Synchronicity log for 2014


First, a classic reading synchro. I stopped reading to take a sip of coffee, and when I went back to the book, the next line was "Burling took a sip of coffee." I'd be willing to peg this one was a subconscious reading-ahead/suggestion-type thing, except that my sip of coffee was timed to follow my swallowing a bite of food, a distinct habit I have and adhere pretty rigidly to when eating lunch and sipping coffee -- that is, an objective component, one which would've had to coincidentally align with the subconscious suggestion to sip coffee, as it were. So, in that case, notable.

Then a cool recurrence that seems pretty unique. Yesterday, I was going through notes on my desk, when I saw one that I thought read "Salman Rushdie," which would've made sense, because I knew that I did indeed write a note a while ago to get a Salman Rushdie book -- except, the note read "Salinger Catcher in the Rye," as a reminder to get that book. I don't know how I "saw" "Salman Rushdie" on there, but in any case, the confusion was very distinct. Then, today, in the 'Man in the Rockefeller Suit' book, it mentioned Salinger and Rushdie in the same line, how they'd both lived in the same New England town. It could've conceivably been a coincidence, but it would seem that some sort of weird "Salinger/Rushdie" hybrid-theme recurred.

Also, another one that might've been nothing. While I was outside reading the 'Rockefeller Suit' book and its part about New England, I realized that I needed a pillow for the chair I was sitting on. I almost went inside and got one, but then I remembered that dad's car which I was borrowing, which was sitting right next to me as it were, had a pillow in it, one I'd seen many times over the years. Sure enough, the pillow was in there, its design advertising the New England Patriots.

Then, another somewhat unique hybrid-theme one. Last night I had a dream involving big picture books filled with pictures of art and the like, but by the time I woke up, I'd forgotten this time. Then, while dealing with the washer and dryer in the garage today, I noticed just such an artwork picture book in a box of Adam's stuff. I saw it in passing and it caught my eye and turned me around, and in the split second I was turning to it, I had the thought, "That's just like the book I dreamed of last night." When I looked at the title of the artwork book, it was 'Dreams.' I thought the effect pretty distinct: in that split second of turning to look at the book, I had the thought of "I dreamt of an artwork book last night," and then found the artwork book to echo the dream theme also -- another weird sort of hybrid. Not sure if this could be considered a thought synchro of my thought of my dream and the artwork book, or a recurrence between my dream and artwork books. In any case, pretty cool.


A suspiciously blatant reading synchro today. Right as I read "make the phone ring more often" in the 'Man in the Rockefeller Suit' book, my phone rang, the two coinciding in that seamlessly perfect synchronistic way. There's no way it could've been subconsciously engineered or something. And, ironically, the call I got wasn't even the one I was expecting and had my phone on for, but just a random telemarketer (the only such call I received today ... at that precise moment I read that line ...).


A blatant, almost impossible chance-wise recurrence. After going into oxalate overload the last couple days (for the first time in ~6-8 months) and being forced to revisit it and research it a bunch, my friend emailed me, totally out of the blue, a link to a website that overviews ... oxalate intolerance. The friend didn't know anything about my experiencing that precisely when she emailed me the link, nor did anyone else know, nor did the friend even have any idea of my being intolerant of oxalates, etc. For this one to be chance ... highly, highly unlikely.

