Synchronicity log for 2016


Not too many today, though did have a really cool thought/radio one randomly this afternoon while getting gas. While paying the cashier, I opened my wallet and thumbed through my money looking for a dollar bill, precisely as the nearby radio sang out "dollar bills," perfectly synchronistic and precise in every respect. It also bears mentioning that, first, I'd had zero plans to go into the station at all, since I'd paid via credit card, except that it didn't print me a receipt and so I had to go inside then, but then, second, I'd all at once been overwhelmingly Compelled to buy a lottery ticket, despite never playing the lotto basically, and thus I'd had to dig in my wallet for money.

Had a cool number-repeat standout too, another of those where I expected a number-repeat, it didn't happen, and then, right after I'd thought skeptically "Well, why wasn't *that* a number-repeat?" I saw a number and in a conspicuous way. Today it was when some printed numbers on my motorcycle's paint-can-lid kickstand platform Jumped Out at me conspicuously, and I thought it was another 37, but when I cleared them off it was a 32 (the 2 had been partially obscured) -- but then, immediately afterward when I reached up to take my key out of the ignition, my eyes fell on the odometer, which was at exactly 3171 (with the last 1 having just rolled over into position). Laughed my ass off.


Almost no incidents today, to a rare degree of "silence," again corresponding with a marked decline in health/energy/clarity of thought, etc. Did have a cool thought synchro this evening, however (when I was feeling a little better, coincidentally): precisely as I had a chain of thought end randomly on how I'd like to borrow some money and travel around the world, the Go Daddy homepage loaded and my eyes fell directly on "around the world" in big letters -- and, once again, I can both trace the chain of thought objectively to something else entirely, and then, even if I couldn't, the webpage had loaded only *after* I had the thought (though, once again, just a split second after, as to coincide almost perfectly with the thought of "world travel," ending up bringing that "wham-bam"-type effect, haha).


No real standouts so far today, but did notice lots of subtles and minorish number-repeats today, that "background static" starting back up after a bit of a lull. Subtle example: thinking of energy, precisely before I picked up a random bottle of multivitamin liquid in Vitamin Shoppe and read "energy" on the front, my eyes falling on it in that specific way. Had several of those fleeting little "half-there"-type ones too, though I can't remember any in particular. Overall, more activity but not really coherent enough to translate to text beyond acknowledgement.


Wow, day ended up being a pretty big uptick, though in an odd way, mostly subtles and number-repeats and more of those vague themes/parallels, etc, as to begin bleeding together in a subtly surreal way, with a newish sort of "flavor" to it all now, once again corresponding with a generally different inner reality/frame of mind, etc. Had a really cool and surreal standout thought/reading/radio-type one at lunch. Precisely as I took out the 'Modern China' book, saw the cover with people with their arms around each other, and then opened the book and then impulsively closed it to look at the cover again, unsure of whether I'd seen it right, whether the people actually had their arms around each other in such an awkward way -- when the radio sang out "each other's arms," coinciding perfectly with my turning the cover back and rediscovering that the pictured people were indeed wrapping their arms around one another. Haha. Had a whole bunch of those subtle/smallish/"striking"-type ones today too, for example: precisely as I passed a van plastered with a side-spanning ad for "BOB 94.5 FM," and Noticed it very distinctly, the radio announced "BOB 94.5 FM," once again coinciding with perfect synchronicity, with my seeing the van and Noticing it and hearing the announcement all coming in that split-second little eternity that's impossible to really describe ("numinous"?). Some cool number standouts too, such as when I pulled into Anytime Fitness and passed a license plate ending in 38 and thought, "Well, why wasn't that 37?" in that super-skeptic way -- just before I parked and found myself once again beside a car with a 773-ending plate (and then, after I'd worked out and come back out later on, I encountered another 37 plate, when looking into the rearview before backing out). Also had another of those ridiculously striking "1-2-3" types, this time right after I turned on to Grissom on the way home and had a car pass me recklessly, hence revealing its 3017 license plate -- seconds before a second car passed me, this one with a 37 plate, and then, less than a minute later, a third passed, this one with a 3307 or something plate, I can't remember. Another head-spinner.

And, upon checking my receipts this evening: Starbucks check # was "733307." Haha.

And then, just before bed, a cool little recurrence while reading. This evening, I'd unearthed this weird old little "how to paint" book while poking around entirely randomly in a kitchen drawer, and I Noticed it, very distinctly, as to have it grab my attention and take it out and look at it closely -- and then, maybe an hour later, the 'Modern China' book mentioned "painting manuals," with it once again being the first I'd seen a painting manual for ... months? a year or so (since I'd last discovered that manual lurking in the kitchen, I think)? and then seeing it again, entirely randomly and in a book where you'd never expect it, so soon after.


