Synchronicity log for 2017


Another noticeable change-up, and I can't think of any obvious reason why (no positive/negative consciousness/state shift that I can see, as it were).

Numbers: there but less than yesterday, back down to strictly background-static levels, with just scattered small/two/three-digit license-plate-type 37s and such along with some randomly-sourced ones, a few parking-lots but not that pronounced weird little surge from yesterday afternoon.

Morning saw only a few of those extremely subtle/obscure (yet distinctly patternistic) thematic recurrences as I've been having even on the days when the thought-type activity is "off." And then, at lunch, the thought-side of things suddenly returned, and I could feel it in that distinctive and patternistic yet highly subjective and unconveyable way, with my quietly but distinctively entering that "synchronistic state," and almost immediately upon sitting down for lunch and reading. It started up slowly, again with only the slightest scattering of small/one-word non-striking-type of thought-echoes through lunchtime reading, all of these either too minor or complicated/subtle to convey.

Then, by the end of lunch, a slight graduation/coherence/"gelling" of the phenomenon, with the echoes got a little more precise and striking/"louder." Best example, literally right at the end of lunch as I was packing up: a man nearby in the coffee shop was talking on his phone, and at one point he said something that made me think distinctly of my brother, as to make me consciously think "brother," after not really noticing this man on the phone or directly thinking about him the whole time he'd been standing nearby and chatting -- and then, precisely as the "brother" thought crossed my mind, the man randomly said "brother" to whoever he was talking to on the phone, and again singularly and randomly, when he'd not said the word beforehand (he used it when saying goodbye, and as a general nickname for the person, something like "Okay, brother, see you later") nor had he said anything prior that would have cued me to think of anything brother-related (I can actually remember 100% the sentence before that with the "brother" in it, when he'd said something like "Okay, we're in the coffee shop and we're gonna get some coffee now," which, in any case, was the sentence in which something about it made me think of my brother and how he talks, etc -- another totally objective/independent/traceable event as is patternistic of these).

Then, later in the afternoon while driving around, went on to have more of the now-classical-type of radio/roadside sign/random-thought-type ones, not a huge number but still a moderate amount, and still distinctly avoiding that synchronistically "silent" state I've been lapsing into now and then lately. Couple semi-standout examples: randomly and singularly hearing "away" on the radio, precisely as I passed a sign reading "HOME AWAY," with my reading/registering the "way" corresponding with absolute, "striking"-type precision with the random radio word, in that distinctively patternistic fashion; then, a little more coherent and notable: a long, random, traceable chain of thought ending with my thinking of how I was about to take the car to the shop and then walk home, a split second before (again just *infinitesimally* before, but certainly before) the radio randomly and singularly sang out "I walked by," and again in the 100% patternistic way of my registering/visualizing myself walking home coinciding with the radio's echo.

One thing I've noted after these few days with periods of that "non-synchronistic state": I definitely have a better feel for when the synchronistic state is present, and can definitely now say that it's a distinct phenomenon, and somewhat differentiated from that of "before," before I guess the last couple months, when I would just seem to have separate, individual incidents (albeit sometimes many of them, or several close together) as opposed to these "meta-incidents," where I seem to now enter this synchronistic state (which is somehow consciousness/perceptual-related) and then begin experiencing something that feels like one big, periodic synchronistic incident that is somehow maybe expanded in time by my observing it, as to be broken down/observed as separate incidents when it's really just one big "synchronistic state"-type incident? Some truly bizarre and profound stuff.

Then suddenly a very active evening, maybe the most active one I've ever had, albeit with few standouts. The first was a blatant random-sound/reading-type one in the sauna: precisely as I turned a page in the 'Green Living' book with a header reading "LABEL ALARM" directly in the middle of the new page (and directly in my line of sight), the one-minute alarm in the sauna beeped, perfectly synchronstic and 100% objective, etc, and extremely striking/surreal too, in living-dream fashion.

From there, had a bigtime cluster during dinnertime reading, with several mild-to-moderate echoes along with a big bunch of those thematic/subtle/long-winded/daylong-type recurrences, something of an onslaught of these actually. A cool echo example, of the "page-turn corresponding with a totally random and objective/separate chain of thought"-type one, with "involuntary bodily function" overtones: it started when I had some of that good evacuation in the pancreas area I've been having, that which I suspect to be from taking the chromium supplement, and so I thus had a chain of thought that ended with "Maybe that evacuation is from the chromium" or something to that effect, right as I turned the page in the book and saw, in the first paragraph, the words "hexalated chromium" (different kind of chromium, of course, but the echo of "chromium" was 100%, and with explicit timing/patternistic element/objectivity since the text was 100% invisible to me when I'd had the objective event of the evacuation, etc, etc).

Damn cool, albeit obscure and odd, example of the thematic recurrences: started yesterday morning after the castor oil pack, when suddenly, from out of nowhere, decided to start recycling the used cling wrap from my castor oil packs, and so I took that day's used wrap and put it in with the bag of scrap plastic for recycling. Then, tonight in the 'Green Living' book, it mentioned, totally randomly, that PVC cling wrap isn't recyclable, and can in fact pollute a whole bin of recyclable plastic -- exactly what I needed to see, lest I unknowingly screw up the recycling loads (sort of some odd/distorted/inverse "ask and receive" elements there, though I didn't think of it in any fashion at the time). This one sounds only mildly notable on the surface, perhaps nothing, until the context is considered: the fact that, in classical reading-recurrence fashion, I Just Happened to read that 'Green Living' book today, after buying it months ago and not really wanting to read it today but just having an open space after finishing the last few pages of the 'Nanking' book and other random little circumstances; and then, also, the fact that I've been doing castor oil packs and illogically not recycling the cling wrap from them, when I make a point to recycle every other plastic, and then, less than two days later, read of how it isn't recyclable (and, thus, was able to retrieve the wrap from the bag and "save" it, haha); and then also the fact that I even saw this fact in the book at all, since I was just kind of skimming through it and only looking at certain outlined/bolded/set-apart takeaway-type facts and the like and ignoring the rest, yet I Just Happened to stop and read this one, normal paragraph on PVC wrap and so discovered this highly relevant fact. All just incredibly unlikely, as well as patternistic in many ways, including these super-subtle/thematic/complex/subjective/contextual-dependent ones, a very good example of them in fact. During tonight's cluster, actually had a few others that were almost as coherent yet just as notable if not moreso, but the rest were just too complicated to convey.


An overall downturn, back to being pretty minimal and low-key on both fronts. Numbers were about the same as yesterday, though with some semi-conspicuous ones added in that I remember, with no particular standouts beyond some reasonably surreal "drifter" 37-plate cars coming my way in that special, patternistic fashion, and just a healthy number of two-and-three-digit 37-variant plates swirling around me at any given time on the day's driving.

Thought-wise, I had one teeny tiny little cluster of echoes during lunch, not the reading but when I took a break before the second course and checked something on my phone, during which, over the course of just a couple minutes, there were maybe 5-6 semi-striking-type one-word echoes, again with that animated quality where I scrolled up and revealed the corresponding text precisely as it was echoed by the radio or nearby strangers or the like in the coffee shop. After that, however, it never really "developed," instead just having a couple super-subtle echoes but mostly nothing.

Did have a semi-notable "ask and receive" type one just outside the market, when I'd forgotten to bring in a bag and had the distinct thought of "need a plastic bag to put my stuff in when I buy it" -- and then, a split second later, I approached a trash bin with a bag sticking out of it like a tongue (rather, it was laid out, and a good, flat, brand-new, unused bag; it impressed me as if someone had hung it out just for me, though again I might just be reading that into this). I want to say that the trash bin was invisible to me when I'd first had the thought of needing the bag, but I can't say 100% for sure. Could conceivably be coincidence, but it certainly didn't feel like one (and it fit the pattern perfectly, with my discovering the bag just an infinitesimal little microsecond after I'd had the thought of needing one, in that surreally patternistic format).


Another "quiet"-type day overall.

Numbers: less than yesterday, a downturn. All that I remember were scattered low-key/small-type 37 variants almost exclusively on random license plates in traffic again, with only a few of the randomly-sourced ones.

Had more thought-type incidents than numbers, but still not many overall. The day's first was a couple of classical-type minor reading/thought recurrences this morning, and these were conspicuously *not* the super-subtle/thematic/vague/subjective types, despite still being minor recurrences. They both involved that totally random complimentary weight-lifting magazine I got from VS yesterday, which I read this morning and saw two articles: one about the taurine supplement, and the second about how to help tight hamstrings -- when two prominent, conscious, distinct thoughts I'd had this morning were, first, of how the taurine I took yesterday seemed to bring about that great new energy I had last night and this morning, and, second, I thought distinctly of how tight my hamstrings were this morning. These were both of that type that were minorly notable on their own, but much moreso given the context and patternistic element, considering that it was the first time I'd taken the taurine for months now (and I did it totally randomly, on the spur of the moment), and the same for my hamstrings, which were sore because I finally got around to doing a good lower-body/butt/hamstring workout yesterday, also the first I'd done so in months -- yet both of these things Just Happened to be in that magazine I'd Just Happened to get yesterday.

Then just before lunch, noticed a "start-up"/"entering of the synchronistic state," signaled by a few super-subtle echoes right before and after starting lunchtime reading, and then progressing into slightly more-coherent ones by the time lunch was almost through. Almost all were minor-yet-striking one-word echo-types between the 'Gangster Women' book and nearby strangers' conversations/overhead radio at the coffee shop, etc -- the same type of lunchtime-reading-echo-types I've been having so consistently recently. One thing I noticed today were a handful of distinctively similar ones that I came to refer to as "book flashes," which involved me seeing some random picture or word for a split second while moving my book around after taking bites/sips/adjusting position in seat, etc, with the word or picture that was flashed at me echoed in some fashion. Two examples I got down: standing up and changing position, for the first time since I'd sat down at the table about 45 minutes before, and seeing "stood up" randomly on the page of the book as I moved it, these two words standing out precisely; then flashing the back cover of the book and having the picture of the gun Jump Out at me in surreal/Noticing-type fashion, precisely as "gun" sang randomly from the radio. These lose something "in translation" to text, being far more significant/notable/synchronistic-feeling when experienced.

After lunch, had only a few scattered echoes for a while after before fading into another of those periodic "silences," which would last up to writing now, late evening. One event/random passing sign-type while driving this afternoon: the Miata had a strange hesitation when I hit the gas, making it jump and groan out of nowhere, which made me think something along the lines of "rough ride/not a smooth start" -- precisely as I passed a random roadsign banner reading "SMOOTHNESS" -- an echo of my basic thought of "smooth," or one of those negative/opposite echoes of the roughness of the ride?

One minor ask-and-receive that might've been nothing but didn't feel like it: in the Goodwill parking lot, right after I'd had trouble getting the pen from the Miata's notebook and had the distinct asking-type thought of "I need a pen with a longer top so it's easier to get out of the binder," I got out and on the way inside, there was a pen in the parking lot, and of the exact kind I'd been thinking of, with one of those long tops and a clip (which Just Happened to fit perfectly into the binder loop the other one sunk down in ...).


Another extremely quiet day, maybe the most in a while. Only type of activity I recall through the whole day was a moderate cluster of low-key numbers just after leaving the house for lunch, all semi-conspicuously on license plates and the like, with a few scattered ones the rest of the day while driving around, but other than that, not a single standout that I can remember. Thought-wise, not even the vague/super-subtle recurrences and such, nor even the slightest echoes at lunch; as it were, feel completely out of that "synchronistic state."

Did suddenly have an echo just after writing above entry: precisely as I hit my bookmarks tab and thus revealed one reading "Where the Bird Sings Best," with my cursor directly over it (or maybe just near it, I can't remember -- it opened directly into my line of sight, in any case) -- precisely then, a bird sang outside for a few loud chirps, perfectly synchronistic, and again doubly notable considering that the birdsong was totally random and singular, with none before or (as of writing) afterward.


