectly both with my starting the “h” and with my random/absent thought of “hope”

> Had several of those daylong, longwinded thematic/parallel/”everyday little thing” sort of hybrid echoes as I've been seeing here and there, these of a newish sort of multi-day kind, where I'll keep encountering the most random and subtle and common things a conspicuous number of times over a series of days, most coherently the “Tahoe” and “Colorado” and several other ones that I've noted before, and today along with a handful of “normal,” “within the day” little-thing-type of parallels and the like

> A radio/number-repeat hybrid soon after lunch, when I heard “twenty-two” on the radio, which I noticed absently since I've been seing a slight uptick in “everywhere”/super-random “quiet” 22-repeats here and there the last few days, thus causing me to absently-but-distinctly/patternistically think “twenty-two” – precisely as I passed a random house with the number “220” by the door, which was another that was easily dismissible on its own except that this is the exact same “fuzzy” pattern/same “feel” of many of these super-subtle number/thought/echo hybrid incidents I've been seeing the last few days or so. Saw several 1212s and variants in this fashion today, too, as I've also been seeing the last couple days in particular.

> The last of the day's thought-type activity came during the evening visit to the gym sauna, and this was another of those “repeating geographical/situational”-type of incidents, just like another time when I was in this exact same sauna in the exact same circumstances (4 or 5 other men in there, all having a big animated conversation of similar energy and “feel,” etc), and again with the same results: very very subtle/indirect/fuzzy but definitely present echoes of the super-random newspaper I was reading throughout, along with several daylong/everyday-little-thing parallels/recurrences, all stemming from the equally super-random bits and pieces of the men's rambling conversation (and fully objective, without my even being engaged in the conversation period, just a passive observer with absolutely no influence on anything, and with my newspaper totally out of view to the other men). Another that was mildly notable on its own, but a bit moreso given that “repeating environmental/geographical/situational incident” patternistic element of it all.

> Also in the sauna, a few “involuntary bodily function”-type of reading incidents, and these too of nearly the exact same kind that I've seen before, being more of those where, precisely as I hit that point of critical mass and began to sweat, after being in the sauna for ~10 minutes before, I immediately encountered several vague-but-notable references to “heat” and “hot” and “overheating,” when I'm 100% sure I'd seen none before then

Traffic plates today were very much like several other afternoons I've seen lately, with just scattered low-key passive plates interspersed with a few semi-standouts and classically patternistic active ones, probably a dozen or so total 37-plates throughout the entire afternoon despite my being out an abnormally long time today (and, I noticed, another of those days where the ride home saw a total *end* of activity, rather than the sudden uptick/intensifying that has happened some other days). Couple standouts:

> A classical “parking in the only available shady spot in a big parking lot, only to find myself directly beside a 37-plate” one, this time at the market before going home

> Then, when coming out of the market, an equally patternistic “immediately upon coming out”-type one, when I went to step from the curb into the parking lot and suddenly saw a car coming for me that I'd missed, thus causing me to urgently/distinctly/patternistically notice it and thus see its “3702” front-mounted plate, and this with that “animated”/”HERE I COME” type of quality to it, ha ha

> A little trend that I noticed today, I think mostly just after the appointment during the morning, on the way to the coffee shop: several of those “coming to a stop at a random intersection, only to find myself directly behind a 37-plate car, such that its plate was 'staring' at me for the duration of the light,” I think about 3-4 within the course of just that brief drive, though I can't remember how many 100%


Still following that recent "quiet" period for the most part.

Morning and lunch both were completely silent today, not so much as a super-subtle that I can recall, and this again "negatively notable" in that it corresponded so explicitly with that same extreme, "interally deadened" level of headsickness and depersonalization, etc. Definitely a correlation there much of the time.

Did see a little number activity on the way to lunch, but even this was pretty subtle:

> First, another of those "first plates of the day being a 37" one, and this time it was one of those "distinctly noticing a car without seeing its plate, only to look closer at it and discover its 37-plate," this time a nice, tricked-out pickup truck parked along the curb that I noticed from far away and studied the whole time I approached it, only to discover it to have a 703-plate.

> Then once on the road, a loose pair, beginning with a classical "reckless driver"-type one when a van suddenly cut recklessly and dramatically/"animatedly" from a line of cars, precisely as I passed, and thus "revealed" its 739 plate, and directly in my line of sight/fully patternistic, etc. And then, a minute or so down the road, an equally patternistic "letting out someone into traffic, only to be 'treated' to their 37-plate"-type one, this one a big truck that I let out that didn't have a 37-plate on it, but instead just a random, slightly conspicuous and patternistic 37 printed on it.

Afternoon saw not much more number-type activity again, just like last couple days but even less and subtler, despite highway driving, etc, just another of those loose, scattered, exclusively low-key 37-plates in traffic and a couple parking lots, and not even these by the time I got near home.

