Synchronicity log for 2018


Morning was totally silent, with the first activity coming right after I left the house for long drive to lunch, during which I saw this loose series of extremely subtle "passing roadside sign"/thought/radio-type echoes, all of that "barely there" level, all one-words that just vaguely/fuzzily echoed the passing sign, such as "our God is healer" singing from the radio precisely as I passed a big billboard reading "where hope and healing meet," or "God's grace" on the radio as I passed a random little sign for "Grace church," probably 4-5 of these total within the space of the half-hour drive, and all easily dismissible if not for their expressly identical feel/pattern/behavior. These actually resumed briefly just after lunch too, and in the exact same manner, with probably just another 3-4 total before they stopped (and which would ultimately be the only perceptual/thought-type activity I saw at all today, lunchtime reading included, probably the quietest day in this regard in some time). One example of the after-lunch set: when I was randomly thinking about whether to get some oatmeal while out today, and whether I should try eating it again, etc, a couple seconds before I passed some random street sign reading "Oates," ha ha.

Did see 37-repeat traffic and parking-lot plates today, but even these were generally few and subdued/passive. It started after lunch, and again in that lazy, unspecific, slow start-up fashion I've been seeing lately, just some scattered low-key plates in traffic, really only noticeable due to their conspicuous absence beforehand. Then, by the time I got just outside the city (following past patterns in this regard, I should note), they picked up a bit, and "graduated" someone in depth/"loudness," though still never got into that "onslaught"/"storm" level that I've seen many times in the past, instead just again plateauing at a loose succesion of low-key traffic and parking-lot plates with a peak period where some more-active/standouts presented themselves, before again falling off to total silence by the time I finished the day's business and headed home. Few standouts:

> A cool, sudden duo right as I got in the city, which seemed to signal a shift/upgrade/increase in the phenemonon. It happened as I sat at an intersection and, with the red light, watched a stream of turning cars as they pulled through the intersection -- which was suddenly and conspicuously/patternistically interrupted by a car that made a U-turn and, again drawing my attention, etc, "flashed" its 3171-plate. And then, immediately after, an ambulance pulled through next in line, with a big, shiny, conspicuous "307" front-mounted plate, as to bring that back-to-back, one-two effect.

> Another classical "perfectly time/perfectly orchestrated-seeming logistics"-type one just after I left the library, when, just before I pulled into traffic after waiting, a car got to the opposite intersection ahead of me and thus caused me to wait another second, and thus causing me to be directly in line of sight of the car's 3776-plate when the car turned and "flashed" its plate at me, again 100% patternistic of these in every way

> Had a sudden little cluster of low-key plates plus two active, conspicuous, identical "random car demanding my attention for some patternistically conspicuous reason, only to then flash its 37-plate at me," both cars that were passing up slowly to my right in the next lane over when I had my turn signal on, driving to pull off from the car tail-gating me from behind, yet both cars ignored me and just kept slowly drifting, until they finally passed me so that I could turn, when I of course was watching them carefully by then -- both revealing respective 3173 and 373 plates, and coming loosely back-to-back, within a minute or two of one another (and then, somewhat notably, these two cars stayed in front of me and switched back and forth in lanes through the next several miles of driving, such that their plates were both sort of "staring" at me and moving around and constantly present afterward, in that "playful" sort of way, ha ha)

> And then, finally, another 100% patternistic "aligning," again just two otherwise low-key 37-plate cars (a 537 and a 5137) that eventually, and very slowly/gradually, ended up "aligning," and in that expressly patternistic and logistically perfect/quietly conspicuous way of these, in that way that just doesn't really translate to text


First activity came during morning drive to church, beginning with a loose succession of low-key-but-noticeable traffic 37-plates, all of them passive from what I remember, but distinctly present as opposed to the marked absence I've been seeing some mornings lately. Had a couple of those scattered, very subtle/"threshold" level thought echoes during this time too, equally few and low-key, one with one standout:

It was a pretty notable "involuntary bodily function"-type one, when I got this stray, fully random sense of calm all the sudden, thus disrupting that terrible headsickness and restlessness/tension that had been plagueing me all morning, as to bring an equally distinct moment of clarity, where I suddenly saw through the dark cloud of distortion cast over my thoughts and feelings and perceptions and was able to achieve a bit of calm/peace/relief -- precisely as, singularly and randomly like so many of these, the radio sang out "when I get my peace of mind," ha ha.

Had some equally subtle and "quiet" activity at lunch, with a couple more very small, fleeting little echoes between my random thoughts and feels and the sermon, with the most-coherent being when, upon thinking of how I'd had to leave the house in a hurry to get there on time and so had foregone proper hygeine and the like and instead just threw on a little lavender oil in lieu of a proper oil massage so I wouldn't smell -- the pastor randomly/singularly said "annointed," in the context of being "annointed in oil," which corresponded subtly but reasonably precisely with the express thought and mental image of the oil/dabbing it out of the dropper bottle and rubbing in it, etc. This one would be a good example of the super-subtle/fast/fleeting/fuzzy echoes in general that I've been seeing so many of.

Next, upon coming out of church, had a cool and similarly low-key/quiet little 37-repeat combo. It started when I threw the pamphlet from the sermon onto my seat and had it not only flip open randomly to page #37 exactly, but the "37" landed directly/passively into my line of sight/area of focus, 100% patternistic behaviorally of these. And then, immediately after, when I remembered that I'd been sitting for a while through the service and so needed to stand up for my back's sake, I got out of the car and stood up instead of staying inside when writing my notes before leaving, and thus came face-to-face with a "staring" 370-plate on a parked car just across the street, feet away, this happening in that 100% patternistic "getting out of the car and turning around only be struck immediately with a previously invisible 37-plate" fashion.

Lunch was oddly even more quiet, without even the subtlest of echoes and such from what I remember, instead with just maybe a dozen or so super-subtle "little-thing" and "morning crossword word" recurrences in the 'King Con' book that I'd randomly bought yesterday, and these either too subtle/incoherent to note or I just forgot them/didn't impact me enough to really register individually.

The rest of the day so far was totally silent thought/perceptual-wise, again with all activity ceasing by the end of lunch but today never resuming or anything. Did have after-lunch numbers, and these followed expressly that exact same pattern I've been seeing about every day for the past week, notably so, with the slow, "not immeditately after lunch" onset of low-key traffic and parking-lot plates and the like, though today never quite moving beyond just a loose succesion of these/never "activating" or becoming "louder," with the exception of a couple of those classical traffic-related ones, plus one semi-standout parking-lot pair:

This one was a cool pair of "greeter"-style 37-plates, when I went to get the haircut and, upon approaching the front (previously out of sight/invisible to me when I'd pulled in, due to my having to park in the next lot over), there was not only a 7773-plate directly in my path of approach, but a second 37-plate directly beside it, equally "staring," ha ha. And it bears mentioning that I'd been Compelled to go to this barbershop in particular, despite my original plans to go elsewhere, again in that way so patternistic of these "being led to a synchronicity"-type of developments.

Then late evening during dinnertime reading had the development of another cluster of those "randomly reading/thinking of several specific towns and cities, for the first time ever or in a long time, only to have them recur in patternistic fashion," exactly like the several past instances of these, beginning when, over the last couple days, I randomly and objectively read of or encountered several towns and cities, some of them multiple times even, and then, soon after, encountered them again in some other, totally random, yet totally separate source, probably 4-5 or more distinct "hits" in this regard spanning the last two days. Couple examples:

> A prominent repeat was a cluster of North West-ish cities, Denver and Colorado Springs, CO, plus Portland, OR, these beginning when Mom asked me to get the video for the Colorado Springs tour a couple days ago and then, when I was unable to immediately find one online, I thus went all over the place looking for it, on several occassions, and thus had to think about it and the state several times, and then finally I thought about maybe vacationing there and just making her a tour video myself, thus causing me to research CO and surrounding cities and consequently to look heavily at the nearby Denver and later on Portland -- all resulting in a general cluster of "Colorado/Denver/Portland" in the back of my mind by yesterday or so and still into today, and then, in that super-random/Compelled 'King Con' book I started the day before, both during lunchtime and dinnertime reading I encountered a random part in which the traveling con artist ends up traveling by train through several Colorado cities, including Colorado Springs and Denver specifically (and, even more notable: I'd considered maybe taking a train to Denver, thus making this general echo even deeper/more specific and more notable, etc).

> Next, slightly more notable: Pikes Peak, where the race is held, which I read of this morning, in a random article about the race in that car magazine I'd been Compelled to get from the selection of many at the library, again for the first time in a long time, etc -- and then, also in the 'King Con' book tonight, probably just twelve hours later, I came to a part in which the man travels into the Pikes Peak area specifically, ha ha


Morning saw some very subtle, spread-out activity over the course of the morning and the drive to the coffee shop:

> Several of those extremely subtle "little-thing" recurrences, including a couple of those now-patternistic "crossword-word/clue" ones that I've been seeing semi-regularly recently. One example: "Cherokee Indians," which had been mentioned off hand in the 'King Con' book yesterday, for the first time I'd seen it/encountered it in maybe months or years, and then, in the equally random crossword I'd started this morning, one of the clues had been "Cherokee, eg," which I'd noticed specifically due to it being so ridiculously vague. Also, a bit more notable: in another clue, it had mentioned "guacho," which I'd initially read as "Groucho," thus causing me to think of Groucho Marx, this again for the first time in a long time/months years/patternistically so -- and then, at lunch in the 'King Con' book again, a similarly offhand/random mention of Groucho Marx, ha ha

> Had a couple more of those subtle/small/fuzzy thought/radio echoes on the drive to the coffee shop, of the exact same kind I've been seeing the last few days, those reflective of the generally "quiet" state of consciousness/health/condition I've been in. Best example: it began when I started thinking of the future and caught myself reacting with that anxiety/panic reaction I've been trying to break myself of, thus causing me to think "You're stressing unnecessarily again" and thus causing me to disrupt the process and relax -- a split second before, fully randomly and without preface, the song ended on the radio and the recorded announcement came on saying, "This is your escape from stress, EASY 94.9 FM," thus echoing exactly what I'd just thought of/done/experienced in my silencing my mind and disrupting the stress response and thus "escaping" from the unnecessary stress/anxiety of the overthinking, etc.

Lunchtime reading was another that was absolutely silent except for the forementioned few little-thing recurrences and the like, with a marked absence of any sort of those typically-lunchtime "environmental"-style inclusive echoes and the like.

Same went for afternoon for the most part, much like the last few days, with the exception of a couple very brief little stutters of activity:

> Had two more of those 100% patternistic "being in the gym and having random lyrics echoed perfectly by objective thoughts and/or events," such as my deciding to take a break and hang from the bar to stretch my back, thus causing me to absently/automatically envisioning myself doing so, a split second before "dangling" sang randomly from the song (not only exactly the same in pattern/behavior of these in general, but another of those exact same circumstances/acts that were echoed). Also, precisely as a man near me conspicuously began jumping rope, directly in front of me and thus causing me to register it with an absent thought of "spinning rope/jumping rope," the song randomly said "skips," echoing the "skipping rope/jumping rope" sentiment vaguely but still precise enough to be notable

> Another of those single, sudden, un-repeated one-word "passing sign"-type echoes, this time when I randomly passed a big sign above a business reading "Exclusively yoU," at the precise instant the radio randomly sang out "You!!!," and again with this corresponding perfectly with my registering the "you" specifically, just like so many of these. Also, this one had that added, "textural" dimension to the echo as well, in that the "U" in the sign's "you" was oversized and capitalized, as to be emphasized when I saw it/registered it and had it "shouted" into my mind and perception, which is *exactly* how the radio's lyric was sung, as one big, loud, emphatic "You!!!," echoing the perceptual/visual equivalent of what I experienced upon seeing the sign, and again made all the more notable by the patternistic element of it all, being just like with that coffee sign that one time plus others

Numbers also were very much like last couple days, except generally quieter and fewer today, just a few very low-key after-lunch 37-plates in a traffic and parking lots, and maybe the sparsest few "everywhere" 37s and other, minority repeats here and there. The only two standoutish ones were both classically patternisitic "quietly conspicuous" types, first an "immediately after lunch parking-lot" greeter when I left the coffee shop and, right as I stepped from the sidewalk as is the pattern with so many of these, I was "greeted" by a "staring" 703-plate on a car just across from me (and, again, the very first plate I'd encountered period after lunch), and another, nearly identical one at the market later, when, again immediately upon my taking that first step from the sidewalk to the pavement, there was a quietly conspicuously "staring" 973-plate on a car parked at a direct, patternistic vector from my path.


Some slight morning activity amidst a total silence otherwise:

> Some more of that extremely subtle, sort of vaguely synchronistic "environmental"-type of echoes that I've noted before, just little "synchronistic-feeling" things here and there that are easy to miss and hard to describe. Best example: when I opened the morning's cartoon page to begin clipping them out, and the first one I came to had, in its first panel, a couple of people being startled by a "thump-thump-thump" coming through a wall next to them, precisely as, from a couple houses down or thereabouts, I heard a muffled "thump-thump-thump," I think someone hammering in the construction down there, as to perfectly synchronistically echo that exact same muffled "thumping" that would've been heard through a wall as in the cartoon, but this one with a distinctly "quieter" feel and behavior to it than the typical echo, as to be more in line with these extremely subtle/quiet/"gentle" incidents

> A single 37-plate on the drive to the coffee shop for lunch, another logistically perfect/uncannily timed "flasher" when a truck pulled through an intersection *just before* I started pulling through, just such that I was there to get "flashed" by its 371-plate. And, a bit more notably: this one was another that occurred at that exact same intersection where I've seen so many of these somewhat more-active/conspicuous 37-plates, that one just before the main road, as to be another of these "geographical/place-oriented"-type repeats (and, as it were: had another at that other place that I've been seing these lately, the restaurant on the corner I pass on the way home, and this one exactly like others: a totally random, out-of-state, non-repeating car there, that Just Happens to be parked/aligned perfectly so that its 37-plate is "staring" at me conspicuously as I pass)

Lunchtime reading and immediately after lunch were both totally silent today, and this corresponding with another reflectively/equally "dead"/blunted internal/mental state as seems to be the pattern with these totally silent periods. Did have activity later on in the afternoon, albeit scattered and still very "quiet" and low-key in general:

> Another identical afternoon of those same slow-onset low-key 37-plates in parking lots and traffic here and there, again probably about a dozen total before going silent by the time I got home -- once again highly notable in the coherent repetition of this exact same pattern for days and days now, and again contrasted with the distinct absence of them through morning with the exception of that one at the intersection

> Had another "staring 37-plate greeter immediately upon stepping into a parking lot"-type ones, at that exact same grocery store as yesterday, the same part of the lot even, a 7137 in a different space this time but otherwise functionally identical

> A really cool "random/everywhere" 37 at the shipping place. It was one of those sort of intelligently playful "challenge/anticipation"-type ones where I'll be expecting a 37 in some way, and it will come but in a totally different, conspicuous, random-and-unpredictable way, just like others of this kind I've seen many times. It started when I went to my mailbox and, expecting a slip in it telling me I had a package and then my box # with the big conspicuous 37 on it, I started thinking about the slip and its 37, only to find that the package itself was in the mailbox, being small enough to fit, and thus negating the need for a packing slip, etc -- but then, immediately after I'd grabbed the package and turned around and started out, I came face-to-face with a packing slip lying on the table there, with "378" in big print in the middle, this coming so soon after I'd stopped thinking about my packing slip and its 37 that it was a sort of "wham-bam"/"answering" effect as I've seen before. And then, to make it even a little more notable/conspicuous: an employee had come along a split second after I'd turned to the 378 slip, grabbing it up, after just long enough for me to register it as is the pattern with these. Additionally, she'd asked another customer there if the slip was his and he'd said no, demonstrating that this slip was just some random one that someone had left there, with it remaining on the table *just long enough* for me to see it before the employee noticed it and took it up, ha ha

> A cool two-part active 37-plate. It started after the appointment, when I turned out onto the main road and, at the precise instant that I pulled out, a truck from the next driveway down did too, so perfectly that we both followed the same arc/turn/movement to a T, such that the truck's 731-plate "flashed" into my direct line of sight as I pulled out behind it, all in that "animated," conspicuously "intelligent/orchestrated"/perfectly timed manner that's so common to these. And then, additonally: just down the road, as I continued behind this truck with its plate "staring" at me the whole way, I watched as a 7137-plate car appeared from my left in the next lane over, then aligned with the truck's plate, and all *exactly* as in past patterns of these, with it equalizing with the truck *just for one infinitesimal little split second,* just long enough for me to register it, before "breaking" away and moving on ...