Another quiet day, but not silent like yesterday, to where I did indeed sense myself returning to the "synchronistic state," albeit very subtly and more felt than seen, with only scattered low-key incidents through the day.

For numbers, was much like yesterday with only scattered 37-plates and the like, and even these only periodic today, though I did note a period of slightly elevated volume of low-key numbers punctuated by the sudden/noticeable appearance of some semi-conspicuous-type ones, all these occurring during the last half of the walk to the truck. One example of these semi-conspicuous ones, of which there were just a handful but of a similar feel: once at the garage, I couldn't get the man's attention through the panel door, and so I had to go around the back to the open door there, only to be met with another car with a 37 plate, sitting conspicuously/patternistically directly in my path and line of sight, etc. Same for when I heard a car approaching, and I Noticed this one, unlike the dozens of others that had passed me up until then over the hour I'd been walking, and a split second after I thought "Noticing this one, something special about it," it passed by me and revealed its 713 plate, again directly in my line of sight without my having to turn or anything (and, again, I saw it only a microsecond after the Noticing, but it was definitely *after,* such that I couldn't have seen the plate beforehand even peripherally, etc).

Did have a moderately notable receipt-type 37-repeat, when I went to the battery store for the watch battery and the total ended up being $3.77 exactly. Another of those that gain notability only when the circumstances/patternistic element is considered, which for this one was the fact that the man originally quoted me a price of $3.99, but then, a second later and for absolutely no apparent reason, he suddenly said, "I'll make that $3.77 instead" (receipt shows it as $3.49 + .28 tax). And then, adding a little more notability yet, there's a "1777" at the very top of the receipt, the last four digits of the phone number. Maybe nothing, all of it, but it does certainly fit the pattern of these in every way, with some weird, illogical, totally random circumstance Just Happening to bring about some 37-repeat.

Thought-wise, all I noticed were, first, the return of the vague/super-subtle/thematic-type recurrences spanning the day, only a few but they were definitely there, and accompanied by that distinct "entering the synchronistic state" feeling I'm coming to know more and more. Then, a little cluster at lunchtime reading, in patternistic format, and though almost all were too subtle/low-key/complex/"small" to convey, these too were very distinct, as to announce that "synchronistic" condition that's been so markedly absent some days recently. One semi-notable standout in this regard: another of those "scrolling up to a random word on a random webpage or something on the phone, precisely as that word is someho wechoed by an external source," this time "ALERT" coming up on the phone (in one of those annoying little pop-up boxes that some websites spring on a delay) precisely as a shrill beep sounded from the kitchen at the coffee place, which I'm pretty sure was an alarm of some kind for one of the ovens or appliances or something (and, again, perfectly synchronistic in timing, in "striking" fashion).


Today was much like yesterday, about exactly the same for numbers (a moderate number of low-key traffic 37-plates and a handful of semi-conspicuous ones, without any real standouts), but with slightly more, and more-coherent, thought-type ones.

The thought-type activity started very distinctly, albeit "quietly," during the middle of church, seeming to coincide with a good increase in energy/health improvement over last couple days. It all began with some of those "small"/subtle/non-striking-type of one-word echoes, and then, suddenly, had a cool little standout right at the end of the service. Precisely as I wrote a note for "First Class flights," the preacher said "class," coinciding perfectly synchronistically with my writing the "class" in the sentence, and also with that distinct yet impossible-to-describe "feel" of it, where my thinking "class" seemed to be somehow entwined/"synchronized" with the spoken word, in a way that, had I not been able to 100% trace the thought and the word as indepedent and objective events, I'd say were psychologically cued/subconsciously suggested, etc -- but, again, I'd been thinking of the first-class flights seconds before the preacher said the word, hence my writing the note obviously, haha (and, also, the preacher's saying that was again singular and random, not repeated before or after, and with nothing that would've of made me think of class, etc, being said beforehand -- again totally random and patternistic/separate, etc).

Then lunchtime saw yet another of those echo-clusters that began almost immediately with my finally sitting down and beginning to eat and read, again almost as if on a switch. This time, it "started" with another cool and notable standout, another of those "resuming reading the book and having my eyes fall directly on random text that echoes what I'd just been thinking due to an objective event." It started when I took the first sip of that bottled cold-brew coffee I bought at the market and, finding it to be exceptionally stronger and bolder in flavor than that I'd been brewing at home and drinking for weeks now, I thought something along the lines of "wow, that's strong" -- and then, a split second later as I opened the book back up and resumed reading, my eyes fell directly on "the most potent," yet again echoing my basic thought more or less perfectly.

Then, later on, a similar reading-type echo: precisely as I sat up straight in my chair and arched my back somewhat as I've been doing to correct my posture as of late, I came to "We bend over backwards" in the Walmart book, which is exactly what I did when arching my back (and at that exact moment, again with that synchronistic "entwining").

Only a few of those thematic/super-subtle daylong recurrences today, less than yesterday for whatever reason. However, today did have a somewhat coherent standout-ish one, though it might've just been chance (albeit an unlikely one). It started last night when I thought, totally randomly and out of the blue, of the Doors song "The End," as to get it in my head and sing a few verses of it aloud; and then, during lunchtime reading at the market, the Walmart book mentioned both Ragu and Swiffer, randomly and not really notably other than that it was the first I'd thought of Ragu and Swiffer in a while. And then, just after lunch when I left the market, I picked up a piece of litter and felt Compelled to look at it, and found that it was a weird little list with several mixed stations, one of which was "The End (Doors)," and then, on the other side, a shopping list with items from Ragu and Swiffer. Granted, there were other songs and items on the list too, things that I definitely *hadn't* thought of, but all things considered, it was somewhat unlikely those three would recur in such a relatively short time, and, adding a little more notability, the fact that they recurred in one place, and in the patternistic "found-litter-incident"-type format. Gave me a nice laugh anyway.

Also had another, similar semi-coherent cluster tonight, beginning just when I got home and walked in the door and had a series of vague-yet-distinct (and objective/traceable, etc) thoughts regarding several subjects centering around self-sufficiency/sustainability and the like, all revolving around things that I can distinctly remember as being triggered by various things I encountered upon walking into the door, such as the rack of drying clothes just by the door (which I Noticed distinctly, and though of using the little hand-operated washing machine with it), and then, after seeing my ripped jeans, thinking of learning to darn them and my hole-y socks and the like, and then thinking of solar power too, since I had gotten the plug adapter and hooked up the computer and stuff to the solar battery and checked to see how it had charged, plus I think maybe two or three other thoughts in this vein, all coincidentally occurring just then within those first few minutes after getting home -- and then, less than an hour later in the sauna, I opened that totally random, years-old issue of 'Mother Earth News' I started reading this morning (because I'd run out of other magazines to read), and on what was either the very first page or the second or third that I read, it had an article listing self-sustainability tips for daily living, and in it was every single thing I'd thought of randomly-yet-objectively in that little cluster upon getting home. Another perfect example of these super-subtle/subjective recurrences.


Today was much like yesterday, very close to it in fact, still with moderate numbers throughout the day's (in-traffic 37-variant plates primarily still), along with another lunchtime-reading cluster of echo-y-type incidents to varying degrees of notability. Today, however, didn't have as many thought-type standouts like yesterday, really the only one I can remember is a vague and weird-yet-notable radio-type one at lunch when, precisely as I took a bite of lunch with a garlic clove in it and was hit with the rasp of it and faced with the overwhelming urge to cough, the radio sang out something about "coughing on hot sauce" or "coughing on hot food," I can't remember the exact words (being distracted by the garlic and my urge to cough, haha) except that they were again more or less reflective of exactly what I was experiencing just then (totally randomly, when I only had three garlic cloves in the whole bowl and was spacing them out through the course), and with perfectly synchronistic timing, etc. There were probably a dozen echoes through lunch all told, most revolving around the Walmart book, but the rest were either too subjective/complicated or just mildly notable one-word "striking" types.

Numbers actually upticked a bit towards evening, "graduating" in that distinct way, going from just a scattered stream of low-key 37-plates to a handful of those semi-conspicuous types, such as my nearly turning into and hitting a truck that was in my blind spot, only to have it speed past me a second later and reveal its 733 plate, and a couple other "forced to notice a car in a patternistic way, only to see its 37 plate." Also another of those "doubling"/alignment-type ones, where I saw one car with a 37-plate, and then, a split second later, another crept up just beside it in the next traffic lane and the two's speed equalized in *just such a way* that their plates aligned perfectly for a split second, and this in that surreally "animated"/"orchestrated" fashion that is so distinctly patternistic of these.


A downturn in terms of activity, and a change-up too, different "format" and general assortment of incidents, indicating something of a shift, albeit minor. Day started with a somewhat cool and unique 11:11 repeat, another of the "getting in the car and starting it with exactly 11:11 on the clock," except today with a little twist: my radio was off as it sometimes does mysteriously in the Miata, plus the clock had gone fast a few minutes as it slowly does, such that the two events conspired with all the random little unplanned things I had to do before leaving such that I got in an keyed the ignition at exactly 11:11 (and, due to the radio being mysteriously turned off like it was, it thus displayed the clock instead of the radio station number ...).

No lunchtime-reading-type incidents today, not even the slightest of echoes, again with me feeling out of the "synchronistic state" in that distinct way, which I'm coming to recognize as much when I'm out of it than when in. The only echoes I can remember were later on in the afternoon, and these only very sparse and scattered, and still with me not being "in the groove," instead just experiencing the individual-type events that I did "before."

Only standout I can remember is a sign/radio-type echo, when I read "sweet peppers" on a roadside sign precisely as the radio sang out "sweet," again pretty notable from the absolutely perfect/surreal timing and with my reading/registering the "sweet" coinciding in that distinctive "entwined" way with the lyric, and with the lyric being singular/non-repeating, etc. Also, this one was a little more notable subjectively due to my having a distinct Noticing of the "sweet" on the sign, arriving just the slightest split second before the radio lyric sounded, which it seems like has happened every now and then in the past.

And another standout, albeit of the weird and unclassifiable type, maybe just a basic recurrence or a more-standout thematic-type one, hard to say. It started this morning when, in yet another totally random library-freebie magazine (also read totally randomly when I had a choice of several), I read a full-page article about various ways to use corn grits, which, in the super-subtle/thematic/vague fashion, it was a common subject that I'd not really thought of/encountered in some time (and sort of noticed, not really a Noticing, but I'm fuzzy on this). And then, a couple hours later at the coffee shop after lunch while picking up all sorts of random trash around the parking lot, I went to dump some out in a random trashcan, and there at the top was a sealed, new bag of corn grits, poking out conspicuously, as if placed there just for me. I could see this one being coincidence due to the general commonness of corn grits and the like, except that, first, there was the timing and patternistic elements of it, but then, also subjectively but still notable, there's the circumstances and context of my picking up the litter in that parking lot and a whole bunch of randomness that's just too complicated to convey, all of which made it that much more unlikely I'd end up just at that particular trashcan in that particular way (I'd already made two prior trips with other loads of stuff, taken to other separate trashcans, when I almost never make more than one, and there's also the fact that I felt Compelled to go to this particular can, despite it being all the way across the parking lot, plus other little patternistic/surreal/intuitive intricacies). Maybe nothing; maybe not.


Today was much like yesterday overall, except with slightly more numbers/more "graduated" and complex ones, along with a couple standout thought-type incidents (though still very few, even at the day's "peak").