Did have a period of thought-type activity, about an hour or thereabouts mid-afternoon where there suddenly occurred several of those "small but striking" one-word thought/radio/event-type ones, and erring towards that "fuzzy" quality/precision, with most of them of that "collectively notable only" level of notability. Few examples I got down:

> Coming to a roundabout and absently thinking "traffic circle," precisely as "circle" came randomly/singularly over the radio

> Another "hearing a word on the radio precisely as I read/registered it on a passing sign," this time simply "know" coming over the radio precisely as I read "know" on a passing sign, but again with that extremely precise and patternistic "striking"/intertwined timing, and of course following the pattern of this sub-type perfectly

> A slightly more notable pair during the rainstorm later, where both times I entered one of the on-again-off-again downpours and had to quickly slow way down due to drastically reduced visibility/standing water, etc, the radio randomly sang out "slow it down" or something like that, both times perfectly synchronistic with my hitting the brains as well as absently thinking/registering the event with a thought of something like "slow down"

> One of the fuzzier ones: hearing "lights are low" randomly over the radio precisely as a car with a bumper sticker reading "LIGHTS OUT" passed me and I registered it specifically with a thought of something like "no lights," again easily dismissible if not for the explicitly patternistic feel and timing, and with it occurring in the midst of several other, fundamentally identical ones

> Same for "out your window" singing from the radio precisely as I watched as, from the car directly in front of me, the driver put an arm out the window a tamped a cigarette, which I registered with the thought of something like "out the window," and again perfectly patternistic/precise in timing


Same prevailing pattern of lately today pretty much, with variation.

Morning was like yesterday in being totally silent until the drive to lunch, during which I saw some scattered, moderately coherent radio echoes:

> The first was a slight-but-negligible-delayed one, coming literally immediately as I got in the car and began backing out. It started when I looked around before backing from the driveway, which I did in a weird, exaggerated way, sort of erratically swinging around in a way that surprised me, thus causing me to absently think "weird movement looking around like that/erratic looking-around" -- just before the first words over the radio sang out "look around you," less than a second later, as to not be perfectly synchronistic but to still echo the thought as it was crossing my mind, 100% patternistic of these as it were. There was actually another, very similar one just after this, but I can't remember what it was.

> The next came a few minutes later, a little different, when I was thinking about where to go for lunch, and then, deciding on the place in Little River, I distinctly thought "Little River" and the quickest way there, etc -- a split second before I glanced absently at the radio's song-title display while waiting for the gate to open, only to see it reading "LITTLE RIVER BAND," this too echoing perfectly the absent thought of "Little River" as it crossed my mind, though now tighter in timing, as to be perfectly synchronistic

> And then, once at the coffee shop (which, interestingly, turned out to be a totally different one than that in Little River that I'd planned to go to, since the draw bridge was out when I started to go that way), another classically patternistic "end-of-drive greeter"-type of plate, a 5337 on a truck directly across from me as to be "staring" at me/directly in my line of sight in that patternistic and quietly surreal way. And also, it was another where I was Compelled to park in some awkward, out of the way, illogical, backward-facing space, which thus brought me *perfectly* in line with that truck's plate (it was literally just cresting a parked car between it and my view, in that logistically perfect "peeking" fashion)

Lunchtime reading saw activity, and in a way I've seen before, patternistically, with a sort of downturn/shift into those extremely subtle background-static-type of incidents, that extremely subtle variant of the "all-inclusive salad" kind of activity, mostly echoes of various things I was thinking/doing/feeling/observing, where it's so fast and small and fuzzy and vague that I could easily miss it even myself. This would again, patternistically, continue off and on through much of the afternoon, as to be the only activity much of the time, and this too following the same pattern of these extremely-subtle-only periods.

Did see 37-plates in traffic after lunch, and again in that recent trend/pattern/sub-type of low-key, scattered, passive plates here and there in traffic and parking lots, with a couple of more-active/conspicuous ones intermixed but these not quite of objectively coherent standout quality (best example were I think 3-4 of those classical "cars turning/pulling in front of me in a logistically perfect way as to 'flash' their 37-plates directly/patternistically into my line of sight). Did have a couple standouts:

> A classical "greeter" plate, and this one identical in pattern to the one at lunch and others, where I was Compelled, against all reason and convenience, to park in a certain space, this one too an angled space going the wrong way, and at the fringe of the lot despite there being closer spaces -- and today even with it raining like crazy and with my having to go all the way to the other end of the shopping place before going into the market, thus forcing me to double back. But of course, there was a 7137-plate waiting for me, both 100% invisible prior to my actually parking, as well as *just visible* over the parked car between it and me, another that was "peeking" just so it was visible and directly in my line of sight when I parked, ha ha. And then, just after when I got out, there was an equally patternistic/classical "previously invisible 37-plate directly in my line of sight upon my getting out of the car and turning around," a 637-plate, and this one another with that passively conspicuous "THERE" quality, not only directly in my line of sight but the very first, immediate thing I saw upon leaving the car, just like so many others of this kind.

> Had a noticeable but brief uptick in plates mid-afternoon, just before coming home, not so much in traffic but in a big, "quietly conspicuous" cluster of them at the second market parking lot, not only in volume but again in the sheer randomness of them and my route into and out of the store, where I kept having to zig and zag and wend around due to obstacles or oncoming cars or too many people, but always ending up coming into directly contact with a previously invisible 37-plate "staring" right at me, and so close together as to produce that 1-2-3/wham-bam effect. Was damn hilarious.

> As far as "everywhere" numbers today, they were definitely there albeit very subdued and scattered and passive, mostly in those "randomly quoted offhand figures/mentions in random reading material"-type ones, and these including not only 37s and variants but a conspicuous about of 22s and 44s, which, notably, corresponds with a general spike in these particular repeats over the last couple days. Best example I can think of: when I went into that one market just after lunch, totally randomly/unplanned (since I'd ended up in this part of town rather than Little River where I'd planned), and was "greeted," directly in the little foyer past the sliding doors, by a big sign saying something about how this market has better prices than another, by "3.07%" or something like that -- whatever it was, the sign had a great big, boxed-in "3.07" smack dab in the middle of it, as to "hit" me as I went in, ha ha. And, many of these followed that same semi-conspicuous/"animated" pattern today.

