Synchronicity log for 2013


Had a lot of minor, otherwise unnotable thought synchros today. Mostly, I kept on seeing what I was just thinking, while reading (usually single words, etc). For instance, I had just drawn the 4 of Swords tarot card, which has on it a sleeping person, then immediately afterward got up to put on my router. Upon getting up, my eyes were drawn involuntarily to the "Snooze" button on my alarm clock. Little ones like that, all day.


Some cool ones this afternoon. First, while reading 'God's Pocket,' I somehow ended up thinking of how [my friend] told me randomly just two days ago that she was a biter (I can't remember if something in the book triggered this, or if it came up randomly -- I want to say randomly). Then, on the very next page, the book had, "And she was a biter," used in the same sexual context. Also, two synchros much like the "Snooze" from yesterday. First, I was thinking of how I wasn't going to take anymore vitamin E, on a totally separate chain of thought that started before I went in my bathroom to get ready to go, and right as the chain finished and I thought "no more vitamin E," I realized I was looking at "Vitamin E" on my bag of shaving razors in the medicine cabinet I'd just opened (being exposed to that and my thinking of vitamin E coincided in that perfectly synchronistic way). Then, a second later, I realized that I'd lain a reminder note reading "cheese" on top of the CD I'd just picked out to listen to this afternoon, 'Sailing the Seas of Cheese.' This last one was notable because I'd felt so Compelled to listen to it, to where it had jumped out at me from the rack (though, only its spine; I had no conscious thought of connecting it to my "cheese" note). Maybe nothing, but who knows.


Neat one at lunch today. I stopped reading the 'Successful Investor' briefly, to talk to my dad. Randomly, my dad started into how the town has changed so much since his coming here and how all the people he'd known had left. The last comment made me think, very distinctly, of how those people leaving would bring in a new group of people. Right after I thought this, I picked back up in the book and the first words were "The fresh faces," used in the context of referring to new people replacing old. There's no way this could've been subconscious reading ahead or whatever, because my dad's conversation was what had triggered my thinking about new people replacing old. Cool.


Had the usual minor thought synchros, etc, today, those that have become so abundant I've stopped noting them unless there's a lot. What stood out today, however, were the numbers: I saw 37 at least a couple dozen times, one after another, intermixed with the usual 33's and other of "my" numbers. Most abundant was on license plates, and in ways that stood out. For instance, if I saw two or three 37's in a row on license plates and then started subconscious looking at them and seeking it out, I'd stop seeing them. Then, as soon as I'd stop looking, they'd start popping up, and in ways I couldn't ignore, such as cars turning in front of me, or passing billboards in special ways, etc. Another example was when I went to the phone book to look upt he closing attorney's number. Not only did I flip directly to page 37, but it was in the "Attorneys" section of the yellow pages, and was the page with the number I needed (the flip was totally, completely random). I've never seen so many 37s as today.


Damn cool one this morning. Yesterday, I finally wrote a note to check on how to replace my weed eater's air filter, and then I did a couple Google searches this morning. The first synchro came just after that, when I did a search for "weed eater stalls air filter," and the very first hit involved a Stihl FS90 (my trimmer) -- maybe nothing. But then, in my last search, I was led to a page which talked about a "Troybuilt trimmer." Immediately after doing this business with the weedeater, I typed up my mom's letter to the editor, which mentioned name a couldn't quite read. I thought it was "Remmington Reliner," and when I Googled this to check, one of the first hits referenced "Remington shavers relin troybuilt trimmer."

Then, at lunch, a cool word/reading synchro: "fish." I read it in the "Rule #1" book, and it coincided perfectly with my mom saying "fish," from the other room. It was so perfectly coincidental, I had to ask her what she'd just said. (An adjunct to this was that I Noticed the fish keychain for dad's car, which I used randomly, out of nowhere, to go to the chiropractor's today. This Noticing took place maybe an hour before the "fish" synchro.)