Still having tons and tons of those minor, subtle incidents/vague themes/number repeats, most of them not much in themselves but all of them collectively adding up to some downright surreal times. Really only standout today was a mildly notable "question-and-answer"/"ask-and-receive"-type one, where, a day or two ago, I'd had the distinct-yet-absent thought of "How do you properly fold a burrito wrap? I know there's got to be a way," and then today, at Anytime Fitness, I rooted through a bunch of magazines they had there and settled on a copy of 'Men's Health,' feeling oddly drawn to it -- and there in it was a full-page tutorial on burrito-wrapping. Maybe nothing, but it just exemplified the dozens of vague/subtles that characterized the day.


Day was characterized by a lot of those subtle/vague/imprecise-yet-striking-type thought/reading-type incidents, mostly in the morning (corresponding with higher energy, as it were). One standout, which was typical of these: precisely as I was randomly looking at the MB acupuncture listings and saw the ad for Dr. Jin's and so thought, "It would be my first time there, so there'll be paperwork, etc," "first time" came over the radio, perfectly synchronistic, etc (though not hugely precise, as, say, "first time acupuncture" would've been, which is characteristic of these vague-but-striking types). Lots and lots of numbers too, mostly in those "clusters" on license plates when riding around, etc, including a great many conspicuous ones/series too. A cool standout in this regard was this afternoon when I was on my scooter and the gate to the park wouldn't open for me, as it's done in the past when not in a car (though not lately), and right after this happened, a car came up and I pulled in behind it to let it open the gate -- only to find myself facing an "0773" license plate. Haha. And then, on a cute little sidenote, when I came home a few hours later, another car was coming out of the gate, thus opening it for me again, and it too had a 703 license plate (on its front, so that I could see it ...).


A general downturn in incidents today, again corresponding with another shift in health/energy. Did have a lot of numbers still, however, and with some pretty conspicuous ones. A cute example was when I went to the To Your Health store down in Pawley's Island and again missed the turn, forcing me to park in the adjacent Food Lion parking lot -- and just like the last time I was there, there was one other car in that part of the lot, and it had a 737 license plate (but it was a different one than last time, so it wasn't like it was just some regular employee's or something and would've logically been there a second time).


Lesser overall incidents today, rather "quiet," only a couple little clusters of subtle thought/reading/radio-type incidents, and even these more low-key and of that "distorted"/"half-there" flavor I've noted before. The only real standout was at lunch when, precisely at the end of a long random chain of thought that ended with the sugar content of bee pollen, the cashier at Dunkin Donuts (all the way across the room) said "sugar," and it bears mentioning that besides being not highly precise/complex, the timing wasn't quite perfectly synchronistic -- very very close, only a split second apart, but definitely not to that perfect degree of others, oddly. Still not sure what to make of these variations.


Had a sudden uptick in incidents today, corresponding with improvement in health/energy/clarity almost immediately, with a surreal little "cluster"/"burst" of incidents literally within minutes of improvement (three or four subtles and numbers back to back, such as "sky" coming over the radio precisely as I passed beneath a billboard reading "skywheel," etc). Then at lunch had several more, though these were still very subtle and not hugely precise or "perfectly" timed, such as my looking at my cup of iced coffee and seeing/thinking of how all the ice had melted, randomly, a few seconds before reading "The ice was all melted" in the 'On the Road' book (once again, reasonably precise but not perfectly synchronistic). Same for "close my eyes" coming over the in-house public radio at Broadway at the Beach precisely as I read "close my eyes" in the book (though this one was perfectly synchronistic, and it bears mentioning that I was actually re-reading this passage at the time, having lost my place, as seems to be patternistic of these from time to time). A pretty profound and surreal, albeit "small" one, this afternoon while filling out Adam's card. Precisely as I went to write in "help," the CD in the CD player said help, in that perfectly synchronistic way that's just so surreal and impossible to orchestrate (and, it bears mentioning, I'd just bought this random CD and it was the first I was listening to it, haha). Also, a cool little double-"ask and receive"-type one at Kilgore Trout's today, first that, on the way over there, I'd had the random Compelling to get some type of card and send it to Adam, and then, upon getting to the record store, I was surprised to find that they actually had a little bin of just such cards set out, despite them being a book-and-record-and-stuff store, totally random and odd that they would have such a thing. And, second, they also had a 'Ghost Stories of South Carolina' book for sale, which was the very same I'd seen at Brookgreen Gardens just a few days ago and been Compelled to buy, but didn't because it was $16 or some bloated retail amount there, and I'd thought, "I'd buy it for just a couple bucks" -- and the one at Kilgore's was $4. Haha.