On the way home, had one of those sudden, standout, reasonably coherent incidents, and this time another of those now-patternistic "thought/perceptual echo followed immediately by a 37-plate" combo-type ones. It started when the radio randomly/singularly and loudly/conspicuously sang out "The sun!," at the precise instant I passed that great big "EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN" roadside sign with the gigantic, caracatured sun atop it -- and then, a split second after, a drifter-type of 4730-plate car appeared from my left, perfectly synchronistic with my registering the "sun" echo, and again fully patternistic with this particular kind


Another day in that exact same pattern and level/types of activity, more or less, especially morning, right down to there being a radio/thought echo exactly in pattern to that of yesterday. It happened at the exact same time, when I began backing from the driveway, this time beginning with my then being faced with deciding where to go to church since I had time to go to either one, thus causing me to think about the two and something like "got to choose now, since I'm leaving" -- precisely as "time has come to make a choice" sang randomly/singularly from the radio, with the only difference from yesterday's incident being that, first, this one was perfectly synchronistic rather than slightly delayed, and, second, the lyrics weren't quite the first over the radio, preceded by another, brief stanza. Damn surreal, and another of those sort of "synchronistic echo of a synchronistic echo" and/or "geographical/place/circumstance-oriented"-type incidents I seem to be seeing more and more of lately (symptomatic of something?).

The drive to church was totally silent thereafter, and church itself again saw some very very brief and super-subtle activity just like last week, where I sensed those "church-specific"/stream-of-consciousness-type echoes and such beginning a couple times, but they never really went anywhere, always seeming to fizzle after just a few seconds.

Did have one classically patternistic incident at church, yet another of those "randomly opening the hymnal in search of a numbered hymn, only to land directly on a 37-variant page," this time 337 exactly, ha ha.

Lunchtime reading was back to being totally, fully silent today, even of the slightest, subtlest activity, and this corresponding both with headsickness and toxicity, etc, as well as just a generally empty, depersonalized conscious state to begin with, all of which seems to result in such non-activity/"totally out of the synchronistic state"-type periods, in "reflective" fashion.

Afternoon did see some slight-to-moderate activity in the same basic vein as last week or so, seen first in yet another identical series of scatterd, low-key, mostly passive 37-plates in traffic and parking lots, plus a few equally scattered active/conspicuous ones (but few to no "everywhere" 37s and such today, I noticed, excepting maybe a couple more offhand-figure-type mentions in the book and other reading material, and, interestingly, I remember at least two being 22s, as I've been seeing lately). Thought-wise, it was also like yesterday, largely silent but for a couple standouts and several brief periods of that super-super-subtle, all-inclusive-type of background static activity. Standouts/examples I got down:

> Two classical traffic incidents, first another of those "random speeding car coming up behind me and forcing me to turn off and let them pass and thus gain my attention, only to reveal its 37-plate upon passing," this time on the highway, a 731-plate car coming up really fast and semi-tailgating me until I changed lanes (and, interestingly and patternistically of some of these, once I finally stopped at an intersection later on and got a chance to write a note about this incident, I found myself directly behind that exact same car, its plate "staring" at me, just like many other times, ha ha). The second happened on the way home, also on the highway, another classical "conspicuously/dangerously slow-moving car forcing me to get close enough for its 37-plate to resolve," this time a 337-plate SUV going probably 10 miles under the speed limit, and with other cars in the next lane over, such that I had to slow down and get near the SUV and thus come face-to-face with its plate rather than just turning and overtaking it, ha ha.

> Good example of those "fast, fleeting, striking, and quiet"-type of super-subtle background static echoes: it happened in the department store when I randomly/obliquely thought of how the cashier at the coffee shop had said "That's okay" when I told her I didn't have a loyalty card -- precisely as, from across the store, someone dramatically/loudly/conspicuously cried out "Okay!," another that wasn't quite perfectly synchronstic but was still just a split second apart from my thought, such that it was still crossing my mind as I heard the shout.

> Another good example of these echoes, a passing-sign/radio-type one on the way home, when I passed this random sign for "Eagles Sportswear" and conspicuously Noticed the "Eagles" portion, as to make it stand out in that patternistic and conspicuous yet fully illogical and baseless way -- precisely as the radio scanned to the station 92.9, "the Eagle," after I'd just pressed the scan button immediately before encountering the sign, ha ha.

> Among the handful of passive/low-key parking-lot 37-plates today, had a single active one that I remember, another of those classical "drawn to a particular parking space due to completely objective/traceable circumstances, only to find myself directly beside a previously invisible 37-plate car"-type ones, this time at the market when I saw a shopping cart left flagrantly/dangerously right in the middle of a parking space and was Compelled to park there and then return the cart -- this happening a split second before I got closer and thus came into view of the car parked just beside it, with its 379-plate "staring" directly at me as it was "revealed" from behind the previously obscuring car I'd cleared

> Also saw another little cluster of those same, somewhat rare "random, non-repeat number being echoed in a subtle but patternistic/repeating way"-type incidents, on the way home, this time with the number 9, where, at least 3 times but I want to say 4 or more (in any case, enough times and all identical in nature/behavior for me to note them as patternistic/notable), I saw some random 9, maybe on a license plate or a passing sign or whatever, at the precisely instant the radio randomly said "9," this too coming in various contexts and stuff but also the same basic underlying, "intertwined" echo of the number 9

Had some "late" activity tonight, a little cluster of a handful of super-subtle reading-type echoes during dinnertime reading, all of the exact same pattern/feel/behavior of those I've been seeing lately. Did actually have two standout-level ones, both classical "having some random, distinct, objective thought while taking a break from the book, then resuming reading in a way that echoed that thought exactly," and though these were in that same fuzzy/indirect fashion as most echoes lately, the correlation and pattern and timing were very distinct, "upgraded" from the usual lot of super-subtles, for all their subjective/too-complex-to-describe nature.