> Had another of those singular, standout thought/event-type echoes this afternoon, again amid an otherwise total silence. It happened at the waiting room for the appointment, when I randomly/singularly came to "I heard bells ringing!" in a random article in the magazine I was browsing at the time -- just before the phone of the woman sitting just across from me "dinged!" a notification, playing a distinct, unmistakable bell noise. And this was another that came in not-quite-perfectly synchronistic fashion, yet was so close and precise enough that it took nothing from the "synchronistic" effect, being probably a second or less after my reading the words. Also, I want to say that I'd had the vague, split-second, automatic reactive thought to the sentence of something like "Well, if my thoughts and readings and the like are being echoed in some weird synchronistic phenomenon, then why didn't I just hear a bell ring?," as to be another of those patternistic "challenge"-type thoughts that are so intelligently answered. Though, I'm not 100% on this, having a lot of fuzzy thinking/headsickness at the time, but I want to say I did indeed think this. In any case, notable regardless.


First half of the day saw some slight, subtle, "quiet" activity again:

> Had another of those clusters of subtle, offhand-mention-type of random 37s during after-chore reading of the day's random freebie magazine, and these of that kind that *didn't* correspond with an improvement in health or anything in particular, simply a string of entirely random and vague 37s in the magazine in various ways/levels of notability, just enough, and just patternistic enough, to be collectively notable. One kind of cool thing about it: the magazine was an issue of ESPN, with all sorts of sports pictures and the like in it, and one of the latter repeats, coming after the string of maybe a half-dozen over the last couple pages, was a picture of some random football players lined up horizontally, with the last three players sporting the respective jersey numbers of "11," "17," and "33" in sequence, such that it sort of stood out as another "111733"-variant repeat, and this made somewhat more notable by the fact that when I turned to the page, these three players, at the end of the row and thus at the far right of the page's margin, were the first thing I saw as I peeled away the prior page to the new, previously invisible leaf, as to culminate in an "animated"/"reveal"-type effect ...

> Then, at lunch, had one single, standout resurgence of this exact same style of random-mention 37s, when, in the 'King Con' book, I came to page #173 exactly, and this particular page Just Happened to mention, first, a town "seventy-three miles southwest," and then, at the bottom, a "thirty-seven-year-old daughter," when there'd been none of these 37s prior to this page, nor were there any after, ha ha

Afternoon was almost totally silent thought/perception-wise, with only a handful of those now-patternistic extremely subtle, quiet, passive, "synchronistic-feeling" environmental/experiential ones as I've been seeing, still largely far too vague and subjective and individually dismissible to convey. Did have on single, only mildly standoutish exception, when I got in the car after being in the market and, immediately after keying the ignition, I wrote down a note of how I'd spent $20 in there -- precisely as "twenty" sang singularly/randomly from the radio, and also the very first words to come upon my starting up the car and radio, patternistically so, and with the word coinciding perfectly with my writing the "20" on the note.

Otherwise, once again saw that nearly exact same "lazy, scattered, low-key after-lunch 37-plates"-type of number activity today, once again more or less exactly the same as the last few days, again probably a dozen or so low-key semi-conspicuous traffic plates over the course of the afternoon, peaking with a handful of those slightly more-active "drifter"-style "just visible before falling away" plates in traffic and the like, then falling to silence on the way one.

Again the single most-standoutish incident number-wise was immediately after lunch, when I not only got another of those patternistic sudden clusters after a totally silent morning, but this came in the form of not just the very first plate I encountered after leaving the coffee shop, but the first *four,* all in a row, in tight succession, each a quietly conspicuous "staring"-style plate, again culminating in that highly collectively notable "one-two-three-four"/"wham-bam" effect.


Today was a moderate departure from yesterday and the underlying pattern/feel/collective "groove" of the phenomenon over the last week or so, another of those lateral shifts/"changes to a different over-arching chapter" as I've noted before, with today showing both different general activity as well as generally more of it/just overall increase in incidents and the like.

Today's activity was comprised almost exclusively of super-subtle/vague/offbeat/"fuzzy"-type of incidents, and of all different assorted kinds and behaviors and "flavors," as to be back to that "all-inclusive salad of mixed up activity"/background static-type daylong cluster of incidents that I've seen so many times but not so much lately. It started very quietly and subtly through morning here and there, then gradually increased until reaching a general plateau of steadier, somewhat more conspicuous and "louder" incidents up through afternoon and then quieting to silence by the time I got home, with a brief peak mid-afternoon where the activity got to that point of just being one incident after another, back-to-back or close to it, and ultimately reaching into that "dozens of scattered incidents through the day" level of activity to the point of overwhelming my ability to note it -- and this time a somewhat different version of it as from the past, very active yet still extremely subtle and quiet, and all of this perfectly "reflective" of my internal/conscious state at the time, again 100% patternistic in this regard. Standouts/examples I got down:

> Morning's interval of the subtle echoes/recurrences/thematics, etc, started at that just-barely-perceptible "threshold" level, then jumped up just slightly during after-chore reading of the day's random freebie magazine, this time with another of those "super-random, unprefaced/totally objective articles echoing all sorts of random-yet-distinct sentiment/experiences/thoughts I'd had over the last couple days," primarily in this big, pages-long article about mental and physical decluttering, with all sorts of tips and strategies for doing so, almost 100% of which echoed all sorts of specific things I'd done or thought or whatever, not only patternistic of the "little everyday thing" recurrences but also that of the "just thinking of that specifically/uniquely this morning"-type stuff as well as even those "affirmative"-type echoes, with many of the tips and strategies named being perfect echoes of the strategies and the like I'd developed over the last several days to streamline my routine/declutter the house and my mind specifically, yet all just subtle and vague enough to fall into that "too subtle or complicated to be objectively/individually notable" category. In any case, pretty damn surreal and notable for me at least, especially in light of the onslaught of patternistically/behaviorally identical behavior that would unfold over the rest of the day

> Lunchtime reading was another of those "carryovers" from morning, without any real change in overall activity/a total absence of that distinct shift that often occurs once I eat/get calories and energy, etc, and this too reflective of the fact that I really didn't feel much different between morning and lunch, in that way so rarely achieved given my response to food/calories/supplements at that time, very notable in itself. One standoutish example then, which proved to be a good one of the "super-subtle and vague/offbeat" vibe of the day's incidents in general: a recurrence that started with another super-random magazine article I read a couple days ago I think it was, in that car magazine, which mentioned offhand how a lot of times people will go to a car/race show and come away an enthusiast and then go on become a racer themselves, a statement that I took particular notice of in that special, baseless way that so often indicates some synchronistic activity later, as well as just being the first I'd encountered such a concept in months/years/ever -- and then today, equally super-randomly in the 'King Con' book, it mentioned how this woman had gone to a car show for the first time and then gone on to become a racer, perfectly echoing the basic sentiment expressed in that car-magazine article, and perfectly patternistic of these in every way.

> Another behaviorally/patternistically good example of this type of activity, from this morning on the way to the appointment: precisely as I went under a highway overpass (the only one on this ~30-mile stretch of highway), the radio randomly/singularly sang out "bridge," which perfectly, albeit one-dimensionally, echoed the basic sentiment/my instant, automatic perception of the overpass, which was every bit a bridge-like piece of architecture spanning the immediate horizon, etc -- very, very many of these throughout the course of the day, again reaching into that "dozens upon dozens," background-static level by the mid-afternoon peak, as to be a sort of "stream of consciousness" echo of my basic thoughts and experiences and whatever as I went about the day

> Another, very similar one at lunch, this time in the classical pattern of the "super-random conversation between nearby strangers that I Just Happened to be just in earshot to register," this one with a customer chatting with the employee at the coffee shop about "riding a train through Italy" and eventually going to Paris and Milan specifically, when that was more or less *exactly* what I'd just been reading about in the lunch-long section of the 'King Con' book, with the con man traveling through Europe and specifically riding a train, specifically through Italy, and specifically passing through Paris and Milan, and all of this perfectly following that pattern of "my random, passing thoughts and experiencings recurring soon after" that characterizes this sort of incident

> And yet another typical example of these, this one a radio echo coming just as I made to leave the parking lot at the clinic, beginning when the radio randomly sang out "sister golden hair" a split second before I looked to back out and a woman walked directly into my line of sight, not only a blonde but wearing an extremely, conspicuously plain-bright-yellow sundress, perfectly echoing that specific image/sentiment of "blonde woman/conspicuously 'golden' woman"

> Here a good example of the more offbeat, super-vague-but-patternistic activity I saw today: when I encountered no less than a dozen souped-up, tricked-out Mustang cars today, over the course of probably 4-5 hours of driving around town. I actually at first wrote this off, thinking there must be a convention nearby or something; however, this activity eventually sort of "refined" as I've seen some of these do in the past, where I ended up encountering four nearly identical Mustangs specifically, all of the same rarer late-80s model, all the exact same, somewhat uncommon shade of burgundy red, and all of course tricked out with nearly identical chrome hubcaps and deep window tint, etc, as to essentially be identical clones of one another, to the point that I had to compare the bumper stickers and the like in order to verify that I wasn't just seeing the same one driving around. And to make it a bit more notable: I'd noticed the first one specifically upon seeing it, just being logically attracted to the car since I'd like to drive one specifically, and this too very patternistic of these, where it seems that my object of interest or focus or attention or whatever is that which ends up being subtly-but-distinctly echoed later on. And also making it more notable is the over-arching patternistic element again, where there was just so many patternistically identical incidents like this through today particularly, as to again lend that "collectively notable" element to it

> A good example of the thought/radio/event-echo type variant of these super-subtle/vague ones: when I passed a random sign outside a church reading "Your debt has been paid," which I again Noticed specifically for no particular reason, just before the radio randomly/singularly sang out "the dues you've been payin'," a good demonstration of that "fuzzy but specific/notable" precision in its one-dimensional echo of "paid debt/paid money owed," as well as in the non-perfect, second-or-two delay between my registering the sign and the radio's echo, which characterized many of these today, with only a couple achieving that perfect, "intertwined" level of coincidence

Numbers today also deviated slightly overall, but still maintained the basic pattern and feel that I've been seeing, unlike the thought/perceptual-type activity. Notes from the day:

> Morning drive saw some scattered-but-conspicuous 37-plates in traffic, during highway-driving specifically if I remember right, in the form of probably 5-6 low-key 37-plates plus a few more-active/conspicuous ones like some plate "flashes" and "drifter"-style appearances, as to be a little "louder" than I'd typically see this time of day. And then, right before I got to the clinic, a sort of "climactic finisher"-type one, when I saw a car approaching the road I was on from an adjacent parking lot and I felt Compelled to go out of my way and stop short and let the car out, patternistic of so many of these, only to have it "flash" a big shiny silver "3.7" emblem on its driver's-side door directly into my line of sight, and again in that logistically perfect/perfectly timed/"animated" fashion, with the emblem arriving *just so* that it "invaded" where I was absently looking at the time, etc.

> A cool little cluster immediately after the appointment, on my way out, beginning with a side-by-side pair of "staring" 37-plates on two cars directly beside mine when I went to get in the car to leave. And, interestingly, I remember when I came out, seconds before, I caught myself subconsciously looking for a "greeter"-style plate, since I'd seen them so many times in this parking lot/leaving this appointment in particular -- yet there were none upon my immediately coming out, and it was only ~10-15 seconds later, after I'd come out and not been "greeted" and caught myself seeking out a plate and then finally let it drop from my mind, that I was finally "greeted" by the pair by the car, and this again in that "intelligently orchestrated/playful" manner, where an incident only occurs when I stop looking for it and just let go. And then, just after this when I got in the car and looked behind me before pulling out, another pair of 37-plates, and these also in that 100% patternistic "directly where I Just Happened to look when turning around to back out" fashion, ha ha.

