Synchronicity log for 2016


Reasonable uptick in activity today, starting from the get-go this morning pretty much with a really damn cool radio-type one. I had to pass a golf cart, and right as he edged off to the curb and waved me to pass, "move over, baby" sang from the radio, which could've been applied either to the man's moving the golf cart over or him waving me to move over and pass; either way, was perfectly synchronistic and highly precise, and just so surreal. A cool little footnote to this one was when, a few minutes later, I pulled off the road to stop and pick up the bag of garbage sitting dangerously in the road, and when I did so I still had the notebook and the partially written note of "move over, baby" in my lap, which I saw precisely as I myself moved over off the road. Haha. Then, a few minutes later, another radio one, this time "look back" singing out precisely as I came up the highway ramp at 31 and had to look into my side mirror, craning my neck and turning so that I could see into my blind spot -- very much "looking back." Then at lunch, a pretty notable, classic recurrence: apple pectin. I first saw it when looking on the ingredients of the Phyte packet at Modern Cleansing (which I'd felt Compelled to buy even though it was $2 for just a tiny packet, way overpriced). Afterward, on the way to lunch, I kept thinking of one ingredient in particular: apple pectin, several times I thought of this specifically, and I'd also Noticed it distinctly when looking over the ingredients before buying it. And then, maybe 30 minutes later while eating and reading the 'Planet Heal Thyself' book, it mentioned apple pectin in particular, devoting a whole paragraph to it and its health benefits.

Then at Lowes later on, had probably the most striking and notable number-repeat-receipt-type one ever, with something like a 6-banger of 37 and variants recurring within the space of a minute. It started with a squash that I had to weigh, which was .73 lb and pushed my running total up to $10.73, so there's two back-to-back. Then, the next two items I scanned both produced running totals ending in 37 or 73 or something, can't remember (might've been three items, actually). And then when I got my receipt, there were two more: my change was exactly $73.31 (from a hundred, which I had only because two other places couldn't break it earlier in the day) and then the timestamp was "17:07:30," printed in big letters at the bottom. Highly notable just in itself, and in the near-instantaneous procession of so many repeats, but also, the squash part of it is highly notable because of the fact that I shouldn't have had to weigh it, since it was one of those "freshwrap"-type squash that are usually sold individually rather than by the pound -- and that's actually what the sign had said, because I'd checked it specifically to see how much the squash were since the freshwraps are often overpriced, and I distinctly remember seeing the sign read "$3.49 ea," not by the pound. Yet the self-checkout had asked me to weigh it after I scanned it, thus producing the .73 lb, and thus producing the $10.73 total, since I was charged by the lb rather than individually (over a dollar less than the $3.49, as it were). Wow wow.

Also, several other conspicuous numbers through the day, including a really cool one at the GNC parking lot. When I was turning at the intersection to leave, a car was coming slowly down the way, and twice I almost pulled out but just felt Compelled to play it overly cautious, totally illogically, as it so patternistic in these incidents -- and sure enough, its passing revealed a 7103 license plate.


And the random-newspaper-from-Publix recurrences continue, with two more coming to light tonight, when I finally finished reading through the paper (Compelled to btw, despite having no real interest in the contents of the Wall Street Journal, having an aversion to a lot of it actually). It started with the 'Planet Heal Thyself' book and its mention of the DNA website 23andme, which I'd felt Compelled to write down and visit, and which I finally got a chance to do so this evening -- and then, maybe 30 minutes later while in the sauna and reading the last section of the paper, it mentioned the 23andme site in an article about DNA. This was notable in itself, but it also bears mentioning that, first, the article as in the very back of the paper, in its innermost section, and wasn't mentioned on the front page or anything that I saw when Compelled to pick it up at the store (so it's impossible I could've subconsciously seen the mention of the site or even of anything DNA-related), and then, second, I actually missed the paper's mention of the site the first time reading the article, and only saw it when I randomly checked it for something else later in the night (which wasn't there), even though I had to dig it out of the recycling bag, etc. Really highly notable, given both the precision and the timing and the pattern (first I'd heard of the 23andme website, and then saw it again shortly after, and in the most random-yet-patternistic of ways, etc), but also given just the sheer logistics and randomness and unlikliness of it all, not to mention the fact that there were other similarly notable recurrences from the same paper. A blog-worthy one, altogether.

[Update 9/5: and it *still* continues, for this afternoon I had another 23andMe recurrence, now in the 'DNA USA' book. Wow.]

Also, another classical book-synchro-type recurrence between the 'Planet Heal Thyself' book, in which the Ashkenazi Jews were mentioned and it was the first time I'd ever heard of the term -- and then, randomly in the 'DNA USA' book that I again bought randomly and read randomly, sequentially after the 'Heal Thyself' book, it went into a long section about Ashkenazi Jews and their DNA (though, once again, the other book was on an entirely different subject matter, etc).


Noticeably fewer incidents last couple days, corresponding with health nastiness again. Did have a couple standout thought/radio synchros today; forgot the first one, but the second was a reasonably notable one when, at the store, precisely as I read "power greens" on a sign, "green" sang from the in-house radio, perfectly synchronistic, etc. Had a couple little 37-number-repeat spurts, along with a cute standout when, at the recycling bin when I threw in my paper and some torn-up receipt scraps came out, several of the scraps had prominent 37s/137s on them, conspicuously so, where the torn-off areas contained just those numbers, and just in such a way that I'd be forced to see them upon picking them up (which is just what happened one other time I can think of, too). Haha.


