Synchronicity log for 2015


Cool "question and answer"-type one today, a classic and precise case. Just yesterday, while randomly reading up on how to fly on an airplane for the first time, it mentioned how the boarding gates can spontaneously change, without explaining why, and so I had the vague-but-distinct thought of, "I wonder why that is?" Then today, less than 24 hours later, the robotics book explained just that -- the classic pattern, both precise and notably timed.


Lots of subtle ones/number repeats still, with a good standout: I was in my car and looking at my dashboard lights, and I determined I had a light out -- precisely as I noticed a bumper sticker on the car I was stopped behind reading "LIGHTS OUT." This one could have conceivably been caused by my subconscious noticing the sticker only after I'd made the discovery of my burned out dashboard light, but then again, there had to be those two objective components to begin with, both my Just Happening to determine I had a dashboard light out at that precise stoplight, and the car with the LIGHTS OUT bumper sticker (plus, that bumper sticker Just Happening to be directly in my line of vision at the moment I would determine the light to be burned out, plus the timing, etc). Notable.


Funny recurrence/q-and-a. Yesterday while listening to a CD, I thought it mentioned a "baby grand piano," and had the thought, "Did I hear that right? A *baby* grand?" since I'd never heard the term before. Then this morning, while totally randomly checking out some AirBnB ad in Tuscon that was emailed to me, it listed, as the amenities, a "baby grand piano." Haha.

Then, this afternoon at lunch, a really cool combinaton book-synchro/q-and-a. Yesterday, when reordering the pituitary glandular, I'd had the thought about just what it supposedly does, and then today, in the 'Relic' book I'd randomly bought, then randomly started reading yesterday (again out of selection of about a dozen books, feeling Compelled to get that one in particular), it mentioned just what the pituitary is and what it does, which incidentally gave me an exact description of what would presumably be supported by taking the glandular. Plus, there was a thematic recurrence there simultaneously, for the book's pituitary discussion was in regard to a monster that eats pituitary glands -- a direct thematic parallel to my taking the pituitary glandular I'd just reordered and was wondering about, with me "eating" the pituitaries of pigs/beef, etc, albeit in pill form. Pretty notable, being so precise and so close timing-wise.

Plus, there were some other, minor synchros in the 'Relic' book, now between it and the last one I'd read, the 'Flesh and Machines' book, again with the two each mentioning some of that same subjects/things/events despite their being totally different (one being a horror novel about a tribal relic and a monster, the other being a non-fiction academic title about the future of robots and cyborgs) and read/bought totally randomly. For example, both mentioned how evolution has been simulated on computers, and several other reasonably precise things.


So so many number repeats today, an absolute whirlwind of them (37s/137s/53s/33s, all the usuals) which started right after I booked the flight and hotel and started for DC, as if this was a trigger. This time it was the most ever, though, not just an onslaught but a whirlwind, constantly coming, sometimes one after the other within the spaces of seconds (and of course always in conspicuous ways that couldn't be subconscious suggestion, selective perception, etc). Honestly, I don't think there was a space of 5 minutes when I didn't see some repeat or another, sometimes mere seconds -- absolutely surreal, especially considering the flight and the rental car and the ride into DC. Wow. Just wow wow wow, even after everything in this last year or so.

Lots of subtle "normal" synchros too, along with another of those "themes" for the day, now really conspicuous reading/though/event synchros, probably a dozen or so altogether. Some standouts were reading "key-tapping" precisely as one of the airport staff at my back started typing loudly on a keyboard (and, of course, this was at my back, where I couldn't possibly have forseen it coming, and the timing was perfectly synchronistic, etc). And then, just minutes later, reading "his amplified voice poured from down the hall" or something to that effect, in regards to someone speaking over a police radio -- precisely as just that happened, again from behind me, one of the airport staff's radios bursting to life.

Also, a classic recurrence: just last night and this morning I was looking at the "Icebear" mopeds, learning of them for the first time, and then this evening, just hours later, some kids on the airport shuttle bus began randomly chanting something about "listen to Icebear," or something with "Icebear" in it. Maybe coincidence, but I don't it (especially not in the whirlwind of synchronicity craziness of the day).