Then, this afternoon, a question-and-answer almost as cool, as well as rather unique. After opening the basement's screenless windows today at lunch and noticing some annoying bugs coming in, I had the distinct thought of putting in some screens, except that I didn't know where to get some without having them specifically made for the oddly shaped windows. So then I thought, Well where do I get just some screening without the frame? Then, maybe 1.5 hours later, I went to dump off Roxanne's trash, and there behind the dumpster, right in my view, was a screen door with a torn screen, placed there like something someone may want. It wasn't so precise that I could easily rule out chance, but then, there is the added factor of it fitting the q-and-a pattern, etc, which ups the notability somewhat. But then there's a second part to this one. I didn't immediately strip the screen from the frame, deciding to do it when I came back to Roxanne's complex later on, which saw me there about 2.5 hours after the initial discovery of the screen. When I did at last go back for it, now in the evening, I had a thought while cutting away the screen: perhaps I shouldn't do this, since then I'd be leaving the bare frame, which no one could conceivably want. However, a minute later as I was leaving, screen in hand, a man walked up to the dumpster and asked me if I was just taking the screen but not the frame. As it were, the man volunteered that he wanted just the aluminum frame, to be sold as scrap. This part too reeks of a q-and-a, where I'd just thought, minutes earlier, that no one would want just the frame (or I couldn't fathom why) -- and then, precisely when I'm leaving, this man walks up and informs me of his intent to take just the part I didn't want, as well as him not wanting the part I was taking. On top of that, his arrival coincided with my leaving so perfectly, it couldn't have been choreographed. Only I know how really profound this timing was, since 1) it didn't make sense for me to come back for the screen rather than taking it the first time I was at the dumpster (it was a totally illogical, in-the-moment decision to put it off, also patternistic of these incidents), and 2) my afternoon was so chaotic and complicated, hinging on so many different little factors (I ran several errands of my own, then ran about a half-dozen for Roxanne, all presenting various delays and such, including an inexplicable 10 minute wait to checkout Roxanne's stuff at Walmart). So for me to be leaving at just the precise time needed to encounter the scrap-aluminum-wanting man who would provide the answer in the second q-and-a ... I found it highly notable.

Then, I experienced another onslaught of small, transient synchros throughout the day, mainly of a thought/reading type. For instance, just thinking I was out of time to get to Roxanne's (those mental words exactly) precisely when the CD I was listening to said "out of time" (plus, it was a new CD, the first time I'd heard the song in question). All sorts of those, many of them, in fact, pretty notable and distinct.

Then, on top of the others, another seeming q-and-a. Yesterday, I went to Bare Essentials and on the receipt, I noticed they'd changed over their rewards system to points, and I had the question of how that now worked. Well, today I had to go back there, now for Roxanne's water, and precisely when I walked in, the cashier was explaining to someone the new points system, and the few words I overheard were enough to answer the question I'd had the night before. This one, unlike the rest of the day's incidents, could conceivably have been chance, but considering it being so patternistic of the q-and-a (and my having so many q-and-a's recently, seemingly a trend), I'm apt to consider it reasonably notable.


First, a cool recurrence. It started this morning when, after days of putting it off, I finally got around to checking out the old laptop. I left it updating and the like before lunch, and while eating, I remembered I needed to plug it into the internet, which required me to look at the laptop's RJ-45 plug -- which I Noticed, very distinctly, making me think specifically, "The laptop has an RJ-45 port." After plugging it in, I went back to the book I was reading, and on the very next page it mentioned the RJ-45 port. This was significant 1) because there was nothing leading up to that page which would've suggested the RJ-45 port (and, thus, perhaps implanted the suggestion in my subconscious and triggered the Noticing), but then 2) the book was in error, for it was referring to the port on a telephone, which is an RJ-11 port, not the 45 -- yet, it was the 45 that had jumped out at me and been Noticed just minutes prior. Very cool and notable all around.

Then, a thought synchro after cutting grass. I had taken my broom and swept some clippings and leaves and stuff off a walkway, and after doing so, I had to go throw away some trash I'd picked up. As I walked up to the trashcans, still holding the broom, I had the distinct but random thought of, "I'll bet I look like I'm about to throw away this broom." Seconds later, I opened one of the trashcans, and there inside was a broom almost exactly like the one I held. I find this notable 1) because of the almost immediate recurrence of the "throwing away a broom" theme, and 2) it was dumb chance that I opened a trashcan period, only because there wasn't a recycling bin to throw my (recycable) trash into, and even then there were three cans to choose from (all of them sealed with a black lid, btw, so I couldn't see inside). Notable, though not overly precise.