> After lunch, the afternoon went on to follow that exact same "slow, lazy build-up into semi-steady low-key 37-plates and some more-active/conspicuous incidents interspersed" pattern I've been seeing, to a T just about. Had another of those now-patternistic "car logistically perfectly pulling up alongside me as I merged onto the highway from the offramp as to 'invade' my area of focus with its 37-plate"-style ones, along with some other, more-offbeat conspicuous ones, like at the market when I came out and immediately was struck by that cool little yellow dune buggy parked nearby, drawn to it logically due to it just being so conspicuous and interesting to me personally, only to walk up to it and thus find that it had a 373-plate -- several like this today, and all of them sort of echoing that subtle, fuzzy, offbeat quality of the day's thought-type activity too

> Had only a few "everywhere"/random 37s today, just enough to spare a total absence of these. One cool standout: another of those "random nearby stranger quoting a 37-variant figure precisely as I got within earshot"-type ones, this time at the store when I passed by a man right as he randomly said to a woman with him, "What's that one ... seventy ... three I think?" or something like that, in any case doing it perfectly patternistic of the "just catching that one phrase while walking just within ear shot/perfectly timed" fashion as well as sort of emphasized by the drawnout nature of it, when he didn't just say "seventy-three" but spaced it into "seventy ... three?," in a way that's hard to describe but nonetheless just made it that much more conspicuous and notable

Then had another of those "dinnertime reading resurgence of afternoon activity"-type clusters tonight, in "carryover" fashion, several of those exact same very subtle/fuzzy echoes and recurrences during dinnertime reading, several of them quite notable and profound subjectively but again not really translating to text, and quite a few overall actually, probably upwards of a dozen or so. One coherentish example: another of those "reading exactly what I was just objectively/traceably thinking"-type ones, this time when I had a long random chain of thought come to how I'd taken the next to the last dose of the ginkgo supplement minutes earlier before eating, and how I thought I probably should've just taken the last, extra dose as well since I seem to see no effect from it and so maybe a stronger dose might see effect, thus ultimately causing me to think something like "twice as much/double dose" -- precisely as I came to "double" randomly/singularly in the book. A few others were actually a little more coherent and notable than this one, I just simply forgot them before I could get them down, the headsickness being so bad at the time.


Today was comparably quite after yesterday's uptick in activity, and this again corresponding with a similarly quiet mental state/condition after I took the mushroom supplements again this morning and seemed to tone down the headsickness and the like somewhat.

Morning saw the slightest few "threshold"-type little echoes and recurrences and such, even less than other days lately, but did have one single, standout right at the end of after-chore reading. It started on the very last inside page of the magazine, right before I finished, when I saw an ad for chicken meat and a big insignia reading "Inspected by USDA" or whatever department inspects poultry, thus causing me to absently/automatically think of how meat inspections are pretty much useless/perfunctory/a mere gesture of assurance from what I've read, ultimately resulting in a thought of something like "inspected, so what?" -- and then, a split second later when I closed the magazine and lowered the back cover, it revealed a second ad, this one with "SKEPTICAL?" printed in big red letters at the top, and also the very first thing I saw as the page was turn, in classically patternistic "animated" fashion as well as the same as most other page-turn-type incidents.

Next was another singular semi-standout one, an hour or so later when I got in the car to drive to the coffee shop and backed from the driveway. It started when I went to brake and remembered how soft my brakes had gotten, thus reminding me to drive extra slow and defensively so I can engine brake, etc -- precisely as "take it slow" sang from the radio.

Lunchtime reading was almost dead silent, with only a few very scattered and extremely subtle incidents, all of yesterday's mash-up of thematics and recurrences and small-fast reading echoes and a few crossword-word recurrences too, but these even subtler and fewer and generally "quieter" than yesterday's, again as to not even be noted by me until the end of the meal when I'd seen just enough of the same pattern/feel/behavior to conclude them not to simply be chance or something. Have not a single text-friendly example here.

The rest of the day was almost as silent, with an absolute silence of thought/perceptual activity, plus only a token few numbers, these being just maybe less than a dozen or so low-key 37-plates in traffic and parking lots as usual, plus exactly two more-active ones on the way home, first another of those "perfectly timed and logistical highway-mergers" that I've been seeing, this time when a 637-plate car merged on an off-ramp and turned in front of me once again at the precise speed/timing necessary for its plate to "invade" the exact space I was absently looking at. Then the other one, I can't quite remember the specifics other than that it was one of the usual now-classical active/traffic kinds.


A very quiet day on all fronts, still with the same basic blend of super-subtle activity as I've seen the last couple days but even less of it. In fact, all of morning, lunchtime, and afternoon were almost fully silent thought/perceptually, with only a very few scattered super-subtle echoes and little-thing recurrences and the like from what I remember, and a couple of crossword-word recurrences, again all so vague and easily individually dismissible as to have no text-friendly examples.

Numbers were almost equally quiet, though what few there were were exactly the same as I've been seeing, another slow, unspecific appearance of 37-plates in traffic and parking lots soon after lunch, probably less than a dozen today total, almost all low-key/quietly conspicuous, with the most standoutish being a classical "immediately upon leaving a store, before I'd even set foot into the parking lot, I encountered a 'staring' 37-plate, both immediately after exiting and as the very first plate I encountered period," this time a 273 outside the market.

Had a sudden, big, highly notable cluster of recurrences during dinnertime reading, all "closing the loop" from all sorts of patternistically super-random stuff that happened earlier in the day, and all even quite coherent, probably 6-8 hits total. It began with a couple during the magazine-reading in the sauna, these subtler and vaguer, such as reading this random article in it about the modern-day Knights Templar, when, at the very end of the 'King Con' book at lunch, it had mentioned the Knights Templar, and again Noticed by me patternistically, as well as the first I'd encountered anything "Knights Templar" in months or years or longer. And then, more coherent and notable, had one immediately upon my starting the 'Vitamin Code' book during dinnertime reading, which began when I randomly went to the health-food store this afternoon and when I went to check out, there was this box of Vitamin Code brand multivitamins sitting on the counter, of which the cashier asked me if it was mine and of course it wasn't, so apparently someone had just left it up there and I'd Just Happened to come across it, then start reading the super-random Vitamin Code book just hours later (which I'd of course bought as randomly, a week or so ago, and had Just Happened to finish the 'King Con' book at lunch and then begin reading the Vitamin book, when it was my only other book lined up, so it was a matter of course/impossible to have been suggested to me upon seeing the vitamins at the store, etc). But then, to make it more notable, on the very first page of the Vitamin Code book (or I think it was the first page -- right at the start at least, though I'm about 99% sure it was literally the first thing mentioned in the first sentence or paragraph of the book), it mentioned "Vitamin Code multivitamins," as to patternistically echo that basic sentiment evoked when I'd been met by the box at the store, 100% patternistic/typical of this latest brand of super-subtle-but-subjectively-coherent recurrences and echoes and the like.

Then, once I actually began reading the book, more and more identical recurrences and echoes surfaced, only gaining coherence. Few I got down:

> One started late in the afternoon when I'd gone out of my way to stop and get the lemon on the way home to have with dinner, thinking specifically of how it's a good source of vitamin C and how I probably haven't been getting any, and how I'd better get some so that I wouldn't be at risk of scurvy or whatever -- and then, first, I came upon this random article about "paleo-friendly fruits" from a spam email I got today, which mentioned this specifically, how good a source of vitamin C lemon is, but then, next, just an hour or so later, the Vitamin book mentioned the exact same thing, and this one even going further to describe vitamin C deficiency and the threat of scurvy, exactly as I'd so specifically thought of that afternoon (and once again: 100% patternistically identical to so many of the others like this I've been seeing)

> The exact same thing for vitamin B12 and deficiency and its symptoms/causes/effects, etc, which began this morning when I'd had my first B12 shot in a while, thus causing me to vaguely but distinctly think of its effects and monitor my reaction to the shot, as well as think of deficiency symptoms, etc -- all echoed more or less perfectly in the Vitamin Code book

> Exact same thing for the sentiment of "arsenic in rice," and even more specifically "arsenic in chicken," both of these general themes surfacing distinctly this afternoon at lunch when I'd searched on the phone for "sources of arsenic in food" and thus brought up several articles that not only touched on arsenic in rice of course, but of how chicken eat arsenic in rice and other grains as feed and so it then enters the human food chain by this means -- this too referenced *specifically and exactly* in the book tonight


Morning started out with another "carryover" continuation of those upgraded/more-coherent reading recurrences and the like from last night, all of the exact same feel/underlying behavior/pattern, not a whole lot but still enough to be present. One of the bigger standouts: it started in the Vitamin Code book last night, when it had mentioned, patternistically offhand, Vasco de Gama's sailing voyage from centuries ago, the first I'd ever heard the name ever, as to make me notice it specifically and absently commit it to memory the way I do newly learned historical facts -- and then, in the day's super-random freebie magazine that I began reading this morning, it mentioned, equally offhand at the start of a non-sailing-related article as an anecdote or something, "Vasco de Gama's voyage," ha ha.

Then later on, had a couple of smaller but generally standoutish, coherent radio echoes and the like:

> On the way to church, as I approached the property and its multiple entrances, I decided to take the back entrance, from the little access road around the back of the plaza, thus causing me to absently/automatically this something like "take the back access road" and then visualize myself doing so -- precisely as the radio randomly/singularly sang out "take the back roads"

> A very similar one during the service soon after, when my thoughts absently wandered to where I would go for lunch, thus causing me to think of that one place nearby because it had a sunny patio and tables and umbrellas with it, thus causing me to specifically visualize the sunny patio, etc -- a split second before the pastor randomly said "sitting on the patio," and this again totally random and without preface or any sort of "sun/patio/outside" lead-up, just a patternistically fully random, sudden mention of exactly what I was thinking, fully objective and without possibility of suggestion/psychological cueing, etc

Lunchtime reading saw a couple very similar standout echoes too, as well as the return of that same all-inclusive "salad" of super-subtle/vague echoes and recurrences and crossword-word recurrences that I've been seeing:

> A ridiculously perfect "nearby stranger's action being echoed by my book"-type one, beginning when this man randomly sat across from me at the cafe and began doing something on his phone, then proceeded to sit there for probably 10-15 minutes solid, before spontaneously getting up and walking off -- precisely as I came to "He signaled him to stand up" in the book, once again with my registering the "stand up" in particular coinciding *absolutely perfectly* with the man's standing, literally as if my reading the words had pressed a button to eject him from the chair, ha ha

> A somewhat vaguer but still notable one: it started when two women sat right next to me, and, already involved in conversation and focused on their meals, they paid not the slightest bit of attention to me despite my close proximity, thus causing me to absently pick up on this and register it with a thought of something like "They didn't take the least bit of notice of me" -- precisely as I came to "No one paid attention to him" in the book

As for the afternoon, there was a brief after-lunch lull followed by another slow return of the super-subtle inclusive activity, which eventually reached that level of "dozens and dozens of incidents that ended up overwhelming my ability to keep track" by mid-afternoon, and just like the rest of these I've been seeing recently, they all had that "quiet," "gentle" quality to them, such that even when they were coming every couple minutes or so during the peaks of the activity, it never really felt that intense for all the volume and notability, and again almost all were so subtle/fuzzy/vague as to be individually dismissible/only subjectively notable -- I'd describe them as "incidental" ones, such as when I had a big long random chain of thought that ended with my thinking of "a bag," in regards to bringing my own bag to the store I was heading to, at the precise instant I went to throw away some random litter I'd just picked up and saw, *just in view at the top of the bin,* a bag, as to echo that singular, basic sentiment but do it very precisely and perfectly timed, as well as perfectly patternistic of the many others today specifically. Same for when I was suddenly struck by the return of the car's A/C after it had gone warm for a little while like it does, thus causing me to think "Good cold A/C," precisely as I came upon a big roadside sign reading "FROSTY $.50." So many like this today and some other days lately, and of all different forms, from thematics of various kinds to the recurrences and echoes and even those "too subtle to even begin to describe" ones I've seen in the past.

Numbers today were actually less and quieter generally than thought-type activity for a change, though they did follow that same basic, latest pattern of "few to none before lunch, then a sudden, slow build-up after lunch until seeing some scattered low-key traffic and parking-lot 37-plates, plus a few more-active/conspicuous ones thrown in before a total silence on the way home." The only standouts were of the stricly classical yet no less surreal/notable varieties, such as another "randomly coming upon a car as it began backing up and its lights came on while I was crossing a parking lot, only to be alerted to its 837-plate" one, plus a "greeter"-style one outside the market, when I was once again met with a "staring" 737-plate on the car parked directly in front of me as I made to step from the sidewalk into the parking lot.


Back to another quiet day with big periods of silence punctuated by brief super-subtle activity, and this again coinciding with another onset of extremely compromised health/mental function/condition just like other such "reflective" downturns.

Lunchtime reading was almost dead silent, with only the slightest few super-subtle environmental/"incidental"-type echoes as I've been seeing, and again not a one coherent enough to quote in detail.

Much of the afternoon was the same way, with the exception of another scant handful of subtles. Best example: a double one-word hit within the same song on the radio, close together, beginning when I had a big long objective and random chain of thought end with my thinking of "being atop the mountain," a split second before the radio equally randomly sang "mountain" in a song, and then, a couple seconds later, I passed a man walking alongside the road in the hot sun, sweaty and looking generally tired, thus causing me to automatically register him with a thought of "he looks so hot," precisely as the radio then sang out "hot," both of these again 100% patternistic of this latest trend and others, etc.

Numbers were slightly more active, though not by much. Followed that same "exclusively after-lunch" pattern, probably another dozen or so low-key scattered traffic/parking-lot plates plus a handful of slightly more-active ones. Ones I noted:

> Another "immediately after lunch" greeter-style plate, a 3177-truck parked directly in front of my car as to be "staring" at me in that conspicuous way, directly in my path, etc

> At the dump, two close together, first a classical "walking across a parking lot only to be alerted/forced to focus on a car that began backing up near me precisely as I passed, only to have its 37-plate 'shoved' at me," with a truck that began backing out right as I passed. And then, when I made to leave, I had just started to pull out when another truck came in, just close enough to force me to stop and wait for it to pass, thus causing me to see its 777-plate as it completed the turn and "flashed" it directly into my line of sight, since I was watching the truck specifically so that I could go, ha ha

> A pretty notable one at the library, beginning when I parked across the street from it specifically so that I could park in the shade in the lot there, and then, once in, I made for the single shady spot there, only to find myself between not one but two 37-plates on either side of it, again 100% patternistic of that "being forced to park in one certain space due to objective factors/circumstances, only to be 'led' to a 37-plate"-type kind

Also had a reasonably coherent thought/nearby-stranger-type echo in the library, beginning when I'd been sitting in there reading for some time and then, realizing how long I'd been there, I had the distinct thought of, "Time to go/I need to go," perfectly synchronistic with the librarian manning the nearby desk randomly/singularly/patternistically saying "go" to the customer she was waiting on, again in that 100% patternistic and ridiculously surreal/striking albeit small/one-word "intertwined" fashion that's so common to these, with the separate "roads" of my thoughts/actions/reality seeming to coincide briefly with that of the nearby stranger or object or whatever echoes the thought, or so it seems


Morning was totally silent with one exception, a really cool and notable albeit subtle classical recurrence. It started during morning chores when, totally out of the blue and randomly, I found myself singing a song by the band A Perfect Circle, which happened the be the first I'd thought/encountered anything regarding this band for months or longer, patternistically, thus causing me to think distinctly something like, "A Perfect Circle, such great music, I haven't listened to them in some time somehow," which was doubly notable considering how much I like their music but had mysteriously just forgotten about the band after listening to a bunch of new music over the past however many months -- and then, less than 30 minutes later when I turned on my phone and checked my phone messages for the day as I do after the first round of chores every morning, there was a message from Adam on there, in which he Just Happened to mention, totally offhand, that A Perfect Circle had just come out with a new album and how much he liked it, etc -- all the more notable given how he'd called to check on me and my whereabouts regarding the hurricane, just making his totally unrelated and offhand mention of any music at all (which he never does anyway, this being the first time he's ever chatted about music, leisure, etc, in a phone message with me), all of which is just so patternistic of these, with conspicuous, odd little circumstances resulting in a synchronicity, etc.