Plus, lots and lots of numbers today, a great many of them conspicuous and stand-out. For instance, lots and lots of those "just happened to park by them"/set out it the parking lot-type ones, including another of those where I had to randomly turn through the parked cars to avoid a car pulling out, only to find myself coming face to face with a "71337" plate, haha. Also, a really cool clock-tick-type one while I was checking out the RVs. I'd glanced at a power readout in one, and seen that it read "137" but it didn't really register with me until a minute later -- and then, when I looked back, it stayed at 137 just a split second, long enough for me to see it, and then it ticked down to 136.


Still having a steady background static of subtles/number-repeats to varying degrees of notability. A cool standout after lunch was right when I went into Dick's Pawn and I saw a DVD cover with a cycle on it that looked just like my Honda Rebel, which made me think "Honda Rebel?" -- precisely as "rebel yell" sang from the in-house radio, again no way it could've subconsciously triggered this since I can objectively trace the thought to seeing the DVD cover, which came just the slightest infinitesimal split-second beforehand but definitely before (as is patternistic of these "perfectly synchronistic" types). Also, more of those perfectly patternistic "Compelled parking lot park"-type 37 repeats, such as at Dick's when I got out and was forced to face a Jeep with a "7137" or something plate on its front, and then, immediately afterward as I turned to go into the store, was forced to face a similar plate on another car. Same for nearly every parking lot I parked at today, and always after the most random and "blind" parks, etc. And also at this same visit to Dick's, a funny little one that might've been nothing: on the way in, I'd parked beside a big white ~2000 Tahoe, and Noticed it in that special way. Then, precisely as I came out a while later, another white Tahoe of the same color and approximate year (looked exactly the same in any case) parked into that same parking space; I had to do a double take and make sure it wasn't the same one, and I'm sure that it wasn't despite looking almost exactly the same, because the first one had a bunch of junk on the dash and this one didn't have it. Perhaps just a coincidence, but surreal in any case, and funny. All from going to a pawn shop.

Also had another of those intuitive ones that smack of classical ESP-type phenomenon rather than a proper synchronicity. As I slowed to stop at an intersection, I had the sudden, Compelling-like certainty that a car was going to zoom up and sneak into the gap between me and the car in front of me -- and damned if that isn't just what happened, a split second afterward. I can say 100% that there's nothing that could've tipped me off to this, either, because the truck that zoomed in front of me was in my blind spot at the time, so I couldn't even have seen it subconsciously.


Had a relatively large amount of incidents today despite bigtime health problems. Lots and lots of numbers and almost all of them so conspicuous, such as ending up behind cars with 37 LPs in the most random yet patternistic ways, and more of those like with a truck recklessly pulling in front of me only to reveal a 703 LP, and also, while pulling out of the beach parking lot, precisely as I made to leave, the folks who were waiting to pull into my parking space lowered the hatch on their car, revealing a "6370" plate, directly in my line of sight -- all just so surreal, especially when in combination with all the subtles today. Lots of these, too, though many of them followed a vague, super-subtle theme today, that which could be written off as coincidence or subconscious-suggestion-types if there weren't so many of them, close together and in such a similar pattern. Examples: right after I'd thought of getting up and doing some chores in order to stretch and get circulation going, I read "He got up to exercise" in the 'Heart of Darkness' book, written in this same context though it was visible to me when I'd had the thought (albeit that thought being yet another at the end of a long, random, objective train); my thinking of how the money and stuff I've given were good but still just temporary, short-term solutions rather than lasting ones, precisely as I realized I was looking at a box of Band-Aids on the shelf at Kroger ("Band-Aid solutions"); right after I'd read in the book of a leaking and sinking ship, I looked up randomly and realized that directly across the street from me was the mini golf place with the sinking ship out front, with bit jets of "leaking" water spraying up from it. Plus maybe a dozen or so others like this, sometimes coming in those surreal little clusters.