Reasonable uptick in general incidents today, again corresponding with big improvement in health interestingly. Started with a resumption of that steady "background" static of smallish, usually one-word-type radio/thought incidents, such as my thinking "one" when I did the first rep of an exercise at the gym precisely as the song on my MP3 player counted off "one-two-three," perfectly synchronistic -- maybe a dozen or so of these throughout the course of the day, to varying degrees of notability. Had a couple really cool standouts of more-traditional-type ones while at the gym, also. The first was when I was hanging off the bar, doing a long stretch, when I decided to stop, thus slowly and gracefully lowering my feet to the floor in a controlled dismount as not to overstretch and injure -- precisely before "get your feet on the ground" sang from the song I was listening to, not quite perfectly synchronistic but extremely close, another of those where it was just a split second differential. Same for another one a few minutes later, when, in the middle of an exercise, my whole body spontaneously relaxed, which has been happening off and on all day because I had a really good deep-tissue massage last night -- and then, again just a split second afterward, the song I was listening to sang "unwind and relax." Both of these were pretty notable, because even though they were "synced" to an album I've listened to several times, which would open them to subconscious suggestion, they hinged too much on the objective events to err in that direction (especially the "unwind and relax" one, since it hinged entirely on the element of my involuntarily relaxing, something I couldn't have consciously controlled if I wanted to). Also, lots more numbers today, still predominantly 37 (though having a good number of 17s/77s and their variants, plus 212s), and still predominantly on conspicuous license plates and such. Had a few of those "intelligently cute" ones too, including a pretty notable one on the way home. When I was on the hwy 17 offramp and merging onto 17 business where the two lanes merge right, I saw that a car was edging up and would get stuck in their lane if I didn't slow down and make a gap -- and when I did, letting the car pass in front of me once the lanes merged, I was met with a 373 license plate. Haha.

Also, a funny little recurrence (being having more of these the last couple weeks, it seems, a resurgence of more classical recurrences it seems) this evening. In the 'DNA USA' book at lunch today, it had mentioned Malia Obama, the President's daughter, and it was the first I'd ever heard her name or at least the first I'd heard it and it had registered with me, however faintly. And then, when I went to the twitter website this evening to do the daily tweet, one of the three "front page" random tweets was about what Malia Obama had done for Labor Day. Haha, so cute.


Still a reasonable amount of activity, though slacked off a little from yesterday. Some scattered subtles through the morning, and then a couple pretty notable standouts at lunch. First, precisely as I read "blasts" in the 'DNA USA' book while at Dunkin Donuts, cannon blasts sounded from across the street at the pirate mini-golf place. And then, a split second later when I went back and re-read the "blasts" sentence, I saw that it read "blasts of the horn" or something to that effect -- and precisely as I did, a car horn beeped from nearby. Haha. Then a classic thought/radio synchro when I went back in to get a refill and a split second after I handed my cup to the cashier and absently thought, "she's going to give me a refill," "fill my cup" sang from the in-house radio. And, similarly, a few minutes later while back outside, I read "drummed" precisely as a woman at a nearby table banged a straw from its wrapper, which was not only perfectly timed but she did it rhythmically, three-four times in a few measures, trying to get it out -- very much drumming, in every sense. Haha.

Also, still having regular 37s and the like, as if these things can be at all "regular." Another "cute" standout was when I went to Dr. Dong's clinic for the oxygen thing and so I had to pick out a couple magazines to read while in the tube, and one of the two I grabbed at random from the bin was an issue of 'Classic Car' that ended up having all kinds of 37s running through it. At first I didn't think much of it, but then I saw, first, that the issue was #137, and included a couple conspicuous 37s on the cover, and then, in the middle of it, it had a big "featured" spread on a 1937 model F-37 car. Haha.

And then tonight, another of those vague-thought recurrences, now involving the Navajo code-language used during WWII. I thought of this entirely randomly but distinctly this afternoon, in regards to how sometimes the obscurity and uniqueness of a thing can work for the good of a specific purpose even if it's "useless" or "wrong" for others, and that led me to think of the Navajo code language and such, for the first time in months -- and then, a couple hours later in the 'DNA USA' book it mentioned it. Maybe nothing, but the timing was reasonably tight, and it certainly fit the pattern.


Today was pretty much like yesterday but with less standout/coherent incidents, about the same amount of "background static"-types, but then way more numbers, this time corresponding with some travel up to Wilmington again (seems that Wilmington always triggers these number-storms). Once again, just so so many of them, still mostly 37s but with 212s and 17s mixed in there too. Lots of "fun" and conspicuous 37s too, including several car-pull-outs and the like. One cool one in this regard was when a car came past right as I was about to cross the road to CVS and I saw its 7309 license plate; I didn't think too much of it at first, since it could've just been coincidence, but then, ten minutes or so later when I came out of CVS, the exact same thing happened: same car, me starting to cross the road and then pulling back when I saw the car coming by right as I stepped out, and again its plate flashing at me. So cool. And then, even more notable, was a sort of three-way one just minutes later, when, first, I saw yet another 37-variant plate in a conspicuous way (directly across from my random parking space), and then, seconds later after I'd pulled out and started from the lot, a car rounded the bend precisely as "around" sang from the radio -- then, when the car pulled in front of me, it revealed its 1371 plate, haha. And another: one of the conspicuous-pull out car's was one with a 3373 license plate that sped past me on the way home, and then miles down the road, I saw the same car pulled off and, hence, its license plate (presumably for speeding). Then, another few miles down the road, who should appear but that same car, still speeding way over the speed limit, such that I saw its plate a third time. These plus just tons and tons of other random (yet not too less notable) 37s and variants, at least two or three dozen. Had some fun receipt-type ones too, multiple, such as the CVS receipt having "You saved 3.70" and the store's phone number having a 371 suffix, etc.

Plus, another late-evening reading recurrence, as I've been having lately, this one pretty cool and notable. It started when I randomly read in the 'DNA USA' book of someone eating a canape and I had the thought of something like, "So many empty calories in pastries and the like." And then, maybe ten minutes later in a totally random online article about motorcycles I looked up halfway through dinner, in its introductory paragraph it mentioned "calorific pastries," which echoed perfectly the underlying archetype of the thought about the canape I'd had earlier.