Had another one of those reading/speaking synchros, exactly like yesterday except different words: "up there." I was reading the 'Rule #1' book again, and again I read the words precisely when my mom spoke them, when she was in the other room and we hadn't been talking to each other. Just like yesterday, there is zero chance this was any kind of a subconscious reading-ahead deal, or any kind of logical, rational situation (plus, considering this happened almost exactly the same two days in a row, coincidence becomes that much more unlikely).


Some cool ones today. This morning, while editing the second book, I had the distinct thought that I'd prefer a different Track Changes color than red, because it makes the misspelled words harder to see. But, I don't know how to change the color, and I didn't bother trying to find out. However, while I was editing [my friend]'s notes, maybe a half hour after I thought I'd like a different color, the color changed from red to blue, just as I'd wanted. I think it had something to do with having [my friend]'s version of it open at the same time, or having her edit mine -- hers had something to do with it, in any case. Then, the same sort of thing happened about an hour later: I was in bed, resting, and I wanted to know what time it was, but honestly didn't feel like getting up and checking. Maybe a minute later, someone called and left a message, and I could hear it from my bedroom, and the guy said, "It's about 11:40," so I got the time after all -- again, I thought about something I wanted, and it happened.

Also, on the way home, a pretty decent thought synchro. At the end of a long chain of thought about the stock market, I ended up thinking of the market's auction system. Immediately as I thought this, perfectly coinciding, I passed a sign along the road reading "auction."

Also, a minor one that may be nothing: this morning, I learned that there's a difference between "dependent" and "dependant," thanks to one of [my friend]'s edits on the second book. It was a bit of a thing, because I'd used "dependant" in the wrong tense about five different times in the book. Then, this afternoon, a few hours later, "dependent" was in the 'Financial Planning' book I started -- used in the wrong tense, exactly like I'd been.


Maybe nothing, but a loose recurrence seems to be in progress. In 2004, just after I moved to this house, Marmalade the cat died, days after I moved, of old age. Now, just as I'm about to move again, Fuzzy the cat appears to be dying, also of old age. I doubt Fuzzy will last until I get up to the new house, but it's still close enough that I can't help but notice (the only other cat that's died between 2004 and now is a cat that got hit by a car, none being put down because of old age).


Some minor word synchros: "a runner," "hard-hitting," a person who's a "work in progress," "the Ram" (nickname). Notable because of the way they appeared, mainly being in stuff I read or edited yesterday, then in a book I got at the library today, completely randomly, having never even heard of it until I was strangely Compelled to get it ('Brain on Fire'). Also, interestingly, the woman who wrote the book said that one of her first symptoms was a general numbness, when I've just in the last few days been experiencing a mysterious numbness, in addition to many similar symptoms of her brain inflammation.

(9/16/13 update: got this follow-up from [my friend] today, from when she was skimming through this log in the book's rough draft:

"Ok.  Take this as you will, but I'll send it along.  I was scanning through the last draft you sent.  Not "reading" it, just wandering through to see if anything would catch my eye.  Well, something did.

"having never even heard of it until I was strangely Compelled to get it ('Brain on Fire')."  Ok.  This one is striking to me.  I downloaded this as an audio book for my MP3 Player from the library.  I checked to see when I did it and found that I'd gotten in in earlyish July (screen capture). It's still on there.  I'd never heard of it either.  But not until sometime around the time you checked it out did I get around to listening to it.  I had misplaced my MP3 player and forgotten I'd even put it on there.")


Some mildly notable word synchros: "pernicious" and "clusterfuck," both in 'Brain on Fire' and then 'Bailout,' the two library books I felt Compelled to get and then read back to back. "Clusterfuck" could easily have been a coincidence; however, I Noticed "pernicious" when I first read it in 'Brain on Fire,' and then read it again in 'Bailout' just hours later.