Did have others of a different breed today too, more coherent and precise and stand-out, including one really cool reading/event/thought combination incident at lunch. It started when I read "A bell jingled" and I had another of those cynical, skeptic thoughts of, "Well, if there're all these living-dream synchronicities happening, why didn't you hear a bell jingle when you read that?" Then, after I'd put down the book to take a sip of coffee and then picked it back up, I resumed at "A bell jingled," and this time a bell did jingle, from the door to Dunkin Donuts behind me, coinciding perfectly synchronistically or close to it, once again another of these in that pattern of "you can't force it" and as an "answer" to my skeptical thoughts, again suggesting that intelligent, cosmic-humor aspect to these. And then, as if to drive the point home, there was a repetition of "A bell jingled" a paragraph or so down (oddly ...), and this time, a bell jingled again, this time from a different door a couple suites down but still coinciding perfectly. Laughed my ass off.


Still a lot of activity overall, including the same type of conspicuous numbers and reading/thought/radio-type standouts and background static of subtles throughout the day. A theme today seemed to be a lot of subtle and "small" yet striking ones, such as hearing "night" over the in-house radio in Goodwill precisely as I read the title of a book, 'In a Night Room,' with the two nights coinciding perfectly, at the precise instant I read the word in the sentence and registered it in my mind. A lot of them weren't hugely precise but were very perfectly timed, such as when several times at the gym I would count a rep ("six," "seven") in my head precisely as that word came over the radio, or when "still rising" came over the radio precisely as a helicopter lifted off conspicuously in the distance, so so surreal. A couple cool thought/reading-type standouts at Starbucks at lunch, first when, precisely as I thought about the 'Iron' book and how it was about New Jersey, a nearby stranger said "Jersey" (this one could fit in with that "not hugely imprecise but perfectly timed" theme too), and when I randomly thought of how the guy beside me was using his cellphone and hitting me with "secondhand" EMF radiation, a split second before I turned the page and read "high EMF readings" in the ghost story book (and again this one could fit that vague theme, now that I think of it).


Still having lots of incidents today, but almost all of them now of that indistinct/"distorted"/"half-there"-type theme of yesterday, exemplified by when I was thinking randomly of the whey powder I was eating, precisely as the next line in the book had "Wey" in it, with the "wey" at the end of the line and the rest hyphenated to form "Weymouth" -- a lot of these, all of which were in themselves subtle/distorted enough to be dismissed on their own but collectively form another of those notable themes. Had probably a dozen or so over the course of morning and early afternoon. Still having numbers, though not quite as many today. A cute one was when a truck pulled along side me and I Noticed it, and it not only had a 37 license plate, but also had "7.3L Turbo V8" stenciled on the side.


Generally far fewer overall incidents today, that "background static" of numbers and subtles lifting for the most part. Did have some standouts, though, starting with a cute little variation on those parking-lot-37-license-plate incidents I've been having so often. Today it was when I went to Starbucks for lunch and ended up being Randomly Compelled towards a certain seat outside, and once I sat down and started eating, I realized that directly across from me was a car with a 137 license plate, directly in my line of sight in that conspicuous, patternistic way. Then, a while later, I was alerted to a car backing up towards me, and was forced to take notice of it because it coming fast and appeared that it wasn't going to stop, and nearly didn't, almost backing into a post, with me right behind it, only to come to a stop just in time -- and then, after I'd looked up in alarm, I realized that the license plate ended in 73. This was another of those that had that visceral, almost theatrical aspect to it, where the whole thing with the car backing up so fast and then stopping so suddenly and scarcely just made it feel that the 73 was being "yelled" at me, like some others I've experienced in this manner. Was cool anyway. This one also started a weird, vague little "theme," focused on "New York," starting with that backing-up car's license plate, which was a New York plate, as to "scream" out both "73" and "New York" at me. Then, next, in a minor little radio/thought synchro, as I got in my car afterward and looked around to back up, I saw a New York tag on the car beside me precisely as the radio sang out "New York City," and then, a mile or so down the road when I changed radio stations, I ended up on a random station with a song about New York. Next there was a fourth part to this but I can't quite remember it, something about some random stranger talking about New York once I went into Publix, just after hearing the last radio mention, perhaps coinciding with my thoughts about the whole thing, I'm not sure; I only remember that it was notable enough to establish the fourth station in this little theme, and make me take note of it.

Then, soon after, had a really cool and somewhat unique one while getting in the car after throwing out some trash. As I made to get back in the car, I first had the thought of how oppresively hot it was out, which I noticed distinctly after being in the air-conditioned car for a while and then getting out briefly to dump the trash, and then, equally so, upon getting back in the car, I was smacked with its overly cold interior. In the end, it made me think, "too hot, now too cold" -- precisely as "hot then you're cold" sang from the radio. The timing on this was so perfectly synchronistic, as to be neither before nor after but just THERE, the thoughts and the lyrics coinciding so perfectly as to culminate in that "impossible to orchestrate or describe" sensation so characteristic of these incidents. So damn cool.