Still having a reasonable number of incidents, with a slight bias towards numbers (the usual 37s, and a good number of 17s, along with some good old-fashioned 1111s/111s here and there, which seems to be a bit of a resurgence lately, just these last few days). A cool standout was a classical "electronic roadside sign ticking to a number repeat precisely as I passed" on, this time the car wash sign on 17, announcing the 1:11 time precisely both as I went by and as the sign entered my line of sight, so surreal. Also, some cool reading synchros at lunch, again seeming to be triggered by eating/dining out/being out, etc. The first was when I had a chain of thought end with how I wanted to go sit inside Dunkin Donuts after I got a refill on my coffee, instead of the hard, backless bench seat outside, and how I wanted the comfort of the big comfy leather chair and its back inside -- and then, precisely as this thought finished, I came to a passage that started with "Increased levels of comfort" in the 'Beneath the Skins' book, perfectly synchronistic. And then, once inside and in my comfy chair, I read "animal rights" precisely as the dining-room TV said "our pets are important," another underlying-archetype on that was both dead-on precise in that indirect way and perfectly synchronistic in timing. Also, a cool one that was a result of subconscious reading-ahead, demonstrating it, but it was still a synchronicity. Precisely as the TV said "event," I had to pause in my reading, because I thought I'd just read it, but when I went and looked back at the passage I'd just read, there was no event -- but then, on the next line down, I realized that it had "event" in it, so unless it was just chance, it would seem that I subconsciously read "event" ahead, from my peripheral vision, but this corresponded synchronistically with the TV's event. Haha.


Oh what a day for numbers. Had a lot of those subtle, smallish "background static"-type of incidents, but the numbers predominated still, as seems to be the trend lately, and still mostly 37s but with 17s, 212s, 44s, 22s, and 1111s in there too. Lots of standouts in this regard today, starting at the bank. When I pulled in, there was a parking space right by the door, and the neighboring car had a 37 LP; then, minutes later after I'd paid my bill and gotten my receipt, I immediately saw that the transaction number was "00137." A really cool clock-tick one at MM, when right after I'd been left in the room to undress for the massage, I had to pass the clock and I saw that it was 3:06. I had time to think, in that skeptical way, "Now why isn't that 3:07, with all the 37s I'm seeing lately" -- when it ticked to 3:07, a split second after I'd seen it, with just enough time to register it and think that thought, as is patternistic of these (and doubly notable considering that this time was dead wrong; it was really about 2:50). Similarly, and equally cool and "cute," was a little later at the Lowes self-checkout, when I went through the process without seeing a 37, right down to the timestamp on the purchase, and I again had just enough time to think, absently and skeptically yet distinctly, "Where's the 37?" -- when just then my receipt printed out, and out with it came the receipt from the previous customer (which was invisible to me beforehand, it being under a little eave on the checkout), and its timestamp ended with 37 (though this spit out in such a way that it was hanging upside-down and so the 37 was therefore first, and right in my line of sight as a result, haha). Just damn surreal, even after everything. And another semi-standout 37 repeat: at the gym, I weighed in at exactly 137 lbs today, on the dot. Did have a couple cool standout "normal" ones, including a really notable, precise, and perfectly synchronistic one when I passed this biker on 17. Right as I saw the man, he was turning around for some reason, conspicuously so, since he was speeding down the road on a motorcycle and appeared to be doing full, 180-degree turns with his torso as if stretching -- precisely as "world turnin'" sang from the radio, with the "turnin'" corresponding perfectly both to the man's turns and their registering with me, with that impossible-to-orchestrate perfect synchronicity (reminds me of that one from a while ago if I remember right, where another biker turned, leaning conspicuously, right as "turn" or something sang from the radio, maybe a couple months back). Also, another of those striking-type single-word ones, this time "home," sounding from the radio precisely as I read it randomly on my phone. And last, one that might just be serendipity/chance rather than a proper synchronicity, but worth noting in any case, a sort of quasi-"ask and ye shall receive" one: while at Lowes I wanted an organic onion but they didn't seem to have any, but I felt Compelled to look amongst the spread of nonorganic onions -- and there, amid maybe a hundred others, was a single organic onion, right on top, identified by its tag. I went all around but saw no other organic onions for sale, nor even any signs for them, and this one was definitely different than all the rest, not only from its tag but just visibly different, such that I don't think it was just mislabeled or something. It would be really damn interesting to know just how a single organic onion got in with the others, and ended up right on top of the pile where I'd see it as it were; it gains a little notability considering I was Compelled illogically to look amongst the nonorganics for an organic, when that just doesn't typically happen, and I'd have no reason to think it would, haha. And another in this maybe-nothing vein: the last few weeks I've been seeing "pura vida" randomly but regularly in various places, maybe 7-8 times to varying degrees of notability, one of those "loose"/extremely drawn-out ones I've had now and then, and then today at Vitamin Shoppe, I saw these two coffee cups sitting conspicuously on the sidewalk as trash and felt Compelled to pick them up and throw them away, and both had "pura vida" printed on the sides, invisible to me from the distance I'd seen them. Helluva day this one.


