Synchronicity log for 2018


Today was very much like yesterday for the most part, still relatively quiet in some regards.

Had a very significant and notable, classical "affirmative echo"-type incident this morning during after-chore reading (which was otherwise totally silent). It started just maybe ~30 minutes earlier, when I realized fully consciously/concretely for the first time (100% patternistic with these) not only how effective it is that I take breaks while doing chores, but *why* it is, with it breaking that spin cycle of rushing around and its effects on the mind/consciousness/condition, etc -- and then, on the very first page of the day's random library-freebie magazine, in yet another minor, random, middle-of-the-magazine article unadvertised in the front cover or anywhere else, it had a write-up about activity-tracking devices, in which a man being interviewed mentioned, offhand, how he'd used the devices to become aware of his stress levels and thus learned to begin "taking breaks in order to short-circuit the stress cycle," those terms *exactly,* more or less *exactly* the same in which I'd mentally described that exact same thing just not even an hour prior, and all of it just so ridiculously consistent with this pattern in all regards.

The next activity arrived at lunchtime reading, and this was just like yesterday except even quieter, simply with some very scattered and 100% subjective/too-subtle-or-complex-to-convey one-word reading echoes and some scattered parallels/recurrences again, and these all again of that distinctly "threshold"/barely-there level of presense and coherence and "fuzziness."

Afternoon actually saw in increase in thought/perceptual activity, but it was 100% in the form of those same super-fuzzy, super-subtle, indirect echoes and a bunch of equally subtle parallels and recurrences, coming in the usual cyclical clusters with periods of silence. The closest thing to a standout was a big, sudden, ridiculously-notable-yet-100%-unconveyable cluster while in the chiropractors, coming out of nowhere when I sat down between the two nurses who were conversing loosely between themselves and me and the two other patients in the room, all of which hit that exact same impossible-to-describe, inclusive, yet super-subtle/fuzzy/subjective-type of activity, where their conversations and actions and my absent thoughts and reactions to them (plus the things I was reading randomly in the magazine at the time, resulting in several page-turn and "reading exactly what I was just thinking"-type of little echoes) all just meshed together into a big crazy, incredibly surreal lump of echoes and parallels and thematics and other, even-subtler types I can't even begin to describe. And, even more interesting: it all ceased precisely as the nurses left and the room quieted, both physically/audibly and "mentally"/energetically/psychologically, very much in line with that "reflective" quality of so much of the phenomenon as a whole.

Numbers were similar to the afternoon's background static of surreal-and-notable-but-individually-dismissable activity, being comprised again almost exclusively of a decent number of low-key, "passively conspicuous" traffic and parking-lot 37-plates, quite a few by the end of the day but almost all of them still largely "quiet" and only subjectively notable/only fully appreciated when experienced, etc. Best standouts:

> Another of those "immediately after lunch" 37-plates, this one pretty notable for several reasons: first, it was again not immediately after I left the coffee shop, but literally immediately after I sat in the car afterward to go, with it being the first plate I saw as well as "staring" at me directly in my line of sight/passively where I was looking when I sat down/100% patternistic, a 7773-plate on a car parked in that logistically perfect and patternistic way. Also, this was another of those number/echo combo-type ones, with my seeing/registering the plate a split second before a big red fire-marshal pickup truck pulled up next to me and waited a second before pulling into traffic, precisely as "fire" came randomly over the radio I'd just turned on, which also would be a pretty good example of the many super-subtle "in the moment" echoes, with just one or two words echoing the basic, one-dimensional underlying sentiment of some event or thought or whatever, usually a little more incoherent/indirect/fuzzy than the direct "fire"/"fireman"/"fire-text-covered truck" echo here.

> And then, yet another of those exact same "trend/recurring"-type of geological/place-based 37-plate-sighting-type ones, the same I noted yesterday, in the exact same parking spot and "staring" at me as I pulled through the intersection, even the same 375-plate this time, but I'm about 90% on a different, random car like the others. Definitely a running theme here.


First activity came during morning drive to appointment, beginning with another of those threshold-level slow onsets of fuzzy echoes between thoughts and the radio and random objective events and the like, in that "announcing the synchronistic state" fashion, followed by some slightly more-coherent echoes and a few scattered 37-plates in traffic, all low-key. Best example of the echoes: when I was thinking of the ugly restlessness and physical upheaval and delicacy that characterized the morning, thus causing me to think of that time Dad had beeped the horn at me from close by and set my whole body into the same alarm/upheaval state, precisely as the radio randomly/singularly said "your pop," in the same context of "father," as to again instantly and perfectly synchronistically echo that one-dimensional sentiment of "father" that characterized the basic thought.

The next activity was another big sudden cluster of reading parallels and recurrences during the treatment, very much in feel and density as that one at the chiropractor's yesterday, except involving purely a big sequence of super-subtle/subjective reading recurrences and some personal thematics, many of them back-to-back, etc, and some extremely profound, just utterly surreal these clusters. I suspect that, had there been people around me conversing instead of my being alone in the room, they'd have been echoing the reading/thoughts at the time like yesterday, such was the underlying "feel" of the whole cluster.

Lunchtime reading was another of those that was totally and conspicuously silent, I think without so much as a single super-subtle reading echo even, and this corresponding with the same internally deadened state that these spells seem to correspond with. Nor did I ever seen anything but the slightest super-subtle echo here and there through the rest of the afternoon and into evening.

On the other hand, did see a reasonable number of plates again, and these fit that same latest basic pattern/variety/volume of incidents I've been seeing the last few days, just a slow onset of low-key/"passively conspicuous" 37-plates in traffic through the afternoon (no parking-lots that I remember today, oddly). Did eventually have a few more-coherent/"active"-type ones, but even these still on the low-key side. Standouts I got down:

> Really cool classical "car randomly backing up and firing its reverse lights, thus drawing my attention to its 37-plate" one, except with a twist, with this one happening not in a parking lot or something but at an intersection just before coming home, when the driver had apparently gone too far out in the road while waiting to turn and had therefore gone into reverse and eased back some, with this happening again logistically perfect/at the precise instant that I arrived at the intersection to turn the other way, again in that patternistic split-second/"intelligent"/"LOOK AT THIS" fashion I see so often

> Classical receipt-type one when I got exactly $11.37 change back when buying that random supplement on the way home, and with more conspicuous/patternistic context too, when I was Compelled to make a special stop to get it despite being so tired and the like and not especially really needing this particular supplement today, all just that normal, little-thing-type of circumstances that characterize so many of these synchronicity-triggering events

> Pretty cool and sudden cluster at the gas station, beginning with a 37-plate "flash" when I pulled up to the pump, when a car zipped past and its 8733-plate "invaded" my direct line of sight in that "animated"/logistically perfect fashion. And then, once inside, a "cashier quoting a 37-price" one, when the man immediately in front of me had an order that came exactly to "$3.76," of course announced aloud. Then, after I'd pumped my gas and started back in for the restroom, I encountered a 37-plate truck that had just pulled up in a front parking space, again directly/patternistically in my path and *just before* I'd started back in. And then, minutes later once I was back outside, I saw that the pump right next to my car had a "2.735 gallons" readout from the last customer, all of it just bleeding together into a somewhat subtle and low-key but surreal cluster


Something of an uptick over lately in some ways, though still more or less in the same groove/feel/daylong-format/pattern as this latest weeks-long "chapter" of the phenomenon.

First came during after-chore reading today, in the form of a distinct and 100% patternistic cluster of "suddenly coming across a tight bunch of random-mention 37s in the day's super-random freebie magazine, corresponding explicitly/perfectly synchronistically with that same morning improvement in health/lifting of night's toxicity and headsickness," and these for the first time in days and days it seems, odd after I was having it so regularly there for a while. And this was again 100% objective/not just my suddenly noticing the 37s/selectively perceiving them, etc, but just like other times: rather, the magazine articles just suddenly turned up all sorts of random little 37-variant-containing offhand figures and the like, conspicuously and patternistically so, and today an ultimately very strong and collectively notable number/cluster, probably a dozen or more over the course of just the brief ~30 minutes of reading, when I'm about 99.9% sure that there were not only zero such mentions until just exactly at the precise moment I randomly hit that tipping point from "morning headsickness/ugliness" to "clarity/returning to myself/snapping to and really awakening," but also without any previously in the whole rest of the magazine from when I was reading it yesterday I think. Just very pronounced and notable, and also reflective of the stark power/amount of improvement, with not only the night's headsickness fading but that extreme nightmarish headsickness I've had for days or longer off and on now, for whatever reason (again reflectively and seeming to indicate that explicit subjective-consciousness factor of it all).

One other cool and notable incident this morning, and one I'd not really seen quite like this for some time: a classical 11:11 clock-tick, just like I used to see years ago all the time but which has seemed to have been replaced by 37-variant repeats for the most part, this one simply when I just randomly turned around and thus caught sight of the previously-invisible stovetop clock at the precise instant it clicked from 11:11 to 11:12, once again in that patternistically "intelligently orchestrated" "Just Happening to turn at the precise instant that allowed me Just Enough time to register the 11:11 before it changed."

Had some traffic-plate activity on the drive to the coffee shop, beginning with another "very first plate encountered being a 37," this time not only a patternistically first-plate-of-the-day-type one but also an equally classical and patternistic "creeping up on a random car due to equally random circumstances, only to get just close enough, just long enough, to register its 37-plate," this time a Jeep that I slowly gained on over the drive on the back road to the highway, eventually getting *just close enough* to register its 730-plate when it got behind yet another conspicuously slow-moving car, ha ha. And then, equally patternistic and classical: a "staring" 837-plate waiting to "greet" me as I pulled into the coffee shop (which was, once again, absolutely random and totally different than the one I'd originally planned on ...).

Lunchtime reading started out totally silent, then gradually had a few of those now-patternistic "threshold"-level one-word echoes and little parallels and recurrences and the like, and never really graduating beyond this, with most of the time being absolutely silent. Only standoutish example was another of those patternistic "longwinded reading/thought"-type thematics, this time between the 'Infiltrator' book and the random stuff being discussed on the overhead TV at the coffee shop, with the book centering on money-laundering and devious techniques to do so, etc, with the TV hitting on several of these themes and general sentiment randomly until it eventually specifically mentioned how someone was being investigated for "laundering money by way of loaning it to themselves through corporations," which is one of the laundering methods addressed specifically in the book several times, not today during lunch but still in general, precise and closely timed and patternistic enough to be somewhat notable.

After lunch: another of those 100% patternistic "very first plate encountered upon leaving the shop being a 37," and this time doubly notable like the slowed-down Jeep this morning, with this one being a 730-plate car that backed out of a space and swung around precisely as I started up the car and finished writing a note and also backed from my space, with the car backing out at *just the right time,* and *just the right angle/trajectory* such that it stopped with its 730-plate directly "invading" my area of focus when I backed out and looked forward again before starting forward, all just so logistically perfect it was far "bigger" when experienced, etc, etc. Then, just down the road, had not one but two "quietly conspicuous"/"staring" 37-"greeter" plates waiting for me at that totally random little market store I was Compelled to stop at today, both of them directly in my line of sight, etc, upon my pulling in.

Also just after lunch, a good example of the super-subtle "fuzzy" echoes (one of the scarce few I had today after lunch, with a near-full silence of thought/perceptual-type phenomnenon this afternoon otherwise): precisely as I passed a roadside billboard with a big, conspicuous arrow pointing toward a store, the radio randomly said "point," and in the same context, and again 100% patternistically coinciding with my registering the area in particular, exactly like so many of these.

The rest of the day, number-wise, was exactly like that of the last few, with that slow-onset of a low-key background static of quietly conspicuous 37-plates with a peppering of slightly more-active ones thrown in the mix but never really getting to "loud" or intense, etc, the exact same underlying feel/format/pattern of late. Few standouts:

> A sudden cluster of parking-lot plates at the market soon after lunch, including several of those classical "Compelled to do something, or avoiding a car or other patternistically circumstantial event, only to be 'led' directly to a conspicuous 37-plate"-type incidents, probably 3-4 of various degrees of notability plus several simpler, more-passive ones, as to be another collectively notable and surreal cluster

> A cool alignment, and with some notable context. It began when I stopped behind a quietly conspicuous 3717-plate car, and then, seconds later as we were stopped at an intersection, I watched as a 37-plate truck approached the intersection and slowed while creeping up the next lane over, and I thought, "The truck's going to align with the car's plate" -- except it didn't quite do it, and interestingly so, with the truck suddenly stopping short, for no obvious reason, just inches from aligning with the car, and this coming in that 100% patternistic way where my anticipating an incident seems to intelligently/playfully prevent it from happening. And then, equally notable for the same reasons: just down the road, after we were all stopped by another red light, the two *did* align, when I didn't watch it/anticipate it, exactly as other similar incidents in the past, where the incident I'd anticipated happens once I was no longer anticipating it, conspicuously so, with the truck's and the car's plates aligning in that perfectly/logistically exact/patternistic way at this intersection, and again for only the briefest, patternistic instant of time, ha ha.

> Had some more random, "everywhere" random 37s today of course, and these a noticeable-albeit-small uptick over the last few days or so. Couple typical examples: a found-litter one at the market, when I stopped to get a random piece of Compelled litter and, upon picking it up and drawing it close enough to read, I saw that it was a clothing tag or something, with three "7s" going down it vertically. And, on the way home: when I was Compelled to go a certain, odd way, and then equally to turn off at a specifically time and return to the main road, only to find myself at an intersection where, directly in front of me and "staring" patternisitically, was a little Bobcat dozer with "337" printed in big letters on its side. Quite a few of these today, though not an exceeding amount.

Then tonight literally just before shutting down the computer to go to bed, a small but highly notable echo, when I checked my email and the first email that I saw upon my inbox loading, directly/passively/patternistically in my line of sight as to be the first thing I registered on the page load, was an email with the first word in the subject line as "Refreshing" -- and at the precise, patternistic instant I registered this word and had it cross my mind/be mentally vocalized, the webpage did this sudden, random, instantaneous refresh of the inbox, that which some webpages randomly do for whatever reason, as to make it just blink out for a split second and then come back, a perfectly timed and 100% precise and patternistic echo, textbook case.


Today was an overall quiet one, and deviating somewhat from the most-recent daylong pattern/"chapter" of the phenomenon, being more just a scattered series of a few standout, singular, coherent incidents rather than those super-subtle, high-volume periods of background static and periodic total silence. And, interestingly, this corresponds precisely with an attendant shift in health/consciousness/condition, very "reflective."

First activity was a single, classical reading/random-thought recurrence this morning during after-chore reading. It started the morning before last when I was fixing a meal and randomly and inanely yet distinctly/patternistically thought of how, in recipes, it will often direct you to "discard" perfectly good ingredients/byproducts, as to make me think of how even though this was just the wording used and probably not meant literally, it subtly suggests that one should just throw things away rather than allowing for the possibility of saving them and using them for something else, etc, with my dwelling on this odd and pointless train of thought for some time, as to make it stick out in my mind as is the case with so many of these, and eventually thinking of how I'd never seen a recipe state explicitly that a byproduct/unnecessary partial ingredient could be saved or used for something else or whatever -- and then today, in the super-random "Compelled to pull from the recycling bin" magazine I was reading after chores, it had a random page with a few recipes on it, which I scanned absently despite having zero intention of making any of them, and damned if one didn't state explicitly that a byproduct ingredient could be "discarded or reserved for another use," ha ha.

Next came a small but notable cluster of traffic plates on the drive to pick up the package before heading to lunch, just enough to establish the pattern and that "synchronistic threshold," etc, followed by a more-active little standout right after I left the place, when I went look both ways before stepping into the parking lot to leave and, precisely as I did so, a van passed by and "flashed" its 1377-plate directly into my line of sight, patternistic and "animated" and "striking" in every sense.

Lunchtime reading was almost totally silent, and this part of the reflected the most-recent trend of "scattered super-subtle threshold-level incidents barring total silence," mostly just the barest few little one-word reading/thought/event-type "environmental" echoes involving the various goingson at the restaurant before reading a total, patternistic silence by meal's end. Couple standouts/examples:

> A classical "long involved conversation between two random people seated nearby having several slight, one-word echoes in my readings," this one a couple guys a few tables down from me, totally oblivious to me/out of reading range of my book of course, and with one final, sort of "climactic" standout at the end of their conversation and the end of the chapter in my book coincidentally, when one said "my friend in New York" precisely as I came to "in New York" in the book, again with the three words corresponding perfectly/intertwined with the stranger's.

> A very notable and "multidimensional" standout classical "cashier quoting a 37-containing total or whatever," this time when the woman bringing out orders to the pickup area at the restaurant and then calling them out called out, "Order 376! And order 1037!" as to be a double-37 hit. But then, to make it more notable, I heard her correct herself immediately after, saying something like, "Oh, I'm sorry, I meant order number 1077," so that she Just Happened to mistakenly say 1037, and bunched immediately after the 376 ...

Afternoon too conformed a little more to the recent pattern but still "felt" a bit different anyhow, with a total silence of even subtle echoes that I remember, plus a disproportionate amount of traffic-plate 37s and a few minority repeats (212s and 22s mostly, I noticed, an uptick of these), probably a couple dozen all told, and all in that low-key and passive yet quietly conspicuous/patternistic fashion, plus a few of the more-active varieties intermixed, with the logistically perfect "37-plates perfectly invading my area of focus" and the like. Another of those quietly surreal-type of days, and collectively notable despite the lack of overly coherent, text-friendly incidents. Did have another of those "very first plate encountered upon merging into traffic be a 37 directly in my line of sight," a 37-plate on a van that I got behind immediately after pulling into traffic from the restaurant.


Day started with some more of those random/offhand-mention-type of after-chore-reading 37s, these not corresponding with improvement in health necessarily but instead just a whole bunch of them scattered through the magazine in patternistic fashion, and with notable context too. These actually started when I began reading the magazine last night, which was a Compelled library-freebie, an Indianapolis regional magazine despite my having no special interest in IN or any overt/logical reason to get it -- yet it turns out that the phone area code there is 317, such that the magazine is riddled with all these 317-beginning phone numbers, ha ha. Plus, there were just other, fully random/non-phone-number 37s in it too, conspicuously so, including even this ridiculously surreal standout for a burger place, in which the phone number was 317-777-7770 ...

Also this morning: another of those singular, standout classical reading recurrences that I seem to be seeing more of suddenly lately, this time of a "Kentucky long rifle," beginning in that random gun magazine I was Compelled to grab from the library the other day, which had a random little article about this type of gun, which was the first in my life that I'd ever heard of such a thing in particular -- and then today, in that same Indianapolis magazine, it too had an article about the Kentucky long rifle, which was not only a direct and 100% precise and 100% patternistic recurrence, but also contextually notable in that this one wasn't a gun magazine or anything, or even a simple variety magazine, but a *regional* variety magazine, in which it Just Happened to have a feature about an Indianpolis native that crafts replicas of this gun ...

Had another of those brief, sudden clusters of echoes on the drive to church, only maybe 2-3 spanning a few minutes, but one was pretty notable, when I came up to the intersection by the drawbridge and, upon looking over, saw that the bridge was going up and the light had changed to red literally right as I arrived and looked -- precisely as "your red fine light" sang randomly from the radio, and again in that perfectly synchronistic and intertwined/patternistic way where the lyric coincided absolutely flawlessly with my registering of the red light with an attendant vocalization in my mind of "red light" ...

Church was totally silent today from what I remember, but then saw some traffic-plate activity afterward on the drive to lunch, beginning with another of those "greeter"-type of 37-plates, this time on the first car I got behind after leaving church and merging onto the highway from its on-ramp, once again with the car passing alongside my left at the precise instant I looked over to see if it was safe for me to merge, such that I was instantly met with its 91307-plate in "quietly conspicuous" fashion, etc. And then, another "greeter" just minutes later once I got to the coffee shop, and this one another "Compelled parking space"-type one, when I felt absolutely and illogically Compelled to park in this one particular spot, and of course it ended up being directly beside a 437-plate car, and one that was once again totally invisible/obscured until I'd already turned in.