Activity started again right after leaving the house and getting on the road (despite my leaving very early this morning, the earliest I have in quite some time for the appointment; suggests that the "trigger" of the phenomenon is subjective/hinges on myself rather than running on some sort of set, objective timer or whatever). Over the ride to MB and on the highway, had a moderate showing of three-digit 37-plates and the like, including about three or four of those semi-conspicuous showings that have been so prominent lately, again with having to brake to avoid cars that reveal their 37 plates/slow to let one on the highway from an offramp/all the other subtle yet patternistic circumstances that force me to notice a given 37-plate car, etc. And then, right before I got to the clinic, had a somewhat notable little thought-echo standout, the first I noticed of the day: right after I'd had a long and random chain of thought ending with how the Miata isn't good for travel/isn't a touring car (the exact word I'd used in my mind, "touring"), about two seconds later a van came in front of me from an offramp, with "OHAUS ON TOUR" stenciled across the entire backdoors -- not a perfectly precise echo, nor perfectly timed, but close enough on both parts to merit mention.

Also, noticed the return of the vague/subtle/thematic-type long-term recurrences today, again spanning the morning and lunch's reading material and various little-yet-noticeable random stuff I thought or saw or felt in that time, though again all just too subjective or complicated to note. Can definitely say that today had the strongest showing of these for a while, though they seemed to distinctly fall off towards mid-afternoon (coinciding with some sudden health nastiness, it seems).

At lunch, amongst the few super-subtle echoes I had then, one standout, another of those "resuming a book after I'd set it down and the very first word my eyes fell on was echoed by some random, separate source," this time my eyes falling on "ocean need" in the Walmart book precisely as the overhead radio at the coffee shop randomly sang out "need," again following that ridiculously surreal pattern of my registering the "need" coinciding absolutely perfectly with the radio's lyric (which was, again, singular and non-repeating, etc).


A moderate downturn overall today, just threshold-level incidents on both fronts, as to be back to that "isolated-incident mode" rather than the full-out "in the synchronistic state/groove."

Numbers: back to just low-level/subtle/non-conspicuous two-and-three-digit 37-plates mostly, along with a couple scattered randomly-sourced ones of various kinds. Had a semi-notable "keying car and having radio clock be at exactly a 37-variant," this time when I was buying the van and keyed it and had the clock come up at exactly 7:30, somewhat notable due to patternistic precision and moderate randomness/circumstances, etc, but moreso considering that this was the wrong time, hours and hours off, as if the last owner had intentionally set the clock wrong.

Thought-wise, the only coherent incidents I remember were maybe two or three isolated, low-key echoes, and even these only later in the afternoon, after the usual "trigger" of lunchtime, etc (again had either zero or virtually zero incidents during lunchtime reading). One I can remember: while waiting at an intersection, saw an oncoming car and judged it to be moving slowly toward me -- precisely as the radio randomly (and singularly) sang out "goin' slow," again coinciding absolutely perfectly synchronistically with my express thought of "moving slowly."

On the other hand, again had a pretty decent showing of those weird-ass vague/thematic/super-subtle recurrences, these spanning mostly last night's totally random reading and that of lunchtime in the Walmart book. Again just too complicated/subjective/obscure to convey, but these are definitely establishing themselves as a sub-type of the phenomenon. One patternistic aspect I've been noticing of these as of late: I'm not only experiencing underlying themes of overt, direct things and archetypes and such, but also covert, indirect themes involving things like stray emotions and sentiment and even subtler personal mental activity. An example: this morning in that random paper I pulled from the trash days ago, it mentioned in a police-report article how a couple men had gotten into a big violent argument over $10, which made me think of how that could easily happen not due to the actual $10 but due to the larger psychological issue of one person owing another and wanting to just get even regardless of the actual dollar figure/logical amount involved -- and then, in the Walmart book at lunch just a couple hours later, it mentioned how Walmart stopped buying from a glue maker "over just a nickel difference in price," and implied that on the surface it seemed ridiculous to be done over "only a nickel" despite it being bigger/more complicated beneath the surface -- which was essentially the same sentiment/feelings/situation presented by that first article. And again, I've just been having so many of these super-subtle, individually dismissible parallels and recurrences of such things all through the days, and still in that distinctly newish way. So profound and surreal and incredible, yet still impossible to really convey in any effective way.

Then tonight another "late"-type classical recurrence, this time maybe the latest ever, literally just before bed while reading another random trash-magazine. It started when, about 20 minutes earlier when finishing the night's computer work, I realized, for the first time ever, that the blue computer-monitor/screen light does indeed have a stimatulatory effect on me, and how I definitely sleep better when finishing computer work well before bedtime -- and then, within the first few pages of the magazine when I opened it up just before bed, it had a big full-page article about how blue computer light stimulates, etc, 100% precisely what I'd been randomly thinking of just minutes before. Again pretty notable from the outset, but moreso given the patternistic element/precision, etc.


Day started with another moderate showing of the super-vague/subtle/thematic-type recurrences, though this time had something of a standout. It began a couple days ago, when I read, in one of the totally random trash-newspaper sections I'd picked up for cartoons lately, a semi-satiracal article about how shopping is in reality a sport, requiring hydration/good shoes/strategy, etc -- and then, just later that day I think it was (might've been the next day -- relatively close, in any case), in the Walmart book, I read something almost exactly the same, where the author talked about how shopping at Walmart was something like a sport or hunting/gathering, etc -- an echo of the underlying theme of "half-satirical/half-serious take on shopping." This one was mildly notable in itself, but then, this morning in the last part of that same trash magazine involved in the "blue light" recurrence from last night, it too had a little article of the same basic resonance of the other two, another half-serious/half-satirical take on shopping as a sport or something, can't remember exactly but it definitely echoed this same theme (when, once again, I'd not encountered such an article or anything like this in ... can't remember the last time, at least months if not years, just like all these, and even more notable given the ridiculously random sources of the book and the two trash-reading-materials).

As for the rest of the day, did go on to have several similar, though not as coherent/notable, thematic/super-subtles in this vein, enough to again lend that "synchronistic state" air to the day, especially combined with others.

Numbers were on an uptick today over last couple, still with the reasonabley constant "background static" of 37s and several other minority numbers on license plates, including a handful of surreal semi-conspicuous ones. Did have a couple more-conspicuous standouts today, even, in the form of two of those "equalized"/"doubling"-type 37-plate "alignments" I've been having here and there (which only seem to arrive on days of more "graduated" number activity, if I remember right). The first was this morning, beginning with another of those where I had to slow down behind a car going inordinately slow, thus forcing me to get close enough to see its 337 plate -- and then, shortly after I finally registered "337 plate," another car came up from my left suddenly, revealing a 737 plate, not quite like the other alignement/double-types but close enough to fit the same classification. And then I remember having another double-type one later on in the afternoon, but I can't remember the specifics of it other than thinking "there's definitely another double one." Just too many numbers today, head spinning and memory overloaded.

Also, noticed an uptick in the randomly-sourced-type of numbers today too, again mostly "stray" 37s of various notability, again often times to the point of seeming to "come at me from every direction," etc. One cool little standout as an example: while walking into the tag office for the van, I noticed/Noticed a cast-off license-plate inspection sticker on the way in, and felt totally Compelled to get it when I came back -- and, sure enough, the sticker read "03-17." This one, I might write off as being subconscious suggestion/cueing/peripheral reading, since the sticker was face-up and could've conceivably been read by me peripherally; but, given the patternistic element (as well as the fact that I just experienced many, many more of this type of 37-repeat today, most of them definitely *not* so easily explainable) ...

Thought-wise, it was an odd day, still predominantly "echo-y" as has been the recent trend, but in a newish way, not quite following any previous daylong pattern. Once again, no lunchtime echoes (or only a few very subtle/individually unnotable ones, can't quite remember). But, at some point mid-afternoon, I remember the striking "small" one-word-types starting up, mainly between signs/random thoughts/radios and the like, and then, by early evening, were having them more steadily and a little more notably, such that, by the end of the day, felt to again be in that "synchronistic state" just from these alone.

One cool standout in this regard: while at the hardware store counter getting the key made, I noticed/Noticed a little sign reading "NEED HELP?" on a call-for-help button -- precisely as the man behind the counter randomly said "need" to the customer he was waiting on, again coinciding perfectly with my registering the "NEED" on the sign. But then, the faintest microsecond later, the radio randomly sang "need" too, so close that it just ended up having that "entwined" feeling between the three repetitions, feeling altogether instantaneous/ridiculously surreal -- synchroshock!!! Haha.

Then, just before getting home, another of those weird little unclassifiable ones that I could see being explained away as some sort of classical ESP-type phenomenon rather than a "proper" synchronicity. It started with another long random chain of thought, this one an absent thought about how I planned to stop and unload my recyclables before going to the house, which thus made me randomly think of the tenant who lives across from the dumpster center and comes out and sees me sometimes -- and then, again just the slightest little microsecond later, here comes that woman's car, around the bend, so instantaneous that my thoughts/envisioning of her seemed to have been instantly manifested in her appearance, echo-style. My first thought was that maybe I'd seen her coming subconsciously/peripherally, but this was definitely not the case, with the bend being totally blind from where I was at, with the view of the road beyond it totally obscured, such that I couldn't have possibly seen her coming until she emerged as she did (and, it was again definitely *after* my thinking of her that she appeared, only the tiniest little instant after but definitely after). And besides: I can again 100% trace my thoughts of her to the long, objective, independant thoughts of unloading the recyclables in front of her house, haha.


Another day with a newish feel, but still basically like most recently. Numbers still elevated, though mostly just the "small" scattered license-plate 37-variants and the like, without the elevated standout-ish randomly-sourced/semi-conspicuous traffic incidents of yesterday (did notice a marked increase in parking-lot-type ones today, though, when they'd again seemed to "turn off" for the last couple days -- why do the parking-lot ones in particular tend to do this?).

Did have some echoes today, at lunchtime onward, but still not very many, and feeling more scattered and "isolated" today, as opposed to those unified "synchronistic state"-type episodes. Again had a handful of those striking one-word reading/radio/sign-type echoes through lunch, the most coherent/notable being another of those "randomly resuming a book and having my eyes fall on a random word precisely as that word sang from the radio," this time "body," exactly the same patternistically as previous ones of this kind.

Had another standout in this line later on, on the way home, another of those kind where I first had an individual one-word echo, and then, while I was randomly remembering to write a note about it, I had a second echo about that thought of the first one. Also, this one fit that damn cool and notable "bilingual" pattern: it started when I had a pronounced-yet-random thought of how hot and humid it was in the van without the AC going, precisely as "caliente"/Spanish for "hot" sang randomly from the radio. And then, a couple miles down the road as I was remembering to write the note for the "hot" echo, I passed a sign reading "sweet-hot," again with my final thought of "hot" coinciding perfectly with my registering the sign, haha.


Another change-up somewhat, not huge but noticeable, and again corresponding with another shift in consciousness/condition/mental state, etc.

Numbers: there but lesser than even yesterday, back to low-key traffic-37-variants mostly again, though did have a few more-conspicuous-type ones, including some of those surreal turn-in-fronts/circumstantial "having to slow down and Just Happening to therefore get in view of a 37 sign or plate," plus a pretty notable standout: right as I was at that intersection on 17 in Georgetown, suddenly a car edged up alongside and the driver waved at me exagerratedly, obviously wanting to turn in when the light changed -- and, when I let her in, I therefore saw her 173 plate, with it even coming directly into my line of sight in that surreal and patternistic way, haha. Seems like there were a reasonable amount of incidents number-wise, but I can't remember specifics beyond that.

