Synchronicity log for 2015


Another day of random, subtle incidents, predominantly one-word thought/action synchros of a certain "flavor" (as has become a distinct pattern that I'm now realizing). One standout was my having a long, independent chain of thought that ended in my thinking of how I wanted a drink of water, precisely as I stepped on a sewer cover reading "water."


Another day with a marked absence of the subtle-but-substantial onslaughts, oddly. Did, however, had a big increase in number repeats (mostly 1137/37/535/357, etc), as if to compensate. A couple of standouts were looking randomly into a cooler at Fresh Market, for some reason I can't even remember, only to find myself facing a sticker on its underside reading 1137 (the sticker was invisible, being placed on the underside of the cooler's lip, unable to be seen unless one poked their head in at that precise, awkward angle ...). And, while going down the road, I saw a guy trying to turn out and I felt absolutely Compelled to stop and let him do so, even though I was way far away from the light and it meant slamming on my brakes just about -- and when the truck pulled out, it had a license plate reading "11177," one of the more common repeats as of late. Haha. Also, a classic thought synchro, involving my radio but not on the radio: right as I was thinking about how my air-conditioner was loud, after turning it up a notch, my radio's display switched to reading "LOUDNESS" (it randomly scrolls through different words and settings, for some strange reason I haven't figured out), perfectly synchronous, etc.


Back to having a whole bunch of "small," random, subtle ones throughout the day, especially with number repeats (37 predominantly today, again with lots of those conspicuous little pop-ups that get my attention in that special way, such as randomly getting a day pass at a random gym down the road from Innerlight and finding the "age" field of the person above me on the signup sheet to be 37, cars cutting me off with 37/1137 license plates, etc, etc, literally dozens of these today, and almost always under objective circumstances impossible to be of my own doing). Some standouts: reading "daughter" in the Skinwalker book, precisely as "daughter" sang out over the public radio at Starbucks; my MP3 player singing out "ten" precisely as I counted to the tenth rep in an exercise (when the song just sang that one number, as in not counting up to ten like I was, so it's impossible that I subconsciously synchronized it, etc).

Also, a really cool and unique one today. Yesterday while driving the first leg to Winston, a car passed me on the interstate with a big chunk of its back-right panel along the bumper torn loose as to be flapping about in the wind. I both noticed this, because it was the first I'd ever seen such a particular injury to a car, somehow, and also Noticed it, in that special way. Then, today, once again for the second time ever and within a short period of time, I saw a second car with an identical problem -- a different make a model car, but the same torn-loose portion of the back-right panel (even the same length and angle, as to flap in the wind the same way). Haha.


Not a whole lot of subtle ones today, but several strong standouts. First, a cool one at Starbucks this afternoon at lunch. The whole time I was there about, there was a loud truck idling nearby as delivery men unloaded it. Then, precisely as it at last pulled off down the parking lot and I glanced up, watching it go, the very next line in the 'Skinwalker' book read "watched the vehicle go slowly down the driveway," which is precisely what the truck was doing, driving slowly, since it was so big, down the parking lot driveway. Then, a few minutes later, another of those "independent conversation" synchros, where I had a big long chain of thought ending in "three days" (again, traceable, to my thinking about how long I tend to be able to boonedock in the RV without needing to go out for immediate supplies, etc), precisely as the stranger at the next table over said "three days," again perfectly synchronistic. Haha. Also, a similar one this evening, except on the radio it was "settle down," precisely as I was thinking about hanging around somewhere for a few days after traveling so much the last couple days -- very much a thought about "settling down."


Pretty cool word recurrence today: "pthalates," a word which I Just Happened to Notice on the bottle of a supplement this morning, it jumping out at me from a whole paragraph on the back of the bottle as I lowered it past my face. Then, not an hour later, while reading a random nutritional periodical I'd felt Compelled to pick up yesterday at the health food store, it mentioned that same word, defining it. A classical case of learning a new word and then having it repeat soon after, except with some pretty notable timing in this case.


