Synchronicity log for 2012


Minor word synchro: "tactically," in ledger at breakfast and then in "The Lunar Cycle" soon after, maybe ten minutes? Same for "expedient," which I Noticed. Also, "buffoon," in ledger and then "Bright Shiny Morning" at lunch, and I Noticed this one too.

A neat thought synchro. I was just thinking of how a state of no-stress relaxation is so fundamentally refreshing, when I checked my Hotmail and got the word of the day, "ataraxia," which means a state free from emotional disturbance and anxiety.


While driving dad's truck today, I Noticed it's little red anti-theft light blinking in the instrument panel. Then, while reading "Bright Shiny Morning" this afternoon, it mentioned cars with little red anti-theft lights blinking in their dashboards.


Minor one. While reading "The Revelation," it mentioned CAT, the tractor company, and I Noticed it. That was over the last two days. Then, this evening, I was reading an email from [my friend] and one of the Google ads was for CAT tractor parts. Now, I'd mentioned "cat" in my last email to her, so I can see how that would have triggered it, but the thing is, we've had a million "cats" in our email exchanges, and I can't remember it ever appearing before. Hmm.


Minor word synchro: "distemper," in ledger this morning and I Noticed it, and then while editing "Jammed," about an hour later (as "distempered," but whatever).

Couple cool ones this morning. First, while on the way to the grocery store, I was thinking, on an entirely unrelated chain of thought, about termites (how we allow bugs, termites specifically, to do their thing unless it suites us otherwise), and just as I thought this, in that synchronistic way, I saw a sign for termite extermination. Then, after I got home, I was thinking, again on an unrelated train of thought, about donating large amounts of money to charity, and right as I thought this, I was drawn to the bottom of my Ingles receipt, which said how Ingles had contributed over $10 million dollars to charity. Also, had a lot of small, random synchronicities over the course of the morning.


"Apollo," first when I, completely by chance, scrolled down the homepage, which I never do, and saw an article about Apollo. Then, about 10 minutes later, I started reading "The Club Dumas," and it mentioned Apollo a couple pages in, when I can't remember the last I heard of Apollo.

Then, "outre," first while I was cutting grass today and I had the very clear, very defined thought of "outre," and then it was in "The Club Dumas" tonight, when I can't remember seeing that word anywhere for years.


Thought synchro: "sit down." It happened in the gym, while listening to a Genesis song. I was about to sit on a bench, but there was someone working next to it, so I moved to another bench, requiring an extra few seconds to get my weights and reposition, thus my sit-down synchronized perfectly with the "sit down" in the song I was listening to. Cool.

Also, I noticed that I was exposed to three 7-11s today. First, this morning, in the "Ace of Spades" song by Motorhead, which [my friend] had mentioned in her email and I felt Compelled to listen to. Then, this afternoon, when I went to Food Lion, which has a big sign on the door saying that they're open from 7-11 (I felt Compelled to go to Food Lion instead of Ingles). Then, tonight, the phone rang, and when it did, I looked at the clock at it was 7:10. In the split second it took me to pick up the phone, I saw on the caller ID it was 7:11, and my clock had changed to that too. Hmm.

Cool one: at the end of "The Club Dumas," it had listed "The Crossing" by Cormac McCarthy. I'd been planning on re-reading this book for months, have had it in my stack and everything, but I'd always gotten a No when going to read it. Well, today, after seeing that listing, I got a Yes, so I started reading it tonight. In the first part of the book, it is about hunting a wolf; when I'd last checked my Hotmail tonight, the latest email was about hunting wolves.


Cool thought synchro: was driving down the road, and just as a random chain of thought ended with the planet Saturn, my eyes fell on a car, after which I realized it was a Saturn. Again, it happened in that distinctly synchronistic way, when I'd been following the chain of thought for a long time before (also, I'd felt Compelled to go down King Street instead of taking the shorter way, since I had time, and otherwise I wouldn't have passed this car).

Also, this morning in bed, I had a stray but distinctive thought of having a beehive in my head. Then, when I read [my friend]'s email a few hours later, she'd mentioned, offhand, having a hive in my head.


A couple cool ones today. First, I felt Compelled to go to Goodwill (again), and while looking through the books, I thought, very distinctly, how I would really really like to find "The Road" there (because I'd seen it there once, and passed it up). Well, it was there (on the other half of the book area, so I couldn't have seen it subconsciously when I thought about it).

