Synchronicity log for 2011


Had "William" accepted today, when I was just thinking of it this morning (had thought of it being accepted before, but this one was very vivid, strong, certain). This comes amidst a tornado of word synchronicities (I've come across maybe 20 small-scale word synchronicities over the last couple days, some of them possibly coincidental, but others not).


Word synchronicity: brassard. I went through two pages of definitions this morning, then turned the page and stopped without looking at the next. I edited the "Dreams" chapter of "Storms" afterward, which featured the word "brassard." When I sat down for lunch, just afterward, "brassard," was the very first word on the page.


Still having word synchronicities out the ass, has to be record. Today's were all involving "Heaven," including a song I heard yesterday, about heaven, that stuck in my head.

Later today: I had the passing thought, out of nowhere, to look into tarot, as I never had before. That came in the morning, and that afternoon, before I looked up tarot, I read part of "Blood Meridian," where the circus family is wearing clothes covered with arcana. Arcana. The word stuck out to me, for some reason I couldn't place.

That night, when I looked up tarot, I learneda bout the 78 cards -- the major and minor arcana.

Had a prominent dream about mice, last night. It involved a couple of weird mice that kept giving birth, and this for some rason bothered me; some of the birthed mice were deformed, or cannibalistic. Was a very "ugly", "uncomfortable" dream. I woke up in the morning with an urge to look up mouse symbolism. Looked it up, and the first page I went to brought nothing. The second page, however, said that mouse symbolism involved being too logical, too intellectual, as opposed to following your intuition, and this struck a cord in me, not a pleasant one. I read a couple more interpretations, and these did not bring anything.

Anyway, throughout the day, as it would turn out, I had a lot of musings about intellect vs. intuition, and how to balance both. Was very enlightening, allowed me to set these things straight. The musings were significant, and random, enough that I found it notable enough to make a log entry.


Word synchronicities: "rocker switch," turned up in my ledger just after I'd finished editing a piece that used it, not an hour later; "Eastern Bloc" came up also, just after "rocker switch," though it was last night that I used it (though it was the first I'd used it in I don't know how long); "cigarillo," read it in "Blood Meridian" just before I left to go cut grass, and while I was out cutting, I noticed a piece of trash on the ground, didn't pick it up at first, but encountered it later, and it was an empty wrapper for a "cigarillo," had never seen that word used outside Cormac McCarthy's novels before.


Word synch: used dastardly a couple times last night, and it turned up as the title of [my friend]'s email today.


Word synch: "rostrum." Turned up in my ledger, and then it was in the chapter of "Other" that I edited that night. Hand't seen or read "rostrum" since I don't know when.


Word synch: "shooting gallery", read it in ledger and took particular note of it for some reason, and then, about an hour later, in "Blood Meridian".

Also, this morning I had opened up "The Matador" to check something for a new story I was writing (but didn't really want to be, at the time ...), and then, tonight, I got an acceptance letter for it.

Read, this afternoon, in "Blood Meridian", a part involving a dancing bear. Then, tonight, while researching ant symbolism (another thing I was hesitant to research but felt it necessary to do so), I see an ad from the WSPA regarding bear dancing. I can't remember the last time I've seen bear dancing referenced once.


word synchro: "toast soldier," came up in ledger today, when I had just, by total chance, come upon a web page that mentioned it, yesterday. I'd felt compelled to search for gluten-free breakfast foods, though I had no intention of buying any, and the toast soldiers were on the page (which was from the UK, of course).

Also, "unintelligible," came up in ledger today, when it had come up in my editing, yesterday, and I'd taken special note of it "for no particular reason." I need to start logging these "noted" words as they happen.


Yesterday, I by chance encountered Dad's iodine dropper in his vitamin box, while looking for batteries (which I felt compelled to do). I took particular interest in the dropper "for no real reason." Last night, Dad mentioned to me that he still had the dropper, and asked if I needed it.

Then, yesterday morning, I'd edited one of the "dildo" parts in "Other," then this morning, while still in bed, I heard my mom mention something about a dildo to my dad, the first I'd ever heard her say the word.


Was reading from my little Tarot book today, and came across a sentence involving being in control. "Control" stood out to me, For Some Reason, and immediaely after I read it, I was drawn out the window, by movement, two women walking along the road, one of them with a dog on a leash. Just after I looked up, a car started past them and the dog reared up, the woman jerking on her leash and crying out, struggling to keep the dog away from the car -- a perfect illustration of control.

Later, on the way home, I was stopped at the intersection by the Daniel Boone Inn, and my attention was drawn to the church there, strongly, For Some Reason. I noted the stained glass, one in particular, a circular piece, with a circle inside it, at the center. This fascinated me, again For Some Reason, and also For Some Reason, I noted that the glass was spoked with partitions, seven of them, since I was inspired to count them, For Some Reason. As I counted the seven partitions, I remembered a Cassiopiean transcription I'd read, what I thought described that very same construction, as a representation of objective reality. I went home and, while reading the transcriptions (which I had started yesterday), I happened to read that exact same transcription I'd thought of, and it did indeed describe objective reality as a circle within a circle, spoked with seven partitions. Wow.

On 9/11/11, I went by the same church and looked over the same window -- and there are really eight partitions. I swear, when I first saw it, there was only seven. I'm not suggesting the window has changed, but it was obviously my perception, me seeing what I think I saw. This, however, makes it even more interesting, since I saw this illusion, and ended up seeing a similar reference that same day.