Also, there was another theme through the day: really prominent, perfectly-timed one-word thought/reading synchros, such as reading "Oh, the places you'll go" at Modern Cleaning precisely as Beth said "oh" from down the hall (speaking to her patient, neither of them engaged in conversation with me, or even aware that I was in the building), and then "okay" from my neighbor at the house precisely as I was thinking about the "forgiveness is okay" gas-station post I'd been so Compelled to make earlier. Several of these interspersed through the day.


Number-repeat "whirlwind" continued throughout the day in DC, only strengthening. Good god, what a trip. I can't remember any standouts really, since they were about all standouts just about. Head spinning.


Still more of that number-repeat/general subtle incident "whirlwind" through the morning, though it finally began tapering off after getting the flight and getting back to the beach, as if on a switch. Did have several standouts afterward though, all really damn cool. First, turning out of the airport, I made an especially fast, sharp, precise turn, which could very much be described as "deft," precisely as "deftly maneuvering" came over the CD player. Notable enough there, but it was doubly so considering the context in the song, which was about a guy driving a race car and hugging turns, etc (along with other, subtler yet still highly relevant contextual information in regards to myself and the return home, victory, etc, impossible to convey but so damn cool). Also, a big wash of one-word though/event/radio synchros, such as "money" coming over the in-house radio at the flea market I'd randomly gone to, precisely as I approached a big rack of fake novelty million-dollar bills and such.

Also, an equally cool one at the thrift store I felt so Compelled to go to randomly after lunch. Precisely as I identified the song on the radio as "Hurts So Good" by John Mellencamp, I came to a John Mellencamp CD on the rack of CDs I was browsing. The timing was perfect enough to scream "synchro," but I though it could still perhaps have been subconscious suggestion considering the CD with in my view at the time. However, as I was thinking this and going through the usual skeptical screening process in my head, I noticed another CD, from another artist, which I wanted to buy -- and then, when I opened it up to check that the CD was in there, there was in there, instead, another John Mellencamp CD. Haha. With that in mind (which seemed to follow past incidences of when I was questioning an incident and then had some little follow-up to upgrade it in notability, patternistically so), I find this pretty notable, as well as funny as hell. Haha.

Also, this cool-but-vague recurrence theme today, revolving around the 'Hell Ranch' book. All sorts of little things, unnotable in themselves but notable when taken together, and all patternistic of past synchros like these, usually involving books bought/read entirely at random and all sorts of little things encountered throughout the day. Today it was the stuff in the 'Hell Ranch' book, such as "Spring Break" jumping out at me in that way I knew I'd see it again soon, then being in the book (the guy who went missing was on Spring Break), maybe a half-dozen little things like that, all of them being Noticed and then popping up within the first ~thirty pages of the book read this evening (of course, none of which were mentioned on the book's dust jacket or anything). Pretty cool, and all patternistic of past such occurences.


Whirlwind of numbers have stopped, interestingly. Had another theme today: more one-word thought/action/reading synchros, without any real standouts in particular but all pretty notable and pronounced, if not so precise or interesting. Did have one interesting standout in general, in regards to the butterfly symbolism I've been seeing increasingly over the last two years, especially this last month. Saw it a lot today especially, many times and always in that pronounced, patternistic, conspicuous fashion, and then, while getting my oil changed totally randomly at the place I didn't even plan on but was forced to go to, the oddest man came in, a grumpy transvestite that I got into conversation with -- and then, when he bent over, I saw that he had a butterfly tattoo, directly on top of his head. Haha.

Also, another cool and classical book synchro. In DC two days ago, I'd Noticed these candles at the Safeway I'd stopped at totally randomly while there, in the Spanish-foods section, curious candles with saints painted on them. I thought them to be votive candles placed in churches and such in offerings of prayer (and was Compelled to buy one and light it in prayer for DC). Anyway, it was the first I'd ever seen of these candles, ever, and then today, in the 'Hell Ranch' book, it mentioned these candles specifically, and how they're used in Santeria and other Latin/Haitian religious practices -- both recurring this new thing soon after I'd first learned of it, in that patternistic way, as well as clarifying exactly what they're for. I was wrong, as it were. Heh.

Back to lots of subtle ones/number repeats. One standout was hearing "hundred" on the CD player precisely as I passed a road sign reading "one hundred," the timing and randomness being so perfectly distinct, it stood apart even from the others.