Also, a cool word synchro: "holly." This was in the editor's draft of "The Hand of God" this morning, mispelled "holy," so I noticed it. Then, it was in "The Crossing" this evening. Possibly nothing, but I don't think so, since it fits these word synchros where I'll have to edit or delete something in a story, and the word pops up.

Also, "career" (verb), in ledger this morning (or maybe it was yesterday morning), and I Noticed it, very distinctly. Then it was in "Underbelly" tonight, same tense, I think the only time I've ever used it.


A cool one, or a scary one, depending on how you look at it. This morning, while writing "A Blender, A Neurotoxin," I used a simile "as if a big truck had passed," to describe someone's reaction to a loud noise/cushion of wind. Well, about 1.5 hours afterward, I was cutting grass along the road when I was hit by the air cushion of a passing truck, which was quite big. This hasn't happened in years.


A really cool one. Spent the day with [my friend], and for lunch we went to the Coyote Kitchen. Well, when evening rolled around and it was time for dinner, we at first went to the Italian place at the mall, for gluten-free pizza, but they were closed, so we went, on a whim, to the Mellow Mushroom. Well, when we got there, [my friend] got excited at once, because she recognized a woman from the Coyote Kitchen there at the restaurant, thanks to her distinctive hair. The chances of this have to be exceedingly small, and reek of synchronicity. Also, that morning, I'd thought, randomly but distinctly, of how I'd like to get some more humor novels, preferably Tom Robbins; well, when [my friend] and I hit the thrift stores, I found a Tom Robbins novel in the Hebron colony one.

Also, while in Goodwill, I encountered two more playing cards, strewn loose on a shelf: the Ace and 3 of Clubs. Whether they were meant for me or not, like the last two, I don't know, but I have them. [Note: Ace purportedly symbolizes a new beginning, financial gain, or general success. The Three of Clubs seems to symbolize being envied for your success, perhaps going hand-in-hand with the success hinted at from the Ace of Clubs? Hmm.]


Word synchro: "adios." It was the KMFDM album I bought yesterday, and this morning, I Noticed the title, enough to do a double-take and see how it was spelled. Then, I felt Compelled to edit "Alcoholism and Bad Sex," in which was written "adios," I believe the one single time I've ever used that word.


This morning, I was awaken by a clicking noise from my living room. I tried to get back to sleep, but it kept bothering me, and I kept fearing that it was something bad wrong, so I got up and checked it out. It was a mouse in either the wall or the ceiling, and it stopped when it heard me arrive. Anyway, when I checked my email a couple hours later, after getting up, there was one from Marina, Montag's transmedia lady, in which she mentioned, totally arbitrarily, that she has mice in her walls and they're driving her nuts.

A cool one this afternoon. On the way back from Shane and Mallory's, I entered into a long chain of thought about motorcycles and learning to ride one. As I was doing so, I noticed a big parking lot and thought, absently, that that would be a good one to learn a motorcycle on. Immediately after I thought that, in that synchronicitic way, I saw a sign at the parking lot: "Bikers Welcome." It was a parking lot for a kind of church.

Then, while cutting the sevenplex, I found two more playing cards in the lawn: the 6 of Spades and the 9 of Hearts. Hmm.


Really cool one today. While leaving the gym, I noticed that that '70s Honda CB360 motorcycle they'd had in the window of the auto parts place was gone, a dirt bike in its place. Then, while I was on the way home, on an indirect route, I saw a motorcycle which I think was a Honda CB of a similar vintage, but its color was different, so I knew it wasn't the one from the store. However, just down the road, I encountered another Honda CB, and stopped beside it at a light. It was a CB360, of the same approximate year of that in the store, had the same approximate rusting, and was of the same color. If it wasn't the bike from the store, which I'd just thought of minutes earlier, I'd be very surprised.


Very cool word synchro today: "flues." This was first in "The Briefcase" this morning, as a plural of "flu." I noticed it because of this, since I debated changing it -- perhaps even Noticed it. Then, it was in "The Road" at lunch today, on the first couple pages, in its proper term, the plural of flue (just started the book today ...). But the really cool part was that I started out reading "The House of the Scorpion" at lunch, but after a few pages, I was so turned off by the unrealistic and two-dimensional characters, and just the whole, absurd energy of the book, that I had to give up on it. When I went to get a different book, "The Road" jumped out at me.


