Synchronicity log for 2011

Word synchro: "unmolested"; turned up in my ledger this morning, at the top of a page, but I felt Compelled to close it up before I finished the page and moved on, so I threw my bookmark there, even though I wasn't finished eating breakfast. Therefore, I saw it again, at lunch, and then, right after, I read some of the "Houdini Gut Punch" book that I was Compelled to start reading yesterday (had planned on reading an entirely different book, but ended up reading this one, For No Particular Reason). I open it up after lunch, and a page in, I come across "unmolested." It was, I think, the only time I've seen that used apart from when I originally came across it and wrote it down, probably a couple years ago. Wow.


Reading the "Houdini Gut Punch" anthology, and came across a story by Matt Nord, who, as it turns out, is editing an anthology I am to appear in (just got an email concerning it a couple days ago, in fact). In the guy's story, the second page mentions a sensory deprivation tank; as it turns out, the anthology story of mine he's publishing is about a sensory deprivation tank, called "The Dep Tank" (which wasn't its original name; had originally involved a dep tank, but I only changed the title at the last minute).


Picked up "regency period" today while reading something random, and was Compelled to write it down and get the definition for it. Looked it up, with some difficulty (wasn't in the dictionary, directly) and ended up learning that a regency is when a state is run by a council, etc, because the king or whatever is too young. Just a couple days ago, I'd watched the Rick Steve's travel show, an episode where he was going over the history of some country, and he mentioned a "regent", during which I found it notable, thinking it "reagant," and how odd that was.

A word synchro, also: "swale"; popped up today in my ledger, when I encountered the word last night, in "Additive Free", a story I haven't edited in over a year, and probably the only one I've ever used that word in ...


Word synchro: "increate"; just like "swale" from yesterday, edited a story for the first time in a year, noted "increate" in particular, then came across it in the ledger this morning.

Also, while reading the Cassiopean transcriptions today, I saw the Basques mentioned, when I had just days ago been introduced to the Basques in a Rick Steve's travel show, after never hearing of them in my life (or not noting them if I did).


Word synchro: "nonverbal"; this one was a little different. I was reading my ledger, and as I was working my way down, I was thinking of a part of "Additive Free", in which it mentioned someone's nonverbals. Just as I thought that, I came across the entry. This could have foreseeably been a part of that peripheral-vision-reading phenomenon I've read about, where I read "nonverbal" in my peripheral vision, subconsciously, and it subconsciously triggered the thoughts of "Additive Free", though it might not have been that at all. Hard to say. Interesting, none the less.

Another: "lyrical"; this one was a more traditional hit, read "lyrical" in a story I was editing last night, then had it pop up in the ledger this morning, after not see the word for I don't know how long.


Word synchro: "apotheosis"; read it in "The Imaginal" last night, noticed it For No Particular Reason, then had it pop up in the ledger this morning.

Another: "knowing" (noun); had it in the other half of "The Imaginal", this morning, seeing "knowing" as a noun, and then, a couple hours later, had it turn up in the transcriptions. That's pretty significant, considering. Then, later, while editing "Hoodoo", it popped up *again*. Wow.

And a third: "clicked his tongue"; showed up in ledger at lunch, on the first page, me noting it For No Particular Reason, then in "Hoodoo" tonight.


Word synchro: "staple" (basic food, necessity, etc.); saw it in ledger this morning and took special note, then it turned up in "The Gardener" that night, in the proper tense.

That night, when I went to backup my files via the FTP program, I was thinking, distantly, about how I used to overwrite so much. No sooner had the thought crossed my mind than the FTP program prompted me on whether I wanted to "overwrite" my old backup file.


Word synchro: "incunabular"; was in ledger this morning, and I noted it For No Particular Reason, then it turned up in the transcriptions. Interesting, since I really didn't feel like continuing with the transcriptions, being so burnt on on them, and had actually planned on reading a novel instead, but I read them anyway, and the word turned up, about the only time I've seen it anywhere, ever.

Also, "rill"; was also in the transcriptions, woman mentioned how she'd never heard the word before, even defined it, and it turned up in "Withdrawer's Dream", hours after, again the first I'd heard that word in a very long time, perhaps since I learned it.


Been seeing 32, 33, 37, and, especially, 52 recently. Then, today, when reading the transcriptions, I came across a part where a question was asked for general help, and the answer was a string of numbers, 52 included, and last. The guy who'd asked the question remarked, vaguely, that he couldn't believe 52 was included there, as if suspicious? Regardless, was a striking parallel to the numbers I've been getting. The other thing was, I had theorized, vaguely, and probably wishfully, that the four numbers were lottery numbers, and when the guy in the transcripts asked, he theorized that they, too, were lottery numbers. Hmmmm.