A lot of one-word-type synchros again today, along with the usual rash of subtles/number repeats. Cool recurrence: "antioxidant" coffee. I saw this in an ad I randomly read in the waiting room at Innerlight (and, it bears mentioning, this ad was in an eleven-year-old periodical that Just Happened to by lying around there, kept in the office for nostalgia's sake), and it was the first I'd ever heard of it, and I had the thought I might like to try some, as it was made with a "patented roasting process" that left the bean's substances intact. Well, less than an hour later, immediately after leaving Innerlight, I went to a health food store I was Compelled to visit, and they Just Happened to have some "antioxidant coffee," made with a "patented roasting process." Haha.

Next, equally cool, was a unique radio-type incident. As I was going down the highway, I came upon a cluster of tractor-trailers and cars, where two tractors were slowly trying to pass a slow-but-not-too-slow truck in the rightmost lane; it was dangerous, to say the least, and I hung back from it all, slowing down. Precisely as I came upon this and slowed down, "Life in the Fast Lane" came on the radio, reflecting the drama there perfectly. And, there was another part of this, another layer of synchro, because seeing this, I started thinking of how much "faster" thoughts and such are seeming to manifest into physical reality, and that brought up my conversation with JJ just that morning about just that thing -- which, of course, was also reflected by the "Life in the Fast Lane" song. Haha.


And still, lots of subtle/repeat-number activity, just a constant thing on and off through the day. One cool standout was a though/event synchro early this morning (again, when I don't seem to have these), when I had the song "Aenima" randomly in my head just after getting up in the hotel room, and then, right when I went to plug the lamp back on from where I'd unplugged it for my earthing pad (requiring me to move a dresser and then put it back in place), this coincided with the line "back the way it oughta be" in the song in my head -- putting the dresser and plug "back the way it oughta be" to where it was when I arrived in the room. I could see this being a coincidence, except for the timing, the randomness of it, as well as it being patternistic of a couple I can remember happening in the past.

Also, a minor one that might've been coincidence but I doubt it. On the radio there was a song talking about "x's and o's," and that line stood out to me in that special way, Noticing it as such that I felt I would soon see it again or something. Then, seconds later, I went to check and see if my MP3 player was charging, and on the screen was an O and an X, both capitalized and colored blue as to stand out. Again, potentially coincidence, but considering the timing and the Noticing, and the patternistic aspects of it, etc, I doubt it.


Another day of regular subtle/number repeats, still. One standout I noted: while at the gym this morning, counting "1-2-3" for my yoga stretch, the radio said "1-2-3," again with perfectly synchronized timing, etc.


Really cool one this afternoon, not sure how to classify it. Dad asked me for the figures for the insurance and tax check, and I had the distinct thought of not only wanting a notepad, but that pad I'd gotten from the Holiday Inn the other day, which was perfectly sized and shaped for writing down the figures -- and at that precise moment, I looked down and there were a stack of just those pads, same size and everything from a Holiday Inn (only difference was, mine was from an Express, and these were just from a "normal" one, but still the same otherwise). Sort of an instantaneous ask-and-receive. In any case, highly notable.

Also, another day where there were vague themes, this time just vague recurrences that were there but unnotable on their own. For instance, silver Subaru Imprezas: I encountered 4-5 today, all randomly but conspicuously, same color and model and approximate year. Several like that, all throughout the day.


In addition to the usual tide of subtles/number repeats, had a really cool string/"theme" of distinct one-word reading/event synchros this afternoon, almost identical. Started between my trip to Goodwill and Bare Essentials, where I read "dance marathon" precisely as the radio said "dance," then "angel eyes" precisely as it said "angel," a few minutes later, and then "cherry" on a random food label precisely as a nearby stranger said "cherry." All of these "felt" the same, and happened within an hour total, as is patternistic of some past incidents. Pretty notable, all. Then, a few minutes later while driving, a simple reflection/"echo"-type one: right after I'd had to conspicuously stop/slam on my brakes when a bicyclist pulled out in front of me without looking, I stopped behind a car with a bumper sticker reading "I look for bikes. Brake for people." Also, a little footnote on this one: the car was a Subaru Impreza, but not an older, silver one like I saw a bunch of yesterday. I thought this, even said something aloud about it, laughing -- and then, a minute or so later down the road, I passed yet another silver, older Subaru Impreza, identical to those of yesterday, in another case of that "answer"/"confirmation"-type of synchro that I've seen in the past. Haha.

