Synchronicity log for 2017


Today was almost exclusively low-key, both for numbers and otherwise, with lots and lots of 37-plates and such (almost exclusively 37s today overall, only scattered 44s/212s/22s, etc otherwise) but almost all low-key subtle/two- and three-digit non-conspicuous ones. Closest thing to standouts were some super-random parking-lots, such as when I had to randomly turn around at that bank parking lot and in doing so encountered 3-4 307/1307 plates just in that one swipe through the lot, nevermind several other at other super-random places throughout the day.

Thought-wise, had almost zero coherent-level standouts, and really only a few echoes total, these all super-subtle/subjective/"small" as to be easily dismissed individually, etc. Ironically the most-coherent of the day were subtle thematics, these not quite standout/coherent enough to be notable on their own but were again pretty notable collectively.

One example: when I sat down for lunchtime reading of the 'Underdog' book, within the first paragraph it mentioned something like "my legs/feet were still sore from yesterday," which was just what I was thinking at the time I sat down on the stool at the coffee shop, since my feet and hamstrings were still sore from sitting identically at the stool at yesterday's shop; and then, on the same subject, it was on the second page or so that it mentioned being "bowlegged" and had several things about this, which also reflected what I'd just been thinking about upon sitting on the stool, having to sit in that weird bowlegged/spread-legged position to get comfortable (really, I guess these could qualify as much as subtle reading-type echoes as much as the thematics, though they "felt" like the rest of the morning/afternoon's thematics, for what it's worth).

Another standout thematic: this morning I'd distinctly but absently thought about how I'm semi-dependant on the sauna for detoxing/maintaining normal liver function, etc, such that it was as much a necessary part of my life as any common appliance that we depend upon -- and then during lunchtime reading in the book, it mentioned how "Every Finn needed a sauna. Without it, they were adrift in the world," a near-perfect echo of what I'd been thinking of.

The only remotely standout echo example I can think of was another of those at the gym where the MP3 player echoed what I was thinking/registering/doing perfectly synchronistically and singularly, this time saying "spread" precisely as I sat down to the do the hip abductor and had to awkwardly spread my legs and distinctly thought "spreading" or something along those lines.

And another "late"-type reading recurrence (or just a more-coherent thematic one). It started yesterday (or day before maybe?) when I saw, in that totally random health-shop-freebie magazine I'd picked up, a little questionaire that asked "Can you drink too much water?" which thus made me think, again for the first time in months or years or whenever, about the condition in which you can drink too much and lower the sodium/electrolytes in your blood and the like -- and then, at the tail-end of the 'Underdog' book tonight, it mentioned exactly that condition, 100% precise and 100% fitting the classical reading-recurrence pattern.


A pretty good amount of activity today, and again something of a depature from yesterday.

Numbers: definitely an uptick, especially after lunch and corresponding with the day's highway travel and extending through afternoon/errands, etc. Most of them were still relatively low-key, but many more than yesterday, and with some more-coherent/conspicuous/"upgraded"-type ones thrown in the mix (though these too were mostly sourced from license plates -- why so many from this source in particular?).

The only real standouts were a couple more distinct instances of those "doubling"-types. First one: actually a triple, beginning with my passing the off-ramp for Exit 373 on the highway, where a big "373" on the pavement passed directly in my vision -- precisely as a car with a 37 plate "drifted" patternistically into my vision from my left, and then, a second or so later, a second car with a 37 plate, directly behind the first, such that the two plate-numbers and 373 were visible to me all at once, in an almost perfectly "aligned" triangle, really quite notable and surreal, etc. And then, a double soon after, beginning with another of those patternistically "reckless passer/tailgater"-type of cars, this one speeding up behind me and whipping around me, thus revealing its 3703 plate (actually had several of these in this vein today, after a conspicuous lack lately) and then, a split second later, a second car came up in the left lane and revealed its 7337 plate, not only hitting me with the one-two effect of them but also aligning in that patternistic fashion momentarily.

Thought-wise, most of the day's incidents were super-subtle/vague/thematic and thus unable to be adequately described, though today I noticed a weird, newish sort of "texture"/"feel" to many of them, what I can only describe as a cross between the vague/distorted/"half-there"-type echoes I've had off and on and the super-subtle/thematic-type ones, a sort of mongrel hybrid of the two, with probably a dozen or so incidents fitting this description over the course of the day. One example I can think of: right after I'd counted out some money in my wallet for lunch, and thus had the random but distinct thought about how I seem to have totally distanced myself from any unhealthy fixation with money/only enjoy money for the substantial experiences it can bring about, etc -- a minute or so later, when I keyed the ignition to drive to the coffee shop, the song on the radio (just beginning as I started up) echoed this theme of "money is meaningless without love/true appreciation/enjoyment, etc," and it actually did so in a reasonably coherent/notable way, using some of the same terms I'd thought of but I just can't remember now. Lots and lots of these around lunch, and then "graduating" slightly towards mid-afternoon before leveling off into silence towards evening.

Few of the standout-ish late-afternoon ones I got down:

> Having another long, random, objective/traceable chain of thought end with the little "There Is Hope" note I'd just left at the health-food store, thus making me think something along the lines of "hope" -- a split second before I raised my head to take a sip of water and, upon lowering the cup, found myself staring directly at a big sign reading "HOPE," in "revealing"-type fashion, actually a pretty notable/surreal standout

> Another chain of thought soon after, this one about how I needed to hit the laundromat and had no clean clothes/how I felt oddly soiled wearing my dirty pants -- a split second before the radio randomly sang out "I feel dirty" (not quite perfectly synchronistic but pretty close)

> A similar one around the same time, when I'd distinctly thought of the olives I'd just bought and how I couldn't eat too many of them at once due to the salt content, precisely as the radio randomly and singularly sang out "the salt" (and this one was perfectly synchronistic, for whatever reason)


Today was much like yesterday overall, just with significantly less overall numbers. These were back to just scattered and low-level 37-plates here and there throughout the day, and even these only seeming to appear later in the day, after lunch and once I'd gotten on the highway (aside from a couple parking-lots it seems like).

Morning was pretty much silent until church, when I saw a sudden spike of one-word echoes, and these all reasonably coherent and standout-notable unlike yesterday morning's strictly "distorted"/weirdly half-there kind. Examples of this "block" of incidents:

> The pastor randomly saying "in the palm of the hand" precisely as I stood up and left and took the offering money into the palm of my hand, and because I was so headsick and disorganized, I had to distinctly think "put the money in the palm of your hand and put it in the offering jug as you leave," the "palm of you hand" and my actually palming the money both corresponding with perfect, patternistic precision with the pastor's words, as a sort of three-way, and made even more "striking" due to its suddenness after the morning's general lull/silence

> An equally notable/coherent one a few minutes earlier in the service, this one of the "random long chain of objective/traceable thoughts"-type: right as I suddenly thought of the nearby bookstore and how they had a coffee shop there I could go to after lunch, which thus made me distinctly think of the "HURRICANE RELIEF ACCEPTED HERE" sign I'd seen there yesterday (and distinctly Noticed, I remember) -- the pastor randomly said "hurricane," perfectly synchronistic/patternistic, etc (singular, first she'd said that word until then, etc)

> Maybe the coolest of these, albeit somewhat "smaller"/simpler: precisely as I began backing the van out of the too-small parking space after realizing it was too small, and hit the curb and thus made the high-top/top-heavy van distinctly rock from side to side as it does, the radio randomly said "rock," I don't remember in what context but in any case, perfectly synchronistic and "striking," and again as to have that visceral element due to the physicality of it, just so damn surreal and living-dream

Had a couple similar ones later in the afternoon while on the highway:

> Watching as a biker in traffic just in front of me signaled and turned and distinctly leaned their bike, and with a particularly good technique that I noticed and thus thought "a good lean/graceful lean," etc -- precisely as the radio randomly/singularly sang out "lean in," and this was another of those that was perfectly synchronistic with my thought/registering the lean rather than the actual lean (though even this part was only off by a split second)

> Another "long random objective train of thought"-type one: upon hearing that Metallica song on the radio and thus thinking about 80s/90s metal in general and, subsequently, the Flying V guitars that were so popular with them -- I passed a road sign reading "Victoria," and though perfectly synchronistic, this one was more along the lines of the super-subtle/half-there-types I had off and on all day. These kinds actually came periodically again, seeming to correspond with that nightmarish headsick I had off and on all day, though this might've been coincidence; in any case, quite a few of these, though most too complex/obscure to be described

Still having a good number of those super-subtle/thematic-type recurrences too, and still involving mostly reading material and super-random experiences/thoughts/encounters, etc

One good, almost-standout example of these: when I went to the coffee shop and the cashier who took my order had a really unique and obscure name ("Tyriq"), which I both noticed/Noticed -- and then, minutes later when I sat down to begin lunch and reading the 'When To Rob A Bank' book, on the very first page the new chapter in it was all about unique and oddly-spelled names (such as "Nevaeh"/"Heaven" spelled backwards), thus echoing either the name itself or my resulting thoughts of "that's an odd/unique name" upon seeing it. This one was only mildly notable then, and I didn't write it down, but then, when I went back to get my second coffee later on, there was a different cashier who took my order then, and his name was "Chance," haha.

Another lunchtime-reading semi-notable thematic example: "aponymous names," also a chapter in the book, about names that describe someone's occupation, which I first encountered a day or so ago at the very end of the last book I'd read, the 'Underdog' one, in which it listed a bunch of funny aponymous names (though it didn't call them "aponymous" by name) -- not a hugely rare thing, and with only moderately notable timing, but fits the recurrence pattern perfectly, and the super-subtle/thematic one especially. Still having many many of these through the day (another little example involving the book: a chapter about high gas prices, when, just in the last couple days, the gas prices have suddenly gone up due to the hurricane/perceived shortages, etc).

Also, a small but patternistically "cute" number standout that I remembered later: when I went to the coffee shop, where they give out the little beacons that you set on your table, mine ended up being ... #73. Also, it bears mentioning that, once again, there were all kinds of little patternistically chance variables and circumstances that all culminated in my Just Happening to be there, in that exact spot in line, at that exact time and register, etc, to get that # beacon (and, also, the fact that I was there at all, being Compelled to go there at the last minute after I'd decided to go somewhere else entirely).


Big change today, almost totally quiet, maybe the quietest day I've had in a long time, since before even leaving on the wedding trip (and, coincidentally, this comes on my first day back at the house after finally getting back). Thought-wise and number-wise both, almost zero incidents, just a couple of super-super-subtle/small echoes here and there, none that were even close to coherent/notable. Numbers: did have one minor standoutish "conspicuous-traffic-37-plate" one just after leaving the house this morning, when a truck pulled alongside the road in the park suddenly started moving as I went to pull around it, thus forcing me to stop and focus on it and thus see its 837 plate; and then, similarly this afternoon, another of those "Compelled illogically to stop and let someone into traffic only to be treated to a 37-plate upon doing so." Other than that, nothing (besides a handful of super-subtle thematics that also can't be conveyed).

Another of those "negatively notable" days.


Another very quiet day, though not quite like yesterday. Still almost zero thought-type echoes (though am still noting some thematic/super-subtle activity, though this too is pretty low-key compared to last few days). Did have numbers today, mostly just background-static-level low-key two and three-digit 37-plates in traffic, but interestingly, did have two distinct incidents of those "aligned" multiple plates, the first just two random 37-plates "equalizing" as the cars crept up together in traffic in that particular, patternistic way, but then, later on, had the same thing except it was three cars/plates, forming another of those patternistic sort of triangles in the precise moment of alignment. Interesting that these would occur during an otherwise near-silent day (maybe the alignments signal something more distinct and set, without range or scale or variation, whereas the other types of number/thought-type incidents reflect something broader and more variable, such as states of consciousness of the observer or something?).