The next activity came at lunchtime reading, and it was another of those now-patternistic "sudden onset of many various back-to-back super-subtle incidents immediately upon starting eating and reading, then as fast going silent again," this time exactly like others, with probably a dozen sudden, super-subtle reading echoes and personal thematics and the like streaming forth after a total silence beforehand, then silencing probably a half-hour into the meal, never to resume for the rest of the day, even briefly. It was another where, despite the almost entirely text-unfriendly/indescribable nature of all these, it managed to be just ridiculously surreal, again to that level of "this super-random book is perfectly echoing more or less my entire life at the present time," and this too perfectly patternistic of past such "life-spanning thematic/reflective"-type of random-book-reading clusters. Some standouts/examples I got down:

> During the initial rush of "super-subtle, small, one-word immediate-experience" echoes that came upon reading, one good, characteristic example was when I'd finished my first bite and went to drink some of the bottle of tea sitting on the bench beside me, thus causing me to absently think of the bottle as well as to visualize it mentally as with so many of these, thus causing an image of the bottle on the bench to flash across my mind, specifically how it had begun to sweat in the bad heat immediately upon my taking it out of the bag -- precisely as I came to "sweaty glass" randomly/singularly in the book, pretty notable not only in pattern and timing and the like but also very precise, given that it not only hit the "sweaty" but in the same context of "a drink container sweating in the heat"

> Another coherent and highly notable standout in this vein. It started when I finished a bite and put the book down so that I could sip my tea and take a little break from chewing, thus causing me to look up after being focused down, thus causing me to see, across the street directly in front of me, a woman walking down the sidewalk with two big bulky pieces of luggage, who I not only immediately and distinctly noticed due to her being directly in my line of sight upon looking up, but doubly so considering I recognized her from the market cafe where I'd eaten a couple days ago, where she'd been there the whole time that I was, with that same luggage, thus causing me to distinctly notice her and think of how she was probably homeless and loiting in the cafe there and making her stick out in my mind as to be thought of absently a couple times since then -- and then, when I went to resume reading a book just a second or two later, the very first sentence started with "For one thing, all your hand luggage ...," thus perfectly echoing the basic but precise sentiment/theme of "hand luggage," which was at the forefront of my mind, being the woman's distinguishing characteristic and the trait that had made her standout to me/be memorable to me two days ago

> Throughout this period, had no less than probably 5 or 6 long-running personal thematics, and all of these of that highly notable and patternistic "super-random book echoing exact, specific thoughts and experiences just from that morning in particular," all of these, in this ridiculously random 'Culture Shock' travel book that I'd been Compelled to buy a couple days ago and Just Happened to start reading this afternoon, echoing the various themes of "being uprooted" and "evacuating" and "migrating" that I'd been wrestling with all this morning due to having to evacuate from the hurricane and then inflated even more by the raging headsickness this morning, these echoed with the author's recounting of having to move with her husband overseas and all the things she faced, including several even more-precise echoes in this vein, such as my first obsessing about all the things I needed to do in preparation/pack/take care of being leaving, etc, and then, subsequently, writing them all down in a detailed to-do list and then feeling somewhat eased and empowered by feeling that I'd at least gotten one aspect of the whole thing under control -- this, like several others, echoed explicitly when the author talked about exactly that, first obsessing over, then writing down and feeling in-control of, all the logistics and things to be done/packed/etc -- just again ridiculously surreal ...

And then, for the rest of the day, a nearly absolute silence, even for numbers, with literally on two exceptions I can think of, two nearly identical "logistically perfect/perfectly timed pass-bys of 37-plate cars with conspicuous circumstances and the like," both coming within minutes of each other right after I left the gym, first when I pulled out from that parking lot and, just a split second after I got out on the road, I was immediately passed by a Jeep in the next lane over with a 3017-plate that again was perfectly "injected" directly into my line of sight like so many of these, and then, right down the road, another car with a 37-plate did the exact same thing, and both of these again seemed oddly emphasized/inflated by their being literally the sole numbers I saw anywhere, all day, if I remember right.


Saw a whole lot of those same reading recurrences and thematics between both morning magazine-reading andt hat 'Culture Shock' book at lunch, not only in the same mix/types of parallels and little-thing recurrences and those "just happened this morning"-style incidents but in the same basic underlying feel/behavior, etc, as to be another of those carryovers. Even had the exact same themes, more of that "change/starting over/evacuation/mental reboot" stuff from yesterday, explicitly so, and, more notably, in the magazine as much as the book, given that it was not only another super-random freebie but also totally unrelated to travel or natural disaster/evacuation, etc, instead just being a business book that Just Happened to contain multiple articles following that same theme of "starting over" and the like (for instance: one about a man who had a traumatic brain injury that forced a big sea-change in his life and forced him to relearn basic life skills, etc, which detailed explicitly "how to start over in life" and such, ha ha). Also within this same block: many of those "seeing an everyday little thing for the first time in a long time, as to distinctly Notice it, only to see it recur again soon after," such as one that started yesterday when I caught some random snatch of a song on the radio that mentioned a "soy latte," which stood out to me explicitly, such that once again absently thought of it a couple times since then -- and then saw "soy latte" mentioned as offhand/randomly in the magazine this morning, again so easily dismissible on its own but highly notable given the context of the ridiculous number of these I've seen just within the last day, not to mention collectively over these months and years.

Went on to have another of those patternistic lulls/total after-lunch silences, followed by a slow return of scattered, and slightly more coherent/standoutish, echoes and the like during the drive north. Notes/examples/standouts:

> Started seeing those same subtle-yet-striking/perfectly timed little one-word echoes mid-afternoon, between passing signs and random thoughts and random radio lyrics, etc. Best example: when I was coming up on a turn but wasn't quite sure where, which would be marked by a "Highway 9 turn this way" sign, thus causing me to automatically think "9 sign" or something -- precisely as I both came upon the sign and registered the big "9" in the middle of it, and the radio simultaneously randomly/singularly said "nine," all three of these again so closely/instantaneously timed as to be surreally intertwined in that patternistic way

> A really cool pair of echoes, these of one of those "mini-themes" I've seen before, this time where I had a random and distinct thought of Dad precisely as I passed a totally random sign with his name on it, first a "Floyd" sign, and then, later on and exactly the same in underlying behavior/echoing basic sentiment of "father's name," I passed a sign for "Horace," his middle name, ha ha

> Another of those subtle but subjectively highly distinct and notable ones, of the "you'd have to experience it" variety, a double in fact. It started when I shifted positions in the car seat and went to grab the steering wheel and caught myself gripping it unnecessarily hard in that way I have a bad habit I've been trying to break myself of, thus causing me to think "too hard, just lightly guide the wheel with your fingertips" as I've been trying to train myself into doing -- precisely as the radio randomly/singularly sang out "fingertips." And then, a minute later when I caught myself doing it again and had another identical thought of "fingertips only," it happened when that same lyric reprised in the chorus

> Good example of the vaguer/fuzzier/delayed echoes that I'm still seeing mixed in with others. It started when I suddenly and randomly found myself drifting into that good easy-going, "no time/unstructured time" mode that a long drive tends to put me in, when I've discarded the daily routine and broken through that mental stricture, thus causing me to think something like "not following routine/daily structure and pattern is suspended" -- some seconds before I passed this electronic sign reading "NO SCHEDULE FOUND!," an error message of some kind presumably, but in any case echoing perfectly, albeit fuzzily/indirectly/non-literally, that exact same sentiment I'd experience, and even with that deeper, extra-dimensional quality to it, since there was a part of me that, when discovering myself in this state, reacted with a sort of shock, like "I'm totally without a schedule/structure/routine, whoa!!!," which was reflected in that exclamation point ...

> Cool "classical" and 100% traceably objective/independent-type echo, when I passed this expensive-looking car for sale with "$1000" on the windshield and thus automatically thought "that must be a down payment" or something like that -- precisely as the radio randomly/singularly sang out "down," so typical of these "small but striking" kind

> Another of the "fuzzily/nonliterally but perfectly precise" instant echoes, when the radio radomly/singularly sang out "Be strong!" precisely as this Dodge RAM truck passed from my left and "invaded" my vision patternistically with a big vinyl decale on its back window, of a human torso with a ram's head and big muscular arms crossed at the chest, in a classic image of "strength," as to echo perfectly the radio lyric, and this also following that same pattern of the super-subtle "environmentally synchronistic"-type of incidents I've been seeing so much lately, where my whole collective internal and external experiences tend to "mesh" in small-but-explicit ways/events, etc

From what I remember, almost all of early afternoon and the drive north was almost totally silent for numbers, abnormally so. Did have a classical "being greeted by a conspicuously 'staring' 37-plate immediately upon leaving the coffee shop" one today, and it was again another where it was the very first plate I saw period too, and completely patternistic of all of these (and why so many of these recently, nearly every day?). And then suddenly, towards evening as has happened multiple times on long drives it seems, had a sudden cluster of low-key plates appear, all only quietly conspicuous and somewhat scattered but distinctly present after a big absence, and eventually even followed up by some more-active/standout classical traffic-type "turn-in-fronts" and "plate-flashes" and the like. Plus: multiple alignments, I think 3-4 total within the space of maybe a half-hour or less, all between random 37-plates and passing signs (and even a couple very notable/active/multi-part ones that I can't remember specifically due to being so tired and headsick at the time), and all these made all the more notable given how I hadn't seen a single one for at least a few days now.


Morning was totally silent except for a few scattered numbers, beginning with yet another "greeter" when I left the gym after going in first thing in the morning and, following the pattern perfectly, found myself face-to-face with a "staring" 137-plate immediately upon my stepping into the parking lot, deja vu in every way. And then, a couple hours later after finishing up morning stuff and making to leave the plaza, encountered a big string of quietly conspicuous, classically "staring" plates between the parking lot there and the coffee shop down the road, probably a dozen or so all total despite the short drive, very notable and "active"-feeling for all the passive nature of most of them.

And then on the drive north, the pattern reverted to that I've been seeing predominantely lately, with another sudden, reasonably dense cluster of low-key plates immediately after lunch, then a big lull/downturn for a couple hours, before another sudden uptick like last evening though not as intense/numerous, just another sudden appearance of a dozen or so low-key traffic plates plus some more-active/standout classical traffic-behavior types thrown in. And there were again at least a few very notable/standout ones in there that I simply couldn't get down due to exhaustion, etc. In any case: they were there.

One big standout among these: another "immediately after-lunch 37-plate," but with a highly notable twist, this one another of those that happened literally immediately as I'd finished eating and stood up from the table, before even leaving the coffee shop, when I stood up and there, directly outside the window in my line of sight where I absently/automatically was looking upon standing (and made even more notable due to the context patternistically, because there was a group of women standing uncomfortably close to my table, just lingering there aimlessly from what I could tell, thus forcing me to circle around to the other side of it when I stood up, and thus putting me directly in front of the window when I wouldn't have been otherwise), was a big mac truck, parked behind the building with only its very front sticking out and visible from around the building's corner through the window, with a big, red, conspicuous "370" printed on its front faring, and again so "quietly conspicuous"/"staring"/"intelligently orchestrated/playful" as to be just ridiculously surreal when experienced ...

Thought-wise, today was overall quieter than yesterday, with the only activity coming during lunchtime reading, with a moderate amount of those super-subtle yet 100% patternistic of the kind I've been seeing a lot of lately, of the fuzzy/indirect/delayed manner but really no less notable for them. Few examples I got down:

> Several of those vague, fuzzy, non-literal one-word reading/event-type echoes, such as when, just nearby and directly in my peripheral vision over the book, these two women suddenly and conspicuously hugged and kissed each other on the cheek in a way that denoted close, sincere friendship, perfectly synchronistic with my randomly coming to "friendships" in the book. And then, soon after, in regards to one of those same women, her phone rang loudly and conspicuously and singularly/for the first time (and the only time for the entire hour or so they were there, as it happened) precisely as I came to "phoning her up" in the book. Probably 3-4 others like that during the first half of lunch

> Second half of lunch saw a slight but noticeable uptick, with some more of those classical "randomly reading exactly what I was just randomly thinking"-style one-word echoes and the like, plus a few more-coherent/standoutish ones, such as when I randomly finished a big bite that required an abnormally long amount of chewing, as to feel good when I could finally stop chewing and rest my jaw, precisely as I came to "rest your mouth" in the book, in the context of "stop talking" but still a perfectly precise literal echo of what I was just thinking at that exact moment

> And then, more of those insanely explicit but complicated/unconveyable personal thematics throughout the section of the book I read today, just like yesterday. A somewhat coherent example: when I came to a chapter about "home leave," which was the first I'd ever been introduced to this concept/term/definition, all of which was *exactly* what I was on my way to do just then, finish the drive up home to parents' after evacuating from the hurricane, which is exactly how the book defined the term, as returning to one's home environment due to some extenuating circumstance or "exile," more or less exactly my circumstances/situation at that exact time, and again so perfectly patternistic of these as a whole

Had another patternistic carrover cluster during dinnertime reading if I remember right, with a slight few more scattered one-word precise but super-subtle reading echoes and some more personal thematics at the close of the 'Culture Shock' book, but too headsick to remember specifics.


Morning was totally silent except for a single, standout classical clock-tick "time-check"-type incident, when I went pretty much all morning without checking the time and then, after finishing chores and stretching and everything right before I was ready to get dressed and leave, I snuck a check at my watch lying on the table, previously facing away from me/100% invisible, etc, and turned it to me at the *exact, precise, couldn't-have-been-more-perfectly-timed* instant it ticked from 11:36:59 to 11:37:00 exactly, a prime example of these for all the simplicity/all that it loses upon translation to text.

Lunchtime reading was totally silent, in that "negatively notable" fashion, without even the subtlest of activity from what I remember. Then, immediately after, had a classical "immediately after" 37-plate, also another of the "first plate encountered period" variety, when I went to turn from the coffee shop parking lot and a truck the next driveway down turned out exactly at the same time as I did, with that same perfect coincidence/timing/logistics as the other day when this happened, so that the truck's 5376 plate "flashed" directly into my line of sight as we completed our respective turns, ha ha.