Morning was totally silent, with the exception of a brief little cluster of reading echoes during after-chore reading, about three or four within the span of a couple minutes, arriving after a total silence and then lapsing as fast right back into it. Best example: a classical "having a random, objective thought, then turning the magazine to a new leaf/previously invisible page and having it echo that thought exactly," this time beginning when I randomly thought about giving up the latest supplement regime/sickness-fighting regimen due to the side effects and toxicity and the like, then subsequently thinking of how I wasn't going to give up so easily, I was going to stick it out as long as I can this time, that it's basically unquestioned at this point -- and then, less than a second later when I turned the page, there was a great big, conspicuous quote dominating the page, smack in the middle, "I have it in my head that quitting just isn't an option," ha ha.

Also, a standoutish "longwinded/multi-day thematic"-type one as I've seen here and there before, this time involving the specific theme of "being candid/real/unfiltered on social media," along with the general sentiment of truth and appearances and social posturing, etc, that would accompany such. It started a few days ago with a super-random Compelled trash-find magazine, in which the theme of it was about being "real" on social media and the like -- and then, in an equally super-random freebie magazine I started reading yesterday, it was themed exactly the same, despite being a totally different magazine/subject matter/year and date/audience, and neither of them advertising this on the cover or any other logical correlation. And then, this was also the exact, specific, book-spanning theme of the 'Circle' book I'd begun reading at approximately the exact same time I read that first magazine, and just finished today, as to just have this overarcing, thematic sentimental air of "real/fake social media" threading through my last few days, in the same basic manner of the "everyday little thing" parallels/recurrences.

The drive to lunch and lunchtime reading both were fully silent today, with I think maybe the slightest little scatterings of super-subtle activity here and there through lunch, but so few and low-key that I honestly can't say they weren't just coincidence or in my head, etc.

Afternoon did see some mild-to-moderate activity, and this very much in the same pattern of late (though no super-subtle "inclusive" background static today, I noticed, just scattered "normal" incidents -- which seemed to correspond with less of that particularly nasty and compromising/distorting headsickness, as it were). First I saw were another of those sudden, reasonable notable, but brief clusters of low-key 37-plates in traffic and parking lots immediately after lunch, lasting only minutes before shifting back into just scattered plates or silence, as has happened before. Most standoutish of this time period were a handful of those quiet-but-active classical traffic types, such as cars pulling out/turning at *just the right* angle and time and other logistics so that its 37-plate would "flash" conspicuously/patternistically in the exact space I was absently looking at.

Noticed only a handful of "everywhere" 37s and minority repeats today, again just enough to be there but far from the abundance of many other days. Best example: when I got the package and, right on top, the label was ripped off *just so* that the 2317 in a big string of numbers of left intact, the rest of it taken off, in quietly conspicuous fashion, as is the case with so many of these, easily dismissible on their own but always following this same pattern more or less.

Had a few more of those "random, non-repeat number"-involving incidents too, just like those from yesterday, the exact same pattern/feel/behavior. Of the handful, all but one were too subtle to convey specifically, but the other was a pretty cool standout. It started when I made to turn off the radio in the car, but then decided I liked the music and left it on, but not before I absently noticed that the station was "102.7," thus causing me to absently register those three numbers specifically, and then, a split second later when I looked up, I realized I was stopped behind a car with a 271-ending plate, as to vaguely-but-patternistically echo the "127" in my head (I've come to automatically omit 0s, as it were). At that point it only "felt" like a synchronicity, subjectively, and I didn't really note it, and I actually had the absent thought of, "I'd only note that if there was something more objectively notable about it" -- and no sooner had that thought crossed my mind, also patternistic of so many of these, than a truck, previously invisible behind the 271-car in front of me, spontaneously pulled up and turned right, thus dramatically/animatedly "revealing" its 271-ending plate, as to be both a third, instant echo of the numbers as well as a patternistic "answer" to my thought, ha ha.

Thought-wise: another of those days that were totally silent save for a few brief clusters and single echoes and the like, a couple of them with that super-subtle "inclusive"-type activity, none of them lasting more than a couple minutes. Couple standouts/examples I got:

> Best/"biggest" of the day was another of those combo thought/number incidents, beginning with a very notable radio/thought/feeling echo when I got into the car after being outside in the heat and letting it idle with the A/C on, and upon getting hit with the drastically colder, contrasting air upon getting inside, I had the automatic/absent/registering thought of something like "Wow that's cold/I'm so suddenly cold" -- precisely as the very first words to come over the radio as I got in were "I feel so cold," another classical echo. And then, seconds later when I got back out, I was immediately "greeted" with another of those "staring"/quietly conspicuous 37-plates, a 3701 on a truck directly across from me, and this coming so close that it again had that "one-two"/clustered effect. And then, seconds later and also soon enough to maintain the "clustery" feel, another parked 37-plate, a 3171 also "staring" from a quietly conspicuously parked car, ha ha.