Good number of standouts in all regards today. Had a little spurt/cluster of those one-word, striking-type of perfectly synchronistic recurrences that might be nothing but gain notability when considered together, with their patternistic element. Examples: hearing "love" on the radio precisely as a car pulled up alongside me and its "Love" license plate rolled directly into my line of sight; and then, a couple minutes later when I went to write down the note for the "love" incident, my eyes fell on the "two" in the note written just above it (which as for another synchronicity I'd written down earlier, as it were) precisely as "two" sang from the radio, a sort of double; and then, just seconds after the "two," I had a quick one-two/wham-bam pair, where, first, the truck in front of me conspicuously passed a car ahead of them, swaying and swerving sort of suddenly and recklessly, precisely as "pass" sang from the radio, and then, a split second later, when I had one of those odd toxic pulses run up into my chest and heart as I've been having, making me think "something going on with my heart," "my heart" sang from the radio, coinciding perfectly with my thought of "heart." Several others like this today, as to establish another of those "themes." A cool radio/event-type standout was when I tried to parallel park downtown, between two cars, but found I didn't have enough room to maneuver fully into the space -- this happening precisely as "room to move" sang from the CD player. And then, seconds later while I was grappling with the wheel and turning it back and forth trying to ease into the space, I accidentally hit the seek button on the steering wheel, which restarted the track that had been playing and, thus, made "room to move" sing out again -- precisely as I realized that I didn't have enough room to get into the space, this time. Just damn funny right there, a surreal little bit of theater. And then, equally surreal but not quite perfectly synchronistic in timing: as I was walking down the street, I felt another of those sudden headaches come on as I've been having lately, and then, maybe three or four seconds after the first pang came and I had the thought of "another of those headaches," I noticed a little foil wrapper on the ground, and was Compelled to pick it up and throw it away -- only to find that it was a little packet of "headache powder," so it ended up being a sort of "ask and ye shall receive" one, though I didn't use it ("Got a headache? Here, have some headache powder then," it felt like). It bears mentioning that the packet was facedown when I approached it and was Compelled to pick it up, and so I couldn't have seen that it was a headache powder even subconsciously.


Still regular activity on and off for the most part. Started off with yet another reading/book-type recurrence as I've been having lately, this time with the quote from Helen Keller about how it's better to be in darkness with a friend than alone in the light, which I read just within the last few days, for the first time ever, and then again today at lunch, in the 'Grief Diaries' book; I can't remember where I first read it, I want to say the 'Beneath the Skins' book, the last one, just finished yesterday, but that might be wrong -- in any case, it recurred with relatively notable timing. Had something of another "theme" today, now in these somewhat vague/distorted random/subtle-type incidents, and with that not-quite-perfectly-synchronistic timing that I've noted before. Examples: reading "looking into my father's eyes" as the last line in a book before putting it down, about two seconds before "looking into my eyes" sang from the in-house radio at Starbucks; getting behind a fat man on a motorcycle and thinking absently about him and his fatness, again a few seconds before a song came on the CD player called "Fatman" (on the CD I'd just bought and was letting play through for the first time, never having heard it before or knowing its track listings or such, or that there was even a song on there about a fat man, not that I could've orchestrated my getting behind/seeing a fat man just before the song started, etc); and, even vaguer but still with the "feel" of these, seeing the turn signal "tick" on precisely as "tick" sang from the radio, kind of like yesterday's "pass" as the truck in front of me passed a car. Maybe 5-6 of these through the course of the morning. Also, a cool and pretty notable "small"/vague-thought-type recurrence this afternoon. When leaving Cheryl's she'd randomly asked to look at my van, and what make and model it was, and it got me thinking about how I didn't think I'd ever once seen a Mercury Monterey van like mine, before or after buying it -- and then, maybe 10 minutes later down the road when I stopped at Bay Naturals without even having planned on it until then, I passed a Mercury Monterey van in the parking lot, of the same model/style/apprxoimate year as mine, identical except for the color (a sort of weird "ask and ye shall receive"/manifestation-type one?).


A downturn in overall incidents today, corresponding with nothing in particular that I've noticed this time. Did still have a reasonable amount of number repeats, still primarily 37s and on license plates, etc. A standout was a hybrid of the "seeing the same car in an unlikely way"-type one along with a 137 repeat, this time a Kia Soul that I saw first at Rite Aid, then at Walmart about an hour later. This was reasonably notable in itself, given its unlikeliness and its fitting the past pattern perfectly, but is doubly so considering that, first, it was totally random that I stopped both at Rite Aid and Walmart, with my once again having zero plans of going to either place today, and, second, that both times I saw the Kia it was right beside a second car with a 37 LP (different cars at each place, however), and then, third, at Walmart I only saw it because, just before I got in my car after going into Walmart, I remembered I needed something from BN and so turned right and walked back through the parking lot, going the long way instead of just walking along the sidewalk -- which put me directly into the path of the Kia, when I wouldn't have otherwise seen it, even if I'd gone to BN up along the sidewalk.

Then tonight another late little book/reading-synchro recurrence, as I am still having oddly. This time it was the town of New Britain, Connecticut, which I was introduced to for the first time ever in the 'Grief Diaries' book just yesterday (which I Noticed, I might add), and then, in the 'In a Dark Place' book that I started today sequentially after, it mentioned the town within the first few pages, once again despite the two books being about as polarly different as possible (now a nonfiction collection of accounts of homicide/kidnapping survivors vs a quasi-fictional account of a haunted house). Also, while reading before bed, had a string of extremely vague/distorted reading/thought-type ones, kind of like those I was having yesterday except even vague and with looser timing, seconds apart but still just coherent and repetitive enough to establish a pattern.


Had a few scattered numbers through morning, then at lunch had another of those sudden clusters, this time starting with a really unique and striking one that doesn't really fit one category. It started at Dunkin Donuts, when the cashier and cooks were joking and goofing off with the customer in front of me, a short woman whom the DD folks kept telling "You're pregnant, you're pregnant," making a big show of it. I then sat outside to eat, and right as I opened the 'Dark Place' book, the customer in front of me came out, and she recognized me from inside and we exchanged a couple words -- and then when I finally got to my book, seconds later, the first sentence I read was "Fran was a short woman with curly red hair and she was very pregnant," this corresponding with the customer woman who was short and had curly hair (I don't remember what color it was, but definitely that it was curly, in a perm of sorts), and of course, she was the one who was being told over and over again she was pregnant by the DD employees inside. Notable to begin with, but made moreso by the fact that that same woman appeared and talked to me a split second before I read that sentence, throwing a whole other dimension into it. Damn surreal. Also, just before this one, I had another of those striking one-word-type ones, this time starting with when I'd just come out of DD, I suddenly and for no real reason got the song "Jesus Loves the Little Children" in my head, and right as I got to the line "red, yellow, black, and white," I looked at my coffee cup and my eyes locked on "yellow," corresponding perfectly synchronicistically with that in the song in my head, as is patternistic of these. And then, similarly a couple minutes later, I read "sunlight faded" in the book precisely as a cloud came over the sun, again just so surreal. Had one more soon after, and this one followed that sort of vague/loosely-timed/distorted theme that I had last night, combined with "nearby strangers echoing my reading in their conversation." Right as I read in the book a paragraph-long part where two people were discussing "hearing things" and "hearing people talking," the folks at the table next to me started asking one another about the shouting voices they were hearing nearby, which were from the "pirate golf" place across the street -- maybe nothing, this one, because it wasn't too precise or perfectly timed, but still coherent and patternistic enough to have that "feel" to it.