Then, a recurrence that might be nothing. A few weeks ago, I'd been in line at Earthfare when the man behind me coughed blatantly into the air, right at me, not even attempting to cover his mouth or anything. As it stands, that was the first that had happened to me in a while, a grown man coughing all over the place like a child. Then, today, it happened again -- also at Earthfare, a man directly behind me in line coughing blatantly at me. It was a different man, but the exact same thing, in the exact same store (different checkout line). It could obviously be chance, but I find the particulars notable, in such a way that it smells like the usual recurrence pattern.


A neat recurrence today, of a complex and unique nature, like so several as of late. It involved the theme of "having a package delivered to the front door, when the recipient lives in the home's basement apartment." Today I had a package coming, my first after moving into the home's basement apartment, and so I tried to get up with my tenants upstairs to let them know the UPS man would likely come to the front door (though I failed to do so in time). Then, when I went to my parents for lunch, there on the doorstep was a package, at the front door -- for their tenant of the basement apartment. As it were, it was the first I've ever seen a package for my parents' tenant at the front door, and also notable is the fact that I hadn't even been planning on eating at my parents' today, instead planning on tomorrow. I only decided to go today literally minutes before I left. Had I not done so, this recurrence wouldn't have occurred, if a recurrence it indeed be. Can't really rule out chance, but still pretty damn precise.


Minor word recurrence: "privilege, not a right." I thought of this distinctly while editing the "On Freedom" essay, though opted not to use it. Then, minutes later, I read it on a website, for the first time in maybe months? years? Still, easily just coincidence, though it has that patternistic "smell."


Three thought/music synchros today. First, "twenty-four," this coming on a song over the radio right when I looked at the clock and read the "twenty-four" in 5:24. It wasn't overly precise (as opposed to, say, the radio saying "five-twenty-four"), but the two did coincide in that perfectly synchronistic way, upgrading the notability somewhat. Then, "heavenly view" (or something to this effect, I can't remember for sure), this too coming over the radio. It coincided with my arrival to Charlotte and my first glimpse of its skyline of downtown skyscrapers -- very much a "heavenly view." And once again, the recurring theme wasn't overly precise, but the coincidence of it and my just clearing the horizon and seeing the skyline was so perfectly synchronistic I had to take note. Then, "six o'clock," this one also coming over the radio. It coincided perfectly with my thinking "six o'clock," and though the song in question was one I'd heard dozens of times in the past and could theoretically have been subconsciously suggested by the upcoming lyric, I can again trace the chain of thought that ended with "six o'clock" back to an independent source (my seeing a hotel, having a vague thought about stopping in, but then reminding myself "it's only six o'clock," too early to stop for the night). And, once again, the coincidence of my thought and the radio lyric were perfectly synchronistic, with that wham-bam effect that never ceases in making me blink.


A super-cool recurrence today, or I guess two recurrences back-to-back. While reading the 'Rising Sun' book this afternoon during my first day at the beach trailer, it hit me that it was all exactly like the last time I was here: the 'Rising Sun' book is about Japan, exposing a lot of interesting facts and differences about the place, when the last time I was here I was reading a book on Japan, which offered similar contrast -- involved in the very same study of the very same subject in the very same trailer (on the very same couch, nonetheless), also on the very first day there. It was a kind of combo recurrence, involving not just the theme of "studying Japanese/American contrast," but doing so in the beach trailer. Also interesting is how I got this 'Rising Sun' book: yesterday, while returning books at the library, I felt Compelled to look at their rack of .50 cent paperbacks for sale, even though I already had a whole bag of books to take to the beach. Additionally, I felt Compelled to get the 'Rising Sun' book, even though I don't really like the book's author. Likewise, I felt Compelled to start reading it today (I'd finished my last book just before leaving for the beach). Notable not just from the chance perspective, but because the synchronicity all hinged on my reading a book about Japan my first day at the beach, and I had no way of knowing what the book was about when I bought it (it just jumped out at me when I saw its spine on the rack, before I even saw the cover), so there's no way I could've had some subconscious urge to "manufacture" a synchro Compelling me to get the book, etc.