General uptick in activity today, across the board, and this time definitely seeming to correspond with another sudden improvement in health (but why doesn't this happen every time?).

What I noticed most prominently today, oddly, was the thematics, which went back up to the somewhat elevated levels of a couple days ago, with pretty much a steady background static of them all through the day, as to just have the same super-subtle-yet-present themes "woven" throughout the day's tapestry in that patternistic way I've definitely seen established now. Ended up being really quite a lot of them, such that I again got to that point of losing count and being in the surreal "synchronistic state"/living-dream state from these alone, despite their huge subjectivity and subtly.

A good example of these, though I guess it could also just classify as a more-notable/coherent "normal" recurrence. It started yesterday at the coffee shop when I came across another piece of litter that I was absolutely Compelled to pick up, despite it being very small and insignificant-looking: a little plastic tag that looked like it might've come from a piece of clothing, reading "COACH NEW YORK," which I'd never seen before but which struck me as a brand of some sort -- and then this morning, in that random copy of New York Style I got from the library yesterday, it had an ad for Coach New York, another 100% patternistic recurrence of "seeing something for the first time, then for the second relatively soon after, and in the most random of ways." This one, however, was made a good bit more notable by the Compelling to pick up the tag (and other circumstances, since I'd again planned to go to an entirely different coffee shop yesterday but ended up pulling into this one at the last possible second, also patternistically). And also the magazine itself, which I'd felt Compelled to get as soon as I saw it, despite my not even knowing what magazine it was, there only being a big T on the cover (I had to look on the spine), thus ruling out many possible logical/psychological/subconscious explanations. Whether this one was a thematic or a "normal" recurrence, I don't know, but I've just had so damn many repetitions in this subtle-but-patternistic fashion, and always with the same texture and "feel" and circumstantial profile.

Had a little cluster at lunchtime-reading again, though not so much of the echo-y/"instant thought manifestation"-type that had sort of fallen off over the last couple days (coinciding with the onset of that nightmarish sickness that lifted appreciably today). Only had a couple of these, and they were subtle enough, and few enough, that they could've either been stray incidents or just chance occurrences entirely. One: randomly coming to "flapping madly" in the 'Bank' book precisely as a gust of wind flapped the page playfully from my fingers; randomly coming to "circulation" precisely as that weird numbness in my right hip lifted randomly and I thus thought "circulating there finally."

Did have a noticeably "graduation" in activity toward the end of lunchtime, with the minor, scattered echoes sort of cohering into the more singular, standout-type ones. Had several, maybe 4-5, and the best standout was a nearby-stranger-type one, when right after I'd been looking over my list of errands for the afternoon, on which was the Vitamin Shoppe for supplements, a lady at a table just across from me (but with someone else between her and me, such that we couldn't possibly see each other, could only hear her talking) said "I've got some errands to run, at Vitamin Shoppe." This one was somewhat unique in that it was neither perfectly synchronistic, nor even "split-secondly" timed, but was still timed close enough to be unmistakable (about one solid second between my putting the note away and her beginning the sentence), and also that I'd not been specifically thinking "Vitamin Shoppe" alone, but had been thinking "errands," with "Vitamin Shoppe" lumped somewhere within that.

A standout reading echo: right after I'd been thinking about reciprocal behavior and bodily cues and the like, I turned the page in the book (a new leaf, totally invisible to me when I'd had the initial thought, and also not at all hinted at/preluded beforehand) and came to a new paragraph that started with this sentence: "Psychologists have long argued about the power of priming--i.e., the power of subtle cues and reminders to influence behavior" -- exactly what I'd been thinking about, not under the "proper" name but the exact same concept. And, even if this mention had been preluded, I can also once again 100% trace my thinking what I did to an objective event, when the woman sitting uncomfortably close to me at the next booth over had shifted her eyes suddenly and causing me to flinch, which in turn made her flinch in response, etc, etc. Highly notable, couldn't be more precise or controlled for error/chance.

Numbers were pretty few and low-key today, fewer overall over yesterday but still in the same basic mode of "low-key/two- and three-digit 37-plates in traffic and random 37s/44s/22s/212s, etc" (though without any of those curious "alignments" today). Really the only semi-notable specific incidents were another daylong chain of parking-lot plates, as to be collectively notable, where pretty much every single lot I parked in, however random and however random the space, always took me directly and patternistically into contact with at least two or three. Another interesting pattern -- why so many parking-lot ones especially on some days?


Big downturn today, back to being another largely "silent" day. In fact, all I remember is a handful of thematics throughout the morning and lunchtime reading (though far less than yesterday, and of an even subtler, "less-graduated" quality) and a similar amount of numbers (almost none other than a relatively very small amount of scattered "small" 37-plates, though still with a reasonable amount of parking-lot-type ones, albeit less than yesterday -- again, why the presence of parking-lots despite the general downturn? something to do with the states/shifts of consciousness that occurs sometimes when I'm shopping/whatever I do in a parking-lot-type environment?). Interesting.


Another noticeable shift today, an uptick in overall incidents but again changed up in type/feel/quantity, etc.

First thing I noticed were more numbers today, appreciably more than yesterday though still only smallish low-key 37-plates and the like for the most part, and interestingly I actually had more before leaving the beach than after during highway travel, etc, this corresponding with the return of that nightmarish headsickness and the like.

Did have a damn cool and sudden, "out of the blue"-type number standout when I stopped for gas mid-afternoon. It was overall a four-part one, all back to back, starting when I pulled into the lot and was again patternistically and illogically Compelled to take a certain stall of the several available, despite it being further down the row and taking longer to get to -- only to find that the previous customer's gas total was $37.04. And then, next: after I went in and paid and came back out and started pumping gas, it went up to 11 cents worth and then stopped and wouldn't go anymore, because, as it turns out, they were out of both regular and mid-grade gas and I'd thought they still had mid-grade and so had started pumping it -- and, as it were, the 11 cents it put out was .037 gallons of gas, such that the readout had "11" and "37" directly below it, another of those horizontal-type instances as I've seen before. And then, when I therefore went back into the store to sort out that I had to get the high-test gas and redo the transaction, etc, I had to pass a car in the parking lot, with a 373 plate. And then, once I'd finally pumped the gas and gotten back in and keyed the ignition, the clock radio read exactly 1:37 -- such that, within the space of maybe 5 or 6 minutes, had four of these individually mildly notable incidents back to back pretty much, as to just have a much greater effect than any individually.

Thought-wise did have quite a bit of activity today, but it was almost entirely those super-distorted/garbled/half-there-type of super-subtles and thematics, such that, for all their subjective notability, they were again impossible to put into text other than to say, "Damn surreal and profound," etc.

Did have a really cool and singular standout during lunch. It started when, a few pages into the 'Japan' book, I was siezed by the question of what the author's name was, thus making me randomly and suddenly look at the spine and read "Dave Barry" -- precisely as a nearby stranger in the coffee shop said "berry," and again with that perfectly synchronistic coincidence between my registering the "Barry" and hearing the word yet completely objective/traceable/independent, etc (and, of course, the stranger was standing across the room and had his back to me, thus completely ruling out any sort of obvious cueing, etc).


Another weird departure in pattern/format/quantity/types of incidents, just a very different-feeling day despite remaining in the same basic variety of incidents as the last month or so (scattered low-key 37-plates through the day, including a few parking-lots but with few to no conspicuous-type standouts; reasonable amount of daylong thematic recurrencs, sourced primarily from various thoughts/reading material, etc; reasonable amount of echo-y thought-type incidents, though these were mostly of standout/coherent-level rather than distorted/half-there type, coinciding with a big change in health/consciousness, etc).

The first and perhaps coolest incident of the day was a somewhat unique "ask and receive"-type that came literally first thing in the morning. It began last night at the random travel place I stopped at, where I thought was just before the change in time zone in Georgia, which would mean that I'd pass over it while driving today and so would gain an hour, which would thus screw up my whole schedule in a bad way, and so I distinctly thought: "It would be nice to sleep really late tomorrow so that I could gain the hour there and rest more, rather than the opposite" -- and, lo and behold, this morning I not only got up later than my usual time, but significantly more, three hours later, sleeping literally the longest I have for years, perhaps over a decade, since I was a teenager and in the Before I Got Sick period. There's not really a lot more to this one from an objective standpoint, and there's also the fact that I took that random CBD supplement last night which might well have affected me in some way that enabled such great sleep; but, even if there was overtly a logical cause in the form of the supplement or whatever, there's still the fact that I got it and took it at all (and was Compelled to get it in the first place, at that totally random Compelled-to-stop-there health-food store, and getting them despite the obscenely overpriced cost), and all the other subjective circumstances that ultimately culminated in my distinctly "asking"/wanting to sleep significantly later (and also the fact that I'd had similar desires in the past, and took supplements with that intention then too, and saw little to no result) -- overall, another of those that were somewhat notable objectively but made far moreso subjectively/contextually, etc. And just damn funny too, made me laugh all morning.

Then, once on the highway soon after, a pair of really explicit and notable (and sudden) thought/radio/event-type incidents: first, when I suddenly and urgently remembered to turn on the phone, precisely as "turn it on" randomly and singularly sang from the radio; and then, soon after, when I realized I was slowly gaining on the car in front of me and so I tapped the brakes and slowed slightly, thinking "I'm creeping up on him," those words exactly -- precisely as "creep" sang from the radio, perfectly synchronistic, etc (though, if I remember right, this one was a repeating chorus but one that was sung the first time right then, as is the pattern with these). Seems like I had a couple other little echoes around this time, too, though none quite so notable/explicit/"shocking"/"striking" as those.

Then at lunch had another of those patternistic clusters of mostly reading-type incidents, several of them pretty explicit and notable/coherent. Most-standout one: first, a cool sort of double/back-to-back one within the same sentence I randomly came to in the 'Japan' book: "a group of older men with staunch expressions bordering on stomach discomfort" -- which reflected, first, the random thought/registering I'd just had of the two older men sitting at the table directly behind me, slightly too close to my liking (thus echoing the "older men" pretty well, and perfectly synchronistic with the thought crossing my mind, etc), and then, a split second after, I got a sudden pang of that nasty gut tightness I get randomly while eating sometimes, which coincided perfectly with the "stomach discomfort" in the sentence, making this one a combo "involuntary bodily function"/"random chain of thought"-type one, and damn cool.

Also during lunch, had two really good examples of the super-subtles/thematic-type recurrences I've been having (and continue to have), both of these occuring in the 'Japan' book, and very close together as it were. The first was a big long description of the "Main Street"/hometown-feeling archetype/concept that I read in the Japan book, which echoed perfectly the totally random yet distinct sentiment I'd had upon coming into the random town with the coffee shop I ended up lunching in (which was, as it were, right on the town's actual Main Street if I remember right). And then, just after: the book mentioned President Bush Sr.'s infamous 92' trip to Japan where he vomited during the luncheon -- which was at least the third or fourth time I've randomly read about that incident within the last week or so (maybe less, maybe just the last few days if I remember right), all from ridiculously random magazines/books and the like.

