Synchronicity log for 2013


Pretty cool one today. It started this morning when I did my daily tarot draw and I Just Happened to draw two cards, as somehow happens: the King of Spears and The Tower. Later in the morning, I was turning these things around in my mind, and I thought of how the King of Spears would correspond with "fire" energy, so that the "message" in the double draw could have been "fire tower" (the King of Spears was first in the draw). I forgot about this mostly, but then, as I pulled out of the driveway to go cut grass, I remembered the "fire tower" musing I'd had this morning -- right as I passed a sign for Fire Tower Road. I would propose a subconscious reading-ahead, but that couldn't have happened, because I can trace my train of thought to just before I saw the sign, while I was turning around and looking *away,* for oncoming traffic, in the other direction. As for what this means, I have no clue -- just a mechanical recurrence of the "fire tower" archetype, or something more? Very notable in any case, because it coincided so perfectly with the thought of "fire tower" arising in my mind, in that special way.

Also, there's a third recurrence of this: in the 'Codes and Cryptography' book I started this evening, it mentioned how, in ancient times, "fire towers" were used to relay coded signals. This could easily have been a coincidence, since it wasn't at all explicit; however, it is worth noting that I felt Compelled to start the book today, rather than reading it when I checked it out from the library a couple days ago.


Neat recurrence today. It started sometime in the last week, when I thought randomly but distinctly of how one way to conceal a message would to have it tattooed onto your head and then have hair grow back over it. I don't know what gave way to this thought, or exactly what day I had it. Then, today, in the 'Codes and Ciphers' book, it mentioned just that, complete with a picture of someone with a message tattooed on their head. Notable for the sheer uniqueness of the thought, as well as the sheer randomness of my finding it in this book, since I checked it out completely at random (only after thinking of the tattooing technique beforehand, however).


Minor thought synchro. On the way to get the house key copied, I thought distinctly of it on its ring -- just as I noticed a truck with a key on a keyring painted on its back panel. However, this could easily have been subconscious suggestion, because I think I was in view of the truck the whole time (though, I was a block from where I was getting the key made, so it would make sense that I would be thinking of it indepedently of the truck).

Also, the day after writing about the playing cards in the synchronicity book, in which I said that there'd been no new cards found since the one in April, I found one at the motel today, a Magic card. Not only is it a playing card, but it has a knight on a horse on it, just like the tarot card I found last. Interesting.


Weird thought synchro. Was reading a paragraph in the 'Purple Cow' book listing various corporations, one of which was MTV. Upon seeing "MTV," I thought, distinctly but randomly, of how I'd been introduced to MTV as a kid, when I saw a commercial for it on Nickledeon (and the commercial said "damn," which forever branded it as memorable in my mind). Then, two lines down in the paragraph, the book explicitly said how MTV doesn't advertise itself on any other TV channel. This was either a cool thought synchronicity, or a profound case of subconscious reading-ahead -- notable either way because my memory contradicts what the book stated. Neat.


Some minor recurrence. On the 3rd, I felt Compelled to checkout a how-to book on starting a retail store. Part of it was curiosity on the logistics of such a venture, but there was also that distinct, intuitional Compelling at play, so I got the book. Since then, my father has made a deal to sell his sign shop -- but only the business (the building is being sold to someone else). Interestingly, the retail store book not only addresses business mergers and takeovers and the logistics and processes involved, but I read the chapter on the very same evening that the deal for a merger was made. I would say that the initial talks were a subconscious motivation in my checking out the book in the first place, except that I got it *before* the deal was made. Additionally, the book is about *starting a retail store,* not about business mergers (it doesn't say anything on the book or in its blurb about mergers, or anything even related -- I never would have associated such a subject with starting a retail store). The book's title is, literally, "The Everything Guide to Starting and Running a Retail Store." Were it, say, "How to Start a Retail Store, Merge Stores, or Takeover a Store," I might cite subconscious influence of some kind, but it wasn't like this at all. There were lots of smaller recurrences along these lines, too, such as a "limited liability company" coming up in conversation while I was talking to my father about the deal, and then, the next day, my reading of an LLC and its advantages in the book. Neat.


A clump of minor recurrences today, only notable collectively. For instance, I opened an email from Chase this morning, then got a piece of physical mail from them this afternoon, then opened my bank statement and noticed a withdraw from Chase -- easily chance in itself, but I experienced so many like this. A more notable one was AT&T internet. The other day, I happened to see an ad for 14.99 internet lying around the house, and I Noticed it -- this coming just before I closed on the house and realized I'd need to start hunting out the best internet deal. Then, today, when I finally got around to checking up on it online, a piece of physical mail came in today's mail, advertising AT&T high-speed internet. I could see these being coincidence, even collectively. Hard to say.


Neat recurrence. Tonight, my dad had me type up the contract for the sign shop merger, one part of which was a brief promissory note. Not an hour later, I read in the last of the 'Start your own retail business' book about how you need a promissory note when selling a business or doing a merger. Notable in itself, due to exactness and timing, but also because I don't think I've ever seen a promissory note mentioned in a book before (I only learned what it was when I got my house and the mortgage).


