Synchronicity log for 2012


Remarkable one today. Sunday, I'd picked up a playing card, as trash, while cutting grass at the Peddler. It was the ten of clubs, which I remember very distinctly. Then, today, while cutting McMantis, five days later and across town, I came across another playing card: the ten of clubs. Precisely the same except for the first had a blue backing, and the second was red. It spawned some interesting events at lunch today (a lesson involving self-control and acceptance), and I have to wonder if that wasn't the point.

[Update on this one: [my friend] saw my report of finding the cards, and she went to a box of her own cards, and the one on top was the ten of clubs.]

Also, a ton of otherwise unnotable word synchro all through the day, spanning thoughts, chance actions, things I red in "Black Mass," and a million other little things. Most notable was "necessitate," first in "Jammed" and I Noticed it, and then in the Wikipedia page for Whitey Bulger, which I'd looked up after reading the end of "Black Mass," curios if he'd ever gotten caught.


Cool one today. On the way to church, I Noticed a sign along the road, by the final turn, for a farm tour. Besides Noticing it some prominently, I remembered it because I'd never, until then, heard of a farm tour, so it stuck out doubly. Then, at lunch, in the book "Feed," I read of the main character taking a farm tour.


Word synchro: "madcap," a word I read in "Black Mass," and then in the book I read just after it, "Feed." Was days apart, but still remarkable that I would see that word for the first time, then see it again in the next sequential book.

Also, a really cool one. Twice in the last day (though I want to say three times), I've thought of "unglued." I originally thought of it as the title of a story, but then it recurred about a day later, strongly, in a way I've come to identify. Then, today, when I went to load some workout music on my MP3 player, I went randomly to a spot in my MP3 folder, and landed on Stone Temple Pilots, which, within the maybe 20 songs visible, included "Unglued." I did not, originally, associate it with this song.


Word synchro: "philharmonic," in ledger this morning at breakfast, and I Noticed it, and then in "A Good Cause." Interestingly, I hadn't been reviewing my ledgers the last month, instead reading books, but I felt I should start doing it again today, and so I did. A classic word synchro.


Really cool thought synchro today: "a boy speaking his heart." This was a lyric in a U2 song I was listening to while working out. Right before it came up, like immediately before, in that distinctively synchronistic way, I'd just been thinking of how, when I used to do the breathing exercises, I could say what I feel, and that I was a man doing so -- a boy speaking his heart, you could say.

Also, a word synchro: "inquest," in "Next" today at lunch, and then on Judy Garland's Wikipedia page, when I felt Compelled to go to it after watching "The Wizard of Oz."


word synchro: "grist," another one where I first read of it in one book ("Black Mass"), and then read it again soon after, two books later, in "Next." Notable since it was a new word, and so uncommon.


Word synchro: "endemic," in a ledger definition and I Noticed it, at breakfast, and then, just minutes later, while editing "Not A Circus," it turned up again. Also, "lions and tigers," first used in "Not A Circus" this morning, then in "Next," at lunch. Possibly nothing.


A couple vague ones today, but interesting. First, I got a bottle of MSM (on clearance at Dollar General, when I'd felt Compelled to go there, and then, once there, Compelled to go through the store, to where I found the MSM which Just Happened To Be on clearance -- in Dollar General?), when just a few nights ago, I'd been thinking of how I'd like to try some MSM pills, on a suspicion the Swanson powder was inferior (which it seems to be; I took the pills I got and I saw that same effect I associate with MSM, which I've never once gotten with the Swanson powder). Possibly nothing, but very interesting, all the same.

Also, I felt Compelled to load up a Bush album to listen to while working out today, and I remember thinking, "I wonder what synchronicity this will spawn," just because of the way I ended up loading that particular album. It has the song on it, "Straight No Chaser," and I Noticed this while listening to it; then, afterward, at Goodwill (which I felt Compelled to visit today), there was a CD there labeled "Straight No Chaser." Again, possibly nothing, since it was so vague, but notable because of the Compellings and Noticings.


Interesting word synchro. Today while finishing up "Next," I read "The New York Times Book Review," "Gerard," and, earlier in the book, "dewar." I went right into "Mystic River" after finishing "Next," and on its cover was "New York Timse Book Review," and then, a couple pages in, "Girard" (different spelling) and "Dewar" (different tense and definition). Hmm.


Cool word synchro: "trooped" (verb). Was in the ledger this morning, when I hadn't looked at it for a few days, and I Noticed it, very distinctly, thinking, "I haven't seen that or used it in a long time." Then, at lunch, a few hours later, it was in "Mystic River." Very, very unlikely.

A neat one. At lunch, in "Mystic River," it featured a man with a samurai sword. This evening, I felt Compelled to look at a stack of DVDs on my parents' table, and saw a movie, "Princess Mononoke," which I felt Compelled to watch. It had men with samurai swords in it. Perhaps nothing, but I found it notable.


This one is outright weird. In my Hotmail email, I checked out the Word of the Day, and first, upon viewing this email, it brought up an ad for Carnival cruises, only $299, so I checked it out, on a whim. Well, when I did so, I started thinking of how I'd probably just end up staying in my room the whole time, and that I wouldn't want to go out to the public dining room. Then, after deciding I wanted nothing of a cruise, I went back and looked at the actual Word of the Day email. The word was "belletristic," which itself was interesting, since, just this morning in my ledger, I'd come across a "bellestettic," which has a similar meaning (I think it may either be the root of the word, or be mispelled in my ledger), and which I Noticed, very distinctly. But anyway, the email included two quotes using the word, one of which was:

"Usually what I do is spread out my notebooks and Fielding's Guide to Worldwide Cruising 1995 and pens and various materials all over the bed, so when the Cabin Service guy appears at the door he'll see all this belletristic material and figure I'm working really hard on something belletristic right here in the cabin and have doubtless been too busy to have hit all the public meals and am thus legitimately entitled to the indulgence of Cabin Service.
-- David Foster Wallace, A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again"

Now, first, it included the word "crusing," so I can see how that might have triggered the Carnival ad. But the thing is, I saw the ad and thought about how I would end up staying in my room (are all cruise ship rooms cabins?), as this described. Hmm.