Another abundance of numbers today, with a few subtle ones thrown in the mix. The only real standout of memory is when I read "beeping noise" precisely when a nearby car beeped randomly, with perfectly synchronistic timing, etc. Also, another cool receipt/grocery-total synchro, today at Earthfare, when I again went in and bought three random things without really planning on it, two of them weighted produce (and both of odd, small sizes, these exactly what I needed for single servings without leftovers to refrigerate), and the total, with tax, came to exactly $11.73. Haha.


First, a little onslaught all at once this afternoon, after a conspicuous absence of incidents this morning. Within the space of seconds, had another of those onslaught-type successions of minor-yet-notable incidents, such as thinking of being "zapped" by health ugliness just before a passing van reading "zapp" went by, and seeing another van reading "Germany" (with this jumping out at me as to be Noticed in that special way) seconds before "Germans" were mentioned over the radio, plus other components I can't recall. Then, at the gym a little later, "open the door" sounding over the in-house radio precisely as I went to the shower-room door, found it closed, and thought absently that I should try opening it just to be sure someone was in there.

Then, this evening, a really cool and somewhat unique one. When I went to the resort for my massage, the receptionist asked if I'd been at Earthfare that morning, because she'd just been thinking about what appointments she had for that afternoon and how I was scheduled, when she saw me walking out of the store, just afterward. This is all second-hand, of course, but it smacks so much of the classic thought-recurrence pattern I've experienced so many times. Plus, there is the added facts that I'd had absolutely no plans to be at Earthfare this morning, but had felt Compelled to go there and get a juice (even though I didn't really want it, and even though it threw off my whole morning routine, delaying my yoga) -- yet another patternistic component of these. Additionally, there was the fact that I'd felt Compelled to schedule the appointment for the resort massage, which, of course, enabled me to hear about the receptionist's incident.


First, a pretty cool thought-type recurrence. At lunch today while reading the RV book, I had the distinct thought that I'd never seen an RV hauling a trailer before. And then, this evening, just hours later, my dad told me, totally out of nowhere, that he'd seen a great big RV hauling a filled horse trailer this afternoon. Haha. Other than that, the only standouts were an abnormally high amount of 37s, including some extra-conspicuous ones such as Noticing a young woman at Bald Guy Brew, then soon after bumping into her again and seeing that her shirt had a big "37" printed on it; looking up and Noticing a random passing car, feeling Compelled to look at its license plate, only to see it end in "7337" or something to that effect (when I'd not until then paid any attention to the many passing cars while I was eating outside Bald Guy); getting another 73 cents change at the grocery store when I'd gone in and gotten this hugely random, unlisted and unplanned order (with more weighted produce in there ...); and then this evening, dad gave me, also from out of the blue, a newspaper clipping listing a temperature somewhere of 164 degrees, which it later mentioned was 73 degrees Celsius ...


Some interesting ones today. First off, vans: I saw white Chevy conversion vans ... maybe a dozen times, all almost of identical make, model, and year? and all white. So many I lost count. Really, just a crazy number of these vans, all during my ride down to Hot Springs and all in different places. Also, a classic thought/radio synchro: I had a long, complicated, random train of thought that ended with me thinking of paying a mortgage, literally visualizing myself handing over money for a mortgage payment, precisely as the song on the CD player sang out "I got bills to pay," in that perfectly synchronistic fashion, etc.


Back to having just a great big bunch of subtle ones throughout the day, without any standouts (beyond several conspicuous 37s/1137s, such as Just Happening to look at one of the few cars parked along Hot Springs' main street and finding it to have an 1137 license plate, or Just Happening to turn around and check the dryer precisely when its timer went from 37 to 36, in that patternistic fashion; plus, another receipt/shopping-type deal, where I went to Wal-Mart intending to get two things, ended up getting about eight things, all totally randomly, and the grand total for them all ended up being $73.06).