In church this morning, the pastor mentioned how his laptop speakers were good, and how the blind tend to have sharper senses. Just yesterday, I came up with the idea for "Dark Night of the Soul," which mentions how the blind tend to have sharper senses, and I also, for no reason in particular, thought deeply about how my laptop's speakers weren't that bad (which was almost the exact wording he used, that his laptop's speakers weren't that bad).

Also, read today in the transcriptions a mention of "Born to Run". While in the gym, I had to take my headphones off for a few seconds, and that song happened to be on the radio. First I'd heard it in I don't know how long, or seen it referenced.


Word synchro:
"sibilant"; didn't take particular note of this when I first read it, while editing "Other", only later, when I found it in ledger (it's interesting, though, that I would chose that particular ledger, my oldest one; I had stopped looking at it recently, because I thought I knew all the words in it, and I do, but when I went to select a new one to look at, I felt Compelled to get that one ...)
"imbroglio" and "quaff"; same
"midriff"; interesting, because it only came from a change
All of these occurred within the same, lunchtime ledger session.


Last night, just before I went to bed, I was Compelled to listen to the song "Aurora" by Bjork. I had heard the song many times prior, but never given thought to what Aurora actually was, or meant. As I was listening last night, though, I had the distinct thought to look up Aurora and see what it was; however, the thought was passing and weak, and I forgot it instantly.

Today, however, while reading through the transcriptions, I came upon a section where the legend of Orion was recited, in which he is blinded but then looks upon the goddess Aurora and receives new sight. There you have it.


Over the last day, I've had far too many word synchronicities to list, just one after another after another, many from "Riottaba", which I edited last night and was accepted today. Wow.


Wrote the last (or hopefully last) chapter of "Other" today, entitled "Black Hole", about a guy who dreams of himself in the form of a world of neverending black, where he is an invisible ghoul that feeds on others -- a "black hole" of a person, someone who can only take, etc. After writing it, I read a similar reference to black holes in the transcriptions this afternoon, and almost considered it a hit, but then decided against it, since it was vague enough to conceivably be a coincidence. Well, during my second reading session, later, I came across another "black hole" in the transcriptions, but this one was a dead ringer, describing someone who uses and controls others as, literally, a "black hole of a person." Wow.


Today, I thought up a story, "The Barbarian", about a guy who goes nuts and thinks he's a barbarian. While brainstorming, I thought I could have him go "hunting" and kill a squirrell. I ended up going a different way, but only after I wrote the squirrell thing.

A couple hours later, I was reading "Heinous", and in it, the guy kills a squirrell, brutally, the way I'd envisioned it for "The Barbarian" (the barbarian would've used an axe ...).

Also, earlier today, while reading "Heinous", I came across TARDIS referenced there, and felt the keen urge to look it up, For No Particular Reason. Though, that's not quite true: in one of [my friend]'s emails, she had referenced it, and I didn't know what she was talking about, and felt the desire to look it up then, but didn't. So, I looked it up that night, and gasped: it was the fictional time machine that I had seen referenced just a couple weeks ago, while watching a video from a Dr. Pete Peterson. A kind of synchronicity love-triangle.


Word synchro: "spang", used it in a story this morning, and turned up in my ledger this afternoon; it's interesting, because I changed it from "dead" to "spang" in the story, by chance.


While pulling into McMantis this morning, a truck almost hit me, having not slowed down when he saw me turning (the parking lot is a slow turn). The truck beeped at me, amazingly, and I remembered it because it both scared the hell out of me, and made me angry as hell, since it was the guy's fault.

I was thinking of this when I returned later in the day, to finish up. As I pulled in, I noticed a truck waiting to pull out from the next adjacent parking lot, and, For No Particular Reason, I thought of almost getting hit that morning, the truck beeping at me. No sooner had I thought that than I heard an angry beep, and saw the truck from the adjacent parking lot pulling into traffic, apparently having forced his way in. The truck had pulled out exactly where I'd pulled *in*, the beeper beeping in the same spot the morning truck had been. History repeats itself. A very weird synchro.


Word synchro: "cowed"; came across it in "The Videotape", a story I was, last night, compelled to de-trunk for editing this morning. I edited it this morning, and almost removed "cowed", taking special notice of it because I wasn't sure if I wanted to leave it in or not; then, at lunch, I came across it in the ledger.


This morning, my mom said "changing of the guard" at breakfast, and I found it notable, For No Particular Reason. Later, that morning, when I tried to right, I got a page down and it ran out, so I went online looking for something to occupy my morning. After hesitantly going through, the TV/movie sight, I left, not wanting to watch anything, as not to have mess with my head. But then I went back, later, feeling "drawn" to it, and I found a travel show, about Sweden, in which it mentioned "the changing of the guard".


Spent the morning in the hole, so I didn't write. Ended up watching another "Rick Steve's Europe", this time on Copenhagen. Felt "compelled" to watch the Copenhagen episode. First synchronicity was the bikes: Copehagen is a bike city, with bike lanes, and a respect toward bikers. It's notable because I had just a couple days ago had a long discourse with myself about how a society would accept bike traffic -- not a huge synchronicity, possibly just coincidence, but interesting. Then, this afternoon, after I'd just watched the Copenhagen tour, I read in "Naked Lunch" how William S. Burroughs wrote some of the novel while living in Copenhagen -- again, not a bit hit, but interesting.

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