From there, there was another patternistic subtle-but-notable cluster of plates as I drove around, then a patternistic period of total silence, followed by another equally patternistic uptick on the way home, exactly like other times, with a biggish cluster of semi-conspicuous traffic- and parking-lot plates all "staring" at me as I passed, probably a dozen or more at least, and again even with some more-notable standouts that I'm just too exhausted to remember and type. Also, a sudden onset of those subtle-but-striking smaller/one-word echoes on the radio and passing signs and the like, with a few standouts even:

> Just after leaving the gym, I had a long chain of thought about how hard it's gotten to work out and how I seem to just be stressing my body when doing so and causing it to lose more muscle and weight, thus causing me to think of how I might be able to balance some aerobic/light exercise without causing this stress reaction and muscle burn, etc, thus causing me to absently/automatically think of and visualize the light exercises I'd just done in the gym -- precisely as the radio randomly/singularly sang out, "work my body"

> Then, seconds later, when I suddenly and conspicuously and uncharacteristically passed an oddly slow-moving truck -- all of this typical of those little logistics that characterize these -- the radio randomly said "pass," at the precise instant I signaled and changed lanes

> Another of those classical "thought/random passing sign"-type ones, when I came to this new stop sign at an intersection, with a big orange flag poking from it to announce the new stop, thus causing me to see a sign hung directly above the flag reading "SUMMER FEST," at the precise instant the radio randomly and emphatically sang out "Summer!," and again with my registering of the "summer" specifically coinciding with the lyric's singing in that patternistic way


Another largely quiet day, even more than yesterday, though still the same variety of activity/basic pattern.

Morning was entirely silent with the exception of a few of those same extremely scattered and extremely subtle little recurrences and echoes and the like. One standoutish one: another cartoon-type little-thing recurrence, starting yesterday when, being at the parents', I was startled by the phone there ringing, which felt so abnormal to me since it had been so long since I'd been in a home with a landline/have just been using my cell phone only with it turned off 99% of the time, etc, thus causing me to think distinctly of how few landlines you see nowadays, and then, subsequently as Mom let the incoming call be answered by the answering machine and it proved to be a telemarketer, which is why she screens her calls now, I then subsequently thought of all the telemarketing/junk calls, etc -- and then this morning while clipping the day's cartoons again, one of them was not only about the rarity of landlines now, but also about how about all you receive on them are telemarketing calls, and again 100% patternistic of these recurrences, etc.

Also this morning: more of those random-magazine-reading offhand-37 mentions, and these of those "pictures of cars with 37-plates" kind that I've seen before, not only one but two, and both just totally random pictures of random plates on cars in an advertisement and an article and the like.

Lunchtime reading was again totally silent with the exception of I think maybe 3-4 of those subtle-but-striking one-word thought/reading/radio-type echoes, and these even so sparse and scattered and "small" that I'd easily write them off if they weren't so perfectly timed and patternistic of others and the like. Afternoon was, as of writing, totally silent of even the subtlest of activity.

Numbers were equally quiet today, with barely any total, somewhat betraying the recent "big after-lunch cluster -> silence -> resurgence" pattern. Instead, had only several scattered low-key after-lunch traffic plates only, plus a few standoutish ones:

> Yet another 100% patternistic "greeter"-style plate as I got to the (again 100% random and unplanned) coffee shop, when I got out of the car and crossed the parking lot and the very first plate I encountered was a 7302, and this again even more notable because it was on the back of a car that I passed upon walking to the sidewalk, such that the plate was again 100% invisible to me when I'd pulled in and parked nearby, as well as being conspicuously directly in my path and line of sight, etc

> Then, after lunch in the parking lot of the bank, precisely as I pulled in, was faced with yet another of those "random car beginning to back up and thus demand my attention, only to draw my focus directly to its 37-plate" ones, and again just so perfectly timed and patternistic and logistically precise, it still managed to synchroshock me even after the vast number of these

> Only other standoutish one today was another of those classical "car turning out in front of me at the last possible second, only to 'flash' its 737-plate directly into my line of sight with perfect precision/logistics, etc," and from then on, pretty much silence even of low-key plates as I head home


An even quieter day than yesterday, though still in that same vein of activity more or less.

Morning was totally silent, with the first activity being another classical "greeter" plate upon arriving at the coffee shop, but today with a bit of a twist, in that the car was in the drive-thru, with a front-mounted 3750-plate, and again *just visible for one split second* as I rounded the corner and pulled into the parking lot, again in logistically perfect/"intelligently orchestrated" fashion.

Lunchtime reading was also almost totally silent, with maybe the sparsest few little "threshold" reading echoes but even fewer than yesterday, again in that way that seemed like the phenomenon was sort of hitting "false-starts," like a motor that couldn't quite catch. Did however see a few more "everyday little-thing" recurrences then, plus some of those daylong thematics and the like:

> Good example of those super-subtle little-thing recurrences that I seem to experience at least a few of every day even on the quietest days: the name of "Coffin," beginning I think 2-3 days ago in that random Indianapolis magazine, in which it mentioned a "Coffin's Bistro" or something like that, named after the owner's Coffin surname, which stuck out to me in that patternistic way, it being the first I think I've ever encountered the surname of "Coffin," as to make me re-read the article and think distinctly "Coffin as a last name, never seen that, hmm" -- and then today in the 'Argo' book, it randomly mentioned a "William Sloan Coffin," this again very mildly notable on its own, but again just so typically patternistic of these collectively

> Then, slightly more notable: a theme of "LA/Hollywood" between that random library-freebie motorcycle magazine I read this morning, then the section of the book at lunch, with both of them randomly referencing these themes in vaguely notable ways that are again so patternistic of these extremely subtle thematics, with my encountering some random sentiment/place/thing, etc, for the first time in a while, as to notice it and have it stick out in my mind, only to see that echoed soon after in a totally separate and random source. Also within this little cluster, a standout recurrence, beginning in one of the LA photo's in the magazine this morning when it showed this building mural of Steve McQueen, naming him by name, which happened to be the first I'd learned of this famous actor by name, only having heard the name or seen pictures of him without connecting the two, as to again make me think distinctly of "Oh, so that's Steve McQueen, okay" -- and then the book randomly mentioned Steve McQueen in the section at lunch, this joining the other elements to cement that reasonably coherent little LA/Hollywood thematic

Other than that, the rest of the afternoon was totally silent thought-wise, with the exception of a very scattered few of those typically afternoon-timed "incidental"/"environmental"-type of extremely subtle reflective echoes that I've encountered before. One example: when I passed this lone, random group of college kids walking on the sidewalk in the rainstorm, skipping along and huddling under umbrellas, conspicuously so, thus causing me to absently/automatically register them with thoughts of "Walking in the rain/they're getting wet in the rainfall," precisely as the radio randomly/singularly sang out "When the rain pours down" or something like that. And then, almost identical later when I was browsing books at the thrift store, the radio randomly sang out "lucky star" at the precise instant I came, as a matter of course while scanning a shelf from left to right, a book with a big, conspicuous star on its spine, again as to have my immediate absent thought of "star" intertwined with seeing the book and hearing the radio lyric.

As for numbers, the quietest day of recent memory, with I think a grand total of maybe two plates after lunch, and both of them very low-key and barely even quietly conspicuous, in fact perhaps to the point of really just being chance, random encounters rather than any sort of "proper" synchronistic activity.

Some more of those same exact thematics between the book and the motorcycle magazine tonight, these echoing the themes of "camera/filming crew," beginning when the book went into a big section involving the phony Hollywood film crew and how authentic they made it seem, thus naming specifically all the different roles/jobs within a typical film crew and who does them, and then, when I read some more of the motorcycle magazine before bed, it had not one, but two articles involving filming, including outlining several technical terms and listing the roles of a film crew (though not in the same terms and wording, only vaguely referencing the same things pretty much, just enough to subtly but distinctly/patternistically echo the underlying sentiment of "technical filming/film-crew terminology and logistics"). And again to make it a bit more notable: the motorcycle magazine wasn't about filming and the like specifically, instead just a general-interest motorcycle magazine that, in this particular issue (grabbed again ridiculously randomly at the library a couple days ago), had two random articles about filming situations that involved motorcycles in some way, ha ha.


Today was very much like yesterday in all regards, same variety of incidents and volume and underlying feel/pattern, and this again to that point of being just notable in itself, albeit subjectively, that I should see such consistent basic activity for days in a row like this as happens so often.

Morning was totally silent, in that way the extreme illness/internal "deadening" seems to specifically bring about, and then had another little sudden cluster of activity during lunchtime reading, seen mostly in more of those exact same super-subtle "environmental" echoes and the like I tend to see at this time, probably just a half-dozen or so total but definitely there and perfectly patternistic. Examples I got down:

> On the super-subtle/"incidental" side: again randomly/singularly coming to "a phone call" in the book, at the precise instant, from behind the nearby coffee bar, the in-house phone rang, for the first and only time since I'd arrived (and, from what I remember, the whole time after too)

> Same for when I came to "take a walk" at the precise instant that a woman who'd been sitting across from me suddenly got up and walked away, and this another of those that I automatically registered with an absent thought of "walking" specifically, due to the woman's somewhat rushed, conspicuous gait

> And then, a bit more coherent and notable: it started with another of those fully traceable and objective chains of thought, when a breeze blew in from the open door directly behind me and, being in the midst of that terrible cold sensitivity again, I had the thought to get up and go upstairs to get away from the open door -- precisely as I came to "near the building's entrance" in the book, precisely echoing the basic sentiment of "sitting by the door" as it was crossing my mind

> And finally, a subtle but very notable "nearby strangers' involved conversation" one, beginning when I did finally move upstairs away from the door and to a table beside a couple of people who were engaged in another of those patternistically involved conversations, from which I picked out words such as "we can plan an episode like this," or "we can have her play this role" or something along those lines, all stuff that obviously referred to acting and filming and the like -- and then, simulatenously as I unpacked my book and opened it up, it went immediately into a section about the fake Hollywood company and the fake movie they were producing, this time specifically the part about introducing the "actors" to their "roles," spanning several pages during which the nearby couple continued their acting/filming related conversation, never directly echoing any words that I read but repeatedly echoing the same basic themes of what I was reading, and in that perfectly patternistic fashion, as to remain just ridiculously surreal in spite of the subtly.

Afternoon was largely silent of thought-type activity again, except for a couple brief-but-intense clusters of that all-inclusive super-subtle activity, with all manner of little one-word echoes and little-thing parallels/recurrences and thematics suddenly popping up one after another out of nowhere, as to hit that "dozens of individual incidents overwhelming my memory and such" despite their brief spans. One example typical of these that I can cite: when I was in the thrift store and a nearby woman randomly said "head of garlic" to her companion, precisely as I passed this cup reading "NAGS HEAD" on it, but with only the "HEAD" portion visible due to the angle I was at, such that I basically just saw a cup reading "HEAD," with it 'flashing' directly into my line of sight at the exact moment the woman said "head," 100% patternistic of these

Numbers, on the other hand, were very very few again today, just like yesterday in all regards, with only some very scattered after-lunch plates and "everywhere"/randoms here and there, probably again maybe a dozen plates total, almost all low-key or at least "passive" in nature. Most standoutish of the day: another "immediately after-lunch 37" one, and this time of that literally immediately-after variety, happening right as I packed up my stuff after finishing and then started down the stairs at the coffee shop, when I was confronted, again directly/conspicuously in my line of sight, with a stack of food boxes or something, on top of which was one with a big yellow sticker reading 37 directly in the middle of it, ha ha.


First activity of the day came after a silent morning with a classical "greeter" plate upon turning into the parking lot at the coffee shop, once again a 573-plate or something like that "staring" at me directly in my path as I completed the turn, again feeling as if it was waving hello ....

Next, had some scattered but highly patternistic lunchtime-reading-type activity, with several standouts:

> Immediately and most notably, had another "nearby-strangers' conversation echoing my reading"-type incident, and this one was not only fully patternistic with these in general, but was nearly identical in underlying pattern/feel/behavior/circumstances to that of yesterday. It started when a couple of college kids came and sat at my table, which was odd in the first place since there was another table available and they were in close, conspicuous proximity to me. They then proceeded to start working on some physics homework it seemed, with the man helping the woman perhaps as a tutor, with them throwing various physics/general scientific terms back and forth -- and damned if that isn't just what I started reading vaguely at the very start of the 'Pebble in the Sky' book as I sat down and started reading it from page one. At first it started out with just those vague-but-notable thematic-type of echoes, but then, at one point, the book and their conversation overlapped more specifically/precisely, when the woman said something about how "her vector was doing xxx," in the context of a line moving/tracing, etc, precisely as I came to a sentence that started with "A beam expanding seven miles over the curvature of the earth" or something like that -- in any case, a very specific and reasonably precise albeit non-literal echo of the basic sentiment of "physics line-based equation" being echoed. Interestingly, it sort of stopped there, as if reaching a climax, unlike yesterday's where it ran on for longer though was a bit vaguer overall. Did have a couple of those more "traditional" one-word-type of echoes here and there however, such as when the man randomly/singularly said "The last second" precisely as I read "The second hand" in the book, and again with the two "seconds" corresponding perfectly.

Otherwise, lunch had only a couple of scattered, small, typically-lunchtime-like echoes, maybe 3-4 total, the most notable being a cool resumed-reading sort of one when I finished a bite and took a break, laying down the book and sipping coffee, during which I absently noted how damp everything was from the rain, and how it was in the air and seemed to permeate everything around me, such that I had the distinct thought of "so damp" as I raised the book up and opened it -- only to have my eyes again fall directly on "dampness" randomly in the text, and this again in that highly patternistic and highly objective way where it was just "there," directly in my absent/automatic area of focus upon my raising up the book, without the slightest instant for me to have even any sort of deeply subconscious selective perception or other perceptual filtering take place.

Next, after lunch, had another of those same very brief clusters of very intense and very notable albeit highly subtle/fuzzy/subjective/complicated echoes and recurrences and thematics, these coming back to back again, in that "rapid fire" fashion, and with none coherent enough to describe still despite their highly subjective notability (including several of those "ridiculously surreal"/"profound" kind that are just of a whole other order of incident, which I still haven't the words to describe beyond that).