> Had a sudden cluster at the chiropractor's office, probably 5-6 of varying degrees of notability, and all of that exact same super-subtle/fuzzy/indirect nature/behavior, and again pretty notable collectively given how they all came within a short timeframe and followed the same pattern and followed a total silence otherwise. Example of the super-subtle/fuzziest/most-indirect kind: a reading/radio one, when I randomly came to a passage in a magazine article about "keeping xxx alive," precisely as the song "Stayin' Alive" started on the radio, not the lyrics themselves but just the song, which I instantly recognized, such that it could've been either an echo of the song as a whole/its title or my automatic/registering thought of "'Stayin' Alive' on the radio" upon hearing it, or both, who knows. Example of the more-coherents: when the lady sitting next to me in the massage room said into her phone, "I'm in the doctor's office," perfectly synchronistic with the overhead radio randomly saying "Doctor, doctor," and again pretty easy to dismiss on its own but fitting perfectly the others in this timeframe in pattern/feel.


Morning was totally silent even of super-subtles, etc. The drive to lunch, however, saw a sudden, probably dozen-strong cluster of semi-conspicuous low-key 37-plates in traffic, not quite with any singularly notable/standout-quality ones but still some of those more-active-leaning kind, including some classical "cars turning/pulling up at the perfect time/angle/other logistics to 'flash' a 37-plate directly where I was looking"-type ones. Ultimately ended up pretty surreal, in that "quiet" fashion.

Lunchtime reading was at first totally silent still, but by the end of the meal some super-super-subtle activity did start up, with the best/most-coherent of it being only some scattered "everyday little thing" parallels and recurrences extending from morning and the like, with only some "so small and subtle and fleeting and fuzzy/indirect that I could barely detect them myself"-type of reading echoes and such.

One decent, semi-coherent example: in the super-random book I started reading at lunch today, it randomly mentioned, in that low-key/offhand/byplay manner in which so many of these parallels occur, how we live in a culture that constantly craves sugary treats and eats them recklessly/with abandon, specifically "brownies," which, also patternistically, I noticed this one distinctly in the list of several, and even thought of it randomly but distinctly a couple times after, still following the pattern. And then over the course of the afternoon, I encountered two partially eaten brownies discarded in a couple of separate, different parking lots, when, first, I can't remember when, if ever, I've come across specifically a brownie tossed out/thrown away on the ground like that, and then, second, these not only echoed the general "brownie-eating" sentiment, but also the negative context/connations it was presented with in the book, since it was describing how unhealthy such foods are and how so recklessly/heedlessly eating them is symptomatic of the present sick cultural condition/psychology, all of which vaguely but definitely jibed with how I'd found the brownies tossed out as litter in parking lots where they'd be walked in/not only wasted but left to rot with no effort to even put them in the trash, etc. And again, so easy to dismiss on its own, but explicitly, 100% in line with the distinct pattern of the dozens of other such incidents of late.

As for the rest of the afternoon, it was largely quiet, with periods of silence as well. The 37-plates in traffic did keep up, more or less, and even at their lowest ebb still disproportionately more active than thought-type incidents, which today were very very low, with only a couple brief and scattered little clusters of only super-subtle activity (and this again correlating explicitly with another spell of mentally deadening headsickness and the like that characterized the day). Did two standouts amid it all, these both of that "sudden and singular and far more coherent than most other activity of the day":

> One was a fully, explicitly classical "being conspicuously alerted/attention drawn to a car while traversing a parking lot, only to have it draw my attention to its 37-plate," this time a car that beeped precisely as I exited the store and stepped from the curb, perhaps from its alarm/locks being set, thus instantly demanding my attention, only to be "smacked" with its 738-plate, and this also coming in that "immediately after leaving a store" pattern that I've been seeing so much of lately.

> The other was the day's lone, highly notable thought/perceptual echo. It happened as a work truck pulling a long two-wheel trailer pulled out in front of me, first demanding my attention since I had to slow down for it, etc, and then, precisely as the truck completed its turn-out and its trailer hit a pothole, thus causing it to bounce conspicuously and thus causing me to absently/automatically register this with a thought of something like "bouncing," the ad on the radio randomly said "bouncing houses," and again such that the "bouncing" and my instantaneous, heat-of-the-moment thought coincided in that perfect, intertwined fashion, also 100% patternistic of these.


Big uptick today, and more general kinds of incidents, though all still in the same basic underlying pattern/behavior/feel of this latest "chapter" of the phenomenon.

Morning was totally silent again, and also again followed by a slight and scattered but definitely "there" series of low-key 37-plates in traffic on the way to the appointment. Then, just after leaving there later on, had another of those "first plates encountered after being a semi-conspicuous 37," this time not immediately after leaving, but a minute or so down the road when I came to the first intersection, where a 37-plate car was at the end of the line of traffic waiting there, as to "greet" me/its plate "staring" at me in that patternistic way.

Next, about 10-15 minutes later on the drive to lunch, had a really cool standout. It happened while stopped at an intersection, when, after seeing more low-key traffic plates, I watched as a truck pulled up alongside me such that its 236 plate "arrived" directly/patternistically into my line of sight, thus causing me to absently think, also patternistically, something like "Well, that felt/behaved like a traffic-type incident, so why wasn't that a 237 plate?" -- and then, precisely as this thought occurred/patternistically, a second truck pulled up, also such that its plate arrived/"invaded" the exact space I was looking at then, this one with a 307-plate, not only notable and 100% patternistic in its own right, but also such in that "challenge-thought"/"question-and-answer" fashion. And just damn surreal too.