Had a couple of late and highly notable reading synchros this evening, both of that "involuntary bodily function corresponding to something read" type. The first was when I was in the sauna and got a sudden surge of that bad upset deep in my left guts, a couple seconds before I read "a vicious congestion of the chest" -- a perfect description of this phenomenon in the guts of mine, couldn't have put it better myself. This one was another of those "not perfectly synchronistic" ones, and likewise could've been attributed to subconscious suggestion had this gut upset not been an involuntary/objective thing that I couldn't have controlled even were I subconsciously cued, it seeming to be caused by the virus or parasite or whatever the hell is causing so much trouble in there. And then, a little less notable but almost identical in nature: "not so tense" almost precisely as my shoulders visibly/palpably relaxed, causing me to slump, again not quite perfectly synchronistic but certainly close enough to be of note.


Had another little cluster almost immediately after sitting down at lunch to read, though they were all those vague/subtle/delayed-types I've been having the last few days. It was really just a chain of three, starting with my thinking of a barking dog randomly a minute or so before reading "barking dog," along with "head drooped forward" almost precisely as I was thinking of not letting my head droop forward so as to not stress my neck as I've been training myself to do (especially upon sitting down, which I'd just down and had triggered the thought), and, similarly, reading "clenched teeth" a second or two after I'd clenched my back teeth in order to chew the cardamom seeds in my lunch. All of these happened within the space of the first page of the book I was reading, not quite "wham-bam" but close enough to have that surreal "feel." And then a similar little cluster just after I left Starbucks after lunch, even vaguer but still just coherent enough to be notable. It started when I saw a license plate ending in 57 and thought entirely randomly but distinctly, "five times seven is thirty-five," precisely as I turned and came across a RAM 3500 van, its model number directly in my line of sight. I didn't think much about this one, since it could easily have been chance, but then, a minute later after I'd pulled out onto the road, had a similar repeat, though a bit more notable and coherent, now with hearing "bye" on the radio precisely as a car with a plate reading "CU BYBY" passed from my left, directly into my line of sight as is so patternistic of these; unlike others, this one was perfectly synchronistic, and quite precise. Then, had another pair later in the afternoon just before Anytime Fitness, first when the radio sang out "rise up" precisely as a jet appeared above me from the tree line, flying low just after take-off, and then, just maybe a second or two later, the radio singing "live" precisely as "LIVE" appeared on the Market Commons electronic sign display. These two were reasonably notable in their timing and precision, but much moreso due to that dynamic, animated quality two both of them, that which I've experienced before such as with that time I'd randomly thought of "Gilmore" precisely as I scrolled past on the Grand Ole Opry sign on 17, like the world was shouting at me -- that's how it was with the ascending jet appearing so synchronicistically with the "rise up," and the sign's animated "LIVE," seeming to "scream" from the sign. So cool.


Day started with a perfectly 11:11:11 clock-tick, notable in itself but doubly so considering it only happened when I was getting ready to go and put my watch on and so saw it then -- as in, I wasn't even checking the time, Just Happened to put my watch on my wrist and turn it facing up at precisely 11:11 and when the second hand ticked to 11 seconds, haha. A good few other repeats today too, though nothing quite so notable as that one. Had only one notable reading incident at lunch today, and even it was a bit vague. It started when a nearby woman was having trouble getting her child to leave the mall and so she played the "Okay, I'm going, bye" approach, which triggered the memory of when my mom had done the same to me so long ago -- and then, when I picked my book back up to resume reading, my eyes fell directly on "same humiliating experience," which did certainly echoing the memory of my reasonably humiliating experience as a child, which was the "same" as that woman's child was probably experiencing, but not hugely notable and not impossible it wasn't just chance (though it did fit that pattern of "my eyes Just Happening to fall on the precise passage that echoed my thoughts," especially considering that sentence wasn't even where I was to resume reading, just where my eyes were looking when I opened the book back up). Then, a couple hours later when checking cars on Craigslist on my phone, had a hugely notable one. Precisely as I went to the cars page on Craigslist, the radio sang out "I have a limo, ride in the back" -- and then, when the page loaded up a split second later, the very first listing was for a limo. Of course, zero chance this could possibly have been subconscious suggestion in any fashion, since it hinged on not just one but two objective events entirely outside my control, the radio lyric and the limo listing both (I'd just gone to the cars page and narrowed the search for cars under $10k).


Had another late-evening minor-reading recurrence again, following this odd trend. This time it was a bit more notable, starting when, totally randomly, I finally looked up pink symbolism on the tablet, halfway through dinner on a total whim, and then, while reading what came up, I came away from it with "pink flowers symbolize hope," illogically, in that special, Compelling-like way, it just feeling Right for no particular reason -- and then, a couple minutes later when I resumed the 'Giants' book, within a page or so it mentioned "flowers of hope." Not impossible that it was just coincidence, but the timing and precision were both pretty stark, and it certainly had that "feel."