Thought-wise, day was again echo-y, but again only periodically. The activity started up very distinctly this morning at church, going from pretty much "dead silence" to periodic echoes between the sermon and my random/absent thoughts (as has happened many times before, in the exact same pattern/feel), such that I distinctly felt to enter the "synchronistic state" despite only minimal activity (like I'd passed some point of critical mass/crossed a "border" of some kind). Had a couple of those cool and surreal clusters then, where several thoughts at once would seem to "entwine" and "mesh" with the totally random and objective/independent/uncued things the pastor was saying, such as, while I was thinking of getting the van tuned up to take cross-country and distinctly visualizing the motor and its works, the pastor mentioned a motor randomly, and then, as I was thinking of the tires similarly, she said "tire," perfectly synchronistic (yet in a different literal context, as in to tire someone rather than a noun/car part, but still 100% precise phonetically as is patternistic of some of these).

Did indeed have some lunchtime-reading echoes today, though very slightly, again just enough to feel to be in the "synchronistic state" but with only scattered incidents, and even these just mostly one-word non-striking subtles. One reasonably notable standout: precisely as I read "sat down" randomly in the Mexico book, a man pulled out a chair at the neighboring table in the cafe and lowered himself into it, again with my registering the words coinciding absolutely perfectly with my registering his sitting down, again as to be more significant/surreal than the text might suggest.

Then a pretty damn cool and unique one while driving down south: it started as another of those non-literal/loose/distorted/"partial"-types, a perfectly synchronistic "striking" one-word-type when I randomly heard "night" on the radio precisely as a truck passed me and revealed its license plate beginning with "NTE-," which I registered as "night" (and again with my registering the plate coinciding perfectly synchronistically with the radio lyric) -- but then, this one has an added dimension because it occurred at the precise location of another, similar radio-echo-type incident from a few months ago, at the "Debordieu" sign along 17. Damn weird -- maybe some physical locations trigger such phenomenon? or was it some sort of echo of that initial incident itself?

And then, just before stopping for the day, another pretty cool standout echo: precisely as I passed this weird bridge byroad on the way to the island, thus making me think something along the lines of "That's a bridge/there's a bridge out there," the radio randomly said "the bridge," perfectly synchronistic with my thought, and perfectly precise, haha.


Another kinda-sorta-like-yesterday-but-not-quite-type day, with generally not many incidents at all, and with the only ones that were there clustered almost exclusively in a little window around lunch and just after, then tapering to nothing by mid-afternoon, distinctly "out" of the synchronistic state by then.

Numbers were pretty low-key and sparse today, least in a while. Really, only ones I can recall was a reasonably surreal little cluster just before and then right after lunch, with a moderate showing of low-key traffic/license-plate 37s on the way there, and then, in the parking lot just after, a little series of semi-conspicuous-type ones where, for instance, I Just Happened to stop right as a 37 plate passed, or other of those "quietly conspicuous" ones that I seem to have on less-active days, maybe 3-4 all grouped together through my after-lunch walk through the parking lot at that shopping center. And then, the most notable of them: another of those "going into some random store and buying random, unplanned stuff, only to get smacked with a price-related 37 at checkout," this time with my change coming to exactly $13.37, which was made slightly more notable considering how I'd felt Compelled to pay with three twenties instead of two and a ten, and other little Compellings/circumstantially patternistic stuff that brought it about.

Thought-wise, again had just a few echoes at lunch, another of those very sparse days here, just barely there. All involved random one-word reading/radio-type ones from the Mexico book and the overhead radio at the coffee shop, the most notable being, right as I went back to the table and thought randomly how someone could've stolen my bag and stuff in the few seconds I'd been gone, the radio randomly sang out "a thief," again perfectly synchronistic with my having that final thought of "stealing/thievery," etc.

Bears mentioning that today was another of those days when the phenomenon definitely seemed to ebb and flow with my health and energy/clarity of mind, with the activity beginning just after morning health stuff/lessening of toxicity, then again falling off as headsickness/toxicity returned early afternoon (but why isn't this correlated every time?).

Had some pretty cool "late" activity this evening too. First: a very notable "ask and receive"-type one, beginning a few days ago when I had the thought about adding some type of natural insect-repellent oil to the massage oil daily, and then wrote a note to look it up but hadn't had time to -- and then, in that totally random copy of Mother Earth News that I read tonight, which I'd found sitting on that table outside Publix Sunday (not even a trash-freebie, just a ridiculously random freebie that Just Happened to be directly in my path when leaving the store), it had an article on natural insect repellents, including a description of a natural oil that works to this effect (it even said "can be added to other oils," exactly as I'd planned to do). Another of those mildly notable ones on the outset, but then moreso given the explicit pattern and precision, but then even moreso in this case due to the super-ridiculously random nature of my finding this magazine in its unique way, and Just Happening to be within days of my writing that note ...

And then, another sort of delayed one: when I again finally got around to going through that backlog of receipt-surveys to do and therefore was forced to take a close look at all the numbers on them, I was hit with several 37s on nearly every one, some of them less-notable/two-digit/very random and low-key ones, but then several more-conspicuous and "bigger"/three-or-four-digit/standout-type ones, such as the one from Lowes with the totally random $2.37 total and with a timestamp of exactly "17:03:07," haha. Was a sort of cluster in itself here (and again even more notable given the circumstances here, where I'd accumulated these receipts over days and then had them all come together in that one big survey session).


A somewhat different day today, even moreso than the last few deviations over the last few days (feels like I've been slowly shifting into a newish "energy"/"groove"/overall feel, and today seemed to gel that a little more).

The activity started about the same as lately, just after I left the house for lunch, today with a reasonably present/voluminous cluster of license-plate 37s on the walk to the coffee shop, several of them slightly conspicuous/less-random yet still somewhat low-key (those that were present/visible but "quiet," as I've encountered before). Sort of "peaked" right after I got out and set up for lunch on the table alongside the street, and suddenly heard a loud beep that jerked my attention to a passing bus with a big "337" stenciled on the side (and with the number passing directly into my line of sight right as I looked up, in patternistic fashion).

And then during lunchtime reading, had a pretty moderate showing of reading/radio echoes, but these had a distinctly different feel than those of late, seeming to coincide with that ridiculously bad headsickness/nausea/toxicity I got right around then. It's hard to describe the exact feel of these other than that it was different and distinctive, yet still essentially echo-y (seemed to have less precision, and that brief delay rather than perfectly synchronistic timing, though still precise and coincidental enough to definitely be notable on almost every count).

Some examples: reading "bus driver" a couple seconds after a bus had passed randomly on the nearby street and I Noticed it, and then the same thing for "hot sun" right after I was thinking of how hot the overhead sun was (in response to my beginning to really feel it after being in it for a bit, in objective/independent-style), and I should note that these were pretty vague and not really notable until I started having the same sort of incident, with the same distinct feel, over and over again; same for "in the park" coming up in the book right after a long chain of thought involving the park I'd randomly found myself walking through on the way to the coffee shop, and then, in "double-echo"/"synchronicity involving a synchronicity" fashion, I read "his life mirrors" just after that, when I was subsequently thinking of how my life/thoughts/experiences were being reflected in the reading/book, etc (the "life mirrors" was in the verb context, as to echo my underlying thoughts at the time).

Then, something of a standout in this newish lunchtime-echo variety towards the end of lunch: right after I'd gone inside and gotten my second coffee and situated myself at a table, I Noticed/noticed this good-sounding sort of trashy/rough rock playing on the in-house stereo, and a guitar solo that came on just then in particular, making me think "good classic-sounding electric guitar solo" or something to that effect -- and then, on the very next line in the book, it had this sentence: "Drums and an electric guitar intensify the rhythm, busting out of the raspy overhead speakers like a raunchy garage band," not echoing my thoughts 100% perfectly but very close to it, the underlying essences there (along with the explicit mention of the guitar that had been at the forefront of my thoughts). Really just damn surreal, especially in the context of the rest of the echo-cluster.

And then, also with this same feel but later on in the van: right as I finished another long, random (and traceable and 100% objective/independent) chain of thought about me driving around in the van (with my distinctly visualizing myself in the blue van), the radio randomly sang out "blue GMC Chevy van" or something very close to that. And again: pretty damn notable and surreal on the outset, but then moreso given the context of the radio lyric, which was on an ad for a car dealer but was using a classic song behind it, such that I didn't even realize it was an ad until long after the lyric sang out. Another one of those that was just so ridiculously surreal in the moment/experience of it, just doesn't translate to text.

And then had a similarly vague/distorted/delayed-type one with the same feel later on, sort of a half-echo or unclassifiable general recurrence: when I'd parked at the WF lot, I found myself beside a Rolls-Royce Bentley, which I both noticed/Noticed for the obvious reasons, it being perhaps the only actual RR I've ever seen outside of that one in the Starbucks parking lot ... 2-3 years ago? And then, about 30 minutes later when I'd gotten back in the van and was getting ready to go, just before I left, the radio randomly mentioned something about a Rolls-Royce Bentley, also the first I'd heard/encountered anything related to this in any form. Was only relatively tight timing wise, but the precision and that distinctive "feel" of it was 100% there, jibing with the rest of the day's weird distorted/vague/delayed echoes.

And then later on, discovered some more reasonably conspicuous receipt-37s, such as the timestamp on the gas receipt from where I went to get change (which was pretty damn notable circumstantially, because it was where I had to wait in a long line to prepay, taking a conspicuously long time all the while, this too in patternistic/conspicuous fashion), and also on the item numbers of those totally random things I'd bought at that random healthfood store after lunch today, one of them beginning with "733773," haha.

Overall, a really active day, yet in a really weird and distorted/low-key/new way, especially with all the headsickness and toxicity/terribleness mixed in.


Don't remember too much about this day, having to write this after the fact. Did remember a reasonable amount of number activity, including many license plates of various degrees of notability while highway-driving, and a handful more parking-lot and receipt-type 37s, etc -- pretty much the same format/groove/volume as recently, though not as much as I might've expected from a heavy-travel day.

One number standout I got down: it started with a semi-conspicuous 37-plate, another of those where a driver was creeping up alongside me on the highway and so I slowed and let them pass, only to therefore see their 733 plate. But then, this one gained notability when, a few miles down the road, I rounded a bend to a sudden stoplight and had to brake hard, and ended up coming up directly behind that same SUV with the 733 plate, which "jumped" directly into my line of sight in animated fashion -- precisely as "93.7 FM" sounded from the radio, haha. (An echo of my sudden though of the 73 phenomenon maybe?)

Thought-wise, I can only say that this day was much like day before, with a reasonable amount of activity but all either too obscure/personal/subjective/complicated to describe, or all individually unnotable (though collectively highly notable, at times in ridiculously surreal/profound ways, just no words to put all this together). All of these were of that same newish sub-type too, that new version of the vague/super-subtle/distorted/half-there-types that I experienced so heavily the day before.


Today was much like yesterday and day before in format/feel/volume, almost exactly actually (though it seems like numbers were a bit more coherent and present today, including the parking-lot-types, which felt "louder" I noticed). Had at least one, but it seems like two, of those cool "doubling"/overlaps of 37 plates in traffic today too (which again seemed to have occurred on an elevated-number-activity day).

Damn cool number standout I got down today, another of those three-way-type ones where, upon remembering to write a note for one synchronicity, I'll get an echo of that thought, creating a three-way. This one started at the gym when I turned on my MP3 player and, after being Compelled to listen to that Perry Ferrell album (which I'd been equally Compelled to load onto the player today in the first place), I was hit with a double in itself, when the readout flashed to show "song #11 of 37," and then, directly beside that, "3:07," the exact length of the song, haha. But then, afterward on the way home when I finally remembered to write it down, and thus had the thought of "write down that gym-37 incident" -- precisely then, the radio randomly said "37," haha.