Went on to have a relatively high amount of traffic-plate 37s throughout the day, resuming with the scattered low-key plates just after lunch and then lasting pretty much through the rest of the afternoon's driving in a quiet plateau as has been common recently. Not many (if any, if I remember right) parking-lot plates today, oddly. Had a moderate amount of "everywhere" 37s today too, these too eventually plateauing into a semi-constant background static for the most part. Had many semi-conspicuous/"active"-type ones by mid-afternoon, and actually even got to that point of being collectively so many that I couldn't keep track. Few standouts I got down:

> A cool combo, and a good example of the many which occur quietly/passively during the background-static periods. It started when I stopped at an intersection and was "hit" with a quietly conspicuous/"staring" 732-plate on a car parked *just so* that its plate would be quietly conspicuous, patternistically. And then, as I sat waiting at the intersection, I noticed that, in a parking lot directly across the street from the 732-plate car, was a dumpster with a big "373" stenciled on the side, and placed such that it was visible in the scene just above the car's plate, ha ha.

> A few examples of the many more-active, classical standoutish traffic plates: another "having attention drawn to a random car in traffic, only to have it reveal its 37-plate after," this time a car drifting up alongside me slowly on the highway, thus causing me to slow and let it pass, only to have it "smack" me with its 317-plate as it did so; yet another of those "slowly creeping up/gaining on a over miles and miles of highway, only to get close enough for its 37-plate to resolve just before turning off or something," this time a 376-plate SUV I followed distantly all the way along the highway drive home, only to catch up to it once it slowed to turn off on the same turn I was taking, with my getting *just close enough,* for *just long enough,* for its plate to resolve; a classical "going to a super-random, unplanned stop, only to be greeted with a conspicuous 37-plate upon arrival," this time a 7333-plate truck with a patternistically/logistically perfect *staring* plate when I pulled into the thrift store parking lot (when I'd actually planned, first, to stop a store down the beach, and then, not finding one there, planned to stop at another, different one on the way home, only to, at the last moment, be Compelled to turn off and stop at this one ...).

Lunchtime reading was another day with one of those patternistic "one single, isolated kind of activity at the exclusion of others"-type periods, this time with a moderate amount of "little thing" subtle/fuzzy recurrences/parallels, extending mainly from the morning's experiences and reading material. They were again pretty much too subtle/complicated/subjective/fuzzy/indirect to be conveyed to any real degree, but there were a couple coherent-ish examples, such as reading in the diet book about how you should "drink green tea morning and afternoon," when I Just Happened to have had matcha green tea this morning and then in my lunch, which was not only infrequent of me, but also was another of those "recurrence of a recurrence"-type incidents, since I've had several others exactly the same involving an identically subtle echo of green tea mentions on a day when I randomly happened to have tried some matcha again. Or, a bit more notably: this morning when I'd randomly browsed through the Kurig teas and coffees at the clinic, despite having zero intention of actually having any, and Noticing one in particular, a "Sleepy Time" herbal tea, the first I've encountered such in probably months or longer -- and then, in the book at lunch, it super-randomly/offhand mentioned this exact tea, and of course for the first time in the book, Just Happening to coincide hours after the first encounter as is 100% patternistic of these ...

Towards the end of lunch, started to have a few super-super-subtle-type of those same extremely fuzzy and indirect/fleeting echoes as I've been having, and then, just before I was done, had a cool standout. It started when I randomly came to "two to two" in the book, and Noticed this in particular, patternistically and illogically and subtly but distinctly -- a split second before a man sitting nearby randomly said, "two point two," another of those with a slight delay but less than a second, just long enough for me to distinctly Notice the "two to two" and register it, then get "smacked" with the man's reasonably precise echo of the "two twos" underlying sentiment (which also jibes with the general uptick of 22s I've still been seeing off and on the last couple weeks or so, which would continue on today here and there as well).

From there, afternoon went on to see another of those same, now-patternistic on again, off again/periodic clusters of super-subtle echoes and parallels and recurrences (no thematics today, I noticed) plus a few standouts intermixed, and these ultimately also reached that saturation point of overwhelming my memory/attention by the day's end, just like numbers, and both of these for the first time in several days or so. Standouts/examples I got down:

> Good example of the super-subtle/fuzzy/individually dismissible echoes: just after lunch, when I was about to back from the parking lot, a woman came out of the door directly in front of me, thus causing me to register her with a patternistically absent/automatic thought of "a woman there" -- perfectly synchronistic with the radio randomly/singularly singing out "what a lady," with the "a lady" coinciding perfectly both with the woman's sudden appearance and my instantaneous registering thought of her. Many like this time, most subtler/more subjective but all of course following the same pattern.

> Another standoutish example of these. It started when I thought about going to the gym since I was in that part of town, then checked the time and decided against it since it was too soon after lunch, thus causing me to distinctly think "I need to rest before working out" -- perfectly synchronistic with the radio randomly/singularly saying "rest," intertwined, etc

> Another example of these, but also somewhat more coherent and with an additional, combo-type dimension. It started as another "little thing" recurrence, at the market, when I randomly encountered a container of honey butter, for the first time that I can remember for a long time if ever, etc, when, just this morning at the clinic in a super-random magazine I'd read for just seconds, it had mentioned how you can mix butter with honey and spread it on bread, which I'd again patternistically Noticed distinctly as to thing "honey butter" and have it stick with me as so many of these do. But then, as I saw it in the market and registered the recurrence, it caused me to think of another, almost identical one I'd had recently, where I'd read the random article about the Carvell cakes and so distinctly-but-illogically Noticed it, only to super-randomly encounter such a cake later that day -- just before I stepped past the honey butter display and came directly into contact with a cold case with a Carvell cake sitting directly in front and directly in my line of sight as I cleared the butter display, as to again echo either the thought of the Carvell incident or the incident itself or both, absolutely damn surreal.