General downturn today for the most part. Did have a reasonable amount of 37s and the like though, including one of those cute "random parking lot"-type ones, this time the most random ever, where the Publix lot was oddly congested when I went, so first I went around the back to get away from the cars, but then found that I still couldn't get away and got deadlocked again, and so I ended up just parking at the other end of the parking lot, despite it meaning I'd have to walk way farther and in the rain -- and I found myself parked directly behind a car with several numbers and a 317 and other, subtler synchronistic symbolism (blood of Christ, etc, as I've been seeing several times a day lately). It bears mention that this car was totally out of view from me when I decided to turn off and randomly park, such that I just saw an empty space and so that the numbers and such were only revealed once I pulled all the way in. So cool. Also, another of those "illogically Compelled to let someone out"-type ones, this time on the motorcycle of all things, where I have less latitude to do these things anyway, but sure enough, I obeyed, and the car pulled out with a plate ending in "732," haha.


Not a whole lot of activity today overall, but a pretty cool standout at lunch, a three-way reading/radio/nearby stranger-type incident that I thought pretty damn notable. Started when I read "glitter in the sun" in the 'Giants' book precisely as a nearby stranger stepped into the harsh sunlight on the Second Cup patio and went something like, "Whoa" -- not hugely precise, but still captured that archetype of "in the sun," and the timing was perfectly synchronistic. Still, I didn't note it until a few seconds later, when, while I was debating whether to write this one down or not, thinking about "the guy in the sun" and the quote from the book, "in the sun" sang from the radio, perfectly synchronistic. Haha. Also, a pretty cool combo-type one today, unique, not sure how to classify it. Started this morning when I saw yet another hot-red Kia Soul, as I've seen several within the last couple days, always Noticing them. When I saw this last, however, I thought, "Well, why doesn't it have a 37 or something on it, if these are another of those themes?" Then, a few hours later on the way home from this gym this afternoon, I pulled up at an intersection and stopped behind yet another red Kia Soul of the exact color and model/year as the others -- except this one had a "3071" license plate. Conceivably a coincidence, but had all the "fingerprints" of an incident -- a combo "ask and ye shall receive," number repeat, and one of those "challenge" types that's established itself as a pattern, where my inner skeptic poses some challenge that is ultimately answered in short order.


Trip to NYC Brooklyn was a crazy damn headspinning surreal headtrip, perhaps to a new level of surrealness/living-dream, starting from the moment after I left on the plane after lunch on the 23rd. Can't begin to remember all the individua little subtles/number-repeats, other than that they were damn near constant. Lots and lots and lots of 37s and other repeats (mainly 17s/212s/44s) all through the trip, and it was just like in DC and the last time in NYC when I was walking around, just about every other LP on every car (sometimes EVERY plate on EVERY car) having some repeat or other, and so many of them ridiculously conspicuous. Some of the ones I managed to write down, in no specific order:

*Another of the "random parking space" 37s, this time in the long-term parking lot at the airport, with my parking between two 37 LPs; seems like this one was highly conspicuous in some way but it's all gotten lost in the shuffle (had it written down as "blocked"; seems like it had to do with another of those deals where the plates were blocked when I parked, only coming into view when I got out, thus again ruling out subconscious suggestion and the like)

*When I got to the Brooklyn "Hostel"/slum, the address was listed at 71 Cooper St, but when I got there, 71 was an empty lot and the hostel was mysteriously at 73 Cooper St, haha

*Damn cool/notable one while waiting for the plane in at the gate, when I read "resonant baritone singing voice" in the 'Giants' book precisely as just such a voice sang from a nearby child's tablet, perfectly synchronistic and perfectly precise (actually, not 100% on whether the voice was baritone or alto, I can't remember which is which, but in any case, was definitely a male's "resonant singing voice" coming from the tablet, and precisely as I read the phrase, wow)

*Had a huge string of hugely notable incidents involving the 'Zen Flesh, Zen Bones' book and random stuff in Brooklyn, everything from recurrences to vagues/subtles to number-repeats to the subtle "themes" to individual thought/reading/event-type incidents, way way too much to list and many way too personal/subtle/subjective to even begin to subscribe but these were all again like a higher order of those I've had with certain books in the past, to the point that the book was basically just echoing my whole reality/experience off and on (or vice versa); most profound/coherent example was when I was having lunch the 20th outside the Bushwick Starbucks, starting when I was thinking about how I was sitting in the uncomfortably hot sun just before I resumed reading the book right at the line "hot day in the sun" (when I'd had the book facedown in my lap while having the thought), and then, a minute later, I had the distinct thought that, sitting outside the Starbucks on the street and beside the parked bikes (the inside was full), I looked and felt like a panhandler -- and then, maybe ten seconds later, I read a poem in the book about "imitating a beggar," which was pretty notable and precise and closely timed in itself, enough to make me take note, but then, right after that, the next line was about the imitating beggar being under a bridge -- which was just where I was along the street, under the bridge for the M train, so damn surreal

*One of the more coherent of the many vague-theme-types of incidents peppering the trip, was the "bull" theme, which started with the "Bumper Bully" bumper guards that seem to be endemic to the NYC/DC metro areas, and which I Noticed/noticed immediately upon arriving; it started there, then moved into just lots and lots of random "bull" stuff, on cars and in windows and just about everywhere else, most conspicuously and surreally when I encountered two women with bull rings in their noses, after not having seen such a piercing for ... years and years, since the 90s grunge days? and the way that I encountered these women were just so random and conspicuous yet perfectly timed with all the other "bull" things (first a cashier in that basement thrift store that I stopped in totally randomly, where I got the hugely synchronistic 'Spiral' book, and then in that group of dope dealers that I walked past down towards the banya, from which one of them randomly said "excuse me" and tried to shake my hand, to do God knows what, which caused me to look into the group and hence see the second bull-ring woman, seated beside the one trying to shake my hand -- so patternistic of these); it all climaxed when, at the very end of the 'Zen Flesh' book, it went into a full-out account of the ancient Asian symbolism of the bull and its story, which Just Happened to dovetail perfectly with my state/everything else going on/the underlying "feel" of my NYC trip -- wowowowow

*A totally surreal one on the 22nd, coming at the tail end of many others, I just happened to get this one down before getting swept away in new ones: right as I entered the Manhattan Trader Joe's, someone came out the exit door and a nearby employee said, "Ma'm, the exit is the door on the other side," or something to that end -- and then, a split second afterward in perfectly synchronistic fashion, "welcome to the other side" sang from the in-store radio, which also corresponded with my passing through the door and entering the "other side" referred to by the employee, haha