Also, a cool one while eating lunch, though a touch odd. Precisely as I reached for the butter container holding my lunch, a nearby stranger said "margarine," in perfectly synchronistic fashion. Interestingly, I'd thought the container was for margarine instead of butter (though, as I examined it later, it was for neither, instead for "Smart Balance" that advertised itself as being better than either butter or margarine -- though, I'd *thought* that Smart Balance was margarine at the time of the stranger saying that, which perhaps is symptomatic of the "thought-echoing" phenomenon). Notable as-is, but a footnote that bears mentioning is that I'd felt Compelled to pick that particular container to put my lunch in, after having a choice of several (and, yesterday, picking that one out but then putting it back, feeling as Compelled *not* to get it then as I did *to* get it today, interestingly).


And still, tons of subtle ones/number repeats, as well as another theme, today's being much like yesterday's with a big, random, spread-out string of very distinct one-word thought/event/radio synchros throughout the morning and afternoon. No real standouts, though all were pretty notable.

Also, saw two more silver Imprezas of that same year and condition today, and still in that conspicuous way like the others. Haha.


Really cool one this morning while reading the 'American Taboo' book. Right when it was describing the killer being interrogated by police, I had the distinct thought that, were I in that situation, I wouldn't be able to communicate effectively through speech, so I'd instead write down my answer/confession/whatever. Well, two lines down, there was a passage in which the killer did just that, writing down his response to the police. Perhaps a coincidence (since it's not entirely illogical to do such a thing), but it wasn't subconscious reading-ahead in any case, due to my being able to again retrace the distinct, independent chain of thought that led to my thinking about writing down a response.

And, again, more subltes/number repeats, etc, throughout the rest of the day. So surreal at times.


Same as lately, lots of subtle incidents/number repeats, lending a surreal feel to the day. Also, another vague theme throughout the day, most coherently between the book I'm reading, 'American Taboo,' and the one I'm editing, dad's autobiography, probably a dozen vague, individually unnotable paraellels between the two, too subtle and contextual to really describe but still there all the same.


First, a really cool and funny one at lunch today. Right on the way to the Iron Horse, I was struck with the distinct and totally random thought of Beth and how she'd referred me to Hot Springs. Then, minutes later in the Iron Horse, there was a lady who was the spitting image of Beth, so much that I stopped and turned to her and expected it to be Beth -- right down to the set of her eyes, age, hair color, height, build, even her total "energy" and bearing was perfectly Beth. Yet it wasn't Beth. Utterly surreal.

Then, while eating lunch, a cool reading synchro: right as I read "walked by without looking at me," a lady walked by the bench I was on and I looked up at her but she didn't look at me. I initially didn't note this one, since it wasn't too precise beyond that (though the timing was okay), but then later, as I was thinking about it, the same thing happened again: right as I thought "walked by without looking at me," someone walked close by, I tried to make eye contact with them, and they passed without looking at me, conspicuously so. Haha.

Also, a little recurrence today that might've been nothing: "Blue Mountain." I first Noticed this on the two receipts from Blue Mountain Outfitters this morning, the "Blue Mtn" standing out to me in that way that I felt I'd soon be seeing it again, pattnernistically. Then "Blue Mountain" was in the 'American Taboo' book a couple times this morning, and then, during lunch, after reading it again and connecting it to the receipt-Noticing of earlier, I looked down and realized I was eating a kale crunch from "Blue Mountain Organics." Pretty notable then, due to repetition and overall timing.