A couple neat repeat numbers today, in ways that stand out from the dozen or so minor recurrences that come every day. It was 11:37 both times, that number which has been haunting me so predominently the last year or so but especially these last few months. The first instance was this morning, when my mom asked me what time it was and I checked the clock at 11:37. Perhaps chance, but it's like so many 11:11s and the like. Bu then tonight, I went on ebay and browsed for cheap desktops, and when I went to an auction that was about to close, I went to the page right as its auction counter ticked from 11 minutes, 38 seconds to 11 minutes, 37 seconds, creating another 11:37, showing up in that perfectly synchronistic way, the precise instant I landed on the page -- all from a totally random auction. Fits the pattern of so many of those clock-tick instances.


A couple cool thought synchros, almost identical in nature. First, while I was reading the 'Enron' book, I was distantly thinking how I need to clean off the back deck in my house, because I could see it through the door in my reading room. This triggered a whole chain of thought about the leaves and stuff on the deck and how I didn't feel like getting out my leaf blower, etc, but it culminated in the thought of "I need to clean off my deck." Precisely as I thought that, in that distinctly synchronistic way, I read "cleaning off the decks" in the book and though the book's usage was different (figurative rather than literal), it was too distinctly timed to be notable. Then, about the same thing happened that night, when I thought of "blueberries" right as I passed a tray of some kind of blueberry-bread dessert of my parents', the two coinciding so perfectly to make me stop and back up to look at what I'd passed. I can also trace the train of thought that ended with "blueberries" back before I was even in the same room with the dessert, and I had no idea that dessert was there (never seen it before).


Over the last couple days, I've noted many small, individually unnotable word synchros between the Enron book and while editing my synchronicity book. Some are common, others less so, often by context (such as "question-and-answer"). Mildly notable in itself, but, interestingly, just a couple days ago I was thinking, after editing the ledger part in the book, of how the word synchros seem to have wound down some, to where I don't encounter so many any more. It's almost as if something said, "Oh yeah?" Another "question-and-answer" example, as it were.


This morning, while editing the synchronicity book, I went over the following paragraph:

"But, I can say this: without these experiences, I would never have known (or believed) that anything so far-out was possible – and nor would you, for then you would never have read this nonexistent book."

When I read "nonexistent book," I thought of a book [my friend] bought a while ago, 'This book does not exist,' and how I'd like to read that book. Then, around lunchtime today, I got a package in the mail: books, from [my friend] because she wasn't coming down here this month, including 'This book does not exist.' She'd mentioned to me she was sending some books, but not that one. Also, there are two interesting facts about this which up its notability beyond the recurrence-value: 1) I almost didn't edit that paragraph in the book this morning; I only did so as an afterthought, while going through my file of notes on the book, and 2) the 'This book does not exist' not only covered the very subjects from the chapters of the synchronicity book I edited this morning, it provided me some support facts and correlations to be mentioned in the book. This follows that same pattern I've noticed in the past, where I seem to get books or other information when I need them.


Reasonably cool one. This morning while working on the synchronicity book, I had a word on the tip of my tongue but I just couldn't get it, even after looking in the dictionary/thesaurus -- the second time this has happened recently, actually, with the same word. Frustrating. Then, in the 'This Book Does Not Exist' book this afternoon, just about an hour later, it mentioned the word: "dichotomy." Easily a coincidence, but made a little more notable by the fact that I so distinctly couldn't come up with it, then had it pop up so soon after.

Also, while I was reading 'This Book Does Not Exist' and writing notes about probabilities it inspired, I tried to think of how to express two different concepts, thinking one to be practical impossibility and the other something else, with a name to differentiate the two. A couple pages later in the book, it addressed just this: "practical impossibility" and its opposite, "innate impossibility" -- the very two concepts I'd been trying to fit into words. As it were, I don't think I've ever in my life faced needing words to describe those two concepts, or even realizing them -- then, just minutes after the first time, I would see those concepts addressed and described. There is the fact that the subject I was writing notes on and that I was reading of in the book were loosely related, so this may have had bearing on it. But notable in any case.

Also, a rather hilarious recurrence. In 'This Book Does Not Exist,' it introduced me to the term "indepedent event," used in a probabilities context. Upon reading this, it stirred me up a little because it's such a rigid concept, only taking into account *obvious* connections so that events connected by hidden, covert connections are erroneously judged as "independent." Well, a classic book synchro arose: I finished that book, then this evening started some random investment book [my friend] sent me -- in which it mentioned independent events, under the same context and with the same rigidity, after I'd never before (that I can remember) been exposed to this term in my life. Two books in a row. Except, here's the irony: the synchronicity would, under the rigid definition of "independent events," be chalked up to being mere independent events without a connection, when the reality is that they appear to have a hidden connection.


I've had another of those "trifecta"-type of word synchros, where I keep seeing a certain word over and over again in very mundane but mildly unlikely ways, as if it refuses to be ignored. This time it's "clout," seen may 4-5 times over the last few days, from a wide enough variety of mundane-but-unconnected sources that I've taken notice. So, I'm noting it now. If it's like past instances, the word will now stop chasing me down.