Slight uptick in overall incidents today, a lot of those vague/subtles/distorted-types, almost to background-static levels, same for numbers. Some standouts: a cute and classic gas-pump-37, when I not only stopped totally randomly for gas, literally slamming on my brakes and turning off on a spur-of-the-moment Compelling, but the random pump I chose had the previous sale at exactly $37.00; a really cool example of the vague/distorted ones today, when a corny joke came over the radio precisely as I passed a big billboard reading "It's okay to be a little corny," not super-precise yet it was perfectly precise, in that vague way that is coming to establish itself as a pattern; a classical radio-type/sign one when the radio sang out "rain" precisely as I passed a little roadside town sign reading simply "Rains," perfectly synchronistic as to be "striking." Plus several others in this general vein.


Still having scattered subtles and the like like yesterday, though more numbers today (still 37 predominantly), including more of those conspicuous parking-lot/cars cutting me off, etc (such as a guy who was tailgating me conspicuously, then finally ended up speeding up and passing me recklessly, only to reveal a 37 plate, as is patternistic in this fashion). Standouts: a cool reading/thought one at lunch, when I'd shifted my legs and posture in order to ease circulation, making me think "circulation," just before I read "circulation" on the next line of the 'Under the Black Flag' book; hearing "you" on the radio at Earthfare, precisely as I read "you" on a random food package, in that perfectly synchronistic yet totally random fashion as is so distinctly patternistic and surreal with these, had several like this through the day.


Big uptick in overall incidents today compared to last couple, though mostly those striking (albeit very precise and present) but-striking kinds, where they impress me full-force in the moment but are too personal/subjective/"small" to really convey (and just too damn many to remember/write down today). Some examples of this particular flavor/theme which characterized the day: hearing "hit!" on the radio perfectly synchronistic with a passing car hitting a rain-filled pothole and exploding water all over the place, so surreal and striking; passing a man conspicuously carrying a pair of workboots as I left the gym, making me think "workboots" in a Notice-like way, a split second before I rounded a car and saw a sign reading "workboots," not quite perfectly synchronistic but about as close as you could get (and made even more surreal by my foreshadowing-like Knowing/Noticing beforehand); a really cool little "string"/"cluster" just after church, when, first, I saw a sign reading "Left lane must turn left," which in turn made me think left, precisely as "left" sounded from the radio, and then just a second or two later, as I went to draw in a deep breath but had trouble due to oddly congested lungs/breathing, the next lyric on the song was "hard to breathe," and then, a minute or two down the road when I finally got to a stoplight and got a chance to write down these two, "hard" sang from the radio precisely as I wrote the "hard" in "hard to breathe," again perfectly synchronistic. Maybe a dozen or more of these throughout the day, of varying intensity and notability, many of them moderately dismissible as chance when analyzed on their own, but gaining much notability in the context of the other, distinctly similar ones throughout the day (and of the larger pattern underlying, and of just that "numistic feel" produced by them).


Not as much overall today, another downturn, though still a good few "clusters" of numbers and those smallish, "distorted"-type of incidents. Had a cool one after lunch at CVS, though I can't be 100% sure of it. Precisely as what sounded like "N-B-K" sang from the overhead radio, I rounded an aisle and my eyes lay directly on a Burger King gift card, with my seeing the card occuring perfectly synchronistically with the "B-K" in the song -- a sort of perfectly synchronistic recurrence of the "BK"/Burger King archetype, though I'm not 100% that the song was actually singing "BK" or just something that sounded like it, so might've just been nothing, an "ears playing tricks on me" deal. And then, similarly distorted but more precise and notable: while sitting at an intersection by Harris Teeter, "keep" sounded from the radio, precisely as a car with a front license plate reading "Keefer" passed, precisely as I looked up and saw a giant sign with a big key on it presiding over the whole seen, again directly in my line of sight. The three coincided with that surreal, split-second, "all at once"-type timing, such that I heard the "kee" in "keep," read the "kee" in "Keefer," and saw the key on the sign all together, perfectly synchronistic -- again keeping with that distorted, partial, "loose-fitting" theme that's been so prominent lately. Really cool and damn surreal, if not too coherent for anyone but me.