And then finally, a really cool standout echo this evening, when I was leaving a bathroom and, a split second before I went through the door, a poster with a big duck on it passed directly in front of me, thus making me think "duck" -- a split second before I bumped my head on a hanger protruding awkardly from the dimly lit door, as to be a surreal sort of "warning"/"speaking"-type incident, like "Duck or you're going to bump your head!" Might've just been a surreal coincidence, given the minimal precision and complexity, but certainly didn't feel like it (plus it fit the pattern of past such "physical"/"speaking" incidents).


Downturn again today, but still some activity here and there, and still in the same basic format, etc, as yesterday.

Numbers: mostly only parking-lot-type ones again, moreso than even the scattered low-key traffic ones today (did have some, including a few semi-conspicuous ones, but still largely a minority). Again I feel as if the prominence of the parking-lot ones are somehow symptomatic of some arbitrary, perhaps unrelated-but-similar, phenomenon, perhaps somehow related to whatever "work" I'm about to do when venturing into the businesses and stuff I'm parking at? Still figuring this one out ...

Did have one cool semi-notable standout, at that random crazy supermarket I stopped at, when, precisely as I emerged into the meat-market area in the back, some employees, somewhere in there, called out "Thirty-seven!" (followed by "Thirty-eight!" soon after, though I'd not heard him call out 36 or 35 or anything before, so that the 37-shout was my introduction to hearing these announcements, presumably some sort of ticket/line arrangement for people waiting for orders or something). Damn surreal, for all it's "smallness."

During lunchtime reading, today I only had a few super-subtle echoes from what I remember, and then soon tapering back to the morning's "silence" by the time I finished and left. Though, was one standout (and this one coming almost immediately after I sat down and starting eating and reading, as seems to be patternistic of some of these): another "hearing a random, objective, precise sound precisely as I randomly read a perfect description of such in a book," this time coming to the sentence "And then a train would come," precisely as a train whistle sounded from the distance (and, even more notably and surreally, for the first time I'd heard it that day). About as surreal and notable and precise as you can get, there.

And still having the super-subtle daylong thematic recurrences, though also noticeably lesser today, and occuring mainly in late morning and late afternoon. Did have a pretty cool standout one, which again serves as about the best, most-coherent example I can give of these: It started, first, this afternoon when I got lost in the city multiple times, as well as encountered all kinds of really bizarre and robotic people/bad energies, etc, and thus ended up really "spun" and confused and the like by the time I finally made it home this evening. And then, second, I finally was able to do the sweat bath with the epsom salts tonight, for the first time in years and years, since living back at the old place, which proved to be a good, relaxing remedy for shrugging off the terrible, overstimulated "spell" the city left me in today. Then the recurrence came just after the bath, during dinnertime reading, beginning when the author described going to the "hot baths" in Japan, which Just Happened to be exactly what I'd just done less than an hour previously (and, after not having done so for years). That was pretty notable in itself, but then I came to this sentence: "But the Japanese really like their baths, as a way of physically relaxing from overworking in the fast lane in the manic pulse of the city" -- thus echoing pretty much exactly what I'd been thinking/feeling just after doing my bath, right down to the overstimulated/overworked in the city-element (actually, being "spun" from the "manis pulse of the city" is a much more apt description of what happened today). This is a coherent example of these, of which I had several today (and, on other days, sometimes a dozen or more, as to be just so utterly surreal I can't even begin to describe it, still).


Big downturn in activity today, almost zero numbers, least in a very long time, only maybe one or two very random and low-key traffic 37-plates I think (if that). Also about zero thought-type activity. All this coinciding with being completely and utterly sick and out of it all day today.

Only incidents I noted were recurrences, the first a classical standout "normal" reading-type one: reading of the author Simone de Beavoiur, who I first learned off I think two or three days ago in one of my random trash magazines, that New York Style one, which had a big biographical article about her, in which it was the first I'd ever heard of this person in my life -- and then today, in the 'Wild Truth' book I started at lunch, it opened with a quote from her (and, once again: I was Compelled to randomly by this book lately in the first place, and then equally Compelled to sit on it for the last couple weeks while I read other books, and then Compelled to begin reading it today, out of a choice of several books -- classical pattern).

Also involving the 'Wild Truth' book: a whole big cluster of super-subjective/complex/thematic-type recurrences at lunchtime reading, another instance where the book's general themes and events and emotions/attitudes/"feel" reflects precisely what I've thought/experienced/encountered within the last 12-24 hours, just ridiculously surreal again despite my being unable to really convey a single one in text.

Did have some standout numbers after all: a classical receipt-type one that I just saw, where the timestamp was exactly 1:37, with the totally random total being $13.76 ... (and again with my getting random stuff I didn't plan on, being Compelled, and also all sorts of random circumstantial events, patternistically, that saw me getting checked out just then ...)

And then at dinnertime reading, another big bunch of thematic recurrences in the 'Wild Truth' book, now involving not just the last day but just the last few hours, such as people in the book "learning to manage and conserve their clean water supply," exactly as I'd had to do when the power went out from the storm and I had to fill a jug and stuff, even the argument I'd had with my parents last night about unplanned travel/not knowing where I'm going next, exactly as the man in the book did with his parents, 100% precise on all accounts, probably upwards of another dozen or so total, just so damn surreal even now after all this.


Another largely quiet day, slightly even fewer incidents than yesterday. Did have more of those super-subjective thematics involving lunchtime reading of the 'Wild Truth' book again, but not so many as yesterday, nor as intense/notable, just of the subtler, more echo-y variety. Did have a little cluster of minor super-subtle/distorted-type echoes just before lunch while escaping the city on the highway. Best example of these: hearing "shelter, shelter, shelter!" sing out from the radio precisely as I came upon a roadside sign for "LODGINGS" of the next upcoming exit, with the lyric coinciding perfectly with the sign's emergence from being obscured by the angle of the ramp in my vision, such that it had that surreal "animated" quality. Others were about as notable but I just can't remember them.

Numbers today: again only a handful of relatively minor ones, even during highway driving, just a few scattered 37s here and there, "small" and spaced enough that they failed at going beyond background-static levels. They were there, however, for what that's worth.


General uptick today, as well as another of those general shifts in types/feel of incidents. The first thing I noticed was the return of a steady background static of 37-plates in traffic, beginning pretty much right off the bat this morning when I drove around a little before lunch, and then continuing on through the day, and increasing/"maturing" slowly too, such that at one point it "graduated" into the more numerous "small" ones/reappearance of conspicuous-type ones.

Only standoutish ones in this regard were, first, a couple incidents in which multiple 37-plate cars arrived into sight simultaneously (though, if I remember right, these weren't the "aligning"-type of multiples, with there just being multiple 37 plates in random arrangements arriving semi-simultaneously into my awareness in various ways -- still pretty notable but falling short of the "alignment" sub-type). Had a couple of those equally funny and surreal "37-plate car conspicuously grabbing my attention for some reason," one being an RV pulling semi-recklessly into traffic from a gas station onto a 60 MPH roadway, directly in front of me and thus forcing me to slow quickly/take particular notice of the RV and so see its 373 plate. Others were similarly notable/patternistic actually, though I can't remember specifics at this point, such a long drive today.

Another note on today's numbers: had several 11:11s and variants, arriving by different ways, as I first noticed a couple days ago and have persisted somewhat, after another of those long, conspicuous absences of 1111s. One standout today was a cool sort of clock-tick-ish radio-type one when I looked randomly at the radio display and saw that the time was 1:11, precisely as the scrolling information readout changed to "ONE," such that it read "1:11 ONE," haha.

One standout of a kind I've noticed here and there in the past: right as I have some kind of goodness/random improvement in health or energy occur, I'll see a 37 of some time a split second later, as to be perfectly synchronistic-feeling. Today it was this weird, completely random and unprecedented rush of warmth and energy that lit me up, coinciding absolutely perfectly with another of those "car drifting up alongside me with a 37 plate coming directly into my line of sight"-type ones.

Lunchtime saw the onset of thought-type activity, but it was another of those days with just several standout/isolated-type incidents rather than a steady onslaught-like stream of little echoes (these amongst some equally sparse thematic recurrences involving the book). One standout: randomly coming to "turned off the spigot" in the book precisely as the nearby bathroom door opened as to allow a brief snatch of the noise inside to come out, in which was heard a turning sink knob, echoing the "turning off water valve of some kind" theme with reasonable precision, but also perfectly patternistic and synchronistically timed, etc.

Had a really profound, notable, and strikingly surreal "nearby stranger echoing exactly what I was thinking, exactly as I thought it"-type one: precisely as I took a bite of the second course of lunch, which had the carob + cardamom + lecithin in it that tasted even more chocolatey than chocolate, thus making me think "chocolatey," that word exactly -- the random customer at the coffee shop's counter said "chocolatey," while ordering a drink presumably, and besides being 100% precise, even more notable considering that I can distinctly/objectively trace my thought to originating from the bite I'd just taken a split second prior (and, actually, I can even trace the thought as occurring just a split second *before* the customer said that, another that was just infinitesimally before, but definitely before, as to be perfectly synchronistic without quite overlapping enough to allow for subconscious suggestion/cueing to factor in).

Then once on the highway later, had another hours-long cluster of scattered, "smaller"/one-word-type radio/thought/event-type echoes, of the type that were highly precise and perfectly synchronistic yet uncomplicated enough to seem less significant if there weren't so many in the exact same fashion. The best example was "carry" coming over the radio precisely as a car pulled up alongside with one of those Wounded Warrior bumper stickers with one soldier carrying another, upon seeing which I distinctly thought "carry," again perfectly synchronistic and patternistic yet objectively traceable (and once again, the radio's "carry" was singular and for the first time, etc). Another almost identical one: precisely as a big lifted Tahoe with mud tires and such appeared conspicuously on a ramp, coming up alongside me, I saw it and immediately thought "lifted," precisely as "lifted" sang from the radio (though this time the radio's lyric was a repeating chorus; yet, at the same time, it was so precise and patternistic and perfectly timed that I think it's more likely that its repetition was irrelevant).


Another reasonably significant shift in the day's activity over yesterday, though this time just more in feel and content and overall thrust rather than sheer number/volume.

The first I noticed was a general uptick in numbers, beginning right after leaving the house again this morning for lunch, with a fair showing of 37-plates and the like, which after lunch "graduated" into the more-complex/notable/"bigger"-type of traffic-type incidents generally, until there was a pretty much constant, albeit low-key, background static of 37s (plus a noticeable showing of 22s, 212s, and even a couple 1111 variants thrown in there -- and almost no 44s today oddly) and from various sources, to varying degrees of notability -- I felt to be "back in the groove," both number and thought-wise by this point, whatever that entails. Had an above-average number of parking-lots too, as well as a couple of those newish kind of "multiple/simultaneously visible but not an 'alignment'"-type of multiple 37-plates coming together, I think two or three times.

Some number standouts:

> Went into the health food store and got slammed with a sudden barrage of stray 37s, beginning with the first two (totally random) items I selected being priced at $37 each, and then, on the third (totally, ridiculously random and unplanned) item, it was priced $48 but it was otherwise covered with various 37 variants, from the address (both box number and postal code) to the random "Lot #" imprint and even a couple others I think, all of these coming in sequence and very close together as to culminate in that "one-two-three-four-punch"-type effect

> A semi-notable found-litter one: at the coffee shop patio, the wind blew my notes away and when I went chasing them, I noticed a coffee cup that someone had left on a table, and of course I was Compelled to pick it up and throw it away despite there not being a trash can outside -- only to find that the label's timestamp was "11:01:37 AM" (and, interestingly, it was almost 12 when I picked it up, yet it hadn't blown away from the same strongish winds that had kidnapped my notes ...)

