Synchronicity log for 2009


I am writing a novel set in the early '80s. I wrote a simile lately that referred to the Ayatollah Khomeini. I had to look Khomeini up; I had seen his image and knew of the "Ayatollah" part of his title, but not his name. That was approximately a week ago. Today, I went to check the warranty on a computer part I got by chance. The checker was on the internet, and it had a security word you had to enter before it would go. The word was "keeping khomeini." After never hearing the word in my life, what are the chances that I would look it up, then a week later see it there, as a randomly-generated security word (not the mention the fact that I was checking the warranty at all, which was completely by a big convoluted ring of chance).

Sometime in August 09

I checked out a book at complete random in the library, as in literally fingering a book and checking it out. The one I chose was Society of the Mind, by Eric L. Harry. I had never read or heard of the author. The book turned out to be about artificial intelligence, robotics, and futurism. There were several elements in the book that I had not only conceived but written about in a recent novel (I had thought my ideas unique at the time).


I checked out a book called Dolores Claiborne by Stephen King a couple weeks ago. The book involved a solar eclipse, and had this weird element about the main character hearing a girls voice that went unexplained when you finished the book. Earlier last week, I returned my earlier books and checked out two new ones, specifically one called Gerald's Game, also by Stephen King. Gerald's Game also involved an eclipse, and explained the mysterious voice the woman had heard in Dolores Claiborne -- Gerald's Game is a kind of loose sister-novel to Dolores Claiborne. I had never read a page of either when I consequetively checked them out, and had no idea they were connected. I chose them completely at random, and back to back, no less. What are the chances of that?

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