A bunch of subtle, one-word thought synchros today, along with a bunch of pretty cool, conspicuous number repeats, 37/1137 in particular (one standout in this regard was feeling absolutely Compelled to stop and look at this BMW convertable alongside the road I've been seeing for weeks now, and when I did, the paper in the seat, invisible from the road, had a phone number ending in 1773 (and a buying price that was way too much)). The coolest of the day was when I went to the dump and found, in its little swap shop of free stuff people randomly leave, the very book I had planned to start reading that day, 'Autobiography of a Yogi.' It was a notable recurrence in itself, timing-wise, etc, given that I'd just finished my last book literally minutes before, and that I'd had almost a dozen others to choose from to start but had felt Compelled to start the Yogi book today (though I'd bought it weeks ago and intended to start it several times since); however, there are a lot of other little circumstantial facts that make it highly noteworthy. I'd felt Compelled to go into the little swap shop shack after dumping off my trash, but didn't at first do it, because I was in a big rush; however, I'd had a battery to throw away, which would go into the little bin that was kept right by the swap shop, so I figured I'd look since I was going by there for the battery (which, it should be said, I'd felt Compelled to pick up and throw away yesterday, after that battery had sat around my parents' for I don't know how many damn years. Also, there is the fact that this was the second time only I'd ever seen or heard of the Yogi book, again in that patternistic way of these things, having gone my whole life and only hearing of it first when Dr. Kaplan turned me onto it, a few weeks ago, and then today, in the most random way possible, on the very day I'd planned to start reading it.

Also, an additional incident stemmed from the Yogi book, a Q-n-A/vague-thought. I'd been seeing swans recently, in that conspicuous way that I've come to recognize as patternistic of the animal symbolism/totem phenomenon, enough to ask myself almost aloud, just Sunday on the way down to Hot Springs, "What is the swan symbolizing for me?" And then today, within the first few pages of the Yogi book, it mentioned how the swan is traditionally a symbol of a union of one's lower and higher selves. Haha, perfect.

Also, a sort of "ask and ye shall receive"-type one. Just a couple days ago, while packing, I'd had the thought that I needed to get a big cooler to put all my food and stuff in, both for organization and for keep stuff cool in the hot car, etc. However I'd forgotten about it, as I do so much -- until today, when I pulled up to the random hotel outside Mt. Airy after my craniosacral there, and there, right beside the lobby, was a great big, pull-along, thermal-lined cooler, sticking conspicuously out of the little trashcan. I took it out and it was in perfect condition, and just the big, out-size size that I needed. Haha.

Plus, a cool footnote at the end of the day. Three subtle repeats throughout my day had been 1) the key symbol (saw it several times, conspicuously so, including when I went to the Flippins B&B in Pilot Mtn and went to the wrong door, which had a big, prominent "key" symbol, and I can't remember how many other times I saw "key" somewhere, enough for it to stand out in that patternistic way, etc), 2) 37s, 3) 1212s, and 4) 77s and 1177s and their variants. Then, when I went to log in the receipt from the totally random motel I ended up staying at (yet had felt Compelled to), its phone number ended in 37, its fax number ended in 1212, its checkout time was 11:00 AM, and its address was 711 Key Street, all of these listed together. It was like a little listing of the day's subtle repeats for me to review. Haha.


Another day with a barrage of number repeats (still predominantly 37/73/1137, with 212 and 35 and their variants coming up second) and subtle incidents. Not really any standouts today, beyond just a general theme of one-word thought synchros, overarching "theme" recurrences, the symbolic imagery, etc. Very surreal, somewhat moreso than recently even.


Today was like yesterday, with a near-constant onslaught of subtle incidents and number repeats, including really cool and conspicuous ones (such as looking in my rearview and seeing "317" backwards on a truck's hood, or having my attention drawn to this random trailer sitting in a field, which had five numbers but two obscured so that it read 3 .. 07 .., haha). Still seeing a lot of that "key" symbolism too.