> Another, similarly semi-notable one: the timestamp on my bank receipt for the credit card payment was exactly 13:37 -- another one made a bit more notable considering the circumstances, such as that, first, I'd had to wait randomly in line for a few minutes, as well as my being there at that time of day in the first place (again illogically, because I had things to do in this part of town later on yet I'd felt oddly compelled (not quite Compelled though, I note) to go there then), and also with it just coming within the quasi-onslaught of the afternoon's 37s

Thought-wise, it was another of those days with a relatively large amount of overall activity yet the large majority of it was super-subtle/subjective/thematic in nature, as to be largely incommunicable. The thematic-type ones changed somewhat from those of the last couple days: rather than involving the 'Wild Truth' book and my current life situation, the thematics were more about just smaller, vaguer, moment-to-moment type things through the day, without any coherent-enough examples I can think of. Ultimately surreal and notable, but again only collectively.

Did have an equal amount of thought-echoes too, and these were almost all too similarly text-incompatible to convey, despite being really quite notable. Best standoutish example I can think of: precisely as I drew a heart on the "YOU ARE LOVED" message on a dollar bill I intended to spend in the grocery store I was in the parking lot of, the radio randomly sang out "my heart" -- not hugely notable, especially considering I'd already drawn several of these hearts on other bills over the preceeding few minutes (though the radio's lyric was non-repeating), but the timing was perfectly synchronistic, and the pattern was dead on, but also, like the 13:37 bank timestamp, the heart one just came amidst such a barrage of nearly identical incidents that it just gained that much more notability in itself.


Today was similar to yesterday in some ways, but with overall less activity.

Numbers: almost exactly the same in every way, same low-key yet steady stream of small-to-moderate-notability 37-plates in traffic, as well as a good showing of randomly sourced 37s. And, interestingly, today the 44s returned, conspicuously so, as if my noting their absence yesterday triggered something (this would be consistent with subconscious suggestion/cueing/bias of some kind -- except that I can again objectively trace most if not all of the 44-variants I saw today in such a way as to rule out that sort of thing, from anywhere from reasonably to completely, and also so conspicuously that it all has that "feel" of "intelligence" and "orchestration," as if something were distinctly communicating something through the sudden appearance and objective nature of these numbers, if I didn't know better ...).

Had another "cute" and somewhat unique little receipt-type/gas-pump-type incident when getting cycle gas today, when both times that I stopped pumping into the tank (which I can't see well into and which is easily overfilled and spatters a lot, thus making me check the amount sold/pumped in the display regularly to see how close to full I am) -- each time I stopped on exactly a 37-variant, first .773 gallons on the amount pumped, then "$2.37" on the amount sold. And again I was tempted to write this one off as simple subconscious counting, or even some kind of "super-conscious" counting/monitoring, etc, except that there were just various little objective things that indicated to me I was close to filling and thus should check the display (this is a bad example of the objectivity of these; most of them, numbers and thought-echoes alike, had something more concrete and "external"/objective to rule out subjective psychological causes).

Had a similarly cute traffic-37 almost immediately upon leaving the house again, as is becoming more patternistic lately, where the very first plate I'm exposed to not only has some kind of 37 variant on it, but comes in a conspicuous and often similar way. This one was a combination of "car pulling in front of me in traffic in a semi-reckless/imposing fashion and thus exposing its plate" along with "eventually slowing conspicuously and thus forcing me to get closer and thus see the plate," this time a van that lumbered in front of me on the access road and went noticeably slower than the speed limit the whole way to town, and eventually slowed even more and thus forced me to get close to it and see its plate -- a truly classical example of these, and just damn funny in the moment.

The same went for a lot of the day's general echoes (these coming mostly afternoon, though did have some during morning, more than lately and more graduated/complex/notable/matured too, albeit still so subtle and complicated and subjective that they beggar description still). Just so surreal in a newish living-dream way, as if the world were a living tapestry composed of reflections of my thoughts and feelings, and all in such a way that, again if I couldn't distinctly trace/reconstruct the originating thoughts of the echoes as being at least reasonably if not 100% objective, I'd say I was either just being subconsciously cued/engaging in selective perception or some other bias, or perhaps just losing my damn mind -- but again and again I could trace nearly every single one to various objective factors/events, etc, all ruling out "normal" logical/environmental/causal explanations.

Unlike yesterday, had only the subtle/subjective/thematic echoes in the non-number category, and however profound/notable/surreal they were, I didn't experience a single standout oddly. Did have one damn cool "ask and receive"-type reading recurrence, however, beginning within the last couple days I think when, upon seeing the next trip looming up and realizing that I didn't have a good wheel-tote bag after my last one broke, thus making me think "I need to get a new one but I need to know what a good reliable type and brand are so I don't just get another cheapy that will break after one trip" -- and then this morning, in that totally random Columbian University magazine I was Compelled to get from the freebie rack at the library a couple days ago (out of several copies of this magazine, after being away from the beach for the last week, and despite my not even knowing what Columbia University was until I read this magazine -- totally illogical, yet totally patternistic of these), it had an article about a new line of especially high-quality, durable wheel tote luggage, created by an Columbia alumni and precisely what I was looking for (and in the most obscure yet patternistic and notable of fashions).


Today was very much like yesterday in all regards, albeit with fewer conspicuous-type traffic incidents and no real standouts (did still have a moderate-to-heavy background static of small-to-medium-notability 37-plates/randomly sourced ones through the day again, moreso in the afternoon, plus a minority of others too).

Thought-wise was the same, though really there were a great many standout-notability-level ones but again all were just too complicated/subjective/subtle to convey.

Still having many, many thematic-type ones, back to that elevated level I've been experiencing off and on recently, and one thing I've noticed is a newish subtype of these that is coming to establish itself lately: the "sentimental"-type of recurrence, in which some distinct-yet-indescribable feeling or thought or emotion of mine first keeps cropping up in my mind while simultaneously emerging in my experiences/encounters/other "external"/objective things in life, as to again having that echo-y/"reflective" quality that's been evident in many of my recent thought-type incidents.

Best example of the "sentimentals" was one spanning yesterday and today mostly, beginning with my distinctly thinking, at least 3-4 times throughout the day, of how much hidden beauty/energy/substance/dormant qualities/dimensions exist within everything, if only we can strip away the perceptual veils that obscure them, with these thoughts being distinctly and objectively traceable 100% to that really strange-yet-fantastic improvement in health and guts I've been having off and on lately, during which, whenever it randomly comes on, I get to see my previous, distorted/blunted view of the world replaced by that richer/deeper/more-"colorful" perception. Likewise, whenever this would happen, I'd also think about how just damn wonderful and incredible it was, and how "special" and fantastic the whole phenomenon was -- and then, this morning in a car magazine of all places (another totally random library-free I got on the last trip), it randomly mentioned a quote from the poet WB Yeats (first time I'd read this), that "the world is full of magic things patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper" -- which is again precisely the exact same sentiment that's been haunting my emotional pallette suddenly and randomly for just these last couple days, after never experienced it previously -- a perfect example of these "sentimental echoes" I've been having, as well as that of the complex/subtle/subjective thematic "reflective" echoes in general (still having just dozens of these throughout the day, at times to "storm" levels and to living-dream effect, etc).

Another reasonably standoutish/coherent thematic-echo/reflective example, though I suppose this one would qualify as just a general recurrence too (line between these two are becoming blurred as of late). It was much like that one involving the "North American writing spider" recurrence involving the random guy on the street who told me about the spider, totally randomly and illogical and appropriate to nothing we were discussing (not that anything was appropriate, given to total randomness/baselessness for this man talking to me to begin with) -- just like that in format, except this time involving that random and distinct realization I'd had recently that there's no such thing as organic honey/bee pollen considering that as far as I know, bees don't discriminate between what pollen they gather, whether it's laden with agricultural toxins and/or those from rain, etc -- and then today while at Walmart and totally randomly browsing the banana display (only doing so because I'd been reminded I needed bananas after finding a bunch someone had put back on a shelf of spices I walked past, all the way across the store -- another of those patternistically synchronistic little circumstances that seem to haunt these incidents) -- while I was there, looking at organic bananas, this random man walked up to me and said something like "No such thing as organic bananas, a total waste of money," totally randomly and unsolicited from me in any way, after which we'd gotten into a rambling, illogical conversation similar to that man that had told me about the spider, in which the banana man eventually brought up the fact that, just as bananas can't be selective about the toxin-containing rain they absorb, bees don't do that with their pollen/honey, and so organic honey and bee products are equally bunk/waste of money -- another perfect echo, and relatively/patternistically tightly timed, etc. Wow.


Today saw a huge, unprecedented amount of activity, perhaps the most volumously active/"synchronistic state" day ever, though again about 99% of the incidents were either too subtle/thematic/vague or too subjective/"in the moment"/complicated (more of the latter, in fact, such that the large majority of the activity was totally coherent and notable, at times enormously so, yet only to myself/anyone else experiencing it directly).

Day started out with more of those same subtle thematics and thought-echoes, again beginning late morning once the night's toxicity and headsickness had worn out some, a definite correlation here between improvement in mental activity/clarity and the initial onset of activity/"the synchronistic state" (however mildly at this time of day/lower energy level). Of these, the one standout I can convey was a somewhat weird and unique recurrence (in manner only however, considering that it was 100% patternistic of the classical recurrence pattern, etc). It started the night before last, when I had that surreal and vivid dream in which people were driving backwards down the highway at high speed, and how I'd briefly joined them and been invigorated by it, though I'd thought of how ridiculously reckless it was (or should be) -- and then this morning, in yet another ridiculously random library-freebie magazine (car magazine this time), it had an interview with a filmaker who'd filmed the chase scenes for his movie while mounted backwards on a car, on which he'd commented, "But driving backwards down the highway at 70MPH is really an awkward experience," or something to that end -- in any case, echoing perfectly the "backwards driving down a highway at high speed" theme, and again, it was the first I've ever thought/considered something so bizarre (and, as it were, the first such thought-echo-type recurrence I've had involving a dream, that I remember).

From there, the incidents increased and "gelled"/cohered in that way, such that by church and lunchtime, was full-bore into that "steady onslaught of subtle/low-key numbers from various sources, plus an equally steady stream of small-yet-profound/in-the-moment/subjective thought-echoes," again almost 100% impossible to convey but no less significant for it, again to the point that my inner and external realities seemed to "synchronize" to various degrees, as to reflect one another (though today ended up, at the most intense periods, to be of a distinctly higher degree/"octave"/level of intensity and texture).

Another reasonably coherent thematic standout: yesterday while reading the 'Wild Truth' book, the things in it had caused me to think about dad and his porn habits and magazines and how I'd been so outraged by it in the past/his hypocrisy and intentional ignorance of it all, with my thinking of all this for the first time in years, after working through it and moving past it, etc -- and then, as it turned out, the father in the book eventually had a supposed porn addiction, with this being entirely sudden and without prelude or any sort of previous mention (it was a sort of "shocker reveal" towards the end of the book). This one isn't so notable in itself, not being too precise or complicated and still falling within the realm of being a possible simple coincidence, except that, again, it occurred in the midst of dozens throughout the day, all explicitly precise in format/pattern/"feel," etc, as to again be yet another part of a collective "super-incident" that was beyond notable.