Lunchtime reading was another of the almost-totally-silent ones I've been seeing lately, with only the barest little threshold-level echoes and the like, probably a half-dozen or less through the whole time I was there. Did, however, begin with a standout, and this one immediately after I started eating/reading, as seems to happen much of the time: precisely as a conspicuously big, off-road-type of pickup truck backed out of the parking space directly in front of me where I was sitting on the patio and began to pull off, thus filling my peripheral vision from behind the book and causing me to absently register it with a thought of something like "big off-road truck," I came to "four-wheel-drive pickup truck" in the book, randomly and singularly and also at the very top of a new page, as to just make it all the more notable/objective, etc.

The rest of the day was also like the newish pattern I've been seeing, with a more or less total silence of thought/perceptual activity but with a disproportionately large showing of those same low-key, quietly conspicuous, "not-quite-active" traffic- and parking-lot plates, plus a moderate showing of "everywhere"/random 37s too, as to be a loose-but-present background static exactly as I've been seeing lately. Few standouts/examples:

> Yet another, 100% classical "Compelled action leading to a 37-plate encounter"-type one at the market, when I was Compelled to return a cart left in the parking lot and pick up some trash around it, only to again find myself coming directly to a 713-plate car that I wouldn't have seen otherwise.

> Another of those sudden, back-to-back clusters of various parking-lot-types at the health-food store, beginning with several passive parking-lot plates in just the small stretch I had to walk, and then with another of those "immediately after leaving a place"-type of "greeters" upon coming out, with another 37-plate car parked conspicuously/logistically perfect such that its plate was "staring" at me as to be the very first thing I saw upon walking out the doors, etc

> Example of the probably dozen or so "active-leaning" traffic plates: when another "left-lane drifting" passer passed me *just enough* to reveal both its 37-plate and the "3.7L" emblem on its rear before slowing down and falling back and out of sight, just like so damn many of these, quietly yet highly surreal

> Yet another "getting a bunch of ridiculously random and unplanned purchases at the store, only to have the total come out to a conspicuously patternistic 37-variant," this time a very notable one at the health-food store, coming within the cluster of the parking-lot numbers: when my total came to exactly $117.37, and this arising not only from my buying several random things, including a bottle of probiotics for $72.00 that I felt suddenly Compelled to buy right there, but also with some random-weight produce in the mix, some loose carrots that had to be weighed, etc, ha ha. Same for the gas receipt later, albeit a little more singular, when the presumably random/sequential transaction number on the receipt being "1021737" ...


Morning saw some of those scattered little "threshold"-level echoes and recurrences and the like, something of a background static more or less but never really cohering beyond that.

First coherent activity came in another of those little clusters of echoes of varying notability just after leaving, with one good coherent standout: precisely as I backed from the driveway and finally got on my way and both bodily and mentally relaxed, as to make me slump visibly in the seat and think something like "okay, I'm on my way, I'm relaxed finally," the radio randomly/singularly sang out, "I'm relaxed now," again not only perfectly and obectively echoing the event and my thought/registering of it, but also in the exact same context of my suddenly becoming relaxed, in the lyric's phrasing/use of "now" being in the exact same context of "I wasn't relaxed before, and now I am," exactly what I experienced after the morning-long rigmarole of packing for the trip and then having all the hold-ups and stress from it all and getting away late, only to at last officially depart and relax at that precise moment, ha ha

The rest of the day saw only a few scattered little super-subtle echoes otherwise, but numbers were pretty present again, though a bit differently overall, with my just encountering a large number of those "everywhere"/random-sourced ones, and all in highly yet quietly conspicuous ways, with few on plates and the like but instead just on a whole bunch of conspicuously/patternistically "there" 37s in random places, most of them pretty notable but all just getting lost in the shuffle of my mad dash to make the flight and everything. Best example was when I finally, climactically got to the check-in desk to check-in for the flight, only to find, at the one random open cashier there, a baggage claim ticket left as trash on the desk, right directly below my face/where I was standing, etc, with a big "437" on it. Same for when I parked just before that too, when the one single available space in the enormous airport parking lot was directly beside a 437-plate car -- probably a dozen or more of this level of quiet conspicuousness alone, plus quite a few lesser/subtler ones too, continuing through the flight and the taxi ride into the city, etc.

Classical singular standout "late" reading recurrence happened when I sat down for dinnertime reading after getting into the rental. It started on the taxi ride there, when I passed some big random building with a sign out front that I think read "Excelsior Place," but whatever it was, it was definitely "Excelsior" something, and this I distinctly Noticed in that special, patternistic way that almost always culminates in a synchronicity. Then, in the 'Texas Myths' book during dinnertime reading, just over an hour later, it equally randomly mentioned an "Excelsior" something or other, some place or house, I think an inn -- in any case, another "Excelsior," and perfectly patternistic/notable/objective, it not being mentioned previously in the book, and of course it was the first I'd encountered "Excelsior" in months or years or whatever, just like all these singular standout recurrences I've suddenly been experiencing again recently.


Specifics of the day are fuzzy to me now, written after the fact and during travel, etc.

Morning: seems like it was mostly silent but did see some of that scattered inclusive super-subtle activity, most notably more of those random little highly patternistic crossword-word echoes and recurrences, which would span the whole day pretty much.

One standout recurrence this morning, another of those singular standouts like I've been seeing again these days. It started I think either one or two days ago when I used the last of that tube of toothpaste I've had for a long time and couldn't quite get the last bit out, conspicuously so, which was another one of those things that bothered me to an inordinate degree, patternistically so, as to make it stick out in my mind, etc. And then this morning during after-chore reading of the day's super-random freebie magazine, it had yet another patternistically random/offhand/little "helpful tip" article about how you can use a hairpin to get the last bit of toothpaste out of a tube, exactly so many of these "ask and receive"/"question and answer" standout recurrences, etc. And this one was yet another with highly notable context/circumstances, this time the fact that the magazine in which I read this was another of those impossibly random ones, with my picking up this random woman's magazine after someone left it on the flight, and yet it Just Happened to contain this specifically "answering" little article ...

Next activity I remember was another of those "conspicuous 37-plate greeting me upon arriving at the coffee shop," this time coming first after a string of those patternistic "walking around the city" 37-plates and signs and whatever, exactly like other times, and then, right as I got to the coffee shop after a big rigmarole, etc, as to be patternistically "climactic," there, directly in front of it, was a big idling firetruck, not only with big "337s" printed on the front bumper, facing me directly/patternistically, but also its front-mounted plate, between the two, was a 37-beginning one, ha ha.

As for lunchtime reading, it was another with minimal but totally patternistic activity, the super-subtle little echoes and recurrences/parallels/thematics, with I think several more-standout/coherent "reading exactly what I was just randomly/objectively thinking"-type ones.

One good standout I got down partially, a notable "involuntary bodily function"-type one. It started when I got the first pang of that nightmarish gut upset that happens every time I'm in the city and which seems to so startlingly affect my thought processes and the like, thus causing me to think something like "the city and its environmental poisons are sickening me and influencing my thoughts and feelings again" -- precisely as I came to "her behavior was no doubt shaped by where she was," not the exact text but something equating to that, in any case an exact, specific, 100% patternistic echo of exactly what I was objectively thinking, etc. Highly notable and profound.

Afternoon was characterized by a near-onslaught level of the patternistic, inclusive, back-to-back notable-yet-low-key "walking around the city"-type 37-plates and signs and whatnot, again dozens as to overwhelm me right from the getgo. Did get down another of those "immediately after lunch, first plate being a 37"-type ones, plus all sorts of classical other variants, a couple alignments in there I think, another of those ridiculously surreal collective meta-incidents that just defies all description and so I won't even try.

Thought-wise, did see lots and lots of activity but again almost purely in super-subtle/subjective/"you had to experience" fashion, pretty much proportionate to the numbers and equally overwhelming/far too much to note or remember specifically. Few notes I got down:

> Few standoutish/coherentish examples of the super-subtle little-thing echoes: reading in that super-random women's magazine this morning of tamales and seeing how they're made from cornhusks, the first I'd learned this and so it stuck out in my head distinctly and patternistically, and then, at lunch in the 'Texas' book, it randomly offhand mentioned how someone smoked "corn-husk cigarettes," as to recur the corn-husk thing in the same patternistic way of the many others today. Another: yesterday I think it was, I was reading some random article that mentioned the show "Everybody Loves Raymon" and its creator, who I thought was Ray Romono but was apparently someone else, the man in the article -- in any case, it left me thinking about Ray Romono for the first time in years or whatever, patternistically, and then today, on a random streetside sign for a TV show, it mentioned how it was starring Ray Romono. And, similarly: when I stopped at that ridiculously random junk store after lunch for a book and while browsing through, saw at the top of the stack the DVD of that old 'School of Rock' movie, another thing I'd not encountered for months/years, etc -- and then, just an hour or so later while walking down an equally random street, lost if I remember right, I came to a big marquee advertising the 'School of Rock' play, based on that movie, ha ha. Just so damn many like that today, all eventually just bleeding together into a big throbbing surreal mesh.

> Had a pretty good number of equally random and subtle and overwhelming/too-many-to-remember echoes too. One example I got down, typical of the many in pattern/behavior: when I was walking down the street behind a woman on her phone and she said something about "an hour," precisely as, just down the street some feet away, a signboard peeked into view from around the corner, reading "HAPPY HOUR," but with the "happy" obscured by the corner, such that I could only see the "hour," and with this appearing/"revealing" perfectly synchronistic/intertwined with the woman saying "hour," just so ridiculously surreal when experienced, just doesn't translate to text, and this just happened so many times, again culminating in that equally indescribable living-dream state.

> Another echo standout I got down, and this one somewhat unique compared to others. It happened when I was unloading my pockets and counting out my pocket money bills, two twenties and three ones, of which I counted the twenties first and, adding them in my head, thought/mentally vocalized "forty" -- and then, immediately after when I proceeded to count the first one, I saw that it had "40" written on it randomly in pen, not only with my registering it in that patternistic "absent thought instant echo as it's still crossing my mind"-type fashion, but also "revealed" just then after being invisible before, if I remember right, and with it directly where I looked when peeling out the one from the stack -- just like that "hour" one and almost every other one today and other times, again so "small" when described but just shockingly surreal when experienced.

And then at dinnertime reading: another standout coherent singular recurrence, and this one as notable as others. It started with the host of the latest rental, a Japanese native named George living here in the west, which immediately struck me as an adopted/Americanized first name, which I thought of distinctly and with it patternistically standing out in that special way -- and then, right in the first few pages of that super-random macrobiotic diet book I bought from the random junk-shop on the street while walking around (and patternistically/conspicuously got only because it was the only book in the place I had any remote interest in, and it was the only book-selling shop around that I knew of), it randomly/offhand mentioned a Japanese native who'd assumed the name George upon migrating west -- yet another of these classical and singularly notable standout recurrences.


Any very active yet largely subtle day in the city, again with many many notable incidents that just overwhelmed me right off the bat again, and even fuzzier since I'm writing after the fact.

From what I remember, again had a big huge daylong cluster of the "walking around the city" background static of 37s on plates, signs, etc, and beginning as soon as I left the place pretty much, gradual and subtler and then gaining frequency and strength. Today even took it up a notch in some ways, from what I remember, with a couple of alignments in there, doubled up/back-to-back style repeats, lots and lots of "animated"/"revealed" ones -- just a big damn surreal "living" circus-like experience, for hours on end more or less. Lunchtime reading saw the addition of the same mix of subtle echoes and thematics to the mix, also with the same concentration/frequency and general notability as numbers, more or less. Ultimately just a repeat of yesterday, though I got down even further examples and standouts of the many that occurred. Ones I managed to get down:

> Had several notable standout 37s throughout lunchtime at the coffee shop, including at least two, perhaps more, of the now-classical "cashier randomly quoting a 37-containing price or something"-type ones over the course of my time there. And then, to cap it off: at one point she randomly said "thirty-seven thirty-seven," in regards to something I didn't catch (and, again, I patternistically only heard her say those two words of the exchange, the rest drowned out by ambient noise and the like ...), and then later, when I went to use the bathroom and found it requiring a code, it turned out that that was the doorcode, 3737, ha ha.

> Also at lunch: a "picking up a 37-receipt as litter"-type one, though with a twist. This time, it started with my noticing that some men at the counter had dropped a piece of paper while ordering, and I felt Compelled to pick it up and take it to them before they left, only to find that it was a receipt for $13.76, ha ha

> Standout classical "resumed reading"-type of objective-thought echo. It started when I took a bite of that weird dish I'd made, with all four or five of the different ingredients in it, thus causing me to think of how it was more of a salad than anything, with all the different tastes and textures coming together like that, as to make me ultimately think something like "feels like I'm eating a salad" -- a split second before I resumed reading the book and the very first words to flash, patternistically, into my passive/automatic line of sight were "Eating your salad," ha ha

And yet another standout singular recurrence, of "kombu" tea this time. It started when I got to the rental yesterday and discovered, in the little bin of super-random, mixed-up hodgepodge packets of various teas, a Japanese-import packet covered with kanji characters and with the only English writing being "Umekombu cha," which I'd never before heard of and so decided to look up and see what it meant, only to be further introduced to "kombu tea," another patternistic "first time ever in my life learning of this, and in the most super-random of ways" -- and then today, once again in that equally random macrobiotic book, it mentioned kombu tea, a day or less later after I'd first learned of this stuff in my life, 100% patternistic. But then this one turned out to be even more notable than all the others of late, because I encountered "kombu" yet a third time, at the airport while wandering aimlessly around due to the delayed flight, where a big banner advertised "kombu" for something or other, perhaps not for tea, I didn't have time/energy to check, but in any case, the same literal recurrence (and probably for kombu tea specifically, given that the sign was in the food court/drink section). Wow.

Numbers lulled off some during the flight, and this corresponding with a big shift in energy due to exhaustion and sickness and the like, but then, once I'd landed and gotten in the car and started home, the numbers picked right back up, immediately upon my pulling from the parking lot, with a series of notable, singular, classical traffic-type incidents that I again was just too out of it to remember/write down despite their notability (flashes, "animated"/"revealed" ones, etc, from what I remember). Really damn surreal ...


Today was another of those contrasted days I've been seeing here and there lately, with only the barest thought-type activity, coming in the form of some very scattered and subtle thought/reading/environmental echoes through lunchtime reading and then periodically through afternoon, all while numbers were very present and numerous and notable, again to the point of overwhelming me. Today they started with a few semi-conspicuous, semi-standout ones on the drive to lunch (another couple of "patternistically random and logistically perfect 'flashes' and the like of 37-plates," I think), followed by another gradual onset of near-constant, generally singularly notable plates all through the afternoon, and from about every single one of the various classical active-type of appearances, including at least one "reckless driver getting my attention patternistically and then revealing/flashing a 37-plate soon after," several "random cars demanding my attention or being Noticed by me illogically/patternistically, only to prove to have 37-plates that were previously invisible"-type ones among many other, subtler/more-passive parking-lot plates. At one point, even had one where a car was just at a dead stop in a parking lot lane, inconsiderately and blatantly as to force me to swerve around it, with a 371-plate, of course angled perfectly at me as to be "staring" like almost all of these are, ha ha. Another day with probably several dozen 37-plates of varying notability, totalled. And again utterly surreal ...


Morning was totally silent today, with the first activity being a standout just-before-lunch 37-plate. It happened when I turned into the shopping plaza with the market and, as I went to make the second turn at that weird 4-way intersection where there are only two stop signs but it doesn't feel that way and so people constantly pull out in front of one another, a car forced its way out in front of me despite my having the right of way, forcing me to slam on my brakes and take particular notice of it as it zipped past and "flashed" its 7713-plate in that patternistic way, again perfectly logistic, as well as another one of those deals where, had the driver not recklessly pulled in front of me, I'd have went past them without seeing the plate at all, etc, etc. Another classically "active" one.

From there, lunchtime reading saw a reasonable amount of activity, more than lately, and more-coherent too, beginning with another of those immediate-onset clusters of small, super-subtle, one-word thought/reading/event/environmental-type echoes plus those same "reading exactly what I was just objectively thinking"-type ones too, probably a half-dozen spread out over the first ten minutes or so of reading, all very subjective and complicated but still pretty notable and coherent nonetheless. These would go on more or less through the meal, cohering/graduating slightly as it went on. Examples I got down:

> Good example of the delayed, fuzzy, indirect ones I had today and previously. It started when a random song came on the overhead radio at the market cafe, which featured this repeating bell-ring in it, which I noticed specifically from anything else in the song, as to make me think something like "bell ringing in song" -- a second or so before I came to a new paragraph in the book that started with "It began with a bell," and in that same context of a ringing bell, and again hugely notable due to the fact that it all hinged on the 100% objective and super-random song coming on the radio, of which I had zero control over, and yet it correlated perfectly (albeit in that patternistic not-quite-perfectly-synchronistic fashion, with that very slight ~1 second delay that some of these "fuzzier" ones seem to demonstrate). Quite a few like this today, of that smaller, indirect/fuzzy, slight-delayed fashion.

> Another one of the fuzzier ones: when I drew a deep breath through my nose and was surprised by a loud snuffle of mucus I didn't know had built up in there, thus causing me to automatically/patternistically think something like "loud mucus" -- precisely as I came to "with snot running down their faces" in the book, another where the text was visible to me peripherally when I'd had the thought but it didn't matter since the deep breath was 100% objective/independent/unrelated as well as equally random/done only everyone few minutes or so, etc.

> Also in the book today at lunch, a handful of those absolutely, utterly, ridiculously profound type of personal thematic echoes/recurrences, of the "reading of exactly what I'm experiencing in my life at this exact moment more or less"-type ones that I've seen several times before, again far too complicated/subjective to describe but very present nonetheless

> And then the big standout of lunch, another of those singular standout echoes that are much bigger/more profound when experienced than written down. It happened just after I'd taken a break and moved to the bench outside before finishing the meal/reading, when, right after I'd sat down and resumed reading, I soon came to the sentence "'Christ,' David said" in the book -- precisely as, behind me, a car pulled up with its windows down and loud music coming out with the lyric "JES-UUUUU-S!" singing from it, that word only as one big emphatic verse, and though the contexts were different (the book sentence a curse, the song a literal reference to the figure, respectfully so, with the next verse being "The king," etc), the underlying sentiment-echo was 100% there, and 100% perfectly synchronistic and random and objective, again just ridiculously surreal. And, some interesting context/circumstances here too: I'd originally planned to sit at a different bench, in the middle of the strip mall, but it had been occupied, and the one after it too, such that I was forced to go to the one I'd sat down at, further down, where I'd be in earshot of this car when it had pulled up and parked with the music playing (and otherwise wouldn't have, the other benches being way far away ...).

Thought-wise, the rest of the day was pretty much silent, again save for some scattered super-subtle/small/fuzzy/mostly one-word echoes here and there in the same manner I've been seeing lately. Did have one standout recurrence, and it was another of those odd, somewhat unique ones. It started when I went to the farmers market and picked up a bag of litter in the parking lot there, thus causing me to think of that one time when I'd done that and then had that vendor woman give me a dollar discount once I made my way over to buy what I'd come for, such that it had felt like I'd been paid a dollar to pick up litter, as to ultimately make me absently but distinctly/patternistically think something like "getting a buck for picking up litter" -- and then, less than an hour later at the market when I was Compelled to bag up some litter in a certain spot despite there not really being much there, I found a dollar bill in the grass, ha ha. And if I remember right, this one is almost exactly like the last time I found a dollar picking up litter, where I'd had some similarly random-but-distinct/objective thought of once finding a dollar while picking up litter a long time ago, then finding an actual dollar while randomly picking up litter soon after -- this one was maybe another of those "recurrence of a synchronistic recurrence"-type ones, then?