Then, a postscript to this first part: immediately after I realized the first part of this synchro, I read down a couple paragraphs and came to a part where the characters in the book note the contrast between American and Japanese police forces -- when that's exactly what I was thinking of, stemming from my remembering that earlier book about Japan I'd been reading on my last trip (which closely exposed the contrasts between the two police forces). Additionally, the dialogue in 'Rising Sun' said basically that Americans were incompenent and Japanese weren't, based on conviction rates, but this was even more synchronistic, not to mention ironic, because that first book about Japan had possessed the opposite conclusion, that the *Japanese* were the less competant police, including the fact that their super-high conviction rates were misleading, since there were many false convictions, social factors, and other factors that discredited the high conviction rate as being conclusive evidence of competance and merit (like coaxing confessions and the like so that a lot of cases are open and shut, or many cases never being closed due to red tape, if I remember right). In any case, the topic of that paragraph was completely relevant to what I was just thinking of after realizing the initial synchro, or at least a mirror version of what I was thinking. In any case, it was all perfectly synchronistic, and highly notable, I think.

Plus, another recurrence: high daycare costs. On the way down to the beach last night, I saw a sign advertising daycare for $135 a week, and I had the express thought, "I had no idea daycare was so damn much," because I'd honestly never thought about it before. Then today, also in the 'Rising Sun' book, it said something along the lines of "you have no idea how much daycare costs," or something to express high daycare prices, as a character with a small child is discussing with another character. Maybe coincidence, but the timing makes it pretty notable, as well as the distinct sort of "question-and-answer" patternistic format.


A classic recurrence this afternoon. I went an, totally by chance, opened a drawer in a cabinet here at the beach house, and noticed a wrench inside with "Made in Japan" embossed on the handle. It caught my eye doubly so because I had just been reading the 'Rising Sun' book, which is all about Japanese goods being sold here in America, etc. Then, minutes later when I sat down and returned to the book, it mentioned "machine tools made in Japan." I found it reasonably notable since 1) the timing was pretty tight, and 2) the wrench was the first Japanese tool I've seen in quite a while (and I'd Just Happened to open that drawer, while looking for something else).

Then, a classic book synchro. The last book I read, 'The Master Switch,' had a section that mentioned the Japanese "invasion" of goods in the early 80s, and about how Zenith was the lone American TV manufacturer as a result -- a fact that I learned for the first time by reading that part of that book. Then, in the 'Rising Sun' book, it too mentioned this fact and the little story behind it -- another case of reading two entirely random books on entirely different subjects back to back, and finding them to cite the exact same thing. 'The Master Switch' and 'Rising Sun' could be more disparate, one being an academic nonfiction about information systems and their theories (which mentioned Japan and the Zenith TV thing only in passing, dedicating only a few sentences to it) and 'Rising Sun' being a novel about a murder.


Cool recurrence. Yesterday, I read in 'Rising Sun' a mention of black-and-white HD video, which I found odd (sentiment reflected in the book, as it were), and so it stood out to me. Then, today, totally randomly on the radio, there was a little joke mentioned about someone wanting to know if he could be an HD black-and-white TV. Not 100% precise, but close enough to be pretty notable, especially giving the timing, and the patternistic format, etc, etc.


So much today, an onslaught but different than those past, just one synchro after another, of all types just about. Thought synchros, recurring themes, even some of those mysterious, multi-layered ones I've been having as of late. Almost all were notable; I just can't remember them all, there were just so damn many and so damn often. The most notable was when I was thinking, absently but distinctly, of an insurance policy when getting into the car to leave, and the thought crossed my mind "nothing in it for me," because the insurance policy had been taken *out* on me by my parents, so if anything came from it, I'd be dead. Then, a split second later, I keyed the car and the first words out of the radio were "nothing in it for me"; and, as it were, the song was even about money and riches. Then, not coinciding quite as well but no less notable, was when I was reading 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas' later and, several seconds after I'd thought of how I was going to take a sweat bath in an attempt to detox some of the nastiness from the parasite cleanse, I read in the book where the guy's doctor told him that if he didn't sweat so much, he'd be screwed because all the drugs he did wouldn't detox -- this part being on the next sequential page after I'd had the thoughts about detoxing via sweat, without any hint of what was to come on the page I was reading at the time, so there was no way it could've been subconscious reading-ahead, just like there was no way I could've anticipated the song playing on the car radio when I turned it on. And there were just so many like this today, many of them so weird I can't really articulate them, like the whole theme of "spaced-out craziness" from the 'Fear and Loathing' book being eerily reflective of my state pretty much this whole day, from the parasite die-off and the mind-altering effects of the neurotoxins in my system. Just ... wow.