A theme of small but significant reading/event synchros today, with several standouts. Hearing a nearby woman singing and then thinking how nice and enhancing it was for the space, precisely as I opened a book and my eyes fell on "a fantastic sound," the two coinciding in that perfectly synchronistic fashion. Same for when someone nearby said "tear down" precisely as I read "topple." On the lesser, not-quite-perfectly-synchronistic side, I heard ambulance/police sirens in the distance and was mildly disturbed by them and their general "city noise," about two seconds before reading about just that in a book. Thinking about wiping my mouth with my napkin, randomly but precisely, a couple seconds before reading "he wiped his mouth with his handkerchief." Also, as I sat listening to the woman perform and sing, I had the thought that it would be nice to hear her do a song familiar to me rather than her original material, and less than a minute later, she did, her next song as it were. When I pulled into the Anytime Fitness parking lot this morning, heard "sell my home" on the CD player precisely as my eyes fell on a big truck reading "I buy homes," kind of an opposite-type synchro. And another stranger one: I saw a license plate beginning in 992 and Noticed it, and then, a split second later, realized that the very next sequential car beside it also had a plate beginning in 992, despite both of them being from out of state (different states). Maybe nothing, that one. Hard to say.

As the day went on, had about 1-2 dozen of these small-but-significant types, as to be another theme.

Also, a cool recurrence: classic Porsches of a specific kind and year. I first saw one of these a couple days ago, while driving on Hot Springs, and I both Noticed and noticed them, first because it was the first I'd ever seen this distinctive car in my life, and second because I saw three over the drive down there, all randomly and spaced some time apart (unlike having them altogether, which might've been for a car show or something). Pretty notable in itself then, but then, on the way down to the beach today, one of these very same type of cars passed me -- making it notable not only because there's no way I could attribute this to subconsciously looking for it or something, since *it* passed *me," but also because it served to remind me of this incident, as I'd not noted it (which is doubly notable because it's patternistic of past incidents). Haha.

Also, another one of those subtle, odd license-plate synchros, where I Noticed one starting with three numbers (902 this time), then immediately saw another beginning with those same numbers, both conscpicuously and totally randomly. A new classification, it seems.


Fewer incidents overall today than lately, conspicuously so. Another of those deviations it would seem. Did have a pretty notable reading/event one during lunch: "snapped" in the book I was reading, precisely as I heard a snap from behind me, which proved to be a man hand-pruning a plant (which was pretty dry, judging by the distinct, crisp snappiness of the snap). Not only quite precise, and done from behind me where I couldn't possible have subconsciously seen it coming or something, but also perfectly synchronistic in timing, in that surreal fashion. I told the guy about it a minute later, both got a laugh.


Back to having tons and tons of subtle-but-significant incidents, revving up towards lunchtime and then staying constant through much of the day, often to surreal levels, such as when I was still recovering from two back-to-back reading syncrhos (can't even remember them, there'd just been so many), and then, just as it started to rain and I thought of going indoors, I had a third reading synchro, now "looking for shelter," and in the same context I'd been thinking it.


A bunch today, in addition to the steady backdrop of vague/"small" ones and number-repeats. Had a few number-repeat standouts in particular, including another of those deals where I felt distinctly Compelled to stop and let someone out of a driveway while driving, only to have their license plate be 7137 (and fall directly into my line-of-sight, etc). Also, the timer: my venerable old electronic timer went haywire for a while, for no reason at all as has happened before, and it popped up several number repeats, such as when I went to check its time and it was 7:31 exactly (which was the wrong time, or "wrong" rather), and a couple other similarly random-yet-not ones. Haha. The day had a few pretty coherent thought/event/reading synchros too, such as my thinking about how I'm perpetually tired, at the end of a big long random chain of thought, precisely as someone from the other room, totally away from me (I hadn't even known anyone was there), said "no wonder you're so tired."

Then, this afternoon, a really cool, hard-to-classify one: the whole time I was buying the bottle of CBD oil, I kept thinking how it looked like a little bottle of liquor (though none in particular). Then, as I went out to the car, thinking just that, the next lyric on the CD player after I turned on the car was "bottle of rum" (on a new CD, bottle minutes prior, which I'd never heard before). Another of those "precise but imprecise" ones.

The day's coolest was this evening, and also hard to classify, though it leans toward "ask and ye shall receive." This morning, I'd had trouble opening the jar of ginger, and had distinctly thought of how I didn't have one of those rigid-gripper things and how one would've come in handy (though, unlike other "ask and receives," I didn't think "I want a gripper thing," only how one might've come in handy then). Then, this evening, when I got a supplement shipment from Pureformulas, I was surprised to find inside the package nothing other than a new, sealed, rubber-gripper pad. I have no idea why it was in there; they've never sent anything like that in the past. Yet there it was, just hours after my thinking of how handy one would've been. I found that notable enough in itself, but then, just minutes later upon getting home, I ended up using the gripper pad, being unable to open a stubborn mason jar that had been sitting for a while. Damn notable, I think.