Also, had a weird one, but one that was damn cool. This afternoon, I had the distinct but inexplicable thought of a sound card I'd used in my desktop computer for years but had stopped using a couple years ago when I switched to using a laptop -- or so I thought (I'd stopped using it). I actually had the weird urge to *use* that soundcard, in that illogical way we sometimes want to do things. Then, tonight I finally got around to setting up the sound/speakers for my present desktop (which I recently switched back to after deciding to sell my laptop). I couldn't get sound out of it, however, and after messing around with it in confusion, I realized why no sound: I had the speakers plugged into the desktop's onboard sound, when I had, to my surprise, another soundcard in the computer -- that one I'd thought of so distinctly and had the weird urge to use. I must have put it in the desktop to keep it from sitting around in a box (I rarely used the desktop until using it in place of my laptop just recently, and I never used the sound on it, so it's odd that I would have this sound card in there). Anyway, as it were, after having that vague but compelling thought of using that soundcard, I did (I plugged the speakers into it, and the sound worked great). Neat.


A really cool recurrence today. It started when my dad told me an ongoing story that I found notable in itself: over the last four days, he's almost been involved in an accident with the same, anonymous woman. The first time, she pulled directly in front of him, making him notice her and her car. The second time, he was driving through a parking lot when he noticed that same car and then, immediately after, the woman who was driving it, walking. Upon seeing her and recognizing her and remembering what had happened, he slowed down, thinking she might walk out in front of him -- which she did. Then, today, he saw this very same woman again, and, recognizing her, slowed down in anticipation of erratic driving, which happened: just after my dad slowed down, she cut in front of him as if he wasn't there. I find this notable, because if it all happened the way my dad says it did, with him recognizing her and then ancitipating danger in such a way that it prevented accidents, it has that air of cohesiveness and logic I've come to identify. It's notable enough considering he would see the very same woman three times in three days.

But, this incident, however secondhand, is notable for a second reason: just a couple days ago, I'd almost gotten hit in the exact same place, in the exact same way, as my dad did on the third incident with the woman, when she cut in front of him. It was at the exact same intersection, going the same way, with my dad in the same lane and spot I'd been in, and the woman cutting him off the same way I'd been cut off. This is interesting for several reasons: 1) for the sheer recurrence value of it, being how my dad almost got in a nearly identical accident as I did just days ago (when, for me at least, I'd never had any such thing happen in my life), 2) that my dad would bring this up in conversation at all (I hadn't mentioned my near-accident at all, ever; he mentioned this entirely on his own accord, with no way of knowing I'd almost been in that accident), and 3) because after my near-accident, I'd spent the rest of the day pondering how the person could have not seen me and been able to cut me off (without their being totally blind or unfit to drive). In regards to the latter point, it just so happened that my dad was able to provide some insight on why this might happen: because of a unique quality of the road on the other side of the intersection, which could foreseeably make someone cut off the person in the other lane (this based on his observation of several nearly identical accidents in the same spot, according to him). This last point is so notable because it fits the question-and-answer format of so many recurrences: I'd "questioned" why this would happen, then been "answered" by way of this complex string of "chance" events.

Also, a weird recurrence that may be nothing. Over the last few days, I've suspected that a B complex supplement I was taking was having negative effects, making me restless and such. So last night I decided to stop taking it. This morning, when doing my supplements, I had to remember how I'm to stop taking it today. Then, soon after, when I checked my email a little before noon, I got an email with the subject "STOP Taking That Old B-Complex!" The email was advertising a B complex supplement.


Classic book synchro. In 'The Tracker,' I read about wild dog packs in the woods, and how they would often chase people up trees. This stood out to me, because, for whatever reason, I'd never known about how wild dog packs could inhabit the woods, nor the possibility of them treeing people. Then, today, in 'The Evil Men Do,' which I checked out completely randomly from the library, never having heard of the book before today, it mentioned someone being treed in the woods by a pack of wild dogs. Not a huge recurrence, but certainly notable, and certainly displaying the classic book-synchro pattern.


Minor recurrence. Since last night, after reading the 'Evil That Men Do' book, I've been having vague thoughts of securing my house against break-in, etc, including several thoughts of security systems/sensors and the like. I had these thoughts again today when I read more of the book. Then, when I went and checked my mail this afternoon, there was an unsolicited mailing from ADT security, advertising a security system with "15 free motion sensors." Could be nothing, but I find it somewhat notable due to 1) the timing, and 2) the fact that I've never received a mailing for any security system, from anyone, ever, until the very day I would for the first time be thinking of getting one, however vaguely.


A book synchro of sorts today. Started the 'Den of Thieves' library book that I checked out with 'The Evil Men Do,' and I was surprised to find that the leaf of the book's first few pages was loose and free -- just like that of the 'Evil Men Do' book, in almost the exact same spot (the very front of the book). It could easily be nothing, but I just find it cute that I would check out two totally random books and have them each sport a loose first few pages.

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