Had a little cluster of very subtle/individually unnotable/dismissible-type echoes on the short drive to lunch, including a striking one-word phoenetic-type one when, suddenly after the whole morning of being alone and not saying a word, I blurted out some random thought I had that ended with the word "too," precisely as I came upon a license plate reading "STRIKE 2" or something like that, again with my reading/registering the "2" coinciding perfectly synchronistically with my speaking the "too," an echo in every sense (and another of those that were only subjectively notable, depending largely on the "feel"/unspeakable quality of it).

Had a lunchtime-reading cluster today, stronger than yesterday I noticed, more coherent and less distorted (though many of the incidents still had that same distinct "half-there"/distorted feel of those in the last couple days). Most were one-word reading/radio echoes (such as coming to "I moved away" in the Mexico book precisely as "drift away" sang randomly over the radio, again perfectly synchronistic and patternistic, etc).

Another standout in this regard, really two almost identical individual ones back to back. The first was another "echo of the visualization of a totally random and independent/objective thought-type" one, this time with my thinking about maybe going out to the car and putting the top down and taking my shirt off for some sun during the second course of the meal, with me visualizing myself in the Miata's distinctive high-backed racing-type seat -- a split second before I came to "sit down in an empty, high-backed seat" in the book, echoing my thought exactly (if I remember right, I'd actually even visualized the act of myself climbing into the seat, rather than just my being seated in it, adding more precision to it all). And then, seconds later when I resumed the book after taking a bite, another of those "random first words to meet my eyes echoing the thought I'd just had"-type ones, this time beginning with my realizing that the restaurant was almost totally empty (while I'd had the book laid down) and that I had almost the entire dining room to myself ("whole place to myself" were the exact words I'd thought, if I remember right) -- and then, when I picked the book back up, the first words to flash across my vision were "had the Bronx pretty much to myself," thus echoing the "had the whole [place] to myself" archetype pretty exactly.

Also, I remember more of those same newish type of "indirectly echoed super-vague/obscure/thematic thoughts"-type one that I tried to describe the other day. Couple examples I can best convey: it started this morning when I read in that random copy of Outside about a man who was doing something in a lab with mushrooms he'd picked in Mexico, with thus made me think about hallucinogenic mushrooms in Mexico (though the article didn't say they were hallucinogenic, just my indirect/consequential thought) -- and then in the Mexico book at lunch, it randomly mentioned someone in Mexico who'd eaten hallucinogenic mushrooms, thus echoing the "Mexican hallucinogenic mushrooms" archetype. And the same for "ants on moldy bread at roadside," which I'd first thought of upon Noticing that rotten loaf of bread just outside the rental yesterday before leaving (actually Noticed it twice while there, and the bugs on it), and then read of in the book today at lunch too -- this another one of those that just doesn't translate to text, the notable "feel" of it.


The day started with a really cool "early"-type morning-reading recurrence, not sure if it was just a more-coherent incident of the super-vague/thematic-types or just a standout weirdo. It started with that weird ass lunch I made, with all the remnants and odds and ends of stuff from around the place, including the last of that bottle of maca. Then, an hour or so after I'd finished making it and done chores and finally sat down to read the rest of that random trash-copy of Bon Apetit magazine, I noticed that it randomly mentioned several of the ingredients of my lunch, at first easily dismissible as chance since it's a food magazine after all, but then, as three or four of the ingredients racked up, it started to feel like the beginnings/onset of the thematic-type/super-subtles. At that point, I remember thinking something along the lines of "Okay, it mentioned a lot of those ingredients I Just Happened to use in that weird lunch, but they were all common enough not to be very notable, unlike, say, the maca I put in there" -- and then, it was either a few pages later or on the very next page/just a minute or so later, I came to a big article about Peru and Lima and its food, which featured a big picture of a dish at the beginning of the article, of fish with maca on it, mentioning the maca by name, haha.

Then at lunch had another reasonable cluster of reading/thought/radio-type echoes, but different than yesterday, still in that oddly distored/indirect/half-there fashion but following a theme of super-super-subjective and obscure/complicated, yet all highly notable, if only to me and even then just in the moment. It ended up just being surreal and profound in a new way, albeit even more impossible to convey presently, beyond just noting it collectively.

Did have some other, more-coherent/less-subtle thought activity today, but not a whole lot, and pretty scattered and isolated-feeling too. Almost all were of that "striking but small"/one-word thought/radio/reading/road-side-sign-type echo, such as my taking a deep, chest-expanding breath for the first time in a while, during a fit of that random oxygenation/lessened inflammation I've been having, precisely as I looked up and found a sign saying something about "expanding selection" or something directly in my line of sight, again with my reading/registering the "expanding" coinciding perfectly synchronistically with my distinct thought of "expanding chest," 100% patternistic of these.

Also had a standout-ish pair of those surreally "animated"-type of one-word echoes, both involving road-sign signs. The first was when, precisely as "river" sang randomly from the radio, a sign reading "SUNSET RIVER" emerged from behind some roadside foliage, once again with its appearance and my registering the "river" coinciding absolutely perfectly with the radio lyric (and, when the sign had definitely been 100% invisible until just that precise moment). And then, similarly: later on, right as the radio randomly said "Friday," the electronic section of a sign I was looking directly at (yet absently, just waiting at an intersection) blinked to "FRIDAY," that word only in big highlighted capitals, and again with it cutting to that with absolute perfect timing/precision. Overall, probably a dozen or so like these throughout the afternoon, and all with the same basic "feel."

Numbers were there today, and these were about the same as last two or three days, pretty regular and present and at times waxing towards conspicuous, but not to "storm"/onslaught levels (though still enough to be quietly surreal in the way that seeing a regular procession of 37s and the like brings about).


Today was much like yesterday in some regards, with another biggish cluster of lunchtime-reading incidents that were almost totally unconveyable/subjective/personal/complex (though, different than yesterday's, without that super-profound yet super-strange/obscure quality, instead just being more of the "normal" thematic/super-subtle-type recurrences, primarily between the morning and lunchtime reading material, again another super-duper-random library-freebie magazine and the Mexico book, which is somewhat more notable considering that the book is comprised of individual short stories and today's Just Happened to echo the magazine's contents and themes of economics, including some of the exact same terms and concepts even ...).

Had one weird little "coincidence"/sort of an "ask and receive" type, though sort of unique and hard to classify. Was pretty simple really: today when I was randomly reading about the baking soda treatment I'd started this morning (after having bought the stuff for it weeks ago and put it off until feeling Compelled to just last night, out of the blue), the article mentioned how using topical magnesium oil goes really well with the baking soda treatment -- when, just two or three days ago, I'd been similarly Compelled to begin putting on that ancient bottle of magnesium oil I'd bought and used a couple times and then put in the closet. Not really a proper "ask and receive," considering that I didn't at all "ask" for this even vaguely/subconsciously, but still certainly is in that vein.

Also remember a general air of those vague/thematic/"general synchronistic state"-type recurrences and echoes through the day, really quite a few of these but still just impossible to really convey, both due to volume and complexity and subjective factors. One of the more-coherent examples: I had the distinct yet totally random thought of how, riding the motorocycle, I did miss the music from a radio as one downside of the bike -- and then, a split second later in perfectly synchronistic fashion, some loud music came into earshot, immediately followed up by the appearance of a bike cruising past with its stereo up loud, as a sort of weird echo/"ask and receive" combo involving the theme of "motorcycle playing music" or "Here's your motorcycle playing music" (or maybe a suggestion of sorts, like "You know, motorcycles can have radios, too.")

And then the day's biggish standout, per the blog post:

"When I saw who would be my massage therapist, it was the ultimate double-take moment.

The short of it: for weeks, I'd been trying to work a therapeutic massage into my schedule, and, also, I'd been trying to get it with a certain, new therapist who works out of the gym I attend -- in fact, I'd been Compelled to book with this particular therapist, in an especially urgent yet wholly baseless and illogical fashion I've come to know well. However, once I finally got the time to get my much-delayed massage, it just didn't work out with that therapist, with my needing to be in another part of town for other obligations.

Therefore, I instead booked with a different outfit, convenient to where I'd be that day. They have a rotation of therapists, and you never know who you'll get; but no worries, because I'd never once gotten a bad massage at this place, whomever the therapist.

So, fast-forward to when I arrived at my appointment -- and was summarily shocked. First: by the sight of the aforementioned therapist I'd been so stubbornly Compelled to book with; she does massages out of this place too, as it turned out (unbeknownst to me, of course). Then, I was soon shocked anew, when it turned out that, not only does this therapist practice where I'd Just Happened to book (over thirty miles from my gym) -- but she Just Happened to be randomly assigned to me upon my making the appointment that morning.

Chance? Not impossible, surely. But, in the context of the dozens upon dozens of similarly unlikely incidents catalogued in this blog ... it didn't feel like chance.

(And, the clincher: the massage I received ended up being exceptionally good, and in a unique, therapeutic fashion that I've never quite experienced with another therapist, when I'd been so illogically Compelled to book with that uniquely therapeutic therapist ...)"


Today was something of a departure from last two in terms of volume of incidents, being generally "quieter," including a marked absence of the lunchtime-reading echoes and such, and with lessened numbers (only scattered low-key 37-varaint plates through the day mostly, back to few to no conspicuous ones), though all still generally felt to be in that same basic "mode"/"format"/"feel" of late (and still seeming to correspond with my general state of consciousness/health/condition, I note).

Did have another of those sudden, isolate, very-coherent-and-notable standouts, this time a "nearby stranger echoing my thoughts perfectly, perfectly synchronistic with my thinking them." While in line at the coffee shop, I'd opened my wallet and, thinking about how much the coffee I was to order would cost, I had the absent but distinct thought of "Two dollars and some change" -- precisely as the nearby cashier said, to the customer in front of me, "I think it's two-something," which was both a perfect echo of my thought (both in the sense of "echoing two-dollars and some change," as well as the unsure/questioning nature of the phrase, just like I'd thought it) as well as perfectly synchronistically/patternistically timed. Just highly notable and surreal and cool, despite its "routine" quality, haha.


A downturn today overall, noticeably so, like those I've had here and there recently, everything just sort of "slowing" into just a few scattered, isolated-type incidents through the day, rather than that "synchronistic state"-like "hastening" that's been the trend.

Cool standout "page-turn-echo"-type one this morning: right after I'd had the random thought of the tomatoes in the lunch I'd made up an hour or so earlier, I turned the page in a magazine to a random picture of tomatoes, with an article just below it headlined with "PACK YOUR LUNCH," perfectly echoing the thought I'd had just a split second before, since the tomato lunch was packed to take to the coffee shop, etc (and, again: I can 100% trace the original random thoughts to a picture of honey that was on the page immediately before the one I'd turned to, which had made me think I'd like to have some honey tonight, but then, subsequently, I remembered how I'd put tomatoes in my lunch and how they were sort of sugary and so I wouldn't want to have more sugar two meals in a row -- 100% objective/unconnected/uncued, and 100% patternistic of these incidents, etc).

Had even less numbers overall than yesterday, really only some very scattered and "small"/two-digit 37-variants on random license plates, and zero more-conspicuous-type incidents that I remember.

Though, did have a semi-notable "found litter"-type of random 37 repeat mid-afternoon, when, on the way into the post office, I'd come directly across a folded piece of paper on the ground and been Compelled to pick it up and throw it away, and when I picked it up, it proved to be a certified mail receipt with a date stamp in the middle of it for "03/07/2017," heh. Not too notable really, being conceivably chance, but certainly fits the pattern of these, and the Compelling element adds a little to it.

Thought-wise, did have several echo-type ones today, but only very very slight and subtle, and very very few, and again without that lunchtime spike/cluster. The only remotely coherent/notable one was on the way to lunch, a radio/random-thought-type one when, right after I encountered a pest-control/termite truck along the road in the park and thus thought something like "insects/bugs," the radio sang out "crickets" randomly -- again not at all outside the realm of chance, but the timing was perfectly synchronistic and it was reasonably precise, and perfectly patternistic of the echo ones anyhow.


