Synchronicity log for 2008


I was sitting down finishing up watching a video regarding the stargate/wormhole symbolism phenomenon. After it finished, I absently turned my head to the right and looked at a book case. Something caught my eye: it was a small box with what appeared to be a couple wormhole-like pictures on it. I went over and picked up the box, and it was covered with them(7 to be exact). The box was a set of J. R. R. Tolkien Lord of the Rings books, something which had also been mentioned in the video I had just finished watching. Double whammy.


I was in my kitchen, talking to myself about an incident that had happened the day before. I had just finished telling myself how I was ready to leave at 2:15PM that day(the crux of an argument I was having), when I felt compelled to look at a clock that was next to me immediately after having the though. It read 2:15. I looked at it two seconds later and it was 2:16.


TWo days ago, the actor Paul Newman died. Today, I am reading a grammar exercise in which his name is mentioned. Had not heard the name Paul Newman in years before this.

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