Had another pretty coherent standout later on, at that totally random Walmart I'd stopped at for kombucha (at the tail end of that ridiculously random/totally unplanned series of events/surprise changes that comprised this weird ass day). It was a two-part one, thought-echo and numbers, beginning when, after my money jammed the checkout machine, the attendant called over her manager, who appeared after a couple minutes, precisely as the song "Betty Davis Eyes" came over the radio, thus making me think of those kinds of eyes -- precisely as the manager came over and I saw (directly in my line of sight without looking/moving my gaze, etc) that she had those exact same striking pale-blue eyes I'd been thinking of, despite being black/dark-skinned, this being about as perfectly precise and perfectly/synchronistically timed as possible, just totally striking even coming in the midst of the day's onslaught of such echoes. And, interestingly, it bears mention that the kind of eyes I associate as "Betty Davis eyes" aren't actually those known popularly as such; my subjective version are, instead, merely those of the woman who sings that song, since my first exposure to it was its music video on which she appears, thus causing a totally subjective perception/association which is exactly what was echoed in the manager woman's eyes, thus suggesting again that the echo-type phenomenon does indeed focus on one's subjective perceptions/associations/"thought images" of a given theme or archetype rather than some singular, popular one (in this case and some others, at least; some have been too ambiguous, or could actually suggest otherwise).

And then, the second part, which I noticed upon looking at my receipt from this transaction (which I finally got after the manager successfully unclogged the machine and gave me my change by hand): the "change received" was listed as $17.03 exactly ... yet, I'd paid with a hundred for a $2.97 drink, and so had gotten back $97.03 in change. The only reason I can think of for the discrepancy is that the manager fed back just a $20 from the change instead of my original hundred for some reason, thus causing the weird error. In any case, another receipt-type hit, and with pretty notable circumstances, etc.

Numbers, on the other hand, saw only a moderate uptick over the last couple days, still primarily just a steady, albeit heavier, background static of 37-plates and semi-conspicuous traffic appearances, and still with a minority of the other usual numbers and their kin. The day's biggest increase was in standout/individual incidents:

> Had a couple of those highly conspicuous, "intelligent"/"orchestrated"-type of traffic incidents, mostly where cars would Just Happen to turn out at *just the right angle/time* for me to see, patternistically without having to look/change my gaze, etc, their 37 plate, probably upwards of a dozen of these but honestly I just lost count in the course of the day. One cool standout was another of those "reckless speeders forcing me to slow down/evade them and hence exposing/forcing me to see their plate," this time a truck that flew up behind me in a congested 35MPH side street and wove around other cars before weaving around directly in front of me, thus revealing its 337 plate, haha. Good fun in spite of the danger.

> A damn cool "thought-challenge"-type one, where I was walking through a parking lot and again came upon a 306-ending plate and had the quick and skeptical thought of, "Now, if you're really experiencing synchronicities, why wasn't that a 307 plate?" -- and then, a split second after, perfectly synchronistically so, I turned over the random magazine page I'd picked up as trash moments before (I'd actually been standing up from picking it up when I'd had the 306 plate "fall into" my vision in that synchronistically patternistic way, thus making me have the skeptical thought), and there, directly where my eyes were already trained (in "randomly resuming a book page with the first words I see echoing my thought/experience"-fashion) was "page 73," which, despite being ridiculously coherent and notable and surreal for several reasons, was still right on par with the gist of the day's activity.

By evening, activity had slowed down again yet didn't stop as is the "norm," instead just slowing down to a slight-yet-present trickle of small echoes and thematics during nighttime reading, still pretty notable and surreal but not intensely so as afternoon.

Did have a cool little footnote to this weird and crazy and super-active day: the next morning, had another of those where the very first license plate I see was a 37-variant (a 773-ending plate this time, little more notable, since it was an SC plate that only had three numbers, etc), except with a twist this time, considering that, first, I was walking through a parking lot at the time, early morning and empty but for a couple scattered cars, and the one that I'd Just Happened to first encounter was that one. And then, the fact that I was there in the first place, having randomly and uncharacteristically and spontaneously decided to camp out in the van instead of going home, despite having no tooth brush/clothes, etc.


Today started off with that cool morning parking-lot plate, but from there slowed down somewhat, not following that same curve of gradually increasing incidents as I've been seeing lately, though I did see some numbers and small/subtle/vague/thematic-type echoes, all in the same format/feel/general "groove" of yesterday's ridiculous onslaught. And again, this downturn coincided almost perfectly with a general downturn in health, back to lower levels/general illness/headsickness/confusion as before this last period of significant improvement; again suggests that subjective-consciousness element in all this.

And then, lending to this further, had a moderate improvement towards mid-afternoon, after which had another period of that exact same "big steady stream of super-subjective yet highly notable/coherent echoes and numbers, often coming back-to-back, so fast that I couldn't keep track and note them even if I could put them into words." Almost hit the same intensity of yesterday at times, though not quite. All so interesting and incredible.

Had a cool standoutish thematic/echo-y recurrence this evening during dinnertime reading, and it serves as a good example of this latest, more "advanced" variant of the thematic. It started this morning when Beth mentioned randomly how she'd just been on a flight that was almost forced by strong winds to land in Greensboro, NC, which struck me as a vague thematic due to my thinking about the Greensboro, GA, airport randomly this morning; she also mentioned some other things that reflected the general collective thoughts I'd been having of the GA airport, all of this coming very vaguely and distortedly but just coherent enough to stand out as something more than coincidence. And then, this afternoon/evening pretty much the exact same thing happened a second time, again with a random city: first during a snatch of this little radio commercial for a weather channel with a bunch of random sound bites on it, I'd caught mentioned of a "Garden City," and then, tonight in the Mexico-immigration book (started totally randomly just this afternoon), it mentioned a Garden City, KS -- again super-vague in itself, but together with the first, reasonably similar one (and with the couple dozen similarly echo-y incidents involving other subjects, just in this day alone), it becomes just patternistic enough to be notable. So many like this yesterday especially, but today too.


Cute little receipt-37 from the thrift store I just saw, after the fact: exact 1:37PM timestamp, just below "User: 13074," and this was another one with those patternistically "interesting" circumstances, this time where the people before me uncourteously and conspicuously stood chatting with the cashier for a little bit after paying and so I had to wait (and, thus, notice this circumstance particularly/imprint it in my memory), and without them doing so, wouldn't have had the exact timestamp, etc.

Had pretty much more of the same as last couple days, though more like yesterday in terms of volume. Still hit near-onslaught/storm levels at the day's most "active" points, but not quite like day before last.

Numbers were nearly identical to yesterday, with a good showing of low-key 37-variants and the same other common numbers as lately on traffic places, and a couple conspicuous-driver-types like yesterday too (another reckless, speeding tailgator who, after gaining my attention patternistically, eventually stormed past me and thus revealed their 337 plate, made me laugh again).

Had another of those "store cashier quoting a 37-variant total precisely as I approached the checkout"-type one again, exactly the same as others, this time with the cashier (who until then had been silent for the minute or so I'd been in earshot towards the front of the store) said "Your total is $4.37." This one had a twist thought, as to be two-part: after I paid up and gathered up my stuff to go, the next customers behind me were quoted "$21.73," haha.

Thought-type incidents were again primarily of subtle/subjective/thematic echoes, and in the same basic curve of yesterday, beginning when the morning toxicity/headsickness began lifting, with "smaller" ones, and then graduating to that semi-onslaught level of similarly subtle and subjective-yet-very-notable ones like I've been having, again involving primarily the Mexico book and various 100% objective/verifiable/traceable thoughts and external events.

Did have a few standouts today, however, this corresponding with less headsickness and soupiness in the afternoon:

> A really cool sort of meta-echo just after I left the drug store and got into traffic, involving the song on the radio and a bunch of potentially irritating stop-and-go traffic. First there was the general, thematic-type echo of the song's content, which I think was called "Held Up," and its theme was getting slowed up/held up/distracted/obstructed, etc, all of which echoed perfectly, albeit subtley, the multiple, back-to-back yet totally random incidents of having to slow down behind conspicuously slow drivers like a big, wide-turning delivery truck, or stoplights, etc (this part of it another good representation of the thematic-type/in-the-moment echoes I've been having lately). However, there were several incidents where, when the chorus repeated "slow down," it would coincide perfectly synchronistically with another of my sudden slow-downs, etc (and, also, with my absently thinking "slow down," this in the very distinct, albeit subjective, pattern I've come to identify with the echoes in particular). All in all, another where it ended up being greater than the sum of its parts, just a surreal, living-dream, minutes-long meta-incident (which, if I'm not mistaken, ended precisely as the song did, with Highway 9 and 17 merging together and thus alleviating the bottleneck)

> A classic and explicit and notable thought-echo/nearby-stranger-type at the thrift store, while I was browsing for luggage. When the one I'd gone for was gone, I looked over the others available, and precisely as I looked at one and judged it too big, which was exactly what I thought as a result, "too big" distinctly in my mind -- a nearby woman, browsing a rack of clothes nearby, said "too big," perfectly synchronistically with the thought's arrival into the horizon of my mind, in striking/"synchroshocking" fashion

> Had a "keying the car and the first words on the radio echoed my thoughts"-type one, and this one was either one of the damn coolest and most explicit and notable ones to date, or just an instance of subconscious suggestion/cueing/distorted perception. It started while I was sitting in the market parking lot and writing the letter, with the car turned off, and, needing to see what time it was, I'd paused in my writing and keyed the ignition to see the radio clock's time, leaving off at the words "threat of death," such that the phrase lingered in my mind, absently but distinctly, as I keyed the ignition -- and the very first words on the radio were "threat of death," or so I think I heard. I can't say 100% on this one, with it happening so fast and suddenly (it was as perfectly synchronistic as could be without a straight-up overlap, where the "threat of death" in my mind was still unfolding just as I hit the power and the words spilled from the speakers); I can't even say 99%, instead going with ~90 or so that that was in fact what I'd heard. If so, ridiculously surreal, for all its relative simplicity. (It does bear mentioning, however, that there was a second part to this one, in which the next lyrics definitely *did* echo the letter, but only in vague/less-precise/thematic fashion, in regards to what the "threat of death" pertained to, which was pretty much 100% exact though unfortunately just too complicated/complex to explain in text, etc.)

Did have many thematics throughout the day today, still somewhat periodic and less-intense/volumous/regular than day before last, but when they were there, they were there, and still at times coming in that machine-gun, back-to-back fashion to the point that I simply lose track and end in totally in living-dream/synchroshock mode.