From there, had another of those patternistic early-afternoon silences/lulls/suspensions of activity. Then, also patternistically, had it resume subtly towards late afternoon, with a few very small echoes and the like, followed by a couple of more-coherent/notable ones before again lapsing into silence by evening. Best example: when I came up on an intersection at the same time as a man on a scooter on a sidestreet, who sort of stopped short and then conspicuously/awkwardly rolled his scooter back a couple steps from the intersection for no clear reason -- precisely as "rolled-back stone" sang randomly/singularly from the radio, and once again with the "rolled back" coinciding absolutely perfectly with the man's rolling the scooter back, absolutely living-dream surreal. And then, very similar in behavior but a bit fuzzier a few minutes down the road: when the radio randomly/singularly sang out "show your hands" or "show of hands" or something like that, precisely as a random man alongside the road, talking on his phone and gesturing conspicuously, raised up his hand and opened it expressively, as to "show his hand" to me right as I passed.

Numbers ended up being a noticeable uptick over the last couple days, but only towards evening, with early afternoon being almost totally silent except for maybe two or three low-key parking-lot/traffic 37-plates, despite highway driving. Then, towards mid-afternoon or so, had another of those slow, patternistic buildups, with the sudden appearance of more low-key traffic plates, and then, just before evening, another 30-minute period of semi-steady low-key plates intermixed with classical active traffic ones, spanning the whole range just about, with "perfect-turn/timed flashers" and "turn-in-fronts" and the like. Few standouts:

> Another of the now-classical "highway merger perfectly logistic 37-plate flashers," another with a car merging down an on-ramp at the precise instant/speed that it flashed its 1973-plate right in my line of sight, but this one was also another one of those Jeeps with the "3.7L" logo on the back, as to be a sort of double, ha ha

> A really cool "37-plate just peeking into my vision"-type one, when a car again passed from my left and thus "invaded" my vision with its 7302-plate, but then, just a split second afterward -- *exactly long enough for me to register the plate as usual* -- it had to slow suddenly due to the car in front of it slowing suddenly, thus causing the plate to fall away as fast, as to have it all just "pop" into my vision for that one split second and then disappear, as to be ridiculously/intelligently "animated," etc

Then had a big cluster of dinnertime-reading activity, including more of those super-profound but super-personal/complicated/beyond-words-type of thematics, and this perhaps the most profound and striking and just ridiculously surreal ever. They all fit the same patternistic behavior, but were just so specific, and all so complicated/multidimensional, and just so many in number, as to achieve and then transcend that rare level of "this book is echoing exactly what is happening in my life in general as well as in the very moment and recent timeframe/earlier that day, etc," just so utteraly living-dream surreal I'm barely able to wrap my mind around it myself, and yet can't really even begin to describe even a shred of it, ha ha.

Also during dinnertime reading, a fair number of those "reading exactly what I was just thinking/objectively doing/occurring"-type of echoes as well. Best example: when my back started aching badly after sitting in the car seat for some time while eating, thus causing me to twist around awkwardly, which relieved my back somewhat but sort of pinched my chest and stomach, such that I had to swallow awkwardly and it was sort of hard to get down -- precisely as I came to "difficulty swallowing" or "he had a hard time swallowing" or something like that in the book, again, whatever it was literally, an exact, precise echo of the "hard to swallow" sentiment.

And another singular, standout morning-crossword-word recurrence: "depilatory," which was in the crossword yesterday I think it was, as a clue, and which once again stood out to me patternistically since it was the first I'd heard the word in some time/months/whatever, thus causing it to stick out in my mind, and then it was in the 'Pebble in the Sky' book tonight.


Morning saw another big, sudden cluster of highway-driving 37-plates, mostly low-key but with a couple more-actives in there but quite a few in all, probably upwards of two dozen or thereabouts, and this was exactly like other times I've had a morning appointment while on the road and have had to drive on the highway first thing in the morning, as to be a carryover from the previous afternoon (or, rather, from last evening's sudden cluster yesterday). And this was another with quite a few standouts but where I was simply too sick/distracted/overwhelmed by sheer number to commit them to memory. All were "classical"/typical more-active traffic-types if I remember right, though.

Lunchtime reading saw activity again, and it was the same variety/pattern/behavior/vein as dinnertime reading's last night, just a lot less of it, as to be generally quiet/silent for the most part. Did have a couple more of those super-profound personal thematics involving the same themes in the book, and despite being far fewer and less intense/dense than last night's cluster, still managed to be just ridiculously surreal, as even one of these would manage, much less the multiple I'm seeing. Had a couple of "normal" echoes and the like here and there from what I remember, all of them super-subtle and only subjectively notable, such as a classical nearby-stranger echo where a nearby woman on her phone said "he did" precisely as I came to "he did" equally randomly/singularly in the book, and this again losing much in translation to text, etc. Need a "reality recorder" to get these down in full effect ...

Afternoon saw an enormous amount of activity ultimately, though it started out mostly silent, with only yet another of those 100% patternistic "immediately upon leaving the coffee shop" "staring" 37-plate "greeters" (again!!! why so many of these recently, nearly every day???), plus a couple more quietly conspicuous ones in the parking lot before leaving, followed by a short cluster of traffic plates before a patternistic lull. However, at some point over the beginning of the day's ridiculously long highway drive, the low-key plates picked up again, plus some more of that super-subtle scattered "background static/inclusive"-type of thought/perceptual activity with no real standout examples despite again being incredibly surreal and notable at the time (seems like there were again many standoutish ones but I was again just unable to get them down). Then, I think about mid-afternoon, hit another of those "pockets," where something just seem to "click" like switch/hit that point of critical mass as I've seen before, thus commencing another of those "storm"-level, hours-long clusters of near-back-to-back low-key/quietly conspicuous 37-plates plus almost as many active/fully conspicuous types, and these including all the usual variants, from plate-flashes to conspicuously/patternistically reckless driving and such and even a couple of those ridiculously surreal "alignments" I think too, plus even some of that more obscure/subtler/oddball-type activity here and there, and this again with way more notable/standout incidents that I can even begin to get down, with my being too distract/sick/overwhelmed even before it all started up. Again will just have to sum it all up with "another unspeakably surreal, 100% patternistic, living-dream drive," head left spinning even now, etc.


Today was far more quiet and less-active than yesterday, this coinciding with being back home/health improving somewhat/getting rested/a reflectively "quiet"/calm state of mind per the pattern as it were.

Morning was totally silent except for a few scattered and subtle but 100% patternistic "offhand-mention" random-reading 37s in the morning's freebie magazine, these not correlating precisely with health improvement and the like but still pretty present nonetheless. Best standout: when I came to a random full-page ad, in the middle of this sudden activity/appearance of these (when they once again were distinctly *not* present before the cluster's beginning), with a picture of two people running a marathon with the number tags on the chests reading "3373" and then "3374" side by side, ha ha.

Next activity was yet another 100% pattternistic, conspicuous "greeter" 37-plate, this time again when I was Compelled to forego all logic and routine and park in this ridiculously random spot in the middle of the parking lot despite my having been to this coffee shop dozens of times, only to find myself directly/conspicuously/patternistically behind a "staring" 873-plate, and this one again on a car that was 100% invisible to me/obscured until I'd actually turned in and completed the park, ha ha.

Lunchtime itself saw some more of that exact same, latest variety of lunchtime-reading-type activity, including a moderate continuation of those same super-profound personal thematics in the book, again not a huge amount but more than enough to leave me in that mode of "this book is echoing my life exactly," etc. Again had some of the same variety of little "environmental"/incidental echoes too. Best two examples:

> When I went to notate the book with something and finished it with a little smiley face, but then had to go back and fill in the eyes because they'd come out wrong, thus causing me to absently/automatically think "the eyes" -- precisely as the radio randomly/singularly sang out "eyes," perfectly intertwined again per the pattern

> A cool yet subtle one beginning when I absently but distinctly noticed, in my peripheral vision just over the top of the book, an old woman trundle past with this conspicuously awkward, waddling sort of gait, thus causing me to think something like "waddling gait/weird movement" -- precisely as I came to "the motion" in the book, another that would be so easily dismissible if it weren't so perfectly timed and behaviorally patternistic, etc

From there, afternoon was another of those with some moderate number/traffic-plate activity and absolutely zero thought/perceptual stuff, beginning with yet another 100% patternistic "immediately after leaving the coffee shop being greeted by a staring 37-plate" ones, and this again followed up by a couple semi-conspicuous parking-lot ones on the way to the car too, exactly like yesterday more or less. And then from what I remember, had a moderate showing of strictly low-key 37-plates and the like while running errands, without any actives/standouts but again achieving collective notability quite easily. Best standout I remember: another of those 100% patternistic "geographical"/location-based ones, at that exact same restaurant I pass while on the way home on the corner, and today it was not only one car (perfectly angled/logistically conspicuous, plus 100% random and non-repeating/not an employee's car or something) but two, side by side and both conspicuously in my path as to bring about that "wham-bam"/one-two effect, ha ha.


Morning was totally silent but for the usual few extreme subtle echoes and little-thing recurrences and the like as I always seem to have nowadays. Then had a classical standout radio/objective event echo immediately as I backed out of the driveway for the drive to lunch (exactly like others of this kind, sort of in that "geographical"/place-oriented pattern I've seen). It happened when I backed out and, looking back, saw the big piles of tree branches that had been built up since yesterday, directly behind me, thus causing me to absently/automatically/patternistically register them with a thought of "piles of tree branches" -- just before "branches of a tree" sang randomly/singularly from the radio, and this one was one of those where it wasn't quite perfectly synchronistic but was so close as not to matter, probably a second or two in between my thought and the lyric (but again I have to wonder, why *not* perfectly synchronistic when so many are?).

Lunchtime reading saw more of the exact same kind of activity I've been seeing, albeit even less than yesterday, only slight more than threshold levels. Most notably was yet another few of those ridiculously profound, "book is echoing exactly what I'm experiencing in my life right now" personal thematics, and despite being only a few today, still highly notable in themselves, and then even moreso given their cumulative "hit rate" over these last few days, just absolutely mind-boggling from a chance/logical perspective, however personal/subjective, etc.

Had a cool little standout recurrence then too, beginning last night when, in the super-random cooking magazine I finished while in the sauna, it mentioned how you can actually gain immunity/resilience when exposed to a lot of bacteria and microbes and the like, and how it can protect you against infection from them, etc, this not the first time I've read this but the first in long enough that it once again patternistically stuck out in my mind like so many of these -- and then the book mentioned that *exact* same thing in the section I read at lunch today, in no uncertain terms, the scientist in it describing how there was this earth-bred virus that everyone on earth was immune to through regular exposure but anyone from elsewhere would be vulnerable to, etc. And again even more notable considering that the book was published in the early 50s, and was so ridiculously randomly bought/read, just like about all these recurrences.

Had a standout, classical "ask and ye shall receive"-type one at lunch today too, the first such of these in a while that were so clear-cut and coherent/explicit. It started when I went to pull out my to-do list to read over part way through lunch, from my shirt pocket, and I had the thought that I'd do well to put a pen in there too but all mine were too long to fit comfortably in the shallow pocket, thus causing me to think of how I needed some type of short little half-length pen, and whether there were even such pens available -- and then, maybe not a half-hour later when I took a break and went out to the car to get the soap, on the way back, there was a little pen on the sidewalk, as trash, *exactly* the sort of half-length pen I needed for my pocket, absolutely precise in every way, and once again: the first I'd ever thought/desired such a half-length pen, then I encountered just exactly that so soon after, per the recurrence pattern in every way, but then also adhering fully to the "ask and ye shall receive" pattern of so many in the past. Another incredibly notable one, for all the "smallness" of it.

Otherwise, the only other thought/perceptual activity today was again more of those exact same very brief, very subtle/small/"fast"/"incidental"-type of echoes and other super-subtle activity as I've been having, less than a dozen overall over the course of lunchtime reading and running errands this afternoon. The best example actually proved to be a highly notable standout: it started as another subtle-but-distinct one, when I was stopped at an intersection and absently looked at the bar just nearby and its characteristically darkened windows, thus causing me to absently/automatically register them with a thought of something like "can't see in there/too dark to see through" -- perfectly synchronsitic with the radio randomly/singularly singing out "can't see." But then, later on at the gym when I had some other, patternistically identical "incidental" echo involving some random thought/experience and a random lyric on the MP3 player that I can't quite remember, this one caused me to think something like "There's another of those subtle incidentals, just like that 'can't see' one I wrote down earlier" -- and then, a split second after, that same song randomly/singularly sang out "can't see" exactly, as to be another of those "synchronistic echo of a thought of a synchronistic echo" doubles, ha ha.

Numbers were very quiet today ultimately, with barely any of those typical "low-key around-town"-type plates. Instead, had only another of those sudden, brief little after-lunch clusters, which included two great standouts:

> First, a classical "after-lunch greeter"-type plate, and this one with a notable twist. It was once again the very first, immediate plate that I encountered after getting in the car and backing out of the parking space and starting forward, a 372 on a car parked a couple spaces down -- except, as added effect, the two cars parked on either side of it were both at *just the right angle* so that their plates were obscured by their bumpers at the angle I came to upon backing out of my space, with the 372-plate between them also at *just the right angle* for me to be able to see it, such that it appeared that the others were "filtered out," in patternistically "intelligently orchestrated" fashion, thus "highlighting" that one in the middle, ha ha.

> Next, just seconds later as I pulled out of the lot and started down the road, had a similarly "intelligent"/"animated" kind when I came upon a car that had stopped to turn, thus causing me to quickly gain on it and slow down, with my getting *just close enough* for its 731-plate to resolve before it started forward and turned, once again 100% patternistic of others of this kind, highly notable


A pretty quiet day overall but not without some activity.

Morning: totally silent but for another of those "sitting down for after-chore reading in a new, super-random freebie magazine, only to have the first article echo what I was just thinking," this time beginning when, at some point soon before I finished chores and sat down to read (I can't remember exactly how long, other than that it wasn't immediate like most others of these, instead with a slight, maybe ~5 minute delay between my thought and then sitting down), I looked outside for the first time today and noticed my 2000 Honda Civic in the driveway for the first time after getting it out of the shop yesterday, thus causing me to think automatically but distinctly of how much I love driving it/looking forward to driving it once I left for the day, etc -- and then, some minutes later, the very first article in the magazine, the editor's "opening statement" article after the first couple pages of ads, was about roadtripping, and how much the editor loved driving her "2000 Honda Civic." Highly notable here, despite the odd minutes-long delay between my thinking this and then reading it, due to the stark explicit echo of not only "love driving car" but "love driving a 2000 Honda Civic" *exactly,* ha ha.