A mildly notable one this morning. While at the chiropractor's, I was browsing through a book in the waiting room when my acupuncturist walked past. Immediately as I looked back to the book, in a random spot (I wasn't really reading the book), my eyes settled right on acupunturist. Potentially just coincidence; however, I had felt Compelled to read that book, and it did coincide in that particularly synchronistic way.

I haven't been noting the overwhelming number synchro experienced the last couple years, but the last couple days have been an exception: I'm seeing 37 out the ass, or 137 or 1137 or 307 or different combinations of those. 37 is a regular one, but the last couple days there have been several remarkable recurrences. Besides sheer volume (I think I've seen it no less than two or three dozen times per day), there was, for instance, when I went to buy those USB extenders yesterday, the page (which I ended up on totally randomly, it being different than the one I'd originally intended to buy), had the cable on sale for 37% off, the company's feedback started with "11373," it would ship the same day if I ordered within 7 hours and 31 minutes, and I think one or two other 37s in there. There were several like this, but then last night, I put my grass cutting shoes in the dryer. After a few minutes, I noticed the dryer had turned off, so I went and checked, and it was open, with 37 blinking on the readout. I guess my shoes knocked open the door somehow (but how?!?), just at that time.


Two cool word synchros: "payable on death" and "living will." The second was in the end of the 'Bailout' book at lunch today, and I had the distinct thought of, "Now what was a living will again?" because I'd just learned the term recently but then forgotten what it meantt. Then, this afternoon, I went to the library and, because the book I wanted wasn't there, went browsing, during which a "how to" book on wills jumped out at me. While reading it this evening, I found the definition for "living will." The same went for "payable on death," which I was thinking of this afternoon at the gym, when a song from the band POD was playing on the radio and I caught a snatch of it in between songs on my headphones, just enough for me to have the distinct thought of "POD" and its meaning, which occupied my mind for some seconds. Of course, "payable on death" was defined in the "how to" book tonight. These are notable for two reasons: 1) I had such distinct thoughts of both of them in the hours before I would read the book, and 2) I had zero plan to read a will book today, yet I would feel so Compelled to check out that one from the library.


Cool thought synchro on the way home from cutting grass today. I thought, randomly but distinctly, of how my headlights were on, immediately before the song I was listening to said "headlights," the two coinciding perfectly, in that distinctive way. The perfect coincidence makes it notable to start with, but also I could trace back my thought of "headlights" directly to a long, random chain of thought related to some people gathered at the property I'd just left.


Another one of those "reading two books back-to-back" synchros, now between 'Bailout' and "Superfreakonomics.' I noticed parallels immediately, such as both of them discussing the 2009 subprime-mortage bust and the resulting financial crisis (the 'Bailout' book was centered on this, but the other one has nothing to do with the situation, ostensibly, it being a general economics book). There were lots of little parallels like this, at first enough to make me take notice but not take note, until this afternoon, when the 'Freakonomics' book used "game" as a verb, when it had been used prominently in 'Bailout,' in a context that was the first I'd seen it (as "to capitalize upon').


Really cool, and really ironic, one this morning. While in traffic, I was thinking of the first chapter of the synchronicity book, which starts with the 11:11 recurrences. While I was planning the chapter, with thoughts of it at the forefront of my mind, I saw a license plate ending in "1111," as revealed by a car pulling away just as I was thinking of the chapter. Cool.


Pretty cool and pretty notable word synchro today: "star stuff." This morning, I'd thought of "star stuff" randomly. I can't remember exactly what spawned it, but I remember it being the end of a long, complicated chain of thought, which finished with (I think) the Milky Way galaxy and how Carl Sagan referred to how "we're all made of star stuff" -- I'm not 100% on this, but in any case, I did, in fact, think distinctly of "star stuff" this morning. Then, that night, in 'The Secret Doctrine,' it mentioned how everything is made of "star-stuff." Notable in itself, but doubly so considering the circumstances of my reading 'The Secret Doctrine' tonight: I had no other books to read. I'd started this one last month, read 70 or so pages of it, then moved on to something else (it's a long-ass book). But, today, I had nothing to read (because the books I've ordered are both mysteriuosly arriving late), and I felt Compelled to read 'The Secret Doctrine,' even though I didn't really want to. In fact, I even had a feeling of "There's something in there for you." Cool for all these reasons, but then even more notable considering it fits this same format of so many other similar word/thought synchros.