Plus, another cool receipt synchro, discovered just now. On the Starbucks receipt I got today, the check number was "713733" (when the day's predominant repeat was of course 73/1137, etc). Notable in itself, given the precision and stark randomness of it, but then doubly so considering the circumstances/context: I'd had the cash, but only a hundred and they didn't have change, so I'd had to pay via credit card, thus producing the receipt. As it were, I've never gotten a receipt when buying coffee at Starbucks, never beeing asked, presumably because cash purchases don't produce one by default but credit does -- so I Just Happened to get this receipt with the blatant number repeat. Wow, and funny as hell.


Still having the whirldwind-like constant "background noise" of synchronicity. Really cool thought/event standout this morning. When I went into Bay Naturals and went to get the turmeric, I had the thought, "Am I looking for the Curamed or that other one?" because they have two and they each have similar names/packaging but are very different so I can get confused if I don't check -- and precisely as I was thinking this (objectively, starting before I even entered the store as it were), the sales clerk, on the phone right next to me, said that exact thing I was thinking, to a customer presumably: "Are you looking for Curamed or [name of the other product]?" Both the precision and the timing were impeccable/perfectly synchronistic/impossible to subconsciously orchestrate, etc.

Also, a noticeable trend of pronounced one-word thought/reading/event synchros today, such as reading "bubbly" precisely as my pot of eggs started to boil, audibly "bubbling." Maybe a dozen or so of these today?


Not so much of the random/subtle synchros today, though they were still there. Did have a pretty cool thought/event standout: right after a big long chain of thought which ended with my thinking of buying the three-earthship property, I passed a sign reading "I buy houses," in perfectly synchronistic manner, and in an objective fashion that I couldn't have subconsciously orchestrated, etc (I finished the chain of thought right as I came down the highway offramp, before which the houses sign was completely out of view, obscured by the giant bend in the ramp). Precise to begin with, but moreso considering my thought wasn't just of buying one house, but the property with the *three* houses on it, and the sign read "houses" plural. Haha.


Today was an utter whirlwind, with a pronounced uptick in everything: subtle one-word/thought/reading synchros and the like, number repeats out the wazoo (37s primarily, literally dozens, everywhere, all through the day), stuff I can't even name or describe. Also, another theme: big long streaks of precise, non-subtle thought/reading/event synchros. At lunch, for instance: when I sat down to read the 'Gone Girl' book, there was just this enormous stream of explicit thought/event synchros, including one where I had another of those big long chains of thought ending in my thinking of how I used to eat just to fill up time, and then two lines down, the book said exactly that, in so many words. It was utterly surreal -- and even this was part of the synchro-wave, for right after I thought it, the book went into a passage that ended in mentioning how surreal the character's world felt. Haha, really just hahaha. Whole day was like this, more or less. An utter wonderland, of dreamlike proportions.


Whirlwind continuing, not quite as prominently as yesterday but close (number-repeats have fallen off especially, though still present, back their only constant background murmur rather than a blaring scream). Another theme: one-word event/thought/reading synchros, though of a somewhat different "flavor" than yesterday, as seems to happen. For instance, having a big long chain of thought end in having an idea to sell my car cheap to a mechanic under the idea that he fix it himself and resell it, precisely as a sign reading "re-sale" came into view. Maybe two-three dozen like that today? Wow.


Still having the onslaught of the last couple days, though a bit less intense today. Only real standout I can think of was a cool recurrence, starting yesterday when I got this old nursery rhyme in my head, entirely randomly but very distinctly, with it looping so prominently that I anticipated it might trigger a recurrence. The rhyme went "a something-or-other to put you to bed, and here comes a chopper to chop off your head!," which was from a movie or something I can't place -- anyway, it was there, again and again, and then, a few hours later, I went to the thrift store to try and find a coffee grinder, but all they had was a sort of vegetable slicer gadget -- which, on the way home with it, I thought to call a "chopper," because that was really the only name that fit. Lo and behold, I got my "chopper." Haha.

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