Yet another day of a near-constant onslaught of sublte incidents, vague "themed" recurrences, and a bunch of number repeats, mostly 37s. Really the only standout was a thought/radio synchro, where I was thinking of a holy basil tea sample I'd just gotten at Bay Naturals, on which the packet labeled it as "stress-relieving," precisely as the radio said "relieves my stress," perfectly synchronistic, etc.


Another cessation of the sublte-incident onslaught, though still with the usual, perpetual "static" of vague recurrences, repeating numbers, etc, that seems to be a steady thing now. There were some cool standout thought recurrences during the church service, where my thoughts kept "intersecting"/echoing those of the speaker, and always in the usual traceable/objective fashion (such as having a long chain of thought end with me thinking of getting out the vacation trailer instead of hanging around, precisely as the speaker said "get out of the house," and the same for my thinking of clasping my hands together with fingers turned up, just as she said something almost exactly to this effect, too).

Also, a really cool one upon arriving at church: exactly when I pulled up and into a parking space, a nearly identical car pulled into the space right next to it, same make, model, and approximate color and year, us two parking with almost perfect coincidence. It bears mentioning that I was late for church, due to the usual multitude of tiny little logistics and such, hundreds or thousands of which -- yet my arrival coincided perfectly with a car just like mine, and in the space right next door. Haha.


Back to onslaught-levels of random, subtle incidents throughout the day, along with the usual alotment of conspicuous number-repeats (perhaps a bit more of this today than others). Specifically, had three of those "clock-tick"-type number repeats, where I Just Happened to look at a clock or something just a split second before it changed to or from a number repeat (in fact, I think all three were to 37 or 137 or its variants). Cool radio/thought standout: just 1-2 seconds after I thought about consciously controlling oneself/one's energy, the radio sang "I'm in complete control of myself and my thoughts," or something to that effect -- perfectly echoing my thoughts, in any case, and though not perfectly synchronistic, certain close enough, timing-wise, to be notable. Next, a classic recurrence: this morning, Cheryl randomly mentioned to me, on a tangent that had little to no bearing on our conversation, that she could get this special, 23ppm-type of colloidal silver called "argentyn 23," which I'd never heard of until she mentioned it, despite my research into colloidal silver. Then, just hours later, this afternoon, I went to the PEMF clinic, and while in the waiting room, a brochure on a nearby table caught my eye (despite not wearing my glasses): for "argentyn 23" colloidal silver. Haha.


Tons, tons, tons of number-repeats today, mostly 37s but also including a "period" of 311/313's, as is becoming a trend I'm noticing. Other than that, no real standouts, however.


Still having the onslaught, now with a predominance of subtle incidents instead of number-repeats (though still plenty of those too). A cool standout was at the library today, when I mistakenly hit the "J" on my laptop keyboard, as to screw up entering a password, precisely as someone from across the library said "the letter J," with the "J" coinciding perfectly with my hitting the J key (so coincidental that there's no way it could've been subconscious suggestion, throwing me off, etc, there being literally not even the tiniest sliver of a second between the two -- perfectly synchronistic, as it were).


Not as much of an onslaught today, though still there for the most part. Standout was a classic book synchro: just a couple days ago, I learned of a book called 'Passage to India' while reading the 'Autobiography of a Yogi' book, the first I'd heard of this book -- and then, today, while randomly at Fat Cats, I found the book. It's notable in itself since it fits the pattern/was in pretty close timing, but also it bears mentioning that I'd had no intention to go to Fat Cats today, and even after I'd gone looking for a place like it, I'd originally gone somewhere else but it was closed, leaving me with no choice but Fat Cats. Also, even though I have tons of books to read, I'd felt Compelled to browse their books, and, thus, find this one. All the classic little logistical details that make these so notable.


A cool recurrence today: Navajo. I saw this road sign while going up toward the park today, and it made me think of those other two times when I'd seen that sign and then seen some other random "Navajo" soon after, after not seeing it for months or years, etc. Well, the same happened today: I passed the Najavo sign and Noticed it, feeling that I would see it again soon after, and indeed that happened, with me randomly seeing it somewhere (I wanted to say it was in a random magazine I'd felt Compelled to pick up and leaf threw while in line at the market, but I honestly can't remember; too sick today). Really cool, anyway.