Once again saw the same basic number-type activity I have been most afternoons lately, with another of those slow build-ups beginning with an immediate cluster of passive, quietly conspicuous 37-plates in traffic as soon as I got back on the road afterward, followed soon after by a reasonably constant background static of them with quite a few more-active/conspicuous classical traffic- and parking-lot-types in the mix, probably more than a dozen of the latter by the end of the afternoon, again as to overwhelm my ability to remember and log them.

One standoutish example that I got down: It started when I pulled up at that one bad intersection when leaving the farmers market, where there were tons of cars going both ways and turning in the middle lane, and today even a man on a bike in the turn lane trying to get the rest of the way across, all of which caused me to eventually turn through the shopping mall parking lot and drive down a ways and pull out at the better intersection, if only to make it easier on the man on the bike so he wouldn't have to pay attention to me and my turning into his path/be distracted, etc -- and then, once I pulled down to the better driveway, I found myself directly behind a 337-plate truck, once again just so patternistically like these "random objective cirumstances/developments/Compellings causing me to encounter a conspicuous 37-repeat"-type ones, ha ha.

An absolutely surreal and notable standout recurrence this evening after a pretty much silent afternoon, probably the most blatant and notable of these singular recurrences to boot. It started at dinnertime reading when I sat down to read a new chapter in the 'Rigged' book, which started with a detailed description of the Dubai skyline, describing the ultra-modern skyscrapers and the superhighways in particular, for about two pages, as to have this imagery and general thoughts of Dubai fresh in my mind as I took a break after about 10 minutes of reading and then went to the computer and turned it on to write update this log -- and then, when my computer awoke from sleep to the welcome screen asking for the password, the random background, which changes on every start-up/resume from sleep, was not only of Dubai, but of the ultramodern skyscrapers and the futuristic superhighways in particular, not only an exact echo of what I'd just read (which was, of course, the first I'd encountered anything Dubai-related for months or longer), but very closely timed for these, and completely explicit, as well as the very first I'd my computer has started up to this particular splash screen -- just ridiculously surreal and living-dream in every sense, no other words for it all.

Had some late/evening activity tonight, first with another of those carryover resurgences of lunchtime-reading-type echoes/parallels/recurrences during dinnertime reading, exactly as I've been having from time to time lately, exact same variety and frequency of echoes at lunch, probably another half-dozen of the "reading exactly what I was just thinking/doing"-type ones primarily. A good, standout, involuntary-bodily-function-type standout: precisely as that ugly nauseous bloating I'd had in my guts all day after eating the almond milk at lunch spontaneously shifted and dissipated, literally after 8 or 9 hours of being present, I came to "David smiled back, relieved that the daggers in his stomatch had momentarily subsided," not a perfectly precise/specific echo but definitely echoing the basic sentiment of "relief from bad stomach ache," and again perfectly timed and 100% patternistic and objective.

And then, a cute little 37 just before bed, when I went and ordered that maize stuff at long last, only to have the order come to exactly $13.73, and with this having a whole bunch of those super-random, conspicuously patternistic circumstances, with my just choosing this site to order from totally randomly after Googling the term, and having to choose a random amount to order from a selection of a half-dozen or so, plus all the different kinds of the stuff itself, plus different shipping methods -- all of which culminated in that total exactly, ha ha.


Morning was totally silent I think, except maybe for some scattered low-key plates on the drive to the appointment maybe but perhaps not even these. Then, a classical "37-plate greeter" once I got the coffee shop for lunch, and this one a notable standout, an equally classical "car popping on its reverse lights and backing out precisely as I approached, thus demanding my attention directly to its 735-plate," and with that surreal "animated" quality and perfect timing/logistics, the whole nine yards.

Lunchtime reading saw activity, and it was all pretty much exactly like I've been seeing lately during lunch, same mix and scattered-but-present frequency and subtly/pattern/behavior/"feel," etc. Not an overwhelming amount of activity then, but still enough to definitely be surreal and echoey and generally "synchronistic," with reading echoing all sorts of my objective thoughts and feelings and actions as is so common nowadays, plus the usual "everyday little thing" recurrences and parallels (one standoutish example of these: Micky Mantle, beginning yesterday when I was Compelled to read that single random newspaper leaf before putting it in the recycling bin, in which it had this random little write-up about Micky Mantle's rookie card that I took odd interest in and read all the way through, as to be the first I'd encountered Micky Mantle in months or years or whatever -- and then in the 'Rigged' book at lunch, it randomly mentioned Micky Mantle, offhand and for the first time, totally patternistic, etc -- several like that just during lunch today).

Good standout echo example at lunch too. It started when a woman sat directly beside me while on the patio, doubly forcing me to notice her, both from her uncomfortable proximity and also from her overpowering perfume, as to make me take notice of her back and hair in my peripheral vision, ultimately causing me to register her head/hair with the thought of something like "brown haired woman" since that was what was at the forefront of my field of vision -- precisely as I randomly/singularly/patternistic came to "brown hair" in the book, again echoing the thought at the precise instant it was crossing my mind, as was the case with all the other "little"/one-word-ish/fast/fleeting-type ones like this.

Thought activity did its usual immediately after-lunch silence routine, but did pick up here and there through afternoon later on, with just several singular standouts rather than any clusters for whatever reason. The few I got down:

> Very notable and classical radio/objective-event echo. It started when I went to back out of the space at the market and twisted around to look behind me and out my back window -- precisely as "turned back toward the window" sang randomly/singularly from the radio, about as literally precise and perfectly timed as you could get

> Had one single, classical radio/passing-roadside-sign one-word-striking-type echo, exactly like those past (but which I haven't been seeing lately for whatever reason), as simple as others of this kind, with "living water" singing randomly from the radio precisely as I passed a sign for "salt water taffy," with the two "waters" overlapping with that absolutely flawless/intertwined precision and timing, as to again be so much "bigger" when experienced

> Had a single and also classical nearby-stranger/reading-type echo too, this one in the market when I was browsing the shelves of coffee and precisely as I came to a bag of "Seattle's Best," a man standing way far away at the other end of the aisle, just barely within earshot, said something like "that's the best," but whatever it was, my registering the bag's "best" and his saying it overlapped again with that absolutely flawless and patternistic precision. And, interestingly, this one was sort of a "little thing" recurrence too, because just a half-hour or so earlier in the 'Rigged' book during lunchtime reading, it had randomly/offhand mentioned "Seattle's best coffee," though this was in reference to that of Starbucks rather than this different-branded stuff, but still very much a perfect literal echo of the "Seattle's best coffee" sentiment

Did have afternoon 37-plates in traffic and parking lots today, again exclusively after-lunch with the exception of that "greeter" at the coffee shop, and again following pretty much the exact same pattern/format/behavior/feel of the last week or so, with the slow, lazy, non-specific arrival of low-key plates gradual cohering into more-active/classical/standout types, though not much of the latter today, just more scattered low-key traffic- and parking-lot ones with only maybe one or two minor more-active ones, which I can't even remember, today just from bad health and memory rather than being overwhelmed.


Morning was totally silent except for another of those classical, standout, instant-reading/random-objective-thought-type echoes, exactly of the same nature/behavior and timing as I've seen of others, where I had some completely random-yet-distinct thought immediately before sitting down to read, and then had that exact thought echoed immediately after I began reading. Today's was a sort of combination plain echo and "affirmative" one, beginning when I went into the sun room where the day's super-random freebie magazine was and, upon seeing the bright sunlight coming through the open windows and noticing how much it instantly "brightened" my state of mind/general feeling after entering from the dark, shaded living room, I distinctly registered this with another patternistically automatic/absent thought of something like "the incoming sunlight brightening my whole being/seems to change my whole chemistry and general state" -- and then, seconds later, on the very first page of the very first article in the magazine (which I was halfway through and had randomly stopped reading the night before, at the page immediately prior to the one with the actual article, such that it was another fully objective, "blind" read, without so much as a peripheral glance beforehand as to totally rule out even the most remote subconscious seeding/cueing/suggestion, etc), it echoed that thought exactly, not quite as it was still crossing my mind but maybe just seconds afterward, again as to be another of those "might as well have been perfectly synchronistically timed" ones, etc. The exact text in the article -- which, contextually/conspicuously/patternistically notable, was a write-up about starting a home gym, a totally different subject primarily, with the echoing text being fully offhand/secondary/randomly mentioned as is the case with almost all of these -- was "Natural light energizes and stimulates a number of positive chemical changes in the brain that lift a person's mood and produce a greater sense of calm," which is *exactly* what I'd experienced and then thought about upon entering the room. Incredibly notable and surreal.

The next activity came during lunchtime reading, in the form of the now-most-recently-patternistic sudden, immediate cluster of the same variety of "lunchtime-reading"-type thought/reading/environmental small/one-word echoes, plus many many "everyday little thing"-type parallels/recurrences, and even a few of the super-profound personal thematics thrown in the mix, as to be notable and surreal both collectively and individually, for all sorts of reasons. Standouts/examples of the probably ~dozen or more individual/standout incidents during this time alone:

> Classical "reading exactly what just objectively happened"-type one, typical both of these in general as well as the many experienced through lunch, beginning when the child that was playing beside me on the patio at the coffee shop suddenly banged my chair with a stick or something he was swinging around, causing me to pause in my reading and chewing and look to see what had happened, only to see the child immediately just go on past and on his way as if nothing had happened, after which I just sort of did the same, categorically just resuming my reading and chewing as casually and automatically -- only to randomly come to, on the very next sentence, "David continued chewing," ha ha

> A couple of the smaller-yet-equally-significant ones: watching a sudden, conspicuous sunburst as the overcast clouds parted for the first time since I'd arrived on the patio, visibly and viscerally/tactilely brightening the whole horizon along with me and the very page of the book while I was reading it, precisely as I randomly/singularly came to "bright" in the book. And then, soon after: coming to "he went into the crowded dining room" precisely as, just behind me, a man opened the door to the coffee shop and went inside, where the cramped little dining room/order counter was conspicuously crowded, as I'd seen when I was just in there to get my coffee minutes prior, which was probably the most crowded I've ever seen the place, ha ha.

> Among the many lesser/subtler recurrences and parallels, there was a series of semi-standouts of those kind that echoed several distinct, relatively rare/uncommon/abnormal experiences I'd had just that morning in particular, primarily involving the abnormally timed and particularly intense and violent full-body inflammation/headsickness I'd had all morning and how I'd had to avoid being traumatized by it/bent out of shape mentally, etc, all of which I'd thought distinctly/patternistically of as to cement it all in my immediate memory such that it was still at the back of my mind during lunch afterward -- all of which was echoed more or less perfectly in underlying sentiment in the book when it went into this big long description of the author's father and how he'd been in the World Trade Center on 9/11 and how it had "traumatized" him afterward with panic attacks/phobias and illogical aversions to various things, etc, again highly notable in itself but even moreso given its perfect adherence to the pattern of so many of these other "just happened this morning"-type of lunchtime-reading-echo clusters, and of course just ridiculously surreal, in "reading my life in a random book"-type fashion.

And again also had the exact same patternistic "immediately pause in thought-type activity upon finishing lunch, followed by some singular standout echoes here and there through the afternoon"-type activity. Best example of these: when "they paved paradise and put up a parking lot" sang randomly from the radio, for the first time in the song, as I was randomly/absently staring at a door for a paving place I Just Happened to be 100% randomly stopped next to and absently staring at while waiting for a red light to change, with my particularly looking at "PAVING" in the middle of the door, which is patternistic of this particular "echo of exactly what I was super-randomly-but-100%-objectively already looking at"-type ones, a distinctly passive-feeling incident, as opposed to the ones that echo a distinct/active thought or occurrence, etc.

Numbers too followed the *exact same damn* pattern I've been seeing lately many days, with little to no number-type activity all through morning, only to have a slow, lazy after-lunch arrival of low-key traffic 37-plates that eventually plateaued at a steadier, more-conspicuous background static interspersed with several 100% patternistic "active"/"animated"/"intelligent-feeling"-type of standouts (such was when I randomly went to pull out of that one parking lot, only to be stopped by the perfectly timed arrival of a truck turning toward me, thus forcing me to stop and take particular notice of the truck as I waited for it to clear me, only to be "flashed" with its 731-plate as it moved past and parked, again perfectly timed/conspicuous/logistically flawless, etc).

Also today, another of those weird maybe-synchronicity oddball-type of incidents, when both cars simultaneously, within days of one another, developed mechanical problems that culminated in their being unable to use cruise control, and not only very closely timed and with the same symptomatic results, but by totally different avenues and both utterly bizarre and the first of my experience, with the bad tank of gas in the one car causing the spedometer and acceleration to go all crazy like it was some electrical/sensor problem or something, and the other car developing the weird brake issue after I slammed on my brakes to avoid hitting the guy that turned through the intersection in front of me so recklessly, plus all those other subtler, conspicuously/patternistically "coincidental" little logistics and circumstances and developments and variables that so often play into the phenomenon -- all just "feeling" very much like a synchronicity, or at least some very unlikely and ironic development ...


Had a loose cluster of reasonably notable and coherent activity this morning, this corresponding with an equally abnormal above-average health/mental clarity than about every other day to date, again in reflective fashion, textbook pretty much.

First thing I noticed was a series of those same super-subtle, fuzzy, indirect, "individually easily dismissible but collectively/behaviorally very notable"-type echoes, probably 5-6 total through the morning. Best example: one that felt/behaved sort of like that "paving" one yesterday, this time when I doing my back stretch at the usual spot by the fridge and thus was faced with the poster of the redwood tree taped there directly in front of my face, thus causing me to absently register it with a thought of "redwood" -- precisely as I looked up and saw, atop the fridge just in front of me and directly in line with the redwood poster, that kefir bottle from Redwood Hill Farms, and turned *just perfectly so* that only the "Redwood" portion of the label was showing, with the rest cut off perfectly, in that subtly "intelligent" fashion that's so prevelant in these, and again as to ultimately instant-echo the thought crossing my mind at that precise instant. The rest of the morning were subtler and less-coherent than that, but still similar in feel and behavior.

Then during after-chore reading, a little cluster of reading-related activity there, probably another half-dozen or so varied incidents, beginning with yet another of those "very first article I read echoing exactly what I was thinking immediately before sitting down to read"-type ones, and almost exactly like that "bright room" one yesterday (and again interesting in itself that I would experience two nearly identical incidents, at the exact same time of day, two days in a row, after not seeing these kinds for a while). This time, it started with my overthinking whether to take the car to the shop this afternoon or not, thus causing me to force my mind quiet, thus causing me to unwind and relax and see demonstrated once more just how toxic it can be to overthink these things and get stuck in the future and pried out of the moment and into a stressful thought-loop -- and then, in the very first article of the magazine, probably 1-2 minutes after I'd had these thoughts (due to the several pages of ads at the start of the magazine), it was an editorial letter about *exactly* what I'd just been thinking, the editor talking about how she'd consciously removed herself from all obligations and such for an afternoon and thus had spent hours on her porch reading and had, ultimately, allowed herself to finally live in the moment and relax, ha ha. And also just like yesterday's, this one had a categorically "affirmative" quality to it too.

Also, a highly notable standout echo during morning reading too, another of those back-to-back, two-banger-type of one-word echoes arriving one behind another. It started when the fridge clicked on loudly from the other room, thus causing me to absently register it with two back-to-back absent thoughts, first something like "loud electronic noise" and then "that's the fridge" -- precisely as I came to the words "then pop them in the fridge" in the magazine, with the "pop" and "the fridge" corresponding with each individual thought in that perfect, intertwined fashion, and both again perfectly precise, with the "pop" being a perfect description of the fridge's loud, poppy solenoid-like click or whatever that is, and of course "the fridge" being 100% identical to the literal mental vocalization of that thought, and again just so more notable both when experienced and experienced back-to-back like that ...

Next activity came in another somewhat abnormally active/coherent cluster during the drive to lunch, beginning when I keyed the car and saw the clock pop on at exactly 11:37, once again when I was just absently/passively looking directly at that area when keying the ignition. And then, seconds later when I went to back up (why do so many incidents happen when I turn around to back out the car?), I turned around and also absently/passively found myself looking at the little heart I'd painted on the rear window, thus registering it with a thought of "heart," precisely as the radio randomly sang out "coldhearted," and this again with the "hearted" portion of the word corresponding absolutely flawlessly with my thought.

Next, some minutes later down the road when I merged onto the main road, another of those "37-plate perfectly timed/logistically flawless 'greeter'-type flashers," exactly like that one from the other day and several other times, with my arriving down the off-ramp and merging *at just the right angle and timing and speed* that a van passed by at the precise instant I arrived and thus "revealed" its 7732-plate. And also, adding to this one even more, it happened precisely as the radio station announced randomly/singularly its call sign, "97.3 FM," ha ha (and, also notable that I'd just randomly scanned to this station maybe 10 seconds earlier ...).

Then, after a few more low-key passive 37-plates between there and the coffee shop, another patternistic "parking-lot"-type greeter at the actual shop, when I got out of the car and started in and there, again patternistically "staring" at me, was a 3071-plate truck, just like all the others of this kind, directly in my path and just instantly/passively/automatically "there," directly in my line of sight and previously invisible due to where I'd parked, with another car between me and truck obscuring its view until I got out, ha ha.

And then, lunchtime reading was once again exactly fitting that same basic pattern I've been seeing for days straight now, with the exact same instant, reasonably steady cluster of mixed reading/thought/environmental subtle/small/one-word echoes, some of them fuzzier and others pretty coherent, and again probably a little over a dozen all total, enough to be pretty surreal but not overwhelming.

Thought-wise, afternoon also saw similar activity to the last few days, but here generally less of it, with long periods of total silence interrupted only by the stray subtler/fuzzier echo here and there, again probably a half-dozen to a dozen total. Best example: when I had a big long random chain of thought again end, fully objectively/traceably, on the car's bizarre brake light problem, thus causing me to absently think of the lights staying on like they are and also to absently visualize the lights themselves, precisely as "tail-light" sang randomly/singularly/fully without preface on the radio.

Also today, another one of those really oblique and subtle and obscure/indirect/fuzzy recurrences, of the kind I've been seeing lately but without any remotely coherent standouts to cite -- another of those subtypes of the phenomenon that exist in that "dark zone" of being impossible to convey in text to any effective degree. This one started yesterday in that day's freebie magazine, in which, in this totally random offhand comment in an interview with some celebrity, the man had mentioned how his favorite role was on the 'Sesame Street' show where he'd starred alongside the muppets and had to talk to them like they were actual people, which he'd commented on specficically -- and then today in the 'Rigged' book at lunch, the man in the book ended up comparing the person he was talking to with a muppet, due to the man's hair and features, such that at one point the book had eventually had a sentence that stated that the man was "talking to a muppet" -- thus echoing that underlying sentiment, in that super-literal fashion I've seen before, and with that patternistically fuzzy, out-of-context, but no less notable quality to it ...

Numbers saw a downturn today, being present and in the same basic pattern/feel of late, but never really graduating beyond the low-key passive variety, and not really even many of these, and just a few of the standoutish active types. One coherent example, a two-part, beginning with another of those classical "having some illogical, bizarre development in traffic slow me down, *just long enough* for the car in the lane beside me to briefly overtake me and flash its 37-plate before I sped back up and it dropped back out of sight," textbook in every way -- and then, a minute or less down the road, the exact same thing happened again, whatever unseen hold-up in the line of cars in front of me causing me to slow way down for a few seconds, just long enough for a second, different car to overtake me from the right, and again *just a second or so,* just long enough for the plate to be flashed directly where I was passively looking before falling back and away, in that distinct "peekaboo" fashion, ha ha.


Today was very much like yesterday in overall pattern and the like, what seems to be another of those lateral shifts in the phenomenon at large, a new "chapter."