*A really cool trio of recurrences on the 23rd, first the "perched elephant" that I read about in the 'Spiral' book, in which two characters discussed the concept about a "Perched Elephant" rockface at some place (which was itself a recurrence, because I'd just that morning Totally Randomly encountered the rockface that was placed at the odd school block party that I randomly walked upon on my way from the hostel, after not having seen/thought of a rockface in how long?), and then, just hours later that evening at the airport, I picked up a random paper (either one someone had left or one of the ones I picked up randomly while walking down to the banya through Brooklyn the day before, can't remember which -- a totally random and patternistically conspicuous paper I'd "received," in any case), it had an ad for a mattress, showing an elephant perched on mattress (to show how strong the mattress was), and then, not quite so notable but still reasonably so, I read in the 'Spiral' book about microscopic nano-machines that work without a normal power source, and then, just like with the elephant ad, read a random article in one of the random papers about microscopic nano-machines that work without a normal power source, an almost perfect echo and so perfectly timed

*One of the cooler and more coherent of the conspicuous-37 repeats interspersing the trip: when I went into the Limperiele coffee shop that I was intuitively led to, in its little antique bathroom (that I was intuitively Compelled to use), in its little antique vanity (which I was Compelled to open), I found an ancient-looking, maybe 50's-era package of "germicidal handwipes," which I was Compelled to turn over -- only to find that it used 3.17% alcohol; also, this one was a recurrence, because just minutes before while lunching out on the shop's bench, I'd read several times in the 'Spiral' book of various germicides and antifungal miscellany, echoing the germicidal stuff perfectly, just again so damn surreal

*A wonderful receipt that I just discovered: Starbucks at Wyckoff, timestamped 11:37AM exactly, check #734545 (these two one above the other)

And about ten thousand others that all just got lost in the "flood," as to be a synchronistic white noise, so incredible even after everything.


Couple of cool "little" recurrences this morning, having the same kind of "feel" of the NYC whirlwind. First, when I was just driving onto the road this morning on the way to lunch: I looked in my rearview and saw a white Kia SUV pulled into view, Noticing its distinctive grill/headlight configuration -- and then, when I looked right a split second later to see who was coming, I saw the grill/headlights of an identical white Kia SUV, same model/year/everything, as to perfectly "echo" the image I'd just seen in my rearview, just so surreal and unlikely and patternistic of these "little"/instant-type of recurrences. Also, yet another from those "random" papers I'd gotten from NYC, this one involving the issue of the NY Times I'd been "led" to conspicuously in the empty airport-gate seat, which had an article about the showing of some old Marx Brothers films, with a picture that had Harpo at the forefront, which I'd Noticed distinctly, as to think "first I've seen of Harpo in a while" -- and then, today at lunch in the 'Spiral' book, it introduced a character named Harpo, named as such in the same context of the Marx brother, haha. Classical reading/book-type recurrence, there. Also, to a lesser extent at lunch: reading "door exploded open" precisely as a nearby woman opened the door of the barbershop by Beach Dreams -- not quite an "explosion," but notable in that the "door opening" archetype was definitely there, and the timing was so perfectly precise/synchronistic, etc. Good God, just so many these last few days. Had a lot of those little/subtle/"instant" ones throughout the day too, such as when I got change at the Publix self-checkout and I thought, "There are going to be seven ten-dollar bills in the change," and then, a split second after, the ten on the top of the stack had a big "7" penned on top of it, as to correspond perfectly synchronistic to my thought of "seven" (though there were only six bills in the change, as it were).


Really just a bunch of those smallish/vague incidents through the day, and number-repeats, though not as much of either really. Most coherent one was one of those "reading about a noise precisely as it happened"-type ones, at lunch at DD, when precisely as I read "a scratching noise," a turning car's tires scratched over the loose, gritty asphalt lot (when there'd been no cars driving through it previously for a while, such that there was relative silence and then, suddenly, that sound, corresponding perfectly with my reading).


Day was characterized by a reasonably steady "background static" of subtles and numbers. Only real coherent standouts were, first, a "noise"-type reading synchro at lunch, when I read "thud" in the 'Preclear' book precisely as some sort of thud sounded from the adjacent parking lot (might've been something being loaded in a truck or something, not sure; in any case, was very much a "thud," so quite precise, and perfectly timed too, as to be pretty damn notable). Also, as an example of the random/subtles today, and as the "feel"/"texture" of those today: while at Goodwill and browsing for a new book, I was thinking of the book I'd just started and how it didn't really appeal to me and that I might just stop reading it and move on to something else -- and then, just after I'd thought that, I came upon that 'Scorpion' book, set out from the stack conspicuously at the front of the shelf, which Just Happened to be a book that I'd started and then stopped reading after a few pages because it didn't appeal to me, some time ago. This was notable in itself, but then, a split second after seeing that book and having it register with me as one that I'd abandoned and that it was something of a recurrence with what I'd just been thinking of regarding the other book, my eyes touched on another such book, set out from the rest, just down from the 'Scorpion' book -- and it turned out to be that 'The Novel' book, which is another I'd started, not really liked, and then abandoned shortly in. Another of those "wham-bam"/one-two-punch-types of incidents that just had several layers/dimensions of notability.

And then, another of those subtle, not hugely notable recurrences, just notable/patternistic enough to deserve mention: at the gym today, I Noticed a catalog set out on the table by the entrance, titled "Europa," and it Compelled me to look through it. As it were, the first I'd seen/read of anything regarding Europa for ... months, years? And then, a couple hours later when I went to tweet about the "thud" synchro, one of the "front page" tweets caught my eye, as to be Noticed similarly, and when I went to it, it was about how water was detected on the moon Europa (and, it bears mentioning, Europa was only mentioned in the full tweet, which I saw only after Noticing the first, brief tweet and clicking through, such that it was impossible that I was just subconsciously led to it, etc).