The drive to lunch had a handful of 37-plates in traffic, again just enough to hit that threshold, "not absent" level of activity. Lunchtime reading was very similar, with just enough of those patternistically super-subtle/small/fleeting reading echoes and such as to forestall total silence as well (and today ended the run of personal thematics oddly, with as much of a distinct *absence* of them as there was presence previously, as to again be negatively notable. Couple examples from lunch: opening the book just after sitting down and, a couple sentences in, reading "We have" precisely as the overhead radio said these words, again very subtle and vague but 100% patternistic in feel/behavior/timing, etc. Same for when a car suddenly and conspicuously pulled up in the parking lot just nearby the patio, its door immediately opening, precisely as I read "The door opened," again individually dismissible but collectively exactly like nearly all of these super-subtles.

The rest of the afternoon was totally silent of thought/perceptual activity again, with the exception of another of those singular, sudden, standoutish incidents. It happened just before I turned off the main road towards home, when I remembered that all I had were the fifty-dollar bills I'd gotten from the ATM and so had no change for tomorrow, thus causing me to think of maybe stopping to get gas and thus get some change then -- precisely as the radio randomly/singularly sang out "Been changed!," again with that ridiculously striking timing and total independence/objectivity/traceability of these despite the not-quite-literal phrasing.

Afternoon numbers were also equally silent just about here, too. In fact, I think the only one I saw period was yet another of those 100% patternistic "immediately after lunch having the very first plate I encountered be a staring/semi-conspicuous 37," this time again in the coffee shop parking lot, a 1937 on a truck that was directly in my path/"staring" at me, etc. And other than that, I can't recall even a subtle, low-key traffic plate or anything.


Morning was totally silent except for a cool little "climactic/ender"-type duo upon pulling up to park at church. The first was a 273 greeter plate, with my seeing it in a patternistically conspicuous way, beginning when I began to pull headfirst into the parking space I'd chosen but then at the last second was Compelled to instead back in, thus causing me to go just a few feet further up the driveway and thus come *just close enough*/*round the bend at just the right angle* for me to have the plate "invade" my line of sight. And then, immediately after as I finally backed into the space, a radio echo when it randomly/singularly sang out "rising up" precisely as I backed into the space and up the incline and conspicuously "rose up" from my previous height/vantage point/perspective, etc, all perfectly synchronistic and patternistic of these, etc.

Lunch started with a sort of delayed greeter-style plate, when I was Compelled to go all the way to the front of the patio at the coffee shop and sit there, passing up the entire row of seats available to the side, and there were even people sitting up front close to where I was Compelled to sit -- only to, seconds later after I'd gotten situated and sat down, find myself sitting directly/conspicuously across from a "staring" 637-plate, and this also like several others in the past, as to again gain some notability due to patternistic element, etc.

Lunch was almost totally silent but for another of those scattered, threshold-level echoes and such, probably less than a half-dozen over the course of the meal but definitely there, and 100% patternistically identical to those I've been seeing lately. Couple examples:

> Pretty cool "page-turn"-style/nearby-stranger's-words echo, when I finished one chapter in the book and then, upon flipping the book over to the next immediate page (which had been folded under as I was reading the one preceding it, as to be 100% invisible), the first sentence on the new one started with "we had," which I read again perfectly synchronistic with the man at a nearby table saying to his companion, "we had," again very small and common but so perfectly timed, and 100% objective and patternistic, etc, it was much more significant and surreal when experienced.

> And on the super-subtle, collectively-notable-only side: seeing a couple people approach and enter my field of view, in my peripheral vision just over the book, precisely as I read "I saw someone from the corner of my eye," another of those vague, fuzzy, non-literal, indirect ones that I see so many of through these super-subtle/threshold periods

As for the rest of the day, totally silent except for what I believe was one single, semi-standout "random lyric on my MP3 player echoing some objective event while at the gym"-type one as I've seen so many of in the past. This one happened as I was walking to a sit-down-type machine, thus causing me to suddenly pat my back pockets to make sure there was nothing in them, precisely as the song on my MP3 player randomly said "pocket," and this again very small but coinciding so absolutely flawlessly with my automatic thought of "pockets" and my patting the back pockets, it again was just so much "bigger" than it sounds.

Numbers were again correspondingly quiet and few today. In fact, the first half of the afternoon saw only two standoutish ones:

> First, yet another of those "immediately after lunch"-style greeter 37-plates, this one again coming literally as I took the first step into the parking lot and, upon turning to where I needed to go, there was a 2375-plate, "staring" at me in that quietly conspicuous/logistically perfect/patternistically perfect way

> And then later, on the way home, an equally classical "randomly conspicuous"-style parking-lot-type one, when I went to the health food store and, for maybe the first time ever, the lot was emptied enough that I was able to park right up front, and even then there were multiple spaces available and I was patternistically/subtly "led" to park in one in particular -- only to find myself directly behind another 100% patternistic "staring" 307-plate, and this one again 100% obscured/invisible to me as I'd pulled in, both behind other parked cars and at an angle that I could only see upon fully pulling in and parking, ha ha.


Morning was another totally silent/headsick/"internally deadened" reflective-style deal, with first activity being a few scattered 37-plates and super-subtle one-word-type echoes on the short drive to the coffee shop. Couple little standouts:

> Another 100% classical "perfectly logistical highway merger"-style plate, this time when I was merging onto the main road from the back roads and, just like all of these about, I merged into the far right lane with *absolutely perfect synchronicity* with a truck simultaneously passing alongside my left, such that its 7333-plate once again "inserted itself" directly into my line of sight, perfectly seamless and surreal

> Example of the handful of subtle little echoes: when I went to downshift into 3rd gear suddenly, thus causing me to automatically/absently think "third/three" or something like that -- precisely as I passed a random car for sale along the road with a big "03" sticker on its windshield, and this again in that individually dismissible/collectively notable style, with it demonstrating that exact same 100% objective/traceable/random yet common/"small" sort of stuff that characterizes this newish variant of "incidental" echoes

Lunchtime reading was absolutely silent, without even those "threshold"-level effects, again as to be negatively notable for reasons of contrast if nothing else.

Afternoon saw some scattered activity here and there, generally subdued but still more than simple threshold activity, for plates and random-sourced number-repeats and thought-type activity across the board. Few standouts/examples:

> A cool plate at the first library I went to, when I found it closed and, right as I started walking back to the car, a van pulled up and the man in it asked me if they were closed and I confirmed, thus causing me to stop and linger for a moment, only to have the van pull of right as I started walking away and thus having its 378-plate "flash" me when I wouldn't otherwise have seen it, in that quietly conspicuous fashion typical of these

> Then, at the other library after leaving the first, a loose little triple, beginning with another "fully random parking space ending up beside a 317-plate that was 100% invisible to me until I'd fully pulled in and parked," and then, upon leaving, a classical "looking back before backing out of a parking space, only to be greeted with a staring 37-plate directly in my line of sight upon turning," and this time not just one, but two, directly side by side even, like a proper pair of staring eyes, ha ha

> Example of the few small/fuzzy/indirect-style echoes from the day: when I had a long random chain of thought about how the barista at the coffee shop had given me caffeinated espresso despite my emphatically asking for decaf multiple times, and how it would upset my guts all over again and put me back in withdrawal and undo all the progress it's taken me weeks to make, but then, instead of holding it against her and begrudging her, I instead let it go and considered how she might've just been distracted and all the other factors that could've caused her to not hear my asking for decaf, thus ultimately causing me to think something like "You made a mistake and it's caused me significant personal difficulty, but I understand and I forgive you" -- precisely as "I done you wrong" sang randomly/singularly from the radio, and this corresponding again absolutely perfectly with the first part of the thought specifically, thus perfectly albeit non-literally echoing the basic sentiment of "wronged you/made a mistake/trespass," etc

> A single, classical striking/"impactful" radio/random passing sign-style echo: when the radio randomly/singularly sang out "Lose!" precisely as I passed beneath a great big billboard for weight loss with "LOSE WEIGHT" directly in the middle, and again with my registering the radio's lyric and the "LOSE" specifically in absolutely flawless, intertwined fashion

> A similar one later on, except with my registering this random, conspicuous, multi-colored little bumper sticker on a car that pulled up directly alongside me at a stop light, showing a psychedelic-colored dog's head with a big lolling tongue, which is what I intitially/most prominently noticed about the image, thus causing me to register it with an automatic thought of "tongue/big long tongue" -- precisely as the radio randomly/singularly sang out "tongue," 100% patternistic and "striking" in every way

> A fully classical and exceptionally objective "randomly checking watch exactly as it ticked to a 37-variant"-style clock-check one, this one made all the more notable by the fact that not only did I check my watch at the exact perfect instant that it ticked from 3:00:36 to 3:00:37, but that it wasn't even on my wrist at the time, instead being in the (colored/non-translucent/concealing) bag I'd put it in earlier, such that not only was the clock-check itself absolutely perfectly timed, but there's 100% no chance that I could've even remotely seen it subconsciously, etc

By the end of the day, had an accumulated large amount of super-subtle-type activity here and there, especially through evening oddly, all of that same "incidental"/easily individually dismissible kind I've been seeing, and with the same indescribable "flavor" to it too, and still very hard to describe to any accurate degree. Some examples I got down:

> A reasonably notable like "ask and receive" that's pretty typical of these, beginning this morning when I thought of that Garfield cartoon that I'd put out the other day but was hesitant to because I thought Mom might like to see it, thus causing me to think of it again this morning and have the distinct and absent thought of how I'd like to somehow get another of those cartoons to send to her -- and then today, when I went to a random recycling bin to throw something in and check for cartoons, not only did I find that exact same cartoon page containing that exact Garfield cartoon, but it was right atop the stack of stuff in there, and this was made all the more notable by the reasonably tight timing of just several hours apart, and moreso by the fact that the paper in question was nearly a month old at this point, yet I'd managed to find one, and totally effortlessly ...

> Lots and lots of those extremely subtle little-thing-type recurrences, many of which started throughout the day and only "closed"/recurred come evening. Best example was probably a dozen or so vague parallels between not only the day's random magazine and the end of the 'Teenager's Survival' book, but also among the new book that I started reading this evening, and all again the most totally random and unconnected sources yet seeming to parallel one another in subtle but coherent and patternistic ways, though I can't really cite any specifically

> A fair number of those equally subtle "incidental" echoes too, best exemplified by a page-turn right before I went to bed tonight, when, as I finished the day's magazine and was about to turn the final page to the back cover, I was suddenly struck by a wave of that nightmarish nausea I'd been having randomly all day, this one the first in a couple hours or so -- precisely as I finished the page turn and thus revealed an ad for a TV show or movie or something titled "i feel bad," with this written in big type that "struck" me immediately upon revealing it, and again coinciding absolutely perfectly with my registering the wave of nausea with an automatic thought of something like "not again/feels so bad/so sick," etc


Morning was totally silent but for some more of that scattered, extremely subtle activity that comes and goes randomly more or less all the time now. Then lunchtime reading was another of those days with just the slightest few scattered little echoes and the like, plus some recurrences and a couple of those subjectively profound "book echoing my life"-style thematics, though all "mild" in feel and behavior and the like. Best example: when I was in the coffee shop waiting for my second coffee to be made, and I suddenly had to spit but couldn't find a trash can but didn't have time to go back outside either, thus causing me to just stash the phlegm under my tongue for a moment until I could pay and go outside, thus causing me to absently/automatically think something like "put it under tongue then spit out later" -- at the precise, flawlessly intertwined instant a nearby stranger, again talking passionately/involved with a second stranger, said "put it under your tongue," about as starkly precise and random/objective and perfectly timed as possible.

From there, afternoon was absolutely silent thought-wise, but did see some traffic-plate 37s moderately, and oddly most of them were standoutish/coherent ones rather than the usual predominant mix of low-key/quietly conspicuous ones, of which there were probably less than a dozen again. Standouts I got down:

> Yet another fully classical "first plate just after lunch being a conspicuous 37" one, another "staring" 737 on a car directly in front of me as I pulled from the parking lot, and this again the very first plate I encountered after leaving the shop. And then, less than a minute later, had another of those perfectly timed/perfectly logistic "flashers," a 377 front-mounted plate, and this one the second plate I'd encountered period as it were, as to be a sort of loose double/one-two with the first

> An equally classical "car backing up at the precise instant I passed while walking through a parking lot, thus demanding my attention so that I'd see its conspicuous 37-plate," at the post office this time, exactly the same as so many others like this

> And yet another "immediately after leaving a store"-style greeter, at the market, when I walked out and, immediately upon stepping on the sidewalk, was greeted with the 377-plate on a car parked illegally in the firelane just nearby, again "staring"/quietly conspicuous/100% patternistic, etc. And this was another one where I was Compelled to go out of this exit in the store despite it being at the other end of the parking lot where I was parked ...

Evening saw another moderate cluster of those exact same thought/reading/incidental subtle echoes, quite a few if I remember right, probably more than a dozen just over the hour or so, including several that were coherent and standoutish but I again was just too headsick to keep track of. Did have one damn notable and classical "involuntary bodily function" standout, and this one almost exactly like that one I just had recently even in the explicit, actual event. It started when, a couple bites into dinner as my digestion got started up, I had a sudden involuntary contraction of the guts, followed instantly by a distinct evacuation of that terrible bloatedness in my left side that had been plaguing me at least all day and probably longer, with whatever it was then distinctly flowing down through my guts and into my abdomen or bowels or whatever -- precisely as I started a new paragraph and sentence in the book, saying "Suddenly I felt the strain of contraction within my own abdomen," perfectly echoing the basic sentiments of "contraction" and "abdomen," and these two words specifically coming actually perfectly simultaneous with, first, the contraction of my guts and then, a split second later, the flow down into my abdomen, as to be two distinct, separate, perfectly synchronistic little one-word echoes like so many of these, and again just so utterly surreal when experienced, nothing less than a living dream.


The whole day was totally silent, even on the long drive to the appointment and then all through lunch, probably the quietest morning overall in some time, and again reflectively coinciding with a total interntal deadening/extreme headsickness, etc. Then the first activity came immediately after lunch, with yet another 100% classical "first plate, immediately after leaving the coffee shop, being a 'staring' 37," exactly like nearly every other one I've been having ... every day now? Seems like it at this point, a big long streak.

Next, had several low-key plates, patternistically, in traffic after starting the day's errands. Then, at the dump, a really cool "found litter"-type 37 standout: it happened after I'd unloaded my plastics into the bin there and then noticed on the ground a little wedge someone had dropped, which, when I picked it up, proved to be one corner of a cut-up credit card, on which the only two numbers of the embossed card number were "37," as to be just a little wedge of plastic with a big, conspicuously embossed "37" in the middle of it, ha ha.

From there, the day entered another of those slow, gradual, patternistic buildups into one of those all-inclusive low-key number/super-subtle thought echo (especially those distinct, extremely subtle and fuzzy "incidentals" as I've been having)/scattered "everywhere" number-repeat-type of clusters, never really getting intense at any one time but still a sort of loose, steady flow of various activity here and there, as to lend a generally "synchronistic" air to the day yet without really any individually notable/citable incidents for all the overall activity. Very surreal and subjectively notable in any case.