Morning was much like yesterday in terms of overall activity, with some scattered subtle-type stuff that was still relatively far more active than those fully silent days I was having for quite some time. Ones I got down:

> A biggish cluster of those super-profound, super-personal, indescribable personal thematics during after-chore reading in the day's random freebie magazine, again can't cite a single one in text but all of that distinct "living-dream/reading exactly what's going on in my life more or less" level of notability, and more than one of them too, probably three or four at least threaded through the portion of the text I read this morning

> Another singular, standout, highly notable and shockingly surreal reading/objective event echo, and not only the same in behavior/feel as that "pop them in the fridge" one from yesterday, but it even happened at the same time of day while I was in the same room and same basic state of mind and everything, all a sort of deju-vu-like experience in itself. This one happened when, at exactly 11:00, I heard my watch beep the hour from the other room, the only sound in the whole house at the time, thus causing me to automatically/absently/patternistically register it with a thought of something like "watch/clock/time" (rather than "11 o'clock" or something specific, because I had no idea what time it was then, being in that wonderfully timeless state that often finds me during late morning when all the chores are done and the headsickness has faded some) -- precisely as I 100% randomly/singularly came to "the clock" in the magazine article I was reading, and again just so fluidly and flawlessly and natural/in the flow of the text that it achieved that distinct "intertwined" quality with my thought. Wow.

> Also today, more of those scattered little crossword-related echoes and "little thing" recurrences, exactly like the last couple days and other times when I've actually had time to sit down and do crosswords amidst the morning shuffle, again with either random, not hugely uncommon words that I've not encountered for some time for whatever reason suddenly popping up in the crossword and then in the magazine or book at lunch soon after, or the actual things/themes/underlying sentiment in the words or the clues or whatever recurring, etc

Next activity came during the short drive to the coffee shop, one single standout traffic-plate incident, and it was a damn good one, a sort of triple-alignment. It started when I pulled up to the red light at the intersection just before the shop, stopping directly behind one of those quietly conspicuous/passive/patternistic 37-plate cars, such that I was left with the plate "staring" directly at me as I idled waiting for the light. Then, after a second seconds, another car pulled up at the intersection in the next lane over, and it too had a 37-plate, and it stopped directly beside the truck, and *just so* that the two plates were absolutely perfectly aligned, despite the truck sitting up high and the van sitting lower, I think due to the difference in grade between the two lanes -- just utterly albeit quietly surreal in itself. But then, to top it off, as precisely/intertwined with the van's appearance, the radio announced its call sign, "103.7," so coincidental with the van's appearance that it achieved that seamless 1-2 effect, and the three just coming together to be again something so surreal that you'd have to have experienced it and been me/my background in all this to really even begin to appreciate the ridiculousness of it all, ha ha.

Lunchtime reading was much the same as the last few days, but overall quieter and less-active. Really, I think the only activity was yet another of those immediate, "as soon as I took the first bite of lunch and opened the book to read"-type clusters of those exact same super-subtle reading/thought/event/environmental echoes and little recurrences and thematics, though today only lasting for maybe the first ~20 minutes or so of the meal. Couple of the more-coherent examples:

> As I went out on the patio and set the table and finally sat down, there was a song playing on the radio that mentioned "New York" several times, such that it was in my immediate thoughts as I sat down and opened the book -- and there, resumed-reading-style, at the very top of the page my bookmark was on and the very first words to passively be directly there in immediate, passive line of sight, was "gone to New York" or something like that -- "New York" in any case, as to be a slightly delayed but no-less-notable echo

> Slightly more objective and coherent example of the scattered super-subtle/small/"fast"/fuzzy reading echoes: when I took a deep breath and I did it wrong, with my chest instead of my diaphragm, thus causing my shoulders to tense up in that bad way I've been trying to break myself of, thus causing me to distinctly think "shoulders're tensed" -- precisely as I came to "shoulder" in the book, and in the same context of the body part, etc, perfectly synchronistic and exactly the same behavior/feel-wise as the gazillion others like this I've seen specifically over the last couple months

Afternoon thought-type activity was also nearly identical to last couple days, largely totally silent with the exception of a couple sudden singular standouts:

> Cool one at the library, starting when I got out of the car and realized I still had another flower to put out today and that maybe I could leave it there, thus causing me to think distinctly yet absently/automatically of "flower" -- precisely as I stepped out and closed the door fully and thus revealed, atop the car parked beside me but previously obscured by my open door until just that instant, a little fake bouquet of flowers, which not only instantly/patternistically echoed the basic sentiment of "flowers" and in intertwined fashion/timing, but the fake flowers were also bright red and sticking up straight, which was exactly how I'd visualized the flower in question I was thinking of, which was a big, full, straight red rose

> Another of those "random nearby stranger's spoken words echoing something I read/registered at that precise instant in a one-dimensional way," this time at the bookstore, when I was browsing the books and poked my head into a new aisle and the first thing my eyes fell on automatically/randomly was the spine of a book called "BLACK FRIDAY" or something like that -- precisely as, from the next aislse down but completely obscured to me, a woman talking on her phone said "Friday night," this again with her "Friday" corresponding absolutely flawlessly to my registering/mentally vocalizing the book's "Friday," ha ha

Afternoon numbers also played out pretty much exactly like yesterday and last couple, again with the gradual build-up of low-key passive plates, though today beginning in that distinct "immediately after leaving the coffee shop" fashion with a quick succession of several low-key parking-lot plates directly in my path as I left, and with a few more in traffic and every other parking lot I stopped in. A moderate showing of "everywhere"/random 37s today too, after a bit of a lull in these lately I've noticed, plus some similarly random-but-patternistic/distinct other, minority variants too (212s coming back in style again, as I noticed yesterday, such as with another of those patternistic "random trashcan peeks" where I opened the flap to throw something in and there was a random "212" on a box "peeking" out in that logistically perfect and 100% patternistic way that I've had with other variants in the same exact manner, bizarrely). Standouts:

> A pair of classical "immediately after leaving a store" at the day's first grocery store shopping center, first when I left the actual grocery store precisely/patternistically as a 673-plate car went by and "flash-revealed" its plate directly into my line of sight. And then, after my going into the book store just down the way where I'd had the "Friday" echo, when I came out of that one, there was a classical "greeter"-type 837-plate on a car parked just outside, as to be instantly and patternistically "there" upon my stepping from the door, "staring" at me, ha ha.

> A really cool little cluster at the second grocery store just before going home, beginning with a few of those super-subtle but patternistic random 37s encountered within the store, such as coming to a bottle of juice marked "2 & $3.71" in that awkward way they mark some things there (why not mark it with the actual price for just one ...?). And then, upon coming out, I was again Compelled to pick up a random piece of litter, which turned out to be yet another 37-covered receipt, with "Olive Garden 73 Rodeo Drive" printed directly at the top, as to be the first thing I read, and then directly below it, "Check #: 73878" (and "Table 212" beside that, another of the recent uptick of this repeat it would seem), plus another 37 further down -- and then, immediately afterward when I looked up from the receipt and started toward the trashcan to throw it away, there was yet another "greeter"-type 307-plate on a car, again parked logistically perfect as to be "staring" at me, and also the first plate I'd seen upon coming out of the store, etc, etc, and with it coming immediately after I registered the 37s on the receipt, as to be another 1-2/wham-bam-type effect.

And a cute little notable standout echo just now: as I went to scan yesterday's incidents for one to tweet about and I came to the "then pop them into the fridge" one and re-read it, precisely as I came to "pop," the A/C unit clicked on randomly from across the house, with a distinct and perfectly timed "pop!" as it does, and this in the exact same fashion of the "fridge" one in several ways, another echo of and echo of and echo, ha ha. And also like so many of these, the A/C had been off for over an hour now, ever since I got home, yet it Just Happened to pop back on right at that exact instant ...

Some notable "late" activity this evening, four very significant standouts:

> First, a sort of delayed but very precise and patternistic "first page of a magazine echoing my thoughts/feelings at the moment"-type one. It started when, after literally a week of trying to shave but never having the time or energy or whatever, I finally forced myself and did it despite it putting me into the sauna late and guaranteeing more lost sleep, etc, but it was done, and when I looked in the mirror and saw that I'd actually finished it, a minute or so before heading into the sauna, I'd been struck by my shaved face after repeatedly seeing it bearded despite my best efforts, and so thought something like, "wow, I actually did it, at long last I shaved" -- and then, once in the sauna when I resumed reading the morning's magazine, the very first page was an ad for shaving cream, with a full-page photo of a man's face as he shaved it, with the word "FINALLY!" in enormous type taking up half the page (with something like "a good shaving cream to go with your razor" below it, in much smaller type), as to not only echo the general thoughts of "shaving/man's shaved face" that were still at the back of my mind, but also the specific "at long last/finally did it" sentiment as well, and in the same context, etc. Just simply unreal.

> And then, yet another of those exact same 100% patternistic "randomly reading about something sweat-related precisely as I hit that first, random tipping point of breaking a proper sweat in the sauna"-type echoes, and this time with a twist: the exact text was "A loss of fluids," coming at the precise instant I felt the first two drops of sweat trickle down my arm, as to echo the actual event 100% literally precisely, though the text was, interestingly, actually in the context of a little explanation-paragraph for a picture of a baseball player, explaining how he'd been injured while playing and "A loss of fluids in his spinal cord" was the result (yet this was the actual text of the sentence, as a fragmentary-type description).

> And then, another "reading echo immediately as I sat down to dinnertime reading" one, and this one was just as unreal/ridiculously living-dream as the shaving one. It started when I came to the text "Inch by inch, the insect made its way forward" -- precisely as, just at the edge of my peripheral vision, I was instantly and distinctly drawn to small movement there, which proved to be a water bug skittering across the floor -- not only an "insect making its way forward," but the bug was moving in the distinctly jerky, stop-and-go way that they all do, just sputtering forward in these mechanical little spurts, and not only perfectly described as "inch by inch" in the sense of being categorically gradual, but as I watched, the bug might actually have been moving an inch or thereabouts at a time, ha ha. And of course this was all absolutely, positively 100% objective/independent/zero chance of any sort of subconscious bias or selective perception on my part, with the bug's appearance from my side being 100% invisible before that very instant that I came to that text (and, likewise, just seconds after I'd opened the book and begun reading at all).

> And then another "immediate"-type one after I took a break from reading for computer work and then went back to the book. It started when, immediately after I picked up the book, a bang! went off in the distance outside, which I immediately registered as some fireworks going off, and then, maybe two seconds later when I found my place in the book and resumed reading it, I think the second sentence (if not the very first) started with "Flashbulbs went off like firecrackers."


A change-up today overall.

Only morning activity came immediately as I got up, with a classical 37-variant clock-tick when I went to the stove and checked the time after walking out of the bedroom, with it clicking from 7:30 to 7:31 at the precise instant I peeked around the fridge so I could see the stove's clock readout, another with that absolutely flawless timing, etc.

Next activity came at lunchtime reading, and it was more or less exactly the same as the most recent pattern of lunchtime activity, with a series of super-subtle echoes that began pretty much immediately upon my sitting down and opening the book to read (the 'Mercury Rising' one today, beginning it), and going on to have another scattered succession of the same variety of echoes plus a few "little thing" parallels and recurrences, along with a handful of those super-profound and super-personal thematic-types that I'm still at a loss to really convey to any real degree. A pretty "active" meal, but very passive and "quiet" in nature/feel, a little different than last few, and again with thought-type activity ceasing immediately upon finishing (and today not returning at all, distinctly so, without even the slightest little echo or anything for the rest of the afternoon). Few decent standouts I got down:

> A classical "bodily function" objective-event-type reading echo. It happened after I'd been out in the sun for a few minutes and I suddenly realized that I was bunching my face again from the sunlight, that bad habit I've been trying to break, thus causing me to automatically/absently/patternistically think something like "you're scrunching your face again" -- precisely as I came to "his contorted face" in the book, and again another of those that was visible to me beforehand and that I might dimiss as simple peripheral reading/subconscious suggestion, etc, except that I can so distinctly trace my thought back to the purely objective event of my being out in the sun just long enough for it to have begun to have that face-bunching effect on me, ha ha.

> A very notable "random environmental noise"-type one, when I came to "a sound somewhere a whine and a hiss" in the book, precisely as, from the intersection nearby, a big rig truck stopped for the red light and thus hit its air brakes with that distinctive sound that was 100% perfectly described as "somewhere between a whine and a hiss," with the brake pads whining on the rotors as the air hissed, absolutely flawless and flawlessly timed and 100% patternistic, just a hugely notable standout in every way

> Another classical "involuntary bodily function"-type one, this time beginning when, 100% randomly and singularly and for the first time all day, the heart palpitations started up again, precisely as I came to "a heart attack" in the book, ha ha

> Another pretty notable echo: when I randomly/singularly came to "Windy City" in the book, precisely as a stray breeze blew my note paper from the table, the one and only for the whole ~1 hour or so I was outside on the patio

> Another very notable, 100% objective and patternistic "random train of thoughts hinging on an objective event, only to be echoed by the book"-type one. It happened toward the end of the meal while I was inside, when one of the employees there I know said his goodbyes to his coworkers and started heading my way, thus causing me to think of how I'd like to say bye to him but I had my mouth ful of a half-chewed bite and so I'd have to prematurely swallow unless I wanted to talk with my mouth full -- precisely as I came to "He steadied himself as best he could and swallowed before speaking" in the book

And from there, the afternoon was almost fully silent even of numbers too. From what I remember, there were maybe the scantest handful of low-key traffic 37-plates, all purely passive and subtle and "inactive," and then maybe an equal number of equally sedate "everywhere" 37s and a couple other, minority repeats (no 212s today, unlike the last few days, I noticed). And, interestingly, this again all seemed to reflect the correspondingly "quiet"/relaxed state of mind/health/consciousness I was in today, conspicuously so after such nightmarish health the last couple days -- more blatant "reflection" between the phenomenon and my internal condition ...


An incredibly active day overall, perhaps maybe the most active in sheer volume and intensity ever, or at least for some time.

First activity came on morning drive:

> Another of those now-patternistic “37-plate logistically perfect 'greeter' as I merged onto the highway”-types, and this one even on the exact same ramp as at least one or two others of this kind, today exactly like others patternistically/behaviorally, with a 3738-plate car passing me just so as I merged that it flashed its plate perfectly into my line of sight at a perfect angle and timing, etc

> Then, soon after, an equally patternistic “slowly creeping upon a 370-plate car until its plate could resolve for me”-types

> Amidst all this, had the beginnings of the typical super-subtle/scattered/fuzzy echoes that heralds the onset of the “synchronistic state”

> Then, as another patternistically climactic/”end of drive”/arrival-type ones, a highly notable thought/radio/event echo at the coffee shop, when I parked in the one available shady spot and, as the shade crawled up and the van's windshield was pleasantly swallowed up in it, I registered it with a thought of something like “in shade/out of sun/darker and cooler” – precisely as “out of the sun” sang from the radio, and in that same context, of being “under the boardwalk and out of the sun,” and absolutely flawlessly timed and objective/independent, etc

From what I remember, lunchtime reading was largely silent except for some very scattered, “threshold”-level echoes and recurrences/parallels only, except for maybe a handful of more-coherent standoutish ones, all of the exact same ilk I've been seeing during lunchtime reading for so long now generally. Best example, and another very notable standout for several reasons: precisely as I came to the sentence in the book, “Anne fished the compact flip phone from her purse with one hand and answered after the third ring,” a man opened the door of the coffee shop nearby and held it open for a moment, talking to someone still inside, and thus causing the bell to ring against the door exactly three times, and with this singular event again correspondly absolutely flawlessly and objectively with my reading “the third ring.” Utterly damn surreal.

Afternoon driving is where the day really took off, at first just with a big, sudden, immediate cluster of after-lunch 37-plates, beginning with a 100% patternistic “very first plate I encountered after lunch being a 37,” this time slightly more notable due to the fact that it was a 1713-plate van stopped in the middle lane of the road when I pulled from the coffee shop parking lot, not just conspicuous but patternistically/intelligently so. And from there it was like some other days (but not all, as I've noted before) where I'll see a huge uptick in overall activity and numbers especially upon embarking on travel, this time with an immediate succesion of low-key 37-plates, with a fast build-up to a plateau of a steady stream of them intermixed with regular standout/patternistic/active classical traffic- and parking-lot types, even at this point overwhelming my memory and ability to even register them while paying attention to the road. Except they just kept building from there, steadily increasing over the course of the long drive north until they hit that “storm”/”onslaught” ridiculously-surreal level of them, where all kinds just come often back-to-back and in blatantly intelligent/”impossible” ways, and in just ridiculous amounts. What set today apart especially was that they just never let up, or even waxed and waned much, as in other days like this, instead just staying more or less steady and “storm”-level through the entire, very long drive. The same went for all the random parking lots and gas stations and stuff I was in too, with I think a 37-greeter plate of some fashion at literally every single stop. I won't even try to describe the traffic numbers further, other than it was impossible to describe, ha ha.

Also during the traffic numbers, almost as many “everywhere” 37s and the like, and of an equally “upgraded,” more-coherent level in general, and these again just far surpassing my ability to keep up, with probably a dozen or more standouts just slipping past me in the storm and being lost. One good, typical example I got down: it came at the end of the crazy drive, a sort of climactic “period at the end of a sentence”-type one, when, after literally dozens upon dozens of total 37s of the day, I went into the random gym I'd washed up at after all the random driving, and there, on a big screen displaying some sort of workout/fitness information in the lobby immediately upon entering, was a great big “73” smack dab in the middle of the screen, and in much bigger type than everything else on the screen, as to not only be the first immediate thing I saw, but to have it “shouting” at me – just so befitting the crazy onslaught of the day …

Another standout one, a classical receipt-type one, when I stopped randomly for gas and, first, was Compelled to get not just one but two gas treatments and put them in, and then, second, to get $30.00 of gas only despite being almost on empty, rather than doing the logical thing and filling up – only to have the total come to exactly $33.73, when the gas treatments didn't even have price tags I think, plus the store's zip code, printed twice on the receipt, was “27713,” ha ha

Thought-wise, there was considerably less activity but not quite silent, with actually quite a few incidents but most of the super-subtle/fuzzy echo variety, plus equally subtle “little thing” recurrences and parallels and some thematics, though there were likewise at least a few standout echoes and such that I just had to let go and ignore. Couple ones I did get down:

> When I was at that random thrift store and, precisely as I turned around to leave and absently looked down at a table with a big piece of paper with “TABLE” written on it sitting where I happened to look, a nearby stranger randomly said “table,” and again in that striking, perfectly patternistic/”intertwined” fashion, with my thought/registering/seeing it corresponding flawlessly with the spoken word

> A really cool 100% objective thought/radio one, beginning with a long random chain of thought that ended up with my thinking about a partial fast of some kind, and then how maybe I could do it with no solid foods and no supplements, thus causing me to think something like “no pills” with an attendant visualization – precisely as “no medication” sang randomly/singularly from the CD that was playing (the random one that I'd bought at the thrift store and was listening to for the first time ever …)

And that's all for this incredible day, with probably 99.9% of the incidents omitted …


Today was very much like yesterday, with another enormous storm of dozens upon dozens of highly notable standout 37-plates in traffic and the like plus a similar minority of the same sort of echoes and parallels and the like, though lesser of these today, and this again corresponding reflectively with nasty headsickness/internal “deadening” compared to yesterday, so notable in itself.

Morning saw activity in the form of another of those instantaneous, pretty much seamless “carryovers” from yesterday's driving-number storm, when I left where I'd camped, just after getting up as to make the appointment, and as soon as I left the lot and merged into the highway down the ramp, those exact same conspicuous numbers started up right away, as if on a switch, like I'd never left. And, likewise, after the appointment and a big stormy drive to the coffee shop, yet another very conspicuous and individually notable “greeter”-plate as I arrived, this time a 733 front-mounted plate on the first parked car I came in contact with after leaving the car and walking across the lot to the shop, and not only perfectly patternistic/notable in this sense alone, but it was another of those where the car was partially obscured by a slatted fence, with the plate just visible between the slats as I approached, just at the right angle/height, and for just visible a split second, just long enough for me to see it and register it before it again was obscured …

And the same went for afternoon driving too, exactly the same as yesterday, just less of it since I got where I was going and was able to stop earlier, etc, again dozens and dozens of individually notable incidents that I just had to lump together as one great big super-surreal cluster and leave it at that.