Today proved to be different and ultimately highly active and in a newish way, still not sure what to make of it, just a total headtrip in the end.

The day started with almost the exact same feel/health/consciousness/state/groove as yesterday, with just very slight low-key 37s as far as numbers went, and with a goodly amount of those super-subtle/subjective/impossible-to-convey thematic-type recurrences and echoes and the like as I've been having, in that new sort of mish-mash way/sort of "blended"/variegated texture of the last couple days, and again with lots of them but without a single one that I can really put into words.

Then towards lunch, had an almost total silence until, again right after I'd sat down and began eating and reading, a damn cool standout event/reading/echo-type incident came as I sat out on the coffee shop patio: precisely as I came to "bright lights" on one of the first pages of the 'Prophet Prey' book, the sun burst from the clouds at my back, bathing me in harsh white light, and with that perfectly synchronistic/orchestrated/"intelligent"-type of "animated" quality to it all, 100% patternistic of these. And, besides being perfectly timed and precise, there was added notability from the fact that, once again, it was the first the words had been in the book, and it was the first sunburst of the day, after a morning of dark, dreary overcast cloudcover from last night's storm -- just utterly damn surreal and "striking."

Yet this one was, at heart I think (judging on the underlying basic feel of it), just the first of the specific flavor of echo-type ones that would come later on. I don't remember having much of anything between lunchtime and mid-afternoon, other than maybe a stray super-subtle/one-word/"small" echo here and there (plus a more or less regular showing of thematic recurrences and such through various things, and in that inclusive/fluid/"synchronistic state" fashion that was so conspicuously absent yesterday mostly). But then at Tom's while I sat in the waiting room and read magazines as the TV blared a news channel nearby, had a sudden and ridiculously profound and surreal cluster, both of overt, standout echo-types of various kinds along with a sort of "backbeat"/background static of thematics and just other general "synchronistic stuff" going on, and to "storm"/"onslaught" levels, reaching that level I'd not seen for a while now. All in all, within the two hours I spent there, I had to have seen no less than several dozen individual incidents of various levels of notability and various types, though most were thematic recurrences between the magazines I was reading and thoughts/encounters/reading from rest of the day, constantly peppered with small/one-word echoes between the magazines and the TV and the random conversations going on around me in the waiting room. It was, in fact, almost exactly like that time at Jiffy Lube lately, the last oil change I got, almost to the letter, right down to the general topics of "car repair" and the like. Yet this time was just uncannily more intense and abundant/dense/volumous, and with more standout/notable/coherent-level incidents (despite the incredible headsickness and distress I was under at the time -- why not a reflection of this like other times, bringing about the "distorted"/"half-there" types?)

Some of the standouts I managed to get down:

-One of the first minor/small echoes, as example of format: precisely as the TV announcer randomly said "President," I came to a picture in the magazine of a man, captioned with "President & CEO," again with the two "presidents" coinciding absolutely perfectly/precisely/"entwined," of which I had at least a couple dozen within the course of my time in the waiting room, often times two or three back to back

-Another general example: precisely as I randomly turned a page and began reading an article about a truck race in the desert, the TV show transitioned into a segment about a "rally," in which the people kept saying "rally" (in an electoral context, there), and I had the thought, "Aren't these desert-truck races often called 'rallies'?" and of course they are, as I would read further along in the article -- this kept happening the whole damn time I was there, almost without exception, where every time I would begin reading about some random subject, it would somehow be echoed by the TV show, again to varying degrees and in various ways (some overt/direct/literal, others just indirect/phoenetic like the "rally" one but always pretty precise regardless); again, this had to have happened no less than a dozen times, as to establish a very distinct pattern despite the vagueness/looseness of the recurrence/echoes, etc, just so damn surreal (especially when intermixed with the simultaneous other echoes/recurrences/thematics, etc -- a very "fast"/"whirlwind" effect)

-An "involuntary bodily function"-type one, when, right as one of those random fits of terrible headpressure came over me, thus making me think "my brain is being squeezed" and visualizing the veins in my brain squeezing, the TV went to a commercial that started by saying "your brain," again with the spoken "brain" and my thought of "brain" coinciding absolutely perfectly/surreally

-Same for when my eyes fell on a random ad for tires in a magazine, registering it distinctly and for the first time, precisely as "tire" sounded from the TV (and, two more little notable circumstances here: the TV's "tire" was, I think, in the context of the verb/adjective rather than the noun, since it was on an insurance commercial rather than a car-related one, and also, the tire ad in the magazine was visible to me beforehand, but I'd only registered it then because I'd just finished reading the article above it a split second before, such that I can say 100% that my attention had simply shifted down at that time, as to lend an objective/independent air to it, rather than being cued by the TV commercial's "tire" or something -- the same as the rest of these, from the past and those from this cluster in the waiting room, too)

-A "nearby stranger" twist on these, when the man sitting beside me on his phone randomly said "I'm at Pop's Garage" precisely as I came to "pop the hardtop" in the article I was reading at the time, and again with the "pop" and "Pop's" coinciding absolutely perfectly, haha

-Another TV/magazine article coincidence: precisely as I turned a page and came to an ad for headlights, the TV announcer randomly said "he was pulled over for a broken headlight," again with my distinctly registering/thinking "headlight" coinciding with the TV's "headlight"

-And the damn same thing for "LED lights" coming from the TV precisely as I read exactly that in a Smithsonian magazine, which was sort of a double because I not only read those exact words, but was also looking at the picture overhead which was of a woman wearing a dress woven with hundreds of LED lights

-Then an example of the weird, unclassifiable/unique-type of incidents interspersing this little storm: at one point in one of the magazines I was looking at, I began reading an article, then turned the page to find myself on a different article, thus making me flip the page back and forth a couple times, eventually checking the page numbers and realizing that a chunk of twenty-some pages was missing from the magazine somehow, whole leaves of pages gone -- and then, precisely as I realized this and registered the disorienting effect of moving between the two unrelated articles and their pictures, I realized there was a big heading reading "FAST FORWARD" on the last of the sequential pages before the break, the one I'd been flipping back and forth to, which perfectly described the disorienting effect I was feeling/echoing the basic thoughts I was having as a result, just damn surreal and cool and "synchroshocking"

-Another page-turn-type one when, a split second after the TV randomly mentioned Phoenix, AZ, I turned a magazine page and revealed a big map of AZ, centered on Phoenix with a big star beside it, haha

-Same for the TV randomly mentioning "Confederate" precisely as I came to a random ad selling "Gettysburg Coffee," with a picture of a Confederate flag in the middle of it (again: first mention on the TV program, being a new segment that started just at that precise moment, and the first mention in the magazine, being some random ad at the beginning of the back section where such obscure ads/classifieds are placed)

This cluster stopped about as fast and unexpectedly as it had started, right before I left pretty much, after which I went almost smack dab back to the relative "silence" of earlier on and yesterday. Though, the phenomenon did return very briefly for a couple times here and there through the evening, and it let me gauge it all very distinctly, such that I could subtly but expressly feel myself entering and then leaving that "synchronistic state," and it was just so incredible, a living dream in every sense of the term, and in ways that I think I've only previously experienced on those rare times when I'd "gone there" during the peak of deep-breathing or the PEA/church experience. Wow.

And did notice one cute little standout on the way home, as a sort of coda/footnote/"cherry on top" to the big thought/echo-storm: I got a new "next oil change" sticker in the van at the shop, and the date was "11/17" at "137k" miles, haha.


Morning followed that arc I've seen several times, beginning with some scattered vague/subtle/thematics between thoughts and experiences and reading, which later on sort of peaked with a minor page-turn-type one when, right after I'd looked in the trash bin and saw the bug in there and thought/envisioned vaguely a waterbug with its antennae, I turned the page in a magazine to a big random picture of the Tick comic book character, characterized by being a bug with antennae and such -- not hugely notable but somewhat so, and 100% patternistic of both the page-turn and echo-type incidents. Also, a somewhat more notable, and also 100% patternistic, simple, classical-type thought/reading recurrence soon after: it started last night when I'd thought, randomly but distinctly, of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, for the first time in months and months (triggered by my having that terrible kidney upset again for the first time a while, which made me remember the last time I'd had such bad upset, which was when I was reading the book on the 1906 quake which thus made me think of it) -- and then, this morning in that same magazine, just hours later, it had a random little article about the 1906 quake, once again the first I'd encountered it other than those random thoughts of just the night before, and 100% precise.

Afternoon was largely silent, even though lunch, again without a big cluster, just random echoes from what I remember. But then, mid-afternoon just after I started the drive up north, had another of those sudden spikes in activity, this time with 4-5 explicit and notable/coherent radio/thought/passing-sign-type incidents. The first: precisely as "crucifix" sang from the radio, I passed/registered a road-side banner for a church that had two big crosses on it, pretty precise and 100% patternistic and perfectly synchronistic in timing, as to having that surreal/shocking "striking"-type quality. And then, almost identically just minutes later: the radio randomly singing "rows of corn" precisely as I came upon a corn field ordered in rows, the first I'd come upon while driving that day (and perhaps any other day for again months or whatever), perfectly precise and timed and patternistic, etc.

Then, a little later on, and even more striking/notable/coherent one: precisely as I randomly opened the glovebox and revealed the composition notebook in there (directly atop everything else, as to be directly in my line of sight), the radio randomly said "composition notebook," which was again pretty notable from the outset, but even moreso given the ridiculously surreal "revealing"/"animated"/"striking" quality of having the glovebox pop open and reveal its contents at that precise instant (plus, the added complexity/precision of the fact that it was just a "notebook," but a specific, "composition"-type notebook, such that the echo couldn't have been more precise unless it was "Aaron's black and white composition notebook" or something, haha).

Numbers remained somewhat low-key and subdued, like last couple days. Only change I noticed was a slight uptick in parking-lot 37-plates specifically, with just more of them and with someone more coherence/visibility than others (like other days where I've noted a specific uptick on parking-lot-types specifically -- still, why just those?).


A weird change-up today, with no thought-type activity that I remember being just a couple very very slight little echoes here and there, so few and subtle that they really could conceivably have been actual coincidences. On the other hand, numbers increased somewhat, still with yesterday's slight uptick/"graduation" of the parking-lot-types but today with a more-visible/voluminous showing of in-traffic 37 plates (corresponding with drive up north as it were, as to be somewhat on par with a typical travel session.

Did have a cute little parking-lot semi-standout 37 plate: it was another one of those where, instead of parking directly beside a random car with a conspicuous 37 plate, I saw it after I'd stopped off for coffee and then sat randomly (but Compelled there) on the patio and, after staring at the car off and on through my meal but without my glasses on, I eventually realized that I was directly across from, and directly in line of sight of (in that hard-to-describe-but-notable patternistic fashion), of a 3713 plate.


Today was much like yesterday for the most part, still with a reasonable showing of traffic 37 plates for numbers (though with fewer parking-lots today, but a few more-conspicuous-type of traffic ones, but generally not too "loud"/"intense" regardless). Had another reasonable cluster of "on the way to lunch license-plate numbers," beginning with my Just Happening to get stopped behind a car with an 1173 plate at the first intersection I came to, again the very first car I got behind in traffic then, as has been the case so many other times.

Had a pretty good amount of the super-subtle thematics and such through pretty much the whole day, again starting with a lot of randoms through the morning, primarily in reading material/random thoughts, etc, and then graduating a little during lunch (especially in reading the 'Prophet' book then, with another big cluster of those extremely profound and subjective ones, as to mirror my experience in ridiculously surreal ways, though all of it still can't be conveyed in text).