On the way home, numbers did intensify slightly, and I even had yet another of those "highway-merger"-type of incidents, again exactly like so many others of this kind, today when I merged onto 31 and again had a car pass immediately from my left in the next lane over with its 37-plate "invading" my direct, passive, absent area of focus, and again so logistically perfect it just defies description ...


Another largely quiet day, though lunchtime and afternoon did see some more of that same "all inclusive/salad" super-subtle "synchronistic background static"-type activity like yesterday and others, again of that same mashed-up variety of stray 37s and other number-repeats in all sources, and equally diverse echoes and recurrences and thematics, and again almost all very notable but so fuzzy/subjective/complicated that there just aren't many citable examples. Few I got down:

> Had several of those patternistically identical "random and fully objective/traceable thought being instantly or semi-instantly echoed by some equally objective/random external event" through lunchtime and here and there in the afternoon. One example: when I left the table at lunch halfway through for the restroom, with all my stuff there, thus causing me to think that maybe I should tell the waitress there that I was just going to the restroom and I'd be back to the table soon, precisely as I passed a rack of magazines and one with "TABLESAW" on the cover passed directly/absently into my line of sight and I registered the word, again in that perfectly synchronistic, "too intertwined/fast/independent to have a chance for selective perception or something" fashion.

> Afternoon saw some of those distinctly fuzzier, indirect echo variants, with the sometimes looser timing and non-literal precision. One example: when "natural woman" sang from the radio a second or two before I turned to face a sign reading "all natural," such that the sign was suddenly "there" as I completed the turn, in animated fashion, another those "not quite perfectly timed but might as well be" ones. Same later on the way home, when I came upon this man walking alongside the road with his shirt off, which was how I immediately/automatically registered him and his appearance, thus causing me to instantly/patternistically think something like "half-nude man/bare skin/no shirt," precisely as "naked" sang randomly/singularly from the radio, and this one was perfectly synchronistic for whatever reason.

> Number-wise, very quiet again today, with again probably a dozen exclusively after-lunch low-key 37 plates in traffic and a few "everywhere" 37s here and there within the background static. The only standout I can remember was another classical "greeter" plate, and this time not immediately after lunch (breaking the streak it would seem, perhaps because I noticed this and pointed it out yesterday as has happened before? ha ha), but instead about an hour after, when I left the store and, once again immediately upon setting foot into the parking lot and before I'd encountered any other plates, there was a "staring" 373 on the car just across from me.

> Also noted a fair number of those super-subtle/vague/common/collectively notable little-thing recurrences through the first half of the day mostly. Best example: a three-hit of "Aztec pyramids," beginning during the morning's super-random crossword, in a clue (the first I'd encountered anything "Aztec pyramids" in again months or longer), and then, an hour or so after, a distinctly Aztec/South American pyramid in a random ad in the morning's freebie magazine, and then, at lunch, an equally random, offhand mention of men with "Aztec features" -- all again so subtle and common as to be easily missed if it were for it obeying that exact same little-thing recurrence so well, and with probably the ~half-dozen patternistically identical other ones just today


Today was very much like last couple, a newish sort of underlying feel/pattern/"chapter" seeming to emerge in the phenomenon as I've noted previously. Overall, just some scattered super-subtle inclusive-type clusters plus some standouts, more or less following the same curve of yesterday, with total silence through morning -> minor lunch and afternoon activity -> total silence by evening. Standouts I got down:

> Again just a few scattered but highly patternistic reading echoes during lunch, including an "involuntary bodily function" that was almost exactly like the two others I've had recently when that bizarre gas/bloatedness I've been having, that behaves and then disappears so randomly, again plagued me all through the morning and right up until the end of lunch, until it finally just let go out of nowhere, bringing a distinct shift in the guts and evacuation/gurgling of gas moving through me -- precisely as I read "expelling gas" or something like that in the book, again 100% random/singular, and whatever the exact words were, it 100% perfectly echoed the underlying sentiment of "moving gas," with "gas" in it specifically I remember. Probably 3-4 total like this over lunch, though the rest were subtler and only subjectively notable.

> A damn cool recurrence standout, beginning this morning in the day's super-random freebie magazine, which had some random little article about how "Juul flavored vapes" might be banned from sale for some reason, which I again patternistically noticed specifically, with it being the first I'd ever heard of "Juul vapes" ever -- and then after lunch, on the way to the car, I suddenly Noticed a piece of litter on the sidewalk across the street and was patternistically Compelled to go pick it up and throw it away, despite it requiring me to cross the street and go out of my way when I was in a hurry and be generally inconvenient -- only to find that it was a container for Juul vapes, and once again it was so far away, plus facedown/at an angle that forbade it being read, that it was 100% impossible for me to have been able to read it even subconsciously when I'd had the Compelling, just like nearly all of these ...

> One of those sudden, singular standout thought/objective-event/radio echoes coming this afternoon out of a total silence, beginning when I found myself suddenly creeping dangerously along the right side of a tractor-trailer in the middle lane, potentially in its blind spot, right as I saw that its right turn signal was on, thus causing me to instantly/automatically think something like "in blind spot/in danger/get out of the way" -- precisely as "I was in the way" or something very close to that sang randomly/singularly from the radio, perfectly timed and perfectly precise in any case

> Numbers were very subdued again today, just the sudden appearance of a scattered ~dozen or so spread over the afternoon. Did have two back-to-back really cool and somewhat unique standouts, of the classical "slowly creeping up on a car *just close enough for its 37-plate to resolve into view*" variety, but with a very notable twist. They happened on the way home on the scooter, both classical in the sense of my very slowly gaining on them until I was just close enough to read the 37s on the plates, and again for just long enough to register it before they sped up and moved away in intelligent/orchestrated fashion -- except, the really notable detail was that, just before then, I'd somehow gotten the scooter up to 45mph, the fastest I've ever gotten it, redlining the spedometer, apparently being downwind and on an exceptionally smooth road or something -- in any case, had I not gained that extra 5mph suddenly and miraculously and conspicuously/patternistically, I'd not have gotten close enough to either of the two cars, ha ha.


Another day in the most recent pattern almost exactly, again silent morning -> slight lunchtime activity -> scattered afternoon activity -> silence by evening/coming home. Today's standouts/examples:

> Lunchtime reading again had those same few scattered "objective events/thoughts corresponding with completely random things in the book"-type incidents, exact same behavior/objectivity/feel/pattern as recently. Best example: it happened right after I went inside the coffee shop for the last half of lunch, about 5 minutes after I sat down, when, from the overhead TV nearby, I heard that distinctive "news bell" sound from Fox News, thus causing me to instantly/automatically/absently think "Fox News bell" -- precisely as I came to "three retired agents told Fox News" in the book, and this was again much more notable in context, considering that, first, I'd been paying zero attention to the TV, hadn't even realized it was on (it was on the wall above me while I was focused downward on the book, and its volume was down to just a whisper, such that the loud news bell noise was the first I became aware of it being on at all), and then, second, the part in question in the book was primarily on a totally different subject entirely, about foreign anti-drug espionage rather than something news-related or whatever, such that it was the first in the entire ~150 pages of the book it had mentioned anything about news, much less Fox News in particular, and even this mention was entirely offhand, patternistically so, being in the margins only, just some subtext/note from an astericks in the above page, ha ha.

> More of those same extremely subtle "little-thing" recurrences in lunchtime reading too, and these continuing that trend/theme of Thailand that's been spread across I think at least three books and several magazines now, yet a bit more notably today in the section of the book I read, with it referencing Northern Thailand and its hill tribes specifically, and the city of Chiang Mai, all of which I'd just learned about for the first time ever in that random 'Trekking through Northern Thailand' book I'd read two books ago (but only several days ago, with that one and the one in between being short little books that I finished in a couple days, such that the recurrences were tightly/patternistically timed)

> Afternoon saw a handful of those super-subtle yet 100% patternistic and subjectively notable fast/fuzzy/small echoes as well, just like last couple days in all respects. Best example of these were when I turned onto a street right as a pedestrian was crossing the four busy lanes, during which he was looking left and right repeatedly and conspicuously in order to see who was coming, which I saw and registered precisely as the radio randomly/singularly sang out "looking around," and this again echoing perfectly the automatic thought I'd had upon registering the man and his conspicuous looking-about specifically, such that it was again how I prominantly thought of him just like so many of these

> At one point had either a standout echo or a more-coherent version of the subtles, another 100% objective/impossible to have been subconsciously cued-thought-type one. It happened as I started on the way home and checked the time and saw that I was getting home early enough to do some extra stuff, thus causing me to think of the letter I'd been needing to write to my brother but not having time, which came to me in the form an absent thought of something like "brother's letter" -- at the precise instant that, from the next lane over to my right, a car appeared, with a bumper sticker reading "MY BROTHER" with some text below it on its rear window, and with this bumper sticker and that heading-text at the top perfectly entering the exact area I was already absently looking at exactly, as to "fill"/"invade" my vision in that surreally patternistic way, and again not only perfectly, flawlessly synchronistically timed, but with my thought happening 100% definitely *before* the car's appearance, though it was once again only the slightest fraction of a second before, as to 100% rule out any chance of my being cued, like so many of these also

> Numbers were again generally few, and of that same random, non-specific, slow build-up like the last few days, with some low-key 37-plates in traffic appearing at some random time after lunch rather than immediately as they were there for a while. These continued through most of the day out, but then on the way home, also in the pattern I've seen before, had a sudden and conspicuous uptick in these low-key plates, actually quite a few overall this time and all coming in near back-to-back, steady procession, with probably a dozen or more over the space of less than a half and hour or so, and again made all the more notable by the marked lack/total absence of them earlier. So damn surreal, again as if a switch was flipped somewhere.

> Had two classical standouts that I remember (among probably a couple others I don't). First: yet another of those "highway merger 37-plate greeter"-type ones that seem to be a daily occurrance lately, this time when I merged from an on-ramp and, once again, a motorcycle "glided" directly past me in the next lane over to my left, thus "inserting"/"flashing" its 3717 plate directly into my line of sight. And then later on, at the shopping center, a classical "objectively necessitated parking space resulting in a 'staring' 37-greeter plate," when I trolled through the lot looking for a close space since it was raining heavily, and then, upon finding the one and only relatively close one and parking there, I was again "met" by a 1737-plate on the car parked directly across from me, and not only logistically perfect/lined up as to be 'staring' in that patternistic way, but it was also between a little "valley" of several other parked cars that created *just enough space* for it to be visible to me from my parking space, yet again 100% invisible/obscured until I'd actually pulled in and parked, ha ha.

> And a cute and classical receipt-37-type one today, when I bought that '37th Parallel' book at the bookstore and, upon looking at the receipt now, saw that it's SKU number was listed as "007397735" ...


Today kept up the same basic trend and variety of activity as last few days, but with an uptick, getting up to moderate levels at times, then ultimately very high overall by the end of the day. Yet still, about 99% of it was all either extremely subtle or subjective or too complicated to write down in any reasonable amount of time, another of those daylong spans of all-inclusive super-subtle echoes and recurrences and thematics and number repeats, with a few standouts that I was able to keep up with during morning when it was slower/subtler/less-volumous but by mid-afternoon when it started in force, I ultimately just gave up trying to keep track again. Notes and standouts from the day:

> Morning was a slow start, and ultimately with just scattered, subtler incidents of the same assorted varieties that would start up in force through the afternoon, but still noticeably there, and again pretty much as soon as I sat down and starting clipping the day's cartoons, with little echoes and such there, plus the "seeds" for all sorts of the recurrences and thematics that would return again and again through the day, and again patternistically spanning all of the super-random things I read/encountered/thought/experienced, from the cartoons to the morning's crossword and random magazine, then into the book at lunchtime reading, and finally throughout all of the extremely random things that would comprise the day.

> Did have one really damn cool classical standout recurrence this morning. It began the day before last at the appointment, when, on the way out, the doctor had super-randomly and offhand mentioned how the artist Van Gogh had painted sunflowers, yet another patternistically new-to-me fact that I'd never heard before in my life, and which also patternistically just Stuck Out to me in that special and indescribable way that's so patternistic of these recurrences -- and then this morning in the crossword, one of the clues was "Where Van Gogh painted 'Sunflowers,'" and this again made even more notable by the fact that this crossword came from a paper that could not possibly have been more objective/random/impossible to have been something psychological or subconscious on my end, being part of a little parcel of cartoons that Mom mailed to me randomly, and also the first she's ever done this with a whole cartoon page as to include the crossword ...

> Had an incredibly surreal "immediately after lunch" number standout. It happened right after I left the coffee shop and was picking up random litter on the way to the car, when, precisely as I bent down to pick up a strip of plastic, the wind blew it over, thus revealing a sticker reading "237," and this too was another that was just so hugely more notable when experienced, with the sticker and its text first being 100% invisible to me since it was facedown as I went for it, but then also given the distinctly and patternistically and strikingly "intelligent/animated/orchestrated" nature of it, with the gust of wind flipping it over *just as I focused on it and bent to pick it up,* and with the 237 flipping into view directly in my line of sight and at the perfect time, all so it would align into that intensely surreal and 100% patternistic "living-dream"-type effect ...

> And then later, among the day's same glut of several dozen various semi-conspicuous number repeats spanning the afternoon (with zero before lunch again, per the latest pattern/trend), one especially notable standout. It was another highway-merger-greeter-type of 37-plate plate, and with the exact same timing/mechanics/feel, etc, but it also occurred *at the exact same place as yesterday's with the motorcycle,* the same on-ramp, same lanes, same incredibly flawless and precise timing -- everything exactly the same, except a car this time, with a 637-plate instead of a 3717. "Deja vu" does not begin to describe, just utterly surreal for all the "smallness" of it in text.

> By end of day, had ultimately entered that head-spinning all-inclusive semi-"storm"-level of activity, with numbers popping up here and there, and all sorts of little one-word "incidental"-type echoes popping up all around me (such as hearing "pink" randomly on the radio precisely as I passed an electronic sign and it ticked to a picture with a bright, conspicuously pink background -- dozens like this ultimately, just far more than I could possibly keep track of), and those same recurrences and thematics weaving through damn near everything and everywhere I went and saw through the day. Living-dream wonderland.

> Another one of the endless super-random little echoes from the day, from this morning when I was still capable of writing them down, ha ha: when I came upon this bright-yellow, conspicuous golf cart with flame decals up the side, which I registered as "fire/flames" in that immediate-impression fashion of so many of these, precisely as the radio randomly sang out "On fire!"

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