Another second-hand incident from Dad. According to him, he was going down the road when he thought, "I'd really like a cantolope," and then, within a couple minutes, he spotted a cantolope alongside the road. He didn't at first pick it up, only doing so later on, but it turned out to be fine, and turned out to be "the best cantolope he'd ever eaten." I find this notable despite it's secondhand nature, due to it fitting perfectly both the thought synchro and the question-and-answer synchro.


Notable word synchro today: "foil," as used in the context of being a general foundation/liner/mirror for something/one. I read this in the 'Crimes of Paris' book today, and I'm not sure if it was the first I've seen it used in this context before, but it was the first I really noticed it -- plus, I Noticed it, too, very distinctly, every time it was used in the specific section of this book. Then, minutes after the Noticing, I was drawn very distinctly to a list of foods on my parents' dining table, Noticing this too, in the same fashion. So I looked over the list, very quickly, being busy elsewhere, and the one paragraph I happened to skim used "foil" in regards to the food, in the exact same context that I'd just first Noticed minutes earlier, perhaps for the first time ever. Notable, once again, not just due to the timing (and relative rarity of this use of the word), but also because it fits the pattern so well.


Good lord, so many notable ones today. First, this morning, on the way to the house, I had the totally random but distinct thought of a scene I'd read in the 'Rising Sun' last week, where someone runs a car off the road and into a patch of decorative flowers. Then, less than an hour later, I left the house and passed almost precisely that scene: a car that had run off the road and into a mulched yard w/a very elaborate floral arrangement. I would find that notable in itself, since it was the first I'd ever seen such a scene and my reading the 'Rising Sun' book was relatively close to that, but to have thought of it so randomly and explicitly so soon beforehand (and befitting that vague-thought recurrence pattern so well), I find this one pretty notable.

Then, a weird but notable one. A year or so ago I gave some ribose sugar to a friend with similar health problems, but regretted it afterward, since I later tried it again and found it to mysteriously work for me. Off and on since I gave her the ribose, I've had the absent but distinct thought that I'd like to get it back -- and today, from out of nowhere, she gave me the ribose sugar. As in, not just the same friend giving me the same basic stuff, but the exact same bottle, half-full. Apparently she'd tried it, found it ineffective, and so, for whatever reason, decided to give it back to me. This could be coincidence, but it does fit the "ask and ye shall receive" pattern pretty well (albeit in a rather drawn-out timeline, so perhaps this one really is just coincidence).

Then, two very very distinct thought/action synchros. First, while checking out at Harris Teeter, I was struck, all at once, without any prelude of thoughts, with a thought of how, sometime ago, I'd used their ATM there -- precisely when a woman at my back said to a companion, "We need to go to the ATM before we leave." I had my thought of "ATM" when she was at "We need to go," so that it coincided almost perfectly with her "ATM," but preceeded it just enough to where I could rule out any indicator of what she was going to say (there was no way this was subconsciously cued or something, since I didn't even see this woman, she being at my back, and she having said nothing about an ATM or even money beforehand, or so much as anything at all). Notable, but then, about 10 minutes later, one that was just as notable: right as I reached for the door to Goodwill and read "Gift cards available," someone (again invisible at my back) said something about "gift cards," their speaking the words coinciding so perfectly with my seeing the writing on the door, it was eerie even for me. Also, I don't think they were even close enough to see the door, which upgrades the notability somewhat (since it suggests that these people just happened to be discussing gift cards, not cued by the door, even though that really wouldn't matter much). Jeeze.