Did have thought-echoes today, but most of them on the subtle/subjective/too-complicated-to-convey side. Did have one damn cool and somewhat unique standout right before lunch when in line for coffee downtown, a sort of three-way random-thought/nearby-stranger one. It started when I suddenly Noticed this little bin of coffee by the register, with a little sign reading "Bean Martin, Dark Roast" sticking from it, which in turn made me distinctly think "Dean Martin" -- a split second before an employee behind the counter laid down a plate on the serving table and said "Order for Dean!" Was a damn notable/surreal/profound standout echo then, being perfectly precise and perfectly synchronous in timing and perfectly patternistic, but then it took on its third part when the man, presumably Mr. Dean, came and fetched the plate -- thus revealing his shirt reading "LL Bean," as a sort of reverse-echo of the original "Bean Martin" coffee blend that started it all, haha.

Afternoon was again characterized by scattered echoes here and there, mostly striking-level one-words between random thoughts/radio/passing signs and the like. A couple cool standouts I got down: precisely as I got in the van and saw my backpack in the floor and distinctly thought "It's in the floor," the radio randomly said "on the floor," perfectly synchronistic; later, right as the radio randomly sang out "Stand!" I came upon a roadside sign reading "The Standing," and it was another of those where the radio's "stand" sounded when only the half of the sign reading "The Stand" was visible to me, so that my seeing/registering the "stand" on the sign coincided absolutely perfectly with the radio's word, as to have that "animated" quality (as well as perfectly synchronistic/precise timing in a way that just can't be described, so incredible).

Noticed a lot of those "small"/half-there/distorted-type of random echoes through the day too, the kind that could easily be dismissed as chance if not for their extremely patternistic and perfectly synchronous nature. One example I can think of: when I was going up the stairs and thinking randomly of memory and how being back at parents' had brought on a slew of unexpected recall, etc, right when I got to the top and rounded the corner, I encountered a box reading "MEMORY FOAM," perfectly synchronistic in timing, as well as directly in my line of sight, like the conspicuous license plates and the like.


Another day with overall a whole lot of activity, yet most of it was of the thematic/super-subtle/super-subjective/"in the moment" vein. All in all, had some fashion of thought/perceptual/mental-type activity all day to one degree or another, and all can only be categorized vaguely, with lots of the thematic/reading/random-stuff-types and a lot of those single-word/"small"/"striking" echo-types between the radio and reading and random thoughts, etc (one example I can think of: precisely as the radio randomly said "taking me higher," I concluded another long objective chain of thought that ended with me visualizing myself going up a mountain, in regards to where I was going to travel, up north to the mountains or down south to the coast).

Number-wise, still a reasonable amount of general, randomly-sourced 37s and those on plates and the like, and from what I remember, a good showing of the others too today, a big mix, lots of 44s and 22s and the like primarily. Had a classical "randomly looking behind me to pull out in a parking lot, only to find a 3711 plate directly in my line of sight," at the coffee shop at lunch. And then, a little later when I parked at church for the wedding, the truck I'd parked beside had an upside 73 on a sticker on its undercarriage, which Just Happened to be directly in my LoS upon my getting out of the van (and, another notable circumstance: my mom was actually flagging me down to park in another, nearer space, but I chose the other one, further down, because it was more open and thus more accommodating for the van, hence triggering this incident -- and this one was almost exactly like another I remember recently, also involving a 73 sticker on an undercarriage of a truck or something I'd parked randomly beside).

Also a general note: upon traveling on the highways up north, did see a distinct uptick in numbers on plates and the like, including a few of those 73-splattered "transport" trucks, though not to ridiculously surreal/storm levels as it were. Still definitely a hit on the pattern of "immediately seeing more 37-plates upon initiating highway travel," as if on a switch.


First thing I noted about today was another big bunch of those newish kind of vague/super-subtle/thematic/subjective ones spanning last night at the camp-out spot and this morning, early afternoon, still in that same-feeling fashion that I still can't really describe other than to say that there's been a bit of a patternistic/qualitive shift in the last couple days, though still of that ridiculously-surreal-but-can't-be-conveyed style.

This afternoon, however, saw a distinct graduation in the phenomenon, and to a level not see for a few days or so, this coincidentally coinciding with a positive shift in health/consciousness/clarity after a couple days of that terrible headsickness and kidney upset I've been having. Had several pretty standout/coherent/highly notable ones through the afternoon, mostly in the echo-style:

> Another of those now-classical "scrolling to a random street on the phone GPS precisely as the radio echoed the name to some capacity," today it being "Roundhouse Rd" precisely as the radio randomly sang "round," again with the two coinciding with absolute precision right as I revealed and registered the road, still just so damn surreal

> Another standout echo at church, of the involuntary bodily function-type this time: precisely as I had one of those totally random little spikes of oxygenation/openness in the forehead (the first of the day, after zero all through the morning, since having one early yesterday evening I think), the pastor at the church randomly said "in the forehead," also singularly and randomly and for the first time, haha

> Classical nearby-stranger/checking phone directions: precisely as I looked to see how many miles it was between the two nearby gyms, with my door open to the parking lot at that random grocery store I'd stopped at, someone a few cars over randomly said "How many miles?," again perfectly timed and objective/independent/singular/precise

> Probably the coolest and most incredibly surreal/unlikely one today: it started with a long, random chain of thought that began with my thinking of Susan's daughters who I formally met yesterday, which thus made me think about how they'd soon be down at the beach house and would, of all things, probably be surprised to find my clothes there in the dresser, which made me distinctly visualize the two of them looking down at the drawer of clothes -- precisely as the CD in the van randomly (and singularly, without prelude, etc) said "You're lookin' at clothes," haha

Numbers: very present today, yet still mostly just low-key 37-plates in traffic, especially on the highway, at times almost hitting the storm/"ridiculously surreal" levels today though not quite. Also, more of the 37-covered transport trucks, though still not too many of these; sort of like the last couple encounters of these, just a few here and there, distinctive enough and numerous enough to be noticed/fit the pattern/be unlikely enough for chance, but far from storm levels.

Then during dinnertime reading, a cluster of general activity, sudden and probably the most intense/coherent I've ever had this tiem of day, though I've no idea why. Was almost all standout-level ones, with a few lesser/subtler/thematic ones intermixed:

> Another "resuming a book after it was lying facedown and having my eyes fall directly on a random word that somehow echoed what I'd just been thinking/doing, etc," this time the words being "Feel good" a split second after I'd taken the first bite of that weird mash-up dinner bowl and said aloud, "That's good" -- not overly precise, but certainly the underlying theme of "good" was echoed, and the timing and pattern were spot-on/perfectly synchronistic, etc

> Another "scrolling to random word on phone that echoes exactly what I'd been thinking a second earlier, with no way I could've possibly seen it subconsciously, etc, with the phone-word being not even scrolled-to," this time with my distinctly thinking about all the incredibly odd computer weirdness that had happened with my trying to email the backup files from my phone, which had made me say aloud "So weird," a split second before I scrolled to a folder entitled "weird" on the phone, put there ages ago when I was putting together the weird-stories book -- again perfectly synchronistic, and with that ridiculously surreal "animated"/"revealed" quality that's o distinctive of these

> And then, seconds later, once I'd put down the phone and written a note about the "weird" incident and then resumed dinner and the book: the very next sentence had "digitally" in it, which echoed the chain of thought I was having subsequently after the "weird" synchro, in regards to the advantages of digitally copying/bacing-up the notes I'd been trying to over the phone (and, as it were, the "digitally copying" had been the essence of my thought and the vague visualization that had accompanied it, as seems to be a key characteristic of these sort of echoes, with the echo involving the primary characteristic of the thought, etc)

> And then, right on the heels of that one, right after I'd again stopped reading, written a note about the "digitally" incident, and then resumed: on the next line in the book, it mentioned "computerized," which is exactly how I'd worded the "digitally" incident note, and then, seconds later on the next page (new leaf, invisible to me previously), it mentioned "computer malfunction," thus echoing the general thoughts of screwy computer weirdness I was still having in regards to the phone stuff -- just a cool and ultimately very notable and surreal little one-two-three-four cluster between these incidents, all coming within the space of a minute or so.


It was another of those days with a slight arc of activity, beginning with some scattered 37-plate numbers on the way to lunch, with some semi-conspicuous parking-lot ones both before and afterward but almost zero lunchtime-reading-type activity (and again not seeming to have any correlation that I can identify presently -- why these sudden little non-eventful/silent periods?).

Afternoon, however, the arc cut off and abruptly took an upswing, unlike the usual trend of ascent then decline through the day. It started with another reasonable uptick in numbers upon setting off on the day's highway drive, though this stayed much like the last couple such driving-upticks, just a very steady stream of low-key/"quiet" two- and often three-digit 37 variants (and still some higher minorities of others mixed in there) on plates and some randomly-sourced ones, and a few of those 37-covered "transport" trucks again too.

Had the thought-type activity start up again around mid-afternoon, beginning with some scattered subtle/small echoes and the thematic recurrences, just enough to establish myself in that now-distinct "synchronistic state," albeit only subtly. Then, later afternoon (when things are normally winding down), had a sudden jump to standout/coherent-level ones, and almost all these following this weird theme of being distinctly traffic related, still very echo-y but with a distinctive texture I'd not seen before.

Examples I got down:

> The first was a damn cool one, when a tailgater came rushing up behind me, then rapidly blinked its headlights several times in order to get my to turn and let them pass -- a split second before the radio randomly and singularly/non-repetitively sang out "Headlights!," and this was another of those sort of oddballs that were dead-on for precision and pattern but *weren't* perfectly synchronous in timing (it was again very very close to perfectly synchronous, maybe a second or less between the headlight blink and the radio lyric but not with that distinctive, perfect precision -- again have to wonder: why not, especially given the obvious precision and pattern?)

> And then, similarly but these *with* perfectly synchronous timing (yet not quite as precise/literal): trying to turn into a turn lane as another car approached, which made me think I had just enough space to fit in probably but I better not risk it and instead conservatively chose to let the car go first, precisely as the radio randomly sang out "fit in," again with the lyric coinciding perfectly with my distinct thought/visualization of my car fitting into the available square of space; and then, minutes later once back on the highway, right as a reckless speeder weaved through three or four cars including mine, which thus made me think something along the lines of "swinging around/darting around the other cars in staggered fashion," the radio randomly and singularly sang out "go around," haha

There were a few more of those distinct traffic-themed ones, all following the exact same pattern and possessing that same unspeakable feel/texture, but I can't remember specifics.

Also, another of those weird, unique, and highly notable ones this afternoon at the rental place. It started when I decided to go out to the van and begin arranging my bags and stuff while I waited, which consequently made me think specifically of my new yellow bag with the eletronics and stuff in it -- a split second before I went toward the door and saw there, on a chair with the luggage of the customer who came in just after me, an identical backpack, exact same make, model, and even the same distinct yellow trim -- my backpack exactly, so much that I wondered if the man had stolen it out of my van (which he hadn't; mine was right there where I'd left it). This one definitely had an echo-type quality to it, but with just a visceral, physical dimension that it stands out as something altogether different -- a classical synchronicity really, haha.


A departure from yesterday, though not hugely so, more of a different arrangement/pace/volume of incidents rather than type, with the same "feel" of numbers and thought-type incidents both, still license-plate-mostly and echo-type respectively.

Still a pretty reasonable stream of semi-conspicuous/not-quite-minor 37s and variants through late morning and all through afternoon, at times more than others, and overall about as many as yesterday despite no travel. All started right as I left for lunch again. Noted another incidence of that "doubling," again of two 37-plates on cars "equalizing" in that same fashion, the two pulling perfectly alongside one another upon stopping at a light, the plates aligned that same way.