Thought activity was overall lesser today, but still that same pattern of scattered, largely subtle/indescribable activity plus a few good standouts I got down:

> A single, classical, “striking one-word passing sign”-type echo this morning on the drive to the appointment, when the radio sang out “Free!” precisely as I encountered this big billboard with “FREE!” in a highlighted star in giant text in the middle of the sign, and another that was not only perfectly synchronistic and patternistic in timing and feel, but with that depth to it, where the radio's loud, emphatic lyric was reflected in the equally “loud” visual of the billboard, just like I've seen in past incidents

> A cool cluster of “little thing” recurrences during the appointment this morning, and these fit that exact same pattern I've seen with that one chiropractor down at the beach, where he'd just thrown out the most random, unprompted things, apropos to nothing that we were discussing, yet they Just Happened to echo exactly something I'd patternistically just encountered within the last day or so, etc, etc, and this time again a whole bunch of them, probably 5-6 separate, equally notable topics in this manner, pretty much back to back

> Cool standout, singular thought/radio one mid-afternoon, beginning when I was driving and had several things occur to me to note, one after another, ending up with 4 or 5 separate things I needed to write down when I got the chance but was unable to due to being on the highway, and so I began juggling them mentally with my mnemonics and thus had the random, automatic thought of something like “got a bunch of stuff to write down/don't want to forget” – precisely as “all the things I have to remember” sang randomly/singularly from the radio, and again in that exact same context of “a lot of stuff,” etc

> Classical “small”/one-word/”fast” nearby-stranger-type echo, at the gas station when I was waiting in line and my eyes absently fell on an e-cigarette or something in a display case with “jak” written on it in small writing, which I noticed particularly, for no real reason, and had to kind of focus on it to read the small text, thus causing me to think something like “Does that say 'jak'?” – precisely as one of the two employees from behind the counter, again in seamless, flowing, and totally unrelated conversation, said to the other, “Give her some sugar and get her jacked-up,” and again with the “jacked” corresponding perfectly synchronistic with my registering the text and thinking “jak,” ha ha


Day's first activity came in the form of this ridiculously notable standout recurrence. It started last night at the end of that day's super-random library-freebie magazine, another “Compelled to get it from a selection of many, despite having no real interest in the subject matter and not being in the targeted demographic, etc”-type ones, a June 2018 issue of Oprah magazine, in which, at the very end of it that I read last night, there was a page-long list of these “brief assembled headlines”-type of articles, with a single, summarizing line of a story quoted for each, of about a dozen or so individual stories, one of which was of two lifelong friends of 60 years that amazingly turned out to be brothers – and then this morning, in the 100% equally super-random “no real interest in it”-type magazine I started reading this morning, a January 2018 issue of 'This Week' magazine (which I'd not only had no interest in, but had actually an aversion to, it being a typically “official”/edited/distorted version of the news and life in general, etc), it not only referenced this exact same story, and not only did it in the brief ~1/4 portion of it I read this morning, but it did so in that highly notable patternistic and “intelligent” fashion, with all of the forementioned patternistically/conspicuously random contextual and circumstantial elements in the mix, but also the fact that these two magazines were not only of polar-opposite subject matter/demographic interest, etc, but were dated ~six months apart and yet each contained that exact same story … Plus, a cute little additional detail from the second, 'This Week' article of the story, in which it mentioned, in its expanded version, how the one brother met the other through a DNA test, in which the other brother's reference handle in it was “Roy737,” this mentioned specifically in that patternistically “conspicuously offhand” fashion of so many of these little “37-containing additional detail in a separate synchronicity”-type deals.

Next activity came in the form of another of the more or less exact same lunchtime-reading clusters as I've been having, today a bit more active than last few days, still mostly super-subtle/subjective-type activity, mostly “reading just what I was thinking/experiencing just then”-type book echoes plus a handful of little-thing recurrences and parallels and super-profound personal thematics (and this uptick again increasing with a 100% corresponding/proportionate improvement in mental clarity/health/general state, in the now-established “reflective” fashion). And, once again: this all ceased abruptly upon finishing the meal and leaving the day's coffee shop, only to resume a little while later in the form of purely super-subtle or low-key/”threshold”-type activity of various sorts. Couple lunchtime standouts I got down:

> Another good, exemplary instance of “100% objective/random thought or event being echoed in the text perfectly synchronistically/intertwined, with the text visible to me peripherally beforehand but immaterial to it since the corresponding thought/event was so explicitly traceable and independent”-type activity. It started when I took a bite that proved a bit too big, with my mouth getting uncomfortably full after a minute or so of chewing from the saliva coming in, thus causing my cheeks to puff out and subsequently causing me to think something like “cheeks puffing out” – precisely as I came to “puffing his generous cheeks” in the book, and again in the same context, etc

> And another good example, this time of the “super-random and involuntary bodily function”-type. It started when, after literally days of not having this happen, I had another spell of that nightmarishly bad “shocking”-type of toxicity deep in the brain, with the first “shock” of it causing me to immediately and automatically respond with a panicky thought of something like “oh God not again, not that, that's just so bad, this can't be happening again, that feeling is just so wrong” – precisely as I came to “That shouldn't be” in the book, one standalone, quoted line of dialogue on its own individual line, which not only more or less literally echoed the thought crossing my mind at that very moment, but also did so in that additional, deeper manner that's characteristic of these especially-coherent/precise ones, both in that the dialogue's context was exactly the same as my thought, in the sense of “That thing is just so wrong, it should not exist/Is blatantly unnatural,” but also again in the very visual quality of the printed text, on its own line and with the subtle emphasis that this produced, which was perfectly reflective of the “loud”/panicky nature of the thought, which really came more from my body/something almost purely physical as opposed to from my mind/a mental reaction or vocalization, with it accompanying that panicky, outraged, nightmarish, “end-of-the-world” feeling that these specific “brain-shocks” have come to produce upon arrival – again just so ridiculously profound and surreal and explicit, words just fail, requiring it to be experienced to be fully appreciated. And, likewise: additional notability came from the fact that this one arrived within a cluster of no less than a dozen other, patternistically/behaviorally-identical and objective/traceable ones during lunchtime alone …

> A radio/reading echo towards the end of the meal, beginning when I came to “He can kill you. Just like he did Dean” in the book, singularly and randomly and at the very top of a new page, precisely as “Everybody dies!” sang emphatically from the radio, and this one had another, subtler quality to it, where, despite being more or less perfectly synchronistic/intertwined in timing, it still “felt” like another of those vaguer, longwinded thematic/atmospheric-type of echoes I've had before, and for various complex reasons. Reasonably notable just in itself, however.

> A standout combination “nearby stranger”/reading/100% objective-event-type one, beginning when, just nearby while I was sitting out at the table on the patio by the parking lot, a man got his order from the food truck there, after standing silently for some time while waiting for the food to be cooked (which I'd overheard particularly then, with the cook telling the customer something like “The sausage will be ready in a couple minutes”), and then began walking back to the table next to me, with his sandals slapping loudly/conspicuously against the pavement, thus causing me to automatically/absently/patternistically register the noise with a thought of something like “Slapping sandals/noisy walking/man's shoes making noise” – precisely as I came to a new sentence in the book that began with “The sound of feet,” perfectly synchronistic and intertwined/”shocking,” etc

The rest of the day, during the patternistic “resurgence of thought-type activity after a post-lunch lull”-type period of the day, was filled with another sequence of those exact same clusters of periodic super-subtle, all-inclusive activity, more super-subtle-yet-notable “you'd have to be there” fast/fuzzy/fleeting thought/event echoes plus recurrences/parallels/thematics, again much in the vein of the lunchtime-reading activity but without any standouts that translate well to text. Still: quite active if “quiet,” and again ridiculously surreal, etc.

Numbers were there today, though purely after-lunch, and beginning with yet another of those 100% patternistic “first plate immediately after leaving the coffee shop being a 37,” with my Just Happening to stop behind a 6735-plate “staring” at me from a stopped car at the intersection less than a minute from the shop. From there, had some scattered quietly conspicuous traffic- and parking-lot plates, sometimes more than others, a reasonable number but falling short of that ridiculously high “storm” level from the last two days of travel and the like. Standouts/examples I got down:

> A cool, 100% classical and patternistic combo at the mall just after lunch, beginning when I parked and got out (again super-randomly and in the only available space, with my even having to wait for a truck to back out of it and leave) and, again passively/automatically/without the slightest chance for me to have adjusted my gaze or let any sort of psychological interference/subjective perception creep in, was immediately faced with a 73-plate from the car in the row at my back, and this too in that patternistic “completely invisible to me when pulling in/only being visible/'revealed' upon my getting out” fashion. And then, identically when I went to leave, another “looking behind me to back out and being faced with a conspicuous 37-plate”-type one, with the 7111-plate on the truck directly behind me (but again 100% invisible to me previously) lying directly in my automatic and passive square of focus upon my turning around …

> Another combo-type one, this time in traffic, beginning with another “quietly conspicuous”-type one where I had to turn and a couple cars passed somewhat inconsiderately, ignoring me even though I'd been signalling for a while and had slowed almost to a stop in my line, only to have one car slow and blink their lights and go out of their way to let me in, again in quietly conspicuous/patternistic fashion – only to, first, “reveal” the 6370-plate of the last car to ignore me and go past as I turned behind them in line, and then, second, immediately after I'd turned and stopped in light at the intersection, my gaze passed absently by the clock, which read “3:07” exactly, in that distinct and patternistic “one-two”/wham-bam fashion

> Another quietly conspicuous traffic-type one, very much like the last, beginning when I again had to turn left in congested traffic and two drivers ignored my long signalling and slowing down and passed me by, both revealing back-to-back 37-plates as they did so, ha ha

> Had another of those “simple”-type of double-37-plate alignments in there too somewhere, if I remember right

> Had a fair number of “everywhere”-type 37s and minority repeats today, the best example of which came at that random pharmacy I'd stopped in and ended up using the men's room in. It was another of those patternistic and highly subjectively notable “Compelled to do something totally illogical/inconvenient/downright undesirable, only to be led to a 37 of some fashion”-type ones, when I went to throw away some trash in the men's room and, upon looking into the open trash bin there, I was instantly Compelled to pull out this random bundle of papers burried under some paper towels there, which proved to be an empty prescription bag with the label/recipient-info tag still on it, on which had a string of numbers ending in “7737” or some other conspicuous 37-variant in big type, plus at least one other on there that I remember, ha ha

Then more activity tonight when out with the parents, from what I remember it was another resurgence/carryover the rest of the day's subtle echoes and traffic plates and the like, with more pretty notable incidents that I just either lost track of or forgot before I could get down. Did have two standouts I got down though:

> Another big sudden cluster of 37s at the doughnut place when we went through, a series of four back-to-backs when we went through the drive through to order. It began with a one-two-three/wham-bam series of parked-car "staring" 37-plates, three in succession as I turned through the drive-thru and rounded the lot, each being sequentially "revealed" directly into my line of sight as they emerged into view around the building -- and then, to top it off, once Mom had finished ordering the doughnuts, the total came to exactly $11.73. And then, to make this even more notable: that total was wrong because it didn't deduct her coupon, such that when she pointed this out immediately after, the total was less but of course the "That'll be $11.73" was spoken nonetheless, 100% cashier-number-total-style ...

> A very notable thought echo, beginning with another 100% traceable and objective random chain of thought when Dad was telling me a story about a man who would do various good works and was never thanked for it over years and years, thus causing me to think of how, just that morning (and after trying to do this for the past week and never having the time), I'd emailed the 90.9 radio station and told them how much I appreciated their broadcast from last Sunday morning when I'd missed church, with my thinking this specifically in response to the story of the man who'd never been told thank-you for his services, because my expressing gratitude like with the radio station was so that it would avoid just such a situtation of ignorance/non-communication, etc -- in any case, causing me to 100% objectively think something like "like with that 90.9 radio station I'd finally emailed this morning," in response to the story I was being told while we were driving to the restaurant -- precisely as we stopped at an intersection, behind a car with a "90.9 FM" radio bumper sticker on it, and with this "arriving"/"invading" where I was absently looking at the time, patternistically, etc. And of course, being in a totally different state and such, the car's 90.9 FM was a different actual station than that from down south, but was still 100% accurate in literally echoing the "90.9 FM" thought crossing my mind at that very instant ...


Day's specifics are lost to me at this point, being so sick all day and traveling and having to write this after the fact. Notes I got down:

> Morning was another of those with exclusively one kind of activity, the little-thing parallels/recurrences today, at the exclusion of other stuff entirely from what I remember, just like past patterns, and today with quite a few from what I remember, probably over a dozen spread between random reading material and the like, though all super-subtle/personal, etc. Did have one standoutish/reasonably coherent one: it started yesterday when I got to the parents' and was met with the increasing clutter in the house and thus thought, absently but distinctly and patternistically, about how I'd have to deal with all the stuff once they passed, etc, the first I'd thought of this in a long time, and of course 100% objecitively, etc -- and then in that random library-freebie magazine this morning, in yet another patternistically small, totally offhand random article, it had mentioned a Swedish term, roughly translated into "death cleaning," which is a common practice there of getting rid of stuff you don't need expressly so that your relatives, etc, don't have to deal with it when you die, again as to echo that explicit sentiment after I'd patternistically encountered it for the first time in a long while, and again in the most patternistically random of ways (and in yet another magazine that had zero overt/logical appeal to me when I'd chosen it)

> An especially notable "first plate of the day being a 37"-type one, immediately upon my leaving for the day, when I went to leave the house from alongside the road and stopped to look the three ways to see if anyone was coming, when a car sped recklessly around the bend at the precise instant I'd let off the brake and hit the gas to go, thus causing me to jerk back to a stop and tense up and take patternistic/necessary notice of the speeding car as it passed -- only to be "flashed" with its 7305-plate, ha ha

> And then, immediately after that once I was on the road, another big cluster of semi-conspicuous 37-plates in traffic, that same mix of many low-key/passive ones with classical active ones mixed in regularly as I've been seeing during this trip

> Had a cluster of notable/standout mixed activity at the end of the drive to the place for the eggs, beginning when I left and had a classical/textbook "looking randomly to back out, only to find myself face-to-face with a previously invisible 37-plate on a parked car," and then, next, immediately after, another "speeding/reckless car forcing me to wait to pull out, thus drawing my attention to it particularly so that its 7373-plate 'flashed' directly into my line of sight as it passed," almost exactly like that I'd just experienced when leaving the house not a half-hour previous -> next, a sudden little cluster of radio/thought/event-type echoes, mostly super-subtle/fuzzy ones I think but with one decent standout, when I was passing this van that was going only a little slower than me, such that it was a big long drawn-out passing, as to make me absently think, as I finally nosed past the van, something like "finally passed him," precisely as "overtaken" sang randomly/singularly from the radio, and again in that same "passing by" context -> and then, finally, after all that, another "greeter"-style 37-plate once I finally arrived at the church, and this one another conspicously "staring"/logistically perfect/angled-just-right-type one where I pulled in, and then, immediately after as I crept through the crowded lot looking for a space, I encountered I think at least 2-3 other semi-conspicuous 37-plates

> Lunchtime reading was almost totally silent today, another of those days with only the slightest, threshold-level super-subtle reading echoes and the like here and there, to that point of being easily missed even if I was looking for them, and these coinciding with another "reflective" bought of ugly head/mental deadness, etc

> The afternoon's big highway drive south was also pretty much silent thought-wise, again with that same extremely subtle threshold-level activity here and there but for the most part totally silent. The most-coherent I remember were a handful of those classically patternistic "one-word radio/passing-sign"-type echoes, such as when "four" came randomly over the radio at the precise/intertwined instant that I registered the "4" of the "40" on a passing mile-marker sign, maybe a half-dozen or so like these, and again only collectively/patternistically notable.

> Did have one standoutish recurrence, of the theme of "stuck brake lights," beginning when the brake lights on the car got stuck last week and I had the distinct thought of "You know, I don't think I've ever seen a car driving around with stuck brake lights like this" -- and then today during highway driving, I got behind a car with its brake lights stuck, either the first time ever or the first in a very long time. And then, to make it a little more notable: it happened again, sort of, just after, down the highway a ways, when I got behind this truck pulling a trailer on which its array of traffic and brake lights were semi-solid, staying on for the most park and flickering in and out, obviously some kind of short or other wiring problem but still pretty well echoing the theme of "stuck brake lights," and again more notable given its timing/randomness with my car's lights getting stuck and then my encountering that other car with the stuck lights just before, etc

> Today's highway driving broke the pattern of the last two, without any of that storm-level craziness repeating itself, or even the higher-activity clusters of that morning, instead just, from what I remember, back to being a scant, scattered, almost fully low-key/passive series here and there, not at all "loud" or active, though my memory is sketchy overall. In any case, they were there, and definitely downturned/shifted in general pattern and feel compared to those two comparably identical crazy days, as to again be interesting/notable in itself, if only subjectively

> Did have another of those cool "daylong theme"-type of meta-incidents, this one pretty notable ultimately. It involved, first, my randomly scanning to radio stations at both 103.7 or 107.3 repeatedly over the drive, which of course has happened many times in "subtle little 37-repeat cropping up" fashion but today was especially coherent/numerous, and always under the same circumstances, often with my coming to repeated commercials or stations with music I didn't want to hear, then settling on a station with agreeable music, without even looking at the readout since I was focused on the road, only to later on be surprised by a "this is 103.7 FM" or whatever announcement, this happening at least a half-dozen times if not more, just today. But then, the thematic got more notable, and gained that "multidimensional" quality common to these "upgraded"-type of incidents, when I had the radio's 37-containing call-sign announcement coincide perfectly synchronistically with the appearance of another 37, often on a semi-conspicuous traffic plate or an "animated" passing sign or whatever, but this too happened many times over the course of the day, thematic-style, as to again be reasonably notable on their own but much moreso collectively/patternistically, etc. And again: just so damn surreal ...


Today was another largely quiet day, and again in that same vein as yesterday, with the nasty headsickness/internal "deadness" being reflected patternistically in the activity, both in volume/amount and feel/intensity/behavior.

Morning was totally silent, with the first activity being another classically patternistic "first plate of the day being a 37," this one like so many others of this kind that I've been seeing lately (and why the sudden uptick of these, coming near daily or daily it seems?), a 2371 that was not only being the first plate I encountered after leaving but on a logistically perfectly parked/angled car, such that the plate was again "staring" at me/directly in my line of sight as I passed, etc.

Lunchtime reading was another "threshold-level only"-type day, again with just the slightest few reading/environmental echoes here and there. The only semi-coherent ones came towards the end of the meal after I'd moved inside for A/C and thus could hear the TV on the wall, which had probably a dozen or so of those subtle-but-striking/perfectly timed one-word super-random echoes. And, some notable context/circumstances here: at first I ignored several of these echoes despite their patternistic feel and timing, etc, due to the logical correlation between the political TV show and the political nature of the book I was reading, such that many of the words, like "campaign" and "administration" and "Clinton," etc, wouldn't have been too unlikely despite their "intertwined" timing and repeated behavior, etc -- but then, later, it kept happening even during commercials, with other, super-random, general, non-political words, and with the same perfect/patternistic timing, etc (and, interestingly: the commercial ones came almost immediately after I'd had the thought to ignore the political-term echoes due to their less-unlikely nature, etc, again "intelligently" so, as if to force me to take notice ...).