Really cool one. Just after I finished the first part of the synchronicity book's second chapter, I went to Twitter to tweet. On my list of followed tweets, there was a quote from Robert Anton Wilson:

"Carl Jung got me interested in synchronicity, or maybe synchronicity led me to Carl Jung"

Here are the last couple paragraphs I wrote in my book, just minutes earlier:

"Like any good tracker, I did my homework on the elusive quarry I was tracking. That is, I researched similar phenomenon, moving beyond just superficial web-browsing. This would introduce me to the work of prominent psychologist Carl G. Jung, who coined the term “synchronicity.”
    I’ll now provide a synopsis of Jung’s work in this area, as a pretext to the rest of the book.
    As it were, my 1111-sightings both did and didn’t satisfy Jung’s definition of a synchronicity."

It also bears noting that it's been months (if not a year or more) since I've read and external reference to Jung and synchronicity.

Also, a couple neat thought synchros this afternoon. First, at the gym, I had the distant thought (more of an observation) that I couldn't stop shaking (hyperthyroid), immediately before the song I was listening said "I can't stop shaking," in that perfectly synchronistic way. Then, on the way home, I blew my nose while driving, breaking my own rule, and so I immediately thought of how I'd just taken a chance. Just after, the song I was listening to said "Every chance I take is on the road." Both mildly notable in themselves, but moreso because of that distinctly synchronistic nature.


Cool recurrence. I'd been meaning to scan the forms from the will book, but putting it off. Then, at lunch yesterday, I felt like it was time to do it, suddenly. So, just after lunch, around 2PM, I went on my desktop (I had to set it up, which was the reason I kept putting it off, I think, because it entailed some effort) and then scanned the pages from the will book. Then, today, I checked my email and found that [my friend] had emailed me at 12:23PM yesterday, with the scans of a yoga book she'd mentioned to me. Here's her email:

"The bottom of the first got cut off, but all it says is "times. Loosen up."  I had to do it twice since I don't scan often and forget how between times.  And the book fell apart making it easier to scan.  Also, I had a HUGE feeling of deja vu while scanning.  I've been here before, I just don't know when.  And I've copied the pages for people before, but I've never scanned them or emailed them.  The feeling involved the computer and the pages and the general all around familiarty of it.  (And I'm on the computer I rarely use, so it's even more interesting to me.)"

This reveals even more parallels: not only was she doing the book-scanning just hours before I did mine, but she did it at a computer she "rarely used," just like with me and my desktop (I use my desktop maybe once a month, if that?). Also, she noted deja vu during it, which I find interesting -- maybe some sort of crossed-circuit-type deal, she experiencing what I would or something? I don't remember any deja vu while doing my scanning, in any case.

[my friend]'s reply to this:

"This makes me laugh on a million levels.  One of which is I wasn't going to bother scanning them since I'd gotten the book, but I'd said I would and I hate saying I'll do something then backing out.  I was upstairs and about to go down and I just stopped and said....Nope....I'm scanning them now.  There was no precursor thought to that.  It was just like I was dragged back into the room to scan the pages."

Another cool recurrence this afternoon. While reading the 'Disconnected' book, I read a quote from someone with the first name of Ram, which I noticed -- not quite a Notice, because I'd just never seen that first name before and I think that's why I noticed it. In any case, about two hours later I was in Goodwill and while browsing the books, I came across one whose author's first name was Ram. Maybe nothing, but I thought it somewhat notable, since I don't remember ever being exposed to that name before.

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