A totally silent, totally headsick morning, followed by some slight but notable activity at lunch, mostly super-super-subtle-type stuff, that pretty much inclusive background static of slight reading echoes and some parallels and recurrences, though cohering slightly towards the end of the meal. Few standouts and examples:

> Had one of those instant, "immediately upon sitting down to read/eat and having an echo on the very first page"-type ones as I haven't had in some time it seems. It happened when I started the 'Desert' book that I'd bought super-randomly at the library yesterday, when I flipped past the publication-info pages and then stopped and read the first page of the actual text, the acknowledgements, which said something like "To my brother and sister and father" or something, listing family members, thus causing me to absently register it with a thought of something like "family members" rather than their actual names -- precisely as "family" sang randomly and conspicuously/emphatically from the market's overhead radio, another of those very and one-word but highly "striking"/intertwined-types.

> A little later, had another of those now-patternistic "involved conversation from two nearby strangers resulting in a succession of perfectly synchronistic one-word reading echoes," these again all common, singular words but each one a dead-on, intertwined hit, and all of course 100% objective, the two men totally disengaged from me and out of sight of my book and the like anyhow, probably 3-4 only but still enough to be notable and surreal all the same

> Had a few of those now-patternistic "morning crossword" word recurrences too, several of them very vague and indirect but patternistic, along with one semi-standout one, "about face," which first occurred during the crossword, for the first I'd encountered it/thought of it in some time, as to again make me absently but distinctly notice it as I do so many of these, and then it recurred not only once, just after during after-chore reading in the day's super-random freebie magazine, but then in the book at lunch today too.

> Had several of those "non-specific noises corresponding with reading of a random noise in the book"-type ones here and there, followed by a slightly more notable "exact noise"-type one towards the end of the meal, and with a cool twist too. It started when I came to "the rattle 2003" in the book and had the absent "challenge"-type thought of, "Well, why didn't hear a sound when I read that one?" -- and then, a split second after in "slight delay" fashion, a singular/random bottle rattled from somewhere across the market, not only an exact "rattle"-type noise but in that exact same "challenge-thought/answer" fashion, as to just make it that much more notable.

> And then, a similar plain echo just after, when I came to "the day" in the book precisely as some random, unseen person from somewhere in the market called out conspicuously/loudly "the day"

As for the rest of the day, thought-type activity again ceased as if on a switch immediately after lunch, without so much as some super-subtles afterward. Did have 37s in traffic plates (but again few to no parking-lots, if I remember right, just like yesterday -- why?), but only a few, and about all of them coming in another of those now-patternistic "biggish cluster just after lunch, followed by a big drop-off soon after"-type of clusters, pretty much keeping with the reflectively quiet/subdued tone of the day. Few standouts I got down:

> At the market at lunch, had, first, a sort of delayed "greeter"-type one, right as I was getting out of the car to go inside, when, at the last possible second, a car approached from my left, forcing me to wait for it to pass, which thus caused me to get "flashed" by its 37-plate as it did so, the first of the day. And then, a nearly identical one happened just *after* lunch, when I'd gone back to the car and put my bag inside before walking over to the other place in the plaza, when, just as I put away my bag and began to close the door, a car passed by from the left again and "flashed" its 773-plate identically, and this one with that physically logistically perfect element, where I was *just able* to see the plate through the windshield, at *just the angle* I was standing at, and *just before* I backed off and closed the door and began walking off. And then, immediately after that: I was suddenly Compelled to walk a different, patternistically illogical/inconvenient/awkward route to where I was going, and upon doing so, sure enough, it "led" me directly into contact with a 370-plate car, which was also in that quietly conspicuous "staring plate" configuration, ha ha.

> Next up, another, similar cluster after leaving the appointment about an hour later, when I had I think 3-4 semi-conspicuous "flashed"/"arrived directly in my line of sight"-type of 37-plates as I got back on the road, followed by another "climactic" sort of "finisher" when I parked at that super-random car place to get the oil changed and, upon getting out, found myself directly beside a truck with a trailer, which I thought was parked but then it moved slightly as I got out, thus demanding my attention in that patternistic way, and thus causing me to stop and look at it and see its 62317-plate, ha ha.

> Another classical "car coming to a sudden turn on a fast road, forcing me to slow down and take notice of it, only to have it 'flash' its 37-plate as it turned," and this one with that logistically perfectly timed/*just visible for a split second*-type of quality, just so surreal ...

> Also, a "passing random roadside sign clicking to a 37-variant number"-type one, though this one with that same slight delay seen in some echoes, where an electronic bank sign reading "3:17 PM" emerged from behind a stand of trees just as I passed, and then, probably 1-1.5 seconds after, ticked to 3:18 -- still patternistic enough to be notable, but that delay just always seems so odd, ha ha

Had a handful of semi-conspicuous "everywhere" 37s today too, again just enough to be "present." One I remember: when I scrolled down a random webpage and thus came to a random sidebar ad dominated with a big "$7.13 COUPON" or something like that (7.13 *exactly,* despite the odd figure ...). Also, a receipt-type one, from the oil-change place, when my order # started with 37, printed in big bold type at the top, followed by the total at $37.89, this printed twice.