One damn cool standout was a little cluster of thematics spanning the magazine I started reading yesterday morning and then more of this morning, and then that Mexico book I'd started reading yesterday. Again most all were highly notable but too subjective for text, but there were some coherent ones mixed in:

> This morning while reading the magazine, there'd been an ad for a special type of dog collar, which I'd Noticed in that special way, as to study it and commit it to memory (despite having no dog and no reason to do so), which had thus made me think, once again for the first time in at least many years if not a decade or more, of that spiked metal-head dog-collar I'd once worn in high school -- and then, in the Mexico book today, it randomly mentioned spiked dog collars worn in that same, counterculture fashion, and again the first I'd read of/encountered this thing for a very long time, perhaps since I'd worn it that time nearly twenty years ago (another that's not hugely notable in itself, but is collectively, given the sheer number of other, impossible-to-describe ones of nearly identical pattern)

> A bit more notably: in that same magazine, in the part I'd read yesterday morning, it had shown a South American protester with a mohawk, which I'd Noticed just like the dog collar, thinking of how, oddly, I'd not seen a counterculture-looking person of Latino descent in a long time if ever, despite there surely being some out there, with my thinking this again as to commit to memory and have it stick out in my mind (actually, I absently thought of the mohawk picture a couple times since then, now in that sort of vague-thought-synchro fashion) -- and then in the Mexico book today, in the same section that mentioned the spiked dog collar, it mentioned kids in Mexico City sporting mohawks, this one a bit more notable considering the more precise/complex and somewhat less common theme of "mohawked South American," etc

But really, the true notability in this cluster is in the context and circumstances, for both the book and magazine. The book was another of those same deals with the classical book/reading-type synchro, where I totally randomly learned of the book in the first place, then ordered it totally randomly (and months later), only to get it in the mail last week and then sit on it a bit longer while I finished the 'Wild Truth' book -- just ridiculously random, yet the timing of it all culminated in it recurring what I Just Happened to encounter in the magazine, in a relatively short period of time (many of them were within hours, actually). But then the magazine was even more random, to "ridiculous" levels, because of how I'd gotten it not only from a public recycling bin, but at a dump site way across town, where I'd Just Happened to wash up after spontaneously camping out Sunday night, and even then, I'd only stopped off at this site totally spontaneously and out of nowhere and in that "making a turn at the last possible second as to be a surprise even to myself"-style, all just to kill the few minutes I had before my appointment and recycle the recyclables from the little bag of trash I'd accumulated during my camp-out -- just the most damn random and obscure origins of my coming to read this magazine, on that particular day. Yet there was this overlap on these quasi-standouts plus so many other notable ones. Just totally flies in the face of any sort of reasonable chance outside of the astronomical.

And noticed something today that's been sort of long-running and unique sort of "involuntary bodily function"-type one that I've experienced over the last month or two enough that a pattern has begun to emerge. It happens when I crack my neck or back or something in that rare and good way that a good self-adjustment of some kind brings about, precisely as the beach house creaks or some other random "click-like" sound occurs. This one is tentative since there have been plenty of times I've had either a good neck-crack or something and/or heard some random creak or similar noise that didn't correspond; yet, there've been so many times that they have coincided, and been very similar noises (a neck "crack!" corresponding with a house crack, or a neck "pop!" corresponding with a pop, etc), and happened in both a patternistic and perfectly synchronistically timed fashion, I can't help but take note. (But then, why not every time/why only certain times? maybe just when I'm "in the groove/synchronistic state" do they coincide?) Another "maybe nothing, maybe something" incident, but in any case, it happened again this morning, and about as totally randomly as possible, where my neck popped randomly and without my doing anything to it, as it's been doing here and there lately, this time when I was just lying in bed with the zappicator on and it suddenly popped, at the precise instant that some random (and from what I remember, singular and non-repeating, after total silence beforehand, in the objective style of these) "creak!" from nearby in the roof.


Today was again very much like last couple, but a reasonable downturn in volume of incidents, along with their complexity/intensity.

Numbers were there but lesser, both in number and variety, just some scattered (albiet semi-conspicuous at times) traffic-plate repeats throughout the day, mostly in afternoon, with a marked absence on the way to lunch, unlike last couple days when they were present right from the get-go, etc. Still seeing a higher-than-typical amount of 44s and variants, and in semi-conspicuous ways, unchanged from when they suddenly and conspicuously stopped for a day or two a few days ago, just long enough for me to note this, and then resumed with a vengeance. Had quite a few today, though the only vaguely standoutish one was at McD's when my coffee order was number 404, really only notable because I'd seen several right in the few minutes prior to parking at the place and going in.

Had a moderately notable gas-pump-receipt-type one when I got gas for the cycle late afternoon. It started when I pumped exactly 1.037 gallons, which was more notable considering the random, eyeball method of pumping to avoid spillage, rather than just pumping until the machine clicks off (and, today, I didn't look at the reader before stopping, just filled until I could see the level toward the top and then pulled out, Just Happening to land exactly on that ...). But then, when I got the receipt, one of the random numbers on it was "Stan: 07313087137" (plus a "Text 67777" at the bottom).

Thematics and lunchtime echoes were there, but much less today, and today almost entirely impossible to convey/super-subtle/subjective, etc. Though they did follow that same basic arch of being totally absent upon waking up, then beginning as soon as the morning progressed some and the night's headsickness began lifting and I sat down to read a magazine after chores, etc, and then progressing slightly further into the small/one-word book/event/thought-type echoes throughout lunch (though today were much less notable, as well as less "striking," as to be dismissible on their own).

One standoutish one was a cool two-part one that began last night when, upon seeing the foul-smelling scum of algae in the toilet resevoir (which I just now remembered: has a "QC PASSED #37" on the bottom of it, which I just saw at the end of the day before last when totally randomly having to take it off, at the end of that ridiculously surreal storm of overall incidents that day, haha), I'd then had the absent but vague thought of, "I wonder if there's something to get rid of that sort of build-up, etc" -- and then this morning, in the totally random library-freebie copy of the Country Life magazine or whatever it's called, it had a random ad in the back for "Aquacide," a bacterial agent that you ad to water and it gets rid of foul-smelling bacteria and the like, 100% in the "question and answer"/"ask and receive"-type pattern, and with relatively notable timing (made moreso by randomness/circumstances, etc). Then the second part came a little later, right after I'd left for lunch and stopped at the mailboxes to mail the letters, when I had another of those long random chains of thought end with the toilet resevoir and its scum, thus leading to a subsequent thought about the ad and how I should write a note about the "ask-and-receive" discovery of it in the magazine -- precisely as the radio randomly and singularly said "ask-and-answer," not 100% literal but in the exact same context of my thought, and corresponding with it perfectly synchronistically/precisely as it registered in my mind, etc. Another of those "synchronistic echoes of my thinking about a synchronicity"-type ones, it would seem.


Today was another downturn, the quietest of the last few by far, though what activity there was remained within the format and general feel/types of last few days.

Numbers: present but less, and also less complicated/notable/coherent, really just some scattered 37-plates and the like (with only the slightest of conspicuous-type ones, enough to be ignored as chance if not for the patternistic element, etc), and a few scattered randomly sourced ones here and there. Another day of "notable absence/downturn in activity," as it were.

Thought-wise, had only some periodic echoes and such, though still fitting that same distinct arch of starting up almost at the exact same time of morning when headsickness/toxicity has started to diminish some and I sit down to read (must have something to do with increased energy/clarity of thought/general change in focus and consciousness that occurs at this time). And though the same basic assortment of thematics and such were present, they were all generally less coherent/notable, even subjectively so, much like the numbers: "downgrading" back to that lower order of complexity/notability/coherence. In total, probably a dozen or so super-subtle/vague ones spread out between the day's reading material/thoughts/experiences, also dismissible if not for their distinct patternistic element.

Did have two cool and striking echo-type standouts this afternoon, both arriving pretty much "out of the blue" as these isolated ones sometimes do:

> Right after lunch as I was walking through the parking lot back to the van, a stray dragonfly flew directly toward me, thus garnering my attention and making me think something like "flying bug" -- precisely as I passed by a car with a plate (also passing directly into my line of sight, in patternistic format, and perfectly synchronistically in timing with the appearance of the bug/my thought) that read "BUG&MA," such that the thought of "bug" and the first half of the plate overlapped in that ridiculously surreal, split-second fashion (yet again I can 100% trace my thought to the objective event of the bug appearing and flying toward me at that precise instant)

> And then, very similar but even more notable: in the next parking lot, when I got out of the van and stepped into the heat of the sun-struck lot, I thought about how I couldn't find a shady spot and that the pumpkin seed oil I'd just bought would get hot sitting in the van, which manifested as a distinct image of the bottle reading "pumpkin seed oil" -- precisely as I took a step and found myself crossing over a single, lone pumpkin seed sitting in the parking lot -- and once again, I can 100% trace my thought of "pumpkin seed oil" back to the objective event of my being in the heat/being concerned about the oil getting hot, etc, such that, even though the thought occurred perfectly synchronistically/almost perfectly simultaneous with my stepping over the seed, I can still 100% say that it wasn't subconscious suggestion/cueing, etc -- a really damn cool and surreal and ridiculously funny one when you think about it, a single pumpkin seed being out there like that, and my Just Happening to park in that space after searching the whole lot for a shady spot ...

Had some more thematics during dinnertime reading, and these were "upgraded" a little bit, as to be quasi-standout/coherent/more defined and notable. The best example was a general theme of "foolish political-candidate electing." It began as just another super-subtle-type one, of simply "elections/politicians" in general, spanning several pieces of reading material and other random sources today (actually reasonable notable itself if the extreme randomness/separateness of the sources is considered, them all being more library-freebie magazines I'd never read before and felt Compelled to get/Just Happened to read back-to-back, etc, all intersecting with the Mexico book and even the individual story in it that I Just Happened to be reading today). But then, tonight it graduated a bit when, in the sauna, in read in the library-freebie magazine then a bunch of personal stories people had sent in about times when they'd randomly met political candidates in the past, and several of these had off-hand mentions of the various totally illogical/insubstantial things about the encounters which had influenced the people to vote for these candidates, having zero to do with substance and everything to do with appearances/impressions/shallow things that had no bearing on ability to fill the office they were being elected for -- when that's exactly what I'd read in the Mexico book today beginning at lunchtime reading and then more in evening, precisely the same illogical behavior of voters voting on the wrong qualities, etc (and, of course, the first I'd encountered this particular behavior/idea/theme in some time, etc, etc). Had several other thematics that leaned toward this level of coherence today, but none so much to be conveyed.


Morning stayed in that very quiet/scattered vague/subtle/thematic/number mode of day before from what I remember, again with a few mildly notable incidents but none coherent enough to log.

First real activity I noticed didn't come until late afternoon after the flight, in the cab ride as usual, but even then, only towards the end and only lightly. Though, did definitely have that exact same and distinct "feel" of the "now entering the city" number uptick, both in initial appearance, and just the general feel/format/manner of the number's appearance, that distinctly "striking"-type of revealing/coming from everywhere at once-type of 37-variant activity that seems to be unique to my city-cab rides.

One thing I noticed about this particular ride (though, now that I think about it, it seems like this always happens to some degree in the city): a sudden uptick in 1111-variants, probably a dozen or so to varying degrees of notability, including my getting up on the 11th floor of that totally random hotel I was forced to stay at, in room 1110 ...

At lunch, discovered another of those "randomly stopping reading at a conspicuous and random place, only to have it be on a 37-variant page," this time #137 exactly (and I remember there were some kind of conspicuous/patternistic circumstances that caused me to stop there, but I can't remember them presently).

Did have a few lunchtime-reading echoes from what I remember, but they were still in that super-subtle/only subjectively notable mode, and not even that many really. One example: another "long random chain of thought" one, this time the oil I'd massaged into my skin, thinking of how, out in the sun at the coffee shop, it was now sort of melting into me/absorbing, precisely as I came to "melting" randomly and singularly in the Mexico book.

Did have the thematics still, but still far fewer than like it was for a couple days there, and less-complex, etc. Doesn't seem like I had many at all during dinnertime reading and the next morning.