Back to having tons and tons of number repeats, now even more, today one-upping even the one-upmanship of the last few days. Most notably, had two more of those onslaughts of a single number in a short period of time, both of them 37/73s and while driving down the road, mostly license plates. It first happened down King Street in Boone, maybe 6-7 of them within the space of seconds, and all of them highly conspicuous and in ways that couldn't have been subconscious suggestion/seeking-out, etc, such as cars pulling out in front of me, passing signs, clock-ticks -- the usual, but so many altogether. And then, at the very end of this string, I pulled up to the gas pump to get gas, again feeling Compelled to get that one particular from a choice of several, and the previous pumper's total was $37 and some change, haha. (Plus, a footnote here: when I went to log the receipt into my cashbook the next morning, the $30.92 I pumped brought my credit card balance's total to ... $37.03 exactly. And a footnote on *this*: that total is wrong, there being some discrepancy in my statement and my records, but I hadn't yet had the chance to correct it ...) And then it happened the second time up in Abingdon, haha. Also, a really cool radio/thought one on the way home, this one with a third element too. Right as I drove past a purple-clothed cross alongside the road and immediately felt, illogically, that it symbolized the first-love archetype I've been feeling around, the CD in the car sang out "somebody loves me," all three of these (the passing cross, the thought, the song) coinciding perfectly synchronistically. It also bears mentioning that it was the first I'd listened to this CD, having just bought it yesterday, thus making subconscious expectation impossible (which it would've been anyway, considering the whole thing hinged on the objective event of my passing the cross, which I also hadn't known was going to be there, not having been down this road in months).

Also, the coolest of all happened when I went to the Lum and Susie's healthfood store in Abingdon, a sort of "ask-and-ye-shall-receive." After losing one of my rings yesterday, I'd decided I needed to get a replacement, but didn't know where to get one quite to my liking, having big, oddly shaped fingers, etc. Then, after going to this place up in VA (entirely randomly, after leaving for Abingdon itself entirely randomly, having no plans on either front), I go into their discounts rooms and, lo and behold, there's a tray of rings set out (incongruously; the only other jewelry there was some cheap, touristy necklaces and doodads). And then, even better, I found two rings that fit me and were just what I wanted, right away. And then the clincher: while checking out, I mentioned in passing to the cashier how cool it was for me to find these rings I Just Happened to need after Just Happening to lose my one ring yesterday, and she said how, literally an hour ago, she'd just found that tray of rings and set them out. Haha. It's just like the ginger-honey the man at Beach Dreams found a few weeks ago, right when I was wanting a single serving of ginger with my lunch.


A predominant theme of thought/radio/event synchros today, amongst a lesser rash of subtle ones and repeat numbers. The standouts were all pretty cool, precise, and pronounced: holding up an "XL" tank top at the thrift store and determining that it was a child's extra-large (it was very small, no way it would fit me) precisely as a nearby stranger said to her child, "It's for little people"; me thinking expressly of the bee pollen in the morning's beet juice, and thinking how it was good and soggy and how I liked it, precisely as the CD player sang out "good and soggy"; thinking about how I was being led around through the lottery tickets/parking tickets and such in order to carry out the work, precisely as the CD player sang "it's a game" (on a new CD I'd never heard before, and the last, the "good and soggy" one, was only the second time I'd ever listened to it, not that I could've anticipated it and orchestrated the coinciding train-of-thought, anyway). A weirder one was when, writing a random note for a gas pump, I felt Compelled to write "it's okay" on it, rather than something more lofty, and as I was going over to deliver it, I passed a group of college girls, one of whom I overheard asking "Is it okay?" That one could've been coincidence, though it didn't "feel" like it, for sure.