A classic word/book synchro: "baccalaureat" and the mathematician Poincare. I first read "baccalaureat" and learned who Poincare was in the last sequential full-length book I read, 'The Crimes of Paris' -- not unexpected, that those two would be mentioned there, both words being French/France-centered. However, the book they recurred in, 'The Black Swan,' could not have been less like 'Crimes,' 'Crimes of Paris' being a historical compilation about the crimes of Paris, and 'The Black Swan' being an intellectual study on improbable events -- nothing overtly French about 'Swan.' Yet, within the first part of the book, it mentioned both "baccalaureat" and Henri Poincare, both of which I learned of for the first time in 'Crimes of Paris.' And, of course, these are both library books that I checked out entirely at random, then Just Happened to read back-to-back, when I had about a dozen books to choose from. Pretty notable in itself, but once again, much moreso when considering the pattern of these (this is the ... dozenth time this has happened?).


A pretty cool and notable recurrence today. This morning I noted, randomly but distinctly, that the more I remember something, the stronger the memory gets. As it were, it was the first time I really realized this in a concrete fashion, for all its obviousness. Then, at lunch, maybe an hour later, I read of the formal name for this phenomenon in the 'Black Swan' book ("reverberation"), also for the first time ever. This could conceivably be chance, due to the simple logistics, theme, etc; it's just, given the hugely unlikely coincidence of my having that realization about the strengthening of memory so close to reading of its proper description, so ridiculously soon after, the chances would be really really low (not to mention the fact that I was reading this book at all, at that particular part, after having it for weeks after checking it out from the library).


A continuation of yesterday's recurrence of the psychological habit being mirrored in the 'Black Swan' book. The exact same thing happened today, except now with a different syndrome involving a certain part of the brain being affected by small repeated stresses, something I had just realized fully for the first time yesterday (after experiencing it distinctly ...). Actually, there were a couple more minor things like this, not as coherent but still conforming to that same theme, a kind of meta-synchro of these things -- all really notable, not just because they were so precise, but because there's no way I could've subconsciously correlated these psychological habits, etc, with their being in the book, since I realized them first and nothing in the book suggested them beforehand (and I've never read the book before). Also, equally notable is that this 'Black Swan' book continues to reference all these French figures that I was just introduced to in the 'Crimes of Paris' book (even including a book that was mentioned in 'Crimes of Paris': the 'Dissertation on the Search for Truth,' also the first I'd heard of that book, and then the recurrence in 'Black Swan' being the second time ...). You would think that the 'Black Swan' book is centered on France or French intellectuals, but it's not at all. All of its referencing of the French guys is totally indirect and happenstance, just because the author happened to quote them or something -- really damn unlikely, and really damn cool.

There was even a semi-minor recurrence thrown in the mix: the theme of "reporting gambling gains to the IRS." Just this last week, I'd randomly looked up this subject and read up on it, and then it was in the 'Black Swan' book today. Not a huge one, and the timing was days apart, but still, precise enough to be somewhat notable.


A pretty cool and notable one today, also pretty unique. Yesterday in the parking lot of Big Lots, I passed a car (a Mitsubishi sedan with a torn-up hood) and Noticed it, very distinctly, enough to make me turn around and look it over, like it had waved hello. Then, today at church, as I was walking to my truck after the service, I heard an engine start and looked toward it, as not to get run over, and damned if it wasn't that same car -- miles away, in a totally different parking lot, in a totally different setting (business park vs church). I find it notable even just on surface appearance, since it would be pretty unlikely for me to see that car again so soon, but then there were the other factors: 1) that I Noticed it so distinctly back at Big Lots, conforming with that pattern of Noticing something and then having it recur somehow, 2) that the car's driver started the engine at the precise moment I passed it in the church parking lot, when I otherwise would have passed without looking that way (it was directly to my left, and I was focused in front of me, the direction where I was walking), and 3) there's also the fact that I shouldn't have even been in that part of the church parking lot, because I had parked in a different spot that I have been for months and months, this due to a vague but insistent urge I had upon arriving that I should park in a different spot, for no obvious reason, even though it meant a longer walk -- again befitting that pattern of some illogical, reasonless intuition culminating in some type of synchronistic incident.

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