Morning was quiet again, coincidentally when I didn't do any reading/therapies, etc (different conscious state). Though, did have the numbers and minor echoes start up upon leaving the hotel for lunch, and these were qualitively different than those I've been having for weeks now, still similar for the most part, with echo-y thought-type ones, but with a new sort of perceptual/behavioral "texture," surely having something to do with my now feeling that allergic/environmental/whatever-type headsickness and corruption that the city brings about (albeit lighter so far this trip). Very interesting study in itself, how such a subjective environmental/conscious/perceptual shift is reflected in the phenomenon and its nature so distinctly.

Had only very slight/minor lunchtime-reading echoes, with my being distracted by the uncomfortable environment in the coffee shop probably having something to do with it. Then, conversely, saw a big uptick in activity once I left the hotel and took the car across the river and into the city, etc, with the "city-ride"-type numbers then coming in force, not quite to storm/onslaught levels but close, definitely more than yesterday evening's ride, and even more in that "city-style" quality/fashion. No real standouts, though really, about all were standouts in terms of strikingness/"thereness"/"loudness," still mainly 37-variants (though many of them were four-digit rather than two- or three like the "normal" traffic types, again suggesting some sort of graduation), along with that marked increase in 1111-variants, and many of them coming back-to-back/in "meta-incident" fashion. Really pretty surreal, if a bit subdued from my soupy/headsick perspective.

Thought-type incidents upticked too during the ride, though not quite as volumous or complex (again: reflecting my impaired mental condition/headsickness somehow?). Still, a pretty decent amount all told, easily reaching "surreal/living-dream"-type levels. Some standouts I got down:

> Best example of the "striking"-type "instant-thought-manifestation"echo-type ones was when, while stopped at an intersection, I found myself gazing up at this really striking and notable clock tower, thus making me think "cool tower" -- precisely as a car randomly pulled up with a license plate bazel reading "TOWER," with its arrival/stopping coming directly into my line of sight/where I was looking at the time, in that distinct and incredibly striking/notable/patternistic fashion, and of course perfectly synchronistic. Just a damn cool standout in itself, and a good example of the others during the ride.

> Another standout echo of this kind: when we drove by the coffee shop window where I'd set the rose earlier, and I saw it there and how visible it was to everyone on the street, thus making me instantly and involutnarily smile -- precisely then, I noticed a big sign reading "SMILE," coinciding perfectly with my own smiling yet 100% distinct/independent from the objective cause of my seeing the rose and its visibility, etc. Damn cool, and a perfect example of the surreal/living-dream quality induced by so many of these.

Also, a reasonably notable "ask and receive"-type one, beginning last night in the hotel when, upon noticing that the strap on my sleep mask was wrung out and leaving the mask free to fall off, I thought distinctly "Need to get a new sleep mask, and one with two straps, like that one I lost a while ago" -- and then this afternoon, when I got to the rental, there was not only a fresh, new sleep mask waiting for me there (though in a drawer oddly, which I was Compelled as oddly/illogically to open up ...), but it was one with two straps. This is another that's only mildly notable on the surface, but then gains notability considering the reasonably close timing, the high precision (the two straps particularly), and then also the circumstances (my Just Happening to get this rental with a complimentary sleep mask, first time ever, after the whole fiasco of getting burned with the other two unsuccessful ones last night, etc, etc). 100% fits the "ask and receive" pattern too.

And, throughout, still having those subtle-yet-notable thematics, which is somewhat new for a city trip, though they are appropriately distorted/"half-there," again seeming to reflect my headsickness and oddness, etc.

Overall, the first real basic departure I've had in the day's overall "feel" for maybe the last couple weeks.


Big downturn today. Really, only had some scattered "walking around the city"-type numbers through morning and even through afternoon, despite doing quite a bit of walking -- nothing like yesterday's quasi-storm during the taxi ride. And almost zero thought-type incidents.

Only thought incidents I had at all that I remember (not even any subtle echoes, it seems) were together in the morning at church, two semi-standout classical recurrences: the first was literally right when the service started, when they blew a "shofar" horn, which I knew exactly what it was because sometime within the last few days, I can't remember where (I want to say it was in a word of the day email, or some other blatantly conspicuous source), I'd actually just learned this word and looked up the definition ... and then today, when I was at the church (which was the most totally random, unplanned, patternistic place I could be today), they blew a shofar. Another classical recurrence in every way, as far as timing, etc.

And then, hot on that one's heels: later in the service, they had a musical performance by a small operatic-style Latin-speaking chorus, the first I've ever actually seen/heard such a performance -- when I'd just come to a part in the Mexico book about small operatic chorus performances during dinnertime reading last night, of which it was the subject of nearly my entire, long reading time last night. Also notable/classical/patternistic in every way, though not quite as precise as the shofar one.

Other than that, day was another conspicuously quiet one (this time again corresponding with what seems to be a big downturn in health/energy/mental clarity, etc).

Did have one little standoutish number incident: another of those "randomly opening a book to page 73 exactly," this time at the church when I opened the hymnal. Not impossible to be chance, certainly, but definitely fits the pattern of these.


Pretty big uptick today, and more cohesion/precision/"graduation" too, all of this corresponding with a big simultaneous improvement in health/consciousness/energy, yesterday's nightmarish sickness suddenly lifting after a decent night's sleep finally.

First of the day was a very slight and possibly-nothing 73-variant appearance, another made a little more notable by the sheer randomness/circumstances of it. What happened was, when I went down to the basement of the rental to throw away trash and recyclables, I found a good-looking bag in one of the trash cans when I opened it, and after taking it out and examining it I found, just visible inside, a slip of paper, which had an address on it, with "SUITE 703" written write in the middle. Again, maybe nothing, but it certainly felt like one of those surreal-but-subtle little randomly-sourced 73-variants that haunt these days.

From there, numbers and thought-type activity both just increased significantly as day went on, beginning with "walking around the city" numbers and minor echoes, eventually graduating into more-constant ones and then some standouts/standalones and the like, all corresponding with a gradual improvement in health/lifting of that terrible headsick state of last couple days.

Lunchtime saw the most-coherent standout thought-echoes, beginning literally right when I sat down to unpack my lunch from my backpack, when "Tryin' to loosen my load" sang singularly and randomly from the radio precisely as I unslung my big heavy backpack and laid down the equally big and heavy duffle bag, during which I had the absent-but-distinct thought of "ah, relief," after carrying them from the rental and to the tea shop -- hugely notable, all things considered, and of course perfectly synchronistic in timing, and perfectly patternistic, etc.

Also, I was wrong earlier: the first of the day was an almost equally notable reading/"involuntary bodily function" one this morning right after I laid down to read the morning's random freebie magazine (again following that pattern of the echoes starting up at this time). Precisely as I came (randomly and singularly) to "and it felt like my heart and soul woke up," my heart randomly fluttered and skipped a beat and then began beating faster, all of this for the first time (from supplements/ribose sugar I'd taken an hour or so earlier finally kicking in, I think). And of course perfectly synchronistic and fully traceable/objective, etc.

Lunchtime reading saw a good number of those single-word "small"-type of echoes, too, such as randomly coming to "Musick" (someone's last name) in the Mexico book precisely as I had the absent-but-distinct thought of how the music was too loud in the tea shop, this one made a bit more notable due to the literal/phoenetic precision/imprecision of it.

Went on to have more echoes through the afternoon, at times a little more coherent but mostly just of the super-subtle type.

Also: still having thematics/"daylong parallels," etc. One semi-coherent example: also while dealing with the trash/recyclables this morning, I'd randomly pulled out a box for a "terabyte USB drive" that someone had thrown away in the trash and then put it in the recycling bin, noticing the "terabyte" specifically -- and then, totally randomly on some random street a couple hours later after lunch, I passed some random man telling another man about how "there's gigabytes and then there's terabytes," him presumably explaining hard drive/storage sizes to this person -- very subtle and on its own easily coincidence, of course, but this is so patternistic of these subtle thematic types (though this one was a bit more notable given the randomness of my finding the box and Noticing the "terabyte" specifically, and also the first I'd encountered the term for a while).

Had more thematics/subtle echoes during dinnertime reading, seems like quite a few actually, but I was so tired from travel that I just don't remember specifics.


Another change-up today, and again corresponding with a change in place/environment/health, etc. Big downturn as it were, numbers going back to "moderately present and steady but generally low-key and 'quiter/less-loud'" as has happened in the past. Actually had a few instances when they seemed to "perk up"/cohere slightly, only to drop down again. Not really any standouts; another mention of simply "present and ongoing," still managing to be pretty surreal.

More thematics still, and still in the same subtler/vaguer/less-coherent pattern, as well as some super-distorted/bizarre/half-there-type ones during lunchtime reading, this coinciding with the worst of that nightmarish headsickness I had today, and seeming to reflect the unique nastiness/confusion of it all.

One standout in this regard: this morning after doing self-massage with the oils, I realized how much I seem to crave this now, and more than just the ritual of it, my body seeming to feel "naked" without having a fresh, active coat of oils, the first I'd really realized this -- and then, maybe an hour or so later in the random-trash-find magazine for the day, it had a little quoted sentence from some celebrity saying "I cannot stand not having lotion on me," going on to 100% echo the underlying sentiment that I'd so coherently and distinctly had just prior (albeit with "body lotion" instead of "massage oil," very minor difference, etc).

And another example of the line-blurring vague-thought-type thematic recurrences that characterize these days: this morning I'd thought about going to Second Cup coffee for lunch, not having been there in a long time, which thus led me to think vaguely but distinctly of the manager I'd usually say hey to while there -- and then, a few hours later on a totally random and unplanned visit to Aldi for food, there was that same man, who'd apparently changed jobs since I'd last been to Second Cup (and, interestingly, there were more patternistic circumstances of this that upgraded its notability, namely that the avocados I was buying rang up wrong, thus requiring the cashier to get the manager over there, thus culminating in the meeting). Another good example of these individually-dismissible/vague-type thematics and the like.

Had some minor, scattered echoes through afternoon, and then eventually "silence" by evening, as seems to be the case often on these sort of "quieter" days. Did have one cool standout one: when getting the mail at the mailbox store, right as I pulled out a random mailer from my box and the "MAIN STREET" part of the address flashed across my vision in that patternistic/effortless fashion, "main street!" sang randomly from the radio (and though this one was another repeating chorus, the perfectly synchronistic "echo" effect/patternistic element/precision sort of made up for it).


Another noticeable downturn today, even over yesterday, again seeming to correlate with this latest spell of nightmarish headsickness/toxicity, etc.

Did see some morning echoes/thematics and the like, and in the same time period and format/"feel" of lately, but still generally minor and subtle and incoherent. Did have several that were subjectively profound and notable in this respect, but even these very distorted and difficult to describe even to myself.

Did have some activity during lunchtime reading, but it too stayed very subtle/"half-there"/vague/distorted, mostly just one-word reading echoes between the 'Ghosts of Belfast' book and random words on the coffee-house radio and the like, enough that were patternistically identical to identify the phenomenon but not really notable individually. Closest thing to a standout: another "involuntary bodily function"-type one involving the heart, when I had another of those random nightmarish shudderings/pressure-fits on the heart with weak/struggling/fluttering beats and a general sense of pressure in the chest and ribs, this coming after several hours of not having any, precisely as I randomly came to "His heart rammed against his breastbone" in the book.