Then this evening, a cute little recurrence, and an oddly timed one, since things are usually "quiet" by this time of night. At the end of the 'Under the Black Flag' book, right after I'd been thinking of the whole Lyme disease/boron thing, the very next line mentioned the "HMS 'Lyme,' and again: though it was visible to me peripherally when I'd had the thought, I can distinctly trace the chain of thought that led to it back to the preceding page/objective elements, etc, as is so patternistic of these.


Much fewer incidents overall today, just some spatterings of numbers and more of those distorted/"partial" little thought/reading/radio-type incidents. Really the only standout was a classical "saw that car again" one, starting when right as I went to leave the parking space downtown outside Bald Guy Brew, a car pulled into the space in front of me, forcing to wait while it backed in and then while the people got out, and then wait longer due to a line of traffic pulling up in the meantime, which forced me to take a good, long look at the car's license plate, which was from Florida and had a rocket ship on it, which I both noticed and Noticed because it fit the day's minor recurrence theme of Florida and ships (which included the 'Redneck Riviera' book that I'd randomly started at lunch). Then, hours later and in an entirely different part of town, at the end of the day when I'd gone all over the place and such and then was leaving Walmart to head home, there pulled up that car while I was waiting at the intersection, showing me that license plate again. This was mildly notable in itself, from a simple chance standpoint, but made moreso given its fitting the classical "seeing that same conspicuous car in an unlikely again" pattern.


Still generally "quiet," though a little less so than yesterday. Had a minor yet somewhat unique, two-fold reading recurrence at lunch, when I read in the 'Redneck Riviera' book "He could ride a twelve-foot-high swamp buggy, like an Indiah rajah," which recurred, first, the swamp buggy, when just a couple days ago while in the mall I'd Noticed some they had parked in there and looked at them, illogically, since I have about zero use for one -- highly patternistic despite the low precision and broad timing. Then, a little more notably, while at the Bald Guy Brew restroom yesterday I'd Noticed a big old-fashioned sign on the wall reading "rajah," the first I'd seen that word in a while -- again upgraded in notability from precision, rarity, relatively closer timing, and classical patternistic behavior. Had several of those "nearby stranger speaking what I'm thinking/reading"-types today, though they weren't hugely precise and were just single random words ("class" and one other I can't remember); the timing, on the other hand, was perfectly synchronistic, and it was of course perfectly patternistic too. Had a few radio-types like this too, primarily with numbers (hearing "45" in a song lyric precise as I counted out $45, etc); another example: seeing 4:47 on the car's in-dash clock, then looking up directly over that to see a license plate ending in "447," such that the two were superimposed (not hugely notable in itself, but considering once again how I experienced several in almost exactly this same "format" within the course of a few hours, gains notability, etc).

Plus, had a couple more of those vague, subtle recurrences this evening just before bed, again in the 'Redneck Riviera' book, such as it mentioning purple Gatorade when, just a couple hours earlier, I'd passed a smashed bottle of purple Gatorade at the Lowes parking lot and conspicuously Noticed it. And also, another mention of "Vulcan," which has been a repeating theme spanning back ... three books now, to days ago? I've seen it several places, not only in the books I randomly read and bought, etc, but in other random sources too, such as seeing several Vulcan motorcycles, and of course when I hadn't seen "Vulcan" for months or so before, as is so patternistic of these.


Not much activity overall today, which was a bit strange because I had a big increase in health/energy, usually accompanied by an increase in activity but not today for whatever reason. Did, however, have a couple standouts, and these were of a newish "flavor," so there would be some type of that "shift" correlating. First was a really cool thought-type one while at the gym, when, just after I finished an exercise, I felt my shoulders hunching and then consciously halted them from doing so, thinking not only of how unhealthy it was for me but also for those around me, since it broadcast stress/tension, etc, to other people subconsciouslly -- and then, a split second afterward, a man with conspicuously hunched shoulders stepped in front of me. Hugely notable, this one, because, first, I can distinctly trace my thoughts of hunched shoulders, etc, back to my doing the exercise and then feeling my own shoulders hunch and stopping them, all of which happened not only objectively/indepedently, but definitely *before* I saw the guy with hunched shoulders (in that not-quite-perfectly-synchronistic way that is so characteristic of these, which really only makes it only more notable, given that it establishes even more objectivity). But, second, there was an additional dimension to this one, since not only did the "hunched shoulders" archetype reccur almost instaneously, but also of how it would broadcast stress and such to other people as I was thinking simultaneously, since this guy was a perfect example of hunched shoulders broadcasting stress and the like, such was the "crunch" of his neck and shoulders. Then, similarly in this vein but not quite as notably/multidimensional: while at Earthfare, I stepped close behind a man so that I could browse the spices over his shoulder, and I had the thought, "I'm standing kind of close behind this man," precisely as "stand behind me" sang from the overhead radio, perfectly synchronistic, etc.