A cool thought synchro, at lunch: "hissing." I was having a detached conversation with my mom, about the cats, and just when I went to reply to her, about one of the cat's hissing (I was going to say, "The cat hisses a lot," or something to that effect), I read in "The Road" the word "hissing," in the sentence I was just starting to read when I was readying my reply. It, too, came with that startlingly synchronistic way, and cannot be explained by subconsciously reading down the page, as my reply hinged on the long thread of conversation from my mom (who wasn't reading the book ...).

Also, soon after that, a word synchro: "mummied." This one is so cool because I saw it coming. This morning, while editing "The General," I saw "mummied" in it, and since it was the only time I've ever used it, it made me think of "The Road," where I "borrowed" it from, and I had the stray thought that I should be coming up on where it was used in "The Road" soon. Sure enough, there it was, today at lunch, a few hours later. Really cool.

Also, a couple more minor word synchros: "retard" (in "The General" this morning and I Noticed it, and then in "The Road," used in the same derogatory context), "dexterous" (in sermon at church today, a big talking point, and then in "The Road" later).

And another cool one. A random person, named Kelson, emailed me yesterday, randomly, praising me for my writing -- my first piece of fanmail, as it were. Anyway, he told me a story about when he'd been reading "There's Nothing Under The Stairs," where at several key parts he heard or saw precisely what was described in the story, in a way (if he hasn't embellished) that suggests synchronicity. The cool thing is that that story was posted in my blog months after it was published, and from what Mr. Kelson wrote, he didn't go back to past posts in my blog, so he wouldn't have seen it had I posted it when it had been published, and would have, hence, not experienced the synchronicity. Very cool.


Word synchro: "bard," first in "Jitterbug Perfume" at lunch, then in "The Crystal Vacuum Cleaner" tonight, when it was just off rejection this morning. A lot of other similar, unnotable word synchros, such as "curds," in "Jitterbug Perfume" at lunch and then on a roadside sign I Just Happened to pass, all these the first I'd heard the words in a while.


A couple cool thought synchros at lunch today. First, "scent," which I read in "Jitterbug Perfume" immediately as my mom took a doughnut out of the microwave and I was hit with its enticing smell and was thinking of it -- it all happened very synchronistically, in that way I've come to identify. Then, a little later, I was reading while thinking of how my allergies and general darkness are perhaps necessary, in order to turn the cycles, etc, so that I may learn what I need to; immediately after thinking this, I read this sentence, "If the earth needs night as well as day, wouldn't it follow that the soul requires endarkment to balance enlightenment?" Then, just after that, when I was thinking of how anxiety seems to keep me from kicking back and reconciling to his process, I read "anxious," in this same manner.


A couple cool thought synchros, both very close together while reading "Jitterbug Perfume." First, "monks," which I read right after thinking of monks in World of Warcraft, which terminated a long chain of thought. Likewise, "energy," which I read just as I thought about energy, also terminating another long chain of thought.


Cool one. Was in Goodwill, after having been Compelled to go there again, and while browsing the CDs, a couple women passed me a few feet away, talking, and I overheard one say, very clearly, "Barbara Streissand." Within a second afterward, in that synchronistic way, my eyes fell on a Barbara Streissand CD (it was the next sequential one in the row I was looking at, which is to say, I did not "seek it out" after hearing it -- not that I would've had time). Afterward, I had the thought that maybe the woman had seen the CD and was referring to it, but this I doubt, since 1) they passed at length, around a gondola to my left, and at an angle that I think would've been bad for seeing the CD, and 2) I believe I was standing between them and the CD, and 3) I don't remember her saying "Barbara Streissand CD," but rather something about Barbara Streissand herself. In any case, definitely notable.


Cool one this afternoon. On the way home after church, I got behind a slow-moving convertable, and noticed it, due to its license plate, which read "Antique Car" (it was an antique car). It was the first such license-plate notarization I'd seen, so it stood out to me, that and it's low speed. Well, about 3 hours later, on the way to the gym, I passed the very same car. Notable, since so much time had elapsed, and I would had to have gone on just such a distinct route to encounter them again (I left a bit earlier than usual today, also).

Another: yesterday, I submitted a story to 'The American Scholar,' randomly, very much because It Felt Right (the story has about 0% chance of being accepted, but I couldn't resist). I'd never heard of 'The American Scholar' until I searched on Duotrope's and it was one of the first on the list. Then, today, in "The Lost World," it mentioned 'The American Scholar.' (I'd almost read this book weeks ago, but it felt Wrong. Also, when I did start reading it, I nearly started another book instead, but got the Right feeling when I went for "The Lost World.")

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