Had an odd "cluster" of conspicuous 37s and variants this morning, with little to nothing else activity-wise. Did have a cool kind of combo one this afternoon, when I passed underneath an electronic highway sign reading "703 highway deaths this year in SC," which prompted me to think of how I felt to be in the living-dream mode (this was at the tail-end of the dozen or so conspicuous 37s this morning), and precisely as I had this thought, "living in a fuzzy dream" sang from the CD player (on a CD that I'd randomly checked out from the library just minutes before, the first CD I've ever gotten from a library, feeling Compelled to).


Not much activity today overall, but what was was pretty notable. First, at lunch, a really damn cool and somewhat unique one, a sort of three-way reading/thought/event-type one. It started when I read in the 'Ice Man' book "the boxcars were filled with all kinds of food," precisely as a Fedex truck (which was big and rather "boxy") stopped directly in front of me, outside Dunkin Donuts, perfectly synchronistic. I didn't think much of it at first, other than noting the conspicuous timing and the "boxy car" recurrence -- but then, seconds later, the Fedex driver emerged carrying a package labeled "PERISHABLE," with the door left open and a second PERISHABLE box visible inside -- a boxy car filled with food. But then, making it even more notable, as the driver was inside delivering the first package to Dunkin Donuts, I was left staring at his open, running, package-filled truck, and so was struck with the thought that it would be so easy for me to jump in it and steal it just then -- and then, a couple lines down in the book, it mentioned how the "boxcars filled with food" were stolen. Haha. And but then it continued, a few seconds later when the Fedex driver came back out of DD and walked past me precisely as I read "blue-collar people" -- when the driver was wearing the distinctive Fedex blue-collared shirt.

Then, while reading a random Wired magazine at the library after lunch, had a bunch of vague/subtle recurrences between it and the last magazine I'd read last night, the equally randomly-chosen Family Genealogy magazine. Many of them were too vague/subtle to list, a bunch that, on their own, would've been unnotable but together became conspicous/patternistic enough to establish another of those "bunch of vague parallels"-type of reading recurrences. A standout amongst them was a classical reading synchro: the BRCA gene, involved in breast cancer. I first learned of this just last night, randomly in the genealogy magazine, when it mentioned how Angelina Jolie had had the test done -- and then, today, in the Wired magazine, it mentioned it again. Once again: learning of something for the first time ever in my life, and then seeing it a second time soon after, in a totally random place (a technology magazine of all places, and it had zero mention of BRCA or anything genetics-related on its cover).

Then, a cool number standout. When I went to the B12 injection website this afternoon, I got up and turned my phone on and saw that the time was 4:44 exactly, and I Noticed this distinctly, mainly because it's a prominent repeat I've been having but also in that other Noticing way, where it felt like I'd soon be seeing it again. Then, after I'd turned on the phone, I went to look up the B12 place's phone number so I could call them, and it was 910-256-4440. Haha. Potentially just coincidence, but the timing was pretty close, just seconds apart, and also there was the Noticing element of it, totally patternistic of past such intuitive-type incidents. So cool.


Had a few very similar thought/radio-type incidents this morning and through the first part of the afternoon. It started when I was waiting for Val at the gym, when I sat down in the chair and thought "I'm in waiting-mode" -- and then, a split second later, almost perfectly synchronously, "I'm waiting" sang from the in-house radio. And then, a few minutes later while getting the massage and thinking about where to have coffee for lunch and then subsequently thinking that I should stop thinking about it and just go with the flow and decide when the time came -- a split second before "go with the flow" or something to that effect sang from her MP3 player, echoing my thoughts exactly (though only *after* I'd though them. Had several more, vaguer and subtler ones through the afternoon, mainly from radio and such, as to establish a certain "flavor"/theme for the day. Lots and lots of 37s too, again coinciding with a daytrip up to Wilmington (why does Wilmington always seem to trigger these specifically?). Also, a really cool and somewhat unique one later on, when I turned to a page in the 'Energy Times' magazine I'd gotten randomly and saw a picture of the Mars astronaut smiling in a somewhat odd way, making me Notice it and think "what a smile" -- precisely as "just now seen that smile" sang from the radio.

Also, yet another late-night reading recurrence, though I can't say 100% that it happened: "rentititis pigmentosa," a weird eye disease that I'm 99% sure I was asked if I'd ever had in that 23andMe survey I randomly took this evening (I'm pretty sure it was there because it Jumped Out at me in that special way), the first I'd ever heard of this illness -- and then, about an hour or so later in the random National Geographic I'd checked out from the library this afternoon, it mentioned that disease, for the second time ever I'd seen it and, patternistically, in a very short time and from a totally random source, haha.


Had another of those one-word "seeing something pop up on phone precisely as I heard it on the radio"-type synchros, this time scrolling up to "someone to fix moped" on my phone precisely as "fix" sang from the radio, in that perfectly synchronistic, striking fashion. It bears mentioning that this happened at the exact same spot just about where another of these type of recent incidents happened, in the back of the Salvation Army parking lot, even the same radio station if I remember right; a sort of deja vu. Had another of these types sort of later on, when just after I'd finished looking at a Craigslist ad for a wooded lot on a back road that I thought might be good for a mobile home, a split second later "if your dream house is a doublewide trailer on a country road" sang from the radio (I was thinking of a singlewide, but the underlying archetype was still pretty damn precise, especially considering that the lot was indeed on a "country road" backroad). Had another one just after coming out of Salvation Army that might be nothing, when, just after I'd randomly purchased my new airplane roller luggage and come out, I passed a car with a bumper sticker saying "pack strong," which did seem to echo the luggage theme, since it would be "packed," and "strongly," which I'd been thinking of, since this luggage is reinforced with plastic all around, unlike the floppy duffel bag it would replace; still, not quite precise enough to not be just coincidence (was really more of the "feel" and timing of it that made it notable).

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