Had a general uptick in activity today, again corresponding with travel down south. Had a pretty good surge in 37/731 number-repeats and the like, most of them coming from the usual conspicuous cars/license plates/roadsigns, etc, with some especially fun and "cute" ones thrown in there (can't remember any in particular, were just so many really). As far as more traditional-type incidents, only had a little cluster of standouts, starting with "fork stuck in the road" sounding from the radio precisely as the highway sign for a fork in the road came into view from down the road, directly in my line of vision -- which was, as it were, very much "stuck in the road," one of those highway forks that force you to go left or right (and, as it were, one I took the wrong turn on it, and ended up missing the health-food store on Hanes Mall Blvd I wanted to stop at; felt oddly significant, this). Pretty highly notable. Also, had two or three fitting a newish theme, where a single word would correspond super-perfectly-synchronistically with that on a sign (one was "life" and the other "game," can't remember what the others were if there were any).


Not many incidents overall today, apart from some scattered numbers and a couple subtles. Did have a really cool stand-out at the gym today. While I was loading that tricky overhead-pull bar, which has a tendency to fall dangerously sometimes when you take the pin out, precisely as I went to pull the pin and, thus, thought "careful that doesn't fall" and so reached up to hold the bar, "fall" sang randomly from the song on the MP3 player, so perfectly synchronistic it hit that "striking" level of surreality. And then, adding notability, when I went back for the second set and, thus, lowered the pin for more weight, and, thus, thought "don't let it fall" again, "fall" sang from the song again (and not in a refrain of the chorus or something, but just the word being randomly sung in a different, individual lyric), again perfectly synchronistic. And then, a couple minutes later while I was starting another exercise and was thinking of these last two incidents and trying to remember them since I didn't have any paper with me, "fall" sang out again, now from a different song entirely, but just as perfectly synchronistic, etc. Wow.

Also, had a standout "cute" number-repeat on the way home this afternoon, when, sitting directly in the street for no obvious reason and, thus, blocking my path forcing me to take notice, was a great big Surburban with a plate ending in 731, haha.

Then, just before bed, a cute little reading recurrence: dehydrated onion. Just after fixing lunch today, when I'd started on those new juice powders and thrown in some fresh onion with them, I'd had the vague-yet-distinct thought, patternistically, of how the powdered onion just doesn't have that magical, therapeautic property that's present in fresh onion/garlic, etc, unlike the juice powders -- and then, this evening in the 'Fast Food Nation' book, it had gone randomly into the origins of dehydrated onion powder back in the 40's. Haha.


Reasonably significant uptick in overall incidents today. Not so much for numbers, but more of those general incidents/subtles, etc, with a general theme of those now-classical "explicit" reading/thought/radio-type synchros. A couple standout examples: reading "gusts of hot air" at Starbucks precisely as the barista steamed some milk or something just nearby, thus making a "gusts of hot air" sound, perfectly synchronistic, etc; hearing "age" on the overhead radio, coinciding perfectly with my reading "New Age"; hearing something about "making change" or "giving change" on the radio, can't remember which, but it coincided perfectly with my having a long chain of thought end on how I was out of change and needed to take some into Bay Naturals, where I'd just pulled up.


Lots of numbers today, again almost exclusively on conspicuous cars/license plates pulling out in front of me/passing illogically, etc, some of them really "cute" and "playful" as is patternistic of these (such as another car tailgating me then passing, only to reveal a 73 license plate, cars pulling out precisely as I walked past, etc). An equally cute receipt-type one too, where I went to Publix and again ended up getting three random things that I'd had no intention of getting beforehand (including two cylinders of fennel seeds that were on clearance, which I almost bought only one of, as not to be greedy, but felt Compelled to get both that were there), and the total ended up being exactly $7.03. Haha. Also, several standout "traditional" ones at lunch. First, a weird sort of recurrence/vague-thought-type incident, starting this morning when I'd thought several times, distinctly yet absently, of the yoga instructor I'd so conspicuously met recently, and how I'd met her at a certain outside table at a certain coffee shop. As it so happened, I ended up going to that same coffee shop today, and as I got there, there was a woman in yoga-looking clothes sitting at that same table I'd been thinking of that morning, and she even looked much like the yoga instructor I'd met, such that I at first thought it was her (though it wasn't). This was mildly notable in itself, with the underlying archetype of "yoga woman at that coffee shop's particular table" recurring, but then, as I ate my lunch nearby, the women at that table discussed yoga several times on and off, again reprising the theme. Not impossible this one was just chance, but given the timing of my vague thoughts just beforehand, as well as the patternistic factor ... unlikely. Also, had several "nearby stranger saying what I'm thinking/reading" incidents, involving these same women at the table. For instance, "yoga" and "work" as I read these words, perfectly synchronistic, and then, a little more notable, when this happened with "changed" precisely as I turned the page and the word was right at the top of it, the page-turn and my reading the word and the nearby woman saying "changed" all coinciding in that impossible-to-orchestrate timing.