Onslaught report: not so much today, though still a good number of subtle ones and number-repeats, which seems to be just generally ongoing now. Did have one cool recurrence/"ask and receive" standout: tractor fluid. Yesterday at the dump, there was a drum of this stuff set out by the bins I was unloading into, and I both noticed and Noticed it, because I don't think I've ever once seen or heard of anything called, simply, "tractor fluid." Once again, I had the vague but distinct thought of, "I wonder what 'tractor fluid' is, exactly." Well, then today at Sandy's, as she's giving me the treatment, she mentions (again totally offhand and with zero prompting on my part) how she puts hydraulic fluid in her tractor. I asked her if hydraulic fluid is simply referred to as "tractor fluid," and she said she thought it was. So, not a definite hit, but potentially so (and probably so ...).


A preponderance of individual standouts today, with less subtle ones, etc. First, this morning, had a shockingly blatant thought/radio synchro: "fluorescent lights," sounding in Walmart's overhead radio precisely as I finished a long chain of thought that ended in fluorescent lights (and, I'd never heard that song before). Next, "humdrum town" on the RV's CD player, coinciding perfectly with my seeing the city limits sign of a small town which, with the first sight of it being a rundown-looking trailer park, struck me as every bit "humdrum." Then, this evening after having colonic, a reading synchro: "muscles contracted then relaxed," precisely as my large intestine did just that, for the first time, deflating after being drained by the colonic (this could possibly have been subconscious suggestion, but then, these contractions are almost always entirely involuntary, plus there was the objective factor of my just having the colonic so that I'd be having these contractions at all, not to mention how random the magazine I was reading was).

A really cool, multi-part one this morning. First, I heard guitar playing while in the bathroom at the Mt. Airy coffee shop, and when I came out I commented the man sitting nearby playing guitar, who then smiled at me, exposing what was either a huge gap in his front teeth or a tooth that was missing altogether. Then, as I was thinking about this while eating outside a few minutes later, the long chain of thought coincided perfectly with my reading "knocked some of his teeth out" in the 'Land of Lost Souls' book. This was notable in itself, but then, about thirty minutes later, the guitar-playing man himself came out and randomly sat next to me and started talking for a while, during which I had every chance to see that, indeed, he just had a missing (perhaps knocked out ...) tooth, rather than a big gap. Not only that, but there were various other, smaller synchros interspersing our conversation, such as his being voluntarily homeless, when the 'Lost Souls' book was about a voluntarily homeless man. Etc, etc. Good god.

And another notable thought/reading/event synchro: "five-O" (in the context of slang for "police") precisely as a police cruiser passed by in front of me on the nearby street, the first and only I'd seen in my hour or so of sitting there and eating lunch. And then, a few seconds later as I sat thinking about this, two more cruisers passed, these too coinciding perfectly with my thoughts.


Less overall incidents today, though still definitely a presence of subtle ones/number repeats, etc. Had a couple standout thought/event synchros, first someone randomly saying "insurance" precisely when I was looking at a sign reading "insurance," this being perfectly synchronistic, and then, similarly, hearing "unlocked doors" on the radio, precisely when I was thinking, at the end of another long and random chain of thought, of how I was leaving my car doors unlocked while I unloaded some recyclables. Haha.


Back to having tons of repeat numbers, always in conspicuous ways, far too many to list (though few subtle incidents today, and no real standouts that I can recall).


Back to the semi-onslaught of subtle thought/event synchros and number repeats. One cool standout: thinking "coffee" precisely as a nearby stranger said "coffee" to another stranger, no relation at all to my chain of thought or anything. Interestingly, I'd thought "coffee" only because I'd mistaken a nearby bag of herbs as coffee (didn't have glasses on). Haha.


A lot of random, subtle ones and number-repeats, still. The only real, coherent standout was this morning, when I randomly waved at someone passing by precisely as the car's CD player sang out "people talking without singing" -- possibly coincidence, but the underlying archetype seemed pretty precise, and the timing was perfectly synchronistic, etc.

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