Otherwise, afternoon saw literally only two singular, standout incidents, with an absolute silence otherwise from what I remember:

> The first came just after lunch in the coffee shop parking lot when I went around picking up litter before leaving, beginning when I came out into the hot, intense sun and thus had the thought of how it could sunburn me, etc, and then, equally automatic and absent, I thus thought about how I was glad I'd put on the coconut oil before leaving, for some UV protection -- and then, precisely as this thought was crossing my mind, I came upon a random piece of litter to pick up, which proved to be a little empty bottle of coconut oil, as to perfectly and patternistically echo the thought of "coconut oil massage" crossing my mind at that precise instant, and again 100% objectively traceable to the reactive chain of thoughts that began when I emerged into the sun

> Equally objective and similar in feel/circumstances: when I went into the bank and, looking for a place in the foyer to stick the cartoon I'd picked out, I couldn't find any good ones, just a flat, bare counter, thus automatically causing me to reach into my pocket for some pennies so that I could lay out the cartoon and put the pennies on top as I do, only to find my pocket empty because I'd put all my change into the tip jar at the coffee shop, ultimately causing me to have the absent/automatic thought of something like "no change/used all my change earlier" -- just as I started past the counter and through the foyer and thus came face-to-face with a big poster, on the wall just above the bare counter I'd been looking at, that read in big type in the middle "LOSE THE LOOSE CHANGE," almost perfectly echoing the basic thought/sentiment again crossing my mind patternistically/perfectly synchronistically at that precise instant

Number-wise: the quietest day for several now, even moreso than yesterday, with only a scattered few low-key/passive plates in traffic and parking lots, and then nothing by the time I started home. Did have two standoutish ones:

> A classical "immediately after lunch" 37-plate, also the first after lunch again too, with my backing out and finding that a 375-plate car had parked beside me while inside, and this of course the first plate I encountered upon leaving

> Then, just down the road, another of those circumstantially/contextually/patternistically notable ones, another "taking a random turn somewhere due to some patternistically conspicuous circumstance, only to have it result in a 'staring' 37-plate encounter," this time when I went to leave the bank and, seeing a line of cars at that bad intersection there without a light, I decided to cut through the empty gas station parking lot just beside it and go that way -- only to find myself coming patternistically face-to-face with the 731-plate on a car parked there. And then, upping the notability somewhat: just down the road, when I pulled into a second random gas station, now to turn around, there was another "staring" plate there too, exactly like the last, on a van parked/angled perfectly so that it would be directly in my line of sight as I turned in, etc, and again coming so close to the last that it had that one-two/wham-bam effect, albeit a loose, delayed one


Had two singular, standoutish incidents this morning from what I remember, amid an otherwise total silence except for maybe the slightest bit of super-subtle echoes and recurrences and the like:

> The first was a subtle but very patternistic/collectively notable recurrence. It started just after I finished fixing lunch and chores and, just before sitting down for the usual after-chore reading, I noticed how I'd spilled some of that white maize flour on my black pants somehow, and I both noticed this, from the stark contrast of white on black, but also Noticed it, in that patternistic/subtle-but-distinct way -- and then, maybe five minutes later amid the opening series of full-pages ads in the super-random library-freebie magazine I was just starting to read, I came to an ad for a stove or some kitchen gadget in which a family was shown fixing a meal in a kitchen, with the mother's black pants powdered with white-flour patches exactly like those on my pants. And this was another where the context/little details played a big part of it, first because this was, once again, the first time in a long, long time that I'd had any sort of flour on my clothes, years and years and years, probably *decades,* in childhood, because that's how long it's been since I've had anything remotely "floury" in my diet, with my only buying this maize flour totally random just last week (and I don't even know how I spilled it and dusted my pants today, since I'd used a careful, exact tablespoon and hadn't spilled any on my pants since I've been using it). And then, likewise, there was the subtle emphasis in the ad on the mother's flour-powdered pants in particular, with them occupying the center focal point of the page and obviously highlighted/emphasized further through Photoshopping/image manipulation, etc -- all of which is just so patternistic of these dozens (or now hundreds? thousands?) of "subtle little everday-thing recurrences" I've been experiencing so prominently for months now ...

> Had a perfectly synchronistic thought echo that either was nothing or was a subtle/subjective but highly notable one, I can't really say for sure. It started when I was finishing up my oil self-massage just before leaving for the day, when my eyes fell absently but distinctly/patternistically, Noticing-style, on the apron hung over the counter and its picture of a cherry pie with this written above it, as to cause me to automatically register it with another mentally vocalized thought of "cherry pie" -- and then, as I raised my hands to my face to massage it, I swear they smelt like cherry pie, with my raising my hands up simultaneously as I'd Noticed the apron and had the thought, as to have it and my registering the scent be perfectly intertwined in that special way. I stood there smelling my hands for some time, and they really did smell *exactly* like cherry pie, that special, unique odor, and apparently it came from the oils on it, the weird combination of the rose + ylang-yland + peanut + sesame + coconut oils apparently coming together to somehow produce just this exactly by incredibly unlikely coincidence. My first thought was that I'd been subconsciously cued/hypnotized into perceiving the odor as cherry pie by my reading the text just then, but I stood there sniffing my hands over and over again, repeatedly scrutinizing the odor and running the mental-filtering routine I'd come to use for these to determine whether I was objectively really smelling cherry pie or not, and it did indeed seem that the odor was real, not imagined/programmed/subconscious suggested ...

Thought-wise, the rest of the day say only the slightest activity, and even this was strictly after-lunch only, with lunchtime reading itself being 100% silent I think, despite my head being the clearest it's been for weeks now (another of those cyclical/periodic "wind-down" periods that the phenomenon seems to enter as a matter of course, perhaps?). Then, at some non-specific point a while afterward, there followed maybe 5-6 total of those super-subtle but distinctly patternistic/subjectively notable/identifiable small/striking/fuzzy/"fleeting" one-word echoes of various kinds. Couple coherent-ish examples I got down:

> A highly subjectively notable/"you'd have to have experienced it personally" one at the grocery store, when I came to this endcap at the corner of an aisle that had something hung on it that read "BIG," a gift bag or something, I can't remember -- but in any case, in the heat of the moment as I passed it, I distinctly Noticed this "big," as to have it register vocally in my mind and be at the forefront of my thoughts in the split second I rounded this endcap -- only to emerge, not even a half-second later, around the corner of the endcap and into view of this enormously tall teenage boy, who had to be probably seven feet tall or more and very husky/beefy and who I had to swerve to avoid running into (since we'd been 100% invisible to one another beforehand ...), such that I distinctly/immediately registered him as "big tall person," such that it once again overlapped/intertwined flawlessly with the registered-thought of "big" still crossing my mind ...

> A similar one at the gym later, of that "hearing some random/singular/un-alluded-to lyric on my MP3 player a split second after an equally random and objective thought," this time right as a finished on exercise and determined that I was due for a stretch-break by hanging on the bar and twisting/swinging from side to side as I do, this coming in the form of a patternistically instant/absent/automatic visualization of my jumping up to the bar and swinging from side to side specifically -- maybe a half-second before the song sang out "swinging from the gates," with the "swinging" corresponding again perfectly/intertwined with the visualization-thought as it unfolded in my mind ...

Numbers were present, but sparse and generally low-key, and exclusively just before and after lunch I think, with only a handful of the typical low-key traffic 37-plate plates, these coming primarily on the way home. Did have several moderate standouts:

> A cluster at the coffee shop, beginning with another "quietly conspicuous staring 37-plate on a parked car," this one "aimed" directly at me as I walked inside (when I'd been Compelled to park in a different space than I usually do, at the other end of the lot, thus sending me directly into contact with this one), and then a similar one, I can't remember the specifics, on the way out, followed by a sudden succession of I think maybe 3-4 more parked-low-key plates on the way out of the lot

> Another "pulling into a parking lot and being immediately 'greeted' by a conspicuously angled/logistically perfect 37-plate-car"-type one, this time at the pharmacy and notably so, given that it was another of those patternistically "zero plans to go there, literally turning on the spur-of-the-moment as I passed by, surprising even myself"-type one

> Also had another of those "geographical"/place-oriented 37-plate-repeats I've been seeing here and there lately, and this one at that same restaurant I last noted these at, on the corner I pass on the way home, and this one, from what I remember, again a totally random, 3374-plate truck parked there and angled perfectly exactly, one I'd never seen before as opposed to some sort of regular customer/employee, etc. And another very interesting and patternistic detail here: this one came only after a long silence of these, following when I'd first noticed the pattern at this particular restaurant and had found myself subconsciously looking for a plate there as I'd passed -- until today, when it had been long enough that I'd stopped paying attention/subconsciously seeking a plate out as I passed by on the way home, such that this latest one distinctly surprised me anew, *exactly* as has been the pattern in other instances where I'd come to subconsciously look for synchronicities and the like, in that ridiculously surreal "universal intelligence" manner ...

> And then finally, a highly notable "random found-litter receipt covered in conspicuous 37s" one. It was a receipt that I found in the parking lot of the coffee shop but, being on the way out and at the edge of the lot where there was no trashcan, I instead just put it in my back pocket without looking at it (it was fully crumpled into a ball, such that I didn't even know it was a receipt/everything on it was fully unreadable, etc) and went on my way and of course forgot about it until I got home and went to unload my pockets before putting my shorts in the wash as I always do -- only to be Compelled to unfold it and look at it before putting it in the recycling, discovering that it was check number 731237, with the timestamp of 12:37 PM immediately below that, both of these not only printed directly at the top but with them Just Happening to be the very first things that "greeted" me, "revealing"/"animated" style, in the random way I unfolded the crumpled ball ...


Interesting standoutish reading recurrence over the last couple days, between that random-Compelled-buy 'Clinton Cash' book I started reading and the equally super-random library-freebie copy of 'Town and Country' that I randomly started reading yesterday, another where they had a whole bunch of subtle-but-patternistic/distinct little recurrences and parallels between them, probably upwards of a couple dozen overall. The prominent were the themes of philanthropy and its ulterior motives and the like, these actually highly explicit and would be individually notable if not for the fact that the magazine was a themed "philanthropy issue," with this printed directly on the cover prominently as to be a potential subconscious cue/selective perception/subconscious bias in my choosing to get and read that magazine when I was reading the identically-themed Clinton book (though, as best as I can tell, there was zero bias involved here). So I first disregarded these many blatant parallels/echoes along these lines -- until the two started paralleling themselves in other, non-philanthropy-related ways, on random topics and subjects and the like, some of them pretty notable but I can't remember them particularly, again being somewhat overwhelmed with the sheer amount of them -- in any case, it was just like other instances of this, where the parallels are not only ridiculously random and obscure and patternistic but are of such different origins and categorical mentions and the like that there's just no logical/causal/"normal" correlation to explain it (and, once again: these latter, non-philanthropic echoes and recurrences seemed to emerge expressly *after* I'd disregarded the first on grounds of bias/logical correlation, etc, again in that "intelligent"/playful/challenging fashion that figures so prominently into so many of these ...).

Numbers today were again largely subdued, scattered, after-lunch only, and almost exclusively low-key/passive, just scattered 37-plates in traffic and parking lots after leaving the coffee shop (though I did note another of those sudden minority-repeat upticks, 44s and 14s and such variants, probably a dozen or so over the course of the day, some of them more-notable/coherent/standoutish such as clock-ticks and a receipt-type one where that random receipt Dad had written the note to me on had a conspicuous 4:14 PM timestamp and some other repeats on it when I'd discovered upon going to throw the receipt away). And another patternistic thing I noticed about today: another of those slow, gradual, and distinct progressions, with zero numbers through morning and the drive to lunch, followed by a patternistically slow, non-specifically-timed onset after lunch, and eventually peaking with some slightly more-active/conspicuous ones on the drive home.

And actually did have one single, notable standout number-wise today, and, interestingly, it came at the very tail end of the progression, just before I got home, in that climactic "period at the end of a sentence" fashion I've seen so many times now. It happened as I came up on an intersection and, just as I neared it and slowed down and looked left to see if any cars were coming, a school bus on the upcoming road emerged into view from behind a big stand of trees, with its number emerging conspicuously/directly in my line of sight -- 508-1137, and not only was it a blatant 37-variant, but the way it all worked out, in logistically perfect/perfectly timed fashion, the "1137" portion was the first to emerge into view, with the bus going left to right, as to be isolated from the "508-" and also creating that distinctly surreal "revealed"/"animated" effect -- another that really needed to be experienced to be fully appreciated, and just ridiculously surreal for all that it loses in translation to text.

Thought/perceptual activity was silent except for those few morning-reading recurrences, until lunchtime reading, beginning with another scattered, super-subtle/low-key succesion of those same "threshold"-level  little reading/environmental echoes that I've been experiencing so often at lunch and the like, again just the subtlest little one-word echoes that could be so easily missed, and never really graduating/intensifying through the meal. And, sort of like the school bus incident with the numbers, did have one single, standout sort of climactic "crescendo":

It started with another of those 100% objective and independent/"impossible that I had any hand in it subjectively" sort of events, this time with one employee at the coffee shop saying randomly to another, "two pots and a cot," which I immediately interpreted to be mean "a minimalist/cheap/simple way of life," thus causing me to absently/automatically register the phrase with a thought of something like "minimalist living" and a visualization of someone living in an RV or trailer or something as I associate such sentiment with -- precisely as I came in the book to "to live modestly," in that exact same context and perfectly timed and again so explicitly echo-y and reflective of what I'd just thought that, had I not been able to so perfectly trace the thought back to the unquestionably objective event of the employee's remark, I'd have written it off as subsconscious/periphery reading-ahead/suggestiong/cueing, etc -- exactly like so many of these, patternistic in every way.

Afternoon, too, followed the same basic pattern I've been seeing many days lately, with some scattered, small, fuzzy, "fast"/fleeting echoes and the like here and there, plus a few "little thing" parallels and recurrences in the mix as well, less than a dozen total by the time I got home and the silence became total. Few examples I got down:

> Good example of the "fuzzy"/indirectly precise kind. It started when I randomly came upon these two kids walking along the sidewalk while I was driving up to the thrift store, both of them in bathing suits and visibly/conspicuously wet, obviously having been fresh from the beach and ocean just a block or so away, thus causing me to absently/automatically register them with a thought of something like "wet kids/been in the ocean/wet from the ocean" -- precisely as "I want to bath with you in the sea" sang randomly/singularly from the radio

> A similar one soon after, once I was in the thrift store. It happened while I was browsing the books, when a woman walked past and I found myself oddly and conspicuously being totally immoble upon her closeby approach through the narrow walkway, which I found notably odd, without my showing that uncomfortable and involuntary aversion reaction that I've always experienced when having someone come uncomfortably close like that, causing me to absently think something like "I just stood absolutely still when that woman passed, both physically and mentally/internally" -- precisely as I came to the spine of a book called 'The Sentinel' in my left-to-right browsing of a shelf, again indirectly/non-literally echoing the basic sentiment of "man standing totally still and silent and composed"/"standing sentinel" as the expression often is

> Classical "first words over the radio upon getting into the car and keying the ignition echoing exactly what I was absently thinking at that exact moment," this time beginning when I got into the hot car after it had been sitting in the sun for a while, when I was already hot, thus causing me to immediately think of the car's air-conditioning, something like "want air-conditioning/air-conditioning now" -- and of course the first, immediate words to come over the radio were "air-conditioning," mid-sentence through an ad, and coming in that equally immediate, perfectly synchronistic, "as the thought was unfolding in my mind" timing

> A cool page-turn double during the treatment, both involving the random magazine I was reading then. The first began when I experienced a sudden surge of that ugly headsickness and confusion that seems to result from when I take the mushroom supplements, thus causing me to think something like "mushrooms/no more mushrooms" -- a split second before I turned the page and there, the very first thing directly in my line of sight upon turning to the new (and previously 100% invisible) page, was an article about mushrooms, headed with "FUNGI" something or other in big letters at the top, as to immediately/patternistically echo that exact thought, and again with zero preface/potential cueing from the last, visible page, it being just another random, singular article in a succession of such within a sort of mash-up/"general-interest stories" section of the magazine. And then, a few pages later on, the exact same thing happened, when I again randomly and objectively thought of the mushrooms for some reason (it might've been me reminding myself to note the first page-turn incident, I can't quite remember), and then, precisely as this thought unfolded in my mind, I turned the page to a second article about mushrooms, and this one again equally random and unprefaced, and entirely unrelated to the first, just a second offhand article about mushrooms that Just Happened to be there, right then ...

> A good example of the super-subtle, fleeting, "common sentiment but perfectly timed and patternistic/collectively notable"-type ones that I only experienced several of today but have, on more-active/background-static-type days, experienced many within a short period of time, often back-to-back, etc: precisely as I turned into the driveway upon coming home, the radio randomly/singularly sang out "he pulled into that parking lot," ha ha


Quietest day of recent memory, with morning and lunchtime reading both wholly, totally silent of even the subtlest activity, another one of those "negatively notable" deals in which I could distinctly/patternistically feel myself totally "out of the synchronistic state."

Evening afternoon was largely silent, save for another patternistically short, moderate cluster of immediately-after-lunch low-key/semi-conspicuous 37-plates in traffic and parking lots, followed up by another sort of "climax" of several more-active, classical incidents like turn-in-fronts and plate-"flashes" and the like, but even then, very quiet. And as for thought-type stuff, actually had just one, single standout radio/objective-event echo, with total silence still otherwise (though, I did not the slightest spattering of little-thing recurrences, plus a few patternistic crossword-word echoes now that I think about it, but even these were very few and sparse and "quiet"):

It happened when I turned onto the main road after the library, when I came face-to-face with a big white truck that was turning into traffic from the middle lane just as I arrived, with a big "SIERRA" emblem entering my direct line of sight/"invading" my vision in that patternistic way, thus causing me to absently register it with a thought of "Sierra" -- precisely as "Sierras" sang randomly/singularly from the radio, perfectly synchronistic/intertwined, etc.


Today was more active than yesterday, though still largely silent, and even with what activity there was being distinctly "quiet" in feel and volume.

Morning was totally silent, with the exception of there occurring several of those "little things" that would recur at lunch, in what would be a pretty notable and patternistic cluster of such during lunchtime reading, first activity of the day I think. It was exactly like other such morning/lunch little-thing recurrence/parallel loops, with several not hugely uncommon but distinct and precise experiences from morning recurring in the lunchtime reading of the 'Blima' book, and this again being all the more notable given how I'd so super-randomly bought that book at the library and then started reading it last night, when I'd planned to get that entirely different book, etc. A few standouts from the maybe 6-8 recurrences:

> One started when I'd woken up this morning feeling distinctly and oddly cold despite the high heat and my having the A/C off all night, due to that bizarre sickness/allergic-like immune-type activity I'd woken with today, thus causing me to think "how odd, to feel so cold at the peak of summer/90-degree weather," etc -- and then in the book, the narrarator had randomly echoed this exactly, when the people in the extermination camp were cold due to starvation/sickness, etc, "despite it being the middle of summer," her words exactly, and again made a little more notable even individually due to this again being the first time in a long time that I'd happened to encounter the sentiment of "cold in the summer heat" in some way, 100% patternistic of these

> Same for how, upon putting on my shoes and leaving this morning, I'd had a little pebble in my shoe that was irritating me as I walked, and which I'd just left in there at first, such that it was still there and bugging me as I walked into the coffee shop, then finally took my shoes off after sitting down to eat and dumped it out, such that it was fresh in my mind as I began reading -- and then, several pages into the read, the narrator mentioned, randomly and offhand, how she'd had a pebble in her shoe (and of course this was the first I'd had a pebble in my shoe for maybe months or longer ...)

> And one that recurred just in the space of a couple minutes, beginning just during lunch, when I'd found myself chewing faster than I should've so that I could drink some of the fresh coffee before it got stale in the heat, thus causing me to distinctly/consciously think something like "eat slower and chew more because it's good for you and helps significantly with digestion," as I've just really been working on and making progress with just over the last few days -- and then, maybe a page or two later, the woman mentioned how, in the camp, she'd learned to chew more and eat more slowly because it was better for digestion ...