Through most of afternoon had a big long period of almost total silence, this corresponding with the worst of the day's health upset, probably not a bad thing all things considered. Though, right around evening when the nastiness let up very slightly, the phenomenon returned slightly with it, in the form of some more scattered echoes like at lunch and then the late appearance of a reasonable number of semi-conspicuous traffic-type numbers (after going nearly the whole day with either a very slight handful of them or none at all, honestly can't remember but in any case, the fewest/sparsest/"quietest" numbers day in recent memory).


Day started off much like yesterday evening with an almost total "silence," again corresponding with some nightmarish/bottomed-out-type health and the like. Then at lunch it picked up, albeit slightly, another one of those active-yet-subtle clusters of very small-yet-notable reading/thought/event echoes, mostly involving random stuff on the radio/"long chain of thought" endings/nearby-stranger words, etc, plus a good number of thematics and the like mixed in too (though these started today only at lunch, *not* during morning reading) -- pretty surreal but again pretty much impossible to convey.

Best standoutish example of distorted lunchtime echoes: I stopped reading to encircle a notable sentence in the 'Ghosts' book, for the first time during this reading session, thus requiring me to pull the pen and paper out of my bag for the first time -- and then, the very next line after I finished encircling the notable text and then resumed reading was "Marie reached into her bag and produced a pen," reasonably notable given the relatively close timing (though non-perfectly synchronistic/patternistic, oddly) and the precision of it, yet very much in that somewhat "off" manner of the day's incidents. Interesting.

Had another period of activity mid-afternoon, now with traffic-37-plates returning after being more or less absent most of the day (including some semi-conspicuous ones, but mostly just another of those steady streams of smaller/"quieter" ones). Had more thought-echoes too, and these were slightly less distorted/more coherent than those of earlier, and somewhat more in sheer number (actually quite a few). One example: precisely as I pulled from the market parking lot and gave the van some gas in order to keep in front of an oncoming car, thus causing me to absently envision my foot bearing down fully on the gas, the radio randomly sang out "pedal to the metal" (and, like most others in this cluster, this one *was* perfectly synchronistic/patternistic in timing and "feel," etc).

One cool sort of number/echo combo at lunchtime, when I was reading the flight schedules and saw an 11:11AM departure and thus distinctly noticed it and thought of 1111 and "November 11th" specifically -- maybe two seconds before a nearby stranger totally randomly and singularly said "November 11th," damn notable and surreal (and coming sort of "out of the blue" after a brief period of non-activity when I got up to get more tea).

Note about the lunchtime-echo cluster: had a brief period of maybe a few minutes, where the phenomenon suddenly "peaked" and intensified/cohered significantly, just for those few minutes, culminating in a paragraph-long thematic/super-personal/subjective-type incident that seems so ridiculously reflective of what I was experiencing just then, at that precise moment, in the precise terms that I was thinking/feeling it, etc -- I have to say that it was either a new level/order of incident, or perhaps one true case of subconscious cueing/suggestion/peripheral-vision-reading-ahead, just so stunningly accurate and reflective and surreal it was.

Then at dinnertime reading: a little cluster of semi-notable/coherent echoes, with two nearly identical "involuntary bodily function"-type ones. The first was when I had another of those sudden, random, full-body chills come over me just after I started eating again, as seems to happen with this, whatever type of immune reaction I've been having, which in any case made my skin pucker and break out in goosebumps, the hairs standing upright and bristling, etc -- precisely as I came to "The hair on Fegan's forearm bristled," and though this particular chill and the bristling was primarily in the legs, the arms/forearms did it too, and in any case, the precision of the underlying echo of "bristling body hair" was 100% there, as well as perfect timing and such, and of course all 100% objectively traceable to this completely random and involuntary event. Then, a few minutes later: realizing that I had slowly turned my neck at a bad angle to read better in the low light, and thus correcting it with a very slight turn of the head -- precisely as I came to "turned his head just a little" in the book, and again in such a fashion that, could I not 100% trace my most minute thought processes and causality of the movement, I'd write it off as subconscious reading-ahead/suggestion of some kind, just so ridiculously "echo-y" it was (though, then again, even were it not 100% traceable, the pattern was 100% in line with the bristling-hair one and the other, lesser ones at the time, etc etc).

And here's a cute little almost-instant recurrence (or just a straight-up echo, could go either way) that happened just now: during dinner, I finally remembered to see if Cormac McCarthy was writing anything new, and then, soon after, to check up on the same thing for Tool's new album. I first searched online for the McCarthy book, which took me to a posting on his website about the release date, on which was a long list of user comments, to which I just hit "end" to scroll to the bottom to see the latest and what news it held -- and it was as thus: "It’s scheduled to come out right after the new Tool album and right before Half-Life 3." Now, maybe there's some sort of popular internet-meme-like association between a new McCarthy book and Tool album, both being delayed, big media releases; then again, for all I know, not the case.


Morning was another quiet one, conspicuously so, this again corresponding with the latest wash of headsickness and confusion/toxicity, etc (seems like I had a few vague/subjective thematic-types, but that was all, and barely even these). Then from what I remember it slowly picked up by late morning/towards lunchtime, beginning with scattered traffic 37-plates, then very subtle/distorted echoes, and it seems like these cohered very slightly at lunchtime reading but I could be wrong. Memory is extremely impaired again.

Did have a window soon after lunch in which the activity spiked, albeit briefly, going to a distinctly elevated amount of traffic plates (more, and with more digits in the numbers as is patternistic, and "louder"/more present and conspicuous, etc), with the same for echoes and the like. Again had actually quite a few notables during this time but they were all again either too subjective/"in the moment" or just came at me too fast and I simply couldn't log them before "losing" them.

Did have one cool standout that serves as a really good example of one sort of these vague/super-subtle types, of a kind where I'll see something ordinary but Notice it distinctly, such that seeing it "feels" synchronistic in that special and distinct yet totally illogical/non-causal way, only to have it prove to be somehow involved in a later incident. Today it was this roadside sign for a hair salon that I came randomly upon while having to turn off of 17 to turn around, "Hair by Orlando" it read, and I again Noticed it distinctly yet for no obvious reason, with it just jumping out at me -- and then, maybe 2 seconds later, the song on the radio randomly sang out "getting your hair styled at the salon" or something to that effect, perfectly echoing the "hair salon" archetype yet again singularly, non-repeatitively, and without prelude to anything hair/salon-related in the prior song (and, also, it was again my first time hearing this song). Been having more of these recently, especially during the super-subtle-dominated "quiet" days, with different specifics but mostly adhering to this same basic format/pattern, etc.

Lots of random 37 numbers today too I noticed, almost all just individually dismissible/non-notable but collectively pretty big and surreal, etc. One little standout: when I went to the store to buy some ribose I'd found on the half-off table, when I took it up to pay, the cashier informed me that it was actually 75% off instead of 50, and for some reason he pointed this out specifically for the ribose and then rang it up and quoted me the total, which was exactly $7.37 (should've been $15 or so at 50%, and I'm really not sure how it came out to be 7.37 instead of 7.49 or something ... yet it was, and with more of those subtly patternistic circumstances of the cashier specifically pointing it out and quoting the figure for no real reason ...).

Had a few more dinnertime-reading echoes tonight as I seem to have been having lately, and these too were almost all "involuntary bodily function" types, about 3-4 total. The first two involved the character in the book having "chills" in various areas, both mentions coinciding with, first, that good coolness in my guts that I seemed to get after putting the oil on there after my shower (when it was in regards to the character feeling "a chill in his gut"), and then in regards to another of those ugly all-over feverish chills I've been getting randomly a few times through the day (yet, if I remember right, this was the very first I'd gotten today, unlike the last few days, with the sauna/its immune stimulation seeming to bring it on). The other two were subtler, and all of these were not quite perfectly synchronistically timed, though again just 1-2 seconds spaced between the bodily event and my coming to the text. Still, really not coherent and precise enough to fully rule out subconscious reading-ahead and the like (though, an interesting little footnote here: later on, I actually tried to self-induce a psychosomatic reaction, the next time I came to something happening to the character feeling something in their body, and I couldn't do it, so if it's psychological, it's deeply subconscious). Also, I do find it pretty notable that these seemed to follow that same weird "having involuntarily bodily fuction reading-type incidents during dinnertime reading" pattern that's been developing over the last few days.


Morning was abnormally quiet again, with the only activity noted being some vague-yet-notable thematics/subjectives (including more of the "bull/matador" symbolism I've been seeing heavily for the last few days, which I suppose is more of a thematic-type incident). Again seemed to correspond very tightly with latest spell of confusion/headsickness, etc.

Though, something a bit unique to this morning: an absolute absence of numbers, not even some of the most scattered/small/random 37s and such on traffic plates, despite a longer-than-average drive to lunch, all the way down the beach. Also, even during afternoon driving and even after the headsickness lifted some after exercising and the like, I still saw only the faintest few numbers, just several 37-variant plates (though I find it notable that this morning I saw not a single one, unlike even the worst of health/headsickness woes -- strange and inconsistent).

Oddly, lunchtime reading saw some echo-type activity in the same vein as I've been having more or less for the last few weeks, though not much here, either, and mostly just super-subtle/one-word/"half-there"-type small echoes between random words I read in the 'Belfast' book and random conversation around me at the coffee shop/random thoughts, etc (though, several of these were pretty "striking," being perfectly synchronistic in timing and with much synchronistic "feel" despite their "smallness," etc).

One cool standout at lunch, and it was another "involuntary bodily function"-type one: precisely as my vision suddenly blurred in that weird way, which started totally out of the blue during lunch (and has only happened maybe a handful of times in the past, very infrequently and without any obvious cause), I came to "He fired at the blurred shape" in the book, which echoed perfectly not only the blurred vision but my thought at that precise instant, of "book is blurry" as I tried to make out the words, such that this one could've been an echo of the blurred vision or my thought or both, as some of these are. And, this one is another that's highly notable in itself, but even moreso considering the context, namely that all through lunchtime reading up to this point, I'd been trying to self-induce the involuntary bodily functions I read about like I did last night, coming across maybe 3-4 instances in today's course of reading but failing every time despite different tactics/experiments, etc -- but of course none worked, and then the first that *did* happen only occurred once I'd given up and stopped trying, just like other times when I've tried to consciously direct the phenomenon. Really damn funny and cool.

Did have one single mildly notable reading echo tonight at dinnertime reading, and it too was of similar type/behavior of the "involuntary bodily function" ones that've been trending at this "time block": precisely as I bit into a radish-heavy bite of dinner and really tasted the fresh radish for the first time, such that it overpowered the rest of the stuff and brought its raspy, pleasantly bitter taste to the forefront of my pallette -- I came to "The lie tasted bitter on his tongue," of course only echoing the "bitter taste" sentiment but perfectly synchronistically so, and very precise in this sense too, since it was on the very tip of my tongue where the radish-y bitterness "bit" me. Though, the most interesting piece of this one is what it says between the lines: just like during lunch, I'd taken to sort of subconsciously/automatically trying to consciously "construct" the involuntary-bodily-function echoes by inducing the bodily functions/feelings I was reading -- yet, the only time it actually happened, before or after the radish one, was when I was suddenly surprised by the sudden arrival of the radishy taste after taking a couple bites where it was conspicuously smothered by the other stuff in the salad, as to be the same ultimate effect of when I eventually give up trying to "manufacture" an incident/spot it/look for it, etc, and just let go. Also, after that one hit, it had the perverse effect of just making me subconsciously try to manufacture them more -- but, again, there wasn't a single incident afterward (despite my reading a bit longer tonight), of the IBF type or any other (that I remember anyhow; memory is still questionable presently).

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