Word synchro: "hyperbolic"; turned up in ledger this afternoon, then in "Storms" tonight. Don't see that one too often.


Word synchro: a ton, while editing "Jammed", from both doing "Storms" earlier today, and reading 1984, and all kinds of other things. Wow.


Reading 1984, and came upon a passage near the start of the book, where it's just describing Winston's job in the Ministry of Truth. As I was reading the start -- which was at the bottom of a left page -- it triggered a big chain of thoughts about its parallels to the modern-day media, though only loosely, since it hadn't yet gone into the details of Winston's manipulating work and all; however, the chain of thoughts ended with me thinking about how the American media depends on the memory hole to control the past. Two lines down -- on the next page over, mind you -- it mentioned how one of the tubes at Winston's disposal was nicknamed the memory hole. I couldn't have subconsciously read down -- maybe in my peripheral vision, which is possible, but the fact remains: I went into the whole, almost unrelated loop of thought that ended with me thinking of the memory hole syndrome, regardless of whether I was peripheral-reading or not (which, though possible, seems unlikely to me).


Lots of word synchro today while editing "Edenborough", both from ledger and from "1984". "Gathered," "Taps", etc.


Lots of word synchro again while editing "Edenborough", from the ledger and "1984": "swordplay", "pediment", "counterpane".

Also, Edenborough mentioned a kerosene heater, a line which I deleted but noticed For No Particular Reason. I came across "oilstove" in "1984" and when I went to look up the definition, it turned out to be a kerosene heater. I can't remember the last I've had a kerosene heater mentioned.

"Sunder", in Edenborough and The Gibbet.


Word synchro: "presiding", in ledger this morning, then "The Phone", in the first paragraph. Also, "interminable", edited it out of "Edenborough" yesterday, and then turned up in "1984" today. Might have been the second time I've ever seen it used. Then, "synovial", was in [my friend]'s email yesterday, the first I'd ever heard the word, and then I overheard my mom say it today. Then, finally, "epicanthic," a trifecta, turned up in "Edenborough" and the ledger, but I didn't bother noting it, but then it turned up in "The Kid" the next day.

Also in "1984", it referenced a man whose dark black hair and turned white. Just an hour earlier, I had by chance overheard my dad talking about a man who's "dark black hair" had turned white.


Word synchro: "despatch." Was in 1984 and I looked it up, turned out to be another spelling of dispatch, but it stuck out, For No Particular Reason. Then it was in "Stranger In A Strange Land", right at the start, the next sequential book I read. The only time I've ever seen that spelling of dispatch, in those two books. Interestingly, I had a whole bunch of books at once to choose from, and I ended up reading those two together.


Word synchro: "bruschetta". A trifecta: first cropped up in an episode of Rick Steves' Europe that I watched a couple days ago, and I took notice For No Particular Reason; then again today, on the back of a cracker box, which I again noticed FNPR. I almost noted it then, but thought, nah, it's been a couple days, and it's a reasonably common word. However, a few minutes later, I happened to look at the back of a container of cream cheese, and it too had "bruschetta" on it.


"Alpen stock" turned up in ledger today, after I'd seen a Rick Steves' Europe episode last night in which he received an alpen stock from someone while scaling Mount Vesuvius (though it was not called such, I just noticed it).

Also, I thought about "Withdrawer's Dream", which I'd submitted to Fantastique Unfettered, today, wondering what they'd thought of it, absently, and I got the rejection notice that night.


Word synchro: "four-poster bed"; was in the ledger this afternoon, and I noticed it For No Particular Reason, and then I by chance watched another Rick Steves' Europe, there was a four-poster bed featured in it twice, the first I'd seen such for a long time (if ever).


Word synchro: "solidarity"; turned up in ledger this afternoon, then in "The Waiting" tonight.


Last night, I By Chance noticed that I'd submitted "A Cloud Over The Sun" to Shock Totem, taking particular notice of it, and then this morning I got the rejection from it. That was interesting, since that seems to happen often, being reminded of a submission right before it's accepted or rejected; however, when I went to drag the story out of the "submitted" folder, I noticed the one right below it, "A Sleeping Place", and when I looked at another email I had in my inbox, it led me to a page where I'd submitted "A Sleeping Place" and had it rejected. Interesting.

Also, when I drew today's card, "Moon", it was the first I'd drawn it and nothing struck me about it visually, so I went to the book to see its meaning, and I noticed, for the first time, on the back of the book was a print of that very card. It happened so fast, it made me blink.

Word synchro: "phantasmagoria"; turned up in ledger this morning and I took notice For No Particular Reason, then it turned up in "The Garden" tonight, which was just rejected (I wasn't going to do it, but did anyway, For Some Reason). "Immunized"; in ledger, then in "Stranger in a Strange Land".

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