Only real number standout was a cool multi-parking-lot-37 one at Walmart. It started with another of those especially super-random "Compelled to park here" parkings, which led me directly behind not one but two 37-plate cars (which were invisible to me when I'd been moved to park where I did). But then, right after I parked there, another car parked beside me and it too had a 371 plate, such that my car was surrounded on three sides directly by 37 plates, haha. Next, as to be a sort of one-two-three-four synchroshock, I encountered a whole gaggle of random 37-plates during my short trek into the store, no less than 5 or 6 and all in that semi-conspicuous way where I Just Happened to make all these zigzag turns yet each one led me to a new plate directly in my line of sight, just another of those borderline "ridiculously surreal" moments collectively.

Had several different types of thought-types today, though all variants of the echo-types more or less. Began with a series of three vague/"half-there"/individually dismissible ones right before lunch, beginning with the radio randomly singing "the lights turn blue" precisely as the stoplight at the intersection I was at turned (to green, not blue, but the "lights turn" echo was there, and perfectly synchronistic/patternistic too, though not entirely outside the realm of chance), followed up by a similar one a few seconds later when the radio sang "Mary" precisely as I passed/registered a street sign for "Maury," which I initially registered out of the corner of my eye as "Mary." And then, once I got into the coffee shop, a similarly vague/subtle one when I glanced at a rack of magazines and the only one to stand out distinctively, out of the dozen or so on the rack, was an issue of Rolling Stone -- preicsely as I realized that the Bob Dylan song of that name was playing randomly on the radio at the time (another of those that could be explained away as subconscious cueing/suggesting if not for the context and "feel" of it, of being in that "synchronistic state" and having the subjective elements come into play).

Standout random radio/event-type echo while driving later: precisely as the wind shifted and started blowing rain into my open window, thus forcing me to close it, the radio randomly sang out "windows rolled up" (which was the song's chorus, but the first time in the song that it was sung, haha). Perfectly synchronistic in timing, as to be pretty damn surreal.

Noting those super-subtle/vague/thematics through the day still, though less today than last couple, and I still haven't found the words to describe these particularly beyond saying they're there and notable.

A classical and notable recurrence today. It started two days ago, when I heard on this random station in a random town somewhere I was traveling through, a weird announcement-type ad I'd never heard anywhere before, about "robo-calls," and how you shouldn't hit any number keys or anything if you got such a call because it would just encourage more calls and such -- all of which Stood Out to me in that special, Noticing-like way, and was besides just the first I'd ever heard of "robo-calling" or any of this, as to just make it all stick out in my mind particularly. And then today, relatively soon after in patternistic format: not only did a I get just such a call for the first time (which asked me to push 1 or 2 immediately upon my picking it up, exactly like those described in the radio announcement), but the call came right after I'd totally randomly put my phone on after it having been off all day, like just a second or two after I'd turned it on and then switched off airplane mode, just utterly surreal and "striking," and all 100% within the classical recurrence pattern.

Then a cool late sort of "ask and receive"-ish recurrence just before bed when I checked my email. It started earlier today (or was it yesterday?) when I came across the meaning of the name Beth someplace, and I somehow mistook it for Ruth and then, upon noticing the difference, immediately thought absently, "Well, what does ruth mean then?" -- and then tonight the word of the day email was for the name Ruth, exactly as I'd "asked" for, and with the same relatively tight timing.


Morning started with a very notable and cool radio echo. It started when I had the odd confrontation with the man about the noise from the trampoline, which had left me tense and upset and had thus interferred with my breathing and left me weirdly out of breath as I got into the car afterward to leave -- and upon keying the ignition, the song on the radio was entitled "Lose My Breath" and kept repeating that in the chorus. This one wasn't quite like others of the "starting up the car to a radio-echo"-type, without perfectly synchronistic repetition/echoing, but it was still close enough (just 3-4 seconds before it first said "lose my breath") and 100% precise to my thoughts at the time.

But then the activity abruptly fell off, with only minor/super-subtle/vague echoes between then on the ride to the center at the beach. And another thing I noticed: almost zero license-plate numbers during that drive, I think maybe just one or two extremely low-key two-digit 37s on a plate here and there, as to easily just be chance. Another of those negative-notability instances, conspicuous in absence.

But then upon getting to that random coffee shop at lunch, activity suddenly resumed, beginning with a cool little receipt-type one where, when I went to the weird electronic meter-payment terminal and tried to pay, it was 11:36 AM on the screen's readout and I thought, "Almost had a receipt-type one there" -- but then the machine asked for the rental's license plate number, which made me have to walk back over and check it, and thus when I got back shortly after, I finally paid at exactly ... 11:37 AM, as to have it printed on the receipt (directly beside the date of 8/30/17 ...).

From lunch onward, the day "sped up" activity-wise, yet it was still primarily thought-type stuff, still with only scattered low-key numbers (though I can't really say for sure, my memory so shot from the nightmarish headsickness through the afternoon, and from just the sheer amount of activity/incidents too). Had a steady background static of echoes to varying degrees pretty much solid through the afternoon, and including a big series of notable/standout-level coherent reading/event-type echoes through lunch:

> A "random chain of thought concluding objectively/100% traceably with exactly what I came to randomly in the book at that precise instant," this time with my noticing that the panhandling man I'd planned to give the money to had disappeared before I could give it to him, which made me randomly think about how maybe it was best I didn't because I still having issues with being overly giving/empathic, etc -- precisely as I came to this sentence: "What I'm sensing is that you have trouble with compassion," which not only echoed perfectly what I'd thought, but was on a new page, started only after I'd had the thoughts (and though this one wasn't on a new leaf, and thus the text was visible to me peripherally beforehand, it doesn't really matter since I can once again 100% trace the original thoughts to an objective event, etc)

> An "involuntary bodily function" one when, precisely as that weird and horrible coldness lifted randomly, after plaguing me all through lunch, I came to "warm flush" in the book (was in a bigger sentence that further echoed the sensation but I can't read my writing on the rest of it), perfectly synchronistic and objective, etc

> Randomly coming to "looked over my shoulder" precisely as I looked over my shoulder to the car in the metered spot to see that it was okay (this one was perfectly synchronistic and, if I remember right, also traceable; it seems like I'd looked then due to an alarm or police siren or something sounding, thus drawing my attention and making me wonder if I'd parked wrong or something, but I can't say 100% that this was the case, my memory just so tentative)

And there were more too; I think I've lost a second note detailing them. In any case, there were many many lesser ones interspersing these, such that the whole meal was just a big synchronistic blur despite the nasty sickness and cold and wind and everything, which would continue more or less through the rest of the afternoon, especially later on toward evening oddly, when I had an enormous cluster of pretty notable ones after I'd gotten lost on the bridges and stuff, and many of these coherent and notable enough to be standouts but I just was too distracted and headsick and in danger to pay attention enough to remember them beyond a collective description of "damn big bunch of super-surreal/notable ones."

One I did get down: while stopped randomly in the laundromat parking lot and with my door open randomly at this precise time, I read "congestion" on that sheet of dietary tips I'd gotten randomly that morning, precisely as someone across the lot loosed a big, conspicuously phlegmy cough bespeaking lung congestion, this perfectly synchronistic/precise in itself but even more notable considering I'd had my door closed until just then. So living-dream surreal.

Also, a minor theme in what numbers there were today: many of them, perhaps even most, were phone numbers or somehow phone related, such as the random wrong-number text I got from 303-0171, and a whole bunch with a 737 suffix (though not quite as notable as it sounds, since this seemed to correspond just with the area I was in today).

And then another of those cute little "after the fact" minor-yet-not receipt 37s: a timestamp of exactly 3:07 PM from the grocery store this afternoon (when there had again been a bunch of random and complicated little circumstantial things that held me up in line and stuff, and would've otherwise foiled the exact 3:07 checkout), and like that one from the meter at lunch, made a little more notable-ish from the "8/30/17" printed directly beside it.

And another, though even less notable, really only notable in context of the others: check #7313 at the random health-food store I'd stopped at (another of those Compelling/recklessly turning at the last second-type ones).

Also, one that happened on the highway the other day and I don't think I noted, perhaps another missing note: while driving alongside a police cruiser that had been driving in some conspicuous way, I can't remember what, seems like I passed it or it passed me but in any case, my attention was on the cruiser and I was wondering why the driver was doing what they were -- and then, suddenly, the cruiser turned off on an exit, which somehow explained the weird driving I'd been thinking about, thus exposing my assumption about what I thought the car was supposed to be doing, etc -- precisely as "misunderstood" sang randomly and singularly from the radio, with this coming amidst a big cluster of such subtle/one-word yet "striking"/precise-type of echos during that stretch of highway-driving, whatever day this occurred. A good example of these smallish-but-notable echoes and their now-established pattern.


Another reasonably active day though again something of a departure from yesterday or others in format/procession, etc. Morning saw an absolute absence of activity beyond some more of that semi-steady background static of super-subtle thematics, though not even many of these this morning, another of those distinctly "quiet" periods (which corresponded with some odd funky health/consciousness/ugliness, as it were).

The first incident I noted today was a really cool, albeit "small," 37 plate, where, precisely as I finally got packed up and left the rental, I had to wait for a car to pass (a split second sooner and I would've been able to go out it front of it, thus derailing this incident) and when it passed, it was another of those where its 373 plate "appeared" directly in my line of sight, and with added effect from my having to wait that split second, dramatic in a way that again is too subjective to really convey but no less notable for it.

Went on to actually have a great many numbers today, totally unlike yesterday's relative number-silence, with a pretty steady semi-onslaught of 37 plates again beginning with the day's highway travel and such, though these, for all their obscene numbers and semi-conspicuous instances (many many today, probably in the dozens of semi-conspicuous alone), there were no real coherent standouts beyond that morning 373-plate-wait-pass right before I left.

Lots of thought-type activity today too, and still in echo-mode it would seem. Again had a big, daylong background static of smallish echoes from lunchtime onward, sort of like yesterday, but had more coherent standouts and the like ultimately:

> Another of those cool "randomly hearing a sound precisely as I read a profoundly fitting description of that sound in the book," this time hearing a deep, resonant, jarring thump as someone nearby loaded something into the bed of a truck, precisely as I read in the 'Underdog' book "heavy impacts"

> Actually had a somewhat coherent example of the subtle-thematics today, when, this morning while driving the rented Kia Soul around and getting lost again and thus thinking of the parallels between when I'd rented the Kia Soul up in DC and also gotten lost there (only times I've driven Kia Souls, and only times I've gotten lost so profoundly and illogically, etc) -- then that lunch, an hour or so later, I read in the book where the author is hired as a driver for someone around DC and has a hard time getting around and thinks about getting lost; not 100% precise but enough to be notable in itself, and especially with the timing/patternistic elements, etc; still having just so many of these throughout the day

> One highway standout, and an especially surreal/notable one: precisely as a car passed me right as a passenger extended a cigarette out the window and tamped ashes from it, the radio randomly said "ashes," perfectly synchronistic and it couldn't have been more precise (and, once again, it coincided perfectly with my registering/thinking distinctly "ashes")

> A series of pretty notable and "striking" one-word-type highway-driving ones between thoughts/registering things and radio: passing beneath a big sign reading "Hopewell" and thus thinking "Hope," precisely as "hopin'" sang randomly from the radio; hearing "birds and the bees" on the radio and thus thinking distinctly "bees," a split second before a car passed with its license plate reading "LIL BEES" drifted directly into my line of sight in patternistic fashion (though this one was *not* perfectly synchronistic, with a split second delay as some of these have); a really cool one of those "bilingual" and phoenetic-type ones, when I randomly thought that I needed to get some mannose somewhere, precisely as the Spanish word "manos" sang randomly from the radio, totally different meaning ("hands" while mannose is a dietary supplement) but 100% same literal pronunciation, at least how I pronounce them (because it was an echo of my literal/phoenetic thought rather than the actual things, maybe?)

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