Some cool thought synchro, first off: "chunks." While I was scanning the canned pineapple in the grocery store, looking specifically for the "chunks" because I like their texture, I heard a woman say something about "chunks" from my right. It was a sort of double synchro, because she said it right as I realized I was looking at a can reading "chunks," as happens with these so often. Also, "drank some coffee," in "Mystic River," right as I drank some coffee.

Also, an intuition. I was in the grocery store, on my way out, and as I started down one aisle, I got that "no," feeling, and then, as I approached the next aisle, I got a "yes," so I went down it. I recognized this right away, so much that I knew that there was some reason I went down this aisle. Sure enough, just after thinking that, I noticed the salt display, which reminded me that I'd run out of salt and needed more. (I got to have my salt, and this was right before lunch.) Cool.


Possible thought synchro. While on the way home from church today, I thought of Bob's wife, who'd I'd seen, very briefly, there, and simultaneously, I saw a roadside sign reading "Mary Rupp." I could be wrong, but I believe Bob's wife's name is Mary. If so, it was definitely a thought synchro, as the two coincided in that special, distinctive way.

Also, a really cool one tonight. A couple months ago, I'd gotten the new Bjork album, on which was the song "Crystalline," with the chorus "crystalline internal nebula." Ever since buying the album, I've had the song in my head. Then, last month when [my friend] visited, I went to the dump and found a book there, a collection of Nebula-award-winning short stories. Well, just last night I noticed that the book's cover has a crystal nebula above a quartz crystal (quartz was mentioned in "Crystalline," also).


Word synchro: "mescaline," heard first this morning, while watching "The Matrix" (had, by chance, found this in a canister of DVDs I cleaned out; could only watch ten minutes before turning it off, too much garbage), and then, at lunch, in "Opium," on the first page I read.


Word synchro: "galley proof," saw three times today. First, on a listing of review websites, then in "Opium," and then on the submission guidelines for Arcane, when I haven't seen the word in a while.


Cool one. This morning, I looked into a Hawaii vacation package, on a compelling from yesterday, and it led me to a couple Waikiki hotel deals. It was the first I can remember hearing Waikiki for some time, perhaps years. Then, at lunch, the very first page of "Opium" I read contained "Waikiki," the second sentence maybe.


Word synchro: "balm." Was in ledger this morning, as a verb, and I noticed it (not Noticed, though), and then, at lunch, in "Opium," though as a noun. Perhaps nothing.

Also, while cutting next door to Glory Drive today, I found $50 Circuit City gift card. It turned out to be invalid (not surprised), but it evoked last fall, when I found the $50 bill there, in almost the exact same spot.


Word synchro: "barred," first in "What If Our Heroes Suck" this morning, and I noticed it, since I almost took it out (like so many of these, occurring either as edits, insertions, or deletions). Then, in "Opium" at lunch, it was within the first few pages.


Day with [my friend] was loaded with synchronicity. She mentioned, randomly, all sorts of things I'd Noticed over the last day. We went to Howard's Knob Park, and there were people there who appeared to be giving one another reflexology (just before we went back to her hotel so she could give me reflexology). Seeing more moths, too, after seeing them the last week or so. Also, when I met [my friend] in the lobby of her hotel, she was reading a book called "Blackout," which I'd just seen within a couple days on a book review website I was looking to query (and Noticed it).


Word synchro: "squatters," first in a random email [my friend] sent me, then in "Opium," a couple hours later. Possibly nothing, but I haven't seen "squatters" in quite some time.

[8/29 update: saw another "squatters" today, now on a random publisher's website I visited.]


An intuition today. Yesterday, I forgot to get Stevia at the market, and so I went to get some this morning. All morning, I thought I would go to Food Lion and get it, since I went to Ingles yesterday, yet I found myself turning toward Ingles, Compelled. I had the thought that maybe it would be on sale, as it is there sometimes, but when I went and got the bag, it wasn't. However, when it rung up and I gave my loyalty card, it was, in fact, on sale, saving me nearly 1/4 the price. Hmm.


This one started on the 13th, when I saw "Gerard" and then "Girard" together between books. Then, while reading "Opium" a couple days ago, I saw "Girard" again, and I got to thinking, randomly, about a webpage [my friend] linked to me recently, about the history of the Garrison name, and I thought it referenced it as "Girard." So I looked it up, feeling Compelled to, and it turns out Garrison is linked to both "Gerard" and "Girard." Note: [my friend] sent me that webpage right around the 13th ...

Cool one this afternoon: my mom was talking about college girls adopting a kitten, and I had the strangest thought of them adopting me. Well, about 2 seconds later, my dad voiced just this, "Why don't we get them to adopt Aaron?" Also, another "squatter," in "Opium" this afternoon.


A couple word synchros: "minuet" and "raised on the radio," first in "Plane Crash," last night, and then in word ledger this morning. It would have been unnotable, except that I not only started a new ledger today, but I opened it where its bookmark was set, rather than the start, feeling Compelled to do so.

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