Today saw an uptick of parallels/recurrences/"little thing"-type activity, after a noticeable lull/deficiency of these the last couple days. It started with a single, reasonably notable and coherent standout during after-chore reading, beginning yesterday when I read in the 'Desert' book about hops fields and alfalfa fields, both of which was the first I'd ever really learned of/thought of these plants being farmed as crops, as obvious/logical as it was, just another of those things that I'd never specifically, consciously thought of specifically/conceptualized until reading of them in the book, as is the case with so many of these "learning/conceptualizing a new-but-common thing" originating thoughts -- and then this morning, during after-chore reading in that super-random National Geographic I pulled out of the recycling bin a couple days ago and then was Compelled to begin reading last night, I came to an article about Latinos in America, in which it mentioned, offhand, a town in Idaho that farms hops and alfalfa predominantly, ha ha.

And then at lunch, an even more notable one. This one started, rather than ended, with that same magazine and that same article about the American Latinos, in which it talked about a man who, first, had become a city council member at notably young age (19), and then, second, was a minority at that (Latino), and then, third, the article also mentioned offhand how the man wanted to be president someday. Then, at lunch in the book, I came to a chapter that introduced a character that was a minority (black) who'd become a city council member at a notably young age (23) and had aspirations of becoming president someday, and was even in a club called The Future Presidents of America or something like that -- all totally objective, totally random and unconnected and unadvertised/impossible that I'd previously been cued or subconsciously informed of these things, etc, etc.

And another, reasonably notable and coherent recurrence, at lunch, beginning when I randomly held the door for a woman coming into the coffee shop when I was, whom I absently-but-distinctly noticed was overweight, young, and had braces. Then, later on, the same woman came and sat next to me on the patio, such that I noticed her again, as to cement her in my mind, especially her traits of "overweight, younger, braces" -- and then, maybe 10 minutes later in the 'Desert' book, it randomly introduced another new character, a young overweight woman with braces -- not specific beyond that, but notable considering, first, the tight timing and super-random nature of it all, but also the patternistic element, which is the case with so many of these, having some random event/encounter/thing stick out to me absently and illogically but distinctly before recurring.

And another somewhat notable detail of the day's parallel-type activity: there were only scattered, singular, more-coherent recurrences, rather than that running background static of many subtler, less-coherent ones (and, interestingly, all of this seeming to reflect my much clearer/less-headsick state of mind today).

Lunchtime reading saw two other standouts, both of them resumed-reading-type echoes (and, if I remember right, these were the only other incidents during lunch period, here also without any subtler activity mixed in -- a definite trend/newish sort of underlying pattern, it seems):

> The first one started with another fully objective, random, externally-induced event, when the ripped knee of my jeans caught uncomfortably on my knee when I bent it, thus causing me to interrupt my reading and conspicuously kick my leg out to resituate my pants leg -- and then, as I simultaneously raised my book up while kicking out my leg, the very first words of the text to fall under my eyes, again in that automatic, super-random, "no time to even subconsciously seek out any specific word"-type fashion, were "legs out," thus echoing perfectly my leg kicking out, singular of course but the underlying sentiment was certainly there, and again with that ridiculously surreal, intertwined timing.

> And then, probably two minutes later and identical in nature/feel/other mechanics and behavior, a second resumed-reading, when I raised the book up and the first word to fall under my eyes was "love," at the precise instant a woman at a nearby table said into her phone, "Love ya'," again with the "love" portion of it coinciding perfectly/intertwined with my registering the word in the book.

From there, the day sort of shifted back to the same basic format I've been seeing lately, with all thought-type activity ceasing, to be replaced by traffic-plate 37s as has been the MO lately (and, interestingly: I had a resurgence of yesterday's headsickness and the like just after eating, such that the yesterday version of synchronistic activity seems to return with my brief return to yesterday's health/consciousness state, 100% in line with this "reflective" aspect of the phenomenon). Didn't see too much number activity today, much like yesterday, just another of those brief-but-moderately-intense "immediately after lunch" clusters of low-key 37-plates after a total silence, followed by a handful of more-coherent/standoutish ones scattered through the rest of the afternoon. Standouts:

> Another of those "immediately upon getting back on the road 37-plates," before I'd even left the coffee shop parking lot, when I got behind a truck waiting to turn, with a 376-plate, sitting directly/quietly conspicuously in my line of sight as I sat behind it, and this too the very first plate I'd encountered upon driving, as well.

> Another "randomly parking in a lot, only to have a semi-conspicuous, previously invisible 37-plate 'staring' directly at me as I finished parking, 'greeter'-style," this time at the market on the way home, and again where the plate was not just only visible to me once I'd turned fully into the space, but this one was "revealed" from behind the parked car that had been obscuring it, in "animated" fashion.

> A cool, loose little cluster at the other market, mid-afternoon, beginning when I went to throw away the littered I'd accumulated on the way in and, upon absently looking into the bin, a bag in there had caught my eye and I'd been illogically and patternistically Compelled to take it out and look inside, in which the first thing I saw was a receipt, and, subsequently, the exposed portion of it read "7/13/18" with "7:30 PM" directly below it. And then, in the checkout, two much more notable ones, "cashier randomly quoting a 37-figure when I was in earshot"-type ones: first, when the customer two up ahead of me was quoted "$3.71," and then, immediately after, when the next in line was quoted "$13.37." And also a notable contextual detail: I'd been offered the chance to skip the line when another checkout opened, but I'd declined and let the folks behind me go instead, thus causing me to stay in that line and Just Happen to be present/within earshot of the two 37-quotes ...

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