> Had a couple at lunch that were also very subtle but so close together that they kind of blurred the line between the parallel/recurrence-type and simple delayed echoes, such as when I'd accidentally taken some ice in with a sip of coffee and thus distinctly thought "don't want ice/don't want to chew ice because too much cold is bad for digestion" -- and then, I think maybe a sentence or two later, the woman in the book again mentioned how she'd chewed ice for water while on the death march

> Had a couple of those now-very-patternistic crossword-word echoes/recurrences too, again when I'd randomly done that crossword this morning, when I'd not been doing them most days lately due to lack of time, 100% patternistic of these

Only other thought/perceptual activity was another of those single, standout, highly notable incidents, this time after lunch when I stopped randomly at that bookstore. It started when I got the eggs from the farmers market but then couldn't fit the long carton fully into the cooler, such that I had to leave it cracked open in the sweltering hot car and so was racing against the clock to get home before the eggs got warm, such that this was at the forefront of my mind as I raced into the bookstore and began hastily looking for a book, thus causing me to think something like "I don't like being rushed like this due to having refrigerated food in the cooler" -- and then, maybe a minute or less after I entered the bookstore, a man walked in and met his wife in the back, just next to me, and said something about how he didn't want to buy cold food from the grocery store because he didn't have any ice in his cooler and so he'd be pressured to get it refrigerated/rush in what he was doing -- *exactly* what I'd been thinking at that time, in so many words, not a perfectly synchronistic echo by any means but again so close and so precise as to be highly notable. And it got even more notable when the same guy went on to say something about how he'd like to have stopped at the Publix market but it didn't work out due to some circumstance -- when I'd also been thinking *exactly* that, how I really wanted to stop at Publix due to their having the sprouts I wanted but I decided to go to the other grocery store, right next to the bookstore I was in, so that I wouldn't have to make an additional stop. Wow ...

Numbers were again present but pretty sparse and quiet overall, though again not so much as yesterday, beginning with another of those now-patternistic "immediately after lunch brief-but-moderately-intense" clusters, beginning with an active standoutish one literally immediately after I got in the car and back onto the road again, when, right after I'd stopped at the intersection just feet away from the coffee shop, a car pulled up in the next lane over at my right, thus "flashing" its 973-plate directly into my line of sight. From there, had another of those reasonably close successions of low-key 37-plates in traffic and parking lots, with some more-active-leaning ones interspersed, including a couple pull-in-fronts and their ilk, and a "conspicuously circumstantial" parking-lot park-by, when I'd gone out of my way to park facing away from the sun in order to try to keep the car cool, thus causing me to loop awkwardly/inconveniently around the parking lot aisles, only to find myself parked directly/conspicuously/patternistically behind a 173-plate car which had of course been 100% invisible until I'd pulled around and changed facing.

After that, the plates again entered a now-patternistic lull/silence, only to perk back up after I'd gone home and then left again and gotten back on the road, with another cluster pretty much identical to that which had followed lunch, another moderate probably ~6-8-strong succession of low-key and semi-conspicuous traffic plates, plus some "everywhere" ones too mixed in, such as when I had to check my speed or something, thus causing me to look objectively/by necessity at the dashboard, exactly as the trip odometer clicked to "2730," in that perfect, flawless, 100% patternistic clock-tick fashion.

Then tonight had another one of those now-patternistic "dinnertime-reading carryovers from lunchtime reading," with the exact same variety and such of incidents more or less, again more little-thing parallels/recurrences along with several "reading exactly what I was just objectively thinking/doing/experiencing"-type ones, several of them notable but lost to me now, too sick and distracted to get them down at the time but there nonetheless.


First activity of the day came in the form of another of those "cartoon"-type echoes and little-thing parallels, several in succession today as I sat going over several pages of cartoons and only finding duds, thus causing me to look at an abnormal amount and ultimately seeing probably 5-6 echoes or parallels in them, a few of them coherent-ish even:

> Good example of the super-super-subtle "seeing some common everyday thing for the first time ever or in a while and Noticing it distinctly, then seeing it again soon after"-types: beginning yesterday at the book store when I encountered a book entitled "VERDUN," printed big on the cover, and Noticed it distinctly, either never having seen it before or not in recent memory, and then, in a random Snoopy cartoon this morning, it mentioned Verdun (and, interestingly: this one came in that super-random cartoon page I'd pulled from the recycling bin just yesterday, and had been from some weeks-old out-of-area newspaper ...)

> Another "I was just objectively thinking that"-type one, when I'd absently thought of how that new supplement I'd just taken today is supposedly used for narcoleptics too, and then, some seconds after I'd thought this, I unfolded a new cartoon page, this one with a couple articles at the bottom, one of which mentioned a "narcolepsy medication" in the first paragraph (or so I think that's how this one went -- a random article I came across in one of the pages echoed the "narcolepsy med" sentiment soon after I'd randomly thought of it, in any case)

> Same for an article just beside the narcolepsy one, about a disease that causes "abnormal heart rhythms," when, just a minute or so before, I'd started having the random heart palpitations again, and this one I can definitely say started before I'd even unfolded the page/had the article in my peripheral vision, etc, and serves as another good example of the "environmental" equivalent of the super-subtle echoes and the like, where little things/experiences/stuff in my environment echoes itself subtly but noticeably/patternistically

Next activity of the day was a pair of patternistic "lunchtime greeting" 37-plates, first when I came to the intersection just before the coffee shop and got stopped directly behind another of those "conspicuously staring" 37-plates as I sat waiting for the light, very mildly notable individually but moreso patternistically/collectively, seeing as how many dozens of times I'd Just Happened to stop behind such a plate. And then, a minute later when I pulled up to the shop, another 100% patternistic "suddenly Compelled to park in a super-random space" one, this time with my heading for my usual, close, logical space at this particular coffee shop, only to be Compelled to park further away in a different space to my left -- only to find myself directly/super-conspicuously behind a 731-plate car directly in front of me (but again 100% invisible until I'd turned at the sharp left angle necessary to park there, ha ha).

Lunchtime reading was another of those very very quiet days, with only that patternistically familiar "threshold" level of activity, just the slightest scattering of subtle reading echoes and little parallels/recurrences, and only a handful even of these. Best standout: a "resumed reading/objective event"-type one, beginning halfway through the meal when I'd gone inside and re-set the table and got my second course out and done all the stuff necessary to resume my book and eating, etc, and had just distinctly eased back in my seat, relaxing after all the activity/shuffling around -- only to resume the book, on a new page and leaf (previously 100% invisible, with my simply turning the page and putting the bookmark in and immediately closing the book without looking at it before packing it up to move inside the shop), the very first sentence began with "He eases back into his chair," this coming as I was simultaneously scooching back and easing into a comfortable position while raising up the book, absolutely flawlessly intertwined/"synchronistic" in every sense, etc.

From there, the rest of the day's activity was exclusively numbers, and these exclusively 37-plates in traffic, beginning with another "immediately after leaving the coffee shop, the very first plate encountered was a super-conspicuous 37," this time a 37737 on a big new sparkly sports car, again still as I was on the sidewalk by the shop and the very first plate I encountered afterward, ridiculously patternistic. After that, it was back to just some scattered semi-conspicuous low-key plates interspersed with maybe 4-5 active classical types, very much like several other days lately in terms of variety/pattern/overall activity. Got down two standout examples:

> This one happened while I was on the bike and was trying to turn left and had pulled halfway across the road into the middle turn lane, and while waiting there to get into traffic, a big SUV that was trying to turn the other way had recklessly pulled directly in front of me and past me and then also stopped in the turn lane to my right, thus causing me to crane my neck to see around it for any oncoming traffic so I could pull out, and thus causing the truck's 737-plate to be "revealed," in that distinctly "animated" fashion where it "invaded" directly where I was trying to look, due to the perfect logistics/angle/timing, etc, exactly like so many of these ...

> And yet another of those "geographical"/place-oriented plate-repeats, at that same restaurant on the corner I pass when coming home that one way, and again a random, new 37-plate car parked perfectly so that its plate was "staring" directly at me as I made to turn, and even more notable today considering how I was coming from the other direction than usual, ha ha

And the finally, tonight in the sauna, another of those "reading something or other of sweating/heating precisely as the first drops of sweat formed on me in the sauna," this one exactly like all the others in basic pattern. It again corresponded with some random reading in the day's super-random freebie magazine at the precise instant I hit that critical mass of going from hot to proper sweating, this time with my reading "When the onions begin to sweat," in the context of cooking and such, yet a 100% precise echo of the basic echo of "sweating." And this one was another that gained notability in context, because the only reason I was reading this page, at that precise instant that I start sweating, was because on the previous page, in a dietary article, it had mentioned the cooking recipe on the next page, and I'd wanted to know what was in that recipe before reading the article further, and so I'd paused in the article and momentarily skipped to the next page in order to read the recipe, which I normally almost never do, typically reading all pages in order from left to right without skipping back and forth -- only to read, within the first paragraph of the recipe, about how you should do something or other "when the onions begin to sweat" -- another of those patternistically conspicuous little events that led, in "intelligent" fashion, to another synchronicity (as well as completely ruling out even the slightest possibility of subconscious suggestion/some psychosomatic reaction to reading "sweat" and so sweating then, despite it being fully involuntary/timed anyhow ...).


Morning saw some subtle echoes and thematics and parallels/recurrences and the like, and it seems like a couple were coherent enough to note but I simply forgot them/too preoccupied with health, etc. From what I remember, not as coherent as yesterday's reading- and cartoon ones.

Lunchtime reading saw some of that same light, scattered, "quiet" activity as I've been seeing here and there lately, with another handful of reading echoes and thematics and parallels, all of that "fuzzy"/small/quiet kind, and then going dead silent afterward from the whole rest of the day from what I remember. Ones I got down:

> A notable and classical "reading exactly what I was just objectively thinking" one, beginning with the objective event of my eating the first couple bites of the whey protein in the meal and noting how it seemed to bring about that odd mucusy/allergic response I've been suspecting it as, thus causing me to think of how I wouldn't buy any more of it once it was gone and would instead just eat the foods I already had/the other protein powders, etc -- precisely as I came to "I will just make do with the food that I got" in the book, and this one was again visible to me peripherally when I'd first had the thought but I can so confidently and completely trace my thought to the fully objective event of my noticing, exactly then at that point in the meal, that the whey protein seemed not to agree with me, etc ...

> Also, had another of those "TV randomly and super-subtly/fuzzily/thematically echoing what I was reading/thinking/experiencing" clusters once I went inside at the coffee shop, the same TV as other times even, and following that same pattern of subtly/indirectly but distinctly and patternistically echoing my reading and eating experience there, and again in varying ways and dimensions and levels of coherence. For example: precisely as I randomly/singularly came to "melancholy" in the book, someone on the TV said "It's a sad day here," in regards to someone notable having died. Also: precisely as someone on TV randomly said, "I know what you're thinking," I came to "And I know what you're getting at" in the book, both in the context of saying "You're presupposing something that's wrong," another that's different literally but dead-on precise in sentiment/underlying meaning, etc.

Actually there was one more, single, standout echo today: when I was walking through the parking lot to the grocery store, precisely as I passed by a license plate reading "NMB4FUN," a nearby stranger said to his family, "Okay, have fun," and this one again in that classically patternistic fashion of my registering the "FUN" on the plate at the perfect, flawlessly precise/intertwined instant that the man said "fun," just so ridiculously surreal ...

Numbers: very very quiet today. From what I remember, exclusively just some scattered after-lunch 37-plates, probably less than a dozen total, with few if any other repeats, and a marked absence of the "everywhere" 37s I think. Closest thing to a standout today: at church when I came out to find that a 273-plate car had parked directly beside mine while I was inside, and again with it "staring" at me in that logistically/circumstantially perfect and patternistically "intelligent" way.


Today saw a relatively big uptick in activity over yesterday, much of it still super-subtle and unable to be conveyed, but there nonethless, in contrast to previously.

First activity came during the morning drive to the appointment, first with a few of those "now entering the synchronistic state" super-subtle echoes and the like after I started driving, then followed by a succesion of standouts:

> First was another 100% patternistic "very first plate encountered Just Happening to be a 37," and this one with the added element of also being an equally patternistic "slowly gaining on a car over the course of miles, only to get *just close enough* for its 37-plate to resolve," this one happening with my first managing to go all through the park and all through the back road to the main road without encountering any plates, just following this one car at a distance, until, miles down the road and just before the main merger, I again got *just close enough* to read its 372-plate ...

> Next, just a minute or two later, an equally patternistic and notable "merging onto the highway, only to be conspicuously 'greeted' by a passing 37-plate car,' this one exactly like others of its ilk, with my merging onto the main road only to be instantly greeted by the 379-plate on a passing truck, and with this truck again passing in that logistically perfect/highly "intelligent" fashion, such that the plate "invaded" my direct random area of focus, with the curve of the road "revealing" it at that *precise instant* when it was previously turned away from me, just so ridiculously living-dream ...

> Next, a few minutes later, a highly notable standout radio echo, when an announcer randomly said "out of the hat," at the precise instant I passed this hat lying abandoned on the road's median right next to me, and this was another that was context-heavy/had to be experienced to be fully appreciated, since this was now on the highway, where there was a general lack of litter/detritus and so this lone hat sitting out there was just that much more conspicuous, and also due to the fact it was right on my driver's side and very near to me physically, and of course perfectly synchronistic and flawlessly intertwined with the announcer's speaking of "the hat" specifically -- all of it just combining to be just so unbelievably surreal as so many of these standouts are.

> Then down the road, another "randomly and objectively glancing at the dash at the precise instant a 37 appeared on it," this one highly notable because, first, my glancing at the dash was 100% objective/traceable, with it happening just after leaving the highway for the road where the office was, where the speed limit goes from 65 to 35 and so I had to check my speed carefully, which is when I looked at the dash and the spedometer -- at the precise instant that the trip odometer rolled from "3172" to "3173," again just so perfectly synchronistic and objective and logistically unlikely ...

> Then, finally, another equally patternistic "conspicuous/climactic end-of-drive parking-lot 37-plate greeter," when I pulled into the office's parking lot and, seeking shade, parked in the only available shady spot, only to find myself directly by a 379-plate van (or so I think that one went, might've been different -- in any case, a greeter at the end of all this)

Next, another a similar 37 cluster after the appointment, beginning when I got to the coffee shop:

> First was a very conspicuous and patternistic "greeter" as I crossed the parking lot and arrived at the edge of the park where the shop was, in the form of the 7013 front-mounted plate on a car that was not only parked directly/perfectly in my path and line of sight/logistically perfect, etc, but it was also parked on the sidewalk, illegally, to be in the shade -- a very "loud"/"there" one

> Next, a double "random cashier quote" 37 one, first when I got in line and the customer directly in front of me was quoted "28.37" for their total, and then me myself, for my order, with was 2.73, which was mildly notable in itself considering that, at every other coffee shop of the chain, this same drink has cost $2.79 or something, some other figure, except for this store, perhaps because it was located in a park rather than being off on itself, I don't know, but yet another "conspicuous"/patternistic little circumstance ...

Next up, lunchtime reading saw another of those "immediate buckshot of super-subtle/small/fast/fuzzy reading/event/thought" echoes, most little random one-words of that "threshold" level, but eventually graduating into slightly more coherent ones, and graduating into a generally higher volume/frequency too, though none were really strong enough to note individually. Still, quite an uptick over yesterday for the most part.

One semi-standout "little thing" recurrence: a theme of the 'Back to the Future' movie, which, over two days (but maybe just this last 24 hours or less, I honestly can't keep track), I've randomly read little offhand mentions of the 'Back to the Future' movie, at least 3 times but perhaps 4 or 5, made reasonably notable by its following the pattern to a T, plus my not having encountered this movie or anything related for months or longer, and then finally the fact that all 3+ of the mentions were in fully separate and different sources, all of the super-random and unconnected and different subject matter that is so common to these, such as reading of it this morning in a random article on sound effects in that super-random 'American Living' magazine I'd pulled from a dumpster yesterday, and then, at lunch just an hour or so later, it was mentioned in the 'Deserts' book, when the other one or more were all in equally random and separate sources previously -- all exactly like these "little thing" recurrences to a T.

Afternoon ended up being reasonably active too, mostly in terms of numbers, which began with another of those patternistic and sudden clusters of low-key/quietly conspicuous 37-plates in traffic immediately upon my leaving the coffee shop, again probably a dozen or more, but instead of falling off today, they just kept on and intensified somewhat as the day went on, eventually plateauing with a steady-ish stream of low-key plates plus the addition of an equally steady and notable succession of parking-lot plates today, oddly, with the latter seeming to take the place of the more-active traffic varieties. In fact, there were conspicuous, 100% patternistic "greeter" plates at literally every stop I made today if I remember right, all 5-6, always at least upon my arriving as well as several both on arrival and my leaving (such as at the one grocery story, when I got out and was "greeted" by one directly beside me, and then, upon my coming out, a second one "greeted" me as I left the sidewalk and started through the parking lot).

Had one pretty cool standout, beginning when I stopped at the intersection by the library and had a 370-plate Trailblazer pull directly into my line of sight as I sat waiting, in a patternistic and conspicuous way that I can't remember exactly but that, in any case, caused me to take particular Notice of this 370-plate Blazer -- and then, on my way out of the library, here comes that exact same Blazer, passing me as I approached the road to cross, and doing it with that ridiculously perfect/patternistic/logistically flawless timing and angle and the like so that the 370-plate was "revealed"/"invaded" my vision in that special "animated" way, and again made all the more notable given my having seen it earlier (down the road as it were, turning into a different block) and then, even moreso considering that the library had been closed randomly for maintanence when I went up to it, so that I came back earlier than I would've otherwise, thus putting me right there at that exact instant, not only to come into the general contact with the Blazer again, but to have it so perfectly and patternistically and "loudly" flash its plate in that manner, ha ha.

Thought/perceptual-wise, the afternoon activity shifted fully to those sort of "background static" super-subtle/fuzzy/indirect/"fast" little echoes of various things, just like many afternoons lately, and today with a full mix of the various types, from thought/event/reading echoes to thematics to little thing recurrences and even some of that extremely subtle, uncategorized, yet profound activity that I've seen here and there but still can't really describe -- just a very "synchronistic" period/collective afternoon experience.

Best example I can give of this stuff: at the one store, when the very last words on the radio before I cut it off and got out were "french fries," such that it was absently crossing my mind as I closed the door and turned to head to the store -- only to be met with a big, conspicuous pile of french fries lying on the next parking space over, directly in my path and in a big, wide spread where they'd been spilled or dumped, and again arriving into my awareness so quickly behind the radio's words as to be pretty much perfectly synchronistic/flawlessly intertwined (and of course this pile of french fries was completely invisible to me while I was in the car and facing away/unable to see the ground, etc ...).


First activity came immediately upon leaving for the drive to lunch/coffee shop, with a "greeter"-type 37-plate that was a bit more notable than the typical kind for several reasons. First, it was another "first plate-encounter of the day," on a road-side car parked logistically perfect/conspicuously in line of sight in the park just down from me, but also in that this one corresponded with another of those sudden, random, distinct onsets of that "universal joy" sentiment in patternistic fashion, the first of these in a while as it were. And, also, it was a new car, as in not a regular/first time I'd seen this one in the park/fully random car, such that it Just Happened to be there, and in patternistically perfect placement, on my usual route out of the park toward town, etc.

Next was another patternistic, instant-onset cluster of lunchtime-reading echoes/thematics/little-thing parallels, not a whole lot today, and almost all of it at that super-subtle "threshold" level, but was there nonetheless, and with a few standouts:

> Slightly more-coherent/standoutish example of the super-subtles, this time with a 100% objective/traceable "involuntary bodily function" element added in. It started when I had the first flush of that odd, super-random feverish sort of full-body cold sensation come on while eating, the first of the day, and again another super-random, uncontrollable, unpredictable health condition I've been seeing lately, without correspondence to anything in particular and, of course, completely out of my control/involuntary -- yet today, that first wave corresponded perfectly with my coming to "It's cold" in the book, and this again not only corresponding flawlessly/intertwined with my automatic reactive/registering thought of "suddenly cold" upon feeling it, but also the text was at the very top of a new page.