Had another little lunchtime "cluster"/"spurt" of those same striking one-word-type reading/thought/radio-type incidents as yesterday, maybe three or four reasonably coherent ones with random words corresponding with the overhead radio at Dunkin Donuts and the 'Fast Food Nation' book I was reading (seems like there was a "nearby stranger"-type one mixed in there too). A standout in this vein was when I thought of the bag I'd just seen being blown high about in the wind, and then, perfectly synchronisticly, I opened the book back up from where I'd stopped it, and my eyes fell directly on "fluttered in the wind," in that patternistic fashion I've come to know with these, impossible to orchestrate, etc. Then had a classical reading/sign one a little later on, when the radio said "live my life" precisely as I passed a roadside RV plastered with "LIVING LIFE" on the side, directly in my line of sight. And then, in Kroger soon after, another nearby-stranger-type one, where precisely as my eyes fell on a sign reading "88 cents," a nearby stranger said "88 cents" to someone else, the two coinciding perfectly synchronistically (and even though the woman was nearby, she was on the opposite side of the sign I was looking at, hence making it invisible to her).

A really cool reading-type/classical reading synchro tonight. It started when I randomly read a paper today and on the front page noticed an article describing the merging of a Chinese firm with a company called Sygnenta, the first I'd ever heard of this company ever. Then, a couple hours later, at the very end of the 'Fast Food Nation' book, it listed the world's biggest GM-food companies, which included Sygnenta. Pretty highly notable in itself, given the precision and timing and pattern, but even moreso considering the context of my reading that paper, because I'd gotten it from Publix, where it was sitting randomly on a cooler by the checkout, not for sale but from where someone had just left it apparently (and it was a week old). I Noticed it, then felt Compelled to grab it, and then equally Compelled to read it upon getting home -- all of which culminated in the recurrence. So cool and surreal.


Had several more of those subtle-yet-striking one-word-type ones today, with a few more-coherent/notable standouts. First was at lunch when I read "danger" precisely as the in-house radio at Second Cup started playing a song in which the chorus says "I'll bet you didn't know that I was dangerous," a song which I've always thought of as the "dangerous song," such that it's coinciding (perfectly synchronistically as it were) with the "danger" would've fit the pattern of these, instantly recurring the "danger" archetype even though the song's "danger" component was entirely subjective on my part (I have no idea what the song is actually called, though I suppose it very well could be "Dangerous" or something to that effect). Soon after, a pretty cool reading recurrence, starting last night when I went to that random website for the driving-vacation retreat, which was located in Vancouver Island, a place I'd never heard of until just then -- and then today, in the 'Planet Heal Thyself' book, I read of, for the second time ever, a perfect classical example of these reading-type ones (and it also bears mentioning that, like so many of these, I'd written the note to visit the retreat's website over a week ago but only gotten around to looking it up last night, just hours before I Just Happened to read of it in that book, which I'd also Just Happened to start reading last night after having it in my stack for nearly a month, after I'd entirely randomly gotten that book for free when buying some random supplement from Bay Naturals, haha). [9/2 update: and now this one goes on, as I had another hit on it today, when, in classical reading-synchro/recurrence pattern, I read in the very next sequential book after 'Planet Heal Thyself' another reference to Vancouver Island, within the first few pages, and again: totally different subject matter in this book, and bought/read entirely randomly and on Compelled whim -- the classical pattern, and just so much more notable now, given it's being three books in a row. Wow.] And then, at Dr. Scaffidi's office, a really cool and striking one where precisely as I turned a page in a random magazine and revealed "TRACK" written in big letters on the fresh page, Dr. Scaffidi said "track" to his patient, when both were in the other room and entirely out of view of me, etc, as is so patternistic of these -- another sort-of "nearby stranger"-type one. So damn cool and surreal.

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