> A similar one, beginning when I took a bite that proved too bit to chew comfortably, thus causing my mouth to get slightly overful and my cheeks puffing out and causing me to think something like "mouth too full" -- precisely as I randomly/singularly came to "talking with his mouth full" in the book, again echoing the basic sentiment of "mouth full"

> A really cool, unique standout "random person quoting a 37-containing price total," cashier-style one. It happened just as I made to leave the cafe, when I overheard a nearby woman talking on the phone say, "Your total is $17.37," which made sense because she'd been answering the phone through the whole last leg of my time there, always answering with a business name and talking business so it was obviously a business line she had, and so she was apparently the "cashier" in the underlying pattern of the incident, and this again had that patternistically conspicuous context/circumstances where it happened *just at the last moment* before I left the seating area and would've been out of ear shot to hear her, exactly like others of this kind, ha ha.

Next up was yet another "greeter" plate, soon after lunch, when I came out of the restaurant I'd gone in next door to use the restroom and, patternistically immediately upon my coming out, I came face to face with a logistically perfect/"staring" 379-plate on a car parked directly across from me, such that it was again patternistically just "THERE" immediately upon my opening the door, striking me before I'd even stepped from the sidewalk onto the parking lot, etc.

Then, next, just 10-15 minutes later at the next stop at the appointment, not only another fully patternistic greeter but a pair of them, not only two instead of one but perfectly "aligned," one on each side of the driveway I'd entered and both logistically perfect as to be "staring" and all fully patternistic of both the greeters and the "alignment"-style ones, as to be just ridiculously notable and incredibly surreal, however subjectively so.

The rest of the afternoon numbers were almost exactly like lately, that same pattern/arc of "an immediately, moderately intense after-lunch cluster of low-key/quietly conspicuous 37-plates in traffic and parking lots, eventually graduating into a mix of those and some more-active ones in between lulls/silences, etc." Today ended having a handful of those classical active-style traffic ones too, including several "conspicuous turn-in-front cars revealing their 37-plates," and one where I slowed down to let someone in and they pulled out and "revealed" a 273-plate, plus I remember another of those "one car recklessly turning away, only to 'reveal' the 37-plate on the car immediately in front of it" ones.

And another patternistic "on the way home" cluster like I've seen before, where a sudden lull/silence is suddenly replaced with a resurgence of all manner of plates immediately upon my heading home for the day, today like others except with a damn cool standout just before leaving the main road:

It happened at the tail end of the succession of low-key and several more-active plates, beginning the appearance of a low-key 2735-plate truck, and then, seconds later, another of those "one car pulling away to reveal the 37-plate on the car in front of it" ones, a 7733-plate truck -- and then, seconds later, the two eventually equalized between the 1st and 3rd lanes, again culminating in a perfect, patternistic, logistically flawless "alignment," 100% patternistic in every way and again in that surreal "fluid"/"orchestrated"/"couldn't possibly be chance" way, again just losing so much in translation to text.

Thought/perceptual activity was about identical to lately this afternoon too, with another after-lunch lull followed by the periodic onset of super-subtle echoes and the like plus a couple singular standouts:

> A very notable "involuntary bodily function"/radio one, beginning with another super-random health thing/sensation that I just started randomly experiencing this afternoon, this new sort of acidy burning in the guts, which had come once just after lunch, and then again a couple hours later, patternistically fully random and unpredictable/no way I could see it coming in any fashion, thus causing me to automatically register it with an absent thought of "burning in my guts again" -- precisely as the radio randomly/singularly sang out "There's a fire burning in me," ha ha

> A really cool double/thematic-repeat-style one, beginning early in the afternoon when the radio randomly/singularly sang out "Jesus!" precisely as a car passed from my left and patternistically "invaded" my vision with a Christian fish emblem. This one I noticed at the time but didn't write down, with it being fully patternistic of the echoes in timing and feel/behavior but still more fuzzy/indirect as to seem like "just another super-subtle echo," and so I didn't write it down -- but then, a couple hours later on the way home, nearly the exact same thing happened, with another, totally different song on the radio again singing out "Jesus!" during a climactic chorus, precisely as another car passed identically to my left and "invaded" my vision with another Christian symbol, this time a nativity-scene bumper sticker, fully identical to the first in underlying "Christ/Christian" sentiment and such, so ridiculously notable and surreal ...

Some morning activity from a note I just now remembered: had another fully patternistic, fully objective clusters of those "randomly coming to an offhand-mention 37-containing-figure at the precise instant that I had the first, sudden improvement in health of the day/lifting of the night's headsickness and toxicity, etc," at least 3-4, and they were again all 100% patternistic of past ones, with my not coming to a single one during the reading session until that first, fully involuntary, watershed moment when the toxicity receded just enough for "me" to click on in my head/become sentient in that fundamental way, etc, with this going on to continue each incremental step in the slow improvement through the reading session, exactly like others. Again: just so ridiculously surreal ...


Morning and lunchtime reading were both totally silent with the exception of maybe the slightest, threshold-level activity here and there, and this again corresponding, reflectively, with very ugly health/headsickness/mental deadness, exactly as in the past.

First activity I saw was another slow onset of after-lunch 37-plates in traffic and parking lots, more or less exactly like the latest pattern, again building up into that exact same plateau of scattered low-key plates intermixed with a few more-active/conspicuous ones (and almost zero "everywhere" 37s and such from what I remember today, a distinct absence of these over most days, again perhaps symptomatic of something or other). Few notes and standouts I got down:

> Another alignment, 100% patternistic of these, again two random 37-plate cars, a 637 that I got behind at the roadblock the fire engine had the street blocked off and we were redirected left down a side street, and, upon finally turning in, I watched as the 637 car passed an 837-plate car parked off alongside the road directly where we had to pass, and again with the two plates aligning for a perfect, patternistic, split-second moment, flawlessly and logistically perfect just like all these, etc

> Another "being conspicuous alerted to a random car, only to have my attention drawn to its 37-plate," this time a car in the lane next to me that suddenly put its left blinker on, trying to get in front of me, and thus drawing my attention to its 317-plate

> A continuation of that "370-plate Trailblazer" double from the day before last, and it happened again at the library, except this time, it was a greeter-style plate there, with this exact same Blazer being parked directly/conspicuously/patternistically in my path as I walked in, as to be part three/third sighting, ha ha

> Another of those exact same "starting home, only to seemingly trigger a sudden big uptick in plates"-style clusters, with a whole bunch of low-key ones on the highway sudden appearing after a lull, along with several more-active ones though no super-standouts, though this little cluster was sort of "climactically finished" when I came out of the grocery store just before coming home and was met with another 37-plate greeter that was "staring" at me/very "there" immediately as I came out, followed by a couple other random "staring" plates moments later

Thought-wise, afternoon again saw only the slightest, subtlest, easily individually dismissible activity, this the quietest day of memory. Couple vague examples: when I came upon a street sign for "44th Ave," thus causing me to think "four," at the precise, perfect, flawlessly intertwined instant that radio sang out "four," just like all these other classical "one-word-striking"-style echoes. And, example of the even subtler, environmental-style activity: when I hit a particularly rough speed bump and set the car to shaking, thus causing me to think "earthquake/turbulence/so bumpy," precisely as the radio randomly sang out something like "the whole earth shakes," again another of those fuzzy/indirect/super-subtle-type echoes that tend to comprise these inclusive super-subtle background static-type periods.


Another fully-silent headsick morning, then: on the way to lunch, first activity was a cool standout 37-plate in traffic, another of those "peeking"/"logistically perfect reveal"-type ones, when I came to a stop at an intersection and Just Happened to stop *just close enough* to this van up ahead of me several cars and two lanes over, that the "37" on its plate *just* crept into view from behind the car between the plate and me. It was another of those that really needed to be experienced to be appreciated, but was absolutely ridiculously surreal, if only I could put it into words (and, it bears mentioning: 100% patternistic of others of this kind exactly).

Lunchtime reading was as silent as morning with the exception of a couple of those "not quite going there" stutters of activity here and there, as I've noted before when it's like the activity is just almost beginning, but something hinders the process, that distinct "entering the synchronistic state" sea-change just never quite happening -- another of those "negatively notable" occurences, just bringing the actual, "in the synchronistic state"-type periods that much closer into focus/gaining perspective on it, etc.

Afternoon did see activity, on both fronts and in equal measures pretty much, with another of those slow, after-lunch build-ups where some stray number-repeat traffic plates and an echo here and there began to appear, followed by a slow ramp-up that plateaued mid-afternoon with some scattered numbers and echoes, never really getting "loud" or "intense" by any means but still a stark contrast to the total silence of morning. Few incidents I got down:

> Another "100% objective circumstance driving me into direct contact with a 37-plate while parking"-type one, this time at the mall when I again went seeking out a space facing away from the sun, turning into it at the last possible second, only to find myself directly beside a 37-plate car

> The first thought/perceptual-type incidents of the day were again of that extremely subtle, easily individually dismissible kind that I've noted lately especially, just little "generally synchronistic environmental echoes" reflecting my internal experience and the external world as I've seen before. Best example: when I came out of the one store and, struck suddenly with the direct, hot, mid-day sun as I did so, I had the absent/automatic thought of "hot sun/bright shining sun" as I stepped into the parking lot and made for the car -- at the precise instant that a passing car went by and thus revealed its Florida license plate directly into my line of sight, with "SUNSHINE STATE" across the top, such that it was a perfectly synchronistic (yet previously 100% invisible) echo of the thoughts of "sun/shining sun" crossing my mind at that precise instant

> Another "being Compelled to pick up some random litter, only to be led intelligently to a 37-plate"-type one, at the market, and this one was an especially good example, being very "living" and "intelligent." It started when I was led, inconveniently and out of my way as is typical of these, to change my course and pick up one piece of litter, and then, upon getting that one, I was identically led to pick up another, nearby piece, and the same for a couple more thereafter, such that it was like a little "trail of breadcrumbs" leading me on the random, wending course through the parking lot -- and then, as I picked up the final piece in the chain and raised back up, I found myself face-to-face with a 730-plate, again in that ridiculously surreal way that just doesn't translate to text

> A cool "reckless passer"-type of classical 37-plate (among probably 3-4 other "active"-type plates this afternoon, can't remember them specifically other than their being classical/explicitly patternistic, etc). It started with another typically reckless driver first tail-gating me and then rashly passing me despite my already going over the speed limit, as to patternistically flash its 376-plate directly into my line of sight as it first passed and then turned back in front of me (which was made all the funnier when, not a couple hundred feet down the road, the car turned off to the right, such that the driver gained maybe half a second by recklessly passing me like that instead of just staying behind me and waiting to turn -- as is so often the case with these, some illogical/brashly reckless behavior or circumstance culminating in my seeing the plate, etc). Then, next, in that couple seconds the car was ahead of me before turning, it passed a sign with a telephone number ending in "7777," such that it turned back in front of me *just in time* for its plate to align with that 7777 in 100% patternistic, logistically perfect fashion. And it bears mentioning: I encountered a second, low-key 37-plate immediately after this, alongside the road on a parked car, as to be a sort of triple

> A cool little standout thought/objective-event/radio echo just before coming home, when I was going through the park and, from an intersecting side road, a golf cart approached me at the vector, going uncomfortably fast to the point that it forced me to take notice and slow down pre-emptively in case the driver didn't stop, and thus causing me to reactively/automatically register it all with a thought of "too fast" explicitly, these two words vocalized expressly in my mind -- precisely as "don't live too fast" sang randomly/singularly from the radio, and again with it and the golf cart's approach and my having the "too fast" thought all occurring virtually simultaneously, within a fraction of a second, as to be patternistically "intertwined" as well as ridiculously surreal, etc

Had another of those now-patternistic "sudden reading-echo recurrence in sauna"-type clusters this evening, and very notable, all coming back-to-back within the space of a couple minutes and then disappearing as fast. It went like this: just before I opened the magazine to begin reading, I was thinking about dinner and the tomato soup I'd just made and whether I would have it tonight or not, thus causing me to absently visualize the soup in the white enamel pot I'd cooked it in, as well as the distinct whitish tint the finished soup had taken on after I'd added in the cornstarch and the like -- and then, seconds later when I opened the magazine and flipped to the first page to begin reading (I'd creased the final page I'd finished reading when stopping previously, rather than flipping forward and creasing the new, first page), it opened to a full-page picture of several small white enamel pots of a tomato-soup-like dish, identical in every way to that image of my soup still crossing my mind, with the exception that these had some cheese and meat in them, but otherwise identical, right down to that distinctive white tint, and all of this all the more notable due to its 100% objectivity as well as the 100% patternistic "page-turn-echo"-type behavior, etc (plus, it was even specifically patternistic of these "mental-image echoes" in particular, just like other times). And then, immediately after this over the next several seconds as I flipped through the next few pages, the exact same thing happened twice more, each involving my random, flowing thoughts of several distinct food items and their attendant mental images, echoed identically in full random and objective/unprefaced photos, beginning with my seeing, on one page, a picture of a tuna dish, which thus caused me to absently think about the "Hawaiian tuna" clue from the crossword that morning and how I'd thought that the answer was "poke" when it wasn't -- and then, on the very next page, there was a recipe for tuna poke, in that exact same context as I'd randomly-but-objectively thought of in it. And then, slightly less notable but still objective and patternistic: when I'd resumed absently thinking about my dinner options, I thus thought about the avocado I had and what I could do with it -- a split second before I turned the page to a full-page picture dominated by an avocado dead center, as to be the first thing I saw upon turning the page and to again perfectly synchronistically echo my thoughts, etc. And this sequence even went further, a couple pages on, in the form of a "random little-thing recurrence"-type echo, beginning when, just at the tail end of the food-picture/recipe sequence of pages, I'd had some random thoughts about the house-cleaning spree I'd just gone on prior to getting in the sauna and how great it felt to do it today when health was up a little bit and I didn't feel so sick and exhausted afterward, along with random thoughts about how I had to split up my "out of the house/around town/active" time with my "at-home/domestic/passive" time in order to get chores and cleaning and the like done -- all of which was echoed more or less perfectly by the next article in the magazine, which was about how couples living together manage their chores and different strategies and the like for doing so -- not only echoing the basic sentiment of "managing chores and the time to get them done" sentiment still fresh in my mind at that instant, but even the more-specific sentiment of "splitting up the work between different people," which is *exactly* how I'd been thinking of my balancing my "away" and "at-home" times, seeing these as different, distinct "selves" of mine, as to be echoed indirectly-yet-reasonably-coherently in the form of the "couples/housemates" angle of the article. And again: all of these coming together, and so suddenly after a total silence beforehand, just made it all the more notable and ridiculously surreal ...

And some more activity that I'd forgotten until just now: another of those now-patternistic echo clusters at that one chiropractor I've been seeing monthly, and again *exactly* like those that have happened literally every single visit to this man, where he'll just go into his routine of super-randomly throwing out all of these different comments and going out on all these tangents throughout the appointment, with absolutely zero prodding or cueing or anything at all on my part (me just sitting there dead silent, letting him go while he worked on me), and *each and every one* somehow echoing something I'd just specifically been thinking about or had experienced or encountered or read about, one after another, probably a half-dozen completely different yet fundamentally identical echoes ...


Morning saw one single, standout, classically patternistic "reading exactly what I was just traceably and objectively thinking"-type ones. It started with another patternistically fully objective event, when I noticed how I felt distinctly different this morning compared to yesterday and thus began running through whatever I'd done differently that might be responsible, including different supplements I'd taken, which thus caused me to think about the mushroom supplements I'd taken randomly yesterday, which thus caused me to think of how such supplements are supposedly best taken together, as to have a collective effect, thus causing me to think of all the different dropper bottles I have of the multiple mushroom supplments, with an attendant visualization of the little collection of bottles -- a split second before, in the random recipe I was reading, it mentioned the "sauteed mushroom mixture," with the "mushroom mixture" coinciding again perfectly synchronistically with my thoughts of how the mushroom extracts were best taken together, *mixed* together as it were ...

From there, entered a big silent lull through the rest of the morning and the drive to lunch, and then even the first half of lunch, with the only activity coming in two singular, standout thought/reading/event-type echoes right during the last leg of lunch:

> The first was another "fully objective/involuntary bodily function/condition"-type one as I've seen so many times now, this one beginning when I twisted around at the awkward angle necessary to get my cup of tea from the table in the coffee shop, thus causing my stomach to shift in that uncomfortable way that seems to happen when I twist and contort the wrong way, this happening for the first time all day, such that my stomach then shifted/altered into that bad configuration that I suspect it to be in most of the time, after feeling better/in the right place all morning -- and then, a split second later after I'd set the cup down and resumed reading, the very first sentence was "My stomach tightened," echoing more or less perfectly the thoughts again crossing my mind at that exact instant, ha ha

> Then, a little later, an equally patternistic "nearby stranger"/objective-event-type echo, this one beginning when I caught myself beginning to speed up my chewing/swallowing as I tend to do towards the end of a meal when I feel like I want to just finish and go, thus causing me to catch myself and slow down/chew thoroughly as I've been trying to do, thus bringing about an absent/automatic thought of something like "Slow down/there's no hurry/you have time to eat slowly right through the end" -- precisely as a nearby stranger, just coming within earshot, said "There's no rush," in that exact same context of "you have plenty of time so relax" ...

Number-wise, today started out much like other days, with another of those slow, exclusively after-lunch onsets of low-key 37-plates in traffic and parking lots, followed by a few more-active-types, but then just sort of fizzling out into silence by mid-afternoon for whatever reason. In any case, still had that same basic "feel" of the most recent variant of the collective phenomenon. Had a couple of those quietly conspicuous "randomly and objectively/circumstantially parking in some certain space, only to find myself directly in view of a 37-plate I couldn't see until I'd parked," such as on the way home at the shipping place when I'd felt drawn towards one random space in particular, only to find myself directly across and in view of a 273-plate on a car that was parked diagonally across from me, such that its plate was 100% invisible until I'd actually pulled in and parked where I was, etc. Had two other standouts I remember:

> First, at the market, a sort of double, beginning when I'd come across a low-key 5773-plate on a parked SUV, and then, a minute or two later as I made to leave (but was held up by several little things, like picking up some trash and then waiting for a couple random cars to pass), it Just Happened that that same SUV passed me at the end of the little line of several cars I had to wait for before pulling out, such that, when I finally pulled out, I looked right to make sure no one else was coming and thus was "flashed" by that same plate as the SUV passed going right, again in that perfectly timed, logistically "intelligent" fashion, etc

> And another "quietly conspicuous circumstances/Compelling leading me to hear a cashier's random 37-containing quote in a price"-type ones, this one at the department store when I was Compelled to enter into a certain checkout line, and then equally Compelled to stay even when the woman in front of me was taking a long time due to some problem with the register or whatever, which eventually led to another cashier wrangling me into another, open checkout -- but only just before the cashier at the first one said, "Okay, that'll be $17.32" or something like that -- in any case, all just in that quietly conspicuous, "orchestrated-feeling" manner that's so common to these ...

Had another now-patternistic series of "resurgent" evening-reading echoes, pretty much all of that super-subtle variety I've been seeing, just very "fast" and indirect/fuzzy one-words mostly, but again collectively quite notable. Best standout: another fully objective/traceable "involuntary bodily function"-type one. This one started with that odd, distinctly uncomfortable bloating that was with me literally all day, no idea why, but it finally began dissipating right as I started eating dinner and my digestion started up, etc, bringing a distinct feeling of deflation deep in the guts and making me visibly relax/change shape and bring a body-wide sense of "ah, relief" -- precisely as I came to "a wonderful sense of relief" in the 'Hit Man' book, again 100% singularly/randomly and perfectly echoing what I expressly felt at that exact instant ...

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